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II. s.
Stung by Defeats at Stockholm,
the English Public Scolds and
Talks of "Noble Ideals."
'Constant Repetition Got on
Everybody's Nerves," One
Paper Declares?Might
"Pollute" Germany.
\ttf cabia t.. ti
I mdon, July L>>. Engllshmen are
flndlng it dlfflcult to accept wlth any
earrei r.f equanlmlty tbe Britlsh fall
n - ln the Olymplc aamea. Tho pub
c atnrted Wlth th>' Idea that it would
'. e unnecaaaanr for their athicfs to
'rain, and that through tho rnare fact
of belnf English they would sweep
tbe boarda and tL* m< n of other na?
ttona would give ui> wlthoat affort
rfaen they found themaalVaa eompat
ng against Engllahmen.
Now that the eventa have pwved
?he falsity of thla thaory, the Engllah
re falllng baoh on faultflndlng, which
i dlrected chlefly agalnat the Amerl
anp. of courae, as the Unlted Btatea
leada th< liat of vrlnnara at Btock
Kiim. and high eoundlng, but none the
laoa siliy. talk about the aoble Meala
if Engllah sport, !ti which thnpn who
.?omplam wo-ild have It beiteved that
tho last thoughta of the Brltiah
to play the game to win.
F(,r the laal fortnlght there haa been
* verltable orgy of the favorlte I
ilsh paatlme of wrltlng lettara to the
iiow^apcrs. an'J tlie aurdea of 80 par
jent of thean haa been that thoae bor
rll>!?? Arnerlcans have been unfalr
again?they a*on eventa in stockholm
m which Engliahmen were entered.
No one has found B valM Indlctment
IgaJnat tho Amerlcana cxcept that
they were thoroutrhlv trained and the
team well organlzed.
Complain of American Cheers.
Ar.other ground of complaint haa
hem that the Amerlcana chaared thelr
victors Bome Btockhohn dlapatchea
eomplalned that the American chcer
Ing was excruclatingly funny. "The
rimes" one morning gave a eolumn to
a derorlptlon of the Marathon race
and toM of "the hyatericaJ thrleka of
joy from tweaty thouaand ?pectatora"
when the South Afrlcans came In flrst.
Every Briton ln the stadlum "held nia
breath on the annoancement that a
runner was ln alght for fear he might
prove to b< an American."
In the next column waa a' dlspatch
Oonplammi that the Arnerlcans were
wlnning most of the athletle eventa,
i ? largl pnrt of lt was dev.oted to
"the American claque." Constant repe?
tition of Amertcaa cheers, lt said. waa
gctting on everybody*a nerves. lt eeemed
that lt had got on PlllaOh nerves to such
an extent that they trled to organize
a cheerlng section of thelr own. but
the attempt failed. The artlcle wound
up wlth the ftatement that the Em
peror might refuse to allow the next
games to be held in Berlln. because
he didn't want the alr of (i.imany
pollutad v ith Amertcaa cheers for
their vlctorlous repreeentatlve*
Of course, there have been some
rltera who have drawn the lesson
cf the necesslty of preparatlon if Eng?
lish athletes are to win ln the future.
These wrlters frankly atated that the
Arnerlcans won on thelr meriu, whlle
tho English loal through lack of traln
Ing and organization, but great preju
dlce ls seen ln tha qucrulousness arle
ing from the American victories.
An Arnerican Objeots.
The English paper? have been so
full of faultflndlng pubilcatlona that
at last they have drawn a reply from
an American. who wrltes to "The Pall
Mail Gazette" that the constant elight
|n eferencea to Amerlca and Ameri
Ot ln English nesvspapers will 6oon
de.-.oy the good feellng between the
natlons. Amerlcana, he says. cannot
Fe? themselvt.s constantly slighted and
tnsulted by the English praaa and have
any great faith ln the sineerlty of
"handa across the sea."
A couple Of days ngo 3ir Arlhur
Coaan Deyle wroto a brtef lattar to
"The Tlmes" ln which he said that
the reaulta at Stockholm showed tho
necesslty of England's waking up to
understand that if the international
games are worth golng Into they are
worth maklng s*rlous preparatfona to
win. He advtsed that in the next
games the Brltlsh team ahould repre
sent the ernptre an<1 not be dlvided
into sectlom
"The Tlmis" took a rather broad
hlnt, and on Friday had a BpeCfa] ar- i
tlcle from Stockholm ln which the
American athhtes recelved full credlt
for thelr trainlng and organization,
without peevlsh complalnts becauso
they won. England was advised to
take the lesson to heart l>ef'?rc the
next games were held. In the same
ieaue was an edltorlal glving tha same
advlce and saylng it ls not at all Incom
patiblc to keep the splrit of true sport
and at tbe same tlme to play the gnme
to win. j
The edltorlal ends: "The next Olympic
games will be beld four years h. n<e
at Berlln. Let us enter them as the
I'nlttd Empife and let us do our best
as sportsmen to win."
mm ? '
PrOBelytizing Elders Are Told They
MuBt Leave the Country.
