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Staten Island Has Many Charms Worthy of Consideration
Staten Island Is So Lavishly Endowed in This Respect. Say Ex
perts, That Harbor Facilities Can Be Quickly Increased.
Staten Island is destined to he on* of
0 greatr*t shlpping and manul'actv.rinc
? ntres of thls country. It has many
i Uaa of undcveloped wnterfront which
old bc ma'ic sultabl* for the usr at tha
rgeat oivan greyhounds afloat or
?ianned and for the ererHion of a grent
iilon termlnal for *eacoast and ocean
Inarv and all the tmnk line? of railvay*
*ntertng the gicntor city.
Such an addltlon to the impro\cd water
'ont propertlea of New Tork ia needed at
?nfe if tho metropolls of Ihe New World
. to raalntaln its eommerclal BUpremacy,
>. sordtng to the majority af experta on
??h mt.tt* t. And tneae eaine eaperti
.'t?r a most tborougli analyala of a:i tho
ktrr facMttea <>f New tforli Harbor, of
*i* Kast and North rivera and of Ixmg
and Sound. unequlvocallj aaaari lhal
i4favalopm0ni of th? aptendtd arnterfroni
?a of Staten Ialand wlll solve the .:?"'.
-.-, Ughteragc nr.J other correlatlva
? ms.
?t is ai;o theii oplnioo that wlth Ihe
rjing oui of thla ne*eseary projec! for
? proper azpanalon of the harbor faclll
? handllnc rrelght will b<
Bldarabl) le a, and, fnrtherrnore, ih*re
\N.; l bc a . . wnnninlcatlon between
, ppcr a I r or manufacturer and
Lirr. rhere BhouM coneequeiilly oe a
port:f.nata dccreauM In the prl*> of
I. ?oy fartvi productS* and factory ware 10
Bll kindr. of buyara in Manhattan and the
?tl er boroughs of the city.
? >rne engimering .xperts ha\ _ lookcd
fondly ut that vast Btretch of ar.it marah
lani Known as the Ilackensack rneado*
hope of BOlving soine. if not al1. of
Ni r Tork harbor's difner.Mes. "Why
.< : outrfide ti*c haandarlaa <>f New Yorl
t.h tboae bralny men who have de' ?ted
Bjr tnonths to tha detert Inatlon of th
ia for eotmnerclaJ purposea of i
-e llne of Staten island. "Ii li
leaa to aaarch further. Immedlate and
f jre demands of the metropolla foi
. ind better hai o r can I ? a l* -
laly Bupplled by Staten Ialand. Tl ??
New Jeraey ashemea would dlverl buol
ic s from the clty and depredati
i? of water!
'i he piaii of the Staten i : ; i
Conimerco for the derelopmenl of the
srfro i elte on . ?? ? I ?
;" ti . harsvcterlaed as practlcable, ai
ni. t abouM '.-- Immedlati i>- put Into ^i^
Tl e plan provldea for a I rgi cat i1 te -
?i ii.1 on t'nc aoutheai l ? Ide of
ki ,i. T. Keni -.id Thomaon, C. EL, recent?
ly augecste! that a somewha
? ation on thr i?la"d hc utlllxed for tlie
atlon of artlflclal harbora foi o
I umship irsffl
Tha Improvemenl planned by t'nc St
i :md Chantber of Caaaajiarce weWd ?<?
.. ry be, 11 la miW, a . * ,- fi r l-er;;-'
iing doiMi on tha cnlarp'-'i Erle Canal
but air;o a harbor for oceangolng
rt. ii--: llng ?" discharge or ta.' ???
Ight i -.gcr,'*.
Ti-.p Bti ? ?? lermlnal
.,, . an tmtoadlni bcrth foi
, ( tjy ? .1 and southbound
lj . . ad ai 'i water t< -
Jjr ,i it wlll afford alf i
: eaaaar) ? ? : Itli
-lt r a< nda from Forl Wad worth
? ,:i .. nie of Mtdland Bea<
. -n be extpi ded Into the lower ba
? qi,;rr.| .j; ia.-irc.
n Uea in the paih of all oceongoii "
? jsaela. It haa th.
?ja. -.- ? gc of cheap landa foi i i
. Bd 1 rminala.
..|, . , ? .... Balllmo ? r.
Dbdo Rallroad, and ?hen equlpped wlth i
i.. of j-aiin-a-i ai ven mlles In '?
arosa Btaten Ialand, Il wlll have a <-o' -
.'eciio-i al Port Reading or thereabouta
ith aaarty all the t.-um; llnea runnlng
if. Xew Vctl: from ti,- Bouth or West.
"l>y its Blxe it 'ini aceoir.modate th?
i.u-geBi Taaaela afloat. us the plcra can
? e ina.1*- 1.606 feel ln length by IH
in wi.it::. and et 1 b f ouM be M.
between the plera ol 7S feei
"Vo o'inr locution ln thi I lt' i
York can be had gtrlng the eame ai
The Nea Yort and Rlchmond <J-h
Ooanpany la ihe olde?l publb ajirvie*
oorporatlon on Staten Ialand havii g
os#i brganhsed In I854, ?nd ln pparmtlon
prior to the rivll War. Binca wlilch time
arrery posslble efforl has been made lo
?Maki Oi ervlce G.I .-"'!?" an-i
Then Some.'" With tl.dI*,Vi?V ",'
lhlB .mri arorli thr- rompanj w'H nay
ipproTlmatelj 100 mllea of Btreel maln
BunplviiiB over 13.000 eonsutnerx. lorated
DrTncipalTy on tha aouth and oaat shorea
inf th*. island
, tik- compani has a v.^-ll organi/.^d de
nartmant to ke.-p its patrons ln toucn
* the lat^-t iiiii.rovcm?-ntK and afl
wancementa of tn*? art. -esuitinB in large
aale;. of gas rangea water heatera, laun
*lrv an.l other domestlc appUancea. whlle
.manufacturere ar. made acqualnteO wiin
'thf economlea <.f Kan far power purposea
and other Induatrlal uses. ...... .
