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THE ill.
jton Y ash. amp it?, uii:
.lhJ. 6.539 Wheat. bu?.h.U&.MO
Wues . '-'..'?>" llominv, sacl.3... MO
? 'opper. bars. 1200
bbla .. . 8.1S5
? 'i?. R ait oil. bbls.. BO
turp. bbla ;;."-'?
. rkg*. 75
1,728 Canned t?e<-f, ???. .Ms?
* ... i? Cut m?ate, pkgs. 71B
I . fka.
I*1*; . U2? 'lams |.kgs.
C?*" I?
t - '. i'kgs. M
t : .\ (allow, pkga. 123
350 Brandy ici ?. bbla M
1 :'..vi Broom corn, bales 175
' .1 27.'. Hides. No. 1.228
;:. ? bbla 1118
? II, tee.
o, hhda... MB
"*.,- ', - o. tee.....
.?its "? 0*gP--" S7-'
?v__; ?Ma... 4??1
?', ., - Cal), bbls. 275
???Seed. tona. M
na! Ku| '"??:-".2 liaren, Tb .1.592.525
;; 'tjeu.... -.???? i_*rd. n?. 401.95?
?;?ir sacks... 2,228 Tallow, lb. 11
?w_ *b . ? 300.100 Greeee. ti?. 4?-,4.oo?>
10.3001 Cheeee, P>. U0.SS0
r?rk b *?' Cots'.I oil. gala 1.600
{?? tea. MBILsb oil. gais... BM.000
iMn N No 1 f.11880 .Cotton, middling. 11 so
?ST 00 No l IB 50 I Coffee. No 7 Rio IP-,
?2 ralle.. . l -'?'? Sugar, granulated 5.20
Hand eep. ?" ' MM Molaaaca. o K. p 40
?"a .48.! tearoily... .$18 28
Exchange lead. 4.174'Beef hams.30 (?0
. a? 'Tallow, prime... ?A
S i No 2 red 11.4 Pork, mess.M12H
?fern ???? M- ?**??? <-r- 1fi0 ??? ]" ?
Otts stand wh. 841. I_Brd. mid West. 10 40
flour. Mp'.s pal BM I
?Eirort, fob afloat.
Vrw V , \;,..l I?, V.I12.
I,RAIN- WHEVT Reporta ?hat the crop
r?tmate .it. . ? ?iitiK in??? the staieg
weat of th< Mlaalaalppl had bullish influence
and priera advanced to new high r. cords,
dosing at l\il \e higher for ?he new crip
months. May advanced BHc on covering by
Mated shorts Influenced by a aale of a car* ?
ef H. no,? hush? Is of No 2 ted wheat to Lis?
bon T appeared n> >e the general opinion
indoned area *o far will amount
to i,h, ,- ...?.too aerea and ?niii?> authorities
wer? Inellnrd "? estimate the Indicated yield
? (.,. 000,000 bushels and
The fa? t that tie?.- reporta from ins
r been of such a very
m ituro 1?-<I t.? the belief that any
??hange in the situation would be for the
?s of unfavorable de
? ?,?-..rn aectlon dlacouraged
l m ?i ? ,,i i... n i redi? ted Ifcat lb? c n
.-. would b( tly good to
evarcone mach of the .lan.HKe In the East.
? t sales of Manitoba. 20 loads at out
\.. 2 rxl her... $1 Ifl-Hc ? 'evator, export
1,, . ? . si i??v f o No 1 North
luluth, Si '22 \ f ?? ie ailfeat. opening navl
CORN Fairly active and firm.
? n? i ad van ? ? .,'.-. Export
?i nominal, fot? ?float. OATS
t an adva
oat l mi standard white,
14 ". Co '-' ?.i';c; No ;*.. 1.4c, No
i . . ?-. I .->? "pp.'i. ?3''j?'.74c on
:, No 2, ?>?*c nominal, c ) f
i: Uil.I.V - Piim; malting, $1250
$i :;s ? > falo Wheat, including flour,
.?ek, nerovdlng to "Brad
2.813,780 heish^ls. against
?; and 1.780.878 laai
SO. btiahela, asalnei OB,
(???4 11. in. Corn exporta for the
1 bushels, against 852.585 last
we,em. end 838.482 laai year: eme-e July i.
43.052.613 last .
Y' ester
Wheat. Open. High Eow. doss. ?lay.
May. 1 1_S 1184 1 18S 1 l5?1*? 115
Jejiv . .. 1124 118?, 1 12S 1134 111**
f'ptem-er. -- ? 109"-? 10-4
Wheat. Corn ?Data
To-da\. 331.000 242,00?) 2i>2."00
last. woek. 248,000 233,0?> BSO.000
U*t year. 802,000 &4?.00?J 353,000
Flour. Wheat Com.
Te-dav. 6,000 118.<X)0 1?.O00
L**t weak. 9.000 257,00?)
La? year. 34.000 47.000 41,'tOO,
IXOCB ANP MK.-I^? Flour moJ?T_":y
activa, hut f.rru a: an advance of 10 pointa.
Ktnaa- $5ff$5 15. fancy apung
paunti, 16 50 ?|6 75 HIE FLOUR?Firm;
lair to good, MS08B8; choice to fancy. $:, 05
CU25. i.'jp.NMEAL?Steady, kiln dried,
$4 1.'.. BAO MEAI/?Fine white and yellow.
H708I175. coarea, $1 65:?$1 70. PEED
tv??tern spring, $28 76; standard middling.
12950 flmir i?. ?31; red dog. $32 25. city
bran. 12. 10 bulk, $30 50 aacka, middling. $.10
<.$?2.'.0, re<) du. $33; hominy chop, $29 ?$30
bulk. $30 20#$31 20 sacka; ollmeal, $38?$3i?.
HIW i.'ss active and lower; the sell?
ing Beeeaed to be rhlefly for ions account,
and the offi ring! were w?ll enough absorbed
on a reaiparatlvely moderato setback to im?
part a fslriy ateadv tone. The clore was
Peady, lax prl . ? si owing a net loas of fre?:n
7 ;o | poll ti for tl ? day, but tt to B pointa up
from th. loweat on the moi? active positions,
aft?.- t? 'lose her? N.w Orleans was tlrmer
and ad va i : ? nr f. pointa. Southern spot
B_aiket* wen .- lower to 140 higher. Weefclr
Bov?-.. Port receipts. 11
kgataal year; overlanel t" mills
arid Canada I8.0SS SKa.-isi f W77 last year;
eiou'.h.r:, n 11 tak.ngs, eatlmated, 85,000, aculnst
???sa of sto.ks at Interior
lawni .-?'..Te.?. . L.:':?y 27 t?70 I,ist
I into right f.,r tli? wc?-k, 138.7S0,
agaitiM )W?.025 last year. Total crop iti>\<
ment: fur: -. ? elpti ll.221.SS8 '?i._.'?;'i deduct'
??'Ir??'. le), aK.'.ln't ???, 18??.
Mm I? erland lo milla and Canada,
W..27-? 872.08U last year; Southern
mill laV:: - . 2.2SO.OOO, against 1,000,000 last
year; itock a- Interior towns Is ?-xeeta of
?Sttrt-me.: !. 220,084, against 311.704 last
)ta-: brought into alght th-is far for a? *
??>'..ill. ugairi.t 11.223.C04 last year. The
total crop 1 i.t is fe.r 2:12 daya this aea?
e*?a. agalnei 233 'lays last aeaaon. Local con?
tract pri?. s :
Open High. I. ? w. (".se. eiav.
*Prtl. 11.27011-88 U :?:*.
f??'. 1184 1143 11.34 11.8701E88 11.45
?J1"?. 11.44 1144 11.44 11 ???./Il 43 11.40
Wt. 11.47 1157 1147 ll.G0eil.5l 11.59
*??uat . 11.51 11 5S 11.50 ll.5iail.52 ll.f.0
?JeptetriLer. 11 ,v.. 11.59 11 47 11.51 ul 1.53 11.80
October.. 11.5.8 11)15 11.63 11.68AU.50 11.?17
Savtmber il?'-? 11.60 11.60 11.60011.82 11.?'??
?p*embfr. 1165 1171 11?.') I1.BS?9U.BB 11.73
?W-ary.. 11,63 11.68 1159 11.02011.83 1170
rabruary. 11.C2011.84 1170
?rch.... 11.71 1177 1167 11.71^11 72 11.78
8l>'t s'i-ait. with prieei 5 nolnta lower at
ll.aoc for nil'ldiitiic upland; sales. 1.R0O i
4'll'.er?d on contract. i?*)0 bal ? Liverpool
***'*a?Sp?t. fal^ biielnes? doing: aal*?-. 9.000
??ties, ,r? - ??.. .. ? ....... -.,?, American,
??'WO. i?, p, ? ,,,, 18,000; mi'l
?J'lit* >;t I ti.-j 8 '..-.i Pul ? - opened at?
1 DOini ad-.-?., .loaed qulel, 4 to 54 ,
tamer. Kpril, I ".74J. April '' Mas -
?jttn? 6.84d; in- July, 0.84d; luly-Auguat.
?M'jd ptember, 0_1?1. Peptem
'*toI?ti. ?2?d; Octotei November, ?'-"?'
?av-r?. I>eeemher-.lan
Mry, A*2\.ri. lanuarv-E.bruary, ?22<!. V-?
'OIT11 ned i ; :, pointa ??' the out
?*. unler '.r,e-H\ eeiiing. a? the decline the
?Mrke? ?h- . .-i a \,,,n of about 25 pointa for
'*t wten. bui after the earlv ?eliin?? was ?
mill t* ?' ?? ligl ?Hfl 1. ills chowed rnoio
"tSKattlon to supp< ri the mar..l. ?he Oi.sl
aJ**?] " . 1 to be C.e low of thi
; mark t atea rdei ?
"???1> at ? net ad.'.in?-.. of 1 to 5 point?.
