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Large Sites Bought Last Week for Immediate Improvement with 1
Apartment Houses and Modern Mercantile Structures.
\ falr \*olun.f buslness wa? trana-1
acted last week In the le Btate
The central Plftb avenue end upper
Wt : .- de apartment house, tbe lower
Lextngl nu'e .114-1 the downtown
wholeaale and ofllce dlstrlcta contrlbuted
the mosl Importanl transactlona to the
llng In T -? Broi x,
:?. b ruimbei ol attractlve specu
latlve and Investmenl sones ahowlng
more strength I 1 for thla sea?
son of lii
ln one ot the blggeal ^v - -' - 01 era
o! ' ? ort ek thi !(? nrj kfoi. ? n'thau
1 'ompany gol an apai tmenl h. 11 e on t e
ghtt and rs ? In parl payraenl a
Ifunt's Polni ploi same company
. another vacanl parcel In the
llunt's Polni dlstrlcl of The Bt
Wi b| Bldtt trading also ? Ited In a 1
I n. Btreets and Tlffanv and Poa itn
frontlng S8Q feet In Beek street '??-' feet i"
Tiffany streel and IM feel In Pos Btreel
lt Is ths IntenthMi .-f Mr. Qoodman tn
Improve ptul of the Becli Btreel irontags
wlth Bve Btory apartmenl booses
Tbe Henrj Morgenthau Companj also
Bold to Bhlren a Mlberberg, a ploi of
more than flve lots al the Junctlon "r
k. -)| Btrsi t The purchaser
win bulld flve Btory apartment hou ?? 0
thla plot. Eddj A Welneteln wa* the
broker who broughl aboul the sales.
Arnold, Byrne a Baumann aold t?,:
F. Johnson, sr. an.l Qeorge P
Johnson, Jr., the block front on the weal
alde of Broadway, from I7lai to 11U
treet frontlng 201 feel on Broadway, U3
tcet tn I71sl street and i"1 feel ln 17*1
The. pun haser, who li a promlnenl
bullder, will Improve tl"- property wlth
?-Xfl.*^ ?~V+" -? ?*
Tbe property Is dlasjonali. opposttti the
oid car barn block.
One of the leading transacttona ln mtd
town lasl week ?t the sale bj Corn *
Co. "i So, S i" -,; Woel Bd street three
oid dwelllng hOuses, each on a loi Ka
Hj reet, maklng :. total ploi ??( TfatMM
feet, which wlll be Immedlatelj Improved
^,ti, ? lat. -ii Btorj lofl b ifldlng. Mea.
82 and M srere sold for Mlnturn Poal Col
lina aml No. 28 for Mary K Hllliard end
i. T. A W. K. sii-iii.i.i The buyer i*
the MJdwesl Realt] l'omp4Uiy. Heory
Bellman, president, which rs wntl) c im
pleted lofl bulldlngs al N"- IW lo WJ Weel
...th Btre. l and Mo IH to Ul Weal ?Ji
itreel Bchwarta I i Iroee, aretaltects,
bave drawn tbe plans for the oew build
?_g, which wlll be ready for tenoats ln
May, IM& The enttre tranaactlon Ion Ivea
H,i. Thla property waa premature
;-. reported M'l.l eeveral weeks ago, bat
;it thal tlme negotlatkma wer4 only in
the prellmlnary stajre, th?- llnal contracta
i.ondng effectlve only lasl week.
The downtown budget <>i sales com
prlaed propertles valued at manj bun*
dred thousandi
l>^ Beldlng Brotheri and tne K. n Lud
I, i ompany sold roi ihe Cltl-ens' In*
t-estlng Company, Domlnlck .bbate. pree
.,,.. t ti.iw twelve Btorj Mercantlle
Buiiding, Noe. 2S7 and '-'"???, l_a,fayetta
Btreet, on a plot 50x100 feet. This prop?
erty i? dlrectly at the subwa) statlon at
? -??- ' ' TC"
^-_.,___;.,-f;.__. '-' '*??'. "???:..'.:.- ' ?--?-/,?--?---?-.??*-*-j- ???--?- ?"" ?? ' ?
A six story apartment house. No. 524 Riverside Drive. lt was sold last week by H. T. Gurnev and J. W. Terhune
for the Croton Securities Company, of which Leslie R. Palmer is president.
cbaiurq of ownershlp to the Lyndon Arma
apartmenl houae, on RtveraiOV Drlve, t"
li. Aathouee ln Manhattan ati *t, '" ?
cant M.'-k fronl on the Heighi . to two
Hli atory, nen law apartmenl ho ?
iSOd Btreel and to some other propei
iMo.-.t attentloo In the closlng iia\< of
tha week araa probably dlrected t*
larger retail busir., In Fifth
avenue, north .?; 4.-: atreet, bj a sa1" ne
gotlated l > John N OoMtngr.
