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But Not Dull
[Copyrlght. 191?. by Tho Trlbun? AMeiolatlon ]
But Not Radical
V-HlXXII'-.N* 23,089. ^^,isr?-*?* BTEW-YORK. SLNDAY, JUL* 21, 1912^-FtVE PAHTS-SIXTV PA(iES.
* *
President of Republic, in Mes
sage to The Tribune. Says
Real Strife Is Over and
Government Is Strong.
people Have Faith in Adminis
tration, National Oredit Is
Good and Deraocracy
Is Firraly Fixed. As
serts Executive.
\:y I'aMp to Tli? Tritunc. i
Mtxico City. July 20.?By Francisco
I. Madero. President of Mexico, te the
Editor of The Tribune:
?\t there Is ;tny leseon for the world
outside ln Mexico in the collapse of
ihe Oroseo rebeillfcn and the paeifica
tton of v utiially the entirc republic it
te tliat the people of Mexico are with
the adrninistration ond will not submit
to leelng it overthroXn. Ba.k of this
predonvi int fact 1? the consideration
that u majority of the Mexican people
ttt \'. favor of law and order. prog
ngF. the maintenanoe of ronstltutlonal
Inatitutions. the preservation of the in
teprit.- "f the republic and the dis
couragintc of condit1(.ns which mlght
offer an>" otlur naticn an excupe to
interfer- in Mexican aftalrs. With
the exception of General Orozoo in the
north. who is so clearly beaten that
he can no longer be considered in the
light of a troublesom? lactor, there
r.re now only two rebel leaders in op
poBition to the government?Zapata in
Morelo* and Salgado ln Guerrero. Tne
forces and influence of both are now
so negligible that it will require only
a brief tlme to include them wlth
The President Vindicated.
"Mtxico has just flnlshed its seeond
free electlon, one of rights. which was
guaranteed to citizens by the propu
ganda that brought the present ad
minlstrauon to the government. En
tire la> k of disorder. intelligent appre
:iation by voters of their civic duties
and the absence of fraud. coerdon ar
force prove that the contention of the
Presidt!!' of the republic that the Me>
)e?n people were fltted for self-govcrn
T?ent was wrell lounded. They have
twlce been gtven opportunity to mani
*eat tttlc, and in both cases they have
(iftnoriFtrated their fitness. and they
will rontinue to do so.
"Ttu eiectlon for Honators and Depu
ii? in "'ongress gave the divergent
political elementn an opportunity to
test their strength, and the rcsult was
an overwhelming victory for the gov?
ernment. The dLsturbing elements
*hich sought to advanoe the candidacy
of men who were opposed to the gov?
ernment met with no encourage.ment
and. ^*>ing this. maiiy of them wlsely
luapended their activities.
"Stlll there wlll be ln the r.ew f'on
|NM a Hiifflcient nurnber of rcpresent
?threa of the people who are not pro
{ovrnment to constltute an actlve
mir.orlty. This is a healthful eondition.
for it iH necessar> in a democracy to
have a party In opposition in order
that the puullc intereat may bt better
acr. cd. The result of the electlon is
particular'.y gratlfying when It 1s con
ifdered that it took place whlle the
uhrs of revolutlon were ttlll hot.
Fritndly to Administration.
N'txt to the success of the govern?
ment in tombatiiiK and controllingr th-j
rebelllous elements th?? importaine of
thf rvnult of the election as showlng
that the p ople are favorable to the ad
?Jn!?trat1on 1h pHramount. It had
been prophepled that r?-al democracv
in Mexico was impracticable. and that
its roprretc manlfe.station in the md
?tlnlHtratlon that was electcd and neat
\ar wa? too weak to maint.M)
Haelf. W? now mf that not only is
th<? H'lmhiistratloi) ablr to malutaln
lui<-lf v.ijt that in r??ality demo'-ra^-y ?n
tnore pcwarfttl and aRreeable to the
people than absolutisrn rna*querading
>s democracy whi'h j^receded it. f?>r
?beoluti^m, when put to the test, wa?
I onllfiird nn thlrrt l>?gr, ?r? nnd rolumn.