\m?*iii: tbe mosl recent installation o'
appliat.cf-s of the latter nort la the mod
5rn refrlgeratlng i-lant of the 8v ift n*-cf
/Company, operated by a 28 horaepower
?t>' fiBinc. the Rlvat Heatcis nt thr
fclaiit of the C W. llunt Company, hard
?nlric and t'mp.-ring fiirna.-en at thr
Errlligton LHlj-.rat'jry. and inetal .lifH?
inic and solderlng furnac-s at Ihe I nlteO
Stn?e'^ I.iRhthouse Ijepartriienl at Bt.
?Jeorg'- Th.- plant ?f the Stat*>n Ialand
Tiveinir Katahliahment cmtalnn thp l"f?t
oshlliit of ga8 u*e* to be futind m thls
"vlcinlty. fll-jtninatlng g;an is tiseil an
tir#iv for hr-ating calenrTero, liatid irona
nnd ?irifcinc burners. Tha latt.-r is a
?mont Intereatlng exhlblt. Thousanda of
yards of line clothH ar<> *-ach day oassed
ove. tlir.c oi four nak??d gaa flanies,
romlng in direet. contact wlth th?? burn-1
Ing aat The ilret two burners remove j
all the moisture from the goods, the |
ai^.^iirl two. all of the nap.
The eompimv operates under the jur
<?sdlctlon of the Publlc Service Commla- ,
.tlon for the Kirst Dlatrict, the Depart-1
ni?nt of Water Supply, (Jas at:d F-lec
'tri.lt--, and the liepartmcnt of l*nbllc
W'orks, meeting candle power requlre
ments and muntcipal regulation that
raakc the gaa aervlce of the flve bor
'outjho of the Clty of New York the best
ln the world. .
The compary'a jreneral ofllces Bre h>
eated at Stapleton. with plant at Clifton.
ar.'l an addltlonal atorage holder at West
A rnoat atrikin* pecuharlty of the oom
panv's buelncas was that during Ita long
terrn of aervl<-.? from ihe Ial" liftlr.;
Ulittl 1908. there tievcr nxluted a legal
rsjt.- for Bas on Staten island. Kvcry
reduction ln jras per thousand from 1">
to |! 2~> wan voiuntary and unpollctted.
Ju 1906, at tlie beglnnlng of the Kmg
drawn out 10 cent rate HtlBalion. the
company. wlth tieveral other einall com
panief: "operating wlthln the otitllned
beronghs Of the City of New Tork. indi
rated a willlngneaH to accept a ulldlng
N.ale. maklng a a cent reductlon per
annum effecthe untll 1911. when "dollai*
gas'' in tho auburba became a realizatlon
iiiBlead of a drcam.
TJie preaent management belng ln
control for the paBt eleven (111 yeara,
ln thelr advertisements. point out that
B&h is one of the few net-easlties of llfe
that haa shown a ?teady do?nward rc
\lnlon in coat. ahowing on Ptaten Ialand
? redJictlon of fcO P?'' cent within tlie
periud of thtir conlrul..
The Btandard Varnlah Werita, which
made a very small be*innlng a Httle leea
.than half a century ago, to-day ls rec
o^ni-^d as on- of ihe IhirphI uiaiiufaet
Urers of \arnishes in th" wprld.
in addltlon i.. the large factory. cover
Ina over seven acres on Btaten laland,
thi- company also operates large planta
ln Chlcago, Toronto and England, beswes
malnUlrflng branches in differenl Euro*
iiotin countrles, tho orient. South Amer?
lca AustiBlla an.l \<iv Zealand, and l
ran trutirfully be aald thal the ;un never
.,t- on prcMlti.-tj. manufactured oy tne
Standard Varnlah Worka, as tho an- sold
in every elvlllsed country.
tlthough this company has had a tre
mendoui growth, ii haa been a Meady,
h4>althv .iii.i endurlng growth. aii of
wnlch pe i rhal ,i,f> buelnees aos '>ui!t
on h .-.."i.i basls, and provee ti"- wledon
,,i the founders and those to whom the
burden ot managemenl ?'as later u-ans
ln order to handle the tremendeus
qiwntltlea of raw materlal an.l th" shlp
lrimt <>f tho flnlshed product. the com
panv oppi-atos liKi.ur- between the Elm
Park factory and tlir docks of the ateern
componlea ?" -'i" differenl forclpn
iradc. while their large BUto truckfl arr
ortlng goodi fi'.'Hi the rac
torj t" the freighl depotfl for Bhlpmenl
Many imles <-f underground plpes are
necessary, through ?-hleh oil and lur?
penllne are pumped from the <1okb to
ih. large atorage tanks, wblle ot
?r< used to carry the rlnlshcd product
-,, , r ?. nka mi lh? differenl torage
gooda in addithMi to this is maintalned
a eompletely equlpped opiical deport*
rnent. under th** supervlrlon of an exj,ert
optometrli t.
,i. w. Hughea, one of the huveat real
estate owners and operatora In ni.-.i
iii,.nd. r<. idew al New Dorp and has bls
. .it No. 4", Broadway, Now York.
Mr. Hughea la verj optimlBtlc aa to the
| iture of tlif. boroiiRli and as to Its P<b**
Blbllltlea a. an ideal home looation. Jjis
(levelopmentB at New Dorp. Ookwood a'".
