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Vice-Pr?sident Bottomley .
the Host of Amateurs Shou
Be Encouraged.
Declares Men Direct from C
ernment Service Lacking i
First Class Operat?
ing Ability.
Joint Bottomley. vice-president and
eral manager of the Marconi Wireless
graph Company of America, declared
terday that the thousand or more ami
?virelese equipments In this city ha?
effect ?whatever upon the wireless tl
mission to or from the ?Ainard liner
pathia. which brought to port the Tita
survivors. It had t?een difficult to
much information from the Carpathia :
she picked up the Titanic'.?; passer
from th* liner's lifeboats on Monday n
Ing. but the short range of her instru?
at first and later the exhausted rond
of the ship's operator caused by the f
bulk of servi? ? business put upon him
responsible for the delay in getting i
to land.
Mr. Bottomley declared that the Mai
system had attained such a state of pe
lion in its operator.?? and its attunei
that it could not be affected by inte
"The man who complains of interfere!
he ?.aid, "is usually a poor operator.
men do not complain at all. Amateur.*
said by government reports to be nulsa
and to tv interf?rer*-with regular buslr
alto to he aggressors In sending out !
leport? W? admit, frankly, that amat?
of which, we are informed, there are a
a thousand In and around New York. !
interfered with us. No fake report
e\?r been foisted upon us, both of w
circumstances we attribute to the clas
operator which we employ, a?, a skilled
k eiator csn readily, if provided with pr
I spparatu.??, ?-ut out amateur Interfart
' and the touch of the key to an experta
operator will disclose an amateur sent?
Little Skill in the Navy.
"A great deal of the trouble, in my o
?on. and in the opinion of our chief e
peer, is caused by the fact that the o
ators employe?! hy the navy are, altho
skilled emrincers and excellent men in t
own line, not what are termed 'akl
operators.' In fact, ?luring the last year
have examined many men whose term?
enlistment had expired and who wished
join .his company, but in only one
?tarue have we been able to take on i
of the men as skilled operators. Moreo'
if the government were to employ ski
operatois many of its troubles would <
"We are sitontly of the opinion t
amateurs, so far as they do not make r
sanees of themselves, ?hould be encourait
There may be lurking Smong them a M
conl or a l.odge, and they should hav.
chance to work out their salvation. ]
again the wave length ?-ornes In, and
amateurs should be restricted to the
not only of very low powered apparat
I? ;t also to the use of a very short ?
restricted wave length."
ernlng the wireless equipment of
Thanh-, Mr. Bottomley said: "She had
finest that Is made, and storage hattet
I hat s'ould keep har Instrument?- going
at least eleven hours If the feed front
dynamos should Rive out. Also sin- v
prepared to operate It by a small donl
aaflns, in which steam ? ould be made
a shon time."
Deny Choatic Conditions.
frederick If. Sammle, chief engineer
tue .Mar.-oni <*-ompany, .-aid yt?stsrtey ti
t M wireless conditions .is they a tua
existed In ctmi?s?stlc>n arltli th? sinking
th. Titanic and the reaculng of her si
\Ivor? should be ma!?- known In view
th?- many reports in this conntry a
abroad, he said, that the wireless ?*pn?
lions wen chaotic during the time <>f t
'iisaster. made it ne? eesary In Justice to t
empsny that th? actual wireless eon?
turns should be full-, explained. He said:
? l have had sn opportunity of dlscuaali
ti,. sltuatl? n al length with Harold Brld
Hi, second Marconi telegrapher of t
t Itanl? . 'i dev? l"ps thai the Titanic wir
l. s? equipment ithe lineal and most ?or
I ?ft* s f oat i wa? kepi In oonstanl ism un
th. U.at deck was awash or at hast th
pert Ion of it near the Marconi ?ahm whl?
?..? \\.u forward, ?hen the ships dynsm<
sent ."it it commission. Arrsng?
vet. mad? ?.. pis?> Hi? auxiliary attirai
batterj s??t in operation By this time il
?.?.? . I was sinking so rapidlv that th. Ma
?Ki i o. i were told bj the ?ssptsin to 1<a
..ut for themselves, and it will i.< not?
from the pr?sn that while actually angugt
In I hell w.rk the) wer? compelled to fell
dretnsn who *-itt<?i*-?i the room and s
i*Ui|-'. -i t.. itit? id re.
"The log of th? Titanic, which unfortt
i.atelv was n..i saved, bul which 1 haw r>
reived verball from th.. operator, show
thai communication wa* instantly ???Hal
Uahed with several Ships, and lbs!
itnm-.i aiion continued up lo the very Issl
After the Titanic man had bees lake
.?u board the t'arpsthla and pls?.?ed In th
hospital tot treatment u( ids Injured f? ?
? hi "remained f? r some ten or twelv
houts. it sill )??? seen, tint-, tore, thai th
??i.e operator on th* farpethts wai r<
quired to hunole all of the busin?
strictly m a< ?-otdaiice with rules and rag?
lations he gave the owners' business an?
urgent peraonal t?tl?sgrams priority. Pros?
?latter is naves aiu-mbd to until the above
nhmed business i.-. <-;>Hr.-.i owing t-> th?
thousands of meeaages offered for trans
mission to the ship an 1 the hund? cd- 01
passengers' telesrsma Ried for Irai
slon from the ship, at no time was |
?nit sufficiently < l.-ar to accept or transmit
any press matter whatsoever, and afi??r th?
first Cerpathta ?nan nennt? t?> feel the strain
of the work ihs s?-<ond Tttanl. operatot
?*as brought Up from the hospital and
placed so that BS comd handle the circuit,
In order to allow the regular raipathla
telegrapher |0 obtain much n?-.<i?.l t.-t '
8ay8 Husband Had Premonition
He Would Meet Accident.
? .lohn Swift, scvent?.-f.'iir years old. an
engineer, of No. 13n Lawrence str??t. riding
a blcyci?., was instantly killed yeaternlay
winii he Bttesnpted t?> turn fresn RIversM?
l?rl\e tenth Into lVth Street, being stru. k
l>? h Urge toiirln? ?sr driven by ?.lovunnt
? ?diet. I and owi.i ?? by Harold Walk-r ..t
No 'M Rlverai'b Drive
Tit?- chauffeur bad trl??d als., to make the
turn, and bn<l be.n f..tcr,| out from the
i urh I he ni'idu'i.inl of the .,u sir-,, k th.