Stockholm. Sweden, July 20.-The gov
ernment has decJded to expel all Mormon
alders engaged ln actlve propaganda and
proselyUxIng ln Sweden. The flrst vh tims
of this deelslon were Johan Oderlund
and Andreaa Hanaen. both American cltl
z.-i'H At the aame tlme a black llat con
talnlng the namea of twenty-nlne Ameri?
can Mormona waa Issued, but the gov?-rn
ii.<r.t dedded not to procced agalnat these
at the prenent ttBM
The dr-termlnatlon of the govenment to
atoti I ? Horman campaign meets witli
pof*ir\r approval. and It la llkely that any i
?liler atternpUng aetlve nfoselytlzing will j
t* expelled frotn the eountry.
Scarcity of Cottages Forces
Working Classes to Towns.
IH> Cabl* to The Tribun? I
London, July 'JO.-The problem of
Icottagaa for the worklng classes has
bacoma a serlotiB ona ln many parta
r rural England. The cry of "back
t" tlM land" ls continually belng ralsed,
and yet there are not quarters anougll
1 for all those who already are llvlng on
the land. Yo'.mg men say they an
COmpallad to leave the country for the
towns, for if they want to marry lt ls
irni-osslble for them to get decent or,
jindeed, an" klnd of houses ln whlch to
: llve ln thelr own nelghhorhoods.
The Kev. E. B. Crake, ractOT at Jev
, lngton. says that ln hia aactlon of the
) Suaaez dlatrict it ls not uncommon
; for people to sleep ln chests of draw
? r.s wbile in eome cates there ia i
[tenant for each corner ot" a ro.iii. and
all goaa nell untll there conies a ten?
ant for the cantre of the room also.
Then tlie trouble begitiS.
Lord Strachcy, at a recent mceting
of the Rural Dlatrict Counclie1 Aeeocla
tion, at the llanaion House, said thero
was no use in talking about 'back to
the land" as long as there was a to
taiiy Inadequate provlaion of good cot
tagaa ln the country areaa, He advo
catad the applieatloa of the Iriab aya
tetn to England, by which rural dla
tii.-t councila could borrow money to
btiiui cottages and tbe repayment ).?
dlvlded between the local ratea and
the Impeilal aschequer, wlth a period
of alxty-elght years In whlch to pay
off the loan.
Land could be butight and cottagea
built for 8iuh prlcea, be aald, that coi
tagea could be rented for only ll '?',|
a week. He aald !??> waa wlllii i
wlth other land ownari In reduc
Ing the coal Btlll furthar by glving the
land for nothlng.
? ?
Knight. Who Didn't Win Joust,
Smacked Queen of Beauty.
[B> Cabl ? to Th? Trtbt
Lendon. July 20.?An tntereatlngand
emuathg polnt aroae for <!?
ln connectloa with tbe tourney at
Earl's Court. At the end of tbe joust
ilng Lord Lonadale, knlght martlal, pro
"The Duke of Marlboroogh haa
jouated well, i"ir Lord Aehby Si
?? ra baa Jouati -i better."
j.-'.ld wroughl eup waa handed to
Lord Aahby Bt Ledi ira, who there
uion chibned the prlvllege of klaalng
the hand of VTacounteaa Curaon, the
queen of beauty.
lt appeara that Lord Aahby Bt
gera didn't Joual at all. He ?
to th' tourney tlred out from playlng
polo all the afternoon, ami i.ts place ln
the list waa taken by hi* brother, Cap
taln the Hon. Frederick Gueat. Noth?
lng was sald of tbe aubetltution, und
the Duke ?-f Marlborough, wh?> had
hltbarto carried all bafore him. got a
?re dent ir hls knightly armor from
] ;he freah and aealocu captaln, a dent
! of such proportlona that the auppoaed
Lord Aahby Bt. Ladgera waa declared
the victor, the cup giv.-n t?> him. and he
klaaed the hand of the Ojueen of beauty.
Then the questlon arose. Was not
i tl..> Duke of Marlborough th<- true vic
| tor on account of the deceptlon?
The noble duke and the noble lord
were willlng to draw lota for the cup,
but what of the iianu* of the queon <>f
beauty? No drawlng of lot* could uript
out that chaate salute.
Lord LonsdPle later offlclally an?
nounced the Duke of Marlborough as
th<- wlnner of the tourney. The an
uouncement aaya*
?Th. cup f"i the Jouatlng at ttlt at
the Elizabethan tourney haa been
awarded to th<^ Duke of Marlborounh,
Lord Aahby Kt. Ldgers not bavlng
taken part, and tilting by prozy not
belng permisslble."
France and Russia Reimburse
Ships Taking Suez Route.
[By Cahle to Tlie Trlbune]
London, July 20.?Whlle the questlon
1 of Panama Canal tolls is taking the at
tentlon of England and Amcriea, the
example of France and the Ruez Canal
conifcs up, showlng how certain ihlpa
that take the Suez route get their canal
tolla reimbursed by the gor< rnnienl,
Whlch amounts to the same thlng as
jr<f.'r.-ntial tolls.
lt transpires that under Its new con?
tract wlth the French government the
Meaaagartag Marltlmes shnll be repaid
canal tolls to the amount of about
|TB(M)00 a year. The Ituaslan govern?
ment paya the canal tolls regularly of
certain vesselH trading wlth the Kasl
Aslatlc poBsesslons.
