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? t>rr-entions are sorrowed t0 he d
?-????die; This on?-*- at it? clor-tn1-- .*-**?
moit of lt.*. deliberating with fl
"inpuer There were three separ
?llstiiict fist flghU. and. sad thoui
to relate. "Fighting Rill'- Flinn wa
any of them. Neither was "Fighti
T>ore. of Oklahoma, nor "Dynam
P?I?, nor any of the Waat
bufkiet- Who have been folio**!
ResaSveU chariot The fighters
, 4ft? *.vere-and mur-t remain?eath
known to tame, save a- thev hri
the da;, all peppered with hot spote.
uff fight wai due indlrf
Hem J Allen, a Kanaae. Roosevelt f
?*sh'? *hs delegated to read Colonel
velt'a dedaaca to th? convention i
?Tdert to bis delegates nol to vote
had no' Jb"?-n talking two rnlnutei
mentioned the third term can*
m i he Roenevelt r.-oter*-? a' ot
?sn a demonatratioah which was n
te pul in?o th* abade an> aubsequenl
Of Ilk? nature for Presiden! Taft
heotfd and howled, and cheered and
?i*,, na-e.) hstt and newspapera
Fiqhi Over Illinois Standan
Present?; some live)*, splrlti orgai
reund th?- ?-om-entWi hall
body started to grab an Illinola sta
\?ijh V aa - bath ?notber person b
iv the fa?ce, They clinched and went
H On top of them In an Instan'
about twenty other delegatea, trying
oi a few good Mows, ?a bib a dozen
coat* and ?erne of tpe asf.;?tant ser*
at-arma labored Industriously to un
?he writhing bunch of humantt) The
ceaded m length, and the minois sta'
blood spotted, waa restored to its pla
The Rooaevell demonstration wa>
mstratlng, but after interest i
. !)'? on i? .if H /* 1-ght ba'l been Mltisfif
?he policemen dispersed to their post
( nthuslaam soon aba?, d
t?<eth the other Qghtl wer? of the
rheracter- a result of th? excitemen
fi-av?.?-) tempera am'.i g the ?ojounners
V'/tcd; ?*.;,? hurl severely bul I
,?f butine* ?>? ? - disabled, an.
deliberative dicn.it> of a treat and ?"
r.-r8<:."i) t""k tb? <*?>tint
tvr"*n fhstrmsi Root banged the
Sad ahOUted for order at 11:13 orlo?
'?all whs m confusion, and the aisle
. r^wded V ith delegate? seeking their '
The aergeant-at-arma scattered hia f
through the place te quiel the dlaordei
i iairmai* Root. when some semblan
?* bad been secured. Introduced the
?lohn We*-!1 y Hill, ?'i Net*.- York, who or
proceeding! wtth pra*
v?< Dr, Hill concluded i*m" on? ir
gallery yelled 'Toot, toot:" and there
mU' b laughur
Mississippi Contests Settled.
contrary 10 expectations, the flrsl ri
from the committee on credentials ?
??ol lii< Mississippi d?le|?at?!?-at-'arge
reeommend-ed the seating of th? Taft ?
?r^te? TA'hen the veading was ?melt
illei ?? rowd ahouted :
"The a>ea have It!" The good na
ahlch prevailed all of yesterday aft?*r:
arsa again evident
Th? Rooaevell men presented a mine
report, bul made no fight, and the '
fielefatea were seated viva voce.
\'*,?<* a 'born? of Tout, toot?.'
? boo choos" from 'he ?aiiciies,. the
peri or the contest In tha 3d District
Mlaaiasippl ?'?a? read The repon chai
lerlsed the T?oos?>v*lt conten as a "pa
rsse." There waa no minority report
the \f.t?* waa tnken without delay, Chi
Rool announced the seating of
'iaft delegatea
The asma procedure seated two
tale* ?a.'h m the 5th, Ith and 7th Mia
?tppl districts.
\s the result of each vete wa? anneunc
? rhorua of shriek?, whiatlee, groana i
? itcalle greeted the ?talement: The a:
have It."
?.way up in the reai gallery a apecta
?*ltb a mechanical whistle blew two ah
shrill blasts aa each contest waa dispo
. f
- I y on? th? contest reports wi
i rought |n. taad in a near riot of dlsord
and passed,
Th? 4th North Carolina. 5d Oklahoma a
2A 1 ?nnMsee ?listricts, on which there *?*.<
no minority reports, Went through une
th? Ravel, about one-fourth of the de
;Ate* hearing tb?> reading of lb? reports.
Th*- Washington ?ases ?ame next, a
? r oonventlod sobered down after an f
monition from Chairman Root. lust th
R If. Howard, a delegate from Mlaalsaip
'Mr. Chairtnan." be ?.aid, "1 make t
? oint of order that the steam roller Is c
< ??ding the speed limit."'
There *a? a gale of laughter, renew
? an < han man Root said h? was rrepar
to rule on lhe point
point of order.'' he said, amid
'. noop, "Is well taken. The Jnstiftcatii
is that we have some hop? of start?
home on Sunday."
rhil sentiment seemed to appeal to tl
? "?cates, and there was a cheer
Washington Caaes Up.
0Tha dis?rd?r quieted down when the m?
Jority report from the credentials oosasnl
tee in favor of the Taft delegates at-lara,
from Washington was presented. In ord?
thai an adverse \otc might not throw oi
th* entire state delegation, the committe
ieport?d the delegat? s-at-large and eae
??istriet delegation separately.
