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Enthusiasm Over New Course
of St. Regis River Oolf Club.
l'a il Smith'M. N. W.July .' Bocial and
*l>orting llfe here centrc ln the elubhouse
c' the st. Regla River i'.o\t Club, where
reereeentatlVe aodety gathera each day
?oi the play. Every one here ls enthup
laatlc over the new liine-holo r-onrse, vith
ita btautiful wooda setting, and tlie pla* ?
era are growlng more numerous each day.
Dr. Morrla Carpenter, or New York. who,
wtth J. Clawaon MlLta, of Brooklyn, and
Ttobert E. Mllla, .?f Montelalr. i? vielting
..t Paul Bmltl - la one of the enthur-laaU,
iM it meeting tlie club rrofet-sional |n
match play. Henry H. Bcnodi". of New
Haven, Joinrd the -oif contlngent thi"
?>?-.; nd othera Includa Hayward Mc
Alpli. Mtea Norma HuaeRon, -'? Inaley
Blair, Dr. Waltei 1>. Jatne? aiid Rudolph
llau ii.
Man; vialtora have arrived al the oarnpa
?-f the St. K< Bla Chaln, and amonic them
. li hlbahl s. White, of New York,
41 hd brought .<-.in.e frlends with him to
White i Ine ? at;;p.
Mr, and Mra. Arcblbald S. Alexandei
rai ? up thli week with Mra Courtlandl
Dfxon Bame.? and Mlaa Baraea to occupy
;.. | . mp of tlm latr
Charh i Tra Barn. I ihbi I Bai ney
wlll Join ihem
i'i",: ?? ?. Lothrop camp,
where I o wlll by hla mothi r
thi n i;.. Mr and Mra. Qeorge Towne
?ni. .1 of Nen Haven. are ahso al camp,
aa gueata of Mra Wllllam K. Townaono,
he Rocka.
Mra J. '!. Haelehurat and Mii-s MeCoy
l . ? old, or S(it
tii^ Lake. A. Clarke Roblneon, of I'ari?.
.-r \-u Monday, and Jolned Mra Robin
.-,,-, at the cai "? Simeon J.
Di ie, ??? B] Itfl I
i . r facht Club
ltaw i,?--oii started, and ilioi-- i* much
Inti rei M a ol tha motor
club ara enjoylng
m. ca, prellm;nary to the an
- ?
nd Mi Oeorge Arenta, Jr., oi
'\ Vork, th thelr houee gueata, made
fi,, Regia Lake te
t anac Inn over tha scven-carry route,
. . . ? thelr automobile
I m.-k to catnp.
nd Mj Wllllam G. Wlleoa and
-r,. uy r... :, , oceupylug the Wisnei
Ogrop on the lower lake.
:Ulv- _rd Hambleton. ot
paltlino i. ara ? a few days to
Jbhi Mr. and Mra Heyward MoAlpln at
i, L Trudeau cnter
. Trudeau, and his
:, ne., Mlaa Hclefi QarrOtaon, of Morria
.._,.. Mr. trudeau has
and aW has a new
? mmlBBkm.
ng fuencls on
' r-ke
| 1-innton _ml daaghter. M'.sh
- Izabeth Brlnton, of Philadelphia. are
, olony at Paui
paul Bmith'a are dallghted
hangfl thal has ..een effected n.
l|ie parlo? and lobby. The partltion
Whk h orlglnally i-'-panated the two roonib
l-.aa been removed. making on.' larg.
New furn'.bhtne- and fixtures have
lad, and new double doors open
. troni reeaada. People admire
new glaas doort,. "but nine oul of ten.
from force of habit. use the -mail, old
"door. which has been the meana of egreB*
Bl half eontnry.
Mra, John A. Da". ls. of New York. an
annuai visltor at the hotel. has jolned he,
ftienda here to- the aeason
Mexander Camercei. Jr . of Noe
i a" lotned Mn. Caaaaroa at tha Caatao
'where Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Benedict and
ihelr little -on al?o ha\o apartment?.
Many automobile. vtaitora have ?topped
-*: p_ul Sraith's en route on a tour of the
' idirondacks, and ? goodly number ot
'?hem have rna_e the trlp aroiuid the
'".aket Among the touring partlea was
one from the l_ake Placid Club, oompoaed
'..? Mr. and Mra A. Ii. Zonne. MIbs Wlad
|fred Colc, Mrs. Flarence I_o_ran and Mr*
V>' B Plrzlnnt
\n:on_r the New York people arrived at
Srnith's for extenderl vialts are .Mr.
