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Ntxo^ofk _rifc*in_ ,UT!
K, 1912.
Morgan Firm Takes $170,000,.
000 Interborough Issue.
Objects for Which Proceeds Will
Be U sed?Four Years for
.T P. Morgan A Ce., lt was announeed
ye.vrriay. havp contracted to purchase
fmm the Interborough Rapid Transit Com
par.y gl70.000.000 naw first mortgage 5 p^r
cent __ty?t_r_- ?rd-r bond.. to be issued by
that corporatlon in connectlon wlth the
agreenaent just reached between it and the
city of New Tork. The purchase is con?
tlngent upon the approval by the Court of
Apptalla <'f th?? preferentlal rr">'ment of
__ per cent provided for ln the subway
, .emfnt with the city. The flnanrlng
plan^ for the __? subway? of the Rrook?
lyn RapM Transit Company are not yet
ready fr!' announ.einent. but the $100,000.
pon new born!- tn ).<? Issued by that com?
pany _ill be taken by Kuhn, Locb _ Co..
the Central Trust Company and their as
goclates. as alrMd. announeed.
The Interborough's financing plans enll
/or 1187.156,950, divided as follown: For
refunding th^- COmp__7'a present debt. '
0 . for construetion of new subway*
(the Interborough company's one-half of
the coat), $5-.-0__ld?; for Manhattan r__
?ev.iy Improv-inenlB, ahout |80,000,000; for
equipment for n. w subways. $21,','>'\00n,
and for other charges, Includlng diseounts
about I9.S00.000. The mortgage srcurlng
th>- 1170,000,000 bonda from the proceeds
of whlch these re-quirements wlll be met
will prorld. also for the Issue of sueh addi
tiopal amounts of bonds as may be needed
for e-rt.nolonfl and improvements during the
pertod i f the lease.
Letters have been sent by J. P. Moryan
_ Co. to bankers, Invlting them to jo'.n
ln a syndlrate. the life of whieh if to b?
fve year:- The price of the bonds to the
gyndleate, it ls _l__T_toe_, wlll be 98, Mor?
gan. QrenfoU & Co., of London. and Mor?
gan. Harjoa _ Co., of Faris. are Invlting
s . rlptlona to the syndicate from Euro?
pean bankers, and it is expected that a
large. proportion of the bonds will he placed
The purchasing bankers will have four
in which to pay for the _70.noo.ono
bonds. whi'h are to he part of a total ai
thorized issue of about $_)0.oOi'.i>J0. In the
year frOBO -luly 1. 1912. to June 30. 1913. they
wflj pay .<7?,000.000; in the next two years
< ,,.. '?. ?? . acb, and in the year ending June
.'. the remainir.g _2.ooo.000 The syn
dicate Hill dlvidfl equally with the Inter?
borough ccmpar.v any amount received on
the aale of thfl bonds in e___s of an aver?
age price of par and acerued Interest. after
deducring a'.l expenees.
A cnmulative sinklng fund of 1 per _B_
wlll be provided for. to hegin flve year.
from the date of openlng the new subway*.
or at the latest not more than ten years
from the date of the bonds Bonds may bo
drawn for the sinklng funfl at 110 or bought
in the open market at a lower figiire. and
t-.e whole issue wi!l be amortiz'd during
the term of the lease
?When the .ubways are eompleted. the In?
terborough Rapid Transit Company wlll
have a prior clalm on the net earnings of
the propertles to the extent of 114,o-_.*0o.
made up a* follow?. Average annual earn?
ings of present Bubway for the last two
yeare, $6,336,000; 6 per cent interest and 1
pei cent slnking fund on $77,000,000, the
amount ol Interborough's new investment
1n subwayB. $4,620,<XiO; interest and annual
sinklng fund on approximately $3^000.000
capltal mvested in elevated railways. t_
800,000; profits from Manhattan Railway
lease and other lncome. which during the
last two ytars have averaged annually
StockholderWants Accounting of
Securities Given to Belmont Firm
John C. Wilson. a stockbolder in the In?
terborough Rapid Transit Company, flled a
aummons yesterday in tbe Supreme Court
ln an action agalnst the company. August
Belmont. Andrew Freedman. Cornelius
VandeiU't. Gardiner M. Lane and oth*r
directors. for an accounting of the securi?
ties of the Interborough glven to August
Belmont & Co. in 1-02. At that time they
wer. valued at $l..'--i.000. and now, wlth ac
cumulated dividends. are entlmated at be
tween $4,000,000 and ST-.OOO.OOO. The plaintiff
asks that these securities be turned ba"k
to the treasury of the Interborough eom
pany. alleglng that they were glven to the
TUlmont flrm wlthout . onsideratlon. Mr
Wilson. who lives in Washington, owna
E.700 shares of the Interborough stock, bav
\ttg u par value of $270.00.