The majority report held that th? Room
??It delegates-at-large from YVashtngto
were elected by a bolting eonventlon an'
ar illegal rrimary. and were not entitled i
Mr Bullir?n, of Ohio, presented a minor
Uy report holding that the Taft contest ?ai
S "Humped up" <-ase and recommendim
the seating of th? Roosevelt delegation. H?
moveo to substitute the minority report foi
the majority report, and Mr. TVatson moved
to table the motion.
?? conference waa held on the platform to
arrange for debate on the motion and bed?
lam broke loose on the floot. A storm of
yella and jeera swept the hall, Chairman
Hoot, leaning on hi.?- gavel, smiled out over
th* disorder.
Starting somewhere in th? reai. the crowd
' ?*???? an to sing "Nearer, My God. to Thee, '
"O <*? ~<i> ? CP > 2
X ? 0 o* i
*? a. 3 ? ??
3 ? ? 5 <
?i ?
24?AI?. 22 ? ? ? 2
6?Aria 6 ? ? ? ?
18?Ark . . 18 ? ? ? ?
-*6?Cal. 2 ? ? ? 24
12?Col. 12 ? ? ? ?
I?*--Conn ..... 14 ? ? ? ?
6? Del. 6 ? ? ? ?
12?FU. 12 ? ? ? ?
28? Ge 28 - - ? ?
8?Idaho.. . ?? 8 ? ? ?
*58? III.10 ? - 30 17
30?Ind. 21 2 ? ? 7
26?Iowa .16 ? 10 ? ?
20?Kan. 2 ? ? -- 16
26?Ky. 26 ? ? ? ?
20?la.20 ? ? ? -
12?Me. ? - - 12 -
16?Md ... . 8 ? ? S 3
36?Mass. 15 3 ? 11 1
30?Mich. 20 1 3?6
24? Minn. ? ? ? ? 24
20? Mist ...... 17 ? ? ? 3
36?Mo. 20 ? ? ? 16
8?Mont ..... t ? ? ? ?
M6?Neb. ? ? ? ? 14
6?Nev 6 ? ? ? ?
8?N. H. m ? ? ? ?
28? N. J.. . ? ? ? ? 28
8?N. Mex 8 - ? ? --
W? New York. 87 ? ? ? 3
24?N. C . 6 - ? 17 1
10?N. D.? ? ? ? 10
48? Ohio . 14 ? ? ? 34
20?Okla. 4 ? ? ? 16
10? Ore-ion ? ? 8 ? 2
76? Penn. 12 ? ? 1 63
10?R. 1. 10 ? ? ? ?
18?S. C. Ii ? ? ? "?
10?S. D- . -- ? ? ? 10
?4? Tenn. 23 ? ? ? 1
40? Texas. 31 ? ? 1 8
8? Utah. . 8 ? ? ? ?
8?Vt. . 6 ? ? ? 2
24? Va. 22 ? ? 1 1
14?Wash. 14 ? ? ? ?
16?W. Va. . . ? ? ? ? 16
26?Wis . ... ? ? ? 4 2
6? Wyo . 6 ? ? ? ?
2?Alaska.. 2 ? ? ? ?
2?D. of C 2 ? ? ? ?
6?Hawaii. 6 ? ? ? ?
2?Phil... . 2 ? ? ? ?
2?Porto R 2 ? ? ? ?
1078?Totals 597 14 21 71 352
One vote for Howard F. Gillette if
Illinois. Nebraska gave 2 votes to Bev
eridge. Wisconsin cast 20 votes to
Charles E. Merriam.
and It swelled Into a chorus, fol) ?wed by
? Lee i. Kindly Llfht, Amid the Encircling
??loom "
Another .?norus, across the way. ca?i|?ht
the spirit and began to sing "John Brown's
Body." altering the fl-.nl line? of th?? chorus
to "As we go rolling on."
Hugh T. Halbert. of Minnesota, ?ipoke in
support of th* minority report when quiet I
ivas restored, a limited debate having b*>en
! decided on He made a special pleu to th??
i Ne?- York ?It-legates?the largest unln?
! structed delegation In the convention?to
I give their trotea to the minority report.
; "The ac?ptame of the minority report.
I declared Mr. Halbert, "would leave the
j Kepubllra.n party but two alternatlves
[ defeat, or Theodore Roosevelt."
"Hurrah!" cried a delegate. There was
some haniiclapping. but not a cheer.
I "The party." concluded Halbert. "can
I stand defeat with honor, hut cannot stand
defeat with dishonor'
Taft Delegate Heard.
TV T. Dovell, one of the Taft Washington
delegates-at-large. spoke for the majority
F^-Oovmor Fort of New Jersey male s
point against Dov*U speaking, on the ground
that he coaM not vote on the question of
seating himself.
Chairman Root said that, while Den ell
could not vote, he would be permlttel to
speak in the al>-ien<e of direction to the con?
trary from the convention. There wat no
further objection and Dovell proceeded.
This ended the debate, and the tnotlon to
lay the Sullivan report on the table was
put and ?arried by a viva vore vote A
motion t?i put the Taft delegates on th?
permanent roll was then carried -without a
This was a distinct surprise. The Roose
velt men had been expected to demand n
Iine-uj> of delegates. The acquiescence in
?the viva voce vote seemed to take Benntor
i Root by Burprisc He hesitated for a long
?while after saving, "The ayes seem to haie
It" before adding, "The ayes have? It. '
The proceedings seemed to Indicate a com?
plete backdown of the Roosevelt forces
Then mine report? seating the Taft dele?
gates fr.jm the 1st, I'd and 'id districts
Each r'-port began, "The delegates Betted
by >our national committee." This j.hr:i:i
brought forth a chorus of Jeering protests
and cries of "No '? No ! Not ours ! Th?*y
don't belong to us !"
