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Sister-mjlaw of "Hriciffev" Wehbcr. the gambler, had a long conicrence with
Doughcrty yeaterdaj in the Rosenthal case
untll the car was needed f<tr the es
cape. But It was a fast getaway after
the Joh was done.
Accordlng to the lnformatlon tn the
posseaslon of the police the gun play
men are supposed to have left tho car
at the "popular" corner, at 42d street
and Sixth avenue. near where Rose
admits he vacated it. and atrolled
around the neighborhood for a tune
untll Rosenthal came out of the Metro
pole. alwaya keeping r.ear enough to
the hotel to close ln on him when he
Say He Just Strolled Out.
The gambler waa not called out of
the Meiropole cafe by any one, accord
mg to the police, but he and "Boob"
iValker, who were sitting at tfca samo
table atrolled out voluntarlry. Rosen?
thal was due at his home at 2 o'clock,
and naturally started to go there a few
mlnutes before that time. It was then
he waa shot.
Walker waa one of the Bret wltnesaes
examlned by the police, and furnlahed
valuable lnformatlon. It was aaid. The
police believe Rose and one or two
"higher up" gamblers merely kept
within calllng diatance of the place to
*ee that "the gang" dld Its bloody
The police have found no one whn
aaw Roae ln "Brldgle" Webber'a poker
Jolnt on Slxth avenue, near 42d streer,
where he sald he first went after leav
Ing the car, shortly before 2 o'clock.
"BrldgiaA called at Headquartera and
JranklyByolunteered tho lnformatlon
that Roee waa not in hia place on Mon
day nlght. Roae had told the police
th?t he was at 42d stre?t and Broad
way. near the Knlckerbocker Hotel,
when he heard of the shooting. He
couldn't remember who "told" hlm
about lt "Brldgle" la supposed to
have heard of the shooting at about
the satne time.
Webber'a advent ln Centre atreet
wlth hls aleter-ln-law and another glrl
who waa auppoaed to be hls wife cre
ated quite a commotlon. It appeared
to be "ladiea' day" at Headquarters.
wlth "Brldgle" as eacort No lesa than
three young women happened in during
tho afternoon and were each closeteJ
from ten mlnutes to an hour and a
quarter wlth Commissloner Dougherty,
who dld everythlng ln his power to aa
aiat them ln thelr own frantic efforts to
conceal thelr ldentltlea.
The flrst of the trlo was fouhd to
be Sadle Probst. slrter-ln-law of
"Bridgey," who livea wlth him and his
wife ln thelr Seeond avenue apart
ment. near J2th street. It was Miss
Probst who told a reporter for The
Tribune when the police were seeking
her brother-ln-law that It waa uselcss
to look for hlm wlth regard to a mur?
der. for the reaeon that he wouldn't
harm a flea. He had a sweet, pretty
wife. she aald, and they llved together
very happily ln their pretty home.
East Bide Ariatocracy.
The home, aa a matter of fact, ia
above the average of Eaat Side apart
menta and la pervaded with a distlnot
air of reflnoment not only wlthln (hg
"Webber fiat but alao In the marblo
halls and well kept entrance. Sadle.
when she appeared at headquartera.
waa dresaed ln a style that approx
imated Fifth avenue rather than Sec
ond. She had on an expensive looklng
Mack ailk dreaa of the lateat cut und
a largc black hat topped with a coatly
plume. When ahe departed lt was in
a ntw tourlng car, or one, at least,
whlih had recently rccelved a coat of
Judging from Dougherty's manosu
vics to get her into hia ofrlce and the
length of time whlch ahe apent with
him, Badie waa hia moet lmportant
\isltor of the day. He met her at
Centre and Broome atreeta about 2
o'clock, after havlng paced the front
or the Headquartera bullding as lf 1m
patlent to see aome one with whom he
had an appolntment. When she arrived
he led her qulckly up the amall stair
way near the Broome atreet entrance,
and aftfr depoaitlng her in hia offlce
marched oatantatloualy out of the front
door, rnly to come ln the back way a
few mlnutes lr\t?-r.
Mls? Probst was with* the Commis
sioner for an hotir end fifteen mlnutes.
When she came downstairs ther* was
a I'.ue touring car with gray wheels
standing in front of the bulldlng, in
Whlch were se.ated a comely young
woman in a gray automobile duster
and brown vell, and a chauffeur. Misa
Probst appeared at the Broome atreet
entrance and was immedlately aur
rounded by reporters, to whose ques
tlons she replled merely. "Please don't
ask me."
At the same instant the woman in the
gray duster instructed her chauffeur
to run up to where Mlss Probst was
utanding. The engine refused to work
for the moment. however, and without
more ado the woman Jumped lnto the
atreet and ran to her frlend's assist
Fnend "a Perfect Lady."
"Bridgie" Wabber arrived in the
mean time from the opposite corner,
where he had been waltlns. and at
tempted to take command of the fcltu
ation. He inform^d the newspap.?r
men that he had just dropped down to
pay a frlendly call on the Commis
aioner and that the woman ln black,
whose name was not yet revealed. was
a friend.
