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ant Beck? 'luring the day verj care?
fully In regard to >"* movnu-nw on
Monday night. Bo far aa he eould tin?!
oui Bocket hmi not met 'Ja<k" ?nose
thai night, he said.
There was ni< nty of evidence to show
lhal Reac had been v\ itii several ol
friends during the evening
and that Becker had been with friends
.,,? Rose. Becker told the Coramts
. r iii.it he had .-? nt Charl? s Witt,
jr., who had act??d for the lleutenani
before In personal mattere, t<> Dora Gil?
bert, the divorced wife of Roaenthal, to
gel ?n affidavit reflecting on Roaen
thal's former lir.-. Roa? had mel l'un
then for the same purpose, It was ad
n.itit?i. the Commissioner sain, though
Lleutenani Becker denied he knew
Ri re eras Iher*
Ros? an i Plltl were travelling In the
red car w ilch Roae Brat hired befcrq it
broke down, and Kose secured thu
Llbby car later In the ?-veiling, the
Commissioner said.
? ker told me," said E)ougherty,
"thai i man Who Said his iialiH' was
Harry Brown ?.tiled him up from the
1..1*. iths "ti Monday and told
him If be would send s representative
he (brown) could gel the affidavit from
?in Gilbert woman. Becker said he
?-. nl Plltt. i don't know who Harry
Brown la,"
Doughert) said he had no Informa
thul the big gra) cot In which the
of Roa? nthal made theli
. cape from ; front <>f the Hotel M'jt
ropole had been assisted In the get
awa> by another car. .!<? knew only
thai J Bo? had used*two can
thai night, and had given him the
nun the m**n who were In
h . car h ft? r h< said he l> ft It. Rose
him thai he '? ft the car al
"Brldgle' W? bei poker room, neai
t.'.i sir? ? i ai d smm'i av? nue, Dough? rtj
i, i,nt tl si ' ? had j'i^t "walked
a roui -' ?'? al Ja? It - 11 stau
b for? the si.tu.?
,? ,i: : : the ? ommlaalonei
characterised ai a "vague1 account ol
the pi li oner's movem? nts,
Car Possibly in Waiting.
i- that the men
.iid th< shooting wire no! In tin
? . they came to the sc<
crime, but that it was waking for
th?un on 4 ? Bgur? .
however, thai the same men
rller In the
evening did the shooting. Dougherty
the gra) car only .??
t time bef? ting, ccord
II - and other i \ i
A man named Eklwards run""
the District Attorney's office and to I
Mr. Whitman thaf ! ? ?
ih? the car hold
volver to the back of Shapiro, th<
ufleur, as the car waa starting
ling. Edwards
(-"li.? be an tat a thes ?
tre near th< Hotel Metropole.
Ilivan, th' East Bide tip
Li lutvnaifi Becker,
v ho was with thi "strong arm' men
on Monday nl| al Pol fie Head?
quarters again and was examined b)
: i ? 'cmmission??r
igh? rty. -; old an Int?
ry afterward of his movements
on Monday nigl H corroborated in
-tan.. Be k?r> own account Of his
mo ? Inter st?
ing detai
the ? renlng ? .'. .. Ro
i i tard s lot of talk
? . nthal and the stand hi
taken <n gambling, and trier, s -
I ling against him
anything that
. In detall. i didn't hear any
"i hei rd tl at h? sas sor? en Ros? n?
****** a. I tl would show hhn
op '? r the kind of man he waa Af
terward R? m told me about the affl?
da-, li he was gol ig to -?? t from Dora
QUI ' he referred t<?
'ought me acroes town in
the < oior <>f it,
. tor it looked too
dar?- il? dropi ? i m? ?n the Tender?
loin '.nd said h< was going t.. g? t the
ivlt from Dora Ollbeii Tliat Is
th< i him that night."
aid he 1 sn went down to
d newspaper office in Park ?Row and
ti' kei for t la la Madison
Bqui ? Garden. He went up to the
Garden u Ith per man. Ait? r
th? reporter met
Be? ker outside of the < lard? n and went
i<. the P In? - ? ?? orgi Hot? l with
in a little while Becker***
th< ii> utenant took Bullivan
and end In. Th? y dropped the
per 'nan at the Hudson Tun?
nels, .'..'M Street .and Sixth avenue, and
then wenl to Park How to gel th, Ural
editions "f the in??rninf- papal
1 er asked me to ?<> In ami net
? ? early edition??-It ivas then about
1 he laughed and said he
would Ilk t . .-?. what the papen had
t<> say about him since the Roaenthal
.it had appeared?*" said Sullivan.
? i told him I would like to go up to 4-'d
id ("?roadway, and h< took me
ij> there In his car and dropped nie and
started on Uptown, as he said he wan
-' home.
Just Before th? Shooting.
Dl Into the new store next to
D's Theatre to g*t a soda and had
j'.?it ordered it, when I heard a shot and
then several others in quiek suc cession.
Th- fellow tit the fountain started t.<
run out. and I shouted to him that he
i'. to look after his cash r?-f*is
Upright Pianos $
Priced up from
on terms of
?5 Down and J1 per Week
88 Note Player $
Pianos up from
on terms of
$10 Down and S2 per Week
No Interest. No Insurance.