I |i ve|l?l. who WM- lion i ru? e I lo |hs
Wheel? The ?hsuffiut atn|.p?,| th,. ,,,,,.
. bine, and Mr? Walker, who was In tie
?d la a i.? ai i v baSMfej
to re. over from 11 ?? BhSSfc
Ari'ontlns t?i Mr? Hwlft. her liiiM>?t?| bad
"fiiii-ii i
.. . i?.?-nt ?*ou)d I,, full I, in. ?tut in ,.,
til? Identl
IIICllMM?)! it In Ml
uftm wa? overlook*?!
BSSSSSfeSd N <>?? pellce of the Mmi
atree? ?tatlo?.
CONTROLS $17,000,000,000
Stanley Report Shows the Vast
Financial Power of U. S. Steel.
(From Th? Tribune Bureau 1
Washington, April 21?Preliminary to the
report of the Stanley steel Investigation
committee, u. w. Woolley, employed as a.
special investigator, made public to-night
a statement Intending to show that the
T'nlted States Steel ?Corporation or its di
rectors exert a dominating Influence over
th? principal railroads, industrial corpora
tlons. banks and Insurance companies in the
United States. These directors are declared
to have a powerful voice In the control of
more than $K.0fiO,'W.?00O of capital.
Tl.le phase of the relation? of the "steel
trust" to the other large corporations of
the country is not the discovery of the
Stanley committee. It is dealt wlt-li ex?
tensively In the bill filed hy the depart?
ment against the Steel corporation under
the enhjert of Interlocking directorates.
The figures in the ?tatemen!, which will
he included In the committee report, are
stupendous In point of magnitude It Is
declared that the total capitalization and
bonded Indehtedness of the railroads In
which the "steel trust" directors are ?iffl.ers
an.| dire, tors amounts to $10.3?y..(r71.RXi.
The total capitalization and bonded 1n
debtedne.-s of all railroads In th? United
?States is given at approximately J18..W,
(??0,000. indicating that "steel trust" directors
nlso control more than half of the railroad
properties in the country.
Giving the capitalization of more than
fifty of the greatest industrial concerns in
the United tatcs, including gas, coal, oil.
realty, chemical and power companies, the
report states that officers and directors of
the United Statea Steel Corporation are
also uffloera and directors of industrial con?
cerna, with a total capitalization and bond?
ed indebtedness of ?2.808.u<k9??!4V
Proceeding to the alleged ateel ?tust dom?
ination of banks, trust companies and life
and tire insurance companies, the sta'e
ment declares that "Th?? officers and di?
rectors of the United States Steel Corpora?
tion are also officers and directors in
??ankN true! companies, life und tire In?
surance companies, whose aggregate capital
surplus and deposits amount to $3.314.811.
Steel trust officials are also shown to be
officers or direct irs of street railways, ter?
minal, steamship, express and telegraph
companies, with an aggregate capitaliza?
tion and bonded Indebtedness of $1,271.771?,
?.?f th? individual officers or directors,
'.eorge I*. Baker holds the greatest num?
ber of memberships In other boards of di?
rectors. Mr. Baker is a director In indus?
trial corporations with a combined capital
of nearly $2,000 ???.OiO; railroad and express
companies, with capital of more than
J-I.OOO.ooo.????, and banks with capital of more
than ?,500,000,000.
Society's Accounting System
Protected Policyholders.
Albany, April U.?Examinara of the Stato
Insurance Department, who have just com?
pleted an examination of the Kriultablr Taife
Aaaurance Society of the United States, re?
I" r: that, aside frcm the loss of Its records
and the inconvenience caused thereby, the
pecuniary loss from the fire which de- j
stroyed the Krjuitable home office in New
York last January was Inslgniflc.int.
Superintendent Emmet of the State In
surance I ?epart I lent, in a statement to-day.
Baya that, "although the society's account?
ing system appears to he more ext<n?|\e
than is really necessary, yet this condition
saved it and its policy holders Irreparable
loss when the home office building ?as d?
The ata temen I s..\s that steps have been
taken to :iie-et ihc department, mom
j mendations tl.it the "society's, expanse and
'interest r?i 1 e should he Improved."
The examinara ??port that the so<ict\'s
?aaaeti for 1911 were $?03,867.or-?, liabilities,
I|422,In!.MS; premium Income, $52,8*:.H'-?, aiut
! disbursements to pollcj holders, $,*?? !?.'
'Patioinian Tries in Vain to Save Lift?
of New Jersey Man.
"l'vi been drinking," .-.?id ? wen dreaaed
man about thirty years old who approa?'hed
Patrolman 1-ehane at ?2d street and Kighth
avenue laal night. The patrolman detected
tlie> odor of carbolic acid .'?nd asked the
"Have you been drinking carbolic acid?"
"Ye?." said th?1 man as he toppled 0 ? r
1 Into th? urns of l/ehane.
patrolman place 1 the man on .? stoop
and endeavored to force milk down his
Ihroat while awaiting the arrival ??f Tir.
i\ins. of Flower Hospital. When tp. am*
bulante surgeon arrived, however, he -h<i
th? man was dead.
Whan the body wai searched a note waa
, foi;n<l. r?a?'irig. "I am K. I Browne, of Mo,
2 ; Moi Is ? ?? Summit, N .1 1 lone
? this hv niv own hand I venture one of (he
j penalties aline.-I any woman niay have to
pai for bringing lo th? pitar only the
constitution to be loved for s time la to
| Und heraelf some time at last far from the
j altar, a Tltiaua. ? lot er'i f'""l "
U S. Department of Aunruliurp
- ? * ?64 ?/4fl
lowfr*?? -.<-?_... ?*-?,_"
?. I ' -4
Ut/* ^
.'??v snt
. ' r :* ' \
f H ?
,H\^?>: j^
jy - J*/a m
? / ft..'a?..
01 . ? I ?? ' T '
LA r Ricnr?
3.IS Ir
. . t.-; ! l--<
l.f. Ir ??ta
CM?rial Record and Koreeoat. Waahlncta
April 21. The w? stern ?ilatuikaaca has mow
from th* plalna states to the upper Mlsslssipi
Vallei with iradlmtnlatMd Intepatti ancj durin
the last tWent] four J cur? t' , ?used Mli..*r?-i
anil thunderstorms In th? MlaataaippJ valley, th
upper lal.' ic?icin mil th. mid.lie plains stat.
and lo ,.1 rain? and aneara In the ncrih plain
and He middle Rock] Mountain r?gion
- t.?\?- alH, fallru Itc th? h'Hitli AtlMntl
lull taifs and were h?-a\y at MBA) point
.',?. refton* Uoral rains Hre al*? r?: ?>?'??
fuiin ?h., plateau regton and the aorta Pac?a
iti, temperatura I..? risen ion* rail j> ?>*?r the
'?sien -ast of ?he Mississippi River and In th?