Midland liea.ii have heon on IllMS thal
appeal to home ueVkers. owlnjr to the
dealrable kVeatlons and leafonabie re
trlctlons, hla plan of easy tmynientn
enabling those of Unlted nieans to own
their home,
Tf.;r- greal returna bra'.ns and money
skilfully epplied wlll produre from un
promlsing materlal haa he"-!! sbown in
tho hlatory of Nea Dorp. Aa a place of
resldence nothing could be ir.ore deelred.
On the one slde risc noble rangea of bllla
: ! terreces. flnely wooded and
dotted wlth handsome homes, whlle on
the ot.." al ? ?; ?? land slopes d.iwn gcn
tly t-- as fine a oeucli hk 1? to be found.
The lonelinesa thal bo many pcopl- feax
|as the hane of country llfe has had in
' Xew Dorp no tiianee to make ttse'.f felt.
i As ..:;.? WOUld say:
"ii., you amlle, srlsely Increduloue. as
; f,..< . ...:.-..?: ?".?. i am descrlblng
: to us an earthly naradlse?' Mr. HuR/he*
claims tl at'a exactl) ^hai New Dorp la
i.. ihan * mlli from New Dorp wlll
be found a Stlll newrr town, called Oak
' wood, a'hlch la laid out on a new. orlgl*
nal and attra&lvc plan. There can he
I nothing letter aald of OakWOOd than tha!
j. ??' area moel of ti.e natural advantagex
of Xew Dorp 1ir s< etiery has a l.enuty
Ol -v QWn ;, _ :;tt be Been to he ap
preclated. ln speaklng of these two
properties Mr. H ghes >;<y.c:
??Ci.e prospectire eettler who i te
choose h twe. i thi If o l icea has our
profoundem aympatby. Ha wlll be re
? . ? of the old problcM aboul the
donkey between Ihe two bundlea of hay,
ind ma? perhapa elng, ? ith Captain
Maclieat ? okl Sallad:
? -Hoa '? BPP! could I _*e wlth nt, er,
">i.. t'other dear charrner sway.
Ibuiiding- and many other exajnples of
bla craft. 170 to date be ha- put on flft)
aabeatoa abtocle aad Bo-ber-oid roofa,
and U now buiiding the . ilfton Refooa
I Paotroctor at Cllfton, Staten Island.
The C W. tfagrl Componj are among
tht- most tmportant Indoeirial eetaMisn
mentfl on the north shorsu wlth workfl
lat Weet Now Brlghton. Thla buslness
l whieh conaists of the manufa-rure or
roaehtnery for haadUng and tnneport
Ing eoal and otiier materlals. Including
narrow Ba.ire Tridusirtar* rallwwys, elec
I trlc loconiotive.s, stcarn and cleclrl<: lioist
Ing mael.lnery. etc. wa:; orKa-lzed by
the late Charles Wallace Hunt ln UR
and In.-orporated in 1M6.
I Orlglnally occupylng one small bulMlng
1 on Vnii streei. the works have ateedll)
growa untll they now cover several acres
of ground on loth aldea of ihe Btreet, ln
; addltlon to some tiireo hundred .eet o,
. vi iterfront on the Klll \i?ti K-1; , ,,
ln BpeaUng wlth a member of the nrm.
it ls iiiir-rejtlng to learn that the Jurge
Icoallng atatlon of the T'nlted States Navy
at Matiila. P. I., ls cyulpped wlth m;i
' chlnery made by the company, be-irtes
i Blmllar plant* Installed at th- Brernerton
1 Novy Tard, < allfornla <lty Point. Ouan*
j tanamo, <Juba. and at numerous other
, etatlonr. ,
One of the many important features of
! the businees consiHts tn supplylng rmi
I chlnery for raliwa; locomotlve e-oaiins
1 statlons, i?'i well as apparatua for han
dllng eoal and aahro for the large power
plante of electrle ligbtlng. railway com
panles and n_*nufOcturing eatabllahraenta.
Buch Inetallatlona may he found ln al*
I most every state of the 1 mon. and even
ln far-a*ay Australla.
j One af the recent orders the company
I has ahipped ls * number of narrow eauR*
1 electri.' {oconTOtlvea to BOUtll A'rl.a and
; the vest cooal of Boiith Amerlca, th* pe
1 culiar condltlona reejolring apparatua of
.pecial d-.-lgr.
* ?
The Mea.lew P.rook Dairy. l?eo San
; ,\err. proprletor. No. ?4 to 9S ' Bnal street,
: BUplaton, Ib a model dairv, that Buppllea
I ???? most axduelve family trade on Btaten
Eatabllshed m 1**7. the Meadow
in pr:.-c^ and aenrlce by renaon of thelri
exceptlonai wsrehouse factlltles, wnlcn
are, centraliy located and acceaalble by
both raiiroad and Bteamshlp delivenea. ]
OoOdfl ar? rcealTOd dlract from each sec?
tion Of the farinliiK .-oili.tr;,. when- a spe
dalty ls ma'i*. of ralalng ea.'h psrttcular
prodUCt, and CUatOmera dealing wlth this
house can depend on quallty and reliaWI- i
lty in welght, eomblned wlth a unlform i
acgle af pneea
Tii? bulldlng Interesta of Htaten
Island ara largsly aupplled by the iimi
of Wllliam S Van t'Mef fc Sons. who are
the prlncipal dealara ln thls llne. Thay
have th.-ee lar*c and complete luniber
vards, one sltuated at I'ort Rlchmond,
the prlnclpal offlce: another al West
New Brlghton and at Plcasant l'latn:-.
having a total eapaolty of thlrty nllllon
feet of luniber and ttmbcr. whlch ls ln
addltion to thelr full line of mason 1
materlala conl and wood.