It ie alieged thal the 11,100,-*- worth of
_rtarborour*1 stock given to August Bel?
mont _ Co. was supposed to be in consld
eratlon of eertaln sejvices rendered to the
con.p_.ny by the ;a?,king _o_C_l_ and for
Bome assets in additlon. One of these ser
vfces ___ to be obtained for the Interbor?
ough by ti.e assignment of the subway
ctntract held by John B. McDonald, In
whlch Dontract It Is sald Mr. Belmont was
already Inte.ested. Mr. Belmont also was
to obtaln some subsTlptlonB for the Inter?
borough stock and further had turned over
to the company tho Clty Tsland & Peiham
Park Railway f"mpanv, carrled on the
books at *r1,nO,*B*0, hut whoBe gjcttt-l value,
it is allejred. was $3..00O.
There are two simllar sulta now pen llng
brought ln "fttt b*f Clarene* H. Venner and
the Contlnental He^urlties Company as.
Joint plaintiffs. These actlona have been
bltterly fought. and so far tho Interbor?
ough has had the better of the fight. The
latter moved in the Supreme Court foi
Judgment on the pleadlngs. whlch the court
granted on the ground tbat there was no
cause for _?___, The Appellate Division
aiTlrmed this declslon, and a few days ago
the appeal of the plaintiffs was argued be?
fore the rourt ot Appe_Js
Work on New Frick Home to Be
gin Soon, It Is Said.
The work of tearing down the old Lenox
Library Bulldlng wlll be begun in a few
weeks, it ls sald. The Btructure Is on the
block fronting Fifth avenue, between 70tb
and 71st streets. whlch was purchased by
Henry O. Frick in 1908 for a price re?
ported to be $2,400,000 when lt waa declded
to comblne the Tllden. Aator and Lenox
llbrarles in the building slnce erected on
Fifth avenue, between 40th and 42d streets.
Mr. Frick retained Carrere _ Hastings
some months ago to prepare plans for a
home he is to erect on the site. whlch has
a frontage of 200.n feet on the avenue ano
125 feet on each of the alde streets. Pre
llminary sketches will be flled at the Blulrt
Ings Department ln the near future.
The Indep.ndent Club of the WeBt Slde
at a recent meeting passed a reaolutlon
commendlng Borough President McAneny
for the way he had dealt wlth the subway
situation "Rarely haB the clty been bet?
ter served, in our Judgment." the testl
monlal read. "than ln thls matter by our.
Borough PreBldent."
Albany, May 26.?The Court of Appeala
has declded to hear on June 10 argumentfl
on the appeal from the declslon of the
lower courta austalnlng the preferentlal
< lauasB ln the pendlng New York Clty
??-_wa-* contracta. {
Quiet Likely Till Tuesday, When
Demands Will Be Answered.
Peace reigned yesterday In the elty's
caravansarUs. although both hotel proprie
tors an-i waitera declared they were pre?
pared for war. At the headiuarters of the
Internatlonal Hotel Workers' Union. whose
reprcsentatlve the hotel men debarred from
tht- conference Frlday. it wgg said that,
despite the snub, Uie members would strike
no more until the hotel men recelved a
committee from other workers' organlza
tlons and answered the demands. which
would probably be on Tueaday.
The hotei men are underatood to prefaaa
to be no longer afraid of the Internatlonal
Union, taking the ground that it is a bluff
orpanizafion and that they themeelvei ara
on a war footing. It was declared that
they had more- than three thousand strlk*
breakers m Uie dty ready to nn aii */acan
Trouble waa nverted al gevaral placea
yesterday through the conclliatory rnethodg
adopted by the union. said Ita financial aee
retary, Edward Blochllnger, who asserted
the men were eager to go out at Maitin's.
Sherry's. Maxlm's and the Holland Mous-.
Walkouta were prevented, he said. only
becaus.- in each caso the rnanageinenl ac*
ceded to demanda rather than n.sk a atrlke.
Mr Martln ?onflrmed the union e.fbcial
as regards hia own place, saying that ihe
demands made upon him by his employea
were reasonable and he had granted most
of them.
The sub-committee appolnted by the
hotel men to treat with tha discontented
?mployoa announced that it had come to
an agreemont on what should be recom?
mended. Detalla were- not announced.
A disturbing element ln the altuatlon
eropped out when waltera ln aeveral of the
larger hotels threatened to strike to-nlght
despite the fact that the Internatlonal
Hotel Workers' I'nlon declared auch actlon
would not be sanctioned.
House 0'Economy" Kills Navy's
World-Wide System.
[From The. Trlhune Bureau ]
Waahlngton, May ft?A periodtcal re?
vlval of Democratic "economy" resulted tn
striking from the naval approprlatlon blll
ln the House to-day the prodsion for a
rour.d-the-world wireles-- telegrarh system
recommended by thr- Naval Affairs Com
mitee and Secretary Meyer,
Repreaantattre Fitzgerald. e-hatrman jof
the Appropriations Committee, who ron
sister.tly herates the Democratlc Houae for
its fallure to make good on Its economy
pledges. made a point of order atainst the
The naval bill authorized an expendtture
of COOfADM to establish world-wlde connac*
tion among the ships of the navy and mm
rr.erdal vesseis. The technlcal objectlon
raised by Mr. Fltzgerald was that the Sec?
retary of the Navy had asked ln a gup
p'.emental eatlmate for tbe establshment
of such a wireless system. Becauae the
expenditure waa not recommerAJed ln the
annual eatimatea, Mr. Fltagerald charged
that the Secretar*- had ' ahown a contempt
for the law." Heasserted that other heada
of departments also mcluded In aupple
mental estlmates reeomraendatlons whlch
should be made in the annual est.matea
Hf.preser.tative Padgett. ln charge of the
naval bill. agreed that the provislon waa
technlcally subject to a polnt of order, bul
he exprrssed the hope that Mr Fltagerald
would wlthdraw his objectlon in Vlea of
the great good which might be accom
plished by a world*wlde wlreleae system.
