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Wider Holiday Environment Ful
of Educational Opportunity.
By Martha McCulloch Williams.
How many have played geography7 Don'l
ipeak nil at onoe, neither all be silent. 1
mynelf never played It. only latisht other.?
to play It e\ class ?.f seven, dear a<lorahl<
lads an?1 lapses betwixt nine a?d fifteen
? r. i lid ?memorize, lieing normally in
tellig'nt, snd repeat In parrot fashion whii
th? book maJA. But comprehend: It mud?
?.? |_#] Iik? a grafter t-> think or taking
neoey for letting them remain so Ignoranl
?j_?y knew gHbly what 6 cepa wee, a atratl
? ftilf, a bay-on the map. Aa actualit??
part of the material world, they had o? -1
|ha remete?? roneeptlnn of them. And thej
?er*, on the whole, rather above than l"
?on the average. They taughi me mucl
?,,??? than ! ever hy any ehanee taughl
thrrn. though i tried hard enough, al
through the tertrt.
Taught me the different'* bet-Veen the ab
?tra-t deseriptloa and the concrete tact
That i? 1" 6ay, the difference between
nitn?s und thlnge. it happened that Dili
piav piece boosted a beautiful cold spring,
whoa* erg-tera ran away In a shallow sltvei
.??.?et . ? gravel. The hee
nas p'lhap? twenty feel ?'-n?? .lu<=t ho '?
the tr>?piratlon rani? 1 know not but from
goma ?'here i got the idea ?cf teachtag mj
f?Mjt in it? pl?v tlm* to p'kv geography,
U to"k only the fa1nt".?t suggestion OB?
lonnd Hi? l"-?'-k uor.l b.?-l a- tuai
meaning thej rushed joyously lo mdk?
gulft?, hay?, straits, eTen mountain* ?it]
tenons. To thf seandei of parents ai,?i
? ? regret r>t my well wisher?, i gave up a
whets afternoon weekly to such demotwtra
t?o;io ?From thai i went <>n to toaohlng ob
?actively ree-r>ndite thinir? Iik-? the diction?
117 ,\.-. r aha 11 l ferset the ki^;,,,! which
Illumined th? tar? of my dullest pupil when
I made him understand the meaning of sc?
rum-late by telling hi no the ?,,hr^ of our
lo? fires, removed only oncena week, ar
cumulated. sreM heaped up, In the cornera.
such d?monstration wa- imponible with
intnv word?, but th" li'imher admitting of
it turned out to b* surprising. My school
mis'i'e* ear?*er ran but through oBh tctm
y#t out of it ha? been born much -.'
tinn a* to whether education, so-celled, l?
,;| wrong
Fouthful minds lay held hardly upon the
aUstMrt i? i? thing." themselves arc com?
prehended almost at a glance. ?Even worda
to ?Implv fsmiliar a? tar and near, I fe'ind,
gave a whollj new Impression when lllua
(f?t?d hv ?example'? artiial. Town, nine
?066 0*, ums fai very f-?r nh?n the ?-ir
e-n.? rame i i r woodpile, lust nnuer the
.rlbdow, wa likewise near?but net go
riMr tha' the hi? boya found it play to
fsch u, a ba-'kiof P'it it was In figures
mv pupil* ROemed te jr?t th? to'.'.? ill'inil
mtion P> ''rip ef round pebbles Ihey
hernsri ihi inn?'! meaning of addition, nib*
t'?ctien, multiplication and division which
ItfOre had been onlj words to them, though
the. wer? |e|ter perfe- t in rule..-. Ruf In
rrammar th? utmoat ^a- te drive home a
rompr?h?iii-ieii that nouns were the names
?gfr-thls by requiring over and e ?
?aeic pupil to name three noun.? net in th?
I hire hardly a nodding acqualntam *
?tth kinde-garteuR not sulRdenl t?> n r
rant any soil "f idgmenl Vei it i
to dm that they (all bele.w their poten?
ta; auch teaching n-- ha? come under
?y knowledge is ? sert no child of mine
?hould endure. The gong?, the motion?,
the pa'-?, appear to irn to be taught not
I? means to end:? but 68 ends in th.-'n
? rea Further, in my Judgment, they
rramp r?r smother Initiative, thereby Hiding
?till further to the machine-made tenden?
cias "f the modern curriculum. A normal
child educates Itself through Its own ac
? far more than by going around
chanting aiiout birdies, bopping an?! flop?
ping ami pretending to Hy
The mountain "if" etandi between nil of
us and aome dear desire-, if i could order
training for the youth of this nation it
w..i;ld l,e along ?(ne . ,f not o? !? ?
?nee, ,-,(? mosl Illumination. Its aim would
b? lo translate palpably, actually, those
tninRs the books hut shadow forth. His?
tory, for rxainp> ,,,-.- ]*,?,, ahould flgbt
over th- world's d< ' Isl. a oatII?
?f commander a< a prix for scholar
?i-it' Similarly the world-morements eml
gratt'Hi. ?ettlemetit. d l.-.e ,?, i-ry | would
have bodied forth not by starched proft*
Bsra bul i> the children tbemaelres. And
tliciehv would be achieved a moat magnifl
I of health, time, strength,
youth and enthusiasm. Jf all the world's
* ?> es men aim worn? n will
?a ['layer? thereon cannol begin t?i<? early
to leari, th? line art "f playing. It "trik*s
M tiani ?lia? on? exigeant cauae <'f tha
K-ner?! onlnstm r which <-ven the
r6ll?ge.hi,.,| begin no? to y?. a',var?t is
that those wl o shpuld be learning through
"???c aiKi doing .<!<? matead yawning
throtign I?, turen that g?" over their heads
ff* fJJ ? - mon trifles o* wore?
vitality ihHt ahouM t;ik.- them hifrh and
Much is made n? r.f the ititei'i duty
tO ?lo'ite t" its future r-itizr its BOUtld bod?
I thiiik ?t is aven more eaaentlsl thai
those name futur*? dttsens shall have freo
and "I'.-u m Inda t.? govern the bodies In
telllgence jaded by a ?araeh of worda Is
worse tiiim wasted. After nil. life keeps
the ?ni.- university worth whlks. if the
other unlveraities, the (?liege, the hij?li
achools, the primaries, wi'i but impress it
upon plastic minds that knowing In part of
1 ? ?up. iinrl tha? ktiowledce truly ?'ottie.?? by
doing, they ??ill deserve well of the rc
Vacation Um" epproaches (."hlldren in
thouashda win flock t?> the aanda, the hill.??,
the Kre?.|i placea <?f earth. I am writinK
n hope that .??oiii.- "f their mothers
will realize what opportunity this wider en?
Vironment Rives. Thai, instead of settitc;
met? s and bounda for their younglings, they
?ni ericourage them to make aoQiislntsnce
with actuality, and, further, that they win
direct quick youthful Intelligence i?> the
|r--on r.f life itself a? ?*T.I laige on earth
and aky, rather than as s.-t forth hi books
Cor velvet blaculta use ;. quart .>f flour,
three r?-?s. three ??saspoonfuls of su?r?tr. ?me
of ??alt. ..u?? heaping tsbleapoonful of butter,
half .-?. nik" r.f compressrri yesal er half a
cupful of liquid yeast and one ?niall eupft'l
of warm milk, if tho blaculta are for a
I Or 7 o'clock t-a, sut h as Is sen id on
Sunday evenings, z*t, the spouse to rise a*
. o'clock ti'."u if f.?r iqncheon ?et it at 7
o'clock in th? morning. Dissolve tho ysaai
In un?-third of a cupful "f wnter. I'nUT It
int" ;i huwl with tne milk, heat In a pint
of the flnur, cover the howl and set It In a
?rsr*n plsce, When the halt'??- has risen t"
? nee. which should he In ahout two
hours, <?dd tr,< ?'?~ar. butter, s-alt .nul e?ir-.
th<- yolk and whites beaten separately, and
the ??(,!,r Knead this mixture well and l^t
dough rise in a warm place. When
light roll it "ti the hoard !" the thlckJIUS
of half an Inch. Cul the dough into cakes
with a email round cutter. Place half ?>f
them a ?.cry little distan?a apart In a hin?
terer) biscuit pan. spread e^rh wit!, butter
and place the remaining blaculta r \r r them,
wich fashion. Cover the ra;i with a
oloth and l??t th? blaculta r?as to double
Ihclr origins] slas. It. will take about an
bo r and a half. Sake in a moderately
., il? k oven for twenty-Uve? minutes. The
rr-'ip. is one of Maria Parloa's.