Receives Ouests in New House,
Though Still Unfinished.
(By Gable ta Tha Trlbune. I
London, July 20.?Though Mr.-. Ava
Willlng ABtor's house ln Qroavanor
Square Is unfinished, she l.? dolng a
littie qulet entertalning there. Ifra
Astor is partlcularly fond of old Eng
lish furnlture, and tha roorns on the
Jlrst floor of the dwelllng are fllled wlth
old oak and other etnblems of an old
Erigllsh home. The dmwtng room up
atatrs, howaver, wiii M decorated in
French style, wlth 1-Ycnch furnitur>\
pletures and chlna.
Mrs. Astor has arranged a long and
Intereatjlng motof tour on the Contlnont
for beraelf, her aon Vlnoant and dauKh
t.r .Murl.l. Starting from I'arla, tney
will go through the chflteau dlstrict.
vialtlng all the out of the way villages
and amall towns. Italy win be their
next tourlng ground, and they wlll re
turn to Parts hy way of Uermany.
Mrs. Astor ls expected to vlslt New
york for a ahort time this winter. but
wlll nturn to London for the early
aprlng season.
8t. I'etersburK. July iU-Matlileu Ba
vastoiioulo, counsellor of the Russlan
ICmbassy In the I'tiited Btataa, t'-(l:iy Wal
appointad counsellor of enihassy at Parla
m. largatopnuln wlU b?- aacoeed .1 u\
Waahlngton by A. K. Scherbatzky, \\h.?j
at preuent ls flrst secr.ta.ry of the Kue- I
sla ii Kmboasv at Toklo.
jwill Turn to Pantomime After
Trying Everything Else.
Managers Now Say: "Mr. So
and-So Will Present a New
Play"-Theatres Cloaing.
j [By Tran?attantlc iTIralaaa to The Trir.'jne. 1
Londen, July 20.? The versatile Mnri"
Tempest. who has trled rverythtng else
in a theatrtcal way, now Is about to try
a rantomlme. Her history already In
clude* the (nncert stape, fhen comlc
opera, a sllght exeurslon Into grand
opera, mualoal oomedy and noa
?tralghl comcdy. speaking of her new
; renture, she savs:
"For year* I have been looklng for a
aultable vehlcle t<> mahe an essay ln
thla dtrection. Tt Is rather odd, when
v u Come t'i think of lt, that at the
I rt 1 Aepended entlrely on a .iinein;'
Bubaequently on a apeaklng
'< rolce and noa on no volce at all."
In about three areeka she appenrs at
ti'..; Prince <>r yvhIch Theatre ln a one
wordleea afterpiece tn "At the
Barri," ln which she la now playing.
Bhe will repreaenl Plerrot
Qeorge Bernard Bhaw is said to hava
tten 11 new play for Mr*. Patrlck
CampbelL Hcnrl Bermrteln has been
London a couple of areeka on worh
I the next produetlon "i on<
? ?r hla playa here. lt is "Laeeant,"
which Blr Qeorge Uezaader prodacad
Bt Jamea'a Theatre In the fr-'l after
the produetlon ot the "Ln Plairthae" <?f
it. nr: Klett m <?? I ? ra. Jeroma K
J rome haa written u play which i? to
i. produced at Prince of Wales Thea-<
? . when the rua <' "At the Bam" ter
mIna 11
lt ls Inttrrstlng to see LondOB rr?n
?.-.? adoptlng American wayt iri an
nounclni new playa Tha Engllah cua
tora la t.. say, "Mr Bo-and-Bo will
j produce a new play." When Charlei
Prohman came over be aald, "Mr.
Prohman will present a new plai " At
flrat be was laughed at. but now n
| London managera nre uetng the sam"
phraae, and some nre adoptlng the
( v> ,, ol Colom i Henry W. Bavage, who
Mra inger:-..n Naeh, who returna to 1
An,. i, .. eoon, k-'-.' ? fan well r<
?r tl. ? of Olh er H? rford at the
irt Theatre on Tueaday.
London theatrea are r
r,.r the auramer h >ll la) Il
to Hamm trati In's, three ho ? dt
roted to th<- dn ma < ? d thla ? ?
Cyrll Maude haa withdrawn Lo
And \N*h.it Then'."' at the Playhouae.
"Rutherford and S(.n" has end.-d Its
riin ;it tha VaudevUle and sir Charlea
\\ ynilham has brought his "Mrs.
Dane'a Defence" to a cloee al tha New
. Theatre.
Hotels Filled with Tourists
from This Country.
; iiy Cabla t., Th. Tfia u ?
London, July L'?? The London hotela
have been well filled wlth Amerlcana
this week Among thoae at the Bavoy
bavi been Predertch Bllllnga, B. H.
Wllllame, Commandet R. i? White,
aaval attache at it^me nnd Vlenna; E.
