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;\rtt^)itrk Cribtinr.
Wl i-M BDAY, APRIL34,1912.
?,. nee auA ini'ili.hoi ?'iHu h-.i /.',??
TrihwK i?-.?.-.'/?i/i"?i. " V?f*5 York txtrpo
ration; Oaien If. Ret?, rrtaUtcnt; Conde
Hnixiiii. Secretary ; Jume? ?/. Hundt,
.?.-,,. ?,f,/.. -#, 1 r/6?tw Building,
JfO\ 151 \,i-snn .?//?< ? f, .V " 1 ?'/'A'.
Mail. I'Oitas*
\ ? . \ or?a. _
? ?'
I ? ? ? i
? .
.? iNi) ?i':
? i ???
. . - ,
I'V.i ??
i. .?>
i ja
... .?>
. HU
? ?
*. ..
> . ? ? \...i
? ' ?? '
*?3 00
?oiif r ? rs
?cui? .\
? ? roi
////. ? / H .-. THIS tORXI\Q.
? ITY. -St? - i ? re strong*. Por?
mal :t?'('?*l '..?n. SS >>' 'I1?' '
govei nm< al 'du. mis w< r< r?
.. ?n Crom '? .m ihe engine? :.- .?i.-i th?
i rn railro
. .
The proi ? I
its' work ot
n jot?, s dvle o?
??...i... -i In ihe tioiiri
. n BaUfts Lucille '
. . ? i In Hi.?
, , . . ? ? with murder
sh iddered at
,n--l exhib?
it?, i ..... -, ? ei f ind Btartel
Ii?, Mayor ? laynor ; eai I) n sch? ??
000 was :- ild i Ex? bang?
thi eurviv
? ?.. !. : i: ...-'' rsturne 1
nd Issued a reply to Con?
?ht?sr, of Massachu
ay log many o? bis charges and sdd?uig
tl..it be would bavs no further communl
. with blm. A ?iiri employe
Bid? fay Lory ?stag ahol and
? i.-ii by her former sweet?
heart, and ;> man who tr:.-il to pro?.?!-;,
h? r ?.?..-?? dangerously wounded
Carmod s:iid he would
nsk fur a rommtssion to teal Harry K.
Tliaw > sanity whtn thfl g ?-'ii
Thaw's writ of habeas corpus c*ame !'o
,.--.? .1 -? . Keogh on Sarnrday*.
i?i ?MES. l< . 'j estlmony tak? *. by th?
?--.'n;it.- committee in Washington Inves?
tigating the I".-- of ih.? Titanic v..k that
- b were supplied I ookoui
in.-ii in th? th? re ? ??'???
? snougfa Bsiloi a to rai
offlc? i.- In ' ommand ol llf? <- ata d I
not ti ?us men and w omen wh >
: help In th ? r, ?ind
?.list : many sur
? n.- mighl hi v ? *'u "O
I .'-":i V ! >??
partm? uta a rigid few the
j. i j r i. ? - ? - ..f pro*. ftBsav?
- ? . ... : um? ni tali g
W. W ? pro?
ie Senate 1 ? ? 'oiruaalttee
IVasl - ? r, say?
ing md nnmbing influ
? aBil
Th? ' ted i" a?4
11 an National
? ntion wi
to support
? ?-..
? l game
. ? lima i h ?'.
i that
i ?? ),> da?
? a/ernor
v ....... ?
. rther i Imii i
? i-.iiiJ.
lUi ?. I
? ..* Rt? m]
rom l
? i
- ?
s 1st y thousand
pi ?? ? i, the
'?>? nch Alini?t?*i
?im? i
?' HE W BATHEB Tr al for 1
Fab*. Tl
nt, ."7 degr?? si M
Las? -,
11 Is i - ?
win i ?? "ro
ed to tha H ? rotors of Mas?
? ? and thorough
rrlll go ob the
Mr i ? this re Rep
.!??< . ;i leu
.? ? ? ? by the present fui
?? ? ... ... ti,r,ir
? ' o compli i.'-?.. <- ??? ?th
? <i ii...
Ik made on tni lug office.
? Mi Tali has mtiiuv
h with the votera
?*-f?rcted him: thai he has labored untlr
Utudards <.f adminls
' tl-- public MT\ :<??' ;
!i?? lis?? ??t .-?ii rluten exempllhVd
;ii lu^ poJlclr-s in?? -pirit "f prom' - r<
iblicarrlsiii. i bey can talk tq Hi??
ih>*?.?.i<? ..r Massachusetts out ..f a wealth
"f experience due t?. .!o?.o HSMX'iathMi
with the President.
? t Ii regretted that Mr. Taft's
,i i? eg j,i-..va?iji?;,i with similar
? n In <>:: er -*:it? -, Or? r
deuce probably f.. tered the delusion In
the minds of the President's campaign
lag nagera that ill?' aehleveroents <<f the
administration nould sp?tali for them
sdres. Possibly I .. R[?eak to
the iii??i?? Intelligent and reflc-ctlve, bul
many others were ?'.'ii'-'iii by the mosl
?.?r.-'.-s. .i ? mlsrenr sentatl? ns of the
? i attltrj To create thi I
- that Mr. Taft* In
al with those ??f ?Jeu
(?yiranta thai
bla assor-latlon with ^??enat'ir Penn?e
tend ? f ; arel- i I
? .? triumph of ?lli-liigenuou?
eampaigi Ing, who ?? damagli g ? ,vi d was
"oi r? til n ?.?.-i- too late to couu?
teract It.
Agali.h mijusi and inlsl riding
erttiolsui M President'a record <-?.ui<l not
j*? lefi t.. defend II i ded. Wim
",---" '?' ?''? Mil 1 III ols ?m.l lViin->!vi:i?.t.
agsl v bul will m : Imj lack! g ?n M
i cha 11 i???? pf such \
?ns. President Tkft
? ? ? thing in bl? favor ?.>lierev??r I
rI" -Mi. ?di liii.-.i and drlv? i
edged *?> carry
? i In I00S "??ii
i : ...
?' ? . ? ? ?
can point to a PtnKl?- important particu
lnr In which this .idntlni stratum kam t?it
lived op t.< its obligations t.? Um preced?
ing administration or lias failed to ooo
.. ti?. work which ths preceding ad?
ministration bad begun. Criticisms of the
Presiden) have been based on iireto
vandes and fanden, nud th?' only Oppos?
ing pilmipjea po< tortnud aye us
nizable by ?teim-Henna ag either Pro?
gressive or -OO-Progreasive if they arc
anything the. are e?tTa-Repnbllctn and
h I. wall t<> have these polnti made'
rifarla Massaehuaeite. Noefforl should
be spared In thai stat.- to show Just
m !:"rt' Mr. Tafl stands and put where
hi- critic* stand. Then the people ?'.in
between them, witboul anj eon?
fusing and muddling Interjedion of l-.ri
tiu'i-i ?? ... r? oroseism.
