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Big Crowd Flock to Show at
Hollywood Park.
Leeds s Whisk Broom Wins Cnp
for Best Sporting Dog on
the Benches.
Pofs of hlgh renown and pedigree dls
aerted fo' the edlflcation of several thou
rtr.d fanclers?amateur and professional?
b> the sea at West Knd. N. J.. yesterday.
The occaaloa was the fourth annual fhow
,,f tht Monmenta County Kennei club.
AiaJ lt waa held at the Hollywood Horse
Show grcunds. It was the most succesa
ful exhibltion that Monmouth County has
had of Its klr.rt. for every one of the aev
en hundred or more classrs was fliled
irom the monater St. Bernarda and Gr at
Danes down to tha tlny poodie- and Fe
kinc.se epenMe,
There was an Innovatlon ln the Judglng
ssslgnmeiits !n tbal IWO WOfflen, Mi^n
Vera Catchpoie. of Dulwieh, Bngtand, and
Mr- W IV. Hadley, of Bea Cllff, Long
Is:and. had places among the ofncluls.
M ia Catchpoie. ln partlcular. attr..
r lot of attentlon, for sht put the dogs
that came undtr her eyos through thelr
paces hH' ' - 'n of the oldeel
eran 08 the grounda and her decisions
? W< ri popular.
S.ie Judged in the classes for tox ter
rtera, pomeranlana, Peklneae, toy pot ?
Mack ar:d tan tcrriers and grlffons-. Alsoi
?bl was o::c of the favored Judges select
ed to decide the unclassi.led apedalfl wlth
J. Sergeant Price, of Cheatnut HIII. Penn.
Raymond Belmont also wae a judge.
Pesplte tl.reater.lng weather there were
more than flve tl.uusand spettators on the
grounds ir. tr.e afternoor. when the chlef
eompetltlons were held. Soclety folk from
all the seashore resorts flocked to Weat
End by auto and trap. and every traln
brougM other?. many wlth dogs ln thelr
arms* or on the !ea*h. There w>re few
champlo:i dogs ln the lot and practically
the entlre show was made up of new
coniers to the benches.
One of the best dogs ln the show ar<l
an old champion to boot, the Rockcllffe
Kenntls' Rockeliffe Hata Off. had llttle
difflculty i:i capturing the winners' class
for buildogs. Rockcllffe Hata Off wab bred
by H. ^chlaferman and la valued at B.0DO,
One of the nooet aucceaaful of tne
women exhibltors v.us M:s. Robert fc'.
Wlr.smore. Her BCOtCB tcrrior JocK
o'Whlte Oak. got th4 blue nbbon In lt
winners' class for dogs, i.nd she was for
tur.ut. enougli to carry uft another Mue
rlbbon before ti.e afternoon was o\tr.
Johr. G. Bates made a clcan sweep with )
his Irl'.h aettera Blarncy BadRer, Blarr.cy I
ian, Blarney Buttercup ar.d Blarncy ]
Tht IWO first natned got the blue
ar.J ? ? in the cla?s for winners !
wtnnlng piacjs;
!n the ?.???. hes.
Morrla Mandy'a daintj
rpanlel Tal Ku of Ltevonshlrc,
Iged er over Mr
Harb: Champion Nowata Mln
Leed'i Whisk Broom,
red fox terdt r, waa |
ig dog in tbe al
...,..,..... ? .
? Syewart E. H. llool.y. wlth '
tlon ol ? ? ttera, won
? r the largest exhibit
Mr. Hodey'a exhibit
.. d ten charnplone,
l-r. a six-year-oM
Inwall Kennela, woi thi
m for the bed aoa-apertlng dos |
awardi fullo?i.
bttehaar?Wea l
kle; no rw
K- :' ? ? ? s: dog?; rough)-\\oii by
11. ls' Ch. Alta Marvcl, R. l;
-. lor of Btkwoi 1 r-?'.-?>
rougbj v\r,i, by Hercuveen
tn Orchld; Hercoeeen Ket.
- : . ? Hercuveen, rt?ent.
?ioga; aiaoothi Won by ElkwcoJ
K? n * '?'. an h: no reeerve
Wlnnen (bltchea; <m othi ?Won by H?"u
Laat; Wh.tr
Doily La. Valietta. reBerre.
Qreei Danea fwinnera: d"gi??Won by Hector
s Harfci-n vom Bheln; Charles Luowig ?
l>UC!wig Rlg'i, re?>
Winner.n (bltchea)- WToe b) R Y. Kvans?
Mary; Mi?i May B.-e<?e'? Alta Na;::
?bo a li. re*4
Ttuailaii wolfheundi (winnera; >l"g-i- Won by
Eorea^ Kennela1 Teddy Bailtff; i'.oira? Ker.
r?? Sove ij' VaJley Karm II. r^-nf
nera (bltchea Y. H Addyman'a
Batra atm< rrltai BcheaTi Kaaka
o Valley t>vm. ?? ?
botufla (winners; 4oea>?Won ; > i! F.
lywlt. Jr.'i Lansdowne Plery; Kll!"?ni K?-n
BaO*' Ch. BllfO Hake II. reSBT
ktrerf (WtCbei Won bv B. 1 . l*v \- "
Laaadi ?..- Artemas; .'ov.:. \s. r'att?i!> ?p?rK
Jtng Moaelle, re*4
poxhourifla (winnera; biuheai-Won b> Mi
Tl. p. LetvU'a Latitadowna N.agara. n" reeerve.
Polnten iwlnn-ri. doga) Won by ?>. Mui?
Arnolt'i tjlr Rowan; no reeerve.
