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But Not Dull
;ot jam I ..Xo- 23,987
Ti'-tl?.T. ?Iioit-t* nnd c?v>l?rr.
To-morrow, fair. 1Ve?t xrlnd?.
But Not Radical
* *
7 > 1 > li- ? I."4 n\y r*4|4*M>IfS IM CM? at ttom York. .leriM?. 4'Mj and Hobok-m.
1 IUl ii W.A Ij i'L?) I MOtCWtUtMtt TWO CENTN.
Injunction in Suit Ag?inst Elec?
trical Companies Expected
To Be Scrutinized in
Impeachment Action.
Judge Also Accepted Plea of
Nolo Contender? from Men
Indicted in Wire Pools
Brought Out by
Among Ihe S< ts of ludge Robert W.
Ifrhbsld formerlj of the I'nited States
[?istrict t'ourl and now ;e member of
the Commerce Court, which will be
scrutinized b> ihe Senate during his
trial on Impeachment, ?t is expe-ted
hat an Injunction which he granted to
??ruin ofTl la Is of the Westtagbouse
.lectric and Manufacturing Company
i(rain*-t th? government In August,
???S. will pla> a -conspicuous part.
Officials of the Westinghousc com?
?n fere served with ?. lubpcens
l-jees tecnni in a grand Jury investiga?
tion conducted in New York to appear
' (?efore thai body and to bring with
idem all 'he papers and documents psr
tslning f- igrt-ements between the
?..rious electrl? companies. Judge
Arrhbolti. on application of counsel for
the eompsny and without informing
Ihe go\emment officials ?omerned.
Issued an Injunction preventing nil per?
rons from '.'.loving- any of the desired
p_pe;rs from the Pittsburgh ?>fl.? es of
ihe corporation.
This sdlon of Judge Archbald '*srss
ommented upon at the lime he made
the order, and has been a matter of
dtecussion since amonsr lawyers whs
_re engaged in federal praetlce. and
?ho d?lai? ihat the Issue of sueh an
:njjncii>'n was without precedent.
The government officials intrusted b>
Attorne* General Ronapart* *.*?iih the :
investigation of electri?- rompants j
wrre kept in absolute ignorance of the
application for the order, and they ,nd ;
not know that it had been issued until !
th? hour when the witnesses sub]
naed were o appear l?efure the grsnd >
far In the Poste.feVe Building here.
T?ten the."- wete informed that ihe !
?*itn_sfR would not appear, as Judge !
Arehtvlo had issued a resirainlng or?
to at Scranton. Perm., which relieved
ihem from the duty of ??be?, lng the
subptrn.. Finally, under threat of ar?
rest, the witnesses e ame before the
jrand j ir>. but the; tame empty
banded, showing Judge Ai'-hbald's or?
der thai no document owned by th1
*>stingho'ise El?aclrfe and Manu
'acturtng Company eouM bs produced
without hi* express permission.
Companiea Fought Probe.
The grand jury proceeding was
directed against the large electric totn
panies of the country, the Westing
kouse, the Western and the (Jencral
Dectric- ?"nipany. The investigation
?"Si ?tarte'l simultaneously In New
Turk, ?hie ago and Baltimore, but was
?non eoncentrated in New York. Th"
gnrernrnent mude no secret of It at
Ihe time that Itr*? attempt to find
theth? r these e orporatlons were within
tie Sherman law was balk??d at every
?Up by the men controlling these eom
P?n!es The only way to .obtain any
* ?formation was to start grand Jurj
?is se>on as the gubprpiias duces
lecum were serve*! the law firm of
?Ved Smith, Shaw & Beal. of Pltts
?Srgh, which represented the receivers
sr the WestlnKh'iUfs?* company, set out
h obtain an lnjun?tl<?n. Samuel lie?
