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Leads Aurora and Istalena to
Flnish Over Larchmont Course.
Fine Breeze Fills Sails of Big
Fleet on Opening Day of
Annual Fixture.
The offlctrs and membera of the larch?
mont Yarht Club were congratulatinK
themselver last night on the proverblal
"larchmont lu< k," for they opened thelr
raro week with a record number of start
*rs ln tluir Srd sorlc* raoe. One hun?
dred and UlU-ty yachts. ln twenty-two
classes, crossed the startlng llne off the
brtakwater. baglBlllBg at 1:15 o'clock,
when the blg sloops *ere sent away. It
was 1:9 o'clock before the last of the
fl<et yot aua>. %
The start was rnade ln a fine breezo
from the south-southwest. and lt cor.
tlnued steady throughout the raco. The
65-foot sloop Wlaaome was the wlnner in
that class from Cornellus Vanderbllfs
Aurora. by 1 minute 33 seconds, the Ista?
lena belng thlrd boat. These two made
a pretty start down the wlnd. with bal
looners aet. It was a run to the lirst
mark, a boat from there to tlie second
and a reach to the thlrd. The tlmes at
the end of tho f.rst round of the course,
which wa* thlrty and one-half mlles in
all, were: Winsome. 3:15:36: Aurora, 1:14:21;
Jstalena, 1:17:81 The Winsome malntalned
her lead to tbe tlnlsh.
The raclng ln aome of the other claaaea
mas etaae. The Aveagef and Medora
eafldl a good race, the Medora havlng :.n
allowance of 3 mlnutea tl seconds. won
by 6 mlnutee 59 seconds. The Winnera UO
the other claaaea were the Corinthlan, the
Carllta, the Gamecock. the Vandnlia. tho
lnterim. the Red Vving. the Naton.a, the
Joy. the Yukan, the M. and P. II, tho
MUe. Boss, the Amcthyst, the Loon, ihe
Snapper, the Venus, the Mary Jane, the
Oo Go, the La Rochelle, the Iney, the
Allc* and the Wasp.
A prettler or more lnspirmg r.lght haa
not been wltiie.=?ed on the Bound for
years than the start of the varlous clasH
es. thelr battle* for podtlona at tho llne.
and thelr final getaway wlth shcets cased
well off to port, balloon jibtopsails set
ar.d pulltng Bplendldly ln the freshening
An hour after the flrst Rignal the
8ound, as far as the eye could reach to
the castward, was dottetl with the white
ualls of as fine a fleet of racing craft as
evtr competed for the Larchmont pHzes.
Splrlted Indeed waa the start of H. L.
Maxwell's sloop Avenger, II. G. S. No
tde's new Medora, P. M. Davles's Ad
venturesa and E. S. Booth'a yawl Phau
tom. and of the eleven New York Tacht
Caab'a "thlrtleB." led by J. Pierpont
Morgan. Jr.'B, Phryne. wlth her owner
at the helm. After raclng over a Wfe
mlle course the Carllta proved tho wln?
ner in this class by only seventeen sec?
onds from the Caprice. The Nepal was
third, the Ibls fourth and tho Phryne
The Corinthlan, aailed by her owner,
Howard C. Smith, won ln the P class ty
jutt 18 seconds from the Joyant, and the
wlnner in the small schooner class was
W Butler Duncan's Vandalla, from the
Algol. which made her flrst appearance
vesterday. She was salled by C. L. Poor,
There was somo exceedlngly close rac?
lng ln eome of the small classea. For In
stance. the Yukan, of the Larchmont in
terclub class, won from the Whlff by one
second, and the Amethyat, of the Jewel
claaa, from the Topiut by flve seconda.
Tho aummary followa:
Tha Bummariea follow:
3TABT, 1:13.
Flnish. "me.
Yacht and owner. H.M.S. H.M.S.
tatalena, O. M. Fynchon.... 6:0653 3:51:55
Wlaaome, E. T Hall . 6:02:40 8:47:45
Aurora, C. Vanderbllt . 6:04:17 8:49:18
Avenger. H. L. Maxwell.... 4:56:00 8:36:00
Medora, U. O. 6. Noble.... 4:68:38 8:38:38
M?dora H. Q. 8. Noble. 4:58:38 8:38:38
Adventuraas, F. M. Daviea. 0:08:17 8:43:17
Avenger, H. L. Maxwell.... 4:56:00 ?771
Phantom, E. 8 Booth,.6:82:12 4:16:12
Ccrr?ete4 tlme: The Medora, 3:24:01; the
Avenger, 8:86:00.
START, 2:26.
Car*. Mla, R. L. Cuthbert.. 4:01:21 3:30.21
CorlnthUn. H. C. Bmltb.... 8:56:06 2:3 :8?
Joymnt. W. H. Chllda .8:56:24 ?*i:U
Wtndwaid, R. A. Monka .. 8:36:33 2:81:33
Alera, 3. W. and E. P.
Alker . 4:18:13 2:48:13
Tbla. W. X. Buek.4:10:36 1:40:88
Okea, J. A. Mfchlftedt. 4:16:14 2:46:14
Juanita, B. C. Huntar.4:11:09 2.41:00
I?na. O. M. Reld.4:17:51 2:4, :61
yepai. J. de Forest.4:10:08 2:40 08
Carllta, G. B. Kulankarnpff. 4:07:40 2:3, :40
R/iwdy. H. 8. Duell. 4:11:22 2:41:22
KmsaL O. Plel. 4:17:37 2:47:38
Phryne, J. P. Morgan. Jr... 4:11:05 2:41:06
Caprtce. R. N. Ellla.4:07:67 2:37:57
Oameoxk. R- P. Tyler.4:27:45 2 47:46
Maahnae. W. B. Pardee.4:89:57 2:56:5.
COUR8ia 11* MILES?START, 1:85.
