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But Not Dull
Vo' IAMI N? 23,988.
To-dm nnd to-morrow, fair.
Urht ttlii.i.
But Not Radical
1 In tit} of Neu Jeett, fettes Cita ?n?l Holmke?
Repel Women Disturbers Out?
side Theatre Where Asquith
Speaks and Try to Throw
Them Into River.
Premier, Hailed with Enthusi?
asm, Tells Irishmen Home
Rule Will Be the First
Step in Imperial
Dublin, Jul* 19. While Premier As?
quith was addressing an enthusiastic
meeting and repeating aasurance-a of
the m<_*esa ,f the Home Rule ?-anse, la
tlio Theatre Royal to-night, extraordi
nury so ne? itere witnessed outsfde Um
buildir.t,. Suffragette? attempted to
make a demonstration and were set
upon by the populace, who tried to
throw them into the River Liffey.
The police interfered, and In holding
back tin- ? rowds frequently urged the
incensed nun 1?) "be Irishmen." The
ssfragettes were th-oroughly fright
*>ned hy the onslaught of the <-rotvd.
and wer?* Riad to seek refuge in street?
cars and In the lobby of the general
Premier Asquith received another
ovation at the hands of the people of
Dublin to-night Both inside and nut
side the Theatre Royal, where he mad!
sil extended address, Mr. Asquith. a<
cejnipuriicd by his wife-*, was greeted by
enorm..:?? crowds who repeated the
gglcome they gave him last night.
.a?iin E. Redmond, the leader of the
Nationalists, In Introducing the Pre?
mier to the audience said that su? h a
reception never before had been ac?
corde?! anj Cabinet minister*and never
?gain would bee accorded one until Mr.
AftKjuith came t?. Dublin, attending the
King, t" open an Irish Parliament.
Mr. Asquith's speee h was Interrupted
ut time? bj male and female suffra?
gettes, ?everal of whom were riolentlj
ej**cte?.i from the theatre. The speech
vas a warm defence of the Irish .auge.
it chura, tewised opposition to Home
Rule as merely obstructive and cha
otic. but powerless to wreck the Home
Hule bill which the Premier ssM would
!><? s?;:t to the House of feords before
Says Lords Are Powerless.
With patience and discipline tin end
was in sight he added, because it was
no longer possible for the HoWae of
Lords to override the decision of the
The triumph ol Ireland'? ?aus?. Mi.
Asquith declared would I.? the first
<tep in an imperial reorganisation oi
whl? h h, me Rub waa the onlj solu?
tion. Expressing bis disbelief In the
joasibi?ty of a civil war In Ulster, the
Premier repeated his previous state
?en? that the government st>.<><i read]
lympath. tii-ally to ? onsider proposal?
rengthen th?t safeguards In that
provm ?
Mar; Leigh, tlladys Evans. Li/.zie
Baker and Mary Coffer appeal eel in the
polt- ? court here to-da?. on the- charge
?f throwing a hatchet at Mr. Asquith.
of attempting to set fire to the Theatre
Roynl last night and of having In their
possession inflammable?! for illegal ptir
?of^.?. All the accused wotnen were
?ommltte-.d for trial.
The police testified that a canister
which apparently contained gunpowder
r,d been explode?! in the theatre, where
?glazing chair wsa thrown from a box
?to the orchestra They had found on
Qtaelya Bvans a ha? of gunpowder, a
portion of the theatre carpet saturated
?ri11, r.etrol and s basket full of llght
ttt. Three bottles c?f benzine and a tin
of gunpowder ais,? had been "discovered
by the police authorities, and their tes?
timony brought out the fact that many
'he? had been endangered by the Are.
Admit? Throwing Hatchet.
Mai Leigh admitted hurling the
hatchet at? Mr. Asqutth's carriage eiur
tng the procession through th?' itreets
of the city last night it is alleged by
th? p dice that she Intended to brain
Uta Leigh long haa ben a lead? In
' "i.?i,,,ii*H ,,n third t..????. third inlomn.