Clay, i? Pittsburgh lawyer, was sent to
Vranton, Penn., and applied for s re?
fining order to Jijelg*- Archbald, of
'm United States District Court, on
"I ground that a removal of docu?
ments might Interfere with the r?
?-vershlp. The upplicatlon was made
?* Part?, and the department received
?o warn in K that it would be maele
The receivers ?f the Westlnghonse
?TOpany were "f. ?lart <*-l\?\ president
?* ?he Farmers' Deposit Bank of Pitts
?^?h; H, S. A. Stewart, a financier of
e?*?5Hail??l uP ninth pa??, third roluntei.
This Morning s News
local Page.
2| Hossnthal Round-i'p To-day ... 1
?5?r Made to /.oils. Gang Leader-g
?^oneral of Merman Ronenthal. g
?trange? Stetrteie of Becker's Raids- g
'* Prob? lud*.- Archbald's Order.1
*rr??t?d aa 130.000 Kmbeasler. 1
^nidgtrv in Freight Knglneer's Life.IS
?^W? Mad? on .Money Lenders. ?
Z~*ptt Enter? Promoter's Home.16
?*l of Nathan Bwarta Found.IS
?'"?llsh gplrltuallsta In Heance. 7
*h't? lions? Bomb Stirs Country..... S
????t?ns in [?arrow? Defence. ?
j^*?1 ('omm1ttee at l?dd?. *
?????te Discusses <*anal Tolls.1?
"???even i? ignore |,a K0||ette. 4
PMecrgttc Money Sent lo Maine. 4
"?on Name- Csmpalgn Committee.. *?
. s roiiios.
?fluith AtU?ked In Injblln. 1
h* Hsrlborongha May Me Reconciled 9
Ab?ut Women... .?
"???"?ty . . g
fr** Fraah Air Work. . '...'.'... ?
-""fi'firy . m
iterary Neme and Criticism.?
!*?- . 10 and IX
^nanrlsjt ?n<1 Markets. IS ?nd 13
*r">y ind \?,v .1?
Hth*r .. ....14
?Wpping Ne-Saf.V.'.ii?i'.'..'.'.'.'...X4
Suffragette Throws Missile
His Carriage During a Pr
cession and Wounds
John E. Redmond.
Blazing Chair Cast from
Occupied by Two Worn?
Just as Performance
Is Ended?Tried to
Burn Building.
' B) Cab!? to Tib Tribun?' |
U.nilon. July IS.-?-A serious att
was made l?> t suffrag? t?? on th?
of Premier Asqtilth to-night durini
procession ihr.uigh Dul?lln in horn
the Prime Ministers visit. Whilf
profession "as in pn>gi?s* n hai
?as thrown Into the carriage In ?
Mr Aoqulth and .lohn K Redmond.
Irish Nationalist leader, OtOTO se;
The missile \>us a neaw .?ne snd
missed Asqulth. bul graied Redmr
ear. inflicting a had rut. trot? w
blood immediately began to flow.
Mr and Mrs. Asqulth both csci
unhurt and th* weapon which is
to have come from the hands ?
young woman, vas taken possesslo
by the police.
A second outrage, e<juall> dram
in character, signalized the \ Isit of
It took place at the dose <.f the
performame at the Theatre Ro
which **iH So the scene of to-d
meeting. <>n? of two women uccil
inn a bol in the bal? ?my sprang to
feet and hurled into the bed;, of
hall i? blazing rliair. part <<f the I
nlture of the box, an?l saturated v
oil before fire was applied. The te
fying missile apparently was inten
for the stage, but it fell Into the
Curtains of Box Takt Fire.
AI the time of the inciden! the r
f?rmame had Just been concluded i
the audience was dispersing raplc
Although th?-r? wer?- some crtes
alarm, there was no panic. The < h
?Ans with difficulty r-mn??. ed. bul
curtains of the?bos blazed furl??us
H?fore th? flit could spread further
attendant rushed Into the box and |i
down the curtains.
