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$tto$*rk fcribunr.
Owned and publlshed dally by IhB W
Asaociatlon, a New York eofperatko)
M. Reid. Pnaadeat: Ceadl itamtia, Baciatary;
laaaaa M. Xnrrett. Tr?H*urer. Addi.
UuUdlng. No. 16t N.ti^au street, N<
F*UB9CHirT!ON RATEP?B? Itotl ftataao
1'8 ? | lij.-a'.-r N?W TorB
t)ali? .*. '"
Dal ?. .1.d ?? - '? ?"' . J nu
I'ai.y and 8u . 2,
Oaliy onlj, <>no month... . ??'
Dnily only. ?!? mon ii? .
J'lailv oi:ly, >>iie )<")?. ' .,'.
Bundaj "ni>. Bla montha. . }?-?
./ only, ona >*ir . ? ?? ? - **
Forelgn aubscriptl ns to oll countrlea ln tha
Cnlvtreal poatal i nton. ?
Ona month.$i ?'' .?17 -1
UWDAl ....
mm montha. MOIIOna rea*.**i*
ona month.I10J .....B11.H
Onementh... .$ .tt'jone year ?10 os
Ona month.* SOJOn* >ear...?<;.'X>
BttNDAY ' Nl-Y:
Ona monta..* 70;o-ic year.** r>s
Kntered at tha PoatOaVa at ttaw Tofa ?*
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"rtbune, ClfeuIatKW Dcpartment.
Accordlng to William J. Brynn hr
ioag not deserve ?11 Um creuit t<* Jn"
apparent do -Kynulzlng nnd de-Bel
xnontlzing of the rccent Democrauc
National Conventlon. He Wtyg Ib tha
laggft laggg Of -'The CommomM'" that
he reallv played "? ?>f,<1<>^, ?",rl n
the Oreat Purlfloation, thnt he meraly
??turned on Urt tBtJCfg nnd altowed ?
"great moral foive <o flow ta npnn the
"conventlon." He admltB that he kn-v
where the faucct wa* and jnat what
preaBura there wn* ln th* ?tandpipe.
He alao takes crerllt for raallalng that
at least half the delegatea were of a
Hort llkelv ln the nfajgMca of any moral
or emotlonal emergency to take refupe
"onder tha ohalra."
Yet Mr Bryan glorles not a littie ln
tbe biiccpm of hlt terrertatag tactica.
He glves the foHawhag graphle descrip
tlon of the IKBM in the conventlon hali
when he Introdnced hls anti-Morgan
Ryan-Bclmont resolution:
Such a eeethlng twunl of ?error
utrlckem men hns seldom been on e*>
Komor? Scapt when. during a hattle.
a burattng Ibell hM fjllen wlthout
warnlnf Into a ramp. And ^et ln a Te?
minute' rnnton ratnrnad, and men who
had betn curalng the reaolutlon lell
over eaoh other in their effort o changa
*Koir vfttes to "ave. It was a great
'eparatf/; (>f thcft,heer front thj goat.
?but Boi-ne of the gnatn Bllpped ln at
the laet moment.
"Some of the goats" ttndoobtedly got
hark Bv tho time thp convention W8J
orarMnrphy, Bulllran, Tac^nrt. Mnck,
Belmont n?d ?Jnl" ^'^re rldlug eon
tentedlv with Bryan hlinB^f on the
^?llMon"l*nd wngon. Taggart ls t? iho
board of dirartort for the- WUnon
eampalgtv Eroh -Jlm" Bmlth recelTfd
a notlncalhm that the latchatring nt
*ea CJIrt wrag ont if ho ahoold happen
to pasB tVmt way. Governor Wilson
has wrlttevi a letter to the secretary
Of tbe Tanimany flociery announdntr
ihat that noble orpan<zntion poaaesaea
?i hearth?tofe on which the fire of
lfberty has lontr been kept plonaly
burnlnf. and *BamT alnrphy ls thlnk
of gettui).' out a eatnpalgn oocn
enl rontalnlug phoiogrnphs of the
th and tlie fluine.