Tii? most Batlafsctory work in domestic
aclen? R'hlch gets lown to buaineas
and dssla with definite facts I low many
housowivea hsvs a vsgue id?a that meat,
f?>r example, tosas i c.-".i d.?ai in the trans?
fer f' s-? t" dining table, yet are
unable to ascertain exactly how much los4
la, and therefore she doean'l know
whether it la or i* not 'ir-it"r to buy
meal alr^-idv c..ok?d *t the deilcitegsen
This problem hAl ?' l*?*f been ?"l\ed by
th? ?'.??s In experimental cookery at Pratt
Institute Their reaulta are Ri\en in the
school bulletin for April 12. The c-,.,,p?ra
? ,?!c ?sf weljfut .Ttid COal of portT
house steak li si follows:
S"-.ik *k purchssed, weight, I pounds "
ounces, root C". ???nts ?i pound: trtmnrtsd,
weicht, 3 pound!? 9 ounces; after broiling.
?velght. j pounds .; ounces; wlthoui bone,
I '. "und 12 ?I'll" es. WithoUl tr.lgli
end, welghl t pound 4 ounces, and ?-?adv
for .?er-.|ti?i. weight, 1 pound 4 mitves, cost
u pound
I n preparing a white sau> ? for ' ' :> pure,
? cream, if it ran be had. makes s
delicious substitute for ? he mill, or ??????
commonly ??inpl">?d. if very rich little or
no flour is ncede.i to thicken It. season
with salt and pepper, a* UeSSJ, end add
before tuu? ns. up ?i tesapoonful "i
niineed parsley.
i h skin?-., trlmmlnga and rones which
are usually thrown a??.*', shout*] ho pul
wH?i a sirte "f onion snd a bay leaf Into
COld sater in a kettle <-,;i ?he bn'k of the
BtOVe and alloweil t" Himiner till a Stock
ha?1 forme.i thai may ser\e as a founda?
tion f'-r SO
w hen baking; a dry fish It is a jto'.d ?.inri
t" place a thin alles of fat pork over it t-?
impart richness, Baate the A?-?, with the
si?,. .c d ' i" tt?r I an bo led flah,
? flavor snd molaturi are retslned .md
? in water.
Elsked codfish balls srs aenred In s family
thai ? -,? I ' ? r from fried
food, and the balls are smoth??r*d and
brushed over the top with a little melted
They are attractively served in
i.e..] cul from bread or
? and browned In the .,?,-, n, gntj ?n*
garnished with parsley.
if ?i speclallj nourishing dish is desired ?i
ed 'c? crowns each flshball. To
the bails crsamed codfish, such es is
" mil) served mi tn;i>t, t?< besten with an
equal quantity r?f hoi mashed potatoes, un?
til the mixture la llj;ht and smooth.
Tomatoes and watsrersss make a da?
accompaniment t.. fri.-.i flih, and
boiled noodles sprinkled with parsley are
good with bake.] n.sh and tomato sauce.
Seen /n the Shops
1 ha-iii,.,;*. waists, reproductions of two
?Wftrei,t tood^ia j,,. , r??,,?,? Kreuch diese
?Uker. ai? aelllng for ?J5 each. One model
"">wn in wl He, with decorationa done In a
?t.nh?r of different colors, la plain In cut,
?-vina; long ng h little
adorned with fencj pearl but
lf'n? This foundation, with its smart lines,
y*ned by a fluffy arrangemenl <>f cru
?Mow b,,. ;in(J 8lIk net )n t contrasting
*??*. These form a little pointed ?ollar at
' * back ,,,,) a ?;,?, .,.,,, ., ).,,?,, ripply
-*wj( at one ?|,je ?t the front. '
j* )'-t is under ths la? i rjmI e -'?
f!ln* bf,v"'"1 It and the alceve?? hat
?" of net and lacs to match. A little bow
ths reisawd nal at the top of the rever?
u'*? an'.tter pratty touch. The model
M.".b* h*d Ai"' U" nr1 '" ,)lllrk' navv
'h'*' *rer" "' ,'1"'": ThS other watt has
' om Maerea, with s frilled baby under
??j ? of net |? thi ,,,,,,,. ,,f both front
*"* 1-tCk 1? ?et h full length plec of ? ord
'""'? sad this, in turn, Is trimmed ?WIM
^rn*a\ little net fru?? ,,,.,,; charmeuas HP
"*? end Insertions ?f Valertctennee. The
?artneiiae part of ths body II a little like
*iion,d waist, with big tu.-k- and pipings, j
.:',.*1"''1'1 cernes with ths charmeuss part J
"h'r *>?", hla-k, navy or Ian.
t*** -?ri-wlve ?hop an- shown ai V-'> i
obkti ?_l" f'" " "'"''l! ?"""" ;
h?*_s ' "" '"'l|li,,r ' h"' "??'' ???? ",l!y '
^ "11 cit plan, Ka,-,,,, nt,. ?n,,;,- ar(. QOyfeg j
?-nee!"04"1 hy H -rw"Cbman who nrver pro
^ J -Mythlna ?omiMonplac ? The 'oat Is
tthUhsT' ',n,",,,t iifralr' wi"' H pa??-11'
liir.,'_r .,""' H'''1 fit'!"'"" "I? '?|?sf' tO the
iriiti L ,">arl "' K"M h';,n ,'"""?!4- The
?? ,!' "** ? ? d rallie pipings, which
'* ?'on.,,,, of the skirt sad around Um
?r* ?bo* thte.-r.uarlcrs of an Hc-h i
"trrot"4 "" V'm '"nar ""J M,ff" H ,ttU*'
, r nations striking comhliiathms
"??S be\ar' K'")*" -Nai'"r MU6 pipings
hi,,. " ""*'' both ot, whit.- and navv
Wm?isd uo,1'""' ",1"r '' *IhO 10 bo seen
'""'*?. io.,,.ia bT,-thl "'? Tl" """ifi
???tertsl ii *"?? self-t?med trlmmlngr. Ths
?a a whip.-, to" verge.
TU t0mln* of * "?Up on" coat less cum
bersome than s motor coal is something
to be welcomed 1.-. .very woman. Rome rle.
Ilghtful coats of this klnrl ?ira marie ?,f
?pong? In three-quarter length. The.-, me
B4?m!?fltt!ng, and sJtnosI thejr sole adorn?
ment is the lining of peau de cygas, which
comes out at the top In the form of collar
and levers. The revets are cut ?,o that, If
desire?), the cost ran be buttoned tr, th?,
throat. One of the most beautiful color
combinations Is in a brick red coat with
electric blue lining. Others that are lovely,
if leas striking;, are tan with brown and
?iMi.wi with navy blue. The model cotitsa
in women's or misses size? for I4i.
While the flexible figur*. the on? tint
h.ok- ;i* if it ?sere utfcometed, has come
to be recognized as the correct thlt.t;, the
really un?**Orsstad cna Is a rarity. p.ut
thrr?; Is a coi set whirl) Is Ideal fof the
WOtnSn whose lii-ure lequhes only thS
sniallc ,t amounl "f support or restraint.
It is mads of the m w material call-d tricot,
Which though it has all the .strength and
durability rwoassary t.? any fabric used f..r
- as ?oft and pliable as a ?<|,t
glov? Only two hones aro used on each
?Ide or tli? corset between the from ?,,,,)
ha. k ateels, with two short bones placsd
diagonally nnrler the bust. A point to ba
noticed is that none of the bone., are placed
, .1 to press on I he? hip bon., a sensitive
part that lias tometitne* suffered Blntsa
fashlpa has rei|iiirerl the corset t? ?,?
tightly la? ed i.eiow the arakt This coratg
BM t.a?-k st-el:-. With shorter otMa In
front, H? low thS SttrslS In front there are
Ihre? hooks of the kind ordinarily used on
gOWTt* The?" k?ep tb< material of th- i or.
, , from WOSring on the ends of the StSSls
'1'he front Morkini supporters aro made
doubly effective by being attuche.i in two
both UP near the md* of the af?ela
???I afaiO at th- lower <-<k?~ <W the material
that extends down below them. The ,-.,r.
.,, ,s an Imported on.? and coats ?ll .
?II. nan""? of ah'>p:? where artMe* ni'MlhiM
.. ,.,e ?ere .?en ban M ?M?.b"<1 b> se?,|
f^'^efamped Sad o^rea.ed emelope lo
"... ?v...." **?* V-rk l.'h'ii"? to tnaurr ?
Evangelist Preaches on Behalf of
Religion Movement.
Twenty-five hundred men interested m
'be Mm an.l Iteijgion Forward Movement
gathered in the Hippodrome yesterday after?
noon to listen t? Qypay Smith, the evangel?
ist, who la In New York In the interest of
the movement The Rev. William H.
I'ccuike?, of the Rutgers Presbyt?rien
Church, presided and opened the meeting.
Among those on the platform wete ,|(,hn 1?.
Rockefeller, Jr., L B. i.yaii, a Hindu, from
Cawnpore; ths Rev. David laiyton, V?f the
Molt iis\,-i, Reformed Church; the Rev. Dr.
?V. M ?>.rr. of tim Prospect Avenue Metho?
dist Church; the Rev. If. Bhaw, of the
Brom Presbyterian Church; .1 Kdgar Leay?
' raft, treasurer of the movement; the Rov.
