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m:\v-yohk. sunday, jily a. 1912.
Keen on Trail of Marauders Are Four-Footed Detectives
KolcUriJ tbe
f Dogs A/ter tb
C&?pture of &. Pnson
Pack of aSeven English Bloodhounds, Whose Power
of Scent Is Kept Active by a Raw Meat Diet,
Is Maintained by a Railroad Company
and Has Done Much to Free
Long Island of Criminals.
NOT lonp bko a dlacbarged employei
rushed into the yards of the
Long Island Kailroad at 1fl
o'clock and shouted to a towerman that
he bad iust folled an attempted train
wrecking He had found a ptle of tlaa
upon the tracks. and by great exertion
had managed to move them The ex
|aaaa ?as saved!
The towerman reported to the offlce.
ind ihe offlce report.d to a mihl man
oered man ln Long Island Clty, Who la
j: Korkam, si:perintejident of
the rallway police. Thcse ?'police" do
net ronsist solely of men. Thrjy Include
ipack of M.xjdhounds that do detective.
tii<] police duty eomblned?the oaly su. h
aack In the I'nited State?.. The chleffl
order waa hrlef.
"Put th' dogi. on tho trail "
Be ??<> of the best doga ?were taken
eut ? ?? * leash to tho lonely spot be
IPeen Vallcy ?tream and Lynbrook
nh?r< the attempt had been reported
Ther* .,.,-,?, not a loose tie in eight, hut
the dogfl tooh the trail readtty enough.
ttylt.K deeply, and dragging the man
whn held their lea^hes alonu at a ruti.
The trail ewerved to one slde and
i|f,M. Into the bushes, hut tro-ti it led
ttraljrht alonar the track to the jrarda
and up t-> the man who had mado the
repe" Tho d<>g-< leapeaj ftraiKht at
hlm held ha<-k only hy the st.mt loashes
"Here." they said in every way they
kne?. "Is your man'"
He was sent Into Long Island ?'it>.
and und-r the thiid degre which the
rnlld mannered < hief adminlsteted lt. a
most effertlve manii'r he admitted that
hlt atory eras not true He had started
to walk along the trar-k, but the dark
Msb frlghtened him and he broke into a
rur. Then he caugh' hls foot and rolled
Into the bushec
Heek on the tra'-k a hnlliant ide* o^
eurrecl to h:m Why not make tho rail
road belleve that he had falleri over a
t!e on the tracks lnstead of at the islde
ef them, and removed lt? Perhaps he
would pet hlB old Job back. He had not
thought of the dogs.
Few crlmlnals do think of them. Rut
?her are a very real fa<tor ln the sltna
Men on Ix>ng Island, whirh was Ihvaded
three, years ago by a hand of dangeroiw
thlev?. They dynamited station safe?
and burglarlzed private residences, and
?n eeveral occaslona killed and injured
rallrcad patrolmen who were pursulng
taem. The thlcves used atitomoblles and
attt horsea ln maklng thelr escaiie, and
though the rallroad ec4Uipped it* pollcemen
wlth motorcycles and ev n employed ex
?ert blcycllata to assl^t them the robberieg
The altuation was baffllng, hut Superin
tendent of Police Kerkam was very fa
WUar wlth the work of police doga in
Beiglum and France and of late years ln
New Tork. and he made up his mind to
*>uy a few doga lnstead of hiring more
Patrolmen. But, Jnstead of taking the
taiual police dog. he determlned to get
bloodhounls, that could not only wat< h
tee property hut trail the thlevea.
Actordingly, ln 1?09 he purchased a
Pair from the stock Imported ln 1881 by
Kdwln Urugh, the flrst purc bred Engllsh
Woodhound* ever seen in thls country.
Theae Engllsh hounds are superior tO all
'?'hera in that they will absolutely refuse
to take a doubtful trail, but wlll plck up
I true trail. no matter how falnt. Their
^onderfui p<,wer of soent and their cour
^He ai,! j^rt-everance are unBurpaw-ed.
*>?ne of theae doga have pedigree* whlch
ftach back to the time of Wllliam the
Conquetoi The Kngllsh biiKxlhoimd UI
** flneat example of the dog breeder's
Bon an<l Nellle were untrained when
^?T came to Long laland. but they were
Wt to work at once. Every day they
Went out with a tralner, followlng the
trail of a mtn who had gone ahead, leav
ta? hehlnd hia hat or perhaps only a
>*wai>aper he had handled, ln order to
*?"? them the acent.
*?'? tralnlng la atill eontlnueil, for the
**? muat be kept In cotidltlon and the
??"aing of a lttier of pupplee hat now ln
^***ed the pack to Beven. The doga are
Hjap out two a a tirne, uaually an old
*?? and a yount one, ta order that the
*?Wg one may lave a chance to iearn
tb? rule, ?t the {Hm? by watchlng hls
I ???panif .1.