"Jle*. " ? Havre showed a d
Jj -i* \ f-?! ? . gained part Of
y> '"as. (?..sing at a nei decline of ,
*y* talea of so.Don lag.?.. Hamburg declined
J .4 pfennig, but was swadv at the cloeo;
"e- 7.-, rela lew? r ui Rio and 50 tela
lia y Sa'?'" pP01 Inactive hut steady ;?.t
???.cf.r Rio No 7 1. ...? coatraot prices:
Ata_ Ofen. High ls,x\. C)nae. <!h>
Cf"- 13>2ttl_V?5 I8.TS
JZ^. 13 *4 13.88 IB.S4 I8.W013.89 18-88
52?*. ? 18 H2tfi.'i t?4 18 M
*????? ? . U-7 13.96 13 87 IS.M?1S.B7 18 SB
5JW|?tv... 18.M 13'* 1S.M 14f????l4??l ISM
}]Z*<<*}*r. Xt'si H.?* H.oo I4.t/5;yi4<w 14 01
NeaML 14.03?!4 "4 13 1W
Iw2r.:>*f- ..-- ? 13W?014?S) 13 96
JJSjJfr- 13 91 1S?I6 13.91 13.96013.96 13.B4
??bruaW' ~ 13.06013. M
U?tcn ? ..'.." .- 13 !?.'._ 13 lei 13 M
? 13 89 13 62 13.83 U.B901I.M 13 02
II? . . ''? mess. $20 0120 28; farn
bir*' xf*-1;.. ?llor, "l-'r. 818230I1S5O
K?ssar, Sr.i?, '?AMS ^'??">? l20*?$'lT.
T MEATS Pickled hellten
C' X. '..' 104',',!.
0**i*l ?* _'._ : "'?' TAU.OW?Wrra;
?". ke.r io_iJ15 Continent. 10.85c Bra
?^?RIN?t___^.4c0l,'poun'1 flrm' 8*?4 0*.4c
?i%N/M^?i:pFR,r,,,?n<,*--r*1 ?"y; ?pot,
?tt$W rUA^'h lB_?0*?7_c; May, 15.8..
?luiv. 48.2O043.50e;
>"?'??<' Nrt ,. ???'-?> . ai.i.7,
i,'::-->", ()I). WH'
s lin;?- mor? bearish, and ?iorlng pnces veic
i |S point? net lower, !^?<-ai .outrait pri?es:
Ye?!? p
< ?pen. i Halt. Lou. fleet
. ? . i?; ;,.? .; 47
April .,; 47 6 47 S47 6.4406.4' ?.43
M ?" .fil*, ?; 4.'. ?? IS 6 ?Mg * 15 ? 47
. ? ?'. M, (.??', 51 ?i 53
?l?" v .6.5H ?i..-.?; 6.53 '? 58a?" .'??'? 6.57
? . - ?*, i:?i-ii; ?i*.* ?:?*??
Sept mber ,. . ?'. ?*,.*. ?;<-..?' ?in: ?*.?2'a?i.?i4 i*.?*fl
? '-?'m . 6 55 t; ;.i ?; :,4 ?; 5"?f?* :.4 6.58
bet. ? ., -.*-,.;?: ' _? ? -?>
MOLASSES **M* v*ilfll"> Qulel nd un?
clians;. <1.
NA", \l. STORES Spirits turpentine steady
?ml unchanged; roain dull and tar steady ai
forme- prit I
OILS , ...- t L.,,) ReSoed petre?
leum fii m n? the recen? ?dvanra.
KICK l-irm, with ?alrly food demand st
full 1
**'?.\K Refined firm but unchanged: sal's
lea? .' r?*r c?enl cash.- Raw Ann
?n.i unchanged, with ?ale? of 5,000 bug?
, Ma ?hli m? nt, Ht 2 18-18? baal? '.??'?
nd freight, e?iu,ii i?. 4 17.? duty
paid. Spot ? c t, 1 ata of 1.11? tor M
t?**"t centrifugal, 8.01c for B8 t?.?' muecovado,
n:.'i ': .to.- foi 89 u-t\ molaaaes auger, in Lon?
don 11 .te wer? lower; April ? nd Mar. IS?
*'V' Auguat, 14s 4*44. Wltleti A Qray?
?tcK-k of Europe and tmerica, 2,501.
na, against 8,188,063 ton? laal fair at
am? uneven dates. The decn ? '
i? .-.i?*.,71!? tona, again??? 1? '?M-reae? of
644,202 tons l.iat week. Total ?tock? and
afloat? together ?how a vlaibl? ?upply ?.f
2.728,826 tona, a-,-,?i:?t S,265,055 ton? last year.
Of a .1. ? r. aae <-.f Ml,789 V.ns.*'
? ?
New York, April 11). 1012.
BEAKS \M> PBAS Receipt?, 14 baa?
beans, 200 i":?.?. Marrow higher and Ann ..t
84 i??? for choice; it I? poaalble that has been
exceeded in lome case?-. beat medium ht
h. id a? $4 45'?t$4 50. and a few Jobbing ?alea
of cholc? pea h?* reported at ft SO. Exportera
buvo filled a few order? for re<i kidney within
a day oi twi ?u |440gM45, and more stock
?uik at tii? ?am? Usure; round lois of
poor quality ?an be bough I at 14 25 *?$4S0
?"allfornia lima steady. Scotch p"an In light
supply on the fcp?>t. but feeling rather ea?!
T.I.ANS. marrow, choice, 100 lb, $4 85014 90;
Po'.r to good, 84 ?.'.*>'< S*4 75: ni'dluni, choice,
$4 450 $4 ?50: poor t.. good, $40$4 40: pea.
choice, $455084 SO; ;.- to good, $409445;
red kidney, ?hole, $4 4<j v, $4 4.'.; poor to good,
$40$43O; white kidney, choice, $5 7*1 ? $5 H5 ;
black, $5 20085 50: ?/allow eye. $3K"0$4:
IS TO f$6 75, I'F.AS. S.-otcJi, $5 K, y ?J? 00;
grien. Imported. $.", ,*>n -f$4 50.
Bl TTER - Receipts, 5,5:!i> pkga P-man'l
fairly satisfactory at firm prices. I'nder the
??all 25 tuts creamery up.c?ale fold at SIS?-.
20 tubs extras at 30H?*, 50 ;?t ;o\c, 25 at 81c
and 50 firsts at ;t(?c. with bualneea ?-?n ii-?
?tr?et about In lin?- with these p-tc-n. Process
sear. Packing ?tock steady. Creamery, spe?
cula, lb, .t.. extra?. SOHc; nnn, '-'i? .?-a*;ioc;
seconds, 28*? *T2l*c: ?birds, 27ij-2**c; state,
dairy, tuts, tin.-s?, aOtf?iiijc; g?,o?l lo prime,
8 - ???. common to fair. 24'{-27c: process,
?, 270274c; extra.?. 284o; firsts, 254
?-.-conde. 24{r26c, factorv, current
make; firsts, 26 He; seconda, 244c; thirds.
'-'?. packing stock, current make, No
2, 2S4024O; No ,'i. 21023a
< H Kl-i: -Receipts, 2.'l?"?l boxe?. Feeling
Arm on finest white; a little freer offering of
pali- color? and more pressure, to sell at 1714c;
w.-;;k.*i on average colored, with reporti-d
sal. a at prices depending on ?-ire of holdings
end urg-ncv to sell. R??t aklma Steady.
though 18c seldom reached for white and
exceeded fir colored. Exporters taking
at ll'tfll'jc. .State, current make,
white, specials, lb. lie; colored, 17 \ r. white,
fancy, 171>c, colored. 17'.c; under
grade??, 170174c; state, skims, current make,
sp'-clitls. 1.1c; colored. 1801$4c; cur?
rent make, choice, 120124c; fair. 1040
.nder grades, 74 g 10
BOOS? Receipt?, -in.nsi cases, a good pm
portion of the receipt? going direct to sinrage.
easier Western adviceg market shows
a e'-.e-s and outside quotations at" mee
e\tr?nie. Fr-s'i gathered. .-xtrHS, dozen, -.-.v.
firsts, storage packed, 210214o; Ar?is. n?.rth
erly ?ectlona ^eguii.r packing, 1940204c;
? r'.v sections, 194 0194e; sec?nos, i"-,
019c; dirties. 18*4 018% C; checks. 160 KUc;
du?k eggs, naittmore. 24 't 2:,c. ***~eetern, iuy
2Rc: Kentucky ar.d Tenu saea, 18022c; Far
rn, ls/.,-?(,c; goose eggs, 25085c; ?tata,
1 flvanla and Hearty, hepoery whitea
fancy, large, new laid. Sac; ?elected, fair t"
goofl, 220224c Western, gathered, 21022e;
s'a?-, Penn?-y1vaB?a and nearby, hennery
bn-i-r-. 21 ?4c; pattiere.*! and mix ?d, 2031204c
l'Rl ITh -DRIED?-Spot evaporated apples
quiet but steady; no carlots offered. I'pstat?
firm, ?aet sales at 7'4c for April, prime.
fob, and that quoted at the closa, KuiurvB
dull and weak, quoted 7 4 M7Hc. October
November, prime, fob. More demand for
chops on export account and market firm.
Waste lifeless T'pstate chops Arm, last sale?
reported on the basis of $2 10 per ion ?>, f.,r
prompt delivery, In bbls, fob, ?nd w? ?-fiioi'e ?
at th? close $2 25, same terma; tipstati ?Mt? .
nominal, and $ 1 50 tf $ 1 60 for prompt deliv?
ery, looae, fob, cover? the altuation. r- T111 I
la-ge quantltifs of off quality prunes offering,
and tor." v.? ok and barely steady on best.
Stock? of apricots and peaches light ?nd
holders fairly f!rn_
FKCITS ?FRESH?Apples dull and weaker
Cranberries firm Btrawnerri?.?? in poor condi?
tion. Ifuahrooma -~eak. Orapefrutt steady.
Pineappk-s selling wall. APPLKf?. Splttenberg
and Wtnesar. bM. $2 508$.-, Northern Bpy,
$2 50?g $8 2'. King. $2 50-"! ?4 25; Paldwl: 8*1 60
&$4- Ben I'avi?. $2 5O0$?5O; Greening, $350
085 50; r.ano, $.1 a ?S 50; Far w:en I
fl260$3 25; )'!:aH.", Kieffer. basket. 5Oc0
$1. CRANBERRIES, Cap? ''od, bb!, $1O0$U;
New York crate, l"2 'Cl'l %2 75; .lets. v. rative.
bbl. $7 0??; stindari* crate. $2 250$2 50, New
lork. $1760$225; STRAWBIRRIT?? quar?. 5
020c- ORAPEP'RriT, box. $t*g"i?; ORANGER
\',\. 81085; TANGERINES, ?trap. $1 5O0$4;
Kt'MQlATS q ?art. 4010?; PINEAPPLE8,
crate. $1 50"?*$'* "!0.
