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Giants Will Be Home on Friday
to Tackle the Cubs.
rjrjarley Murphy Ea3 Reason to
Respect Players with the
Tail-End Clubs.
-^ , >, i wrttten nnd said
-ayl > aianta nnd thdr riuaap that it
firf mn< eaaary to coirUnue tbe mourtt*
i h. \ \\,ii be home on Frl
fjl ?
, no doobt thi outl '"k lcr
Natlonal League pennant win
. ooter. Thelr preaent
? ? Weetera dtlea In tbe <lr
. m Btrlkinc contraal io their
. |? th- * !? smy'a country, when
cticaiiy r ??' avt r all
" aaraea ef
ptayed. To date It baa been qulti
L'p i" yederday
taoj bad w< n onl) u ? and loat
i h conaolatlon, how
,ver. in tl e Uu t that the PhlJ lea, who, |
t.y tht way, ' live "P t0
the prumis. beld o lh? li aprina
rrdnlnB trlp, checked tbe wianlng streak
?( tbe ? ? ' dnnlng
Prank i' ; incc ha?
cu hj
?,i; p ]? nt, .iMi.1 no doubl ha la
.. i | ubilclty
Plltt ?b .rgti laal nlght
ic they wiii wlnd op i
their iii.* ' gantea I
. ?.. ginnlng to-da]. and to
leabt one poatponed game, at leaat, arBl |
..K^n of i
,!ato on Thursday tbe ? ?am wlfl
tratel h me on that day, ao thal tht pl.iy
g-1 a good nlght'a reat ln I
own btd? before glrdinc up thelr lotna I
for aaoll eerk ? ?? Cuba :
at tha Pdo Greundi iy. Banglng
Aroi'nd ln sle<
t-ylng to '>'?''?? out of the top ol the tube
ls not ' nduclte Io good ball pluytng.
rjpea tbt .' -md '
uke bp i lar mornlni a
? ? ? looked for. '
. be here for to.ir < r ..ve
games aad they wttl be folkrwen next
we.k ty ihe i'in tiimatl K<<\*. The Plratea
r.nd the ardlnall will then vlsit tbe P< Io
Orounds In order.
The aaplooi Yankees did about as weB
on thelr own dlamond as they did on the
road. an 1 that was to win about one ln
. .r. *ight games played. They
are now fa<. ,nK anotber Vfeatera trip, ard
llarry VVolvertoa has reason to dr. id it.
Tbe Cblcaao White Box, who, when they
were la?t here, were leadlng the ieagu*,
wU be on the Mliltop for four gaims tfiif?
imx, but on Thuraday evealng the Yan
k-x w pack their grlps and start '.or
lt Loula where they ertll open lor u
aerles wlth the Browns on Saturday.
Ckrlttopber Mathewaon, who alone did
irt on th.- preaent doleful Weet
..f the Giants, aaw breakera
ahead, ns ten days ugo he aredteted that
Colcago atlll was in the p.-nnant flght ln
?jrlng 'Tbe CWcago teatfl ls the str ng
agsaatebder in the race after the Qtanta,
and one tbal would be f?-ared by a team
tith a leea ooanaaaiMltng lead. CMctvgo
till (?.n enough on the Oiants-..'
that ;s my predlctlonr-wlthln the next
swath to make the raie inieresting." It
is hoped ihat Mutty la not ao good a
proplitt aa ie la a | Itchcr.
Do n I overlook the tall-end clube of
tht BatBOf leaguea when looking for new
material, ia tne substance of the latest
laatrueUena to hla scouts by "Chubby
Charley" Murphy. owner of the Chicago
Cubs. There la a reason. Two pltchers.
laareadar and Cheney, who aie <\r'\g bo
much 11 keep the Cubs ln the Natlonal
l*ague race, were plcked up from taH
end clubs last fall. Jirnmy l^vendar wa?
with tha 1'rovldence club of the Inter
Bgllona! Leaguu. whlle llarry Cheney
pttcheu for the boulsvllle club, which nn
?ttaed Ikul ln the American Aasociallon.
Gra. ; ,-.r:d Rlce, who la wlth the Glaiita,
BUd a feW days a*o ln eommenting tn
the Iofs of three ga;n?a in a row by Rube |
He has lost ln three atarta cxactiy half
U many game-* aa he dropped ail laat
laar la thirty coiitfiti. He ha* lost a?
Baay games within a week aa he had
ktt from July, ittil, to July. 1912. one
vosk ha.i cot>t him aa heavdy as tho llfty
tao weeka prevloua had cost, and it re
tulr'B r.o gulde to polnt out to-day the
Btianchoiy young man wlth the dejected
ispect aa belng the renowned pitcher
who stood an entire league upon lta col
bctlve bean for over half the ra e.
luch flgures make one wonder and ap
?precla'e what Marquatd has been doing
fpr the Gianta.
Clark Orlfflth has added another pltcher
'o the ataff of the Senatota. His name
B WHUs- Lby, and he ia a ta.ll. rangy
ttDbn. who has bt-en making a name for
alniseif to semi-professlonal UlulUB at
Tork, Penn.
Conr'.e Mack ia yuoted as aaylr.g that
Ihe Glarna wlll Just breeze to the finish
l? the Natlonal League race and win an
?ther ptnnant by a margin of twenty
Hvtr.es or so. The manager of the world'a
eaamH"ns ls more optlmlatlc than aome
?f the fana" here.
"Hughie" Jenninga. of the Detroit
Tlgeis, taid In Hoaton last Thursday that
U? Red Sox would win the American
League panaant lf the playera a< qulre
tht BBfiiaaarj confulence. He added:
"Thtir princlpal fault la their soclable
Ide. They are what I term u hand
?^aking club, wantlng to be on good
??rms rlth everybody, besidea lucklng
tru? aaayrcadveaeaa,w
Tbert la no ti,.i..atlon of lack of ag
rreaaivfcr.. ss and good feellng b?speaka
aloore, a pltcher of the Galveston club.
