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Conference Arranged for Mon?
day to Try Once More for
a Settlement.
Stone Gives Railroads a Few
Hours to Grant Demands,
but Yields When Asked
for More Time.
The situation arising out of the refusal
ef the demands of the Brotherhood of lo?
comotive Engineer? made on the Eastern
railroad? became acute yesterday, and for
the first time a strike threat -?as sent to
the committee of railroad managers. This
?was in the form of a letter to J. C. Stuart,
chairman of the committee, by Warren ft
Stone, grand chief of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers. Th? strike order.
It was agreed, is to be he!d in abeyance
?pending the result of a meeting of the man?
ager?' committee, which has been called
for Monday.
On account of the gravity of the situ?
ation. Charles P. Nelll. United States I?abor
Commissioner, came to New York last night
to look over matter?, It 1? said, and see It
arbitration of the controversy under the
F.rdrnan act could not be brought about
The aot is not mandatory, and while Com?
missioner Neil! may start a private in?
quiry both sldes must consent before there
can be arbitration under its provisions.
The letter of Mr. Stone to Mr. Stuart
?aid in part:
We again reaffirm our requests, made un
|6T date of January 22 and reaffirmed under
?_pt? of March '?>. be-canae we believe they
are equltaH" ai.d are f-omething the en gi?
re ?are employed on the toads repr?seme?!
ere Justly entitled to. la thts connect!? n
?we have carefullv considered that part 01
your letter ??tting forth the rea-sons why
the companies represented by your ?*om
irlttee cannot ineroass the vages of th-tr
engineer? We deeire to call your ?_tent?n
to "the fart that th?? railroad OM-?fWW.Ln
th- We?t. NorthsrSSt Southwest and BOUtB
east ero at the preeont time paying their
engineer?* approximately the rame raes
we are contending for here, with better
working conditions than we are asking tor
In your letter of March ?. and again or*
?April IX. yon Ptaoe your refusal to grant
^feNNSM ?'<?*' the road,' 1>.a uHt> to
Mv more' ar?l off r nothing beyond the
here statement to ?u_*-**^t?*^7fiS
tes? of the fact that financial reports shotv
both IwrroaatJd earning** and -.oliim?** of bus**
nThe committee of chairmen?**M ?
?ccept vour letter as a settlement of t.?
rW Thev ?irlll wait until ** P- ****.^dtV;
April 1?. for any further eusgestlons the
ronference co,nmitt?e of ???MMNt mtt
erteh to make. ??>^ "9% n\\\ _n
consider yew answer of April is tuai, an ?
the ehairmen will lea**"* the ?lt> to look
? fter the interests of the organisation,
"we Al ?ve yo?, two hours' nOtiOS ?J?
to ?withdrawing the men from ?1*?-BS3f*
Tours respectfully. W. I mTOSTa,
Mr. Stuart's replv to Mr. Stone follows.
R-rMng to your letter of this morning,
sdvi-iltig that "your committee would wait
until ? p. m to-day for sny further sug?
gestions the conference committee of man?
ners ?nay wish to make. Receiving none
tliev will consider tl.e **"*-*??? of ?A*!1"","
tinal and the chairmen will leave the clt>
to look after the interests of the ?.ysj-'^-r?;
tion You will give two hours notice prior
to withdrawing the men from the service.
The members of the conference commit?
tee have returned to their duties and as
they are widely scattered it will tak?
twenty-four to forty-eight hours for them
m return to New York.
If vou desire, and so advise, will call a
?meet'ng of the conference committee to
convene Mondav and lay your communica?
tion before them. Yours truly.
J. C. STUART. Chairman.
Then Mr. Stone wrote in part:
"In view of the statements ?contained In
your former communications "regardiig
the duties of managers to the public," we
-or?? greatlv astonished to learn they had
departed from the. city at a period when
i egotlutlons were at an acute stage^ Thls
?ction, in our opinion, invites the thought
that tne manager- court a conflict rather
than a settlement, and we will insist that
In the future no further delay? of this kind
occur. ... . . _ .
We greatlv deprecate further delay, but
In an earnest d?sire to And a solution of
the controversy and prevent a stoppage of
traffic, with its attendant loss and suffer?
ing to the public, we will noc.pt your pro?
posal and regard It as an armistice, and
strict neutrality will be maintained during
the forty-eight hour period.
Tt is said that Grand Chief Stone ha? re
reived within the last two days a com?
munication from Orand Chief Carter, of
the Brotherhood of Firemen and Engine
men, assuring him of the support and co?
operation of the firemen in case of a strike,
by which is meant not that the firemen
?would go on a sympathetic strike but that
they would not work with non-union engi?
It wea said that President Taft was be?
hind the coming of United States T_?bor
Commi-rsloner Nslll to this city.
Court Asked for Referee in New Dis?
barment Proceedings.
Lewis fass T,edyard. president of the Bar
>isolation, appeared before the Appellate
"Division of the Supreme Court yesterday
in the matter of the charges brought
against ?Clifford W. Hartrldge The charx-s
are that the expenditures Hartridge alleged
he h?*d made as an attorney for Harry K.
Thaw, and for which he sought relm'uurse
ment, were reall? made for the purpose of
keeping witnesses away from the trial and
#o to defeat the ends of justice.
For such conduct, openly avowed by
Hartrldge, it is alleged that he should be
disbarred, and the association asks that a
referee be appointed to take evidence and
report his findings. Ex-Judge J. I). 8.
Hasbrouck app?s?red for Hartrldge. He
maintained that the chargea were in all
?asent??*** respects identical with those urged
in a previous proceeding, ?which th? court
bad dismissed, and that no grounds exist?*
for a new procee<llng.
The court reserved decision on the appli?
cation for the appointment of the referee.
Tie fund for a testimonial to Tt H
Tbom?e on Ms retirement next month as
president of the Stem York Stock Kt
chsnge. In which office he 1' completing his
?l.tth term, i" no** more than II.000, and Is
?rxpected to be about tlOVi in all. The fund
1? known a? toe "H fund," as none of the
1,1(0 ?mernr-ers is allowed to contribute
more than $3 to it.
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Suffragists Grieve for Editor
Lost on the Titanic.
Early Made the Cause of Equal
Rights His Own, and Even
Went to Prison.
The suffragists ate mourning for William
T. Stead, the 1-ontion editor. To the U. ;
they kept hoping again, t hope, and not un?
til the f'arputhia had really ?locked and it
was found that their friend was not amont;
the survivors would they admit his loss.