M\*i AM) NTKAIA K'.r.u or timothy hay,
with ?apply short of demand. Only occasional
?ais reaching ?' 50. HAY, la-ge balea, tlm
othy, prim?, loo lb. $1 :-0: No ri t., Mo 1.
$120? $1 4.'?- shipping, $115. clover, mixed,
light. $180; heaxry. $1 1S0$125; STRAW,
long rye. H60S6c; oat, 66070c
HOPS Lett?ra from the Interior of I
state ?? CUlty In ploughing becaUM
of "heavy rait.a. Dlapatcb??* from the Pacific
Coast indii.-u?, good jtrogre** ?n cultivating.
Little h'jil.'ie?!?, and no chaag? la toi ??
POULTRY?-ALIVE?Receipts ur.loailed. ',
rpr. i,v ??-eight :?.tid I ? ?r by expr?s? 28 cars
nir.re Leine; held over on track?; trading slow
an?i with accumulation In lobbers* Landr mfir
ke? weaker on fow -. ?specially heavyweight?
F'?W1.S. lb l?'il>; OLD ROORTERS and
?tags, 10*,c; TURRETS. 15?; DUCKS, l?8c;
r.KFf-'K. I?4 110e. GUI?EAR pair. ?Oc;
PIGEONS, :'.'" DRESSED?Prcah killed leed
fowls dull, and holders ?ha?le prices ?o at?
tract attention Old ro'ist'-rs In light ?upply
and stead). Fancy nearby broilers scar?-e
and firm Nearby spring du? Its moderately
active. Prime large squabs !:. g??o?l demaml
and Arm, but small and poor birds slow and
Irregular. Frozen poultrv quiet. Fr???h killed:
CHICKENS dry packed, hhle, Philadelphia
and Long island, fancy, broiler? lb, 18
Pennsylvania, 40045c; POWLR dry packed,
?rn, boxe?, ?Irv picked, 144017c; Iced.
average, 144015c: small. 14??: dry pinked,
OLD CO? i'-; ISc; I'f'Ks. aprlng, nearby, lb.
27. .?-?QrAli'". pilme, large, white, dOMH, $2
0$4 25 lark. $150; culla 50060c. Proaen
TI'RKET**, young ben? and toma 14022o;
old. I'i'iJ''". Texaa, No 1. I802OC; other
gr,,de'. 18014e: br?llela, milk fed, fancy, 2$
1(2*0.; corn f'-d. 20025c; roaatera, n..:k fed,
fancy, 20?21Hc; :i to 84 lb. Ifl?4e; corn fed,
f.u.e*. 180194c; frvors, 160164e: FtiWI.H.
dry picked, fl?Crldc; Oi.r? CO?7KS, 13c;
DUCKS, No I, 21022e; No '-'. ISdPlft? . GEESE.
No 1, fancy, 16c; average, UJ-J^c; No 2,
l'of?TORS \M) nDGSTABLM- Old po
?.veak and lower, new firm and higher
Old onions low? ;. new steady Aspara?'
and higher. Bean? In liberal supply and weak,
Beet? ?nd carrots steady for choice. Cabl
in good demand t**ueumb?r? *n'i"r. p..-.
?ov,er Kale and iplnach In ?ccaalv? ?upply
ar.d lower Lettu a 26080c 1o??t under heavy
offering? Pepp r? d II Parale? steady P?saa
v., Romain? .?ragging lihiilarl. higher
?I |.; an i weak Tomatoes
\i. ftrm. POTATOES, Rermuda, ?!??*. No
i bbl $7 60 No 2. $??>'?;$?. * uban, new, erafe
$1 2?./-I 60 I ? No 1, bbl, $1 '.?- ?,??
No :? $50$6; l/>r.g Island, old. hag $40$4 50
Main-, lag. $S"5?S$4; bull l-?> W, $40$4 25
omg g? i?*. .J? *-.*,. bulk, 180 lb V*. 7."./$4
ean, No I, 168-1** b-.g $25O0$2flO; h.w-r
. ?tl r^-*"2 "i-. SWEE1 POTATOKfl .l?*r
No t. bMket, "I 260$2 Koutbem, bbl, $2 56
v YAMS f* nthern. I**a|??|?l tSPARAOUfl
bu-i'he?. ?:? ... .?i seconds, $l~$l 50;
(\RTirHOKEf* drun $50$A WISK. bbl, $2fl
$2 50; BBANS ? ? .nil 75: wax.
?;.., ?i$l :.<, BEETF fancy, inn bunch??, $4*ii$.".
drnm. $1 lV)-$8; crate, 7.', -?t$i r.o bbl, $i-?f
*??:*. old, $1 250$1 76; rARROTS old bna.
r|2; ?no bun he? ti-itf;. crate, $10$180
i-i'i'r.Mi'.F.it- basket $20$4 ale. $20$.*t*V?:
?.?-?F.?-i, o'd. red. ton, *?_.*.-_ $.',<(. bbl $1 WMJ
$?? Dai ? $500$? 0; I.I ' ? .,/$.; :,o ne?
,H..., $25A0$8OO; baakei $1 ?M0$l 76 Florida,
- . basket ??: r$2 *.**. red ?,.-, $2??r$l
banket. $180?*?$178; C*BLERT, Plorltla, ?tandard
tl 50; 10 in? b. 75c0$l 28; ?M|?-?>nV
and ESCAROLE, bbl, $l*-$3, bask*? $808*150
r-M'l.in.o'VKn-', case. $ft'7$:? ?_-, : \.-r,f,
pi.AVTS hox. $1 '.oil*::, kali-: i,i,i. i
ki-'Hi.hahi. inn bunchaa, t^itit. LETTUrw
TB $1 50; LIMA BBANS, basket 820
$1.-O0$2 5O; I.F.KKH loo bunchaa,
; ? ONlfNS ?'uban. new. crate $8df$825*
Bermuda $3 25; Texas, $">'"*J:i 25; Egyptian, bag!
%:>,r.o Met?an. TU", ?rt-?r*-*. _.". Far \\>?.ter
yellow, 11(0 11. bag $.1 :*>*}*'< 7.?"; ?M. will?. '
.rn'n ?H 6M8M2S: yei?ow. inn it, \,HW tilton
?' 40: red fl 'Ofi$4 OK 1* V ?Cuban, carrier ?"-?.
?., r.o' j.pi??"---"-' boT. %'""*? 0 till carrier fit
, - PARSNI"-*-*. >M 929t??SA- PFA?* ba?lre?
?????t?-> ,'.?> !??"-!.'""' n1?4n $8?**eS: eurlt ???-???*:
.rale" ?"'?I" *I'T*',,vr b-,.u., S10tt !V?'
>bi se?O*>t'r9 Im.?"?*' --> "lIT-r. r,., |fl0
buncbis 81 ' '"*?*?*"? t""??"'
e- KHALI i ' ' too brniche?, ?? -,.
!;,., ?i M ' atrSACt* bhi - .
eoi-icii eW. wblte hnv, *20)ti SA; TTT- -
',* ,, ? l I. *!'"** **0 ?>" ?1 '
v.;.,.. y.-,**-,*,, TO^-vrtwmtn
.1,. *n ?ejetf9 2*- * cholee, *1 '????*?
| .? ? -.* ATPHC-nF!-?*. 10O b.iti.h.-- SS0$3M'I
New York, April in i????_.
.., , -, i , ?-. !?|r>tl ?**' '? ?' re. st " V04 ,,,nrt.
?it .rs ?>n ?ale Sleerc slow i.-?,d bf.reiv ?|
,,,.!, rs tt-o i- cov..? firm to a
. . ' -? '? M- 'I'om u,
,. ,,..er. -n'd at *? **^' * *? '" *.. ' }09 1?
, .11. ?4 r."?*?n **>?'.: come ?2 50it$6flV 1 fanrv
L'?_ ?r, r>--essed beef wss ?taa_Jv to frm and
aelTl'n" st 10U1T1-H- Per lb Exr,or?s lo-day.
"cattle on the Seguranca to Naaaau and tia
^"iT.^-Kewlon A C?.: Ji Pennsylvania
ateers "21?I lb ?versge. $7 *5 ner lOOJb ,?,
-. ,1 f ;o 1. **>?"?! I?, mm: ?. earn in. ??* 75.
'w 'o, f'Li.u * ?"?*? : ?" P-*n**?>'lv*""? ataeea,
McPber*???, * 1W. |h ,7ft0. . h ,, ....? ..
$, 741 in t2 p^nns-vlvsnia sieer?, 10'.- I-,
?...o. i bull. USO '.??. MES; I. IBM ib, $.',r,o
1000 b, $o40, 2. 050 lb, $5 15; 1 , 0w 12v?
b. IB; 1. lo,?? ib. $:,?f?: i. ,?...,? ,b, agn. 2
1015 it). $3, 1, I0M I). $4?v?. i 1030 lb $4 5.'.
! .? "'? M 50; 1?. M2 lb. 12 is? | ten 11,
?3 5? 7, v... H,. t:; ,,, j T.?, i, ,.. .. ... ,b
.2 ?SO; ?!. 75() lb, $.- 7.-, ? * . -
Kerna . ommisslon ?'ompanv: M Pcnnsvl
??era. 1220 ib, m m, ,<<. imi lb. $:w>
10, OW lb, $7?'.:, 1 bull, ??<?', lb, $6; 3 cows
040 Ih, $4.1. ?.i... ... ?c ; ;,,,
In as Bhasnon: ?; bulla, M7 ib, ?v, ;.;
?"'? lb, $4 .-.o, r?, gi] |b) |3 n. 4 6Tr; ,,,
CALVKS- Reeelpu, 7SB head, inoiudinc IM
fe.r but.iiera and ,-,???; for the market.