No Extras at AU to Pay.
Bond for IMuMnii-.?l ramio?-'!?-.
tl.ex. to .Id Ave., ?V>th to 60th St. g
ter. Ml the peitple and automob:
OUttlde seeni? d to be headed into
"I went around the corner and sa\
man lying on tlie walk in front of
Hotel Metropole. I went up to the be
and recognized Herman Rosenthal.
?Hooped down and .?hook him?-j
Could ?-ee that he had been shot?-J
ask.'?I him: ?Hermit?, who did it? H
?liel it happen?* Then I saw he \?
dead. I went aropnd t.< Broadway a
hir.d a cab and went back to the Gi
den and telephoned to a paper in P.;
It Is believed that I ??strict Atton
Whitman contemplates placing t
murder ,,f Herman Rosenthal befe
th? grand jury next week. Bo tar. t
grand jury baa concerned itself sob
with the chafgei brought by Rose
thai against Lieutenant Becker, I
yesterday, after spending a busy ?1
looking up witnesses, the District ?
torney enlisted th? aid not only
Prank Moss, on? Of his most expe:
I trial assistants but also call
,n-Jamen- F. McDonald und Luc?an
Brecklnridge. the assistant district a
torneyi it. tit?' homicide but-eau, a
Interest themselves only In prepsrii
esses tor the grand Jury.
After n consultation with Mr. WW
man yesterday they left the Orimin
Courts Rtillding. and the belief w
general that they had gone to Inte
' view wit-teases whose names had be
[given to the District Attorney by Wl
1 inm Shapiro and LouIf Llbby, the t\
chauffeurs under arrest.
The examination of Shapiro ai
Llbbj by the District Attorney was f
ranged by their counsel. Aaron J. ?Lev
who after s two hours' talk with '
clients yeetl t'?iay morning went straljr
to the District Attorney's office. I
said that he intended t?> ask Mr. Whl
man to have Shapiro and Llbby broug
over from the Tombs and to examii
then himself. His last and longest ta
with them h??d convinced him, Mr. Let
said, tli.it their true position In tl
case was that of witnesses instead
Mr. Levy ?pent half ?tn huir or moi
with th?- District Attorney. While I
v. sa there Commlaaloner Dougheri
mad? a short visit. Pour stranger
Who w?re- believed t.? be agents of tl
Burns Detective Agency, were alsi? a?
mltted, and stayed until after Libl
and Shapir,. had departed. Mr. Whl
man was asked later If the four Mia:
gers were Burns detective?. He r<
i ftiseii i.? admll it.
"Win you deny It?" be was ask, d.
"I won't deny anything." .?-aid U
'? Whitman, "nor will l make any stat?
ment about the case."
Boon after the four were ushered i!
Lieutenant Edward Rayens, of M;
Whitman's office, was sent over to th
Tombs for Shapiro and Llbby. The
were brought over, handcuffed tu
gether, and In a few minutes Mr. Ifoi
and a stenographer joined the part>
They remained Inside for the belt.?
pai t of an honr.
I When Mr. Levy cama OUI lie refuse,
' to divulge ihe nature of th?- conf?re ut?
' He said that be had agreed with th
j District Attorney that the Interests o
Justloe would be.* best served by main
,' tainlng silence. Ho ?aid that th?*r
?? ere four strangers In the office wldl
Llbby and Shapiro were being exam
I in*sd and that some questions were pu
j by one of the strangers. Efe did no
[know, be said, whether or not the:
I were Burns detectives, an?I he wuule
not be likely t. tell if he did
It Is known that among other thir.gi
Mr. Whitman questioned the tw<
' chauffeurs very closely as to the move
i menti of their ?ar that night With ?
i pendl he sketched a rough map of the
m Ighborhood of Dong Acre Square an?
? had the two prisoners point out jus
! where they drove, where "Jack" Ros?
\ left them and where the machine drev.
up in front of Considlne'n.
William J. Burns, head of the Burrn
Detective Agency, .?as seen at hi
horns ;i' No. -1 Claremont avenue, las
] night, and asked if bo bad be.-n re
talned by Dlftrlct Attorney Whltmai
ot any one else on th?.* Rnacnthal ease
??r In connection with the general gam
bill g situation.
"I .can't say anything about thai
now," replied Mr. B'irna. "It v:o\i\f.
seem very much out of place? for rne te
? speak about it at present."
It was said at Burns'? office yester?
day that Burns was out of town an?
was not likely to be back until to-day
He evidently returned unexpectedly
I ?li-tri.t Attorney Whitman left his of
Bee early yesterday afternoon and hn?l
not appeared at his home late last
night. It was rumore.1 that the Dis?
trict Attorney and Burns wer? together
during the evening. It was said that
some imi>ortant development? in Um
Rosenthal can?- might be expected at
the District Attorney's office to-day.
Zelig's Lawyer Indignant.
Charlea G. P W?hle, Zelig's attorney.
made Indignant protest yesterday
against any intimation that his client
might have beer mixed up with tho
shooting of Rosenthal, or with the plot
in connection with the affair in any
"As soon ?? he got out of the hospi?
tal," he said, "Zeil? left town, aa he
promised to do, to await the calling of
his delayed hearing. He waa ready
before, but the sickness ?of one of the
detective?! tor the prosecution delayed
tin trU!. Whenever Mr. Whitman
want* to ae.* Mr. Zellg he will appear
promptly, whether In regard to his own
cane, the present police trouble or any
other matter that Mr. Whitman may
think lie would like to r-ee hjm about.