?.cceptanoe of mediation by the repre?
sen .stives of the railroads an?! their en?
gineers hai apparent!, averted an utter
i.-, unjustifiable strike The necessitieel
of laboring nan sometimes excuse the
hardship or tha commuait] which their
quitting nrorh lavo-*"*? Bui men who
have bad two tacanas of pay within j
half a dosen years, one only two years
ago, are In no such i in nristancei aa to
Justify their paralysing the Industry and
leonameree o? the nation. Inflicting untold
suffertn,: upon thousands and bi
death to the bob-ea of the dtiea by cut?
ting oft' their milk supply, all lo order to
obtain a third addition to tbdr aln
? ? wages.
fear of public opinion has been
sufficient to make the euglneers' leaders
shrink from carrying out their threat
und eagerly accept the proffered media?
tion. But the ease with which a few
men bave been able to bring the country
face i?' face with catastrophe reveals a
state of lawlessness. Received pradices
. regarding the responsibility of labor
unions need changing, espedally unions
? of laborers engaged In performing a pub
Uc service. Everything else thai enters
: into its performance Is held to ho af
1 with a pui.He Interest and to have
. different responsibilities from similar
agencies occupied in a .stru'tly private
enterprise. Why. arc labor and its
unions iiknio excepted?
Moreover, without some regulation of
eaiclroad labor unions the governmeni
regulation of railroad rates Is on a pre?
carious basis. The purpose of thi<
threatened strike was to g-v? the inter
?Mate Commerce Commission an "object
. - - to the effort thai freight rates
tnusf be increased Bat what becomes of
the authority of th?-? commission if it
may be forced to change the rates ii has
j approved whenever th<* railroad employes
.hill it do so on pain of seeing the com
; merce <.f the country tied <i?>'. With the
(??i <cr profiting from advanced rates
?through higher wages railroad emploj ?
frequently be m?v ? e the
countrj "objed lessons'' like the p m I
Perhaps rates oughl to be raised.
But thi< way of securing an advance
? leeks loo much like a hold-up and a
bokl-up that may be often rented -nol
-, ;.. resented by the public. In place ol
governmeni regulated frelgbi rat?
we lo have union ma?le frelghl raus':
Acceptance of mediation wards "ff a
?*M'i!. and a compromise i-. likely. But a
big and dangerous | ro ?lern r? mains.
Bull Diy<3 CODE Uli HOI V
GR \l'l.
"'Wif protection of the public bas been
the prime consideration." says the com
! mittee which drew up the building code
j i rn[KK?e<J to the Board of Aldermen j s
terdajr. Thai is a novel poinl of view
| in preparing building odes fnr this
'Thi' prime object In most-ol those
whi h have been drafted recently has
? i'??? protection of b?ine I -,: afters.
, ["here ha -ve been codes prepared to it?
.?n- group of flreproofi . _ Interests
and ???''?? to give a :: ? lo Its
riiere hav? les t" put
ni?iiu'\ lato r;>.' pock et h of one sel ? '
irera of building suppHi - and
?? ' i ide from i .?? market all
but ai ? >l of ^i!'"li manufacturers.
e fui ?<? nf organized politl ?
entered i imeful business
' of selling Now "\ orh to be
building Interests with a ptdl, which
reached the lowest depths <>f degradi
tlon when Its manipulators political
and commercial, sought to use the pub
lic feeling ...-or the slaughter of more
than scion score victims m the Wash
! Ington Place fire as ;. means to ?"i
! through one of these grafting codes.
i-i;do just proposed was the out
? come of tiio same fire, si fur as
lb? public Is aware, the disinterested
| work of societies of this rlty's profes
. slonal and business men ? ? - ? ?
t of It Is
. thai a cod? prepared v. 111
e object of safety baa ? good
1 ehan? e of ? log accepted - -
Tammany's control of ???. b ..-.i . c
; \tderrnen Is l00S??d
?j'itt/' yr r r ni f r t rr t ? , ?
tbusiastic appro, \
| qulth's Home Rule bill bj tl. | |
1st convention i I Dublin yesterday
? bad been * ?rpected, and there!
". ' ?
a decided change in i risk- ~> nl ? ? d
.uta since Home Rule was iir-i put
rd as a : d< nand bj r r
True, Mr. Redmond Insists (bal he
and bin colleague* "stand precisely where
Parnell stood." which may mean that,
according t-- Mr. Redmoi d . Intimai >
knowledge of him, Pan ell stood up*? an
adjustable platform and \\;i~ ready to
accept such radical modifications of bis
nul Gladstone'?? scheme as are made i'i
Mr. Asqultb's bill. On ? ?? other thi orj
does it igem easj to r i meile the present
measure with the demands of I88H.
Note first 11-.*- powers and limitations ?.f
the Irish Parliament. In 1880 thai body
; whs cforbldden t<> make or alter laws ou
certain ?-??.t-tii.<i topics, bul in all oilier
cts Ii- power was absolute. The
imperial Parliament bad ua authority
overll and Ihe .power nf tbp Privy <'?.n..
nlnlng ... Ii?th< r
or not a i - ? art was v ?i Id the
limits . i ihe |rl ih Par lam in'
? ibis was radically ? ?
!" the Ins? rilo i of :i stipul il oi thai
Il e 'upreme power of the lmp'?rbil Par
Ham? nl should remain m diminished in
the pr?sent bill thi? stipulation h re- ;
peated. and In addition II is ?sp?cifiai II j !
provided thai the imperial executive
shall hav.i power lo postpone, alter,
amend or nullify ai v a? i of the Irish
Parliament, even" those purelj Irish
measures which under the Hi-i bill were ?
'" ?.t exclusively |r| h Jurisdiction.
1 qunllj marked changes have bet??
made in the com|>osltlon nod organiza
ti?Hi ?if the ?ii-'? I'arllamei - In i vs?; ?i
dst of i??, house ci. Uberailiig
?' '! "'? ft-ther. excepi on demand
? "?'' "i eithei for a sep?rale
meeting H Pint Order to hav? 28
' ? ? " ?' ?d ? ? ? ?? ii ... : ihei hiifw-ri
''? y'" '??'?; nffrnge, h.i.I ?i?. set-oml
order 204 memberi elected by praith-ally
uniTenal -raffrage. In 1808 th? two
bouseg were to ill separately, exurept In
??ase of dlsagreemenl between them on ?
bill, and the Ctotuidl was to have is
members elected by ri?gtricted suffrage,
:ni?l ill?- Assemblj 103 members elected
aa .ire existing members of ParUam-snt
The present scheme provides for s Ben?