Yesterday, however, the ex?, cutlve board of
the National Woman Suffrage Association
gave out the following resolution, which
had been passed at the recular meeting on
Tuesday, but was withheld until hope was
Wherear. In the death of W'llUain T Stead
the women of the whole world have, lost a
loynl friend and an earnest and devoted
worker for the large.! ?nd fullest oppor?
tunities for women, dp it
Resolved. That we, the undersigned orn?
e?is of tho Natio ial woman Suffrag? Asso?
ciation, hereby express our profound sorrow
at the loss of one who has not only worked
but suffered for the enfranchisement of
?'William T. Stead was a champion of
woman suffrage when that required much
more courage than it does to-day," sahl
Miss Caroline Rellly, of the Woman Suf?
frage Vress Bureau, yesterday. "Iti those
early days It meant sacrificing the respect
of the oommunity und exposure to the
meanest ridicule. It Is to this that Dr.
Shaw referred when she said Mr. Stead had
not only worked but 'suffered' for the cause.
Not physical suffering?the kind stone
throwing suffragettes experience In London
prisons?hut the spiritual suffering thst
conies to a sensitive man when he Is vili?
fied and insulted by those he thought his
Went to Prison for Women.
in truth, though, Mr. Stead did go to
prison for women, not Immediately In con?
nection with the suffrage movement, but In
the white slave Investigation in England,
a fact which he always recalled with pride.
Mr. Stead was not only a suffragist, but
, militant one, and Mrs. Harriot Stanton
Blatch, who knew him personally, recalled
yesterday a story of hla sympathy.
"He was in a box in Albert Hall at some
public meeting," ehe said. "John Bums
was In the box next to him, and before long
i a militant auffrneette. Annie Kenney, man?
aged to get into Mr. Burns's box, waving
a 'Votes for Women" flag and upsetting
the gravity of the meeting. Mr. Burns was
much exercised, and Mr. Stead was much
amused at Mr. Burns's discomfiture. TTIb
'Ha, ha, ha,* ringing out, could be heard
all over Albert Hall."
When Mr. Stead was in America a ISSf
years ago, attending a peace congress, he
refused several Invitations because no wom?
en had been asked t?> m<at hltn. To the
managers of a big public function "for m?*n
only" In Toronto he telegraphed, "No
ladies, no Stead." and In New York he
stayed away from a luncheon for Journal?
ists attending the peace congress because
no women had been Invited. On the same
day he set forth hie reasons for so dolnc
at a meeting of the Collegiate T_iual Suf?
frage l_?ague in the Colony Club.
Insisted on Women's Presence.
"Everything that divides the sexes.' he
said, "is bad, and exclusively male things
are more detestable to me than those that
are exclusively female. Male clubs, male
legislatures and male barracks are all bad.
and if you women make your clubs ex?
clusively female you will make them In?
human, antl-soclal and dangerous. I never
Join a club that does not admit women as
members or guests, and T never address
a meeting to which women are not admit?
ted. It is necessary to make a stand In
these small fhlngs, and It is only when you
do so that you realize that in all places ex?
cept those of luxury and ornament men
have all the best seats and mean to keep
At the same meeting Mr. Stead explained
his adherence to militant methods, although
Mrs. Stea?! disapproved of them.
"Theie comes a time In most human
affairs," he said, "when It Is necessary to
get mad and do something. There Is noth?
ing more difficult than to know the right
time to get mad, but it has come In Eng?
land "
Body of Workman Terribly
Mangled in Fall Down a Shaft.
John Kopsko, twenty-nine years old. a
laborer In the Cats kill water supply shaft
at Bridge and Sands streets, Brooklyn, lost
his balance last night as he wss stepping
out of the hoisting bucket and plunged
headlong to his death at th? bottom of the
shaft, 500 feet below. He was terribly man
Some of his fellow workmen said that he
lived at No. 131 East Broadway, Manhat?
tan. He was the last man of the day shift
to come up from work in the bucket.
Dr. Schroeder. of No. 613 11th street.
Brooklyn, was passing the scene of lbs ac?
cident at the time of its occurrence, and
his aid was summoned, but Kopsko was
dead when fellow workmen descended the
shaft to help him.
Saloonkeeper Then Breaks Back
by Jumping from Window.
Made temporarily Insane by worry over
the Illness of his seven-weeks-old son, Ben
I Jamln Oaffney, a saloonkeeper, of No. 6*3
Hicks street, Brooklyn, drew a revolver
yesterday noon and fired three shots at hN
wife Helen and his son Thomas, killing the
baby instantly and wounding his wife in
the scalp.
Gaffn-y then plaeed the revolver to Ids
own head and fired. With blood pouring
down hla face, he staggered to the window
of the second story, where the shooting oc?
curred, and jumped to the ground, break
'njr his back.
He was taken to the Long Island College
Hospital, where it was not expected that
iir atould live through th?? nlKht.
At a meeting of the I'nlon Dime Savings
Bank trustees, held on April 17, minutes
were adopted praising the llfework of the
late Charles K. Sprague, president of tho
institution, who died on March 21, after
having served the bank in various capaci?
ties for more than forty-on? years. Mr.
>|prs_C"SS was born on October P. ISC, and
was graduated from I'nlon College when
eighteen years old. He fought on the
Union side In the Civil War, being wound?
ed at the Battle of Gettysburg, and was
promoted to brevet colonel for gallant and
meritorious conduct. He Joined the DbIoq
Dime Strings Hank in 1870.
Mrs. Mary Kam Snyder. who was ar?
rested tor homicide on April 7, when Wal?
ter .r. Snyder was found dead from stab
wounds in their apartment, at No. 930 St
Nicholas uvenue, was discharged fi.?m
custody yesterday by Judge Foster, in Gen?
eral Sessions-, after the grand Jury !ead
failed to leturn any indictment against
lier Mrs, Snyder'? account of the sffsll
from the atari had Men that Snvder seized
her hunt!, in which ?be held a pair of scis?
sors, and ?Irew ll toward him so forcibl)
thai tbs blades pierced bis heart.
Western Union Makes Agree?
ment with Marconi Companies.
Telephone and Telegraph Ob?
tains Virtual Control of All
Wireless Business.
Pursuant to the policy of extending the
i-o-or?llnate branch?? of the business since
the American Telephon?- and TMagrapb
('ompany, in November. I?*"**"1, acquired con?
trol Of the Western Union Telegraph i'??m
peaty, the latter company has entered Into
an arrangement with the Marconi ?TlrslSBS
companies which trill afford the Western
L'nion a transpacific wireless service, I'n
der the agreement mareonlgrams will Ite
received and diliveied from the Western
Union offices In Ulli country. In anticipa?
tion of the agreement Western l'nion stock
made a net advance yesterday of 2% point--.