Bealdea these the Brm operataa a com?
plete planlng mlll. esah and door fac?
tory, etc, ln which all kinda <>f special
work are 'iianufactured for tlie tradc.
UpWard of one hutidre.l people are cin
ployed tn this anterpiiaa and delivenea I
arr made throughoul greater New York j
and New Jersey. requirlng about slxty
horsea and several auto trucks.
The huslnesti has long been conducted |
Mj.ces-.fullv. and is fully up 10 the
atandard of the best drma of the kmd ln
greater New Tork. ;.nd InHudcs a larire
wholaaale and johhlng departmenl ln ad
iiition tu the recuiar retall trade, The <
motto of this Brm whlch has long pre
valled is "Cloee pricea on all aales,'
prompt dellvarlea and peneral asslstat.ee
to the developmenl of Staten Island.''
As a consaquence it has beeoma gen
erally understood hy tlie butltflng trade
thnt on Ktaten Island fair prices and I
treatment are to he relied upon.
Edgar K. Whltford. contraetor and
builder. of N'o. is Grace Church Place.
T'ort Kichmond, .Staicti Ialand. pak<
Bpoclalty of proparlng ..lans and ppe.-in
. tt!on:< 'for bultatnga of ai! deBcrlptlona
itU'ludlng the rciuofiellir.g of old build
?na;- as well a- takln? enntracts for
ne* bulldlnga. Mr tvhltford has ? i
More Opportunities for Buyers
on Staten Island.
Project Will Bring a Large
Part of the Borough Within
the 5-cent Fare Zone.
Siticc the Uoard of I^timate approved
of the building of a tunuel under the
waters of The N'arrows bOtWOSn Staten
Island and r.rooklyn tlie attention of
man.'.' BpOCUlatora and Inveritors has hcen
directc'd once again to the real rstato op
portunltles bl Staten Island.
Por .-.ears Staten Island has been an
irifejrral '.art of New York, yet th.- water
harrier* separatinar it from tlaO boroughs
o( Manhattan and Brooklyn liave largely
rctardcd ItiJ realty growth. NOW that
ihose water barrtera oreuto be removcd
Staten Island is at the da-\ n of a great
bulldinpr and commercial expanaion. Thls
i-o.an. unlnaa present harblngera of the
future daya are unreliable; wlll mark the
heBlnning of one of the'brlghtest epochs I
in Ita history.
ft has been eatlmatad that ahout thlrtyI
niinutcs Wlll be he runnlng time of train
from 'lower Manhattan to Stapleton. I
Tompklnovllle, St. Oeorge and all thej
tov ns ln the South Shore dlstrlet of
Staten Island.
*10oH'T LO*-E~~70
W0O0 Kow
fafffl _J?A'.
BA ???
1 Vwiji. a *r
"o/so ?t ocM ? ???(/ I 4 ???-_<
V_--(V ' *Ff,?0 rttl
CMteg \
iffords x
H*___c?*y 6*cck PORT
_L ?**' -
? vS-VAV -*
6*i4r\ v
TROLLEY.S ----------
rrRRiRs .
'T/'PSf A
?t *
AA_* <
\\ .4- TlOfK **_. ^
4- |r,
t0C0g mr'
~ 4. i
D *Sl_
Wlll be w ithln the ni ? 1 ubway boo?
1 (Jrcat. r .\" - 1 "-'
I , ? ; poinl o land on lh?
Atlanti* .. 'oast from Klerida to Malnr
ordlng to pu: veyora.
I'opulat Ion . ? i ?.-'! of I9I0?. ?
Staten li land li more than double th?
ii - of Manhsttarl laland
Publlc parl: areau 18.68 ecrea
esaed value of parks, 1221.121
Length of public Btreets, .'Mr, miles
. ? . -i :)'?'.- milen.
Water frontage for commercial uae
. ,'jt 30 ? ill. 1,
Number >>f publlc aehoola lelementar;
i, 84 attei dance, I''.744
Taxable real eatate (1811 >. *.' v*>'. '?' '
r;. te. 1 111.7.
e;.ri\ $2,400,008 Inveated In nea
Ings ia^t year.
Vumber of atructurea erected m 1111,
i ,ne?t fer,": m thla 1 ounl t
graKit -v-r
ClTyY **?
?iCffitO*t> COOTry co?/vr/fV
C~0vr-*\ ////..
? ''H Ol?. V /C/S ? J^^A
' % v/a 1
V.on MIGHT HAVI M *\X>f. A MOlf
BfAi-TlPUi. n.Aifc THAN .OTATfN
GCO-VV rvnric
Vw ? (//
*** f_S?_*7r_r/ ?
?\ V..
The payroll nf Ihe Htandard Varnlah
YVorks ha* played an Importanl part ln
the developmenl of Elm Part an.l ad
i |acenl terrltory, and la recognlsed by all
[aa belng one of the prlncipal factora ln
dlna up thla slde of Htaten Ialand
The Standard Vamlsh WorkK were the
I first to reallse the value of proprletary
varntehea In ord*-r tiiat a standard r.t
excellenee could be eatabHshed, atid the
Iwoiid-wlde buataiesa whlch thla company
jenjoys la largely the result of theaa
standarda establlahed many <e>ir? ago,
the Unlformlty nf whlch has been ab.-o
luwl- lilalntailied.