"She's i perfect lady," he added.
By thla time the machlne arrived,
and "Brldgey" and Mlss Probst
Jumped ln, shblding thelr faces from
the cameraa of tho photugraphers. Tbe
woman in gray, however, luddonly be
camo very much exclted over the ab
sence of some one, who, she sald. waa
still at Headquarters, and returned
thither to look for the misslng pers^n.
She requested the elevator man to tell
thia lndividuaf that she was waitlng
for hlm below, and when she was in
formed that he had not come out of
the Commlssloner's office, ahe paced
the hall ln evldent perturbatlon.
The number on the car, 47,702 N. T.,
lndlcated that lt helonged to Mrs. Padle
Bernard, of No. 100 West ?Oth street.
The flrst con.lecture when this lnfor?
matlon became known waa that Mre.
Pernard was some relation to "Dick"
Bernard, who came home with R.;sen
thal about 4 o'clpck In the afternoon
before he was shot. according to Mra.
?RoserithaJ's statements, nnd urged the
gambler to leave the clty lf he valued
his Hfe. The woman denied that she
whb htya. Bernard, nnd this, coupled
with "Bridgie" Webber'a presence, led
to the suppositi >n that Bhe was
"Brldgie'B" wife.
But the man for whom she was wait
ing flnally put ln an appearance and
added etrength to the original con
jecture by announclng that he waa
"Mr. Bernard." He was trustfully
taiten to be no other than "Dlck" hlm
self untll lnquiry at the address where
the machine beloUKed brqught out the
lnformatlon that the owner of th<> car
was Benjamin Rernard, a wholesale
canvas manufacturer, at No. 24 Uni
verslty Place, who had been at his
ofhee all the afternoon. The flrnt In
tunatlm whlch he had that hia car
uas out of the garage was when ho
taw its number blazoned in large tyj e
across the front puge of un evenlng
Joy Riding Myatery.
Mr. Bernard sald at his home last
night that he was hardly able to realizc
that hls car had been on such business
during the atternooti. He had been
warned several times before. he said.
that it had been seen around town with
strange occupants, but he had hitherto
Imaglned that there had been some
mlstake about it. I,ast night, however,
when he went to look for his chnuffeur.
"Tom" Mnlone, he was nowhere to be
found, and this left him wlth little
doubt that it was his car whlch had
appeared at Headquarters. He sald he
would apply for a wurrant for Malone
on Monday.
Mrs. Bernard was prostraled laa?
night at the thought of her machine
belng intxed up in ao notorlous a case.
and she required the ald of her famlly
phvalclan. Mr. Bernard sald Malone
had asked hlm several daya ago for
permission to take hls aged father and
mother out for a rlde and he had
granted lt. He wondered r.ow- hou'
ever. whether the car *as not uaed
for some other sinister purpose on that
Whll* Sadle Probst was still wlth
Dougherty, InapectOT Hughes atrolled
through the maln hall, where the newe
,.apor men were atandmg. and m
formed them gratultoualy that noth'ng
was likely to happen for the rest of
the afternoon. throwlng in the suggeh
tlon that they mlght seek refreshment
outside the bulldlng for a whlle. He
seemed to be aurprlaed when told that
a myaterlous woman was closeted up
stairs with the Commlaaioner. Wlthln
ftvc mlnutes another woman made her
appearance at the Broome atreet en?
trance and waa huatled up tho back
stalrs with a aurpriHng ahow of s*
No clew to the identlty of this third
woman waa forthcomlng. but rumor
had it that the man wln came with
her, wearlng hls arm ln a allng, waa
"Lefty" Louls, one of "Big Jack"
Zellg's Ueutenants.
Dougherty, however, denled thla The
explanation current around Headquarters
regardlng this palr wae to the effect that
a tlp had come in that "Lefty" Louls
was at a aaloon uptown; that a dotectlve
had been eent out to get hlm. and hud
returned with the lneapacitatad lndlvidual
who turned out not to be "Lefty" after
all. The woman waa aald to be merely
hls "pal" and to have no conncctlon
with the caae.
The palr, nevertheleaa, remalned with
the Commtssioner for aome time. When
they reached the atreet and caught slght
of the battery of camerai facing them
they turned and dashed back Into the
bulldlng. refuslng to answer qacstlone.
Dougherty finally put them ln hls own
automobile and aent them off to the sub
way to escape the crowd of small boys
who surrounded all the entrances, irr
t.ued, apparently, wlth the Juvenlle h*pe
of "aeein' sometMn'."
Bath Rubbert Examined.