A 1100,001) aale ^a- the feature of ti.c
we>ek*B newa fiom lower Lealngton ave
III:. .
As b rci.ui of a purcba*?,
rio\ciiti! avenue the apartmenl li..-,is"
6rea there nill be enlarged by -. '
atrvcture. The house will he bullt by L.
A A. Pincus, Jofepii L. Graf and Iforrla
Ij. Goldstonc on th" premlse V. Bl and
v v.ith a frontage of about n feel and
a c'epth of 100 feet.
The piaafl for th" honae are belng pre
parci by Gtoorgi A Bdward Blum,
lects. At th.- Boutbwesl comer '?: ".ith
itreet and Beventh avenue, adjoinlns;. la
fie Adlon, a fourtceii Btory apartmerit
? wlth eiarhty-.seven Bultea,
H. T. Onrney an.l J. W. Terluine .sold
for the t'roton Becurltlea Company U.e>i
lie R. Palmer, prealdent) to an Investor
Lyndon Arins. a atx Btory olevator apart
nient bouee, No. Lj\ RiveiRid.- Drlve, on
a T'lot 75x>>; fe-t, ncn- UOttl str'-et. T e
atructure is fully rented and overlooks
Grant"s Tom'o an.l Rrveratde Park. This ;
makes the third bbIo of thla property I
rithin two month;.
Thia Street in Demand.
.loseph F. A. O'Donnell rosold tt> M
3Ionday No. 27 Manhattan Btreot, a h
etory flatJaouae, wlth ototoa, on.iot 25xioo j
feet Mr. O'Donneii raoantl) s*.i<i .\..
adjoinitiK, to the same purchas.-r. This ia .
tlie nfth house Fold hy .Mr. O'Donnell, ot
a row of nlne purchased by hlm las* ,
month from the Presbyterlan and Ilahne- l
niann hospltala. The property had bee'i j
lefi to the irmltutions by the lat" Mitcliell j
The alx Btory airucture on a glot iOxloO
f.-.-t at th?- BQMtheaat r-orner of Anastof
ilam avenue and 174th atreet was ."-old to
tbe Henry Morgenthan Company by
Apron Ooodman. Ia anebanae tha buy?
lng company gave B plot of abOUt twenty*
two loth al the Junctlon of Beck and Tif-'
hlgh elaaa apartmenl houees. Tlie j.rop
ertj waa beld ;.t 1-31.088. Thi Messra
.loiMis-on boogbt 'be lots from tbe Baroey
aiiotit two yeara a_o.
Another Interestlng Weal Blde operal u
the Henni -.-> Realty
; ? r>h Polsteln pri ;-i<i. nt, from
Investlng Company, >>f 11 j *
; N.-s. 113 i'lui 115 Weal Tlel street
? rur story <i\i<-iiim.' hobse, and a tne
? . . on a ploi 49.11x102.2 feel
An, ? urtmenl hous will <?? cupy
1 ti;.- .sit<'._ Th" HentM - o ? ??! ) recentl)
i :,h.so.i No. H t.. 1". Weat 83d *t;-"t.
; where a nine sw.r> house srlU be crcct. l
. as aoon aa leaei ? ? spir<
Th- Plfth avenue transactlon
| ated by John N. Ooldlng was i'i- al. of
I ..... \,. il l, .. foui Btory Iwel
Hng house, '??" feet north <>r i"tii itreet
for th.- Arthur T. Solllvan estai t.,
t-i.rDUfi lt. Btone and .Moses j. Wolf, <>f
llrilnri K Wolf.
The ii"".-' occupii i --i lf,t 17x100 '? ? '.
Columbla ? *..11<-__-?? leasehold, aml i1- rald
t,-. i? ii.. ia t avallable parcel on the
wrst slde of tho avenoe between 18th nd
49th Btreets.
it waa occupled foi twenty-seven sara
by tbe late- Mr. Bulllvan, who waa a part
ned io the law flrm of Bulllvan a
The Bulllvan parcel is under lea^e from
Columbla, wlth an unflnlshed term .f flf
t^pn yeara Th? lease also contalr th<
privlleg. >.f two twenty-one y. i
al.", makiria; tbe leasi lor a total of lilty
t-even ] -
Dlagonally opposlte there li being ? I
ni at Nos. 597 Bttd ??'?''' ?> ten story BtrUCt
ure fr.r Charlea Boriboer *? Bon% <". Ihe
adjolnlng 37-fool parcel a1 No, *-? *? Ui
An "ii R. Plower li erectlng a new bulld
Ing, which is to be occupled hy .'? F.