*ho has been dubbed the "etrlke-out king"
?f the Texas I.eague, wlll get a trlal wlth
*?? Ciniliinatl Keds. Hank O'Day com
P'eleil tha Jeal yesterday.
The GSavelani Napa have purchaaed
8ll'r Hunter and Olarenrc Kraft, out
?^'ers of tbe Klint, Mlah club, of the
??"?th Michigan league. for 12.500. Kraft
*?a trled out aa a pltcher by the OkV*>
Jhl r|i,i, ir, 1,11, but was turned over
te Toledo. Me recentiy mada elght home
""? ln nlne days.
"*'lk' Ol^jughlln, umplre ln chief of
^ American League, la authortty for the
?^temtnt, after talklng wlth a number
?* N'ational Leaeue umplrea, that the
Ulanta are glvlng lesa trouble on the dla
to>?'l this year than any other team.
**m T. Brueh'a telegram of cor.grntu
l'*^n t., j0i,? j M.Oraw on hla tenth
*'">lv?rsar> wlth the (Jlanta laat Krlday
*?? aa well deaerved aa It waa laudatory
,*d alncera.
Winning of the
1500 Me:re *Run
Thi? Mriklng pliotovTHph. Jnai lecetted
fnon <tn( klinlm. garoelwa, nnd pebllahrd
evlu?i?elv l?> The I'rlhunr. ?dioira tlie
nnMi d the riaWate I..M)0-nielre run al
the Olvmpie gumes. In wliirh A. V s
J.iokson, d <?\ford l nl\er?lty, Kngland.
defeated ?nrh Amerhiin ?t?ir?. and rrrord
holdera a? Ahrl Klvlat. the nntionul oti?
mlle rhnniplon: .lolin I'biiI .lonen. of ( or
nell. and Norman B I'alier. of llrown.
gaeftflaa la breaklna; Ihe lape, whlle the
other ninner*. from left to ri'-hl. are
?lofirs. Blvtat, Behee (Bawtaad) and
T il **. Klvlat and Tillwr wrre ?n nnd .01 I
thlrd. oo'Ci tlvatj. and tlr-lahe^ Ba etaJM
tngether thnt the Juilgra eould nol ?epi
1 >t<> Ibeaa mid naltrd for n neifHtUe of
Ihe tini?h to hf aVve4epeet. Joasaa w?*
fourth :ind llakrr tlfth. wlth the other*
? Inire otlt.
farkaaw rnmr from hfhlnd ln Ihe la?t
3t>0 awrshl vi tt ti a wrll tlnied ainirt to win
hr a uant two rnrtla ln the faat tline of
|:M4-a, a new Olymole re<-onl. K'tlat
hold? the world'* re< oul for tlie ili.lnmr
d |:B4di set ln (ambriilge laat .Itinr.
whlle .loiie?, Ihe ( urnrll ?pred marirl.
holda ?he norld'a aniUrur one-mile re< ord
ol l II l-a.
cbamplon of Grea( Britaln, wlll saii for
home on Tueaday f".r ? much needed re*t
and recatlon. He is comtng back in the
fall. hawevei aa he '?* kmd in pralea ot
his falr treatmcnt by Ihe baalag "fans"
The foiiowing is quoted from "Spcrta
mun" in "The Beattoa Qlokw**!
"They say (teerge BTrtght eiiee ptdyed
through a s aj"'i> <?f baaehall wlthout rr.uk
ii.K a arlld throw. Tbal was in the old
days. As an eaaSBBIB Of modern p*rfec
tlon in gddlng Ed KeatetCBy*a allefed rec
01O of play ing wlthout 1 1 error for the
aoaeoa up to hi? flfty-tblrd gnm? Btanda
out eaaadcuoualy as one of the featurea
of the year ln basebnll. The blg St. LaulB
Cardlnal Is a great mark tt> throw at."
Pull Game Out of Fire at Last
Moment, Beatinp; White Sox.
Boatoa, July Ml?The ><ed Pox pulled
cit a nlntb-lnnlng vletory over the White
Kox, v. itti Waleh plt'-hlny. here to-day,
i,v a aeora of I to t. lt waa Boaton'a
fourth win of tl
I.,.Ai;- . ball and a
eacrifici put Lewla on thlrd wttb one out.
Stahl, who had knocked OUt a home run
earlier. and Wugner who liad prevloualy
doubbd, were paaaad at r'allahari'a ordera.
Carrlgan ?a:< expected te ba an easy
out. But he hlt the ball cleanly orer eeo
ond baae and the game was won.
The BCOre followa:
abrhp-.a?\ abr h po &?
Hoi-.rv-r, rf.4 00 810 Bath, rt>.... 1 10 2 8 0
Ys'ke* 2h . 4 I 1 1 2 0 (-a!!i.han, If 4 0 1 1 10
I*wi?, If .402 JO'i Lord, lb. .302 1 10
.-P'ak'-r cf 411 III Colllna, lh.. 800 19 10
Oardner. 3b. 3 0 0 I 2 I Bodlt ef... 411 6 10
gtahl ii . . 1 ? II Mtlntyra, rf 8 0 2 0 0 0
Wagner, as. XII IllWeaver. aa 4 0 0 2 61,
fairlgan. c 4 0 1 III -ullhati. c 4 0 I 4 2 0
Hall. p. 300 000 Waleh. p.... 411 0 III
Totuls.80 8 7 27 RO' Total*.80 2 7*28 14 1 |
OV4 whlfl WhuUag run waa srored.
