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English King and Queen and King
? of Belgium Express Their
Deep Sympathy.
American Cardinals Join in Ex?
pression of Grief and Urge
Need of More Ade?
quate Laws.
Washiagton, April tf? Preaidenl Taft
saadc i ibHc to-day cablegrams received
from the King an?i Queen of England and
1 ttie King "f Belgium, conveying their sym?
pathy te? the American peopl in the eorrowe
, w?.i? ?> have followed the Titanic dleaeter,
p'.'i hi" responses t>? the m?nag?e. The
rabl-gram from King George, datad at
? n .h.?m, said:
The yucen and i are anxious to
American natl >n ?<f it.e greai
? h \\?e ? xperience at the terrible
??? that ha." occurred among the
rl< ,m cltlsena, >. among my
..vu aubjecte, by th?? foundering <>t' the
Titane . < ?nr 1 \ ? so Intimate?
?-. a?ip'l bj ties of frlendahlp ami !?
?hat ..:!> misfortunes which affect th?
?.ne nv.st necessarily affect the other, end
on the preeent terrible occasion ti?
equally E'iffei ? i
prei '" thle message
ie presence <?f the appalling Ui/nstc;
Titani. the r??">ple of the two coun
.;: ? into comm inltj of ^nri
through their common bereavement The
,\m?'ri<ari ire In the eorrow >>f
i?- i,;nsrr;"ii i>.'\.n.i the eea. On behalf
ountrymen ? thank you for your
? ?
TI e meaaage from King Albert ? ??*" Bel?
r im \\,'.^ ,-.e- follov
I beg vour excellency to accept m\ deej -
fct encea on th? r>cca>?i<en e,: the
frightf .1 catastrophe t.. the Titani.. which
?.used such mourning In the An i
? ?
President's ? knowle.lcment of this
' mesa
j deeply appreciate von.- sympathy with
intrymen who have been
?en with affli-tii.n through the ?II. as
... live Titani?
expi ona ol grief to
.... one signed Jointl)
? ? American cardinals, who are
here attending the mooting of the trust.?
of the CathoUc Unlverolty
Victims Known to His Holiness
and Victor Emmanuel.
Rome April 17? Roth P<>l?e Plus and
King Victor Emmanuel have expresse?!
their deep sympathy for the victims of
- the Titanic disaster and have asked t..
be informed of tin* details of the wrecK
end of the names of the survivors.
Among ihe j?issengers were laverai
American citizens who were known per?
sonally to the King ami the Popa, as
they were recently roc?lV<ad by th?m in
' privai?* audience.
Kniest Nathan, the Mayor of Rome, to
da> conveyed his cpindolences and those
of the city on the loes of life caused by T
the wreck of the Titanic to the Ameri?
can Embassy here.
He Sends White Star Line His
Deepest Sympathy.
l.ondp.n, April 17.?The text ?.f the
? .irmnn Emperor's message of sympathy
to the White Star Line is as fol
Achillelon. April 16.
j.eep!; grieved by the sad news of the
terrible disaster which has befallen your
I -?'?.d you the expression <>f my
-mpathy, and als.? with ail
Ihose who me?urn the lose of relatives
' friends WILLIAM. I. R.
Well Known Constructors Prefer
Hydraulic Control.
London, April 17 The electrical con?
tre) of the bulkheads Installed in the
Titanic is ...ming In for much crltteftam,
It Is sad here that they are a feet Idea of
Tx.rpl P;rrie. wh.e Insists on intro.luclng
them In ships built at Relfast. ?lespite
Ddemnatlon of many wall known
eoaetructora, v. bo pin their faith to
hyp?ran'i? power as being far more
Tfieae construct' ra point out that even
e small mishap 11 likely to render the
electric Installation useless.
Naval engineers in this country have
pointed ..lit that th" tremendous Impact
t? a vessel of the Titanic'? great ton
sinking at high speed an 1m
menat Immovable muss, such na an ic?
borg, would have ruptured and rendered
I the mechanism controlling the
Closing ?if bulkheads. In their opinion
the only certain precaution to take is
t<. have all the l?ulkbea?l floors clased
when the ship enters a region of fog >jr
ice and after .lark.
Tunisian Stopped All Night in Ice
Field and Turned South.
Liverpool, April 17.?The Allan imcu
Tunisian, which arrived to-day. reports
lhat on Saturday at midnight, whan H87
?Ule? east of Bt. Johns, slv
"?;<.<>.! luck" t?. ihe Titani?
Later she enterad ??? huge be Re?d
through which sh<- .steamed for Hi, ?.i
lour boom; than atopped all night
fyentuaii) turntet sixty miles aoutli.
VRevilh?i fr?res
Convenient Fur Storage
We endeavor to make OUT lyst-en of ful Storage not
only safe, but convenient. Constant improvement in our
methods of checking has reduced red tape and dell) to a
minimum. To store furs, send a postcard or a telephone
call. A similar message brings them back to you.
OH 1761 Or?ele;..
Mieten West 34th Street, New York
, ? tM by Ami a )*???- A Beert* tien i _
' --'__??
il'hut" I- Brawl i "'hor? i
White Star Offices Crowded Till
Company Agrees to Tele?
graph Information.
King George, Queen Mary and
Queen Mother Alexandra
stein'B Offer.