*?^t null ??at*?, sud c-atlnues much be|0?
Hi?, hiss.ifsl av?rag? In Ihe north plain* state?
and th. Rock] Mcmntaln and plair.su regions
Frraotnf temperature* were recorded t;?ts mom
I,,? lg ... Rock] Mountain region and th?
plains Statra a?i?l In th? west plateau;
lb* leaser*? trmperatur* reported ?as 2<t I
?Heins ?re that t|i. Mississippi Va]
1.M disturban?'? ?sill mov? east ? id n* attnided
bower* Monda> in th? reatan east of th?
ppl Hiver and Tweate) In thr Atlantic
slat?? and un thr ?s.?t ?iiilf ruaal. It will I.?
tallowed hs fair areather erar Ike middi?- \v?st
?ate) la other parta of th? country th?
will I? fair Monday and Tu?sdav. e?
thai local rain? sr? probat.)?- In lha Roca*,
? m and plat ?au r?gl..n*
sraiuti ?im riot Monda> in ?h? ai
land, ?taira arMh ?? ? hang.- t.? r.?oi?i ?reather
?sin <.\cia|,i??d ilu- gr.st .?nttsi ?rallara and 111?
lake r> ginn Monte) and Tuesday In Other
parta of th? ,..iiniry ??inperatutr .-hanges ?III
? ci,| ..Hunt
Th? \ii..|.HiiK.it uiver I* falling steadily atora
llrl?iis Aik . I.eit continu?e lo rl*e at ?hut point
and innslii? stationary or llltl? change at
below awtag ?? th? t*??!*.? in th? i*\e?s.
Th? v Iti'ls along ?h? N?w Kngland rosst will
middle Atlantic
- H -nui Atlantir and
? iiiodsiat? variable, most I y
? -i ? : ni f ......
?I on I .ni,.- Mlc!,Intel, lull.,
i it? Martina Mandai fw? garoaeaa
?wits ?sill hat* modsrat* tu i.n?w s?utti winds I
Took Money. Jewelry and Gen
from Nine Passengers in
Pullman Car.
Shot Holes in Air Signal Tu i
and When the Train Halted
They Leaped Off ? New
Yorker Among Victims.
?'hlcago, April 21.??Nine person?? we
robbed by three masked men who ?a/el
through the sleeper Nottingham, of ti
Hock Island westbound Golden Bts
Limited, u few minutes after mldnlgl
this morning;, ;it Bheflleld, in., fon
miles east of Ifolttie.
After the robbers had finished M"
work they shot holes In th<: air siRm
tube (connected with the engine, thi
bringing the train to a standstill an
quickly made their escape.
I'nder ?over ?if three revolvers tl:
P'Ttcr was forced t<> point out to tl
outlaws the berths that wer.- o<m -tiple
As soon as the robbers entered the Pul
man they for'<?d th.- porter to loch th
der?. Only tin? occupants of on.- I'ul
man were disturbed.
Among those who were robbed are:
vv. I. I,.? Blanc, N?\\ Volk, 145 an
railroad ticket.
Mary Herron, Chicago, $#,,>
? ). I.. Rentnn. Oberlin, Kan . ?fold watc
and diamond valued at $150, and J-.".
l). a. MacPuller and wife. Fort Wayn?
Ind.. $!?."> and two watches, valued a
J. B. Oomand, Ph?enix. Ariz., $85.
The presence of the three robbers 0
the train has not been accounted foi
It Is thought perhaps the men board?
the limited at the ?tossing of the ?'hi
cago, Hurlington & Qulncy Kailroa?.
near which a Burlington train was heb
up some time ago
After the desperadoes had taken the!
loot they commanded the porter to pul
the air tube as a signal for the engine?
to stop tin- train. When the porter de
murred the men punctured the tubewltl
bullets from their pistols. The firing i
'the revolvers was the only noise con
; nected with the hold up.
It was stated at tin- general offices ol
the Rock Island here to-day thai "
description of the outlaws was obtain.-.
I and it was further said there was hop?
iof running them down.
News Received in Anthracite Re -
gion with Rejoicing.
By Tele?raph to The Tribe
Wilkes?Barre, Penn , April il.?A
that the subcommittee o? the mine work?
ers and the coal operator- hsd aKr<-.-,| ..n
the cora-esslons to be given the minera was
received throughout the anthracite region
to-day with a gn at deal of astlafact
mine workers, ?*oal ?*on.p?ai ?
business men.
It Is understood that there al
little opposition at the convention of the
mine worker.? to 1 < hi Id !.. r.- to pass on
tii.? final report Sg to it? adoption ..:
approval of the committee s action and
th.it work will probably be re? irne.i about
May 1C Mine workers to-dav sal?! that
v?hile the mine worker? would ha v.? iik?-.l
to escure full recognition of the union, In?
eluding th?. collection ..f the i nlon d
the ?'heek-off ??vsteni bv the eosl companies,
?still they r-onsidereri the reported ? tt. I
10 per cent Increase In w ige? an ?
hour 'ia> and partial r?M*ognitlon ot the
union as a decided victory.
There was wwteei -?? of Mr.
White, national pr? d? t, and the other
Mine Workers on the aub-commltte?
also of the coal operators who un ne m
hers of th? tee. f"r the speedy and
businesslike manner In which an a?,i?.
menl was reach?.! ?
The detail? ol this alb-god agreement are
eagerly awaited, but tin-- main feature? of
it as th'\ i,r<- report*?d ;,?. -,t ifactory,
Broadmlnded operators r?fcognla?Hl
i owinic lo the Incresai In the <-r>?t of I ring
during the last ten years, m which the
men a?fcured ?i" Increase In wsges ti. y
deserved In all fsirneaa an advance \?
to the eight-hour day the operators be
lleve the?, will be nhlo to ?l.i prai lb .1
ii'? much work In ?-?km ?,s In nine hours.