On each vote the gallery crowd?? Joined in
the chorus of "noes,'' and. although the
volume was greater than the volume of
"ayes," Mr. Root would smile pleasantlv
and announce: "The ayes appear to ha?'e it
The ayes have it."
As the Washington ?ontests were . on
rluded "Merrilly We Roll Along" an?'.
"Rambled" were added to the vocal pro?
gramme, and the whittle in the gallerv was
Kept busy "toot-tooting."
Good Nature Prevail?.
After the. Washington contests had been
decided theio wan a lull in the proceed?
Victor Rosewater, retiring chairman of
the Republican National Committee, ap
Blythe Among
the Democrats
Did you read his pen pictures
of the Chicago Convention in
His articles were highly entertaining
and his comment was accurate and to
the point. He will review the proceed?
ings at the Baltimore Convention in
his inimitable style in
The Tribune Each Day
reared on the floor In the midst er
Pennsylvania delegation, where the <
gates were making a great fus? over
shaking hands and patting htm on
back H w*ae another evidence of
wave of good humor which had swept i
the convention sin< ' yesterday.
The Texas delegates alto had a call f
Rosewater. On?. Mg delegate lift?*!
former chairman In his arms, whll-?
convention cheered
Aa the wait for further report? .-ontln
the California deb-gat? :> begaji a shou
"We want Tedd> !" and In a rnojment
Roosevelt delegates throughout the
were standing on their chaira, Vijnln?
tin ihOUt. The gillerles took part In
Soon th?* about changed to "We I' !
T'i the Ohio ???-legation a R?9oaevel1 ?
portel ralead high up a rommo'i rol
pin. The kitchen nteMll e-. okerl a gal'
Jeers and cheera.
Nw Jersey's Rooaavelt - eil so?in
sharp and clear through th?- dll ? I I
nla als.? joined in. Then th? band tnana
to make Itself heard and th? dlSOl
quieted down.
California tried to sing 'Merrily r\ e 1
Along." but th. demonstration soon c
West Virginia ?r;?vi to sing "We ?
Teddv ' ' hu? ihcy were huehed when a
JaiBobnon, who sane yesterday, appca
In th? land gallery and ??aiu- "Moonll
The song halted the demonstration! ?
the delegates, rising in their placea "in
their backs on the platform to listen t
give her an encore.
A huge pla-'aid Was lowered over
balcon? rail bearing ii? bie. Mack letter!
"What Root said ..f the PenroM machi
'A cornipl and criminal combination m
queradlni und?*! the natno of the Rapt
?"?an party.'
When the crowd raught -ight of ?t th.
"as a roar, bul I ? fore II wai genera
read policemen swoop-nd down on the b?
ner and the man who had placed It th1
and rushed theni out 0( algnl
Having Lots of Fun.
T/?d b) Miss Jaeobaon and the bsno. t
Idelegates joined In singing "America."
Meyer Usaner, of the ?California d?lai
ilon, climbing un a ?hair, ahouted a? s<
ator Root
? Mr. Chairman, while we ar? wall!
let's have some spe**chea on party reg?ili
Ity by Senator < rane and Senator Pi
? rose "
This was greeted With ?? cheer. The de
gataa .pted th.? long wall for futid
leports with nols> good humor.
The Pennaylvania delegation distribu?
'song sheets' through the hall contal
ing parodie?. Some of them wars
Wa II !.*ns Mui ray ' 'ran?
i ?:. a ?oui ?pile tree,
We'll tirtiit Murra** ? 'ran?
? ?n a sour apple ? i se.
IVe'll har.g Uurraj i raas
? ?n .i ??? r ,< pli ?re?,
When Tedd) romes mar-hing h?.m?.
Hoie.- f??nro?i-. ?nri Ui'.r ur-ph*?.
Role* t'enroa? and Mur -ur ph?e.
Itelrt- Ivnrn-j?. nnd Mur ur-ph-e.
'? hen Te-My '-nniM marefelai beats
1 he major n?t rom n.tt If?
rhe major nat cem-mtt ??".
1 ,,?? iraj.ir nat eom-rr.l? tea
IVhan Ted?i?/ eaasas tnar.-Mnr l-?*m
I'.Hl en Mr. TlO't . roll on
We'll roll on vou
In ?o-ven I si
It was 11:47 o'clock whan th? I*???
tha Washington cases was dlspoeed of ar
at 12*18 the session was still In suepeaeto
It we? an unofficial recess. de|e-Mtea mo
ing about the floor and gathering In gioup
Hut there was little algn of Impatience.
While the leaders sat Idly on the pla
f'.rm and the dele?tate.? roamed up an
down tli<? aislas, a Pennsylvania deleft
??quipped with an Imagination and a magi
phone, annoui,."' the following 'order ?
? .-remonte-''
Victim -Th?? Republir-an pert>
Funeral < ?rater W.irren O. Hardii.K
?'hotist John Wanamaker
Coroner-Jim Watson
Undertaker Bllhu Root
Pallbearers Murray Crane. Boise Pei
tv.ee, R??ed Bmoot. Big Hi??v.?, TlKtodoi
Burton, rim Barnes
Getting to Work Aqain.