Kven before Dougherty and Hughtf
reached thelr ofnV<?g ln the morning four
men, aald to have been rubbers ln the
Lafayette batha. where 'Jack" Row
told the police he spent the night
aiter leavlng the automobile used by the
murdarara, put in an appearance, Tl i
poUcg offlclals seemed hlghlv J !eas?.:
after examinli.g these men. but refuaed,
as ln the Other caaes durlr.g t'.-.* day. to
reveal who thelr visitors were or What
they nnd learned from them. It wns r?
ported that the w;n were asked abuut
"Harry Brown." aald to have been men
tioned in Dura. <illbert's afflaav.', .r. an
effort to identify hlm a* "Jack" Roae,
who la now In the Tombs ln <:oqneetU-n
with the hmrder
Lleutenant Becker had an explanation l
to make yesterday about h!n new houee 'n
The Bronx. whlch had txen onsidered a !
pretentioua dwelllng. Be.ker sa'd he had
I talk wlth t'onunisslcmer Waldo la?t r>b- |
ruary, during whlch he infonned him of |
a good bargain he had run a.-roM. a
hojse and two lots whlch a laleonkeeper
who was down on hls luek was wllltr.g I
to part with at a kaerlfiee. Recker sald
he told Commlaaioner Waldo that the
yroperty co?t hlm tfi.000. He aald he kn?w
there would be a Hcand.il about It. so he
w-anted to tell the t'ommUatom r
Some timt afterward, Becker MUd, he
learned that two adjolnlng lotj, MMaatd
at n,3I0 each, could be bougat for I
each. so he borrowed $3,00; from . .'..
brother and aeo,uired the additlonal land
for the "garage" on the pwpayty. Beck r
pjl'.iI the "gatape" waa an old '.arn whlch
he had renovated
"I have been on the torr* for r.in?-t?eM
years," said Becker, ' ;nd ny ?:f? ha?
been a tchool teacicr fcr BCYenM R) ve*rs
In fact, she Is atlll teacblng. tVe have
saved up our moncj anJ bought t' la
property up In Th? Bronx "
Affidavit of Bribery Talk.
It de\oloped jroeterflBjJ that Lieutanant
Becker had obtainad mora than on? aih- ;
duvlt In ihe campaign he atat te.i to dte- '
credit Rosenthul, who mad? the ,lej,o- |
altion against the "atrong ?rm" man i
whlch ia balUved to have hatttened hls '
death. fha/les B. Plltt, ?* ho acted as '
Be^ktr's agent in gettlng the aJBdavil
from Dora (Illhert, Rosenthal'e dl?? <>r< ^d
wile, made an affidavit on July 1? ln ,
which he cn rged Rosenthal wlth at
ternpting to brlbe hlm to u?e hls Ir.flu
ence wlth the police to have the "strong
nrmy aquad," of whlch Becker waa Isad
er, let up on botherlng the Koaenthal
gambllng eBtabllshment, m West 46th
street. Rosenthal auggeste 1 after Plltt
had rtfussd to intarcede for him that he
could reach Becker hlmself. accordlug to
tho affidavit
Wllllam Well, of No. 150 Nassau street.
Plitt'a lawyer. gave out the affldavtt. ln
it, cn aceount of his o^rupat'.on as a
newspaper tlpstcr, Plitt ..ays that ha
ofton camo ln contact with Boaenthal
Cm Novemher 15, 1111, a? Bavanth ave?
nue and 42d street, outside of the Land
Hotel. Boaenthal accosted him, he *.s<>n-.
and asked hlm in the presenee of Wlll?
lam vittroff to Intercede with the poili ?
in his behalf. I>eponent sald he told Ko
Henthal he couldn't do lt, as he had no
Innuence vith the police Theraupon
Roaanthal topi putt that he knrw he,
Plltt. was well acq^alnted wlth BHMnbara
of the "strong arm" sqund. nnd lf he
wanted to he could prevull Upon "th?
8-jua<1" to let up on hlm.
Hoaenthal sald lf Plltt would lnterr.i '
be would be pald for hls trouti'e and |
would g?t aaough monay to last him tiie
rest of hls llfe. Rosenthal would Ruar- '
antee that Plltt would get 12,000 at least
from Roaanthal'a triendB. Than Roaen*
thal called Plltt aslde, accordlng to tbe
affidavit, and ofiered hlm 1'. > and gakad
hlm to take lt aa good faltli. When Plltt
r^fuBed the off?r, he eaya that Rosenthal
be.came angry and exclted and told tho
deponent that he would get ?-ven wlth
him. and that nnyway ho would get n.-xt
to a Meutenant. When Plltt aaked Boaen?
thal what lleutenant h* meant Boaenthal
"You know well that I refer to Meu
tenunt Becker who I? conductlr.g rakhl
against the gambllng houaes. Though he
appeara to be atrict, I can and will raaeh
him. If I can't reuch the lleutenant ln a
frlendly way, and wlth money, I vlll flnd
means through tny frlends to break lurn
together wlth the whole of Waldo s
"strong firm" sq-iad. You must not forjjei
that I have . brother who Is an lnt?r
pr* ter ln the General Sesslons and hai; ln
fluence, and frlends, who can br*ak Lleu?
tenant Becker."