A statement Issued by the Western l'nion
company in regard to the n?-**. arrangement
was as follows:
The Western Union OOmpan] ha? ei.teied
into a train?? arrangement wlili the Mar?
coni oompanv whereby the western t'nlon
offices will rei-??l\t, an?i d?li*>'?- maivonl
graini to and from Europe. The agre?*- l
ment provides for the extension cil the
Marconi system from the Pacific Coast of
the 1'nited States to Hawaii, China. Japan
and the Philippines, thus giving the We?t
srn l'nion company wireless transpaclflo i
Gets Control of Wireless.
The agreement extends for five seats. It
was said. It virtually gives the Western
l'nion or its controlling body, tl s Ameri?
can Telephone and Telograp- Company,
control of all the wireless 1.usines.--, as the
Marconi c< mpany recently absorbed t'ge
I'nlted Wireless Telegraph Company T.ast
fall the Western l'nion grsatl*" ?tiUrped its
cabio business by leasing the line- ?if th ?
Anglo-American ?"able Company an?l the
Direct I'nlted State_s Cable Company, This
gave tho Western Union Interests ex<luslvc
control of five new transatlantic cables,
which, with the three that the company
had been operating, secured for the com?
pany an advantiRe ? f w cable over the
seven operated In the M.icka*. group.
In line with the establishment of ?edu???-.!
rates for "delayed" teleuraph mfSiSgti and
night letters by tetograpb, l'r.aidcm Vail
of tho Western t'nlon announced .it the
time of the extension of the cabio system
that it wi> the Intention of the company
to afford the public new and more ???onomlc
facilities for cable business.
A cable dispatch from Ixndon yesterday
enticlpated tho anoun?*??ment by the West- ]
ern t'nlon of the arrangement with th" |
Marconi companies. It stated that both th?* j
Kngllsh an?l American Marconi companies i
had rlgned a working agreement with the
Western l'nion and the ?Jreat Northern
tfl.-gTaph companies, providing the Mat -
conl system with the tofteflt "f land sta?
tions for the receipt nnd d?-1'very Of mes?
sages la the United Stat.-s and ??ana'ia. the
Marconi r?mpanles affixing their ?ngn
board to the Western l'nioii slunh.iards.
New York to London Direct.
The Kngllsh Man-mil company, it Stated,
Is preparing to erert long rtlStsnciS wireless
apparatus, giving dire, t communication be?
tween New York and Loodon 'I'll*- Amerl-i
can programme al??? piwrtd? ?? ? sa.d,
for a long distance station in the ?ricinlty
?>f this city which sill permll commanica
tlori with ?'uba. Panama an?l South Amer?
ican lountrles.
The old Marconi stork j;. pal r*oatin<*?d
to go up by leaps an?l bounds yestsrdaj <>n
tho curb inark't. About three hundred
share? were sold, aa i.iah as It". It Opened
at BUt, the high mark of th?* day before,
and closed at J34S. A decided break l*- ex
pected, becauss of the unreasonable height
to which the matupulato! s have pished the
sto? k recently. Although the 1st M Is not
llstod on the curb, the listing ?committee
of the Curb Association ruled that all
trades In Marconi Wireless <?f America, oi.i
sto? k, mads yesterday, must be In ca-h,
UBlSSS Otherwise stipulated. It ?as ex?
plained that the committee had taken stich
action, with recognized .lurlsdlction ev? n
ovei unlisted Stock, in order to protect tho
buyers' rights to subscribe to the JT.oOfi.Ouo
new capital stock of ?he company, for
which the books ?lose to-?la' OtbanrlSS
the buyers of stock yestenlay would kMS
their right to the new subscription, as the
Stock pur? based would not b?* deliver??! to
them until Monday.
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2 50 a year.
Abdul Baha Visits Mission and
Distributes Quarters.
News Spreads Rapidly, but the
Persian Prophet Has to Dis?
appoint Many.
An hSCMent that mlsht have been Im?
mortalized by O. Henry, were he still all\e.
occurred on the ?st Side last night. when
Abdul Baha Abbas, ill" Persian prophet,
attiteii in th? flowing robes of the Kar
ESSt, visite?! the Bowery Mission. "Bag*
,i,ni-on-the-Pubway." M O. Henry often
called New York, las been the scene of
e iintless Incidents that inlpbt be woven
into tales ,i? fascinating as those r-Uate?l
to Haroun-_.l-Ra_.chld. and many of them
have been enacted on the Bowery.
I'ntll last night, however, probably none
bore so much flavor of the original Arabian
KlfhetS. Tor did not the "good Caliph'* ap
psar In person and j_r?-et the four hundred
m more men who filled to o\.rflowln . the
rapacity of the mission hall to boat Mm
preach, and did ?he not reward ssveli of
tliem w)th a memento of himself that
?brought joy to the bean of more than a few
of those who through the . (Torts of the
Bower) Mission have become rich in faith,
if they are poor In material wealth?
Abdul Baha Abba?? Is a philosopher and
tesohsr of s Christian ?loe-trlne that em?
braces world-wide unity and love. Hitice
bis arrival here, a fev. ?lavs ago, he has
preached at a number of fashionable
churches and last night his desire to see
the "other hide" at worship led him to ristt
the Bowery Mission. Ills coming had been
arranged f?ir and when the evening service
was- well Ii.-kuii h<- entered a door at the
rrar and mar?-hed with dlgnlflsd step to
lbs platform.
There was a craning of necks a? the
venerable old man. his brown face and
.snow-white beard and hair, topped by a
white fez. proceeded ?own the aisl?>. The
| t.am?_ interest was apparent laier when lie
! ,iro..e to address the gathering in hi? na?
tive language, telling them, as his inter?
preter. Dr. Atn?en Knreed. who is his
t ephew, explained, that because they were
poor they Mi.?,.M be thankful, be?-ause
Jesus had said. "Blessed aie the poor,"
whlla the rich had never been so recom?
At the end of hla address Abdul Baha
i ??aid he would like to meet sach man as he
[passed out of the building. He said he
ha.l n token for them. Asain the oyes of
all follow??! him as he passed down the
>SlslS an.l took a station near the door,
carrying a mysterious hioking beg in his
As ear h man passed the prophet he was
??Mowed to grasp his han?l and as he with?
drew 1 tin his p.ilni lay a bright
I'our hun?lr??d men were in the hall, and
there was a gift for ill After the last
??i.?' had Knii?? Rml th?: ?-mpty bag remaine?l
Abdul Baha consrat'il.ite.i the leaders of
the mission an?i tspressad bis ptaaautu at
having been able to be there
OutStdS, on the Bowery, the news that
there w.is "a guy givin .iway quartan at
Bslon" spread ilk?- wiHflrr. a crowd
-oe.n elle,ted OUtSldS Of the lroti lattice
work tiiat protects th- door, Inn ?IM In
S . cent pieces was ail th?- changa the g?x>.i
prophet happened to hare about him.