That Uit* pollcy has h?en apprr<iate<|
U proven by the fact that all the lead
Ing ar.-i.ltectn, not only ln the Unlted
Btatea bul In fotelgn eountries. rscognlBe
[Standard Varnlah Werka producta aa
Btandard both for beauty of firilnli and
< >n account of the rapld.y Inereaslni
bustnesa of the conpany lt be<amc neo
e;.sary to prepare more Bpaeloua oflleo
accornmodatlon, and to oover llils need
i an lmposing four Btory offlce bulldl |
[haa recently be. n .ompleted or.e blOCB
from the factory at Klm Parlt, and Ifl
I belng occupled bv the Kxeciitive i ifflces
I and Clerieal Dcpartmenta. Thls undoubt
, cdly wlll be the tneans of caur.ing many
Who are now llving In other borougha of
I (ireater N>w York to establlsh thelr
homes on Htaten Island.
The Maiine ConstrUCtlOn ('nin;.any
property is sltuated In tlic very heart
of the lndustrlal section of Marlners
Harbor, on the Kill von Kull, between
the Standard Varnlah Worku and tlie
ffecker, Jonea. Jawetl noow Miiis and
in close proximity to Bhootara1 Island.
NV-ar by are t'ue large works of Mllllken
Brothers and the hfghly BUCCeaaful and
profttable Babbltfa Soa,> Pactory
The Marine Oonstr.ntlon * 'ompany prop
erty la progreaalng and proanlatng. Keep
ing in palnd the srrpat developmenl af '
other prop.-rtles of tire Bame klnd. the
vmloe of thls property win hwreaee enor
I mously during the next few vearf*.
I *"?\er sixteen >ears ago Slcwm. ?'. A. ,
Turplaoh & Sons, lewatets, estabilhhid
thelr bualners in Stapleton, where they
raptdly b jilt up a reputadon for r.-iia
biilty. and later found ii noeeaaarj to!
estsbllah "a l.ranch of tiielr buslnesv ln ;
I'urt Itiehmond, whlch is located on ona I
of the most pror.ilnent corners. Thelr
Btores are liatidsomely iltted up, an.l in
thelr Urge and varlcd stock i.- Ineluded ]
;i lb-c llne of Ioomo and ? mounlerl (.in
mond.?, everj make nnd grade of (Vslehea,
gold'and fllled jewelry. together wlth an]
ejicellent OOJinrtBBrjnl of aterllng slher'
Arthur Dreyer, the *cti known real ea?
tata ag'-nt of Marlner'? Harbor. Staten
Island. aa}* that "the Marlner's Harbor
aection la Improvlng and tha detnand far
r'-al e:tat<- contlnuea. The value of Its
WBterfronl on the Klll Von Kull and Its
proxlmlty to t'ae Baltimore <t Ohlo Rall
i..ad. wlth its large and nuiiicrmi ? facto
li'-; Of all kitnia, have laid It 0D4-n tO ad
raneoa of an Industrlsl developmenl
whlch i:. chai giiig liarlnar'a Harbor into
B beehlve .,f ImlOatry. The several large
factorlea located In the .IcUilt) of Mari
n?l h llarl-or ha\e cxpeii.le.i million* of
dollara maklng expenstve Improvements,
and lusi at the present llme there are
<...o large corporatlons bulldlng two new
factorlea one Io manufaetura floor eover
Ing atui the other a large veneerlng fa>
ior>. not!. of the.-.. wiii be completed by
oarly fall and \?iil emploj hundreda of
people. In talidng wlth Mr. Dreybr he
"Ifarlner'B Harbor belng a manufact
uring :entre and only fortjr mlnutoa to
New York Cltr, wlth a tt>cenl fare, it I..
only reasonable to e?pect a raal eht*t.'
l.ooiii. Now Ih the time to get In on the
ground floor before prices advanoa. Otx
CBfl now purehaea a good sl.x-roopi cot?
tage for $2,000 anrj a good hlgh bulldliiK
lot for $260. Thls property is near trol
lev, station and factorlea."
Mr. Dreyer, who la a firm bdicver in
the prosperilf of Staten Island, has r< -
cently made teveral large BBlOSj nnd h"
looks forv.ard f..r blg demati(*s.
John MUnrs *ompar.y. general oon
tra'tors, who have been aatabUahed
twenty year.-., are oiTeritin to hulld a
tdx-rooin aenii-tir'-proof hOOSe at a cost
of fg.660, and wlll guarantee thelr worl:
thoroUghly -tafHfar-lory. They ,?re h>
.-atrd ln the National Bank Bulldlltg,
T.,.-. Rlchmond, Staten Ialand, and nri
alwaya r.-uiiv and v iillng to reapond to
any Inqulrles from proapectlve home
One of the t-e>,t known buildera in New
lirlgliton la W, II. C. Roaeell, wlth of
ti.-e., Bl No. U| RJchtnond TerraO. fetr.
Rnsaall la thatapioticer on Staten Ialand of
ihr faiiKjus asbestoa "Cantury" Bhlnglea
besldea i><:ng the raprosantatlvc of tlie
Standard Ru-br-r-oid Itooflng and I'loor
Ing. In tlie alteratlon of old and erectien
..i ii'-w bulldfng-i Mr. RuasOira ablllty Is
e%ldeneed i>> hia work on ilie followlng:
1'ubli.' Bchool No. M; twenty-one tov.-ra
foi the Topographteal l>epartment. the
Unlon avenue l.iidg.. for the lllghway l>e
partment. thr ppstorBee at at. Oeorge the
fJsited Statei l.iBhthou-*' Departinent
Ti;rooU Pairy haa contlnued wlth "ii i.