,md *Mrs. 1>. K. I_atour. Mr and Mrs. J.
Walker. Mr* Anna Oarltoo Ball, Mrs.
It 1' Murdock. Kdward Ollllgan. T. -1.
Sweeney and Dr. and Mif. W. A. Bastedo
' end chlldren.
Baranac l^kc. n. t., July _I.-Tbalara*
hic Lake Country Club is the objectlve
polnt of many motorlng partles and via?
ltora to-day. for a golf tournaroent will he
,hcld on the club .ouits for cupa offered
iby r N. Hammond The aftemoon tea
"trlU bt in charge of Mra. Arthur Dnn
. an Molr and Mrs. TValter H. Laroro. who
aic to-<iay'a hoat??aea. Mls* Anna Cole
man and Mr. Wlllla were the winnera or
last week s tennia tournament.
. Adirondack lfkce have many baya and
- ehOltered nooks that make them feaalble
'?ous-cboating. Inat untll thia aeaaon
no i <: had attemptid thia dellghtful mode
nf cainptng- U. E- Da^a, of New York,
l.as launched a houaeboat on Lower Sara
nac 1-ake, and it ia attractlng much ot
rentlon aa the pioneer boat of Ita klnd in
Ihe Adiroiidacka
The Baranac River ib dotted with ihe
\..-ats of picnlc partle? and flshermen,
' ;ind many are enjoylng the launch ride
rn the Atalanta. from Lffke F^owor up 'he
Sarana* River to I/>wer Saranac l?ake
id return.
Tba baseball "tan- are boay attendlng
tba games on the athletle flchl. Vlsttlng
j.layci" tMa week have inclu.led ;i team
or chincse uaiveretty ?tudfnt!< and ateam
from HawaiL
Chriatophor Ichoen, wjiiis Boyd and
Dan Martin. of WOOl ^ ork. ha\e lea-e.i
ihe Martla eamp aa Lower Baranac Leka
*for the aumnier and are havlng eaoellenl
> r-fs flfhlng for ha>-- at the river lnlet.
Vi. , i S HockOtt, a mubhlan of con
?letabie promlnence, i? vielting E. ii.
Ldcko at tlie V*00 Dorrien
Piomln'-nt WOBOOa of the town are i Ir
? ilatlng a poUttOB to have the - lllagc
lockup ipaaai id freen tho town hall to ?
more denlrablf plave. Tlie women ef
Bamaor Lake have aecompliHherl tnneh ln
i ? ian two reara, and the roeutta of
work are . vldent everywh.-re
Aa 8aran;t" l.al'- 1 <'H Ihr nialn line of
the .VJIion.Uck hlghway.-. motO' t"
are numeroOO. One of the motor partk-.i
?ralBB ??--__ ?? fi--?-'/?- '?? ??? *?- -
?i>osoi of E- C, Hommond. J. !-'? Uppii.-.
I oott, Jo:-eph JOOOB and P. Btaoy May. of
I Melroee. r>nn.
Mr.-. W. ?'? Duell, of New Vork
rnor visitor at Riveralde Inn. has roturned
for the seeaon. Mis-s P, C. Neale. of New ;
York. luir t.iso taken apartmenta at ti.e )
inn for the asaaon. Other arrlvals inelude
!>?. Btepben Frank, New York; Mra. F. !
j Alexandre, Mlaa Belle Alexandre and B.
Alexandre, of Brooklyn; Mrs. B. Marka
and Mlaa Bophle Marka Uike Cluurlea,
La.; Mlea N. N. lirlngaton. Wabaah,
Ind.; Mrs. I. Myera end Mlaa MV./rs. K.o
komo, Ind.; B. if. Oweefe, Baltnjmre. an.l
MIbb Maud Bronaon, Mckaon, tOhlo.
The Berkeley Grlll has- h*en a populai
plaee 'his week. aml aeveraJ Informal din*
nera and i inch tona have taken pla
Among the permanenl arrlvalB at ihe
Berkeley ara B B. Wrlght and Phlllp Co
' . i. Now York- Mr. an.l Mra Pe ai Btef
B Prod O'Brien, a -
llngton, Vtaae.; .1 A. Barnea, Cllnton. j
.ii. .. and Mr. ai d Mrs. D. S. Bachman, :
j of Rdknoki, V'a.