The chairman of the Appropriatlona Com?
mittee, however. was obdurate Bnd the
!Tem went out.
The aconomy ideas Ot Mr. Fltzgerald
have been generally disregarded by the
House recentb. and he evened up the
to-dav. Mr. Fltzgerald nifoimed the House
not long ag>. tl.at lt would l.e unable to
make good lts pleda-es to the country th.et
there would be economy !n expendltur^s
upder the Democratlc regime.
Sleuth Steps on One Prisoner's
Foot to Preserve Evidence.
Detective Flno was Just a'ightlng yester
dav f'om a southbound Madlaon avenue
car at the Brooklyn Bridge termlnus when
he saw three men b.lterlng among the,
crowds. He thought he re--ognized them
as old offenders in the pocket picklng ln
il latry. anl BO he hld himself in a nearby
shanty to watch them.
Tlie three men presently hoaided a north*
bound car, rode a coupie of blo.-ks and got
off. Flnn says that one of the three then
pulled a pocketbook from hls walatcoat
pocket and took out a roll of ollla. These
he placed ln a wallet and Ftuck it ln bls
Ifside poe'eet. Flnn grabbed this rhun and
the one near him The e.th^r darted .-iway.
The man wlth the pock>-tbook dropped H
in the street and placed hls foot upon It,
wlth the evtdent Intentle.n of kicklng It
away to get rl<l of the evi.lence. To pre*
vent this Flnn placed his own foot on top
e.f th<- man'a Wlth a prison-r ln ea>*h
hand ond one of hjs feet also buny, Flnn
was unable to move until Patrolman
Campbell e-ame along.
At the Clty Hall ROlk-8 atatlon the two
prlaonera geve tlu-lr names as 'saac i',,,\ri
ar.d Samuel Davis. The? police say each
man haa a ree-ord for pocket ple klng.
Both men denied Ihelr guilt
Mrs. Harrlot Stanton Blatr-h, head of the
Women'a l'oiiti.ai Union, has roeaivad a
reply from Secretary Knox to her rt
t? >gram to hlm asklng hlm to tak" aome
?Otlon in the raag of Miirle Kurtz, the
y.ung Oerman girl who it was reported
was belng taken haek to her natlve coun?
try, a prlsoner. between decks on h (J<-r
man tramp stearner, wlth not another
woman Oll board. Mr Knox's reply f.,|.
four lolegram of May n |g receive,t r
ha\e requested ihe Attorhey Oeneral io
Inatrucl the fnlted States Attorney at I'hll
gdelphla to Inveatlgate and report the facts
ln the caae of Marl*. Kurtz.
Industrial Workers of the World
Disappoint Sheriff.
Police Throng Union Square,
Too, but Programme of Protest
Is Carried Out Quietly.
! When the mectln_ of the Induatrlal .?_?_?
1 "rs of the World and the National Free
; Speei-h I.eague waa about to begin ye<it-r
! day afternoon Sheriff Jullus Harburger WM
| pr_a_nt wlth tlf'tv of hl- mer. ?'Ready lr>r
J any emergency, and if any bomh _OI_-fl lh_
| way I'll be here to receive lt. And let m?
tell you. if any one darefl to splt on the"
"Sheriff." Interrupted Alexander Berke
man, the anarchist "no one intends to splt
on the flag, nnd. what is more, I have it
from Henrv Landwlrth, th-- Beeretary of
the Industrial Workers of the World. that
he never said or Inttmated thnt thfl bag
should be .t>at upon "
"Yes," said Landwlrth, "no one will rplt
on the flag."
"You bet your life no one Wlll!" the
Sheriff hastenerl to sny. "And let me tell
you: If I hear t traltorou* utterance or a
_e-i.louBob-erva.lon l wlll arreal the maker
of said utteranee or obaervatlon forthwlth "
Then Sheriff Harburger looke.l around
and, seeing no Amerlcan flag. -ald:
"When are you foing to ralse the Amerl?
can flng?"
"We're not going to have anv.' anawered
the anarchist. "We thought it better po_
JUBl then Leonard D Abbott. onf ol tho
editora of "< urrent Llterature" and chalr
man of the meeting. arrived. Hfl walk* I
over to the centre of the piatform and an
nouneed that the pUTPOM of thfl meeting
was to protest against the vlolatlon of free
Bpaech ar.d tho rlght of public asaembly In
San DlegO. Cal . and against the Imprtaon
meni cf Ettor and Olovannlttt. two l? idera
of the recent gtrlke tn Lawrence, Maas ,
who are held ln Jail or what thelr ftlendi
call "trumped-up murder charge?. because
they led a Bucceaaful strike."