I would aay, however it la prepos?
terous to think that he ?an throw any
light on the present matter. I won't
say how far away from New York he
in, but he ?an g?jt back promptly."
friends e?f Lieutenant Becker, admit?
ting yesterday that h" had a more or
less intimate friendship for "Jack"'
Rose, explained this acquaintance un
tin ground that h? found It uaeful to
j him In his work of clearing up the
i gambling situation.
"Rose has been in the habit," one of
' B? ? ker's closest friend? any. "of fur
Iniahlng the lieutenant with Informa?
tion that baa more than oner prove?
?if Incalculable value In directing his
movements against the gamblers. The
friendship was for this purpose, ?md
for no other. A man in Becker'a Un??
of work has got to have all sorts of
friends. Hose was one f these friei
a relationship questionable under b<
conditions, hut under the renditions
which Becker know him not only i
missit'le but necessary."
John W. Hart. Lieutenant B<BCkl
counaeli denie?! yesterday that Hcc
was at F^nr Roekaway on Wedncs?
night when the "strong arm" man \
\ missing and a runn r Started that
j had committed suicide.
"It is unqualifiedly false." said
I Hart, "that Becker was with Ja
I Rom at Far Rockawaj OH Wednes?.
night during the time he was alle)
to be mlaatng. Theae are outrage?
viories. I can account for his tl
fully that night. He was not at I
Roekaway, or any place else, w
Rof?. He was with me. consult
about bis own affairs."
Had to Bag for Arrest.
Aaron J. Levy had a seiond conf
ence with his clients, l.lbby and Si
piro, in the Tomas later in the d?
i and took occasion afterward to seve
ly criticise the Inactivity of th? i??.l
In the case in not running down SOOt
the men who sh?>t Roeenfhsl Levy
tlmated that the police knew who I
men were, but did not appear to Shf
much disposition t?> go after them,
said that Deputy ?'ommlssionei Doug
erty had known within a few hot
after the shooting that "Jack" R?
had hired the car from Lihhy and Rl
i?lro. but he had not been arrest?
;:>>se was ?eft to walk Into Headqut
ters and literally i.sk the police to ?
! tain hirn. Levy said.
It Is understood that "Ja' k" R<
! had IXMn around Polic?; H?-.ad?-uartt
: Wednesday. N<> ? ne al Headquart?
i seems to ?ia\e recognised him, ho
c ver.
Commissioner Dougherty was qui
incensed yeaterdhy ai the statement
the afternoon paper thai he was t
miliar with the habitants of the undo
world In this dty.
"That was S nervy thing lo M]
said Dougherty, "it there Is a man
\?. ?. Y<t1< who kri"" s mor? about t
underworld here than I <lo. tr?>t hi
out and put him up agalnal me for i
examination and we will see wl
knows the moat on thai subject. The
hasn't a man Showed up In this R
sentha] case yet whom I have n
known before."
Dougherty said that the papers w?
not giving the poll? i ? . fair deal on tl
Rosenthal cas?. II" said thai he v.
doing all h?"* cmld t.. gel at th? bot to
Of it and get th?1 men Who did tl
"And f win show you that I ha".
mad?- good shortly," said the deput
i ommlssloner
Ltbby and Shapiro's i
?i.at !.?? bad been receiving threaten!)
!ett?-rs sine?* he became connected wll
I . case, bul thai he Lhoughl th? : wet
entirely from ?ranks and had paid i
attention to th?-m.
Mr. Lew said -s .piro told Mm yes
terday that he had b? en waiting In 11
?tree! witii tl?. -ar for full) lwt?ut
minutes before tin shooting t-"?k plac
He said some of the men g"t out ?
the ear and .valk.d around. I'erhai
Shapiro had been s?-..t to lid street t
wait for them, he said. The facl ths
the license numbei m the Llbby ca
had not been changed wai leuti?
that Shapiro and Llbby were i *--1 ? < ? r. ? r
of the mlaslon th? in, thel
counsel said.
"I am positive that this mur'.-: wa
r.f't done by gamblere, hs such," ?sal
Mr. Levy, "and the object in kilim
Roaenthal wa* not In behalt of tl.
J. If. ?Sullivan, oi No. 88 r. rl; Ron
counsel for "Jack" Rose. t....i: SXeep
tion ysaterday tope?me of the thine
that had been saijJ by th? I lie?
others about his client and his ronne?
tion with the R?.senthal case.
"It was no unusual thing i"i Rot
to be In the Llbby?Shapiro car,"* sal?
lir. Sullivan. "H? frequently rod.- h
?it in the evening, so, assuming thai h
*? D ? In ihe car on the night <.i the t
der, it proves nothing."
Sullivan was naked if his client aro
turn state's evidence.