This Morning's News
X.OCAX.. Paee
Poli<-? WaO< Be?k?r ?o l.'xplam. 1
Mig Kortddderi to 17m H?-d Car. 1
bying M;m Hejjlns l/on?; Trlp.19
?larkri<.sH H?M for Shooting.16
T0 };ii,| fr.ilutiOII of Jludxon. ?
Taft ?;iv^M Mla?IOII U orker |100. ?
More "Loan ^!^,arl^^'? Subnilt.7
To Def1n? ppmocratir Ti ust Attiti?ie.. 1
Govern,?r Hlea?e I)enle? < 'hargen.3
c'anal Pfotmtf Not Kpllv.-red. 9
^wtt Tni^t Dlaaolvaa.*?
tbntrcxemrn Vlult W'tlHOn.*
Tammariy Money for Brjran. '
T- H Sniilov nl I.oi^t C'aus* Talk. 4
1'ehigai, Third T.rmers Obey. ?
M^adhwortb Caadidate for r.owmor... S
Con\? ntior: at K'<ra?oKH .Septeniber :.'o 3
Mexico at Peace, fc!H>M Madero. i
?iikadoH Condltlon l'nclianged.*
^ly Adinlth IlivtTi'fi t?y- Turk?.7
KnUatid \?ttl?d by OlyrupUd.?
J?bat, *r,<j iiu?-f 1;i Worry ?'hlna.?
MMt Heportif) MoMtllf- to Turk?-y... ?
?oclety . ?
OMtuary . ?
??ortu.l0< nt j3 and 13
Ar?ny k irt Nav-y.1*
We?ij,,r .14
?Wppint n?w?.?/
Condition of Japanese Em
peror. Critically III of Acute
Empire Is Hushed.
Empress a Constant Watcher
at Her Husband's Bedside,
and Princes and Nobles
Assemble in the
Toklo. July '2\ (Sunday).?The iriticul
lllnen of Mutsuhito. the Kmperor of
Japai:. is cuusing tlic gravest asxtety.
Tlie court physlolans have pronounced
tlM caae acuto nephrttla, wlth alanulnp:
rymptoma of ur.nemic poisoning.
The followlng hulletin waa issued at
10 o'clock thla tnornlne;:
Tomperatufe. 102.2; pulse. 102: res
ptration, 32. Drowsiness continue';
when awrke consciouaneas is clearer.
NourisHment waa given hi? majesty this
morning. Condjtiona remam unchanged.
It was helleved yesterday afternoon
that the Kmperor waa slnking. and a!l
the ministers of atate and the prlncefl
of the royal family asseinbhd at tlic <
Imperial Palaca, but hls majeaty ral- i
lled somewhat. During th?- rtlfht the
tempcrature of the patient aubakled
appredably, and he waa abla to takel
u littie Dourtahmeiit liis tempcratan |
at inldnight waa 108*2 and the physi
iians were nomewhat encouraged,
At S o'clock this morning' the Becre
tary of the Imperial Houaehold gave
out the Informatloa that hli majaaty'i
condltton was unchanged, He waa j
sieeping at .~>:'J?> o'HoCk and was wiy ?
The Empreaa, who has been in nl
most constant attendance slnce the
acuta attack occurred. remalnad nt his
majaaty'i bedside throughout tho
nlght. A consuliath'ii of the court
physieians was arranged for 9 o'clock
in the mornlnp.
Th~ flret bulletln issued by the at
tendlng rhysklnn*, Oenkyo Oka, Tane
mlchl Aoyama and Kinnosukc Miura,
gtrea the history of the Emperor'a ill
n?ea aa followa:
Blnce July H bla majeaty haa bean
auffertng from Intoattnal trouble. Qraat i
drowalnts* followad the early attacka, i
this avmptom inereaBing ini-idly. On
july is hia majeaty hecama uncm
soious and hi? brnln vn? affected. On
the rvenlnp of tho 19.ii the fever sud
denly Increased, shov l:.g n tempefature
of IOi.7. The pulse rat* waa 114. and
the respiration 38.
Adother bulletln lasued from th<> ?;?i
aee followa:
The Kmperor haa been Mifferir.g from
dtabatea siiifc lt04. Thia developed into
cbronlc kldney trouble in 1906.
Coltapsed Whilt Convarainci.
