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Kerman Ridder Says Tiger Con
tributed $10,000 for Last
WHOLE FUND $620,000
wcither Byan Nor Belmont Oave
Anything to Aid Nebrask
ans Cause?No Cor?
poration Giftp.
._? -i?.. Ju!" 10.?Ton t:;ousand
<jo' are of Tammany money was regard
ed"? untaipted by W. J. Bryan in im
Lrd waa uaed to promote the Nebraskan's
Plmpalan for tne n*******. accordlng
?l the Mtthaoa; of iierman Ridder be
'ore the Senato investlgating commjttee
tc-dar- The contrlbution might have
|Cfj greater if Mr. Bryan had not laid
down tht rule that no contrlbution thould
^ mor? than J10.0C'.
A reaton for Mr. Bryan'a attack on
Thomaa F. Ryan and August Belmont
btfore the Baltimore convention was surr
?Mted by Mr. Ridder. Nelther of these
a^n. whom he wlshed to ejcct from the
gaitBtktt. contributed to his P.-e.M
dentlal fui'd. although Mr. Belmont had
|g#: earecially lihera! durlng the prcced
gg campaign. when Alton B. Parker was
gj Peniocratic nomine". contributing
it>o'jt U50.W B'Jt no such occasion for
r?entment axitttd In the caae of Tani
aany. Even Mr. Ridder himseK was
?inpelled to resort to the subterfuge of
niaclng VfiK of his subecrlptlon of SC7.000
'j the namea of his three sons to comply
wtth the rule lald down by Mr. Bryan.
Igggaaay tubacrlbed $10,000. and Tam
j-naiiy haiaart aubscrtbed much more per
^Jnally, fo- the -aruc reason.
Tht total contrlbutioris to the Demo
ratlc campaign of 1908 were about
$20,000, accordlr.g to Mr. Ridder. Some of
th? kapartanl peraonal < <vitrihutors to
thle fur.d. wlth tbt amounta. wer? Will
?tm F. Sheehan. $C,000; E. II Bbepard,
CK0; "The Daily Gl;lahoman." 11,000;
John T. MeGraw, $2,000; H. H. Lehman.
tMOO; Dar.lel E. Conway, fl.000: Bamuel
Manaytr, tXW: J. Sergeant Cram. Sl,?i);
t F. GoJtra. O.000; Morgas J. O'Brlen.
SK; Jtcob Ruppert, H.000; DeLancty
SIcoU, U.00O; Nathan Straus. tl.SBO; Xa
-..kaI Derlocratic Club of New Vork.
RiOO; Archlbald MeXeil, $1,000: M. B.
Virt7, C500; John W < ox, $3,000: D. R.
rnncis. B.000; Chllton, MeCorklt & Chlt
:?. $1,000. and Xorman K. Mack. $1.C00.
J. J. Martin, private secretary to the
Secretary of State of Xew Yorlt. nro
tewd the reports of tlie l^S contributions
gdaapenditurta. There showed t^at the
??u: rtctlptt were $6:i0.644 .7 and the
Mal expenditurcs $619.410 06.
Ridder Larqest Contributor.
tht largaat contributor," de
juti Mr. Kldder on tht sta^.d. "I gave
C./e j|r, Bryan made a rule that no
M tfatuid contribute tuore than tUMLOO,
I '? rribed In ray name r.nd
?*?ci of rny rons ga.e $5?,000."
"Did aug lal Belmont contribute any
thinf In IM?" aaked ("hairman Clapp.
"So. he did not." said Mr. Ridder.
"Did Thomai F. Ryan contributt in
aV tontinutd Senator Clapp
"No. bt dldn't."
"Mlfht thty have cor-tributed througii
ane one else?"
"Noori*. unlesi Mr. Bhathan. No, I ara
an th^y /iij not through Mr. Bhtaban,
?-2u?* t; ? amount be eontributed vas
Woirrall." said th" wttntata
Aft-^r rtftrring to the Tammany con
trtbu'lon Mr. RfcMtr toid tht eommittee
tha: Rotx-r- };??, ing. of Nta Orleana, col
IgaJ P7.000, moatly in j-cent and 10-cent
T.ie w!:> .K recalltd, v ith the ald of the
*rcl*I rtcorda that twenty-fi\e tbouaaod
?ne? wre enrolled on tbt H.st of con
olbutors. H< pleked out the largaat ones.