"Certainly not," said Bullivan. "Mj
client has no guilt;, knowledge of What
the '-3r was hired for that r.ighl ol
who were In it aft??r he left II H?
certainly was not present ?at th?
ing, and although he had heard In t
general way thai Roaenthal was li
danger bocanas be had been telllni
tales on ganblera hs did not know
thai after he left th?; car It vas goln|
?in any mission of murder. Bo, you
there is nothing <?n which w<
eoui?! turn state's evld? nee."
Sullivan said that when he called at
the Tombs to se?> his ?lient he found
him in the same room with Llbb) and
Shapiro, where they could talk free!;
Dictagraphs There, Maybe.
'Maybe Burns had dictagraphs th^re
taking flown what they mlgl '
aliout th" tnnrder," he said, "?.if course,
it dhin't make any difference t.? rne, as
my client Is innocent, 'out i am wonder?
ing If the District Attorney mlghl not
have got some goasip abOut the shoot?
ing from one or HuriiE's dictagraphs In
the Tombs. I wouldn't ?V- at all -mi
pris? d."
Sullivan sain Rose ha?l hud very un?
fair treatment at the hands of Commis
sioner ?Dougherty and Inapoctor Hughes
at Police Headquartera Re declared
that Dougherty had not tnk?'ii down
many of the things that Ros? I, id r*ald
In the course of his examination with
s otanographei prenant at Headquar?
tera. The Cemmtaaloner had told the
Btanograohsr to strike from the r?-...r.i
anything that Ros?? said which ap
peared to rcfleet upon Ihe police, or to
be In contradiction to his, Dougherty's,
own theory Of the case, Sullivan said.
"I don't mean ex.:?-tly t.. infer that
the detectives wilfully made ?i trlssacd
report < r tried to shlel?! themaHves
from anything Rob?" might sny. but In
the inanii'T Itonf tcll-j m<? it wum
chopped up and garbl? d it Is bound t.,
d<? my client an Injustice."
Sullivan sal?l that if his client ?ip
peared to be In krra\? danger later on
as the result of the charges which ha\ ?
be?-n made against him, he would re
tain "enilm.ni" coniMSl to assist him
in taking car.- <?f Rose's int. rreata
Rose's lawyer denied emphatically thai
his ?lient liad appeared at Headquar?
ters Thursda> in answer to any word
lent him by Commissioner Dougln.it>
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Paul, as Dougherty said he had don?
He denied that Lieutenant Becker ha
?oen Roa and got him t.. come t
Heedqdartera as was reported.
"Roa read Shapiro's story in th
.. ? ThUfSdai at the break
last table," said Mr. Sullivan, "an
when.> h told thai he had hire
th? car, and thai it was suggested the
as ??? fugitive and th?- police w< t
bus ous to see him, he decided to com
down to Headquarters himself. H
telephoned me to meet him at Read
quarters, whl< fa I did, but I was no
???.] to go in h? fore Doughert,
and Hughes when they examined him
Alleges "Third Degree."
"rin methods used on Ros? bj th?
pollc? wen those of the Inquisition, bu
they could not shake his story. H<
talk-?I freely and frank I] with then
told Hi' tu all he knev . '
\ ? mbl' man John C FltXgerald, o:
! the .'M Assembl) District, who had :
?talk with Lleutenani Becker when thai
: poll? ?? official was at the ?'ity Hall u<
I the Mayor's Invitation Oh Tbursdas
? ,-.i'd . eat ?erday he <hd not believe thai
? knew ar? 'ding about. t?..
j ing of It'?, nthal. !!? ; 'hat tin
- ? ...')?? h* Roeeqthal agi Ina!
Be? k' ' ?,. \. r li \ ? b?< n sub
stantlatcd, ind that he was sure the
lleut ...nit would have been In s bettei
position to defend himself agalnal them
a ith Ros. nthal alive Inst? ad 1 t ??? ? I.
? Mi- from the Wesl I'll
1 nui ? ' Bt itloi said t., be l >? I I
Leonard ?? d Ow? ?, --i?. nt th?
pari "f last night rushing up and dowi
tl ? dlstl Id 1" tW? Sfl .'?7th and .".?II;
tree! , from Third :?' i-irk avenue Is
:? large clos? I automobile They visited
? '. - r. '!.?!"? ' . d
. . . . .
: lia.imc Bom? b? .
tfl r the d?te? Uves rh.re dis?
1 I out of their machine
? . times rush? d Into rei
ind g.'taui 1 flan d
I qulckl} about, Ihe re] or! ??-i oui thai
j they were k-oklng ???? m? ? snb
? ??> : ??i tl.? R< senths] ra- ?
1 ? ' ; ? ?? ,ere
tu dh ulge
.i.j.-. t <-f th? Ir - ?n h
^^ 1 ? i? ntlnn of reflecting on
?f the New Polo Athletl :
? 'i ib, th? I? ' iiion ??.' t ? ? club ?.11
i wrongly printed In The Tribune
terd be neighborhood <>! l lOth
I Third a .?-nue It was in
it? Kh' 01 !.1 '?'? her? ' ' mea
were ?aid to hav? been pl< k> ?i up In
I..'.-. . ?1 whl? ? lat? 1 went to the
Hotel Metr?poli Th? N'en Polo Club
.'.?:. itreet and i'.?rk a>... .e.
Obtains Wi itten Confessions
from Atlantic City Officials.