Baranac. N. Y., Jul; J ? Beautl?
ful weather greeted lh< rra al Bar*
ipper Baranac Lake, o
I recelved Its full quote from the ger'-ral
e\ >dus ;o tne roountaina. Wlth ihe
rlval of R. M Elentley, ol Youngatoa
Ohlo, preaidenl of the Ohlo Bl
pany tha laal cottage - thi ni la
occupled. Mr. Bentley ' accompanled
hy Mra. Bentley and theli famllj,
Mr. an.l Mra P. H. B, Frelh ghu)
of Monietown, N. J.. have been Joln. ? i
thelr cottaga by Mra. H. O. Hav. neyei
and her daughtera, M ? Samuel
and Mrs. li. H Weeka.
Mr. and Mn Hei r> Fra; er Hi
chlldri ? " PI '?? ??? Iphia, I ;.-1
.,? d kUne : Mn .1 Ci mpb. 11 Harrli I
the teaaon
Mr. and Mra. 1 '?.. rlea Brd.
ruaia, Penn., a/ltli Ihelr Bon, '' ?'? !'
di.... here 1 teiide.
Mllton VVorl 1, ?? ho - maklng ? eri. a
of .-.sits. la exp. led her. ahortlr. Mr
\*j or* ? ? ontlnuoui hti.l-.- partj
laated iwo weel ? uaed 1 ull
.,f . _< Itemei I an ong lh. dev. teea ol
b-'.lj:- Bl the inn. Ti.e playen ii cl
..- - of th. ? loat experl In the i ouni
four of whom he nea i-ix
co inl
A verj v\ta*- .....
nn la rhen tei
t-. the rtettora e ho - itl ei Broui ?! ihr
?? -. ta! '.-? ? ipda 1
. ? "i ?' |
Ing reeord.
; BWln.inl ng ra-t, wltl illd**
aprlngboard and dlvlng platform. hai
i ,.i ;,. . : ;,n. h.ir.-.l off th'' dock t-. the
K;-..;,t dellghl of thi -v.:. *
< .,1,- a.:-- teeted II are M
and Mt.'. n P. Harri*. M'" Baden
. r, w. B. Wolle. Waltcr Henet ? .
ii;,:. , lla and thi
Proi nt among ?
nn ara Mr and
ienl Walna ? Ight. Mr. and Mrs..
\\ !. : -? ? ? ' l.\ J. Bld
,11, ::, Bai ? Martha
tVoll. M. i - ? -rdl . Mork
hill. Mathi i ind Ma ?
Mi ai <! Mi v\ . Bcou .?? i ?
m Manor, P i and Mra
:,. ii. Parlli. moi ? of M
... ; ?
t ought iheii
.,,.. | .... i,.- ii dolng coni derable motoi
,,, ,.,? . niorm. fui
-,.:,.; hous4 dan*
Thoi ? ??'?" I. :" ,'?,?"-"1"', 8
, . Inn wer.l
over I ??? ' Icatun of I
japan. ?? irt) i'r.- a
1 . Mtll lo
%f- ..| ;.f ,: - inn and
The atiestfl appaared In coatinna and ihe
?-?. ening W'iuihJ up Wlth B dance
Weatport, N. Y? July M- Mot<
along th. nne hlghwaya of l-ak.: Cham
plaln, Bpoita ln tha open at the VCeatport
Inn Koif lirks ar..i lennla courta, and
I in w - atport Hay have I een among
hl - ....... ,.,,., of the wi .-I. .-it Weat*
nterest' ln golf takea many of ti-.e I
to the linka dally, and among l ??
. ,| ?: .,t. Mr -""1 Mt-. 'I'l I I
rheek, "f Neer York, who mak. four
iu indi :-i''ilorl
\*i it ,i . .it v -?;. ii ara preporlng for
itta -if the Weatport Yoi hl
clul ? . i, i take place In Aug
i .. ?;?? i \ ? i : \ "? .i marked .-"?
ii uted muc to
? . , ? han Iboi ??
.- '., en ct iiitlna ln ihla section
of i. ..- i uid arao i| I
v. ,. the I ? ? ? ?; ? ?< Mab, the Va- |
V ?> and '' ? l-i ?-?? ro , The
? Bnel r?r her? w Ih Mr, an..
P (Vllllam ?'? d l elr aon, "Hal"
Ir.tei . n golt -? ?'? ilata I
thal Judge Bai ? I K
(. | ii comlng and
lenda. A tour-l
,. d of I
.lamcs U-nox Banka, jr.. of New v.>ik,<
n tnember ot the aummer colonj al \\ ?
port Inn. was hof-t at an automobile pt. -
nic when he took :ns gueata to BplH Rock
Mr. and Mrs. Roberteon Marahall, who
have been tourln* the White Mounfa i
ln thelr ear, ha e rel i ned to Fine B ?
bungalow, on the bay.