The changf for the worco came sud
denly Friday evenlng. The Kmperor
was then consHous. and was engajgad
in talktng to hls wlfe. In the midst
of this conv?Tsatlon he sufferrd a suti
den collap.'e. and the court phyaicians
were summon*d. T'.ie vlgil of the Km
press at her husband's bedside
throughout last night and to-day waa
shared by a numbei of the court ladles.
The weather is vary hot. the ther
mometer tepistering 90 degrees in the
Bhada. Hli t.iajesty's bed has been
moved to a sittinp room In the palace.
The eroWT prince. Yoshlhito, helr to
the thronc. who ia reeoverlng from a
cr.se of chickenpox nnd Ia "till conttned
to hia bed, recelved the news of hls
father'H illness vesterday morning. He
haa not yet been able to vlalt the pal
ner. Hls v.)te, ho'vever. went at once
to the palar", and she was still there
this morning. She Is actlng on behalf
of her huahand, and contlnually com
mOnleatea wlth hlm bv telephone. glv
ing hlm th^ latest news from the sick
The Imperial princes. summoned from
their Bummer resldences, rcpaired to
the palace, together wlth all the nota
bles at praaanl in the capital, to await
the lateat news from the sick chamber.
Th^ clty of Tokio has been allent
Hiri'-e, last nlRht, when all theatrical
productions and the playttg o? musio
wera stopped out of deferenee to the
lllness of tho ruler. Speclal rellglous
.services are being held in the Bud
dhlat temples In this dty and Klotfi. a.s
well aa In other large eentres. for hls
majeaty'a racovary. Barvleaa are bahu
heM alao In the itussian Cathadral
The Empire in 8uspans*.
The annotincement of the erltlcal 111
neH.s of hl.s majesty eame as a severe
shof-k to tho people of the capital. The
ne-.vs was announred in the "Nl'hl
Nl<hl" at 12:10 O'clock yesterday af
ternOOD. ?f'd Jt pcrmeated thr?;iigh the
<ntlre empire rapldly. ?'rowds anxlous
aad hushed are ansemblcd about tho
ncwKpaper bulletln boards. The sus
pense of the |?eople o*. <?r the illne#s of
the Bmparor mosnentartly i? deepen
Th?? present altuatlon ir wlthouf
pracadent Ia the history of the new
Japan. Tbe news of !ii? majaoty'f i"
naaa came as an abaolute surpris''. and
its unlookad f*>r announcamanl r"?>uit
ed In the quick collapae of prb-es on
the local stoek exchang**.
Tbe return to Toklo of PHnce Kat
aura. the fonner Premler. who left
ftome dn>s ago oji a miaslon to Rttaate,
Ih ext^1'"*'. Tho prlive vaH atnong
iUf llrat to he ofl'i ially notlfled by t?le
rrapb of Ihe Emperofa lllnesr.
Japaneae nearapapeta pnbHali '?d'to
riai artlcleo praylng f<>r ihc st.i> r.
rover) of hla majaaty and aattmg forth
thatr loyal sontlinenta to hlm. Tb V
irfer in grateful terms to tfea Kmpe?
ror'* upiendi'i aarvaoaa t<? hi? paawUr.
(Photosrii|.|m bv UDdertretjd * l"nderwoo<1.
Majority Will Define Demo-I
cratic Attitude, with Ap
proval of Leaders.
_ i
Minority Will Set Forth Repub
lican Views Favoring Fed
eral Incorporation and
Price Regulation.
r M : T... TrlbWIK B .
Waahlngton, July 20. Wlth the ap?
proval of Governor Woodrow Wllaon.
Speaker Champ Clark. Repreaentatlve
Oecar W. ITnderwood and other leadei .
the Democratk party wlll voice IU at?
titude toward th. truat queatlon in the
majority repori of the Btanlej Bteel
Inveetlgatlng i tomralttee.
This attlttidc It and will !>?? foi thi .
:.. ::t lour yeurs?in the event ol Deiao-I
cratic tucceai at tha polla -thai the
truata tbaJI be rearulated b: axlatlng
lawt and amendments thereto. and that
rederal fhoorjjoratloii ahd gove'rnmeiiial.
regulation of price are unneceaaaflr.