This Morning s News
LOCAL I'a are
'*? ; Handled I'e.ith Kiimi .... 1
leckere Suspension Rxpeeted. 1
??'?J>st> -tatia 1 ?... ,,Jr* to ''all Strike . .. g
original sites I'rged r.n Hospitals... .It
traction Litigation Ended.11
"Trist Vegetable Sale I_.gu.It
H'k Job i?, protect New York.??
-Engineer? Do Not Like Klectric*. . . .16
?Vroiging Maker 22.045 Knots. 1
-_>rn?>-r_ti- Rvolve Cure for Trust Evil? S
Hours? ('itnimlttee Vote? to ?Mist e*atlln 6
?,U'i|o Arrhbald Get? Delay. 8
l'Uht on n<xMM>velt Charg?e.?* **
koo??.t.|i Wrestles with platform. ??? *
?*'. 0. tfe-Adoo Ms; I? . i.-.-?'halrnian 4
Hm,? conten with Commltteeme?... 4
M*rk . ?.i,i, ,? . itl, M?-e*?,iulis. 4
*-bhn ? ,??^ Curb (Suffragettes. 1
T'irle? Sink Italinri VV.tr \ <-?h?-1m. . . . ? 1
^hillH I-'.-;,i-v HllSM,-.l:.|.HI,?-" Allfllll<e. 3
??X'lot . g
Trlb'j.,.. Kresi, Ali Work. 7
, . .?*. 7
?"Wit, .g sud ?
'I-'!?' ?i ,i Itellgiotui.l0
.18 ?nd 13
Ari" liiej .11
?Aeath?, .11
Hl1 tdtij . ..11
?W-*..?? .,,,.f4
Wireless Brings News of Bui
ing of Pipe on Italian Linei
A? ?ordinft to h wireless message
calvad hero last night from the inb<
hallan steamahlp Principa dl Pio-m
live man of the engineer's crear t
Inatanly kill??d by th?- bursting r
steani pipo. The m-s-nnc ?A a? 1
?'?iplain D-jmenfoml to Dr. TVrnti.
royal Italian commissioner of the I
Ian Consulate in this city. The d
aro the first engineer, the chief of I
men and throe st"ker.s. it 1s un?
Th?' information was forwarded
Health OftVer O'?'onn?ll, who arran
to inert the vessel off Sandy Hook
ghe medical aid to any of the <?:
win? may have been Injured.
Oaarare ?'onti, bical agent of the 1?!
Babaudo, to which the Principe
Pi?mont* belongs, received a mess
last night from the master of
steamship saying that five men 1
boon kille?l by the bursting of n ste
I'M i . Mr. Contl said nothing was s
of any men being injured. If there 1
been any serious injuries he said
captain would have so specified in
wireless message. The Principe
Piomonte. which left Naples on Juh
is expected U> arrive at Quarantine
b' a. m. to-day.
She Fell Overboard, Recoveri
Doll from the Harlem.
John Blaafce, twelve years old,
Bpuyten Duyvtl, saved his sister Am
two years his Junior, from drown!
v.Ht-i.l.iy afternoon, wtien the lit
girl fell into the Harlem River at 1
foot of Adrian street. Klnfabridye.
lie had taken his sister in a row bo
and was ?lose to shore, when Am
dropped her doll into the water, s
made a frantic grao for the doll a
? f?-ll into the water. John is a ?tro
I swimmer, but his -dstei could i
; swim.
Withi'ut heeltatlon he Jumped it
the ?rater and attempted to pull t
slater ashore, it was not far. but I
boy waa nearly exhausted, becauas
his sist'is atru*rj*lea, when a man
shore saw their plight. Ht- wailed in
the water and stretched out a helpli
' hand. Annie had saved lier doll
; Broadway Manhole Cover Plaj
High Notes on Operators.