MIbb Anna Robinaon Mias Pa I Rob*
,?.,,... ti.- Mi sea Barkeadole, Mlaa alleo
Damroech, MIbb Qretchen Damrpach and
Hual ? Labo ilaac are am ng the yo
. al o an playlng m ? Btlng i
Mr and Mr-. Edward Blll, of Ne* Ro
chelle. wl o ap4 nl laal ? ,!*'' '""
j . ;. ? ? . tin for i in:
I,,-!,.,,; ?? ? ? ? nery and hlghi i
along Lake ?' amplal
ti,,. v-jatt ,| ? thii ? -k wen Judge and
Mr- loatah T. Marcan, - ( Brooklyn, who i
motored up an i ? ' l,1;a"'
Ba< .ndaga Park N. 1 ? ' The
of ii.'-;
.dlrondacka la al Ita h? i
Happy T
Genuine Negro Minstrel Show a
Weekly Feature.
Dflawa-e Water Gap, Penn . July %%
I'i'he Water .Jap lias been a centre for
, motorlsta this week, and thi bualnesa ln
|. ary line was better than at a-.: tlme
duiing the pi'-stnt sea.-on. Tie raJna of
the week put the roads in lii.e condi
tlon and h.ndrrds of automobile nsrtle*
flocked. Into this reaort. atopplng at thO
hotels for OBVarol days or more io enjoy
the cool brce_ea of the Delaware.
A cakewalk and dance are given every
Fridav and Monday evwving at the Moii;.
taln Vlew Park, ln which som'rjgenuir':
Southern negto atunta are . aarie<] <>|T
Tho Twentieth Century Band, :QeKio or*
ganlaatlon, furniahea the muarjH M*n,
of the BUmmer p'-ople attend uuSpg botii
of the aveningfl and areatly enjoy the
' aightfl Binglag and faiuy lanclnp
aie alwaya part of the pronramni*. and
it ia truly a minstrel ahow carri.-d on tn
1 genulne Btyle without the make-belleve.
! The new Aerooome movlr.g picture hhow
OBOOOd at the Vfator G_p lawt Monday
evening with a good al-ed CTOWd prea?
ent. The Eaat BtrOUdaburg Mllltary
j Band wa* In attendanc?, and gave a fine
concert. As many as elght reels of pict
nrofl arore Bhewn. Thit. is a fine cool
place to _pend an hour and i< aapoetolly
a favorite place for famllles, for the chll?
dren alwaya enjoy the plcture-^
The concert by the BoBfOT Bejjd al tho
CaetlB inn Mualc Hall was <:fl|ain!.v a
V.igr nucceas on Bunday. *The bl^hall waa
lilled wlth a fairly goofl CTOWlHn Bplte
of the rulns of the af{einoon, and they
were rcwarded wlth oncof tlie fln?Ht 008s*
eerta ever hoard at the G_p. Ichwab'a
Steel Band not being eXOOptsd,
BroOklyn and Manhattan people reftla
tered :ii the Water Gap HOUM are Mia"<
B. Kranakopf, Mra. Rudolph Wetl, larob
Com. Joseph Davldeon, Mlss Hatefl Bor
tell, i- b. Cooahland and wlfe, Mits May
Pritrhard. W. R. Fagan. Rajrmood Keat*
ln:;. ii. C. CaBteew, Uus.- Rapbele, H. L
Bordea, Mr. ai.d Mra. WUllam Aaaboiy.
A. I. Ashbuiy. Mi.s L. Thomas. 1". 1
iTbomaB, Mr. and Mra John W. OTevta,
j I'larenee f'oane. Haniet Coanajpire. ??
I Bchmudler, Marlon Behmudier, a_f, '-? '?
I Evans. MIsb Vlrglnla BvaM, M'i'v Mat
! nhall King. Mr. and Mr* Martin Myerx.
I D. H. Hunt. Mias A. Hunt. R. ti. KelBO
' and Wlfe, Oa-I.l Duncan and Ml.?*. 15 1.
! Holllngbred.
Klltntlnny Ruests hav> been taking
jrreally to bathing durlne the last w.k
and regular partles of them form iolly
eroaoja at ihe beoch. Prominent among
these are Mlss Btta and Anna Millei. of
I'lilhidelphla. beautlful BWlmman. Mrs.
