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m:\v-yoiik. sunday. july 21. un-'.
An Imperial Legend
of the Land of Czars
Some Deductions Which
JVIakc Myaterious Hermit,
Theodor Kouzmith,
Secm Wraithlike.
T*" '8? " aa 1
HL RuaolanB are a pecttltarly im
Tpressionublc and mystlcal peo
,,le_so deeply so, indeed. that
had not Ptnality stepped in old Tol
ov's proJOCted book, "The Autoblog
*l hv Of Wdor Kotizmich. tho Her
mlt" *'ou,d have ai<l0d '" * pr?at
.jBBjgatO to root forever in the gruund
a vigorous plant, bearing blossoms
" truth. a popular legend whlch. as
tagandn Bometlmes do, parvortfl fac-tr
1B,tea(l of maklng them brightcr than
rt*, are I rofer, of COUTSe, to the
?HBJl J bel.ef in Kussia that Ale*
ander I did not die on the date re
ordrd bv history. that the body of a
omtnon boldier was placed in his sar
ropbagua. and that the Czar, having
thus freed himself of his Imperial pcr
sonallty. aunrhrad for years as a hermit
in remote Siben...
Of course. nothlng Ifl more natural
than to find that Tolstoy itopartad tblo
iverld plannlng and plot ting out a work
whlch would do its very best to show
ene of Musco%y's most bcloved em
rujrora in a remorseful. pusillanimous.
if "Ach! so touchlng." Ught We've
notlccd that inanner before. Stiil. it
leems a pity that some Engllsh scrlb
bling BCrtbe. posscssed of ever so faint
i Jeanilns concerninp the countrics ,
lylng broadest aslant the globe. as also
Bj inconsiderable gift for tongues.
jjhould not attempt to disentangle. as
far ac 11 can be done. the niaze of in
qulry. controvcrsy. doubt and belief
sttch tbe few posthumoua pages of
Leo Tolatoy seeni to have aroused hers
and tn Lngland.
The English "Cont4jmporary Month'.:
Review" of June grrai ns a tnost in
karettlng artlcla entitled "Tho t,egcnd
.f Alenatider T and the Tlermit Theo?
dor Kouamltch," a conclse, well con
ed and exwuted ptero "f work,
' i klhg but one inflnltearimal detall t..
make it aboolutely complete. This ar
ai flrst with the wondearful
book t ibllshed o yeai ago bj
Qrond Duke NlcboUu aUchallovitch on
Enrpreaa Eltanbeth wlfa of Ciar Alcx
under T. and also touches upon the his
! reports of the celebrated lns
torlan, x. K. Bchlldor, on ihi? questlon.
But Wlthoul entering.into BUCh doep
matter.' al any groal length ;i may be
erhap to east a stray baarn
inid ihe darknesa Burroundlng tho
death?or dlsappearanco, hs it Io caiieii
then of Alaxander I.
The hgurc of "Tlie Evor Bleased j
Cttr." as be is stiil namod In Ruaaia?
? poethral, so enttclni to n*atch
Biidr back and fr.rtli *>n the hori* i
Ihe i,i't. svalta handootnc, melanchol: .
and also oversha4low4jd by a '*?'<*i ? ha
r0u'.. i a that tha tnsh of
rantlng legends frora formlng and ra
formlng abvut hlm throughouj tho
'irrat Wliitf Bhnptra Io ao inipOKslhle,
nn thai of uprooting niountains Blngle
t in hi.? case this species of po.si -
mortcra adoratlon whlch createa >aints
and rnartyrn should have cryatallised,
oars i-anic and vi>ars went. into Ihe
?, ^pe ot a Bitver-bcardad, monk?cowlod
holy man. treadlng with bare feet the'
bitte? siberian BnowB, so as to puntah
In'n.-clf for a long-pasl < rime of oniis
aion? though not of cotnmlOBlfm doea
not parflcularr/ chsjrige tho firnt cauao
Q al] thai has alreariv baaa ontd nnd
0/ritten on the Bubject.
The life of Alekaaardcr Pavlortac
Jiight be prehented ln a mere ?OTleg of
lableaus. for that it wub n 6B|4XeaaiO0l
U s*artllng cventa. <jf ultra-dramatic
tiorn* nt.s and alinost unbalfOVabaO sltu
ationH in> ona who has glan.ed nt the
i*g^K of Muacovlte record <an dany.
HrM. for Instance. ont 0000 Alex
aiid.r as a youth not yet twrnty, aa
idealiat, very nearl- a L'toplan, who,
brought up belwecn his grandmotht-r.
aknpreaa Catnerlna ao*i bki mother,
rh* r-xqultiitely lovcl.v Dorothca of
tVurtemb'-rg BOCOnol wife of F.mperor
Paul, Btood in guch tnrror of his father
lhat hia reall) brllllant mlnd was lu a
"omplite tnudr?;.' Tlianks, moreovr,
o *tl.r teachlngfl of hin SwIbb nlira
radkal tutor. I'rc-derlc <'aecar Laherpe.