Ri*al. W. H. Judeon.4:15:20 2.40:29
Algol, C. L Poor, jr. 4:12:27 2:37 27
Solra, C. Cowl.4:15:13 2:4D:ir,
Vandalla. W. D. Du&can. Jr. 4:06:21 2:81:21
paffodll, A. H. Morrle.4:16:26 2:41:26
Eelen li, a R?ndolph. *?}*** g:40 44
Alltla. Vlr. M. Ilaldwln.4:18:04 2:43:04
START. 1:40.
lore Joy. P- V. Orlffln. 4:06:23 2:26:23
lelew. E. r. I.uckenb?ch.. 4:07:17 B?87:1T
jaex. J. L. Mttchell.4:16:30 ??:80
Altrr, O. Davla. 4:1?:J5 ?%'> ?
r.dmee. R. J. Schaefer.4:11:66 2:81:6.,
rOURHE, 11 MILES- START. 1:46.
8*l!v IX. A. B. Btack.4^2:16 2:47:16
Dovinda. L. H D|4V.4:?:41 i:44.4l
Alert R. B. Budd. ..4:32:28 8:47:^8
fnt'erim. R N. Itavler.4 27:21 2:42:21
8'Ji' Frrd Etwlng. 4:88:111 2:50:12
I'orr^cted tln-.e?lnterim, 2:89:06; Sally IX.
2'39:<?: Dorlnda, 2:41:29; 8ue. 3:42:00; Alert,
COURSa 11 MILE8-8TART, 1:46.
Amada. P. R. Ktoddard.4:42:31 2:57:81
RM Wlng, T. T. Oraca.****l 240 *1
Betty. H. L. Htone. ... 4:53:05 8:08:05
Corrected tlme- Red Wlng, 2:48:60; Betty,
2 55:21; Amada, 2:57:81.
11 MIEE8 -8TART. 1:5<?.
f mhora. C. D. Mallory. 4:17:20 2:27:20
Maryola, A. F. Bradley. 4:11:28 2.29:28
KTART, 2:10.
Virglnla. C. Shlelda. 6:04:2' ?:!*:?1
Ogeema,h. A. B Clernenta.... 4:49:58 2:39:58
,l^H^I,^:.K\0"t: 4:19:48 2:29:48
Natoma.W. F. Clftrk. 4:14:10 1:24:10
Raaral III. 8. C. H<-pklna. .. 4:19:20 I 29:20
AirVniU IV. A E. Kou.italn 4:17:00 2.TIM
r'orrected tlme?Natoma, 221:17; Robln
Hood II. 2:21:58; Amanlta IV, 2.24:07| R*a. al
111. 2 29.20
KTABT. 1:60--'OUR8E. 11 MILES
Or?re II, J. F. Lambden. 4:4*:M :::".?:?
K^osha W. R. Berth. 4:28:84 l:J??4
V j .?. 3:48:M 1:38:34
COl'RKE. 11 MILBS-8TART. 1:46.
Joy, Ls Bauvage * Oeer.... 4:08:89 223:34
Cliir, C. W. ^an Cleaf. 4:16:15 2:31:15
Left \r> riglit: The Tstalena, the
Aurora and the Winsome.
La Cubana, J. H. Ives. 4:23:0* 2:99-09
11 M1LE.S BTART, 2 P. M.
rtntah. time,
Taelit and owner II MS HMJ.
\A> Cvgne, D. Carll. 4:33:3? 9:99:99
Yukan. W. D. Welr. 4:81:OB 2V.\?*
TrltOB, W. H. Jetinlegs.4:31:21 2:34:21
Hamburgh II. M. Bt Oold- . ,_
sohmlrtt . 4MM 2:99:49
Lewanna. L. O. Kpence.4:31 :(-7 231 07
whirf. W. R Manny. 4:;i2:<>4 2:32:04
Pestlaa, A. P-. Alley.4:31:23 2:.U:.3
Bella Q. B. Runk, Jr. 4:.".1:12 2:31:12
Pagrnar. P. J. Tlerney.4:33:20 141:10
Babette. R. P. Clarke. I>id not flnlsh.
START. 2:03.
Drena. B. Phethar. 4:47:31 2:42:31
M. & F. II. C Bt camp-4:47:27 2:42:27
fVviia, B. A. Sien-k. 4:.V.:1S 1:49:11
Mlje. Ross, W. E. Lindeman 4:55:13 1:40:11
glbn coye rararBL clabb?courbjb, h
MlUnP?BTART, 2:05.
Amethvst. W. R. Truesdale. 4:42:09 2:57:09
Jade. i:. S. Wlllard.4:42:.".7 1:87:57
BrHliant, W. W. J. Huck
nall . T)M r.ot lim.-h
Cataeye, BT. at Adams.4:47:30 2:42:30
Onal J. P. Morgan. jr. 4:4*:i?l 2:43:00
Turquotse, .T S. Morgan, Jr. 449:08 2:34:08
Top^z, T. Davlson. 4:42:.'.:* 1:37:99
Blcylark, C. Dayton. 4:48:14 1:41:14
Teaser, A. Neabitt. 4:4?:20 2:44:20
Loon. A. W. Knarp. 4:47:24 2 42:21
Curlew. C. I* Wlllard. 4:4W:.'.'J 2:44:59
Plnver, C. Q Nerer.4:50:23 2:45:22
Doda, A. C. Andrewa. 4:49:4ii 1:44:49
^ START. 2:0ft.
Ke;ple C D. Loekwood. 6:90:99 I 10:98
Snatper, Bdward P. Cornlng r>.(?v? 3:ft8*n
Curlew C. o. Domlnlck.... 9:19:93 1:08:32
Bcatp.'B, W. J. Klngan.... 9:11:34 9-01 24
Osprey, D. Blllman. 5:11:48 1:01:44
Venus. M. ana R Maxtln... 3:48:04 I
Argus. L Parr.or.s. ?.5fi:4" 1:43 4*
Vaaa, W. 6. Johnson. 9:99:03 J 3. :02
Cynosure. H. Ford. 8:50:49 1:35:40
Twinkle. J. Alley. 3:51:2.'. '-M:2B
Merrurv. J. B. Huyier.1:99:91 1:99:91
Comot, W. Rand. 4:00:12 1:45:11
Pegaeus, G. W. Macdon
ouVh . 8:52:02 1 37:02
Littie Dipper, O. A. Cory... R:48:4? 1 38:40
Snake. F. 9. Rlchards . 3:59:50 1:41:90
Oemlnl. W. 8. Maclntosh... 8:59:55 1:44:59
Kno: C. E. Danevpnrt. 8:53:42 1:90:43
BTAJkT, 2.20
Itary Jane. W. C. Banks... 3*8:39 1:89:30'
Edna J., J. C. Nesblt. 4:01.0* 1:41:06
Rowdy, C. Medlcus. Dld not flnlsb.