Bj the Hrsl oi second week In Msy, ?..h.-ii
it Is ? xp.. t?*d work will t? resumed, th?
coal stocks win 1-. so ?fell deplet??d that s
brisk demsnd is . \ j.?, t<-.i. meaning stead)
i work riming tin warm weather period
hm i ,,. ercael, ?howei r weal lo t h? i ;- and
foreras! fur ?perla! I.immI?I !???. I' ???
Enaland, iho? ?i s to d 13 1 m ?ds -, "
clearing and c.1er; mod?rai* lo i.rlsk soulli
w inds.
For Eastai ?-??? fork, showers l<?
Tu. sda . i-lrarlng ind .
brisk .sciiiM, ? Indi
1" r Raat? 1 n r? nn*] i* anla
Delawar? Maryland .n,d lh? Dlatrlcl of ????
lumbla. showers ind somewhat warntet In
daj 111?,1 iy, . learlna and .1er! mod?rai?
sou? h 1
Knr Virginia, showers to-?la> and prnhahlj
Tueaday; warmer to Jay. moderate variable
?llnls, IllOStl) Scclllli
Foi P/eoiarn Pennsylvania, showers fol
lo?0.1 \,\ ? tearing and ? ooler. lo da) . Tu
fair, hrisk and high southwest, shirting i"
northwest ? Ind*
Tat Weel Virginia, showers to daj . To
fall ?nd ' 00
For W.st, 11, ,\,w >e,rk. rain i?. da. . In.?
day, fuir and cooler; brisk and IiIkIi south
?inds, shifting t.. northwest to-night
? ?ftlrial observation* e,f t'nltfcl gtateg weather
bureaus taken .n s |, m yosterdai follots
Temperat tir? W
Alt.ani. c'..' 1 ?loud]
Atlantic cit> .1 Rain
Bostc-ii. - I'lear
Buffalo . :. I ? loud)
? 'hlrago . c,
K*w > ?r!. ..us. 7.; 1: . m
?St l.ouls To
Washington. :.s
I a. m ? m s p n, ..:
Loral Om.lal Rocard, The following c'fllci.'l
record from th? Weather Uur?ati Show* the
changea In the temperatura foi the la a? iwen ?
four hours, in rwmparlaon ?I'h ii.
lng Uat?- last roar:
1H11 101. It'l I l'.'l
I a. sa..... 4? 4? <i r m II 'i
'lam II |g| g |. m... M M
'?? am i; M 1 1 p m 4? M
11 tn. .Vi |0 )?.? |, tu 4T
4 P tn *,| .'.T
iligh.st lemperatura'yMterday. ?to .legre??*
1 ai noot. 1 law? at, f,: ae-erag?
1 oral fart? .,?1 Ihewi ri le tel 10 bm?i h...
t stiel cootee; medaiai* 10 brisk auuth
Sixtv Young Rowdies Rounded
Up in Harlem.
Mulligan Bottle" Causes Them
to Insult Women and Tip
Over Baby Carriages.
i leutensnl Becker an.? in? "strong arm
squad" of ?ix m.-n. aloed h\ many un'
formed men Invaded the Hoodlum Re|?''
of M.irlem yeaterdav and combed out ahout
si\tv prisoners. The eliaTRe? made ag.iln.-t
i majority of them were Insulting women.
shooting 'tans-, knneklng oser haliy car?
rures, ohstruetitig th.- sidewalks, plav imr
1 ?seiiHll in the ?greets and using offenaiv.?
The "Ihioiiliini Belt" "f Harlem is
bound?**! by Wth street .md li?t h .street and
Kits! and l.?xlngton eetmtaes the inost
thickly populated aectton of the elty out
hid. ,.f the lower Rest Side, l-'or several
weeks complaints had been coming in to
Police ilesdQusrtera tiiMt the quiet, decenl
p. ople of t hi s? section, who are. "f rwurse,
Isrgely In the majority, have found it Im?
posslble to venture Into the Street without
dsnger <>f encountering one of the numer?
ou.s small banda of young loaferH who
make the afreet cornera their stamping
ground?' and tlt>- rear rooms of saloons
their refuge.
It la the practice of these young men to
gather ?ariv \r the afternoon after filling
up on "fuaa fungle" and compel i very on?
who posses by to run the gsntlel ot
?0,11 s. lestS. Those who have the spirit or
hardihood to resent this treatment an
uauslly roughly handled and the rowdies
get stray before 'he policeman arrives.
Th ? drink "fussfungle" Is a simple com
blnstion of cheap beer end "Mulligan."
The lasl named decoction is s flsgrsnt
isltlon of "ii sie and red peppers it
acquires its greatest virtus es a trouble?
with age One c"."i drink "f it will
make a man f<-e| lik?? fighting a bulldog
full ?sited "Jag ' '?? as been known to
make a man . li'iiti up the outride of a
I looking f.T trouble on a roof.
When it Is considered that there are more
than one hundred saloons in the "hoodlum
heit." each provided with a "Mulligan hot
tie ' i,..t t., ?peak of various oiitragem?
distillations "f corn, rye ami boot leather.
th? Job of th? trong arm' squad will be
.-?-.I as- t!0 .-llls'llt "tie.
H.-r re the 1 arday after?
noon ano evening there was a vvii.i tune In
the "licit '
?-Mat.- Kernochan, sitting In thi
n.. n'a nicht court until '?'? o'clock yester?
day morning, disposed of more that; oi a
idred snd Hfl ">st of them be
Ing arrests mad.? by Lieut? riatit Pecker's
ng srm" squsd ?u the total number
of ess? . t ? ? ?ere on? hundred arr?ala
of young men between the ages o ?
twent) -thne years on the charge "f
:|) ,,:..! i ? They were dlsffosed ot
all fines.
Mativ cases will he disposed of this morr.
o ?
Two Men Arrested After Chase
in Broadway.
u.-. tt, a drive . of No. 311
(eighth avenu??, wa. standing on the rear
rm "f .?. northlxMind Broadway ear
: .,i 13th streef, two men
on .u,.1 stepped >>n Bveretfs foot.
?i - ented, and there was ??? scuffle,
which ended when Bveretl dropped lo the
? irm With a stah wound from a ?tlletto
Id. r. The . ..ndii. tor stopped the
I passeng il v took up
r tl s id lumpt I off
running north.
? ilmen Kohler snd Young, ?if the Baal
?tree! statloi w? s al I7tl il reel and
tray when they ? ? the row.) al the
. ? ,: ? two iwu, and tin? pop.-, men
corralled the two The) to.?k them back to
when Bveretl declared that one
of them, who said he wa Jos? ph (Jomsnde,
? lai f No I't Wot 17th
ha?l done the stabbing Tl.