John Tt Henry, of the ICast Side Parish of
New York, and the Rev. t)r. Nathi.nl.?! N.
Pratt, ex-se.-retary of the local movement
Mr. Smith took as hi? t?-xt the seventh to
the tenth \crvr-s of the fourth chapter of
the First Epistle of st. John, and drew
from it his lesson that Qod loves everv man
and woman and child and that all ?led a-k?
for Is a chance to bring these to His king?
dom, lie s.'oke of the coming of the me
m?K" to l.ii-: in his gvpsy tent ami gave
thanks that salvation had come to him a
boy whom preachers ?lid not want, a little
heathen, a gypsy boy, a no1.., el , a boy
whom the achoots would not receive."
After S collection had been taken up for
ths furtherance of the 'aus.- th.- speaker
asked mm who wished to be prayed for
to stand up He asked the other men t ?>
k?ep their eves closed, so an not to eut
barrass th.- supplicants Neve,.n hundred
men arose in various parts of the audi?
torium and were hle>?e.l hy the pypsy, fol?
lowing wb!c-li the evangelist prayed fervent
ly feu- the wellbetng of those who wanted
to lead a better life and cut loose from evil
S8S0Cla.es snd for those, an well, who were
afraid to ?leciare their Intentions.
? ine of the scheduled speaker- was Will?
iam T. Stead, the author, who ^a.? drowned
In th* Tltenic disaster
"1 l.I. TAKE ONE" Agent?, 5*-nd for Pmufi?
?nd i*,tlrular? anei |ie?r till? e\er fa?
ufe?, big quid money; \irgtn territory, v:?oha
-, e ? ' . Mich
1 MADB 160,000 l i 6va yeai? -*l!h n ?mall n all
order | latnasa, began Wltk t*> Heinl for fre?
t-^ok', t. i ell? how. Hi a.' -irk. 8068 laockport,
n v
CARETAKER Hand? with im,'?, ro
, led K. Kni| Baal ISWth ?t
c M V l-'flvl I! fill ?It ?Irner.
??'.-?,, -, rMi?' ??perl ??? ? Packard a i Pleree
Arrow car?. -;i, m e ; ,,-au r-palrs. I- f l
('. H.. mn of
? alker, ."-"?" W e-?. uial ?I
CHAI FTB1 R J?E?TIAN*li Swede; married,
ten ?ear? e? i-?? len ?. comp?tent ; rarefui
driver; honeal ?ober, reliable; wixi-iej needy
:? ?llloa; City, .-unit). per?oti?l rafcreticea.
HjeUtrom, S03 BmI 86th ??
? n ?i FFK?'H. Thorough mechen)' under
?tai 'i- ?need
ncei Blue List Agent B .1 Iway, i
????-.. sec-, ?nd ?Ttli ?'? Tel Rlverald? XtTT
r.l.K\ vT"i; m.1.1. and h m.i. BO? \??d is?,
?Irons; rl?; or ,o-m'- Qunther, 16 l.n?? '.'1
I' , l HS
1 ' I ?,?
ttonall] hlah ?nd dlfTV ull ?e,-ie'?r .! |,*?ltl'.n?.
railroad ?nd financial, dealrea poeltlon ??"re
ll 'cji ?; , r\r Utlv? and lui-lnesj, ?Mill?. OTO ? I ?
notary; exosUen? recommendation?; tan ?''^'?,
??perle-? e Am?-: a ntid at., ad 0 1?-'? '-?'?.
'! rpju' e Office
. NEBR 1.1 e -? , ' - " - ? 1 'er?ejr
i It- , ?1? . i-lty nr 1 otinl v En?
gineer, 101 Kranklln ?t . .'?r?? ".-.ght?.
:. j
MF'"H\N1''. 3*. married *??? "?
i>pare ttin?. exchange f,-,, ran? electrician.
r' imbli .t. ?team gataoten? mi i met + <yrl
' *rV e\er\'lllng en. l-.o<, A I refer'' ei
Robert ? ???
TSTn?? MAN, ?? ?rear? wl?hei cw??Utnn ??
tig; $11 p?r ?reel r .1. ??e, |6, Tribun?
. MAN '1?> ?iealrei pneHlon real
. ,., . 4r.? eXj.. let ?. g ?duet?; r?f
itmo\ ' M? ' ??'?-, 186 '?' ?' ?''? ?'
nt'Tl.Klt. '. M.t ; ' -n '? tato ?>.'<>? ex
perienced; : ? ? ? r?n'?a; !?'?
|4S Induatrlel u. -ii'i-ci ??"i 17 Wtai i-'l
?- T? 8816 Bryai ?_
?ii Ti.vi: and '? \t.1 ?".' '? ?celien? Frenchman;
?? ' ??* t.een e nuriar. under.
-.,. . an til? 4ull*a ihoreufhl? Protaclha
;? g : j ? . . I?j W^?e I???! -, h< . e -ir
H ?el- ?? ! el 624"* R 1 'de.
RrTI.KIt. V'Al.BT IS! i-t't, Pruteatant; the.
miahl) eapai "> ? ?. c? eiieo- cltj ral
ru-,. ,- ? , ISO f ?.; . 1 , .gen y.
? 42d -' 1 7i~: R - -
. n pt? 1 > e-liUdren ,
r%<. , ? um for ?umm?i sood refer?
m?e, .'ir!. Ttlll \?e,,. -, -JJ'.; 7iti h\-.
-..-.? MornlnsaM?
C'HAL'KKWiR Private fa . aeven \e?r? wltb
in,- family ; beat ref ?renca? aa to honeati aabrl
#? ? i inerhanlral ability; cltj i-r eo '1
V. 1 -cu u?. Tribuna L'puwrn OfRee, 1801 '
? a
-cm HMAN 'I ?.I'lHAKl: I'SRI M. Ml
tamperste; tbot "sic ?aparianraJ, ??eellenl
- . t ., t ?. luduati ..il V-? > Is)
\q, ., . j; \v< ?. 13d -' ' 6310 Hr\?nt
,,,/, tiM^-. Single; ?faret ? Drilling ard
ling; ? ountr) pref? rred. B, J., '.'"'-'7 7
a e
e ? ..v i m . . -?c gie; fr?' ? 'n'?'. ",c"
?Xperlepe c . !i enre of lor???, rarriag?? and
h???.?-', rai ful driver; fgenerallj uaeful; ii' oi
t-ounli Is ' r-*'? ' '" '"? ''ompelanl, Tribun?
?~ . , Rl . ? I w i, \
i M ( ?'H 6I'Ff1 ' R " ia'l ?? '-? n,?k?
change; mgrried; ir> famll; .1
'.. ??t 40th -i
i ' ? v im.r, oi ? IIA1 1't'i:' ?: ' ndaratanda
horaei :i> weii a? .ill rare; c.m make n\m
??if Invaloabl? In private fainll) Protectlra
Reglatr; tgem . '23' Weal 1091
Broad? " '
. <?l I'l.K Colored. Pr?t el??? ming ?er
vanta; moat i-ompetent -'?-?? laundresa use?
ful, butler; fSO Bna referen? ? M?as f^Mea'a
? ? '1 ?t.
i'OJJPI.E ?"-" Beoleh; rnaebman ?n'l uaeful
man; wife houaeworkar; k.? plain c,?,^.
? le-etii ihi^ .pi. i- raonal referan? ? ?.
Ma?h? ? ? ?n ?\g? ?!? si? ??'! ? ?
Tel .?.Tj in ranj,
< '(M'l'I.K rinn?ah; ?cf^ ??eejleni ?ook. ci'n -
daratanda all kinci? cooking; mim butler;
? , 1 f. neea |T0 cltj 01 country, cfkarja?
W'llaon's Agency. Ml ,-*"' M-b ?' Tel 2224
Pia y.?
1 c,i i'i.k . Klnniah; uaeful man and gardener
oh c 0,1k .-end laundreaa; ?araaea, ?.10.
viiiuia: and ohiiaina charlea VVIIeou'g Agen
? ? 1?! Ka?t .',"th ?? Tel, - ."-'?? 1'lar.s
1 ''?! i'l.K M'Ui'i .-, 11 'I c nainhertnit'd and maid;
tir?t c-:.-??. reference?; cltj or countrj Ml.??
Margaret Smith'? Agency, '-'?'. W>?t 42d ?t.
Phon? 3039 Bryan?
c cii I'l.K. Mght colored Americana; tinier,
cook; ?'"'") reference; ?raga?, |5a Bharry,
Tull tgency, -'J'.?7 Tti, ave. Pbone BOSS Mora?
FARMHVM? ?iiriciHri g_5; S""-i teamatefi
millier, ?il around n-Hn. i.ioiiaiitiia, cultivating,
pi. go-,'i referetieea Iternian, Maiii?-??.iii
Agancj sis en. av? Tel 878 n.\ 1
I' M'.mh v N ' ' 125; ? good ban :
? eifti, hove?, machinery, at* . ?l'an. ?',i.er,
reference?. Victor, Metheereon Ajene?, sm ?ith
a.e Tel._37S Br'ant
QARDENRH. r.-KlTl. Marrted; no children;
iri'?,i In all bran he*, vegetablee, fruit?.
flowera, greenhoaas; wji.t? cottage; t"t?t ref?-,
enc-e? ' 1 ?ri 'nier'? Agency, 184 ?1th eva.