It It lntended that the ?n:.j-r:t'
minority raporta of the Btanlej Bteal
Cotnroitue ahall draw the lin of de
marcatlon betwean the two partlei ottj
the truat qiieatlon. The Democratl< re?
pori eondetnns governnertal regulation
dfprlcca and federal Incorporation. The
minority repori, now betng prepi ? I
will approve Ln BUbetance the plan ad
vocated by Theodore Efc.relt Judge
K h Oary. Qtorp W. Pwktoi and Ln
nart advocated by the Pn tldeat
m ? apactal meaaaga to Coograaa
President Taft auffaatad fadaral ??
corporation of Utduatrial eoncema en
ga>?ed in utaratate commerce ai ?
meana, sunplen.entai tO the Sherman
law. of curbing the truat evil.
Judge darv was the moal ardanl i
ponent of the broader plan for an m
dustrial commlsston to eontrol abao
Lutely the pricaa of aucr, oorporationa.
Atieaat thraa mombera of the minority
of the Stanley rommltte- ?re authofl
tutlvely reported to ftWCf tuch fadaral
regulation. Repraaentatlire ?terilntj, of
Illlnols. probably will dissent.
Will Speak for Ptrty.
pesnite the ettempta to tafeguard
the eontenta of the forthcomlng rapori
of the Dtmocratk mambara of the
Stanlev eommittee. The Tribune can
Btata deflnltely that the report will be
tlw roiea of the Domocratlc party on
the trust Issue and thal the majority
membara of the LnTeatlgatlng commlt
tee have eonsulted with QovernOf W II
?on and the recoemlaad leadara of the
Detnocratic Jiouso before taking their
lu additlon to the draatle amend
menta to the Bhefman law eoameraled
ln the.-.- dUpatchea yeaterday, ii i? a?
sured, followlng fuither diecUOtlOT, of
the report by Democratk mambara to
day, that the majority will racommend |
Uie anactiuant of " law eompelHng the
Goirimlaafaner of CJorpofmthma to fur
nlah to Conajraaa, an Well as the Presi?
dent, all mformatlon In hin poaaoaaton
regardlng any interatate corporation
under Inveattgatlon. Tha Commiaaloner
,,t Corporationa now raporta onlj to
the Kxecutive, an<l the refuaal of e*
CommiHMloi.er Harbtjfl Knox Smlth to
lay before the ataal eommittee all data
ln hiM poaajeaalon regardlng the rjnlted
stnt-s steel Corporation nattled the
Houm lnv? ati^atora.
THe maJorltN report v. III not tuake
commendatory rafereaea to tha vutt
brought by th'^ tdmlnistratlon f?>r the
dl.?Kolution or the Htenl trust. The
Derooerata haaa deeided to Ignore the
f.ict tliat ? tsult ba.s beeti begun.
The dlsclosure that lh?- majority of
Uie Stanley eommittee bave ?een nt to
eonault the PdMiocratlr nominee and
other- party .kadtra regardinK that
phaaa of the report daaltng with aatl-1
\tu:jI legisiation ih the moat Importanl |
x,t to ooma from tht commlttae ln ?ri- J
,.,?,.(. of the aetuai proaaatatlon of tha
re|n>rt Itjwlf.
Ahfjetad at what he terms "persls*
pnt joafca" frotn aoaaa one ta the oaaj
tuience.of eommltte. reajardlnf tha
piluclpal r^OOmmandattOBJa Of the re?
pori, t'hairnian Htanley thraaleitad to
day to makc pubiie aactloa bj aaetloa
( onttnued on thlrt i?tg'. fo'irlh roliimn.
Gomea and Others Arrested bv
U. S. Authorities.
??? tph 'n Tba Trlbeaa '
\niMiiio. Tex . July TO. Kmillo
... Oomes, Mlnlater of the In
t.-ri.>r in the Dlaa Cablnet In "
?nd f<" , i"\ ikloi ii I'
of the Oroaco revolutlonar? party, waa
d to-nlght by Unlted Btatea
..f.i. ? m,
ilusman, i rr ..'. ??< re
i.,?-;. of ?:? <:. and Dr. P. Rueda were
:.,i FYanclaco Peree
and Fellpe Mlvannon were takan from
a Bouthern Paelfk traln, whlch thev
had boardad for Rl P VM nv?\
11 ?! with ? .
the Unitad Btataa neutralltj lawa.