? id he saa a brother, Anthony llo
, barb? r, ?f No. 171 Mulbei ry
i t. Ward took K eretl lo th? New- York
HoHpital In a set.? rendition The Go?
mande brothers were locked up in the i:.i?.t
? M si cha i ged with feloni?
ous assault No knife or stiletto was found.
Still Costs as Much to Leave New
York by McArloo Lines.
The wide ?miles and hearty laughs that
last few days have put Newark's
niiiv <>r commuters In s class i- Itsell -
tied '?' sterdav liv the fai I thai, un?
known to practical!) all Manhattanltes, thai
M Adoo lui.Ml. i..Is have made the Initial
i i waited fan . ductlon. ;
it? fi ?? NeS'ark, eaatward, t.. points
nions Sixth avenu? has i ,., ,, ,-,,( ., rents
rii? ties rate w ? i? ? ti?i<? . tr. ? t last Sunday.
Kormerl) persons who had througl tickets
n..m Newark t" the Hudson Terminal and;
m i h.-.i t.. gn uptown w? re . om pel led to
hid to the iPvii.d downtown or change
it rirov? si i.. t. th? ? latlon ?*ael of
H niuill ?'?? enue, and p..> an . \ira 7 . enta
f..i the rid. Ululer the nvr to uptown
i-..im ? |l) the n? w .u rsngenienl on
?- chang? at ? ?rove street,
rid? uptown lo any point h fat north as
lili Peni 'I'..'lila station, and upon leaving
the tram pay an extra fan of '.' cents
Th.- westward rat? has itol la-a?n worked
'it v.i As explained last nlgltl by Wilbur
' l-'|sk, vie. -president, "the compan) knows
where east bound paastmgers ar<- coming
r?*om, ''it II hs ti" means ol knowing, un
1er S possll.le { eetit arrangement In Sixth
,awliere Ihey ure going lo." Mr. l-'lsk
? - ti .1 as .,,,, Hj m,|ii,. Working plan
ran b? devised l!i< reduced rats Westward
sill be put into ?-tt.- t
Curator Ditmars's New Exercise
Idea a Great Hit in Park.
Bxerclse la as rssentlal in In? health ol
monkeys a? it is to humans, according to
Raymond l.. Dltmars curator >.f in, ,\>w
fork Zoological Psrk. Mr, Dltmars has
been worried biMaus? the simian colon) has
I....m?- la/, y of late, and It lias mad.- them
.?tous ami nervous The) were tired
of the swing? ami other contrapUons which
wre placed in til-it ragea for exercise and
It version.
Y?Mterdsy the rurstor inatalled ? apring
board. Bald y, Mlml, Babe I'oco and other
llmlana in tin- park had m v?-r seen ?\
iprtngboard botar*, l'oeo tried the board
drat, ami wenl ??ailing upward. He trame
lown on the board, only to be s.-nt up to
il..- celling. After thai the monkeys om?
itid ail ?lid nii-s. took skyrockel plunsjss to
the top of ti"- cage and ?rere .s?-nt sprawl?
iik sboul the iiooi. Timy Dumped them
Heiv.s s,,, bjutA the i-urator had a great
lusntlty of stiaw placed in the bottom of
lbs i-ag?
T KU'-ii? that will hold 'am tor a while."
?aid Mr. Dltmars Pi ISOM who saw- the
twundlng apes a r. eonsulsed win, isugh?
Mailed anywhere in tha United States
tor $2 50 a year.
James McCreery & Co.
23rd Street 34th Street
For Monday, April (lie ZZ??.
Women's Neckwear. Gloves, House
Gowns, Corsets, Dresses, Suits ami Cloaks.
Girls' and Juniors' ?Suits an.I Coats, Boys
Clothing, Shoes, Silks, Dress Goods and
23rd Street 34th Street
Tl^iil heil ?ii?n?-* f*_-_-_-_-^_s?aa_-a_-L lany-jri. ninnr . H rn... !?.;.>? and ."Hi 81
cth \\ 4:td-i4t!i ?iiv.Mis'j BeetStatall Bv.l I ?? IH ' S n UAn?W_.1 Tel 411 l'olumbue.
LAIT i WKKKM. Mutine? To-m'u, ?'?"? ?5c, ..ml Beol Beatiifl.
IVHK. ut V'. of B'wa Mat Wed ft ?al ? .\*INO. Ii'w.'v A-.".'.??h. TO-M'W KVK.. ????.
Croneli Crsnd niri n i"otii?iit "Trn\atorr." JA.M KM DAIM-De l" S s,,w Musical F'lay.
rrencnbram psra o. i .. ia?,t." t. rUWcn> two utti.k hhiofk
Maila* Elliott's Th.. 39th nr.B'way E\*.*:.tO ? , l|ana (Ht i of B'way. Evenings ? 1"
Mata Wed y_ t,,.,, Ueiuiira? InDearOM riajnull50|.i.,,I,r ?_.,.,?..?., nrvmn Matlneaa
ft Rat. .30 m". - ndr BS ndWlfBJ ?hariie. Unil UT AL?1 Ct A 111 CiQ W#d..Thora,
MTH ST Tl,?a SlMh n? B'waj F. ?. ?s ?I DUUllI ?PU rOlU F UBI and Hat.. 8.1?.
A BUTTERFLY , WHEfeL RK ? ?' B80A0W If ^*Tt?.4,A firiS*
William Collier-* rOMKDY, list. K of FT way I ?-' ' WFRFsi ? FIFI IIS ?luM?re I ??
Ev?? Rnntw Pu .? tha Urinric?! ?VI Matinee Weeks " l-DLIV Ot IILLU? of ,M ,?
?.,!,-,. ouniy ru is ina ?airings, . ?...,.-. ? n..k?v poke?, ?..-" b>m. Buns*tstrtngs ;
MANHATTAN ?i H.. 3411 * ?th v Evs.":15. t\ K.sT KM), \ :::?'. h. W of Stli Ave. Bvea. ?:1S
Mata Wed rORBKA-ltOBFttTSON in "Th?- Men- Wed |rT f Fd?fiF 1)11 II
endSal Passing of t hi ?rd Floor Back." ! ft Hat. 2:ia ?--1-1 WtUIWCi UW II
Mrs. Frederick Meis Demands
$50 a Week from Him.
