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Financiers Troubled Over the
Steady Fall of Consols.
guggestion Made That Oom
mission Be Appointed to Find
Causes and Reraedy.
[By OaMa to The Trlbune.]
London. July 20? The atock market
remalns npathetic. L-lttle buslness is
done and prlce movements remaln
small. Home rails are unaltercd, but
slight advances are recorded ln Amerl
cans, prlnclpally on crop showinga.
Small loans untll Monday and for tho
week were placed at 2Mi per cent. DIs
counts are unchanged, with no relaxa
tlon ln rates expected until suppllea of
loan money hecome permanently more
plentlful, of whlch there is no present
Consols recovered an eighth, to 741;
for the account and 74 3-1G for money,
but the gravity of the situation is in
no way lessened. Varlous cxplanations
are given for each new drop ln the
price of consols. but whatever may be
advanced as a reason for the moment
the fact remains that the value of Eng
land's premier security ia steadily fall
The latest decline is attributed to the
news that Italian warshlps had entered
the Dardanelles and the posslble clos
ing of the entrance to the Black Sea
and the spread of hostllities. It is also
attrlbuted ln part to the sale of $19,
000.000 ln 3 per cent exchequer bonds
by the National Telephone Company
to the Rothachilds at SS1-.. with the ex
pectatlon that further large amounta
of exchequer honda will come on the
market soon, when the telephone arbl
tratlon is completed. If the latter rea?
son ls round, a further fall may bo
looked for with the freeh Issue of ex?
chequer bonds.
In the mean time, while day to day
reasons are being sought for the fall
ln prices, the credlt of the country is
belng eonatantly und seriously lmpalred
and no steps of any consequence aro
belng taken to ascertain the causes or
to flnd the remedy.
Tho opposition to the present gove/n
ment lays all the blame on Lloyd
George's financlal system. or lack of
system, and the constantly lncreaslng
t)urden of taxes. with incltement of the
mass^s against the classeB.
Lloyd Oeorge retorts that the depre
ciatlon began more than a dozen years
ago, long before the present govern?
ment cume into power. Tho war of
words- goc? on, and nothing io done,
white the country undoubtedly faces a
mo?t BerloUJ situation, for the depre
clation of oonaola ls more than a mere
matter of curioslty and wonder in
Baanclal :fffairs.
A* business men always hitherto
have been able to fall back on consols
ln time of trouble, the Bank of Eng?
land belng willlng to lend up to a vrry
narrow tnargin on consols, the pretent
airuatioD, wlth prices steadily fulllng,
ls vrry dlfferent. Not only private.
banks. but the Bank of England rnusl
hesltate to accept this security, and
the foundation on which tho vust
luperstructure of credit throughout the
country has been reared is seriously
The fuggestion ln now made that the
Chancellor appoint a body of men of
such > ompetence and hlgh character
that they will command the confidence
of the whole country to lnvestigate
tbe causes and the best raeans of
checking the downward movement. and
It seema imperative that some such
atep be taken.
flinister Episodes Temper Dub
lln's JExultation Over Asquith.
[By Cable to Tbe Trlbune.]
London, July 20.?Natlonallet Dublln
U nioved profoundly by two dlverse
though not confllctlng sentlments?one
of exultatlon at the triumphant success
of Premier Asqulth's dramatlc entry
Into the clty and the other of execra
hon at what ls belleved to be a foul
?nffraglit plot
Owlng^ to the Intenne excltement
?roused by the Premler's appearance
and the extreme lateness of the hour
at whlch the events occurred. it was
IrnpoBslble at the moment to place ln
thelr true perapectlve the sinister epi
?odes of Thuraday night, flrst the at
tempt to fire the Theatre Royal and
then the hurllng of a hatchet into the
carriage contalnlng Mr. and Mrs. As
Qulth, John E. Redmond and the Lord
Mayor of Dublin. There can be littie
doubt, however, that every fresh ray of
ilght whlch eubsequent hours have cast
upon tht.se happenings only Bervee to
Duxgnlfy thelr eeriousnesa and the dla
bollcal dlsregard for the consequences
which characterlzed them.
Augustlne Birrell, Chlef Becretary for
Ireland, describtng the hatchet throw
Ing lneidf-nt, sald an ugly, formidable
in?trument wlth a ahaft from twelve to
fifteen inche8 long waa used?a thlng
Uiat might be of servlce ln chopplng
*ood. Nor waa lt thrust Into the car
rlage in any tlmid or half-hearted way.
H was vlgorously hurled Into the
vehlcle and waa probably Intended for
*he Prtme Minleter, but the areatest
wonder is that lt dld not klll Mr. Red?
mond. As lt waa, lt graaed the face. of
*?? Natlonallat leader and fell Into the
Th* Prlme Mlniater retumed to Lon?
don to-nlght from Dublln. He sald that
?h receptlon ln Dublln was unpar
"Heled in enthualaam and proved that
Home Rule would enormously atrength
?n the empire. The Uberala. Mr. As?
quith declared. were never more unlted
,n*n they are now.
* nitn who, from papers found ln hia
^wweaaton, ln belleved to be Jamea A.
M'llr, flfty year> old| of No, 3&c lBt atreet.
b'**lyn, dled auddenly at Broadway and
Al?r- street laat night aa a pollcsman wbb
???launa hlm to a grug store.
Official Note Says Flotilla
Withdrew from Attack.
Steel Cable Obstmctions Pre
vented Firing on Warships,
Government Declares.
