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Professional League Basebali on Many Diamonds
Boxing. ?* Racing ** Automobiling ?> Swimming
Nineteen Games in Row
Now for Rube Marquard
Beats Nap Rucker and Brooklyn
and Equals Oldtime Pitch
ing Record.
Giants Also Win Second Game
and Bring Their Victories in
Present Run Up to Sixteen.
Rube Marquaid. thfl wondarffll left hand
ad pitcher of thfl Nen Vork Uiants. has
rquallcd the generally accepted major
league re, oi.i of nlneteen conaecutlva vlc
1orl?s made b) Tim Kccfe in laat. ln a re
niarkable pit-'hing battle with Nap Rucher,
the great southpaw of the Brooklyn Bu
perba*. at thfl Polo Qrounde, yesterday, in
v. hlch Marquard a lueky atar whs ln tha aa
t'-ndant, thfl (iiams won by B score of 2
to 1. Then to contlnua thalr great wlnnlng
atreak In the effori ta edlpaa the Befluwn ?
record of flevflatflon vlctorlea ln a row mada
hy the Waahlngtor, Benatora thi Olanta
took the aacaad garofl of ? doubl* hemder
after a halr ralsing hattle by B ?c. of 10
to a This ghrea Nen v.,ik an unbroken
rhaln of sixteen vlctorlea, nnd McGrav.
liopes not only to outdo tlje run of tt*
ators but to hr.-ak the raeord of twentj
conaecutlve victories made by the 1'rovi
denee (Irays yars heo.
Marquard, mlghiy pltcher thai he is, ean
thank his taamrnatea f"r hla victory yea
terday. The struln is beglnning to t.'ll and
hr appeared nervous, palnfully ncrvoua
Jle tldgeted around and chewed hla glova
Vhlle waiting for plajrerfl lo Btep lo the
1'late and th* Krooklyn hatters gave hlm
Ilttle reet. In every Inajng excepl th..
!?lghth they had men on bases. and a tim<
b ,it aould have done dumage untold.
Sixteen of the guperhas got on hases in
tho course of the game, nine b\ vlrtUfl of
hits. all af which. with one rxceptt'Mi. were
of the good solid sort that rlng aa they
leave ihe bat aad defv th apced and agll
Ity of any lieider. however Baat Marquard
also gave fl\? bases on bfljilfl, but so effect
Ive wus thn great BOUthpaw ln the ptnchea
thajt no fewer than alaven Brooklyn run
ners dled a lingerlng death waiting for the
tlmely hlngle that never ?
|je?pit.. tne ofTensive atrength "f hls op
ponents, hla Hberallty wlth free paflsea to
; frat and a damaRlnr rrror whlch allowed
Brooklyn s only run. Marquard flhowed bla
sterllnK worth. hls dauntless eourage In
.the fare of oiids whlch would have made
the staunrhost i^l" His greateal pltchlng
*?? done ln the tisrht plaees. and man aft.-r
man on lhe Brooklyn team threft up his
'hat and returned to the hen, h dlflheartened
after trvlng to plunge the lanky aouthpav.
lnto defeat
With full Credll to Mar.faard, however. tt
must be told that, so far as flgurea go,
I Jtucker pltched ? better gama Hfl held
the Glants under hls thumh, and let them
' elown wlth four hits. one of whlch was of
j the most fluky variety 1 > Bflfljfl Becker.
n. BBVfl ealy oui baaa ?.n balla, but two
eirors ran the total up to fleven (Jiants who
leaehed the paths throuphout lhe game.
^ The tioddess of Kortune WB8 nev.-r BO
Wk t'cki'-. Bflldom has she ralsed ii'.pes only
D to daflb them on the rocka of deapalr, bul
r auch la the Kam?- of hafleball. Giv.
Ject support, Rucker might have CflXried
the game along for an indetlnite parlod, for
? li.- appaaaed to be the stronger. more
)ihlegmatic of the pair. An erro: gaVfl th.
iliants their flrat run in thfl fourth inning.
Murray reaehefl flrat on a blunder by
hitnith and stole second. Therfl war* two
out at the time. and when Becker sent up
a high fly over the pltchci s box Murray
Mai ted for home and Becker . outinued
around the patha. Ruck. t h.st the hall in
lhe sun. and Tooley, aft.-r gettlng s-t fo:
the catch. made a horrlble muff, bu lhal
.Murray raoed across thi- plate with the
lun that tied the BCOTfl, whllfl Backfli got
all the way to third bun There, how ;
he stayed.
In the seventh InnihK fortunc asaln
amiled on lhe Giants. Murray drove tlie
l.all to left centre. Elther Moran or Wheat
j i ould have made tha catch, but they ni.-t.
lu colllslon while at full Bpeed. Wheat went
?lown and rolled over, but, unhuit, he
oulckly .lump.d up. Murray ln tht mean
while, ran to second base BofihaaT beat cut
h fluke hlt to tho box, sending Murray to
third, whence he acored tbe wdnnlng run on
the throw-ln of a ternfic driva by 'Chlflf
Meyers. which Wheat capturtMi after a
j hard chase. So was won and lost on.. of
? the Jfreateat Kam.s es.-r aoen on lha l'..i .
ln the aecond Inning Brooklyn fllled thfl
baaea with no one out, but rm. pitching
and aaaaaatlonal fl?tdlag om the part of
Beals Becker prevented a score. Marquard
' lald thfl foundatlon for hls own trlhula
| ilons bi paawlng Hummel, followlng which
? To'lr- plaahed one iri front of lhe plate,
/ end Chlef Meyera hesitated long enough to
? glve a. life to both itinners. The hard hit
ting Otto Mtller then laced one to left fleld.
1 nt a fino fltop an.i h splendld throu bv
Kred Fnodgrnss held Hummel nt the far
tiPT) Nap Rucker foii|. | out lo .','
and Tony Moran swung on a fflat bail and
drove. it to reotr. fi. Id, whflre Beolfl Becker
Imade a nlce catch, and bv a great throw
to Meyers held the runnera to tha haariB
'. Northern then ended the Inning hy holstlng
,a fly to Beck?i
Brooklyn acoreri ihf flrat rUB of the game
ln Ihe followlng Inntng. Taking up the
trall where they lai.i it down |? (hfl H.-oorid,
tntnlth sitigl.,1 to left and movid up on a
tree pasa to Daubert. When Wheat beat
out a bunt the bauMfl wera full with no one
< ut. Tho Brooklyn rooters ln the stand, and
there were many of th. m. cbeared theni
mIvi-s boarse and begged for a telllng
Hummel struck out ln the plnch, but the
I unexpected happened when Tooley put up
a fly to centre Becker made the catch, but
dropped the bail ln trylng to mak? a snap
throw to the plate and Smlth scored. The
chance was still open. Wlth only one out.
but Mlller popped up a fly for Moyers and
Aator Court. 20 Weat 34th Bt.
Tel*phon? 2472 Oreelay
Iflfl to 112 Eaat 14th St Tel., 14*0 -Stuyvaaant,
Mualc by Tha Vll'.NNA AKTiSI OKi'IlESTRA.
Plltner Genotsensohafts Brau
r.r.ANM J'HIX 1 s, ia t:xi>osltlon. 1910.
