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Corener's Physician Fincls Evi
clence of a Strnggle Before
Mrs. Hopp Was Killed.
Prisoner Says That He Intended
to Eetnrn to His Wife, but
Insists Leavetaking
Was Friendly.
g< Raymond Harkneaa, the real
<si;a.- and Inaurance broker of Be*
t'liff, Long laland, who ahot and killad
Mra. Florence ?'. Hopp at the Hotel
York. 30th atraet and Beventh avenue.
earlj ycaterday morning, waa arralgned
?? i oroner Wlnterbottorn later In
th" day, charged wltli homicide. He
vraa remanded to the Tomba for forty
etght' houra for further examination,
followtng hia detalled atatement to the
? '"i onar.
The .'iction nf th<- Coronei waa cauaed
by tho report of his phy-ioian. Pr.
\V'.<toii, who parfonned an autopsy on
the dead woman. The reeull of thla
atntopay led i>r. Weaton t<> belleve that
cuggle bad taken place befpre ftfra.
Hopp waa killed Harknaaa i- held
wlthout ball.
Harkneaa, who waa formerlj preat
dent of the Oscawana Real Batate Com?
pany, of \'<>. '.'1 Hanaon i'i -.-? . Brooklyn,
is twenty-aeven yeara >>l.l. Immedlate
after the ahooting he rushed to thr
^tror-t and told Patrolman i,nnatrong,
of tho Weal ::7th --ti-eet atatlon, thai he
had Bhol hia wife in the Hotel York.
The woman waa remored to the Naw
Vork Hospttal, where ahe dled an bour
- wlthout recwertng conaclousneea
Says Shootinq Was Accident.
Harkness ln his atatement to the
Ooroner s;ii<l tr*** ahooting waa an acci?
dent ntiri that Mrs. Hopp had bean ait
..n his knee when the accident oc
v.rrrd. He aald ahe had plcked np an
imatto revolver belonglng t?> hlm,
- h'.'ii ahe had found ln one of her bu
M-.ii drawara, and aaked him how the
eapoa arai operated Harkneaa sai.i
ie waa demonatrating the revolvar
? hen the aafety etutch flropped. ex
plodlng tho bullet Tho muaxle of the
? .I, waa withln alx Inchea
? f her left ear at tho time.
I cording t" Coronar'a Phyaiclan
ton, the miizzlo waa held wlthin an
inch of the woman'a head when it was
? tj clutch on weapo
a chai rpreasly provlded to
prcvenl eucb acetdental diacharge.
Harkneaa said he and Mrs. Hopp.
? waa .i divorced woman, were on
? I'' beat of terme. Bhe w..s about to
? mother ln Lewlaburg,
.. f..i- a \isit. an.l waa packlng up
at thi time of the ahoot*
,t i o'clock. Accordlng to the
? , m. ? br >ker. Mrs. Hopp waa rery
-: him frequently
sald in- had mad. a good woman
r; , v were talkiner about the lensrth
time thej would ix- aeparated, Hark
t aald, and both expresaed the hope
that they would aoon be together agatn.
? .;,', tht i loroner that he waa aepa
led from his wife who llyaa on Lo
Cllfx*. wlth hls four
.?ar-oiii aon, but he sald ahe knaw ..f
relationa wlth Mra. Hopp and had
promlaed to forgive him if ho g&ve Mr?.
Hopp up, which ho Intended t<. do.
Oead Woman Was Twenty-five..
virs. Hopp waa tv.. i.tv-five y,>ars oM.
She parted from her husband six yeara
igo and had a aon aaven yaara Old in
Lawtataarg, who llved wlth her mother.
Mor buaband left that clty aeveral yeara
,Did nothintf has been heard from
lm alnca
Mrs. Hopp r? turned to LawtabUTg last
raek for a short visit. but did not say
arhara ahe waa jciti?. Bhe araa the
daupht'r "f -Mion Tagley, who oonducta
a bookatorp in tho V* iinsylvania town.
At the home of Mrs. Harknaaa, ln Sea
rifff, lt wa* said yesterday that Hark
and hls wife had met last Wednes
day at Brlghton Baach, when urrangc
t> wara conaplated for hia home
omlng. A young woman, belleved to be
a BlBteT Of Mrs. Harkness, was at tho
houaa yesterday. but sho demed her
relatlonshlp and sald she knew notbing
! 0f th.- ahooting ln the Hotel York. Sho
:. ?ald Mrs. Harkness was not at'home.
! ;..r dld she kr.ow when she would re
About a month afro Harkness sold
> '.ut hl* real estatc interests to W. L.
\1? & Co., a real estate eonoern, whloh
was formerly at No. 20 Court Btreet.
\ aaatBbar of the tlrm sald yesterdav
?hat he had known nothinK of Mr.
Harkness untll within a short time of
?ho purchase. and had heard nothlng
ot hlm afterward. He had understood
' That Mr. Harkness sold out becauae he
. wlshed to take a trlp to the Went.