?ie hnblbed tho BO-i^led "primipic?."
of Housseau -hia gr.wpel of h'inianity,
?o in el-. dr ni'irifclrated by his puttlng
hia otMi chlldren into fotnidluig agy
lunn btcitni IncHnsd to frcc think
nig arid io all aortO Of idcas which were
oaagaroua mough to haro led to thut
alMirnlnation caUlod tlic Terror.
la own tonfldence in
oolf- a teniblo dafocl bo onMwkaB
oven younger, ? mere boy. alrcady
"frald r.f flver asceruling the thronr.
ontlrely certain tbat he could do noth
?fg to h< Ip hls .-(iiiritry, his future peo
Pl^. his future realin, to accomplish hle
future duties. All thls weighed di.?
oroportlonately upon him, botianoo Wo
'''jTbt had b*-en thrown out of foevo by
v'.it were certalnly very "now pain
'?'i'i*?r bb eontrasted nith tho t>n*.nny
,f liis father. whose insanliy waa as
. tenl
ttai latter, nho iia.?< i.e.-n dooioajnead
f>r nnd wide ba it monotar of ertaoft]
'f barbarlnm, of fero<-lty. axi'l oth< r
?DlthrtB of the saiii. U.H.ian-lmperial
'Jpe. waa were tlie, Irutil but knowi..
"kaply a victlm >>r a faulty bringing
UP aii'l a malforiii. d brain.
His mother, it ia 'tatr-d. hatrd I.
-?? ited to deatroy him la hic
?radie. Thls ia pyra nons*-ii8C. for
''a'heririf. whatarer hr-r olhr-r fatilt?
?ara and Dobody doniea that UM "
were numerous. had one great quality
rhe adored cbtldren, and treatod "littie
Paur uith crrtat tendernesa This may
et-em Btruige, but it happens to be a
strictly hlstorien! fact. '
Latar, however, when the bo\ !ia*i
grown to manhood and his eccentrtcl
Uea began to devdop. inhe opposed hlm
nnd dtsplayed, t<i combat his every
mova tbe .steel and fire of whlch she
a*no mada Tiierc began thm betweeii
tiiom a quarrel that haa never ended,
j accompanled by a band of dlamlaaed
! and drunken ofAcera, who first foreed
[ tht ir Boverelgn down aeross a table.
commandlng hlm to sign hie abdlcarJon,
i and al hia flrst sign of rcslstance platit
od daggera between hia ohoultiera
Btrangled him wlth a ropo. and tram
I pled hlm under f?*ot into b obapeleaa
maaa it waa Zubov, also. who Inatant
ly the daed waa done, hujrried breath<
ie*.<-ly to Alekaailder and announced to
htm hia accesakni as Braperor of All the
Russiaa, throwlng him tb4?reby into \io
lent convulsloi a.
v pretty Btory. bul one whlch la
ne.de.] 1.. lead ow back t.> tha! famoua
deud-l.orn novel of Leo Tolstoy.
i ..;:'? relgn of .Mek'ander 1 it la
| nol :.'-. ? oai? to ?' n ich '?.. e b\ iy
if v.e are to go on bi k I I ege ?'?
another of thoa. relatea thal thoj
v.raith of the creat EmpresB la een
a? tlir.ea pursuiits that of Emperor
Paul. whoae face Ib contorted "-it''
fcar, while her.- ahlnea 1 *i.*? thal of th?
\ery Bpirit of hatred ;>n<i revenge, ns
...re through the moonlil eorrli "rs
of lh< Bununor tai^-e ln Bl Petera
There con be :.o uoubt that Paul, '
being advloed of hia mother'a ctoange
toward him, of her auppooed deaire to
? him polaoned or deatroyod In any I
other convenlenl fashion, grew more
morooe and suapicioua as time wenl on !
hen, Bhortly before the raddei
,. -1 , erine, he dlscovered thoi
ahe renlly Intendod to paaa him over
favor of his own Ron. Alckr-anrior,
whom ahe worahippod, hla fury know
-. bounda ThiH "revclatlon" probably
Btiapped the last thrcads of his reason,
when his mother BUCCOmbed lo ap
apoplectic atroke the daya or Paofoj
rule f.v-r fluaeia were those of purc
Tlie nnfortanate inai? had Indeed bo*
come mloorobly Irraopoi-alblo. bul H
appeored linpoaoible to pm hbn under
rootralnt, ar.d aevorol eonejrlracii i
fHll"., Including thai l"d by the Nra
polltan-SparjlPh mongrel, Admiral K'
bas. wbo himself died before having the
joy of nalng rope or dOgger upon a
wretobod aml dofenooleoa medraan;
; levertbeleee, hla foOow conoplrotora
pUTOttOd their idea nnd. gatbeiing
numbOTfl as they -went. found them
?orvee ut last reedy lo aet on the cruel
March iiisrlit when their bluck tofk WOB
fniniiy ocoornpl-abod.
Alekaonder waa *ia. ir.g at lha 8t
Michael Paloee wltb hla father, bul ln
;i wholly differ.nt portlon of the bulld*
ing. For he couW noi enduro Iho
Insanr- t.-ar'jt h?ud -.n-1 frequent rav
I of bloodahed an?i murder. Ifony
him during tbal eojourn, when
Paul pac*d up and down, taiking and
grumbilng to bbnaelf, ellbk Into a cor?
ner gnd watcb wlth almoai bj priotlaod
eyea th. bUaphcming and thrt4tfei_tng
form atambllng agsUuet tbe gold cm
broiderod tapeotrloe <>r bouiidiug (or
v.ard. "knut" ln hand, wltb fOltOOChing.