Cher t'lan at the ,|na_ Wednesdav
' ommon to choir,, veals sold at pi'n |<< ?;, pel
'"?' lb; .ills, $50$5SO. Dress-d ,al\es slow
? Ity ?Ir-sse.l i?,], K-ning at the exti.me? of
; '..,- per n,; t.,ik of sales. Il?LV tor
ordinary t?. full, good 1"'.*. country dressed
Stl 'I'ly at t
. Heles - I riders: 70 veals. 121 H. average,
.-?? 75 pel Jim ;|, r.n. IJ2 ih, $<i 72. 121 lb,
1 IM lb, $rt. 2 mixed, 134 H>. $4 7:,, 5
i "?? $.. :,ii
Kerns Commission Company 61 ?ealn. 129
lb. $8 75; 13, 115 lb, ??25, ... 110 lb, 16 50.
T.? A Shannon: 83 reals, 121 it, |8
Ne* ion ,v r... : 11 rsala 111 lb, $7
11. H. Huilla: 15a veala 13a lb, I8 60; 1. I3u
it?. 88; 3 ralla BO lb t*.
, W. 11 Hume: 20 reala 138 ih. $?.50; 2. 11-,
H'. $?1
SHEEP AND I.AMBS?flecelpts. 19 ears, or
4.482 head, inclmling 4 ? ars for the market
PI : lambs .strong, irooel lambs acaive.
Good clipped ?beep s?.Id at $.". 5?) pet IM
ni'fllum to prime unshorn lamhs al IB0B8 75;
ordinary , lipped do, $8 BO I_?r?ss?d mutton
(Irin at 10012c per lb; dr?ise?l lambs higher
a: 180144c; hog dressed, lBHc: country
dreeeed hothoua? Ismbs Blow at $i?i$<i5<> f"r
poorest to best.
Bales Newton * CO.! 211 unshorn state
lamba, S4 lb average, $S ?;.*. p.-i Kio lb; 162
Ohio, 67 lb, $S3(J; 103 cllprcd Sheep, lui 11,,
Kerns Commission f'ompanv: 220 unshorn
state lambe, t?? Ib, $8 75; an, ? it?. $?.
IHK,* Reeelpu, 14 cars, or 2.4M head;
about i? carload ?>n sale Marital firm, and
light tc? medium weight h'?gs soid a) $?< 2'? 1
$830 per IM lb; common pigs nt $1175 ?'oui.
try dreeeed hoga steady at 7? t"<- f"r heavy te
light weights
.Sabs ?Tobin & Shannon: 34 atate h"gs. 117
lb average, $S 30 per J0n ?
s Bandera: 7 state hog?, in? ib. MM; 16
Pennaylvanla, 1-1 it?. $8 38; 1 roa?b, M leb,
it Tl Hollls 10 state heeps. 110 Ib. $8 20.
W It. Hum.. M state hogs, 172 lb, $?* 30,
3 rough?-, S18 lb. $7 !H).
Kerns Commission Company: 10 Pennsyl?
vania pigs, 93 11?, $0 75; 1 rough. 220 lb, $?1 75.
? o
fhlrggo, April 10 CATT1? Receipts. 1,200.
s!ea?ly to sti??ng; beeves, $68Q0$686; Tens
steers. ?4 75nt?tl0; Western, $., 6?"?$7 I", at,
nd ier-1. is. $4SO0M65; ,????? an.i heifers.
(2 6.'.*i*7 25; salvas, $4 5??t?7 ???. II? ?? ;s Ue
relpta, 2?.(hs,, ?<ak. lu?- ?war; light. $7 .v?0
$7 86; mixed, $7 ?sotf $*?(.*?; heavy. tltootAOo
irugh. ?7 86087 76: pig?, 84 ?90017 X; bulk of
sale?, $7 ?v'.itl?. sIll.KI' Kerelpta. 5,fX)0; llrtn
to a shade higher; native, $,V(f$.i50. Western.
?4 25,$7. yearlings, IS OO0B7 39; sativa lunii?.
15 25017 M; Western, $5 509$8<88
Kansas City, *pCil 19 ' A 1'TI.K Receipts.
i neo, in.-hiding 100 Boutherna; .??__; ?ir>-sse,i
beef and ?-xi?'? steers. 17 7'''if$?? M; fair to good,
?>. :,ei ij7 i'<>, Western, .*ii^ ;'; etO':krr? en'l
feeejet.?. ?.'.'.$7 40. Southern, $.">?t$">: Southern
cowa, $4(/$?t2.".. native rawe, $4 5(i'ti$7; belfern,
$6 260$?: hulls, $4 800 $8 40; cal vea, |50|8.
HOGS Receipts, 4.5???. Ftea.lv to Be lower; bulk
of sales, $7 <V>.r$7 05. heavy, ?7 BO0B8 packers
and but.-hers, $7 70087 05; lights, $7 60017 80
Pigs, $?*??$7 SHEEP R?Bcelpts, 8,300; slow;
lambs, $160?i/$8; yearlings, $:.r,"i$7l5. weth?
ers. $4 0O0$S6O: awes, $4 -?.:?$?> stocken ?u?<i
j ? r
i-lnlnnatl. April 18 <~ATTI,K Reee.its 720;
aetive; steers. $4 .VK<$7 <->'; heifers. $3 500$.
cowa, 12015 85 .aheri streng and 25c higher.
$49Je* 25 HOUR F?e elpta 8.6M; weak ?ni f?>
lower; packers, $8 1?O0$8J.lui ?1 sows, $6 38
?3$7 .'?0, pig?, and lights, $5O$7 80; stags $,
HI in. SHEEP Receipts. 123; steady, 12 oOp,
$5 25; la.nh* Steady, $5 60?.$7 20, spring II
Tust Puffslo.' Aptll 10 TATT-.K Rscelpti
PVi head: a?-.lve ?nd Onn VKAl.s ^Receipts,
2,000 a.-ttve and e*teady. $4 ?Ki-tfl? rs?. HO(JS
tts 4,etvsi- aitl?e ati'X steady; heavy and
mixed. $s 40???8 45; Y'rke?-?. $7 751i$8 f. rl??.
?7 4?"er$7 5o: roughs, $7 85087 43: s'a^s. $.', 50/.?
MM datrlea .?????.?? ?UEEP AND T-AMn?
Ree-elpts, a,000 arllve: sheep stead?, lambs
1602.V_ higher: Is.r.t??. $3087 60, a f-w $7 65.
vearllngs. $S__50$6 5O; w.-tl -ry. 86 750M: ?"?'.
$50*6 26; sheep, mlsed, $2''f$3 50; wool lambs.
IPy Telegrarh to The Trll one |
Bl Louis. April 10 CATTLE r.e?-??lpts. BM:
scant (.(Terinas found realv sale at ateady prt.-es.
steers $4 50*1$). :-n. helfen $5087 M 'ixis.
$8 90086 50; 8 * erl te*ers. M 8f?HW7 20 HOGS
1- elpta, 8.828; s'"* and .MTIO?- h?wer; cholee
me.tuni to bea^T. *u '*? '"' bulk of ss'es SI SO
??$sor, packera ?7 .?'?'*?<. beat lirht? $7 S54J
I7RO fair, MMC?riB: l-ert pisa. M3601873;
fair little pigs. $5 ??.-?_? PHRKP Reeelpta.
517 stealv; clipped 'ambs. $? 50fl ?7 2f. rholre
Colorado lambe, $*9$* 40. ciippe.i native sbee^
$4 750M 75.
?"?hlcsgt? April If? WSBMBtlBBlf sdverne crep
estimates for Missouri and s rev.Pion ?;-..-*ard In
the total abandoned acreag? of Ohio, In.lian-i ?r<X
Hiin.Ma helped 1 r.\si the whea? marke) m '\n\ to
a new ).>'. 1 elnl fer "->e year ? .osinr
v.e:e- etrons. i^-'i'f- o?rer last nlshl < _n
made a r.et gain ?>f 4"*'--c an I a's of '.'31 ?
In provisions ?he e?t<eoroe varied from , 4?' d?
..??.., . ? . \ *'r v ill market In
wheat foi: med t?ie circulation of
Missouri, ?.?-ror.lng xn tie pre,.
ra?e .r-.'.v half a - -? OnS leading <-Ti-ert f'nt
dispatches that ?)?. river ,.,:??? norS
Louie tad given up ' "' '"' en -at
th? Beide, snd ?ha? In Iba big ?entrtJ i*ounti?ra
of the Mlaaouri Rlrer M i--r ?**?nt of ?h
.re had teen put In (eats South of ?hat
he tir-i-ed tba eoendltlon a- nol at*
authority Bfui ' -'
acres a? I.O0O.O00 1 not*.of* In Kan
?as 4.0/io.fsiO in I'in.'s Indiana ?id <?:
gather a"l 1.000.000 ? Usltt Hanne
'' 1'r,r",: I.
Wheat- r.pen H.eb I?w ' 'i ?? flat
M.y 1 154 1 18> 1 II 1 \S\ ' '-' ?
1 074 1 M. 1 07 ? l M ? 1 ms
i ??::-. i M4 i DB* i or, i M
<"r>rn: -, -. ? L
May. 7? 78 . 77 4 7? 7. S
.Tuly. 704 7.(4 7.'.4 7?'. .
September, 74*. 744 '.4 7?4 .?s
< ?ata:
May 57 4 M-4 r,7 4 MH *>? ?
.tulv!. . ... 54 4 54 4 554 54. MU
September. 4.1 . *:i . Il II . 4:14
Max .. 1<> 10 IO 2n 'Oio 10 17 10 ?!.
July....... 10.12 10 42 IO.-.2 1"40 10 4.',
Ma? . .083 0 *?' t''?2 0 87 '.ir,'2
July. 1006 1019 lo 03 1" 1" 1011
Mav. 1801 IBM IBM 1*10 18 12
Jul'v. )-? 4') i?- 47 II :i7 la ?7 11 47
D ,?:?.n. April i la. ? "The Commercial Balle?
tin" Will say of the wool market tomom
?Sca't.-i mg lr.ts of origina? and <I?)thlng
tsrritorlrs have been ?<<i.i In the H'.st.,:.
market ?luring the week on tb" baaia of re?
cent quatatloaa, while a few lota >?f cimhing
Beeca ?imi ha\?. ;.ise? been >sold on tbe
level of vain?s recently establlshsd. Puii-d
ur<- unchansed ?nie demand fair for
tin- better eomblns low of medium to
douMe A'a
?Soire further purchasca In Ptsh aiwl N?>
v.ida nre- reported this week. In a f?-w In?
stances the sreaee cost has been sitgiitly ad
vanced. ??u* eleaa raluee ha\o been probably
but llltie. If anv. lllglier.