I Bride 2 5 and Bridegroom 19
Come to Sudden End of
Summer Romance.
Married .-i.\ Rionthl ago, love's young
?Iream rame to an abrupt <-nd for Frederick
Mala, nineteen years <>l?l. heir to an ?state
i .it ,.????", when a few <la>'s ago his
bride <iuit their apartments In No. MR Han
eock street, Brooklyn, ami through har at
torney, Charlea K. Munter, of Hunter ft
Hftteh, of No. ? Beekman atrert. Manhat
tan, had papara in a sait for aaparatloa
i on the brldegtoom.
Mis. Meis's maiden name waa Annie
Stumpf, Btid the couple wer. married Octo?
ber 15 la.-t. after a romantic courtahlp In
1-tberty, N. y. where young Mels was
spending his iracatlon on Ms farm, lira,
Mela la twenty-five years old. Nothing was
known of the tnarrla?e until one day young
Meis made application to Surrogate I>ani?-I
?Noble of Queena County to have his uncle,
Henry Mala, c,f Cy piece Mills, removed as
hla guardian and his bride named Inatead
rotmg M? Is set forth that his uncle did
not allow hlni much more than $Jf? a week,
whl.'li was not sufficient to support himself
.and bride. Surrogate Noble ?i^niej the ap
iplloatlon to remove the young mans uncle
and appoint th? bride guardian In in* stead,
He suggested Inatead thai they had
?wait utitii the waning of the honeymoon
.i d (inn out bow they K.it along, hut in
th" mean tim. he Increaaed the young
man's allowance t," t:..< a month, and With
this extra Income the couple ael up house?
? ordlng lo Hie wlfe'a complaint, she
i didn't hav? ??'UK t?> wait for the ending of
the honeymoon, for she all?gea thai within
a few week?* following their marriage her
youthful husband began abualvi 11 ??.*t :ri?-1? t
? he struck It? r ami knocked
her <l"uti Sic. .it. s speeinc Instances "f
hla alleged in treatment and cKox the datea
of March 6 and n laat. when she avera, ?he
wa ub '?? teil te, unusual a (wise,
\ oung II? is ir i,mi. i a-.. iiii uncle,
Henri Mc'y. h,i^ been appointed spe?.-lal
I guardian ?n defend lite action, which has
been placed In the banda <>f Richard Cohn,
?ef the- Luv iit"c cit Kramer, ?'olui .\, Meyer,
of No. IM I'ark avenue, Brooklyn ' ?n in
qulrj from this tirm n w,is learned tl\al
th.- papen? in th? separation sull Lad been
? i and that In ,i"c?? r Ihej had made
;, general denial to all the rharges mnd?
hy Mrs M?l M was .-ils" learned during
ttie Invest Igat Ion thai ?t h ?Mrs Mel ?i ill
lier husband'* apartments she also moved
th.- greatei par? "i the e-..-.ti\ furniture "i
the horn?
It w. ??? allegi i| |?j |m istm u ho ?aid Ihe)
km m lit?? h ii ?.ti.bal she lefl lier hua
hand slmpl) ? bed Young M?is Is said lo
he hin ancl muscular, welghlug aboul -?"
iMiunds, whlli bla bride Is aboul medium
height and ? ? f ,i well rounded fig? r?
Th? papehi In Ihe action have been tile.i
in the Supreme ?'our! In Brooklyn, where
Mr Hunter saya he will mak? a motion
thin week to have granted t.. Mi>. M?:s HO
a week allnioii) .iiic! IfiOO counsel f. .-m i ??-??? i -1
ng .? I rial uf Ihe a? lion,
Wife Warned Husband to Avoid
Titanic and He Obeyed.
I H\ T< legi iph to Th* ; ? Ibunc I
Hemingfortl, Neb., April 21 Becatute she
dreamed ahe saw the Titanic sinking, Mis
n ?? Shepherd, of Hemlngford, eem word
in her huaband In ISngland to cam i I
reservation on thai steamer and i" return
en another boat The fac| I ha I he did so
proba I I? i . ved lus life.
The dream iccc.k i.l.ic-e two mwntha
lira. Shepherd Ural wrote to h< i hual i I
.?.skin?, him tint tn take the Titanic home.
She then senl a cable meeaage to him in
the Ham?' effect. Although he had airead)
taken passai;.- on thai ?teamer, Shepherd
ti.it. ferred tec another White Star boo)
President's Relative Sure He!
Faced Death Bravely
. ii. T? i graph ?" The i rlbuni
Mlllbury, Mass. April :'l. M;ss I'.ha V.
Torrey, aunt of Preatdenl Taft, is deeid)
moved by the death of Major Archie W.
Butt, ?ho went down .is ?one cet the heroea
of ti??- Titanio, in apeaklng "f the Major
ami his tragic end ahe Maid:
i am grieved beyond egnreeeton by the
death "t M.ii.'i Huit, and, along with Pretil?
dent Taft and hi? family, whu knew him
better than l did, we will eiperience the
deepeal kin.i <?i gorro? and pain at our
great lona I have nut the Mapa ai the
Whit?- ii.iuse. in Beverly and a< the home
of Horace Taft, brother of the Preatdent,
bealdes having had the pleaeure ?>f baring
iiim us a gueel at my hum-. Hi wag g
brav? man ami his death will be mourned
by man) beeldea his relatlvea an i Immedl? i
ate frlende, for wherever he went he u.is
well liked and made man) frienda i know
i,.- mu t (?ave faced death calml. and :
bravely, m?? hav?- done what be could to.
save tiii? women ami children and gel them
Into the lifeboats regardleae <>f himself. He
Waa that kind of I man.
Siuirl.se, ?:ll. sunset, 2:42; in^on tt\r, 1243;
age, ?".
lili; H WATER.
A.M. P.M.
Wool; . 1I:1S 11:'?*.
(Jovernor's island .11:15 11:48
Hell i ?ate . .1-O0 1 M
I he Anrona. reporte?! a? TS3 miles eaat of
Sandy Hook ?? - ?ton ve.ieplay, la expei-te.l to
dock Tue?dsy evening -r Wedneeday tonnaao
The Bremen, repc t#d ai Jt? mile? eaat of
Sandy Hook at 3*06 p ni yesterday. 1? expected
til d(S e \\ ?l-l. ?.?.i
Ttie KrtMntand reported a? 714 rnllsa east of
Sai Iv Hook at 7:33 p in yealtfrda), i- expo-ted
I' I? -lav afternoon.