Senator Clapp reinark??d that Mr. Rid
ar every tlnie bt nientloned j <-ontrlhu
Ihn by a Tammany man referred to hhn
" ? "goo!'' man.
"fo you mcaii to c;.?t iefiertlon? on the
*h?r rce.trlhutors?" a^ke<i tht Senator.
No.' rtplltd Mr. Ridder. "But after
B*ran > denunelatkm at Baltlmon II
**n? neceesary to explaln the quallfiea
*oni of Tarnmanj mtn. i colle<-ted tht
ats?j tn 19>>8," he adderi. "and I am
?re not a doliar of it waa talnted."
So nioney waa recelred from corpo'a
*n for the campaign, Mr. Ridder as
wwj t'-.c eommltte*
1 had dlstlnct orden from Mr. Bryan,"
* amlalned, "that no money \\us to he
tatn froii; corporatkms."
"liave ;ou any reason to belleve that
aJtrriptiora bj4them were covered up
*T belng made under a ptraon't name?"
" *aa ask' d.
"None. The contrlbutions were too
?atll for that."
"Do >ou t]a^e any knowledge that
PMV *a fc'lven for campaign purposes
attgti other agencies than the natloual
'No Of course. money was glven to
?*t? commlttie;-."
Jk Ridder, before l^aving the atand,
'?tifled that he had nothing to do offl
?V wlth the PrtaMtatlaJ campaign of
?*. nor the Congreas campalgns of 19"S
??1W0, alao under Investigation.
Itojge R. Sheldon. treasurer of tho Re
fchlfcun Natlonal ("otnmlttee ln 1W8. prob
tt!y will be a wltness next Thursday.
haftrt in 15th 8treet Spreads from
Dwelling to Millinery Shop.
Smoke fnghtened some of the patienls
?the Ncw \urk Hotpital, a few jrholars
I 't Pran'if Xa\*1er's Grammar School,
?W * tiumber of dlners ln Koss's restau
P|j all ln the neighborbood of Sixth
J**nu? and ;?th street, taat night, when
??'* wtt a flre ln the four story brlck
?? *' N?" W West U'th htr''''1
^tectlve Reed, of Ihe Wett lTth strevt
^^ stdtion. wa? paaalng the booat, and
*H"*d th?. ^n\<^.'-. He went upatatra,
**? turn.d |n an a|urm. Reed found
** houn^ ,.|i,.,j Wltli Bmofca and fla-ne
?? had to go to the roof and come down
the street through tne houae next door,
J>? Are brok-i through to the rear of a
J" ?orri? 0f the stock wa? damaged by
*? ??? water.
^^tblo, Col? July 20 Kx-Oovernor
t* Adama haa formally announctd his
j******* for t'nlted Htates BttiatOT tO
v^ e?*d K?r,ator Guggenhelm. He will
? .*?Ottd ln the L>e.mocratlc prlniarv by
^*?">or John P. ShaXiw
(ontlnued from flrst page.
overthrown by the same people who
now have upheld the administration of
real deinocracy.
"Tho reoent electlon demonstrated the
confidcnce of the citizeris In the good
faith of ihc governmcnt and in Ifcfi
affactlvanaaa of the free ballot. Tho
people. have learned to jro to the polls
independently and fearlessly and to
accept the result of tho ballot peace
ably. The sueoess of the government
in combatin two revoiutlonary at
tempta wlthln i- year should removc
any doubts whlch may have been en
tertalned bv uher govirnmer.t3 as to
the ablllty of the administration to sub
tain its stablllty and to fulfil any and
ail oMigations which Mexico owes to
her Kister natlona.
"This ls not the least important and
| banaflcla] of many favorabk- resuita
whlch have been brought by the rev
olution. Therefore, Mexico flnds her
self, generally ppeaking, ln better con
dltlon than slie waa ln six months ago.