PflDT 1DTUIIQ 'liii11"" ?"1-- eaT n. t*?
rpfll flfliniln M"i >. t T-Uirram ?
from K?? rork" illluatratrd i. Ifle.
H^autlfu! flii\ea from I >? ,, re, <,mrnri,.l4 d
? itera' Co . Aaro. Court, 20 \ve?i :!?.i! st
'.'47'.' i^reyln
t ?laVil) 'li-uiii Ona. Hlflhinoiint. V V.
I I 't\l> ? ll,, , Bllttf r,f
Mr-tr.'lia in Emplr' s,wl,
At ever "J 0<Hi f< " ' iHt*r a Dal R |
WKTr.Dir'sx '?*? Pt.,N V Muale alfdav.
nie'van* , . aiaaari 4 B i ',illlra?i
? lilHI.
M v RQUAR1 i
Rucker mlaaed a glowlng opportunlty when
Merkla gol und. r his foul.
\ .. general from a lictorloua
eampaign, a candidate Jual naralnatad for
bigh honor ln the gift of the "peepul," n?ver
? ter ovatlon than ihe vlc
torloua Marquard aa he plcked up hi.* aweat
er and atarted for Ihe clubhduae. Twenty*
rl\e thouaand enthualaatlc "fans" atood In
tiieir seats and cheered until their throat.
threaten.-d to spiit. Hata an i papera were
thrown into th* air and coata were waved
about whlle the mob acclalmed the maawof
Ihe baaeball hour John vVhalen and Joe
< ''Hr j. n, aei retai - of th* t lub, i illed M ?
quard over t" their boa In the lower tlei
and warmly ahooh im- hand Acro
Reld Marquard walked amid th* thunder
cheera unmoleated until he reached one
of the boxe* in righl Beld. Here a woman
ruahed down. and th.- unauapectlna Mar
quard accepted her proffered hand. bul
bluahed aa ahe auddenly drew lun. clo*. and
landed r reaoundlag klai "Never agaln."
aald H'.i". ai he gained the ahelter ol the
The aecond tr.tn.e waa won hv- the Ciatits
onl* after an uphill flght, In which the
Buperbaa threatened, anarled and fought al
every tivist and turn. It.-fuship ahsolutely
te down. they tled the r< ore on three scpu
rale eccastona and ln the COUree of 1he
lam drove i.eon Amea Jeff Teareau an.i
George Wlltee off the rubber, but ati
before Matty, who w.is called oa la tba
ninth. The Giants. however, wlth their
*yea set on that record for the aeason,
w>re equally determincd to win al any cost.
They hammered Kn.tzer hard and then
weal after Kcnt. There is an adage which
Bays: "Change the name and not th<- let*
t< r. you change for worae, and not for
better." For once an augury was fulfllled,
and under Kent'a pltchlng tb* gaim , ?
' losl
After much free and Indlacrlmlnat* sror
| Ing the totala stood at 9 to I ln fav
Brooklyn aa the Olanta came up to l
fhth Inntng Wlth one il Shafer,
battlng In place of Wlltae, drew .
Btale second and took thlrd when M
flted out to Northen after Pletcber ha
: to fir.-t Pletcber atole aecond has.-,
followlng which K<:,- maoa a wild pltch,
which allowed Bhafei to crosa the plate,
whlle Fletcber, running on the wlnga of
tbe arlnd, ocorod all the way from eecond,
siidii.| ESrarln'a throw meai
1 paal K'-nt an i rolled to tha infleid.
Frothlng at the mouth at tl.e audden
adverae tum in the wheel, nm Dahlen
ruahed up to Brennan, the umplre in chi< f,
and argind f^r fully flve mlnutea, but flnally
was cbaaed to the bench, and tbe game
continued. In bla apirlted addreaa Dahlen
brought oul that lti hi-. opinion Bhodgraai
Interfered wlth tlie plaj and aeveral other
accuaatlona Me forgot to blame th.
jdtch and Erwln'a Bubaequent i"'ru' II
Tlie a. 01 ?.*i follow
Fiiun c.-mi.
ai. ?
Hnodarae-i.lt 400 BOOIMoran
_ 1 ... Northen, rf.
* ., i *-, .-. ?
Murray, rf., ?': - i 8 "' Bmlth, 8b
Recker, cf.. 20 1 80 1 Dauberl lb
:i o ii ', 1 j v, tieat, 'f
... ii ? 0 ?? Hummel 2h
i f> i r. i i Tnoley, aa
Marquard, p 8 00 01' U llei ?
Hucke. p
Ml rk1' . lt
11. IZ-'K ?t
Fl. I. her. 88
BR' "Uxl.v S
ab i ii p?a ?
8 0 1 .iv
80 I! 100
0 " '.
4 11 IM
4" t
4" 1
4 i. n
2n 1
1 " I
4 n I
4 00
? ,. ..
: I ..
1 .? 1
j a o
.1 2 * -7 4 :
88 I ? -4 <t
?Kan foi Northen ln ninth Int.infr
N. v\ Vo:k
Br< oklvn.
o o o
o n i
I'lrvt i .h* ui arrera ^e-v Tork, 2; Rro.
2 Two Vasn hlt Mui-r.iv s"-'. n baa. M irray,
Wheal Bacrtfloa Hle* Tooley, M'->>:*< l.eft on
New Vork, -. Brooklyn 11 Douhl.
Mnrmi an<1 llummel; lter/.-g, Doyla and
M.ik ? Mayera aad Haraoa Flral baan on i.aii*
uff Marquard, .'.. -.rr Rucker, l Struck oui
B) Marquard, 8: bj Rucker, ?"> Tum- I '??'?
-. i dAME.
Totala... _?io ?_712 - Totala. .44 817 M18 4
for Wllaon in htMh innli.c IBattl 1 for
Wlltse In elRhth lnning. tBattad fof Kn tzer In
th lnning. |Batte4 t -r K.i.t la iil.uh ln?
NVw York. I l 8 0 1 8 " I x 10
Breektya. 188181808 8
Hr.i i,H*e oa .ror- -Braoklrn, I. Taro-baaa
hlt wtu-t Thr** baa* Mta Moran tt), M
Htolen baaea Moran, Murray, Wheat, I -
Bhafer, Fletcher, Sii'dKra*-.. I/.-ft r,n baser*
New Vork, 4; lirooklyn. 10. Dottbl* play.- -
,n,i Hertx: Fl*tch*r. Doyla
and M.-rkle. Btmck .mt Hy Ani.-K, .'(. by Ta*
r.-au. 4; l.y \V1ltse. 1; by Mathewson, I; bl
KneUer, 4. Flrat b8M 'ii balh utf T.-.*.r?au, 2.
off Knetz.-r. 4; off Kant, 4 lllt by pltch*. Hv
Knetser (Bno . - Paaaad ball Krwln. Hlta
urr Ar.it. .'. iu .' Inntaga (noa* oul ln tblrd);
off Teareau, ?'? In 4 laalnff*; off wiits", ? ln 2
Inntnaa; <fi Matnawaon, l in l laahw; "ff Knel
aer, tt Iri ? Iriiilna*. "ff Kent, none In 2 Innlng*
i mptrea -Braanaa aru Enatlc TtaM 2:*r.
New Haven, ?;. Ilailtoi'l. !
S|. Ingfleld, I; Hrnic'-i ert, 1.