Damages Against Brooklyn Road
Jump to $20,000.
\ tv gata Michael Bchuhman, twenty
one jreara ??id, s verdict of Dft.000 damages
Sgalnst th<? Brooklyn Height- ?Railroad be?
f?te JustlCO Benedict, In ti.e Queens Coun
tv Supreme I'ourt. yesterday. thUfl Incrcas
Ing tiie ainouni of tamag?s l?y JlO.Sno over
that of a former verdict, which the? raii
r.ead BMOCBoded In having set aside
Bchuhman was injured on Januniv n, ia?.7.
on his sixteenth blrti.ilay, as h.- was trying
to board a ?Brooklyn elevated train at the
Covert avenue station, In EUdgawood. He
spent ?stevan months in a hospital, under?
went twenty operatlona, and Ids leg.
which is now about three inches shorter
than normal, according to thV physicians.
ma) h-.,\. t?? h.. amputated.
The lust action was tried in the Queens
County ?Supreme Court January 15. 1910.
i. fon Justice Jaycox, who .-?-t sstde a ver
did of ftfiOO damages, slleglng that it was
agalnsi the weight of evidence Esmond
C. Vlemelster, attorney f?n- Kchuhman.
carried the ?ase to th<- Appellate Division
?ml it wss ?sent back for s retrial.
"^ "**-?^_^U. S. Department of A?riculture
*am*am imsmt mam a? -_?_> {??? * ?** ?
r _V_. *lv? M?, lv m,N?H ? ?! ?
0_v. 0 nsmabtatM * amsts a ?fc?. e mtm
Ift^iiH? *___?, <ne?,>_i
fHn>ilim,i?^l>.'fii"< ?i~
?>??._._??>_,. ?-_?_?___>
tr, T.. __??_
?.mi J.M la
.'. ? : I? 1-'?|
UM _i.CO 11 11)111
Official Record and fof??St. Washlnaton,
April IP Th?. stor? that -as off the sriddle
Atl?ntle ?v,??? Thur-day nlg?it lia? passed ?**? ,n**
Canadian MarittSM Province?, and rain Thur?
dav night In th- middle Atlant?, and Ne? Bat
land ?'ates aril the lower lake r?gion ??a? fol
lowed Friday h?. -?'neially fair wcath.r In ? '-??*?
distri.??, et?ept ??at rain continued In NertB
ern New England. Another bariiiiietrl? dcpre?
?Ion no? covers ?he Rocky Mountain r-gl??n an.1
UM Southwestern f-tate?, and U I? i?ii?liig a
?-enera! Increase In cloudiness throughout UM
middle Wtst and leal rain? In the Middle
Mississippi Vallev, the ? .uthern rlalns states
and the Rocky Mountain? and plateau legion?.
Temperatures now are b?dow the normal In
practically all parta of the country except thu
Northwestern ??tatea, ?nd Thursday night froati
occurred in the upper Misslsslpi I and Ohio .al
leys and Tennosste
The Indication? aie that the Western diiturb
ance will advame eaal. Its centre reai-hlng the
Mlsidrslppi Valley during Sunday. It will be
attended kg general pre. Ipltatlon, whi?h will
overspread ?he Atlandc State? Saturday Bight or
No linportaM temperature changes ?re indi?
cated for any part of the ?ountry during the
I next forty eight hours
Thai poillon of tiie ktmmiSttSpl River fi..m
| il??- hi..utii of the ?Ho?. River to the \lcltiily of
Helena. Ail., will ..mtlrrJc I?. fall, and that
between Helen* ?nd Vlck?l>ur?{, becau'e of
break? in levees, will not change materially
during the next few da>i>. below Vlckaburg the
river will remain high until the middle of May
There will be a alight fall at Natchex. Misa.,
and change? will be ?light at |?olnt? below the
| mouth of the Red Hh cr for a few day?
. The wind? along the New England Coa?t will
I be moderate we?t. middle and south Atlantic
i"oaat. light te moderate, \arlable. east Guif
l'"oa.?(, moderate e_M ??,* aoutheast. prol-ahly
?MaS evet Bot1bw?et?rn port loa; ?.?.e,.. OAttt
?'???ht. moderate tarn .'.nd ?oath?-st; l_k<?
I Michigan, moriente ,?,?1 and ? ?uheaai
I Sleanier- departing Sa turda? tat Kur.pean
pon? will have b*TM "MSI wind? and fair
???*t_?t w t_? grand Baoka
remasl i"r Upertal ?__waMHsft Fat Wort It?
em ,V? BaglBSi. fair t"-?la> and prebeMy
tlinday. net mueh ?hange in temperature, mod
) eratr meet winds
Fin Saatheea Nes Kngisn-i. fair to day. Sun
tiav, lacreastag eteedtaefla pi bnmy (hovers;
modera?, veil ?hid?. 1.. .reiiili'K \nriaMe
For 1 ?item MOS) York. f.lr tO day; Sumir,
pr bal U ?li'meri.; lii'Xlersle, variable wind?
Fier Ri >lera Penaerlvaata, We* ferse?, Dels
?ar?e. Maryland, Virgin!? ?ni the |eii?lri. i ,,f
Colombia, lacreaslns rteadtosai aad somawhal
_..n?..i ir. ssy, i..ii?-_.?r?l b> Bhowen St ?light,
hutipi?. Shoe BTBj m.-i.lerat. , varlaMl w ln<la
1 ? t\.-itern Vlrgliil?. Ill'reusing ? loii.llnn.is
to day, probably fellow .1 b\ eh.iwers by nlglit,
Buntlay, showera
I'e.r West.-rn Pennsylvania ?n'l Western Ne?
Y'rk. Inereanlng ? lnndlnes? to -?lay, protmbh fol
laved i>> anearan i?;.- night, ?Baaday, showers ?
moderate, vsrlable ?ln?>.
8 a rn I I p m..... H S p m ;.l
Omrlal observations of United States weather
bureaus taken nt 8 p m. yesterday follow:
? 'ity Temperature Weather.
Altan? . r*. rinudy
Atlantic City ... 41 ? lear
BetMton . M ?loud-.