Tornicr President of Panania Will
Return to the Staten.
nrlos ArosfmniH, fornior president of
?h. Ropubllc ot I'anama, aalied fur Cotori
? aallBllBT on tho frult htoainslilp Tlvlves.
after a rtasi to Waabbagtoet. He said i'r
tuuch Impraaaail with New York. and
thai he would return here aoon. Befioi
\ro?em*na '" "f trl" '>l'Ul'"n tnat ,M"
iuinild atmoHph'-re of N< ? Vork la mor"
oppreaatve than iriat on the lethmua 11
,{,) ii,-.,' , condlttona r" excelleni
"i th* Canal Zone antl |.<! lr Panama
? ?\i\- Manv tmericana ^<> t" aee the
anal and DBOOl ? BO faaclnated ^itti th-!
tv,t*t ihej do nol llke to h-a- o
Four Fatally Burned by Miner'a Storc
of BlastniR Material.
W'ashlngton, I'enn., .luiy m Vovu
ii'i.Jr? n. aona of A mtaer naanxl Tedmoa
v.is, were fatally burned aara last i.ipiu
whlle ptaptBMI arltti a k-K of btaatina i".w
dar All tbe iraetlma are in a Itoepital
Tht- fatbei keepa hia i.l***-tii?K powder ln
i "liar. The parenta wera awaj when
. .1. an'l >.ii (h< ll h
tUrn fouad tha fhlMren ne< nadoua In
Uow th< " !l" pow.
... in arhal manner ii b'-?..inie Igultaal,
rar not bc i. 1 ain-d
Harbnrger Will Not Leave
Prisoners in City's Jails.
Bhertff Jullui llarburft r tool ? raP i"
th< pollce yeaterday, d< itartag lhal '"
vlew ?r the recenl eacape of a prlaoner
fn.m the Tomba he would not truat an]
of I li prlaonera ln tbt ke< plng of 'l1"
jalli in thla dtj for more than a few
houra after they a r* aentenced. ln the
laal two daya tho Bherlff'i denutte* have
taken to Bliig Blng forty-four prlaonerr.
Mnetcen of them war* B*nl there yeater?
day. end three . xtm deputlea had to be
? .1 Into eervlce.
"i iitii reaponaible for prlaonern after
? ?, aentenced." aald Ihe Sher
Iff, "and althoosh l have tbe alternatlve
of ki eplng a prlaoner l*-r- ln Jall for a
.; 0f ten daya, even after he ha been
?entem ed to death, I Bhall not tak. ad
Jvantagt of lt The recenl getawaj at the
I Tomba and tbe fallure to recapture the
eacaped prlaoner have conYlaeed me that
I li |g more eapedltloua to taki them lm
i medlately to the placea where they are
I aentenced by the court to be Incarcer
I ti,, gherlflf i mi thla rii anolher prace
nr had eatabbebed, bol Ibal he
I thought It well to start ..n" wh*n there
wai ?ome danger of a prlaoner art t ing
, away ln this city.
! "The tlrst traln to Sing Sing and tlie
; ii; -t boat to Blackwell'a laland wlll l>e
| aoughl as aoon as tbe rourta tura the
prlaonera over to me. i waa nol reeponai
: ble for tbe man wbo eacaped from the
Tomba, and if i had been i 8bould not
; have atopped unUl he waa eaptured
| agaln," dec ared the dougbty Bherlff.
Griffiths's Bride Hopes to Save
Him from Bigaray Trial.
j Te aave her huaband frotn poaaible coa
Ivlctlon of-bigamy Mr* Roax Belle Qor
don Orlffltha, twenty-three yeara old.
Iconaented yeaterday to the annulment of
her marriage to John M. Orlffltha, that
he mlgbl marry th" mother of hla llve
chlldrea The announcement ??s made
to Judge Humphrey in the Queeaa County
Court, Long laland City, when Orlffltha
waa arraigned for aentence.
! This propoaltlon, however, doe* rmt rost
i alone wlth Mra. Oordon-Orlffltha it win
' requlr* tho coneent of Mra Barah I*
' 11.1 ton-Orlffltha, wbo aaya that c;rifTiths
marrled her in IBM,
Foiiowing Giiffltha'a convlctlon a nm
tlon waa madi for a new trial on the
ground tbal no marriage ceretaony bad
ever been performed. Judge Humphrey
ordered an Inveatlgatlon, end the Metbo
dl*l clergyrnan who waa atatloaed m Kl
mont, Long laland, In UN waa found ln
| Mhiiip. In anawer t.. a oommiinkatlon
tated he had no reoord of tbe Den
ton-Orlfflthfl marriage. Beyond Mra
Denton-Giiffltba a teatimony n? other
, j.ro.if of the riiarria*r<' haa been dlacov
: .red, and it la thla conditlon of affairs
i that haa led J' .ik."- Humphrey aerloualy
. onalder the grantlng of th<- motlon for
a new trlal. Ai ? way out of the
Idilemma it waa auggeeted that Mra. Gor*
don-Qrlffltha coneent to the annulment of
Orlffltha doea nol take
I klndly to 111 ?"? propoaltlon.
H<' was remanded to .'all untll aesl
irday, Hla future probably wlll reat
dltlon * 'h which pro
ceedlnaa to annul tii?- nuaniage wlth Mra.