, Trinaira (bltchea)-Wo:. 11 ? F. isv-tW
LeniCowne i'rim, Mra. A. O. Uooley'a fva:l
cf Meedowviev. r?"?;^'
English aettera ivinnere, J'pil-Won by
54ea<!owvleer Kenneli' Champion Meadowvlew
Tal?; Joe L*wls s Deoio.a Prlr a II. ifiene.
Winnera; blttties- Won by Meadow\l?w Ken
neii' Champion Mea4e*rvle?i v*a?ar; B. B.
(rhele'a Ler??downe Lena. reaer-. e
Irlah aetters (winnera; doga)?Wo* by K nnd
P. A Cor.tolt's St. (Vud'i Shanmore; J. C,
riam.a'a Bt. Leunbert of Montroaa reaerve.
Winners; bltcnea?Won b>- Weitcr MeRoo
ertai RkhK-xeli Roxy; l^r. g. A. Nerton'a
Richwo.'l Iria, reaerve.
Held apantela (wlnner*: dogai- Won by
Brooailde Kennela' Hrookalde Magl"lan; no re
<er apenltlB (winnera. doge, blav-ki ?won
by I)r. A M. Applegates Black Knlght, Mre.
fr.'s Antonlo. relerve.
Wlr.n?rt; d'gs (other colorai Won by r?"
Cralf Kenntis' Newport Rrealdent; Overcross
Over. roea Red Duke. reeerve.
aera; bltchea iblarki w.m by tai<i
Aaeeraoa'a Pert star; mim Whttney'a wy?
brvok Jewel, reservo. ,
Wtomere; bltchea fother (olr.i-Won bv
Uroov* t* Kenneli' Brookilde Zoe; Overcrona
Kn.:.?!$' Trls. reaene. -,
B*?gl?a iw!nn?ra; dogai?Won by Henry ( .
PjktM ? Wheatley rhorlst^r; B (.'. Hare s
r.'orUin?:]d Il.idde, rfW*. ,,
aTrJmera: bltchea -W^n by Mn Henry C.
Hlpj*s Frantk; H C. Hare s Jeannette II.
?Hchihunda 'wlnnen: dogs>--Won by Mr?
fhariea lt L4atara Suhlaflln Inlgo; Sycaraore
Ktr.n.lv llarcellne, reserve.
Mra; bltcbee- Won bv Mn. A. Hungei
forUa Brandtlin* South fh"re. Mra. A. IIuj
8erff,M'a Myrs floti'h Shore. reaerve.
Wlnnen. doga-Won by Mary t.erar.l KU*
petr.cn'a H.r charles Moti'henbe.:h*r, Mrs. A.
Hunt/erford a Hltte S^uth Shore. laaerje.
wktaers: bncheB?Won by Mn A Hunger
fwc k Autie v. Llrhenatelri; Mary Oerar.i
iNmtilek'i Falr Mdy, reien^
Whipptts- iWlnn'-ri; dogat?Won by Hrs.
^ F. Lewlts Lamuowne Merrlv Marle; no
''olliee? (Wir.ntrn; dog*. rough)--Won l>y
Mrr L L. Andraaa'a Torldon Uiddle.; lrana.
K?r.ntl?'. In.ru Impudenre. reaerve. \ W U
fera; hltdhee; roughi -Won by rartji.et
KenneU'a Carterei Blu.; Klslr , ?Imria Ken
^Ic'a Imna Keldom, reaerve. i Winners
kjaa; amooth)?Won by Karl BJurnean n
Wjrren Ecllpie; m> ree*r\?.
Belgiai. and (Jerrnan Bhtep r>og? <?,n'
aen; doxK f.ml bltenes) Won by ,"1'',u
I-e?hoff-a neatrla ot Herrlngtoti 1'ark; \M'
MeubefTa A-Me of Harrtngtoa l'ark, N
Old Kngltah 8ha?pdog?- (Winnera. Uege)
?WlthheM. (mjnnen; bltrlee)?Won bv r.
'' ' larkea RuThaon l'cttlcoat; no reaerv.v
. I'o?dice-(Wlr.n?ra; dogi; .urlyi ? Won l-j
Jlc?iu.i Buaiarioby'a Fldele; no r#i<rve
, Cbo?v Chowa?(Winnera; dogs)?Won '?>
?rre Kenn. U'a Lodniore Rufue: <J'!"'1
K?nneli? l.t Hung Ching, reaerve (Win
n*r?; blohea) -Won by tireenecre Kennela a
?Ictk ef Chlna. Chlna Kennela'a Heny Bhan
ef China, reaerve.
,, l>almetlatis?iWhiricra; doga)-Won Wf
0. Mathanl* Marke. t.ad; J. C Weeka a
lherifii.il Wtadholme'a Frrever. reaerve. (Win
*r?: M?eh?a>--Wnhli.id. , ,,??,,..,
a?m.y?df>e? (Wlnn?ra; d"ga *i?d bitcn.ai
? WlliluM
LK.larin-iM I'lnath. r-(Winnera. doga an-i
bltchea, -Won by M:a. H. U Mapea'B Henta
jo" Rli'lnhoff; Henry ti. i'lel* fcobonnan
i*'**rve- r, 1,
- UuFdOls_ru.-|?ne??.i iLifH-tCnn hv Rrt^k
Wire Wheels To Be Offered as
Option in 1913.
Ttoundlng out a ?eason of mark-.l suc
cens wlth every model, the llne of Stod
dar.l-Dayt.vi cars for 1911 has baan an?
nounced to the trade. Agaln, as In every
year of Its exlstence, the llne ls fraught
with Interest Wlth mlnor rneclmnica!
reflnements that have been dtetated by
servlce, the 1913 llne will .-ontiniie four
models of the past eeason, wlth the slx
cyllnder Stoddard-Dayton Silent KBlgttt
aa the Icader. offered with an option of
wlrc wheels.