Hoivoke. '.t,, \\'aterbui | t
Fall IWvar, 7 Utwreace, I
l.v nn. T. V\'?ir.'-sler fi.
Brockton, I \? -?? B. -f >n
l.ow.-ll v ILiverldll. I.
Steeplechases and Hat Races
I LKW< OD i'AKK KTI-Kri.l. HAfll
Near I onj Braorh, X. .1
Thura.. Julv 4th ?S-,1-. Julv hth
riisl Ktir at 8 88 P M
o- Hi! roil.'i 10 ;.- ./ I* !. :ti
"j'. Bpaclals tla Penn B ft l.es.e Penn
Hation 3-d sl 1113 A M . 1884 . M
Hu l?en Ternilnal 11 K? \ M '-1 0 t M
. i ,. -. i |,ih*r' <?' * 90 II Y' ? M
Drop Two Games to the Senators
After Defeating Red Sox.
Holds Former Team Mates in
Check in First Affray?The
Second Is ;i Walkaway.
'? ? una i
Washington. Julj 2. Klnnegan, of r>fl
ag'in. on a;.-'i". goln' ag'ln" famc, waa
nothlng compared lo the Yankeea,
York's representatlvea ln the Amel
I.taRiie pennant race. Vftei pla . g
good game in Boston yenterda: n
they defeated thi Red Box In commai
Btylfl, they allpin d back lnto thi ,
Baathoda ln the 1 Ip to tho capital, and
beaten In both gami ? ?! .. doul li h.
here to-day.
Buffering def, ,it la noni Ioo aweel
any condltlo. I u lhi Renatora add
sult to injtif\ b. sendina Jlm Vaugbn, lhe
former Yankee, in againal hl? <.i,i ,.;| r,
j the openlng i.-ani. The bla Texan bad i
I BCore to settle wlth Wolverton, nnd, ahow
j ing form for whlch the New York ci
looked m valn thr,, | hoiil li,.
! Vaugbn won hla Rame bj a score ,.i
' When Walter Johnson Ihrew hls glove Into
! the ringfln i he a.nd thi i ?? -u\\
was practlcally aaaurcd. Tln Bcorc, waa
10 to :
The Yankees are n..w reparated from lhi
home of lha St. Louis Browns by tln m...
kiii of four points, bul wltb iwo gan
be plaj ed lo morrow the "i onki ?
i blgh hopt s ??( eatabllahing ..i i< ...-* ? ??
. ord for i ... Thi , ...... . miin d ;
I lhe Bi o? na from c -
If pi rl io. d, :s a fi at whlch no < I
able tu accompllsh In si vi ral ?
Vaugbn carried all hls speed, lus puullngl
Icurvea and fair control lnto the Bghl wlth
hlm. He was hlt nlne tlmea and IsHued foui
io hr.-i. b ,' In everj Inning, ? xeepl
thn fourth, when iVew York bunched Ihree
hits and eounted Ihelr two runs, he was
Ieffectlve, and the Yankees could nol id
vane, ln lhi fourth Innli ^- Bten l
ai ored fl hen < "hase lt Ipled lo ht'
j and Mai ln lurn eounted un a panking
' gle t j Martin
Warhop, -vi,,. ?,-.<-? on the mound for Nen
pitched ,.,'.-? lb allowi d
. ..iKhi i Its and gave onl; one ha
: but he could nol preveni the & ?
gatherlni Iwo Innl
- d..wnf.ill
i 'omlng lo the bat ln th, inning
after Ihfl Ynnki ? Ihelr tv o
? | pjei i . at onn '..' repi
5VH e out, !'?? ter beat oui i hlt hut
. . i ,i ae< "i"!
Qandll, hov. ? .? i. wai the rtgbl ! lan ln th.
rlght place, and hi apanki d a ? de<;.
Id whlch drove home tho fleet-foot< d
Mllan. Chl k flcored ln a
Btump booted th<? ret im ? Danli
Vaughn proceeded t? pltch In hla heal
form for the rei der of ibe game Hi
: ? a mate In Warl op, howi i ? , ind the
game went to tt..- laat Inning before the
j break came. Wlth two i I
inning, Tom Walker beal out eld hlt
and Bhanaa ahona to l
. ,,i \V.,Ik. ,. and won
. una,
The Benatora
Btartfld lhe aecoi d - am<. and hami
hlm merclleflflly from tl
good ii-- "f Un ii flfteen hlta, and i
li '
meanwhlli. plt< I ?
Hfl allowed hve l lt-. and In al
: Inning kepl tbem
l after t Inn?
ing, and Muaaer, a "'it. wai Bent In to
?how hi ? ??'? gladni
have be< n felt I the N< ???? 1 oi..
Boon squi
,|. ,. ;i , n|| pn,,...- soi He wa ? Ilttle
?rratlc, however, and l ? ??? New York
blt waa bunched wlth a paas, a i It
man and a long fil h
(jrove over tha aecond, and last, .%"? ??? fork
The fl. Idlrif-' lt, botl
and snappj. Both I
rge . rowd whli h
to wltnesa the i onteal wa n to
api lau I leveral good - ? Ht
tlnued hi
laklng care of Iwent) ch i
thfl afternoon, while li
also made two hlta < I'Dowd, the lat t Tf
crull of the team, pla*yi d horl lop li
Becond game avnd played wi-ll, all
neglected to gel a hlt.
The score follovi
PinsT .;.^mi'
r :t. li: ? 1 " ..... .. i ?? " *
4 ,, 1 1 I 0 li,-,!. .
4 11 : u cl
Ih 1119 ? ... II. ? I
? rf ".ii 8 0 Zln rl I ? ?
... |f < r, i ., rj i. . haa. . "i. i i I
MrHrlde aa :< 0 '> :: I i Martin - Ib
Henry c ?'< 01 < ?? 8 i)luin|
, ,. 1 '. I ii lolu 1.,.?. I. aa
Slr... I. ' 4 0 I * 4 II
I Warhop, p . ? I. ' "
Tetali .v: i I "7 IS i Totaia
? Tv.- "?:' a hen ???? Ini ng i an woa bcoi
Waahtngtan " OOSOflOOl s
New Vorl. 0 " U 2 <. 8 2
. . < ? Btlfl
haa* riandll hai ka
gtuti p : ?-. lei U " '??< ? w
york ' iV'Mblngion * i I balla
i.ff Warhop, i off Vau
. , Ni w v rk, I Hll b) | lt. het l?j
n iDanlela O'Powdi il 11V
Wsrh ,-. 1:1 l Vaugbn, 7. I'mpires ESvaa
\v..- l ..',t
ai. r i, i ofli abrh i "
M'..-11-r ri :? n 1 000 DanleN, lf 3 o l i i. 1
,f - I 1 1 no Uttle. rf . :;r, i l ||
]?,?.;, , tl,. fi I I 1 1 0 Hterratl lb.. 4 8 8 11 ? 1 ,
r :, ,, i n", Zlflti, rf .411 118
Caii'lll Ib. I I Ul. I I
I 1 1 III V I "
. if. j i ?? .? ao ,. Down, bb.. too i ioI
MrHrl,1e.Ba 4 1 1 00 o Bweeney, c.811 I 18
i no c n
,, pS 1 1 1 00
U ? 18 8 1
Total I I Totaia, NI8SI U I
Waahlngton ...... ? 4 0 1 a 1 fl 1 ??18
24aw v. rk 8 i . 0 I ? fl -
Twe ' '?' Alnamltk
hlt h hnaon Hlta Ofl ? ? hn on, 3 In ?