Bonaventur<> aml H. O. Watacfl ? Co.
Wben Bamuel Cntermyer bona
barn property, bounded hy S2d i
ISd Btroota, Pourth and Lcxlngton ave?
nuea, it was propbesled thai that t.ui
cbaae woul I ba followod by other hn*
portanl aales In thnt se..ti..n.
na-i.i Fegel boM last week foi tbe
Carre Resdt) Company tbe n4wtbwesl ?>
ner ot .'i-'i'i streel and Lexlngtoo avenoe,
a flve story and baaemenl apaftmenl
house, with Btorea, on loi 16.1x101 feet
Tbis corn.-r wa- purchaeed b; tb. Jarvo
Reaity Compuiy al auctlon on Uay M
la.?t, aml has been beld at llOO.eoi
Bprlng urni and at thi head of ihe
new small park called Cleveland Bquare,
at the JuncUon of Lafayette, Centre,
Bprlng and Kenmar. .-tr. et* This oulld*
\ - - I by I ers aboul
slx montl ago it l equipped wiih the
prinklci and iii<- afarm det lc< d
la fully tenanted. The buyer la John B.
Mi i her, repre; i iitmn an estati
The same brokeri .>i old the Bvt aml
.-:>. ston i- ai" '..-- -.ii ploi 59xio
;..( feet Noa 22 and st PVankforl ti et,
for a cllenl to the ?-Itlaens in- ? t. .
'i he premlsei wert resold t>.i the i _tt?
?'' ' ompanv through W llllam II. w ttii
Ing .v . o an.l i: ii. Ludl. . a Co to
il.?rin.ii, Rldd. i oi thi ? Btaats
Tbe home of tbe "Staats-Zeh ii
located on ihe same block, al thi north
. ru r of Wllllam and B| ruc. I ? ? ta
John .1. Radley s<n.i t.Ileni ol Mun
,v Roberts, attorneya, No. '-'- Qreal
i" - treet bets ? ?? n the Bowei i
i.. i.' ? ii- ii- ? i lt co ta of a i ai
j. torv atore and loi t buiiding, on l..i ... l
aituated on the south slde ol the
| stn et iv" feel ? ai I ol Lafaj .-tt. atreei
The propertj wai itqulred by tbe sellei
ln 1901.
The Wllllam if. Benjamin Company
and th. < bai I. F Noj tt Companj u .'.i
to an Investor No. 131 Malden Lane, ? ?
Itendlng through to No ?"> Pletcher street
la hl\ Btorj lofl buiiding, covering a let
1 abo K .'!'-v'. i- el 'i h. buiiding i- under
? to Bmith .?> Nlcbols i". a long term
i of yeara, Tbe property was h. i.i ut HO.i u
v\ ortl Ington w hlti bout e haa aold foi
IClara C. Boyce lo a promlnenl New v ??U
I er her countrj i Kaal Norwlcb,
i . . i. i. nd The ? -j ? *i?? 11; consl its of
Iabout thlrty acrea, wlth iai^< fronta
I tlit- Flushing and North rlempatead Tum
oik<- an.l tin- Byoea. I Road. <>n the pi ?p
crty there are an old Cokmlal liouse,
farmer'a oottagi itabli and oul buikftngs,
i i.i li one of th. Bn i ? m thal
aectlon. Tii<- buyer arlll make eerta i il
i. ratloni and oocupj, ln Ih. lmm< te
vk-lnity are the aa ol
ci i [odaon, "? rcy K Hudaon, Juil. n
i * v provoi i and T \ Have*
Investors Get the Switzerland
in Riverside Drive.
One House To Be Erected at
$l,00(XOOO Cost and An?
other at $650,000.
The ..ix Bt0f7 elevator atructure kno^rn
as the Switzerland. at the northeaat cor
ner Of ff.lv.-rslde Drlve and 151st atreet.
been aold Io investors. It in ona plot
frontlni 103.1 feet on Riverside Drlve and
M."> feet tn I'.l.st street, and Is one of the
Di v.-r apartment houses on upper Rlvcr
giae Drlve. The house wa< erected ln
\ 1910 b) tbe Sillon Constniction Company
and Its COSI 1p estlmat'd at WA'M>.
j Tiiougli the property ls understood, to be
icontrolleil by Charles lf. Ilosenthal. who
Unanoed the transactlon. tbe UtlO still
itanda in the nasno of tii? cotapany1.