. 110 0 0 0 0 0 1-3
Cblcago-... III I 1 tHH
Two-baaa hita? Torkea Bodta fl). Bpaeker,
\Vuan?r ThWO-toaae blti Callahan, Law
11..1T. mn-Hiahi. Bacriftoe hlta-Callahon.
i;j:6n?T. Btolen baaea Btah). Carrlaaa. Wcevrer
;.,.ft Hoflton. ~, Chleago, 9. V'lral
baae on t.al * (>tt llall, ?: <?ff Walah. 4. H.t
by pli'-Mi hall-IUth. Sin-k OU) Ky Hall. 7;
by Walak, 8. I'ar?-e,l hall Bulllvaa. finplrca
?Conru.:!) an'i Man. Time- 2:00.
Drake Has Made Nine Straight
Hits in Two Games.
[By TdfaTraaa to The Tribune.]
Provldence. July 10.?In a free hittlng
game Newark defeated Provldence to
day by a acore Of 1? to ?? Geefctll waa
atrong la the Plnckee and kept tlie thlr
leea 1 it? wall aaatteeed, whlle Newark'a
hitting came oppodundy. "I>d" Drake
hit uafely each time at Bat. rnaking nine
straight hlts ln the last two gam**.
Bletoa injured hla left knee tn BUdlag
to thlrd on hla trlple ln the elghth.
whi. ii wiii keep alra out af tha game for
a few days. W. /imtnerntun and Kirk
patrick Btarred for Newark, the former
getting two aoabVea out of four tlmea at
bat. The acore followe:
ah I I. Poa.e! tbt ?'!?????
Clllna.rf C 1 1 8 1 0. Shean. aa.. -0 2 24 s
KlrkTzt. .-,28861 -?.I....T,. 11, II 1 ?00
hwaa.lb i 1 114 0 11 -, h,?l,lt. c. 4 1 8 80 J
Vghii.ss 6 1 8 0 611 Elaton. rf.. 41 1 11 ?
wVa.ll 4 12 4 00 uehall. rf. 00 0 000
K/.n. 3b 5 1 2 1 J0 Pjarnr. tt... }J ' ???
Hlgna.rt 4 0 12 II rirako. If... II 4 411
gn.lth. c 4 1 1 4 so, Ata 8b. ?? J? ' 11!
<;aHkll!.p 4 110 XI OUlooplo. lb 11 0 010
| i ?ovnuton.p 81 o ooo
i Baiior. p. ? 11 ? !??
?wnaoa. io ' no
Totals..42 I11? r 1* li Totala.tl 118 ? T 4
?Balied for Ollletple In nlnth Innlng.
Newark. 0 0 1 1 0 2 8 3 0 10
Provl lewa. o o o 1 1 o i i ?- ?
Biaiaaj Baaaa Petvy, i>rake (I), At*. Twa
|,a.?e blt? A-hndrtl. W. Zmin.ii.iun ii).
..-an t. reo baaa hll Blaion. >?'-,,"<;
hlta \\ /Imin. unnn, tU-hinldi. *la. IxiJblo
,, iiS Blston to i-atlifcra. Btruch o?H By '>'?
na-'tor, mii^: b? Hal -v. 1; b) (insklll. I 1' ir?t
bat* on balla off llailey. i?>n. . >?* ' '??' J??J
1 ofl Oaaklll, 8 W n plteti aaak?l m b>
ninher- Hy t'ovlngion I'laaklll. K aton. smltlu.
|.?. ? ?...?l'r0.i,i. in,,, U, Ne?aik: ?; Ula
Richanis, oi Hrigham j'oung I'niv. r^ity, winning the riinninor higtl jump at Stockholm, Swedcn. by clegring
the baf Bl 6 i>ct M4 inches.
'I'hotos copyrlght by rnderwood * l n lerwood).
Goes D~wn Before Stilcs on
the Westchester Courts.
B*ats Walworth and Phelps by
Cutting the Lines with
His Drives.
*Pfca> hls splrlted net nttaek sptlt hy
the paaaing IhOta of hls opponent. Italph
L, Bagga sac baatefl at tbe >peninp ot
the Weatabaatar County lawn tennis
chsmplonrhip slngle* on the courto of j
the Biwanoy Country ciut>. at <ir?nd and
Columbus avenueH, Mount Vern.>n.
terdaj Bportlng the calera of the
Bronxrllle Atbloth Aaaactatloa, he went |
down to defeat by a s. ore of 6 4. 1?7.
fi I before H 8. Mile-.. of the New Ro
chelle Tenlw Club
Tluoughout the flrst and second sets ;
Bagga wna the HKCretiBor Me followed
the aanrli?? ur> to the pat, Blaablng nway
for awlftly played eroaplng anota alean
whlle .stilea |..-rsi tently eovorod eourt .
He kept peRging away, alwaya trying
for the loophole f..r e passlng ehot down
th.- atdea gagnaa/a brtluaaay was I
aclipaad by hia iifietearlineas. Mnally. |
after he had work.jd hlmeelf out In two
ona eta, he had t-- fall baab to hl- i-nse
liii.- Thafl Htiles worked to the IntBb
qulckly, losing only two gamea ln tha
decldlag third S#t.
Thla match provlded the feature of the
openlng day of the tournament, ln whhh
thirty-two competltor* are entered in
the sdngles, representlng the prominent
cluhs in Westchester County. Bdgar T>
l.eo, a formei New V ork Club player.
represenied the Hlwanoy Club, and in hls
flrst round match diapoaed of Wllliam
.1. Walworth, of the New York Athletic
Club and New Ho- helle. In two Btratgbt
?ets at 6?3, 6 I Then l.eo turned bla
attentJon to R. W. Phelps, of the Park
Hiii Country Club, defeating hlm at
g?o. 6 1 He had hia drlvea flndlng
the corners as he tri'-kerl hia opponent
out ot posltion He wa* fast nnd sure.
neither Walworth nor Phelpa approai h
lng hlm on .ipeed.