Rome, July 20.?The Italian government
admltted ln an official note Issued to-day
that a flotilla of Italian torpedo boat de
stroyers attempted yesterday to enter the
Dardanelles. The destroyers succeeded ln
advanclng to Phanak iTalaeala. on the
Aelatlc slde of the stralt, when lt was
decided to wlthdraw cn account of the
aevere bombardment dlrected at tbem
from the Turkish forts and shlps. The
Italian vessels. !t was added. were not
The oflicial communicatlon says that a
flotilla of torpedo boats, "wblle perhaps
pursulng tbe encmy's torpedo boats or
for the purpose of reconnoltring," made a
dash Into tho Dardanelles. Although de
tected by many aearchllghts and llred < n
by the forts on elther shore. they pusned
on untll they dlscovered that the enemy's
flcet was protected by steel cable obstmc?
tions. They were thus prevented from
dellvering an attack on the Turklsh war?
ships anchored ln the stralt.
"The Italian flotilla," OOBtlnuea the
communicatlon, "retlred ln perfect order,
desplte the heavy flre of the; forts. reach
lng tho Xajeaa Intavet, thanks to the ene?
my's bad gunnery."
Chanak-Kalessia, commonly caUed Dar?
danelles, is a town on a flat po;nt op
poslte Khllld-Bahrl fort, on the European
shore. The town ls defended by Caatle
Chanak-Kalessta, which of late years haa
been reinforced wlth heavy guns and
modern equlpment.
Many Americans Registered at
the Leading Hotels.
Paris, July 12.?The last wetk wltncssed
a large lnflur of Americans Into Paris.
Recent arrlvals of New Yorkers at the
hotels are:
At the Reglna?Mrs. E. B. Alsop, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Eagle, Mrs. A. C. R.
Perez. Mr. and Mrs. M. Bruckner. Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Wllberforce Kttchlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Farlcy. A. Unz,
Mr. and Mrs. Brucker. Mlss M. Spelgl
and E. Hlntz.
At tho Hotel de Crlllon?Mr. and Mrs.
J. Bookman, Leon B. Lowenstein. Mr.
and Mrs. Scott Bcammell, Mrs. H. St-w
art MacKnlght, G. Glbbs, O. Hlagden,
Mrs. A. M. MacKnlght. Houleatoa Slm
mons, Henry Rothschlld, Clarence Roth
chlld, Hopklnson Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Vlrgll Neal. Mlss Newbold and Mr. and
Mrs. K. B. Schley.
At the Majeatlc?Mra W. Dill and the
Misses J. H. and M. A. Dill. Miss 1). H.
Chauncey, Mrs. M. Hecht. Oeorge Hecht.
Miis Beatrlce J. Hecht. Mt.v B. Stevers
and Mr. and Mra. l.eon Mojrae.
At the Contlnental-A. Romaine Cal
lenuf-r, Mr. and Mrs. A. Dupay. Mra
Gordon Wendell, Mrs. Tt. (i Ward and
A. Schwarz.
At tbe Orand?R B. Curmingham. Mr.
and Mrs. George E. Dlxon, Warren C.
("rane. W. A. Stanton, Oscar Michel and
V. Rappolt
At tho Rltz Mr. and Mrs t'ortlandt
At the Bt Jaraea?Mra rhtiip Drees
bach, Mlss Edlth and Maeter P. Drees
bach, MlM E. BaWOTth and Mrs. A. M.
At the Hyaee Palaee Theauaa H. Wat
tjon, A. M. Medbury, H. E Hamond and
Mr. and Mra. Jaraea Mlller.
At the Athenee- Mrs. John U. Coster.
R. W. Benton, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Teagle,
rharb'S Harris. Mrs. Clareace M. Hyde
and family. Mrs. Isahella Bendlck. Mr.
and Mra P B. Martln and daughter. Mr.
and Mrs. Morton N. Jacobs and Mlsa 0<
}>. Lee.
At the Astorla- Mrs. N. W. Hlggett,
Mrs. George I. Hammond, Mrs. John H.
Keen, Charlea B. Squler and Mrs. E W.'
At the Chatham?Mr. and Mrs. ,T. W.
Rlglander, Mr. and Mrs. C Harold Smith,
Mrs. A. Bmlth, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baln
brldge, Frank Brlghton, vValpole Bell and
J. Fenwick.
At the Cholseul Mrs. Matthew T. Heott.
At the Brlghton?Mlss I* Agethen and
Mlsa M. Kohlman.
At the Tottl-Mrs. Marle Robinson
Wright and Mrs. Aubrey Beattle.
New Yorkers maklng a tour of the
provlnces toetade Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Joyce. W. B. Joyee, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Mathers, Mr. and Mrs. John R.
Hegeman, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cromwcll
and Charles Douls Skard.
The aeason at Contrexevllle ls brlsk,
and almost every day there are freah ar?
rlvals of Amerlcana. Among the new
comers ls Charles Harris, of New York.
EvIan-les-Balnes, which this year has
added a new attractlon In the shape of
a caslno. Is havlng a falrly prospcrous
season. Recent arrlvals there were J. B.
Walker and Mrs. Gouverneur Welr and
family, of New York.
Mra. P. Henry Dugro, wlfe of Justlee
Dugro. has been taklng the "cure" at
Bad Klaslngen. She was at the Hotel
Centtaental for a day or two prlor to
going to Havre, where she met the Jua
tice on hla arrival from New York on the
Hotels Full and Shopkeepers
Fly Stars and Stripes.