Stefano Pacano, who plays the 'eel
In the Hotel aiartlnlejue orcheetra, ai
i.':iKi Cerelll, who saws the baas t '??
! were croaalng ."?.??i str?-et jarrtardi
g. when something happen?
that they win long reuemher.
Tlie two musicians had just step!?
'..;?<ii the cover <>f s manhole dlractl
i in front of the hotel*! ?main entra?o
1 when tin accumulated gaees beneat
i their feet exploo*ed and i>oth dm
?atarted skyward, i.nigi is fat, bul 1
.and Stefano were lifted ? Mo! or ?nor
I'oriunateiy. ii?o> landed oa their fe?
Seither man stopped to sas whal ha
Valsad his body as well as his hAir. hi
ran Into the hotel, pas? the dealt an
up s flight of stairs t?> the balcon;
There they halted to l"<k around fin
gel iliolr breath. Stefano didn't km?'
whether th?- <*n?l of th<- world bad com
? or whether it was merely s b..ir.
; thrown by some Black .'lander, an
T-ulg! couldn't tell him.
The musi?rlans saw guests runnin
out of the lobb> into the street, an?:
fearing that the building aras about t
fall, they ran out themselves. In th
Street they discovered what had fright
ened them. To escape the laughter o
the crowd th?y hurriedly entered th
?lining room and took up their instru
1 Belva Lockwood Name of Un
usual Fowl in Bay State.
[B? Telegraph ;?' The Ttlbaae ]
Boston, July If?. .Marshall Hatch, o
Norwell, has a hen that |v twenty-on?
years old this summer and still layi
"I know she is twenty-one,' sayi
Marshall, "because she was one of f
setting of egg? that was set by m>
IMther, and she's boon ?load twenfy
on?' yean this summer."
Belva I.o? kwood is the name of th<
ban that has laid eggs regularly up U
this year, T.est year she laid eleven
and when she Waa at the eoy ago ol
sixt'-en she was producing 280 eggs n
.-.ear with the enthusiasm and Industry
of young broilers of two years.
"The only trouble with h?r," say?
Marshall "is that she's a little blind.
She sraniK to feel her way to her feed."
Belva spent her winter under the
kitchen stove.
Japanese Emperor Stricken,
Says a Report from Tokio.
Tokio, July '.JO.-Emperor Mutso Hito
la 'Tltlealfy ill.
His Majesty is suffering from affec?
tions of the stomach and brain. He
.? uii???riseiouH l'Yiday.
Mutso Hito. Mikado or K.mp'ror of
Japsn. was horn November 3, 18?>2, and
succeeded his father, the former Kmpe
ror, October 31. I***. The ?-ountry was
then lu a ferment, owing to the osnees
Whlch had been {-rented to foreign?
He instituted main reforms and has
heen ? prime mover In the adoption Of
European ideas, even to frock ??oats and
paten? tenih??r boot?. He lirougi't about
the at"'ll'i?'n of lurturc. In his pro
greealve mor? the Kmperor on thr.-?- ?><??
casions met with s?rl?>us rabellloua out?
breaks In the provlneaa
ti? aras married t" f??rt?icjSBS Haru, a
daugh'er ?>t a nolile of the first rank. In
Ifci?!?, ?tul tiHS one son and several daugh
tit, heir apparent being YomM into.
who ?a? l?"rn on August Si, IST*. The
hei,- apparent ???is married in 1WJ0 to Prin?
cesa sad.-., daughter of Prin?ee Kujo. ?
? ?
Al Iheeoda fountain Insistonhating .'?';'-r
rhink* flavors-d y-'llh Anflostura' Bittere.
?...i i.i-renowned t"i>l<- ot exeulsHc Bav*|?
Declare the Super-Dreadnought
Fastest Battleship Afloat
Carrying 12-Inch Guns. ?
But for Strike of Firemen It Is
Believed She Would Have
Mude Even Greater
Ft,?-..;.... ?i. .\i. Jul: It. RemarkabU ?