Plltt was at Police Hendquarters ves
terday, and was questioned by Inspect ?r
HughfB. He uaid that he wua with
"Jack" Rose on the night that Ro?enth:il
waa shot, nt "Tom" Sharkey's place on
East 14th street. about 11 o'clock. He had
imt Rose at Dora Ollbert'a, where th.-y
?> i-urr-i her affidavit for Lleutenant
Becker, and then came down to# llth
Plltt sald that hia brother Louls and a
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stenographer. Loula Smith. were wlth
them at Sharkey's. They had a drlnk or
two toaether. Tha Idbby ear talled for
Rose. but Plltt didnt know wha? Roai
wanted the e?r for. They had como down
ln a red automobllt. and a tlre blew
out. The four aeparatM and Plltt and
his brother wtnt uptown to thelr hotne.
at No. UH Weat llatb atreet. and 8mlth
waat down to Brooklyn Brldge. Plltt
said he dld not eee any one wlth Roj<e
whcn they had left him ln front of
Thrtt Burns Operativaa.
WllUaM J- Burna, the detoctlve. would
not admit yeaterday that his ngenoy was
worklng on the Rosenthal murder caae,
but from other aouroat it was practlealiy
aacrrtolned that there are now* at Itaat
three Burns men at work.
At hla Park Row cftlc- Mr. Burrn waa
aKk<*<i whethar he wouM have anythtng
to aay about the developmente of the
?You'll htve to .see Mr. Whltman."' he
anawered. "It would not do to be talk
Ing about thle case la tny wuy until lt I*
"Do you expect to fintah the case up in
a ahort tlme, or will lt be a lonj job?"
he was asked.
"I cantiu: glve \uu any ..nawer." said
Mr. Burna. "And rem?inber. 1"m nct ad
mittlng even that I hav. aaythlng to d"
With the ea*e at all."
it waa learntd, liowever, that thraa
men, luppoted to bt optratlvci of the
Burna agency, were naiiing thr. men
named h> shapiro aa having been ocevh
panti ?{ iht murder c. .-. and another
maa, not .1 detectlva of the reg:iiar po
|?M fnrc?, wu | ihl to >'. ive tak--ii up his
rtaMoaot at the Metropola
accordlag to the runior<> going the
rounds. Baraa was Idred by Diatrict At
torney Whltman, and ont of the prarkv
ions of hla tmptoymeat was that he
ehould mak** all reporta dlrnrtiy to the
Praaacator, and mBke no publle *tatr
menta abo il the eaae at alL The atory
waa thnt Judgt Whttiiian f< lt that Ina
n neh m- itoaenthai waa kllltd btcauat 1.'
had promlatd lo apptar u? a grand Jury
Wltatat, It waa up to the IMatrlct Attoi
ney"s ofilce 10 run down all murdcrera.
and that beeaust.- ot th<- posttble pollce
conneetlon trlth tbt ca*e he could bett
accompllah that objed by htring ?n ???
?ide agency,
Tle- DUtrlct Attorney waa r.ot at hla
ofhv.- ln tbt i rtmlnal Comtt Hulldlng
fttttlday lt was (iHld he waa out of
t>i?n intii Mondaj taraa Lery, eounaei
for Ubby and IhapllQ. the two chauffeum
ln the Tornbe, left the < Ity yextirday 11 j
ttraoon. Thart was a report that Petec- i
tivo liurns :r.?t the tWO lawjers later and j
that Iht th:r- men h;id improv.-d an op- ,
port inltj to dlteutt waya aad mtana tn j
Iht Roaanthal case away from the Heat of
tlie trouMe and excitemtnt
Waldo Says Gamblers Use
Writs of Replevin.
in bthalf of hu statttaiat, aftaa made.
that the prevalesct of gamNtrti la this
cliy lay Ln the laxlty and Italtncy of tbt
potlct hnd htgher courte, Pollct Comm'a-]
ei Waldo gavt out t.gurca ytatarday
ralatfra to the gambltng sltuation for ibel
yoar tadtd July lt, IIU,
Tbt tlgurea abou thai after gaml
houaes have been raided and the tittlngii
BonAteated tht proprletora <.f Btieh re
aorta ean roeovtf all their property < n
writa of replevin. Bvea rmolvera and
blackjacka and other dangerour weapous
are returned to their owners. It II eald. i
In the laat year more than 170,00 WOfth
of appatataa waa ragainad by the owners.
lt II Mtated that WS m> n wrre arreated |
ln gamhllng casea laat year. of which j
BUmbtt aXl were dlttliatlgtd. 180 convlcted '
and 181 are awaltlng dttpotltloa. An |
equal ntiinbi-r of theso convictiona aie j
crodlted to the mag1?trates" and the hljh
rr ooarla
Harman Itonenthal wa? one of thoae ]
who rtOOTtrtd property confl.%rateil tn
ralda on hla place. Mt abtalaai at i.-a.-^t j
three wrltl for faro and roultttt tabltt |
und <Mps that had te.ii xelzed ln ralda
on his dawatawa resorts. lomt of this
rtcorartd property wbk tvidtatly oatd ln
ernilpplng the place ln \W*t 4; th Mi et,
kl Whfah he alleged lileutenant Itec'ier
had a Hlent partnrmhlp.
Bomt >'( tht gamblerw' "toola" that have
been raOOTtrtd by thelr owner* lnclude
33 roultttt tald'H. 11 faro layouta. "0
butihely of ohipt, * ITOO doom, 1 itetl door,
5.<XO paohl of cardh and I Iroti gates.