The doga take tie ecent fraan any ar
rtnl* handled by tbe man thej ar? pur
: BUing. Tbe freaht i al the betti
but btoodhounda havi been known tp t;ik<
the acent aucceaafuily when lt la twenty
four hour1- old Thi i -rnff about, with
their nosrs to the ground, aad wh*>n they
flnd the ? it. away, he* la "l1.
wagglng and baylqs deeply. E
? ? .I u > t i i md'a head gdei
down to tht ground to get th< act I n.'
when he Pli Ua .lt he glv< t?t>.
which ls neltbec . ni. nor j groa
emblnaUofi of lb' two *
that mtght 'A'll .:. "? tlM -? :l
nf the < ulpi it on aheacV
if thp acenl grows f*;nt or tl.z
- lt eJtogethei he goet back and clr
al.out tititi] ho picka it up. Tl ?
.... . . _
at full ir\, dliagglng tho nian at the cn.l
of hla leash.
This inan frequently holda both doga,
runnlna at th* tbp ?t hla apedd, and talk
IriK to the doga Jdet ?? be mlRht to an
other man.
"That'a him!" he crlea to Bob, and the
d<>>; leapa t rward aad tuga at m* leaah
"Tbat'a him'" he encoorage* Jlm. hob
ln* fnr Ihe seerit. and Jlm baya and starts
But the man ls not there for tho sako
of tho doga, no inatt-r how mueh en
couragement he may glve them He la
there for the proteetJon t l the thlef. Foi
aa tho trail growa atronger aad atroager,
tho roteea of the <l"KK deepan. and there
coraaa ? rapnaclng aot* in tho lonj; howl.
.An.l when at last tha prey cotaa* in fluht
th. \ leap atralght t> r his thn-at. bell
baeti only hy the leaah
if the nian atarta t?. run they ko falrly
lYanttC wlth <x?it.rn.-nt. % l.ut w'n.n th<>
leq in c artodi the? ?t>- themaelvaa
Bgala, UQajn4aolllni and ooinplaoeaL a
pat .-ti the t'.x K fr.mi tbe trainer. a drink
?t wator. and they are eager to start out
agaln, for the bkaodhouad lovea the traij
as tho hunUng Oog lovee the open moadow
and the husky \><rx puU.
They BT* taken Olit every day when they
havo no regular work t" d?X h?'t always
over a dlfTererit rout<\ rn ordor that they
may never h*eom< accustorrfcd to looalftv
and foih.w by habU Itietoad ot Beett An
ntiier ai'Baaa ad piaiaialag this geiaaaai
of soent ls the meal of raw meat which
aoch <io< roeefvea every day.
And that auent h?? dom; BbOT* towarel
rtddbag LOftg Island of marauders durlnjc
the elajhteen montlis that the dog> have
been working than the pollce unalded had
H. < ..nipllsh' d In sovoral year*. Th.-ir real
work ht-san almost as aoon as thelr traln
I'erl.aps Ihe rru.at astontshlng of their
early feata was that of the dog Bob,
Wb-iting to Stfc.rt
Tbe Revvo.rd t>*t tbe, End 0/ tbe Eun.
I whlch took the aaaal when It was f>>ur
j teen hotirs old from B bag whlch thleves
i had pJaBBl I" wrap about their hand* ln
! |,r(,aklng ?i wlti.j.,* Ifl the rallway frelght
j bauaai a' Yt&*J str<am.
i Threugh mde Btraaaa and alaajra and va
} c,ni? lot:'.. i^l th.- ptirjl.-us <>f a atraggjlijg
vlllage the dog led the Iriveatlgatora to
Ita. houwe of Charles Welse. on the Mer
I rick Road.. R.mnd the hoiiBe and Into the
' barn he ran; springin;,' at a young man
? who was aaaBBgaaJ ln the Innocent ..ccupa
! tlon af sklnnliig B muakrat he had
1 Iravp'-d
j This young man. Iteielug. hy name. de
'nled al) knowledge of even the where
In Going TbfOutfh UnclerM
Brusb tnc 5cem is ?preau
i^nd fbcDo^s MuiT Cover
cw Wide. Trcx i'
Tbe Cnd of the Cbs.se Findmg the Hivn
abouta <>f the freighl houaa, bui when the
mlaalng prnpertj waa found Ip a trunk In
tbe houae he waa Ple.i undet arreat
P/etaa waa arraati I aa acpaaaory, bul waa
aeauttted bj the grand juiy r..: lack < f
evtdi nc.. but H.-lHint; waa aonl t.> Hlnj;
sink- for Baveral yeara an the teatlmony
<jf th?- <Iog.
l-.st July the Kanaae Bupreme Court
Ukaprtae c?onvlcted a man upon the teatl?
mony of blbodhounda Thla waa a rnucta
more aerkpia cfrap, boproPar, tor a farmcr
nanie.i Joaapta Anderaon bad baaa mur?
der. .1 by a man named Qten Adama, and
th.- hoiinds led the pnrauara atar i aht?
mil.- trail to hls home. t'orrobnratlv. >-vl
?l.i,, ,. waa tlnally aecured, but wlthout tha
ilgirial . vld.-nce of Ihe h.'Uli'ln th-' BjmT
dertr would iiinluubtcdl> lmv> enca|>. d.