Bcore-hed paint an?l burned har
represented, fortunately, the full ?
t^nt of the rlamnge. In the excitent?
one of th?- two WorMen mad?: her w
out of the building without In t<
ference. but the other was given lr
tjM ruetody of the police. Both I
Said to l?e suffragettes.
The woman arrested gave the nal
?if Olatfya Bvans. She said she ? ai
from Kngland. It is reported that
supply of petrol was found in the b?
Aft?-r this Incident tw.> Kngllsh si
fragrttes handed In a statement at t
office?? of "The iri h Times.' in Du
lin. ?n w iiich they ?leclarc?! that tli
ha?l rosne to Ireland with n full sen
>>* the responsibility of having a<*cepfl
the challenge of the Right Hon. ?'.
Holihouee, ?'hameiior of the Duchy
Lancaster, by burning, not (in Kn
llsh .pstie but a Dublin theatre.
Woman Attack! McKanns.
Another minister, the Might Ho
Reginald McKenna, Secretary f
I llf.me Affairs, was the victim of m
| pleasant suffragette attentions at
j public ceremony at ?'aerleon. Moi
tiiouthshtre. to-dav. A w<iman bur
I through the spectator! and seized M
McKenna by th?- shoulders and *dM>4
him \-Igoroiisly before th?: onlookei
realize?! what bad happened. Tl
| w orna n was then roughly ejeete?i.
only last month th?; Home Ke? retar
I was attacked by a suffragette In th
i presence of the King nnd Queen i
Llanda!?, Kouth Wales.
Dublin. July IK. The British Prime, Mli
ister reeelved m. v?lferous popular wr
some lier- to-night. On tils arrival 1
was met by Augustin* Blrre.lf. Chief h>'
retary for Ireland, the Nationalist leadel
and the Mayor? of Dublin, <*ork ar
other ?-Itles. A torchlight procession, wll
forty bands and thousand* of lights, ei
corted the carriage to a hofel an.ld a sie
talned roar of welcome, tlie l*r?-mler cor
?itantly standing I" his carriage ?'"I bow
lug Id* acknowledgments. an?l Mrs. A)
qulth scattering flowers (?moil? the ?-row?
Suffragettes <-harter?-d -mal! boats I
; Kingstown, about seven nilleH lrom Dut
Un, with a view to making a demonstra
tlon on the arrival of the l*r? inler's boa1
but were prevented from doing f-o by th
vlrMame of the authorltUs
On the arrival of the carriage at th
hotel Premier Asqulth and Mrs. A*?|ultr
John K. Redmond, leader of the Iris
Nationalists, and the l^ird Mayor u
Dublin proceeded to an elaborately deeo
rated balcony, where Mr. Redmond pub
llcly welcomed the Prime Minister. ?Jrea
crowds gathered In the street and gav
the Premier an ovation.
Mr. Asquith In a brief speech said tha
this was the llrst tlm?- the chief ministe
of the crown had visited Ireland sine?
the act of union, and that It was beynn?
his power a?le?i?intely to thank the peopli
for their magnificent and memorable wel
cime. He ?ame on a mission of p??ac<
between artificially estranged peoples
They would not forget (irattan and Pur
nell now that they were enteritis Into th?
fruits of the labor* of these men.
The Premier said that be was the am
haesrador <?f a treaty of perpetual peac?
between Ireland and Oreat Britain, an?1
h?' assured the Irish people. In behalf ot
the Liberal party and British demoera? y
that they meant to bring ?heir cause to ?
speedy Issue. .
The proceaBlon ?lien reformed ?nd tht
party drove to the vice-regal lodge, where
they will be guests during their stay lr
Bombardment byTorpedo Boi
at Entrance of Dardanelles
? '??psta? tinopt?. Ju1\ 19. Plve Hal
?torpedo boats w?re sighted off K
Ka'e, ni th?- eirtrtMIC? t.. the Dar
neiies, at I o'clock this morning T
open?-'] fire (tie ?bombardment last
?me h?'tir.