To Hhow ln what ooattmpt the gam
blerh hold theae rald?. It Is polnted out
thaf on> inetnber of the brotherhood r:ia I
even gjont so far aa to euter lutt agMlti.it
the property clerk at Polle* Headquart is
btcauat a roultttt wheel atigad in Mi
placo had been damaged by a rataafl
Two eectlons of the'Penal I 'ode provlde
that all IttCb i>roperty ttiatd In ruidw
matt tftbtr b? order?-d dtatroytd by the
couuidttttig maglKtrate or delivered to
the Diatrlct Attonuv of the county iu
which tha rald ls made.
Priaonera Taken by Becker'a Men
Held for Further Examinatiou.
One of the numerous gambllng rald
i%fes of Lleutenant Hecker. who was In
? hurge of the "atrotig arni" f<quad. came
up for cxamlnatlon In the Yorkvll'e
Court yeaterday, wheii t*rank Abrahall.
proprletor of a ealoon at No. 54.", Thtrd
avenue; Wllllam Sherldan. bartender In
th.- aaloon. and Harry Stilllngs, a cua
tomtr, of N'o. 121 Kaat ttth street, were
BharSfd wlth belng common gamblers.
They were arrested two weeka ago on
warrants followlng two vlhlts to Abra
haU't taloaa by a poltoe "stool plgeon,"
Kathertng evldenoe on July 1, and agaln
on July 5. When arralgned after thelr
arreat an adjournment waa taken untll
For lack of evldencc agalnat him, Stil
llngs was discharged by Maaistrate Ap
oleton. The case against the other two
waa put over for further examinatlon
untll July 30.
Dr. Wade, an Ex-Police Ohaplain, to
Discuss Conditions in City.
The Poilce Department and preaent
? or.dltions U New York Clty wlll be dis
russed this morning In a sermon by the
R?v, John A. Wade, pastor of the Protest
ant Fplscopal Church of flt. John the
Bvangallat, at Waverley Place und West
11th street.
Dr. Wade ls an ex-pollce chaplaln, and
it is sald he wlll make varlous crltlcLsms.
Seeing New' York's Skyline
Party Gets Much for $1.
A yawnlng ho'e was tom ln the etar
board bcw of the seelng New York yacht
Oeprey when ahe was rammed by a rall
road car float In the Kaat Rlver yest-r
day afternoon, and hsr passengers had
??. I horrtedty sent down a gangplank
to the float. The Osprey steamed Blowly
to the Kast 8?th street pler, and then
aanh at h-r moorlnga.
The Oaprey, whlch Is operated by the
Sormandle Company, left her pler at the
end of West 23d street at the umial hour,
on her second trlp of the day ftTOUnd
afaahattan Island. She was paaslng down
tha Ka.^t RlTer off Wlth street, when two
car noate, wlth a tug betwean them, were
eoauhg up the rlver.
Just how the ooUlatoa occurred is not
clear. but the Osprey. whlch was pro
reedlng BlOWly, suddenly crashed Into one
of the floats.
The llttle double-decked yacht backed
awav. and the captidn of the tug, seetng
the big hole stove in the Oaprey's bows,
lyalled to luptain < arneron. The gang
i plank was run out to the float. and the
BHgtri of the Osprey hurrled down lt.
Captaln Cameron blew four sharp blaets
I on hls whlstle. and tugs from all over
I the rlver scurried to the rescue. Some
; of. them took the paasengers off the float :
| and landed them at varloua plaees. Two j
i othera stood by tha Osprey whlle sha i
I llmped to the ahore. taking ln water all
the time. Last night only the tqp of
i her pliot house and her funnel were show
' ir.g ahore tha water.
'Will Inspect Exposition Sitcs?
See Bohemian Olub's "Jinks."
Mayor Gaynar, accordlng to dlsputches
recetvad iast night from san Pranclaca,
'..? to be the guest of that clty and the
!'.innma-Paeir1i Internatlonal Exposition
r.exf month The report states that the
Ma>or wlll gpend ten day? In the Coast
< ity Many entertalnmenta are sald to
I ha\e been arrungt '. ln hls honor hf the
tnunklpal authorlttea and the directora of
th? exposition. ?'?ne, It is said, will be a
rtalt to Roheinlan Grove, where he wlll
wltnesh the welrd orgies of the Bohemian
t'lub ameng the glant ndwood trees.
Tha Bohemian ?_.1ub of San Frunclaco
coirei-ponds to tha Lamhi ln this clty, and
the yeuri> "Jl.iks" of tha HWP^ft tnclude
op?n alr performanres la the shade of
the fanious Bohemian Orove, outslde the
clty llmltH, about which Bret Harte. fitev
??nson, Klpllng and others have wrltten ln
song and atory
R hen Kobert Adomaon. the Mayor's
aecratary, was asked Ust night when
Mayor Oaynor Intended leavlng for San
Kranciseo, he aald ha was not posltlve of
the date. The Mayor, hc sald, hrd been
ln correspondence for Beveral weeks wlth
the San Frarxdsco munlclpul authorltleB
Ifl rejfard to the trlp. Mr. Ad.tmson said
he had not heurd that Mayor Oaynor had
deflnttdy ae.^epted the Invltatlon. but he
thooght It probable that he had.