Senator Root again rallad the <'oi,\-entio
to order at 1:11 o'clock, and the r?q?.rt (
t'.ie credential? committee on the Sth ?H?
trlct of Virginia, seating the T.ift del?
gates, was adopted by a v!n roce rot?
There was no minority report.
?'hairmaji Root walked to the fn.nt c
the platform to make a statement n
smiled broadly, as his advent was greet"
by a hoarse "To?>t-toot" from the u-hl?-tl
In the gallery.
H<- aaked unanimous conaenl to pla? i o
the roll those delegat"" against whom con
teits had bien dismissed by unanlmou
vote of tha national commltte??. and whl?
had not been renewed bv tiie ( redjentlal
committee This was done
"That leaves only the Texas ?as-.*, whlc
??111 be here presently." announced .Mr
Root, and the convention again settlei
down to wait
It was |*Jf p. ni. when the report on Ih
eight delegates-at-large from Texas llnall
was received A statement In ?h.? iep.,r
that the Republican sentiment In Taxa
"was overwhelmingly In favor of Rresld- n
Taft" was greeted with frroans and guf
faws The i ornmltt'-e favored the Tait <? I
???tales and scored the so-called ?'?'ecll L,yoi
officeholders' machine" in Texas It als
ref'-ried to Texas as "boss-ridden "
a minority report recommended aeatini
the Roosevelt delegates.
Mr. Cady. of Wisconsin, presented a lorj
Btatacaenl repraasntlng the i^a FoUe-tt
new of the coataata ft -*as thnt netthti
Taft nor Roosevelt had a majority of la?*'
ful delegates."
Taxas Taft Men Seated.
On viva roca voi?- the Taft delegates w. r.
Then cama a serle? of reports on the .lis.
trlct delegates from Texas. As the vivs
VOOe vot's seating the Taft delegates wer?
taken the del??gates laughed ?iproarlouel-,
whistles ware blown and the gallcrle?
Joined in the voting
Senator Root tried to be serious throu-,'h
out the proceedings, but his face waa al?
most constantly troken with a broad g.-'m
The ?"ommitteo on Credentials and th
convention approved the action of the Na?
tional Committee In giving tha Rooaeveii
men four delegales from Texas, 'n th?.
3d and 16th districts
Tbe Preden?lalB l'omm. ttee rej.nri a.s a
whole then was adopted. This ended the
contest*! and the convention took up the
report of the committee on permanent oi
ganlr.ation. It recommended that the tem?
porary organization be made p??rnianent.
Senator Root yielded th- gavel to Rep?
resentative Olmated, of Pennsylvania, while
the motion was put. When 1t carried he
received a big cheer.
There were cries of "Spaachl" "gpeeobi"
and (Senator Root stepped forward. Tt
had taken nearlv five days for the con
ventlon to get to Its permanent organisa?
tion, an unprecedented state of affaire.
The demonstration contlnu?*d several min?
utes befor?- ?"'halrman Root could say:
"I thank you. my friends, from the bot?
tom of in y heart. My first act as per?
manent chairman of this convention is to
ask unanimous consent that a delegat?
from the state of Kansas?our Republican
brother, Henry X Allen?be permitted to
make a statement Is there objection?
The chah hears none."
Rooaavelt Valedictory Pronounced.
Mr. Allen than came forward to read
the Roosevelt etatement and to pronounce
"the Roosevelt valedictory." When he an?
nounced he waa about to read "a state?
ment lust placed In my hands from
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt," the 0*tftMfl*l
adh?rente broke Into a demon**ml on,
cheering and renewing cries of "W..- want
"While, Allen stood wilting for quiet New
Jersey s delegates tore her standard from
the iron pole and started around ib? aisles.
California was neu In Un?. Minnesota. Ne?
braska Indiana Weit Virginia and Okla
homa joined the procession, and the thing
t_ _
fe-5cs*^5_*|TW_3H?' WA? flOWUflK f"2SlK?^yi__K_
i wr^?tf*._v^^tsj"fMfp^7_' _&__Li?9-?>s____i #* __?_-^T_bZla*nfll Ku^flB^. _?
U ' f P faW C^??jV. -^ f'yttaiVB _***_"*_ T _"___-"_____' y^a^gaW '?MP^^^l^-f'1 J?
Hi The Civil War Through the Camera Mm
{fttj Brady's Famous CrvU War Phonographs Ljfc j
frp'v."? inoUislnt? ky Pmrmitmen of ihm U. 3. ?Vsr Orpa ?-??->??. ?/' ^C"u"
fj&I And Prof-r-awor Klson's N?"-vly Written &?l1
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Each Section, tO Cents at Tribune Office. 154 Nassau St.,
or 1364 Broadway, or 263 Went 125th St. H4 Cents by Mail).
Addiess a!l mail orders to
Department W., 154 Nassau St., New York
Spccifty what sect.em ?a wanted and ?e?id coupon with order.
waa ou In ramest \Ve?t *"|rgliii
her plaea in Un?. Ont of a ??a of ?
'lead? and arm? th? atSttdarda WOI
d?ni\- rai*u?i as ?he proesealen
-?round th? hall Pennsylvania Mai
North t'arolina sot into line. Bj th
the noice was lerrlttc?
Aa the column reached ?he LoUMSI
tlon soin? on? grabbed al Um ?tand'
l?iilslana delegate ohiect?,?,, ;1nd a
ensued lhai Changed th? course .
One of the marcher? mi.??*???.,|r,i m ?
Po8?es?ion of ih? minois standard all
n'?ne of th? llllnoi? delegation Join?