Most of Crew of French E
stroyer Reported Dead.
Toulon. Krau?.', ,lul\ || 1? I?
mored tliat the French torpedo i"
I destroyer ?"'avalbr, participating In I
manceuvn?a <?i*f Corsica hai been i
In tWO ni a collision and the major
of the eren dr"\? oed.
The nnv.il ; ithorities declare tl
they have ??j new*! on thip subject
Orescent Athletic Membe
? Rescued from Country Home
Fire caused |S,l)00 damage at t
?restent Athletic i'lub house, at H
Ridge, early this morning. The tv.?
j ty-flve gucslH who were Spending t
?night there got out safel\. althoii
?evtral had to bg carried down fr<
i th?- ??'Inflows ?>n ladders by the Or
men. The blar.e In the elubhoui
Which Is on the Shor? Roatl. bet we
ISth anil Srltli streets, was discover
by ?Justave IVrazza. a \?.atchmnn. wl
turned In an alarm. This brought fl
companies from Bay Rblge and fe
Hamilton, but by tin- time they a
th?r? i'eraz/.H had already rusln
through th?- house, awakening ?I
guasts. _
i Woman Says Mayor Was in Ca
Which Hit Rail.
Mrs. Annie Hrennen. who live? ?>n ti
southeast ?-orner of Clinton and Padf
streets, Hrooklyn, was very mu?-h ag
tate?l when there was a ?rush outsl?1
I her window yesterday afternoon uboi
B o'clock.
"I saw a man who looked eery inn?
like Mayor Qaywr getting into
limousine, and then saw two pollcenn?
?peak to the < hfiuffeur, who crank?
j up and drove away," she told rep??rt?-r!
"I know the Mayor's car, as It passe
here every flay between I anil ?*? o'doc
In the afternoon." she added
The two policemen first tol?! reporter
I hat there had Uen no SCCtdent what
?ver, but when their attention wa
called to the fact that the iron rallim
had smiu-hed the window, (hey admit
ted there bad been a slight one At th
Qeynor home. N?>. 2fi Klghth avenu?
no one anf"were?l the door bell. At 111<
Riding und Driving ?'luh garage It wa
said that the Mayor's ear was still out
Th?- Mayor left his 0**Sg*e after a con
ferenoe with *r*<?mmlssioner Wald?
twenty five minutes before the u?.cl
dent occurred. It was said that he waj
on his way to bis ptaOB at Ht. James.
Harcelons, July 1" A small Itomb ex?
ploded while Infanta Isabel, the aunt ol
King Alfonso, was passing through th?"
Pial* <ip ?'ataluna to-day with her suite
' No one was Injured, but the explosion
... .i . ,,,? .
?. ? '
UZEO as eiezzlI
Woollen Merchants See Forme
Employe in Broadway and
Call Patrolman.
Oives Name of Brother, Whi
Also Once Worked for
Firm $30,000
Stolen in 1897.
Rei(if*i,i*/,et|. nftrr an shOfncs at fit
teen years by Joseph ,(ii?1 Reusen '?und
man. woollen merchants, as ?me n
their former employe?? ah??m the;
?.?liarg?' esllh ember.zlniR IJH.??'???. a w?'l
dretsed man who gave his name a
Thoriia? risber *ii? erTestead jesterds;
by Putrolm.in Prlmont sl Fourth av.
nue and 30th street. Tha man osa
taken to the West .tilth street poli'
Station, where the Hood man brother
Idsntlflsd lib?? ;i? Jam?-? Fisher
The merchants ??har?-.? that In III
they had In their employ i?I their store
Ithen it N?>. Ill Broadws). two broth
e rs, Thornss snd Jsmes l-'isher, tin
j former Sl salesman ami the latter as ;
bo?>kUc?'p?r whil?' rstslnlnrg his pisen
as beieikkeeper. the*,- sn\. .(am?-* I'l.-l'.'