,lo,i.ia.-al crbs. Then, when nearly
falntlng wltb dlaguat, tba aon and boir
?voui.i drag hltoodf away, fortunotely
iinaeeti by tba fothor, who had alwaya
hatod him, repeatlng ovor and over tho
rorde, "He moot be aUenced! He muat
bo aileoced!"
I Me of ii." boldeei con#plratoi
;lgaii I Paul HfO, N"?'? ?'^?' _SubO>' *'?>
? who kno'A the dallcatety polaed,
wellnigh ?'liiumin."* nature of tbe next
-r... that waa t>. i><. i layed wtib
,i. adly ? loi ? i ."?-? . II I : 'i'1- on tbooe
dlaqoallflcatiena to fOuKheba manhood,
*n<J. tiMtig tbe lad> 'a I NJ.erbatlon of
oul monoged t" InvoWe hln. In s.,mo
siii.n.- ?jegy wltb th>- piot of aaeaealm -
[tlon, bU preoem ? al 'ho Bi, affchaol
i'.,i,,-. on that '.atefui evonlng b
used thonooforib as a poworful naoaico
agalnoi him.
A| any rmSt, p waa J^ubov who cn
i-.-t'd tba CagrM jrlvate ap.rtments,
i toi,.. ' record i nd of w '? 1 -
? "tatf' nie fact thai h" came Into
power "acrosa hia father'a murdered
body." descrlbi - hi| hia
extraordinary aaplrationa foi
termenl of all mankind, hi "dinTcul
curioua - "rapprochemento" |
wlth Mapoleon i hia dlsllluslonments I
01 - i I great man ?" hq I
oi ? ???!. enl to another, almoat, de- '
cended In hls r-'fi fr"in the rank <?r
"Grand Patriot" t.. tli.-.t of "Abjecl ;
Tyrant,' and ial I ? horn ha'
"prenched a j'-had." ofherwiso B relent- j
U religiouo war), and flnally Ihe
Bomewhai tamc faahlon In whlch ho
luifiiled the oneroufl dhrine mlsetou h<
had botind hlmoelf to accompllah. All i
this belongi i<< thi European bl torj of
i b eentury ;?<<". and la of courae,;
rommoti property
Whal haa not been bo untll now, one
might deeWf, is the BtOTJ or Ihe inn. t ,
man *.f thai i*ai Alekaander the Bm i
. i -? b iiatherine bad loiad, th.niKii tlielr ]
ihneactera were ao dlametrlcmliy op |
poood to each other; ol the man vhoin
hi>; wife. th" dellcaUa aaqutalto Lutse
Marie-AugUBte of Baden (Empre
Ellzabcth-Alexlevns) fairiy i?!? .1 i ,.? ? i
throUghOUl their at tinien sadlv Btormy
llfe, and who, until Orand l?nl<*- Nlch
otas-MtkoIalvltB wrote of her, va*? one
at ti?<? mosl Belf-effaOed and Nttla
known Imperial women that e\er llved.
if one musi reach that true Aleksander
th're i.? bul 'j' B wny to do v... and Ihul
is through b;s wlfe'a hmg conttnued
.-it d eontlnual correspontJence wlth her
mother, the Here< Itnry Princesa of
i:i den.
Blarriad to her ln I7M, when the
radlanl llttlo creature waa bul fOur
teen, Aleksander won her heart, her
Imith. and her loyalty, <>t. and foi
erer, Thia pfofound attachmenl ur
? *-,,i negl ? t. (nfldellty, and even lhai
cv< Bt'of aii treattnenta an apparentl
I complete forgetfulne b of hei ver; ei
Istence. And jrel during nll those year
ufforing tho Bmpreas wrote on and
tO her mother abOUl "her Kinp-ror,"
B : though m> Baull COUid ever b<< Im
, i. <1 Ir. liim.
:>*othing could bc more tOUching than
theso letterv. glowlng with pride, what
..-'.-. r AJekoAnder dld, .-? 11 ezceptlng
those pagea where h* r "betO noir," Na
poleon l. waa iflentkmeoL "An upetart,
an unpootor, o vlUaln, the very alghl
Of Wbom should make ey.iy h<i< IfSSt
woman veil her face w it ii shama and
everj irlfe, Blster, and mother oi aom
> i liKe killlng hlm wlth her two bare
htndO!" 'i '? ? ? '";. "? itle EIIb
:,!.. th, tlic gn ctoua ladj v ho, littie by
llttla. '".' ?' .'?'"? ' ? tep, al I
gnined herhuaband' full and compieti
(?utifldence, ond who broughl her i If to
jjytnpatbtze wlth bun to >?<? greal ?
ilegree that Bhe M.-tuaiiy cohaoled hlm
for the eeath Of one <jf his il|.-gitimat<
. hiUlren
?jj|fl Buflered -o." she nalvely wrfte
.,-h' i ?? hn " rote baek to thla
? linary dttUghter of hers th. i 6he
waa l f""'- ond i'i|ior heurt know her
,,, he 0 BOint Very noai 1} po, eattalnl).
for when. tired and weary. "her l-'.m
jiifm" caana altogetber o." k to her, ..ho,
poor woman, aa ever. a vtetlm of his
charm and irresi-tiblc mafrnetism, re
gained ;. taste for llfe. for travel. for |
all thal ahe had onco anjoyod, and
agaln looked upon him as the yovng j
lover -f long ago.
it waa then tbal they started to
pctlier upon .1 recond honeyinoon?|
"more glorlnusly golden than the flret," I
Bhe wrote ln rapture, just before they
left st. Peteroburg for Taganrog, bi
Xorthern Crtme*.