The I?ng Island Rallr>>ad had l?-er? ln
ebaveaJenead h>- the ra.t that from time
to time copper hotid wirea Were cut on
the Majihattan Hia?h divlaion, ptittlng
the algnals out of ord. : .md huperlHlng
the llvea of the passenKers on the tralns.
Hut after the dogs came they took the
s<ent. from the.cold st.-el ralls nnd fol
lowed It to an Eaat New York saloon.
Thence the trail led to an Itahan shack.
next to a Junk dealer's. ana from there
straight to the Itallan foreman of a gang
of laborera who owned the ahack und
waa convtcted of the theft.
I One night the safe ot the III. ksvllle
BtatJon was blown open. and th.- next
i mornlng aa aoon as they .ould he hrought
np three "f th.' dogs were put on the trall.
Thi y atarted al II o'elech, neariy tererire
h'.uts. as lt afterward transplred, after
! the robbery had baaa eocdtraHtaal They
took th* soent roadily. however. from the
wlndow through whloh the robbers had
eatered and the articles they had !?
The doga foliowed the rallroad track
for BOVan hundred feet and then started
away BjefOBB the open ground. They
brought up at the tiolley tra.-ks and fol?
iowed th-iti to the next stop. hut there
the trall ended. Ouostions among the
few nelghhnrs hrought out the fa<t that
th* trolley hal sfopped there about mld
night?a most unusual occurrence. So
the thlev.s riiid.- their esoape and the
prohlem beoame the ordlnary one of a
thlef lost ln a blg city.
But on another oecasion the dogs were
more suei essful. The rallway statlon at
Warwlck street, on the Atlantlc Dlvla?
lon of the rallroad. was hroken Into and
robbed. The dogs Bob and Jlm were put
oa the trall In the mornlng, and they fol
lOfred lt along Atlantlc avenue to Ixigan
street. where It dlvlded. Bob sat down
to howl: before No. 129, whlle Jlm went
on to No. 211. .
TVftmg tbe.
vScenr/Yom fbe Fugifive's
To make Btire, tha doga were taken
ba k and the pxperlment was trled all
>\er agaln The re?-ults were the same.
aaoept that thla time Jlm stayed at No.
12?. whlle Bob went on fo No. 51? BB)
Fred !>a\Is and Edward Kllltgaii. two
?chootboya, were arreeted on suapleion.
They were found guilty and sent. the one
to th" Juvenlle A?> lum at l-iobbs Ferry
and the other to the Klmlra Reforma
N'ew^ of theae wonders soon began to
get abOUt among the cltixens of Ijong
Island. nho had been sufferlng from the
d.predatlons of the gang of thlevea.
Plnally they began to appeal to the rall
iroad fOf hetP, and tho d'.gs were put on
these practical "Jobs."
On Aprll i>. 1?10. the home of Mr. Llv
blgston, nt Ilewlett, waa robbed. The
dogs retuaed to carry the scent away
from th'- house. and subserjuent Investl
gati-.n prbvkd thai one of the servantB
Was.the thjef. . . ^
A Uttle later the proprletresa of a gro
cerj store at 8H>vtlle whlch had been
roi'hod several tlmes came to Superin
teridaai Kerkam in despalr. The police
were unBbte to help her. Could hls dogs
d.. aiiything? They could?provlded the
ti.ief came hack.
And back he came. as If he knew that
he was exp?cted. In the morning the
ta#B t...?k the trail and followed lt a
mlle and a half through the town to tha
door of a man named Hawkina, who was
afteiward convlcted of the th.ft
ln the autumn the Iluiitlngton I.umber
and t'oal Company s store was entered
and roi.hed of grocerles atid cash. The
j dog Wallta was put on the scerit, whlch
r was followed all about the store and out
to the shed, where the ladder uaed ln
the robbery had been taken. Stralght
through the big yard where lumber and
coal are tttored she went, and down to
the dock.
There a sehooner waa moored, and the
dog leaped to the veasel's deck and across
to the other slde. But there ahe put her
foreteet on the rall and ralaad her head
wlth a mournful howl. The trail had
ended. Subae.ment inveatlgation proved
that the thleves had he?-n aeen maklng
thelr eecape ln a small boat whlch had
been moored to the vesael'a slde.
The next vlsltor surprlsed the chlef. for
he wbb nelther householder nor atore
keeper, but the Cathollc prleat from
Weatbury. The Church of St. Brlgtd had
baaPJ entered and the xa?red veasela
stolen. The loes waa not dlseovered untll
a long time after the robbery. but the
doga g?t what was evtdently a ' weak
scent from the wlndow where the tnlevea
had entered.
They followed tt for more than a mlle.
Camttaned oo aevewth

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