"The shlpmenta e,r ?. ...,i from Boston from
Jan-iarv 1 to April 17. inclusive, were ti?.
,i pounds, agalnei 64,7h?i.iisi pounds for
ti ?same i?? rlo,1 last jcar. The reeelpta fr.em
i.- nuary i to April 17. taeluatve, were 7?i.
:.?-,: i.'to pounda ag.iinst 7O.1M.S20 pounds for
ibi same ?ee.it..i lasl rear."
? e ? ?
I. iPdon. April 10 The ..fferlnga at th? wool
au. tion sales t.. aay amounted to II i"''
Fii',?jing \? ;?s activa .mit prlcBB were atesdy
There was a rood selection of New South
Wale* gteas; bre,eight forward, and I? was
in k?en demand, the heat gradea bringing
finni la 3d to Is 64d. Cr0SSbf?0dS ?ere In
: rs? supply at hardsnlns rat?* Ameiieana
tool "? 'lluiii an?) coarse rrossbrada Ths aal?-s
fol.ow: New hodtii Wales, B,1M; scoured,
?e.i ,, i . 7d; gr<..-?s 5d01s ?'.'.1 Queensland,
d 11 4-1 ''i is !' I greasy, 7?i fl i?
South A.iitrslla, ?<mi greas-. 8011d \\' s?
Australlu, l.tO0\ .?.mid .Vj.roiK >,?i. ?
/..,!i),?i. ?.?.?M?, scoured, is Sd01s 7'j.i,
B%dC '<? ' W* Cs|.f Good Hops
nd ' ? il, "."?? Kt ? ?i ? ?;,,-- .i
????.???I'.. April lo. CLOVBR8BBD Bushsl,
prime SI I ?-<? April, $1175. ???I.r. $1080;
bar, li" 2%. ?.'?? 2. $i i <i?i?? $i i 70; \o ;i
$1140011110; rejected. 11116011126; no
established grade, $.".'?< $11 AI.SIKK I'rlm?-,
812 25, August. |1)<K? TIMOTHY Prime.
$6 10, April. $5 iO; September, $4 Mi
W. S. Lawson & Cc. Active in Wall
Street for IVIany Years.
The Stock ?S?fCbSASS tlrm of W. S L;i\v
son & <'o, of N(?. H Broadway, \.lll pasa
Int.? !|(??i?ilHilon mi .May 1. when H'. S. Law
son, the senior netobsr, retires permanent?
ly from Wail Street \fOt sm*ma ygOxg Mr.
L_awsoa hsi sol boen active in buataess
nffalrs or upun the ?of-hange. of whl h h.?
beoaras ?? menabsr In IMT1.
The firm ??f W. S. Laws? ti & Co. ha^ un
? . p mi foul ' ? BfSS, but It hag re?
tained the same DSmS nnint?rrii|?te,l|y for
Upward of twenty-flv?5 yearn, an unusually
lone period for a stock brokernge house.
It became widely known In the artlve trad
ln? market of the early 80's through hav?
ing as a special partner "Charlie" Johnes,
a prominent speculator and market leader
of that period, who was one of a famous
??Vail Street galaxy which induced rharl?ea
^'oerl5hoffer, Addlbon ( ammack and
'""liarles .1. O.-horn?-.
In later years futhbert Mill.", who was a
*ell known writer on financial topics, waa
!l memher of the firm. In H? W. S I.aw
J"1" ???Id hi-, sent to his son, ?'harles J,
Lawson, who al>?ii retire?, from Wall Street,
SIM) the sr-Hf has now been posted for trans
r*r to | redcili k I. RI? hards, a Junior mem
'"?* of Hi?- tlrm TI?'- plans of the other
I'artiiers. William J Sullivan and I.rnest il.
?UM?a_roc<4i are out as yet auaouocsd.
Titanic Disaster the Theme in Many New York Churches and
Mention will re ma?!?* to day and to-mor?
row in every svnagngue and church In New
York of the Titani.- disaster, and in most
of th?'tn the hopeful phase will be present?
ed. Many minist? rs announce their inten?
tion of referring in prayer and sermon to
UM heroism displayed by both men and j
women ?those who were navd and those i
who wer?- not. Y? sterday, wiring from j
Washington, Cardinal IMsy eaproesS
111*- lioi??? that all Catholic churches, in all
nriBSSfs t'l-morrow. will bata boom part as I
momoiia] to Uw lost, and notices were sent
from til? oAce yesterday to all Catholic,
churchea to that esTset Not only will all j
msssns at ?st Patrick's Calhsdral to-mor
row morntng l?e memorlul of the sad event. |
but preparation?? nre making for a apena! ;
memorial service to be held In the ? ??the- |
dial next week, the exact ?late not yet
beiti-r detcrmlntxl.
In Jewish synagogues to-day reference
Will be mad?- to th?? subject. The Free Syn?
agogue, the Rev. I>r. Stephen S. Wise, pas?
tor, win to have be-run a celebration of Its
fifth stmsssfiil year ysstorday and to havo!
had a banquet at the llot?l Astor to-night, j
at which President McAiienv ? f Manhat?
tan, Rabbi Hirsch, of Chleafo; John Mitch
? 11, tii" labor Isadsr, and Um Kor. Dr.
Nohoiatah Boynton. of the < toogregatlonal
Council w? re to be tho speakers. All has j
been postponed, but to-morrow, at 10.
??'??lock, in CSTnogte Hall. R?bM Btrseh will :
assist Rabl ! Wise In a regular service, at j
| which fitting Titanic reference? will be ,
mad?-. In Brooklyn three synagogues?Beth j
j Jehudali, Both Dohlm, In Itb street, and j
Beth Klohlm, in Keap sirect, will hold
union memorial services.
Th?> Cathedral <?r St. John the Divine win i
have a mem?.rial aer\l(" to-morrow morn?
ing at II o'clock. The preacher will bo
Bishop Creer, and there will be music in
kaopttUS. The lato Colonel John Jacob
Astor was for some y?*ar? a trustee of tht*
?nihedril. resigning only i* short time ago,
and h?- contributed t<? the building fund.
At Trinity Church to-morrow mention will
be made, bnl at noon, on Tuesday, st.
Ooorga'S I'ay, thiTc will be a memorial j
service Which It Is expected the British
BOdetlas will attend. At St. Paul's I 'hapel
I yesterday noon servi<*?-s of S m?-m??rlal typo
I were h? Id. At ?irace Church, next W? ?Ine?
day noon, there will be memorial services,
with the Raw. Dr. Charles !.. aiHtt. ry as
the preacher.
In the Fifth Avenue dlstrl.t the Fifth
Avenue Presbyterian Church has ti?>t had
time to arranye. The pastor, the Raw, I>r.
John Henry Jowett, win be et val? to?
morrow. The oldest church in New York,
Si. Nicholas, Fifth SVanue and 48th street, j
will have a memorial SSfSJQS to-morrow j
night, the Rev. Dr. Malcolm James M<
Lood being the speaker. St. TbOSBS?*S
?"hurch. Fifth avenue and M BtTSSt, will
have a memorial pennon t<>-m??rrov\* morti
| l-ig by the Key. Dr. Krnest M. stires. The
Broadway Tabernacle, the oldest Congre?
gational Church In New York, that t'la*,.-?l
n gr?-at part when President Lincoln called
! for troops Ht the firing on Fort Suinter, will
\ make apodal mention of this otrn-r ev.-nt
i to stir Now York.
Th<? Men and Religion Conservai Ion
' Ccrtgreaa, In session in ?arnegic Mall, has
; already mad?- m?uiy m? t.lions ?.f the ca
? tastrophe, ,ind >?n the closing night of th?
New Y?.rk ?ampalgti a rolloctloo was made
In behalf of the Immigrants who Mtl
loos To that eollactton other money bar?
been ahled. and all will be giran out!
through the national "?mm!tt?-e of ninety- j
sev? i, Nazi Monday evening, wh*?n thej
Secretary ??f the Interior, repre?enting Pros*
| i?ient Taft, la ti.?- speaker, the mooting w-ni
I!? s momorial <?f all who lost their live.?, i
bul *?[?? i.ii mention win b?. mad?? ??f Major !
Butt an?) William T Stead Tt ?
?d was to lav. spoken on this ?occasion.
Until vest?-?lay it was thoughl thai an?
oth?r speaker of Cie congress h_?l boenj
j l???t. bill H was found ?. \ cab!? that the ?
. ? ak?r Is ?Ml the ?'?dri.? and
? Me is M ?? R? ro .1 S Ward-Il StafT?.r.l
fraternal detogate t?> the Mothodlsf Oon
> ? ,.i Conference at Mlnnoapoll , sen! ?-?vor
by the BngHsb tVssloyana Ths memorial
s-efylce ?,f ne\l Monday l.lgh< Will be held.
f*aHMg|? Mall, but pi the l*1flh Am
nu? Pioobyterlsn Church
The late Colonel Ast", owned pew? in
Trinit) ?hapel and St Thomas's ?'hurch.
and It was said yesterda.?. be mighl have]
owned tl.eni l:i i.ther churchea. Man*. !
thing* favorable t?? him mere hoard by
?hurch people, among them that he gave
far mor.- liberally to relli<!oiis purposes
than h<- was known to do. Me was re-|
contly re-elected a vestr>man "f Messiah I
Church, Rhinoboch, ? church which h? J
built alm?>st wholly.
So great was the Interest and so close'
the cause, that lat.* last night it was ?le
ddSd that HI. Thomas's Church, Fifth'
avenus and f.3d Btreet, would have a reg?
ular momorial servie? for the Titanio ?lea?i !
to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock. While
St. Thomas's Church, to which belong
MTSral persons who wars on the ship, In- j
tended to have euch aervlce, it was feared I
at first that the feeling at the montant
was almost too t?-nse. Th?? r?-?tor, the Bev.