P. Price, Dr. W. OUI Wyiie. S II. It.-n
edict. An her V. I'arn roft, Mr. and Mra,
Harvey J'. Ntchola, C. B. Bargent, Ai
, fred H. James and farnlly and Mr and
Mrs. w. u. Hearat, all of New l*ork;
Benjamln P. Grleeom, J. i- Burrell and
0. Q. Leonard, all of PhUadelphla;
Wencell L, Nlchole, Mrs. M. B. I>ar
llngton and l'. v De Boeeet, all of
At Clarldge'a nr< Colonel and lii -
Pletachmann, who have. returned from
a huntlng trip ln BlberUt, and Mr. and
Mrs. \v. Beale, of St w Tork, who have
come over from the Contlnent
At tho Carleton are Mrs. Irvtng
Wfight, Mlss K. Wrlght, J. J Man
nlng, Mr. and Mrs. .1. B, Thomas nnd
Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Neave and fam- I
lly, all Of New York.
At the Oecll are Mr. and Mra. Jolm
1. s. Underwood, Miss Oladya Under*
WOOd, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. W. Chamber
lain, Btephen P. Barrett and Francis
J. Lowea, all of N< w V01 k.
At the Piccadllly are A. M Bhep- |
pard and family, Mra. E. .y. Kearney
and Mr. and Mrs. Kranklln QtUlther,
all of New Yoffc.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamllton Plah are ut
tbe Kitz.
Spends $24,000 a Year on tho
| Costliest of Royal Wardrobes.
rBj < ..!:?? t<> Tb? Trlhuno.]
London, July 20. ?An Austrlan n? ws
! paper which has been Jnquirlng Into
I tht cost of royal wurdrobes eaya that
; Queen Wllhelmlna of Ibdland || the
; most extravagant of tho women of
j European courts. apendJng anntially
I $24,000 on her aeraonal attlre. Qneen
j Margaret of Italy comes next wlth
| $16,000, n conslderable part of which I
| goes for lace.
Th'- Kmpress Auguste VtOtOffa <>f
? (lermany put* JIL',500 Into tollets,
' which alwayt come from Londen or
Vienr.a The ClatiM I" the most een
nomlcal. She has a predllectlon for
black and for severe style.s that obvlate
trlmmlngs and aecessorles. Thus she
makea her dressmaklng blll lnelgnlfl- I
Berlln. July ?.?I'lana are lielng OOB
sldered by the government for t'rown
I'rlnce Frederlck Wllllam to vlalt the
(Jernian Afrhan colonles ln h?14. If the
trip la deelded on the Crowa Prince will
represent Emperor Wllllam at tlie open
lng of the German railway to I^ake Tan
ganylka, which lles on the borders of
German East Afttea and the Pffian
Mailed anywhare in tha United
States for $2 50 a year.
Retiring Savoy Manager Says Guests Will
Next Demand Aeroplane Landings?
Germans More Prodigal.
?Bt raata to T?? Tru?un*.i
London, July ft.?Ouatave Scggeike.
who has been mnnager of the Savoy
Hotel for elghi yaara, raalgnad this
w.ek, and since his reatgnation he has
been dofcng po/ne taikiug on tha hotal of
tbe future aa ahown by his exparlence
' wlth Bngllah hOt( I
"Only the BngHahman whose educa*
a? a traveller is mont ndvnnc rl "
! he says "bf.th wants the best nnd
.gnowi when he gets it." Ouetave then
tellt some of the things which hotali
! must have. and qtialnt enout;h hli Idaag
laaam t'. thoaa who know th.' modarn
I Anu rlcan boetlary.
"Everybody now expects ? telephone
! in hls romn." be says. "Not long ago
: there were only ? few balhrooma ln a
hotel; to-day gueata want a bathroom
j attached to aach bedroom, and ? hoial
i must i rovide ? & malda for the
women. Even apeclal expert packeri
i have to i" raady to paok tha clothaa of
I departlng gueata.
??ln rurniahinga tbe changea are very
letrlking. No longer doea one llnd
ro ima plalnly furnlshed, but dlffarant
ita hava prt dll ? i;'Uy
orated aultea, aome of whlch have
???? in tha atyle "t Loula XIV, some
of tha Lonli XV typea, othera In tha
,. ihlon of tha Empire, and a<> on.
jSees Moving Picturei of His
Work Amonrj Flowers.
i ?
Princcss Rospiglioso Said to
Have at Last Won the Ear
of Papal Court
? ? mapan '
Itome, July Hl?Pope Plue l? rnaaifeat.
Ing ezti ' '? n*
?:.?? (Ilm. II araa thro em .to
. ? that
i n \ ? g the
laaugnratlon of ? ? mpanlli md
one of th. rli lo
t a t.no hlnc and
? .I how t<> operate lt tVlthout i?-t
Ung th- Po| .? int.. ? rleat
?? .';r^d aoma aacalleal Hlma "f the n..iy
Fati.er tendrng ata favortta Bowara In '.he
gnrlen of tha Vatleaa, g/hea ha a
thowa blmaelf atovlag about, tru
averj k<-h .r<- and aapraaajon, he re
1 marku '1
"Wonderful! Wonderful, ladaed! Hoa
<;...i tn i-t lova theee Aaaarlcana t"
, wlth the |h.?'
aatownaing thtngal Why, th l
, Itsrlf!"