Three dletlnct typeg of power ptaata.
each having wlthstood every demond of
vigoroua servlce. are repreaented in the
new llne. and tho chnfoa of body styles
not. only lnciudes Mandard typaa, but a
number of bodles whlch are uriusual an.l
nrlginal, permlttina; the dealer to meet
alrnost any preference or fanrv nf the
profipectlve buyer.
Buffalo Company Sticks to
Sixes. with Full Equipment.
Pour new niodeln wlll oBtne from the
I'ierce-Ariow factory, at Huffalo. this
se-isi.ii. Colncidcnt wlth thls annoup.ce
ruent the company announoes th.at It wlll
no lonjrer d^siRnat..- Its cara by year rurn
I ra, but l.ereaftcr letters will be nsed
d.-noting the serle- Of tlic vaiioua mod?
ala. Wlth the serles letter wlll be ine
nwnbpr Bbowiag tha horocpoww of the
The fcr.r nc-w cars nrc known as Ihe
M?A, the 4^-n. the 3S-C and th" 48-n. AH
ot the madela w-m be of the abt-eyllnder
type. the Pierce-Arnrw company harliig
uannfactured no four?cyilnder eara, if
trueha mny Ue excepied. sin.-" t'.ie sprin^'
of 1909. The nev." nVwleb) ri-.ark the sev
enth year of the company "b Biagufacture
of ?ix-cyllndcr cars.
Of the two 4S-horsepowcr RMNffpia th9
4K-D ls the flrf.t on whlch dellverlea have
b^en made. Theae cars bepan comlraj
from the factory July I. They are ma<Je
only wlth seven passenger tourlns bodles,
bat inciosed ibngtea to rit the ehaaalfl will
oc Bupp:!ed for fall and wlnter uae.
The motors at tha four cara are: 99 A,
". by 7 inchea; 48-B and 4^-I>. I'-j by .'.',
Inohea; ss-c. 4 by i'-i inchcs aii four
have a four speed forward ar 1 rareraa
tranemleeton of the Beiectlre type, oone
clutch. Bliaft drive and seml-flostinp rear
ax!e. Two Beparate and indep ndent
ricftns of Ijmhlon. one a Boaeh bigh ten
sloi: rr.agneto and Ihe otncr storage bat
U-ry. are usc.;.
Thi e.|iilprnent lnck.de* a OOOBpraeaed
alr starting systeir,. alaetrlc Itgbl v-fn
arator, cspe top, glass front wlth a rain
vialcn ar.d patent ventilator. denaountabk
rims, alectrte horn a.-.d bulb horn. auto*
meter .cr.d clock. paaolene tank pauge,
ga*olene prlmer, air power pump. aat of
t'jol.1, shock abeorbcrf, extrn tlre and riin
carrlera, trunk raok, foot ri-fet. r<?i and
blanhet rall and Yalr* lo.^ks for th< hood,
daah cablneta, tool compartmente and otl
and greuse hcx. The U-D if equlppad
W'th a gas primlPB Btartat insteail "f Ih4
conspreaaad alr Byntem.
t .. colora t':at may te used ln Ra
|,i?j theae ..ara are optional wlth tha
l.'prols'.erlng wlll also be i.-ft to
the c-hoi'-" of the owner. and witli tba
range of eoiora that is aUowad it la the
f th4 'oiipany tt.at a BUftlCtent
variattba is posflblc to allow arery car
had out in the <ourt;e of a year to be
' nt.
nnela' champion Roekcllffa Mats off;
:s.h Ba>on Iieaminr. reoerve.
Winier*. bltehOB Won t?y Judborn KennelJ"'
Judborn Tralned Ntirse, Walter Mura-'s
Thoir.burv Pearl, reserve
? :lers 'wlnners; doga)--Won b>
D B. R BUnone'B Raughfei: Model; Theodore
UfTerman'S Keuwyn'B Meted?<-onk. reserve
.-. Won b] W B. Bake.- l
rtaabllaht; Kenwyn Kennela'
,-?.??. :hi.tv?,
? ? bb)?Won b> ilobert
? \-"?Soro Chevaller: Bcott L. Ubhy's
? ?:>, Jr.. reserve.
?* oa * v We* Jones*i 1'mt,
i pmltb'i Ooshen Craln Daah, re??r^(
L.uiidoi{? (winner*. dogB)?Won by
Prederi flamln Rlval; Mra. bfarjp
n i er*i paraque, reai
Wlnnera: bitchea- Won bj II. D H off man ?
Gamlno'a Babette; Mrs '>i*ry winthrop Tur
. ...- Nerai I and l ? Blren, reaarve.
Roston :?-r.-:?rfi (wlnnera; <ine3i -Won by John
Dli ? r's Rexonlan, J. E Mey.M's Rumo
McKee, r?serve.
Itchee?Won by Rock.-iiffe Ken
? -. Roekellffe Beautlful Doll. John W.
K-etat.'s Beaale Burks II. reserve.
Foxter.-iers, smonth (wlnaera; dossi- Won bj
r. H, Initwersen'a NIOlB Invader; E. H Ing
? ?< Ni iu Magaat, reserve.
Wlnners; bitchea?Won bv B. H. Ingweri.n's
Nlola All Cold; O. D. Wagner't Kllllngton
Kobhlns. re?? I
F'.jxterrl'is. wlrehaired (wlnners; dOCB)
Won t.v Heward Bbrteb'B Champion Kenmare
Foot man: diarles U. Bedford's Ljnnfleld 9a
le- ted, reeei \ t
WlnnerB; i.lt-hea-Won bv r>. 8 Hlker s
LynnBeld Loulss; <j. II. Orton's '",& i;anc
J^siile. leaervc.