Frtderlck Wymi. of WaBhlmston. has the
honor of the bOOOB for golf. Mra W> nn
h th. wtfa of b Braalthy Bouthera raii
read man. Thai number of horses in the
iidinff aeadeaay nn.i^r the <-hari;- af Pro*
f. .-.,!? s.ini'i.'i Alexandre, ef Pbllaielpblo,
had lo be Ineraaoed to meot tbe Jiinend
Id | ummer vl.ltors A. M. Iluiinlng. |
-f k;.:;_.v.>-.:? :- m^ ' ?-. ? ulavaO
housands Are Sheltered
at the houae. and i=an maii del ?
i.ourB on tha courts, Tbe MIbm
un?i H. Mltchell, cf Manhattan, an
i j.riO'-lats. ni! ..: ? ii.ili;' on tlie rlvei
.\lo..;;t r'oitono. Penn., J>ii;- "
t...- r b .1 the ti.. rtnoi lei conl
New Vork and Phil a< ?
net mindeo at Mount Pocono, .-.? the oooi
mountatn breoiaa wera r-ontuuiaii> Mow
nig and tna elltnal i I oel dailghtf'Jl.
Hunilteds of clty people arn\?..l dniinr
the week. drh'M! from thelr winti
to the rool "f the nwuntatna " ' ?
was nofll BOrraaable and pleasnr*' tlie only
ena BOUgbt hii'I <ibtuln**d.
The Si Luk?-a Suti.nier Iloiii'1 waa
.??..?..???! it Cresco on i rlda;
teenth a?aaoi.'H work, am! thi Hrat delega
tiOll ?'f POOl 'Ai IH' Il -'r> '?' 'i tl ' '
from tht hard w< k and toll of hou il I
duties. Anothei deli tatioi wlll
Bcranton at tlic f-xpiratlon "f ten daya.
and from then on durtng tha aummer *!,.
poor women v.iii arrlTe at CreBco, all ?"???
peneeo belng paM by tha Bt Luk<
i;jii of ?erantea, ThreO i> indred ? 01.
and a larg. number ot babie 1- thi ca
pa< H of the home at Creoco, whleh la
unnuall. fllled.
Mayor Blankenburg of Phlladelp ils
wa.-i .anglit nappiiiK H'is WOafe When Ui0
eorrespondenl found hlm *<at'.ii on tha
pbrch of hia aummer bungalow at r<.
Pln4M, quletly eajoying thr- br* ???
beaotlaa of the eountn*. Slneteen bllla ? ?<
lcBislatiori bi ha been constdartng. but
he ahowa littie tbe effeet0 of hli wo
He ooosaa to bo dallghtfBlly happy i nd
greatly c-iijoyi::e th>- peaeeful atmoaphera
nf Pocono Plnea Mr. Blanki nbui
. | ' 1*0 "!?<'
duiina ara.
the I
\ i? .-i Bn, Ksthan n Deehan, >!' 1.
11.1 mann,
. ;i. 11 B P. Burger, of N "
1 nnd Mra 1 1 Daru ol Kini -
i..; m [ra. K. B Rutherfu
and .\i Cdmund W ? M '
i. 1 ? ,i,. nn< tt. I,\. eh K. 1
and wlfi Mi bi I Mra W 1> !'?
MlsB 1 "..-?." 1 ? . eat and ti na 1 'oi 1
.-'. -. Pl i.'i . llj '. ' 1 08
Indead been a llvol) tv**?l< for Bt
nd II emed a 1 hougb tbe eum
. I'.r had jUfll Blltrtr-d l>> Ihe WB)
! resei \ stlon * re made fo ?>. on mod ?
durlm thla month and ti 1 next 11
. ,i . ,,i , i,r mi -t elaborate ma iuerad<
ever glven here '.iu? held thla w.-k in |
Of Ml We-:*-- ' ' M. I,: it tl
un r ii'iin. oi Mra Qoorga W. Brown >
Tha roa I wa a cdmplata aurprlea to Mi !
i llenrj and Ii wai nw I 1 bJ lyabla eveni
to all.
1 Csid p ? ? liold olmo ri ei ?"'
.. 1 ? :;.. '.i inn and 1. to bt l
j t.,\orlte 1 d thi ..? nlng? ?
[ Man; ntotor pai llea hare als ? 1 Ited bi
?,, Thi ? "i bi. esefl v- hlch k.*0
ln .,nv iiiov.ii i.\. r the hllltopa hai ? ?
'.I very Invitlng durlnc tbe heat wav? I
'an.l have attractsd man) rValtora, gome I
ol ti:'- lato arrlva 1 Mra. J... ? pli A.
Ward, Mi :? Emlly B. *" ihran Mrs. H 1 ?