?f;.r/>d that the ("rlnrrx Roaplgll
tha <ar of the Papal
tl al her aull f"r anaulmenl of
her flrst matrhijce and racegnitlon of hrr
??eond v ? nture won. l <>r
jraun ahe haa baen Btrivtag t" rmerg.
fr<'tn an anomaloua poettlon, but on ?
attempt her patltlon waa demed. Re
cently aba ratornad fr.'m ttM Unlted
Btatea wlth nea evidence, :<n>l lt !
arhich haa seemtngiy moved the acclealaa
tlcal Judgaa In her favor.
A apeclal blll now belng prepared | >?
the atlnlatry of w?r win ereata ai a
u :i?- ri m h of ti,. artllli i ) anp
motoi fi-iu battertea. Blectric motora wlll
?.. oaed, and the tlrea win be armored
wlth ii u*. tl aheathlng, Bhellproof Tha
fruiis ura so arranged thai one artlflery
niHti can operata the ''ar and the Held
place at the same time. Lleutenant
? ? pf, a relativc of the late atataaman,
ls tha Inventor ot the new u."tor-fun car
foma alarm araa cauied at the Qulrlntl
I'Mla'-e a frw days ago hy the aonduct "f
a Neapolltan, who made a deaparatB l t
t<mpt to ent.-r the royal apnrttwents und
wns cauRht in the acl of hurling an ob
Ject, at flrst thouftht to be ? bomb,
through one of the palace aindowa The
man was arraatad, hut iut?r releaaed
nrhen tbe "bomb*' wai found to he ? elev
arly contrlved comWnatlon ol rnetal
globee, whlch, arhen unacrawed, rev<
acenea eztolllng the reign of Vlctor En?
Irreligion Cited in Support of
German Segregation.
Berlln, July Zn. Tha aaparatlOB of
Cburch and Btata iM beconiag a llve quea
tlon in Oennany, Por Mvaral yaara the
rapportarg Of thist Idea have i>een growing
ri!oi>' aumeroua among the Intelllganl
ctaaaae of the paopla. Uatverelty profi
? i ari wwnlng fonrard in Increaetag
numbers In favor of lt. and lt ls ntceivtng
Bnore and more attantioo amimg tha po
iiti"..i parUeai
The Bodal Damocratk party has made
lt one nf tho "plunks" In tth ptatfom for !
many yaara Tht Radleala demaadad tha
?aparation u;"i<- than .-ixty yeara .iko.
aftt-r the stirrlnsr everits of 1S4H, nnd it la !
aaaumad that they win agala aupport it if j
the quaatlon shooi.i come np foi a rote 't, i
the Pniaatan Lagtatatura Even the <'<>ri-|
aarvatlva party, whteh fttntalna aaaat ofl
th' orthodoa Protaatanta of the country,!
la avtdently riewtag ti?: idt-u of a aaj ira
tlon with growing aympatby.
Th? "Kreuz-Ziltung.'' the organ of that
party, has Jti.-t prlntad a leadlng e.ll- |
torlal on the matter, ln whhh H says: ln
tha Conseivotlvt) party there la a rapldl) I
growtog diapaattfan to prevant th?> further
amularlBatlon and axternallaatlon <>f tbe i
Church by ^e^.?lrntlll({ it froaa the stat*-."
Tha growing antrnitgaeBent of tha ^;er- j
iiiun paoph from tiII churehet* Im another I
nrgument advanced. it is aald that not I
more than one person In a hundred ln
Barhn attanda ehnrch. aavaval mcant j
heresy trials in tha 1'russian lOvaagalical
Church have also given a strotm Ifpatna
la thr ??mtlnient for a separatlon. It ls j
Iha npinlun pf tbe "National-Zf-ltung." a
leadlng National Uberal organ, that there
is already a clear majorlly ia the country
favortng the separatlon of Church and
"The number of people who make the
hotel thelr home la increaslng tremen
dotisly. They demand quletnesa and
vnrlety. espe.-inlly vnrlety. Vot ex
ample, no matter how good the hotel
orcheetra la, lt must be changed fro
quently. Even the unlforms of the
hotel servants rnust have the deslgn
altered as often as possible.
"But we are golng much further yet.
The hotels butlt now will have a wlre
leaa tolegraph statlon and aeroplane
landlng place*. To keep pace wlth the
jtlmes, we must do away wlth the old
! faahloned tclephono boxca and have a
j luxurlous telephone saloo.i. There will
I..- an Inqulry ofllco on each floor. ao
that any one waatlng to see a guest
i !, be <niUkly put in teuek wlth him.
The ahaence of such facilities ls a great
faull in the modern hotel. Nowadays
I.p|e < xpeci to be able to buy a tlcket
in :i h'>t'-l for any place, and in the
future I think you will tlnd that hotels
' will have bank.s as part of thelr equlp
' menf.