,,ir Muaaer, i In 3 Innlnga. s-niii! ?
Khnr.lis Slol. n tiis.s glnn. \1 I.M. .
Qandll l.itti, Ba. rlfl. ? th Moeller i ?
\.w Tork, 1". W? hlngton 8. Flrat baaa
? ,-r i lahet I et l: < tt
ItUI -' I l. IH! 1 I I :!' ;" ' Bj J
,, , , b' m ,- -? r 11.-' ?? l Bti uch oui H
johnson ' b iluasei 4. i'..s?^.-i hall ?
Ainamlth Wlld pltch Piahtr. Umpirea-rWaa
lt-r\elt and Kvana. "i'lai,- 1 M
Oarsmcn Oather for Races in
People's Regatta To-day.
Philadelphia, July :;. Oaraman repn
inc elubfl In N'ew York. Baltimore, fl7a?h
Ington, Ha\onn.-. N. .1 . Now Ro ihelle,
n. v . Cambrldga, Maaa.: Long laland aud
Dairolt ara In thta city In raadlaaBa for tho
annual peoplfl'fl regatta lo b^ rOWfld to
morrow ovar tha national eouraa aa ih.>
Bchuylkill Rlver. Blsty-fonr erevra baaa
eatered Tblrteon eventa ara oa thfl pro
gramma, aa foiiows:
Junior, Intermedlate and senlor
sciills, jutiloi. int.-riii4 rllat<' and flflttlor .h>'i
bla BCultfl, lunior and Intermedlate f..ur
oared glgfl, -? fdor four-oarei uiKf. senlor
four-oared Bhella, junior, Intermedlati and
r^nior eight-oared ahella ,nn-i (urdoi ??"n11
Chlcago, Jul) ' aii a W. Dfltnarest,
profi aional Mlllsrd rhamplon. *-4, mar
i ,(on fo ^ll*s All? Anderson b\ Judgfl
tt ,..ion >n Clrcult COUfi rh^mb?!B ta d->
B.iHKBAM.. r^n nrouadi ro-da; 10 n
a. xu. aud Ot m. Olanta "-a. Bi-jklvu. AdaLOOfl, |
'Baseball Standing
tn Three Leagues
Ilr....kl.v.i al X.w *...r!. (18:88-ii. ni. -?<?
8:88 p. ......
Phlladelphia >?? Beelea (twa).
< in. iaaatl al PHtabargh (*?*?*.
i bfcrag* ?< "i tanas (twa).
Vr? \..rk. .': Hrookivu. I.
Nen -ork. 18; llrm.kl.in. fl.
I'liihidrlphia. Bf B**tBB, ?>?
M . l.P.t. ? 1.1*
X.w \nrU 84 II .UH I'hlhi "?'? f_ -.!,!;!
( hl.Hif.. ai 8fl ..->KI -t. l-'iil* -'? J* .aa*J
PHtabargh :<7 -.'7 ^78JBraoklya 88 ?" -J"
i ln. iiiu.iii 81 83 428 Beetea ?" ??' ~w
lilllllMV UtAOl'K l.AMl> TO-DAT.
Nea I'.-i. at *Taahla*rlea (twa).
Baataa at Phlladelphia (twa).
' le.ehiiiil at ( hl. HC" (|W8).
Nt, Laaria m DetanB Itara).
11 lahtaat?i ?: Naw lork. 8,
ITiablagtan, 18; Not .ork. -.'.
II..-.I..H. 7; Phllmlelpliiii. I
i I, v-land. X: Oetrnll, li.
I l.i.agi. ?*. >i. I ""ii*- iraiin.
M'l.ltll 1.X II ICI I STAXIMM.
w. i ri W i ?"<
Baataa |x 81 .888 l le.eland :<l ?>? M'i
Phlla tf) '.'7 881 Metroll :tl :i* I7!?
. hi.-.ii.. 88 -'!? .."?-; I Kan -ork IB l?> ?-'!?'-'
Waah'loa tl 31 .MBM.Le-ula 18 17 .:hh
in 11-;r:x \ nox ||. I.KAOI I..
i.lMl.s TO-DAY.
.(.?-..<?, i mj h. Newark I 8. 18.).
Nea ,.rk Ht Jeraej i Hj IP. M.)
PrnvMeare at Baltimore (twa).
Montreal Ht Baeheeter (twa).
T..r..iM<> lit 11..fl..l-> < .*.*...'
1,1*111-. oi I.AMK8 gRBJTBKDAV.
Newark, 8; -lerae) i Ity, I.
i,-..< heater, ii; Toraata, 8.
Rarheeter, :?: Toronto. |.
I'nolileiu e, ll; Iti.llimore. 4.
ttiifini... |; Meatreal, 1,
*1 INDIM, Ol I RA_88,
ii. I . P.t . M i P.C.
Ko.lie-ier ll .'!( ._*8]Newark 14 :i:. ,488
Baltlmaire :>'i ii 881 PravMear* :i.'t 88 .48.1
Jereej I II- 88 ;l .588 llufTiil-. ?? 88 Ati
Toronto 84 -'.-> .4B3 Montreal SS ?" I'O
Fall Upon Hess in Batting Rally
in Latter Frames of Game.
Boaton, July I ti,.- Phllll. - d< f. tted the
1 - ? |0 i ? ? I.' ? ul I to t
?i bi) ' .i llled In lh* *" v. ni I. and i tahih
i poundi 'i Hei for *i en i una
i p io Ihul llm* thi Bravea had Ihlnga
oa ll v. av and liit . 'urtta nnd ' 'h .1
' ? ?
Tl ?? - oi ? foiio*
I Hll M-' ? I ? '
?b r h | ? ?
| 0 00,M 112 180
' . .. - r ?'.'.-. I I I ii
i i "? ... . . .-i. 4 I '.??"?* "
i -.' .Klrk'. -f ?' 118 13
? ? l B I I Itus. rt 0 8 8 0
n . . ? ? -u ? . ? ii. .-. o t s i ..
4 o " 1 il 1 ? i
i ? :. I > .,..,.'.'
,. ri o 8 i o ii a .1 .. i i.'
10 11 i- >> " o '? I "
I- i.> 00 tl I .. l o (I .'
i a i " ""
'. i i i ii ....
?? | |( n II I Tota "." '? ii "0 '"? '
... . ,-i-i
(of Innlns
. ? ,, . 8 8 8 4 II 0 ?
1 i .. ........ ' o
Two la*- hlta Klri.
i?.it. Cravaih Hlta Off <
. 4
- ..
, 11 .
I ?
-? ir
Powerle_s Before Indians' Pitch?
er?Rally Averts Shut-Out.