Alexander Berkman waa then lntroduced
He is one of the aofteal ipoken flre-eatera
who ever followed in the footatapa 'if Km na
Goldman He waa made up like i profei
sional bohemian. wltb florrowful eyea, long
halr and the Indlapanaable long flowlng bow
Ue of yard-wlde black silk While he wag
talking-in riddleh-Wtlllam D Hayw.__
appeared and waa greeted with a aalvo of
cheeri from thoae in the crowd who ?? -
nized him
About the same tlme twn women **ith
|arg< American flag? plnned on thalr ? - -
made their appearance ln th* fronl or the
crowd The alert photographara qulekly
poacd them between two soldi-ra who were
listening to the speeches and took anap
ahots The women were Mra BadU Cun?
nlngham. of No M7 west 143d Btreel and
Mrs F J Warnerker, ol Astoria mem
ber* ol several patrlottt societtea. ?* h I
rall-d to augment Sheriff Harburger'e
There were a)m forty polleemail under
C-rtain Morrtfl
Liabilities Said To Be $300,000
and Assets $200,000
A petltlon ln hankrupt' ? l flled y_8
terda. againal Oe ?:-? I ' ?n I
rnited state. Dlatrict Court. Coi ildlne
h.-,s been known for yeara ln thls clt;
aportlng man and hotel prnprietor The
action againal ?"'onsldtne ^ns brought ly
ti.-- A H Mayer ? ompanj and '_? other
credltora, wlth clalma aggregatlng *:_'?!.
through Tankauer _ Davldaon, "
The liabilities we... said t.. be *_**-.0_
rludlng gecured i lalma, and the ?
rviO conslstlng of leaaehold and hotel hilld
Irm al No ifl to 161 W? ' O* '???*
fixtures. nto<k. etc
The att'.: i I thfl petltlon waa
to conaerve the 8?eeta, some ..f the la --
. redlton having _ en pi -Ing for tl
m,-nt nf thi ii i lalma The action wlll glv?
Consldlne an opportunlty foi arranglng a
settlement with all tl ?
Consldlne \m< "ormerly partner with hla
brotlvr John, wh_ dled sev< eai i ago.
ir the old Metropole Hotel, al Broadway
and Cd Btreel T li I '? \ ?*?? !' ?'
m 1908, and In May, 1810, peorge i oi
. ., ??. |.nd al So. Ifl lo 151 \ ?
Btreet upon whlch bt erected I
Hotel Metropole The bulldlng cotl 1
He was alao interested ln other propartlefl
and wa- i onajdered v/ealthy.
State Can Deport Insane Aliens
on Paying Steerage Rates.
Accordlng to a plan d. rlaed at the V
hall Club on Frlday _) ea-Congresamaa
William H Bennet, "Edward Sanford, a
lawyer, of No. _ William atreet, and Good?
win Hrown. counsel for the Btate llnspit;il
Commlaalon, the stme may gel rld i<f two
thousand inaane allenfl now conflned In hus
Theae Inatltutloni .'.re overcrowded and
must get rld of alien patlenta whoae com
mltmi.nt 0-CUrTe_ three yeara or more
after Ihelr arrlval here. accordlng to Mr.
Bennet, who eald thai the ateamahlp llnea
of thla port had agreed t.i take them back
to tha porta of ..ricin on payment of the
regular gteerage rata No provlalon ls
made, however, for caratakera, as only
auch aliens as are ald. to care for thera
aelvefl during the voyage wlll he deported
A repn lentatlve of one of thfl tranaatlan
tlc imis aald yeaterday thut all lines have
been Wllllng always to take back Inssne
aliens lf tlie state oflVlale ahlp them
U BUCh, but thal thev are gveree lo have
sueh allenfl booked as sane peraona
Immigratinn offlciali aald tli-- plan " _
likeiy to ''-ad t.. internatlonaJ laauea They
contended alao that it wouM be Impoi
to nl corrw I namea or European addn
from allena who ar.- Inaane The word of
sueh peraona la not aea pted la tha unml
i gratlon aervlce.
For Further Details Consult the Advertisements in To-cJay's
8TERN BROTHERS wlll hold to-morrow
a special ~ale of women's dresses at greatly
reduced prices. The flnal clearance sale of
their womkn't tailored aulta wlll also be
held to-morrow. Other features are wom?
en's coats and wraps, trimmed hats. wom?
en's and mtsses" bathlng suits, imported
parasols, brass and enamel bedsteads.
PANY wlll place on sale to-morrow a huge
atock of Chlnese and Japanese mattlngs,
"Crex'' rugs and mattlng and grass rugs.
Colonlal bedroom furniture ln a varlety of
styles wlll be another offcrlng at this Btore.
JAMES M'CREERY t CO. announce for
to-morrow in both stores women's tailored
eults, afternoon dresses, afternoon and
evening gowns, cloaks and wraps, house
gowns. klmonos, waists. wash dress goods
and "McCreery" sllka All these etocks
wlll be sold at attractive prices.