Qordon-Grlffltha are b"gnn. end alao upon
th* wllltngnem of Mra. Denton-Qrlflltba
in conaenl to tbb method <>i dlapoalng of
the <a.' B. I j) tO the tlme Of hla marriage
t.> Mra iJonloti-'irlflitiis-, in jy ruary,
leii. Oiiffltha llved with hla famll} ln
Rlchmond Hill, where he waa conrfdered
Me 1b an englneer on the Ixing
laland Rallroad.
a meeting of Kuffras:. tte* i? advertlaed
I foi Ixmik laland city on Monday nlgbt,
when tbe Oiiffltha <ii??> will be preeented
and demanda made thnt the wronga of
Mra. Denton-Orlffltha be rlKi.t.-.'.
Hay Fever Victims Will Meet
in Bethlehem.
The gathering of tho Hans of the I'nited
Btatea Hay fever Aeaodation has aiready
nogun. Krom all aectlORI of tbe I'nltf-d
Stat*-B, I'anada nn<l Europ* tli" aneeia
brlgade wlll <on\^rge ai a Btngle poinl
Bethlehem, v il,?on Wnrtnoartnjr. Aufrum
?8. for thf thlrtynlnth annuai meeting.
BhouM >-\<ry nember of th.- aaeoelatlon
puddenly be .>>eiz?<j at thf eame mom<Mit
with tht- unrontrollable Impulee to sneeze
and Btirrender to that lmpuiHe tne echo
Would i-j heard rontnl the world. But,.
k'cordliiK to the fcecietary'H report for
IB12, i.ctiilehem ih aneeseleae, whleh ac
counta for the fact that ti.?- hay feverites
bave be?n hohiiiiK their annuai conven
tions there for aiinont twoecore yeara
In a hooklet devoted exclualvely to th<?
lnteresta of tho HUfferers from hay fever,
the Rev. <}'iy Roherta, prealdent of thf
asHoclatlon, tmder tha captlon, "Sneeat
leta," gi>es paurtlculavra <>f tu* alms and
objecta ot tht aaetirlatlon The annuai
.lu'-.H ;tr>. flfty Centa, whif-h Inniir.-x .-a.il
member volumea of advlca bh to how to
avofd the anuflllng dlHt-afe aml a long Hnt
.if plaoea throughout the country wbera
he or she ean be reafonably nure. of es
caping the dlstre8Hlng cornplalnt.
Man Who Allowed Wit*on to Escape
DismiHsed Yesterday.
Prancla Kelly, of No. UI Hast sist
atreet, a nlglit keeper ln the Tomba prihon,
wh.h dbunlaaed yeaterday by Commlaetbner
Vatritk Whltney, of the Department of
?Jorrertion, for BOglect of duty.
Kell) wa^ tbe night Itor-per of tier No.
g, from which Qeorge witson, awalting
trlal for burglary, escaped on the nlght
of July 7. FullowiiiK Wltaon'a ?'H''ap?..
t.'oniini.sB!on^r Whltney atarted an Invea?
tlgatlon, tht result of Which WM Kelly'M
dlacharge from tha aapartmaal aervli ?
R/arden >"allon aaid that ln duunlaalng
Kelly the commlaaloner'a order found the
keeper negllgeat of duty la faiiiriK to re?
port that the gratlng o\ei the utlllty
ahaft, through wblcfa WTItaon eacaped,
wa.s looaa U< alao > hargr,i that Kelly
falled to repori th<- eacape ln tinn.- to
.ippithmd tin prlaoner.
Miss Quimby. Cotjsin ol Dr-ad Avi
ator, Sail? on the Verdi.
Mi?B Ali.'^ M. Quimby, of Pblladelphta,
1( coueln of Harrlel Qubnby, who w.,
i.;ii?.i at Boaton aeveral weefc
falllag lrom her aeroptana aalled yeeter
,i,,. M>! Btteaoa Ayrea on tii? Bteetmahlp
Verdl i" marry John Doncan Harvey,
,,, Reer rork.
MI Quimby nnd her llfinr,^ were to
bave beea raartHed ln tbb rlly, but Mr.
Harvey recentlj \'.a-? ^''nt to Bouth
Araerlca on bueb>
They win ,,f' marrled ln the BaptbR
Churcb of Buenoa Ayrea, amj lat.-i aill
.. . , I;.,, d< laat ii" Mlaa Qulmb].
who aad aeea greatly latereated In nvia
tlon, gave up the paallme attti beff
i:uu-in was kllled.
Argentine Naval Officer Wants
to See His Home People
Before He Dies.
Captain Giorno Stricken While
Supervising Work on His
Country's Dreadnougtit
at Camden.
Cbeerful and fllled wlth hope that he
would live throughout the voyage tb
aea again the clty of hls birth, <'ap
tain RogUB <!iorno, an oflicer ..f the
Argentine navy, waa carried on a
stretcher yesterday aboard 'ho Laun?
porl i Holi liner Verdi. that sailod in
the forenoon for Buom.s Ayraa.
The vessel wlll not get to Argentine
for twenty-four daya, and. although
hclplesa, the plucky oftic-r said he
would ba eontent to lie ln tho ahip'a
boepltai f..r that time if ho could aae
hia f"lk befort ho diod.