Was tbal Ihe sort of woiiian who j
would bava let bor roconquerod hus?
band niip away from h'r now, even had
be wiabed to do so--whi?-h. be -;i sai.i ,
1,. i credlt, be did not?vanqulahed, j
Indeed by ao much love and so much .
gener Ity? [a it likely that ahe would |
ha-,-.- penned -and that for a bad cauae |
- the leitora announclng his audden m
nooa ha.i it not been troe? Ko! Tbe
?pedouB argumenta brought fortb ba]
the preface of the book that nev?*r is
to come are allghtly tOO "Tolstoyan"
for an* one to conalder, Bave aa tba
Hgmonta of a popular logond, made up j
it, all polnta bj slmple people andcapt*
ured b) an unacrupulotiB peraon who
dealred t.> prove above all thtoga that ?
Alekeander'a crlme-rldden eoul bad I
Boughl aoloce ln tho llfe of a bermit
The Bmporoi baa caught cold," I
moana Bllaabeth on Novamber b\ \&-~>,
in a letter to her mother. "He la not)
?ertoualy ill, but when i boo blm auffer
I suffer more than be dooo." On the
morrow onother miealve btinga com- i
fort to tbe agod Prlnceaa ol Baden:
"The Emperor la better, and his pbyat
clana are aatlafied!" Agaln, on tho'
11th, the watchlng wifr tiUtoa?earloua 1
ahirrn. "The Emperor, she baatily
wrlteo, "i* in hlgh fover. <iod preeerve '
And at !n-t, on tbe 16th, bor
alarm b< om. i a puni* i "Doi-n vt
.Mother. I still e\i>t. but I do not know
why. My boloved la very, very UL
God have piti on me and flfty millions
ef human Ix n.i.-' Then comea the
'. t madd. ned i rj : ' Ottr angel la in '
? 'i Ife >iii o wltb in. hand In hi*. ?
Ing m. i ti." ?? thi ? line-r un- !
.' .;nl onlj becauae f do nol '
? ,.i t j ,,ii to I., he-. me >i< ad, too,
.\s <io.l wiih.i it. the bcart-broken
Empreaa followod "her Emperor" mto ,
the grava wlthoui much dolaj
And now where d.-e.^ the myatorioua
hermil PVdor Kousmita come In? Ro
m..ie ?? is romonce. bul trutb rem dne
iruth whatev*r phantaaj or legend
ma) attempl againsl It, and when ..: e
jles a llh bl lor . <?? ? - en aith o d
. ?? '"' si per. hance.
? ? attempl either improvamente or
tioi therefrom, wbatever one'al
i "' al opiniona ma; be.
s<- f .? ? . ? ,,-- ezplora
Mons li i tesei t of m?
? ot ?? I ? man had ever
? ? ently related by Dr
Karl I.u il ? li ograpblo
. ? ? that acai
?; . that 1
-t ., -.t > ? ? -.. 'roni !
le of ? ? of raln j
m rlnt< prevlous to
to 11,. i , ? . H he
? ? . ? ?
.... ? . elled |
'. een |
--? nd .:?.??.
i , <>' arid -' ad been a ble to !
or two or t ? i >.
? - , ? The ? ondll 6ns ln the ?
and dUI ' '? " '?' 'Te. If pot- 1
?Ible, < ? ? irkable. 1 tn
? ln ralna of ?? inter
rreen." aa the
?le- ', ,? ? ttle and hoi aea were
? . ? ?.? -? Il tha
rebniar* io Ihe end o
itelj ?? ? oij' ?? nter Io blfl tra ela
lt waa the uaual thlna durina the ^interl
I inlmaTi lo ge ? th-.n* ]
" 't--t e . i ?? second d-' London Ulob-t i
Japanese Dwarf Trees a Curi
ous Feature of Exhibit.
Tho. e who have not paid a visit to the
International Horticultural Kxhlbltion
would do weii to go to Cbotaaa Many.
indeed. who have already pa.?sed the
gates on three or four oecOMtOM confoaa]
that they are httII Bearchlng for 0O0B0
feature of which thelr friends ure talklng.