Other propertlaB were Kiveti ln part pay
i ment. The adjolnlng house on Riverside
Drlve, al 153d atreet, known as tha Onoo
' daga. was sold last Thmsday ln forecloa
'ine prooeedtngO and taken hy th*- plalti
JO i \'< v.n,.in, on a Ud Of 4~^w.S33
TWO lar^e apartment ho'isca wlll be
, erected on the \\e:-t Blde BOtno time |n
: the near future as a result of plan-i con
aummated yesterday. At the nortlaoast
corner of Broadway and Sist Htrcn a
twelve Btory atructure wlll he erecied by
Charlea Brogan al 0 cost of ti.uiuUAJ. At
the nortbeasl corner of West Knd avc
i, ii and 71 vi atreet the a. <;. M. Rcalty
. ompany wlll bulld B twalva Btory Mitld
ling at a co.st of lt)'^).i"J. Tho latfr wlll
^ bavi a plOl HT.JxJH I'eet.
! Balei for Manhattan and Tho lSronx re
! ported yaaterday foiiov.
? in BTREET Bllaa -\ CohOB --.".a
gti ,i, iy\.-i.!>iai. to an Inveetor, Kea. 603
and 604 WttH I3lith ntr?-?-t. a ali etory apart
menl bouae on a plot jOaluO fer-t. adiol.dng
? . ? llhwael rartter ot Aiusirrdam iv?nu?.
7?TM BTHKCTr Tli?- Trank I. Ftaher <'om
panv Iijjh aol'l for .lani*- f Ht?-vii?<>n No 104
(Veal 7*"> m alreet, * four ator.' dwelllas houae
pn ? )oi 10x108.8 feet, belweea Cotombua ai"i
%i .. rdarn i \ enuea
cROHbl BTRKK1 Oroea f. Ilei
aold Ko 07 ? : ? atreet, a wven atorjr i .ft
1 itldlng ..n 4 !??* 90.3x6*4 feet. '" Oeorg. i
1 on, >r . .i.i I <Unri<r IV .!..'? naoi
,. ? , ? .i i ir- : eyn -ir for *t,s
.. i .' Broadi rf from
I7IH ? 1730 itreet, th*> aale of wblch '?-;*
. .-.. : ti .... < raold, I- ? bb *?
? ,r? t!.? Prok*-riJ.
10X11 :? BEBT F?iu Kutaatlar and ai
? i?. N .tiT i j.-' 4^ ? -*??. a flve at
t*>nement iioas.- wlth atore, uu a lot 30x100.6
The Bronx.
ii.rr. ? aOAD lehn r, Ptlat haa ra s
? . ; lota, 83x110 feet, on th i
.1 :.? ..r albanj -.>-.! 37J f,-? fretn Walk
- ? purchaa*d tl ? properti ai tbe
? Van 4" rtlan4i aatata auctlon aale. ean
. J.ik.'I.Ii p, DB) !??"? BMMllh
..i? i? i> ?, \ i.n' .' beuter 6 Bli
lo i Ed ri 0 .. ar foi
:? - . pl k avt-iiij*-. a twe fa
! ouac ..:? a :..'. 30x14 reet Tl b .-?? -
la :?r- paymeni prapertji at s-pottawood.
, .,.- \ s*-.i\-:- aold th" i*o-famlly
fram No l*Xi* Tod streft,
Ba) Rldge Park, for I*. Bbaa to an bv
\,..!,, . id oi i lartoo fTotai to an
[inveetor a plot, '?.?*?*?? feet, rm t!.** south
if Benator Btreet, tetween Kouith
ind i'ifih ovenaea
. a Cernj wM for -'"hn H.
Bchlernbet h me nortbW4Mt corner of rifth
BVanue and 4sih atreet. B four etory flat
<-. <vith Btare, on lot JO.GxKO feet.
Th" JerOtne 1'r.iperty t'orporatlon ao'.rt
N... MU iPth str^'t. ;. iw.> Btory and <<ilar
two*family brtck dwellir.B houae. on lot
.. feet, fo- John J. Connolly to a
Blaa No f*9 loth atreet, n*>ar
I Blffbtb a\ei. ia a thr.*' story and cellar
brlck ti.ie?--famlly apurtrnenf hotOOO, on
'..i 30x106 f."t. i"- Helen r. Prleo to k?i
.,!?! i ft '..nnell.