.M1LES?START. 3:??.
Zlp. W. P Clark. 8.54:12 1 84:12
VIva. W. Trench. 3:59:07 1:39 07
Go Oo, B. A. MacKennen.. . 8:52:04 1:32:04
?rn.lBB PTAflT 2:25.
La Rocheile. F. H. Waldorf. 4:09:29 1:44:29
May Fly, R. A. Mahlstedt.. 4 02 SO \'XIM
laey, C. C. Converse. 4:01:65 1:99:99
START, 2:25.
TaBtaft O. G Fn. 9:97*9 2 M 99
Karaw ay. S. B. 1-Ty. 4 84:3S 2 2!. TA
Ro-ky. J. RockweU . 4:27.17 f-fjRlJ
Alle. A K. Grlftln. 4:2561 2:00:51
Madeline. R. P. Coutard... 4.30 JO 9:15:20
Wamp.is. B. Rermlngham .. 4:29:21 2:04:21
-START. 2:25
Arles, T. Melgs. 4:S2:15 207:15
TV'asp, A. M. Poole. 4:31:59 2:t*V56
2:10-COUR8E, 11 MILES.
Arliona O. W. Kear. Dld n?>t nnlsh.
Avls, H. Oerber. 6:01:51 2:ol:51
Plxy I? F Eg?ers. 8:01:18 2:61:18
Chlcfiloker. V. T. Cornell. 6:19:36 8:W:36
In It, H. W. Bar.ks, jr. 4:26:03 ^00:08
Barnacle. W. L Marston. t.TOU a:0..:68
Sarana, B. and E. II. Gilbert. 4:2! ? IMM
Jean. L E VYare. PM not flnlsh.
Three Motor Boats Start on
250-Mile Trip.
Three power boats started at 2 o'oloek
yesterday afternoon ln the New Rocheile
Taelit Club's 250-mlle rar-e, uround IxiriK
Island to Block Island and return. They
: were the Half Moon, owned by Dr. B.
Benschoten, of Provlrience; the Bplndrlft,
i of Albany. owned by Commodore R. P.
Botler. nnd the RaatlaaB, owned by Dr.
D. V. Pedersen, of tho New York Motor
Boat Club.
The boats were started off Echo Bay by
the club's commlttee on board Captuin
Kattenhorn's motor boat Burprlse. The
winner ls expected to cross the flnlsh
llne early on Monday morning. They are
to start back from Block Island at 12
o'clock noon to-day. after the sklppers
and crews have spent a few hours on
Colonial and Harlem Organiza
tions Hold Anniversaries.
The tenth annlversary of the Colonial
Yacht Club wap celebrnted yesterday by
sultable ceremotiles and a cUmbake Ht
the grounda, 138th street and Nortb Rivrr.
Thero wlll be a enriM up the Hudson to
day for the yachtsmen and thelr gpaatj
to a iirove on the rt\<r, wh-ro prlzes are
to be given to the wlnncrs ln a eerles of
games. Kx-Congresstnan Wllliam 3. Ben
net wlll ocliver an address.
The Harlem Yacht Club, one of the old
est yachtlng orK'niizatlons on Long Isl?
and Bound, aalabtatad yesterday Its
thirticth aaujrrapaary with water gparta
for men and worn'-n, a dlnner, cntcrtalii
aaaart bbmI daajea. The arlanav of tho row
lng race for women was Mlss Edna Bates
and of the rowlng race for incn John
Lalor. Commodoio J. A. Crowley's boat
from hls flaKship Edlanu won the power
boat race und a Bulmmlng race waa won
by Kobert Haydocfc
E. W. L'lar!v"s schooner yacht Irohta, a farorite for Larchmont race week.
Women Play Sound Polo
at Narraeansett Pier
Newport Wins in Opening Game
at Point Judith Club.
rDefeat Piping Rock Four at
Finish oi Hard-Fought
Struggle for Title.
4 [By Teiegmph toTha Prtbana.1
Narragunsett l'ler. R. 1. J'il> !???
IJrilllant polo, Interestlng frotn tha make
uii or the teams and tbe aarneattx of
th? games, rnnde up the apedal Inaueural
programme of the Polnt Judltb Polo '*1 u^
to-4lay. Three d ti.e dub'a governora
j ii Theeaaa, i* i: Woddard and P. 8.
p. ltandoiph, wete atnong the playera
Womi ti tooa pad la tn< oi i
played on fleid No. I, and they dlaplayed
a ataetllnaea in blttlnB aad a full kaowl
edgo ot polo tactlca Mlaa i''.m Bmlth
Mlss Heie.n Hltcbcork, J. O'Day and T
l*e Bontinier repreaented Nenrport, and
for Naxraganeetl the playera irere H threni
w&tt-rn, Mra Thomaa Hltchcock, Thotnai
Hltrhcock, Jr.. and W. L Ooodarln.
NeirpOfft won by 4 goals to 2 1-2. Mls?
Hltrhcock and llaater o'f'ay did the
BOOrtng for the wlnners, and the Hltch
corks, mother and BOO, nnd Waters made
ti.e goala for the Warraaanaetl qua tel
After thla, on the same Beld, the Bng?
lish playera, C. Chaddock and a. Balding,
made thelr appearance, artth F. 11 Prince,
who was ln excellent forsn, and lt. L
Agaaala for the Westrh.-t.r i'. rroqueta,
and, eoneedlng 7 goala to a Phlladelphla
Country Clata four mmU up of three
Randolphs .'ind Mr. F'ell, who II rnarrb-.t
to a Mlss Randolph, the Perroqueta w<>n
by a acore "f 11 goala to I 1-2.
Cut-ln gamee llUed up tht efternoon on
this fleld. and August Belmont, P. S. P.