"Of courae, nll thla !s golng to coat
Riore, bttl people seem rendy for It.
Spi i lally remarkaWe lt la how ln recent
ra German travellera have Increaaed
thi ir expendlturea Untll lately the
. ?t price they would pay for a
m waa *-' Now they do not mlnd
i i I- ing $7 leV
Favorabie Crop Reports Im
prove the Market.
[> ?: caMe t" Th? Triaaee.]
l'arlp. July L^t -After a week of
Iheavtneaa and Irregutaffty the Patia
' Bourea has become a trllle more BCflve
on aecount of rary favorabie crop re
l, r.i>t oiuy ln Praace, but in the
I Unlted States, Russia and Central Eu
Buaalan Induatrlal, coppar and rub
iber aecutitlea sho* conatderabhi ad
Itallan and Turklsh funds have
falli i Prencb rentea remala duii and
? unchai - i
France to Have More Warships
in the Mediterranean.
??? Th.. thi
Parta, July 20. - The Mlnlster of
Marlne. M. Delcaaea, who ls now foi?
iowing the aaval manceuvrea near Oor
atca and Klaerta of three aquadrons,
under erdera of Vice-Admiral de La
peyrere, azpreaaea Mtiafactloa with the
afBctency of the lleet. After l thor
<oigb mveatlgatlOB Of the sfrateglrnl
situntlon fn the Mediterranean he haa
declded to tranafer to Blaerta six of
tlie older typea of battleahipfl now in
Atlantk p'>rt.s. thus coaatderabtjr in
creaatng Ihe Preneh navai strength ir.
tne lledlterranean,
Thli atep la the reeult of an ex
cbange al vlewi with the Btitlah Ad
mlralty, which, in conformlty with a
h mnop plan, in belleved here wiii niao
aoon send bnportant retnforcementa to
Maita in ereer to makataJa the navai
au| reanacy of the powera of the en
tente cordlale ln the Mediterranean.
Featuie of Cavalry Show at
Saumur School in France.
i By Qebia to Tbe Trlbaaa i
Parla, July 20.?The Freneh cavalry
h> r.<? show now golng on at the
Saumur Cavalry Bchool la the moat
?UCeeaaful ever held tiiere, and lncludes
204 entrles and 116,000 In prltes. The
Iflniater of War, M Millerand, has
offered tho greatest inducements to the
Prench stttd famta to produce cavalry
and artlllery horses of aueh quantlty
and quallty H to lnsuro yearly requlre
menta of the army.
The gre.u featufe of the mllltary
horse show at Huumtir Is th<? openlng
in the immense feudal caatta thero of
n> Natlonal iiors.- Ifuaeum, a aort of
bipplc Pantheon, ln vhtek everything
relatlng to horses is rjoUeeted and pre
?erved. a akeletoa of a horse of the
tertlary peiiOd ls to be seen there, slde,
bj slde wlth the sketeton of the famous
Flying Fox, pur< hased by Edmond
Blane at the Duke of Westmlnster's
sale. for $200,000. Speclmens of har
aean, aqulaenent, aaddleryi horseshoes
and portralts of famous chargera,
hunten and racehoraea make a splen
did show.
This horse museum, which opened i
to-day at Saumur, Is, In the uplnlon of |
? iperta, the most complete Inatltutloit
of Its klnd In Europe. lt waa founded
by the liberallty of Jean Htern, Holo
mon Itelnaeh, Prince Murat, Kdmond
Blane, Eflouard Detaflle and othera,
and ls placed under the dlrectlon of a
board of cavalry generals.
Thieves Get $6,000 Letter of i
Credit from C. N. Scarborough. j
Beaitn, July 2<>.-charlea R. Hearbor-l
ouKh. of New York, waa robbcd last nlght I
of a letter of eredlt for $6,000, two steru/i- I
ahlp PHs^enKer tieketa and a conslder.iulo
amount of eash. The thleves. who etitered
the room at the hotel here In which Mr.
?eejWeuga la staylng, have not boeu
Mr. und Mrs. flearborough reslde. at No. |
III atadlaoa avenue. * Mr. ticarborough Is
pte preaidapl of the New Home Bewtng I
Macbine Cecanany, No. fc Eaet 17th atreet.
Be and Mra. Searboruugh aailed for llu
rope about ten daya ago. Mr. Scarbjr
ough la a niember of the New York Ath
letlc and other clubs.
Mailed anywhera in the United
Statea for $2 50 a year.
Reported to Favor Alliance to
Crush Ottoman Power.
Oerraan Women Having Toes
Amputated in Craze for
Smaller Feet.