The Paaaaaa-Paetne Kxpo^ition wiu
begtfl ln 1915. but alroady several sltea
have b?-<-n nele.'ted, and the fOUOdntlOO
work for some of the falr buildlngs ia
under way.
Family of Dead Troy Merchant
Learns of His Weath.
Troy, N. Y, July :<).- Wllson Foater.
who arrived here to-day from Los An
geles, brought ?rood news to the family of
the late K. Bmlttl Stralt. a promlnent
Troy natrehant who went to AlaakN when
the gold fevcr waa at Its htlght. Mr.
Foster Informed the family, Mrs. Grace
B, Stralt and her two daughtery, that
Mr Stralt Itft, among other ascsts entire
ly unknown to hls family, aecurltles for
5o0,000 abarea ln nn Alnskan mlnlng com?
pany. whlch Mr. Foster state? tre fully
wahl ln und noii-aast-*?nble.
Mr. Stralt dled several yeara ago. leav
mg no record Of hls sharea ln the com?
pany wlth hls family. Mr. Foster was
hls partner ln the Klondlke.
Another who win banaBt by the secu
rltles ls Mrs. W. C. Blodgett, of Buffalo,
a sister of Mrs. Stralt.
Woman in Meriden Church Mixes
Poison wlth Holy Wator.
[By Telegraph to The Trlbune]
Meriden, Conn., July 20,-Mlss Cora Des
sureau. twenty-nlne yeara old, commltted
?tukide In the confesaional of 8t. Joseph's
Rornan Oatholle Church here thla after?
noon by the tse of poison. Before taking
the drug the youg wohi. n had mlxed wlth
lt water taken from the holy water fout
In the ehurch veetlbule.
She had been dead some time whan
found. The medlcal examlner bellevea
ahe was suffering from rallglous manla
es it s.
At State Department, but Does
Not Deliver Protest.
Lodge and Smith Oonsider the
Panama Oanal Same aa
Interior Waters.
Washington, July 20.-A. M. IWMa, Br|t?
Ish charge d'affalres. called at tht Btatt
I'epartment agaln to-day, but dld not de?
liver the expecied formal protest of Kng
land agtlnst the Panatnn Canal blll.
It Is prohable Mr. Innes learned uuofh
clally the aentlment of tlie State Depart?
ment ln this matter. Its posltlon appear.
to be unanlmoualy In support of the con
tention embodled in the pendlng bill, that
the American government has an un
doubted right to favor lls own ?hlpa,
elther by relievlng thf from the pay
ment of tolls or refutnling tolla oolltcttd
wlthout vlolattng th<- Hay-Paincefote
It Is recognlzed, howe\er, that thi.s la
a subjeet that might falrly L>e made a
dlplomatlc lasue. and as the department
haa declined to enter Into any such aego
tlaJons so long as the subjeet ls nnder
dlscusslon before Congrees. It If unllke
!y that it wll' commlt ItHelf to any for?
mal wtatement of Its PoeftlOB at this tinie.
Senator Smith, of South Carollna,
speaklng on the canal toll blll. to-day
eontended ln the Senate that the pur
chase by this government of the Panama
Zone changed the relatlons of the Untttd
States with Oreat Writain and aupcr
aeded the Hay-Pauncefote treaty. Ile
expressed the bellef that the T'nlted
States now had a rlght to use the waters
of the Panama Canal ln any way lt
pleased, tt though they were interior
watera of the T.'nlted States. ?
Whethtr the Unlted States shall submtt
to ar'ultratlon a queatlon which pertalns
only to the internal domeetlc affalrs of
the country, or whether, by*W strict in
terpretatlon bf the Hay-Pauncefote
treaty, a pre^edent shall bt establlshe.d
that Riay hereafter be eniharraesing, wai
declared by Mr. Smith to be the reid
questlon before the Senaie.
Senator Hmlth called attentlon to the
fact that the T'nlted States had never
aubmltted to arhitratlon the claims of
ColomMa for rtdrtat for the loas of
Panama. J
"The fact that it hat not been arbi- j
trated does not relieve tbt t'nlted SUUa
from Its reapanslbillty." :>ald Ser.ator La
con. "It Is ittll a burnlng question. and
it is to our eternal dlsgrace that we
.-hould have treated a weaker natlon af ,
we have t'olombia."
Senator Lodge declared that. while ht
bell-vcd the l.'nlted SUtea had the rigiit
under tht Hay?Pauaotfott treaty to gnt
conccatlona to American ihlps yet he tc
lieved lt would be Imposslble to secure an
lnternatlonal court unblasaed enough to
rule ln favor of thtl country. The In
ter>-at of all other natlons, he nald, would
weigh agalnst the claims of the Unlted
The opinion that the canal strip was
American territory, and that the canal
was therefore american water, adaanoad
by Serator Smith. waa cotuurred in bv
Senator I.odge. The latUr declaied thi-1
when the rtay-Paurcefote treatv was
made no one expected that tht I'nited
States would acquire the Canal Zor.e. |
The Panama blll w-ae not formally be-,
fore the Senate, tha ?pee-h bolng ina to
d-iring conslderatlor. of the snjidry civil l
Syrian Society Entertains
Brother of Khedive of Egypt.