??p?.'in?l a saison at 2hth str??'t no?
Sfinii'i avenue
l'p?'ii hearing Sf their employe':
Ibuslnesi venture the (lOodmSQS be? arm
'suspicious and set an expert srcounl
ant at work np??n their l><*?iks. It ?re?
discovered that ?t.H'.in?l was missing
An Indletmenl wan at once brourih!
(?(rieinst James Fisher, luit before Dr
teeth? Crystal ?ould se*rv?- the warram
Fisher left the ?-My, supposedly t>?i
Joseph tlniidm.iti was with bis bmth?l
i In a Broadway e-ar yesterday, when he
hooked nut the window at .'list sir? et
?'Look Binsen' There stands 'Jim
Fisher, in front of that wtntbiw!" ex
??laimeii Joseph.
Lasplnsj from the <;?r ths turo broth?
ers trailed the mini along BrOsdS'S)
?iiitil they e'iime lo Patrolman Pri
i mont. Th?' polieemnn soon overt.?ok
the man.
Despite the Insistence of the <?"iod
mans aie te> hi.? Identity the prisoner
ouiint.lined that they w? re wrong.
"I>? tee live crystal will Identify him.'
said Joseph. Hnd thsl "fiber SSI
?ailed from the- Kast-SNlh street p.,.
II?-?- station. At first sight ??f the pris
mer he Identified blm SI Jain? s Pish
"How do w.u know." Interrogate?!
Flrehcr. Von never saw me."
"1 know von." the officer replied.
T have In mv poa??*s-d.'n several pho
UigTSphS which I secured when the
rh.ise to Australia was < ontenjplated.
I am positive I know you."
Fbher wur locked 'ip. charged ?nth
tntiri larceny.
- ?
?'ettlnje, Montenes;ro. July li.-The Mon
teneKrln eroverninent has sent a vigorous
protest to the Porte asalnst the sudden
Incursion of Turkish soldle-rs Into Mon
lenegrla territory near I.akc BcUtSTl It
1? cbsurgsd that the Turks hay?, killed nine
M.?"?????.? and ?utflata?. their ?.odie?.
Heavy Loss of Life Due to
Cloudburst in Nevada.
n i fltaraeh is ':'"' ' rlbune. i
S..I' Lake ?"it?. July IK A rlOtld
l.'.irst ,n the towns of Seven Troughs
n?.I Ma-.um-?. \. \ . swept ?>iif both
lowi i ;?t :. o'clock thi? afternoon
? ?oc hundred persona are reportc?l
missing, and twonij persons ha?.c been
found dead s<? fat
Doctora ?tnd nurse- hurriedlj left
neighboring t..?ads in automobiles t?>
g? t" th.- rescue,
Both lowna, boom mining .amps.
aere rompletetj devastated. Mmes
were flooded and raoren of miners are
reported i.? have i?. ?*n caugbl far un?
ifier ground. The?-., is no way yet to
...l?mate th?' number of dead definitely,
but ln?-l?le? the tweniy ?...?lies already
I rc-over-d. others ar?> known t.? have
! been citrr"-<l away in the swirling
Street Band Almost Breaks Up
Suffrage Meeting*.
I Hi I -le?tia].(i lo l rV Ti it..? >.?- ;
Newport July is "Do! leadle Citer
mnn band" Interfered aadl) with the
opening ezerclaep for Mrs. ?>. h. P.
Belmont'a new suffragette twadquar
lera In Kranklin street (his afternoon.
The suffragettes auapecl strongly
that the band was sent tip re by BOIM
j "anil." Mrs. Helmont and other great
ler and leeaer suffragette lights were
Iaaeerobtedi and Misa Rllaabeth Upton
Yutes, president of the Rhode Island
?Suffrage Aasort?tion, was de. taring
?that "the rtglit of suffr.iKe Is th.? gtiar
Idlan of Ifbertj and"
l.'mpah unipali ump.