A tour of the blg tent takes at lcast a
whole afternoon if nothlng is to he
mlseed. and no one wlshea to laava withv
OUl M-ring the orchlds and the open-air
gardens, but when all th.se things have
baaa Inapscted there is yat much to he
done. The foretgn Boctlona oontnia some
flne tlnngs. and thej- are not wlthout
lessona for earnaai atudenta vt bortscult
ure and for thoaa to whom the arrange
ment of future l-.'ngll?h flower ahowa be
r"or a comblnatlon oi beauty and aim
plicity it would be hard to mat<h the plan
adopted hy the Dutoh commltte-3. Had
ll." . xhlbitioii taken pla.e a littie carller
in the i ea: Holland would have sent a
dlapla) of tultpa to ttink.- the world won*
e]er, l.ut, baJked by the aea aon of its
orlglnal desipn. a new aeheme had to ba
?dopted. Tha whole of the c.-ntre of the
Dutch tent la OCCUPled by a floral deeorav
tlon ot white and mauve lllaos. whlle at
.me and is otaged a cuih-ctiou of BBaloaa
in Bhadn raiiRin^; from the paJeat piim
rose to llume COlor. At the oth-1 cn<l a
triumpk la won in the almost Im-I
possibla taak of <tan,nK ragetabioa in
srUstlc fashion. ami tbe dealgnar'a vork
cannot hut recall the sklll with which the
? ?. Dutoh artista made ptcturea tfttm nia
terlala of the most unpromiatag ;<lnd.
ln the i-'n-nch tent there are always the]
r*/-e,H. and, if the CTOWd h<?s time to :ook ,
Bwaj f;eiu these. AttenUon mtgbl tell on ,
a gn.at diaplay of nc-w varieti?3 of
bydrangeaa ln which tik- petala of tho j
blooniH are Bhapod Uk* the leavea of t::
phmi Tha Japaneaa Bectlon, not alwaya
dieco\ered by the caaual rlaltor, eonfalaa
Of tha stransest thlngfl in the abow, ,
. rnf them being tha flna i ollectlon of!
dwaif tie.a. Maplea and thulaa. wblch|
Ighty or a hundred yeara u^"> rew '?? i
ol il in haa, are ??-? l curloaP.lea
ln Kugland, ami tbell ?ij" is made evl
.., all b theli gnarled tintik- and j
.ii; tp bjted brani b< i
Vari - - '?'??'? ? jxhlbits. an aojual
-,. be Baon iu the cempoaltlon I
? ? rowd, Thoaa who have gtadlyl
glven ."l'i for a i aarl! rlea of the abo? |
come a--in and agnin to mlX Wlth tha
j,,---t'-: throng whlch fetlowa on reduced
pricea of adrnlaaton. Weslthy amatauraj
an<i j.-mpl" COUOtry gur<jener.?. .-ome to |
.? ?? ti to feaat on t:;e vor'? of t.ieir gre.i1 ,
. ? brethren, have b ?? itaading ohouktev
Idar lo make up the groups whteb
. io ? tound the latct trlumphs of bortt
i-ulture. But trua atudenta ha-.-e foui"l
.me place wh to tbe throng <ioe.- not oon
. -;-.??? ' r a portlOh of the ahow is ?-t
? for Ihe heneilt ol the aclenti'lc *-ul
tlvator. To the erdinary man it la not!
Bttramare, but th?*re have bOOB pionty
Of raalota gazlng Wlth a melan.-holy \: - |
if.^t .ii thi casea Of ' ineects and allied
la" and al tbe rows of .1ara < orjtaln- j
.- Bfweimena of dlaeaaad potatoaa, j
m nlghl tha compoaltloa of fhe cro*-d j
la diff.-r'iit agaln, foV the garden? of the
Royal IfoapltaJ ara an ideal pleasure
t ound The treea of the central walk. |
liung '??.th hundreda Of paper lantern". I
have the appearance "f an avenue of
Oowera of Aama and the piots latd "it
... .n.-!? and water beeoma ?i nlghtfnll]
r. ,t. ? of darkneaa and myetery. where
.?/.. of diatance from a iraal lt
ompkete. v?i tt ia .-urlous to nottoe
- Ihe ?:.liib:ti..:i habil ha-i tuken bold
of tha peopK for Wlth Ihe .omfng of i
?iu?k th-.-e retreata ara deoorted, and th*
. rowd Btghtl] .'e.ll"'ta Ir the llghted ?>paee j
about tne band atand. it ls the chotce of
thi commonplaea ratker than tho roaion
: . b lt, even ao, tha apectacle is not nis- j
? ting A maretful absenee of are lampe
v ... ? ?,,. - ... Bn orgtuarj seene, ;
?; imlni tlon of talry llghta
?'. tar-.-'-attereil ..n the g:a?s" ia tho Ust
..." the many happ> thought; whlch make I
i htMtion an uni'irpafseu auceeaa?
London > Standard!
Lix.8j_.oa te 3d Avenue jp^ 50th to60tbSt.. N.Y.
Condensed Budget
of Monday and
Tuesday Sales
Advance Blyle? Women'a and Misses'
Drcsses. Robripierre effect, $15.00
Women's and Miaset,' Superior
Dresses. $3.95
Womm'i and Misses* Seasonable
Proaaao, valnes to $12.00, $4.66
Women's and Misses'handsome Cloth
Suits. $7.95
$2.00 While Jap. Silli Bloutei, $1.66
Three stvles of l.ingerie WaiitB, 4R.