Irlsh ter:,.-is .wlnners. doasi Won hy J. G.
Rstess H:arne< Hadaer; J. 0, Ba'.ess Plarrev
Wlnnert blt.-hea -Won by J. 'J. Rat'?-'i>
Blarnej Buttereap; J 0. Batesa Biarney Belle,
Scttlsh t?rrlers (wlnners. <iogs)-\Von b?
MrH B. i. tVinsmore's Jock o' White Cak.
Dr K. <? Bwlng't Kriis' Mcrr.lnf Nlp. rrssrve
Wlnnera; bitohefl Won by Henry T. FleH
man's Balpownle Moorben: Theodore ofTer
man s Vork 8cofh Hlahball. reservt.
Wtii lughiand white t?rrlert twlnnera: doa-m
Won by A. Albrlrht, )r.'?. Champion Hlaufh
fell Tallaber; Glenmere Kennels Laddle of
Olenmere, reaerve,
Wlnners: MtCbOB Won by Can'Jo Kennels'
(irnsay Rhoda: Olenmere Kenn. !?' Lassle of
filsnmsre. reserve.
Uelsh terrlers fmlnnera; bltches)?won b
Mrs. Tl B, 9.rawbrlda?'s Rur.ty Pul!s DM
Btrlngi; no regervs.
Dandle Dlnmor.t ttrrters fwinners; doksi
Won by Killearn Kennels' Killearn HawU-k
Masher; Putf^rd Kennels' Potford Busby, rt
Wlnners; bitches-Won by II. T Fleltmans
Balaownle Marvel; Killearn Kenneis' Killearn
i J.a.iflev Madge. reaervf
Bia^k-and tan (Manchesterj terrlers 'wln?
neri. doas and bltchesi -Won by Mrs. K H.
I Addyman's Champion Deadcr; A. Delmont ?
1/esds Imperatlve reserve
ts<-h(pi>erke? (wlnners; dofS)-Won by Mrs.
'Jaora-e Ronsse'a Ittven, Imna Kennels' Imua
Blafkberry. reaerve.
Wlnners. blfhes Won bv Mrs. Georfe
i Ronsse's Ray; Imna Kennels' Itnna Blark Pat
tle. reserve
Po:n*ianlan? (wh.ners; dofi)- Won by Mn-,
F. T. ClarBO'a Ashton Wec Ollver; neuben
ciark's Bno? sj.ra>. reaarvo,
Wlnnera; blt.heo? Won bv Mrs R. C, stew
?rfs Uffley );irlle; Mrs. J. A. Davldeon'B I^ed*
CHrl. reaarta. , , ...
i;ngllsh toy spaniels (winners, Mtcnee; l.iar-k
and tani Won bv Oretnatrr Kennels* Arlsdn. ;
Mrs. .latnes Daage Rosemary lAdy Calvert,
^TpJnnera: Soaa (oraape and white) ? Won hy
Gie*na<re Kennele' Heacombe Hero; Mr?. (.. U.
?i a'hltney'a l.'nlque Wo W?e. reaerve.
Wlnners; blt^hea (orat.fe and whlts) "o:i
by Oreenacre Kennels' Rosemary Ulllan;
Wlnnera; docs (trt-eoler) Won by Mrs.
L a Wh'tnejs Wiebrooh Jean; Greens'-rr
genneUf Mlck?y OHyr.iv rc?tr>.?.
Wlnners l.ltches (trl colorj- Won by Nao~
!-. Gan Kennels' Arnette: no reserve.
Winners; dogs (red) -Won hy Mlss II. '?
Parlett'l Rosemary Uttle Pal; no reserve
Japaaaaa spaniels (wtoBora;u4aBHWt?B
Mtaa \) M Harder's Vakko; Mrs. lt. 1. Iiar
riaon'a lahlaaa. reaerve.
Wlnnern: bitchea- \\<>;i by _ agB. _9j. ??
BerendaohBB Cbeal II; Mrs. j. J. "iounts Tir.y
Pafcmaae apanlela (wlnners; dofa)--Woni by
M'ai Mwrli Keadys Tal Ku of Dev. nablre.
Mr*: M. E. Harly's Champion Nowata Mln
i'i.I reaerve. ... ?, n
Wlnners; bitchea-Won by Mrs fLmtSt
Harly's Nowata Tlny; Mra. L. de Lanc*>
Uarda Shena I'el. raaerva.
Toy poodlss (winn?rs, do?fc) -won b> Mrs.
K. Baaione'a Buddle; E. F. Forda Tootls. re
"'wtnners; bitches-Wcn by.Jfm W. J&Jje;
Uod'l Mcl^oda Du Du, Mrs. H. Wllaon a
T^riiWre teniers (wlnnera; doas) Won by
Mrs. Peter Mengea's Roxy; John Daly a Mynd
^WtaaaaaJ* bltches-Won by M... Adele
Kltchle'a Uttla Dot II; Mrs J"hn Daly s lgJHc
8WMalteie,,TeVrriers (Wlnners; doga)- Won hy
MimK Ktlnzlng'. Fldo II: Mr?. W. W. Mc
Leod'a MeUod'a Uttle ?weeiAe?rt. reaenra.
Wlnners; bliches-Won by Mis. Mcolai a
^aV-uTtan terrier. (adaaera; dogs,
Won tv Marie Bn)i.r'?s'? Kmpress Mite.
Mme Rose coreno'a Dandy 11, leeirea.
Wli.i.eis; bltch.s- Won by Mme. Rose Cor
?no's XI" Van WlnVU Hsirv oo rssarva
Jol> V. rledgea leaving this city "-.
Thursdaj in a Columbia Silcnt
Knighl car to *-tir up intercst in ln
booni for Governor.