; bie sii<-.-e?8 under Ihe watchful ?? >" of
i the Health Department of New York.
whieh has in its reporta ai?a>.i pro
[ noumed tbis Inatltutlon perfect In aan*
in an Intervlew with H, J Bharrott,
Ispeaklntf ..r real ealate eondlUona, he
; aald:
1 i>o not tiiinit lor ? moinenl thal i
j have been tearlnir. up tne aerth or any
thlni; Ot that -orl, but lt Ib Iruo T have
been doitic a \er; aatlsfOctory buslneea,
and -;.pe.;t lt to Jkicreaes this fall. The
vali ??? of reatdentlal property l.aa ip
croased very roaterialry wftb the growlng
popularlty for bom? b lldlng, ano i bave
l had numeroua Inqulrles from New v.?i i.
bulldera regardlng tho twenty-four lots
t bave latsly opened up ln Ht. tjeorae
! My offire can be reached o< er telepbone.
. Wont rirlshton 7", lllchmond T'rrac,
, 1'ort Rlchmond."
"71111am II. CfNetll i* o?.~ ot Staten
I iHland's leadlng wholeeak an<: retaii
tio-.ir ar.d feea dealera. Mr. O'NelH.
I whose piaoe of boatnesfl ii at Bay an l
; Prospect street:--. Btapteton, reportB that
the prodootfl iti whi. i he deola are be*
[ooming tnor.- and more Itema of much
interest slme the fal?mer.?'? attentlon iias
be-n attreHed by the '..ic'i prlcea of
lotiier producta, made pafsHne hy thefaBt
I ?rowlng popu'ation of ?? York City.
1 Mr, O'NellK obtalii- his Bupplles from
dlalanl pdnta In the Unlted Stnte_ un-1
t'anada in .-ar and Bhlp l"a?l lotM and I'
; in a pOelthm, he claims, to furnish flou
and ?>-i and *alt tn ;,-,. ipiantlty at
Bhort Tiotl'-e at a unlforni lov.- prlre.
One of the largerit and best ItnOwn
doalers ln Wholeaale and Ketall llard
WBUre, laJBH and Vcneer Is l. T. Wllllams
& Sons, whone tnill und yard !.. locoted
in Tompklnevllle.
.M. MeQuade t\ Co.. foot of Broadway.
Wc_t New Brlghton, dealers In h?y,
straw. oatd. feed and flour, wholesale
and retall. and maWltiK carioad lots a
spodalt;-, offer eaceDlloiial advaiiU-rcj
competenl f.,rce of akiiie-i mechanlca in 1
tha aevaral bramihea of the i.utidtnic!
buslueaa in hia emplo Having been ln
for twenty-rt* * yean
ing or purchaalng a horn*
le?,.H find it t.. thelr advantage to eom
munlcate wlth Mr. Whltford Hia lele
phona ii 210 \v R.
in bi d around Dongi n Hllla on< may
fino pnu "f tha moal attractlve r - ? ? 1- ? ?
tUI aectlona on .staten Island. It:< natu?
ral beauty, together wlth its attractlve
developmeht, makea II ?< aptendM BOrtsI
center wlth the tsdUtlea of an eetab
llBhed omm mlty, poaseaelng churches.
Bchoola, cluba and Ihe famoua Rlcnmbnd
goif llnka The admlrable and perfect
tranatmrtatlon facintie.s that nlst now
wll' xrlthoul douhl ha.steu Its gTOWth and
result ln an economy to Inve.siors *ho
? k?c1? to bulld homee. A prlvat.. estat*
|n thla eommunlty, conststtng nf iijacres,
, ia now offered fo*' aale bj Lawrsnea a.
; S.-a 0T, I) uigaii llllls
Jatnea >'.. Orunert, archltect from
whoaa draftlng rooma at No, "010 Rlch
mond Road, Qrant Clty, come many of
the deslgns for realdeulial and connner
cial developtnente now heing bullt on
Staten Island, sajs: "Htaten Island.
eapectally thla boaatlful south ahore. la
tlie natural resldentlal auburb f?>r N'ew
forkera, and the (icinaml for medlum
prlced Brtlatlc home" f:tr c\ceeds the
BUpply. A retter Invaatment than bulld?
lng this .-1;i;h t>f auburban houaea would
be hard to Und." Mr. Orunert in mak?
lng a apsclalty of auburoan resldence
vorli and '^..uld bc glad to suhinlt
aketchea u> home*seekera or invcstdrs.
ln the a.c'nite. tural llne Mr. JamBB
wi.itfonl. Craibtrae Bulldlng. it, Oaorge,
reports conaldera.ble actlvtty, many now
rcdldences belng erected of late in thlf*
beautlful aeetlon of the Island. lntend
iug purchaaera ?ili uo well to consult
Mr. Whltford before i-ompletlng thelr
;.!.'!.. for a honi?.
<)tto Woehrie, plumber, of No. 6J6J
Kichmond Terrace, ktarlnera Harbor, is
one of Htuteti laland'a olfjeal exiierts ln
pluinhing. .'team healing. gaK gBJ nxt
urea, coppcr, tln and shect Iron. He ha.-.
a large and jcompbte Obop ar.d aupply
store, niih autmnoNle dellverlea and l*
ln a p<j..|iU>n to handle bualneas in a
hlgli etasB ?iul nnn-tnult flndlng maniier
r.an*e nombera of property ownere of
tiie Morougb of Hichmond do not yOt
-leem to realize ho-. important this tun
Bel Imk wlll he to the re.-ddentlat aml
buatoeoB dovetopo-gnt ?>f their borough.