Then there were legitlmate doubts,
perhajis, as to what might happen if
rebelllon arose. Not one, but two, rev
olutiunn were organized. The country
stood the teat, thus removing all
"The anny haa demonstrated Its loy
alty and bravery< Too much credlt
cannol be slven to the national de
fenders for the ardor. patriotism. pa
tlence nnd vnlor wlth which they en
dured the hardshlps and dangers of
campaigns. The country wlll reward
them. Commensurate approbation
must be given to those who volun
teered thelr 6ervices ln the field when
the government was menaced by m.il
Definea thd- "Iron Hand."
"What eomo have been plcased to
terai the 'iron hand' pcllcy has demon?
strated its efflclency ln pacifying the
country. Nothinj; inore 1b now. or ha.e
ever been. comprehended in this so
callad 'Iron hand' polley of government
than a steadfast detcrminatlon to prc
serve order and peace and lnsure to
the vast niajority of peaceful, law
aLiding Mexlcana the opportunity.
Whlch is their rlght, of gainlug a llve
lihood and pur^uing their vocations
unmolesied by revolutlons or mlnor
dlsorders fomented by se'.fish, un
ecrupulous agitators.
"Tn order to insure thelr rights to the
people, a sufflclent army wlll be maln
tained accordlng to tho authorlty which
has been ve^ted in the Executive by
Congress. The 'iron hand' is eolely for
eviMoara, and wlll be lnvoked only
when they ir.vite it by their own trait
orous acts. This Is understood by our
people, despite the efforts of the ene
mlea cf the government to pervert and
mbnterpret its real meanlng. As wall
might the Unlted States government be
accuscd of eni|ilo:ing an Mron hand'
when it agndl Its troops in case of rlota
or '?rriket to prevent the dcstructlon of
life and property.
No Heaw Taxation.
"No heavy burden of taxation will be
Impoaed opon the people by the ex
pense authorii-.od by Congress for the
BUpport of an adequatc anny. for this
COat wil'.jnorc than be defrayej by th-.
amall cxtra Internal revenue charges t<>
Ollocted on alcohol. be?>r. toba^o
and luxurlea under the ne.v uct, whlch
is now effectlve.
"Deapitt th*j unt'avorable rc enue
producing condltloni of the last faar
montha the Trea-sury closed its last
flscal year wlth an uncxpended Lal
anec of $5,O0O,000 and a rescrve of
g42,O0O,O0Ov Mexlco'a c redk is high ln
foretgn moncy marketa. Wlth the roato
ratlon of peace. bualneaa conditions may
be eapected apeedlly to reaume their
normal atate. No abatement has been
not?d d the keen deeln "f foralgn ln
. take advantage of the mani
told opportunltlea for legltlmato and
lucratlV4 exploltatlon of the rlch nat
urai reaourcea of the republlc.
"Tho governmant'a attltuda townrd
forelgn lnvestora already has been
ciearly and .?\.i<'ti> deflned. lt is un
quallfiedl! frlendly and falr. Tbe ad
mlnlatratlon is oppoead to monopoiien
and fa\ors propar compatltlon. bui It li
nol dlapoaed t>> Impoae condltlona or
reatrlctlona that could be regarded u
oneroui or unfab*, as oomparo.i wlth
the requlrementa whlch meet Invaatora
in :,ny < ther c.untry."_
Zapatists Attack a Passenger
Train Leaving Capital.
Mexico Clty. July 20.?More than
sixty p?rsons were kJlled and many
were wounded ln an attack by Zapa
tlata on a paj-sengcr traln between thts
' ity and Ouernavaca, Morclos, early to
The Zapatists, sald to number flve
hundred, placed a mlne under the rall
road tra'k, whlch esploded as the loco
motlve paaaed over it. The Zapatists
sj.rang up from all sides and poured a
murderous tlre Into the traln.
Almost all the mernbers of a fedcral
detachment on the traln were kllled. as
n/ell as thlrty passenger* ln the second
olass coach. The wounded were put to
deatfa and the traln waa burncd.
Mexican Troops Retire Before
Insurgent Vanguard.
Madera. Mexico. July 20. - Wlthout op
poaltloa th<? rehel vanguard reached the
mining eamp at Detorea, aouthweet nC
here, to-day. A detachment of federaln
n-tlred before the rebels appeared.