Rlobard An*ur, the leadlng player of
th> NOW Racballe strlri*. alau BBufBgwJ IB
two apntaatav The ready panell of tha
raferee gavc hlm a default ln the firat
round i.v. r Charlea Ropes, the formerl
Columbia Pnlverelty star, playlng for
tbe New York Athleth- Club. Then I
Augnr took on Harry Ghormley, of S1- I
wunoy. The two had a stlff anoPUBtcr,
which en.led In Aukur'a favor at I?3, j
8_ j. (ihormley workel hard to hreaK j
down AiiKur's backhand. It Btood up i
splendldly, however, and the llne drlves j
whlch the wlnner pulled off on that alde .
carrled the match for him.
TIu fosmer New York t'nlverslty
eham.doti. Alfred 1). Hammett, acored
hia opening match ln eaay tah1.ui He
played for the Manor ClUB and defeated I
L. 8. Latlmer, of the Hronxvllle Athletic !
ABaaelatlon, at t?t, ??I. At aii stagea
Hammett waa steady and fast. Thd
tournament wlll be o.ntinued through
out the week.
The Hummary followa:
bv atobaatee <',,Uiuy abamplaaahip men's
I atnalea <flrst round >?Alfred i< Haaataett, j
Manor Club, dof.-nted I. B l..tlrt..-r. BJroBfl ?
vllle Athletic Asaoclatlon. t'.- 3 0--I, H. U
Ohormley Blwaaoy Cowntry Club, dif.-nted
je M J gchavarrla, Nesi York Aibletle!
' ClOb, by default; Itlrhui.l Augur. New Ko
: ehella ici.nls Club. .lefealeU Charlra Ropea, I
, ? . ,v Vr.tk AthlitU- ClOb, bv default. Oetrgl
j l: i,. 1'i-h, IfeW Itorlirllr Tennis Club. defeat-I
! e.i Arthur Perrla, Hronsviiie Athletic a?s>
..i. by d.ftuit; Herbert Peeter. Para I
HIM Country club. .lefeated Artd r l. Hoe,
,!,,.,.Hi.. Ati.l.i:.' \s?.?latlon. l.y default;
Ixtwell I Kinli. New Roehelle Tennis Club, rie
r-a'i-d K. Cllff"td liln.-k Man... Club. by
Befaolt; *!? M. l,ord, tfl?anoy Cuntrv I
di-featad gaBnctn Pyatt, Hronsviiie Athleii.;
AsS'iclatlnn. by d'fault: Kred.il.-k V. Kox,
Country Clafc af Waoteheater. defeated M M.
Wltaca Hronsviiie Athleil<- Asso. Iatl'>n,
? ^__s P?1: Allen Tob?y. Hronsviiie Athletl.i
Anae'-lallon. def. atc.l H T Hrerk. Hlwanoy
Country d"b, e 2. ft I; i: W Phelaa Parl
tiin Country Club, Isfaatej tienry pnekett,
Hronxvllle AlhUtlc Assotlatlon, 6-1. ft-'J:
I ,ia-sr F. I.'?. Klwanoy Country Club, de
?,..tid Wllliam J Walworth, New II,. helle
Tfntils Club. ft?8. ??4); II. 8. fellles. N.-w
,'. . ',:|,. Tennis Club, def?at.l Halph U
?t.M,, Hronsviiie Atblei!.- Aisoclatlon. ?- 4.
a_r ti---'; I>r. B. !' Ur:.ke. .\>w Rpchall*
T.nnls Club. def. ?t<<l I. R. l^wyer. Hlwanoy
coantry Clob, a -4. t i
' r?ur<1--Hlehard Augur. New IP>
Clothier and Gardner
Take Eastern Doubles
Harvard Veterang Earn Right
to Compete for National
Lawn Tennig Honora
Next V/eek.
i fetegrapti toTheTrffasiae.]
Boatoa, July M tVllllam J cioth'cr
won the BTBl paM Bt hls passage. toward
another national lawn tennis champlon
shlp tltie here to-day, WhBB on the turf
eourts of the hlstorb- I/mgwood Crleket
<Tuh and palred arttb Qaerga i
Oardner, Jr, he cnpturrd the r
? tltle iti th- aU-fcaaportant nnal
of the touraameat Clatbter, who al "-i aa
national chatnpi"ii ln sl'iglea ln 1906, and
Oardnar defeated Crasg Blddla nnd R.
Notrih Wllllams after four hard-fuughl
set. at A-2. 11- 1J. $-*>. 1?4.
As a result the two Harv*.rd veter.tns
wlll ooeppete ln the prellmlnary tles of
th. battoaal championshlp dotiblea at on
TBBtala. Chi'ag... nest we,<k against the
champioaa of the I'ai-lflc c<?ast. the .-'?> uh
and th. West, la brlng out the ehadtn
gers of Raymaad i> Uttle aad 0 f.
Toueharg fot the aaubtaa rrown when
the p;a>ers meet at Newport ln August
The day was not eonduelve to the h. st
of lawn tennis A heavy aboWoff In tha
Bsornlag altawad ealy of Cloiblur'a Bjateb*
lng BP hls pnstpoiieil natoh against J. D.
K. Jonea, the atd hiioUm latand .stme
Norway Boats Lead on Points
for the First Day.
Htockholm. July 20.-The yaehtlng re
gatta. In cnnertlon wlth the Olymplc
gaiues, begsn here to-day In msgnldeent
salilng weather.