[U> CsaMe t" Ti.e -lilbun?*. 1
London. April 18 ?Thursdayi. All
through >'<aatm*day th??*?- was a ronrtanl
stream of anxious InQUir?-rs :?ft?r miss?
ing nlative.?? and friends at the offl? es
of the White Star Lin?*. In COCkapur
street and Leadinhall stn-et. and many
men and women r?mained hour after
hour, scanning the notice b<*arda from
time to time, In th** hop? of ?hiding fresh
names of aUTVl?, oik.
Bom? watchers completed the thirty?
sixth hour of vigil, during whir"*-, they
had never left the ofllce, nave for short
lnterv?nla in which t?> a*??t food. CHhera
wer? ?-??ttaneleaal) darting In and out look
in? at th?* hoar'is nnd going off again to
perambulate the streets in the ii'ighboi
hood, too agitated i<? remain long In one
One of these was ?i young wife, a fair
hair? ?l little- creature, Bcarcel*" morre
than a girl. She h??rc up bravel) under
the continued disappointments, but
eventually fortitude forsook her and sh.?
burst Into livsti-ricai weepiiiK- There
was a young man with four slaters aril
s brother among the pn?engere of whom
he had not heard u tvord. In an effort to
control himself la- bit his lips until it
seemed as if blood must ???me
The tragedies In every heart dragged
on for another hour, and !? o'clock cavme
with still no note of relief. There la ?
\er> fine ?lock In th? White Star office
with bells which ?hlrne th?* half hours,
like bells at s?a. In ordinary ?iriiim
Ftan? <>s their tones would be admired,
but last night every half hour Mened t*.
fall on the ears of th? agonised listen?
ers like a funeral knell. "Oh, thai
Clock!" one woman was beard to exclaim
under her breath.
Th?* officials' position wet a sadden?
Ing and h? Ipless one Ovei and over
again the same queationa were addraeaed
them, always with the same response.
"No news."
S?. >n after i? o'clock a merciful though!
struck th *m, Bild th? v annoiiiic?d that
i?, all p-?babillty there <'<?ul?l be no
news f??r hours, and offer?-d to telegraph
?!,<? name <?f any particular paaaenger
? appeared in the list t?> any one
v.; ' cared t?. leave his or her name arid
About half ??f ?hi.se waiting
availed themselves of the ?iffer snd de?
?pert ?ad.
The remalndei seemed um.hi? to '<
themselves away, it seemed as if
staving iti tin- office their hopes w<
more real, ahile to ?_'> awaj meant h?
Ing them entlrel)*i ao thej waited, ?
m!'. .. me thoughtful p? raon turn
the chima Indicator of the clock arou
ie, 'silent," . id thai Innocent irntatie
eef overstrung nervee ceaaed
The London morning papera ma
further comment on the lubject of t
nun.ie.-i .>'/ boats carried by steamei
.m.i rail Insistently on the governme
'?? reviw the nnte mated regulatiutia
the Board ?ef Trade, which date fro
I90?. The ?- ibject -ill ...in.' up ni Pa
liameni te.
London, a|.ri? it While anothei an
loua ?la> passed without furthei ik-wk
th?- digester t.? the Titanic there Is eve
evidence that sympathy hai been arouse
almost throughout th.- world, .?-'evernl f?
cign govarnmenta have dispatched m t
British government messagea ?ef ?
for the MifTcr??rs. The King t<>-d..y ?v
juesH.-d iiij* aorrow in n meesage to I?r?-s
?I. at Taft, .in I In.? sent .. gift of I I
the Mansion H?OUse fund for the relief
the su(T.r?r.- The iv'-""c!i baa given I1.S1
an?l the yu?-en Mothei Alexandra |1,.
the Mme fund.
Harnineretein baa proffered, ai
the Lord Mayor has acoeptad, the use <
his open house f... :,,? , nterU Inn ?nt in a
<.f the fund. Th.- Shipping Federation h?
given t?o..,on to th- Mayor of Bouthami
te.ns fund Se.n:. t.iil.ll'- liisiltiiti.>ni HI
offering to take care ?ef the orpluuted chl
dren <?f the ?rev. Large fit rus are < <>r
tributlng liberally to the various rell?
funds, while ?'..vent Oarden and other leap
Ing theatres are preparing sped-.1 partera
nric-s to aid In the r.-ll? f werk
?"ontrlhutiiens to the relief fund Inclup
the folloarlng: li"."". Morgan Orenfel)
'*<> ; g..(?0, K?lwar?l ilr.r.fell; t_'..".C?>. Marin
'Brothers; \m\mtO, Mrs McKay ISdgai ?'. ??
Mrs Alfred VanderMlt.
Public Begins to Wake Up.
The publli baa nou begun h real i
hv<ea tiiiv.- been sacrificed through an In
sufficiency of boats, and ;? strong feeltn
Is developing thai the goverarnenl i'.'?..r
??i Trad, has been greatl) remiss In falllni
t?, provide regulations t?? meet modern r<
tiulrements, and there la tik.-iv i" \,.n
alterable agitation in uni out of Pailla
men! <>n the s.:..)<?? t.
it la noa recalled thai Jusl prior to the
; ret trip of the Olympti ;> member of th.
it..use "f Common ,.sk?-.i Sydney Buxton
President ?ef tbe Board of T?-a??.-, ? queetloi
.-.i t.. the number <>f >boats sh.- ? ?