Dr. Stires, in ???unpany with nut a tow
other elorgy, spent much ?>f Thursday
night with thoee who arrlve?l by lbs Car-!
patilla, and at St. Thomas's rectory there
Is now housed one o? the survivors. It
WPS decided, however, that to-morrow la I
the lifting tlm?> for the servi'-?'. The SST?
in??f), must, and Bowers win be strictly
There wns ? well attended memorial ser?
vi, ?? restei-a" noon In si. Paul'i chapel,
,i? Fulton stroot and Broadway, for ths
Titanic disaster. The Bev w Montague
I ? ;.er. th-** ? urat? of St. Pauls, spok" <?f
I lbs ??--Idrrit and then referred to the sur
.ivurs who arrived In this city on Thurs?
day night
A get I Ills In memory of the lost pas
BSngSTS of the foundered Tltnnl ? and aleo
for the lost of the crea ami oflleera win
me he|.) at IS o clock this morning at the
Moiitetl.it?*. congreg.itlf.n's plaes ?>f wor
?hlp, at Hewitt and M??rcy places, The
other church?** and synagogues thai an
nounce special services In commemoration
of the disaster are ?st Nicholas Avenue!
Presbyterian, the ?ild First Presbyterian,
Pilgrim Church, Murbl" CollOglatO, Scotcn
Presbyterian, Divine I*ai?*;nily, Temple
Beth-Kl, Templo Israel. Broailway Preahy
tarian, st. Paul's Methodist Bplaoopal,
Union Methodist Bpiscopal and Madison
Avenu?; Baptist.
A Welsh service will be hehl to-morrow
evening at Rutgers Presbytcriaii ?'but? hi
under the BQSplcS- of the St. David Society. I
At fhe Church of the Puritans the Rev
Pr. J. Bal? ?m Shaw, formerly of Nsw fork,
but now of Chicago, will preach morning at
11 o'clock and STSnlng at f* 0'OtOCk, A
[ notice will be read from the pulpit, ralltn*
8 mssting of the congregation on Wednes
?lay, May 1, to elect a pastor to succeed the
Dr. Charlea J Young, who ?lied on
Deccmb-*r 20.
At the Madison Avenue Reformed Church
to-morrow evening J. A. McDonald, of To?
ronto, editor of "The Toronto Globe," will
?peak for the Men and Religion Forward
Movement. Mr. McDonald gave the great
Hippodrome address at the Laymen's MIs
?ionary Movement two years ago, and Is
one of the greatest Christian editor? aa well
aa one of the greatest ?pcakcrs of the world.
The thirty-ninth anniversary and the re?
opening servir?? of the new MeAuley Mis?
sion will he held to-morrow. .\t 1 p. m. R.
Fulton Cutting will preside, and at V :??*)
p. m. Ferdinand T. Hopkln?, the pr?sident.
will preaide. Among those who will he
present are the Rev. Dr. Edgar W. Work,
the Rev. Dr. Charles T_. Goodell. the Rev.
t>r. 8. Edward Young, the Rev. Dr William
Carter and many others. The unveiling of
a tablet to the memory of the late John ...
Huyler and also a tablet conim*?moratlng
the founding and Incorporating of the Mc
Auley Mission will form a part of the after?
noon service.
Hlshop E. Ft. Hendrt.. of Kansas City,
chairman ??f th- Christian Unity Commis?
sion of the Conservation Congress, will
preach at the St. Nicholas Avenue Presby?
terian Church to-morrow morning.
At the West End Collegiate Church at
the, afternoon service Dr. Cobb will preach
the second of a series of brief sermons on
the sons of Jacob.
At the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian church
on Sunday, Rov. ti. A. Johnston Ross, M.
A., of Montreal, will preach at both ser?
Dr. W. B. Rledrewolf. one of the team of
experts eontlSCtsd with the Men and Re?
ligion Movement, who are conducting a
Kerles of institutes in this city, Is an honor
Kradtiat.? of Princeton University, and
recognized as one of the greatest living
evangelists in th?* world. Ho is to preach
to-mori-.w evening In the West I"_n? 1 Pres?
byterian Church.
In consequence of the Titanic disaster the.
celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of
the Church of the Incarnation, Madison
av? nue and tttb street, will be postponed
nr.til April 2?!. To-morrow there will be
murnlm; prayer and litany, with sermon
by the Rar. H. c. Bobbins, at n a. m.,
with solemn music "In Mcmorlam" for the
At the Madison Avenue Presbyterian
Church at _:.!. p. m. a special service for
children will be held to-rnorrow, at wht?-h
time Dr. Coffln will speak on "A Bible Zoo
and Its Most enlamadle Animal.'1 At .
p. in. th? Re\. A. Herbert Gray. M. A.,
<?f the Colic?;?; and Kelvlnslde Cnite.l Free
church, of Edinburgh, will preach
At the Fourth Presbyterian Church th?
preach?-r to-morrow morning will he th?
Kev. _*?. Herbert Uray, of Scotland, who
came t?, this country as university prca?'her
at Harvard and will occupy the Fourth
Church pulpit, r ?presenting the Men and
Religion Forwar?l Movement.
To-morrow morning, at the Flr*-t Baptist
i'hurch. Dr I. M. Haldeman will preach on
"Can the Finite Limit the Infinite?" In the
evening his subje?*t will be "True Si??iallstn
at the Second Coming of Christ."
At the Church of the Messiah to-m??rrow
m'.rning the second of the memorial win?
dows, "Moses Before Pharaoh," the i<ife
of Mrs. M. S. Simpson, In memory of Iit
boo, sill he unveiled and dedicated
Ovpsy gmlth, the evangelist; Rsymond
Rohhlns, the? sociological expert; Editor J
A M;tcDonald of "The Toronto Globe '
Toronto, and Dr. Wilfred T. Grenf.U will
sddrass the etari? al conference luncheon
In the American R?om at the Hotel Savoy,
..3th street and Fifth aveuie, promptly at
13 o'clock noon. Monday. Arrangements for
this conference are In the hands of the Rev.
H E<lwar?l Young, chairman of the clerical
conference of the New York Federation of
Churches Another distinguished spenkcr
?at. to hav? been heard in the person of
William T. ,<tead, of I_r?ndon, who lost his
life In tlio Titanic disaster. A brief me
m??rlal for Mr. St??ad will he a feature of
the lun<-heon
The Rav. William .1 Williamson. D O
pastor of ?le? Third ?Baptist '"h'irch, St.
I/.?!,?., one of the loading prea?-h? rs and
? ene of the most Mte,.e<.>.fiii religious work?
ers In ?h? Baptist denomination, win o<
ropy the puipit of Calvary Church to?
morrow mornlti?; and evenlne. Dr Will
tamson has a great church organisation in
Mound City, He preaches to th.? h-irgest
congregation hi that dty, has a Bible
school that has Un or thro? times out
nrown Its o'iarters an?! a prayer meeting
Which usually attracts as many as fifteen
hundred persons Dr. Williamson ?_ in
N.w Y'?rk atti'tidttig the Men and Religion
Forward Movement, In which he Is B promi?
nent figure.
At the Brl?k Church to-morrow Dr.
Walter Hausch?nhusch, of Rochester Theo
loglcal Seminary, who is In lbs city in
the Interest of the Men and Rpllglon For?
ward Movement, will preach at 11 o'clock.
Mary Ktherldge Chap?n will speak In the
Berkeley Theatre to-morrow morning on
The Riddle."
William Jennings Brvan will give an ad
?Irens to-morrow morning at the Calvary
Methodist Episcopal Ctauroh. At the even?
ing service John Timothy Stone, D. D.,
of Cl?cagO, will speak for the Men and Re?
ligion Forward Movement.
Dr. Wilfred T. Ctenfell, of labrador, will
s[,.?.ik at the Madison Avenue Methodist
Episcopal Church to-morrow at 11 o'clock
In lbs afternoon, at 4 ??'?'lock, he will speak
at St. Thomas's .-".piso pal Church, and In
the evening ?it the ?Bedford I Yesb.\ t?rl.? Q
At the lift h Avenue Bfcptlst >'liur?'h next
Sunday morning and evening Usa preacher
-.?ill i?e the i... w a Cameron, i> D.,
pa lor "f the Bloor Street l<ai'tl?t Church,
Professor Nathaniel ?Schmidt, of < ornell
Ililversitv, Will deliver the address in th?
in?? ting bOUSe of the Society for EthlCSl
Culture to-morrow morning at II o'cloi-k.
Uli .ubjeci Will b.- "Can So??lnll??m be a
Religion T'
TRRASl*R_ OOf u? I'MK.vt. OPriCB OK
i,i.:.ii Buperlnt?adent, 13. g Life-Having
Servie? Weehlngtoo, l? C, April in, i?n-_
Sealed pmp.iaals will he received at ihl* oftlce
iini i 2 o'clocfc P- m. of Tinimday. the Otli day
of Ma>. W1-. '?"'I tli*-'n publicly opened, for
iurulaalng supplies uquiied for ua>: of the
Life -Savins Service for ih?' fljcal year ending
June'iO?, 1018* the supplUe to be d< tlvered at
such pointe lu N0**' sert City. Urand Haven,
Mleii and Man Francisco, Cal, aa may be
r. u'ilred and In the ipumtltlea nam.??l in the
ip?.?ltl?-atli.n?. The supplies nee.iP.i i<>n?|st of
ii,,i. H.d.lliiK' ?'?I Piiniuur... Hrooim ?ml
Crockery; Hardware. lluiisehold -
Ouoils i.ut'iP??. Lanterna, ?-t.-, ; Ltlferteaata aad
Proervatlv.? Medicina*.etc. Ship Chandler)
eStovefl etc ? Tool?? >?n?i Mlscellaaeous Articles;
all of Which are enumerated In the ?perlrtc
"?.ns attached to the fem of bid. etc., which
..,,'; i?, ?i.talnrd upon application to tnla
-_-_-. or to the Aaalalant Inspector of Life- i
S?vi?? R< ?o?a :?'?" Hndaea ?Street ttew York I
S?.J?auuertntandenl T?..-lfih I ife-Kaviag DH
triV." ? ?r'i..i Haven, Mich.; and Bupertntend
ir, r.iito'iith Ufa-Pnvlns Dictrlct. 811-318
r?.i?t_m House M* ' Kr.ui.-Heo. < al. Knvel .p..?