Berlln, July 11.?Though Bcrlin eociety
has almost cntlrely dlspcrsed to the
If.iltic. the North Sca, the Black Forest.
or to "curc" places, such as Carlsbad,
Wlesbaden, Bad-Nauhelm and Baden
Baden, the clty la ao full of translents,
chlefiy Arnerlcans, as to glve the Impres
alon that lt ls actually at the hclght of
Its season. English ls a common tongue
ln the hotels, and the liberal dlsplay of
the Stars and Stripes in the shopplng dia
trlct shows that the shopkeepers are
fully alive to the buslness posslbllltles
of the lnrush.
Recent arrlvals of New York people at
the Hotel Esplanade, Included Mrs. Wlll?
lam Strausa and Mlss Constancc R.
Btrauss. Mra. Gustav Sellgman. Mr. and
Mrs. Louls A. 811k, Mr. and Mra. Gerard
Swope, W. Littwltz. Mr. and Mra. H. B.
Bloom, A. B. Campbell, Mlss Clara Da
vldaon and A. Smith.
New Yorkers arrlving at other German
polnts were:
At Frankfort-on-the-Maln?Mr. and Mrs.
F. A. Martens, Wllllam H. Bolton, Mr.
and Mra. Henry Dlndgens and Mra. MU
ton Robblns.
At Bad-Nauhelm-General Howard Car
roll and family, who came by auto from
Berlln; Mr. and Mrs. L Stlllwtll, Mr.
and Mrs. K. L. Glroux and Mr. and Mrs.
Charlea Hllla. ,
At Hamburg? Robert Coylc and M. r.
Hon. and Mrs. John Ward
Among Those Westbound.
[By Cable to The Trlbune.)
London, July 20.?Salllng to-day on
the Caronla for New York were the
Hon. and Mrs. John Ward, the Hon.
Cyrll A. Ward and Mrs. Cecll Hlgglns.
Mrs. Ward is going to America to vlslt
her brother and spend some time in the
Adirondacks. She wlll return to Eng?
land in about a month.
Among the other pasaengers on the
Caronla were Mr. and Mrs. E. T.
Barnum. Alfred Beattle. Mlss Beattle,
Lady chapleau. Captaln De Witt Clln
ton Falls, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Flint, Mr.
and Mrs. D. H. Forgan and family, Mr.
nnd Mrs. J. D. Grant and family, -Mr.
and Mrs. James P. Harper. Sir Henry
Knight, F. Loeser. the Hon. Sidney
Peel, Major J. T. Platte and aeveral
mernbers of "The Night Blrds" com?
pany, who are golng to play in New
York, Including Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Bascombe, Mlss Mabel Burriage,
Maurlcc Farkoa and Tom Shale.
Missouri Senator Wastes Time
Over Park Roads.
ITrom The Trlbune Bureau.)
Waahlngton, July 20.?The oratorical
wlng.s of Senator Iteed, who essays many
and long fllghta in the Senate, >v.<re
trimmed to-day by hls colleague. Senator
Meyern, of Montana. who. wlth other
Pemocrats, rose t<> condemn tho pollcy
advocated by the Senator from Missouri
that the national parks Bhould be turned
over to the states ln which they are situ
The matter was brought up during con
slderatlon of the sundry clvll blll, whlch
contalns approprlations for the construc
tlon of roads ln the national park*. Sen?
ator Reed, evidently with the purpo?e of
orlglnatlng a new Democratlc pollcy. ve
hemently denounced the approprlatlon as
belng a rald on the Treasury. He sald
that Missouri had many natural ch.vsms
whlch were objecta of publlc Interest as
well aa the glaclers and alopes of the
Rocky Mountalns.
Senator Meyers took exceptlon to the
denunclatlon. Be sall he had neverhear.1
of natural chasms ln Missouri. but ox
preased the bellef that lf they exlsted the
decrease of the auburban and rural popu
latlon of Missouri must be accounted for
by the fact that a portlon of the popu
lation had* fallen into them.
Senator Meyers was supported by S?n
ator Aahurst, who splaahed glorious col
ors over the State of Arlzona. After the
rhetorlcal outburst Senator Meyers ex
prewd the bellef that Senator Reed would
support a proposltlon to make the entlrf
i>tate of Arlzona a publlc park and rotf
for an approprlatlon to flll the chaanw ln
Missouri. For an hour the Senate In
dulged in aatlrical dehata over the un
Important ltem In the mindry ehrfl blll. at
the end of whlrh Senator Reed's new
Democratk pollcy was overwhelmlngly re
Opposif.on of the Pemocrats to mlnor
Itenm In thf blll was resumed t'.-l.t>
More publlc money, as measured by the
time of the Senate, was waHted on one or
two itenis than was Involved- In the rn
tlre amounts npproprlate<l by them.
The Senate deellned to take a^tlon on
the recommendatlon of Its Approprlatlon
("ommltt'-e to strike out of the mndry
clvll blll a provltdon that would prohtbit
I government attorneys from re^lgnlng to
i tako up l>lg legal cases for th. gOTCrn
1 n.ent. Thf House pot the proh'bltlon Into
| the blll and the Senate eomtnttte.. strurk
lt out. It was admlttad that manv Bt
j torney? had made big feas hy leavlr.g th"
government Fervlce and taking up legal
as OUtalde eounsel.
cv>n?lderat>le proRr'-ss was inadf in con
sideratlon of the blll. and It probably wlll
be finlshed on Monday or Tuefday.
Seeks to Exclude Other Roads
from Manhattan Bridge.