;ite ..i 40 appointed members and n
House of Commons of 164 elected mem
l'ers. the two houses to rit separately
except in case of disagreement, when
they will si; gnd rote together and a
majority of the whole will rJet?/mi*M
the qui stlon ai Issue.
Irish representation In the Parilanient
ai Westminster was abolished bj the bill
of 18.98, excepting thai ?f that body
should dtrrire to amend t!i?* Home Bule
law the Irish Parliament should send
..ver ja |.r-> and 102 commoners to
serve during thai pr.ss. The '?ill of
1803 left Ireland without repr?sentai
(in th'? House of l.<-r?ls, bul provided for
a constant attendance of 80 Irish mem?
iiers in the House of Commons. The
: resent bill Ignores the House of i/.r?;-.
but provide? for 12 Irish members In the
Commons, for all purp'-so-?. The flseal
I proposal?? of all three measures are so
I complex thai comparison Is difficult in
, is?-?'*., however, Ireland was to contribute
than $21,000.000 yearly lo the
Treasury f?w national debt, army und
uavy, conatabuiary and Importai dril
m r\ I .'. Ot - :.11 j of tin- \vli?ilt\ in
: 1893 Ireland was t<> pay her own way
and was to contribute one-third of her
revenue t.. the imperial treasury. Und?
? the present scheme the United Kingdom
' is t.. pay Ireland a subsidy of $'_>..-,<*>.?.<to
I a year, which Is to be gradually reduced
to $1.000,. at which figure It will r*
matn constant.
While m in?, changes In the bill uro
Largely of method and not of principle
there ar.- certainly some which ci" In?
volve fundamei tal principles, it 1- as
Burned from Mr. Redmond's statements
and from Ihe action of yesterday's con?
vention thai they are acceptable and
satlsfactor. lo Ireland. I remains to
.- seen If they will make the Mil any
more f?t-?-?.piaille t<? England than its
pretleceesore wi re.
Poo mu 'h cannot be expected from " 1 ? *"
antbors of the tnanlftustoes and procla?
mations which emanate from pol?tica]
I headquarters In the heat of eampaigna,
i Strict accuracy and close logic are not
so impressive, momentarily, as the bold*?*
style of assertion and denun? lation. Tat
even can paign iimnlft-stoes se some ol
their value when tbej lack plausibility,
.h they may appear to gain a tem?
porary in'' n the novelty of the
proiKwltion ?el before the public. One
of the nwsl autertalulug ol thai charac
! ter is the* tale Issued from thfl Re
headquarter?, of o "dicker" proposed by
Mr. Barnes, rhairman of th? Republican
State Committee, through an "emls
isary.'' with Colouel Roosevelt, rhe
j agreeiuenl ttius rep<?rte?l was that "thfl
I "entire delegation of the state would be
? h ? uiig for i ? Roosi ?.-ii If < 'oloncl
? i; i. ? .??! would allow Mr. Barnes to
i "name the Governor and dictate the fed
??eral patronage la this state." To which
el Roosevelt Is made to replj that
tl.- candidate of ti??? Repi blk-an party
"for ??? ? ' ?? ou .1 i-" chosen by th?
?H pnbli? aus and uol ' v'i" Bai ni -. and
"?hat whatever Influence Colonel i'.".s?'
??\?-ii might liave would be directed to
. thai il"- canilMnte wa- u Progres
?? i-,.-, bell? ' :? - ? ; ? Progressiv?
el i--.- um \ii-. Ran es a id i ?r. Bui 1er
"thoughi so terrlh ?
li is certain there will be many politi?
cians or this stale agog with luteiesl to
learu lusl hov II *??(>u'?l bai e bee i pos
for Mr Bar .- - to ? ? entire
delegation te" to I ?
; ?-ainiiii::.?-. ? ? ?? the platform of the
Rochester com ntioo and the personal
declarations of nvosl "t tbs delegstei I i
: ? ?> icago ii would p-atlfj th< ? nblle lo
learn how CoJunel i:>-?.-i?\? It could "al?
low" Mr. 1 i '"? ernor
bo*o Mr Bai ios could du II. ? ven
j with the ??? is assent. Bui
i moa) of ail. i hi ?? si oi d b i some ? ? ?
' planai I of ho ? ?? ntioul thai Mr.
I'.'ini'-- -.?.a ? willing lo "dicker" with the
man whom i. ? fnnghl so vigorously ;'?
?i .? state coin i nti?>n of I01O and In
I ?,?.bos? ? ?' t bj i'1" voters
! Mr R irui - tu ?I such great satlsfRorloii.
' Vi"! with i .ilanatlou should come
' an explanntl.* thi ? I utterance
; of Mi. Bam? - - u ? ipaper, n hieb Is
supposed lo refl ?' to- Ideas accuratelj :
"New rorl has ok? unmistakably for
"Tafi and Intelligent thought, while
h i,i? !i. it had been sup
? 1. would not listen to tu? ? Iren
. ", olee, ha?, - groi elled of Its
? ?' If th? Republican pai ' ?
? of th? ' i to pi ..r. .-.i i? mus? be
"l.v |ho delegates 1
! It possible, nftei thai Mr,
Bai ? fallen i letlm to
; i it ? ? Iren rolce' In 1 he Interests of
PfXVLl.ai i ' "' o.m
i i : : ? . er Got?
Dix bas pi ?
I v. bleh -' uw? ?! .re Irll i nl} hia lack
: h.?fuel of tie? Btat? -
, I-"- In? ? ? oi retolng ;?p
: [iropliutio I- ' ' ? n ll of Hie
. Public S? l?*e eomui ?li?n? I i the ellni
? i. atlu ? In so doing
j ht; a'-'i" "il n Kcuihlance ol ?
! Actually, Il h u? : t?d the u? min.- of two
1 bur? aus ? !.. goveruim m al au
? Importan) polnl mid maj mean the loss
of many huniMU live?, Th? GwcriMMr
gave - re?son for vetoing these
It? mi ' uipply bill: "lu
' \ ?-. ut thi lu a liable foi
elimination of
"grade ? ros ings] I do i 1er II
"ud visa hie i-. iillov- these Items."
i ?.'... pro?. Ii i ma of law govern the ex?
penditure ? funds for ab? klshlng
railroad i r? il grade. Tbs Bret i.?
thai the state autboiitle? the Public
' Servi. ?? <-..;.. maj nui ,i ?termine
"!??' 'ally thai n crossing ai grade in ml
. -" i'tiiii n. ? . share of the expense
, of lin actuaII) i. ?eu appro] r??
ate ? ? be : .- thai no ? aymi nl
inward the mates share of the expense
ma\ tie made until the work has uetually
1 een compli ted. Thai means, practical?
ly, thai as l?p .,* as the work of abolishing
grade ? ro> ..;, ?here mus? be i
sum of moi ey, uppnrentl* Idle, standing
to the ?r?.lit oi the Pul lie ?Service com
ml ?Ions for piiymenl of the state's con?