Tt mnonB much more thun pladng the
borough within 111** aubwoy zone of How
York. It brliig- one of the most etitran.
ln;,' home BeCtJOOB of Stat-Mi Island within
'.!n live-.ent fare lotte Ol the greater city
an.l IhUB open-' un lo thoiisands of houi>'
aoekera >>t' in.Mier.it.- meana wbooa pia.-es
ot employmenl nn- in Manbattan, a bor
nugh wlth attractlve rentala, with elty
i -i irenlencea -ml plenty of brcathlng
in \i< <v of tlieae Improved condltionB
realiy valuca ln lhal part of Staten laland
iu this Bve-eenl fare /'.one <if New York
wlll undoubtcdly rfge ropMly.
The man who proferi to IIve Iu a place
with euperb eountry featureo, where art
glOBB llelds, tOWerlng nhade tr-^es, wlnd
ing roadwjaya ln\ Itlng to autolnts und
owners of harnr.-is horses. and loug
strei'-lies of waterwajs which afford
yachtlng and motor l>oat pleaaures. should
not turn Ma steps away from Stutcn Isl?
and because blgger factory zones are go
ing to be bullt tltero aoon.
"The Staten laland Uapl.l TninMt, with
its three bVanches r.ullatlng from St.
George. o,uickly diMrihutes tho paBseiigers
ianded by the ferry to thelr \arlotin desti
DOtlona and operaten wlth uoequalled
praclaion. Aboul three hundred tralns
are run i.i and out of the St. Uaotge
Lermlnal each weehday and menjuBore on
Batordaya, Bundaya and hotldoyn
"Over mIx nillllon pas.-iengrrs :t ; e;ir rre
carried by thla llne and wlth nuch com
fort and regularlty that aihcrsc illllijeill
ls rarely lieard. Tlie llnes along the
north and east ahores cover a dlstance cf
ten nillea at a unlform rate of 5 cents
between any two statlons.
"The Kast Shore llne termlnates at
South Reach, on the lower bay, one of
tho most popular reporta in thia \lcinit;..
Tliousands come here everv day during
the summcr, and en Sundu>s aml holi
t<~? l?_i. o( Uiou-ta-ids to balh* _ua0 ?*?
Joy the strong se.i breesea Here ?ne
iinda pieusures ln greal rariety-beaa+
walks. shore dBUMIO, Roo<j mtisl,- aai
anroaemenl and interest f?r all taatas.
Kapld transit has converted an unkn./WB
and unosed beaeh Into b k;^ and popular
t-esort. and lo day Boutfa Baoek ightly
clalm* to l?- Cooey Island s onh rlval.
"The North Bhore llne aklrta ihe ?iiore
lot the Ktii ran Kutl to a p..int oppagHg
j Ellsabethport, runrdng tbre^rti thi meat
< thlcklj aettled part of tha | i:,,,,i Thla
is b popular home aeetloa. Tha -iioraa
: are used for shipbulldlng and nianufaet
I uring of many kinds and th.- Bplaad foi
I mllea and riiiies of attraetlve and coa
j fortable homes.
"The iniand braneh, known as ti ? Tat
! tenvllle dlviaoan, runs through ih- pratl
rst country within flfty mllea of < ?<>? mj|
and termlnates at the extreme -"^thwiy
; ?nd of the leland lt is diffi. uit >,, rtaj.
; ize aa one rides through thi- xBetlgg ?f
i i.nis an.l ealleye, covered with rfcft ?,?**$.
i tation and a profuslon of wIM llowora
and flnely cultlvated farms thai u ia all
under om ^overnmcrital head and part
! of the same great city that rontataB tha
most congeeted .piurtrr of aay city la
: tlifl world.
"Vl rlly. extremes BBOOl her". But what
! uf your woods and farm land a g<-nera
i tion hence. when New York ba tiwr
I oughiy awakene.i to thoee attractioaof Al*
I ready qualnt and prooperOOO little vlll*.
' ges havo begun to take on new llfe and
! exparid. The real estate man 1b buay, aad
i every day adds to the 11st of thOB. wbe
through out-of-door llfe and suushine arn
'fladlng themselves' and addlng measur
ably to the pltaFures as well as to th*
, number of their days.''
? There have been vast changes In Stat?
en Island since the days when tho two old
ferry llne." made their occasional tripe t?
Manhattan, stopplug only at a few of tht
most populoua sections. Concentratloa of
the ferry setvice at 8t. George and tho
buiiding of radlal rall llnee have brougkl
about a more rapld growth and wl.ely
dlstributed populatlon than could other
wlae have been accorapUshed. Anothw
lmportant change has been the e?terml
natlon of the troublesome mosquito, wlth
Its fever-spreadlng proponslty. This waa
not an easy task, but Intelllgect peraist
ence haa accompllBlmd wondcrs. Tho
Staten Island of to-day, with tho old
disadvantae^s overcome and tlie many
iniprovemetits dorived from a. broad and
lioeral munlcipal government, ls tuetly
called the garden spot of the greater dtr
of Xew York.'1
At Clifton. thiity-'ive miiiiite? from tho
Battery, on Vanderbilt, Norwood, Sfnon
aon and Townsend avenue*. CeBtra and
other atreets, ls the Vanderbilt Cbtato.
whieh offers Bpedal advantage. |q rent
Ing or in puirhaslng high clas- lots 0*
piots of land in an ideal locatlon. Such
have been the imptovementa and as weli
kept are the premises alr?3dy built upon
thnt a section of it has been - alled
'^polless Town.'' It ls lald out :ti 1n?
uiH.-adam roadwaya beauttfu ??