While linene Tenni? Blouses, 74c
Rat'.'n Suinmer Coucli. $6.25
$3.25 Porch Rockrr. $2.25
Arni CliBir-, stamed green. regular
price. $7 00. ?t $425
.Soliii Oak 6 piece Suit*. Jap. Matting
Seats. regular price $32.00, at
$10.00 and $11.00 Dinner SetB, $7.98
American Cut Glaas Celery Tray and
8 inch Berry Bowls. $1.49
5 7 piece Jap. Chin? Tea Sets, $1.19
Girls* Percale and Lawn Dre??eB, 87c
Juniors' Or.e-Piece Linene Dresses,
Children'* Chimbray and Crepe
Rompers, 44c
Women'B B|ack Meisaline Bathing
Suils. $3 48
$1.00 All Silk Messalinea and $1.25
plain white Habutai Siik Shirtng,
$1.00 All Silk Striped Messelme, 77c
Remiiin's of Si k Foulard*. 23 iur!.-?,
$4.50 Messaline and Taffeta Fet'i
coats at $3.78
Kloafit Petticoati. Messaline, Taffeta
or Silk Jersey. $1.98
Womena 50c Silk Stockings, _,8c
Women's 29c Lisle StockingB, 15c
Men'a 35c Silk Socks, 17c
Men's 50c Silk Socks, 28c.
Children's 25c Silk Socks. 14c
Women's Lawn Slips, 98c
LOCO Trimmed Camliric Sliirls. 98c
50 to 54 inch Cream Serges, $1.00
and M-'5 values. at 59c
Double Warp Moh*ir Sicil-an, 37c
$1.50 Lawn end Percale Morning
Dresses, 68c
Women's 75c Lisle Union Suits, 39c
24 to 26 inch Cowh de Suit Caaea,
Men'a Cowhide Traveling Bags, $5.00
24 inch Suit Cases, $2.97
$7.00 Violin Outfit, $3.98
$3.75 Bahjos, $1.98
$3.00 Guitars, $1.50
$5.00 Mandolins, $2.50
15c L nen Huck Towels, 10J._c
$2.50 Parasols, $1.25
$3.50 and $3.95 Parasols, $2.00
$4.50 to $6.00 P-.r.-.-ol*. $3.00
$6.50 to $7.50 Parasols, $3.95
$10.00 to 525.CO Parasols, $4.95
Pure Gum Bathing Caps, 19c
Summer Free Deliveries
\\ e ,lr|i\rr t'rrr IO any <>t the COftgt rtaorta willtin 100 njilgg ot Nf\\
^ orh all l"l|rl ptttchgKI -Jnoajnting to So.liO and more, and prrpay ship
l.it ?? rltargc- to any part of Xew York. Xrv, Jrrsey. Penn-x Ivania,
DelOware Maryland. District of Cnlumbia and tlie New Kngland States.
The Convenience of an Account
will be ypprcciated by tho>e who de-irr to place MAIL, THONE or
< < ii ,\ IRY orders. Arrang-ments can be niadc whercby rr-ponsible
jMirun- are extendrd this lacility. Wc itivitc your charge account.
?Lex. to Thlrd Ave., 59th to 60th St.
In New York's Shopping Centre
Kourtaenth Street,
W?at of rtfth Avaaua.
Come Here for Your Sumrner Needs!
No Stock Taking UntH End of August Therefore
FuJI Summer Stocks?No Run-down Assortments
iYUdstimrner Reductilons in
Women's Dresses, Siiits, Cloaks, etc.
Iiat jnake it pos^ble to supply every need for vacation, travelling or
uear at such economical outlay that tlie Wise Woman will losc no
Prices tl
gcncral ..
tinic in coming here.Assortments are large, but some lots are not?ao
don't delsy?rcarl and chuose quickly.
rvhb LMsarra ookn-UDUOTtosa. iwoionri bathing oiurg bomj <*
Tan Pwurtea, Blaek 'Jarreta* and Satln I blacfc Mohalr-dattcbaWa bloomars
Dveheaae?leaaa and aemi-flt?lined or
60.08 .??
61100 to 618.00.
614.80 . 9.9S
010.00 .10.1^8
117.00 to 110.84. I J .98
131.06 .14.9S
nri'irn BILK WCm?MMDVCTlON*.
Tv.o-tone Bllka ptsta or trim'd Ji/.Waia
ha-e peau <le i-yfne liiilng-fi
foi * N?T0
oiiao . 6.9g
614.00 to 81T9*..3-88
iis.os to aoiao. '2.9q
?'.'2.n? to 8^.1.08.. .'^-S^
831 M la 608.00.? ? ? 1 9.98
Bummer weifht ierg?>?. mohalr*. Mlflcorda
and wonteOs?plain. or trini'd--black, nav
ar.d baai celora?all ilye* to 62 buat in the
lot. but not at 'a, b priei
811.08. .
S BW ' Were Xow
?.?-?8 naoi 9.0fi
12.08 ! 82100. 1 4.0S
86*60.Now 19.98
LINEN TL'B BCIT8?Ranik and jTraacti
Liaen -??'? Ita, nalu.jt at.d blu??
man; Ua.\r ..ollars ^tul CUffB Of 0BB
trasuac colar?vbHib 6?98.i.98 i
LINRN *r ITS < raali. Raaala and French
?roavaa?whlta, natural. blark and co!ora? i
Norfolk and atraltrht jaeketa - ;
anveleaa or ptain afclrta.7.98 i
? r?rve iner^ors an'i .liare?abie and bl
W?r? Now
66.00 saO 47.66. . 3-88
Idiw io
$i;-..(ih and 81V0R.o.98
DfllBt) foi ?*ar with licht or whlt? drcss's
round or square neck?aome with
laige collara, with or wlthout ahlald
! and tle -gored or plaited aklrta
| aome ?klrta ara trim'd.2.98
Tiner Bathlng Sults tB 7.9S.