trlbutlon ?i ? . a ? certain jobs bave
1.:.on.i. led. i bal is ih? case al pres
pnt. I n lu |o n cr< illl
reapprtgirlgtisl t.. ?Met n.
i ol .. rtalu "on. non being doue.
nie Isl lo tri? ? Commission bas waiting
aboul .<."im.?k^ ??,, ..n ?.,,,. wnje ,50n0
? 'i' apiMirtloned. Tl.true
"?" Um* up**?.mmlsslou Ea? b cou
int!? IpatJtn of mining ?iew
?l?l.?rtairigis i i.| ,. ,,
1 '?? i ?*?? '"? : |i . ratoi t., H.\\\
???al determination to ?1" iwij ?ritt other]
?/ratio erooslnpl IS soon us the appropria?1
-?..us wer.? ma?!?'. Under the In? tbisj
work must n??w l.e stopped and ? year's
?lolay ?Misuo In tiny further practical new
work "f thai kind. Onos the eonstrne
tlon work non padsr snjjr is eotapleted
and paid for ail work will bi il ,|" ?-"-A
unless new appropriations are i;rai)tc?l
next year.
In the ?listriet of the New York City
cotnmlsstoa ?rad?i eros-tngi kin nt i??.Ht
one person aa?tfi tiwnth. it is hua entablo
that iiie Qoveradr, thrmich Ignoranoi or
n peunj wise notloa of aoonomy, should"
have ? ii?-(Mir:t-:eil a oontinuauce ?,f tin*
conditions which permit thin melancholy
i R ?7. OtTA BATUn B?
"The Omgressiririal Ro.vtrd," which
the Ben?ht wauts t<? sell to the pnbUc
?"?roiii'rer at $2 for the lone SSSSlen ?ml
M for the short so?s.?m, lias SfSlO vlu
dfeated its reputation as a palherer of
pol?tica] news. The issue for April 10
contalM a dear "bwit" on all the other
n,?wa agoi-ici'*?. for It rfiports th?? fleet
that the Lc-islKlure of Arizona has retl
flrd the lncoum tax nmendment to the
l??rter..l Constitution. A eommunii'atlon
to lhar effe.n, dated April l<> ami signed
by the ?iovei-nor and Secretary of Statu
Of Ajri/.ona. announces that the ratitira
tlon resolution h?osme law on April 8?
an occurrence of which the world out?
side of Arizona had been blissfully Ig?
Ari/.ona Is the thirty-seoond ttate to
approve the amendment, and four more
tatlfiiTtious are now need??d to add a
sixteenth amendment to the Constitu?
tion. There Is no great probability,
however, that those four additional as?
sent i will be Obtained this year. The
L?gislature <.f New Mexico Is In session
and so far has shown little disposition
to ratify. The lower house of the Mas?
sachusetts legislature his voted affirm?
?t ively on a resolution, but concurrence
on the r--r> ol* -he Senate la not expected,
Inasnmcb as that body has twice re?
jected a islmilar resolution?at the ses
s|?.ns of IBM and I91L
The Legislature of Louisiana will
meet In May. Two years niro the two
h? nines were deadlock??d over ratifiea
lioti. tlie Senate Insisting that the ques- j
ti'.n shettM be referr??d to the voters nt
the election of 1911 antl the H?uise re-1
fusing h? consent to thai experiment.
With B free surtir bill nondlncr In Con
err? ?s Loulst?ns will naturally be very
relue.ant to approve Hie Income tux,
| since it Is through Ih?1 proceeds of such
a tax that tho Home Democrats hope
to make up for the loss of StVi.OV.rvV?
roypmifi on Misar. Vermonts le-uis
lature will meet in Oi tober, but both
branches rejected a ratification resolu?
tion in 1010 and will ?not be likely t?>
r?veras thai action now.
TbeBB i?? littl" pro-pert of the amend?
ment'1- cettln?: four more votes until
the biennial lein ?hit uros begin if, meet
again In the winter of ?'
Mr. Unt?rmy??r h is drawn .'? resolution
gii \ng his "money trust" Investlgatii ?
'omniit?e^ more power to prob? l?.j
snd Bryan touethor ought '.. i.? abl?j to
psss it.
in th'- escitement of ?? ahipwra? .. m a
?' iee thin?* "
with the public it is at? ( a ..?e .i
r ". i ay, pay. !
Campaign methods which won ths
d? n- y r.f the Board of Education in
.n Indiana town for the suffira | I
"Joan of Arc" will undoubtedly nre've
Ut.' official stamp of approval of tne
London militants, one of her opponent s
campaigners was thrown Into the river
and two other aioetioat?ring ?t the
??? ?r.. beaten. Bo comes propre??.
j?ev? Mexico b.-.c utilised Its autor ?my
to ra?*? .-? prlaottghting lav,
under which the Ineffable "Jack" John?
sos will ill-ii"-rt again on July I f??r the
benefit of tl ? moving picture circuits
New Mexico secins dlaPOOed to crowd
Arizona hard for the privilege of i oln?
ing Its police authority Into caah fur
nlshed by the hi^hr-s? bidders for ques?
? lor ii la Immunities.
The North German l.iovd Line denb-i
? It ha? ordered the construction of
.i steamer of 54,000 tons, it* newest
ship will be 'i 35,000 tona. Evidently I
ail the world does not i et believe that it !
is s;ife to put too tiiHn.\ eggs In tho big? '
geat possible marine baskets.
rar? talk of the ?tAV.
"It the efforts of th. ? ? i ? c,u ?hat a
It la to the poor people succeed In
uyi a V'leana ? t<
rnment will naturatlj at theereat
. m ?i one form ol huslneaa alii ??< r ? i
iVO Itfl death blOW. It (I | b;?|
rtesa which can "xlsr only where this form
o (atnblhu i? permitted and n+cr?? pee-pie
tl)" 'hick god.'
j drean ??? business l toe 'Hti
no dream for which a Dumber c.r %
of numbers cannot be fo..ti'i iq these
Th? I'-iiiai keibi.. thing about it is
the! !!"??? who patronlie it are not sll of
? t ?!..-.-, and K j:, -af.. to ?ar thai
e-balf of tht educated ppopif
re rt :;ui ir patrona of the lottery Uu <?
, Bomewbers ;. ?Ir^am book wiUch la
consulted When uo on? is looking and j
thrown .-iiMiy as aoon us u 'ne.v an.I Im-I
i edition' tnak^n it? ippsarsnri
Oi m,;.," she exclaimed, "n?iu thai ?
'??<i\- .en my new hat you limply i-an't I
that I (?ot it. I-n't It Just ;, poem?" I
"Well, it it Is," re|.iii?ii John, "I iu| pose
per title for b would he "Owed to a
Milliner.'" Ph? Catholic Standard and
i . -
Amone Ih* rurronpotiit^nt'?, who
Address RM tlirou.h the mail.