Flnali* th? pr**e?-*siou ran into ?
"f pellet in the r?ar of the hall
standard earrlrr? wer?' Jammed Into
aisle and Anally dispersed, finding i
irogreas ii,'i[-n*ii|h|e
Th? <*heering. flag wavlr.ir and
**.em on unabated, and the ??monet
had been In progress twenty-one in
wh.--*, Benster Root at lar-t pound?
ord? -,
Mr. Alien, srhen he had obtained
tlon. asked that th* d?l?gat?? keep
that what h? had U) Bey tai? n??t int
to start demonstrations, but to a?t ol
poaltlOn of Progress!*.?* RepiiUl-ar.?
WM lli-tened le attentively for .? tim?
firpt read the Ro?'S?velt statement
Reosevelt's Statement.
h, this Maifnitnt Colonel Roose I I
A clear majority of the delegate!? hoi
Sleeted tO trils i'..nv? ntl'.ti were .ho?
the people to nominate ma L'ttd-tl tl
reetlon and wiih tne ?ncouragemei
Mr Taft, the majority of the nsi
committee, i?> the a?, called "ateatn ri
methods, and ?vltli F. andalo.m diar? %r\
every principle of ?lementarv honest)
", ?tole ??Iglity or nlnstj delej
putting on th? temporen rollcall s
lient number ?if fraudulent delegst?
defeat ti.? legall* ?pressed *? 111 ol
p-eople and lo substitute ?i dl. hon? ? t f
Th? ftonventlon has now declined I i i
the roil of the fraudulent delegates pi
thereon by the defunct national romml
and the majority which thus ind?
fraud ?a? ruade a majorttv only be?
it Included the fraudulent ?leie*? , i? ?
aei\?-??, who all '?ni as 'u<Ik?'s on on?
other'? cases. If tt??.?e fraudulent ?
had not thus been oast and oounted
convention would have heen purge?'
thelt presence Thi? action ttihk?? the
vi tlon In i " proper e?'nse any long
i".'i.ubii?'sn ? ?inV-.-1:t?.>-. representing Um
Republican part!
Therefor-, i I hi men al?ete?
Koo?e\?.|t delegates will now d?'*ltn<
vote on any mattet before th? '-.inven
1 d<? not I'l.-ii-. any delegate from
honorable obligation t<? rote for me. I
??ote? at all. but under the actual condlt
1 hope that he Will tot vot?? at ail
Tli. ? onventlon aa now rompo*, d ha
?laini to reprsseni the rotara of th?
publican party It representa nothing
aucceaaful fraud in overriding the w-ii
tl.?- rank and nie of the party, any
? ? the con*entlon nu non
stltuted will ? ? ,v tt e i. nefli lai -
i< eh? fu? Ir,? id. II would i"- de
dlsrredltsbl? ?<? anv n.a:. to
convention's nomination und? it?-?
tumstsncea, snd any man ihua accep
.1 have no ?-Uitn to the suppor
,i Republlcar ? n pai tj ki "'.ind?.
! av? forfeited the right to nik
support of any honesl man ?.? any i?;
Meets Groans and Hisses
Tli? statement ?a-i interrupted si
P'dnt by groans and h!?.??ef? These g
ben Mi Rooaevell ssked
followers not to \ot? on atiy other pr?i
sltton In the convention The Roose
fl eisest? a ches
Mr Alien then t r.ded aitl
stat? ment H?? n?? int'-rrupt'd many tin
Ptnallj Chairman Hoot mad?? a persy
plea for order
' Tha fri?n?ls of Mr Taft ?aid the i lu
man. "should stve to ih"Me ??.e^kiiiK
Mr Roosevelt the same attention a? I
friends of Mr Roo??e\el? give to (he ape.
er?, for Prestd-snt Taft"
Mr AUen vu followed b) -i atorm
cheers aa he concluded end i? ft the pi;
i. i ii.
Then came * dlatlm I and aurprlslni co
by the Taft leader? A hlg light had be
? Xpeeted On til? report of I I" rub ? ce
mitt??, which sought to ?-luinge the rul
in man- respects, living greater power
the national committee and perpetuutir
In the minds of the Roosevelt followers, t
methods of the present convention.
W hen the committee repOTtod, Mr Wa
son. the Taft l?sd??r, moved to lay the rep,;
on tue table. This *ah*> carried with a whec
leaving th?? convention operaUnf tinder tl
mi?-- of the convention of UM a resol
tlon to so proceed "unUl th? adoption
new rule??," whs passed th? first day
the convention a minority report fro
the eemmtttea on ntlea also *?p laM t
the table
The proceeding? were nifivint. along rapt?
ly now, and ? x-VI? e-Treajdent b'alibat.k
ihiiirnmn of th? r?solution* commit!?*?- w?i
lntr?iduec'l to read the pletform He ?a
greeted e Ith pplause
Cheers for Bryan.
The r?adnis of the platform wa.*, !nt?>i
raptad by ? dwnnstrstien for winiam .
Hr>an. who left hin place In tlie preee ?tan?
Falrbanka eras forced to suspend while
section of the gallery checre?! the Donne
cratlc leader as he made his way from th
hail to leave for Baltimore
"We have been great!: honored ' -an
Fairbanks, when th-* excitement had di?"
down, "with the presence of some of ou
friends In political opposition, some o
whom have business now In Baltimore "
The reference in the platform to th?
administration "f President Tail was ???
celved with cheers, but the demonetratioi
was over in a moment.