BLOOMINGDALES' call attention to
their annual summer free dellverles for all
pald purchases amountlng to $5 or me-re
Such purchases wlll be dellvered free to
anv ooast resort wjthln ojie hundred rnilee
of the clty. The condensed budget of Mon
;oay and luesflay saies cononuea at thia
HEARN'B Jun? sale begins to-morTow,
wlth a large stock of women's underwear,
bables' wear and women's wash dresses.
; Some of the June sale sprcials include cor
I sets, petticoats. isllk and white lawn waists,
| girls' dresB hats. men's silk shlrts, boys'
! wash suits, women's silk and crepe kimonos
and mlsses' silk dresses.
MACY'S model trunks, hags and sult
cases wlll be sold at reduced pricea this
week and will form the feature offerlng
of a sale, whleh wlll Include furniture,
summer draperies, porch screens and
everythlng for the household during the
hot months.
ABRAHAM / STRAT'S Invlte attention
to an unusual sale of hoslery. Men's un?
derwear and women's under vests are also
included ln the week's offerlngs.
J M GIDDING et CO. announce derlslve
prlce reductions during ihe coming week ln
tailor made suits. Tebesplerre coats, chlffon
blouses. afte.rnoon dresses, receptlon and
evenli? ajowoa aad truamed milllnery.
Decisive Price Reductions
Still Greater Buying Inducements
in wearing apparel of the very highest standard.
Charae customers may have parchases made between now and
the end of the month charged on June btlh. rendered July Ut.
$75 to $125 Tailor-made Suits at $48
Fxact -up'icat- of thc newest Parii demi-ta'lored model,. of fine
p'ain and novelty-weave serges.
$85 to $175 Two or Three-piece Suits, $65
Late Season Ptl_ styl.5. of finest cLoth and silk materials.
Imported Model Suits?Form rly
$175 to $250-at $65 & $95
$45 Robespierre Coats at $25
A -p'endid Coat for c_mmer uti'ity wear-esp.cia'ly suitab _ for
thc seashore and motor,ng; of eponge in pastel and dark shades,
lined with fine peau de cygne.
$15 to $35 Chiffon Blouses at $5
Cnes and two* of this _e..-on "s .martest mode's. which we de
sife to c'osc cut bec__sc ltt-8 ate broken.
$85 to $135 Afternoon Dresses at $45
1 he most ch-rmini- ! ummcr siyle*, of rrnrm-use. taffeta. nove'ty
nets and si ks and otht-r fasliiouab'e materials
$135 to $200 Reception and Evening
Gowns at $75
Perfect rcproductions of al* the newest foreign models.
Trimmed Millinery at $10 and $15
Regularly *25 to *35
Street and Dress Hat-, m thr newest Paris stvles
miian* letjjkofBI and _lg_<
JxJone on approval, reserved or exchanged.
Tiftb nami at 4.ib $tr**t
Discards the "Park" and Begins
to lllumine Coney Island.
Old Ones Draw Well. However,
but the Ki3s Waltz Ia Espe?
clally Recommended.
i? t, a matter of be i i brlghter,
better than evei
lua to be Ita beat aea
old etand
?howa ..ii earth leahed to tlu
gbui for mercj U least. l ?< ha
! ?
There la no doubl ?
! you . an go ".ii and measure it foi
^elf if -..)'. don't bell* ve whal you
1 the paper. The plain fa. t of the matter
I U that It's nearl twlce aa
? ... e.r it that got bui
? ,- , , u I I
,.,.,.,, v.i...|. real gua ported
_< | | . erve tl ? n il ?n il '
_, n|| ,,f i ?? Klowery Klngdi ui. Thal
e.uit. a parcel t.> the -, irk a ara
year and Ihen "Cap" Hlira oolt
down ln the cornei I ??? rallwaj
is g.i for anot ? ? ? addition.
The -A.ilf . Ir. 'i* lan't i
*,,? the "???? loua reaaon thel th? ? ontt i l
; waa algne l only ? ?'? ? ''?' " -,i:I '"'
wlthln a dnv ..r two It la waUln-j
untll t'.e ground la eleared before pltchln?
, I,- tent, foi il la la ? real - Ircua an-i pr? -
,,,,,,... ... ihe "greai
white tOO."
Wlien lt comea lo helng brlghter Luna 'a
a ,-rfer-t blaae --f Incg lo - Th?i
lami s are iiranged Ilke -?? mtnj tropli al
moona come d..v.wi to oarih lu lllumine
Coney laland arlth Ihelr klndl: radlance.
Dn accounl of Ihoee mooni thejf havi
,i,,,,.r-ed Ihe "park." ind thal
, atl |, i if the ti"1
Imply "Luna "
But, of courae. what every one --.ants to
k?.ow' la: 1- H really better? Well. iou'11
be poing down youraelf aome tlme aoon, and
vo.i ean find out at Hrat band then Hut
TAhen vou ge. de.wn don't, what.ver v,,u
do. miss the KlM Walta It'a the lateet,
thr greateel ever and the bullleel thut has
cropped up In many n year, take it from
tba gforementl.?! pra ? igent It '?
recommended to mai<iens arlth baabful
beaua This is the wa) it ?