? 1 lan, M..-. 11. J, Wllheli ai. AJfn .1 '
Hirah and Mrs. tValt* Beri of Pblbi I
ii*-ljiiii;.. Mra. T. <? Wrlghl and Mr. /.<?-.?-j
.ii>. ..f Brooklyn) C. Edgai Cogden andl
by the Poc
,f Meula; Mrs. J ?
. nnd Mlaa fhevaller, of Newark
I m. odon f.r la hl. Book
Pi in
Althougli the Hlghland Inn h
, . numl -? 8 "?
,. .? -..- ?. an mon
,, , the a-eek. Tha inn
? . . i,,., noi i t.i lta aeleet . laaa
i ..ii.i th,- unexcelled eulalne,
v ;.. i, logeth. ? have pla. ? i tl 8 house r
|t- ;.rr--epi Btandlng.
.. i 'h irleigh Inn boai landlng ?? ? I
boatho i ?? ? beea entlrely renovated
palnted. Th- ? an.i'.H make a very
prettj appoarance ln their new yetlow
The famoilB rhodnder.dron flrtvOS
aboul tha house are n-iw at thelr pret
i,.-t and the gueet * eatlj enjo. drhrfng
through them or taking e^entiig Btrolla
v ,. . . i arrivalfl at ti'<- <'hur
lelgh i-.t ,i" Mrs, OeorgB Beaumann,
, v Cheynej Mr. and Mr.i. S Ballr, of
!?-, i.?[ hla: Mr . Appelle Mr J Ap
pellea, Mlaa L. Buyer, o( New Vork: Mr,
. ;..; Mrs. n .i. Jeetles, ot Atlantle City,
and cthers.
Tobyhanna, Penn., July ?.?Owlng io
.i.i'.fp locatlon ;i- lake advantagci and
th. flna cllmal thia i wl haa been uost
popular during th.' laal week. The people
i<;i\iriK ihe .iti> ...I accounl >f the ln*
tenae heal have aoughl auch plaeea aa
thi-'. fanned cpntlnually '.' freah moun?
taln breezef. and In an altltuda ???o hlgh
?,, flve a dtv atmosphere, this dolng
awaj wjtii all bothersome Inaeets, soeh
;.s moapultoes, and th ? dahger of malarla.
ih- Chleheater during the laal few
areeki had a hig Increase In lh?i Influx
,.- .;.; people. Everythlng la at lta
Ing, bathl nd ~ the v n
lake aporta i; ' "<" N"x
Vork, la verj a tlv< al pn aeni i ?: 1.1
islcall M
li g Qei man tud< nt ln imei Ica for
? on. ? fea of th* p
tl :. d R i: Reilly. L
Koh chlen: C ai'??? (?
|. of >?? ? V"i k Mi G ? Reed
v; and Mi .1 R i 'ammeti i Mia I
a..a Uarrj Cli Clara VI
of Hiooklvn. nnd olhr-rs.
Tha rloltora ar tii Mountain Houb*
dally enjo) drtvee and mountain ?iimb
inz s few Phlladolphlana arrlviag ime
thls woeh wero Mra M. P. Vpplogarth,
vi' ApfAegarth, Mr. und Mr;-- Oilbert
HamlltOfl and others.
An.-e-on-u.lawa ? P
A dtatlnct atmoaphen ol goll .-? rva
Buckwood inn during the l*1"1 week. Th*
committee of tha Shawnee Countrj
Iiuh been aetlva preparlng for the open
tournament of tho week end Som* of
th. f.jrein<i"t profeeatonals of th< coontr)
Hre entered, among them Aleck Smlth.
j. i MeDermott, the preaenl national
champion: ?-?ii Mchol, Alex Cnmp
T.iin MacKamara and Fred Mi Leod Wal
ter .1. Travla was among the amateun
who contealed.
Registerap ;*t the Inn are Mr. and Mra
jamea J. Xjelper, of Philndalphta Mrn.
Daniel llalmlng, Phlladelphla; Mtoa Cast
l?cr, PWtadelphla; Mr. and Mra. O. B
Judson, i>f Phlladelphla. tn a i>art\ whlch
motored from Scranton Mra f *'?
Megargle. Mlaa AJiea Hoban, Mi** Anaa
Hoban. Mra ftoberl Murray. Mrs John
Connolly, woro Includod. Another part)
from Bcrantoti waa T. J Moore, B B
Megargta B. I. Megargle and *'?"> m<?
Buohklll, Penn., July Mt?Tha Mtb ol
juiy Bnda Ruelikiii hotela woll UI d arith
aummer poopta bungaJowa oocupiad ond
ihe tento oi campera dottlng tbe rlver
baniis and grovea ln abandanl profualon.