Mr Fairbanks moved tii? adoption ol
tha plat form, and Walter C. Ou en, ol
Wisconsin, was recognlz?d to preSSM th?
I.a Pellette platform, off?*re?i a? a com?
plete aub'titut.*. The North Dakota del
??gatlot Joined with Wisconsin In Urging
the \j* Follet!? Ideas.
Mat?o Fajardo, a delegate from Porto
Rico, nought recognition, claiming that a
Porto Rlcaji plank had b?>en overlooked
In the report of the conimitt??? it*- w?_?
held out of, order.
After the leading of the I.a Follette pjHt
torni, Mr. Falrbanka moved to lav It on
the table, twenty minutes In the meantime
being allowed th? T_i Follette advo.'atee
to make arguments.
Bamue! H t'ady. of Wisconsin, ssid th?
present convention had thorough]' ?lemon
strated the necessity of Presidential pref?
erence primaries. He denouncecj the ?m
system si natlona.1 ?.-onven?lone as "one
of th? greatest frus's In the world.'' and
said the pe-V? might w?l| qu?.?tlo!i th?
s1ncerlt> of a man the b?n?M"rurv 0f such
a convention, when he went abroad de?
nouncing trusta In general Mr f'ady dis
?.ussed various planka In the La Follette
platform, characterizing them as represen
lathe of ill? true progresalve movement.
J. .1 Riallie, of Wisconsin dosed th
debate with a tribute to Benator La To
lette, and the I?-? Follette platform th?
was laid on the table.
Mr. Fairbanks reported the Por,o Rica
dtlsenahlp plank, left out by mletake, an
it ?,es accepted
On the adoption of n- platform Barne
the Taft laadar from New i.irK demand'
a rollcall and it w.is ordei i I
Roosevelt Men Silent.
There **ss gr.-at intere-d in ?a?.-hing Ih
artion -)f the RooaeveU delegate*?
Alabama oa?r>e first on th< roll Th
twenty-1\?. o Taft delegates voted a>e Th
two Roosevelt d-.lofr.itr S refuse, 1 lo v.-ifi
After Ari?3o?Ti and Arken 11 had voti
tha clerk called California
"California de? II to ? ate!" shout?
Me> er f-essner. and a ?tonn of applaUl
Interrupted th? rollcatl
When order had oeen restored, ''ha'r
man Root announoed: "Th? 'ote >.f ?'a
ifornia has been ?-tiall?na?"i and the ro
of the si.it?- will r. . .iile.i
Hilenc.? gr??-i??,i the names as ? ?? aer
?-ailed until Tryon and Meyerfleld, the r.r
delega???-, from the Ith Dlatrlct, -*?r
reached Thej vot?*d for tin platform In
eboi ui of " oo i ?rid catcalls.
Idaho?? i;pht rotea, In the Rooaevelt col
iPmn ui. t,. this um?, shifted, and wer
eaat aye
when llllnol* waa reached Hover?*-?
r?etie,?ti a'ked that the delegation be t?m
poraiil] paaaad, ?s a poll was In prog
Indiana voted .1 aye 1 i
I \ .-it adherents did not vote
Iowa also waa pa??*???! on tha Urat call
Kansaa'a eiKhteen RooaeveU delegates dl<
j not vote Two votad "aye
Kentucky ?*aal s vote- a,? Ihre.
Etooeevelt delegates v..ting
ixiulslaita voted 90 '.'?><? and Mai
. t-*e|\ e d-ellned to VOte
' In Maryland eight voted a>e. six prca
en? and not voting, and two w.-r* abaei '
The vote was challenged, and ?n B rolloal
1 it stood. Aje. 0; not voting, I abaenl
Two of the Marylandars answered "Pi ?
lent, but ?.ou can't inak" no? vot?'
I The poll of the Illinois delegation ahOWrs
144 ayes nin?- n.-t voting sml three abaeni
Cummins Men in Negative.
Iowa gave 11 aves and l?- no.?., tlie Taf
and Cummlna Una
Maasachuaetts asked t.. be passed Ml**h
igan voted O aye, ?-igln nol v..ting
Minnesota- twenty-foui RooaeveU dele
\ gates declined to vote
| Thre?- RooeeveH delegates from Missis
I sippi de lined to vota, and than .-ame Mis
Isourl As the clerk called the ?t?te tier?
i was n sudden h?ish
Missouri es ta thlrty-als - .?tes aye.'
???ailed the ipokeeman of the delegation, ai
> the Taft men gava ??. ?,'i-a' cheei Mlaaour
! had alao served notice of .? refusal to bolt
Montana's eight ? otes w?-r? casi ave.
Nebraska's sixteen declined to v..t<-.
(iovernor Port declined to vote th*
twenty-eight Neu lera? Roosevelt sup?
Only Five New Yorkere Silent.
New \otk. which divided seventy-live to
flfieen yesterday In favoi of th? Taft pro?
gramm? n*" eighty-five votes for tho
platform only five members declining to
North I ir-'lina s VOtS was divided six
a?.???, twelve nol voting, Mi ais?nt
rth Dakota's ten f.a Collette delegates
voted no
In ?ihio thirty-four stood by Roosevelt
and declined to vote Fourteen voted aye
Oklahoma roted ''on* aye, ??ne no .ind
fifteen not voting.
Oregon divided four ayes, two not vot?
ing, two no and lin absent
Fllnn announced the vote of F'enns?. Ivania
"..ne ai-?se:it, (waive n-es, slgty-three
|iresettt but declining to vote :,nd the
?e- cheered the announcemenl
In So-.ith ?'arolina thre? declined t.. vote
and ilfteen voted a? ?