Pred L. flross has heguii a taxpayer's
' aftlon ln th.' Supreme <"ourt, Brooklyn.
to btop the. Brooklyn Bapld Trunalt Oom*
! pany, the Coney Ialand and Brooklyn
' Rallroad Company and the Third Ave?
nue Ballroad Company and lta subsld
lary companies, from aelilng the. Man?
hattan Bridge. Almet R. I^atson. coun
ael for Mr. Oroas a* well as the Thre..
Cent Kare Llne, yesterday served upon
the companies, upon Bridge Comml?
Bloner O'Keeffe. Borough President Steers
of Brooklyn and the membTH of the
Board of Kstlmate coples of an order,
eigned by Justlce Benedlct and returnable
TueHday, to show cau.se v hy an lnju nc
tlon should not be Umed rentralnlng 'he
companies from op?ratlng on the bridge
and the clty offlclals from granting the
permlta whlch would make lt poaslhle for
them to do bo.
The papers set forth that the Bridge
CommisBloner and tho Board of Estlmatc.
were without authorlty ln granting and
approvlng the permits for the temporary
operatlon of cars over the bridge by the
defendant companies. Mr. Qross contends
that a regular franchlse Is requlred, as
well as the consent o' the Publlc Hervlce
('ommlsHloner O'Keeffe's contention ls
that the franchise of tho Three-Cetit Llne
is for the use of the upper deck of the
bridge, whlch wlll not he ready for two
years, and that he has glven the three
eent farc llne equal rlghts on the bridge
proper. Clty offlclals belleve that the
permanent lnjunctlon wlll not be issued
as the publlc needs transportatlon faellt
tles on the bridge at once.
Commlssioner Thompson of the Dt
partment of Water Hupply. ?bb and Elec
trlclP' entertalned the englneers and
heads of hls departm.mt at hlB country
home, Bell Haven. Oreenwich. Conn., yes?
terday. The guesta left Manhattan on an
early traln, and were met at the statlon
by the CommisBloner.
After luncheon a tennls touraament
took plece. Two cups were won by Ben
Jamln Keiley, Water Reglstrar of Man
liattan, and Thomas J. Uannori, chlef
mechankal englneer of the department.
"FTed" Thompson recelved thla tele
gram yesterday at Luna:
".Donkey wlnner. Reached White
House at 2:20 p. m. President Taft
greeted ali of us. On the way home.
Thus the race between the donkey. rid
den by WaJter Balk. and the elephant.
rldden by Charles Llndaugh, ended, and
the Deroocrata at Luna were amlllng last
night. The elephant and the donkey, a
baad ?na ? "houn" dog" left Luna on
Wednef-day at midnlght for Waahlngton,
but the elephant haa not yet been heard
Mailed anywhare in tha Unitad
States for 12 50 a year.
ln All, Ten "Loan Sharks"
Agree to Take LegaL Profit.
As Result of Raids, Eleven Men
Have Been Arrested on Charge
of Practising Usury.
Pollowlng the raids of last Thursday, as
they dld those of the prevlous week, sev
eral money lenders went yesterday to the
offlce of Franklin Brooits, the assistant
dlstrict attorney who I? ln charge of Mr.
Whltman's (Ight against "loan Hharks,"
and offered to cancel all outslanding o'oli
gatlons on payment of prlnclpal and In
f-rest at 6 per cenl. Flve put ln appear?
ance after the flrst rald and flve more
in the present instance.
The ten who have made such an agree?
ment wlth Mr. Brooks are: Ward & Co.,
Bdwardl & Co., Bt Anderson & Co.. J.
O. Mullen, Chllds & Co., Clarke Broth
ers, Rublnstein & Co.. Samuel Zlot,
Oeorge F. Wllllams & Co. and the Rohs
Realty Company. Against some of thesc
concerns no complalnts had been made to
the Distrlct Attorney. Others mad" the
agreement under fire. Whlle Mr. Brooka
says that no promlses have been made or
wlll he mado to those who agree to aettle
on the 6 per cent basls. there Ih ground
to bellrvo that when those apalnst whom
complalnts have been lodged come to trlal
a suspended sentenee may be recommend
ed lf they havo kept thHr agreement.
Thoso against whom no complalnt has
been made, and who have made the coni
pact, will probably be dealt wlth ln the
name way. Whlle they keep thelr prom
ise, no effort wlll be made to llnd evl
denco against them. If complalnts are
entered against them because of some of
thelr earller transactlons the charges wlll
be handltd ln the usual way, and If con
victlons follow, a prlson sentenee wlll
probably be avolded only by refundlng
the money pald by the borrower ln excess
of prlnclpal and I per cent Interest
Eleven Lenders Arrested.
Mr. Brooka feela that he t;.. . made a
good start against those who exart llle
gal Interest on anlary loans. The work
of Investigatlon and slfting complalnts ls
atill golng on. The reports made to hlm
so far show that there are or were fifty
four concerns ln New York apparantly
demandlng lllegal Interest on salary
loans. Kleven persons have been arrested
and most of them are awaltlng trlal ln
Sperial Hesslona AlthoiKh only eleven
have been arrested, tbat number satlsfte*
nearly twlea as many complalnts, for sev
eral of those arrested had more than one
warrant Issued agalnM them. Jaoab
Brodle, one of the most Wtdely known
money lenders In New York, has be.-n
arrested three tlmes and has (urnished
ball each time.