[iuttdreda bava arrived from the dtlea
an.l ;ir.. now enjoylng tha baauttea >nd
piaaauraa <>r tho Dooawaro Valley.
,.. nclng Btaru d ? ?> the Neu Oat Qrovo
Houae oa Saturdai ia?t, and wlll oontinue
regularl) waekly t>? thr end of tha
BOJa. Many OttandJod tlio eeonlM d;inc<.
and ih.i ballroom WOJ b* aiillfully .1 ?'???
rated. A Biaeatng osueleal was flvan thla
w.-ek wilh th<- B4M I'oi lUOrB iih foDoWS:
Mlss BtaoA Mra Jainoa Mi** BaOe) and
Mrs. JoiitiMt.nii. a few here reglstered
bto Mra, R. ?'? Moao . Mtaaj Mai*) a. o.
Moaaa. Mra M. K. Moae*.
Th, Maplr- Uiflvi- Rasaoa iti doins a Rna j
bualnaaa. A loa otaiing h.-n a-.* v C
Alten, Darnby Daka, of Meu Tork; D. j
Thrompcllin and wlf<*. of I'hll-t.lt liuiu.
an.l Mi. and Mrs. R J. Klstler. vt New
Maaj automobile parltoo <n> 0topa>tng at
the MarohaB'o FOJJo Uouse aajo Ing tha
Him cuiofne. Ptohlng la aa popular aa al
the iNsilaalin ol uk ooaoon.
ever: hotel and boarding house <>f aa.
-,/..- i-. |he scene Of som_ brllllant -.0 Ul
fun. tlon almool dally.
The bop taking place at Adlrondock ina
to-night has the largest attendanee et
any function held ti-.*?r<- thla week. Tne
dally coneerta by /.ita s orcheBtra are prov
Ing delightfnl affalra and are meeting
\.iili ihe i uinrnendation of the peoplo la
J-turliig |he Ust few days a number of
Ne* York and Brooklyn people hare
reaehed here for the season. Amor.g the
Nea forh arrlvals are: Mrs. TL B.
Batea, M;?s Ruth Belman. Mr. and Mra
A B. iVright and family. Mr. Jamea
Manny. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wollf aai
Mi. D. H. C'osttimc.
Mr. and Mrs. tieorge W Thym. ef
Brooklyn, are also t.pendlng thelr bubj
ltier vacatkm he.e.
ti i Plnee, nnoCfcer attractive resort ls
entertatnlnc Mr. G?orge V. Hedl'ng, Mr.
.1 B Clark, Mr. J. Flnker, Mr. J. <L
Priedman, Mlsa I.llllan Frledman, Mr. L
Bergman, Mrs. E. N. 8*lt_man, Mr. B
M. Jones, W. __ Brown. Mr. C. B. Rob
blns, W. A. Wllaon, Mr. Loula Upmaa,
Ulaa Bea '? Pond, Mr. and MrB. A. R
Wright and family, Mr. I* f. Van Den
h- rg. Mr. Fni Dryer, Mr. D. B. Cua
alcke, Mlaa lt. E. Aubln, Mr. J. A. Har
p?r. A. A Malone. Mr. and Mra WMlaa
l? Kennedy and ton and Mrs. Ehrabetb
i. New York; Mlss Anna Bent.
II | Jonea and Mr. and Mrs. J. Tjovila.'
. a' l^ake Pleoaaat, ls entertatn
imong H.s late arrlvaJ- Mr. Wllllam'
F. Wadsworth, Brooklyn: Mr. and Mn.'
R. C. Moyle, Mr. ''harieB K. Duna, Mr
r ,-. Caatle, Mr. D. A. Belllnger. Mr. and'
Mr-. .;.'..:-^.' Tiudford and Mlsa Thedford, ?
n. '. ork.
gtisebethtown, N. v.. July M.? The peo-'
ple of Eaixabethtown have long been'
awake to tne necesslty of good road*, end
;t was at thia bsaUtlfUl resort th*t tf.B
ovement of .v.jrthem N<:w
York had ita Incepthm. Thou.-anda of dol
ara have alread: been expended by tha
the easten.intl. ? t:i road
d even yel money |j being e.p
furtl erance vt tho work.
Th town "r K- * n*- has voted to cxp.nd
dollars ln the lmpr.ve
m.-i.i of Its hlghways, the money to bt
i-,i , n the C'hapel Pond Road. Cu
? R d Eaat HIII, iltBh HIII and >!