AbOUt B year ago Captnin Giorno,
who is twenty*e!gbt yaara old, came
to this country in robust haalth. He
ls said t<> bave heen one of tho cbteat
of the young men In the engineor'a
dlvlsion, and was aaalgned by the gov
ernment <>f Argentine to dlrc-t the
engina coiiMni.-tion of that country*a
auper^Dreadnougbt now bulldlng in tho
yards of tho New York Bhlpbullding
Oompany, 'it t'nmden. N\ J.
ii-- gava his entire time to the yards,
but about three months ago ho waa af
fllcted wlth a dlscasr of tho ne?k.
whlch eauaed a large tumor to grow
upon the slde of hls head. He gave
Uttle heed to the tumor and conttnued
with hfs work untll his stifferlnp be
< anie so sr'at that he WBB advlsed to
enter the hospftal of the Unlveralt] ol
His Case Declared Hopeleat.
Speclallata from rarioua parts of the
country were called to attend hlm. but
his malady, lt is said. bafflod their ef
forta to rellere him, and racantly bla
caae was d.-ciared hopalaBB. Beveral
weeks ago tho growth on his head and
neck oausod paralyels.
When tho surgeon.i told the captain
that h" could not llve long he expressed
a desire to return to home ln Buanoa
Ayraa, but he waa warned agaitiHt
maklng the twanty-four-day tourney by
Captain Giorno Infortnad his doctora
that he araa willlng to take tha chancea
of the aea trip, and tranapoirtation was
booked for him on the VetdL
His brother, Darto ft Qiorno, came
from Arpentina to aceompany hlm
south. and was ln attendance upon the
atrlcken man yeaterday when he -a ;i -
canied to tho ship ln an ambulanca
from tha hospital in the na\y yard ln
Brooklyn. Kearlng tO risk maklng the
j'.iirney from Phlladelphla on tha day
h< BAlled, the captain araa taken to the
navy yard hoapltal over a we.,; ago.
Althouah his family Ih well tO dO, the
gfiveriim.-'it .itfi.talH ordercd th.- be I of
car.: and treatment for the young offit ar
whlle he was ln thls OOUntty. W|.?n
th.- t/erdl left here yesterday. the voung
man araa put ln the eare of l?r. I). II.
Dowaley, the ehlp'a aurgaon, who had
Inatructlona to pr- long tha captain'a
hto al any cost.
May Be Operation at Sea.
Dr. Dowaley said pe faarad he migi.t
have to operate a? aotne thne dutlng
the VOyRge If the malady 1.tBM
worae, as ho lookad for praaaure on
tha pneumogaatric nervc He sai.i he
would operate only a.' a last raaort,
and ho ext.ressed hopes of landlng the
young captain alive !n Buenoa Ayraa,
Tho Argantlna government has many
offlcara now ln thla countri actlng In
an advlsory Capadty in t'.ie i??onatruc
tlon of the Dreadnought, and sevral
Of them w?re at tho Bteatnahip jeHtcr
day to hid goodby to Captain Olorno.
Thay were plalnly affactad by tlie con
dltion of.thoir frlend, but the paii.-nt
\<..ih rn".-.t cheerfuL
Tho ahip'a surgeon sald the optl
mistic f.-linp i.f the naval oflU.-r ar.d
his determinatlln to Ihe were no ?trong
that he bellered ba would aurylvB the
journey of BJDOO mllea.
So Mild-Mannered Man Waa
Sent to Bellevue.
A mild-rnannered man, who said he
waa J. & a. BoubirouB, of No, f.is v:ast
iisih eii?*t, .\a* ?eni to Bellevue Hoa*
pltal yesterday for flve daya' obaerva
tlon as to hls sanlty hy Masrh'ttate Ker
nochan tn tbe Tamba couri on comptalnt
of Lleutenant Patrtck Qlldea, "f the
detactlve bureau, who aald that the man
had aent tjuaer lettara t" atayoi Qaynor
and Dlatrlot Attorney whitman.
Qtlday arreated the man ln Clty Hall
Park aftei maklng an appolnttaent wlth
nltn th'-ie. lie sent two letters to Maj.iv
Oaynor and ona to Mr. Whltmaa The
wrlter complalned of a Boelal and bual*
nesa boycott, which ba thinu.s Oaynor
and Whitman onght to prevenl
And Brokr; Fumtture, Say? Wife in
Separation Suit.
Mra Itartha Wolfman brought ault jo*.
tardaj ln the auprema Court for aepara.
tlon from ber huabaad, l?r. I'hUlp Wotf
man, of Ko, HJS Eaal u?th atreet Mra
Wolfman says thai Dr. Wolfman haa an
Iricome "f 119,999 a ypar, and rp amaabad
all tha rot Btpaa and rjoatroyed furtttture
at the hotno of her partttta hioHuae they
vu.'ild ii"i hii'l hltn money when he, de
niandod lt
Sho a11oK".\ al*o that ho alloued haf
only |M a weea with ^hich to etothe and
feod beraelf and thelr two chlldr.n P?f
;i arhble year, ahe aaaaitai, i" ramalnai
aw?y uatll the early heura of ajarnlag.
Mry. Wolfman raada aaMttlaaial allega
Hon tha* her hiaaband had the unklnd
hnl.it ..f remlndliig her that ahe wa? not
moch in ii- aBtaeea eud that hla'affae*
,:,,? f.,r ',.<-r ?K) not what lt aa" for
pthcr women. The Wolfmana were mar
rlr-d June 21, I90i
WiiJ Fratttrc, Beginaing Tomorrow, in Their
$65 to $125 Silk Dresses at $35
For street and afternoon wear, of charmeuse, clntfon
tafTeta and novelty foulards.