The T'nlted Syrian Soelety gavc a dlr.
ner at the Waldorf-At-torla lust Right to
hla royal hlghneat, Prlnce Ifahtoad AH
Pacba, of i;*>pt. the onlj brotbtr o' tht
Khedive. Prtnce Mtbtmed, travelUng In
cognlto as Ituittf Ik-y, has been in the
T'nlted States an.! <'anada for about
three months, and talla on Tuesday for
Amld a profusion of red floweis. the
stars and crescenta of tht Egyptian flag
ar.d the btars and ?tripes of our own. the
band playing weird Kgyptlan melodies,
the mambara af the soctety wlahtd god
h;peed to the partlng guest.
'Prlnce Mehemed," said ont of the
mambara of the soclety. "Is one of tho
tiiost progreaslve princes of the Kast and
ht has been a speclal frlend of th" Byr?
lana. to whom the Kgyptlana are raclally
The membera of the aoclety. of which
there were about flfty prei-ent, showt-u
a great lnterest ln thelr royal guest.
Among the apeakers were N. M. Dlab,
edltor of "The Mlrror of the West, ' a
Syrian new^paper; Pr R Q, lladoud a?:d
Dr. Wllllam Catxeflls. both ex-presldents
of the aoclety. Accompanylng his ruyal
htghnwaa were Major Mehemed Khayrlb
and Major Muatapheb Bey, chaniuerl.uns
of tho court at Calro.
Court Holds Him Justified bj Killing
Father To Do So.
Maxlanna, Kla.. J;;!y 10. Walttr Nleii
ols waa shot ar.d kllled by hlH aun. Earl
NUhols. at rvilwood. near here. yester
dr.y, after the father had attemptcd to
kill hla wlfe, the boy's mother.
Voung Nlchola gave hlmself up to the
ahorlff and was later reltattd when the
corontr*! jury raturaad * \erdict of jus
tlttable homlclde.
The 150 womtn and chlldren. mtmbtn
of the First and Second Dut?h Reformtd
Churchea of Tarrytown, who rcmulned all
nlKht on bonrd the stranded attamboat
Isabel, got back to thelr homes early
yesterday mornlng. Hundreda of anxlous
frlends and relatlves who had tematned
at the Tarrytown dock all night were
much relleved when the Iaabel got off the
?andbar shortly before daylight. Those
on the boat had auffered conslderably
from the eold. all belng thlnly elad.
Hudson Waters Must Be Kept
Clean Enough for Shad.
Agreement Holds Bronx Valle?
Commissionera Strictly
to Account.
f'heer up. dlsheartcnod flshermcn, cn*
you who d^al ln the denlzens of tlic briny
dei'p, rrjolf..' The Saay tribe |* hr>\irfH 1
thiis way again, and before niuny n3
Hudson Rlver shad wlll regaln Its f.?ttti.-p
honori d place at the he.ad of meiropollun
menus. The waters of the fair Hodaaa
wlll lose thelr hue of dlluted mud ;.n<j
will renect the beama >>( tbe undoadal
BUn even to thelr loweft deptha
Time was when the Inbabltanta of '.hls
gr?at clty caat thelr llnes into the t>* llu.-ad
waters of the Hudson and brought updti
Icate bltH of tishy food to gracs thelr
boarda, That was some time ag< jS
dwellers of th<- deep have long slnee baag
driven from the nelghborinsr wnt*r? j,y.,
tho refuse whlch man hus wantonlj
poured into them
With ? flsh famlne, fltarlng them tn tht':
face u littie body oi faltbful m*n wrg?
car?-d for what the watera beaton upon
mankind started out to forc- th- ir lr?j
tboughtful nelghbora to refraln from poi.
luting them unnecessarlly. That waa 9
years ago. Slncn then the matter haa btta
fought through tho L-glblature, throuijk
the loral courts, through the courta g
appeal and even to the Supr^m.; Court
of the Unlted States. The declslon of tbe
blgbeat tribunal favored the stand of tb?
littie body of men, but by that time fh?
papara in the caaa r?-ad "Tht; f'nim
States ot Amerlca against the P^ople ot
the Stato of New York, et al."
To put the matter plalnly. the fcdoml
government became so lnterest>-d ln *k?
the water pollutloi* commlttec of the kav
ehantaf Assoelatton began that lt braajB
sult to prevent The Bronx Valley ??w?r
from polluthig the waters of the Hudeos, I
and tbe attpulatkm handed down rf-rently
by the I'ourt provlded that tho \utn t
of the Hudaon should be reetorea' ?a| 4
malntalned ln such a degree of purlty ar
to support the Ufe of shad and othar
major flsh.