Randolph, Maleohn gtoveneon, n. K. Oat
-ins. T. Le lioutilller, \V. L, Goodwin, F. F.
afcFadden und llarry Hatff, of Texaa,
were atni.ng ttn- playera
Ono of the raoat dashlng gamea that [
hav. le-en aeen this year Waa that be?
tween the Piptng Rock and Brjrn Mawr|
teama for the Narraganaett ehatnpkmahlp.
Hryn Mawr rer*lved I K^als handlcap.
The lead of the Long Manders w.im tln.il
ly oven:om?i in the labt fe* aeconda cf
I play. and Hry :i Mawr WtW the title by
j bP)| to 10'| goala.
Uodfrey I'reere wai referee, nnd hn had
No Changes Made in the Row
ing Policy at New Haven.
Captaln C M. Hnowdon of next aea
gon's Vale erew annouiued yest-rday ln (
thla olty that he has appolnted the foi?
iowing eommittee of graduaffl to help ln
rowlng for tha OOadag year:
Frederle \\. Mlen, eaptain of the 'M
and '(M erarnra, ehalrman; Alired Cowlea,
<ai>taln of the '86 erew; PajTOB Vi'hitne,,
eaptain of the fg erew; Auguatua s.
iltagden. eaptain of the '01 erew; John ('.
QroonloOf". Of the '98 and *r?9 rre??, aad
Hadcllff Uonieyn. eaptain of the II erew,
After eonsultation with thi* Committee
t'aptaln Hnowdon reappulnted JatBOl <>
Rodgers, <if New York, aa head coach,
and W. Averell Harrlman, of N. w \nrk
who ooached last year's freshrnun erew,
as assistant eoach, for the cornlng year.
it was detirtad to follow along the ttnea
of tho ICnglish stroke agaln ne.xt year
Springfleld, 2; New Haven. 1 (flrst).
New Haven, |; Sprlngtteld, .". (ae Ond)
Hartfon!, :?; Ilolvoke, U (flrst).
JIartford, 'J, Holyoke, & (second).
L'ridgeport, li Waterbury, ,'
.? both Thomaa and Brown f"r foula
The Piplag Rocb foui played aa eacdlent
, ? i hlttlna i-:ird and trua
I',,, i ? ? ? :'??? Btrawhi
Brown ha : . rdlahle a'lpport
fron i. and H Btoke*
The f,ieke.i army team wiii appear on
w 'adneedav nii'i oppoae tbe Doal, K. J-.
fe ;r f"r thi ' h ertura i upa
Tha mako-up La: No 1 Lleutenant J
W. Rumbouejh; N<-. I, Lieutenaat C Par
ker; No t. Moutenant E R Da R. Hayie.
back, Ueutenanl L A. Beard,
a*our ofacera ot blsher r.mk are aiso to
play for > ' up*, dlt they have
- tbe Polnl Jodlth t
No. i la Captdn Q T laangborne; No.
:. Coloni I C <". Treal Ne bfajoi Henry
T Allen, and back M< tenanl Oordon
Johneon. All four have been promlaeBl
ln promotlng polo and race rtdlag In the
.m.., iice Tl ?; plaj for the ?rverturi i
on Thuraday, and mual eoncede two goala
to the team ol tn* Kai .1 Cltj Polo Club,
who I.-- Wt tern rhamdona Flfty-ooe
gamei .-. ? duled to begln ICoaday and
twenty teama win mk. part
p PORT I NARR m. W-1.1 r
\-? j mi | p ,-:n!ih So 1 BehrBB Waters.
W ? it Hltrh So - Bra Ttiomsa
COCk lllt'lieoek.
Na I J OTJey Not T lllteheoek, Jr.
1 ? ? T. !*) n<Mitiill?r.I Ba? .. a t. Qoodwla.
. ? i Warraaanaett, I
? tal. rVi o aie made bi
Mi ? un, 1 ... ! , J Ui ?' Day, 2. Mr? Hlt' h
- 1. : ui' hco. k. Jr., 1. .M: Watara, L
);, '.. r- ? Qodfn ) Preei ??
PHILADKLIMI1 \ ' ?' 1 v. 1;.-iviii-.--rr.it PBB,
so 1 v. 1 \'. 1 >' il. Prince. 4
No. I?J. lt l-vi.. 8 So Z-C C Haddoi 1. 1
Na i l*. B P Ran So .1 . Baldlni 1
dolph 1 Bac* lt. L Aga
Bfej k -I' H 1
I r..tal.14
';.,..' pen.leta, II; Pblladelphla, 'ttrnfl ".
b) handlcap I losa by penalty foi foui, '?:
? ;...,;? made 1 * Mr. 1 ? 11 2; Mi
I; Bi prlw a, I; Bi '' Had lo k, :;
w 1, tl.Iwln
BRTN MA\v 1: iiiim; ROCK
H'oap.1 H'cap,
No i Atea Rrowi -, N??? ' ' C Ratk
So. 'i n I le*Bi bonui .1
,Nn :; 1. HiokM.. . 1 So ! H, Twaed.6
a So '?? I. H Th>m??. 8
ii!i.iK? . I Bav k L 1; Btoddard 1
Tntal.M Tutnl.17
1 loala Bi ? n Ba a aad, 1, b] hatxll
eap, 3. Icaa for penaltles, >?;: total, UMi>
ri|ilnK !(??? i(, K'lnlh. II. iBBa |i< nal!y mr foul
auf.iv, ,. total, in'< QoaJ mad? t>\ .-traw
t.niiK'. 4. 1. Rtokes, J: Brown, I; Htoddard, I;
Twecd, : . Thomaa Bl Ramiwa*, 1 Baferae
Oodfray Praaca.
One Car Turns Turtle in First
Game Out in Kansas.
Wleblta, Kan , July Bl?What ls thought
t<> be tbt flrd automoblle polo game ever
played waa heid uoar Wlchlta yaeterday,
four atdpped automobllee and elghl men
tiiklng parr. An urdlntirv bedtOtball was
drlveii back and forth in a tl. Id. the oh
Jeet belng to Irlvu It bdWOOU goal posts
slxty fe.t apart.