Ui oeda, j: .1 th. rc.;i>j betoma
Kei Centre and Keene Vallcj
Whlle man) <>f Ihe hlghways ;< re uiuier
? '? enough oth-T
?.. ? .-., ? ? ,. ? eai r-i llit
I nd north lo the . anadtan
llne for tht touriata t-> trai 1 wlth '?oro
fort. Wh.-n the hlghways ln this nelgV
borh.i noa under eonalructlon are fom
pleted thej will for^i ,i t.Lt-.ork of tlie
lln. ? oadwai ln I
:? , f Po ighk-epaia
? i haa
it-^r Clui\
Mr. and Alrs. fch ma I. B dgwa; 11
iimnt. r at
:itul ?ount G iron J.ih. a
rt dlata Msabetl lown Mr.
? ? | tha Rev. Dr,
i Mitm
M Mas. I Partrldge. of
I Nea rork with tbeti n Brltvol
: th< Ir ? >.' tag.
Mr and Mrs. cnarl l atOvar
?? talni .?: i Gaunt llolmes,
. :i. m ? . Mrg.
Hlsi Make) B>
. olon. i Joh Temple Gravi of N>*
???. , ai annuai \ .sit.i to the Adiror.
.. ? ? x; . i iwaaooat Ranrh
wlth Mra Gravea a:nl Mr .md Mn
John r:. Mlll oiland. ir ? ?
v ..: .. ?,?? nd th. lea i ?l?aJ>*
n . unl
. r..\M'. N, T., J-il> .-i-<>nt ?l
the most Intereetlag of the sports at the,
Cooperotown Country Club last aeason
was the BerieB of salling raers that tool.
plaee ln which the -.-ight dlnglTs owTied]
by loe.il pariies and summ.'r .olonlftsj
entered, contesting for the beai.tlful tW\
rer < upa glvon aa prtzes by Joha U. Bo*-i
eis, the preetdent of the ohih. Thla s*a-.
ioi Mr. Bowera has .ijijmi glvea cupi a?J
prisea and the aaillng conteota bo^an to-1
Tueada) evenlng Mr. and Mrs BtepfeaM
Clark entertatned ar dinner at(
thelr emmer h.-mc, Eernlelgh. in River>
street. |
Among tha I guotta at the Mt
are Mr- Balllngtoo Hooth. wha
Mrs Mar-. btickt..-y. ot
Nca Vorl 'Mt; Robert W. ChaaBljaaaj
?| the well known novetlst; Mra
Nlcholea Brlce of Phlladelphlo: Mr- luTd
M ... W. BeOla, Mr. aml Mis. A. B
i;i ,,,. |fn M Q Athertoti, MIbb 1
Atberton, Mr und Mrs. Joel N AlKn and
II .i. Nleho-B, all of n>w Tork.
Tnesda>- afternoon Mra. Waiter
siokes entertatned al luneheeo at her
beautlful rcsldence. Woodside. H?t
. iacluded Mrs. WIUIobb afialiaaj
Mi S B BpaUldlng, -Mr:-. OeOfHi. B
w.iman, Mra. Prederick O. Ut. U*9j
Oeorge Hyd. Clarke -md Mra "*"1^
Tht TrO) VOCOl BOOlet) made its 888110
visil to the O-te-sa-ga thi* areek 8-81
u.re arell r.?OOd by the many frirn<i?
the made two years w.
s.., i.l.r afternoon .Mrs. OeOlfi I
Woodman enUrtalned at aarda ?n
anvoiin thoeei reeanl were Mlrn PBeaarar.
Mll Rhome. Mrs MerriB i oopar poaea
Mri u i; Perkina, Mrs. Wllllam Mea
dowa. Mrs. U orge i larke U\m i rit w?
,hn. Mra .hari.s r. ZabrisWa OtBl
,?.?,,.,, ,,. otbera who did not take p*"
ln the gajpirr
Tbe flr-'t sailing rcce of the season w??
n. Counlrj Club courae s?-?
,!,,-, afternoon. ln -p.te of the "nf*\?
aMa w.ath.r. wlth almost B **f_**i3
raa ontebtanta appeared a
ttarted ln the rac Booo after the ?
the O-te-sa-ga boal was disablod b> w?
ruddi r hreaklng and waa wlthdrawn r
the conteat. The race waa won b> w
lai? c Bowers ii and the othera roaoam
ltl. home goal ln tlie order named: PBWg
llv.ie in ihe Townsend boat. Jamea r?
.,. coopti and IVIIllam Tollew xj~,
Both Slephtn C. ?'laik and ^V*' ?
.,,,,,,,, ..(|1 faiied lo complete tht r,c'>
th.. allotted tlaatj -....- ??*'*'"*

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