H -?r 1 ':
? Ity, v .1 . J-i>* 19. s
la.-t night In thl I I ? .-. , brl? vial
on a fit ins trip from
Boutl ' 1 to Nee r? rk. win re, it is
??k? m? an lav? litigation of
lurd? r of H? rmas Kosentt-al, ihje
got ibler, 1 ?ete? tlve o\ 11,r-* n J. Bun
advert? ni
>.f graft here 11 t.. Mew
Y-rk to-day he ?Had obtained written
fessions 'rom two pity ?tiit-iais most
pn m I net tl) ? onne? ?.-.i with It
in .ri? of the eise? theg? ?as a bribe
but |I '". but the ? ttnf? -ion ?.f the
n>ni ? ' iplii at? : . pened ;. field
loi 1 1 ?? oi lai ^'??- bribes alonu
th< 1 Un? lu ti.. ?? ond .. ? ? ?
ai the prlo
fai great ei r?d eras divided among
?? .1 riiy offlrlafs, a? ' ordlng to the I ? 11
:. m. n
v 111 ret? rn t.. this ' Itj
0x1 "tVedneedaj and si 1
Hclols ii.\iilv.-.i b) the 1 m?
n will ie f 01 sated ?" tell what
. -v ? . m ' the p in 1
play? 'i In putting It through.
i'i : alsu obtained more Information
? t . 1 .?.;??? ,| word ?a conn* 1 Ion wll;
tion of the 11,000,. ttrali
C< M.lllil,
Despondent Because He Could
Not Get Place, as Manager.
Despondent, II la believed, bseauas he
was unable ?" get s pige? ss a hotel
manager Jscquei Hotter, thirty-four
years old drank a solution >>t cyanide of
potassium In his room at the Hotel Fellx
Portland, No. ISS WT?*et ?Tin :<tr.---t. jree?
terdaj Ile 1 m'i 1.'? dead t>>'' Mveial
houi Nrtien the body ?us discovered.
Befor? drinking ti"- poteon 1 i?>rr* r- wrote
.1 not? "n the Fells-Portland stationary.
ii '.
?;. dl .d? h ihn? you will be
hat'p? Life II S dream and I have had
? nightmare, fou must stick ?>> either
your partner or your ihjmiiuii. K??r Kotni
0, 11..1 we ar? matad Do not leave
???*.ri wh.11 thinK" l?*k proMterous I
haw had too much of one ?i?l?: of .?r.
!.. 1 . ..i..I n??l 1 ??? ??!%???.
Rmll Wahl, rsanagef 01 ihe PeHs*Port*
1, i mu he 1 ? iHeved "Adele" was iiof.
1 iW'g wife ami lives SSBAewhsrS nBBS Mln
n? apolla
? i
Btnghamton, K. v.. July is. - ?mile
washing up after work ls.--r evening
Krank l.\..n, of Sidney, and two horses
that stood near hhn. were blatantly killed
i?> a h"it of lightning? Kffort.i to reeuael
tat?- him proved fiultlese. the fact that
bis lands nml ?B?S were wet When tho '
?jtrok. f, n inteaslfyins the shook.
Woman Who Figured in Kid?
napping Released on Writ.
Buffalo, July lt.?.Supreme?, Court Jus?
tier Wheel?"- b] a writ of habeas cor?
pus late thlh- afternoon interfered with
the ext'i'utioti of a warrant held by the
Sheriff ?if Wyoming County, and insteael
of facing a chare* of kidnapping to-mor?
row before the Just;?*- of the peace at
Warren Mrs. Merman Lehman, of But
tal??, It out <>n ball
lira Lehman, chief figure In the sen?
sational automobile kidnapping at At?
tica yesterday, when ?me motor car and
la motorcycle were used up In a hundred
mlie pursuit, now believe* legal proo-es
will restore to her the eleven-year-old
irlrl whom i ?? PITS UP nine year? ago.
Justice Wheeler was t.?M to-day that
the adoption <?f the child by Mr. and
Urs. John W. Sloan, of Attica, ?as not
lawful because Mr?. Lehman, then Mr?
Deming, had signed no rel?ese.
Argument before Jus tice Wheeler wag
port poned until the Sloans can be r?*pr*
? ? The child was permitted tempo
rarlly to return to her foster parents In
Card in Clothing Proves Fatee
Clew to Identity.
The nude bodj of a man was fou.
? :r. the Ice pond of the Knlckerbooker
t.- Company, near North avenue and
r.i-t . bester Road, New Etoehelle, yeti-w
mornlng Th. man's clothing, which
of K.. .1 material, was found on th??
ink near the Icehouses. His face wi
' bruised, which lias led ?on-.* of the
lives working on the case with Coi
!. |i ptop to bettsvs that the man
? robbed and then IbroWn
Into the lak? nude to make It appear that
h.- had tumped In for B -wtrn la.?f night.
v. ?? ...a found In the clothing.
i >, .. '\,!_ only .i pk ? ? of .m em lope
With the ? ?: ? ?i- Bi Hi M
{ Barker aveaue, WHIlamebrldgc, N. Y."
| The man I? d>?s r.bod as 5 feet 6 ln-he?
weighing MS pounds, about forty
. ..nd With sanly h?!r and mua
A? the home of Mr?, Rrllln last -ilic'iit
?aid ?h* Lad been to New RoC
to examine the body of the maji. but ? ruld
? r> It Bhe said her husl and was
, re d asleep In the house. Sh?? could
I offer i?" explanation for the presence <?f
Ithei envelope bearing the name of her
.,1, j.iHih ?Brilla.