H2 to $85 Silk Dresses at $25
Demi-tailored and fancy-trimmed effects.
$55 to $75 Lingerie Dresses,$27.50
Handembroidered or real Idce-trlmmed. inctuding impottcd hand
niade and hand-cmbroidered garments.
$20 to $35 Linen Dresses,$ 12.50
fn whlle, nalural and fashiotiablc sjiades.
$65 & $75 Tailored Suits, $25
Cf high-grade imported silk and cloth materia's; all size? for
women and misies ineluded.
Linen Suits at About Half Former Prices
Taiored. Norfo'lc and trimmed effects, in white and smart shades
Pormerly $20 to $ias>
Fashionable Trimmed Hats, $10
formerly $lS to $40?'n white and light Sutnmer shades.
No tsk good* sent on Arvr^'Al. C. 0. D.. or exchnnaed
Tiflb JWniK at mb $ rc>t
National Packing Company An
nounces Dissolution.
Scheme Submitted to Federal
Offlcials and Will Stand if
They Approve It.
leago, Jalj '?'' I forraal atatament
rlng th- method of dlatrlhutlon "t tho
aeeeta of the Natlonal Packing Company,
wlth a deeteratlon that the companj
. , mon pr. *? m- .1 to tn.
i Unlted Btatea Attorney, lamea H wil
kereon, i<?-ri.. :?-.
inaei foi t,..' peckera aaaured the
federal offlclal that th- dletribtitlon of
the assetB had aiready taken ptaoe, and
[told him that oompteta detalla would bt
i reaented aoon.
The plan adopted ?> t. ? ownara ??' ihe
Natlonal Packing Company. wbich ,waa
regarded bj thi depertmeat a. ?*" '?
menl '? ?" t" i ontrol th neat Indui
?rili be carefull) aerutlnlaad by federal
offldala, and II II meata th<- approeal ? <'
the Attorney Oeneral wlll ba allowed t"
d should it I.'j'" l*d io rhangea
may "e made or court a. tloa taken by the
government to laduce comptlanee wlth its
deeln a
How Plants Are D.vidad.
Accordlng to the atatement, the aeeeta
?...? Natlonal Packing Companj i avi
! bat n dletiibuted a? foiiow*
I Tbe ii it. Hajmaond Company, tbt
i'.,, kir.g t'ompanj plani .-' Cl i
' rago, the Bl U ila D J I*,'1,'1;"' ''
tiilon t'ompany .md the l.'nlted Dn d
Bet f t'ompany, ol Ne* r*ork, are taken
ovei by the Swlfi Intere i .
; J. Ogden Armoui lakei over the rowler
Packing Company, the tagh Mn.-n.-an
Provlalon Company and tbe >ea Yora
..? Dreaeed Beef and Provlalon
. '.111,11.11 -. of N< " Vni U
The Omaha Packing Companj planl <t
.South Omaha la taken ovei bj Morrlfl
"There iia* beea a Blmllar dlvlalon of
the branch hauaaa .?n.i aelllng agenrtea
througboul the rr.lte.l Btatea," xald Mr.
tVtlkcreoa, eaptalnlng tb? puckera' plan
oiutlon. The Btatemeni further d?
? lai>" :
i be attorneya f'-r ti.. dlfferenl l tck
),?.t- ..i tbe Natlonal i ??<? *?ug > m
pany ~*\*w that the dlvlalon ?.i the m"i
erty ol lhal compeaj ln .??? orda. * Ith
? iiflr plan to wlnd up bunln.
prartlcally completed Then ha* been an
uutrlKht dlvlalon of th< propertj of Ihe
romnany nnd thrn- is no loint ownerahip
.,1, t:." l.art <-f tho Intereal lhal forrnerl
coulrolled lt Tbe properti haa been dh
trihutMl uin-'tiK 'f- Btockholdera ln pro
i.ortion to tiv emounl of atocfc beld bj
i: i. reoreeented tha. u to abaol il
,,;;,r ?, (Vmm |a thare ai i loli I ntereal
. ?.-, ., , oharact rriaetl tn- Nntlortal Pack
ln? . nn.parr, and lta aubeldlarl*! U<
otter worda. the Natlonal Paeklna Com
?an'. I.-- wound up lta bmdnea*. and
HHM-ts have been oietrlbuted among it
Mr. Wtikeraon aald eomplete detalla of
tbe dletrlbutkMi of the property would be
readj in a feu daj i
Car Line Also DinolveH.
ln addltton to the dlaaolutlon of ihi
Natlonal Packing Company, th- Natlonal
, u, i.h,n i lompany, operallna Ihe >?
frtgerator ear ayatern of th. packera, haa
eleo been dleeolved and the cara nppor
tloned to each of the itorkholdera, the
Dlstrtol Attomej waa lafon.I
Announcement of ihe dlaaolutlnna n-n,"
maei after a conferenee between Mr,
tvnkeraon and a. R. i>?'?"? Ralph Crewe,
M. IV Bordeni ?r..i Henn Veeder, at
torneya repreeentlng the paou...