Vlctor Ochoe and two othera were
.1 t<?-ttiKiit. in 1:1 i'
F.>r daya the Unfted Btataa authorl
.? : p..\. !i ..r :? new revolutlon
;-??>? plot forminaj here Large quantl
.1, d mmunition haya
been rough ii'-r.- frora Bt,
Loula, Kanrai Clty and N?w Orleana,
.- iiip to Kl PaaO, hUl the laru'-r
portlon io Laredo, T.\. Prem T-aredo
materlal is knowa Io have
been rauggled ncroaa tbe Rlo <;iandc
I'nlted Btatea Otmmlwloner Edwarda
bound aii Bve priaonera over for a
heaiing <>n Monday. 'I'lmr/. was heii
In 110,000 and the ethors <n S.'hmhi
each The? were taken to th<- rouhty
|: 1._
Man and Woman Mortally In
jured at Ccdarhurst.
Kive pcrnons wor?' InJ'irod. two prob>
iibiy mortally, vhen two automobnea
met in a head-on doltialon in Broad
way, ' '? darhurat, Long l-land. early
thla morning The street Is hea\lly
Bhaded and tbe drlvers dlil not BM
oii'b other until too late to avotd the
Andrew [Jater, who dld not glve his
addr< i ;"i?i a woman he was drivlngi
to Rockvllle Centre were tb. two moal
aerknialy Injored. At Bt. Joaaph'a Ho--1
pltal, Tar Rockaway. it was said thej
woman waa dylng from ? fractured
skaii and Internal Injurlea. T.ister suf
fered from roncuaalon of the brain and
Internal Injurlea, from whlch it was
said recovery waa doubtful. '!<? aaM
ho ni't tbr woman in Kar Rockawa;
and did nol know her name,
The three paaaengera In the other
car were all from Manhattan Andrew
Bernac, N">. NM Weat 57th atreet;
Thomaa Bwaanay, addreaa refuaed, and
llay smitb. No. n Weol B5th atreet,
They were alao removed tb Bt. Jo?
aaph'a HoapltaL Thej were ett't and
bruleed, i>ut i\?\ aerlouily Injurad.
Both cara were wrecked.
Navy Yards Receive Oaudy
Night Clothes for Them.
|B] '!'? l<-i:ra[>ti ??? Taa Trlt>un?. 1
i blladelphla, July 20. -Marlnaa at
the Phlladelpbla Navy Vard don't se?-m
(?> llk< the lat. st order of the fedrral
gorermnant that hhay muat arear paja
maa hereafter during thelr ataepjng
houra. Ten thouaand aulta of tbe paja
tnaa have arrlvad at ????? local atatlbn,
two adlti for each man here or *x
pactod here, and a few or them have
been Otetrtbuted.
Th< np 11 deetave the] are made of
materlal ..f gaud] OOJOff, and the rrcga
to ';#?. |, them ctonjd bother them. as
they are not uaed td* frogs. Navertha
le.-a the men i?a\e been ordered to
wear the pajamaa, and they have
nethlng t'o do but to obay the order.
.Ia. k ..n. Ml-if.. J-l> 2"-" Mlaalaaippl Re
puMlean piagieaal'wa to-day readnded
the enll Ifsued Thursday for a stat- roa
vpntion to theaa'a deteajaaaa to the <.'idc
a^o nattotial ronventlon.
Family of Man Worth S50.000
Accepts Charity.
By Telegrapn* tn :' Tiituna.
L Orangr, N. J.. J"ly 30.?Aa agent of
the Bodaty ior the Protactteai of Chll
dren ?( f?ranKe, Ajoguatua W. Abbott
dla< uverad ? faw daya ago thai tha arlfa
nnd chlldren of Matthlaa Becker, who
|? w.?rth abont $50,000 and haa an ln
cdme of 12,500 a year, were tojoarnlnf
| at Bradley Beach an "freih alr" benc- |
ifkiariea of charttable people of thoj
Orangea. Aa actbig judge of the locnlj
poltca cpurt ha bad Backor before him|
'to-day with tha porpeee <>i puntabtngi
ihlm ?\| a fraud. but Meoker declared he ;
old n't kre.w hlf family iPJtJ inveptel j
the fre- exeur-lon tfl th* seashore.