Girl May Make Him Witness in
Breach of Promise Suit.
Ramsey, N. J , Julj I ? 9 itl er ptnder,
(Valdwlck, will probably I.* brought
to ?!.? breach of promit? suit of Mies
Bernlce II <"onnifT arcaln?t .1 Edward
.??.r, a real SStatS deaUr of Rat
. in order t.? prove that an engagement
-, did . \i ?. for II i- Mid, on June 1
? ? ? ., ? pon the priest 11
rrangt fur ft.,. Wrtddlng.
"Pather Plnder told us to come i?ack
? in the followtng Thursday, bul ?m the
jThursdaj evening Trainor called on mo
laud ?id that father Plnder had tele.
1 phoned him t?? ? ill done, ' said Miss
1 'onnlff. "My ni pldons wi r? .,- ?
when I letamered that Mr.**- Train..:', whs
;: marriage h id ?-?n?-,? upon the
?i hi the mean time. Trainor ramo
, back late that nlk-ht and told me tho
Ipries) "?.is In be?l when he ? al!e?f and ho
had in?I seen him.
"Trainor kle-eed me goodby that nlg'it
, and told h ?? not to WOIT] . hut tliat*.?? the
j 'a*: time r have seen him t,? speak to,
"Father Plnder t", i me that Trainor
could ti"t marry m?, beeeause he had only
what his mother gaVS httol. 1 t"ld the?
; priest that i cared nothing for the riches
? of Trainor*! mother and t :.. 11 i was -.?. ? 11 -
11iK to tuk. Iiini ai he o it "
Actor Injured While Viewing
Scene of Fathers Mishap.
I Preeport, ?Long Island. July Nk?Fied
I Stone narrowly escaped being badi:*
, burned to-day while driving his rantoatw
bite on th- New Bridge Road, near where
his fattier was seriously Injured and lour
others were killed recently In the "olllslon
of two Can, The machine that the actor
wa? using was the one his father OOCU
pied th" iiay of Hi?? wrsck.
St'.rie was un the way to ?eet the place
?here hi? father cam?' near ?leath. He
I reached the place where he thought the
! collision ha?l occurred and stepped out to
[ take a View, No .BOf ha?-! he don* so
? than hi? mai'hlne beoatM enveloped la
ram?-? With aid from nearby houses,
I he lUeMOSded In extinguishing the rtre,
! but not befe?re the machine was partly de?
stroyed ami his hands had been somewhat
i burned.
Early June Increase Offset by
This Week's Reduction.
After a lump beef i? oomlng down again
in prl.?-. At..,in the flr?t part of July tlrst
quality rtt_ w?*re ?S't cent? a pound at
Wholesale. A week later they Juinpeel
half a ?ent, but till? week they are back
to Is estate. Ml ?>ih, r kind? and .|uall
t let luetuated the samt' way In the
Wholeealt market The thre? different
??ualltles of <lr**?<sed beef are now quoted
N<? 1 Hlb?. IS cents; loins, 18 cent?;
rounds, ?v., canta; chuck?, Ifty cent*.
N?. J-Ftlbs. 15 cents; loins, 15 cents.
rounds, 12 cents; chucks, 9 cents.
No ? Kilt?,, to?, santa: loin?, l?)'? cents;
foundaj .?',_ o-nts, chucks, HI cents. I
Former "King of the Turf
Goes Back to Old Work.
[By Tel-graph to The Tribun?.]
Kansas City, Mo., July 19.?BdWM
Corrigan, once known as "king of th
American turf,'' has eome back t
Kansas City to start life over again i
the city he left more than thirty year
With what little he could save frot
the wreck of his fortune* after th
linal crash three years ago, the horse
i man has leased a few acres of land I
B8d street and Elmwood avenue, set u
a stone crusher, and settled down t
devote the rest of his life to levellln
the limestone cliff?-the same work h
was doing us a railroad contraeb'r he
t"re taking up the racing game.
"It's a great little plant," Corriga
said to-day to a visitor. "I've got th
land here leased for ten years. I'm gla
to be settled ilown."
(.'orrlgan Is living with a sister, Mn
R. ?'. Burke. He goes to his quarr
?very morning carrying a ?llnner pail.
Commission Will Erect $50,001
Screening Plant by Sept. 1.
The Bronx Valley sewer commtssdo
has at last reached an agreement wit
the federal government regarding tfa
sewage which the trunk Merer asteadla
to the Hudson River at Tonkors fror
White Plains Will deposit In thf> rlVtr.