? e,,la 'n- uiopeaala should be addressed to
h -frn. rai Superintendent L' 8. Life-Saving
?PV.-- (v_iih!r,a'on. D. C,*' and marked on
Il ? T'?-e?il? tor Annual Supplies ?
&.. "eht ? re- rved to relect any or all bids.
1 a ??waive Sefeeta If d.enud for the In
?t.int *& Oevernmeat II KIMBAM,
?len.rai ?-aartsteaasl
I'lrolii A?rM '?? IMlgr-MmmtS propoaala. in
f^niirate' u'on the blank forma furnlahel by thla
____!r____r Will ta received by the underlined
0 ..? 21,,'el?cX a. m.. May 17 1812. for furnlah
?J"h?.Leather. Steel. Iron. Cleamn?
??,.rtiia Oils. Paint. ChamJcaia. Mauriaia for
? Inn? and Urh?ns. Taper, Lumber, etc? dur
?ij ,b' flaeal .ear ?ndins Juna 30. 1913 In
r?mit on furnished upon appll-atton. Ueut.
?5?y5_Bo!w. mXJlkTitmn?masgmg._
vl? April 20, 1U12.- Sealed Propoeale In
_H________ upon blank forma furniahad by thla of
Ulplkate. upon ra J^,^ h?r, ,.?,? t m
?.* m' lftlS! for furniahlne. durtn? year endin?
. ' o?', teta rcoe. rod terasa and brnnie, bar
Zi ni'.li fuel ??etnenl. lime, lumber, olia. Mue
?"'ll',"1,' ,,rint paper, toundry ?uppllea. dry
W',',1 .ZTrulI.) Information furnished on _p
Hielte .o t?a ?.-ummandin, Offlcc. VN'at.rtoun
Nebraskan Stirs Audience at
Religion Forward Congress.
Carnegie Hall Crowded with
Men, Women and Boys?An?
other Session To-day.
Carnegie Hall wae packed last night with
men, women and toys, who were present
to attend the third session of the Christian
Consevation Congress, which is In all prob?
ability the last step that will be taken In
the. Men and Religion Forward Movement,
?tarted two y,ars ago with the object of
?fretting more men to ally themselves with
the Christian Church. William Jennings ;
Bryan was the guest of the evening.
James (l. Cannon, president of th<- Fourth I
National Bank and leader of th?: move?
ment, made the opening address of wel?
come, in whk-h he declared that religion
and Christianity were necessary in every
walk of life. He told of the work dt.ne by
the movement, and ended by saying that
no stronger ovldoncs of the good result of I
the work of the last six months could be
given than the statement that the meet?
ings of the workers had been attended by
approximately UtMM person?.
Carl Mllliken, of Island Fall??, Me., con
?.?urred with Mr. 'annou in regard to the
need of Christianity to help make a suc
? ? *--*.
As he was dosing Mr. Miillken'n eye
?aught sight of the British ami American
Mags Which dec ?rated the hall, and he said:
"?Those flaps btin?-; to us the horror ami
?h? sympathy we have felt for those In the
Titanic dtsastsr. They remind us that the
British seamen an?l the American citizens
?tbfiard that ship side by side sacrificed
themselves to save others. We cannot help
but Bee thr.t their brave action was but the
result of their devotion to Christian civiliza?
This declaration brought forth a great
burst of applause.
Mr. Bryan was the next speaker, and was
loudly applauded. He expresse* his entire
sympathy with the Forward Movement, and
stated that the work of carrying religion
Into nl! parts of the world, which cost over
121,000,0m last year, should never lag. He
added :
"Religion la the only foundation upon
which a system of moral codes can be built.
Neither now tur in the years to com?' car?
we flriil a man, or group of men, whose cods
of morals has not be<--n founded on the
teachings of Christ.
"If we ?ait for a man to be fully ma?
tured before he gets his moral foundation
he Is ruined, yet the law says that ho can
| not vote or dispose of his prop?*rty until
i li' i? mature and is of aee. We will all
find that the foundations of our character
were made in our youth. If there are any
who think that religion makes a man a
weakling let him look down on this body of
men here to-night and deny that there 1?
such a thtn-? a? a Go I.
We need one day in every seven, or
maybe more, for th*- supplying of spiritual
nutriment. We must feed our physical
bodies three times a day. If our souls wore
as hungry as our physical bodies the
churchea need never be empty. Aa food
?uatalna u? phvstcallv, ?o <i.??s the Churcn
morally and spiritually."
Mr. Bryan, continuing, ?aid that It would
always be found that the youth with high
ni'jral Ideals would surpass th? one ?rno
thought of nothtr-g save himself and hl-j
own pl?a??ure., He ended by saying:
"Never have we needed the -urensth of
morals in a nation more than we do now.
for HO factor can be compared with re
llgton in every life. We have government
and we have e?iu??atlon. both pr?>b.-vbly the
best m the land; and the governm? nt m?v
plan? and institution? educate, but God
must Kiv.? ths in?-rease.'*
J. A Mai'I'onald. editor of "The Globe,'
??f Toronto, was the last speaker of the
evening. ' doclsrod that the root, of evil
in high class? i and In low thai tl-.reifned
government and democracy wn.- ?elflahneaa
of man The only cure for this, he t_i?l,
w*ns ime and Chri?tlanity, or no chango
could b<? accomplished
The tecaion? Came to an end with the
slnKlng of a hymn at'd benediction. Th?*
?ongrefH ?111 be continued to-.la *?-.
? ....
Madison, N J., April II ?Special).?On
the e\.? of th?> .-ommenoenicnt 6S0**clses of
Drew Thaologioal Bemtnary, whi? t? will be?
gin on Sunday, the president of the insti?
tution, th.* Rev Pr Henry A. Butt-*, ha.?
announced his iMlgnation, to take effect on
Um appointment of his suc-.-ssor. Dr.
Butts giv?BS advaoicad ags as his reason for
the rellnuulshment of Mi office.
He will continue, however, as professor
of Gre.k and the New Testament, which
position he has held slnco 1S70. The ap?
pointment of his successor will not be taken
up tin after the ??eneral Conformes of the
Methodist ?"hurch at Minneapolis, beginning
May 1. It is on SCOOUnt of the conference
that the commencement of the seminary Is
set aheaii of the customary ?late this year.
Presbyterian Church
Fifth ave., 11th to 1*201 st
Be* nit H' 'WaII'i nfi'l-'li't.D Piitor.
11a. ni.-'T'??' t* .rrow on the See."
S p- in.? "The Bodies? Life."
Fifth Avenue ami Tenth Mrcet.
Rev. Pr. I'KK'"Y STlCKNEt ?'.RANT, R?eter.
li a. St., Morning Servie? sad Beraum (Rector)
Subject *\\'?.at *.'?e Ik PrtyerT"
? i\ If., ?.'?ounod'? "Messe Solennrll?
Saint? Cecil??."
8 P. M . People'? Konim; Mr. ?"??or??- S ?**ole
man, "Power? and Putl?*? of the "Public J"<*r
\lce ro?iinil-ision.'*
-,i i* m. Dlaeuaeton: r*ri?? Hou?--. 12 Vfc?t
lit;? Btreet _,
Fourth Presbyterian Church
\\ -? Rnd a*.- tad Hsl ?'?
DDO AR WU1TAH.DR WORK, 1? l?. Pastor.
|. B| ?,\ i. id ;?:? ? us ?tant,
it ,. i. Be'. A Herben Grai of BcotFuand
g ,i o- nrstorio, Oounod'a '"Re?lemprlon."
? mi H? H 61 nu: MKSS?AH (I'nlUrianT.
1*nrk Avenue and '*4th **i?ree?.
Ministers *??onn i(uVI;?.- Holotts.
11 \ M Basels! Servie? tn dedl'???|on of th??
mmi*?iis Memorial *AioH??rr. Mr HOLMES
?111 preach. Sulil--. "Meses Before Pliuniali."
12 r.n f* M.. ' ommunloti s*r\ ire .vu minicoma.
Madison Sq. Presbyterian Church
Mad-wi* a*.'??i i" end 24H? Btreet,
,.,. ,- ji PARKHt'RST, H D., P??tor
' R?i ?, B M'iM'ii'lMKH?, l'h. D..
AHiistunt Minister.
Th?? Pastor ???ill pre?, b 11 a to end S p. r
St. Bartholomew's Church
Madison A?
ner -?4th Street.
The Be. LEIGHTON PARKS, 1>. P.. Hector.
ii :ki a. M Hely (Jemmualeu.
D v m . it ? ???! 1er, th? Reeter,
IP || Preacher, Bev. K. S W. Wood.
D.?. '.?.
at 11
?^VlifiYVlO/th; n n gt _oulti _
>. (-.?i I vary Grand *."*h?>lr. Bowman,
Com4 Peatlval Co?ic?-Tt n*xi Than. Eva.
i, ..,.',.' ut t ?? i-.ur.. h Mon'.u),. _
.?tl.il.MU' ?III h(H ?Il HAH?.EM.
r , , , , \ i h un.t l.'.id St.
Rev BDOAR r:. ton. ii . D, ?.. Minister,
il A M -Pteachlsa by th? Pastor.
S P M ll'iuitr_T ..I H'l'm? by Mis? O. H.
' Lawrence._
7,-,- ?_>tt*L_" i?nltsrla**). Kourih ?Vf., 20t_? ?t. I
1U? THOM'S *- SUCER. P?_*or, u-'.ll i
n..->,?h Third Sermon in ??T'es on TH! IM
?.;}?-. I? Stlhlect: "THE EARUUT
CHRISTI?AN PAITK." Servie? il A. M. All
illy ii**-?*t?'?l .?
? ,mi-h.*" ?T '?"* IN'CARNATIOK, M.? ll?ou
?v. ?nd??? St.. Rev. M. ?.* ROBBIKa r?-,tur !
I ? v Holv ??ominiiiilon. 11 A. M.. M..iiilnrr
I'r.vrt-"I'taiiy ?Bd Sermon (ReCtOT). 4 V M..
unitary ?''"'' ': ?u,?{1''" ,H,*'*"r>
'.-... , [ETT OP FKIKNDS ?Ortho
Aox, Meetln?? for WtwahlB. H4 B. 20th .t?.
Hem Yetkl Lelarettt and Washington av?...