Mrs. Becker and the childr.n have |
:. qiilrad to make a hurrled trip
back home.
ln yeara pagt Becker became wall
known t.. Mr Abbott becauae he was'
?o often dellnquent Ln tha tnpport of
his family. He waa placed under
bonda on more th.-m one occaaion to
pay ? tertajn tum each week for the
Mippori Of his wlfa and ehihiren.
New Yorker Hurt in Yonker3
Gives Policc False Name.
lajorad whan an antomoblk in which
he was drtvlBg la*t nluht in N'orth
BrbadWay, near Olenwood avanuaj
Tonkera, skidded Ihto a tree, a ttrange
man ?a\.- the poUce no eriti of troubl*
in eatablkhlng his Iden.tity.
\\ hen he was ramoyed to Bt. John'i
Hoapital to have a lacerated sealp
aewed up he na\e his name as j. Wll
non and suid h?> llvad ln Bauri 51ai
stteet. Manhattan. IJciitenant H. J.
BhUahalm, of Pollce Head<iuarters, WM
dlamtbflted with the address and sent
Patrolman Lenehan to Inraatigate.
After urRiriK lenehan not to publlah
his tianie the man tald he was H. Vic
tor. of No- 10 RTeat t?lst ttreat, Maa
Tb< New York pollce tay the wrecked
ear Is OWnad bj Royal Vietor. of No.
10 W'-st Hlst street a lawyer wlth
offlrea at n<> 10 W91\ stre.-t Vlctor
wai bAdly cul np Dr. Pablan Pratt
draaaed his wounda and Vlctor auper
Intended th* work of removtag tha
wrecked ear to Naw Tbrk.
Roosovelt Men Can't Votc at
Oklahoma Priinaries.
l B) teieirapti te M>>- Trlbai ?
Uuakogee! <>t< la!, J41y '-" A aerert
brdk waa deafl tb^daj (?? Oklahoma
iii?i-?--v.it RepiiMleana who raglttered -??>
Independenta, when Attorney Qentral
u.-nt aiod Ben V. Rtley, aeeretary of th?
atata etection board, gave out a johit
fpHllOn that a voter regtatered as un ln
dapitndent eainnot rott in the Augual
prima'rlca, buk niay rott In the general
"There i* no prorlalon foi an Inde
petWIenl party." sal'l Mr. Wevi.
Ifany of tha Progrataht Repoblkana
ara ragiettring at Ptroacrata t.? nomi
nate United Btattt Senator Owen
Mrs. 0. H. P. Belmont Says
Suffrage Needs "Push."
|ii> i>irar?rt' to Tha Mfcoae.]
Newpoft, July 9. Mra. O. H. 1'. Bel
iimtit, after purchaslng; the suppliea f"f
Ibt aaw headfluartert <>f iht iMiffragetttt
thit afternooo, deciared ahe would w-ii
llnjjly "acruh the rtoor" if it wonld btlp
the "eaUBe."
F'ush Im what the catUM nee.l:, oddtd
th?> weaithy siirTragi^t. The auppllea pur
'?ha?e<l by Mrf. ntlnmnt at u nearby Htoro
<-on.?lsted" of one bar >f ooap, OIM crash
towni and two ahttta of flypapera total
Ib.K :'i! centa.
Mrs. Belmoni sald to MiJ- HIIL the new
?eeretar): "The time for heaitatlon la
paat. I would niil|ngly acrub tte- Boor
for Hie c ause, rather thiin >tand baek and
k?>'- wh.it Home byporrltleal i)erH<>n Is
Koina to sa>- OaJy tboat that ar? wllilne
to takf? hold and lielp us ln the cauoe ara
of \?ry mueh aervlce."
Possible Reason Suggested Why
"Jack" Rose Abandoned
Automobile at Sharkey's.
Motor Livery Had Been Appre
hensive of Affair Like Oam
bler's Murder?Rosenthal
and Wife Out Sunday.
Reaeona why the ? red automobile
hlred by .'Rillianl Ball Jack" Rose
the aftarnoon pre^ding tho murder
. t' Herjnan Rosenthal was abandoned
by the party using it and the gray
,;ir of Williain Shapiro and Louls
Ltbby aubatltuted were suggested by
the ownera of the n>d cmr yaatarday.