?' Lee pltcl ed a great (
- Park, Jei
hl* team over tb*
H. .?!?:- 1- ii BCOI - '<! '?'? to I.
The unable to get to Lee
? ? ? wh. -i lb | ? ored
Ihem from a
noi ? Bkaeter
i ihe middle
nm wera ati- r Moran In th*
I.. ii th inning and wlth ro u hll on* a
Irtple and one a double, annexed three runa
. ii i
10 4 .? ""
ii i 'ini i.. i i i "
.1 1 "4.0: ',,..!:. ? IO0 I I II
i 4 1 I 1.00 H.rrow, >?' 00
; .. | o 1 OjKeliy. ff * 0 " t ""
4 n 2 ii "" ' -"" - 1 "
... i n -.-.- i. i.i. i,i tt,., - i '? t? "i
i ; ? i-. ,. , , 80 1 4 .' "
3 " l . M?>? ?' " ' " '-' "
i .. ., li 8 11 Tt 7 I _B 1 2 87 11
? lih't..i (nf Maa. n In i
Newark , . ? " " " ? " .
" " .?1 '
?i-.,,, ? n .-. ''.. Thr.
hii ? -. ? '.?'-"? '-?? I
plu: ' - - - ?, i .
\. wark. *; ? '-' Flrat I
i'tr \> '
i ?? , ... i i tni-ir-? Murrai aa i ktal -
Ibew* ? ? i ?" _
\i Baltimore " " '
, . 0 8 10 0 8 ". o - .1 - I
Balt linor. " 3 " " fl " " '?' "- ?
? ?.. ri. i Laatt* aad Bchraldl Bm.th, Dan
fo h Walkei and P
? . *,:-,-? , It. H. H
Bufi .ln " " 0 " ? "ioi 3 ' l
n.... u i. o .i ii a 8 s i
l.lama called i ' ot ninth b
i:,,,-. i and kUtehi ll; Taylor nnd
vi T -rotit., R II -
i ter ,.l 8 0 1 0 0 O 0 1?8 8 8
,. | :, i. o ll n " .i.i H 1
" inn wm . ln and Btali: Muel -
lar, Bla. I* an<i < Irahara.
i: B, i:
ii,? i.r . ,...8181 I 8 .". 7 i
T.ito . ii ii l . 1 8 8
nattsri** Jolm '.ni .i?-.:u->?.. Rudolph ar.d
r.iinl- Oam* rali. : Bl '-'.-I of alatk uuilng to
alloa t'-;ims t., . nt. 1, 11 a in
York. i: Harrlsh irg. "
Atlantl.- < Il\, S; Allentown, .1
Readlng, 8; Jobnatown, 2.
Tt. nton, I; Wllnungton, '.'.
ByraouBe, *. L'tlca, 1 (lOlnnlnga).
Tn.v. 4; Albanj
\\'iik?H-iiurre. ;,. Beranton. I.
lamton. i. E-imlra, i iii ln
nnii." darknasa).
Johnson, Wolgast and Kilbane
Defend Their Titles To-day.
Conqueror of Jeffries a Strong
Favorite, However, for Battle
at La_ Vegas.
jack Johnson, heavywelgM champlon o>(
the world, an.i Ad Wolgaat, holder of th*
llfhtwelght cbamptonshlp, wlll defend their
tltlea in two boiits to-day. Johnson, who
j two years ago on this very day dpfiMf'l
Jlm .teffrley .,n the sun-arorchfi'l plain* ot
JNevada, wlll face Jlm Flynn at Laa v^gitn.
!\ m , in ;t bout of forty-flve rounds. whlle
\.i Wolgaat win .1.. battle with Joa Rlvera,
',.( Mexico, in a twenty*round bout at lat
I Angelea
I'lvnn ls sald to ho eonfident, and ha?
high hopea that he can d.feat hia dosky
foeman, but the bout has n.uer I.n 8C
.1 aerioualy by the foiiowerfl ><t box
ing, wii" believe thal Johnaon caa win ai
1 h.- pleaaes, even if not in hia best rondl
jtlon The champlon is guaranteed ISO.Od*
'-. ahare, whlle Flynn an.i Jack .'urley,
wi... haa arranged the flght, must b-* eontent
wlth wii.it i" left. Johnson, ot eour.e. la n
prnnoum ed favorite.
Wolgaat la a siijht lavorite aver Joa
Rlvers, hut .i number of good Judstes have
expreased the opinion that th" outeome !<?
deridedly open. The champlon has. boxed
enly tsrlea ainca hi* operatlon for api-endi
,,ii aboul :. rear ago. ?>? aaya he i?.
ready, and wlll hava no ex<-u*-e.-< to otYer for
defeat, bnt aome <i...il.i oxI*ih ah io Ma be
iiiK BO formidable as he was before h. nm
Johnny Kllbana, the featherwelRht eham
!?. ;,ls?-i rnu-t defend Inn tltle aaalnst
Tomniv Mlxon tn a tuelvr-round bout at
i leveland.
East Laa Vegaa, ft. H, July 3.?-A J"-'
i?.f,,.,- the battle eplrll b-caioa evldent
;,i.i iju Vegaa to-day, asvaral .pe-iai
brlngtng ln companlea of boxing
? t,,,,, Ti.e atraeta were well fllled i>>
evening. and a Bolld Jam of the curloua
,.ii. u -,?? ?? the boura aboul -i" h ?'
decorated wlth a big ainn
. i -. i, i ighl Headquartera"
Mioiii.. uroup lounged about the bettlng
.-n-i mlaslonera' hoaid aero*- the erjuare
lon. rhang. In ihe prevalllng odda of
io i .Inhn "" lo wm ara n *d, ?'"?
Of f.. ik beta were of
Ti,,. ? t ? th* moal part
knnrkdnwna Beveral offera .<t ton? odda
that Flynn would not knock Johason down
rjui ? _ ihe figl ? ? ?'. bul they dld
,,o. aeei I ? ?? poruilar No notleea of
follow. d lh. i "?! oattlona The
regular bettlng on tha heard la haaded bv
'. ti,,. inj iptlot to $8 880 JohnaoB
Thla la ?-?.'?'i to be the cbampton'a
own opinion of lh* probabllltlea to-morrow,
hia own money.
Johnaon added another chapter lo bla
declaratlon of confldence to*day, aeeordlng
to bla own Btatament, bj lelegraphlng fc/*-1
i io s.iu FrancUco t" be placod on himself
I.. witi in fifteen rounds,
The th/hters devoted tbe day ti th.* usual
ItiOfl ln preparatlon for th.* time when
will .-nt.-r the rlng at 'J o'.-|... k to
-.* Flynn waa aot ln evldence about
?? rs being l ' ated *-lx mllea
away. bfani >?( the Colorado man'a aup
portei aboard the apeelal tralna
got iu todav- fioni Donver, Pueblo
; --int.*. Th.-.*e new arrlvali Btai t
to i'lvnn a camp, and t!.- ti-rt.i
.-r w; i . f much att.
ahoul ti..- afternoon an.i evening.
Johi ? f.tff ln th.- morn*
.. tbe country on a
| long motor trlp Me whlrled Into town ut
.-:..' rlda, and waa ?.n vi.-w for
to tho-Rdmlrlng groups on the
I hotel | i, implon l.."k..; l
i ?? mov. -I a -ut among men "f or*
i dinai
Whlle at th.- hotel Johnson ?iroimtor-il
Ed Brhlth, th- refera. \ brlef conference
to thi giov. t.. t u-. .i i.y th.- eham
plon to*morrow followed Johnson deslred
? th.- glovea manutu. ture.l by ,i llrni
in which I... iu Interested, and no ? ?; (ectlon
waa offerad
The Kcket nftw dld a tremendoua busl
i . -. i-.-.!.i\ a few "f those wi',. came In on
is had ? upplled tbemselvaa in advam *
The liti" of tlcket buyera kept Curi. y'a forea
ni" t >.f ih- day. The promoti r de?
clared himself nrell pleaaed wlth tho proe
pecta .M io attendanca He suid a good
iiunii.i r of apeetatora would come in lo
morrow frotn nearby ranehea an.i minlnK
,., mp*.