(Prorn Th" Trlbune. Corre*pr>ndent.)
nerlln, July 20-"The Chrlstlan powera
wlll have to step ln and police Turkey
from frontler to frontler," the Kalser ls
reported to have snil ln a reeent tatk
wlth the Brltlah and Kussian ambassa
dors. The sltuatlon ln the Ottoman Em?
pire la a dlsgrace to clvlllzation, hls
majesty added, nnd "we must put a Btop
I to It. and at once."
| Thls strong pronoun. ement on the part
of Kmperor Wllllam BBa surprised B good
many persons, not mer?ly because lt ls?
even for the Kalser-a most sensational
itterance. but for th> reaPQB that Qar
many has kng been Buapaeted of aldlng
and abettlng for her own purposes the
lerioua unreat In the Mahom-tan do
mlnlons. whli<> affeetlng to support the
foung Turk goTeriunent. Bemi-ofllcial
d.'iilal la made to th' raporta that Ger
i man aeaunance haa been givefl to Turkish
| war meaauraa It ls etdted by a hbjh
Oeillian oillclal that Oennany has no
.lestre to harnper Italy ln the courae or
her contest wlth Turkey, but, on the con
trary, that Italy ls deservlng of and is
recelvlng constant support a.1 far as
neutraiity azlgendea arlll pernttt The
Kalser's nngry pronounoement la sald to
meon that he would approva of a holy
j slliame to destroy once and forever the
I last vestlges of Ottomaa power.
| A dtapateh from Brwaaala states that an
aaarchtat nimost auccaeded lii siaying the
Oaraaaa Mintnter at that eapttaL He
placed a bomh in a seaied packet, a/hlcb
he left ln the mlnlster's mali'oox. Fortu
r. itely. thr bomb explodel before the box
was opaned. It burst the mailbog with
a dtaftatag report, but dld no aerlous
The craie for smail feet has taken such
possesHion of Oermaa women that man'
of tho faahloaaMe ones are having their
toea amputated ln order to curtail thelr
fp*\. Thelr eottdUCt has arousei a BOlM
Ufle coatroveray. whlch is not at all one
cided. Dr. Karl Muchft a dlBtingulsh-d
laon, says "toea are a usHess ab
- irdlty ln the BM dern man or woman.
and eaa be ramovad arlthout 'iang<-r." He
i \..rates operatioaa on yaung people
whlle they nre wlthln the Rrowtng perloJ.
aeylng, "lf giris wsnt to have littie feet
sclencc should hel;i th.m to that bb-ss
U\g." Other note.l aurgaona say su^n
ItlOM. are s. andalou* and should be
deemed a? llle*al as murder.
Journalistic Attcmpt at Har
raony Intensifies Discord.
Berttn, July ?).-The yournaMatle attemi t
t.? brlng about a peaceful s?ttiement of
the dlfferen^'S betwecB Oermany and
England by means of an e,xehange of
ftawi betv.ren prominent lepceaentatlvea
pf both aatlona, carrled out by the pttb
n-t.rs of the weii knowa Qarman month
ly. "North and Bottth," BOeaN m.reiv to
have Intenslfled tlie eontroversy. The
vtewa of Haifour. Lord Haldaae, Sir
Thomas Barday and a long llat of other
prominent Engllsh polltlelans r.nd pub
llcl-ts are anaurered by twenty-three laaoV
ItiK Oermans, representina parllumentsry,
niliitary, banklng, Induatrtai, agrarlaa
aud JournallstP- alialaa, faa tha July num?
ber Jus-t publlshe.l.
The llst of eontributora to the Oermat:
aymposlum Includes Prlnce Ltehaowflky,
of the ll< use of Ix>rds. Arthur von Owln
ner. dlrector of the I>eutsche Punk; Au
Riist Tayn^en. one of the ureatmt Ger
Bian indtistrlal leaders; COUBt Poaad ff
sky. faimar Mlntater of th? Interl t.
Prlnce foa ?ohoanaicb-Caralath, feti Bt
Hassermann, <"*ount v. n 8chwer1n-L<? >?
witx and otl.er prominent mernbers of the
Relchstag, Vlce-Admlrals Calater and VOn
Ahlefeld, Profenr.or Schlemann. a news
aapar aniter aopularly supposed to have
the ear of the Emperor. and Theod r
Wolff, edltor of tht, "Herlln Tageblalt."
and probably the moat influentlal Journal
Ist ln Oermany.
Balfour's arralgnment of Oermana for
folLulng "a pollcy Incompatlble wlth the
rlghts of other natlons," and Slr Thomas
Barclajr*a orttldam of the Oareaaa settu
Biant of the Pranco-PruBslan war have
naturall) falled to pteaee, and there ls in i
return a general crltlclsm of Engllsh p<'l
Icy as deairlng to bampar Qarmany at all j
All the Cerman wrlters defend the exlst- ]
anea pf a strotiK Qarman deat a^ a vitai i
ls*ue for Oermany. lelnir naeded to pro- J
tcot lt: eonstantly Rrowlng forelgn corn- |
merce nnd bjumra the Import of the fo. d
aupply as Bjacaaaary for Qarmany as fori
England It ls polnted out thnt even In '
tha best years Oermany ralBea only \
enough ford to f?.ed her populatlon slx
days of the week. and cltes Engllsh
atattattea to ahow that whlle Et'Kiand baa
to Import food for thlrty mllllcn of its
p.ipulatlon. Oermany nrt:at do the name
for frem twenty-one rnllllon to twenty
two ml'llons of hers.
Russo-Japanese Pact Thought
to Ignore Republic's Interests.