Mr. Wllkeraon iecllaed t.. enpre
oplnlon whetber *h>- plan* "f dtaaointlon
would be approvad hy t'"' goverrunent
"Aii we aak,M v.i Mr 'A iii<- raon, "i*
th.it the packera dtaanlve, and dtaeolve ln
realtty, and not on i "paper1 baala"
it Pi -t.it..1 that tho dlatrtbutlofl of aP
proxlroately MI paeklna planta valued al
^ >,../<i aaa, i:- broaghl about under the dli
mlutlon of tho Natlonal company,
fRy T'legrarh ti> The Trlhuno. |
Kllr.abetii. N I . Juljl *> MhM KugeniH.
D. Ayer?. formerly aasHtnnt nuiniiger Of
the ManhatUn Bye, Kar and Thioat Hos
pltal, haa txeri .ippolnti <l Miporlnt-inl. nt
of tli?. |.;iltabo|li r.eneral llospltal. MI- .
Ayer:< wlll suoreed AtiBtln V Knowlos, f..r
nine ymrti the nianaK*f of tbl lacal ln
Htimiion. ahe ih a graduat* attrae and
haa ho?n eonnetted wlth Un J'at.waoa,
l,.".|aton (MaJ aiul Wortcst?r t.Mase.)
Elgin Blames a Germ Carrier
for Fever Outbreak.
? Blgtn, III., .1'iiy BX?More thnn a doaen
hlldren Urlng la the -am.' natgbborhood
! herp are victlma of typhold. and th?
health authorltlea, after an Inveatlgatlon
of the wat.-r nnd triilk aupply, BM con
i vln.-.-d that the genna ure Ij^Iiik currlod
maaner aimliar t<> tbe 'Typhold
fctary" eaae af New fork aeveral years
"Other aourcea of poaatbla lafectlon
having been ellmlnated," ><ai.i Charlea
i, Kohn, Comralaaloner of Health. "the
logical Inference ls that a typhold
carrlei exlal aome one who hai or ims
the fever, and In whom the perraa
latlll exlet, and tbat thla pcraon la ipread
i Ing ii,. r. ? prob ?' ) I.- in laaignlfl*
;, .Hit means."
\i.n> Ifallon, or "Typhold afary." ap
I piied In June. 1909, un ler babeaa corpua
i proceedlnaa foi ???? ? boapltal
.ni North Brothai i- ? d, where ahe had
been detalned aa a "typhold carrier."
The health autborlll contended that
, thviKii bIm .iiii not have tbt diaeaee, ahe
?;-,: ..r.-.i typhold perma, thai made ber
u menace to peraona aaaoclatlnB wlth
l Th" w.. in. in loel on lier fliht iipi>li<-a
tlon, luit waa releaaad, Mx montha later,
' l>r. Erneei W Lederle, H-.'iih Commla
loner, aaylng -he had learned to keep
ber k.-i him t" hei ii
Thief Snatches Handbag from
Girl in Broad Daylight.
t Hlcht ln the crowded atreeta of Mar
i.'tn u -.oung it..n "ith ? cap pulled dowi
..v-r hit eyea allpped up to ti..- tlde ..'
m, v i.ei..t\. it.-. yeaterda) and cut tbe
? ..f her handbag, eontalnlng IIBO In
jcaah and ptBJ :n .'h.-.-ks. and th. n Red
through the baaemenl of an apartment,
whlle tbe few byatandera uho bad men
? th" robbary gapad i" aatonlahment
i eftea Lebenaita, h1i? !?> eighteen yeara
old, la eaahter for Joaepb Domrraa, a
wboleaale frocer at v<> ;?? Raat 102.1
atreet Bhex h.,?i tusi i.rt the stnr.- to aro
j t.i tho Becurtty iiank. at HMth Btrcel and
Third avenue Nol more than twa hun
dred feet from the atora the thw, who
aeemed to be about aerenteen \enra old.
rame .io to hrr The loaa wai reported
t.. tho poilce ..r tbe Baat lOtth atreet BtBv
Stockholder Charges a Conspiracy to
Take Over the Property.
Notlee waa tno.i In the Bupreme r^ourt
j ? iti rdaj thai ..li the defendanl ? ln the
<uit brought hy Charlea E. laevj agalnat
the Atabama Becurltlea Company and
othera connectrd \> ith tho company have
been aarved wlth papera ln the actton.
Laevi ts bringlng tull n> .. ttockholder
ln the company, un hli own behalf and ln
behmlf of other atorkholdera elmllarly mi
uated Hi allegea thai Alexapder Mc
D..na!.l. tbe late Mtaadard "II man and
rallroud bulkler; hJdmund K, Stallo, hin
... ii. law; Brayton Ivea, prealdenl of the
Metropolitan Trual Company, and othera
were In ?? i.aplracj t>> tau. (.\.i iiirnai
|y the propert) <>( the Alabmma Becurltlea
?tompany to 1 liemaelvi
Th< complalnl declarea thai tho pur
poae of the Alabama BeaurUlea Company
waa i.i i.uii.i ti,.. \i..'iii... lackaon * Kan
>-.>.- I'liv Rallroarl Cornpan) und the t.nlf
x i 'hlcago Rallroad ? 'unipunj.
Treaaury Agents Allege Conspiracy
Affecting CuKtoms Eniployen.