TN game wafl played In three fti
tniniite pedoda, and ended with the Beere
11 tie at 1 to 1. (me autoraobUa taraed a
oomplote aomareadl ln the air on a aharp
tiirn. but was rlghtetl nnd tmlahed the
game. N>? one was Injured
Wnshlngton, July :>i The revenne eut
ter Mohawk. from New Vork, and the
euttcr WlaaahkkuM, from Phlladalphla,
have been detalle.i to patrol tho starllng
line of the molor boal race of the Hoynl
taaraiuda Taeht t'lub at Phlladelphla
Hat'iiilay n-xt, When W v. ral of the bad
known power ernfctara aflaat win stnrt
L-uui J'uiladelphh* uu a r??u.- t? L'r'">uda
Former National Champion
Wlns on Shawnee Links.
Nicholls Two Strokes Away at
End After the Best Round
of the Day.
[Hy Telograph to Tlie Trlbune. 1
StrotidsburK, Penn., July 20.?PYed Me
Laod, tlic H tt If "wasp" from St. Louls,
stun>r them uii in the opcn goif tourna?
ment brought to a closo to-day on the
Unha of the Bbawnee country Club. The
fornar national champion raturned a
total of 313 for tlic 72 holcs, leadinK 011
l.rt Nicholls. of WilmlnKton. by two
strokev. Third money went to Jamts
MUllgaa, of Wyomln* Valley. wlth a
BOOra Of .117, a strokc better than Dare
OgiHrie, of Morrls County, who led tht
Sald on Prlday,
Th.- beat Alec Smlth could do was to
ti- wlth t\'i;ilatn McFurlane for flfth and
slxth | rlzcs, thelr totals readlng 319. Tbe
moat brilllant perfortnance of tha day
went to the credlt of Nicholls, who reeled
off a 71 on hls laat round. Thls 1? a
competJttve record for the links. After
taking 40 to tbe turn, tho form af matro*
polltaa open tltlc hnlder KOt hls puts
runnliiK smoolhly, and came home In N.
The merit of thls performance was ap
predated by all. as the eourae presents
oce of the aaveraat te^ts to be found any
wh'-r" ln tha Baet Walter J. Travts, the
Garden Clty amateur, who Htarted ln the
tournament yeaterday, hut dropped out
: after the flrst round, made the clrctilt of
j the links to-daj. and although he wat
| playln* well, took S2.
I When the professlonala flnished thelr
[ morning round. Smith led wlth a total of
I i atroha better than McLeod.* Bvery
. i ? then expected to aee ?eniai Alcc 1-md
th.- plum, but ln.- Kot a trlfle slack tn
: tlie al't rn.iun.
In accordaace with custom here, the
i playen w.-r.- paired after aach round,
the leadera belng brackated. That placed
Bmltb and llcLaod logetbar for the last
. round, an.l a large gallary foiiowed the
. !'l.i>, Inciudlng many from the New York
and Pblladelphta dlatrlcta. Although
Bmltb'a Bhort game went wronK on scv
ei .1 "??' urfone, McLeod raralymiaaad any*
i ilng In reaeon, bringlng off a long put
for a I on tbe nlnth green, and BBOtber
f..r B I at tbe sixt. .-in Ii. At that polnt
word waa recelved that Ntehotla bad
made a 74, lih! McLeod kaew what he
to do. II.? never falter.-d at the last
two holee, playhng i.oth baaatlfully, anu
I got i.i thir.i conaecutive 76.
? i.ii piayera wlthdrew, and Isaac
afackle, ..f go? Hiils, was one of thBBI.
Ile did well before the tournament, but
there waa rmthlrig but trouble yesterday
and this morniag. The money wtnnera
wera: afcLaod, fJB); Nicholls, iioo.- Miill
gan, i;.1; ORllvle. g/i; McFarlane and
gmltb, r^ aach; Jamaa Thomson. $io, and
Jai k l'arks, 110.
in addltlon to tl.cse, Thomson, llcLaod
an.l OKiivi? aaeb recelved 10 for havini*
the lowaat rouoda yesterday, whlle Nlcb?
oUa ?ot a ten apot for hls 74 this afu-r
r.oon. A apeclal exhlbltlon four ball
match. In whlch afCLeod and Smlth win
t..ko part, la lielng arruntfed for to
The BCOrea of the leadera follow:
Kl-st Third Fourth
uu>. rou.-iJ. r^uiid. Total.
Pred M-I.eod. St.
Uoull .Wl "9 79 813
<;n Nicholls, Wiimttia
lea . .199 99 "4 ::t5
Jamea M.l.lgun. W>
eabNj .1*0 mi 79 817
I kr? 'glhlr, Morrls
. >ui,ty .I'.? 90 M) 319
.iih. Wykagsl tr,9 77 i-3 311*
im Mi-I'arl*r.-.
- . iklll .169 80 90 8ltf
i horoeon, I'hii
lelpbta ... . ii:.' so *1 82S
Jark I'ark. W Ii 1 t e
Utrih .170 81 M 333
rhe rag ilar nreakly hnndi.-ap in two
eiaaaea and tha flrst round of match play
for the Coloi.el O^OOBMghOO cup were the
competitlona cardad at the i-'ox Hiils Qatt
ciub ycatarday,
II. H. I.loyd, wlth SU?15 -71. was tl e
I laaa A winner, whlle ln the necond di
.-..!..d i. W. Bcheffar. with 93 -19?74,
topped tlie list.
riio acorea an.i aummary follow;
1 ? irnt round M. I. I'ritry beat W, S I/eeda.
;i uii an.i 'j 'o play; Thowaa W, fmnok t.eat
Richard Arthur by .U'fa'ilt; A. P. Kammer
?eal O, i: Armatroaa. 2 up and 1 to play (39
h..Us); J R. I'. r. Hal l^>at H. E. Armsirong, 2
up and 1 to Blay; J. I* Newman b?ai ti. E.
Faw. ett. 1 ill'. E M I'osey boat S T .C.er. 7
Up und ti to i.lav, E T gCOtl beat J H. IMdle
maa, 1 up <!)9 holes), ,)lo?ard Wooley tx-ut J.
1.. PteauaPi 9 Bp and 4 to play
Uroiis. Ildp. Net.
II. II. I.loyd . mi U 71
B. i'. Muns?rf"r.l . 82 8 74
It It Mumlock . H? |g 74
i.i..1.1 ivrrt . H4 n 7.'.