Mongolia Police Kill Three Jap
anese?Tokio Denies Agree
. ment About To Be Signed.
[By Cable to The Tribune.)
Feklng, July 20.?The government la
anxloua over the details Of the agree
m< nt reported as about to be signed
between Japan and Ruasia. The treaty,
it Is belleved here, certalnly doe.s not
conslder (hina's "speclal Interests" ln
I th? zones which the treaty doubtlesa
I affects.
The Chlneee government ls investU
j gatlng the alleged movement for Inde
i pondonco ln Inner Mongolia. The pollce
i reeently kllled three Japanese ?ho were
; "runnlng" ln the guns. Investigatlon
ihowa that ? large Japanese flrm had
; Itarted I ahlpmcnt of weapona under
j talea labeta. Naturally officlals of the
' Mdttdo'a government deny any knowl
adge of the piot
l'osslbry the new Japanese < laima of
apexdal Mongolian interests co'istltute
j the answer to Rusala' northerly nggres
? alon, thus bloeking a neaaikee advanc*
Wushli.gton, July 20.?Formal denial of
' tha puMaBhod statement that a treat, be
I twei n Japan and Ru3sia looking to the
! defealttoa of their respecti\e Intereeta ln
I Mancharta nnd Mongolia was about te be
i signed at bt Petersburg has reached the
State Departaaeat from the American Era
J bassy at Toklo.
The aasbaeaj based Its denial on ln
I forrnatlon furnished by the Japan.-f-e I'or
I rlgn Offlco. State iJepartmcnt ofesaetl
| bave nothing to say to reeoncila the usue
thua raleed Ixtween .St. PotersburK ani
The unofffclal oplnlon Is expr^ss-'d bert
that even if a treaty Is ln Incubatlcn It
mircht be found to be nothing n.ore than
an agreement betweon the two powera not
to interfere wlth each other in ottain
d.fmlte zoney, and such an nqreejnent
would have no blndlng forcc upon any
I Otbef nations not a party te the airree
i ment and whlrh did not care to be hound
[ by lta provU?!ons.
Thus. It ls polnted out, U eaafd not mn
j f<:lally affect the status qtto ln Chlna, or
j even In Manehurla or MongoHai te htl
as concerns the malntename of the open
door and the right of Amerka, tleat
t^ritRin. ''? rmaay or Prance to cstHm
the same M'KBegea or rl?h:s there as
' Japan ot f
German Papers Assail England
for Putumayo Conditions.
Berlin. July 2<>.?Tho "Betilner Tage
I blatt" publlshes a leadlng arthle to
[day ?anafllng Great Brttaia for the
; conditlon ln the Putumayo r ibher dls
slrict of Peru. The newspar-r de
, mands that the Unlted States inter
\ vene. as the atrocltles COmmlttei
\ agalnst the Indla rubber eollevtora
: have created a sltuatlon whlt h ls varl
ant to the Monroe Doctrine, under
! which the t'nlted Btatea -an bring
preeaure to bear on a Bouth Ana ricaa
republic faillng to obeorva tha stand
| ards of culture and morallty.
Such a courav. tho ?Tageblatt" adds,
would be far more pralaewerthy than
the protectlon of dellnquent deb?ora
agalnst European CTedltOfU.
Accused of Plotting to Assassi
nate Prince Katsnra.
Ppoul, Corea, July t#.?Jfore than one
hundred Coreaaa have been arreated by
the Russian authoritles at Harbta and
Its vlolnity in OOUBectloa with an a?
j leg< d plut to aaaneetaate Prince Katdura
when the Japanese ex-rremier r"?sae<l
through that Manehurlan clty <'n bia
way to St. Petersburg. A number of .
bomba and a quantlty of letters and
plans containing tbe names of tle l?*d
ers of the consplracy were aeiz'"1 and
will be turned over by the Rusala.'. ofn
rlala to the Japanese pollce. It la pot
alble that the evldence aecured wllt uara
an lmportant benring ln connectlon wlth
the consplracy trlal now belng c-?r..l icted
at Seoul.
A .-ingular feature of the t vidence
preyented at the OPOB hearlng ln thla city
of lii-1 converted Coreana, who an- ciiarged
with plottlng aaalnat the i?.>\.' nnient
and IIre of the Japaneae Oovernor Q*n
eral of Corea, Count Teraucbi, la that
all the piiaoners have followed the lend
of the first person examlned All of tha
accueed pereeaa retnute<t tiieir pr ivioaa
statements and profeseed entlre lenor
ance of any eonnectloa with an organi?
zation wblch had for its purpe a tu# la
dependence of Corea. Inaietlng that their
confessions Implleating otnera, Incladlag
a number of forelgn mlsslonaries, were
extracted tirom thfin under elther "fear,
threata of heating or tortare.
Out of the 191 prlsonera on trlal lll
made atmllar xtatements at the puMle
trial ln the same terior waa tlie t.'stl
niony of Baron Yunchlhe. a former metn
ber of the Corean Cablnet, who on three .
n. oa-loiiH had prlvately made stat> menta
to the eantrary,
B , j Arrange to Havs
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