There lu a hrass band ln the niiddle of
the floor Ar.mnd the l.and ai.d in and
out and every whlch w?y ruoi ? track,
followlng the guppOSed path of a OOUpie
waltzlng. The hnshful beau and hls
malden enter a small car. In whlch there
ls just room for two and tn> seat. The back
of the car hits them s.mewhere ln the
reglon of the BhOUWer hlades The band
plays. The <ar sways And ttr-re you
have lt.
It waa a little after 5 o'clock yesterday
afternoon when tbe prn.esMon e>f eh-phants
and employes returned from the Boulevard,
and the llne of watchm.-n gCTOM tlie gatea
swung Inward to admlt tbe eager throng.
At o o'clock the plac. looked Ilke a Kans.is
lumber yard after the paaaage <-f a eyolona
But half un hour bifc?? lha opening Uie
1,S<X> employes ar.d IW woiktnen gggembled
at the front gates, march.-.I ln a s.,||.|
phalt-nx, whleh spreu.l clean a<r..i-s ihe
par- and carrled along wlth them every
loose _rilcle whh.li aeemed out ..f place.
Then they uncoiled the l.ooo yarda of tlre
hose down by the ma.-hlne ahop*. and ln
half an hour Luna was snlning hrlghtly for
the coming crowds
Tht-y rushed, as :rowd.? arlll, tor the new
attractlona that were opened. hut at that
they dldn't pass by their old favorltes.
i "Craiy" Curraai. wbo loopod the loop on a
???? tugh, was there in ht*.
motordrome The *hr>ot-th?
r-hntej.. the rolltT o.aster. the Red Iftltl the
n Gllde, all i ad tlieir merry p-arties
to thi ighl And, aa the *?-> int.
Mmi ??? ? i ? ? h ?? aii
i .. luneet, 1:20; bm ia Mta, - in
a m r m
'?'?:? ??'?'? _5 ' ?': _
. I
11 ? ? ? ?.8
tt tr
ll Vli tona. rr,p irtad -' '? -
ii ..:. .it in.t" ? tn
? !? fi rt ? aon
V'eeaal Krom. Ua*
?K v Victoria Hamburg, Maj H Kem Am
- iti . ? Ma) |8.Ameili an
ii.. ma M i 23 Ward
? U_ . M-* -1 R l> W 1
? ? r.stL_r__. gavannab, m..v ifl ...iavannaa
? 11 ., . Ma) ii .
\ ? Mmj 12 . Auatrlan
i . ? M ?. _0.Wai J
? ". n v V. M _ .:
illaaaow, Ma) 18. I
??? _ai i- Al .rana
I .:n. ll, nloai e. Ma- l? . li" I s i
i.r, Ma) l- R<
Ma\ Sl Panama
(?land, Ma) 23. ? ' '!^''??,
, .... Klnaaton, Ma 21 Hamb Am
r?_..., Ma 22 N \ -? l' R
ii. rmuda, Ma) .'? ': iel t
u 1:1 . . ? ..?.??? Ma 21 .Bo Pa i
fit a .. . . M ? 23 ?-;''> Pa?!
Ifl - ? III* Ma) .4 '"lyie,
_?DA* M.\1 28
?Kaiar-i u kr.l fherl urg, Ma) -2 N 0) Uoyi
Kii _-???!. May -.1. . . I I ' 'i
etiame*.. p?ri - j...in. May 21.. R P W l
*i;,-ii'_ ... rlai inaand, Miv ig.rica
.. ? libraltai 11. ifl . |
. .. .t;alveaton, Ma) 22 *> I'a i
U'lntO ? i ,!> ra'ni . M i\ ..... MallOT)
Maii Veaaal
' ? IVir Llne ClOOCfl aalla
Mai.._nnr. Param'bo, RDWI.U__ a m B:o_pm
Alama Brunawl k, Mallory... l .oo i> m
11 80 i m ,". 00 p rn
K Wll tln U. B|-e__n, v;i. 8:30an lOOOam
i,i tdalai l?, a _ llna, A R P _ ih* _ m
Rctterdam, Rotterdam, li A. jViKum
Ion, At Ti ...
? ? ? - Fabra ."? i>o p m
.. i kaon' III., Cl) da ? 1:00 | m
: ... . ? ...'?. .- .\- i 00 i m
??. EDNBSDAT, MA. 29
'Lueltanla, Ltverpool, < "'in-'trri 1:00 am
Marai ilbo, i ara ..?? Rad D S 80 a m \2 00 m
? . colon, U F Co. si.'uiu in 13*00 m
Mexico, Havana, w*rd.13:00 m |_0pm
? i.iK.-i, Ba 12 00 im 8_o r _>
Moli e Naplea, llmiih-Am. l?:Oo.m
Comancb., .'kaonviile, Clyde. l_0pt_
Uunpaea* QalvaBton, Mallory i 00 p m
?Mt.il f.>r ra _B_taW_ -l-BM 9 30 p m,
_i .tirul! iii and :,teanier. In N tHM
lla van, Japun. Corte, China (vla
San Ptanclaco) > hlna.May _tt, 8:30
Hawail (\ia ^an KraneiBi-o) ?Slerra .May tt, U:_0
Japan, Corea, China nia Seattie)?