VeeeeL Fron,. Lin?.
?Laurentic.Liverpool. April 13.. Whit? s*ar
?Allai. Kingston, April 17 ??nib-Am
... San Juan, Apr:: 17. N Y A Y R
gant' Anna.Palermo, April il. Fabre
? R?*hambeeu... Hum.-. Apr.I 1.1.Fren.-h
U'eateravdid . . ..Colon, \p i II ...Hsmb-Am
la Lute? ..Kingston, April 18. .Hamh-Am
(Ttlna dl Olorglo..Inasua. April 17.Atl Fruit
' Kl "rler.te.i.alve.toi, April 17.S.i Pa,
Huron.Facksonvlll?, April 13 . ilvie
Proteus.Ne? Orleans, April 17..??oPac
?Byron.???rl,a<io?, April 17. lamp A H
' "Kronnland.Antwerp. April !?>....Red Star
I ?Marnuiin?? . nat-bano? April 15...R P W I
?K Wilhelm II_Bremen. April 14 N <; Lloyd
?Valdivia.st I.ti.-la, April l.V.lUmb ?m
i *TI?/lv?s.K'ngsion. April IS....Un Fruit,
Ancotia.Naples, April 11.Italian
I Melbourne..ratal?. April tl .
! Krazo?.?ialv eston. April 17.Mallory
'emsl . Mb,;., April in.Mallory
Potadam. I: ?prll la.Holl Am
-Oruba Klriaatnii, April 10. H M g p
1'di Pi?mont?.... Palenno, April i-.... .Italian
Hretnen. Bramen. A?ril 1S....N O Lloyd
v r.p.il.ne .. Isrksonvltle, April 21, ,f*|yd?S
Kl Ola Qalvcatrm, April IS. . So f?g
"? of Montgomery .Suvaiinah. April SI.. .Savannah
?Briaga mall.
MhII \?M?1
veeeel For. Use. <;o??s wt:?.
I Beramaccs. P'maribo, RDWMl:30ain .i m p m
I i-, tat F?.-far. Irgentlna Bar. 3:00pm H i?'' i> :n
file Orande, Brunswl I Mi'' l:<'K>pni
N '. t. 7 oil a in 10.rai a m
S'avarre, T-el lad. TV.. .10-00 a m l.O'ri
? t. i R 12.-02 m ;'..<?? r m
[ Rotterdam, Rotterdam, H ?.m. lo On a m !
i.. i.-m m
l* of AI > .1:10 p m
Apa. h--, .i.? k? I'lyde.. I 00 p tn
0l, ' ':nai ?'.' 30 p m 1 SO a m
-...:, - i ni L* :00 m
Bermudlan 11 ? -1 ? ? ? : ? i... Quetv 0:00am II ?00 a m
Metapa ? I'n Frull 0-30 .? "i 12*30 m
Algonquin, ?a I ?omina*), t ' tt? 1" 00 a an 1 ?*J l? m
Ual? eston Mai ? i :??> p m
H . . Clyde t ??' i- m
?Hs 't Msureiat sfs Tue? nlgbt.
Iie.iin,iti..ii ati'i steamer. ?'lose in v T. P.M.
? ..r??. chins PI Ipplnes Ivla
api M I M
t'ook lalande.
Ne? Zealand Australia ?via San
Fram-lsee) Manuki .Apr. :?'., ?>:.'t0
Japan. Cor? i, China <?l.a Tsctj
sgi Man . .Apr. '.M. ?.:'to
Ilawall, Japan, 'orea. ?Mua, Plill ?
1 Ipplnes (via San Franela? oi
?la.Apr. 2U, il:'?0
tluain, Philippines i?1?
Franela. t s Transpon.May 1. 6:30
. ? .
ramba Maru Maj 2, 0:30
Hawaii '?? ? i.lna. Plill
Ipptlll -, . . Il Sun I '. i 'i
Korea May .*. S:3U
Ilawall vii .!? , f. m- la ?<?) Sierra Ma) n. ''..::.>
Hawaii, I'm lalande, Bamoan iai
N? M /? i ?lid, Australia ?. la
Victor! ? Mai ima . .May 10. 6:30
Port of New York Sunday, April 21.
\UHI\ Kl'
rula i lit i Miijllloitos Fell
? Jl \ ,iip.?
.??i M...H.-V t,i.,, Rai u 13. -*
, , .n t., u i: .
a ' ?? w .ti.ix t ??!? \ 111\ ?.; .it the r -
7:-.ii p m
town, Norfolk and Newport
Newa, t the ''M Dominion Ks i*o, wit ti pa-*
?ensera snd inda? I a .??? I I" ? ? i.? i.?t -in. .it
R I-.
?teanter Hori.vh-.ii. Flume March 10.
Pali .i- ;::;. M 21 md ? ?ran *> pi I -. '?>
t'heip- i o? t ? u, with ml-.- ?arrived at Ihe
f.... .it 1 p m
rtteamei Itcaeon Ushl i Hi ?. Tampa \pni IS '
tn li.iwi lux .v ? ... ? - I .ft Quai ?
.11 I is p in
Kt?.?i- Weaterwatd l?Jeri, Colon Iprll 13, lo
i ? u.U. hurs Amei Iran i .In?. ??? Ith ; a ?seng? i
i m th? UUhlan.L al 7 M P m
\i:ir m, ?;.-.ii(?toan s i', with
md?? ' "i the Htshtsnda s? 7..'i? i
si.-.nil. i Hnrrvllel.l ? I : : i. Ha sua Vprtl I and I
Matanza? i?; in m. M nwon Ka I Ine, with - if ?
\r 11. ? :it Mi. liar .?? S ??'? :i m
-???.t i-1 ?... .? 'utmiii, Taniplen A pi tl 12
.ni I'rnareno l."> to the N-w ?fork and ?*ul?a
Mall s? i 'o with v
i n .-.I ?it tu. |:.< i .,i I -. ' ?
f '. anter t... sSvole iKri iiav i,- A pi II
tl,. I'onjpasnle ilenerah Transatlantlitu?*, with
:tii rii~t t?i.i . abin and r.41 ?
inda? Ai ? r...| ai the m?! il
7 18 p m
nier rameront? illri. Ulaaso? ami Movlll?