T\. Presldenl of the itoaiei .,f Trade re
r?lled that the Olymp!, carried fourteei
lifeboats and twee ordin?r) boats, with m
aggregate rapacity of ?..t.',2 cubic feet, whlcl
is in esceee of >requlrementa under ti.<
11 tat u tory rules
"Naval architects at.- airead) buaylni
themselves with it.? problem of deslgnlni
a deck will? t? ran be rilpped from a sinkin,
liner," said John Harvard Biles, vlce-presl
Sent of th.- Institution of Naval Archl<
tects, .iiiririK ti.? course ??.* an Intervlee
"Th? problem la chiefly that of the ???
jeens. of th" apparatus which would Im
used only <?ik?- in fifty years," I." said
Just Within the Regulations.
Figures (roa the highest official sour?
Lupplled to-day by ?ne of tbe most promi?
nent British naval d?signera aboa ?h._i ??
souls was tbe greatest number thai couk
posaibly be m\e,] with the apparatua <ar
rled on board the Titani' That veesel'l
fadlltlea ware just within tbe Hoard ot
Tr..?i?' regulations, which apedflad that a
ahlp must be equipped ?with wooden or metal
boats BulBdeal to .any ?_<> [tamengen from
? ]e?,i?i.'-t,iii vessel, Collapsible boats, rafts
and other apparatus m?! carried on davit.?
must be supplied to accommodate "three?
fourths HS many, making th- total It would
I.?- possible to saw under the Hoar?l <?f
Trade rules i?*.- ti-.?- plan? shoe thai the
Titann- carii?-?! lifeboats to accommodate
(.??..i persons Each <>f the eighteen lifeboats
was capable ot taking fifty-three peeei n
ff.-i - There is ti., evidence on the plan to
ahoa that the Titani. carried an> collap?
sible i.oats or i aits, her Hfeboats putting
bar barely within tie.- Board <?: Trade regu?
lations. Comparisons with the Ocean!? and
the rainpanla. which are much amaller,
show thai th.y ?airy twenty boats . u h,
while tbe Lusttanla haa onl) aizteen. The
Hoard of Trade rules laid down in IMS take
as their basis 1'i.Ouu-ton ahlpe sad apply ?.lily
te? s*ti|.s with water-tight compartmeate. it
(in.s not appear that in tie- large snips of
later <lal" any attempt to lie r?-as?- the llfe
aavlng apparatus beyond that required by
the regulations was mad?
Peace Committee Takes Action.
.\ meeting of tn.- esecutivea ??r the Brit
Ism committee foi th.- oelebratioa of the
centenar) "f ?..-ace. hei?i under th. presi?
dency of Karl til?-"., to?!.? passed til.- fol?
lowing resolution
This oommittee formed to celebrste the
centenary ?f uin.roken pea?--- ami friend?
ship ebctween the British Empire and the
United st.it? s of America desires t?> coo
'..\ the eaprasslbn oi lu profound and
heartfelt sympath) t?. the families of thooe
who have been lost with the Titanic, in
particular It desires to ?-xier.-ss its ?solici?
tude for th.- safety of William T. St--a?l, ?
member of ti.i- committee, who wus trat
"Hing i.v the reasel on ?? mission of peace. |
a mamorlal sanrlce for :he rictlmi la I i
be held at Si. Paul's Cathedral ?il April It.
Mach Indignation is stiii expreased m
eoaaaetioa with the pui.iicHti.fi ..i ti ?
Kiains statin? that th.- Tit.ml'? was In tow
?>r th.- Vlnlnlan last .?.'t'-r tbe new* ,,t tbe
.-?<?..?!?-m vw.s laoelved Ookaaal Cbprfea l:
Yale, Member of I*arliaiu?*nt for I ."i? est.r- ,
shire will ask th?- presl'b-nl of Ihe Hoard
"f Trate in the House ?ef Comma* if his j
ettenttea haa bean draam la tbe , ? ? 1111 ? j? -
tl-.ii of ihe M?agnUM and whether their
?"'tin could be traded, I
I'l.Ml.. I,, Ml
Mayors Ask Laws Protect
Ocean Travellers.
Telegrams Sent to Preside
Taft, Senate and House Recor
mend Speedy Legislation.
Aa ? irs.ni of ?he Titanic disaster t?
grama signed bj ? numbei of the nay
Of lbs leading titles In Ken York Hi
were sent yesterday to President Taft i
the i??i houses of CoogretM advoca!
the sp?e'l> passage <?f a In? requiring
passenger steamer? t?> be titt??i m
[enough lifeboats and ruft.? t?. r?-e
safely ev?-i> one <>i. board Kearly fo
nu??..: s through"?? ttV state ?lotltled ",V
lam P Cop?m, secretar) <.f the Ht
Mayors' Conference, ??> telegrapb yest
daj of their ?nilllngneas t?? share In i
r? I'omtnsndatlona
Th? telegram sent lo the F*r?rsldent n
sijnied by the mayor? ??
\\e 'inn.? in urging you to send i?? ? '<
gissi a sp?cial message reeommendlna !
spee?y enactment of well ? < nstderisd statt
that will effectually require ? irerj pssM
? -?.??] leaving a L'nlted States p.?rt
?? ? i il| |ie?i irltn sui'h lifeboats or ?a
a? shall Bufllce to rccelvs and fl avt
i man ? reature m boar I.