?psedtwai mad? to?rday bj the new
United ??tat?**? battleship Wyoming. aia- j
ter ?hli> pf the super-Ureaiinotiglit At- ?
kSTiSai, ??'irl"?' her ?<fandardi7..it..,i j
tr?ala, ,
The Wyoming ? speed o? 22.045 knot? |
made to-day li declared by naval ex- j
psrti aboard to be the fasteoi ever
mail? by an l?attle:*?hip In th.- -evorM
'?arrylnK ?*?"'dve-taeb gun?.
During li'-r trial?- ?? month ?IR?, the
ArksnSM rim?!?? ll.-tl knot- an hour, s
record breaking performance n< thsl
A strike In the Are room during th?
full ap?ed rill? interfere?) SQIIM ?
???Hi, the operation of the Wyoming
to-day, and even better speed miKi"
have i"-" made, according to th?' ??m
? ?1nl?, but for tiiiK trouble. The fin in
struck for more pay. After the dlfll
Bulty tVM Hdjust-.l the ?learn fell "If I
????nsltierably. -?"'I the sp-??d llketrtse,
but In spite "f th?r trouble th? WyomJ ?- j
not only broke the rail ?t.i record.
but aleo littered the Arkansas'? aver- .
ige. fur th?- flve-mll? top ?peed run. j
The Wyoming'^ aye^sge was I1.S2S
knots, and thai of tin? Arkansga zlids.
The Wyoming made the custom, i
twenty-three standsrdl*?___i runt
over the meaaurred mile conra?, makli ??? i
three runs ea?h at io 12, II, 17.6, if? !
and 50 5 knots and live- at top , gpSed. |
Her best time waa made on the twentJ - I
rtr"t**ruii. Th? maximum propeller r?-- j
oiutioi:?; ?? er?- 3:.:;.?i ? minute. The
tea-ts showed that to maintain the p -
quired ?p?:"<l ft WJ kiieils, only *>S0.2
r?s\'?l-tlbns would be regutrad. Th??
t?"."omln?? is tt',909 tens dlsplaeement.
The \e???'l IS tt per I ? rit lonipUt'il
and. it la eaperjeted, will t?e put in eom
mlssion ahemt the middle of August.
Mr. QfOVe *ald te?-night that the re?ult
of ibe trouble v. it h Hie gramen lo-dgj
v.mild probiibl; b<- the placing ?if nax.il
lir?-ni"ii ?_*?*> el-finse***"- In ? harg?? of en
gin?'? in future trials
The Wyoming win lesve Rocklsnd -it
daybreak to-morm.v tor n. .serien of I
trial runs eiu.tti the coast, irlndlng up
at Phl!n<l?'lphla about Tueday morn
In? Her first trial after leaving here
Will be to maintain a speed of 20.0
gnot? tor four bourn.
Ae? ??riling to th? British r< -?.rd.?-. tWO
?lattlesblpa the Neptune anel the <'<?
loSSUS denlgn? ?1 to make ?1 knot? and
(?Miving r.-ln.'h guns. rMWOeded tlM
fre/rolUHlg'S spee?! in recent trial? Th*
V |,tiin?--.t.-ut thr-'iigh the water at the
mgxi '?' B.7 knots, while the Speed uf
the Cploaajaa *>???. _R.fi knot/i,
Realty Mans Companion Dies
on Reaching Hospital.
? ?>! proa? bed Pal rolm u Arm?
strong al Seventh avenu?
tree! 0 thh mot nine ?'.'i low
? bad nut sh"t Ids wife stridden -
tall m the Hotel Vurl. : i Seventh
avenue i:.i nth -ti.?-t. He appears?!
greatl] ? d nd ?.i? h Ithout hat .?i
? ollar. I. it, i h? s.iid h,. \ ,|. Heorge
I". Hankiie***. s real estate agent, \l\
Ing ?i s... ?'Hff, Long (aland
The policeman found a aoman lylns
loua "' s i '?? ? o "ii th? foui th
ii""i iti.i . .!?? Sowing from h bullet
?.?.??und in the enr. She was removed to
the Kea Fork Hospital a-her? ? he died
Hail neis ?aid he *-,-.-? been 'h'"-'tn**
his s Ife a new revolver he had recent
I) purchased. In -.>tn? manner, he
said, the w?ii,p..n had been die? barged,
the bull? t entering the woman's car.