BATHINC* TIOHTE?black and na
i ahort . .98 an* 1 . '*9
I KeUenaaoa Tiflhts? cntire coiu
Mnation ault.1.98
j Swhumera prefer Tlfhta to Bloomara ai b<
! ing Ilfhter and affordlng greater fr'edoni
P.athiug Capa?Full rar.ge of pratiy aa *ell
aa practtcal atvlea?allk?, aatlna. aairena,
serges and rubher. 9 to 1 . I r>
i Bathlng fihoes?Satlu. s^t^en and BBnT?
Mflfei sandal and tte at>lea -
black, mw, white and red?
.19?? .29-- .49-- .79 *rw I.S4
J^'.-e trim'd -mora or lees elaborate ? man
ioniblr.cd wlth allover ejelet emb'y--aotn<
with tlnt'd m??sallne flrdle??
i TVrre N'uw I Were New
! 87.08.4 98 *9-9*. ??? ^.8<j*
! 8io.ii*s.7.98i*i*9S. 9.98
BUelc or '"hlte M'atf r Spot Proof Silk ?
d'wp p?l>l'iiii fll' infl effeot of <oat?
front . loalng efferted by silk rord
ernanienta?hematltchad turnovr callar.
rcigerl Brtth Unife pUltmc of ailk ?
cuff? rn BiBtah BH al^es? Speclal.9.98
Gll-wion r.lait over aliouldera?
button do^n front - round neck flnlahed "^
wlth flne knlfe plattlna; aa on aleev*
and on front?par.al back?exeellant .
atyle and value-all atzea......jFj.pP
n-.bl,e-i.?d Mohalr, Canton and RaJosrael.
Werr Now I W?r? Wstn '
J85.98. 3.98 100.08..-. 4.?Sf
No* 8.98
Were ll^S to $16.98.
WOMEN'S washable dresses
Voiles, tisMie?. bati-te=. lawns, gingliam?. linens and chambfayo^fa/jL
colors. cbecks, itripea and fancies?pretty and dainly models?faiicuiatiaS
trtfnming touchea thai are found ordinarily only on dresses made to ordeiaaa|
all sizea? /
That wer? S2 08. That were 14 ?8, That w?r? 0J 08, l *Tha? varO %9t%+'
1.98 2.98 3.98 4.98
Sp:cial Valucs in
Chlna Bllk- felaeh a:i.i Bratta laoa leaaa
i,; ? or low nr-'-Ii* alsu btark
maaaallBa an^ taifeta IVatata
I ?.? $'.'.60 - Now . 1 8S
S'np?.l Flan"'' V^.'-i blUBS 'an
Bl d ? :o>' B Ith ? reani ?
P."b??p1en-? <ollar- ?Jpe-tal.8 OO
Finp Popimr TTalala nnllaa and
hatlate- witli \'al.. f'lun. or
rerehra la-e varlety of atjiei
?ortii %2 &8 and 80 0S.
Dainly Volla u'aiari maay atyits
elnorata arllli por.ular !a'-?? and
. i'l-w?r^ 62.19 .
olora unOarbaOlea of fan^y na' or
? ' IT. ;i?t;? v?*t or ySBM -f '*-?
-. ith tmarl touchaa af 'o;i'rj?tlnj/ culor
Wera t.'. os to ??.?<:> .0.69
For Summer especlally, but 8tylf6bj',f?ot
year round wear at all ttruea, ?
?0-lr.cli Bla"k *"r?po da Chiue~ r ii
full crinkla affOll iMl deep bUua^. 3
our r?fular t .'. ?*?? -W\ &K*
40-lncIi Cr?pe Jleteor? aatln flnlahv^
whlto. creair and lisht eolors
alao na--; and black?
faually 11.95. ,- ? aratr * ."Ifr
Yard wWa Slilc Pepllna-full |0fl) Ij^ira
whtlo. creani, liflh*. and dar!< colora,
alao black- val. .88....??. ,t?W
Tard wido Tlaln or Chanjaabla Ta*T?t*a?. .'
dealrable colota and coinbln?tlona~
ehlffon flnl?!i?rflX ,9S........,^.,,? Sftflka
l Tard wide 'rA.'atj.rpr^o* Silk Foularda?
l-la'-k and :avy. wlth whlt^ apota
i and dota m?stallne rltilah ?
I H.no quall'v.
An ;i. .nr> ahapea that afforrl ? himdant
^h.j'Je ,tfl well ^.4 bHng oa
tremel; pretty ?r.rl b'""'jini-'ir.
Ria?-k or WMta 'h.pa ftalia and H?:nn?
trlmrned ?ith ait iiitf# or pure hU'-lf or
black Jii"i ahlto 1.?a-liornB an-' Ta\a-i tr?