A?a SUru. __8._0.8__
Japan, Coraa, rhini .via f.attl.i ?
L?r.l Derby. Mav 81, ? 3'?
Hnu_il ivla San fl ?n< ls .11?Wll
helmina.May 81. ?-30
Hawail, _im, I'lilllpplnea ivla San
PrancU-o)?U s Trenaport.. .__.tl.0-_8
Hawail, Japan. Coiea, China.
I'lUippinea (vla i^an Franclaco^?
Mancliurla .Juna 1,6:30
J_P_n, c.ire?. rhlna (vla Tacomai ?
ni, M_ni .June 3, 6:o0
FIJi lsl.,n ia, Ba__a, Naw _ealnnd.
Aoatralla ivla V?ii.-oih_i- Makuia.June 7, 8_g
J.l<an, COrta, rhlna, phlllpplnea ivla
Vaacouvarl _ui|>reaa ol Japan... Juna 7, rt.30
Hawail, Japan, Coraa, Cblna ivla
_an Prancleco) Chlyo Maru June 10, ojo
Tatlltl, Marriueaaa, Cook lalaintb,
Nea Zealand, Auatralta ivla s.m
rrancUco) Tahltl .luao _!.?_?
Port of New York, Saturday, May 26,
.teaiv.er M.rengo iBn, Hull M-' 11, to San
deraon A Sen, with :ndse * rrP ?4 at thc ?at at
. :i in
.teamor AJrlatlr iBr>. Li\erpooi ||a** IH und
Queenatown 17. to the Whlte Sur Llne. with
ym cahln an1 412 ateeraie paiaenjera and mdae.
AtTttO* -l the Bar at H 41 a m.
Stetn Bcofhers
will hold To-morrow, a Very Exceptional Sale of
an entirely new collection of .
Wooien's Dresses
Copies of the latest Imported Models. for Afternoon, Calling and
Reception Wear, of Novelty Voiles and Silks, Foulards, Chiffoo
Cloth and Glace Silks,
at $29.75 *nd $42.50
Less Than One-Half Their Actual Values
Also Final Clearanee of their entire stock of
Women's Tailored Suits,
in the newest and most desirable models. of Cloth and Silk
Iabmat $10.00, 14.75, 22.50, 29.75 to 79.50
Former Prices from $24.50 to 145.00
Women's Coats and Wraps
Linen Coats, for Street and Automoblle Wear, of Irish Linen,
Crash and Ramie, __._?__ ?__?_? ? -_
at $4.75, 7.50, 9.75, 32.50
Summer Coats. Three New Models, to he worn over
Lingerie Dresses. also full length Dressy W raps
of Charmeuse. Satin and TafTeta Silk, at $]2.0U, 25.00
Actual Values $19.75 to 40.50
Motor or Street Coats, of Diagonals,
Whipcords and Mistral Voiles full and half lined, at *M7.50
Actual Values $27.50 to 37.50
Sport Coats. of Striped Flmnels, Navy. Green tnd
Red Serges and White XovHty Weaves, $8.50, 12.50, 15.00
Women's Rain Coats, .
of single and double texture materials. including Kubbenwd
Satins Serees, Crepe de Chines, Cashmere, Etc,
? at $5.Q0, 7.95, 12.75, 19.50
Actual Values $7.50 to 29.75
Women's Trimmed Hats
For Midseason Wear
of 1 injrerie, Leghorn and White Hemp, are being showntfl all the
latest Paris Models. also the followlng
Decided Values for Monday
Imported Panama Hats,
for GoM Tenni< and Automobihng, trimmed $< ?j**
-ith ihe differenl college colors and white, a* ^'c
Actual Value $12 50
Misses' Lingerie Hats, for Summer vear, 8' *?
Actual Value $7.50
Women's & Misses' Bathing Suits
including manv exclusive French Models,.The<JW?>1[*
\ntoinette Collar, Princess and Slashed Skirt Effect ia
Duche?se Satin, Taffeta Silk, Plain and StnpH Mohairt,
Cravenetta. Calcutta and Wool and Silk Serges,
Bathing Caps, Shoes and Bag*-.
Also for To-morrow
Messaline and Taffeta Silk Bathing Suits
in naw. brown .-ind black. trimmed with striped silk to match,
At the Special Price of $5.00
[nspection is invited of their large assortments of
Imported Parasols
of Moirc Flowered Mousseline. Taffeta and Bolting Cloth KffecH,
in attractive color combinations,
Also for To-morrow, Decided Values in
Plain Taffeta Silk Parasols, in all colors Black and $| qQ
White Fffects and Imported Pongee Silks, \ alue $3*00,
Bayadere Black and White Striped Taffeta Silk
Parasols in plain and flowered effect*-. a Ur. 2,05
Pongee Silks with silk linings, Actual \ alue $*.*,
MoveltvSilk Parasols, in erYective modeK $3#75 4.95
Values frotn $6.75 to 7.50, ?t
l-'or Monday an.l TuescUy, ? Special Sale of
Brass and Enamel Bedsteads
Brass Bedsteads, in desirable patterns aud all sizes, bright ordufl
finish. lacquer guaranteed for five years,
Formtrh Mta.00, 19.00 and 30.00. at $13.25, 13.25, 24.50
Enamel Bedsteads. in all colors, st *8-75' ,2*
Formerly $10 50 and 20.00
T- i 1 I r-' Snrincrs ** $^.50. 12.50, 15.50
l pholstered api .ng?,
Formerly $12.50, 16.50 and 21.75
M;l,,r(,sc,....-U..1.cl>.^ Pon^v $14.50, ?? JJJ
Msttressej, ot Special BI.ckDr.wl-.--.