Harkneaa ?*.?< i?rr?-Ht?.i and charged
first ??Hit felonlou asaaull and tii??i
with homle de Thereupon he
! !? Story. He s.t'.J the woman v. .?s I'lor
en? " '! li"i>i?. divorced, ti?'i maiden nan-.
hairing been Plgley. He said ha had reg
ISter? ? ?? ti.-- ????i' ?? Itta "'i on i ' :
He denied tiavlng quarrelled nlth her,
When it ?as suggested tl it the '?>???'
Iiik might possibly hare been Intentional
Harkneaa grew greatly excited ami said
he ? nui.i produce witnesses as to ins
character He gave the names "f Colo?,
nel ' ;? orge H?, Hart, of No I ?!? lias-,
."..?th .str.-et. and .1. T. KohlOT "f No. II
?'"nit street, Brooklyn.
Harkneaa gave his age as twenty
seven years and said the women was
twenty-Ove Both a-cre u'tfil dressed.
London Dockmen Appe.nl to
Gompers for Financial Aid.
I >: ? 'l ...... :.,, ?,. \? ii '?"'. '?? Tli. 'i
I..'inI..it. Jal' 10. l?-w?d*?rs of the
striking dockmen senl ;> cabin message
t<? s.iiiiini (Jumpers, presiden! "i the
American ??''?deration ?>r l,al".r. to-day,
urging him "to eend help Imm?diat? ;?..
a. t<Mi,?Mi toanaporl workers and their
families arc starving."
Th? ineseag? added that ihn emploi
era had refuged all demtuida a* Il h ref?
erence to the ?piestion "f Wages. The
??offers of ? in? striken arc empty, ami
unless money comas from Afhertca it is
feared thai the men will be starved
into tub mission.
Ex-Banker in Canada, Perhaps
for a Railroad Deal.
Iiij T?i?-a??.i?t' t" n.-Tiiiiu...
? "t , ra, <>n?.. I'd.' II. ? 'Ht le u.
Morse, formar N*w v"rl1 baaher, has
I.n |n Cunada t<->r the la si lWO dm ?
Interviewing R. i i.'hamberlln, preeldem
i.f ii?e Qrand rrunS Itnllway system.
it ii belfeved Morse has ;?<>ine scheme
f.,r HgMlng the Mtargan railroad;. It le
?nderst mal be Is seeking eappori n-?,?
in.- Qrand Trunk, arhleh, ?r.nn? tlon
?1th its entrance ?nt<> New Kngland, and
n.ore particularly with i's light f ?t ? n
traaes ta Bgat<H>- had t<> contest for every
It,, h of Its progress wl;h the *? w Y??rk.
N< <?. Hatref ?v Man fad.
Keith? Mr. Mots- not Mr, Chamberll.n
would speak ol lb? nat .:'. of their In?
tervlew. The fact <h;,< "" Isslervjl?
lilac. ex?:lt?-d much hit?. r-.?t here and in
-' **?*_?
Says Officers' Demands Spur
Italy. Whose Cruisers Are
j Now Off Dardanelles.
Ambassador Rockhill Reports
Heavy Loss on Both Sides
in Kum Kale Attack?
New Grand Vizier.
? oiistar.l Inople, Jul] l*. The , ? ?