Roae, one of the man charged with
the murder of Rosenthal. told the po
Uee that Im and hte party left a red
autoiiiobil.; in front of Sharkey's nhouL
11 :;<i M.ndiy night ifter riding about
t.vn cll diy m it.
SiJoaWug to a reporter of The Trib
une. Gustave Asen. one of the man
agera of the Imperial Auto Company,
cf N,i. 7P _'d street. who, the police
say, are the ovners of the red car in
queetldn, dechved that the twalVa
(bauffeura In the compamya employ
had i> isitive instructlons no; to allow
"Blg Jack" Zelig or any member of
hla gang to rkle in any of the im
P< lial's automobiles.
rhe theory to whlch the pollca cling
is that mernbers of Zellg's gang were
hlred to ounuhit the murder. As all
of thes<* deaperadoea ar-' on the "black
llat" of the Imperial Auto Company.
it woutd be neceaanry to hlfe aoma
other car. So Bhapirb was aelected,
the theory runs.
None to Zelig for Montha.
"We have not rented a car to Rig
Jack' Z.-lip. to 'Whltay* or to Lefty'
Kouis in more than thpee montha,"
aald Mr. Asen. "We liave refused to
Bllow 'Rig Jack' ZeUg to rid*- in our
car? and wo bt the other mernbers
of the gang know tl\at their patron
age was not desired.'
Roth "Whltey" nnd "Ixtftv" are now
being sought bv the police. who want
to aueetlon them ahout thetr move
ments on the atght of RcnenthaTa as
"Zelig," continui'd Asen. "vas a very
good cuatomer He hlrad a car from
us at leaat twtcea waek< but wa naalrr
de< Ided that we mtgbl >r?'t into a mix
up lik" the preaent one lf we continuad
lettlng out our car* to hlm. 'Lefty'
Loula and 'Whltay' wara aiso good
"Our Inatructiona to our chgnffaun
are that under no cireumdances are
any of Zella;''; ganp to be lallOWCjd in
our cara Wfi know that if we ke.^p
them out kthere wlll he no revolvers
BtUCk Uf> asaiiiHt our <?haiifl'eur*. lf
v, dld nol have that ruie one of om
ehauffeuraji mlght now he In ihe
Aacn sa'd that ''8am" Paul, "Jack"
Roae and other HSaat side gamblera
had uaed ib? red cara of the Imperial
Auto Company.
Rosenthal Good Customer.
? So did Herman ftoaenthal," he
aald. '*We have been driying hlm (Of
the laat flre yeark. He was a good
customer. The Sunday nlght before
he was murdered wa raoalted a teie
phone call from him.
"We sent one of our cara around to
his bduae in Waal 4*>th street and
drove him and hks wife to Coney Tsl
nnd. where they remalned f??r three
and a half hours. lf I tememb.-r rljrht.
Ur. and ilra. Rosenthal returned hotne
about 1 or - o'clock Itonday mom
Mr. Asen underatOOd from the chaul"
feur that Ros? nthal and hls wife spent
the few hours at the beach in enjo.v Ing
tho cool branea and in dlnlag, Roth
were mcrry and ehatud togrther all
After telllng of the la-t rlde togather
or th.. murdered gambler and his arhTe,
Aaan again referrwl t< "Jack" Rose.
.?aying that not only WM he a Kood
cuatomer, but thal lhay aroald navar
thinl; <?' refuslDK hlm a car.
a ? -?*
Dew*y'? Claret or Sauterne Puncb
for all Ho'-ImI F'uU''tlons.
H T Dewey & Hona Oo.,iyS Fubon It.N.Y.
- Advt.
Dougherty Says Lieutenanl
Needs to Explain Many
Peculiar Coincidences on
Night of Murder.
Theories That Assassins Oom
prised Party Originally in
Libby Shapiro Car and
That Rosenthal Was
Called from Hotel
Are Discarded.