UARDR?ER <ier?n?n. g.Ti?. ?00,1 p.riional r?f
aren??ea; undaraland? flower? hoi and cold
framei at? Herman, car? Mathewaon ve?n- .
Rl? ?i?h n%e Tel .17* Bryan?
??AItDRNKR Blderly man; ?trotut. ?the. un
derstand? rnlamc ?II \e?.|aMes. flower?, lnv.n?,
road? poultry, atock; good referencea, I. 11..
Tribune I ptown OlBce i:t??4 Hr,.K,|*a>. _
'<; \ im n-A'i'.l! American, 88; esperten 1 1. ,-i
aentl?innn'a or lady? pri\ate c?t??e; andar
?lands h"''' eutald? ?id graanbooaa work; ha*
?mu? Mven OUI ef 1*n entrle? with vegettole.
*.,d frcilt ?' fair ?ioorge ? atemon, 8' H'.nth
t;tth aya . Mount Vernon, N T. ____.
O?ROBNKB. Blnfl' '''? ' "!,'? working; soon
di-et,gaged, tboroushl) roropetenl In .?re of
? '.cure-.- piare, Broten; strictly notier gad bon
a?l genet refer, tl. e? i'.aid?tiet. I'M? West X7?1? ?I
iiARDKNKH P-.?i?i"n wanted by lad) f 1 he?
gaiden?r. ?iiotn ?he can re nom mend, for gen
Hennins pile -e; fourteen year?' experience vrttri
glass and OUtdoat gardening. c-aj.K'.ile of manag
,ist? \ (?. <;. iiox S7. MniTiatown I
OARDENRR 1 .-l.r'l I? Blngle, 40; ntiderslands
a1:' wort ??t? .omul, place; '??'" imr??. t<
i-oniir . ?ages j'.'.', *.'!'?. referencea. ??ard'tier,
.HMAN. 1'nderatands now"
er?, vegetable?, gulden, lawn?, ?limbs: ?Ingle,
^efere,.., Ha ? '* ' aytoo. 43 7th ave.
'. * RDENI '
nent eountrj plsre; ?as?"? I-'?' Pmrlrg, Tttll
a??m -. ?g07 7th av? 'Phon? WCZ Mornlng?lde.
ii"i ?RMAN or isKi-'i I. In privat? f?ntiu.
ii'ing tlUSSllSn; Rood appearance ?^larejiee,
Tull Agency, T2t>l 7th a^e. Phon? 8022 Morn
lng?lde. _
Married i"1 PtiE M?n thoroughly ?" ir
??tiUid? gardening, liorse?, 10*1; wife gr*>d cook
and lci|C|er maker, ref'renre <'arpenter Agenrj,
184 ?'.Mi a>e _
MAN, (irrman. middle ag*d: UBderatanda "ear*
YiiiTHf COW, segetable garden; genlleniali?
place, 1 i.in' leferen'e V\ ill.r-lm legge, 84
DIvMon ?troc?
1 h;?T|, MAN Voting Irishman ?inder?tan???
'"??? gaide.t. elikken?; ran milk, eate ?mo
fl"* sear?' reference. ? aipeijter Huir?n. |.',4 fltt,
'. 't\.\ 'ierman; ?'_."?. < ? ?i Tari For
tors?- cc?W, c-lilrken?. lawn?. go?-'1 referen- ???
;;lili?im. Mathewaon Agaocy, 818 ??th avs, Ta,
'"* lirjant.
DSKPUt, MAN S'Otrh. |W; f?wl on (??Men.
hora*, mi, etc., ?food person?! r?fer?nce
tainej .,,. Mathewaon Agen. \. H18 rtth a\a.
Te| ??78 Hm ant _..
C8EF1 I. MAN stueHih, 38; alun'.?. drive? an
tr.rnotill? . eii>? rien? ?"1 farmer: > an milk.
?tlough, .?re for chicken?, etc.; elxteen montha
laat i>la> ? . wage? 840 <hae Wlleona Agcnc
141 Ka.t BTUt *t Telephone 2224 I'laEa._
I'HEEl i, Man - English, 2*; ?Ingle; core of au
toinohlle, good valet, watt Ott tab:?, all lnsld?*
or r.'it.l |e ?.irk; beat of reference, fron? Rood,
fimlll?? watte., $40 fha?. WlltXHl'? Agency, 141
''??" BTth ?I Telephon? 2234?Plaza.
VAI.BT .'?Efficient Engll.h; good cook; un-1?r
?.tanda polo thing?, gun*, ?'immobile?.; four
??mis- per-.>nal r?f?renc?e; ?ages $4.". Henrj,
rioie.i. mo ??th ave.
YOt'NQ MAN, .-oi red. light, anxious for pei-ma
n. tit unployracnt: country preferred; under
?tanda h-.uaework. gartlen, hor?e.. and rowa; five
years .-Hy,. country r?f>'ien.e?, l|.-en?r 1 chauffeur
ten month*, ?hop and driving reference. M. ?',
B. x 42, Tribune fptown ?"?ffl. -e, 1884 Broadwa? .
I HOPMA VF.rt, 128 Sth avnue. tel. 4.">:?7
Madison ??.juare, agency for sopertor donwi
BROTHER and BI8TBR French nur?*, expert-,
??'.. ? ?'. Infant or grown. broth?r chauffeur; per
?or,ni refermes; long expert?*"'''- Mi*? MorroWa
Agenev. 721 Islington ave
CARETAKER. Keape.-tahle \ ntnan to take care
of houae for aumnier; excellent laundre?a; beat
r?f?rer.." Mantle. '*8?i st h ???A?.
' uAMUf.itMAil? end WAITRESS -Flue, near
ITnnlah girl; good ctiamhermald; fine refe
enees; 823; clt) oi fountrr. Mvnttlnen'a Agency.
?I"T .",tii ae. Tel I??? Harlem. _
ni?h girl; ex.eiient refer?n.e?. city (,r country;
?;.', Mynttmen'a Agency, .107 ?th a.e. Tel. ll?f)
girl. K,?>,i n.f?ren-ea; $?.'.', Mathev.s.n Agency,
818 8i|, a.* Tel :<7S Bryant
(?4AMBBRMah. wtirUKSi' Neat, ?rlltlng
Hwodlah girl. very good wattr???: excellent
chambermaid: oesi refeisnees; 823. o?terl"-rg'..
Agency, 7i?t f>?ington a" Te?. |053 I'la'.a
?l?MBKRMAlD WAITRESS \ >r? neal ?nd
willing, One reference?, prefer email family.
?28 Crttartoa Aji-hh-, 311 I'olumbu? a\e. .T'l'h
??es g hiiyjer
estant; tiro year?' reference. $-.'?., ery nice,
neat ?puenring giri Crttorlcn Agency, .141 Co?
rel M?8 - ' m let
CHAMBERMAID uni; thoroughly
evperieined. four >-?Mla' ?xeellt>Dt cltv refer
?nc?s; city, country; PO M!?k Buckl?) sAfl
If 5 est ?'-'i it Tel. :is; Bryant
I'lIAMRERMAin Vouns Irish gl-' excellent
long city rrferenr.?. fffi Y . Mi.? Hofsuyer*?)
Agen ?20 fit h ?.?, ni'it'i floor. Tel 1521
Madl.on Square
CHAMB?RitAID \*i ???TR?8S ~V?r. ?Mat: Ihr
i'fer.iii-e?. , ir> m country; ?i?, rhaM.j
?S? ?'?. mi Beet .-.7 th at. Tel. "i".??
W II v.n a
I'la 7..-.
?herer i ompM)
' irAMKT-mMW;, ,lkj SKAMTTI:!,
ened girl. he.? refer.n.-et. rltj or country.
WC 880 Call ai Iving A- Koe.h?:,, t 0n'i
*4gei |*| Jo ?7 West x, i
?-TIAMH'?RMAID end wTlTRWa i^i'nMtenT
?rllllna ?rlrl; ?.'.? refer?.?, ..,, ,r roVntrj
' <?:'? ?.:. i all ai Uni A 14..
Al?nc |3 , , 4; ?Ay,, J.? .,
' UAMBBRMAItl :.,t, g,?r(r .,,.?,? r. ?.;:
mends eseellent ?girl Been a- n?i Eaat TSd
COOK AND ?Al ?Difi
and ?titre,,. $?>'. tno Swell-i, ?r|. pr,f?
ably together ,it, .? ,-.>un?r- M?nt-lnena
Agene;.. ?gqf) :,. , -, pel ?.,. H;irl., .