Water Bar Decision in Pennsyl
vania Likely to Lead to
Other Actions.
Toll Road and Estate Owners
May Be Held Liable for
Damage to Cars.
.-,,,..? - .; ? ? thla tlme In
the Ke; haa ? ' I
ahlpa, munldi
malntalnlng watei bai
waya an : le for da
r thelr i ara, eati I
tad wlth thi ? aarj ahati uetlona.
This is a aweeping ddory for
ists. as it is believed then
-nki?f?-* do.iht ahoat other state as wdl
u [JbIU i I la, auBtathlng thi
Pennaylvanta d< lalon II li ln dlrecl
llne wlth the opinlon of the ?'"'.
t-'ittnsel of the t lt) ol S< a fork, who '?
cently notine I M < 01 Claynor thal
could be beld for dan ?-?
of the Park i i in "<"?
a publ hlgtan i) '?? ? I' ' "? : "v ',l*1 ,J
? ?, . Klna ? ? ?
,2d Mr 1 ? Uayi ? at oi ? ?? dreeted
? . . to m ? thdi order
Tbe T of An*
iuch as haa j
? ? .
. . ,.,. tdl road ? mpanli ln New
England ? Itb i ? ? to ahowlng
i. wltl
n<he<i by tl*
ln publlc hlghwaj tl* ? mmenta
can t?? i old foi d in t(< H la alao true
lhat eoaapai.ettng toll ro
i. held foi danwgea caoaed
cara and ?? l " - ' w*ter ,:,:v"
. ?
Such n teat caa* would alao a
road over Peru M<
The aami actlon wi iM applj to
of large eetatea who beri thro
? . . ? '????'
for the priTllefi Ihrough
thelr property, at the aan
temptlng to prevent fast drlelng bj ln
trodnclna dangerous water ?
tlcna th* aam* Un< the club n<
med wlth aneceaa for the motor touriats
ln the ellralnatlon of what mlghl be
terrned "atghl bardorB" al proi
hlghwaj Inteiaectloaa ami gradi
ing; Tnis u.,ii; was begun last year
threugh the dub'a braneta at iba Hotel
Wendell, ln PlttaneM Thla reat It baa
b<?en axtended, and ao far many eroafl
hlghwaya baaa been deared ap bj ?rai
obtalnlng o*rmla*4on from abuttlng prop?
erty owners and then sending men wlth
axes and Bcythi to cul away tieea and
ahrubber] which ObatXUCted the vlew of
motodate approaehlng tha croealnge.
in many caaea obetlnate owners huve
refused permladon to retnove treea oi
buahea, fr"'1 afterward aerloua aeddenta
i,av<- occurred at th*- tioodnga where per
nitsaion was denled to make them, safc
withoat the ?iigiitest eapeaec t" Ihe prop?
erty ownera
Glass Inclosed Factory Gives
Much Additional Space.
The American atotora Company, of
Indlaaapolla roakera <>t the American
underalung ceie, lias tttBt eemdeted ?
thre> atory bdeh and atael additum to
ltn nlant .\n 2. 1? was found neceaaary
at the beglnnitig of the eaaaoa ol 1111
to praetaoaliy double faetory feeUttiea
Agaln. junt b<'ore tlie 1113 annonn<e
raenl waa made, plana were eempleted
and the fotindation lald for a further in
ereaai Infactorj apaca Thli nen bulld
ing. which if aew oompleted, la our of
the handsornest and best lighted factory
balldlnga ln the dtjr. It is a three atory
buiiding of ftreproof conatradloa and la
entlrely it" l4ieed aith glaaa
The buiiding l? ?o by 120 feet, pro
vldlng about 30,000 feet of floor apaoa
This will glve about 100,00" feet ef Hour
space. at plant No 2, which, wlth factory
No. 1. Is the great' It sp.-.o- nf any fac?
tory la 11><3itniier"'11^ deeoted aaeladvely
to automoblle inilldirig. The equipment
ls new t-tid of the latest design. One
p|et e of mu'hlnery that le Just being in
stalled la a .'iS-tuti hydrauln: preaa, to be
uned ln COnneetleB wlth tlie sheet metal
work and shaping Of bodtea.
Tha Beriydn* fAlrgtada) Hcrae 8how
\ssociatlon lias Invited Regtnald I an>
derbilt Major Krnestus tiulick and Ixjuls
K Wadng to act as judges at Its show
o'n Angnd 13, 14 and 15. A number or
eatri** has been recelved, and a auccesa
iul ibew is aesurtd
Ired. \ newl> appointed citj manager 01 the New Nork
Mco branch.
Harsh Electric Horn
Annoys Rural France
Drivcr Who Uses Sharp Sg
nal Is Liable to Have
His Car Damaged.
Bo i i .<? I< -': ? lablni tl ?
.-tt the prea tnl moment
that a BOU fr..in an American .Itlser l 0
? juat returne i fron Parla la nol wlth
, .. .! ir.t.-rrst T . ? - i .-? . f-dls
cuaaad but aiway^ Inevltal ;.- horn, a
erhleh ara hava heard so much In thls
.., mtry lateli, and art i Ing more
from otbar natlont, aaya M a Pemberton
tn "Tha London FleM " Th" rural
J French, it would appear. have been pro
I voked to take rtolai i meaaurea .iKainst
i:,. jaera of obnaaloua honta
Ifuato iiocs not .-i.arm nor can elei
trulty BOOthe tbe dlstlnctly . harinlng
baaal it la our pleaaure t<> meet acroea
Ihe Channel. Not hh ol.-trur ilonlet by
nature Indeed, B most ratlonal eraature
jviii^r.' aii thlaga methanlcal nr- con
| cemed?tbe French paaaani la apt lo bt
... annoyed by tha abarp aapioaton of an
? iric slKiiai thai be has been known
t.. rtonc th.: uaar thereof bicontlaeatly.