TWBBt] -twohoats took r>art In the varl
ous raees and the results were: Norway,
14 polnta; Bweden, 13. Flnland, 1 and
Franee, j.
Englishman Uses Elbow Freely
in Bout with White.
l?s Angeles. July 30-After forclng
whatevir tlghtlng there was for nearly
nine roundn of a scheduled twenty round
bout here to-day. Owon Moran, of F.ttg
land. was dlsquallfled for uslng hls elbow
ln ellncbea, and the de.-lslon awarded bv
Charles K'yton, the referee, to Jack
White, of Chl.-ago The ahrupt endlng
of the flght was recelved wlth mln?led
rheers and Kroans.
Moran dld nearly all of the leading
F'llly half of the time was spent 1 rt felnt
ing and raclng. the Kngllshman beln* the
pursuer Whlto had th? better of only
one round, the seventh, when he landed
three left swlngs to hlfl opi>otient'fl head.
Moran was flrst warned ln the flfth
round. when a short left hook opened
Whlte'B llp. The ChleagJan protested
that Moran had used hls elhow In strlklng
the l.l'.w. Twiee ln subsequ.nt rounds ihe
Kngllshman was warned. and each time
h- declare.1 that he waa not uslng his
Among the Inslde spectutors there waa
almoat aa much dlfTerence of oplnlon bh at
th- Wolgast-KlverH declslon. many as?ert
lng that It was becauso of Whltr's BBathfld
of .lefrnce ln cllncbis that Moran BBBBBBd
t.. l,e hkhtlng unfairly. Moran dlsplayed
mut.-h more cleverm-ss than White, whose
showlng was dlsappolnting. Moran was a
io to 7v? favorlte at the rlngsldc. wlth
comparatlvely Uttle Whlto money ln slght.
Con Walsh Breaks His Own Fig
nrei at Seattle Potlatch.
Beattle. July ?.-?'on Walsh. formerly
of New York. now a member of the
Beattle Athletic Club. broke the world'*
record yesterday wlth the 68-pound
welght wlth a throw of 15 feet t\4 Inchea
over a bar. or one in. h hlgher than hls
own n-eord.
The throw was made at the athletic
meet held under the dlrectlon of the
Seattle Oolden Potlach. and sanctloned
by tha Amateur Athletic Unlon.
rharnpion. in th? fiffh round of the chal
leaga e ip ataglea. Jonea had led at I 9
on gatnea la the thlrd let when the nr.it-h
i ? ipped last Thursday.
Clothlar sniled int.. Jonea'a ddvea b>
, however, and reeled ofl sl? Btralght
' gamea and tht maich t" the eomplete
m ,re ..r | i. ?> i. I '. Ctotbler by bta
rlctorj gdaa the aemi-Anal round. Mau
ri<.- K. McLoughlln dao galned hla brack
et ln this round by d<-f. atilig Alfred S. |
Dabney, ^ -s, I t. I I n i 'alll >rd ia
lta Knrl H. Bdir for tha 'ii.al round.
Cralg Biddle aad the youthful Wllllama
made .i aplendld battle (<t the doublea
booora Tbe two la k< d the deetdvt pl r s
at th* edtleaJ itagee, however and lt waa
to thla defed that the crithai followera
of the game attributed thelr defeat. tt
w.is Oardner who st<, .1 in tbe breach at
rj aaaault Me baa eetni forward af a
nd tn a high place in American uwn
Aeceffdlag to the Engllah ayateai of
BBoartng at ? irned polnta and erro.-s
Oardner played the be*: game of the in-ir.
Ctotbler earnad 27 i ? Inta i?'"i made II
erroi I ad fl ? ai aed pdnta nnd
? tt errora, Biddle aaraed H polata and
nada <i errora, whl ?? ?nuiaana aara
' pottlta ainl Biedl ?1 errora.
I The sumrnary followa:
Kiattrrri etiamplor:
IVIIII im .1 ?!. thler an I Oi rg* I -- ? -? i.
ner. Jr , <lrfeatf.| Crala ?? I II NorrlS
I \MI lania. tl ? II II, ?? ? C 4
l/niaw.K;-! hallenge cup ali k'.-h (flfth round)
?' iBrt - B M< i iajl In ? ? ? ited Ufre : B
1 Dabnojr, 7-3, ? 4. 7 B; Ui;i .ii. J. i-lotlil?r
? '? iti l j. i- i lom - I i. ?? 4. n-3.
Wins Five of Six Lawn Tennis
Matches Agalnst Ridgewood.
Rlrhnr." !l I'alnvT. formerly the New
.Jersey .?tat> Champton Bttd raaklBg Inwn
j tennln plnyer, BCOred th? only matoh
Icredlted tO the t-am of th" Rldgewood
Country (Mub In the dual s.-rles agalnst !
the itaworth Clab team reeterday, on
the courts of the former at BidgeWOOd,
j N. J. Palraer defeated Loula Qravea at
??3, 1?7 The iiaworth tnun played right
I Into Pabner'B hands. He hlt low und
Bteadlly to the cornere, which afforded
Palraer siien<iid opportunltlea for his
I grotind strokes. }fe gave them full play.
Oravea k'-pt on the si rint about bla court,
flghting out every i otnt. Tho veteraa
i waa not to he dealed, however, and he
Iaoored a weii eevned dctory.
j The Haworth playera aeored the flve
i other atatehea ln the eerlae. <t. i*. Wyeth,
I the reeeat wlnner of the Haworth clnm
I ptonahlp, was at bla bad agalnst B F,
ThOBtaa, whom he defeated 4?0, 1?3.
Bobed T. Bryan, the former Heventh
Boajmaat titie holder, dtapoeed of ?'.