The full text of the stlpulatlon ?it
made publlc yesterday after the ta>
nouncement by The Trlbune v >i<tenhy
I morning that tho agreement betwaaaj tb)
! goverfiment and the bronx Vallev 8?w?r
Fomrnlssioners hnd been ei^ned. It retJi
In part as follows:
i 1. Ther* wlll be absenee ln the Hudioa
Rlver of buspended parth'les wslblt t*
tha naked e>c connng from the etflutot
of aald Bairer.
2. Th?r<" wlll be absenc of d^noslti lt
the waters of the Hudson River <-omlnf
from th*- eflluent of tuld aewer, whlvh tbt
Secretary of VVar of the Unlted 8t?t?a
exerclslng a reasonable dls^retio", rr.?y
Und otij<?etlonable.
.:. There will be absenee ln the wattft
of the Hudfeoti Rlver and Its vl Ihlti g
any odor due to the putrcfactloi >f ?
ganic matter contatned ln the ? !flu?rtt of
aald aewer, whlch the Becretary f tv?:.
exercudng a leasonable dlacretlon, maj
1nd nbjectionable.
4. There wlll be a praetlcal Bbseneegl
the aurface of the Hudaon Rlver, at th?
dleperatoa area or elaewhen of an?
grea.-c or color <l't?' t>j the d!v:harge of
sald sewag*
The agreement provldes all I iat "lt
any time subsequi-i't to Jai l | '. ?
or to the date *li*n there thall be ftgt
persons contributmg aewaga to aald atw
er?whlch ever date shall :.;?-? arr.v*-,
the Becretary of War may . -.?.\*ic a
board of three men, whlch >.i'l m?U
lnqulry Into the pollution of (I HudHB
Rlver, atid take euch Itepa ? <> ren
der the Brater adeguat.> for tht support
of the llf" of ^had anl other major .ish."
Bdward Hat<-h, JrM ehaln i of tM
eonndttee of the Merchant.-' Ki.iatloa
whlch ?tbrtf-?i the tight potnU ? out ??>
terday tliat this was a precedent 'r\ tha
tnatt-r of the federal ^o\ ? : . ..? exeagfaj
Ing < ontrol over l rldcatloh of riv?r
waters, other than to - ' ? IM
kept parlgabla it would have a gratt
innuenv, he tltought, ? I ? omt of
the sult now in the H i ourt of
the I'nlted Stafs broug' t by th State of
New York agalnat tb Vaiiejr
Sewag- Comtmaalon
Wife of Well Known Horse Ownir
Gets Quaker City Decree.
i [<? Tetegiaati ta Taa Trtbuna.]
Phlladfclphia. July N. A dtvoroi **?
granted yesterday, by Coaunoa fhnl
Court N'o. ;;, to ICra. KelUe D rloUeaag
wife of Harry D. Hoiioway, who i? *\&*&
known both here and In fcingU J ** BJ
owner, Judge and exhibitor of r.ne horaat
Deaertfon ataa glven &? the groundi to
the decree. The teatlm'my ln th* *&*
was taken before a maater a^d lm*
roiinded No defence waa mada by Mr.
l.'ntll three \ears ago Mr and Mr*
Hoiioway. who were marrted in w&. IM
at iit. .viry, whera Mr. HeUowag ***
his Btrlng of thoroughhred hackneyi aa*
other prlze-winning horsea He wa? ?
famillar tigure at all th. prlndpal agegj
ahowa in this country and aiso ma**
several trips to Bngland t" exhlhit hU
strlng at the Internutt"n.il B
ju>-t what waa at the bottom of ?h?
maritui trouMea of the Holjowaya m
naver been diacloaed, but uurtng^ajj
three yeara there hav. JJJ
battles orer the ownerahlp ^ i?r?w
valuable pteoea of real ? tat<
wm- m ?~~?
Borough President Croniwcll ReYi??
Regiment on Stateu Island.
Troop F, M Beglment, N ''< N.
went into camp at Cromwellj) F&rro.
Dongan HnU, Stateu laUnd, :?? ??' **}
ternoon. Fi rty ra?mb< ? tr*\
turned out. Thev live In Brookl> .i aJiO*
Staten Island. The troop 'V trV; T JkUt-'
the armory ln Brooklyn to the Bai w-"
farry. and eroas^l to Btaten ??'?n1ihf| t<? ,
From the ferrv statlon H ,""?1' 5, it '
the Borough Mall at St. l.eo''- ^'^(Vl
was revlewvd by Borougl ? ? ?'?>
tieorge Cromwel, and other. \:?*%r
of weTcome waa delfrered bj Btaw "??
ati-r Howard Bayna
Announces the opening <>' 'ts new tickct officc at
1286 Broadway, corner 33rd Street, in the new McAlpin
Hotel?adjoining entrance to rfadsofJ River (McAdoo)
Tubes, trains direct to Erie Station, Jerscy City, and
convenient to clevated and surface lines.
Telcplione?17U0 (ireeley.
Tickets, baggage checks, Pullmun rescrvations and int'or
mation delivcred to your homc or otiicc by special messtnger
?no extra charge.

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