Th?- ?est of the teUgram ?"?n? f.v t
mayor? to the Senate tnd House of Bepi
sentatives foiltnra
\\'.< unite In urging si"'?'?iy enactment
wll -?onsMensd statut? thai ??'il eff?*ctuaJ
require ever) pa - .?*??-. lesvini
L'nlted States port to be equipped with ??a
llfeboata ??? rafta si ahall suffice to re?-?*i
si.il flout . vers human creature on board
Mayors Who SiQned.
Among ?be mayor? Min, signed the tel
ajrama K?aaterdaj were lamea B McEws
\ in' ? John Irving. Blngharaton; Jam
T Lenthoi ! ?nk' re; i mi I? i Bh?
mira; J?.h i K. Bague, r*ongnk?eepeJe* D
I*, l.iinn. s?'li?'iii?'.??!? Prank
Baker, L'tloa; DavM i> Long, <>-*?<???:
.lain?? .' Moran ly-kport ; Pra
lius". Wat?**rtown; Alden L. Henry, QUr
ersvtll?; Stewart B. Townsend, Home; .1 I
Corwin, Kewburg; Abraham Harrlsoi
Johnstown; Samuel A. Carlson, Jamestowi
Htram H tCda? ton it"* b? at? and Tin
othy Dmaey, Little Paila.
Mayoi Qajrnor was a.?k"?i to h?pi h:?? nan
t?, those of other mayors <>f the "gata bi
he repli.'?I that be tli???n"lit it Mould be bel
tor to irait and tak? a. ti?.n which could h
better cfNWtdered after .ill the facts war
Mr. ?'.??????i ai??? g??\?- ..nt a stattstncn
yisaterday in behalf ol s group of men In
terested In Bteamshlps snd admiralty i?m
?.? i ,.- iiMin-'S, excepting that of Ja? ??b W
Miller, vi'*e-i?reniii. nt ..f the Mew Kngi-m?
BttBamahlp Company, were withheld, Thes
men ask for Imnnadlate artton bj L'ongrea
while ?bat i.?.?iy i-1 ?'onsi.i.'i in-,' the auggea
Hun of the mayors and others, .?n*i 111 ?- :
propose a laM t?> prevent an retaseis larg?
Ihun ?'..????' grtMS toi?iag. and ?urryiii
passengera from sailing from any Amerl
,i,n port until certain fa ta ii?\?' beet
properly advertised
Kir.?-t. the companj must make knowi
the muni?." ol passengers the v?-.??-??-l i:
lawfully entitled to ?an? -w?eond, the nun
bet ?if person.-*, ??the? than pastMUgera, t lia
she usually -?airles, ami third, the numbei
of person? t??r whose aocommodatton sh?
is provi?i??l with lifeboats .mi Ilfemfta
As a remit Of BUCh an a?? It IS tlioilghl
that travelers would be better Inform???!
of th?- rlaka they tak?' m one ship si
compeled with another. Bteamsblp o'wnen
'.?.??Ulli i?. stimulated snd neu methods ?>t
??.???iiring safety ??.?ii;l?l be f??utnl. stich a?
i.?ni iifi'in.ai- -to??-.i In "n.tn" and boat
decke or awning de? k.' made ol Hf?wrafta
-?? arraagad a^ t<? launch themselves an
t'iiiiHiicaiiy whan 11.*- steamer ?ink?? and t?i
rim t?> the surface "Alu-ii ilr.iMii ??omii by
Telegraphs Major Butt's Rela?
tives of His Faith.
Washington, April li. ?Prealdenl Traft
to-nit-ht tohl filen?!.?? thai he Mas still
Imping that M.?j?.r Archibald Mutt, his
military aid, might bava been saved
from th?* ur.'-'k ?il th.? Titanic.
Th.- ? ?intinued lack of new.? .?I th?'
major t?.-?iay -milted the hop..s of tin*
I*r. sid.-nt .-till loMer. but lo-nlght Mr.
T.ttt vas mxtm t.-ini; lint m ill? the ar?
rival ?.I the ?*arp,.thi,i t..-:iioir?.\? -ssgM
thing deflalts might be lanrnsd.
The i'l.-lil. nt telegrapheil i,, Major
Hutt'a r?-latlv?s ???-?la.? thai h< Mas still
hoping for favurabi?? ut-wa?
Father Believes He Will ?Mever
See His Son Alive.
j Declare Young Irian Would Never
Leave the Titanic While a
Woman Remained.
I P.. Telegraph to The Tribe?a |
Philadelphia, a- ril 17. -P. A. B. Wid
lener, a director ?>r the White Btar Line
I and .?tie <.f the organizers of the Inter?
national Mercantile Marine ?Company,
?acknowledged this afternoon thai he
; had given up all hope of ever teeing hi.
I ion, Qeorge D. Wldanar, alive
"Oeorge went down with the ahlp,"
Mr. W.ner said to dose friends, "and
he w.-nt down like ?, man, nght?!ng t>
save the women and children."
"Whj ahouldn't Mr. Wldenei be
i.? the Carpaihla with the aur
| vlvora, If .!. Bruce (amay, head of the
Whit?- Star Line, was aavedr Mr. wi.i
cner was asked.