.i IB for u.itro-i st Plt
, ' , . ,i Btreot, a two-famll:
brlck dwollln;; bouae, <-n a lot *xl00 f"?t.
for 08,600, f. M. Ol'-on; al'o No f>v* C<1
street. to Atnatida Letbonon, a two-fam
dwelling house. on l"t .uxino feet
loi iMoa
Charlea Haiklna Townsend. a dlrectoi
Of th" N> m York A*iuarlum aince 1S0.'. ua"
purcbased a llne country BOtatB on Fher
arood'a Island. <ire"-is Fnxma Coan., from
tii. eatata of Moaea Bberwood. Th? es
? tate comprlaoa twenty?one a.-r^s, wiiu a
( residence and outbuildinga. and wa aoM
thruugh John CrawfordL The purcbasaff
! iv promlnenl ln Betanttfle drclea, havlna
j written many ofllclal dOCUmentO on DSh
,,, . fur aeal Indu trle and oe<
i pioratlona la the atlantk und Pa ??
FIl .-;.?(.,. ; ii. ?. : . i. n . Diber of the
I v.ii- York Stock Exchange, has pur
"i through Joifn Cmwfbrd, an <*w
I eatata at Oreena Fanns, Conn.. eatab
llahed tnore than ? eaatury ago. irom the
MI aea n>d.'. arboae frandfatber bullt the
.?Id Colonial hou*e on ?h" pvopetty in 1105,
und \ ll.-li has been OWttOi and OCCUplCd
ii.,,.. . ? .i,.-.-. Ti..- ai late oon*
atata of a tract oi tweaty aeres, wlth
bull4llnga and Ii atnrooo tho road from
tbe ?-? v-iity-live-BCTO OBtatB put .1 ,.i.? I
i..: i ..i fJenersJ Btewart i. w.mi.i
ford through tha oann broker,
? ?
Peaae & BUtsnan rantad a lnrR.- bouae
.... ? ti.e board tvalk al Long Boaen, Long
Island. for Samuel l, 1-V|bei to Charles
r. Bworda
ii.. Blota i i:i<iti>!g*' rantad tteoegta P.
ii. I'.-iin.. Baaeh Cottage Ko -'. on iTrnt
i,i Becontl Beaoh avonuea Kawport, to
Aii.it-? MeKlnnay, "f Waai York, t'or
'.,? ?> ison.
Tbe Lawbi ii Maa Company leaaed at
l ?.--: Rockaway. Long Inland, (OT tleori;e
Kaiser, b cottage at Oadand to Kathan
Polgeman; for Qoorge Kaiser, cottage No.
ii Mttla otroat ka Martln Romaa At Ar
rtrne, i^.m,' lalantl, for Anaa L BkHlman
B OOttage -ii Cartton avenue to .lulian
Davla and at Heiio Harbor. Long ialand,
for B, i-. Cojenn a ooitaga an Brlghtaa
avenue to R, i'. n'lianlon.
OagO B. Tatb'll BBld foi Wllliam B.
rValker, praaMoad of the Amerlean Ther-j
moa BottlO t'onipany, hls home at Garden
Clty, oci-upylng n blo.k front on Stewart
averjua betwaon Baoton Road and w*'-ii
liiKton Koad. The house rontalim atghteon
rooma and fl\^ batba and ls of u stt:cfly
modern Aii.erican type, after ptam by
Oawald *'. Herins- The gardens wero iald
0Ui !?; A K. Petlt. a land;>ap" arehitect.
The puirhaaer in lames a. aXevenaon, of
j a. Btevesjaoa * ro.
Wald' n M. Brnmaa has .,old for Mrs.
Mary V. Quinlan tbe waterfront prop
0Ttj at foot of Kortb Btreet. 1'ort Rlch
tii..nl, to Henry M">*'.r and 1-Jmll iiclirad
cr. and will be. uaed by them as a wholc
... and rt-tail oo.tl yard. The property
bag a frontage on tho Klll van Kull of
r*.', faat, and Ih consldered ono of the best
i- at.-i fronts in that locallty, Tho con
aid'.ia.Uvn B/fj about L-'-'.'-'-v
On the Trail of 'BroKers,
Huyer* and Ccntractor**
Topics Discussed by Persons Well Known in
Those Diyisions of the Market.