\ numb. r of automobtle partlea arrlved
thla > renlng, addlng to the I i -. appaai
an.- ..f th* itreeta Th- crowda, however,
paid mora attention to a dog team. guided
Into lov.n bv a .lesert tr.iv.'ll.T w'th bl*
own i.i.-as as to the transportatlon, than
thi >? dld io tho motor ? ?>'??
made alaborate r'
i"' to cara for tho Incomlng crowd KSvery
prlvate house arlthln halling dlatanee "r
ih.- lown'a rentro Ih plararded wlth fd^na
announcing that beda and meala may be
obtalned On front lawna ara Impfomptu
lunch countera and th.- town generally has
led a circua appearanoe.
Th.- t nhola-Yoakura Bgbl furnlshed dlvar
M"ll for th- "f.ms" tO-nlgbl and most "I'
ti- >? in town trampod "ui to Curley'a
.-". i ,i t.. aee th- l.out.
Flynn wlll go into the rlng welghlng 181
pounda in flghtlng tn**. He is .. feet i"'..
inchea ln luH-ht an.i haa -i reach of eeventy
Inebe*. n- Is "f th- alam bang order .>.
fishter who ls alwaya ruahlng at IiIm oppo
li-i.t. Ah far as tba lin.-r poinlM ol tlie
1,'iitne are conceraed Flynn le ontireiy at
? '???i. ii.- dependa upon brute Btrengtb aml
aggresalvenesa to carry him t<? victory.
Johnaon Wlll tl|> the sealcs at 220 jiound-i,
an.i ihis wiii give him un advantage of
nearly 88 pounds, to'any nothlng of tlve
and a half In.-h-s in r<-u.-h and two Itnlies
in belght In addltlon to this h- f*i the
champlon of th- world. He poaasaaafl .-x
Ireme oonOdenca 11**> i* an eutirciy dlffer*
ent type of a flght** than l'lynn, baiag
mora OA the eunnlng and crafty ordt-r, go*
pendlng on his elavarnaaa atid tremendoua
streiiKth to h:tndlo his opponent.
IndlanapoUa, -, Columhtis. i.
Kanaaa i ity, i, Uinneapolia 1
Ullwaukeo. 7: si. Paul, t;
Loulaville, 2; Tolado, i.
Hotes the Hojcerj Compare
for "Big toaille* To-T>ay
BJfl isiirrinenfa. .J,,li rowin.
Heicbl .I M 'i in
Heighl . ... IU imiin.l"
Beaeh .WH la.
Nrrl. .,11 BB,
' h. ,i laattaHad .... ^ta in
I hr?l ..\ininded I." .? ln
Wnist . . sfl'j ln.
i;ig-hi forrnnn . H'a in
left fnrearm .. _'I ln.
Rljthl Itleep .U ln
laflfl hlrrp .IM4 ln
Rlgln HiIbjIi . Hfl ? In.
1 ?ft Ihutl. . . M ln
Fluht <alf ... I" in
1 4.ft , ?|f .la m
t\?UI .IH Ifl
\pUI? at, ln
. -
' Athletics Raise Pennants and
Celebrate, but Are Defeated.
Philadelphia, .luly I.?By Mtttflg the
! ' hall hard and tuking advantage of thfl
Athletics" errors the Hed Sox won here
, to-day by a score of 7 to 2.
Beforo t'"? game thatfl araa a hand con?
cert and flreworks, and the WOaid'fl pen
, nant, whlch wai, won by l'hiladelidihi last
fall, was rais.-l ilter a niar.h a.toss tho
fleld by lhe pliiy.r.s of the two teams.
, ' The BCOTfl followa:
abr h poa. ab i h po ??
. Hoop-r. rf..6 1 I 6 0 011/>rd. rf. 4 11 1 0 0
' V..iK.'?, n>..6 0 1 1 2 liUMHng, tf..300 2 01
, Bpeaker, cf. u I 1 1 0 0i K.i'oll'.iiP. :b I ' -" * 5 1
Lewis, lf...4 1 0 i>0 0 liaker. 3b... 3 00 2 4 0
1 Oardner. tt>41 l 1411 Melnnea, lb. 411 I II
, tftalil. lb... 3 1 1 7181 Struiik, U...300 4 ini
Wagner, aa. 41 3 011 Barry, ph....300 2 0-.'
I'arrlaan. c.48 l l8l|Lapp, e. 881 4 31
K.i'.iIIIiib, p31 0 1 0 0. I'oointiB. p...300 0 1:0
?Derrtch. ioo o 00
| tliaan. 100 0 00
Totaia.17 7 10 27 6 41 Totaia.2".: J :, 27 \2 ?>
?liattci tor I.app bl nlnth Inning tllatt<>d for
<", oinha ln nlnth hniiiiK.
Bofltofl. c 9 ? I o a o I 4 :
Phlladelpfalfl. o 1 l 0 o o o 0 0
rWfl baaa hit? ?flpflflkflf, B. CfllllBfl, I-ord.
Hoflper. Thrfla-bflflfl hll Oardnar BacriAce hlta
oldrlng, Sirntik. toerttfa "? Baker Btolen
has- Wagner. i*ft on LaVs- Boston, 5; Phtla
delphU, 7. lirat ba*" on taiis off R. Colllna,
I ofT I'ooinba. 2 Klraf r.aae en errot? ?H.^iloii,
;.! Phluvdelphla. Z Btruck out B> H Colllns,
4. bv Coomoo, 8. Umplrea Bgan and O'Lougb
ll'ti. " Tlin>. -IM.
Breaks His Shoulder When
Tigers Rally, but Naps Win.
I'.-troit. July 3. The Nupa hit opp-nrtiiiiely
hero to-dav and defeated th- Tlgflta by a
score of 8 to I
ln the nlnth Detrolt rallied and made
four runa oa four sIiirIch and t?o buses
on bail-- Blandlng waa then put in to rt -
UaVfl K.il-r. A lin.'i' lioin Delahanty'a bat
reaultfld In a double play tbflt ead?d th?
game, with two Tlgera on ti"- baaea
j Oranay, the left. ii.id.-t oi the clavfllaad
I team, f"II wfille, runnlng to catch a short
i iiv and i-roke his rlgtil BhouMer. Ue li a
left hand thrower an-i probably will not
j bo parmmnently duaabled by the accident.
The score Mlowa
abr b po a - abr \\ poa"
I f.raney, If. I 0 0 4 10 \t". 3h.. 4 1 t II ?