Mllner at 6?1. 6-H. la both of these
pratebee the driving at tha wlnaera waa
axoaptlonally Bne,
The aurntnary followa:
Maa'B alriRlea?KW-hanl H i'a'.-ner, RMgo
wood, denaird l^ula Orawea, Hawnrtn. <l -i,
'? 7; 0), i.. p/roih, BaworUt, dafoataal B F.
TliomuH. RtdgeaooJ B '>. ? ?'?? Robart r.
Bryaa, Hawortb defeated C. Miiner Iti-lge
wood, ? l. ?! :i , . ,
Men'a Boublea -Babert T. Hr>an and Q. L..
Wy. tn, Haworth. deftatod B r. Thomaa and
H. Dornmn. Ill.lgew od, B?2, o 3; L*uta
oravea aad iVi.man imk. Haworth, ilefeatej
'!. A. I. Cl.veUn.] aad K. MIIikt. KIlKewoOd,
Mlxed douMM -Mr*. Jamea IfckeraM and Q.
L. Wyeih. H.iwottn. dofeatod Mi?h Hokb and
<i. A U rlevelailJ. HlJge*"'?1. >' 0. ii 1.
Rain Works Havoc with Tour
ney, but Bundy Wins a Match.
l.uke Fore.^t, 111.. July 20.?Prellnitnary
play in the fTeatera leem tennis tenraa
ment at the finwcntfla t'lub to-day waa
rondtrted under dittbultleh. A heavy
raln made the rourts unplayablo untll
after 4 o'cloek, and less than an hour
and a half later another ralnstorm made
further pluy itnposMible. Only h\x matehes,
tlve In slnglea and one In doublea. were
run off.
The raln lnterrupted the doubles match
between Waldner and Merd and Com
rtoek and Vall, wlth the former leading
at 1-1. *-8.
Thomaa 0, Bundy. of Loa Angeles. de?
feated Jetry Wel er, a Chlcago lllgh
Behool boy. at 6--3. B-d. Weber'a york
wd-i MirprlHingly good, _
C ll Vaii. Cflcaao, defeated wuyne,
Chottleid Taylor. 1 -4. 6-2. B-ti garold
t* fimlth. Chleago. defeated W. J. Moppe.
thkago, a-l. *-:; H. C. Hancock, uhl
cago. defeated J. A SteVei.?on. ( litcago,
t^-: tr-:; aad J J- Korstaii, Chlcago, de?
feated d Uiin. Cadeagej ?-i fr-o.
National Association Plans
Complete Supervision.
R. D. Wrenn Hopes to Include
Every Section of Country
ln the Moveraent.
Rohert D. Wrenn. president of the
United Ktates National Lawn Tennis As
soclntlon. eounded the flrst note ln the
progre slve movemetit toward the na
tlonallzing of the game at ? meetlng of
the ranklng commlttee, held yesterday
at the offlce of George T. Adee, at No. 31
ttjaad atreet. It was stated by Mr.
Adee, who Is Becretary of the commlttee,
that lt Is the wlsh of the president of
the a>sociatlon that every player in the
Unlted States who competes ln tourna
mt-nts may be reglstered wlth the rank
Ing commlttee this season. Thla wlll af
ford the national a?soe|atlon a eompre
hanatPB ktPt upon Wbleb 'o work and the
namaa of the actlve competltors through
whom the hetterment of tournaments
may he hroupht about.
"II ls the earneMt deslre of Mr. Wrenn
to give to lawn tennis an actlve admin?
istration," sald Mr. Adee, "and he haa
been plannlng and wnrklng toward that
and Bvary brancb of the ?ame is heing
MrefUlIy gOOa over, ar.d eveh now Henry
W Btoeum and hls eommlttee asso> lates
are bually ( ngaged ln a complete revl
slon of the rtiles.
?The prflPhienl has ronferred wlth thlfl
commlttee and has wrltten to Mlles 8.
( hnrlock, of the Cresceiit Athletic.Club.
its chalrrr.an, upon the ehi^f poinftl whlch
are to be developed ln Its flystematlc
work this seanon. Already upward of a
thotisand letters have been sent out to
playera an.l tournament commltteea
tbrOUghout the country. More wlll fol
low. Our efforts to establlsh a complete
Ii?t cannot be successful, however, un
leaa every player lnterested ln the game
h-nds hia a.^sistance toward maklrg our
retonls absolutely complete.
"At the last annual meetlng lt was
ruled thnt ten playera were to be rated
numcrh -ally, und the followlng nlnety
men were to be rated In groupa of ten
"It has occirred to Mr. Wrenn to offer
valuahlo nugge?tlon9 to the commlttee, so
that BO pectlon of the country may be
overlooked. Heretofore the Eastern
players have monopollzed tho ranklng
llst. We propose now to ascertaln
Whether or not they rlghtfully belong
there. I'ndoubtedly there are brtlllant
lierformers ln other eectlons of the coun?
try who have not recelved the|r Just
reeognltlOB. They are about to recelve
thelr reward unleSB they perslat ln hid
Insr themselven. I thlnk that I can con
lldentlv state that this comrr.ltfgt? ls In
aiiKuratlng the most lmportant movement
for the development of lawn tennis that
the game has ever known In thls country.
"We are plannlng to begln work on tho
ratlngs not later than September 25. To
facllltate thls work every p'.ayer ls hav?
ing mailed to hlm a record blank upon
whlch data may be readlly entered and
sent to thls commlttee."
The commlttee lnoludes Mlles B. Char
lock, of the West Slde Tennis Club and
Cn cent Athleti" Club, chalrman; Charles
M. Hull, Jr., crem-ent Athletic Clnb, and
Oeorge T. Adee, Country Club of West
. hester. secretary. Mr. Charlock haa
ably planned tho systematlzlng of tha
campaign, BO that every player ln the
country may be Usted ln the national as
so.latlon reoords, even lf hls name falls
to appear on tho honor roll of 100 at tho
elose of the sea?on. Altogether tt ls the
flrst movement of natl< nal scope whlch
the MBOciatloa has undertaken.