General t'amjKis. who had been mlst-lng
wlth hls command for eeveral days, and
who lt was thought had taken advantage
of the government's offer af amnesty. ar?
rived In Madera to day wlth 800 men.
fjanaral Bojaa, before bla departure, ar
paated Lleutenant Ootonel htareelena
VIBareal' and his antlre hand of tl-.irty
maa who rahhed two of the M?d<*n.
I.umber Cornpany's storehouses. PUUT of
the prlsoners were ageeuted and Vllla
real has been placed 011 trlal. R"j"'
who heratofore haa home the reputatten
of sanct'.oning lootlng ln all forms, now
deelares it must cease.
Wi'Hhington, July 20.?Rebel forces
along the Mexh-an border llne are belng
dlolntegiateU. accordlng to War Depart
aaaag raporta However, ahtfJOaantg <>f
x-veral thouaand rlfles and approxlmately
m,HJ POUada of arnmu/iltlon recntly
have gon? latte D Paaa, and that ha>
eaaaad -i beuef that further trouble may
be brewlrig
<< I linin
South Carolina Fight Grows
Hotter-Bloodshed May Follow.
Presents Affidavits from Many
to Disprove Collusion with
?Blind Tigers."
rfiy Telejraph to The Tribune. I
Columbla. S. C. July 20. *o Mtttr ha"
becoine the fotUng < ngandortd by 'he
| hot race for Governor bttwttn Gov?rnor
Icolt Bttaat and Jodgt Ira J.r.c* that a
l personal tneountsr, In which bullata wfll
; be uatd, 1e lnevitable. say Mtnda of both.
; N'ightly Bttaat It burling charget of
"llar" and wortt agalntt Jonta, and bi^
oppontnt is anaworlng ln termt far tiom
conclllatory. Alrea.ly ttTtral lighta he
tween supporters of the catidldates huve
: resulted scrlously.
Governor Bltate to-day Hsued hit prorn
lsed utatement denylng the graft ehai ?;? I
brought agalntt him by Thomaa B. l'ell
| tr, of Geor^ia, and W. J. Burn.s.'the de
tective. inciuding eoniet of aflWavlta.
tht Ktatement niakes about ttaty paget of
typewrlttcn manuscrlpt. Each chargt or
rumor la taken up and answered separ
Blease says Kelder falsilled when he
Haya he went to Charleston bttwtca the
two primarles in 1&10 to get mon-y from
the "tigers" for his (Blease'si campaign
axpthtuturta, He aays tbt ttattmtnt that
he is crctting graft fro.n the Charlc-stot
"bltnd tlger" Itqoar ? :i< rt orlginated wlth
Mayor Oraoa, of thai dty, owing to tl ?
Governor's refuF.-il to allow Grace to con
trol tht coi'stabulary thorc.
Tht Governor dtnitt he recelved tn)
money for his slgnnture to the Inter
urban railway act or that hc knew of aa]
plans to buy a pardon for Oua Dt Pord
01 any one else, and tayt that not one
word about it had been aald to him by
A? to the pardon for P. If. Bentley, the
Governor denles that ho recelved pay t'or
issuing it. He saya a check for JJ" was
6ent him for the payment of Bentley'i
rellroad fare to his homt bi lowa, but
that no other money figured In tht trans
He prtatnta an affldavlt from H. H.
Erant to the effecl that bt hat nerer had
j?:; tranaaetlon with Bltaat aa to the
dhrptnaary arfairs. Governor Bltaat pre
m l ita affidavits from a doatn pti ????
that he was eoncerntd in no Ikjuor or
other eorrupt tr: m actl(
An oM college ttorj la belng rtptated
on the atum;i against Bltaaa it lt aald
that whllt he was r.t college he dellvered
an oratlon which won a gold mtdal.
Afttrward it was found that tht apeech
was stflen.
Produce To Be Handled as
Tl.e congestlon along the Wttt ttrttt
j.iers of tht Ftnntylvanla Rallroad caustd
by the strlke of 1.200 frelght bandleri
waa grtatly ralltvtd ytattrday. All 11h
strlkers are noa WOrklng. The strlke, it
v,,s wdd, waa largely an Impulalvt tn.ee
n.'-nt teeauae of the strlke of tM COt I
wiae ?aaattn and firemen.
The two thousand or inore longshore
mtn ernployed at tbt vartov
doeks ln Hoboktn are ti> bt ?