Ryan, If... 10 n 1 ?? Buah. ?? 4 j o 21 i
Olaon, afl.. II I 1 t0 <',.db. ef... ifl 8 T88
Ja.-Us.n. rf II l 3 oo Crawford, rf 61 3 10 0
2b. 4 1 2 t 14 'f 4 1 l 300
Orisaa ib. R2 ? 6 441 lCorlaxtr, lb fli 0 88 8
Eaatarly. '"? 5? l I 8 '?? len, ? .41 1 431
Rlr'riaiii.rf 40 0 1 0 0, Staimge. c... 4 1 3 4 10
Tur-'or. ,1h 4 1 " 1 I "
fcaler, p . 4 0 0 0 0 1
Blandlng.p oo o o oo
Work ?. ?? 84 o ni'
Lake. p.2 0 1 n 0 I
?Jonea . ot | 884
f.aln'r - n I 0 0 0 0
Totaia ..ITllinill Totaia. Kitinti
?Battcd for i at, ln "ir.", Inntpg >>'?
Btanagfl ln nlnth inning
Cieeaiaad ........ fl 1 4 1 1 O a 1 O?l
,, .. I i o 8 8 8 4 ?(
Two-baaa hlta DHehaaty. i/mden. i
Btoli n I ure . 'raa i"r'i Olaoi
Turner, -,.,,i... hll Olaon KtrucB mir Kl
Worl i l . '-.'. .1 1 Kal< . '-' i Irol I aae
on balla uff Worka, .1. uflr [*ake. 1 .-rr Kater.
ii'-. ? at ?? orks, ?'. ln I l ?'> tim iihh, off
I.ik?, ? . nlnga; off K.ii. r, t? ln * ln
out In nlnth): .-tf Blan llng 2 In I
Inning Double pia\f Lajoie ta Orlgg*; Turner
to <ii ur;;- Birat ? Uld, 1
I ? ? eland, 8 Paaa. ?!
> , Btanage Wl l p4t< I ? - Kali ? W rlw t?,
I.ikp liuplrrs lnne. n an.i BherMaR. Ttnvi
- sj
Big Crowd to See His Battle
with Joe Rivers To-day.
i.os Angeiea. juh ) with a flkln Rflvoral
? - brownar than natura gava Mra, thfl
sffflcl of waoka of out door work in tha
mnuntalna, fld Wolgast, llghtwclght cham
ptoa <>r tha world, looked ln porfad phyateal
1 condition to-day aad ready to defend hl?
I tltla when he meeta Joa ltivara ln tha
'Vemon arena fb-morrow afternoon at '
... ti their twentjr-raund battle.
Rlvera, too, looked aad actad wall
declared he amuld fllaap to-nlghl '
t ,i,v. confldeni that lo-raMMTOW avenrflg ha
would ko to bed the wortd'a llghtwdghl
! champlon.
Wolgaal aaaerted be had no fear of tin'
, outoorna of thla bla tir^t aattl* ?.f con?e
... ginea ba waa Btrtckaa wlth appendt
.'.'- bMt fall I"- eontldencfl seemed to
he shared bv a largfl aumbaf of admlrera,
I who aagarly put down b.-n, nol only that
he would ?ui. but ln leaa than twenty
Wolgaat'i laal day before the battle waa
| spent In attendlng thaatrea, while Rlvera
,. ilttle road at:d "gym" work in tha
I morning to keep bis welght down. He
I welghad ' - ? pounda to-day, and aald he
<v...u!d enter lhe rlng at IS pounda vVol
1 gaat declared he would welgh exactly ISJ
pounda at th. ringaida.
li. k fl/elch, Ih4- ? cfcree, a.-nd he would
allow hiuiniT with ona arm ft'0?' by the i?.\
m ?? w;is n.'i holdlng on ir both were
holdlng In ellnchflfl, nelther would be al
lowi d lo aend In any ahori arm Jaba.
rn. 11,000 aeata in the arena have all
I...H aold wlth the egceptlon of aome ln the
gallerleB, whlch wera not re?erved Ifc
Carej Hiat.-d the "houae" would amount n
about '?'..v aVolgafll is guaranteed |1S.
.a. wiiii ;i balf Interenl ht lha mn
Iploturaa, and RJvara geta 18,000 for hla
?hare, with no plcture intereat.
Bettlng was briflk to-dny, with vYolgant
lha oholca al 10 to I Rflriler thi ?
2 to l, and ,?e\ei..i large beta were plaei .1
at the** flgnrea
Buffalo, July 3 Jlmmy Doffy, of '..-i>
port, ha.i thfl batter of "Knockout" Brown,
of Now Vork. In all hut one round Of a ten
imiiikI bout before tba Buffalo athletic i'lub
bara to-nlght. In tha nfth Duffy rlosed
BrOWn'fl '? ft flyfl and in thfl slxth opened
up a two-iii.'h khmIi in hlfl eheak. I
that hfl laofld thfl Mew Yorker unmerclfully,
but falled to latld fl knOCkOUt ptinch. liv.-n
la the Innarhtlng, al whli h Brown was aup
poaad t>> excal, tin- Lockport boy had all
the bettar of ii.
Bombardier Wells Thinks Well of
Fred Storbeck's Boxing.
New Yr.rk Athletic Club Plans
Attractive Swimming Oard
for Saturday.
"I Whlppad l'red Slorber-k, the South Afrt
ean heavywelght, In Kneland last year,'
Bald Bombardier Wslla realwrtay. "but he'?
a Btrang. ruggsd boxer. I think he wlU
Ji.st about defeat Jlm Stewarf when tl,.-v
meet ln tlie- Hard-n ncxt Monday nlght lf
be does I will Kive lilm another chan-e
after I have dlspoaog of Tom Kennedj."
Storbe.-k wolghs lft| potinda, **trlpped. and
la already In first riass eonditlon. h? is n
Tom (VRourfca'a hands, and lf be b-ata
ytewart he wlll be pent after LUtbar Mi ?
Cartjr, Weiis and Kerinody. The ten-round
bout batwaan Toung Brown aml fouag
Jack O'Brien. Blao arranged for next Mon
('ay nlght, ls Bttractlng uaOSUa] attention.
Thla Wlll ba O'Bren'a flr.t appe.irau. _ in a
I'xal rlng. II- has OOtpOlntad "KtXM
Brown In a Btx*round bout in Phlladelphia
and is a clever boxer
ln Brown he arlll meet one of the sturdt*
est liglitwoights In this part*of the ,
ti . .1 boy v.ho baa defeated Ifatt Wcils
and Jack Qoodman Wlthln a month and i
ellmblng rapldly. Mlke Glbbona, after psx
lm; Wlth Brown In private la-t week, <i -
-lar-d thal tha Eaat 9Ut r a aa one ?.f the
most Bggre_al*ra lwo*handed flgtitera he had
ever aeen, and predtcted that he would
soon ii- b formidable opponent for "Paekj '
McFartand. Bllly Qfbaon, manager of the
Oarden Athletic Club, aald yeeterdaj
he 8*ouM matah the nrlnner al tli- Browe
O'Brlan nuut arith elther MaParlaad or ti?e
winner of tha Rlvers*WoIgast Sght bi Cs
Johnny Marto win b? handled i>-. Tom
o'Rourk- In his ten-round lon with im-i
Burna, whleh arlll he the thi'-d atar bo n
llonday evening,
Th? swimming eommittee ?f th* ' ' ?
Y-ii* Athletic Club ha-, mad* up a most at'
tractii ? pi . . openlng aa
CSrnlval .. I,av>i- fsland on Baturdey.