Booth Makutn's t.-n Kooarvelt delegatCg
^declined to ? ota and were cheered
In Tennessee one did nol vote and twei)?
t) -three voted aye
The Trx-?S vote was annoiirn*e.l at I 1*1
aye, eight not voting, (.ne .n.. one absent
I'trth voted eight a? M
\ ertnont gave si\ uves, iwo not voting
On? declined to \,,fe m the \ u-ginle dale
gatlon. twenty-two voten s-,*, one absent
A series of ???ers met Washington's four
t??** a\es
Witconslns twanty?all -.otes ?er? .ast
solidly no
Wyoming gai a *\% a yes
Line-Up of Massachusetts
When Maeaachueetta was .aiie.i n
end Of the roll Ii was necessary to call the
roll of the delegation Tile voir v,> ? -*,
a>e, H not voting. J absent
Before th?- reeull was announced Walter
I,. Houaer, eampalgn manager tot "-tenat...
Im Folletle. waa permitted to make s stnt
-.Senator l.a FoUette," said Mr. Heuser
"has not had an opportunlt) a? ><t to ex?
amine the platform drawn up for adoption
hy this convention, but as a etgntfkkit? Who
will be presented to \ou desires me to sa;
to you ?hat in thla cr?ala of the Repub?
lican party he is impelled b? a sense of
obligation to state to the convention that,
whether nominated ...- not, li>* cannot con?
sent t,-, accept or support a platform thai
It Is not thoroughly progressive and wht? n
does ?iot substantially ? o?. er the main pro
visions presented \m the minority repor?
auhmltted b) the Wisconsin member of the
Committee on Resolutions "
There was an outburst of cheering when
the total Roosevelt slrensrth was announced
a? "M3, the number of delegates not voting.
but a greater outburst followed the an?
nouncement of tV5?i votes In the affirmative.
The noes v.cv .'.3 ?nd 1-s ware iii-eni
Nominations Called for.
?'halt man Coot Imm?diat?!} announced
a call for the roll of the -?tat?la for nomina
tlons for th? Presidency.
Alabama uas passed. Arisnna was silent.
Oown the list silence followed th- culling
<.t each ?tate until Ohio was reached. A
cheer greeted the state, und Warren ?I.
Harding aroae to place Preeldent Taft In
nomination Then it ?vas dlsmvered that
Iowa had forgotten to nominate ? 'ummln*.
and Chairman Roo? ordered that tin- M jt.
be called again Silence groeted llM leCOnd
call, f01 th. lowana had decided nol to
nominale Cummins, lui to -?>te for him
l'h>M Ohio waa called again, and Harding
took the platform greeted b? i Altered
cheers. t?S IH .nlnat? Tsft
| Whan New York waj oglled there had j
been a murmur of disappointment, for j
Renominated i'or Vice-Pr?s ??kid oi' the United State*?. 7
? ?? _-__??-?? , ***?^r**-****f_* | ====*??fT**11
im \ Prer lerga il ?al still In bla
,.l i ? ? ? .,;.?. t'.'l to
noniii il fl eil
Mr Ifardlng in nominating Mi Taft,
Tin -'?-i ? ' i ! i- not >ei seen thi perp-Hu?
sted republl< . bul ours c. - ami
?t has seemed to ni<? Hiot an Infinite Hand.
?? i-, .?-,,?]?- . ,., iiivlne sl'?? i ." h,
wrote h. ? ?? i ri r, ih Into -.ur New W..rl?l
'? g Tl . ?? | -, belli ? high
i Bl pair' i.?? i ,.. ? i to the
? i ' bequeath?*?]
? 'olsm i I'd sacrifices and
??? id? .-H
M'ich of the c ni-? tl ? ? ? ?? . ''? ut?
Of A;iie-ji an , Oiltp ?- '.;?
iate.1 ??? | development L"i II ???rv
recently II ?:? vas never serions question
nt out ft'?- " ?dom r . ? tntlve d? m?H ?
' ? . ing resul l
advancer ? ide it unsssailable Only
? . f the na?
?xi ms
: ? - .1; ?. i. .1 an?l se? :
psssion for countr* humed In the crucible
..- fir? ??. ?I . ? gold turned
i" shining lear Old tilory again
rh? n w? have w Itness-td I
p?ete harmonising of a greater n.itlmiai
; adll) fi rward In the
ph'illdlng if a
. \ ? ?: \ American
? fies of ad - n. -
Ins ?
You have h.-i
i eople -. the !
< rule - no i ? ? dlsoov? r; to a
sovereign American peopl? Noi la dema?
gogic employmei i of the t??rm new ?
world's hearing Through ?uch den h
employment, \?'r? ago rep?blica ?ottered !
and fell and rep bertb s s ere lost
In the - ?.??..'? . ' ' ?? ? Ir stead
The Aro? i i*n ro
rule li " I thei i" not be?.? and
never my suspension of that power
..,..., i .. ... . -, ... led to Ww
Ington's declination of s third term of the .
Presiden' with prophetic fore?
tight, li>? admonished them "?ver to be on
guard against th ilouslea that come 'if
mlsrepree? l itlon, and tend to tender alien
t., one anol ? ? ? ??? arho ought t" he t\*<\ ;
:n fraternal affection."
Mr. Hi ed later to the Pro
greaalves" when he aald thai he i ad heard
men "arrogate" to themaelvee that- title,
"seemlngl; forgetting thai progression la
th? tlr>t ess? ntial to r?