The sewer was practically eompl? t? d
year ago. but difficulties with the gov
j ernm-mt st once arose. The federal au
thorltle? Insisted on exacting condition
for the treatment "f sewage, and the COM
mission aH"ert??d that a $?O0.<v>0 ohm
would be necessary to comply with their
The aKreement to-day provides for tii
erection of a screening plant which wil
cost "??O.WiD. Work on th<- outfall st-WCl
which reaches 31*7 feet Into the river. 1
continuing, and li is expected ?hat th
sewer will be in operation by September I
Th?' sewer had been put Into operatlOl
by the old Republican Bronx Valley Bewe
Commission, composed of John B. Andru>
William Archer and John .1 Brown, whet
?the federal authorities took a band re
I garding the disposal plant. "The preaen
I D?mocratie eomnlaalon .-on.si.-ts of .Joh
! 1?. Hayes. ?Colonel Frank iloyle and F. L
The ??instruction of the sewer was be?
gun four rears uk" The eetlmated cos
was feMMOOl B'.it the actual .'ost will b
14,00 000 vu extra appropriation of J5"0.
: M6 was secured hy the old commission
and a like amount by the present < ommls
?Ion. Besldei this then- arc debts o
about Pi"''.'?'", moat!) for land dsmagse.
Port Chester Chemist Failing
Wounds Himself.
| William Kennan. an expert Chemie!
.; ?iMiig in th?> United Hospital ?n Por
Chester, having shot hims?if In th?
head after aitemptinr to aaaaaalns
his employ*-*'. Wiiford Hall, proprteto
i the Wiiford Hall l>aboratori?.^. yet
i t**rday.
Kennan had been discharged by Mr
Hall tour srtMt? ?xo He met his for
, mer employer yesterday afternoon oi
| i lonely road leading t?> the labora
tories and asked him if ?V would giv.
him another ?nance. Hall >aid h
would not and Kennan pulled a re
volver from his pocket and tired thr.
One bullet went through Halls lef
'hand. Kennan then tired a bullet |nt?
his own head and fell unconfS "us. Hi
was taken to the United Hospital
where it Is said he cannot live Ken
nan is n widower. He lives in Horn
One Man Is Killed and Three Othen
Injured at Moosic, Penn.
Wllkes-Barre. Penn., July lt.?An suto
mobile party of Bvs from this city, whth
returning from ?craaton sarly t?j-da..
( '.vas run down by a freight fain .H
HoOSlC, Penn., and Henry Falnburg, t
travelling salesman, of this 'dty, wai
\ killed and thre?; others tnjur-id. ThtMS ht?
Jured are Moses Kilo, Itch, proprietor of ?i
?barber shop; Bam iel Oppenhelmer, cloth?
ing salesman; Lewie ?,'ohen, cigar sg< n(
| Henry Roderick, who was at the wh ?<?!,
[aa*f*a i?.- did not see the engins until .nt
automobile was on th.? track; then he put
?>n full p??vTer. and the front part of thr
in?iciiiu-- passed over the rails saf-iy,
Roderick t*r**at*-td t>y Jumping.
Syndicate in Chicago Orders Machin?
to Fly 125 Miles an Hour.
Chicago, July 19 Pgpera of Incorpora
tion have been Issued for the Defender
?yndtcete, ?if Chicago, organlzix! to r*re
r*erve America's title to the Gordon Ben?
nett International Aeroplane Trophy for
which ten nation? will competo h?*r>i on
.?i-jptemher 9.
The machine which Is being built for
the syndicats win arrive In Chicago about
Auk'"t 1. About the samo tima the lt??
horsepower motor, built at a cost of SS.Zbl
and ???.ild to be the moat powerful aviation
engine ever built, will arrive from Paris
for UBS in the machine. The Defen.ler.
It Is said, will be capable of making 1C.">
miles an hour.
Chicago Jury Says She Did Not Mur?
der Husband.
?hlcago. July 19.-Mrs. Reno B. Mor?
row* was to-night found not guilty of the
murder of her husband. Charles B. Mor?
row. A Jury returned this verdict after
deliberating three hours and ten minutes
Mrs. Morrow held her hands to her
face and wept several times during the
a.iuj-ess of her attorn?y, ?'liarles g Krn
teln. He analyzed the state's testlmonv
ltd said the prosecution had failed In It's
ftortH to prove the guilt of his client
He bitterly attacked the polle.?. for the
?nethods used in securing testimony
"The Rose Maid" Performed
with Fourteen Non-Union
Men in the Orchestra.
Performers Thereon Strike la
One House?Hotels, Restau?
rants, Dance Halls May
Be Affected To-night.
At the close? of a meeting of un!,,a mv?.
ttefaiM m th?Mr hea?lquarters, Hf Thlie
avenue and 86th street, announcement we?
made last night that all union mu?lelane
had been Called out of theatres and other
amusement places. One union musMaa
went so fas as to ?ay that the friera tier,
men would walk out of every restaurent,
?lance hall and even the hotel?.
But the Great White Way is dark hi
front of most of the theatres, fur the
houses have not yet opened for the ??a?
son. and so the musicians had little
Chance to strike In that district. At the
Globe Theatre, where 'The Rose Maid" !?
playing, the management heard rumort
that a strike was contemplated, and et
8 o'clock seated fourteen non-union mea
in the orchestra. The audience sided with
the management and cheerfully applaud.
ed the non-union men, who tooted and
sawed away merrily, considering the fact
they 1 ud only a short rehearsal.