After the convention ? omaa the
Hoaed Koason for goat hunting. Even
Mr. Kyan arol Mr. Beluiout may en
counter na <.bstinale reslstnnce in
thruBtlng a f(*w tlmely contributlong
into the WOton war chaat Tha gogta
may have thought for n minute at
Bal'tlraore that the greai day of aepa
ratlon had come. But now they nr?
belng rerallwi from the shadnw of
outer darkness. Dr. Wilson seems wlil
ing to be a goatherd ns weli as a
ghepherd. Mr. Bryan may have had
the goata on the run at Baltimore, but
ludglng from occurrenees ln the nelgh
borhood of Sea Girt most of those
whom he tried to brand and eslle as
nndeslrables are a^'aln safely within
Uto fold. mmmmmmmm_
It eeems to be only too well authenti
eated. br Engllsh Inveatigations made
on American lnltiative, that there havo
bean ln the I'eruvian uplands of tlie
Amaron Valley atroeinoa crueltiea prac
tiaed upon Indlann to extort from them
the largest posslble production of pw
dous rubher, Just as In the rougo. but
probably even worPB than those of Ihe
Relglan' taskmasters. Tlie radlcal dif
ference between tho two cjiws is, liow
ever, that the Congo was ? goaranteed
neutral state over which the powgn
had aome rlght of gagggol thongh they
failed to exerclse It?whlle I'eru ls M
eompletely Independent ns any other
natlon of the world.
The explanation of the outrages ls to
I- found ln tbe Btrong Incllnatlon
whlch men have to domlneor o\er and
hbnee an InfeHor or imlepetubMil ntCO,
or even indlvlduals of that dcseriptioi..
when they have opporttinity to do M
apart froin publlc obaerrgtloa other
examplea have betB IBfJi Ih the Oonfo,
ln (ierninn Boothwaat Afiica and ln
prlaons and asylums in our own land.
In Peru every eondition provocative of
buch conduet exist.s, including OOB of
Importance which is not alwpyi fbund
.Ivewhere. That Ih. a legal dlscrlml
natlon whlch put* the Indlan? at bope
leB* dlsadvan tge In courts of JttttaB.
If an Indian brlngs anJt Pf ?Bt oam
paalnt against a white mnn he must
depoB't wlth the court the snm nf $S>
..r hls sult wlll be fllgfpggrded 1 atid
such a snm is qtilte bcyonrl the rBach
of the \ast malclty of Indlans. More
over. lf an Indian muKos ? complaint
and cunnot daDOtit thnt snm, or hav?
ing deposlted it falls to make good oi>
chargea and win hls case. the accnaed
may brlng actlon for llhcl against him
and have hlm BBBl to prlaoo fof a fggf.
I.nder such a sysiem bherc is littie hopa
of Jufctlce f(?r 111 treatcd ItttUanl lt) the
temoto Aninz"n';in forests.
The world CBBDOl raagglfl (liiiet under
the revelatlotis which haTg heen DBade.
It must exert all avallablc nx.ral Ittd
dipiomatic Inmience uiion IVr i (.,r tbe
nbatemcnt gf thi scatulal. gni ii aeema
lini-)iHii.i" that I'eru should i?e toaansb
g|aj to that liiflnoiKC. Peru has from
Ihe beglnnlnj; ggdU oBp "f Mtc kaOPt Io
tPlilgont. Ilbcrnl and prOgTCBBllre of all
tiig ajouth Amencau couutiieo, aud it
nroaf i ? that tbesa Anglo-Amcrlcnn flla*
cloeurea of her ahame will make b pro
found Impreaalon al 1.1 mn nnd thnl
among Perufiani themeelvea there willj
aiiae an1 Irrealattble demand for .1
prompl and tborough correctloo of tne
borrora Ht Putumaj 0
An Unportant step I
j llahtnenl 1 f ;< gennlne parce i i|,wt
? ayatem w.'is taken on Prlday n*hen tbe
' Benate Commltl P nvA
Poal Roada aniended tho poab
i opproprlatlon blll ao m to 1.^':i/'
the lone metbod of chargea. A parcela
poal operated on the Hal cbarg
would be of comparatlvely llttle ralue
to tho publlc. Tbe greal Beld for a
parcela poal aerviee is ln tbe trana
mlaalon of packagea for reJatlrelj
ahorl diatance*. Bxorbltanl ratcii are
now charged by the expreaii companlea
for aboii baula. and the expreaa nu>
nopoly, eoupled wlth the fallure of the
governmeni to develop n raodern par
d'\< poat, haa kept down to a mlnluium
ex< bangea between nearby i?'i<?is
'i bose excuangea niv of the greateal
economtc advantage, brlnglng a rity
nnd iin outlylng terrltory Into cloae
touch .'itni atlmulatlng trade between
them. Wlth n proper pareeli poal iya
tem the eoal of li^injf both i" the clty
and lta trlbutary aren <:tn t?p mate
?eauced atnce the dtj buyer ean
procun 1 arge parl of hli lupplles
dtred from tiio rnral prodaeer. wlth 1 ?