"lamay? <?h lamay saved blmeelf,"
was his answer.
To peraon who knev. Georg* D. Wlde
ner the fact thai ins name does not ap
pear among the list of rurvlvora la no
sut pris.? (>ne of these told to-day how
his- real friends knew him?a gr.-.it big,
full-blooded man, full ??t courage, alwaya
placing woma ihood before everything,
ready to aacriflce himself rather than see
others -nfTr t Many little deeds ..f
George i>. Wtdener .ame ..?t to-day?
?).??-,is ..f whlch l"- never s|>oke
i >ne dark night n??t very long ago
of hla close friends mel Mr. Wldenei In
lr.tli atreet, He was lugging ;. Mg
<|..tli.-s basket, and beeide him toddled ?
little, ..i...I woman, who was delivering
clothes sh.- ha.i a*ashed. Qeorge D
Widen--? was lugging the basket In an
effort t.? make lighter the woman's load,
\n ?.ffl'-iai ..f the Ineurance Company
of North America aald to-da) that his
company carried a small part of th.
risk upon the Titanic, ai do some ?ether
Philadelphia com|>antes, but he denied
that any of them carried any large
amounts He thought the l?>ss t>? the
Insurance companies "n the cargo and
leers..nal property ol th?* passengers
would amount t<> about $12,?000,<00&
Officers o?" the Armenian Belie.e
They Sighted Giant Mass.
i Bi 1 eslestai i? te The Trtbssa 1
Boston April 17.?Chlaf Ofllcar Walker
and the men <>f the steamship Armenian,
<>f the Lsyland Lin.?, now in dock here,
de. tared to-day that In all probability
Ihej paaaed within sight of the iceberg
thai sank the Titnnic. The Armenian
1??!'? Liverpool on April 8,
About nieeeri "ii Sunday are ran Into
the largest sea of drlfl lea that any of
?.e,r crew remember having se.-ti." <le
< lare.l Chief Officer Walker. *The dav
?a as brilliantly ?lenr. and the expanse
?of i ??? aaemod t<> atretch clear t?. the huri
/??n on three aides. At far Interval,
were towering peaks of clear ice. ten or
twelve of which could be counted. Or?
ders w< r.- s. nt to the engine room to
reduce speed and the Armenian threaded
her way slowly through the mass, ?lear
mg it early In th.- night.
"All thronich the afternoon the crow
and paseengera marvelled n.?t only at
the number ??f iceberg?*, but also at
their else and nn'isnai formation On?
that we passed about ? o'clock, a?bou1 -.
mile and ? half to atarboard, was the
largest I or an., one >>n the ship bad
ever seen. Its height was estimated to
be between 230 and ?300 f.-.'t at the, high?
est point. In shape it somewhat resem
1 led a lion or dog lv ing down. A mass
thai was visible above the water line
seemed to tic about f?nr hundred yard.-.
trota I nd t" end.
The great Iceberg al the time It was
sighted was clear nt the sea of drift l.e
Calculations lead the ofBcera of th'? Ar?
menian to believe thai it was tins bersj
that .wracked th Titanic."
Three Ships Report Conditions
Off the Banks Very Bad.
,-t John. N. B April 17. Three trans?
atlantic liners whi.-h airive-.i bere to-day
reporte?i the Ice fields <?ff the Kearfound
land Banks si the worst ever en?countered.
The .easels were the Allan liner Coraican,
from LI erpool; the Hamlwrg-Amerlcan
Une st-..mer pisa, fronn Bremen, an.i the
Canadian I'ae-iii. liner Montro.se, from Lon?
don and Antwerp
The Coraican reported that she and f'.ur
other steamships, Indudlni the Hamburg
American liner Presldaal Lincoln, were
forced to stop ir. an Immense Held e.f i, ?
Thurads) night, ??>. thick _.?- the [tack tee
aiai so close weie several "f the monster
The ateemei Plaa experienced cre..t <iif
ilcultv in navigating the Ice fields ..n.i
: . ed several bergs which were more than
? t high. Chief Ofllcer Otto llangeraon,
at the ris... --.'ii?i several lurg?-r berga wera
???n to the se.iith. and it i* believed it aras
i'-.,e of these tbe Titanic struck
?'..pt.un Webetei ?>f the Montrose said
there waa more i,r further south than he
had sen fn ins experience of more than
i... ) ? ..i - He >..l?l tbe depth >>f the see
where the Tltanl? wen! dowr iras prn?bably
??.lian fathoms He was at a toes to under?
stand whj -" ..????-t .. ship a-? the Titanic
?hould have been sent t.. tbe bottom by
imashlng against tba Ice. ii- sal.) tie liad
i?.,ii in collision with Iceberg three dif?
fer, tit times while railing under the Hag
of th? KM?'i bempoter I.in., several
.ml one. the -featner's bows had been
rmabed In twenty-live feat, bul the iressel
k pt aflo ;
ah thr??- "i the v?asela reported bat/big
-.?ni alreleea araralnga ?>f the preeenee of
the Ice Held si the time lot l pa d
through it.
The .Montr.""- received word on Tuesdaj
i,, as) of the steamer Prlna Prladrlch
Wilhelm t?. th.' effect that tbe tank steam?
ship Deutschland ?as drifting about, short
,,f coal ill latitude tg.il uni t h and lonK?
tii.ie :,.'> i.? wral she ?..s bound for Phil
adelphla ami asked t?> t?- lowed.