??nalo . ;-4 e .,,,,
1 HI- ?g". 4- MoUdy
.New Orleans . 7o i'loiidy
*4. \/'Us . H ? 'l.iiiJi
v. h-hi ii*;...\ . Is Cle-ar
Leeal osteici ?saasaV?Vki following officiai
ie.-r.nl from the Weather Hurtan shows the '
chsnges In tie temperatuie for the las twenty j
fuur hours In comparison with the corrt.pondinc i
date ". in.: year:
1911 Wll 1911 1D1_
I ,i :ii ? ? ? si.' 4.11 6 p in . .'.:t 4a e
S a. m.4? 44 fl p in. Al 44 ,
9am 5_i 48111 p. m_ So jf
12 m At? 41? l_- i ,,i. SO ?
4 o. ra... ? ?"'?* 3o
The highest temperature MStatdey, 52 degrees |
? at 3 p. in... !o?mi 4,'i ?st .'! s m?: average, j
4* i\erag? f??i ??< rrespomllng date last year, A4; j
avirsge tat ? oi responding da'? la.M thirty three
year?. 49
levai For?, ast Kslt to rja\ Sunda\, piob-'
aim *h'j*tTt, reo.crttt, vam.le ?u__?.
Lud Denies Detective's Suspicion
of a Practical Joke.
Bound with rope and In a dazed condi?
tion, twelve-year-old Jacob Neumsn was
found last night lying In the hallway sate
side his home, on the fifth floor of No. ??
Baal loStli street, by Frank Moran, of No.
:$?' Last taajk street. The boy later told
Detective Szermer, attached to the Alexan?
der ayenue police station, that he had been
carried to the roof of the apartment house
by a strange man. who. Its adde?l. kicked
him and bound him and then disappeared
down the stairway.
Dr. Wolff was ?uimmened from Lincoln
Hospital and attended the lad for con?
tusions Of the right knee.
The boy's father was nearly overcome
when informed of the treatment which his
.??un said lie had received, ami reported the
matter to the poll?*? of the Alexander ave?
nue .station.
I came home shortly nfter 6 o'clock."
the hoy ?.aid. after attending a motion
picture performance in the n<MfhborhOO<],
and was about to enter my apartment when
1 was seized by the man, who had evhler.tly
been hiding m ans Of the ipartnient door?
ways, and carried to th? roof. He klcke?!
me in the side, and warne?! m?* agalmt
making an outcry when lie left me. I su?
ceeded In rolllnt- across the roof and down
the stairway to the tiftli floor. I was un?
able, however, to pain entrance to my
home "
Detective *-5zermer said after talking with
the boy that be v. as of the opinion the lad
had seen a liln that prompted him to Mad
himself with ropes for the purp"se of play?
ing a practical joke on his parents, hm be
added that the boy denied it.
To Be Transferred to Keogh?
State to Resist.
The argument upon the writ of habeas
corpus which Mrs. Mary ?'. Thaw has se?
cured for her son, Harry K. Thaw, will
probably be heard by Justice Keogh at New
Roehslls on April 27. The writ was ls?u?*d
by Justice Stapleton, of the Supreme Court,
Brooklyn, and was made returnable yes?
terday. The lawyers, the Attorney Gen?
eral and Clarence J. *->hearn agreed to have
the matter go before Justice Keogh mean?
Justice Stapleton ?aid that he thought
the argument should tie held either In
Brooklya or la Dutcbsss County, where
Thaw Is confined In the Matteawan Asylum
for the i.'rimlnal Insane. Mr. K'nearn <Ie
nuirred at this. It Is understo?!?! that the
argument would be hearl by Justice
Morsebanssr, brother of one of the lawyer?
who took part in th.? Thaw trial, if trans?
ferred lo Dutches? County, and this would
not satlfv eith'-r the prisoner or his mother.
Mr. .Shearn saM that he did not care
personally what Justice heard the argu?
ment Justice Staplet'di suggested that an
application he made to the Appellate Til
vision fot leave to have the hearing s>-t
down for New Roehslls and adjourned the
matter until April 27.
Albany. April 19-Harry K Thaw's latest
move to secure his rr?*e?lom will h?> re
vst.'d by the .?-tat?*, according to a state
m nt to-night i.y Attorney Qoaeral Car
mod*, ai Ene request <<f the Attornes ?len
eral's oui???, a stipulation has been cnt?-r?*d
Into with ?sounsei for Thaw, that all fur
Iher proceeding? un?ler the writ of habeas
t-orpue obtained bj Thaw's attorney, to
bring about his release fron, the Mattea
i'.iii ?-Kite hospital for the criminal insane,
are to be argiic?i at the next special term
before Justice Keo?b, of Westchest'-r
Co nt)
"The application will he resisted." says
Mr. i'armody'H Mtst.-ment. "an?! a thorough
examination will lie demanded. Including an
I'xamlnatlon hy th? most distinguish??-!
alienist? available, hh?i such other examina?
tion i?? may have a l-arlng upon Thaw's
mental condition '
U. S. S. Corporation's Increases
To Be Met by Other Concerns.
The t'nited States Steel Corporation has
Issued notice? of an advance |g the price
of structural steel and steel plates from
il 2<* to $1 IT. a 10?> poiin?ls, which Is equiv?
alent to $1 a ton. The higher price be?
come?? effective to-day. Steel bars, as pre?
viously announced, ware advanced to ?
basis of $1 21 a inn peunda These m
CTSSSSS will be met by the Independent
Mow business is being booked by the
Steel ?.'orporation at the rate of about 40,
000 tons a dav, comparing with about 50,
nno a ?lay earlier In the month The cor?
poration Is operating at nearly !?"! per cent
of capacity, whl?-h means that it Is prac
tlcallj full, as a small penentnge must al?
ways b" Sllowed for ns representing Idle
capacity due to breakdowns, repair? and
?ither ?-aii.>>*s
MacFarland, Jersey Slayer, Pre?
pares His Own Appeal.
i B) T< legraph ?<> Til? Tribune I
TrenbM, N J., April 19.-For the first
linn? In the history of New Jersey a slayer
In the deatli bou??- at the state prison ha?
prepared S brief in his own behalf for
.tatlon to the Court of Krrors and
appeals In an endeavor to get ? new trial.
To-day Krank IfcDennll and Cbauncoy il.