Braeklya, U ?_?___:_?-.
Vlftl sve.. sfco\-e 4.VH ?.
ggrtie** 8_and 11a m.. I p. tn.
stmam ?Ml w?*? *?th.-Att?raoon. 3:3i). Rev.
Manuel Ycn-n?lo. PMtor. ?peak? on "Coofesslon.
Mam and ru?'?r?_lt?r>'__-_._
"__t"*5T__ XV. 104. nr ?"oluiribiis. Chrlirtlan
fw **5 R;t,ner. 11. "W_s Paul Author ot
yT| ihrlttl-nltv*" '-45. "'iO'l on i>?-an "
?V.iril l'ark West ?nd 7Sth ??treet.
nmv FR ?AK ?*>I,IVl-R.H.UI. 1? IV I'.ftor
'' ,, v M "The Tll.nle Tragedy.^
-,..,.;[. ?IS 8?5CIEtT OF tTRlENDS. M??et
lr? for wor?hlp. 11 ?- m.. ?t 2.1 East K.th st..
M?i'hsiun. ?nd 110 Schcrmerhorn ?L, Brooklyn.
?THE MIDDLE f (il IK.I ME CH_ia?__.
M Ave. and 7th 8t.
Rev JOHN c. FX(J<3. P D. Ministe*.
Rav. j. FREDERICK BKI.O. D. t>y
will preach at II A M. and I P. a.
Cil Ave. and .ir. ?. 6t.
Rev DAVID JAS. BCKKELL. D. D. Ministe?,
???111 preach at 11 A M. and 8 P. M
Morning "Charity Begfna at Homo."
Evening: "Hope for the Hopelesa"
BT. MfHOLA.-}.
Gth Av?. and 4M|, St.
will presch at 11 a. M. and 8 P. M.
Music?Double Quartet,
with Harp and Violin.
West End Ave. ami 77th St
ister, will pre.rh at 11 A. M. and 4 SO P. M
Afternoon ?ubieot: "glnteoo and Le\l, l'art?
_ners In Mlachlaf."_
Broadway und ?9th Street.
TKI E SOCIALISM 1. AT H .NI).*' < -econ?!
In Second Serie? ou "second ('omina of
ChrlM." )
Cathedral of
St. John the Divine
Amsterdam Avenue _. Illth Street
SONDAT, April list
J A. M.Hi.lv Communto-i
I'i A. M.Momln? Prayer
il a. ji s. rvire in Keasory of \ lei ma of th"
Tl'.-.nlc D'aa??er. Specl.-<l anthem and
hymn??. Addr??? by Ht?hop Oreer.
4 P. M ..???: v.,,. (?i Veterana of ibo s.panl*n
M*oaa4 Av?. and Tenth Si.
?Subway S"? . A.itor PI.?
?HM Av Ele?. *.?lh St.)
?eeond Buada) after Easter,
II a. m. Di-ttii'? Bervlca with special
remembran.e of
Archibald Will agham de ?jraf-enrled Rutt
?Sewanes At??mn?is.
and of o'hrr BsStarera in the Titanic
? I raster.
"Through fat Soul to Nat'.re*?. Oed"
4 Sfeal 4H?h Str-et
Sunday >Sehool and Bible? Classe?, at 0:40 A. M.
Yonntt Women: Rev Robert Walker. I^sder.
Young M?n: Dr. Addlaoti Moore, Leader.
Tu,He Woralilp: Sennons by
REV. W. 4. CAMERO', D.O.,
Pastor Bio ?r Street Baptist Church,
_ _ nt 11 ?nd 8 _
Central Presbyterian Church
11 A. M.. Rev. Washington Gladden. D. D.
?? I P. M. Rar. .."Won Merle-Smith.
E\en!r.g ?ubjeet: *'M > 8CCLIXB CHRIS?
0:43 A. M ?Your.? Man's Bible Study Club.
3 P. M.--Sabbath School.
?al Meeting Wednesday, at 8 P. M.
e.-.r.? \a e.ine?? .aj
C. A. ?-?T )i 0. ?., Pastor,
will pr??acli Sunday mominf and evening,
il A. M?"in Spirit of Cod la Human
I P. M?"The Titanic Dtsasvr ? A Message
from Rod to the Modem World.**
Fifth Avenue and Th!r?v-s?.ep.?h Street,
vinur.r?. ?SWIllla? Pletrson Merrill
?""?" rs [Frank La timer Jane way
Rev Wal'er R-. am i.enb?;ech. D D.. of the Men
and Religion Movement, will preach at 11.
Mr. lenewey will preie*. at 4.
}..:?:?.? School and Claaaes. 1?:45 A. M.
Noon Serv.ce every wek day, 12'30?12 5"?
Fifth Avenue Fresbyterian Church
0th Ave. ?nd r.5th Street
Hev. G.I. Jshnstsn rose, M. A?
?Senrteee at U A. M und 4 80 P. M
at Montreal, will prvf.di bo:h mornlnf and
afternoon. TB mMwesk renice will not b^
held oi .. e__r.i?_ii_ence of
the service In ' ' ."-? r'? Hail.
?Formerly the Fourth Avanue
En'rar.ce 11.th Srrc*? ?r.l Broadway)
Prca eh ec n \ _ M ?n4 I P M. _
: tr. ?TERIAN ClffRCR.
\\'-. _nd 20th Street
se?. A M Holy ?".iintniinloti
11 "??>.? U.? S rvlc< and Sermon
IS ''"' m il ily Communion.
8:1S P. M "r- ? -h Servir?.
.', '?'? F- M. Chlldren'e ser?i-c
lie\. Charlee L. (?oodell. D. D.. Pastor.
11 A. M, ADORE".. BT
Hon. Willem Jennh?s Brven.
S T. M., .lohn Tim?.tin >?one, V D., ofjTMcafo.
RUTGERS P :".{_.T? I? . CHU..CH
Broadway ?nel "3d Ht.
WM.HIR.MFOI?LK S,0.0., Minister
& P, M ?W Ish-Americaa mi ?tos
Hrltf addreas?t'horua Slnilng.
_*jRb..cld!r_are: ?ii.id (fur.._Glps>- Stntth.1
Urilo.rsUy Place Pr???^uW?? C?mrO
. ? lots Bl e se block west from B'war.).
?KOROE ALEXANDER, O. D.. Pastor, liar
\icea to-more-.iw at II A M. nnd 8 P. M. The
?rill preach. Wednoaduy evenlnf aer
? 8 o'efpclt. _
St. St.oma0~r3~<ihurcb
Rev. ERNEST M 8TI1 Efl t> D_. Rector.
8 a. m.?Holy Common on.
11?Memorial wrrlce (Rector).
4?Aftei.ie>r?n ?.rr,< ?? i?.ddr?5S Pr ?IrenfelD.
N?rthes?t Corner of 1MI tstreet.
Itev. HENRY si ?).\.\1. COPPIN, l- D.. Paetor,
will t?re-n?-h al 11 A. M und at
Children's SHr-ice at 8:43 P. M.
P.-v. a. Herbert Orar. M, a, of tiie
??nil, ?.. ?nd Kelvinaida V. t <"*h>?reh.
of Kdlnboroujrh. will preach ?' "_P. M_
TEMPLE BETH-EL, ritt? Avnue ?.nd TS?h
Street Baa . i. i ? amve?.
RCTIT'LM v v un pr?s?*?, on
Servfcci !? i-in ai 11 o lock a eortllal wei
r.,,,, ?? extended fo ?It.
llll 1 MON THIO|0(,lfM KEMINART.
8er? i te la the ?'liai--' O?*r**mo-M Avanaa,
between HOlli and 1--I .??roer? a? ele?ei?
o'cioek p . ' ?? Reverend P?rsCaasas
The attendance of all aoi eraawlarty ?-orahip
r; ,c ? lue" h? I' i? r-' "* '
?III 1.? II <>l-: J-ION vNf? ST" TIM?THT.
r...I W est BTth Street,
Reetor-Rev HENRY L?BECK, D. C. L
Hoiv Comm "' a. .8 AM.
Morning Prayer Pr ? Ser, the Rsctor.tl A. X.
Evensong i Preacher n ??? Dr Rush toa 8P M
Itrntid.-_?> .?ml .'?'ttli Mreet.
tor. ear-aches 11 ai.d 8. Wed., 8 P. M.. Prayrr
Meeting._ _,
<r?r .7th Street ?nd M.idl?on Avenue.
Rev. VIM. < -RTt-R. I). !>.. PASTOR.
II A. M., TIT A.M.* Mt mortal Service
8 P. M . "Mes --?nd Religion."' Speaker, Edltor
.1. A McDonald, <->f Toronto Globe._
ALL ANOELB* CHURCH. ?'<*?'' E-?.? gmawam Q
vlit BtreaL Hev. S DEI ANCET TOWN
SF.M?. D. D? Hector. Holy Communion. * A. M
Morning Prarer and S'-rmon by the Rector.
11 A. M. ?.'tioral EveSSOSf, ? P. M. Straus?ra
? _
Berkeley Theatre. W. 44 St., nr. 8th A*"*?
Sunl.ty ?nnrninea ut 11 A. M.
"be Riddle.'*
West End Avenu.? and 80th St.
REV, (M: I. P. bC^MAW, >.(>.. Paitor
Met?? St. and ' i-"-r.| im Ave.
Rev. ANSON P ATTERRCRY. D.D.. I p^tora
Rev. ANTHONY H EWS*S. D. On] ?
Dr EVANS will preach at 11 A. 3a.
and Dr. ATTERBERYat ? P-^M_
(huM-h of the T?an?tigMrat:on, i E. MM.
rommunloni. 7. 8 and 0. ET?f'?? M ?SS and
PROCESSION. 4 o'clock. SERMON, 8 P. M
Corner I21?t Street. A^'.-V.',?
R,v, Merle BCCT-S?T #HSh_. P D. J^tttSg,
GRACF CHtRCH. Lroadway aiid^"??? ??
Dr. FLATTERV. Rector. 8; It (Mft tHMU??
? (EvMj ! "' ' '" '
ST ?STEPHEN'S CHt'R" Il S 1-'*- W '*?'* ??'
Rev NATHAN A SEAGL? D. D. Reeter.
_. U a. m , 4 p. m.

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