Travellers' Aid Society to Care
for Cabin Passengers.
if a/hen tl?e Carpathla arriv?e Ibera are
| ar.v Ion?* and frtendJeas women among the
I Aral and ae??OBd elaaa paaaengera from the
I Titanic they will be taken int.. th.- arms
..r the Travellers' Aid goclety, of So. M
istii ?tree! An extra foi ?- ol agenta
I vvill 1)-' on hand to meet tit. boat and to do
.. .... .......??i ...... ?.. 1...I*. ..... ...._.....??.
anvthing mortal van '" help the unfortu?
nate? The representative of the society
said yesterday that they espacted to And
inanv" ep?tbetk cuses am<>ng the second
cabin won en
' "Most of the tirst cabra passengers." ab?
i said, "have fin-rids who llv?- In NYw York
,,,- vih,. lu.v- the means to MM to meet
them with inoticy. clothes an.i companion?
i ship of friends. Hut th.- second ?ahm peo
Ble are often quite alone In the world,
I ?The vomen ?f the steerage are beyond
lour department. They ate always cared
if,,,. ai Kill* Island, von see and govern?
ment offl.-mls do for them what US do for
Shelter and Clothing Ready for
Destitute Survivors.
Mrs. Nelson H. Henry Starts
Movement That Meets with
Ready Support.
One ?Uy of horror sad neaping, and than
the women of Ken v,?? l)(.stir theinaelvw
t" I ring practical r? li.-f to the survivors.
I''n-t 10 a?l WS? Mi~ K?SBBOn llerrl.-k
Henry. Wife Of U* h?-...? Henry. Surveyor
of ii>.- Port of Kew v..rk. She called to?
gether nfteen of ber ? trstanal rtliads. who
l"'?(, ? ".tniK y.'st.nlay morning at the
:,'*n.I Uns, AI.ram B, H.-wltt. No. *.i L?M?
Ington avtmue, to consider Mays ami nsaaas
"f bringing Imniodlata relief t<? the ?apomen
a.ai children of the Tltani?. m
the) arrive on the Carpathia to-morrow.
For these stricken ones ha?, not only lost
father.,, htisbanda, brothers, but the) ar.
i mnlless, friendlees, without clothing ?nd
material pnsaasnlona They need creatiue
Women ??f the highest so?iai position have
responded to the ?all for help for these
Bteerage women. The original fifteen to
?nom Mrs. lleiiry tel.pl-,.in, ?1 when the in
aplraUon first came to her that '"Stare waa
aomethlng women could <io." were Mis.
ornellua VanderUlt, sr., Mis. Henry '?'?
ENmock, lin. H?arbsrt i. Satterie,'. mi?.
Paul jiil.i. Mrs. r"*"ha**tes B. Aleaandar,
Mr- James Human Aldrlch, Mrs. Richard
Irwin, Mis. William ChUTCh ??shorn. Mrs.
Henry Whitney Munroa, Mrs. j. Van Vecb
ten ?He??it. Mis- -, irgtals Potter, Miss Barak
< '.wiper lleMiu. Miss Cl.anor Hewitt, Mrs.
Arthur M. rOodge and Mrs Ko ward King?
wood Hewitt
Others who have promise to join the
Kew v.iik < it*. H'oman'a Relief Commit?
tee for the Tltani? Btaerage Survivors ere
Mis? Anne Morgan, Mr-- k. n. Harrltnan,
Mrs. Rutaaell Baga, Miss ??race Blgelow,
Mis? ciara L, ??Mien, of Brooklyn; M-s
Btewari I>. IVoodford, Mrs Charles B. AI?
sxandei and Iflaa Alexander. Miss Clara
Irvin, Miss .Mary <'. Percy, Mis. Edward
I! H-'Mitt. Mrs. Sidney Dillon Hlpley. Mis
?'hail, s I'rai eis l'.oe *Utd Mrs. Wilbur ?'.
Four Committees Named.
At the meeting hei.i yesterday Mrs Henry
was acclaimisd chairman of the ?-?immittee,
Mrs Abram s lb win. the hostess, a
m ?.mail ninety years active," was made
I.?..*! nary chairman. Four committees mere
ai'polnted. Mrs. Henry is chairman of the
finance committee, with Mrs. James Her?
rn, n Aldrlch, of No. IM W.st 69th stre.t.
as SSSlatSIlt treasurer, to whom all ? hecks
Should he sent. Twentv-s' 11 ?n hundred dol?
lars has already been aubserlbed, and more
romea to th?- treasurer by every mail. Mrs.
Russell Sag.' gave BM, Mrs. Aldrlch *Bfa>
Mrs. Henry I'. Dlmock B)BS, Mrs Kipley
POS, Mrs. Hewitt WO, Ulm Hewitt HO?). Mr8.
Wilbur Flsk HjO, and so on through th?*
Mrs Kdward R Hewitt Mas appointed
chairman of the housing cjmmltt?e, Mrs.
Heni") of the entertainment committee and
-Mrs. Paul Dana of clothing.