Beasley, .?s ?counsel for Allison If, Ma<
Farland, now un.ler sentence of death, filed
with the court an elaborate brief preparad
by liacParland
The ptison?sr ?aras ?sonvlcted or poisoning
hi- wife In Newark. The cane was carried
up on a writ of error, and In addition to
counsel's brief the brief ??i IfacFarlanid was
:.i? <i to-day, The prlaoner loos itit?? the
case in ?N't?iil and has an explanation for
ever] tiuestlonable phase in lbs now fa?
mous "Bunny Letters." As sfacParlaad is
an educated man, the brief is intelligently
prepared. If.? ?-Iims * l> H lin." The ini?
tials stand f?>e "Death Houes" and the
numbers ar>- his prison d?signation.
Another case of prominence in which a
convicted murderer t?eii his own brief was
that "f Albsri T Patrick, in New Fork.
Sunrise, ft: 141 autiiet, 1V44, moon let*. Ii> t\b,
menu's **e. ,1
i||?;il WATER
?"and?. H?i??k.
? ,M\er;i.,r - I?inn?l .
Hell Cat .
I a. sn.-ole. r?i?.iie.l is 7.".*? ml'es ca*I of
Send] iin?.k el ?'::?? ? m yesterds?*. i* eXt.ted
lo .|..ri< r-,,r<\ Blinda; morning
Th? ?'?HI,-, reporlcl a? ?MO mil. it ?*.-iKt ?if Ssiid.?
\ M
P ?*-.
!> .-.:,
v M.
o .-,.*?
11 At
Hook at 8 a m yesterday, it expected to dock
earlv this morning'.
Vessel. From. Lin?.
? Celtic.T_uerpool, April 11.W Star
?Aillai.??. Cristobal. April U.Pau R H
-Grenada.Trinidad. April _2. .. .Trinidad
Hermlnlu?..Barbado?, April 7.Houston
Yumurl.Clrnfuegos, April 8 .....ward
Rio Grande.-.Brunswick, April 13... .Mallory
F.I Paso.Galveston, April 10.?o F?c
City of Columbus. Savannah, April 13. Savannah
Bohemian.Liverpool, April 7. White Star
Cubana.c?rdenas, April 11.Munson
.?an Majoo?.Brunswick, Airll 1... .Mallory
hturfom.Ltsoon, April 5.
Kilo.Usbor. April A. ~TT
Aia<h.. Jacksonville. April li... Clyde
San Manos.tJalveston. April 14. Mallory
?lASav.ile .Havre. April 13.Fren.h
Cameronla_Glasgow. April 18.Anchor
Ancona.Naples. April 11.Italian
Indiadeo.Gibraltar, April 7.India
G?ladys.Usbon, April A. -
Herman Fras.-h. Sabine. April 14.
city uf Kt I_ouls. ? Savannah, April 18. Savannah
?Kroonland.Antwerp. April Irt R?<1 ???
Maiureiitlc.Uveipoo!, April 1?. .White 3t?r
?Potsdam.Rotterdam. April 13 . Holl Am
?Altai. .Kingston, April ii..Hamb Am
???'an Juan.San .Iu?u, April 17.N Y A V R
Sam' Anna.Palermo. April 11.Fahre
K_chamb.au.Havre. April 13.French
YVesterwald.?'olon. April 18.Hsmb-Am
? "tIna dl Giorgio., (sag.?. April 17.Atl fruit
El Urlent?.Galveston. April 17.Ho P?1?
Huron.Jacksonville, April 19 ? lyde
IToteu?.New Orleans, April 17.So Psc
?Krlngs malL
Msll Vessel
?.easel. Fer. Uns. closes. aallB.
Arcadian, Benuu.iH. R M S P. 9:00 a m 11:00 am
Union, Port Union. ... ?:00am 8:00am
Verdi, Rio ?le Janeiro. LA H 7:00 am 10:00 a m
?anilina, San Juan. NY*PR 8:30 a m 12:<>2m
Turrlalha, Colon . 9:30 am l'J:0On.
Harstoga, Havana. Wad-10:00am l:(?pm
P A Wilhelm. Hamburg. H- A . 11:0?) a m 2:?X) p m
Panama. Cristobal. F R R..._t:__ SBB 3;f?) p m
<;inclnnatl. Hamburg. Hsm-A 7:30 am 11:00am
I_apland, Antwerp Re?l Star. 7:00am 10:u0 a m
Lady <Y-r'Rt.iii, ITvl-Se Nor 1:00 pm 4:00 pin
California. Glasgow, Anchor. - 10:00 am
'?hhago, Havre, French. - 3:00 p m
P Aosta, Nap!"<. Italian- ?- 11:00am
Mesah?, London . - 9:00 a rn
V,.nezla. Naples. Fahre.- 8:00 p m
Columbia. Napias, Italian... - 11:00am
Irorjuol?. Ja.-ksonvilla. -"lyde. - 1:00 pm
?"Ity ??f M U.uls. Savannah. Sav- 8:00 p m
?Sarama ?a. PTnaribo, RDlVI.lt.XOam 3:00 p m
B of Forfar, Argentina, Par.. 3:00 p m ?:00 p m
Rio Grande, Brunswick. Mall. - 1:00 pm
Destination and steamer. Close In N. T.
Japan. Corea, ?'hlna, Philippines (via
Vancouver) - Moneagle .Apr. 28,
TahlH, Marquetas, <"ook Islands,
New Zealand. Australia (via San
Franrlscoi ?Manuka .Apr 26,
Japan. Core?, china (via Tacoma)?
Chicago Maru .Apr. ?S,
Hawaii, Japan, Corea, China, Phil?
ippines (via San Francls.-o) - Per?
sia .Apr. 29,
Hawaii, Guam, Philippines (via San
Fran.Msco)- F S Transport.May 1.
Japan, Corea, ?"hlna c la Seattle)?
Tamba Mam .May 2,
Hawaii. Japan, corea, ?'hi?a, Phil?
ippine? ?via San Francisco)
Korea .Msy 5,
Hawaii (via ___an Francisco)?Sierra. . Ma\ fi.
Ilawall. Fiji Islan.s. Pamoan Isl?
ands. New Zealand, Australlk (via
Victoria/ Marama .May 10,
?30 '
Port of New York, Friday, April 19,
?uau?er Vizca?na <Br) Calbarlen April 18, to
| the Munson us Line, with sugar. Arrived at th?
! Lor at 9 p m. 18th.