TI en ara a few phllnnthroplsta
Who vfry aeldom rail.
Tl v eau to my attention mines
Of wondrous promise, vvhlrh,
n i hiit buy a hundred shares,
W ill surely maku me rich.
lot lbs proapeetui piattAy t<hows
That iiotiiins can prevent
Th? ae splendid minea from rres.-ntiy
Returatas seat pel ?''-nt.
I do not know the ??-ntleinen
Who ask RM to Invest,
?-'o quits disinterested 1?
Tn'-ir kindly lniervst.
Although, Of course, I need the coin,
i think I'd batter not,
J? ' .'i the if leal time, invest
The <a?li 1 haven't t??.t
t. a m
"DM you te? a battle while roe were In
Mexli ot
"8aw pari <.r ? battl? An oflkloua police?
man stopped n in-lit in the escltlns nun "
| \. ssblaeton HeraM.
"Ham! ne? attraction for Amer?
Ii ?na an I Kngll hmen," %o? -< "The Chifrcb
Journal," of thai eltj "Ths new Jeru stem
Kirchs v i i.-' wai d< Ic tted ;ii Kaater la
iba lirai Preabyterian church in the dty.
At th- di 'ih ..non Di \,|..h oi ii..!,..
Bt? \\ ird of Dublin; I owi ? - Belfast, an I
... of Hamburg, took pari In Ihe ? i ?
ii "Di . snd the Am? 11? en ? i., >\..., ,,.,?...
' i ?i ?t en Its ?? i, ral ,i,.|.i i m? ..',,
estertor and jnterjwr, Ut? sj|ifi?|?| Ifokttj 4?
tl oogfc It had been taken bodily from a
New England town.' "
Olahhs Here come? Kasymark, the Hu
m.iii n ?Me..
Blobba Why do you call him that?
Blobbe?Hea ao easily skinned-?-I'hiiadei
phiu Record.
An Incident took plaie In a restaurant in
tils city one ?venlng not loag ??to that, be?
sides beinp amusing, was the cause of
HIIIBllaiable thinking: on the part of three
men who were resnilar patrons of tho place.
1h*y were seated together at a table when
they noticed that the waiter who had come
to take their seien was not tho on?* who
usually served the?. "Where Ik .lohn this
evening?" one of the Rroup asked. "He ha?
had his home changed." th* waiter replied.
"He Is out for dinner now."
IfHl?ar That fellow make? a living writ
IliS llc-ht tlctlon.
Klddee-Tfe deesn*l look like a literary
r wFdcter-He Is not He makes ettt state
m< ah. for the electrM H?cht company.?
'In hanking, aa in personal finance," ri"
marked a suhurban hanker the other day,
"-the old adage. 'Take care of the pennies
and tho doliars will take caro of thSSS
selves,' belda good. Just to Illustrate. I've
bien a banker for thirty years. Courtesy
medS try ?necees, largely. A couple of
years ago a woman whose brothers ware
depositors with us dropped In to sec ine
and said ?he wanted to open an account
I arranged everything and then af^ed how
n. e.:h her Initial ?1eriot.lt would be Wh?SB
aha ?:ald $5 I never quavered. I took if.
T*o days later she deposited PAJfO. That
account has never averaged less than $.">,00<j
Croa that day. He? what BhS was up to?
She wanted to know how courteously Ftnall
depositors were treated."
Medium?Do you hear- thOHe knocks?
That'? your dead ?usnan?..
Aunt ?"arollne-N'aw, it's not. nuther. I
dune lole yu onct der doun use rapa where
dat nlggrr went?Philadelphia Record.
And Some ?easons Given by Steamship
Owners for Not Using Them.
To the Kdltor of The Tribune.
?sir: AlthcjRh it is generally agreed that
the primary cause of tho awful Titanio
disaster waa the criminal recklessness In
maintaining high speed when It was
known that the ohlp was in close proxim?
ity to icebergs, th* accident would in all
probability have been averted had the shtp
been equipped with eearchltKhts. The puo- j
lie has been repeatc-dly told that the big
transatlantic liners aro equipped with
every device known to science that will In?
sure safety at sea, hut amonK the manu?
facturera of marine equipment It 1* not I
only the builders of lifeboats who know
SOeh claims to be utterly falso.
During the lat-t twenty years my Arm ha.-?
E'ld nearly four thousand electric projec?
tors for use on Inland and coasting vessels
In all parts of tho world, hut despite the
moat persistent efforts we have never been
able to Induce a plngle transatlantic con:
pany even to take a searchlight on trial, j
Tba ewnera of the I Ig liners have all an
awered that the searchlight i? all right an I
quite Indlspenssbla on a resssl that must
navigate eloss to land and which meat
tii.-ik- out unllghtad buoys at night, but
lh.it In the open sea they can get ;iIotttf
quite iv.-11 without it.
Time and again wo ha?.e uig?.i them te .
conalder the great tosa of Ufa d.io to cullt- i
alona of Ihelr steamers with ths a.-uall fish
Ins vesaela off the Qrand Banka, where In '
? aaea alt hard* are leet In ths dark? i
a, nt to this they have been completely
Indifferent and hare retorted In eMeet:
Dead men tell r.o tales an?l bring no ?lam
age HuitH.'' The beartlassasss ot the grent
llnera In ru?htng on after rnnalag dawn
Hsbermen and tn Ignoring distress ?lgnals
from small boats when there are no pas?
sengers on de.-k to applaud a rescue lias
cauaed treat bitterness among all the n?).
erm? ?).
It ii ttue that i-i fog th? Intense seat>"h
beam only Minds the navigator and
la WOrss than useless, snd 'hat In the open
eater lbs most powerful beam shows
nothing where there is nothing to be seen.
In the case 8f the Titanio, however, on
that dear, starry n!_h. a modorn hlgl;
power electric projector mounted noon the
m sat head platform would have shown the
Iceberg In dazzling whiteness, and as
? ?early us by ?lay, at a range of four miles
or more; Tho searchlight would hav? cost
Ii ta than one thousand dollars, installed.
Mow pitiful that little saslng tn COSt now
?.?ms tn view of what has happened'
IA1TL w. itrairMORE.
PI Kin field, N'. J., April I?, 1912.
To the editor of The Tribuna.
S.- . Amid :ill th" outpouring of (..Micr?
ons sympathy for the benetit of the Ti?
tanic sufferers It Is hoped that tho great
nerd of th? thirty or forty thousand vW-tlms
of the flood In the Mississippi Valley w 11
i ot he forgotten. These unfertunate peop'e |
are receiving rations from tie United
States government In nfugee camps and
the lied ?.'ross ?s providing BtedlCgl asaist
snes und has s"?it Red CrOBB trained nurses
Into certain Beide When the waters sub?
side und ths peogla return to their horn- s
they will probably find them much dam?
aged snd may need assistance there. Cloth?