The Columbia Theatre manag-meat
said union musicians were ?till at work,
but it didn't matter anyway, as the houae
would clone to-night. At the Moulin
Rouge Frank Darling, once leader of the
muatdans who struck, played the plane,
while a loyal ?-omrade lustily pounded
the bass drum. It-was promised that on
Monday the orchestra would be tilled
??vlth non-union men. At Marris Loew'e
six theatres non-union men were working
In most ?.is, ?, and the American wa? the
only plaee where the strikers went out
Harlem- theatre? are largely given te
moving picture? in the ?Illy season and
pianos tinkle the accompaniment to the
quivering films. At the West End It was
.-i-.i i 'ive union musicians were sttll play?
ing triumphant strains when the stock
company hero appeared and shiver niualej
When the villain crept In. At Fructor*?
Bast fitd?' theatre the orchestra, r?>mpoied
Of a j,Iuril-r and a drummer, stru?-!{.
The manag* r at Fox's < Ity Theatre. In
The Bronx, would not comment on the
proposed a< tion of the union men. but a
union muMetan said th? f?>l?-ration mem
would walk out of every one of Fox'n
theatres p.-night.
Joseph If Weber, president of the
American Peeferatlon of Musicians, made
the itatemeet yesterday that the Incfea?l
tor niu?ti::ins was only R cents for mo
.dial shows. 19 ont? for drsrnnr',' and
26 cents few burlesque- and vaudeville
thOWS. Mr ?Weber said the managen
took the stand from the very rlr?t that
rat nothing to arbitrate and force4
[he musieians to take j ?Kale of price!
that they would have been willing to
"Thf muetefant were induced by the
maiMffttt to submit their propositions, et
the manafsrt >a:d, to enable them to B??
le-t their commit tee,** Mr Weber on
. ' tln:ie?l. "The iTi j?-!? leal asked for a ???r.
.il conference, and rinal!> ?ubmlttsl
their propositions, with th* understand?
Il that a conference would follow-.
"Instead of the manager?. ..-eng th?
. proposition as a basis for dlacuasioa, thef
> | informed the press that the exorbitant <le
I v rinds of tl ? ms had . ?, .-ctol
?fCfl cot fen ii' 1 wa? held up to that time.
. ' Finally, after efforts of William Gero
good to get the manager? to agree, a
???inference was held and the. i -inaf*-.**
delivered themselves of the uitlmstuia
that they would not dis? us- ?',> increase
in w.tk,.--, fur an?' kind of work. DO matter
in which . last of theatiea.
lie a?Ul??l that the musician? *?d left
th?* queettofi open for month.-. ??; -.?* the
managers would coiiSent to ar Miration.
Th?? increase for trarelllng : i.,?ielant
ha.l nothing to do with the See Vork ln
,*r? a--' tald Mr. Weber, bul wai ?it-?-irgne
to present manager? from dit ng Iocs!
house orchestras all over the country
I with travelling musicians. Tho m ntgers.
I ?-aid Mr. Weber, advertlaed for i (a? union
, muatdans to work for last year's i?rlc_.
i whan they found that the travelling n***
, tit lana* priest ?rere to be rale**- ieoot?r
! lug to Mr Web-T. the t -?ration hu
about ?txty thousand memberi throughout
the country.
Southampton Thief Surprised
in Thrice Robbed Store.
[by T?letrai-h to The Tritur? |
r-out'iaii'pto". Long 1 sin rid. lulf ~T
The myaten surrounding the robbery of
the Water Mill poetotBce. wnlcb was en?
tered three times within the v ?-ir, was
probably cleared last night, when D. B
i..*n\'* palmer, of this plac* wM
caught leaving the building nit* hW
booty, i'ostniaster James A. Jennings?
Jemee B. Conrlth and T. A. Malsey heW
| him up ut platel point at be was maklnf
his getaway.
The capture wat dus to the watchis**1
neta of Oonrtth, who lives usar a?
building und was at trat ted by an tin
usual noise. K? called iialsey. who 1?
his liiotli. i-in-law, and Jennings ,ir,d the
three crept to the postoffl? ?'. where they
founel the Intruder had entered throuf*
a plate kIhss window after an urnuc
Ceeaful attempt at prying his way ??
with a crowbar A horse and buff?
stood M_r the building, which i'dlmef
admitted he had wired here from ?_? r*.
E.lwards early Thursday night.
In court this morning the prisoner
pleaded guilty to burglary and larceny
Hiid wax ?tent t.i Klverhead Jail by J?*?"
tic? Edward H. Foster to await the ac?
tion ..f the grand jury He said that M
had been put up to th? act b>' onothtr
man, whose name he did not know ?*w
vh.? had disappeared before M J!
caught The police were dlslne Ined\M
believe this story and suspect the otnr
oner was associated with th? other rob?
f Bell and Wing
Absorbing, astounding, inspiring, llUMHj \SSeSS Academy.
Power and originality.?Cork Examiner.
A great work.?boston Herald. ? *?
Marks of genius constantly.?Troy Re:ord.
A wealth of ideas.?Boston Transcript.
Genuine aspiration and power.?-Occult Review, England.
Near the stars.?Portland Oregonian. x
Astounding fertility.?Brooklyn Times.
A striking book of verse?Boston Post.
0. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, Publishers, N. Y. Price $2.S0

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