Steamer Lo.ierer (Dr), New Orleans April 11.
to Georre H.-lllesen, In talla?.. I-eft Quarantine
at 1:31 ? n
Steamer r_rima ?Bo, Penaran April 2. Bar
? m I Si \ lnoent and Rt Luria 10. Martinique,
Dominica am G lade'.oupe 11. Antlgia and St
Kitt?? 13, Bt Crois !.. and .St Thomas 14. to A F
< niterlri.lg.. a < "o. witt. 7" pasrer.Kers. maus and
i.i.*.-. All . ? ?? ? t'.ir at 44,', a m
Steamer Mini etaula (Br), LU ci pool April 1.1
nn?l QtteeiUtuwn 14, to the (""unar'l Ss Co, Ltd.
v. irh 23S tii| ?abin. 28? second ?.abln and ft4_!
fi parsenk?ra, malle ar.'l n ?dsa. Arrived at
the B:_r at 3:_3 a m.
Steamer Ity of St Louis. Favannah April I?,
to th? ? i. ? w ga Co, with passengers ami m.lse
Passed in Quarantine at 4 MO a m.
Steamer El Norte. QalVSStOB April 13. to the
.-??uthern Pacific Co. with mdse Passed In Quar?
antine at _:U a in.
Steamer M-?mu* Na* Oleara April m. to the
???.????hern Pa. itl<? ?'o. with passenger and mdse.
l'h^eed In Quarantine at 6:28 a m.
Sieamer Mlllinch-ket. Btachtoa, to the Great
Northern Paper Ce, arltli [aper; vr-??ei ;.> a H
Lull & Co. ras.ie.l In yiaraniln. at ft.'oJ a m.
teamer Macedonia (Greek). Piraeus April 2.
?Jytl.lan an?i Kalamata 3. Patraa 4 and st Ml
chasis 12. ta M A I ?It sas. with 2S9 cabin and
l.tfnX steerage passenger* an<l mdse Arrived at
the Bar .<-.;.
steamer Monterey, Vera ?'rur April IL Pro?
greso 13 and Havana 1?. to the New York ?t
?,?uba Mall H^ Co, with IS.*) passengers, mails
and mdse. Arrive?! at the Bar at 8:0S p m.
Steamer Baron Jedhurgh (Br), It I_ucla April
12. to Renham ? Boyaran, in ballast. Arrived
at the Par at 2 80 p m
Sandy H??ok. N J, April 19, 9:30 p m-- Wind
northwest, fresh breeze; rlear: light sea.
Steamer Monroe. Newport News and Norfolk,
to th* Old Dominion Ss Co. with passengers
and mtlse Passed In Quarantine at 4:30 p m.
Steamer Rio ??lande. Rrunswlek April 1?. to
tin- Clyde Ss Co, with mass. Passed In Quar?
antine at 4 46 p m.
Steamer Grayson. Baltimore, to the Insular
Line, with sulphur Passed in Quarantine at
t 10 p m.
Steamer Delaware. Philadelphia, to the Hyde
Ss Co. with mdse Passed In Quarantine at
12 IS p m
Steamers Wtnrlan (Br). Peniacola: I_a Bre?
tagne iFri. Havre; Courtfield <Br), Melbourne;
Kan.san. Puerto Mexico; Princess Anne. Nor?
folk and N-wpou News; Santiago (Cuban),
Tampl.-o; Hegiiranoa. Havana: M .hawk, Charles?
ton and Jacksonville; Jamestown. Norfolk and
Newport News; Carpathla ?Br>. Naples; Dor?
othy (Br), Punta Arena?; Alberta (Aust), Phila?
delphia; Orange Nassau ?r>utch)> Port au
Prln.-e: (*arll? Wilmington. N C, and George?
town, s C? Felix Caites**,-?
Cherbourg. April 19. ft a m?Prinz Friedrich
Wlihrlin ?Gen, New York via Plymouth for
Bremen and proceede.li
flama, April 11? Ivemia (Bn. New York via Ma
?Vlrn, (ier.oa, etc.
Plymouth. April It, ?:_*> a m?Amerika ?Ger),
New Vork for cherlH)iirg and Hamburg (and
Copenhagen, April IT C F Tletgen ?Dar.i. New
York via Chrlstlansand.
Genoa April 17- Amerl.a (Ital). Philadelphia
* and New York ?.la N'spl's.
I.-itiiHi? April 17 Indian Monarch (Brt. New
York via St VhMBBjt, C V. and Port Natal
for Yokohama.
Rotterdam, April 1 . Borcestad (Nor). Savannah
and N>w York via Bremen; 19th, Noordam
(Dutch). New York via Boulogne.
Bristol. April ID Bristol (?ity (Br). New York
Hermuda, April )!>, 8:4ft am- Bermudlan (Br),
New York
Antwerp. April is Manhattan <Rr). N?w York
Punta Arenas, April 13 Arna iNorV New York
via St Lu.-la for Valparaiso
St Thomas. April 19, 6am Guiana (Br). New
York for Donierara.
Yokohama, e\pill II Matoppo (Br). New York
via Algiers. Colombo, etc.
Canal, April 19 Ama (Nor). New York via St
Lucia and Punta Arenas
Madras. April 19 BufTalo (Gen. N?w York Ma
Port Bal.l
Arl.-a. April 19 Coya iBri. New York via St
Lu. la, Coronel ami Valparaiso.
I_? riata. April 19 Trabt..-?, h I Br>. New Tork
via po.-t Spalt?.
IJverpool, April 19-favour ? Br). New York
Queeiutown. April 19. 11 4ft p m Baltk (Br).
New York for Liverpool (did not land pas
?engers, on account of storm, ami pro
Queeiistowii. April 19. I :3ft p m - Adrlatir (.Rr)
?from Llverp.ir.li. New Vork.
Hull. Anrll 1? Idaho ? Hr -. New York
llarhados. April 17- Canning iBr) (fmm Rm de
Janeiro), N.-w York; Byr??n ?Br? ifr.?m San
tos and Rl>? de Janerl'oi, New York. ISth.
Dement ?Br? ifr?iin Parsi, N?-a York.
Cherbourg. April 17. 8 p m Kaiserin Auguste
VI. t??ria iGer? ?from Hamburg and South?
ampton), New York.
?hbraliar. April to Katutia (Br), ?*al.-utia and
Colomfoo for Deatea and New York.
?.iii.w.,4_ti'-44iii D'il mi? -'. Bestgestaft. ""??>.
Peat? Now on Sal?. Ha^dn-?^j*!***?* l*s?d
Ma_?n?rFlll?itt;s Th.. :?!ith. nr.Bw.y. Kvs 830
ft?sg*?. m?mm littririffig?