Inflated charge for the aervicea of two
or three mlddlemen, ind the jottntry
purchaaer can have the dlrecl bencfll
of the cbeaper and better ahopplng
avnllable ln .1 ? it.v.
The flal rste ayttem pennHaea such
nearb* trade, which is aubjecl to enor
n oua.derelopment, ?<>r tbe bewilt of n.
Deceeaatity Hmitptl exchanga between
dlataat aectJona like the Atlantlc Coaat
nnd tlip Iflaalaalppl Vallej or the Mid
dle Weat and the Pnolflr. rr<>m n
practJcal point of tIpw u aeemi ?iv
snrd ln a?k the people in thlo pily
wbo wlsh to receire rtnlly panels from
tlin nastprn end of Lnuir taland or
fnni New Jprppy nnd Pennaylvaola to
pay two or three ttmefl the nnturnl
rnte ln ordef to hetp meel ihp eoal
of earrylng packagea betwpon New
Toft nnd Bt I/Otils or Now Y<rk nnd
Ban PYanetaeo. Tho lonpor banl trafflc
flhould pay f<>r itself. lt will never
reaeb large pri>portion<j, and igbaldlc
Ing il al th? eoal of tocallxed ex
changea would be 1 manlfest economlc
Thp advocatea ot the flnt rate 13 item
have been mlsled by the exnmple of
1 fiat rntp chargea lt: -mail corjotrles like
I Oreat Brltaln, where tho whoip area
I to be eoeered wonld not be greater
; than thnt Inctaded lu u.o three imall
I eai of the propoaed American aonea
i Tho platform adopted by thp Repnbll
rnn Nattonal Convention ni Chlcago
senalh); declared in firor of gradnated
; zon*? chargee for parcela. Thnl i? the
metltod ho*t idapted to Amerlcsn oon
dltlona, and If Gongreaa accepta it it-1
merlts will aooo be eetabUahed beyond
\ queatlon. The SPiintP now ha* n (
'? chanca tn stnrt thp parcela poal experl
i nipiit on tho anre road to wu ceea
Thlnga are breaklng prettj nleelj foi
! Eht-Pollce Oonunloaloner Blngbam. H
; can Bcareely t?' poeall le that ho denlea
I Mawarif tbeae dsjra ih<> adace of ? anlet
1bii?i?. The Mayor, who wa? reaponal'
hle for Oeneral Blngham'g rpmovnl ns
pollce head, lms alnce apologlxed Tne
i?.y Dttffy, for wbom tii?' genernl'a of
Bcttl hond wn^ mkde to drop Into 1
Tammany baaket, haa Jnst P[>pnt eev
?i.'.i daya In Jnil And when so mrjchi
is belng aald aboul tbe ahocklng poaai
hilitiP!< of "the aj/atem" how eaay it1
would hp fnr Oeneral Blngbam to re>,
mnrk essvally thai be covered mi the
groniid over f^iir yeara ;ijro.
On thp niciit of Pebruarj "?". ir?ns.
Poiioe Commlasloner BlnghAm, iddresav
itip the Ueutenants1 Benevolenl \4--"
rlntlon al lta aecond annual dinnpr at
thp W'nldorf, pnld
There aro two places v.iUiiri hulf a
mile ?'f where we are noa where any
nlnip frum the loweel tc. the aTeateati
chu he bouaht for money. ntid I anow it.!
atid many of you men kaow lt, ?nd
know thp iilof'p?, no doubt. nnd I pon't'
touch thom undet preaenl eondltli na,
nnd 1 aay that to all New Torb hikI
will prove lt if they will ?iv<> m< the
opportunity. That.M one reatoa 1 want
aome aecrt I aervlce money.
Tho re*trnint that cood tSSte pttta
OB hiv toii^io at tlils lltno deprlvps tho
wotid of much that, wbile provldlog en
tprtnlniiipnt nnd Inatructloo to tho pnb*
Up. might ni^o make the underwotid
ipfi? cockatire than it is.