Rl.iiurd Arthur . iM) 19 7*
ii coaena Har.ty . b?; io 79
ii K Armatronp . 7i? I 7t>
1.. r Cbnklyn . 02 19 77
i H Eddleman . xs io 7s
.; i:. Armatretui . M 14 7f>
Thonuui w Peaneek .04 if> 7i>
W. Catchlnaa . f?r. 13 so
lt. catlln . P2 19 ?*>
. ii Hadiock .ioi r> 80
T. W. gebager . 93 io 74
II P. MHll.ry . 91 19 7f.
W. J. E!ia? .IIS) |4 7>l
i: H Powell, H. iih '.-j 7?j
i N w .i unea . ?4 ih 7?
ii c Houae .l"" II 7.'
11. lt lloltzmann . ?7 Ih 19
s. ,\1 Whl:.1<?7 L'7 H"
B. H. H\k.-s . III M si
I p McWade.108 2? 84
i.ie-.-.ti membera took part ln tho regu
lar weekl] eightaen>hole bandicap Boif
tournament of tha Craaoant Atbettlo Club
at the Bay Rldga Itaha yaatarday. A. A.
Adau.s, wlth a card ot M } ?:, waa
the wlnncr, whlle there was a trlpln tle
f..r BBCOnd plnee betWCOB A. B. nuncan,
.1 M. Boyca and P. P. BaffOrd, with eatda
of || || rg, 88?16 73 und ?U 17
.3, raapecttvaty. \h gdatna was not en
tered In the aweepstahaa araat tha prlaa
was dlvlded among DUBCaO, Hoyce an.l
SiiffonJ. The seorea:
A. A. Adams. 81 9 72
A i:. IHinran. ?? II 78
.1. u Boyca.>>8 19 73
I- C. Si?ff..rd. ?0 17 78
K c. I>.'anlng. Sl u 7C
A S 'I'rlppe. S4 8 7>J
1 II Pleld. W M II
i: r.'.id .?'J II ?'
J. H. Keimedy.101 II *?>
A. C. Ilenderson'a l-'llcker won the race
for lu-foot alOOpa of the Seawiinhaku
Coilntlil.iii Yacht Club, Malled yesterday
at Oyatar Bay. ab bbbbI, tho amaii eraft
Balled over an ln?lde course. Tho wltid
?;.:i from the southwest, and there were
bIx utartera. The Hen tlnl.she.l BOCOBd.
The Bummiiry followa:
I'lnlsli. tUns
Vacht and owner. 1I.MS. **????;
Pllcker, A. C. Menderson.4:47:':0
llen. (Jt'orKe Nl, hols. 4:47:':6 JIH!?!
it is. B. Tacfcermaa.4:48:ir.
laaa g U Laadea.4:4?r> J:J::,?
Thelenaa, C, Maefceasle. 4:&o:00 ' ,.'!",
Grlls* *?? J. Br??aealt..???... 4:iO:<K 13J>BB
Wins We3tern Championship in
Hard Fight with Wood.
Denver, July M. ?4?harlea ("Chlck")
Bvana, of the Edgewater Golf Club, Chl?
cago, won the W/eetern' Golf A^oclatlon
champlonahlp tounuunent here thla after
noon. In the nnm round, at thtity-slx
bolea, he defeated Warren K. Wood. of
.!.. [omewood Club, < 'hirago, by 1 up.
lt waa a eeeeaw struggle from end to
end, flrst one and then the other galnlng
ii slight advantaga Wood led at the er,d
of the ftrst dghteen hotea by i up.
The match was all Bquare at the twelfth
h"le In the mornlng. althougti Bvana was
3 down at the end of the flrst nine.
Wood. who had played almost perfect
gdf la the tlrst round. got Into troable at
the flrst hole of the second, when he drove
Into the rough. Loftlng out, he sent his
ball Into a treetop, and, of course, lost
tha hole
At the eleventh Bfood drove out <,f
bounda and ran down in 5, allowlng BVaWB
to galn another wlth u 4. Kvans made it
even up on the twelfth, when Wood
rnlaafd a ahort put.
Wood brace<l after Bvana had squared
the match, won two of the next slx holes
', and tlnlshed the flrst half of the match 1
up. The competltion was keen all through
the tnornlng round, both men drawlng
frequent applause for fine ahota. Wood'a
rnedal play totalled 75 for the li r.uleu.
whlle Bvana needed 77..
Kvans's inllli.int t** shot at the ttfteenth
hole, squaring the match for tho second
tltne ln tho flrst half, wau a noteworthy
featura Baoept for Wood's bad work at
the alghtfa and teath greens and rnistakes
by Bvana at the fir6t and aeventh, both
played par golf.
On the flrst hole Evana mtssed an eaay
put, loMng the hole when some on* on a
road n?ar by abouted and put him off his
| atrokc.
It was tho same story ln tho afternoon
round, but Evans nnally won by the nar
row margin of a Blngle hole.
The match waa played over a shortened
course. part of the llnks of the Denver
Country Club havlng been put out of com
mlaslon by the rcent flood in Cherry
Goes Down Before Berger at
the Fairmont Club.
Jimniy Mltclien, the Brookljn mlddle
welght. -was knocked out hy Tonuny Ber
gen. the Maine "Bear Cat," ln the llfth of
a ten-round bout at the Fairmont Ath
lettc ' !lub a^t nlght
Bergea landed upon Mitehen at will.
In tbe ttfth round, after scorlng two
knoekdowna from terriiic bod> Uowa, the
referee atopped the bout. MKldH Her
man, after seven months' absence from
the rlng. made a etrong ltnpresslon by
fordng the refereo to stop hla bout wlth
Praakle Nlellan ln the elghth round, to
save tho latter from a knockouL
Terry Mttehell, tho Brooklyn mlddle
Wdght? ndded tn his strlng of ktiockotits
by dl^poslng of Harry I'rlce. of Australla,
ln the sixth of a ten-round bout at the
Royale Athletle. of Brooklyn.
Price aeemed weali and exhausted as
th- slxth opened, and after taking tho
OOUnt "f nine from a right to tlie Jaw,
Mttchdl landed a smgle blow, which
forced his rlval to be counted out.