' ""K EngilSh l'r."-.'?n'. ne.i. rtjpabl? i
??o,,,,,,, tnoroughiv competent in all l?rsi m
of roolKlnj. referetiee? , || ,,r ,,),)?.,. ^, .,
? ' ?? ? Agenry, 4ft7 4th a-.
Will a.da? li.indrea?. n?a?. .omp.i.nt
"*i:iing and obliging, gtwaj recommandation?
Mn co\\\ero Agei 157 MJt ???? n??ar 81 ?I ?t
.S-I.-.K rit ? ? -, s?
" ? ? ? ?.s?ae?, '.-107
8lh a.e T#| , ion.-, IU. .
?'.?'K rinnlsti, thorous ? ?tent x.-jr?
reren ? >. city or , ?unir?. 835 M nubien"?
'?? 51'?7 .^lh ave Tel m,-, n?r|.m
' ""K ai! LAUNDRESS N.-a- v.,.',rg ..?nia""
1 r-..,,,,,,, ,|., ?r rouilla. 82,'. M.
? -i > Agency, si*. 6th a-,? Ta] 8T8 ;
C?X>K N'a' ti irotjgl ? ?rleneed
i?s ,, ? -i.,,. . 0?k manag?', eointn- pr?
f-ired. he.i r.fereii'-ca. $4.'i ' la'erl^rar'a Agan' ,
7t>. Ix?? i k ??! a - r?- |,,.v.
. ? " .t; .--.. edWll. ' '.-i"S. ' ? Il .!?-???
r i ? -? ? ? ...?-, .. [ fattei
v'*rr-a A?, u , 7 1??. I>.>|;igt..-i a ? Tel 1018
i g fit.? '. Ita? ? - ? ?
t.'i r '\ ftlant ? o. '.. m.nagei. .sih?r
?r- fon ...ita.?. ticetlen? r?'"
? ' ?'? ??..?? <rr? Ageaey, ?la Laslngton
Tej . u.v. t" . ?
... .
! I w o ? e
. $.1l? P 'ferio??
mg. . ?pabla le e- >
!??' 'ef. ~r
Afin . n?l . .'.imbu?
hrat- l?ea ? i?
refe"- ?, t ?o
141 K? ' ft???? ?'
i , .1 ,i< Irlah; flnrl ???
e "|.?nn -a: . ? ' ?
. ? i \e
Tel 2?24 P'4ia ?
.g an? t.a' K??ESS ?fin? pian 'o^,, f-f
amall f?nil! , fn? i-f.ir?i r. ?? I . a??'*' ?rl'h
.i? or count I Blue !.:?' Aa?"'-.
Broad???., |.et??en ?t!th an? KT'h
l'rir.K -? >.? ' rro'e?t?ti'. flti? en ^r?.?d and
l'aa" $?" B ???? i- ?iH Imerlcan r?.f?r
M:a. she ? x ;? . ? Baal I'd a?
?'.11h n- i '!(?,r~NT.r?r s- ?ja ??! rlVa?nher*
tld an4 watireaa. %Z2. iwe ?geellent r? ir,S
(tajrHlal f/ir'a. would Ilk? to go togather; rltj
nti Isrsen'? tgen??y 12'?? st., ^orn?r
?^all.oti a< ' T?l , 42S? Har>ir
. ?....;< ?, ' ?reainrl, ?p!?nd'1 rr*,^ and ma? '< r;
?.-... |iit?hei ?'l t .r vear? m la?t piticei
?J4?. M??? 8 II ?a ? Aget . ?? K,?' 4?d a?
(??OK t'tr'-r?'.|. '? ..klig In ?Il '.ra; ->???;
. ,r-?:|.n' '? feren- ?? MI.? Minar?! Smith'?
Agency, S.", ?e?' 42d .? PhotVe, Wt l'.rvat t
.".nik Ki?.< class all '"??'' h? ?
? al exe,-. ? ??fe-en,e._ elty, co'ir'rv;
t.-, .in . nloi ?1 aseney, ?*"*t t*'??? BBth ?* Tel.
r.-.-.' Murray HJil
,,M.K , ' BrSI 'la??, go'-l l.?fcrr ?!t> or
v. beet r?f?renc?e; -?ag-?. |4S84B ?'?II,
a> Un.? a B?weherer Cenaseaj Ag?n 4.". ? 47
W? ?I 884 .
rnrVk ? ?1st laMindry 1 reughl) e?|..-r .
? ? ? e\ce-k',t refereno?; 880; rlty, t?eun
Il ? ?trial A-a-..-iati..ii ?sency, 17 W??t 4C4
?t Tel 8214 B15 ?0'
cot'BljE Bwtsa; ?\>eli?ii? eeok; ??.i?t uundry;
? biitler, rs?et, u.afui, taro >??r?- e, eii.-nt
r?far*nc?a; ISO Industrial Asaoelailnn ?/yen
17 ?? r.- |2 M r?' 8210 l?rv?ni
and I.At'NDREKfl By rompelanl -our,,
- r- Mrs <o'.p?r'?i Agen.-. i;:,7 8th
gati ?
?'onK i..., i.. iplendl'l r"f'rni.-e?, ?*?i?. amall
ran iiy; ? -r.s .k? t.. pleaae
ail tuHte? Protectlva ResUlry, '-??'ts ?>?' i'?it .
:, 1.1 1 m? 3248 T:t-.etaM?.
1 ?>i.. >rti:i> <;i 1:1. for seneral 1 0n.e4.0ri, gno?
plain ??"'?? ???'? leundreaa; MiurUI pr?vala fai
or aparinieiit g.-vl reference?: *'-'"i rearson's
Agen-y, ;. K*aat 132/j et Tel r."iu Harl
?'OtTI.E fren, h man Useful lioiiaeman Snd
gardenei <>r chauffeur; wife parfeel cook,
?Mas '.u' ii'*le Esgllsh; tineat r?f?renc?e;
rit or country; f?'1 Preteellon lt?gistry, 281
We?! 1 ?mit 1, m Tel (?is Rlveralda
rnn-i.i: ......u, .?.eii. nt baker, plain laun
rlreas: man generally uaaful, ?.-?""i t'utier.
private family;
? A gene; . ?2I 1
?nt ?"? "rW
< "tl'I.K Cook.
1111.11 uae'Dl Innl.t? and out. nnde
,i.n. ,,,.. heraej go anywhere; ?"?
, ren.e?. M lea She?-? Agen?), S Ka
? ? Il M Ml?
halrdr???- r,
?;,:, v.ouid travel*. Protactl
li/eal H'iuti at Tel P24H Itlver?i.|
UBNERAi, il"1 ?KW'iRKKU. Nest, wllllns
Bwadl*h Rlrl, good plain cok. w.iltre?. and
. 1.m,,h rtiiriM beet city refere"., a Det?r
berg*? Ageaey, TIB Lexington ?ye Tei. io:..i
lui! REWORK?B T"U"g Kinnlah girl, egcei.
lent cook, plain leandraw?; go*?d refeiencen;
,,,ntii\ %:'< Mynttlnea's Ageacy,
2107 6th t.- ? 'i. ' 1085 ll:?rie,M.
il. irsi;\\"iti. ki: $'-''-. '"? " roues girl '.vith
good p-raiinal r-ferencea; plain cook and
l.undrea? M.ithr ? .?on ? Agetic, S1S ?ih av?.
878 Mr;.-ni _ _
IP I'-.-i'U'UtKK.rt Colored gtrl, rompotent;
egeeptlonally aeat, truthful and houe?t ; for
'?.?all f?mltv In aSSrtmeat; Mghe?t rafer
aneea; 133. Crlterlea Agency, Ml Celambua
ave Tel 8488 Si huj jer.
ifotTsEWORKKB c?ioreO: fit at nleea .'on'
und gond laundre??. city ..r country; 82??;
ex..-unit refereac? ?iiin? Agen.-, ii-j west
i:,',th at. Tel 2,"."7 W Mnrnlngald?.
???l.'HEWORKER Bean?lnsvlan; good per.
aot.nl refer?nce?, excellent cook and good
laundre.? Hanson's Agency, '.':!'.ii Biuadway.
t< 1 iTeiSa gchuyler_t
HOI REKEEPEB liood .-alerer and manager;
excellant refereneasi would tak ? p.i.ttion ?a
companisn 10 elderly lady M!?a Margaret
Smith'? Agency. 88 Writ 4L'tl at I'l.one nO.'!t?
IlrMinl_ _
HOt'SETVORKER. American; '"?<? woman;
?>.od baker, ???age? no' ?.. tnu.-li ?a ?teurly
plaise; elty, country; ve.ir'a referetn ea. Mr?.
i'ooper'1 \<-ti.--.. 857 ?th ave. :t?tu at
H?CiEWORKBR By Bcoteh, Prateeunt
woman; good BSker and laundre*.; elty or
I'.iinlrv. reterence? In', .at Igated ?'all Mr?