? ;.??? .r th.- government's difficulties
...._I?.| it, i? proclamation oi the
Suiia' t,i the army, whlcl t s? read t..
the garrison her? to-day, following the
h i., ig of two of th* elghl [tallan tor?
il . ,??? which had atta? ,.?? i th? -
tn : ?? to the i ?ardan elle? ? irlj this
lifter nnuouncing 11.?? spp? I I ent of
Tewfll Pacha, the Turkish Ambassadoj*
to l ond-m a? Oran?] Visler, th? proc
larn itioi r< minds the troops "r ti-e.-ir
nath of !?? ,ii\- and re f? n Ing to de
made hi .'??'?i.'".i ortli *?? '-; ? '
tr.i?? to th" ? -..i, -tit tit "?i il d ?upre me
rigi t ol the Kl illfal ?h? ? the
army uoi to mis In politltra hul i?i d< ?
ii -if eaxchish i Ij ?" th? defen? -?
i?f th? countr
i i,,. ??rite'li'.ini tloi ro .lu?' i b> aotnt
? * oil! thnl tin- off.? ??: I ' ? en ?? blfl
;,(ni.i.i. had ?? fonrugetl the ertein) tu
; the .'\.t "thai the ? nenij dafed losl
night tn sppruae h the i er; gat?? ol tin?
, ,. iin liould constitute a ?? n n?
I The i,i'.,-'?ni.'?ii"ii ?as pro? ol ? <? bj a
.?meeting ?>' "tti,"'-' ?I the Wax "ill.'.-.
! ? m. h delegate- Naalm Partis and
ii ,ii i*i. ii:.itibmlt t.. the Sultan
the ?'Hi'*, r.??' demands for the dissolu
, ii,,!, ..i ti,.- t'hambei ... i'- put lea and
Uie ?ppolntmenl of Khnnil Pacha u
j ? ii and v'j/|.-i'.
j Preses dlnpetehen from the l?.n
1 ,i.,ii.-ii. s hnrseri thai aft?* the Italian
torpedo boats arhlch attacked the en?
tran.f ii"~ I'lir.i.ui-iii s retired.
twenty-two large snd small war vei:
| -..-i? were slghte ?I from the str;tit.?
i Hi?-ieniiiig i soutberlj rourae. These
Idlapatfhes add tin*' Bve rrulsers are
I'.till reported off the Pardanelles, The
j Turklali fi.rts r?'p!n?l Mavsgely to th?
morning's attack, and beeide* sinking
{i wo of th?' Italian war i ???.. ?I? damaged
itiie other Mix. The cannonade i?if?ted
f?iiit -il?e minutes
The guv?'i*ntn'nt has decided to re
due? tii? width of the free channel be?
tween the '"it"' field? ?n the Dax
Idgnelles to permit ? contlnusnc? ?>t
' navigation nn.i to incr??aa?i the defers? ?
,.t tii?' strait To-dey's bc?mbardmenl
wag th?* ??tiiiid attack on the strsll
conneectlng lha ??__?in ftea and the Pea
?if Marni.ini ??in? ?*? the outbreak of the
Tiirk..-iti?ih"i war.
[VXota TfetS Trll,.:.. BSr<_U.I
vraaMngton, July II Amhgsss>dor W?
w it.K'Uhiii cabled lb? DeSsrtinsrst ft
(?nllnueel on llilr.l ims.?-. rtf(li ruluiau
Dropped Tiptser Friend in Broadway Few
Minutes Before Shooting?His Sus
I pension Expected.
! Zelig's Men Understood to Have Handled It?Rose
Had to Force Police to Arrest Him?Murder Not
Done by Gamblers Nor in Gamblers' Behalf,
Asserts Chauffeurs* Lawyer.
Lieutenant Charles Becker has been ordered to stay at Head?
quarters under conditions that suggest police surveillance. Com?
missioner Waldo said last night he would suspend him the instant
he had evidence which would justify charges.
"Jack" Sullivan, an FJast Side tipster, declared Lieutenant
Becker dropped him from his automobile at Broadway and Sixth
avenue, a block away from the Metropole, only a few minutes before
the shooting. William Shapiro is quoted as saying that Louis Libby,
his partner, told him the car that figured in Rosenthal's taking off
waited near 43d street twenty minutes before the shooting started.