Whlle Mr Brooka haa n<ner 6ald so.
the bellef ls that those who perslst In
thelr old-fashloned way of dolng buslness
after having been once arrested ?lll !in<l
themaelrea la hot water complalnts
baarlBg thelr names wlll be glven prece
dence over those baarlng the name* of
monaj lendera i-aa well haaani
?I aiah that aii poraona who have bor
rewed money on salary <-r other BUCh
Becurlty and who flnd that the man or
woman from wt...m tha] ha?e borrowed
lt .). man.ls more than t> fWT c. nt Interest
would cona to my afltee," aald Mr.
Broota yaatarday. "We have a larga
number of anonymaoa and ragne com?
plalnts ?lth Whlch lt ls Impo-sihU: to
?a tna" wrltea adviomg up to 'gal
after' BO-and-BO, tr.al he I? the ?wOTBt olie
of tho whole lot.' But that Isn't cvldence,
and ln BUCh BBBea we CBB't get the evl
dence unlesa the persons who have pald
lUegal 1 r? t?:. ^t. come to ua We can't
make a rald on a BMUa'a place of buslncss
ano eongaoate hia papara to get evtdasce.
\\c must have BTtdeaCB to Ket the war?
rant Wlth whl.h tO make the rald The
COtnpUdnaata naad have no fear lest their
names be made publls to thelr humllla
Circulara in Evidanca.
Mr. Brooka deslrea especlally to have
thoae who recelvo circulara advertlelng
l^ans at more than 8 per cent Interest
come to htn oftVe. and brlng the clrculars
Wtth them. A wan-ant wlll be appttod
for, he sald. for any money lender exad
ing more than 6 per cent Interest who has
tiled sults of alleged eonfwsionB of Judg
ment and garnlsheed the salary of th.
borrower siuce June II last. provldlng a
eomptetnt ts made against him
In the raids whlch detectlves ha%emade
under Mr. Brooks s ordets a large num?
ber of papers ha\ e bW B conllscated. In
one case a safe which the owti.r refused
t.. unlock waa laadod Into a j.atiol wigon
and taken to the Plstrlct Attorney's ofncc
Mr. Hrooks and hls asslstants have beefl
busy aortlng th.se pafgra Many of them
are such u* the borrower .slgnH hlliidly.
kn<?wltig only that he Is to get hard caah
and rarlng littie what the eondltlons may
be. There are ptles of confesslons of
Judgment. powers of attorney, aaslgn
ments of salary and promlssoiy note*. all
flgned ln blank.
Mr. Brooks hopes that any sults that
may be RJad on such papers wlll be
brongat to his aMantJon* He adao hopes
for the co-operatlon of the clvll courts
and stands ready to furnlsh them wlth
aueh lnformatlon as he haa, that the
Judges may know If any of the money
lenders against whom eomplalnta are
lodged or warrants lssued brlng sults ln
thelr courts.
Oompere Hints A. F. of L. Will Send
Help to the Dockmen.
Waahlngton, July BV-Samuel Compcrs.
president of the American Federation of
Labor, lndleated to-day that the Federa?
tion would s?nd finanelkl as*isiance to
the London dock strlkers, who yeater
day cabled to hlm for aid.
"We wlll take the questlon up dlrectly
wlth the Ungllsh unlon," aald Mr. Gomp
era. "But I wlll not dlecuBS for publlga
tlon any of the detalls."
Washlngton, July 20.?Shcrman P.
Allen, of Vermont, retlred as asalstant
seoretary to President Taft to-day and
was aworn In as Aaslstant Secretary of
tha Treasury ^o succeed A. Platt Andrew.
Harry K. Thaw, wlth Sherlff Doyle and
Warden John J. Hlll. motored over from
White Plalns yeaterday to vlew the Bleepy
Hollow country and the Rockefeller eatate.
Thaw waa not recognlsed by many. The
automobile proteeded up Broadway slowly
past the old Dutch church and WUIIam
Rockefellera estate and through Briar
cUfT Manor back to White Plalnu
High Mark in Swatting Contest
Is 362 Ounces.
Combinations in Restraint of
flies Developed by Keen
ness of Competition.
Thero are no flies on the chlldren of
Flushing. Long Island. The way the
prlze wlnners ln the swat-the-fly contest
which ended there yesterday flew to cash
the orders for tho sums they won tho mln
tite the?(? orders were glven to them by
Mr*. Lotlta Boynton, chalrman of the com
mittee of women who lnaugurated the
rontest, showed that they were as fly as
any chlldren nee<l be.
Yes, the contest ended yeeterday, and
Frank Seldenwurm. a sturdy llttle Jew of
twelve years, atnalleot In stature of Flnsh
lng's flfty-three fly swatters, got the $5
prlze wlth hla S6:: ounces of deud flies.
That la the way the eommittee estlmat
ed them, and es an otince represented 175
flies?the eommittee counted, and lt
knowa?Frank has .",130 dead flies to his
Hh did not personally awat all the de
funet flies he brought ln, and nelther did
the other COnteetanta Wlth the buslness
acumen of Youny Amerloa, they mad<".
deals wlth groeers, butchers and otbef
shopkeepers whereby the latter saved
up for them the flies they had caught In
t:.np-> and otherwise.
Recaiving the Dead Flies. .
The llttle empty shop at No. 73 IJnlon
street, which has been open three tlmcs
a week slnce July G for the receptlon ot
dead flies, harbored an ercitlng scene yes?
terday mornlng. Boys wlth dead flies ln
paper bags, shoe boxes. bottles, tln cans.
every klnd of receptacle, swarmed In the
place from 10 untll 12 o'clock. There
were a few srlrl fly swattera, too. As
every swatter who earne wlth flies had an
eNrort of at least a dozen chlldren fra
ternally interested ln the prlze the swat?
ter hoped to win, So 75 Cnlon street was
a "populous place.