Inc.: win ateo be needed, and possibly -e? .is
f >r tiie spring planting.
All .-oritrii utlons for the relief of these
unfortunate Hood suffercra may ha sent to
.i ,. c Bctltff, CSn of th? Ne'v Vork Red
? *roaa ?'hapter, William and Pins street.?,
N'en Vork. MAHLl, r. BOARDXAN,
Chairman National Kollef Board
Washington, April _*, IMS
? .
To the EdltOI of ThS Tribune.
sir. Atnotig the larga number of heroes
v?.Ih. w? ut down t?. their death on the 111
fated Titanic two women of this city
were conspicuous for their anbllma hero
Mi-s Bdltfa i:\ans. who gave up her
pleas m a lifeboat to u woman *Uh two
children who wars strangers to her, she
remaining on the hhip and going down
with It. thus exceeding ?if taken literally)
the atateoMnt In the Scripture?, "Oroater
lovs hath m? man than this that a man
lay down hH Ufe for his friends"
And Mrs. Isidor Straus, who. in spite
of the earnest entre.ule* of her husband
ami Otbere, declined to cet Into a lifeboat,
bqt remained on board and was drowned
with her husband, which brings to one's
miad tiie reply of Huth t.? NaoadL "In
treat me not to hjave thee or to return
from following after thee, for whlttutr
thou goest I will go, mid where thou
fodgeel I will lodge; :hy people shall he
my people ,ind thy G?id my Ood, and
where thou dies! I will die and there will
I he burled; the Lord do so to me and
mors alao If nuKht bot death part thee
New York, April ||, i y i _.
? S-?
To thi Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: I trust that In the distribution of the I
taonMOa fund? which have been collected
for the sufferers of the Titanic disaster the
claim of the helpless WOgbSa and children
who have been deprive?! of their bread
sinner will net bs overlooked,
1 refer especially to the families of the
mall SterkS, who, from all reports, re
matned faithful to their trust Mfsgliard?
Ing th.- property of lbs government te tho
lit moment, l.v. n wh?-n lift Water tlowcd
toward them ?hey remained faithful, trying
'" ? * the sarita of mall to no upper deck.
'I in- is the testimony, of oMoers who ?i?w
them to the It-1 Had Ihey been more
negligent, up) faithful t? their ?rust, the.
inlKlii posslbl) have? eseap.it. but In their
.ffi.it lo sava tl." mail the) met their doom
The pay of (titas men was not \..r?- lur*?
ami there i- u<> doubt that ,i small portion
of ihe lundi collected for the purpose ,.f
relieving tin- sufferers ihould be given to
the famlllea of the-?* three faithful men.
M \il. CLBRK.
?Nt? k'JXfc Avril ai, IMA _ . I
People and Social Incidenu
(From Th- Tribun? Bureau. 1
Washington, April 23.? The French Am?
bassador and Mm?1. Jusseraml entettaln?d
at dinner to-night In compliment to the
Japan?-'?'..1 ?whs?gd? aad ?Flagsuntass
Chinda. Their oth??r guests ?ere the .->??<?
! retarv of War and Mrs. Htlmson, .Justl??,.
and Mr?. l?atnur. Senator Hoot, the Bel?
gian Minister and Mine. lUvenltli, Mr.
Sclimolck. Netherlands charg? d'affaires,
Dr. and Mrs. Wl liner, the Russian naval
attach? hii?1 Mmo. Vaasllleff. tho fj?rman
second ?erretary find Mine. Ki??nlln, Mr-.
Arthur Peters. Mrs. Buckner Walllngfor.l,
of Cincinnati; the counsellor of tho French
Kmbassy and Mme. de Perettl de la Roc.-r,
and the French military attach?*? and
Countess ?le rhambrun.
HeAor Calero, recently appointed Mm,
can Ambassador to the I alted Sta'"*. hss
sailed from Mexico for Washington arel
will arrive on Sunday. H? is accompanied
by Mme. ?alero ?nd their two children,
| a son and daughter, seven and eight years
j old resjiectlvely. Seflor Crespo, the pres
| ent Mexican Ambassador, will leave Wash?
i ?iigton Immediately upon tho arrival of his
i successor.
Viscountess Benoiat d'Axy, wlfa of the
French naval atta"h?\ hat- been appointed
a delegate from Fran?'? to the National
I Red Cross Congress, which soon will to In
: session here. M. de Vogue, president, of
the Hefl Cross Socletv of Franc?. Is the
?father of Un ?.Is.ountess. and accordingly
her Interest In the work has leen of long
.1. .1. Moats ds Angas* recently ap
potntsd BSOOnd secretary of the Brazilian
Embassy, will arrive lu two week? to as?
sume his duties.
The lluaalan Embassy has been advised
that M. Mathieu ?Sevastopoulo, chamber?
lain of his Imperial atajas!? tho Kmp??ror
! of Russia, has been ?Appointed coun-.iUoT
of th? Russian Embassy here, vice t*rtnc?
Kou.iacheff, who has been transferred to
[Prom Tli? Tribune Bureau 1
Washington, April 23.?Th? opening of
the bench abow to-morrow will be the
occasion for a fathering of people promi?
nent In Washington aodety. Moat of the
! diplomats will visit the show during Its
progr?s? and many will attend the opening.
Among tho New York women interested
will be Mrs. TgmH W. Wadaworth, Jr.,
who has entered her famous white ter?
rier Greentr?-?* Sandy, h beautiful dog from
tho Psyne Whitney kennel?- Mrs. Hunting
I ton Wilson Is a dog fancier and has of?
fared aevsral prises Mrs. ?Vigas** ss P.
Gar er has offer?*'? ? grand challenge
tf.t lb ird for thS bent dog in tho show.
The Russian (. nihaiaadOT and Mm-?.
Baklimeteft wer.? sal?rtalB?d ?.t dinner to?
night by Rear Admiral and Mr* Brownson,
who invited a number of guests to meet
Senator and Mr?. Fletcher were also
among the hosts to-night, entertaining at
HUpper th? bridal party to attend Miss
Fletcher and Dr. Kemr>, who will be inar
rtod to-morrow.
I>r. Btimson, who was the gjest Of l.'s ?
son, the Secretary ol War, last week, but
it-turred to hi?? home in New York. Is
a'-r-i.n with ihe Secret iry anal Mrs. Stlmson
and will remain with tl??:m tWs Wtsafc
Miss Bradford Joittgd her ? art nts. Rear
Admiral snd Mrs. Bradford, to-day, aft? a
visit of some lengtu In Annapolis.