In brbfty iaylng down the general prln
etptea which he wlshed the commlttee to
foliow, Mr. Wrenn eummarlzed the fol?
lowlng as the baels upon vv hlcn the work
i-hould be conducted:
Flrst-Rarik numerlcallv the flrst ten
men. und heyotul thnt extend tha rank?
lng to nlnety men ln nlne groups of ten
each, in claaaea.
Becon.l?To be con?ldered fer a ranklng
ln slncle.s, a player must parthlr at'1 in a't
lt-i t three tournaments. (Oecaslonal ex
ceptlona. ?
Third To be consldered for a ranklng
ln doublea, a pair must particlpato ln at
leaxt twe tournaments. (Oecaslonal BB>
<-. ptlona.)
Pourth Mlddle and late season ptav wlll
eonnt more than early season perform
Kifth-The ranklng wlll bo baeed solely
on the record? of the players, ar.d not in
arv partlcular on the oplnlcn of th* com?
mlttee as to the relatlve merits of those
Dispose of Paterson Cricket
Eleven with Ease.
On the grounds of the New York Vet
erans, at West New Urtghton, the Manor
Ft'-Id cricket team ran up a total of 110
and <llsp.?sed of the Paterson eleven for
40 yesterday. J. D. Cave. R. Southen
and W. .1. Hopton made good scores on
the wlnnlng slde, whilo Southern, with
.1. ('. (lould and K. Breta, accompllshed
some good bowllng. The only man on tho
vIsltlnK slde to reach double flgurea was
K. Temple, wlth 16.
A dlspute as to the ellglblllty of a
player marred tho game between the
West Indlans and the Oolonlals at Pros
pect Park. The ColonialB had totalled
102, and the West Indlans had 9 wlckets
lawn for 80 runs, when objectlon was
made to A. K. llardlng batting, the rea
?00 glven heing that he had flelded only
as a suhstltute. F Hlnds and F. Austln
were both ln good form wlth the ball.
Tho Manhattans were aucceBsful ln
thelr second section game against Klngs
County, wlnnlng by a total of 49 agatnst
33. On the vlctorlous slde A. G. Shlngler,
W. Hugglna and A. P. Daggett got Into
double fiKureB, whlle G. Avery took 3
wt.-kets for 10 runs. KlngB County was
weak at the bat, but Ba C. Eva and K.
Altchison bowled in good style.
lllar scorlng was done ln the league
game, Becond section, between Benaon
hurst and Brooklyn, at Ulmer Park. The
home team ran up 245 for six wlckets,
whlle the vlsltors reached a total of 136.
J. C. K. Jordan was out for M, W. B. |
Ottewlll was not out for 41 and J. Kvelyn
BCOrad 48 before belng caught. Other dou
Btaa were reglstered by A. U Walrond,
H. al Clarke and A. Crawford, whlle |
Clarke. In additlon, captured 7 wlckets
for 4i runa. F. A. Corbln waa top scorer
for Brooklyn. wlth 43; W. B. Klng acored
81, L. Wllcs 28 and W. Masslah 15, not out.
YonkerB 8t. Oeorge ran up a total of
118. of which number A. R. 8mlth con
trlbuted 60 before he waa retlred. Thelr
opponents, the Bt. Oeorge eleven. were
dlsposed of for 42. of whlch total Kngle
due was not out for 3. Setilor and Holds
worth shared the howllng honor?
Pcyer Leads Brooklyn to Cricke
Victory Over Bensonhurst.
Defeats Staten Island Elevei
Through Fine Batting of n
the Turvilles.
An unusual bowllng performance by H. ^
Poyer, coui>lod with good batting on the
part of J. H. BtigTs. H. A. Meyers and
R. Macpherson. enabled Brooklyn to win
a Metropolitan Leajrue game at the
ex"ense of Eensonhurst at Prospect
I'ark. Poyer's bowllnt? analysl.-. read I
wlckets for U runs. and none of the cp
poslng team was able successfully to solvs
hls dellvery. Meyers and Briggs made a
capital stand for the second wieket, and
later Maepherson stayed untll after three
flgures went up. The margin of victory
wa.s 59 runs.
The Bcore follows:
J. I, Poy?r, e A. Evelyn. b Sarjeant. 9
H A Mevers. b Hlades. ?
.1 M HrlBBK. st Marshall. b Blades. 80
' H. Poyr. b Hlades. ?
W. I.. flren<:e. b Franklln. 3
A. I^jvell. b Hladea. ?
(). Smlth. c sub, h Biades. 8
II y. Mrown. b Evelyn. 3
| R. Ma<pherson, b Sarjeant. 11
T Pf. Havlll, run out. 0
! J. Rodgers. not out. X
i Kstras ._?
Total .-.nH
C. B. Marshall, b H. Poyer. T
c 0. M'-Oregor. b Brl?fi. ?
E. H Ree<e. a and b H. Poyer. P
A Eveivn. b H. Poyer.v'Al'Ullii*** i
c. E. Hlades, o Ma.-plierson, b H. Poyer... ?
K. A. Barjeant, b H. Poyer. *
I'. g Cranklln. not out. J
BJ. BhrMjra, b H. Poyer. B
(j. Delvalle. b LSrlags. 1
Extras .- *
Total . ?
Bewilng-A. Evelyn. 1 for 21; Sarjeant I
'or .10; Bladen, 6 for 22; Franklln. t for 23;
brimts, 2 for 13: H. Poyer. ? for 1?; J. Poyer.
none for 2.