"Young ' Brooka, who Mtbstttuted ror
"Toung" Rector, outpolnted Chariey
Young in u ten-round bout at Brown 8
Qymnaalum. It was reported that
MToung" Ri etor waa in with pneumonla.
"l'inkey" ntirna and M,Battllng" Chnck,
tbe paperwelght boaera, furiiiabed a Uve
ly tcii-iouud ezhlbttlon at the St. Nlcholas
itiuk, with honora even.
Beats Wray in Straight Heats
at the Stadium Motordrome.
Johnny Alhright agahl dlfBOttOB' Bllly
i Wray ln atralght heats in the speelal
matoh raee at Ihe Htadlum Motordrome
at Brlghton Beech, last nlght. Both
fOUght hard every inch of tho way, and
Albrlght bad a hard time to win from the
Brooklyn lad.
Tho tlve-inlle professional race went to
KaUeaback, of PhUaddpala, who won
the second and thlrd heats. Both Cox
and bferder gave the Penn*ylvanla pllot
a hard Ught at the start of the battle, but
In the deelslve heat the pace was 100
hot for Mercler after the second mile.
and he left the Other two to flght lt
uiit to the finisli. llulletiback won by a
wheel's length.
The slx-mlle professi<<nal race went to
Raltenback in 131 Albrlght started from
teratch, glving Halknbuck and Wray a
Isp and a half lap. respectlvely. Albrlght
went out at the tlrst mlle.
The flrst race. tho two-mlle Brooklyn
umateiir handUap, went to Jlrniny KTem-h,
who defeated OttO Vlrkl ln mralght heats
tn 1:07 and IA re-pn tively. French gave
the latter a one-half lap haudlcap and
had u hard struggle to catch him.
- ?
Bmghamton, 11; Utloa, *J.
Hiranton, 1; Troy, 2.
Albany. 6; Wllkes-Barre, 2.
'??'oilre 9; Syrauuac. 0.
Princeton Boy Takes Invitation
Title at Dunwoodie.
After Hard Fight in Semi-Final
Kammer's Oonqueror Wins
by Big Margin.
For the second time thls season, J. N.
gtearns, 3d, of l'rlnceton, won a chlef
cup in an Invitation tournament. when
he defeated Stuart D. Connolly. of Rock
land, ln the flnal round over the Dun?
woodie links, yesterday, by 5 up nnd 2
to play. Karller thls sumnier Htearns de?
feated A. K. Kaminer in the tlnal round
of the Kox HIUs tournament after a
match that waa carrled to the nlneteenth
Connolly had achleved fame by winnlnj
the Jutiior metropolitan chnmplonshlp at |
Plainfleld last month. The Rocktaal
youth beKan by loslnj? the first hols iB
yeaterday's match, but ho was ahle to
even BMttafa by means of a flne 3 at
the second. It was then that ttaaaajj
began to take the upper hand. and rrellnc
off the next three holes ln par rttures be*
came 3 up.
At the 215-yard seventh hole he ran
down h twelve-foot put for a 2, Bg
eonilni? 1 up. Connolly- took the elghth,
but Stearns became 4 up agaln at tbe
nlnth. when nls opponent requlred aa
extra put. Three halved holes followed,
then Connolly took the thlrteenth, whlcfc
was destlned to be hls last, for Stearnt
had Uttle dlfflculty ln taking the next two
and the match.
The cards follow:
Btearns, out.4444803B 4- ?.
Connolly. out_ft 3 334644 8?48
Steams, tn. 8 4 G 4 6 8
Connolly, ln.8 4 5 8 0 4
Karller ln the day Stearna elimlnated
A. J. Watson. of Dunwoodie, by the nir
row margin of 1 up. Stearns waa 1 up
at the turn, and the colleglan became t
up at the n-.'xt hole. He waa not al
lowed, however, to make anythtng llka
a runaway match of lt. Watson bnag
on tenaciously nnd held down hls man
to a one hnlt margin at the flnlsh of the
flfteenth. Three halved holea followed,
ieavlng Stearns a wlnner.
Connolly had to go to the nlnteeath
to take the measure of F. A. Martln, of
Kkwanok. The latter waa 1 up at the
turn, but Connolly squared the match at
the eleventh, only to become 1 down
agaln at the shoit thlrteenth. Martln
lncreased hls advantage at the flfteenth,
but threw away hls opportunlty at the
next, which was the Rockland County
player's. Connolly then squared the
match on the home green when Martln
requlred an extra put. The Ekwanok
inan's flne drlve at the extra hole found
the sand trap at tho left of the green
and lt requlred three shots before he
could get near the pln. A par 4 gavt
Connolly the match.
In the handicap the gross prize went
to W. T. Greenoy, of Plainfleld, wlth t
card of 78, whlle the net priie was won
by tJeorge Kyall, Jr., of Yountakah, with
a cara of 85?12?73.
The sumrnary follows:
Flrst elxteen tseml-flnal round.?Stuart D.
Connolly, Hockland, beat P. A. Mirtla.
Ekwanok, 1 up (11) holes): J. N. Stearns. :,i.
Prlnceton, beat A. J. Watson, Dunwoodl*
1 up.
Flnal round?Stearns beat Connolly, 3 up
and 3 to play
Reaten elfht. first elxteen (seml flnal rou-4)
--E. Quincy, Hssex County, beat R. C. Whfc
comb, Glen Rldge, 2 up; O. P. H. Carkf. Dun
wcodlc, beat A. R. St.liand, Oailand, 1 up (H
Klnal round?Clarke beat Quincy, 3 -jp ?o4
1 to play.
Q?'-ond sixteen (tieml-flnal round)?M L.
Ceary. Fox Hllls. beat F. lf. Adams. Duv
wcodlt. 3 up ar.d 2 to play; J. W. >k
Menamy, Dunwoodie. beat T. 11. Cran*, S*ff
kltl. 8 up and 1 to play.
Klnal round?Kcary beat McMeramy, 3 up
an.l 1 to play.