ireep. hlsh elevatlon and nar:>-at .Iraln
;icr, BtWM "f tha tmxtymr parcela which
are now on the market could he laid out
ro great advantage, aith nugniOcefll
VleWB of New York Kay aii'i
inga. ln order to keep up the I ig tarvd
ard already set all property aok) wlll
he subjeet to re^trlctions. The ;
is within flve- or seven mlnuten t?alk
of an attractlve station and park .,? th'
fo/>t of Vanderbilt avenue. The i
Golf .'iu.' and links. said to be the mo*
-poi-f am! flneet < our.-? i v
ctoae at hand. Churche . echool hotk
publlc aml prlvat. - ind l-athlnr.
all are wfttnu eae) reH' : In addltloa H
the above. there ore other act - prop
ertles convenlenl to ?'? " "??
trollev. commanding Bltuatlon and aaaa
dealrable tocatlons. whieh o
of throufh Talbol Rool as So 9\
Broadway, New y orb ' "
Percfval ?;. ITIIman. |r., of i * PHncaBJ
\\*\ Realty Company, in
=al'd: "Staten laland a
of ?? d. e foi i?'
Manhattan bualnesa mai The outhrtgl
of Staten Island furnl
dittons for reeldential purposee or aa
Ideal country home."
H. alao Btated that "th.
activitlea on the wat< rfroi - a rr. *iaa
oteadlly each year, ? _\
importance of the borough I " ?"Bih-bb
bj the manufacturer.
Thr ?uramera Bupply Company. ti WftU
New Brlghton. J. K. Summor* presideoi.
W k. Oannon. ' ?ir'1 *_**i
urer, and a. ii. Bumme ''''rV -h.
lately token over and wlll operajt__t>_
Thomaa V. guinlan Coal and ?\oodjnaa|
ln connecUon with their prvsent BuHflW
Materlal Buelnese al No. 1473 RMimend
Terrace- The comblnatlon ol ineflB m
tereats wlll no d<-ubt makf b well roune
ed working propoaltlon.
- o
C 1'. Btorberf, grocer end butoMR
of Sos __0-__2-224 Broadway, w "t >?"
Brlghton. claims thal the most or
, ?! sed oueatlon ln the home to-dayaj
??,,, food. which ls also a .cr;? ImP*
tnnl ?ne. He staten that all good itwra
should buy thelr food from ?" eip*
,,,?-.d. rellable and long .-sU-lishea
itoncern thal ..btains its g....ds fraaaop
,iKht BOUr.f supply ?nd -?]"_,,
date nanttar. fadlltle-s for haodHOg '-?
[,. addition to li.iri.lling the ,\i8,1?!
iiualllj of lumber and coal, J A ^T
i Bro.. of Marlnera Harbor, f**o*Qf g
?-.nd. .i.'..i ln and Bupplj sa* -88881
i.ilnds. mouldlnca, Imrdwara,..onevg
and eement Mr. Bnyder win beirlaaaaa
to aubmlt estlmatcs on requej' Lur
be reached over telephone W ?r b] NOT
addreaaed to P. 0. Bw ?'-'
GuaUV A. Barth- busine.sB ineludBJ
the hondllng of all klnds of realI oataaa
loana and Inaurance ln tbe *"?""B
tieid of BUpleton When >..u v-mi "
make a deal aet in toueh with m
STi. buSS_a*Jn ^.llnel- BPjg
growing. Ria addreaa ia N?. -? *??
Street, or telephone 483 Tompk-rntvUla
staten laland U nol **??^tll*fO
department sl. 'or It l';'%'' ' , Ve*
ktru P.'|.artm.nt Store, ln Jeet
Brlghton. which Ib a^S?ijLttlttS2
Store that Batlsnee.' lt i? th< '?[",')HrK,
ol.le.-,. store in Ihe borough. *"kum? J
bulldtngs devoud i? drvgoods. noi"' ? -
turnisiiings. hata and ??'''?"'"-,_
Among ti.e real catatr- op \^*''a
have the Intereal ?.f h. - ' f%r..
hoort "one la belter known taaa
If. II. Adawa. Bh; iroiisaii , ^ vi.
realty biwlnesB ln ht. \>~l'r*' ,"if?i,oa4
Hnitv. and can be reewhed,o\ei lei v
"hV, TonipkitiFvlli'
XV. F. Wldmayer. ?'lty S.ir
pleton. wlth ufhYes ln i. - >?'
BulldliiB lelephoii" >>^ lt- I""1'*
. -., ., known resldents ol Htai*-"
Ti.at his work bOM OOtH ? ...m. ^
reaBful is abown by tho lanP ?
,1-111.lll.lV ."I lli-l tlllle._|
One of the largeat and moBt "^^_'t
>un_.ytna flrm. ln -?gjjorou^! ?m
RUMpmTOr: rM f'...rH,:;S,,:-w
nulrementa of iheir cu i..ii.-'--_
Ktlenne C. Werthiiiulljr 1? tbj ^
known proprle.or of he AtlanUr i^
,.,; motorlnlf partlen lt s i. ^
the iineM dlnnera on the isian .
I.Htilseape) gard. nttiP I-1 *'.J^%9
bualneas as bulldlna, ? ri>i^ tU ***
YVerner Boeeklln, landb.;ap.- ?r.-''??'?^r
.-Ivil englueor, .Tomwell a\ciiue. ^,
I,/ Richmond Road, la an ^JJB
it would ba w. II to eonsult ln maut
this nature^_(
Mi. Charles Uofcnccrg rrl,,,r,,_*,!llnit?r-r|
dltlons gov? rnlna the real .;- *t? ^
?re ver> sallsfacioiy. the v.lumf ?' ^
aaaa good ' *^- a-u-sfi^Ui eveii betn*

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