\p.|i in, ... Hen?erwon Broa, ?i?h paaaenaars
ami nuise, r?oulheasi "f ("ne uian.i ?t 7.o4
P m.
rtteainer Ki.-i-.m. Port Arthur April S, wnn
rod? Outside the Bar ?t ?!:il p m.
Ktoamrt Beacmt l.lshi iRri, Tamps April
IH |.. fi i,n.ii.miIn? .'i i :;?? n m.
Htcamei Bon.vn-u. Flume Mares 10,
-,, and ' m "i ?nrll 2, In Phelpa Bros .?.
' ? vvi'ii iu.|?ie I., ft QuarantllM i" I ^'ii i, m j
si..,m. i Manchlnneal I Nor), Port ?.ntonlo ,
t., it..- I'nltetl Frull Co, with m?l?K PaoocO In
Handy Hook al M "??"? i- m.
st.-.ii;.,..- .'nv ..' Atlanta, Savannah April IT.
:,, thi Ocean Rs ' ?>. wBh paasengers and]
tnd?e i'i??-.l in Quarantln? .it ? SO i
st un?. i Herman Fraaich Kahlive April 14, in I
th.- fin..u Sulphur ''?.. with ?iilphur l'a ?a. d !
in Quarantine al 3:43 > m
Steamer Pawnee Philadelphia, to tht? t'lv.i.
sm Co. with un?a.. Passed la Quaraatli
10:32 ? m
Steamer Jeffersoo, Norfolk sad Newperi
:.e?K ti, the ?ii't Dominies Sb rv?, with pH?
s.'iiRcia and md?? Passed la Quarantlae at :;
p in.
sin.lv Hook. N .1. April 21, 0:30 p m Wind
?Mutheast: light bi*eeae? raining; fiiek ?>fr
i ;,,.t, ?moot ii i ??"
SteHiner? ?au'lv ?-nil i.iaton iltii. Mont.
Buffalo iltri. Hull: drenada fBr?. i.th ?m
i,,. Bane? |1*anl BanM: OHdamme itin, I
lice- ln'-ii 'Mi'. Savannah; Daere ?'a?-?
i|. ,|lt-i Sin,;..'..it.- . .i-.iv.snii. S.i:i .lu-'i; ? )l - ,
taws .N'.'.i. Jscksonvllle; Kennebec iBr*,
Pcnang; Newton Ball IBrl. Valparaiso; \ ,< -
fnllv ?Nnri Mohll?; ?'Initie? Le ''nur ?Kii.
Newport New? ?'titear? ? Fr ?. Havre: S:in
Seriously minded men used to
avoid the brighter fabrics fc
Thought dullness meanit
Nowadays they carry off the
smart new designs with the
same jaunty air tlieir sons lune.
Were glad of the change.
(rives us a chance to brins
over the most attractive Scotch
tweeds, for example; not a bit
loud just cheerful and un?
Our Spring suits show the
?aride range of modern doth de?
?Silk lined overcoats of che-cr
ful fabrics too.
With plenty of Oxford gravi
and blues, if you don't want to
?et too fray all at once.
R<x;krs Pekt Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at a|
Warren St. 13th St. ??th St.
CIg01 DC ' < Eve. ? Shaie
cm ri ne .M:ifr u>d ..:.,i s,r ?t 2 e-.trp
'?? ; " ' Oliver Twist
Karte Dun?, ?'onatanre ? oilier, T.yn Harding
.il ,! \:i? ?
I YPFIItl '"'!' s' "'
bl?V_Um y .. Thiira s -?? - .i" ll.OO
Paul J. Rainey's African Hunt
*eea e> DeacrlbaO. Man.. ".,? vn': -
UUn \(\J ?eth 8? .- s M
nvcvjwn Uatlneea w. <? and ??at. ?pa
? ght Pirat rim'. Thla Theal ?
WhitesidsTH E Typhcan
uaaoic We>< ?
Sat h 8? B^waj ?
Wed M ? . . 0 ??? ?? ?
? ! < 'RD
The Quaxer Girl
??Riitihui. } ???
KM? M It It? l< M |? ] ,
New Amsterdam lH*%?l
?i::JJ APRIL 27th
c r m\ 1 ii-i rt OF i'':
the mualcal ilaa Helen of flat
Oalna ?
? he TH inle aurvl
a ill not be given a? ? lit to tl ' 1
a? attnoun. ?".' it. - - - ? ? ?
?SEE MAY 6th
The de Ko ven
? Opera O. in
Repulir l'rlre?. ,\<l,\. ;3?'.. #1. ?I ""' ?
ZIlGF._I.Lj MjI'LIi K?t?tN 4\
f??ieTV Broadaay. 4*? - ? -'*>.
. 11
\V ? I ? i N'ai I v .? ? ' ?
OLUbt Wed. m i j
? enlnr.T Til c;_,| s?. < It !? A
i; ?m. M i. ?at.. lO.AOi ? ? I. M
Men. Ml., \|?r .".? .-..-. now
? I The t.ar.len ol Allnh." B?nlit
r iitei-r? ?' I imnle."
,'siom DKRAI-LI
M.I CHILD Performance n| IIIO M HI H
H ?api . I
_r-W-/\ Mil KI..W uf'?'wa) r- '
,/ gft/y\ Kv? i ?:? M ?- U
Lili L ? WKKKH cirij. DICPOm"
AalQn ?_ Sa? Wed M
? ; K
nnuiu nu \ikk. h ????? ?
bUnKrl ?
Blanche "RtagS?a
13' lon y :
|*?*iil.? Nat. ?'"?
?Hbh Prim??, i-m?? ??-M
.. i;- ???' ' J-c
- ? ? . .
IlLHIMHHI ? ! ,:?-S
??pij Nat. ???
?A'tleV . ??'' '?'
vi??a wia-fc i.;
?Ayi-ol, K
., tl
Milt,,,.n tl. II.. .??T*** '" I
- || ??' ?
_L?5l? ' Nata rhoi ti , ' ,
MK9EH ?sr?srts'^
nilDilAD e?d H. s. lii?.i. I-?? ^
DL'K.JAK a,,i tlffl .,, I.I Kl??e>"-^
HANMI ?sri i\ - ?Ht? I ?'??,. H-r
Rth ???. ?? ?Vi TINGO?!
?^ 11.111' Nal 25.50p i-:,'n. Ab? - S
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Olbraltar, April XI n.-iiin t?Jei ? ^^41
fer ??enoii *n?l Naplea '?n<l proi*??,"r

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