Picked detectives have been sent out to round up a character
known as "Whitey," one of "Big Jack" Zelig's gun men. Under?
world gossip has it that a fund of $2.000 was raised for the murder
of Herman Rosenthal. and Zelig's men handled the money.
"Billiard Ball" Rose, the gambler who surrendered to the police,
said "Sam ' Schaaps. a poolroom proprietor, was a passenger in the
automobile in which the murderers escaped.
The District Attorney will probably place the murder of Rosen-'
thai before the grand jury next week. It is understood that Libby
and Shapiro, the chauffeurs, have given Mr. Whitman a list of im?
portant witnesses.
it was rumored that the District Attorney and William J. Burns
were together yesterday evening. Burns would not say that he had
been retained by Mr. Whitman.
Aaron J. Levy, the lawyer retained by Libby and Shapiro, said
the police knew a few hours after the murder where "Jack" Rose
was. He declared Rose literally had to make the police arrest him
on Thursday. It is understood Rose was at Headquarters the day
before his arrest.
"I am positive the murder was not done by gamblers nor :i
behalf of gamblers." said Mr. Levy. ?
Levy has been receiving threatening letters since he became
counsel for the chauffeurs. Letters of a threatening character have
also been received by Mr. Whitman.
It was intimated that Detective Burns had placed dictagraphs
in the Tombs cells where Rose, Libby and Shapiro are confined.
? i " ti i tat em? it - made i;? -t tilg
I Police Cotpmtsaloner \\;?i?in end
I uty Commlsslonet Dougherty n
, evident um*. Um department oO
' were ?>.!??. much on edge In rega
; the possible association <>f Lieut?
rl< !'? ? ker, ?f the "strong
squad," with t'..?- Rosenthal t*aee. *
missioner W..1.1?? and In-' deputy
suggested tii.it Becker was belt s c
ly Questioned In regard t? every
feature which arose In the cs
at?* suspension Is expected. The ?
i mist Ion ir isl?. thai the m< met I he
Italned evidence ? hlch would Ju
1 charges Sgalnsl the lieutenant lie v.
I not hed?ate t.. suspend him.
"Any poaalhla connection which L
| tenant Etecker ma) have had with
I :aae Is s matter of ?thorough Invest
1 tion," said Commissioner Waldo.
| haven't tin- evidence, so far, to ju?
? in? suspension and warrant ?'hat
i in.) ,i trlaL 'I"'?' mom? nl any such ?
. dence comer Into my possession !?' '
j :?.? Kuspended.
"All the machiner) of the deps
I m. ?it is i?. it'? brought t?> bear upon
Rpprch? nsiun ?if* the men who kll
Herman Rosenthal. I.Ike man) otl
murdi i . Il et mol be cleared in ,i ?l
bul ja?? are neai Ihe -???Uiti?n; ..i" i
Lieutenant Becker has ?been d?
Mat??! t?? remain al PoUtre Meadqus
i.-rs tu do clerical work, and n??t
[.'?field v ,ith the "strong arm situad"
i which he has been Ihe leader in
? iinii..' raids. B) order of the,Oomml
i sloner yesterdaj eight detectives ?I
[have i"''ii working under Licutenai
I HciicrH directions In the raldb
lequad were assigned t" duty nn?i?
Lieutenant Daniel Coetlgan, who, wll
i Becker and Lieutenant Dominic
j It.'ill?, had been in charge Of the Kam
biiiiK detalla. Pour detective? wet
< i< n t<? tak?- Backer's orders, bul it wa
?aid thai they would remain al Head
' ?luarters to assist their ehtef In clerl
\ ?al wurk.
Furor Seeminqly Fruitless.
There was a great d?rel of actlvlt)
yesterday <>n the part ?>f the n??iiee nm!