Opium auppoaed to have baaa burned
after having been aelied by cuatoma ? m
ployei haa bean reaold to j"ini keepera.
a cording to lnformatlon apeciol Treaauryl
agenta recelrad through a famtlj row, j
und now tvw. men, Alexander Freeer, tm !
man, of ihe Appraiaer*a Bterea, and a
charactar known a.n "One Armad Larry"|
ar? in tho Tomba, whlle ? member of the
naval raaerve aill ba aataad when the '>Ht-,
tleahip ii.ua. eamaa Into port *? day. .
ani<-.\iiii.-.i i?iri\" \\n* arralgned be-l
fort Commlaaloner shl.dds thi other .>ay, I
mi'i then i'..ii.i am taken Inte cuetedy,
and ia i-ald to hav. a.linitt.d tl.Mt th" ,
??atiH of i uii.l..inti.-.1 oplnrn l.-i-l been
throwa Into tha furnacft, hut taken out,
agaln. I
it i? aald the eaaMpfraey htia been poinij |
on for two \.-ar?, and that raanl hundred
p.itinda of opium, now worth Mfl h pound
at retall. Iihm been r.'?o|.| A hearlnK will
ba beld hefor. CommisBloner 8hitlda on
\\ cdneaday
Stem Brothers
I 'misnallv large assortments of Later Stylcs in
LStigerie Walsts
for W'oinen and Misses are being shbwn, with Robespierre collaf and
frills, including copies of the newest I'arisian creations,
of Shcer UtWfl and Batistc, with voke back,
new ihouldcrg and sleevc effect*,
at $1.85, 2.95 an.l 3.75
And in addition To-niorrow, a Spccial Purcliase of
600 Lingerie WaJsts,
in attractive models, of Voile and Batiste, $i as o -je
trimmed with fine laces and embroiderics. at 1**V\J^ .fr.00
Vctual Values front S2.50 to 5.0)
Womcn's Bathing Surts
ol Satin, Taffeta. Moire, Silk and Wool Serges, in the most desiraajl
and effectivc models. are now in stock, with COfriplete Hnea <-f
Bathing Caps, Shoes and Bags.
Also Two New Models in Bathing Suit.s
of Satin. superior quality, in blacklof Black Silk Serge, hight]
and navy. collar and slecves grade, trimmed with black agJ
trimmed with ratinc white stripctl silk.
At the Very Low Price of $4.25
Actual Valne $6.25
To-niorrow, an Kxtraordinarv Offcring of
235 Dozen
Women's Silk Qloves
Twelve Button Lengtb, Tricot Mousqnetaires, in black and vhite,
Specially Priced at 5QC P?*
Purther Rednetions in Priees have been matlc on
Imported and Domestie Iligh Gfade
including the foiiowing Deeidod Valnes:
Plain Taffeta Silks, Black and White effects.
Imported Lined Pongee Silks. Black and $1 Qft 7 85
White Striped Silks with floral borders, at laVWi 4W
Vctual Valnes S3.00 to 4.50
Monday. an Exeeptional Pnrcliase of
7000 Palrs
! SHk and Lisle rioslery
at the lowest price similar qnalities have been offered this ?ea->on.
Wcmen's Hosiery
; Black Gaiize Lisle Hose fA OSc
with doublf/tops and soles. Regular Price M)c Patr. at ~u
lliu'h Lustre Merceri/ed Lisle, __ ^y
in black. white and tan. Regular Price aac Pair. at ^*
Silk Hose.in black. 72c
white and tan. Regular Price $1.10 to 1.50 Pair, al
Silk Hose. in white, tan __ . Q*c
and black. extra quality, Regular Price $1.75 to 2.00 I air, >?>
MefTf Hosiery
Silk Half Hose, superior quality, 7^
[in black and colors, Regular Pr.ce $1.50 Pair, at J*
West 23d and 2 2 d Strcets
Engineer and Firemeji Killed by
Explosion Brought Here.
with fivo membera r?f the englaeer erew
' d?ud and -aated In metal llned coffina, tha
[ Uoyd Sabaudo Bteamahlp Prtndpe <n I'te
' monte arrived here y-terday from Na?
plea and other Medlterraneaa porta.
lt had heeri reported hy w lr. le?x on
I Krlday that the explosion of B ftrain ptfaj
! on Wedne.iday morning had killed flve
| men and Injured eeveral < ther*
captain Ponienlcone pald. he WBB <>n the
| hrhiR.' "ii Wedneeday morning when. at
O'clock, he felt a tar and h. ard the
report ?f th* buratlng plpe. Un>-:>in>r ai't.
:>o sa? preal voi imea af ataam potinn<
. ;t from th?- anglM rOom to Uie deck,
and through it cllmbed th'- men who had
aurvlved the eaploaioi . Boaae who were
badly Bcalded wen dragged out hy thelr
,,,,,-. r"i tunate ' ompanlona.
The etiKin^ room cren loat Uttle time
I ln neitlhK ')! 'he vahe uaed to OUt Off
[ the steam from the tnalii feed plpe. and
when ihe '-?"? vapor had .-i.-ared four
S dead men were found in the ens-ine room,
They were Prancteco I'.-rrl. Cfermeto
i,.ono, Tomaaan Qarabaldl and Alberto
Cardelll. ITm^Mtacloua on the fioof aleo
araa Plllpo Roncallo, a rnaehlntet, wba.
died eight houra la'-r. Pletro Car
I menueci, .< nreanaa, waa ba.iiy burned. j
| ii w.i? taken t. Bl IYancta*B Hoapltai. i
:. ? Clty.
rii.- accklenl liappem ?! when the ateai i- j
,\a? 1B0 mllea <?*** of Bandy Hook
and i-nntiliiK tliruugb a moderatt aea v
; ati i? wa inaii. for nlne houra t"t n
. ualra.