The majority of real estate brokers and
property owners have recently been re
mlndcd that they ought to sttidy the
provlsions of the secured debt law, which
went into effect last year.
Tho substance of the law is given ln
the last issue of the Bulletln of the
House and Real Estate Owners' Assocla
tlon of the 12th and 19th Wards. The
artlrle la ln part as follows:
"The law provides for the reglstratlon
of Becuritte.i, such as'bonds, etc, of cor
porations outsldo of the State of New
York ar.d mortpages on real estate out
side of the State of New York.
"The paymont of the ta"x of '. per cent
will cxempt such Hccurltles from local j
taxatlon, prOOldod BOOb tax be paid he- j
fore Ootober 1.
"The State Board of Tax fommlssion
ers has written to all assessors nlUng
their attentlon to the neceaaUy of mnkliif;,
an inve&tlgatlon n* to tho cnforcemcnt ofl
the law. Th?? probebilltiea are, tberefore, j
that all tboae whom the ass^ssors belleve
might posfllhly own bomJa or other BOCO*
ties gpeetfiVd ln the law Wlll he aaSBBBOd
"L'nloss the ?:. pr-r eent is pald th'.- hoMer
vill he llahle for the full porsonal tax1
ers were preparinr* to neek an injiinciion
against him the foiiowing Monday.
"Before the injtinction wa? obtained
the road was practlcally ready for oper
"The best part of Seventh avenue ls
changing to business because of the trol
ley and the further fact that a bu"in< ss
centre ls necessary ln this section of
I'ark Slope.
"The choicest boatoSBO part of tlie a\c
nue ls from L'nion street south to Hb
street. Store rentals range ln amonnt
from 150 to 175 a month for fall BtOBil 111
si.J" stores. Corner Btorea brlng >"n-i,l
erc.bly more."
"There are no vacant parcels irf ih**
Jiest part of Sever.th avenuo. anu only a
few vacant lols in the noorcr section,
aouth Of !*tll atgeet"
That the road to BttCCeOB as a COn?
trtetor is not a smooth one is a lamlliar
taot. nut how to avoid the rough placefl
is ctill n proMem which iiinneroiis youi-g
men, beglnnern ln thla buslness, are tty
ing to solv- .
ln a recent issue of "The Cor.tractcr"
aa expert says:
Road. 475 feet west of Beverly Lane; to
M. Howlson, 102 feet frontage on Arlrfgf,
Road, t?_ feet west of Beverly __,-,. (0
J. C. Kaney, 101 fjet fronlnge on Arleign
Road. Z+& feet west of Shore Road; to It
M. Ellls. 1J6 feet frontage on Beverly
Road, 150 feet east of Netherwood Road,
and to George M. Oales, _M : .t traegBJJB
on B.verly Road, 276 feet east of Nether?
wood Road.
The Debcnuro Corponition of New York
has sold to a Manhattan huilder H plot
of twenty lols on Parkway und PNgMgl
Drtrao, Hontfaftoa Tarraea, ..r.i \\ is _?
derstood that ground wlll fca bmkcn
shortty for the eroetloa of eaverol dwett
lm* h^uses.
Uagc BL Tarlx'll sold at TlardfB <'liy a
hotiae, on a plot 100xl5? feet, east slde of
Nussau Roulevard, between Stevrart a\e
ntM and North avenuc; a hous- and pfat,
MxMB feet, north side of I'lnc Btreet, l,.;
twjuen iVashington avenue and Preepeet
avenue; a plot, 18x118 f---1. \-e*\. suie of
Rrixton Road, an i plota, KhOOQ feet, ,__'
slde of Roxhury Road and < ant si.e, or
Brompton Road.
Tiip Howard K.-t.it.s Oevelopinent .om?
pany reports salcs at its Jamaha Bay
property to the .Tamatca Hay Buiid?
ing .'ompany as followa: Four pioti
OR Hawtree avenue; bouia A. 1'aul. tw?
lots. south Bide of Grlnim avenue, M
tween Thadford and Hawtree avenue.,
to Martla Freeman, two lots, southwest
corner of Grlmm and Hawtree avenuea,
to Frank H. Rlchmond, slx lots, west
i ar.d no doduetlon of deht wlll he allowod.
- ia_\ should be pald to the Stat>- ron- i
' trolln- al Alban: o I hla bram-h ofllce
Ho. lff Broodwaj One payment of
the ta\ arlll ?\^ni'i th<- bond or securlty
from all further taxatlon."