Tho imitatioii of tbe Ohlneae forern?
ment t-> Profesaor Jenka, of Now Vork
Unlverslty. to go toPeklng aa an experl
idvbex in fmnnce li slgnlfJcani andj
auaplcloua lt Indlcatea that tbe rt>
publlcan governaaent la nol \u*<' in its
own coneett, bal realutea tbal ii bai
mnch to learn from Weatero landi and
| that ln aome reapecta lt can i>ost leari
ii bjf KP<-iirliiK Wrstorn aldl t<? dlrprt
tbe operatJona "f Hh greal departmenta.
The aervlcsa ol Bobetl Unrt in tho
niMitiiii. cttatoma'and of Charlea Gor>
dou ln Buppreaaing tbe Tal-plng rebel*
Mon are miii gratefaUy remembered
Tho Chlneae atateamen alao donbtleai
percelve the bltterlj Ironlcal clrcum
itsnee that whlle t'or hkp* Chlna has
been l nstlog of mswhslibi nnd bank
era, wlth ? reputatlon for alngular in
tegrltj, ?i^ b matter of fad her publie
(hscal ayatem bai hmg been aboul tbe
moal InefBdeni and most rjorrnpt ln tbe
uoiid. in no reeped does sbe more
urgentl] need experl aiu iimn ln tbt re
babllltaHon ot her Rnaneaaj.
Bncb forebru ald bai frequently been
aoughl f<<r \aii'ius purpoaea h> man}
countrlea, Ineludlng Chlna, Jai?n andj
Perala. In former yeara tbe demand |
u:>s pefbapa more <>ftrii f'>r mllltary
Bhd navai offkers, and lt. is Indtcative
of th*' rltd of a btgher and more be j
hIkii atanuard of cttlllsatlon to bsve
the demand nhift ln tbe dlrectlon of
:inatK'iai. edotatlonal and aodologlcal
aaalatance. Tbere la, of eourae, ti
d(>niii(< goed In tbe reddering "t auch
Beftlcea. lt gtr*a*to tbe country bd
which iii4-y are Kudaced sn Impreved
admlntatratlon, and lt bringi tbal
country Into tnore dlrecl touch wlth tiu>
real ?>f tbe wotid
lt abould ti"i eeoape recoHectlon thai
auch gi\ing uf agfett ffiaaatajStlSttfi
nl.l ls preeisely tha pgrelog whicli this
Country h?s been endeavnrlm; to ren
der to BOtne of Ita Bontheta Baifbbora,
in reeponse t" their organl Btaeedoouui
eall. Thtis I rovenuc oollector Brga
prorldad for luuto DotoJago, to tke
almply Ineatlmable proflt of thai coun?
try. and thus prealdenl Tail deelgned
to have Klcaragug and Honduraa aa
alstetl, irith ample ground for expectlng
eqwilly good reagltii ln Iboee needy
countrlea. lt ln i uelgbboriy and bu
inane practlce, whlch i? greatly i" tbe
credll of tbosd wbo do it. provHIed il
v. iys, of courae, thai thej do lt unself
lahly and nitboul nlterior motlre of
conquesl or aelf-aggTandlrement
it aeemg paradozical that an auto?
mobile should cobI anytblng to ? man
who doeen'l own ii. Tet arlth tbe an?
nouncenient thai sboea are to be 20
I,: re .1 btgher in priee this fall coraea
th" explanation that thla ls due i?> the
BUtomobfle, Tbe leather dealera aay
thnt so much leather la demanded now
by automobile manufpctureni thai they
cannot eupply it for any purpoee at ih"
Old prices. In addltlon. there In tbe
perennlal dedaratlon that cettle are
fewer and hidea conpequentlj worth
Tbe automobile hgi been much
blamed bi a cauae and a meani of
American extravagance. Tbe motor
car has been taken ai typlfylng tbe
"American pace," rrlth iis reckleeanesa
of restralnl and of conaequencen, even
if they be debl and bankruptcy. Ex
ceaBea Blwaya breed a eorrectlve. lf
the gntomoblle has been tbe Ingtrnment
and aceeterator of BBttonal extrava*
gBnce, if the "automobile hahit" ln all
ita pbasea baaindeed becotne a natlon
dbaease ind danger, II has cjirried with
it a enre, Apparently ii is deatlned to
drho the pgblk bacfe io the limpie llfe,
where roadhouae reatauranl pricea
trouble not and gboea are a bntden t"
barefoot men nnd malda.