The aetual swatters who rame. how?
ever. did not numb.-r more than half the
reiclstered contestpnts, and tlwre was a
strong susplclon in the rnlnds of the
r'.mmttte.. that asplrants for blg prlzes
were pooiinjt their Intereota and thelr
ftl.-s. But. like most bUVa buslness com?
binations, these truftts defled detcctlon.
III ? A. A. Horton. who assumed the
plensant task of measurtng the flies. sat
throned on a ?oap box h?hlnd another
box which served as a table. Mlss Hor
i ton hates so to klll onythtng that her
frtenda aay?ahe win let a mosquito go
! rather than Whack lt. and the expresslon
? on her face as t-he eonscleritlously dlpped
I up BpOOnful after spoonful Of dead flies
from tbe bajrs and catis and hox<?s h"ld
out to her by grltny llttle hands was one
of that atern Inmolatlon on the altar of
reform of which only the modern club
wemaa is capabte.
I As the hour of lt, which would mark
the eloae of the eoateat, approaebed ?x
; cltement Braw to fever heat. Boys whose
' flnjil contrlbutlone measurcd only frac
' tlona of ounee.- flew off on wild cxeur
Biona throujrh th" tOWB to "make up thelr
I ounees."
Joseph'a Fly Trust.
j Joaepta Pabner, fourteen yeara old, a
genlna of Flushing. < r?
Iganlaed and ably dlrected a aqued of
i yeung aat ibtants.
"Here, you, Tommy. hustle down to th'
dellcateaf shop on th" eorner an' ast *iim
f r his dead flles. Olt a mo\e on >', Tony,
a up to aome 0' th' atores on
Main atreet wbere tbey*a Maa. tiit buay,
Sam, an' awat some o' th' Blea on th'
Wall hei i ."
owing to Joseph's power of directlon,
the laat half hour before noon was a hard
OM OB the flies of Flusblna- Not that It
; eemed to lessen thelr numU r to any
neeJoeabtO extent. Around No. 77> Cnlon
Ktreet they slmply swuimtd, and Mi-s
iloruu'a tablo, the bltr of thelr defunet
friends, buzzed w Itti them.
Mrs Boynton blamed the flies on New
York Ctty. She aald they aalled up to
Flushing on the scows that carry garb.iKe
from the metropolla to dump tt on tho
aaoadowa there.
"And seHng what I pleaaant place
Flushing Is, they allght at this polnt, and
May here," she told the Tribune roport- r.
Al 12 o'clock the awattera and thelr
friends were shooed out of tho place, and
the eommittee preceeded to reekoa up the
remilts of the eampalgn to Ilnd who Were
tho Ineky ?wattera. Thea th<: ehlldren
nere admltted that I;-, Ml^s Horton
started to adndt them, but there was a
tense two mlnutes when tho do<r BtUOk
and wouldn't open, and frenzled snuill
boya w tt ii yelpa of despair, harled thera
aelvea upon its panela At last it gave,
and the niass plled ln.
Announcing tha Winnera.
Mrs. Boynton, mounted on a soap box,
reed off the namoa of the prlze winnera
Tbe one who caught tho mo.it flies after
Frank Seldenwurm was Johln l'alm r,
and he got a prlzo of S4. Lllllan Kolsch
woa K wlth fM ouncea of flies, and a wlry j
negre i">y, Cttfton Smith, got the feurthi
prlze. ti. There was a llttle negro plrl
aaaang tho winnera. tee -Harrlet Kiiit?
but a eruel cold had lald h?-r low at the
mnmeut of her trlumph, so her mother
had to come to get her prlzv
Mrs. Boynton made the excltcd young
slers glve a round of eheers for each
prhM wlnner, but the lucky ones dldn't
tarry to hear the eheers. Wlth such prc
clpltatlon did each and every one leave
for the oftlce of "The Klushlng Journal"
wMeh aave the prlzes on presentatlon
of the order from Mrs. Hoynton-that any
deveted satelllto who got ln thelr way
ended up by aprawllng on his back.
Mrs. Hoynton had a llttle speech ready,
all about the harm flies do, but when she
had flnlshed glvlng out the orders for
prlzes there were no chlldren left to- 11a
ten. They were all at the ofllce of "The
Flushing Journal."
Mrs. KUzabeth Gross, who undertook to
dlspose of the dead flies through the
campaign, has had her troublea, The
Ilrat lot she trled to bum, and In dolng lt
Bet flre to the grass ln her back yard, a
conflagratlon ahe atopped otdy by the
prompt appllcatlon of dlsh water. The
next lot ahe burled. "And would you bc
lleve It," ahe suld yesterday, "though I
burlod them elght lnches deep, when my
huaband went to the door next mornlng
he exclalmed: 'Those flies are reaurreet
ing themeelveal' A worm or aomethlng
had dug a hole, and flies were crawllng
up through It."
On the whole, the committee, which is
an offahoot of the Houaewlves' Deague,
la gratlfled wlth the reaults of the swat
the-fly campaign. No one notlcea any
difference ln the number of Uve flies ln
Fluahlng, but the educatlonal effect, the
roualng of publlc oplnlon agalnst the fly.
ls, Mra Boynton eaya, lmmense.
Peck Covers Fastest Two Miles
on Quarter-Mile Track.