The Amertcan arho dlacueead tbeax
things wlth nir. is BUCh I verv !?? v?-l h.-ad
uad normal peraon that hta warnlng
would hava baaa heard wttb reapect at
' an] time; but it cbaaicea that other tour
Itata returnlpg from fraace hava told i
atmlhu tale "f aroe. ?""? "r them had a
panei of hls .-ar badly dOBted near Car
raaaoana, whlle a aeeond avawed that a
wlo.le ahOWer Of atonea fTOeted tha ?K
.,f h horn by a drlv.t WbO
waa leavtag Dordaani la both ih.-se
aa it waa the manner of tbe warnlng |
god ii..1 the fact ol H *hleh appeai to
i.s\.: irritat^i bb BtharwUBj paacaabla
t rench paaaaatry.
gn] kn.'i .1 slten or arrogant reed la
at. iiiipi-iii.-nt Io be uaed, not habltually
but ln amergency, and this is a fav l
whlch the hiiKiisn drlvei Ignorea too eftefl
wtien aoroaU. In "ur OWB OOlintry we
nt ?! Bomirtlmaa with a dopsed kin.l of
oi.stru. Hon Whlch la Juatly met by a p<r
BlSteat i.ae of the horn. out ln Fran.e lt
la rarc for any drivet of ^ horaa rehlcle
dellberately to obatruet the motorist or
to m.-ct hlm ptherwlea than I'lvily. Tne
irenchman ls cxaspetated not so much
by th. trunipct Itaati as by th.- bflpUad
Inault behmd lt, and he la qulck to anow
bla laaantmrn- at a mode of attack which
1 now to hlm.
It l? uii unfoitunate fact, but wholly
truc, that many tOttriSta Btart aw.i> trom
thla country imaKining that raral rrajca
Ita a Kind of aavage adaart arhleb caiia
'for no im.itation wbataw rar oa the arlv
ar*B patt. Home of them have nev.-i
drlara upon a CoBtlneBtal road before
j othera have a notlon of the French peo?
ple galn.-d fr.m tho llllterate Bcreeds of
tha Mi-I-Vlclorlan era. Very fow arj
autta without a pbaaa of the old and no
happy inaularliy. ?Mch la, a.aa: often
allled to Boinrihlnp very llkc arrogance.
It does not occur to such peopi? that
the precepta for drlvlng in Franct, are
tuat the praaapta whlch ootain m their
own COUntry. and that a "ragbag, tearlng
.ampalgn" ls aa Uttle profltable upon the
French slde of the Channel aa upon our
own. Nav, more; when oue IIIBIPJ9III
'.-. ren tlrlver is tempc
ipped i>\ a new i ila i I lb
r-ai. it ls hI**- 10 say that the giv.ite^t
are abould ba oxereteed hy the strangcr
ln Krancc ?nd the utmoet drillty ahown
toward her ; ?
There U no country In the world so
Qjdck tu recognlM food munners, or to
reward them wlth a. naturn! and charm
irig courteey Our reputaUoo b? motor*
l?;t? haa auffered enonnously on the Con
tlnant durlni ira b) a apedea of
road hog almost wlthout parallei. Thlt
un haa remembered ody that there are
? ,, po!!' ?? trai - and Kuuiogne, and he
i immedlately to justlfy tbdr
aalatenee In the country he has left. lt
la an obrloua retort when this ehars* ls
made that th< g"reneb driver himself lean
exceedlnly wlld creatttre, and that for an
axhIMtlon <>f raahneea ?t Its zenlth one
has but te stand on the Place de la Con
corde upon a buay afternoon ln Jnne.
ThT? la a maaaure of truth la the ar
gument, bUt lt should never be fnrgotten
ihnt if tbe Frenchman In the mass ho
raab, be to also exoeedlngly ciever, and
that his n.rve and qutckaeaa are un
nutched where mechanlcd tractloa is
roncerned. Furthermore. a t'oreigner de*
Itlng Pranoa laya hlineelf open to a
keener edtletam than u bestowcd upon
the Inhabttanta themedvee, nnd it be
hoo*/ea btm te remember that. should an
a cldenl attend hla rolltckltaf aense of
llberty. be wlll pay vAfdeariy for it ln a
country where acctdeata are never for
Motorists Will Ask Legislatorg
to Open Delaware Spans.
A rampafga ls now belng waged to
corablne motoriete in Pennatfvanta In ?
petition to tha UgWature d that state
tor au epproprtatioa sufficient to co-oper
ate wlth the itate of New Jersey tn the
ptir.-hase of all toll br'.dges over the Dela
arare Rlver.
Ni-w Jeraey has draady made an appm
priatlon, not to aaaeed IMMIY, for the
purehaa of lta ahare af these brtdges,
and it is now eeceaaary to get u stmiur
epproprtatioa from Pennsyivunia to
make the plan effectlve. PreBsure wlll
!je brought to bear ut the negt seasion of
tbe lvnnsylvania I/fgislature to paaa tbe
approprlatlon blll.
This meea wlll flt ln nlcely wlth the
plan of N<w lersey to complete next
\ear a llne IMW hlghway along the banks
Of the Delaware, from Trenton to the
Delaware Water Oap and from there to
Porl Jeiwle, 00 tht- Jersey-New Tork
?Stat-- llne. tbua provldlng a magniflcent
boulevard 112 mlles long through the plct
ureegue Delaware Vaiiey.