Monday wlth the oflldala of tbeae
!!::'-s. and then If is probuble that th<
talk of a strlk" umong thtm will he endtd
by a oompromlBt whlcJi will kaap tbt man
from atrlking.
Dock Buptriuttndtal Chriatla, "f Hm
Pennaylvanla Rallroad, sni-i laal ? ? ?
would be th* laft tlmt lt would 1
aary to brlug the frult contlgnmtntt for
the comrntttkm mtrchanta and produet
n.en to Manhattan on tht ftrryboata
Beglnnlng to-nlght at mldnight '??? ":'
ordtr of things will bt rtatortd, and ????
fnrft aill be dellTtrtd at Pier ja, Worth
Til'-er, from which 11 v. .11 1" aold t" tb
i-i t.-.ilers. as was tbt Ctlttom befon t';.
It was nM at tht plara Of tht Morgan
l.ine that practtcally all of its 700 atrlk
Ing hmfthortmen had rtturned to wor*
Memands of the |ong*horemtn on tbc
transatlHntic- llnes for an iBCItl I
wages from 30 to Si canU nn hour, lh?
i men to walt until July tl for ? I
i hB'.e rtotblng to do wlth tht drtnand
j of th.- kMigihortmtn '>n tht eoatwlw Hnet
I Th" longahortmen tmploytd ai tbt i
of the ocaaa ttaamaMpt have ? ?eparati
and indepeiident nnlon of thtlr own
m ti. Woolman. ttcrttary ofthoTrana
|per( 'v-rkert.- i-'<dtratkm, aald ytatcrdny
tha* tht frelght handltra who rtturned bJ
worh had atcorad tomt owKtaalomi from
the amptoytra, and thai thtat cono
ftiona had ?*-en granttd btcauat tbt f'-l
eratlon threatened to take pbotographfl
Of the piers in thelr eOBgtattd tttta,
Brooklyn Youth Riins Into Vehicle
and Falls Beneath Wheels.
i.ewis Rubin, elghtttn yaam old. of
No. M? Graveaend avtaue, Brookljn wa
Inataati) k'.iied >esterduy when ? iHig<
hrewery truck rsn OTtf him, cruahlng
hla chg.'it. The accident occurrtd at Bbor
man street aii'l Oetan l';irkway.
Rubin waa rldlng a'Wcydt along the
parkway, and as he raachtd Hl.'tnian
street tht auto truck, drlven l,y BttVtn
fomla, of No. 40S I'^ast Mth ?trttt, Man?
hattan, <ame around thfl <-orii?-r. Rubin
could not atop his bicyclt ln tlmt and
ran headlong into tht truck. fulllnc bt
neath tt.
An employe of Paatra'a garagt, oppoatU
the scene of the aeddtnt. called l>>-. Max
well Galloway, of Mo. I Sherman ?trOi t.
but tht phyakaaa h;h<i tht youth was ai
ready dead. The body wbk taken to tlie
Parkvlile pollce stath.n. No arrtata were
made, the pottot regardlng RnhluV death
aa no fault of tht truck dilver.
Judge Gained Option During Railroad
T?jc Reduction Caac.
Seattie. July N. -Ia April. I0OS, tht
Northern Padflc Rallroad Compaay tutd
KIha County, Waah., la the i nlt.-d
BtattW DfatflCt Gourt before Judge Hhii
ford for a reduetloti of OOUBtj taxes
agatanrl m lfd?7 Oa May i. isox. tbt
Nerthtra Padflc, which had hithert<> ra
fused to fcell certaln landu to Judgi- llan
ford. gav* him a:i option on the lands.
Judge Hanford t'ound that the county
taxes were aXCtadYt ln the sum of |4I,
61s. but he was reversed by the t'lrcult
t;ourt of Appeals.
These facts were brought out to-day
la IttllllianT by the eommittee investi
gating Judge Hanfurd's raCOffd.
Mmled any-Ahere in the United
fontintied from flr?t page.
the report as It is approved by the full
commlttee. Mr. Btanley dcclared thesa
"leaks" had been for the purpose of
bearlng th- atock market, but he add?
ed tha; he was "flabbergasted" when
nsked to name the person responsiblc
for the publlclty of the sallent detalls
;of tlie report whlch were set forth ln
The Trlbune to-day.