Cooper*? Agency, 837 ?i?h sve.; SBtli
IIOl '8EKBEPER. ?English: very superior
v oman with excellent reference?, fine i-ook
and good manager, arnall family preferred;
886, l-rote-tlve ItegUtrT Agency. "I? W? St
i'. enr Ri..ad-*.-.- Tel.. 8248 Riverside
IDWORKEB Voung Qerman; no ?aahlng,
? xcrllent ,00k; 13.'. A Mia? llofmayer*?
Agenry, 338 .".?ii a\e , ninth tlxir. Tel. 4.">27
Madl.on Srjuare
IM-'ANIH M RS?. r.erman; rompe tarnt; takse
t?aby from birth; city or country, wage?. 8.10
R8; best reference?. ? ?all a? latng ? Boecherer
i'omp?nv Ag?ncy. 41 ?o 47 W'll ft.'?,] ?t.
-I I Nl'RSg Kngtl?h, I'mtegtani. with
hue refer?weea; go anywhere; |:to. country
pi.f.rr i v .. shaa's Agency, <? r.?a? t?A
klTi'HENMAlO Most, itront, willing Kwed'-'
l.h girl; ?peak. Engllah. competent, ?xp?
r'en. ed he?t r? feretica?. Oatarherg? Agen.y.
ii'i i eiington ava. Tel, inr,:, pi???
KTT?'HENMAID ?Strong yTTijiTar w?rTian. wVjj
experienced. $22. ?xcellent references Ml?*
??'.'?'a Agen... s ' i
LADT'S MAlD.-Meat.tSll. obllging~Hwed??h
m.ild: excellent r?for'ne"?: ?i?o \?r-. good
Swiss French and f??rtn?n maid? ?nierberg*?
v' TIB l.exinjto_n av?. Te I. m.y, plaza
LADT'8 MAID Osmpetatil <;ernian~Kr?ii.-h;
gi?ol ?ewer, packer: willing t., do light cham
berwork; beet rsfarsates; w?gr?, %?>:, ?j;;n tall at
laing AV B<Mii?er?r ?nnipativ Agem . 43 t0 47
Weei !?i_aj__'
H' *? r>rtES'S -Trning Swede, expert laundre??;
-'ilrt.. lingerie lace? g? Ifjag llofi.i?. ?r?
830 "''li ?va., ninth floor. Tel. *?-7
MaJUon t*>,uara.
The Fastest Steamers in the World
APRIL 24 June 12 Au* 2l
lay 22 July 3 Sept. 1
1 A. M July 24 Oct. 2
May 8 Ju"e 19 Aug. 28
May 29 July 10 Sept. 18
1 A. M Aug. 7 Oct. 9
Caronia Campania Carmania
May 4.10 A.M. June29 May 15. 1A.M. June 26 May 18.10 A. M. July 13
June 1,10 A.M. July 31 June 5,1 A. M. July 17 June 15,10 A.M. Aug. 10
The '"Lusitania," "Mauretania" and "Campania" will sail f?om New
York at ! A. M. Wednesdays, subject to the discretion of the Command' r.
Mauritania and Lualtania do not atop at Q_ea_atown, east-bound
New York?Mediterranean?Adriatic Service
Calllar et Madeira, Gibraltar, Genoa, Waplee, Trleate, Flam?
Write tor Itinerary. Balling hour noon.
April 25 ab May 9 May 16 a May 30
June 13 ab Jnae 80 July 3 a July 18
.'i Omits Madeira b Omits (?moa Quotations furnished for any Tours.
Rntind the World Trips $600 and up. Special through rates to Egypt? India,
China, lapan, Manila, South Africa, and South Ain<*ri?-,-t
Plera Toot W. 14th St., Worth Blver. ^_Offleea, 24 State St, Opp. Battery.
A? _, Tier 62. K. R.
menean Line KSTit*
ft l.o'ila . . May II101 Pa-el .J'lti* 1
(f?m rert Mai z> ti Leala ?,,,n? *
Red Star Line **f*a
London?Pari? via Dover?Antwerp
Kroonland %pHI 51 Vaderla?*.. .Bay 11
ill,--; |fa) 4 Laatend. ? ? -Mav is
White Star Line WV
Thi" largei? f*teamer In the World.
&ILlinfim_im SjSSJST?
rraneli a la <"ar?? Restaurant. Turkiih ?t Kiactrta
Ba?!',i, ?wimmln?,- Pool. Tour Elevator?.
Gymnailurn. Veranlah Car?. Palm Court.
Bquaah Racquet Court
Olympie faew) . . May * O? ?uni'' Ma) II
Philadelphia. May If.ttMwn OlymplelneeoBay -'<
New York?Queenstown?Liverpool
Celtic ..April 31, noon Baltic-.May ?
Adriatic- May 2. n?on Cedr!?- .. - V?v 1"
From Montreal via <Qtieb?r to Liverpool
MEOAKTIC Slay II. June ?.July ? I
?TKI'TONIC May 1?. Jim? IS, July IS !
I.AI'KKN'II?" May ?S. June tt, July M
*? IMIlt June I, June ??, .Inly 111
??"ml' one CUM of ?'abfn ?Hi Paaaang*ra
Paitenaer Offlrea. a Bwev 'Tel. 2100 He. tor) I
and Pier R, I?. R ?Weat ?S?l ?t.. N. Y.L
<"? c ' P! \ V
T O 0 R i.
\pnl )4ttt by Ike Quebec I S ?o.'a lux
urleua twin-acre? B 1 "BBBMCDtAW,"
?.,,.., ? ?,;, cabine de c r? r\ and
?*??? Oreheetea. etc *OU up
?48 Broadway. "?? ??p-1 HI Pi", a ?.
'.''.?O Pr?*?!" iy, Kew York
RED "0" LINE 5Cr.,lh5?.it?
Por "San Juan, P R . Ta Bttgyra, Pto Cabello,
Curacao and Mura aiho 'i? Curacao
Tat >inv ig ir?. r R tj? (fuayra, ?"ura?,ii> ani
Maraca! bo
map?? air" Maj i RUMA Bay II
luperlar Ac "n'iiodaH^in f.ir raaieng?*:*.
General Managen |j Wall ("r??t
Llilea, palma eryat?i ra'.e?, c?rala Boat
Ing. bathing. ??Iilng. cycling, golf 8?a
BERMUDA fe-asa
Se?..<?ir?. grande*' liner I/???a?t r?t?ja.
Berniudn ?ktlontl- Une. ?'to rtr^Adway N. T
?n ?rt d?i ????'ir arlth a parti uiarlv good
Itinerary ar,d limited inamh?rahlp H'tir?* than.
Nap!*a to rond?n thru Italy, Iwltaarland, Ba
tlermany, iioii??i?.i. j". ??th?-:- May and
t'ni? datea f l.\RKH TOrlf?. Time, Rldg.W.
A. K. Johnaon X ( u . Agt?.. I Broadway.
OELRICMS & CO.. Gen. Agtc. 5 BR0?0WAY. N. Y.
'?aine?ron?a Apr ST.! rM MumMa..May n. 2 PM
Calrdonl? Ma> 4. 10 A M California May 1?, 10 AM
FIRST CABIN. $70 and ?7.V
SECOND CABIN, ?SO and upward.
for n?w H'?-,k of To'ir? and Information apply to
Twin-Screw Sailing* Tuea. 10 A.M.
tRottordaitt .April 23
tPotadam.April 30
tN?w Amsterdam.May T
?Noirdam .May 14
Offloa. SO B'way, N. T._
CITDflDC P'ramaMp ticket? for all linea
bUBVlEi Cho?c-*t barth* Lowest rataa.
International Sleeping Car Co., til 5lh Aee.
(Splendid Steamer*-Splendid Seirice)
Fishing's fine down in
?Let the folks at 171
Broadway plan your
f,\*. New York. Tier If, N. R .
ft. of Harre?. M.. UM P. B. Ar?
rive Boston 7 ,\. M. or * A. M.
Fare lo Boston . $3
City Ticket Office--171 B'way--Phone 5121 Corl.
Providence Olract. $1.60 ' Worietter. ?2.4J
Daily, Including Hunda*, n-.se V. M.
From ri?r 11?. E. B
| New Management. Improved ??er?lce.
I Cl?y Ticket Office. 290 Broadway. N. T.
Central-Hudson Line
Steamer? for Newhurnh. l*ol?eep?le A Kingston
from Pier 'J4, M P.. ft. Krankl'tl St.
_TeL 408 Pranklla._
?;niNfl TO ALBANY OR TROY? Taka the
a'eatnors 'Ptiona Spring 940"
?,. lER'g HKePaWt. Wo?B?UI of reflnenient;
good ?e??r Write Mia? M . .V?i Islington aw.