Tbe buiiding trmnaformatlona lo Broeh*
iyn have not eocaped the attentton of
man) wWeawabe Manhattaa Investora
Bome Broohlyn atrei ls which were _<>r a |
long tlme alroosl excluslvely realdentlal,
i"-ing partlcularl) notable for long row?
of brownatone .lu.iling bousee, have now
mah} retall atori
goventh avenue, Brooklyn, la one of
Ihoee th -? which bui liu bb Ii
faat capturlng. The changes there ..i
rteacribed In i moel entertalnlng style ln
"T.i' Real l>;aif- Record aad Qulde."
Home "i tbe prlnclpal porai r ? ?>?' ihe
a. -I-??.-? an . foiiowi "it is rapldlj
changfing In charactei ln Iti northern ...
i.t .-t hall from reeld. nc. to bu.ln.
-A maa erltli Ihnlted means can enter
contreettng by taking But-oontroeia lor
driving t'il-s BlmpH K*a can he oader
taken drat, an-i aa money is aarned bet
tei machlnes can be purchaeed that wlll
allow of spednl worb being nuiartobon
"In Wagon road WOrk an easy me'hod
f..r fl man to Wrn about this class of
.-nstru.-tlon ls to porcbaOB B .-team riller
and. if poa Ible, operate it himself, rent
in?* ir to OM or more cnntra.rtOTB who
ma) i" dolng arort in his oelgbborhood.
"Nearly every buiiding in a city to-day
naa conerete foundatlona and teottoBj*
and tlie outlit to do such work ls not ex
p.-nsive. The l.eginner can get ln touch
with buiiding COUUaCtora and show them
that he can save them money in this class
of work and yet glve them a quirk and
| Job. The tiirt few jobs may be dlf
llcult to oht.-iin. bat B few jos well done
wlll be the means of j;<-tting other?.
MAa aoon as a contract le obtalnod a
good foreman Bbould be placod in charge
oi tlie work. but tha cotttnctor shoul-1
give the Joo his perOOOOl attentlOB. hav?
lng H only i I i1" i work."
It -et-ms to be the rule ln many brok
erage clrclea lo db jc irac< proapectlve
. rs becomlng ldenlit'ir.l v.iih bulldinrt
loan SBSOClatlons. What |j tbe CeOSe of
thla attttude-.' Thousanda of llttle buao*
seekeis cinnot pay IS OT 10 per cent of
the porchaee price for e home ot hjme
site on taking t'tie to the premiaea, So
they need aid to obtaln their object, aml
the broker who would nol advise them to
gel thnt belp through n bultdlng and |0U
assoclatlon la ??< menace lo ti;.- ma ket
1 ii.- generally thlnka that the only i-r .-:?
1 worth worktng for are the hi'; Inveetora,
the men who frequently boy aml eell tbe
' most valuable propertlea
At the annuai convention <>f tiie Unlted
? states League of bocal Buiiding and
! U<an Aseoclatlons held reoently at At?
lantle .'itv Charles OConnor Heanesay
., .. in his annuai a.i.i, ?
"It would be b eurprlae t<> moal nu
| dents of Onanoial inatitutiona of thi$
i country to discovor thal ihe aggregato
. of our ali thqusond aaaodatlone
excee. IL,.,'". b fund representlng
the a: ti natlcally aceumulated aavlngs
of ov< ? members.
nlde of Channel street, between Inrnhsm
and Lgan avenues; to Matt C, Smith, four
lots. east 3lde of Decr street, between
Dunham and Bgan avenues; to* Pruefls
Dolion. two lots, north slde of Flynn ave?
nue, between Tbadford and HawtrOB are
BOaa, a-i.l to Ten Broeck M. Terhur.e. a
bungalow. on west slde of Hawtree ave?
nue. between flrlrhm and Horetmann
The Publlc Bervtce Commisatoo hu
pranted the 1-ong f'land Rallroad t*nnfc
-ion to bulld a station at Howard tatatei,
on Jamaica Bay, which it wlll erect Im?
A slxtecn-page booklet, with halftocet
and llne drawlng-. has be< n i?_ued by J.
Sterllng Drake, of No. 2? Broadway, and
Coutant & Davis, of Kingston, N. Y., on
tho Le Fevre Farm, ln the township of
New Paltz, N. Y., which U about elghty
miles from Manhattan.
The farm Is about one and one-eighth
mflaa south of the Normal Bchool on the
propooei state r^ad. ft ls located on
iiigli tahleland, undulating but not 1 M>\
ahout mldway between the Hudson Rlv?r
| and the Schawangunk M-unrains, at an
fievatlon of +?5 feet. The total aiea ia 1B
i acres.