?? in bi a Bprlnl race for novlceai a
t*_?yard handlcap awttn. an obatau i? .?
t> <=t wlth aeveral new features, an tt
Uon "i fan. t dlvina ia of p-iah
Tha handl i ta te ba un*
ususll) i-t re tlng Veterana hke Bud
Qoodwln '??' ' i< Mew Vork Athleti'- riuh,
.1 P Mantell, of the \\>?t Sid- \
Men i ln 1*1 ?. an-1 Rk
Prlaell, of th ? -thlata Club, wli; cai
ced. ahorl mark. to ambltloua
aueh a* Clarene. Aah, of the '??
Athl. Ue .'lub, and J, <; Bddj, i l 'he . it
Athletic <'i ib, and a great light for onora
is antlt Ipated. \sh, ln partlcul i
remarkable work In ^^?',('t!''', snd may
give ih.. eldtimera a loi of trouble
Th- ohatacle race has been arranged hv
Ruddy and will furuleh no aad ot
fun. He i dedded nov.lt
there |- no dou'.t that the BpeCtatOTB vvlll
t. t,-. ?'. -: to boum < Loi'-- Mta of eom
Among the fancy diver*- who wll! dlaplay
theli sklll are Walter Lee and Frank btul
len, of Ihe New Vork Athletic Club; li.
Fieldii of 1 ? College of Haa v ? '*,
B i: . ?W, Of ' olumbla, and Paul nottK-r,
of the N'-w Vork Barlmmlag Asaoclatlop.
Puahball la a aame which haiis from th?
Weat, where it hai proved popular. it fs
i wlth a ureat rubber spheroi *e.erai
feet In diameter, which two oppoatag I
tr* te foi.v-i each otber'a goal Hn>
Uoat of l il ; "'??' cracki
now taken ll v ar d thi re ahould be filenty
? (lon In the eoi A ehal
lenge baa been lsau< i by the Mew Tork
Athletic ilub for end it ia h >pe.l
one of the other teama wlll take if
up, but In any caae then arlll be an exh'.
bltlon game
Th- National Baseball Commleelon ie?
ci.1,.1 yeaterday that th* Omaha dub had
purchaat-d Davidson from Bro< klyn, and ai
the latter'a clalm of tWA In tha
I . the pltcl ? f.i.led
to repo.t to the Mllwaukee club for two
montha after he had been sold by t'htcago,
ii. .- mmls-lon i -i?l that Ullaraukee ia
Me for th<! purchas. price, an-,
. hlcggo llve .ia;. h in which t" dlsp
hlm vwti ..ui Incurrlng llabtlltj for ? ?
h*or every daj that he is retaln* ? hen
ti,.- Chleaso -lub wi!l he t -i Ired to pay
hlm at the rate ? I ?
Formal aanouncemanl wn made yester
.lay l.v the Couay laland .i".-k. > Clul
the Futurtty, for which aeventy entrleehad
1..-.-H made. had been declared ..rY tui thi*
Wins Masf?richusett8 Open Cham
pionship for Sixth Time.
Watortown, Ifass.. Julj t, Alax Rn*-, the
Brae Burn Countrj Club profeaalonal. won
th- llaasachuai tta open golf champioi -
lo dav- f..r the alxth Hmi Hia . ' ""
tbe sev-ntv-two holes v?;.s :"?.". Ab-x I
i,n, of the Country Club, Sntahed .*???
-. x atrokaa behlnd Roas; T. '? M
raara, of Boston, third, al 884, and M J.
Brady, of Wollaaton, fourth. wltl
Helnrtch Behnddt, of Woreaster, made th*?
hool acore of the omateure, rtnishing behind
Brad) with 316.
Balt l..ik- ?itv. itah. .luiv I Fred 0oul?
lette, th* Australlaa etar, eatabllahed ?
new record for Meycllng here laat nlght
ln a Bve-mlle rac.. i le tlletti roda the ,ii?i
an.'o in 9:->t 3-Z.
Naa Y'.rk'.s Auioinohi!... Bargshi Bstabllabnaaal
"Par Bxci lli nw '
Sold 61 Cars in 5 Days, Why?
Cleanlng Out Kvary r.ir BflfON Julv lat.
Parkurda. PflflrlflBBBfl Plflree-Al rowa. Ftalni?ra.
Chalmera, Cadltlafla .st.-nrna, Reaaulta atar
ce,\ -a. W> ttttiiahouse. Reafl, lsottua. Itcgala,
Loalars. ?Whltee, Matheson, Martona. overbuida.
i-.ii-a. Hui, k?. Panharda, Ihallmane, Fiata. Btnd,
tlanls, llartfnrila, Matw.-IN, ICIteheltfl, Stevena
Duoeaa, B.-aa. 100 othera, all in.id.la
All fltylflfl and Prlflflfl "YourB."
DtntonHtrutloiiB Qlvea; KxMn--.lnatloiia Invlted;
Bverythlng ns Iteoresanled.
50 ii. lum Cara. 8188 t? $900.
Tlrea. llorr.B. Hhlelda. T"i>s. ele , mo... rheap
Only Hoium Opevatfag Cltj Paetery,
Jandorl Automoblle Co.
g?4l I 44 West62d Street, g?,
Mil.' 1 MM.MKItS 110, fl\.- .paaaenai-r I'lnrln*
rar. full" iqulppod. Inrln.iins Jertehe hom,
spaadomrtar. top ?nd wind shiei.t. d.-mnuntahia,
rlma, IWfl -'xtui ilr4-?. haiid-forajad llre tiona
on rear; ln perfflel condition; tun l-Mn thnn
2 nnii mli-" W, .1. Ahlaiiom. 11000 Broadway
Phona 8808 ? ?oh_ _
Lafeal med?l F?erltt, 30 b. ?., 4 door. S paa
i*ng?r toiirltig rar fully eijulpped: loia of
?xirrtB. llko BflW. Mr fiaul. 145 Fultoti at..
j?>. york Clty.
PREMfFR la'? rn<81?l fulh ?n..npp?d, ra
pain.-d !1k* nt-. 1880, rpr.MIEK CO..
lTfiP Broad^a). N Y_
RZO laiTT foro door folll aqulpped ?? ??
r-aul-d and rapa'ntad !n our ahopa, |?,yj.
B.F-0 CiX 1159 Broadway. R. *
11.01 n.n.ilioiit . i _S'**
1888 lun.liii.lrl. ."> pu-.-. . 710 1X1
UMiH tourlnic. ', pst"? . . .;?, ?,
ifia ?? t i"-"". .ii ....
1011 a Pa*- .MMS
1888 dellverj ??uk?". ;.i,.....
moK eipre-i-, wagea *.i
ly,v!?M"e- ln v.! r^ta*/*kjff ^KU^IS
ouKhiv overhauled and _*__Bl__._a
exceptlonal i>.irKiin- ?t prlcea u '"' ??
- iu ...Ivvav. Nrvv V"ik
^ ?mjy?^x^,*K
HfMf_is ?
Silcara Tlm.? pa> -uenta t-kea
?:.'.-. v\...i .-..tl. m.
MIIIM * '" K> %NK
1,581 BROAOWAT. Faaaa UtBBTAJr.
(II M%RF)?-BOtiiHt A>D WM.I'
,-. i" "v _'..-?? ay cor Mt
?jun. . ai
GWILLlAM CO..K.?!?*.
2.18 West &!,*b *??? Co*- -*'??*?? c?- 8J**"

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