I.ACNb?t?HS -???l'ali. na?t. ?scellent laun?
dt?-.. ri??t claaa In ?\ery respect; excellent
referen.??a Osterberjr's Agencj. 71d Islington
a\? in in.',.?, PjaM _g
r,M'NnKF*sS 'mi d" a'.'.rt. ?nd collar?, ca?
pable P?entela woman, be?t reference?; city
. ii?r>? Wilson'? Agency, in Baal ;.7i'i
a' Tel. 3284 Pleas _ _
I.At'NDRESH Ptrsl rlaas; aasiar rhamber
?rnrk; brother, gsrataor undereiand? horses
co??. chlekens: both highly reeommeadeg; to?
gether or ?eparaf? Mian MetTew'S Agen.-. 7'.'l
i ?xlngtoj ___,
I ?rN~DREB>S Sv.ediiii. flr.i riaea family
laundreas ??rong, ?tiling an?1 obliging. I.-at
reference* elty or <ountry. 880. Charles Wll
?on? Agm? . m aUet .'.rth st. Tel. 3884
fiara _ _.
?...it i It IRELAND Protegiente; twa girls to.
??ether; cook, $i". othai chambermaid, t-?>;
excellent'reference?: city or country Criterion
\g?n.-\ Mil columbu? a - i 7rttIt ?' '. Tel.
N't US!". Prencl prefer child over three, ex
parienced mlddl? as d eareful ami .?ompe
,,, , ,.x. , iiet-t references: $'.'?'? l.'ritenoB
, ., .,, ave [el 8488 Bj huvl?r_
\t BSSJ P fan?
oughl) competen! :"??! exporlence?!; excellent
references 123 crlterl n '??. ncy, .?it t'olum
t,u? eve Tel SIM Schuyle? _
Sl'RSE ''"ai take Infant from birth; under*
alanJs bolll? fecdh-K. go anywhere M tea
Margaret Smith's Agency, M V.>?? r_'d ?t.
?Dion? .WM Brrsni
Nt'RSS ?"- chambermaid In private famllr:
Southern colored girl, excellent reference, go
tr. country Anna. Tuli Agen. ?. 2281 7th ?ve.
i- n -"-?-' Momlng?lde
NIR8E Bngilsh, trained; ho?pltal experience,
will tike, entire charge of infant, ex? client
references Ml?? aTHsfserald'a Hup an, B8B Ml?
at?.; etifr?nce, 42d ?t._
St'RBB North Oerman; experienced girl, to
' child over tWO ?ear?, good aewer; heat refer
,,,,., ?a???. ISS ??1" '"all ft? I?*-''* * H-e.-herer
! ..?,p".n? Ajrincy. 43 ... 1.7 Weal ??.M a.
Ni-iicH)itV aovKRNESS. North Oerman; re
fined sood sewer; rlti or ?Wintry; tmt refer
en ea. '???ge?. 880 BBS CWISJ tsng ? Boecberar
Company Agency, M to 47 \\r.t 83d at
n?ai vary competent Rwedlsh girl; speaks
Miaiuii very best refers?????* ?Daterberg'e
Vg.n > Ti" ?xlnaton ev? Tel It? Piase.
... ??[ t,- I.AT-Nni'.Y WOMAN for wealthy lad> .
rtieat lli.gerl- and 'Iry cleaning for a horn?; a
n?o ?'ader ?"-1 companion l?hmen. S73 Wc.t
|80th ?'
-,...,, HI6TER8 Cook ati'l waltr??ee. no ob
!h.non large famii>. highly recommended:
country preferred Ml?a Morrow? Agency,
721 Lexington a?? -
txvm SISTERS. Scotch. Proteatant?. es? i,
? ?, Vuas waitress, other chambermaid and
iaTmstress; wish place together mi?? Mar
?are" Smith'? Agency. 2.". ?A eat 42d at. Phone
:iii?v*. pry-in' _?-.-.
"vvi. illfis Swadlah; both excellent refer
e? 'Ink 888. ???? chamhermnld-waltreea.
. '. ..ta like, to go together; elty or conn
f,-:v rVa?n*.1 AgeaV. lldTUilagts- ?-. Tei.
i4dt Pisas
WAITRESS Make? sil ?alad?, und.-r.tand.
?ervlng -vine?, can carve; excellent ref. r
.??;, Mia? Margaret Smith'? AfSSey, *
Wm? I2d si Phon. M88 rlnsnt
?..?.?m PAHI.nitMATn- Neat, tall Sv.e.l
*;* ?h .?.*i.?nt waitress: aaderstaads her
'5 fi .ro.itrl.l- very beet referenc??. Oster
K?iAAn? Usiagtsaaira Tel 1818
,. .,ri>i-ss l-itv g.'lng abroad, recommend?
Wt?2SSt<?in free April 23. Seen at lid Boat
7.1d at . Moni"' _. . ? ?
fFI?TR??H? '? > ??? "??,- lMy: "^'"S* \?,K"
?uni ctv reference?. .Its. country; ?*> Ml??
PAS'. ?'ss?S! W W.s, 42.1 .?-. Tel..74H7
Bryant _ _ ??
?..?Ti'rnr-- *?s.|?t ? -hambei work, exceptional
?e?t ?mpetenl ?bilging joung woman exeel
;?,, refercn'-e. Mr,, ?oilier? Agen< ?. ?7 4?h
myft., near 8?B? "' _
WA?TR?988 or PARWIRMA1D. .-on h Protea
tan? refined, superior youag w?sraan; etrctly
ilr," c'la?? hast of reference- Mr? ? ?tiler's
Ag?nc?. mi 8th ave._,
, . . ,.,-<j v-.'in? - m '' '-' "'' as - lent
U?.rJren.'-e. 33?) M.. Ml.? llofma,'-'? Agency.
M Vh ?e ninth Moor. T-!. 8831 Ma.il- n
???ITnr.-'M "and PTrC?RMaTP 'otnpetenr.
neaV girl ' '>"?" ' *<??'<<??. ?. .1". ?M .oiintry;
u.?". ?.i?. ?'?u at UMg * laecaerer Ossapaay
?Jfn?v. 4.1 ?2 ?2 *'"' * h'
?r??icrs ? COMPANION. lloiihekeer, r for ?I
V lerlv 'ad? o, couple; practl.al hmiaekeeper;
? i, ....r'oiH of ?-I'v preferre.1, by young worn
,>n"" Add.-.. B M. TrlUne Ip.own Om.e. 1*M4
?.....?noh No SeS.OtlB of tie |*?lon ?
i?. In?? H?nW la mlaatng Any peraon ba^lng
' i.im to H la hereb. called upon to preaent
?l>. ?ame ?slthin ten day? or ?ubmlt to havlns
aata pa.?booh candled an4 a new one L.ued.
Julius Kindermann & Sons
Storage Warehouses.
and ?M.-i-W WALES AVE. COB, 150I'll SI.
(Tata fork, \prii Und, till
To Mr*, Pe.-irle /.uchtniun. Mr. .T. .1. Van
Horn. M I). Mr K. D Manley, .It. Mr* ?
Muagrove, Mr y. H Kolleher, Mr* If Martin.
Mra h i Bennett, Mr* Ida Bennebora. Merj
1'lgh.e. Cowperthwall ,\ "Son, Mlaa A r Street,
Mr. Henry l-aecar, Mra .i 1.eahey, Mr? Bdlth
Hettlnir, Mr. F "V Schilling, Mr-, Myrtle
Tjimi.!., A Ealkln. Nellie Hear, Mrs il Som?
merfeld, Mrs \ DeCreny. Mr* R. iiartigan.
Ml and Mr? Wm. l Kingston. Mr H B Til -
ton, Mr David Strulton, Kn Ida The-mia?.
Loon ?Lanklaky, Marj McOraham, Mr. D H
Tiltil? 1! H. .'Uric- fog anil each of you
are hereby tiot?flfH that, the time for the pay?
ment of our ll?n upon the property hereinafter
?le?cii-rltcfei having eiplrel. after duo notice
thereof had Seen Riven \iiii. ue will ran*? such
property, tu wit, Houeehold ?'.o?d*. Paraonal
Efl t* and M rchandlse, atorad in the Julius
Kltt'tertnann * Sin* Htoraae Warehouse?, st
131!? 1111 Brook Avenue, und at HU-M7 Wale*
\ ,.. and hi UM |3*)a VYebeter Avenue,
New York City, hj you or In your name 'or la
which >"u may have an Interest), to be ?old .it
public au? tloi . u' cording to the statut? In auch
caaa made and provided, a) the warehouse?,
Koa MS ?re? ?st Walea A venae, comer East
190th Street. New Tora Pity, on Eriday. May
10th, 1013. hi in s. in . and If the sale thereof
Is not completed on sail .lata the ?am? will
be continued a? the aame place on ave?
thereafter. I.eglititlng at 10 a m . anil continu?
ing until ail ?he goods ar?- aold
_\v ^ BKHOt'SBH_
\\ v rBRTOW n arsi'nai. w a ?i:h row N
Maaa., April 2". III! Bealed Propoaala in
triplicate, upon blank form* f'irnl*h*?l by this of
floe only, ?111 he rr.elved here until 1 p. in.