;,!?<. Iri^liir|?'1 ..t'lo??r trlrrvved, rhlffon
- td or havlnfl atll; or aattti a.'ar'c.
* v . ?? ? "t tll hraiififui. all alniiie
, i ? urereol msii .iii'l on the tltf of
faal ion.
Buy non for Faii or fnr liMnaoHace uir-,
for theaa are the stiita timt erory bay
tieerls for mountaitis. seasliore and
travelling, aa oreBeelaterforaajtioal....
Iihri.f! IneludO the good, b-tter atnl
beat klnOLa of SerKes. Worsteds, ca.ssi
mereo and ChevlotB -i? tho moat de
Blrablo coloeing anJ Btytoa ? Valueo
ate r.-tiiHrkablf - far niure ho than ng
urrs woiilil lead j ov t?> rxpor-l, for our
car Her i*ri.-er, nero far klarar timn
uthera a1 kad!
koRjTolm ind Douatai r.KF.Asi
Slan. vltli r\trn 'routera- 7 to 10 :n
\\rr? 1160.1 .93
W".-.. $4 P8.2.
V.rrr 00 ?S and 88 0?J-;}.
W^rv 87.0S.\. ,
l'in*> aaaortment -alzea to 37 cheat.
\\*rr Ifl.OB. J1.98
Wer^ 87.08.?-98
Waro 89.08.^.98
Wrre 810H8 a:ul 81298.7.98
Wera mos anu 8i?50. 9.98
i Tard wide Bla^U Satm Du< hesa ? '.
| quallt'- d??irab'e for <> - 0
dr<-?a??'. auit^. coa'a. ?lc
Bflaeial >aiuo.
j 3.'. ineh glaefe MeeaflJInaa, Taffa'aa
SIIU I*onB??? anl ^'aterproof
| r hina Slllta- ap'.-lal .
I Tard wld? Rough 5hantan?; t2f
| all Mlk-- flrn-ly v u< ?n lut'ro'it
form?rlv .0*4 .
Yard ?rld? Silk Poiif?? ?en and luairo-j*
nstvral. tan. lasi.er and hla.k
Summer T'-ljli' -al. ..M>.
From tfe Greatest Dcjartmcnt
ln the World
?earytblng tiiat reu arant
ai pii.o? that make you reatur tlia- f-r
valucs ln W'hi.Ii I ?ress fabrict tli^r<>>
00 BBB> STKII'KU VtMLgOJ whll* BlflBlltB
ntili hla^k, b\w, l^.v.iidrrot jilnk atrlp^i
fp**>ial . _ly
iMroiuKn i.MBK.JuiK.KT iwiaBjaji
rsrlOM dotf. and flfl.irog uii whlt?
BfSSJMfta *jfi an.l tw qtiality.
Wera |f*0?
\\>ro |11 9h
FKKSCH BATtarn unllmlted aaaort*n?nt
?>i IripBB, asaiea florala and b?rd*ra
wlilt* flTouiKla Bpwlal . ,|1
RLfaiAN ""'ini'tlD BRIRTTMOa- arbOta, r
btao o:- Ih' riui^r arouiid... ?ith ,^ ',
flro'ipw of ti.r.p earflB, t?n nf ? i-it.-h
arw t>iD *i. hi/tir- mereori a4
g[\r tli? effOOt of haudroii"
aliK shlrtinija flp?<-'al . {? B
SIUK BfDtaOO MAl'RAS BSS4 b^ I.lfh
.'ta?J> pat>*rda?h<*rB for motl'a ji.ir'i .
and paJmnnF - gr?at vart?*\- .<f
clrar atrtpaa on whlto tcrounda
a Bood rasaa at 45. jjy
colorcd Dgaagf LtygHg laao iin?n.
I'lnks. n.'uey. Tl^llot.
Natural. Tana. Hro* na.
Gra>a, Orrena. Hl*. k
BfljBBlBl.. ,fffj
Man; of theaa 1 clors ar? juat
rlfht for motor ooata
f'ORPFD 7.E1'1IVK UI.VUHAMS- great
varlety of utrlpea, rheoka, plalds
and plain colora. a a
Three Reasons Why
You Shoyld Buy Rugs Now!
82.95 ig&
Tv.i \?e||-kao\vn inakea
KluralM and Orlentals,
8.; ixio.6 feet
ot/aoTU ajaoo to $4:;.oo.
rnnorr wmroNi.
?oaoaed or aeamleBS,
S.flxlO.O and 9x12 ft.
Uicliest colors & deaiijnB.
LOT .1
6-50 pa
CREX and RAO RL'G?!.
0x12 feet.
Colonials, Iteorthkide,
Homestead? Beat eolora.
Don't make the mistake of thlnklrtg- th*>ae shopworn or left over aloek:
. THKV ARK NKW RUOfl, freali, parfeot, beautlful. and of the most
d*slrali!e descripilou ? offered at tliesfl aiieelally low pricea aa an in
dueaniant to viaitora ln Kew York wi?o have purchaaea vt thls klnd to
...,!.? tsp flnp?i n.iar \alues ln the eltv!
uutimtni m \iauuio ... ...-" .*...? ..,,,,
make. . The tlnest Rug \alues ln the clty
See llerald. Times. World. American for Kxtraordinary Mornint; Spedala

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