'Ih,- bodlea ol llu men ?iii be taken to
Italy for hurlal. and the fanniy of each i
, r ihe four Bremen v. 111 recelve from i.
government, aa provlded t?* law, 10,000
flre The wtdoa -.f Roncallo, the engt
.-. wlll recelve 26.OB0 Un
t'eaaru Contl, t<>. .il .iireni of ihe Hne,
WHj) i,i ? brother, Wno nontt contrlbuted
Coo for the relatlvea i I the n en
Congress Makes Him a Regeut of j
Smtthsoni^n Inatitution.
Waahlngton, Jul] ft. Dr. Andrew r>.
Whlta haa been raappolnted by Congreaa
a re?ent of ihe Bmtthaonlan Inatltutlon
for ala yeara. i?r White r.rived his
iir.st appolataaanl to thla ofltoa la laat,
and <>n ihe comptetlon of hls preaent
t.iMi u<* wlll have aerved the tnptltu
?tlon for tt?irt> yaara
The vai-iiin> In the laiarri ealisod bv
the reatgnatlon ot Dr. Jame.s B. Angelj
haa baen Blled by the appotnttnenl of
t'harl^M W, FBlrbanka, of ludlanu.
The roll >>f regents li now eomplete.
It Ih aa follows: .lamcs H. Sherman,
p|ce Prealdeal of the fjnttsd Btataa,
chancellor; Edward r>. Wbit.-. Chlef Jua*
t|ca of tlie I'nlted States; Sfi'.lor ghl-I
i.\ M Cullotn, Senator Henr* I'ul.ot
la.dire, Senator tUgUBtUa I?. Bacon, Kep
reaanlatlve John r>alzell. Ilepicaetitatlvc
gcotl Ferrle, Repreaentatlva irvln s.
I>l.per. Andrew I> White. Alexunder
Qraaasa BelL Oeorge Gray, t'harlea P.
t'hoHte, Jr., John B. llendet'Bvn. Jr. und
Charles W. ralrbanks
Hrlghfon Hoa< li I'arU. \t r?t . ?at. ibI y
Mght* nt II H),
\<liilt?.ii>n ?'?.?: <.r.,l'.1 -tall.l. ?'.??.
Property in Chicago Red Ligtaf
District Brings $70,000.
fPv TrL-grnph to thr rMXIM 1
Chlcago, July 20. Hetty Ureea ln
creaeed her baak account to-day by
M-lltrtg two plecea of her MUBftW
realty hotdfeaa liere.
Tho property, at N<>. IM to MI ??*
lej <trcri. ahe boM '" antonla Pls*j
tograro ??<? tli.999. Th* lai-l hi !"??
proved n-lth Bat holldlnga Tha araj
. rty al South La Ball* and "-'" Mre*
ln the heart <.f the "Red Llfht" <H*tr?
nettod Un. Orean I7B.0W, >?<?"*
houghl h) B Byndlcate of forelgnera
Two emall pw - ,!*|* *'
Loomla end Taylor atreeta were rertal
i,?. |. a vear, tho amouiil m>p
Bentlng ?? per cent Intereil In valua ?
the lioidinsra.
! Must Serve Three Years for Dc
I frauding Wife of 5100,000.
i...s AngeJea, Julj ?-?? Oorbaat Tufta
!jr.. the Orlental myetlc an.! cutt hag
[rouvteted of havinc fraudulently aMBlIBi
I more than |Bta,dflB from hla wlf*.ft?JJ
Mra Roe, ot Forl Worth. rex. aoa ?
teneed to-<U| to three yean ? ?.
Quentta Prleoa. *ft*r he Iih-i phaaai
prohatton. . tr,ai i
Tufta waa ronvlrted on lilr ?W*"V2
it, waa eccuwrl hy hl< *lfe ot ha?.
ua.nl a worthlcat Po?er of attorney WJJ
taln fuade frotn her eatate to |.rom*
rarioua eoerpt laaa
T,x Representative. Nearly Ran D0"
by Cluuffear. Artgered.
Kaahvtll*, Tean.. July ?o. *???'*J
ln Oalne* e?.llepr*B*r.Udva fraaifj
Naahvllie dlatriet. earl> lo-day t-3*1
eocered wh*n a n*?ro chauffeer nan
|y uilBBBi ruimliiK hltn doi\n ?"n
autootohlie. y,,
Cllmhtag Into thr movlng <-ar. j
OaJnefl hogan ta i.Habor the iiagra g
trylng to defend hlmaelf agalnst tn ^
,,,,.. .1 Oalne* tha neajro loet ^"""JJ
the roachtne, whleh eraahed mte a
irtHiili poll . , ?? t i-iiarlf
M, Oaliiea m.i arreated on.a ',^13
.,, iWult and battery. but waa rciraf
on ikhkI._
Mailed enywhara tn tn?
Statas for $2 50 a year. ,

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