It w.?? a German band, small |n num?
ber bul stretiuo?isi\ musical in energy.
The band halted In front of the suf
fiag" heedguertera aha nearly blew its
instruments Inside "tit with roHtchtng
ragtlm?- Nobody could h?ar Miss
. Vales. Sh? couldn't hear herself. \
dtatrgaa (?all was s?nt to the poll?-??, and
?>ne of Newport's "brust" ordered tho
band t<? stop playing and move on,
Explosion in Albany Agency?
Causes $125,000 Damage.
Albany, July II. -An axpktalon in the
Mini room of the <l<?nernl Klltn <'om
pany, an eajgney (or moving picture
?films, Just Infor?? midnight to-night,
result? ?1 in the death of at least two
men. Th" resulting fire ?ltdfedamaKe
estimated at mor?? than flL^.oon.
The known dea?l are Abraham
l.leherman. s.-ventenn year* old. tilaht
shipper, and Ivor Ktratlord. who
dropped five stories, with his clothing
abaze, and die?? In the hospital an hour
Atlanta, .July 18.-William Lindsay
goruggs, a prominent lawyer, author and
ex-Minister of th? l'nlt?-d States to Co
louilila, rhlna and Wnezuela, died here
late to-night, at the age of seventy years.
?berth before noon to-day Mr ICIUfgi
suffered a stroke of apoplexy.
50c per case of I ?lasi'toppered bottles
"Jack" Rose Reveals So Much That Police
Promise Arrest To-day of All
Who Fled in Auto.
Asked To Do Rosenthal's Former Partner a Favor
Whitman Says Trail Led Where He Thought It
Would?Tells Waldo It's Up to Him to
Defend Reputation of Force.
"Jack" Rose, a gambler, who was formerly the partner of Her?
man Rosenthal, but more recently his enemy, surrendered to the po?
lice yesterday and the revelations he made were so important that
i Deputy Dougherty declared within twenty-four hours every man in
the automobile by which the murderers escaped Tuesday morning
would be behind the bars.
It was Rose who hired the car late Monday night, but he assert?
he left it two or three blocks before it stopped near the Metropole
Hotel. Rose revealed the name of one man who is believed to havr
started firing. He also told of a saloon where the party stopped in
The Bronx and took on two passengers before starting south for the
actual murder. He made other momentous disclosures which were
not given out.
After examination at Headquarters and before the District At?
torney. Rose was committed to the Tombs without bail on a homi?
cide chirge. He is a friend of Lieutenant Charles Becker, and is said
to have been the go-between in the $1.500 loan which Rosenthal al?
leged Becker made him.
"Big Jack" Zelig, notorious Apache leader of the East Side, came
suddenly into the front rank in the case when the police were in?
formed that Rose met the gangster the evening before the crime and
promised him that the charge of carrying concealed weapons now
hanging over him with regard to the recent gunplay in front of
the Criminal Courts Building would be dropped if he would do Rose
a favor. Lawyers retained by Zelig declared he was out of town
; the morning of Rosenthal's death.
"The situation has become very grave," said District Attorney
Whitman after a day's close attention to the case. "It seems as if the
police ought to clear up the matter now in quick order."
The District Attorney declared the trail led wh>ere he thought
; it would. He has previously ventilated his opinion that the police
were strangely lax in getting after Rosenthal's murderers. Last
night he wrote Commissioner Waldo that it was up to him to defend
! the reputation of the Police Department.