Record time on a motorcycle waa wlt
ne8sed at the Stadlum Motordrome, New
ark, yesterday afternoon, when Ray Peck,
of Lob Angeles, negotlated two mllea ln 1
minute 23 2-5 seconds. It was the fastett
two mlles whlch has ever been rldden on
a quarter-mlle track, and supplanta hls
mark of 1 minute 24 seconds, made at the
sarne place on July 4.
The summary:
New Jersey Club rac* (four mlles; ?ma
teur; flrst Iruti-Won by W. Brown, New
ark; Car! Se^eibnch, Newark, second: Earl
TOckel, Washltigton, third. Time, 2:30 2-.1.
Match race (amateur; three. mllesj?W. H.
Brown vs. Carl Sefelbaeh. Won by Brown.
Thne, 2:4?4-.-.
Kxhlbltlon against time (one and tWv
mlles) ?Won bv Kay Peck. Time, one mlle,
O.-4'J; two mllea. i -^ 1-fc
Two-mlle ptot>sFional (Class B; flrst heat)
?Won by Froddy West. Pan Franclsco;
Charley Davls, Brooklyn. second; Johnny
Kl.i/t. Nevark, third. Time, 1:40 4-5. Hecond
heat (thre.' mllesi?Won by West; Pavls.
seconrt: Kliig. tlilr<l. Time, 2:14 2-5. Ftnal
heat 'flve mlles)?Won by West; Davls, sec?
ond; Carlson, third. Time, 3:49.
Oaptures Two-Mile Run in Co
lumbian Club Games.
New York athletes swept tho card at
the annual games of the Columbian Club,
held at Woodblidga, K. J-, yesterday.
Harry Blddle, the fast Mohawk Athletic
Club distance runner, who recelved 100
yards in the two-mlle run, won by a safe
nargla. Harry S. Earle, of tho Bronx
Church Houee, who lcd untll the last
two lapa, was hcaten after a desperate
John A. Bohan, the Xavier sprinter,
who won a Junior title ten years ago.
*von the 100-yard daSh v. ith a 4 1-2 yard
lOO-yar! dash (handl.'ap;?Won by John .V.
Ilohan. Xavier A. A. MVi yards); F. t.'hlen
boach, Anchor A. 0. (31* >ard?), second; A. ?
IfcDonougb, Xavier A. A. (1 yard), third.
Time, u:10 1-3.
Two mlle run (fiandkapi ? Won by B. Blddle,
Mohawk A. C. (100 y;.rdsj; II. 8. Karle, Bronx
Church Houw (140 yards). se.-ond; "t. O. Cutch
ley, New York A. C. (65 yards). third. Time.
Pole \-auk (hand Icap)?Won by Peter Mayer,
Mercury A. C. (IS lnchesj, with a vatilt of 10
feet ? lnches; O. H. Pmlth, unattached, (.1B
Inches). wlth an aotual vault of 10 feet 6
incheM. second; F. X. Du Tremblay, Irleh~
American A. ?.'. U9 inchen), wlth an actual
vault of 10 feet 2 lnrhes, third.
KOO-vard dash (handlcapi?Won by Leonard
Ho;m.'i. tlellevllle C C. (.1 yards); A. 8. Mc
l>onou*h. Xavier A. A. tecratch). second; V.
H. i* McCormlck, aaattacBa* (7 yards), third.
Time, 0:35%.
1.000") ard run (haadlcan) WOB bj S. Ken
nard, Xavier A. A M2 yards): W. F. Keily,,
T. A. II B.. Newark (60 yards), second; W.
K Knaa.-k. New Y.jrk A. C. (->? yards), third.
Tlm<\ 2:30tt.
BOU-yard run (< losed to Mlddlesex, Cnlcm
and Monmouth eountles)?Won by Harry Hay
woad, Wew Branawlek; Raymond Tool. Cran
ford BJ. g, Meond; <}. L. ritarkey, Roosevelt
Y. M. ('. A.. third. Tlrne, 0:37"*.
Sears Wins in 100 and 440 Yard Races
in Fast Time?Cadets Drill.
The employcs of the John Wanamaker
Btore, under the ausplcea of the Melrose
Athletlo A^soclatlon, held thelr annual
games on tho track of the 13th Reglment
Athletic Aeeodatlon, Buth Beach. yester?
Robert B, Hears won the 100 and 440
jrard sprint races In fast time. The lohn
Wanamaker 'cadets wcnt through some
Intereatlng manoeuvres, aooompanlad by
tho band.
!<i"-\at.l itnih- -Won by R. K. Kears; E.
Erney. aaeond; F. Wllklns. third. Time, 6:11.
100-yard dash clo.-od to J. W. <". I.) ?
Won by F. Favarowte: W. Harrington, eec
Oivl. c. 8. Kenuedv, third. Time. (.>: 11 4-."i.
>-8(i-y.ird run (handl<-ap)? Won by K.
O'Oonnor (seratch); J. Helt .40 vurda;, se.
Olld; H KlngKley (?o yardsi, third. Time,
3:19 S-B
S^O-yurd Inter^ompat;;. run (c!os<M to
j. \". . |.) Woti i ri .'oinpany
C, second; rtand. third. Tlma, 2 :t4.
440 N.ir.i run Won i" lt K. Bears; F. R
Maualar, se'on.l; F. VNIIkin.s, third. Tlmc.
I "4 ::-.-..
Two-mlle bleyela r?r. Won by C. Jfererd;
II lur.\.ie, aacondi H. Boight. third. Time,
8 18
Plans Progress for Meeting of
Parkway Driving Club.