The plans are not yet complete, of course,
hut the following la the -pmernl programma
to be followed by the woman's relief com?
mittee . Fifty m omen will be on the dock
to meet the stlieisge women on the Car*
i among them being the officers, ten
trained nurses chosen from forty or more
Mh.i have volunteered their services, ten
U.-aconess?*** and ten Little Sisters of the
1'oor. A supply of emergency clothing,
long cloaks, skirts, shoes and hats, will be
?m the dock for the destitute passengers,
Mho arc supposed to have escaped with
only the clothes they bad on their backs
v. h.'ti the crash cam??
"Many of them will still be practically
destitute,H Mrs Henry explained to report?
ers yesterday afternoon al her home. No.
.? W?JSl ?th street. "It is extremely doubt?
ful if the people on board the carpathia
would b? sble to relieve the steerage aromen
to an) ?xtent Their first services wouM
\" to the Brat and aecond cabin passen
gers. Mrs. Aator hi reported t?> have b<? n
f..iiini In a nightgown und mackintosh, an?l
probably her fellow travellers were In the
?ame plight. Tier, would be first cabin
passengers on th? Carpathia who would be
able to spa:?? things foi them, but prol>
ii?'i> there ar?. few ateerage passengers on
her. the number going to Kurope do.s n?)t
compare, of course, with that coming o\er
here, so doubt u*.-? the steerage wonura will
:...??I I ,>ats and Shoes on llv- do?k
Places of Shelter Ready.
'No. We shall not bav? any physicians
With us The Hoard of Health will l?.?ik
out f'.r that part of the work, as, of course,
the regular immigration oflV?*rs at I'llN
Island cannot make the usual examin?t
The steerage wiMnen, MK?? the others, will
i.. brought Imniedlately to tM ?Jock, im?
migration as M-eii as Custom House for
maiities being dispensed with Th.? nursee
Mith us Mill be able to care foe those who
are nervously exhausted, an?! medbal as?
sistant ?? will be secured as s??in as posslbU
after th?* p??pl<- are tak?-n t?i their desti?
nations Th?' s;ime is tru?' of religious .-, ??.
vices There will he no clergymen In our
little company, but the deaconesses win
offer what spiritual help they can
?We shall have carriages Waiting to take
:he survivors to places where they can be
sheltered. As much as Is possible thej
will be k?*pt together. Th?' young girls snd
unmarried women win be t.ik.-n t>> the
junior League House, In Esst TMh street.
where preparations arc being nada for
about seventy. Tv." hun?lr?*d married Mom
en nn?l their children are t<? be eared for
at the Working Girls' Home of the New
York Aasoclatlon of Working ?.?iris So?*ietles.
of Which ?HIM Virginia Potter is pTOSldsnt,
whil? bsW?ta and their mothers will be
taken in at the variotlS day nurseries.
"W.. shall try before everything else not
io separata f.?mii!?-s--they've had separa?
tions ?'iiough already. And the -reasen ?
are sending them to institutions instead of
Into piivat-' bonaeS or hotels, m here only
Single famines eouM be accommodated, is so
thai the) may have th<- companionship ot
irho have been with them through all
, .. terrible days Also, they will be in
the hands of train?"! nurses, pliysl-lans an,]
S0??lal worker? who will give them all the
physical eomftJTta they can and human
ath) through all the hours of the day
a-ai niglit.
"That is what WS muh this committee
to 8...M.I for more than anything else
human sympathy. H muy be expressed in
clothing and medtctaeo" it may be in tears
,,f pity which stream down our cheeks
thoufjh we ?Himot t-n ?.?ir sympathy in
. ,!,.??? ft-tratga sisters ?an understand.
l,Mt w<? want SO iSUTOpe to know and to
feel t r?.ii f Ani-fi'in wom.-n are their friends
and that when norrow and disaster come
?sr? ..pen our hearts to them.
??We need ? eVOtst ?aal of money, you
a,,, t?canos me bam pnmise.i the federal
??t'h.'rities to be responsible for the??.? peo?
ple not only in the l?niaai*.ate praassit. but
until every one of them has basa ssttM td
I'nmtortal.'lv as possible. They Mill all nee-l
clothing Of all kin?!-, and to K?*t .hat. WS
ask for ntomOSt a?"1 f"r ??*'? Kurin.'tits. espe?
cially underwear, cloaks and suits. Of
course. ITS don't kn??w how many women
there an. ?r how many children, or what
they need most. That is why we prefer
Klfts of money, though probably all ??ensl
I?m serviceable ?lot him*; r/Mild he u: Sd.
? ?We shall appoint som** ?entrai recrivlng
office, possibly an armor)' building. wh?ie
clothing may be seat Al pesanni it should
i? ?.m t?? Mi? Paul Daaa, Ka ia fimi
avenue, .han man of tie? c!?thing .?.mmlt
.,.?,. We shall call, too. for volunteer work
rrs who will "?m<? ta th ? armor?, sort th.
clothing, and ??'?"?"> il to the nredy one?.
Write for Information About the Offer
to Exchange
Francis Bacon Piano
- -? m
? lim.in .-vos. 50S FIFTH AVE. Near 4-__l ?*-?
The re will be a ?rest deal of work fof
Sympathize with Preside"..
M of the tl ings we did this mor ng
ass to rid a t? I-gram to President Taft.
offering ??? .- aaaWtance ami offering to be
responsible for SO or more ?woman and
children, and iwidlng also our per.-, nal <on
dalencaa t.? him in hi., grief over the loas
i "i Major Butt. He waa .. .harming man.
i have known Iilru well for years and I
feel tins ? ?i.-, ?i, personal losa."