Th.- discomfiture of the chairman
' over what he eonsldcrs the premature
i publlclty of the recommendations of
: the rommlttee maJoHtjr la not nnnnt
' ural in vlew of the understanding of
1 the Democratlc leadera that the itnnl
j r.-port afaall !<c notlca to the country of
! the party's attltude on the triiat quea
I ti<>n
Second Only to Tariff.
The trust lamia nill be second only
i to the tariff in the approaching eam
. paign. ln pre.scnting to the House ?
j denunciatlon of the schemc for federai
; lncorporatlon of Intcrstate corporations
and governmantal regulatlon of thelr
' prlcea Democratlc membera of the
! Btanley commlttee, r?>th in the report
| and ln thelr apaechea, Intand to draw
j the litic of battle batwaCfl the two grcat
; partlea
They heard to-day that the Rapuh
llcan membera wlll present a report
repraaentatlve of that party's stand on
the trust quaatlon. The guarded statc
nient is made that the minority report
i will be much more "aurprislng and
! progressive," so fnr as reconunendlng
! legislatlon ls concerned, than the ma
i Jorlty report.
The dlspute over progrcsslveness
among mernbers of the commlttee
I hlnges on the difference between the
I Democratlc recommendatlon for en
! forcement of the existlng law and the
! Republlcau recommendatlon for rcgu
j lntlon cf priccs l>y a commlsslon ap
I polntcvl for that purpose ae an aid to
auch enforcament Both Democratio
and Republlcan commlttee mernbers
i wlll offer amendmanta to the Sherman
i law and the Interstate Commerce act.
The majortty of the comnilttce,
whlch vin be backed by the Demo?
cratlc Houaa, wlll characterlze as "so
l clallatlc" the oppoaltlon plaa for fed?
erai lncorporatlon, and on thla polnt
both partlea probaWy wlll ilght out the
mp< rtant trust issuc in the approach
!ng campalgn.
? I he epoch marking thing in the
stci committaa*i report." sald a man*
| ber to-day, "wlll be the drawlng of
the Une of battle betwerp the two par
?i.. on the quaatlon of hon to cura the
tpufi evlL f'he majorlty report com
mlta the party, n'lth the approvaJ of
; the leadera to abaolute oppoaltlon to
1 federai lncorporatlon and the regula?
tlon of prlcea by meani of ? Bo-callod
ipectlve Induatrlal comraleaton.
The majorlt) report pluces Democratlc
falth In an amendt i Bharmaa law and
??.ir<'. The minority report teane
toward federai Incarporatloa und the
? ..f regulatlon frankly auggeated
by Judge Gary, Mr, Perklna and
othera This is toO aoclallatlc, and the
Democratlc party ls against II and
I wlll i?'t the people declde whleh of the
two i i all i propoaed la tht more
progn ?
Important to Democrats.
r ? ., . i ? thal the Democratlc
h.,-. and the leadera of the House who
. . ncd "ii the rted commlttee ha^
alded In ahaptng the antl-tm t legla*
iatlon b< tloiu "t the Btanley report ln*
dlcotca the polltlcal algntflcanci to be
attached to the report by ihc Demo*
i ratlc party.
Republlcana ^m find much to pralsa
ln the Btanley report, but wlll dlffer
wlth n eonolualona Bome of the leg?
islatlon propoaed i i tha Btanley report
? iii be Indoraed ftepreeentatlve Oard
11* p of Maaeachuaetta, wlll realat the
mggeation tlmt reporta and data gath
.., ,? i, th< Commlaoloner of Corpora*
mi I' avnllablo to COngreaf.
ii. ?..,:? lf tbe law is changed the Btt
r.-.,u ol Corporatlona wlU be onable to
rget lnformatlon.
Mr. Gardncr wlll itand by Mr. Stan
ley on th> biii amandlng tho Bherman
.,, t v puttlng tha burden on def.md
anta to prova that thelr comblnatton ia
uot "unreaaonabla raatralnt" of trade.
[Other Republlcana w?U Join with Mar
Itln Mttleton, Dnmocrat, in oppoafng
1 this meaaure.