The District Attorney had as a visitor for almost three hours
last nig t ? man concerning whom he declined to speak Mr. Whit
( man, in his home, in No. 37 Madison avenue, received his caller
shortly after 8 o'clock, and it was a few minutes afttr 11 o'clock be?
fore the visiter was smuggled away. Mr. Whitman admitted the talk
had to do with the Rosentha! assassination and the gambling situa?
tion, and added to the reporters:
"I shall have nothing to say to-night conceming the man whe
called on mc. You have guessed why he was here. Perhaps to-mor?
row I shall have matters so arranged that I can discuss this visit
i to-night and give details of what I have learned."
The Mayor summoned Lieutenant Becker and Patrolmen Fay
and Steinhardt before him yesterday. Commissioner Waldo was
; present. All were silent on the details of the interview. In a letter
j to Waldo the Mayor said he could not understand why Becker should
t sit down to dinner with such a scoundrel, referring to Rosenthal.
Counsel for Louis Libby and William Shapiro, who owned the
I automobile, offered his clients as state witnesses and said they were
j willing to do all they could to help the District Attorney. They
! knew all the men in the car, he said, but had not told the police their
' names, nor had they repeated the conversation they heard. The
i chauffeur of the car. he said, told him that it was nowhere in the
neighborhood of Lieutenant Becker's home, at 165th street and
Edgecombe avenue, the evening before the evil deed. Rose, the
chauffeur said, left the car at "Bridgey" Webber's place, tw? m
three blocks distant from the Metropole.
A gambler who was once "outside man" for Webber's place was
' the one who called Rosenthal out from the Metropole, the police
have been informed. They expect to get him soon.
Scores of his friends in the gambling fraternity attended Rosen
i thal's funeral yesterday.
After ",l;irk" Rose, gambler an?
frleinl of Ueute-nant < 'h.-irl?*- *H?'?k?*r
of ?'ommisslonor Walelo'8 "strong am
M|U>d,M walkod Into P??!!*?? Headquar?
ters yosterelay morning nn?l gave him?
self up, n great light seemed to break
on th?> authorities, which is expectoil
to go far toward clearing the shoeitins,
??f Herman Rosenthal, the* i??rtnor part
nor of Ko??'. In fre?nt of the Hotel Met?
ropole i-urly Tuesday morning.
Hose was lator placed under arrest
on a charge of h<>ml<-lele and ?-onimltted
J t<> Hi?' Tombs without brail, as In th*?
i cano eif the two prisoners I.ibby and
I luring the ?l.ey Re,se had long Inter
vigWI with Di.?trle't Attorney Whitman.
Commisaloner Dougherty and Inspe?tor
Hughes. He admitted that he had
hired the I.il?by-8haplro car .M?>n?iuy
night, and sil in It eiurlng the- eve-nlng.
but left it before the shooting oevurred
Mr. Whitman ?leclared last night that
he hnd ffot from Rose the name <>f u
?,nan who was In the ? ar anel who pmb
ubly was the one who actually starte?!
the sh?)??tlng. That man had not yet
been arrested, the Dlatrle't Attorney
said. "
' The TMstrb't Attornev n1?o has ths
addreea In The Bronx where the i.ibby
car Mopped and picked up two mem?
bers of the | arty which later figured In
the shooting. At the end ?>f the day's
work on the case the District Attorney
significantly said that the trull led
where be thought it would.
Mr. Whitman has n??t been covert in
suggesting that there was a peculiar
lack of activity on the part of the po?
lice following the shooting. He ad?
dressed a long letter to ?'ommtssioner
Waldo last night, in which he said
that the first responsibility in ?-learlng
up the murder rested with the Com?
missioner, and that it was up to him to
defend the reputation of* the lt?,4?S>men
on the force in the light Of the circum?
stances surrounding the murder of
"In the light of Information and die?
closures made to me to-day the situa
I tlon has become very grave," said the
t District Attorney. "Rose made a very
frank statement to me. it seems as If
the police ought to clear the matter up
now In quirk order."
Zelig's Name Brought in.
The name of "Big Jack" Zellg. the
notorious East Side gang leader, who
has r?-*en the rentre of many 'indar

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