The marriage of Miss A'ubie Ingalis Ber?
nard and KiiBB-U 1? Sard, of Albany, which
ha? Just b*?en announ?.-?!. will take plat**)
in th? lall at Hot Springs, Va., at the villa
of her grand paren ta, Mr. and Mid. Mel
vlII? D. Ingalis. Miss Barran? will go
abroad with her grandparent? when they
sail for Kurope in a f??w days.
.Tohn Barrett, director of th.; P.-in-Anieri
can Union, r?BUtrn?d to-day from Panama
and Cub;?. He uttei.U'jd tho t-ntert-itnnient
given In Havana In honor of the Secretary
of State and Mrn. Knox.
Mi?s Marian I.yman Sturgls. daughter of
the late Robert ?turgls, was mnrrltvl yes?
terday afternoon. In the Brick Presbyterian
Church, to Armitago Whitman, son of Dr.
and Mrs. Royal Whitman. The bride, who
wan given away by her uncle, Charles Wtur
gis, of Chicago, wore a gown of white
satin, trimmed with rose point lace. Her
tulle veil was fastened with orange blu.-,
sotns. and sh*: carried ? bou'juet ot lll'.es
Miss Ruth Sturgls was her *dst?r*fl rr.ald
?>f honor, and sh? was dressed '.n pink saitn
and chiffon and wore a brown tulle hat.
Her bouquet consisted of pink ro.s-s. Ihe
bridesmaids were Miss Anna Warren In?cr
, sell and Mtsi Marlon Field Sharpk-ss, of
Philadelphia, cousins of the bride; Miss
, Elinor r.?e, Miss I.aura S. T/lvlngston. MtSg
Kathryn Hone Auerbach, IHas Cornelia P.
Montgomery, Miss Gertrude de L. ?ttnottds
and MhM Ostftredg If. Behlrmer The? war*
all gowned alike In pink satin and cliifff.
and arare hats of brown tulle.
Richard n. ggslsainn jr.. acted ,M h*..
man, And th?* ushers w?-re Harry Ingtra?ii
un<l John llam'.lt'in Fetter, of Philadelphia
cpuslna ?if the bride; Harold r. Haddas ir
J. Kr'deelck S?henck, jr.. John R. Kiiydafr,
jr.. H. W. H. Powell, Jr. OmraU ?.
Knauth aid Frederick tS/Obster ' ' Ih,',,
Ti,.- i err-non y was performed by t\t ({^?
|ir. James M Farrar, ?.f W ?" . L^
: I'enn . and was followed by a reception ,1
the home of th" brl'h- y n* $9 .,
Basl Htb street
Albert R. Gallafln, who || t.. n,,r,( ^i
Peatrtef Quennell, d? ighter , ' v.. L^.
(juetmell, tills ?ftert'oon. In the ?
the Ascension, gavo his far-.. '
dinner 1<? ?t ulRht at hta bom?, v
i.1e,th street. His -?'i--^'- Indud
JGallntln, Jr.. Friirt'l-: Detrae* Gallofa, It
Prentice Keil. Kg. Alosander M. I'nd.l.,, t<
Whsejtoe Vanaban, of this city, ?i i.'imL,
sy Welsh, of Philadelphie*.
Th* marriage of m?-% tjen?
Amj, daughter of Mi i I Era at
Julius Hyacinth" Amy, to Warren Kloi-?
will tako placa till? momtn Cbn-s
of St. ?Knatln? Loyola The ceremon]
? lowed by a rr-ffpt'o- .,? the h- ? .
the bride- parents, In West f*\h ?trr?? I
Mr. and Mr?. T. S'lffern Ta'.'- r.^.
?In;? congratulations on the Mrl I offed
on Monday morning al their home, . ? j
West Bet street Mr?. Teller i .?,? \n?
Harriet Hrown. daaghter Ol Al'jisnd..
Brown, of Baltimore. Mr. snd Mrs,
were married la Ksitiniore la .?y
Among those booked to tail f r lEtMM
j to-day on board the Mauretanta ar* _?*g.
Joseph Htlikn.'.v, Mr-, and Mr?. Wlil.?tn
j Douglas BloattS, Mr. and Mrs. ;
i l'aimer Knapp and Mr. and Mrs. vie'...
Mr. and Mrs. ?dorure W Poison. hH/e ar?
rived in town from Lenes, aad ht>- _t |ts
j Hotel Kelmont.
! Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland if Teod?. be
i returned to the city from Washington.
j Mr. and Mrs Albert Eabrlekta Or*>'i
?daughter, born la?t month, *lll be rhrtst
! ened this afternoon at the home of fi?:
i urandparenta, Mr. ttr.? Mr?. Stoyvomrt
: Fish, In liast 78th street. The child Wllljnv
; reive the nann of Marian Natalia.
I Mrs. narence IT Macksv iravo ? .n,\
j dinner lagt nlRht at the Rltf. Otbtts #hi
i gav..- dinners at the R??? wer. Mr and Mr:
Frederick Y. Palzl-l.
i Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wel.h Uvt'?
I rived in town from Philadelphia and m%
I at the Belmont.
I Mr. and Mm Walter _-. Oekatas arrive*
, in the city yesterday from their ?KiWtry
j placo at Koslyn. Ixin? Island. They art
| glrlng s dinner to-night at th? St. Riga
,i) | graph to The Tribun?;
, t>--nox. April |L?Commander RggtRatl K
j Belknap, U. i, N.. aad his mother, yt
t Oeorge E. Helknar. widow of luar Admira
Kelknnp, were pi evented from taklr?
1 i>a*u?Hi?e on the Titanic only by Mri. be!
, knap's Illness |q Fugland. wl.-r-e Com
| mander Helknap, who I? stationed I:.
i Washington, l.ad gone to bdl g 1.1a rnoth*
back to New York. Commander Ballots :>
j and his niuiiirr will s*, i to-morrow on Iba
j Olympic for New York, and on arrrt.i.t
will go to Hto.-knildge.
William Pollock, of New York, has ar?
rived |e Pittsfteld to prepare Holm??dal<?
for opening early In May.
Mr and Mrs. Georgs K. Turnar^ wh<?
wem guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Dei?
field for tins week end, have gono to !?e*"
Harris K.ihnestock. of N?w York, li ?'.
MImh Georgiana ?argent, Ot Ms Te/*,
arrived to-dny at Gray House.
Miss Rosalie Goodman has returned fro..
| Washington.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ko?? Whistler who hara
! been In Baltimore, arrived to-night at their
I cottape.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Cobb Wl ? m%r*
been In Pasadena. C_L, retomad to-day to
Hill Fields, In PHtsdeM.
Miss Kmily Kiddie and Mrs. t Frederick
I Beheneb have gr>r.? in N-w Y')rk.
Mrs. Ttobb De P. Tytus left this isemtne
? for a week's Stay tn Boston.