Reaten elght (second sixteen: seml-final
round)?W. P. Stevi-nson, Dutiwoodl*. rn:
i: 9 "'leaves. 8 up ai.d 2 to play: A. Mc
Dou^al. Dunwoodie, b<-at A. H. HarrUon,
N?w York Oolf, 1 up.
Flnal round?Stevenson beat McDoufal. ?
up and 4 to play.
Third sixteen .aeml-fliial rour.r1. -Wllfrea
North. Dunwoodie (12). b'at H. L. Jonei
Dunwoodie '14). 4 up and 3 to play; H. 8.
Phll'lpa. Slwanov (9). beat Z. T. Mlller, Dun?
woodie (7). .1 up aM 3 to play
Flnal round?Phllllps beat North. 1 up.
Beatcn elajht. third sixteen i-eml flnal rounai
T. 1'. Wettstein. .Slwanov (14). beat W. "?
RlanJv. Dununodlc (9>. IJ up and 4 to play: !
Roberts. Dunw.-jo.lle (12). t*at A. H. Johnsce.
Scurs.lale <9>. 2 up _ m
Kinai round?Roherta beat Wetttaaa, 7 up
an.l o to plav. _
FourtJj slxte.n (s<-ml flnal round)?M. r.
i vla riuahlng tll). h"Bt F. U. Trlpl''. Pun
?.x>di- <1?.. ^ up snd 4 to play: J Aj. BBBj
New Tork Oolf (11). beat H rj MeDonaM.
Dtnwoodle .4). 4 m> and .1 tu play.
Flnal round -Boot beat Lewl::. 3 BB and . ?
P'ay- , *,,.
Reaten elght. fourth sixteen <?*"?-?"?{
round)?D. R. Klnssley, St. Andrewi <9>.BBn
T H I.lnlorfT. Dunwoodie .10.. 5 up and 4 ? -4
(play; A. P. Paln.er. Vox Hllle fMB, beat U O
Carman. Plainfleld (10). 3 up ind 2 to play
Flnal round- Palmer beat Klngsley. 6 up aa*
Flfth sixteen (seml-flnal round)?M. M B*
ney. New Tork Colf (16). beat I. C Ay isf.
f4>racu?e (C). 4 up and 9 to play: P ???
Dunw-Jodle rl?>. beat W. T. Hray. Puiisoodl*
(191, 4 BB -ind 3 to play. . 1
Klt.al round- -Hi.rney beat Atnrs. 4 Bf BBB |
Bcaten elcht. Hfth ahtteea 's.-ml flnalIBBBBB
Donald Carr, N >rth Jerr?ev fl), heat J. s
Wllllas, Yountakah |12?. 4 up and 11*19
j .1 Therapeoe. slwanov (14). beat ' a. uu
Ictt, wvkaavi (9), a ap and .'? to piay.
PtBal reend?TboaapaM beat <'*"-. 1 up.
Gro??H i'*B,*Ti
W. T. Crenney, Plainfleld. 7S I ?
\\-. B. Conklyn, roa Hllla . ?? ? ;4
Oeorge it?-ail. jr.. Teuntaaah... se '- ^
T \. Ho. i. Dunwoodie. JJ , w
tl. S. Ludfctw, Bnu'ewoo! . >j 4 h
K t.. Bcofleld. ir. Wee Baia... s* ? B
il P, t>wls, pTuahtag. g Ji ?
II. s. Phllllpe, ilwanoy. ? ? ..
.1 c AyihiK. Byracuae . *?* .n -r
B Roberta, Dunwoodie... J" .., B
F. II. BtaaoB Dunwoodie .? - |
j j. Hamllton, Dunwoodta. ?'V ? ;?
\\ ^V. H.rrl^. Dunwocsl'.e. ? ' B
M. <5 MeDonaM, Dnnwoodle... g ? ^
a Whltcomb, Dunwoodie. J* ... &
O. r. Oates, Kl-.istilng.;'- f u
.1 p Davenport, Dunwaedle.... ^ \j fi
R. R. M.-ciure. Duawoedte. ?*? j a
.1 t. Beot. New Tork Oolf. *? ,? n
li. w. Pbetae, Paaaoodli
Maacaaaatar. vt, July -?? Tbe *?
ond nolf match at Kkwanok iombW
a? atghtaea-hole bandk-ap wat4B w?
Lo,-,le. :t. & Pterrepont of oie" v, fc
Club. having at. allowanee? ofj^ n
atrokaa. returned tbe beat . ard, br??f
avaa tarma arttb the eotoael n *b
of tha round. , ., ,. . niurin*
K. T. Une. Island ?Jolf ub, IffJ
with an allowance cl ten mr.-i?? ??? '%,r,
j. M.-ciur.-. with an alkmanoa ?'
tt.-.i for 1 tcoad plaoa.
The Npiraarlea toOnrn:
n s. Pierrepont, w!.t.w(,>d u. u
A. .1. McClure, Lakewood. 4. 3 uow-^.
T l.an.v laland Goll Club, 10. ' 1{.
C. 8. Brown, Garden 1 Uy. ?. "0J,.,\l(^n;
H. Warba.-sc-, Dyk.-r Meadotr, % J ft
j. c. Rooi. Mayneid. W, I - o*?i- j0?n:
J. C. HOOI. ,HB>ll?-iu. ??' - ..
Tarbell, Wlncheater < < - ';? '. ^oWri;
Leoaroa Wiilard. Apaw.n:ii:'. io. > ^.
A. W Chauncej-. icuwanok. 10, ]9 g g
C. B. Pope. Kox HUlB. t ??%? I
Klnk. St. An.lrew^. IG 8 ??*??. c. T.
Johnson. Jr.. Ardsl.y. lb. S down^ ^
Hrew. Montclalr. 9. 9 down. hdfc.tr r
apairaaala, i.'. 10 down.
Spokane. Wuah.. July 20,-The Arnaw
A,Metic inlon under water a?^rn?
ranord was brokea here lo-iayn m
Travllla. of Spokane, who <?"}"* ^
yarda 4 Inches. He waa one minute -
fartyeaght BaaeaMhi ur.det water.
Harrlsburp. 9; Johnatown, 0.
lteadlna, 4; York, 0. _. a
Trenton. 3; Atlantlc ?J.* ^
WllnUngton. 3; AllentowBi 5

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