The preaaal inferlo'r road up the his
torlc valley runs from Trcnton to Stoek
ton, N. J. along theffferBey bank. but
there the tourlst has to croBB to Penn
sylvHtila to re.-i'h Kaston. Krom Kaston
to the ttftp there are roada on both sldea
of the rlver, but tf any crosalng ls done
the tourlst flnde himself paylng money
to toll brldges. Trom the Water Oap to
Port lervis the heauties of the Kltta
tlnny and Shawangunk motintalna are at
present loal, as there ls no road uu the
Jersey alde.
Work Now Under Way for
Automobile Road Races.
Hotel Men Decide to Keep
Prices Down for Big Mil
waukee Fixture.
Returning to the East from Tacoroa,
Waah., eariy thla week. Kred .1. Wagner I
made a brlcf stop at Mllwaukee to take
up fttrther detallt of the Vanderbilt
Cup, Grand Prlze, Pabst trophy and Wla>
cimsin trophy races, to be held there
.September 17 to 21 next.
Wagner declares he ri*>ver saw a city
manlfest auch enthusiasm over a race
maet two months off. The Mllwaukee
people are not procrastlnatlng by any
meane. but are decldedly active, plan
nlng tlie huge grandstand. supervtslng
work on the .-ourH.', inaking arrange
ments to handle the large throng of v!a
ltors, etc.
\i Miiwaukee "wrything posslble la
heitig done to irihpir'- interest ln the blg
, enta D'iririir the laat w?ek the thlrd
armual reliubility tour of the vVleconeln
State Automobile Assoelatlon took pla<<>,
atartlng at Mllwaukee. Boostera for the
Vanderbilr-Grand I'nx race meet are
a<-'Otnpati\lng the tour in full force with
automoblles carrylng large signy to ad
1 ei tis,' tlie . ?
Another thlng whi<-h will boom the city i
and force lt into the Mlddle Western
llmelight la 'he beginntng <>f .?oncrcte
pourlns on tbe new road in aftlwaaha*
County, which before many montba wiu
extend Into a new hlghway to Chlcago.
The Chlcago-Mllwaukee Road Assoclatlon
|s worklng on this vtgorously.
When certaln cltles have held race
aneetl la the past, ottt-of-town visltora
hu\e ,ione conslderable grambllng ove.
the way they were "stung" at hotela and
boardlng places. The Vanderbilt ?'up
ra'-e committee is determlned not to ha\*
this COndttkMI preeall at Mllwaukee dur
Ing the races. and a few days ago took
up the rnatter wlth all of tbe hoteUteep
tn. Tha reajular all-yeaur-'round rat.-s
nre to prevall, and the race committee
baa aecepted the pubiished rate* of the
varioaa heetelrlea aa dfldal during tbe
apeed carnlval.
It haa been agreed by each proprietor
t'. stiik to these flguree, which win cauai
vlsttora to leave at the close of the Datet
with a pleaaant hnpreadon ot the city
end not a complalalag one. August Jonas,
whu is actire Io proenotlng the race. is
?'liiilrman ot the committee which wlll at
t.i.d to the tnatter of rcservatlona for
vlsltors, and wlll abortly laaue 100,000 fold
ers glvlng t!:n uanns of hotels, rates,
placea of Ultereat dlagram of the course,
et& The committee alll bave a card
Index system arranged to handle syste
ntatically some MOO rooma In prlvate resU
dences and boardlng liouses.
Early Discovery af Trouble Will
Save Much Expense.
Overloading, Bruises. Cuts and
Poor Driving and Braking
Are Other Evili.
By l. R Cox, Good year.
Pneumatlc tlres are constructed to giv
real servlce. Experts wlth a auperlo
knowledge of tlre bulldlng are contlnually
experimentlng lo give the best to th'
automobile owner. Pneumatlc tlres anBj
give servlce lf glven the proper attentlop
The early discovery catches the trouble
The instant a fault i? found, careful In
raatJgatJan should be made to aecertair
the remote ca.se Immedlatc actlot
j should he taken. ai.d the tlre, Instead o
' developing a chronlc cast- of trouble. wll'.
i stan.l a chance of runnlng a mlleage per
happ twlcc or three tlir^-j as long ai
otherwlse posslble.
I'nder-inflatiori. overloadlng and lrtl
I>roper alignnient are evlls that are oom
j mon. but close atteritlon wlll easlly detec;
. them. Road cor ditlons also play an UB>
i portant part ln the llfe of tlres. Hvne
bruises and cuts are rulnous to auto?
mobile tlres Take the trouble early ln
the game, use a Uttle plastlc or qulck*
repalr gum, and f.x the cut or the brutae,
and parhapa the unexpected blow-out wlll
be avolded. OutMde these common faults
there are others non>? the less iinportant,
whlch undermlne the llfe and strenjrth
of a tlre. Nurse your tlres and give
? them olose scruthij
i A word on InfUtlon. It 1b commor
I practice among car cwneru to drlve their
'? .-an on tlres not properly Inrtated. Th'.e
ls altogether wrong, lf the llfe of tlr^t
', is taken Into eonslderatlon. The car
j may rlde a Uttle eaeler, but the owner
! paye dearly for hia luxury. Under-ln
flatlon means short life for the auto?
mobile tlre.
Tlre manufacturers raaogalaa that
n.ore troui.ie is CBIaUd by undcr-lnfl?"
1 tlon than from any oth.r eause. fjood*
year pollcy ls to eduoat" its patroni
Iproparty to cara for thelr tires, and give
! them as long life as poeslbte. No aao
; torlst should be Wttbout a rellable alr
J gauge. and tlres should he kept at tl.r
I prescribe.l pressure, twenty pounds an
j Inch of the croaa section For instance.