RIehmonfl County earned a victory in
the assoclatlon aerles at West New
Frlghton. the losera belng the Staten Ial
and eleven. Oscar and Evan Turvtllo
batted ln flne style for the wtnnera, and
F. C. Taylor added 27, maklng victory
posslble. For Staten Island, C. H. Clarko
was top scorer ln a well played Innlnge
of 30. A. O. Laurle dld the beat bowllap
of the day. capturlng 4 wlckets for II
runs. The totala were: Btaten Island, U\
Rlchmond County, IM.
The score follows:
M. R. Cobb. b Turvllla .-? J
B H. 1. ftelnthal. b Ptoughton. 9
A I) Roblnson, c O. Turvllle, b Stoughton. II
C H. < larke, 0 E. Turvllla. b Taylor. 80
H. Penhv. o Houthern, b Taylor.... i?
H R. NlYolI. c O. Turvllle. b Laurle. *
J. D- Keenan, b Laurle. ????.
W F. Keenan, c O. Turvllle. b Taylor.... 0
F. A. W Ireland, c and b Laurle. 1?
A. Van I.aar, not out.?.??? I
\V. Pretty, b Laurle.
Total . M
E. O. HulL b Cobb. ?.
0. Turvllle. b Ire'.and . U
E. T.irvllls, b Nict.lt . "I
A n. Laurle. b Ireland.? ..?. ?
1, W Htoughton, c and b Ireland. *
B o Chailenger, b Nlooll. '
W. H. fitlles, b Cobb... ?
F. C. Taylor, b Ireland. *'
K KoNkina. c Ireland. b Cobb..... >
K Houthern, e Van Laar, b cobb. I
K Hiuthem. not out. "
Extraa ._
rto'wiinir?O.' 'W'v'lile,' V ?? ??':' 'fourhton i!
for^O : Taylor. 3 for 1?-LMrie. 4 forf 18: Cobb.
4 for 40, Nlooll, 2 fcr 19; Ireland, 4 for 84.
Klngs County met wlth Its flrflt defeat
In the Metropolitan League aaftaa. Man
hattan beatlng lt at Prospect Park by
thlrteen runs ln a small scorlng game.
F. 3 Hall and H. Tyers dlsposed of the
Klngs County team for flfty-three runs,
the formor securlng slx srtcketfl at a cost
..f twenty-flve runs. and tha latter cap?
turlng four for thlrty-three. On tha los
lng side. J. D. Maclennan to< k alx
wkkets for twenty-aeven runs, and L> A.
Carey was the only man to make Joubla
flgures ln an lnnlngs of twenty-flvo. Tho
Manhattan total was 76, of whlch K. E.
Olttens made ? and IL V. Tattersell
scored 15.
The Bcore follows: ' j
R*. Tyers. b HoyU.
C M Nlakhall, b Maclennan.
B E Olttens, c Hoyla, b Maclennan....
j T Broadbent, st. Carey, b Maclennan.
A. J. W'lnte. b Maclennan.
I I? fctandfaet. b Maclennan.
H. V. Tatteraall. I b w, b Maclennan...
P. B. Hull. by Hoylo.
T. Brocklehurst, not out.
Extras .*?.*"_J^
Total .??es t*
O. W. Barnes, b Tyers.? ? j
A. H. I-ewls, b Hall. '
U K. Wllllams. b Hall..*.....?.
H. B. Coyna. b Tyers.
j r>. Maclennan. b Tyara.
C. Horle, b Hall.
U A. Carey. b Hall.
E J. Atwood. b Tyers.
<V W. Hllss. b Hall.
P. Roycroft. not out.
H Hoyle, b Hall.
.ag v
Bowllng*:' Maclennan.^6'for j^ajV^LwM '
50, Barnes, 0 for 10; Tyara, ? for 81; Hall. B
">' ?? _,
New York Veterans and Pater?
son Come to No Decision.
An lnnlngs of 92 not out by A. Hoa
klngs was the dlstlngutshinf feature of
the cricket game between the New Torb
Veterans and Paterson. at Paterson. yes?
terday. The result waa a draw, tha vat
erana Bcorlng lSti and tha home elevea
totalling <6 for flve wlckets.
The Spartan B team totalled 111 runa
against tho West Indlan U team, who
could only mansge to put together 41.
"Extras" f'gured largely in the Bpartan
total. no less than forty flgurlng tn tho
total. J Duporte had the exeeptlonal
analysls of 8 wlcketa for II runa on ihe
wlnnlng alde.
H. Lohmer and H. Ramotor mada g>
valuable btand ln p?rtnershlp for Coiunt
Wa Oval ln the game against the An|"~
Americana at Van Cortlandt Park.
mer rcored 45 and hta partner 47. whlia
G. Bhaw captured 8. wlckets for 27 n:ns.
The totals were: Columbla Oval, 171 for
4 wlckets; Analo-Araerlcan, II.
The Cameronn autTered thelr flrst de?
feat of the seaaon, Van Cortlandt taking
them Into camp by a margin of 21 runa.
For the wlnnera V. Mtchaelowskl had a
conalderable share in the succesa of hia
slde by scorlng 29 runa and capturlng I
wi? kets for 2S runs. For the Camarona
E Plckford was top scorer wlth 17, and
ln addltlon took S wlckets for 41 runs.
The totals?Van Cortlandt, 74; Camer
ons, 63. 4
Vernon Lodge met defeat at the handa
of the Bronx Unlted eleven. They were
able to score only 64 agalnat a total of
97 put up by thelr opponenta. Holds
worth and Btockdale. wlth acorea of II
and 2i reapectlvely, batted well on the
wlnnlng slde, and Brophy took 6 wlcketa
at a cost of 34 runs. Slay was the best
man wlth the ball for the loeera, wlth
t for 17

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