I in the Dtotrtct Attorney*! ofRee boar*
ttiK "n Hi?- Roaenthal shooting, but ihr
? nei r-'HuK afforded n<? more amata and
nothing definite t?> indb-at?? that the
Iauthorities were ?iny ?nearer t.? getting
' the murderers than they were the day
"8am" Paul, al whoae club, <>n the
lower Baal si?io. moat of the gamblers
?.vim have been mentioned ?>> far in
connection with the ?us?- wer?- frequent
visitors, some >?f tham on tha night <?f
i Boaanthal's taking ??it. v?i* rhmstsd
I with Cnsnmtaolonsr Dougherty ami in-j
lepector Rughea for another 1?ji>k talk.
I Whom Dougherty wan naked afterward
if Paul a*ss llkel) to lie arrested h?.
.,?,1 be knew where he could get him
any time he was wanted.
The deputy commission?? ^.^i?J Us
was investigating the report that
"Jack" Rose, the gambler, who i? now
in the Tomb? charged with rompllctty
m Rosenthal's death, met "Big Jack"
7.o\\k. the i/'-r s?.!" gun man, on ths
night th.it Etoeenthal was shot Bon ?
<->f the hesl Bas! Bids detectives w? ?
sld t.. have been sent out to round up
a man known as "Whltsy," one ?>f
Zellg'a lieutenants, and other members
of the Kellg gai |
"Whltey," ? Ith "Left) Louis, ;?
plckpock*?t, were In the iront ranki ..f
/.?Ur's bodyguard In his \?..?rs with the
Italians-of Chinatown. The] rew --.. i.?
t?. have i????-ii with x.e-ii?. In the "battle?
ship" automobile which figured In the
Roeenthal shooting .?? the time when,
in front of ihe Criminal Courts Build?
Ing, "Charlie" Tortl ih->t "Big Jack."
(roaaiv i?i the caf?s and resorte,
where mon?*j ; i ,; life ire frequentl)
staked with equal nonchalance in the
underworld of the Ka.-t Bide, ? li>*r*
gang pi its are hatched as commonly
a? bomb foray? among the anarchists
?vim i,> the n. rt yeaterda] thai Rosen?
thal's end had b??en well planned .inri
execute*? 1 according to orders A fund
?>f I2.004 had beeern raised lo pay hi?
assassin*, it ? n ?aid, and membelrg of
?he ?Selig gang were known t" the i">
||< t t.. ha? ?? handled the motte j.
Cash Plot Investigated.
When asifd alxHil the rounding up
?if Ihe ?Selig gang In conneetlon with
the .**"_'.?mmi fund said to have been ac?
cumulated. Conimisstoner Doiighert)
udmltteel thai such s cash plot mlghl
have been batched In regard t?> Reeen
thai. II. .timid not ?say how far th ?
polk, hail gone int.. th< knveatlgratlea
- f it.
"i don'l think there ii anj doubl that
some one n<n money for killing ,{o>tei|
t hill.'* said the Commissioner. * * t ? ? 11
s_.e??i would appear to be a big prlrg
I'm- the iiii-n whom we know wees in
<?ii the joli."
DoUghetrty said th? n.um- in.till.>ii* 1
in the papers yesterdaj as that of an?
other pagrsfnger of the l.li?i?y-.simi?ii**i
?ar which tooll the "gUS men'' rgtggy
from th- scene of the crhrs* tro? no\
th?1 right name of on? ?>f the tinn for
Whom th.- ?Hill??- were looklroT II.*
said it was *\at\t near to it. hmvcv ?>.
"Ja? k" Hosfe ?ave the name ?f
"S. happa" to the District Attorney. It
was learned y?*4t.?rday that th.? man ?
full name' waa "Shiii" HchaapK, ;m,|
that he kept a poolroom in 1 Ith atreet,
hetween .Second and Third avenu*"..
The police wen- evidently unabl?j to
land him > ??Nt.-rday.
Commissioner Oough<Tt*? sai?l last
night tiuit he had nucati'.iu'd Lieuto"

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