Well Known Horses Entered iP
Fixtures at Gravesend
Bay Track.
As plans progress for the blg trottlng
meeting at the Paraway Driving Club ,
track at Gravesend on July 30 and 31 and
August 1 and 2, the assurance grows that
the meeting this season will be above the
S. M. Klotz, the raclng seeretary.
makes the statement that at no other
tlme have entrles filled so largely as they
have this year, and a perusal of the llst
shows that some of the fastest and beat
known trotters and pacers ln the Eaat
will race.
The meeting, which has been given an
nually for many years by the New Tork
Drlvlng Club and the Parkway Driving
Club, will hang up purses amountlng to
more than $5,400 this season.
Many horses are at the track already,
and fast workouts may be seen by the
rallblrds dally. Among the stables which
have arrlved are Frank KenneJy'a, wlth
the foiiowing: June Frost, a black mare.
by Alcamedla Hal, who made a record of
2:21 last season, and Midnight Hal, 2:36H,
by Henry McLease. E. T. Bernie ha*
four horses?Atlas Boy, 2:09*4; Doctor B.,
2:18, and two green trotters. Trainer C.
E. Swan has Star Belle. 2:20. by Lynn
Bel, and Llttle Helen, 2:23.
Nat Kay, the auccessful Canadian
drlver and trainer, will have hla atabl*
of fast trotters and pacers ready for the
money. They are as follows: Black Cat,
a black mare, by Harry A. McKerron;
Dr. Ullman, a bay gelding, by Thel
Bondsman; Emily Morrls, a brown mare, I
by Copper Klng; Vera B., a brown mare,
by Hal B., and Bushnell King, a blaclg
gelding, by Norval Klng. Mr. Ray u*
well known ln New York and Brooklyn.
havlng been a prominent ateeplecbsifl*
rlder on the metropolltan tracks.
i <i D. Hollenbeck, the prominent Lonar
Island trainer, will have The Counsellor, i
a bay gelding by Electlon; The Shopllfter,.
a roan mare by The Tramp; Maxletta, av
black mare by Adward, and the b.iy stal-;
Uon Shlpshewana King, by Anterog. C.
E. Pitman will have all of his fast stabl*
at the meeting, lncludlng Foote Prince
(2:10?i), one of the most euccessful cam.
palgners on a half-mlle. track; Anna C
<2:Wi), by The Cascade; Handsoine Joe,
a bay stalllon by Baron Dtllon, and Dl
rectneer, a black ntalllon by Dli ect.
From the stable of Henry Steers, of
Port Chester, will come The Ear! (2:l6*i),
by Austral; Starllght McKinney, a bay
mare by McKinney, and Lakeslde Prln
cess (t:ttH>, by Lakeside Hal.
Among those who are expected to flguro
largely ln the 2:09 pace ls Erneet; (2:06*4),
by Hesperus S., OWhed by John Lawrenc*,
of Hoboken. This bay gelding made (
very conslstent showlng last seai=on
Among the many other prominent
stables which will atart hoi>?s at Park?
way are those of B. A. Bulklffr, Boutli*
port, Conn.: East Vlew Farm, fjast VteW,
N. Y.: Locust HIII Farm, WaVleB, N. Y.;
John H. Phlllips. Brooklyn: C W. Laa
sell. VVhltlnsville, Mass., Rr.-ook Farm.
Chester. N. Y.; L. H. Washhurn, Harer
straw, N. Y., and Wllllam M. ffaleted.
Mailed anywhare tn the Unittd
States for $2 50 a year.
At Spotsylvania
9>J '
The Opposing Forces Fought Like Demons?Over
the Intrenchments They Shot, Stabbed and
Slashed at Each Other with
the Fury of Fiends.
The pity of it all was manifested by the shocking scene on tjiat battle
field the next day. Thi5 hitherto quiet apot of earth was devwitated and
covered with the slain. weltering in their own blood.
Men in hundreds. killed and wounded together, were piled in hideoua
heaps?some bodies. which had lain for hours under the fire of battle,
being perforated with wounds. The writhing of the wounded beneath the
dead moved these masses at times; while often a lifted arm or quivering
limb told of the horrible agony which the owner suffered.
It was during this fearful battle that Grant sent his famous dispatch:
"I propose to fight it out on this line if it takcs all summer." For full
account of the battle, photographs taken on the fields of action and por
traits of the actors in the tragedy?secure
Section 12
Brady War Photographs
Isiued in 16 Superb Sections- 1 f\
One Each Week for Coupon and 1 Vt
The section out this week also contains a complete story of the
Battle of Cold Harbor, telling how Grant's assault was repulsed by Lee
and 10.000 Boys in Blue were killed and wounded in twenty rninutes'
fighting?all fully illustrated by Brady War Photographs taken on the
spot, and a colored frontispiece?
"Battle at Spotsylvania"?Ready for Framing
How to Secure Sections One to Twelve
"Civil War Through the Camera''
Cut out the "War Souvenir Coupon" found on page two of to-day'a
issue and bring or send it to the Tribune Office, 154 Nassau Street. or
1364 Broadway. or 263 West 125th Street, with 10 cents (14 cents by mail)
to cover necessary expenses, such as cost of material, handling, clerk hire,
etc. and obtain any one section. There are no other conditions whatever,
but as the demand is enormous we cannot guarantee a copy to late comers.
The series naturally begins with Bull Run, that firat great encoun
ter of armed troops of the North and South. If you have not received
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Sections One to Twelve Inclusive Are Now Ready

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