Mr. Gardner ls at work on the Rc
publlran report hTe thlnka all the Re?
publlcan membera wlll sign it. although
they may dlffer on |1h phraseology. It
wlll be lubmltted fo tha Mouae after
the report by Mr, Btanley ls "ip<1
Kapubllcan vlewi on tho stoel in?
qulry hava been more ea*>Uy recon
Clled than thoaa Of tha Democrats,
and the membera of the minority aro
confldeni thelr progrwnma for trust
legialatlon wlll be mora accaptahle to
the < ountry.
Tha Republlcan mamhan ?HD not
rocommend the dleaoluUon of the ateci
trust. Thay ay the committee lung
agn declded that no move was (., \?i
made to embarraaa tha govarnment'a
sull against the Steei forporatiuti, and
th< j wlll adhera to lt._
Overturned in Avoiding Col
lision with Railroad Train.
retaajapa la ih* Tlttaai.]
Wtlrolngton, Del., Joly a>.-To avold a
colllalon wlth aa eaprnaa traln oa the
Pennaylvanla Ralboad a? Wewark, DaL,
late thla afternoon. a aavau paaaangar au
tomobih. owned by John Waltaf Smlth,
Unlted Btataa Benatar, of Haryland, wai>
overturned when the chanffenr apptled
argeney hrakea. Tha naaehlna waa
on tha way from BaRlmora '<> Pbuodat
piiin to meel the Benatar and take hlm
t.p Atlantlc Clty. n wa* runalng a mlle a
Danlel Rourtner, jr.. of Raltiinore, waa
?erlou.-ly injured. Hls h-gs were badly
Uvoarated and hls left f?>ot was crushed.
h. Caatow, "f Balllinara, ehauffeur, a
eouala >f Bourtner. wan badly ahakea up.
aJberl Carter, a aegro, ?ma thrawn
ihrough t.ie back curtain. H? Biaa badly
frlvhtened, but ran away unhuru Tha
^|?- liln. m.?M i,r?ili?l
Daughterof Stamford Man Run
away Bride for Second Time.
[By Telwaph to The Tribune.]
Stamford. i.'onn., July 30.?A weddlng
announcement publlsh??d tn a local news
paper to-day by Mr. and Mrs. John B.
Phlllips tells of the marriage of thelr
daugh?er. Mrs. lulise P. Bell. to Thomas
N. KnKllsh. at Bedford, N. Y., on July 9.
Hngllsh ls a chauffeur employed by Mrs.
Adelald* Oppenheimer. of New York. and
the marriage was an elopement. Mr. ar.d
Mrs. Kngllsh are now on thelr honey
?ioon. and when last heard of they were
ln Holyoke, Mass.
When the matfer waa called to his at
tentlon Mr. Phlllips said that his dawgh
ter had been marrled.
"That's all I know about it." he added.
"I do not ltnow by whom she was mailltd
or what the exaet elrcumstances of the
marriage were. I do not know Mr. Kng
liflh, I supposed my daughter was la
Brtdgaport vlsltlng frlends, untll I re
I celved notlee of her marriage."
Mr. Phlllips la treasurer of the Phllllpa
Chemical Company. at Glenbrook, a t>ub
urb of Stamford. His place there Is one
of the prettlest in this section. A costly
park *urrounds lt. Mrs. English ts his
only daughter.
Mrs. Kngllsh ls twenty-four years old.
This ls btr second elopement und her sec
ond marriage. When she was seventeen
years old she ran away to New York wlth
Andrew J. Bell, the son of Harry Bell,
president of the Flrst Natlonal Bank. and
they were rnarrled. Bell was Juat out of
sehool. In June she obtalned a dlvorce
from Bell for crueity. He made no con
test. They had been separated for two
years. The court awarded the custody
of Gladys Bell. the three-year-old daugh?
ter of the couple. to Mrs. Bell's parents.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.J
MIHburn, N. J.. July 20.-The plant of
the Carter Bell Company, manufacturers
of Imitatlon rubber, burned to the ground
to-day wlth a loss of $30,000 to machlnery
and stock and $2,000 to the bulldlng. which
waa ow-ned by Mrs. Kllzabeth Whlttlng
ham, of this place. The flre was the re
Hiilt of a kettle of compoaltlon bolling
Outdistances Patrolman and
Holds Robber with Its Teeth.