Mrs BdWSrd H. Sper.'-er. wrm :-.s? I.?*
i at her villa, returned to New Terb th'"
Miss Pthel y. Polsoni has return?d from
New York snd is a guest of Mr? ????
Ths late Mrs. Richard tv Par.a left an
estate of tm\W, of which H47.I11 waa I
personal property. Richiird T. Deas anJ
David T. bana have been appointed tl
ecutors of her will.
Present at Opening of International
Art Exhibition.
Venl?-?. April **?? The TnternatiTal Art
Imposition v.as open d by the Duke of j
??enoa in the name of King Victor l?m- I
manuel. J. Plerpont Morgan, who arrived
yostenir, whs on? of the cenfai Agiires
at the ceremony.
Count Grimanl, Mayor of Venice, deliv?
ered a speech In which he said that thit?
exhibition had very ?treat artistic signifi?
cance owing to Its being connect?.??! with
lit? rebirth of the famous ?'ampanlle gad
th? rreairr??etlon of Itnliati power in North
err Africa and the Mediterranean
Mlas May 1'ttrint, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Lout? Farlul, ol Ko. 6 Lexington a\e
nue, and Charles P. leant were married
yesterday morning In the .?b.intry of
Crnce tliunh. The ceremony was per?
formed by the Rev C W. ?'lash. Mux
Farinl Is an aitht, srhOOS work haa galnetl
favor hero and In l/indon, and Mr. !.#nt 1??
aa art publisher. He is a graduate of New I
York T'nlvernlty In tho class of '9S.
Ain e Sianch'.ii'ld, the twenty-four-year
otd daughter ot Mi- and Mrs. John H |
Btanebflsld, of No. p \\>i-t Mtb street, and I
Arthur Mullln Wright, a physician, of No. ?
60 West ?.8th street, will be married Satur?
day at tho laonie o? the bride's parents j
by the Lev Dr. l?ulman, of Llnilrs.
?lenipatead, Ixmg Island, April 23?An- I
nouncement haa been made of the ?-i.gage
ment of Miss Jeannette Myers, daughter of
Mr. and Mi?. Charles Myers, pf Last Ful?
ton avenue. Heinpatesd. to Colgate lloyt,
Jr., of Oyster Bay. Mr lloyt Is a graduate
Of Brown University and Is a itifmb.i of
the Heawanhaka-Corlnthlan Yacht Club i
und tv|uudrun A. No date hu* yet been ai?
ran?, d for the wedding. Misa Myers Is j
\ery popular among the members of the
Hempstead i?olony and is an accomplished
t It y Telegraph to The Tribuns!
Philadelphia, ApHl 21-One of the inter
eating weddings of the urason occurred
tO-day at Ht. James's Lplueopal Church,
when M?as Marie Wlndrlm FIukS bsggUM
the brld.? of Antony Taussat Ueyelln, Jr., i t
llava.rtiinl. Th? marriage cvnunoiiy was
i.-ad by tin- lector, the Hev, l>r. Will; uu
? ' Itlcbnrdboii. Th?. btMs WSS all-tided by
Mr.- Htanley ?irisvvold Flag?.*. M, who pre?
vious to her nniuiage. In January, Was Misa
l'i.ioiliy King, of New Yoik. as matron of
honor A te.a.ption at tit?) home of the
brides parent??. Mi end Mrs. ?Stanley
Orlswold Flagg, fsllswsd Um ror?nsM at
*>U Je.u*;i?
Institute in Which He Worked Shsll
Bear His Name. Says Kaiser.
Berlin, April 23.-Tn connection wltl ??
tblrtletb anniversary <.f )Ynf.-???r R-len*"
snnouncement of his ?Jiscorery of the ?
b?BrcukMta badilas ?he Oennaii F.mr*eror
bas ordered tl.? Royal Institut- for!*?1"
Study of Infectious PiseSjSas. m Br*ti\n.
Ig w1il'?h l*rofes.--or Koch ?-.irked for t?S?o?
tv yearii, W bear Kocfc'l oam bagaMa?
Th? Kniperor In his ?sWros *?'*
"Professor Koeb by Hs dtaeoTery opea'l
r.e eombat asu-in-?* tha p I * ''T?
of mankind, vrhleh haa all - a : ms -w"'
..I with ur.pre?-.?.t??nt-.l - .1 h"S
mails suiUrlng humanity bt? r" '
debtor "
Third of the Campus Course Given ?
the Library Auditorium.
The third ?MNKHi of UM Csisvg??? <:es?*?vt
CtMirat ?'t the N.w York 1 nl*?**f-*'*>' vi%
given last night in the Auditorium o? f*
library at Unlvgnlt) Kslfbta b> th-? win-?
?trlnK guartet. isstatad bj Mlaa ?<*rf*J
Duniap. contralto, and slant? '????? ???J
The music was warmly re.?e:?>"1 Ml *
Dantos and w ?;. King, lb? Wt* ?J?
Vtolta solo, were both . u.or.-d ? I
The quartet Is orgaalasd ?ads? ,:* TC
ti. r ?if wiuum Orsftni Klag. idotlatot-Jg
U ... u.poed of four jroung ui.t. uin-*"^1*^
The. programma? Includ .1 BOtSS M Nia
King and Mr. Bronstcln, 'cellist.
? ~
Tha owners of N. * fSTTe '?,,I",,'B''. |h,
trapa era? ?mon? th* BBBOl ??" ,:** *'u"
White sisr ?B*?Waaadagtea Peat
Tha Man and KMls.on -**^*???i
1. now on in New York City. ?< ? JE M
movement, of courae. t.ut are f*?r ' I*
worn end wary attSf H ???? ,1"' ,os
?golasl that Olbrsltsr of ?WUBaSS? ????
V irk ?'?IH?*"?'
All the loan sharks I? ?"? ?* r)Hr
M, m be -?ossoate? ?>| P^^A?OT
W n it man. B?i lntere,iint. |?r..sp*.-t ? tl>
th. fact that a Uuffaio r?aeeaeatatmu ^
fraternity haa Juat be?'" ?<n\ ul M ^t
tiioiuh? en 0 charge of uiury ??
?, ,. .ratif?.?* ???The nja?. JjJ^
tas auflfraB??u.a ?owa la Se** .
ra?I?? Ibsl WM M the BBBB BbBS??M? ~
beli-..eal fairly ?SU ?>???' t.'?'"' ?,? ?.
?.ai-ie.l what la bdius whtsperea IP
is not known ?ttas OSgaiBS?
UoOUb inapeetor John J ^V^\V''
?Usen, who ha. be- atud?. In, ***?*??m
Km vo'.k Health Boor? for a wart.?m r^ ^
NM gares ebeerves the latter si ???? #
,., i ,.? Srgl?aM belter mes hSS
?waurtuiy gapaaliaaBja

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