Mi '." IA1I. for furnishing during year ending
June tO, 1118, r i'?. rod l,ra.??t and liront?, lu
*te.i, nadle, fuel, cement, lime, lumher. oils, biu?
and brown print paper, foundry supplies, dry
COlla and rubber Information furnished on ap
plication to tho Commanding (imcer, Watertown
tract ?iutihoat ?a 1? ion previous specifica?
tion.? modified i will be reeelved at the Navy
Department mit 11 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
July 1. 111% WbOa they will he publicly
opened. A circular of requirements for said
vessel Is now ready, and plans and apectflca
tlons ulll he ready May 1. for dletribntiori
among prospective? bidden. Forms of propoeal
?nd contrae! may be had on application to the
Department after Juno l*t 1; \ i, METER,
Sccrotary_t ? 1 s. 1 j
PORATED, for the benefit of creilltora ? In
pursuance of so order of the Supreme Court
of ?he Mate of New York, notl.-o Is hereby
given that the undersigned will sell at public
auction the unooll? ted account? receivable of
A B Baxter * Company, Incorporated, in the
rotunda of tho ?'ity Hall. In the ?.'ltv of New
fork, cm the ?1th day of May. 19?2. at 12
o'clork M.
Bated, Nee York. April 4th. 1912
JNO I ADAMS. Attorney for Assignee, 25
B id Si . Manhattan. New york ?'Ity.
1 WILL BOLL" ??? responelble (art-, im t-cautl
fully ievetopod |<S,000 -plantation In best health
resort district of South for $3,500; In .,er tent
cash, balance easy payments; plantation has
?hewn handsome profits each year; equipped with
liest up to date Improvement* und Implements;
bttalnaea Interest, .-all me abroad, broker* need
not answer, references exchanged. M , Bo? 161
Tribune ? filce.
Oldest. Laigc!?t, Most Modern.
Prices Reaaonable. .Send for Circular.
Tel. 4?B?-4eM Bryant. 43T 4.38 West 45th 8L
CARBPtiL HAR1 ' I [NO CO Cl*a??
b% compeeaaad air. s'oain, hand or on floor
f,.-,s Broadway, 421 Ka?'. 4Sth st. COE A
BRANDT id 1 ?'?-' -s''
PRKE!?To get mon names on our mall?n?
Us'. 011 Saturda?-. April 27th. Wa will give
free to each lady calling her blrthstone; dla
monda and |eertlry at manufacturen' pri?es
Beniieti Mfg. ''n. 17."? H'w.n. hi. Cortlandl -?
V?CTOR VJIIBUS. T? Nassau st. Catalogua
fre?; all make* taken part payment; bargain?
la Undarwooda. Remingtons. Olivara Em It ha,
for Immediate cash. R. 801, 806 Fifth ave.
Emil L. Boas,
Resident Director and General Manager
I argest 9. H. Ce. ^T ^k m tbo World
SSfpRa?? f \ ?*?*?
April Sailings
Pr?s. Lincoln.25th, 1 P. M.
Kais'n Aug. Vic. 30th, 9 A.M.
May Sailings
?"?'Pretoria . 4th, 12 noon
Victoria Luise.... 7th, 10 A."M.
?'Batavia.11th, I P. M.
Amerika .16th. 9 A.M.
Pr?s. Grant.18th, 10 A. M.
1*1Pennsylvania ..23rd, 11 A.M.
Cincinnati .25th, 1 P. M.
Kais'n Aug. Vic. .30th, 10 A. M.
June Sailings
Victoria Luise.... 6th, 9A.M.
Pr?s. Lincoln. 8th. 11 A. M.
Amerika.13th, 9 A.M.
??"Pretoria.lSth, 9 A.M.
Cleveland.20th. 10 A- M.
Hamburg.22nd. 12 noon
Kais'n Aug. Vic.27th, 9 A.M.
Pr?s. Grant.29th. 10 A. M.
BMIamhunr direct. ?2d Cehln nnly.
1WU1 call at Boulogne.
Gibraltar, Naples, Genoa
S. S. Hamburg. May 1S9 9 L M.
S. S. Moltkc, May 29, July 6,10 A. /*..
Nov. 12, 1?I2 ! Feb. 27, 101?
Trow New Yorif . From San Fr'aoo
?mem tit da to r?st ?*----?" up
Including ?11 n??r?sssrv ?sp<?naea
nhosrd and ashore, railway, hot?!,
shore, axcurslcns, carriages, g-'de?
fees, etc.
Write) for keefclet of any ??rulae
41 4* BROADWAY. % 1
|-on? liioo Rector
C?fice Furniture
In great variety of
"Style end Price.
111 FTLTON 8T.
With Its e!?aant comfort. Its Tonlo and Com-'
live Baths snd sup?rlor table und eervtca, Igj
ai. Ideal place for Winter and Spring. Alweyg'
opeo. AI??y? r?ady. Always bury.
F L. YOUNG. General Manager.
Ken York ofn>e --1122 Broadway.
Directly on the Ocean Front.
Alwaya Opan. __
Iflarlborougb ? Bitnl)tim<
Joslali Whit? _ Hons Company. f
MIH? Kl.l. l\W)l ??
"HOfMER HOMKfV' a wonderful be<?Vt el
nearly 1.000 hotel? ?n'l hoarding houaaa in Put?
llvan and T'!st??r Counties. New York. BOUT
readv. ?Set It New York. Ontario _ Wa???rti Rv.
Co I K jtewnft 'r. 1'. A., M Hoav?r 8t , V. T,
' ?!
K1VMOM1 * g HIT? nun ? 0 . t?? Fifth A?y!
For Both Sexe??City.
Barlam Branch. 841 Lanos At?., naar 127th OU
Brooklyn Branch, 218-220 Livingston BO.
American * Foreign Tea. hers' Agency.
pile? Professors. Teachera, Tutor?, Governsaasa*
ate, to Collegee. ?Schools and Familia?. Applf
to Mrs U J Touna-Fulton. 38 Union Bquare.
Iflfll III ?'?nservatory Neuwlrth. Be*?'
WlULIn method for b?alnners; less?*?. P/v.,?
Ai'lstlc finish for .i T v aiif-d professionals, a'set
pupil?' residence, *M Kss? 7?Vh gt
SUMMONS. _ ___
.lames H. Briggs. Sophia J rrau and Caro?
line d? Mette Briggs. Plaintiffs, agalnsB
Charles B Graf and F.velvn Graf, lit? wfe.
Charlea B Graf a? Administrator of th?
g'.ods. chattel? and credit? of Beno Graf, de
e?aaed, Augusta Graf, Stephanie Graf, ??-i-l*
Th irea? Graf, George Khre?. .lullua Redlich,
Victor Nauatadtl, In?-.. Graf and Graf Res?
taurant' and Hotel Company, Suizberger antX
Son? Company and Albert ,T T:fklnd aa Re?
?salver at the property of <*hari*s B. Graf, De? ?^
fendants. ? Amende-.1 and Supplemental bum?
m'eus. NO. *U.?t?, Itll
'I c> the Abejve Named Defendanta: You Aro
Ilereliy Summoned to answer tlis amend-..
Complaint l" t h ta action, and to ?erve a rop*
of your anawer on the Plaintiffs' Attorn?/
within twenty da\s after the ser;. Ice of tliii
summon?, exclusive of the dav of jairlee; .? ?
In caso of your failure to appear, or anaw. r,
tudginont will h? tak. ti against sou by daf? iilti
for ?he relief demanded In ?he amended c.mplalnu
Dated. March Wlh, til?'.
Plalntlfls' A?torne\, ti^-e and Post Oflce Ad?
?lrcss, :il Nassau 8tr?e?, Borough of Man?
hattan. New York 'im
To Auausta ?,raf. Stephanie c.raf. Soda
Thereoe Graf. Defnid*nt?
The foregoing amemod and aupplemr n-il
?ummefu is aervad upon vm by p>iblie?i(nn,
pui-?uant to an order of ilia Hon. Kdward 1.
Qavafgn, ?>ne of th* Ju?tice? of th? Supreme?
?our? of ?lie siai of New York dated the
L'sih dm of Mar.-h. 1!>12. and filed in ?ha ctl\r/,
of the ?'lerk of the County of New Yorit, 1?.
the .'c.untv Cour? ll'iuse. Borough of M?i?
hattan. City at Mew York, on ?lie 2?th day of
March. ini'J Tli< origina' amended and aup
plementai .-'uminona and duly verlflid amended
and supplemental Complaint ?*,., flled In aalj
offce on tl" ??nth dav of March, 1012.
Da? il. New Y'.rk. March 2?th. lOl'.V
Attorne? for ftalntirT?. Offl.-e ?nd res? O* ??
?ddrers. 31 Nassau Ptreat. Borough of
M s 11 h .11 tan. City of New York_
MME. T. < \K\? i 10.
101 and ion we,t 42d Ft . mit/ ?ull?
Tel., MTT Bryajko?

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