IVKK -i*l Wast ?f SYmay. ?venins? 8:15.
kiit?Tnt. Yhea..sato. sr7 Wmay. jr~J?*f
A BUTTERFLY > WHK_k_???v__ii*L_
DALTX gfy ? Mt* ?v?*j I l" Mat Ta .ay
Matinee To-day, Me, 7?c. and Best Seats $1.
ftRfllllMUV Thea.. H;wa>?* 41st. Evga S i:,
QnUSUHfll Matinee To-day, 2:15
"Hokey Pokey*' and "Bunty Bulls A Strings.'*
PISVBSSSS *Hlh- K of B*way .Evening? S:10.
ril|DUUSI flam. MM Bryant. Matinees
William Collier? (0,.F.I)Y, 41si, K of B'way.
Rf Bonty Polls thi Strings ?fffiSr
UfaetCari lMth ?! ,w! at Sh Av. Mat.To-Jay.
mrt soon 44th fit., nr. B'way Evs. at 8:13.
BELASCO uau *_a_A*5&ft'"
....... ,? 43d it . nr. W?*a*.. ?te. at M:jo
REPUBLIC Lis? Matli.ee ro-na> at _' _??.
Uetro,.??llt-n O. ET < ?S? .Hall.
- ? m IP ta SS ?i 1:1S. MOM Ai'R. .!?, m .'30
' ?,'#_?? si io jn 8?au ItflO ?o $:t
?M-lCr-U ?KD l.??\l???N| Se_l(.OI|
Uowarars**'i.Wl W. ? St, 4'toeB?. ?-?? Br?4nt.
MO, ?nnU?li THEATRE. Bwav, 43d 8t.
M vUnflU E* s I.'. Mt?.T? .'..?% ?v Wed
"lleta safely under wire of miece??."?Ev.Sin?.
Blanche Ring^?
A New Mualcal Cornedy, with Harry Ollfoll.
ft_tUlsl7l\I Theatre, 27th St.. Mad. Ave.
*** ?*?*__?-_JSjI"1 | |S and ?* 30 Pop. Price?.
Al??, H. S. T1TAM? . I aiinchin? and Mm?
CflCll World In W-i. .*! W>?t 2""<l Htreet.
CUtn ? INKMtriM.i:\rn r.KCH HOI It.
Ml M-.L I Or? bolrsl Concert?, ultra Attrac a*.
Can't overtax us with sud?
den demands.
All your outfits for a <wm|
end trip or a journey a mim}
the world.
Spring suits.
Light overcoats. \
Bags and suit cases.
Motor Wear.
Thermos Bottles.
Golf Clubs.
Rogers Peet Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at tt
Warren St. 13th St. 34th ?
Two entirely new effects of
material in Red-Man collars.
Leading Haberdashers.
2 for 25 cents.
CUplQC B'wayand 40th f?_t. 1
A We
Mat* To-da
LlHbl. r ?',,. BIS
t'aat Revival _._.._ -
Marie Doro. Constance Collier. I.yn HardlBf
_an?l Nat C QoodwlB._
I WOTIIII ?Sth St.. B'way Bve.liSO.il?eto
LlUtUrU MtsTedav A Than 8:M.!W ???
Paul J. Kainey's African Hunt
Seen a P-grrlbed. Marvelloua Mot Inn PI '?
UlinO?U 44th St.. near B'way. Bvee .
nUUdUI. Laat Matinee To-?lay at 2..?*
IfHI Doroth) ?Dom 111 ^ KHmun?! Hie???
Neat Mon.--*t. H-TESIP&?The Typhoon
CHI TnU *6th eBt.W of B'way i-:
I ULI UN Matinee To ?lay at _;.?'.
Whileside,,.. Typhoon
UMDDIC m7**t 4M Street. Bvenlns * W
nAefinid Mata Tn-<1ay g. Thai?.. 2 MS
Qintf 5i)th St.. B'y. <*<.. rirc?? E? 1:1*
rflnl. Mate. To-day and Wed, 3:11
PDITTDIMI ?VwajrO44th ?St ?Svga.1:
UnllLniUrl Mata To-day A Wed. 1:11
KMl KKKHOI KFR. B'way and Mtb St
fre? ?i s^arp Mate Ts <a) * W?d at 1
I___?t I Time?. I.aet Matinee To-d?y
Kiavv 4 Erlan^or*? New Musi'??', t'on?*
11A WhSOME WlOOWn^r*
I IDtDTV -?2d St.. near B'way. Evea. . ??
LIDC.nl I Mat? To-dav and W??l I'll
in THE RAINBOW ,.l.,;y_
p I If TU Broadway, .?.'il St Eve A !(.
UQIlII Mat?. To-day and Wed | A*
Aiiitlier <"ohan & Harria iUT?
Wltb t.eirif Nub an-1 Wallace MdlBSef
Broadwa) .. Mlh Si "EvT. r -.-o
Last Matinee To-da? | ?'??
ttT?s EDDIE FOY ovrRT,,F
Seat? BelllBS.
I? It 1 H
-THE FATHER e***?g
' RTRITFI PV tih tiKf
Thur? i:uC".o QCnilCLCf ****<^_\*
yi'Tr.TtSruiS AT 2 10 r M
M?ht .at ? i.-, r m
r><?nra Op^n One H'>ur Ear"*r
Good-bye to Greatest Show on larth.
?uj??rh 1 -.'
Hundred? of 1 nu*, r ted ?renle Not eitle?.
vnMr.s.ii ?-, Tii?k g CA__, K'-a-rved Seata
BVERTTHING ?fcO? DUO 75... $1. ?1.30
PRIVATE BOX SKATS $?_',.(.. Box Offl>*
op-n S A. M to 0 1'. M.
?Kit April _?Bd to ?7th?BROOKLYN.
I?TflR B'way* 45th. Eva.8:15. Mfa Today
SOlUn A Wed. 2:13 Wed Mat. Crtc-ll *A.
T5'.!*.'ig" THeE GREYHOUND
Ceatury Thea.. 62d St. A 8 Av. Phone 8800 Col.
Ev.S-lU. Today2:10.80c-|2. Wed.Mat 26-tl_?0
Bill I IDIHC B'way and 80th St. Evea. 820.
TlftLLAOR 9 Mata. To-day A W?d., 2:20.
???,iir:i ?RLISS in DISRAELI
44th tt.W. of B'way. Tel. Bry M40.
Eva.8:43. Mat? To-day A WeS.2 30.
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IROLOHML |?^"flg?K
^ Dally Mat- ***? Wynne A 7 F*atur??_Ai".
HAMMEK>rKIVS- Bl? 17 Art Annl.?r?*rr.
Belle Baker. JaSBSB I. Morton. Temp*?? ??
Snnahlne. Bud Flatter. Tvatt* * 14 *-****?? -
aftanCBSV OF MLPI?' l'?2P Price*. Mal DSll*?
ACADEMY mm riviNk

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