Offen "f ?'o-o'). ration poured in >n Mrs,
Henry all da v. Mrs. James 1'. .*oh<n. ptesl
denl of the Nea Vork city Mothers* Club,
after an executive meeting m the morning,
called upon all memhers of her club lr con?
tribute n.on. j or personal rei vie
Pierre Mae, the Belgian Consul in N.w
lork. ?rot.- Mis Ibiiry a letter offering
ti.e as-istanc. of th.? consular office and
tie Belgien Relief .Soci- ty. Many of the
Titanic paaaengera ere bellered to have
!? ea from Belgium.
A -p..ial benefit performance of "The
?.arelen of Allah" has h.-en offered by the
Liebler Company, and Miss Ada Sterling.
the actress, hes offered to repeat her play
"The u.in and the I_amb." for the benefit
>f the destitute survivors The ?ommiite*
of the Woman's Relief Committee, whose
duty :<- io pi. k and cull from the many
. h.'mes f.r benefit entertainments which
are constantly i elni* suu-Rostci by telephone
and letter, is one of the largest of the four
main committees it Includes Miss Anne
Morgan, Miss Clisa bath Marbary, Mrs.
MuBSOn Harris (Mrs. Henry's daughter),
Mra I B. HarrieOB, MlSa Amy Sloane. Mrs.
Richard Irvin and miss Clara irvin.
The complete lists ..f members of , <?
other Commltteai at?- as follows:
Housing?Mra E. R. Hewitt. Miss Vir?
ginia Potter. Mis H Irvin. Mrs. H.
eQlleahalmer, Mrs .1 h Prise, Mra. Stafford
Morgan and Miss Katherine Tweed.
Plaanee-Mrs. N'.l-n Henry, Mrs ? H.
Jlarrinian. Mrs. ?'. B, A. xamle?. Mrs. H,
F. l)ii:i...-k. Mra J. H. .\i.iri.-h and Mrs. &
L? Rlpley
?"lothing?Mrs Paul Pana. Mrs. .j. H.
.'.Mrieh. Miss Grace Bi^elow. Mrs Henry
I'lmo-k. Miss C. M. St? watt, Mi*. A. M.
Dodge and Misa clara Ogden
The commltt.'es will meet again this
morning at Mrs Abram 8. Hewitt's.
Action Follows Exchange of
Cable Messages with London.
Mayor Oaynor ma?l?? the following: an?
nouncement yesterday:
City of Xew York, office of the Ma vor.
April 17. 15*12.
To the PubUc l.o doubt many of the sur?
vivors of the crew and passengers of tbe
T?tatjje and of the survivors of those Who
losk their live? will be In need of Immedi?
ate assistai!?-" All those who desire t??
help may send their contributions to the
Mayor's office, a like fund Is beln* raised
In I/ondon. \V. J. GAY NOR, Mayor.
This action followed a ?-able message
from th? Lard Mayor of London, saytnsc a
relief fund for the sufferers from the Titanic
disaster ha?l been oponod by him and Inti?
mating that the opening of a similar fun?t
here would he appreciated. Mayor Oaynor
repled that lie would start such s fund.
The cable messages follow:
London. Fingland, April IT, 1912.
The M a vor. Xew York:
Opening fjnd relief sufferers Tltanl" dis?
aster. Will warmly wei-ome your s>mpa
New York, April 17. 1312.
Lord Mayor. I>?ndon
Relief fund Titanic sufferers has our
heartv sympathy. Will open one hete
CrAYN'oR. Mayor New York.
New Bedford. Mass, April 17.?Frank P.
Millet, the artist, who ?*as aboard tbe Ti?
tanic, and whose name doee n?*?t appear on
the lists of survivors, hsd b??en engaged to
paint the mural decorations for the new
Public Library in this . Mr. Millet had
notified the librar;, tl -at his sketches
ware complete and that be would bring
them back from K'no;-.- ..n tbe Titanic.
Th?? nil ist formerb lived in Mattapolsett,
g few miles from New Bedford
To Key West and Cuba
The through car service
between New York and Key
West now in operation is ..
distinct advantage to travel
.between tins section and
It is a direct rail line to the
tip end of Florida with a ferry
thence to Havana.
The dauntless courage and
the reaistlesi energy ol Mr.
F lagler made the oversea
railroad to Key West a fact
and so placed at the disposi?
tion of the traveling public a
rail line to within 90 miles of
the Cuban capital. It brings
Havana almost as close to
New York as New Orleans.
It eliminates the necessity of
a trip by sea and saves almost
two dayi in the time of transit.
The through drawing-room
Sleeping Can operated '\er
the Pennsylvania, Atlantic
Coast Line. Seaboard Air
Line and Florida l.ast Coast
Railway leave Xew York
Pennsylvania Station 9.34
A. M . West Philadelphia
11.55 A. M.. ?Baltimore 2j06
P. M. and arrive at Key West
".00 A. M. second morning
and the connecting steamer
arrives at Havana 5.00 I*. M.
the same evening.
\p.iii from the other ad
vantages ?n time and comfort
the railway ride over the
ocean gives to this trip an ab?
solutely unique distinction.

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