A famlilar prlnclple is appHed, (>r
wnu'd be gpplled, ln the threatened
nctlori nf Brltigb employera ><f labor,
??? nplng tbemaelrea for what they
have to pay for thelr eraployea' Inaua
ance onder th" new law by reduclng
the etnployea igea ln fl eorreBpond
Ing dojfree. Wt have bitberto called
gttention to tbe urorklng of tb?t prln?
clple ln ihe .n<-c (.f rncreased taxation
upon real eetate fdr expenshp publlc
Improvementa wblch are ratnly repre*
aeuted t<> be boong to tho many ?t the
expenae "f the plutocratic few. The
landlord ^imi.iy Increaaei tbe renl so
n? to make hl* tenanta pay th ? taxea,
nnd the tenanti who ;ir.- ahopkeepers
Increaae the prices of thelr wareg ao
.is to make thelr cttstomera pay the
hlgher rent The reanli u thai the
-iipiin-0<i Bon-taipgyer rcally paya the
I'i the ea-e .n* th" iiii!\ -rs;il Insur
ance pebetne, tbe law prorldefl that the
employera Bhall pay parl and Ebe am
ptoyee j.ort of the premluma, and lt
ls threatened that by reductlon of
t\ai;ei! Ihe employe* will he made to
pgy all. W mUBl r.'trard that. now
ever. ns a <? inael "f deaperate flefl
ance, whlch ii would be Immenaelj
dlfflcult ff al all poaaible to fultll
There wwkl certalnly be a \'
nhd reaolnte reatatance by the env
ployea, trade unlonlal ?nd noii unlnnlal
allke. t.. any such poll<*y, ln whloh
they would command the aympnthy nf
tlic government and of a large propor
tlon of thongbtful ritlzena rlthonl re
gnrd ?o party ln probably n Innre
majortty nf ease* it B/odM be Impna
idble to do sii.i. M tblng, nt leaai for a
considernble time, wtthout repudlating
existlng wa;;.' contracta, whlch etn
ployers would acareely ranturc to do,
it K not unllkely thai on i amall
aeale tho tblng will be rtone, but any
Ihimr llke a general reductkm l-< not
to be etpected. lf !t Bbookl be at
tempted tbe glngdotn would qnl kly
be Inrolted in poIosbbI gtrfkea.
it has been suggeeted thnt emplny
era would not shrlnl from. if. Ind.I,
they would ti"t arelcome guch .?? reault,
boplng through it to brlng dlai radll
upon the InBttrancg aebeine, t.iit pfa
should healtate to charge them with ?n
deaperate a <icsii:n. The odtura wonld
be far more Hkcly to react upon tl cm
aelvea, and there wonld probably he h
Btrengtbened demand nol for a ropeiii
of tbe Inaurance law hu' for the enpet*
mettt Of more nnd more BtrlngeUt so
ciai or ajnciatlgl BiegBorea, gncb ns Mr.
r.loyii fJeorge Ii eredlbly aald to have
ln mtnd. After a large ?'nounl of Inl
tiai proteetlng, tberefore, it is probabie
lliat we Bhall aee the Insiirnnec ByBtem
acqulepred in and prelly fnlrly trled.
To n certain extenl the employera wlll
probabt] pay less nnd ihe eutplojren
more thsn thelr respeettre proportlona
np pregerlbed in the act, bnl tlie exlent
will not be Buffldent tn predpltate n
f!(K'iaI or Induatrlal rerolutlon.
Aaalatanl Ptolli i Conunlaalonet Dougb<
eHy thlnks JtL'.("Hi WPI a \Ak prlce io
pgy for the Roaenthal murder. The
men on that Job, he brtlttregi could
have been had cheapef But perhapfl
"the system" can make betler ratea
next time, if it can now ahow that Itaj
guarantae of Immunity i? awil founded.
? ?T I?i^oll h.i,\h that K'*'d feel
iio? esicin between Colonel Rooeevelt
nnd Senatot Fllnn. Thnt 's raBBBUr?
ing. It would be sad to see the two
grtet foeg of boashnn fall out.
"Raaponaible mlnlaterlal govarnmant"
:n Chli m la certalnly heing mad" ra re>
nllze its faaponBlblltf).