One of Them '?Bridgey" Webber'l
Sister-in-Law?Tipster Makes Af
fldavit That Slain Man Threat
ened to Break Becker if
He Didn't "Reach"
The pospible connection of the pollce
with the murder of Herman P.osenthal.
the gambter, in front of the Hotel Afet
ropoaa earlv Tucsday morning, 1k gb
ing the Pollce Department anxious
COBOarg not a whit loss keen than Is
the evergrnwing de.sire of the polic?;
authoritien to apprehend the rnen who
actvally flred the bulletf. Dcputy Oom
mlsslonei- Dougherty intimated yester
fT.-iy- that ?hc s-tatemonts of Lieutc-nant
Charles Becker. who has been tempora
rily relicved of his outside dutles wlth
the "strong arm squad," in regard to his
movemcnts on the night of the shoot
Inp, were not entirely ratisf ictory to
those working on the ca.se.
"Whlk there is nothing tungible now
against Beckar to as3oclate him with
the ca^e." said Dougherty, "there are
many peeuliar coincidences, as well a."
the remarkabte aettrltlaa of Becker and
his friends that night, which might
bear ftirther explanation."
The Commiaatoner said he was om
to ca'pture any scalp, no matter whose
head it might be on, and was not cling
ing to any idea, that gamblers, or East
Siue ganpster*. were entircly responsi
bk for the murder of the onee talkative
Thouch no arrests were made, both
Dougherty and his aid. Inspector
Rughea, said there had boen Importart
developments during the day, and that
they were near to gettlng the men
right who shot the gambler dead.
Denouement Promiaed To-day.
"You want to be around to-morrow,
sure." said the Deputy Commlssloner,
"for something is going to come off *
"Are you trylng to get any eviden"??
that other gamblers besldes Rosenth"!
had ever suggested they had had deal
ings with Becker?" Dougherty wa?
aakt >i.
"Wherever an opportunity offer? it
self I am looking for such evidence. *
was the repl\k
Dougherty was asked if he had aattl
Becker out tO get "Jack" Rose. who
walked into Hoadqnarters on Thursda .
and gave himself up.
"Why. of cotirse not," said the Oom
mlasioner. "f wouldn't have askei
Becker to look for 'Jack' Rose. Becker
is a factor in the case. 1 might as well
ask Rose to go utit and get those other
The police were inclined to think
yesterday that the real prcgress mad.?
In the ease had been Obaearad by th>
DUbUctty glven tlie pollce end of the
affalr. HLgfa pollea ofticiais aald that
if the publk had not at onee Jumped
at the police "motive" Iti tha shooting
the department \ ould come in for gon
eral praiaa ln the praajraaa mad* up to
the present timc. Dougherty said that
tho aaatatance of Boroa dataetlvaa
would te t heip mattara at tha point
alrtady reached by tha police.
What Police Have Oone.
"l.ook at the thing aQUareiy and see
if you don'l think we have made prett>
good pfograaa and dooe reaaohably
QUkk work. wlthOUl eoushlerlng any
further arrests." he said. "Voti niusn t
overlook the fad that wa have the ear
whkh took the murderara awajr trcm
the,acene of the criaaa, That is a moat
important polnt. first of all. Soeund.
the maa who drewa th<- ear w have
him; thlrd. the man who hired the ear
and was drb. en to within a block and
? half of the aoane Of tha murder a
few mlnutes b*forc it was connnitted
WO Ir.ivo hlin; and besldes that we
have all the movements of the car
traeed from the timc it was hlr< d to
the tirne It returned to the garage.
"We have the man who hirod the
car. aeeording to his own story. gettinR
out of it within a block and a half of
the Metrop'ole. and the iuformatlon
that be peith.-r paM for it nor dls
mlaaed it. shapiro. the chauffetir aaya
he oaw 'Jack* Roae aad anothat man
at Stxth avemie and l.'kt .-troet fol
lowing the shooting.
"My belief Is th.it with tlie posaes
kIoii of this information. and wlth the??
three men ln prison, we are getting
pretty ii.aW to the orlgin of tlu crime. '
The I'ommissioner exploded the
tbe..ry that the. men wlio dld the
shooting had gone to the scene of the
erlnie In the Ubb) -Shapiro antomo
blle. He said that Shapiro to!d him M
went half aalgap waitlng for his pas
.v-ngers tn A'.M street. where he had
evldently been told to take a ataad

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