He ? ontlnue l
Proqreison is not proclam?t!jt rir pal?
aver. It is net pretence nor play on preju?
dice. It Is not of person.il pronouns, nor
pertnnlil pronouncement. It ,s not the p?'
t-jrbatlon of s people passlcn -wrought, n )r '.
a promise proponed. Progression is ever.
lastlonly liftiiq tne standards that marked
tht- end of the world's o*arch ycstero.iy,
and planting them on ne^ and'adv.i ??
heiqhta to-dav Tested bv such a atandard,
President Taft ?s tie greatest progressive j
of the a |e
tippositloi ! , his .?-.?,...,. Inatlop Is as ne ? ?
|y without pi"' ?? h ti' a*? |l is without rea?
son oi ? *. - i -o-., '
?if expediency, but a triumphant Rep;
? ."I I ? " '-' HOI "11" ' f ' '?:" ?? i w i ?
We ha\e gOOl ?; io nuerCHKlve VI?
holding nica* ros ib ve en, an
above personalities and alma above anl- ?
mosHles, we hav? been io committed to
ahidlng principles thai ev.-r utterance of!
I ? ? . , : ?
lar?tt'ons ol t?..
i ? i.e-v has been I ?? ; a- ??? ? '
itching 'IP epl e-r-ersl whtmf
uaram? tinting i il**s ? *-U> ?
rails of Its Bhlp of (Mat* ? ? tha ?*indi d|
now grtcvan? es or t l
and rar? r? ich???d pon And. sir? 0
i proudl.? r??mlnda y??u no?? that not ?
?d\ Repohl ?? OtiS Who a (
-.;:?- il *| aim? r ? ? ?
I.-? .,? not o 's?': iha th a-?:? n t i i ?
consent ion g.-e? to ? fer th?H<
The American ele? - -
? - !?rh* of understandlr*
I .*aii fore?-?? his plain and al iir-i* n
!,<s cow. ?Aitii one |pe?i?t?J-.l? 'orc!usl>vn
is m' counti-y a? peace? fea n*"#noi
able peace
"Is my countr? p 'jap-?rcu#? Tea; llkan?
? o? the eart'1
? I.? the law bed supreme? Vei u trei
I.? f,.rr
' Ha? m> par faith? *f?JS |n?1
mo;e tor its Chief Executive wrought ref
j ormatlons uni advancement the "ar"
I not rdedsre
i. ij govemmeni honaatl? ir,i eco?
i-.-??>!? *?!v administered? Yes **-.<? honei?
' and the economies pet i
?new standard ol national -.dnilnis?ra*len
ii: record of the prenant Republi?*an ad?
ministration n not only pmot of ?'*?*? <**on
scl? nee a ?:? p*r*.j dac-an
?Ions, end an ImMaaaMe barrier ?o self
repudiation, but the ?.*???.id Is Impregr-ab'?
to Democratic aeaault Mora, e**?**apt f?i
tl ?- attach r own rank ??
red h; [a-,. ? ?? ? ? in patriotism the
record wouM rat? In ? urrenl crltlcletn, as I*
will In ,is?,.r? the marvel of pregreaalvoe<~
? pltshmei lalatratlon.
The sun totai of flings don? la fir to-*
ext'-nd--?.! f..r detall? i enumeration DO**
Tie modernised rationalised prottKtlv?
?voile; al to ad Induatria
eminence: i;nre?--!tt?ng warfare on greed
h:,.i n ... i . i v?. ' . i piored-re. eonier
mad? real, in statutory and admin
i fj ** ?if turned {?n c ;t
corporation excise added, a*'
... ?-. orate control; railroad
?regulation effect? d and -arried to h?nnoal
- ? four great measuree ?p?
clfli a;'-, aimed lo prote? f and exai* :'??
antf, and pro*? ? our ' Igher
?mi right*; 'lie co?irts held
unaasallable and unafraid, ar? the bule v.
of th? w--:ik. the shield of the helpless, the
tlon .?:' the streng, prot? '
\'.i'-:. an rlghta and American -11? ?*?. rltb
to oui ?as, ?n forel-m
amid ? ?In ard comforting aeeur ? i
itlon "f comity or an |i
er tiee with the gr> i na?
? ? ., ? ..??;... anner ?' I
?' (-???! mi i< plaudita of all elviltta
-?* are the loftier p?*ak?. g'i*''
'?.mis and -
Groupe?! about them ont) a little m
altltu-le. In a sui lasli '?* of crea
? an. .- -...". ? - lion ? a:
' ??;? plains, '?? the s rend
ins i*< -.?'i*.- i.." whole on unchange^M*
i |e -attrrlnc tes
atity of pn gres I
'!ori not yet com?
With s ici a.
r memory the Re]
:-. lid? n glity i eop ?*
? o ..... ?
nd i ? ? . " t la a
1-- :-!? -
i itiring iho ^ au i par? ot
[han a lia i enl ? ' hs i
al or woe. T' re
... tot proud o* tn*
: e. or.I hat til i OT Of men, e Sefl
_ i -i. ??i i r?n?
?I is m:\\ VoUK's siltil'l'IMi CENTER
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There is just as much need for the prompt and thorough
clean-up of summer furniture, curtains, garden goods and hot
weather needs generally ?is for the clean-up of summer stocks
of wearing apparel with which you ire more familiar
So all summer goods in the GREENHUT Building are
ordered out. The list is too long to print here, hut if you need
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