This farm, barring flve acres of woo.
! land und ten acres of BWamO land. tba
I nome plot .nd lawn, is all under th?
I hlghest itate of cultlvatlon. and has al*.
I waya been. It is entirei> fencc.l, prin*
| dpally with well lald aton? wails. Tha
; c-rchard ls old and yielded over a hun
? dred barrels af applea in Ittl. Tlier* ara
j excoLtant sjrrlng^ ?" nearly ev?ry fVdd and|
two good brooks.
Information rcgardlng ti'* dettgMBatj
j eurroundings of the jAa.ce. ti.. ,.e fartn-'
Ing section in which lt Is locatai, u_,
j quick aecessibility to thk? elty, and fOlH
oaa strucrures on the farm are lltus>
trated anci told in the booklet.
B -
I The Li More Land Compon) acM atW
Ifora to Charles B. MeCnmber a [lot, 50s.|
JflO feet. on Westfleld avenue. between.
Monmouth and Horrtotown roads.
, N. L. Nii-hol-oti A Co. sold at Lyno*
btnoka of handaome brownstbne reeldencea
thai were for many years the homea of
aoane of Brooklyn'a very n.-iito-.i.. hnve
h?"ti cnptored for tradc to tbe dagjree t.iai
a romptOto changa In tho gpmaiai.I
ii is >jurr of Beventti avenue aeotn
..nt" .1 wlthlh ih.- BOXl t. n* yeai
"1 I I than ti\i jr< BTB BgO !'
r.naoO part was inimune tiom buat*
'XMglaally mtended as a Dne reetden?
ti.il thoroughfare throiBgfa on"-h-ilf >'?
length-from Plathuab avenue to Otli
atreet g0arentli avenue Ka\.. ptiosnJoe of
remafhlng blgb chtsa la thai pan.
"The battar pan of Beventh avon'r'
r.as dooiued for tradc cvuuuuUy BhOttt
fifteen yaara a^o wii.u tlic late 'Daacon'
WiMai.i Ulchard.son, fanious as a tractioii
magaato. ouccasxtod ra Jjuimihk a tioilaf
road lliroupli the uvemic durln;,' a Salui
day and Bund?y wlillc tho piopoity ov.n
"Thla hllllon of dolbira has gone for the
i buiiding af.i the buj blg of bbmU b< naee,
"in the year Ju i do ed Ihe Inveatmeots
made b) our i -ociaUona In small mort
? loana t.? men ... ? ?ated $___,
! ?.< '?.I>B>. -
'"I" ? ? . 'ir lUb. ..-.,.;. ai/i t
aourcea .. i tbe year baa beea Ihe la
in the hletory of ih'1 league, the Increa a
being approxlmately :; per cent for the
year. aii ot out rtates ahow an Isereaee,
thl? advantusc bcin^ niuticilaib
>ii,i--,ioii.. ln |'?-iiu:-\ Ivanla, r\hio. \. ,- | -
sey, nuti'.i , llaaaacb laetUfa Nen York.
Inuluna aml .Wluaslwi."
? ? ?
Tha ULKait-l'nil..y Realty coinpanj
/old ln Kuiislngton. Greut Neck, to lt, JU
MapcB. lw) feet fiontagu un BovoH) Road,
100 leet eaat of Park l__uu, to I*. L. Ivap
Liardakl, ;.?.' Mt I'routuge, on tho Ailelgh
j hnrot to Franeia J. Trich a i..inK?iowr ?"
j Stuyvi r.lxllM feet, tor Johu
: H. Burk< : to Qeorg ? T Wall a Bl* room
! ith ..i Weart -<v<"7'
for John II Burke. anj (
. John s. i?.tsiia m ?" "VH'', Jof
on W'-art avenue. SxlO! ie?. lw
Frederirk Wagner. _
Plah & Marvln sold th-> M.-Daniel? prop
lerty. conslsting of a large plol on rUion.
Hrook Road. Lawrence Pm*w2|
llroi.xvllle. to a Chcnt for reaideunsl pw
.- i-\ Peck haa purclmood a gj
7Sxl?) foet ln r^emlijm Polnt I ara, ?
Robelle. and ha.s had pluns ?i.jon J?^
hotlBC to coU about 610,000 for his **
pu.'icy. _
Maileo anywhere in the UW j
Statea for $2 50 a year.

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