! if a tlre ls four inch-s. thaa the pressure
' of air in the tlre BbOUld be eighty poUBd ,
i Overlocding Is a common fault amoig
I motorlsts. It ls not unusual to see elgiit
1 or nlne persoiiF rhilng ln e aeve&'Paa
? ger car. It 1- rrequentljt eatd that j per
| <?nr :i.lded to the w*ight of a car adda IS
per cent to the wear and tear of titi >
it can easily be seen what the effect < f
\ ovarioading haa on the Ufe of tire?. ir
, means frequent p';ncturcs and b'owouts
I and early rulnatton.
| Ask your nearest .iealer what JTOUT car
' welghs. then be guided by the followlng.
Equlp your car wlth the largest tlres
' nossiule. They will cost B Uttle BJart.
but the extra Inltlal expense wlll oo
<? oiiomy ln the and. La:ger tlres, in aeV
1 Uitlon to belng more aeoBjOBBical, aaaa i
1e.->s trouble and more soltd comfort :n
? Motorlsts should leain ?ffldency in
! srartlng an.l stopplng a machlBO. A lot
. of unnecessary tread wear la caajai -1
' through Inablllty to start or stop a nia
chlne ln the proper manne.. Tnis fact. no
doubt, ls known. but tho poitif la, if
I tire must be cared for tt must be practi
.-allv carrtad out. Don'l ntart too BUdden
ly, and don't brlng your car to a stan.l
stlll wlthln its own length BBBMBJ clr-'um
stanr-es call for it. BJOW up gradually
Brake.s not properly ..djusted are al?o
hard OB tlre . One urake may be work
Ing more freely than the other. and ona
tirej conaequently, may be coinpell.-d to
atand al! the atraln of atoppthg the <ar.
AdJUBt your urakes often. Be careful,
aluo. not to run in car track.- or against
urba or ln ruts. The slde walls of a t'.re
I are, as a rule. thln. and buftt tit give the
, utmoet reslllen.y. A motorlst s'.ould ' e
', extra caraful to proteot hls tlres at thls
Th- foragathg pointers aie a few amorj
many*. but the motorlst might be enabled
10 sav'e oa hls repalr btlla If care It agar
:-.] when runnlng hi^ car. Tires sbouid
be oaamlned often. Watcn the thtnaa
! that ar.' small ln the bcglnnlng, but
whlch ln a few W'-eks, or even days ?
' alwaya urexpectedb-deveiop into n |
that means cithcr the purcbaae of a Be ?
tire or a hlg repalr blll.
The appointment is announced of Kred
erick A. Crooks, well known ln the New
York automobile field, as Alco clty BBjea
aaaaagar for the New York braaab. M ?
Crooka has been ldentlfled wlth thr indus
try for llve years. He was formerly BSBi
clated wlth the Darracq Motor Compa: f
and the Palmer Slnger ?'ompany. He ia
also w.MI known in army and scxlety cir
eiaa Mr. Clfoofca, prarloua to hts appoini
raaart, was oaaaertall wlth th.- New York
sales department for Alco trucka and
Deoaoauatieai ghrea; ixaiaJaa?ee tadted.
overvthlng n? r,-preeent?.V
Wlnfer BodlM 30 6 to 50% S*?ing
Suu'dl'rut, 42-44 W. 62d St. r?ey.
By the hour or trlp fp-to-dale aervlce
?nlv It-tea moderate.
HIM 213 WFtST 43D ST.
40 w. Bath at._
piaanVer-ourlng. apeeid rate. fy month
|j %5Sea durlng Hun.mer. We ?end car.
?Vorywhsra l'nlvemal Taxtmeur Cab Co.,
IV. Baal Bfd St. 'Phone Plaa* ?????_
ORIPFITH. 117 Weat r.3d.JT04* '.?lumh ia.
B'HAV, IEL. tOL. 1021.
Thav are golng and a''"* <?tt. Why. be?
cauae they are not o\ erliauled. but rebutlt.
. ?nj e*R| <>ur i e?ular guaranu*. Get buay
?n.l icet r.uav .jtiti k If >"U want B r?l|ahle.
|well-kn"*n car at a |..w nirure IVJ Car
Uept . BTtaPDABD MOTOR IO.. Bgf Wesi
57th St.. m-ar B'wuy
M. r . ?h >ff Tourlng Car. 1909.15*0.10
iCad'llac Tourlnj < i- r.M" ;on oo
Ktod.lard-Dayton Tourlr.g Oat, 1110. 80*.W?
(In auperb londlilon. i _
Marton Roaditer. \$\ \. ,00 00
Steatna 15-30 Tourlnj rar, 1110. 9O0.?H?
Amerlr-an Traveller, 1011.l.SOO.O*
(Thla <-nr tuit rompletely overhauled
and repalntea.. Ore.it har^aln. \
American-Marion Saics Co.
,(;!{"BAR6AINS $300 to$ 1,100
i'ona?rvatlv?ly eatlmat?Hl earh of th* f..! .
lowtng are worth from |S0O to 1300 more
than we aak: 1911 Olda, fl.100: 190B Olde.
1750 1IW Olilf. |4.*>0; IPOHOIda, **?; 1911. B
cyl* Mltchell. 1700; 1911 Marlon, 1750: I'.i'l
Sto-ldarl Dayton. 1800. 1810 Fentieylvar.la,
?400; 1910 Wlriton, 1000; 1910 Auto Car.
I40U Many other Real Bargalna. all over?
hauled by ut and guaranteed to be ln be.t
oondltlfin All fully equlpped anit readv
0L0SM0BILE CO., ^fflgy
?:.',i \\>?t 51th "*t . Or. B'vray. i ?l. 3354.
MDBIal BDRaVII Brown illal. White trgur*i.\v -
bVaDta-OHUBja CUratc. lseOBway. Col. fl030.

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