Toledo, Ohlo. July 20.?A negro who
said he was Sidney Tucker, of Burllng
ton, lowa, was sentenced ln the police
court to-day to thlrty days in the work
house. Tucker smashed a showcaae ln
front of a loeal store last night and took
collars and tles.
A pollceman who has been accom
panled on his beat of late by a vagabond
bulldog named Bum heard the crash and
gave chase, but was outdlatanced. Bum
overtook the fuglttve in an allcy and htld
him untll the pollceman arrlved.
-.- ,J m
Pr. Austln Fllnt appeared ycsterday
| mornlng in Essex Market court an coni
j plalnant agalnst Liouls John. a pushcart
I peddler. who was flned $3 by Magiatrile
' Krotel for vending from a pushcart
! wlthout a lleenae and standinsr ou a cor
1 ner beyond the tlme allowed by the ordi
! nance. Dr. Fltnt testlfled that ihe ped
! ler lnterfered wlth the physlcian's l>a
i tients on thelr way to his home.
James McCreery & Co.
23rd Street 34th Street
The collection includes articles suitablc for furnishing
Country Homes, Bungalows and Clubhouses.
Bedroom Suites, consisting of Bureau, Chiffonier,
Toilct Table and Twin Beds. Made of mahogany fin
iflhed Birch. regular price 117.00, 85.00
White Enamel Bedroom Suites?English model
Twin Beds with cane panels, Bureau, Chiffbnier and
Toilet Table. regular price 307.00, 153.50
White Enamel Bedroom Suites daintQy hand-dec
orated. Twin Beds with cane panels, Bureau, Chiffonier
and Toilet Tablc. regular price 245.00, 180.00
Silver Giey Birds-eye-Maple Bedroom Suites, orna
mented with colored wood and metal inlay. Twin Beds
with cane panels. Bureau, Chest of Drawers and Toilet
'J'able. regular price 287.00, 210.00
trf Fine Mabogany Dining Room Suites,?Sideboard,
i:' thina Closet, Ser\iee and Extension Tables.
regular prices 134.00 and 177.00. 95.00 and 135.00
Ladies' De.sks,White Enamel or Mahog&ny.
regular prices 15.00. 19.00, 25.00, 10.00, 12.50 and 15.00
Chiffoniers for Men, of Mahogany.....-..-....-.-..
regular prices 49.00, 57.00, 104.00, 35.00, 45.00, 75.00
Fine Bird's-eye-Maple Chamber Fumiture in suites
and separate pieces, including Chiffoniers, Desks and X
C hairs. at 2.V,"r less than former prices. "
DOMEST.C RUQS & CARPETS. m mi eioraa.
t*. During July, discontinued patterns of the Famons
Anglo Pcrsian, Frcneh and Bundhar Rugs, at greatly
J* reduced prices. , . ......,?u*n<r- .
Anglo Persian and FrencH.
0 x 12 ft....,. 37.50 regularly 55.00
8.3 x 10.6 ft. 35.00 " W.00
Bundhar Wilton.
0 x 12 ft.28.50 regularly 40.00
8.3 X 10.6 ft.26.00 " 36.00
Other sizes from... 2.50 to 70.00regularly.3.75 to 94.50
Bundhar Carpet........ 1.50 * y<* regularly 2.25
Inlaid Linolcum.? ? ? ? ???-1.00 " M *-50
<f4tb Street Store.
4 piece Wicker Suites,?cretonne cushions ...-.'.. 67.50
formerly 91.50
0 piece Reed Suites,?cretonne cushions....114.00
formerly 150.00
6 piece Wicker Suites?handsome Armure cudhiao*
formerly 146.75, 117.50
Sofas,?odd pieces, prettily cushioned.17.50
. .. formerly 32.50 to 39.50
Side-Rockers. Arinchairs and Side-chairs, greatly
Dressing and Bedroom Cabinets of Cretonne and
1'rench Broche, frames white enamel tinish.
Chiffonier.25.00, '?rm?1y 33.00
Dresser.22.50, " 31.00
HatRack.32.50, " 30.00
\umerous other articles at proportionate reductions.
23rd Stree* 34th street

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