West 23d and 22d Streets
,,,., -? wCStU eU*?
sa xtt-fl*1 ?ssr**A*M s"?
^Unv, .W,...-.. ??*?*__ J%:5^
g,rn and mdM ? .i?*r>i ... -?
'Sm-i* Klpme r?^ la Qaaiaatla. at **l
i> ni. ??. ?1 __i ? N* mi a*i?i
. ,.n,r | -,,,-.. .*.-, AM..-. N" I'l. ?
*,-?.-. ,o?-,-i"'vV;:".n;,^r-mm*-??-? -,?i
MPftri end Brat. 1 ???> ' *
pttou, ii) balUwi Irrivta *'
Tork snd Bilt.inot* Tran.P-'?;'?'
p '?? ,,a ,v?r, bum. May W. <? ??*?
Anlve-d at (De P-r ot Wll "?*?,. Kov -.e.t,
...^r^ii^-^v:^':;^^.:'-. a,,d,,,?...
ion. Al?Kon'. ',.."? Oiotava .Bn. H-nnuda;
KrMnl-na, *?-***___i .?, kmIm; Caanlaf
fe* l__a_&t? Tc-bST'man Juan; Comua.
Klarnun- ((W>. Kingston; O.m-Tonl. "Bn.
OU? .w- Hun.n. eh.ileston and Jaekaonvllle;
M_n ..nuiio (Cvbaa). \*.l'?Uie*? l'"Z\T 55!"
folW and Ne?p<->rt NaWi Ri--h.mb(?a>- .Fr),
Havr? '*- - llrt, l.ivcrpool, Clty of ijWMj,
"a'annah EI OaeMMMa, Oalve-st.-n. Undcntela
,G,r, Ad'en AUonquln. i'u.rto I'lata. DMvar.
Oil ;?ton.Cinclnn.il ?0?i. Hamburg. Tlvne.
iBr. K.nz.tou. Olvmpic <Br). Southampton:
Orub. (Br*. Ktai.ion, H?>?_a. H.vr_a.. H.rry
i_rke?ba.-h. gan ?"l*",1^"A'!,r'A.' *
N'aples; Commcd-ra He-iiina i?
Taaamo _
AKRIN BD .. ,_aK?i
C_pJ^___, M.v 88 R-'** *** "w'1*
Kg^US .. '"M^do--' ,.u:i. a*. *_? *
_,__?_._. 2- K-_*.AIla**tt_ar>.e_w*3
\ta Najlea ? ?<?" '
BouthamMoa, Ma) ? "? '?"'; 'Fr'
M.i Plymouth end ' .her*) irg. N>w tor*.
Madelra. Max 20 Ivernla iBr*. New
Naplea and Oenoa land pr"*****? Te-_|
Plymouth ^ta^ -B-Oceanl-? IBr*. >?? JM
Cherhourit and Bwtbainpton ?*"!,p vork "* 1
Oeorge Waahlngton lOeth ^ttAei)
Cherbo-rg ani Bteam ia-id precee_
? . SAlLED , ?, AUafBal
Movllle. Mav 26-Olumhl. <Br? lf_** ? ***
New __*_ v,w .C** .
Havre. May _---* Piwence tjth ?"?,,) Afl>
Pover, Mav 28?Vad-rtaad tB?1?> .
werto New Tork ? , N-,? 1"?
Llvcrrool. Ma> '.*.'? .'uupanU (90.
vla Queeiiatow n v?? -??_ 1
London. Mav .:. M'?"''"*',!l,h1''.r''irrom G**
Palermo. May 3_ A.uona tltatl '*ron
New rorfe. . ,,,..-, Ne? T*^
Aiuwerp. Ma> 2V--Vad.rland (??'???
h,_it w-.^SJ
New Yorki, Careeri. X*[peTe\ao. fa
p.nklrk. May 28 ?__. of M*n.'he_*f
York. __- vork
nume. Mav 31 - Bmllla lAuai). N?*J Vork. ;
Llba.i. M?> _--_jT-rak '???'? K",__.. ****'
Brt.uen. Ma> 25--h.oen._ln _u.?? ^
Berrnu-a! May __-Beimu?lao ?Br>. Nj*, T**
Shletd!-. May -4-Narra._n.eU (Br,>
KinMle. May __-T.r.n.-e ,Br?. H
M ?: .-hC.ter ?,,, J?- ?"
I?le of Wlght. Mav _4-I4aho -Br'.
MeTBt tt^aarm ^^^JfU
York tor Plymouth, Cherbourg a_- . i

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