The Senate. oddiy enotigh, cn..
reluctantly Into llne with the Houae in
8 tim army approprlatlon hin to
? ?.. t ? Paft'a oojectlona. The
? [???-?, ftrhtcn ia Democratlc, promptly
h.o-kiii down ori tiio propoaltlon t" legla
i-i. Oeneral Wood pul of hia placa aa
chtel "i Btaff, anu tl- Senate, In Whlch
blUann silll ha?( ? majorl?\,
has pua?( '? ? ?' dajra tn devlaing aome
form "t tllgn Bed retreat Boaton Traa
? ? ri| t ,
Nettber tbe Houae nor the Benati
OtiglBated the proVBltoa ln tbe army
apnroprUtlon blll whteh snujrht t?
lt'Risinie oeneral Woo.i out of oAcg n?
ohlaf of the Oeneral Btaff. The eon<
ferenca commlttee eooked up that
imendment, and neithet houae h?d any
rhajtce to eonaldar lt agpajmtajf on its
nv.n mnts. it haa no ieopar place 'n
? he Brnty BggeepvlgtloB blft '>nd there
miii be no "diKtiifled retraat" if the
sknatu now rafuscs to considcr u propo
'nltlon to which lt rould n*?Sf have
jbean eoeamltted m any way except
through the tinwarrant-d nctlon if Its
repreaenUtlvea on the former commit?
tee of conference.
It must offend and dlaxaniragn Ifayor
'tlaynor to aShMOVer lhat the publlc'a
head ls BgaJa Blled wlth "vtea and
' crlme."
?The Wlhntngton (N. C) Btar' haa
thla comment to make on Mr. Rooae
ivelt'w HUggestlnn that eonio of tha Dem- j
'ocratlc candldatea for elector in Nortbj
Carollna, if property PYogreaaive, mi^ht
. t... put on the Third Terffl party tlcket:
\\. do not Iblnh there la tHe allgbtaet
rlangcr of the colond'a atealma any cf
Wll "H'- North Carollna vota lt la only
I the abaurdltlea ot ihe col nel, and
i nnly Boea to Bhov hoa n m iB can aeii
hlmaelf ? gold brick At tlie rame tlme,
whal rnn t>e ti.i-uaht of tbe rnoral a?am
Ina "f p man wh< would tolerate, much
'loaa concelve. a plan ao full of tncaerj
lof th? mo.it mai'vi.irnt natnre?
No more abasnthe f?n !?<* bnported
'into thla country after Octobef 1, and
j we dO nol know Of any Import that I
could hetter bo dlaoonttnued. Tet ?o'
long as chenp aleohol nnd green dyes
lare avaltmblfl the lupply Ip not iikely
i to fall.
Democrati vote to uneeat Repre
aentatlva Catlln, of st. Loula, bpcauao
ho or hla flienda apent more than $11,
rjoo \,, leeure aome twenty thouaand
votea. whnt monatroua nnreataMHiable*
neaa, at leaat from ? Progreaalve
polnl of vlaw! Why, compared wlth
the way money li apent for Progrea?
alve votea al a Prealdentlal pref
erence primary, poor Catlln i* tho
verieat phayutm "piker," trylng to
i lueesa through "on the eheap." a -
cordlng t<> tbe New Torh Progreaalve
lexample, he. ought tn have apent not
$18,000, but Bt lenst $100,000
The Tialtlmorr convention BWSllowed
(1 bottle nt pr. Parker*a aolutlon of
polltlcal araenie with auleldal Intent
I it lt was an overdnae and tbe PBtlent
t covered.?Th" Cnmmonpr.
Recovory bPing eoneeded ? i may
BXpet t to see Dr. Parker ant"datlng
i>r. Bryan on tha sen Gbt vhrftlng
I '
Wlth Ke?enoz nnd Ivone' kllled Bttd
Antomnr<hi captured, th" Cuben toaur
r<?rt|on aeema to have be^n BnUffed OUl
There will be a'lii grentpr <niiae for
gratlflcatloa if the Cuben government
t:ik?>? prompl aiul effectlve atepa to re?
move any real groundi for dtaaatlafac
tlon which may exiat among tbe ne
The Hon. 'Mfford Plnchot'a nttenpt
te pay a hlgber tn* on his Waahlng
ton real eatate than his aaaeaamanl
palla for haa been fruatrated by the
refuenl of the n)"""<-nT " tl ''*?
af Columbla to admll that there
waa an ondercharge. Probably he
,.f the Dhrtrtct treaaury would be
atralned by a generai demand on the
pad of property nwner for lruiror
aaeeaatnenti and heavler taxes. They
don't iik<> tn take auch <l< p
n VTaahlngton.
lati i
- ? \. *
1 And tbe merrj l
l ? '
, Tbe fxtvoli ua Joj
? ti.?
i And ?rtth hla jollj eotnpai
He | ot ? aul ? : ?'?*?
The ?opa' a: ' I ? io i aad I i
Ar* mlxlng II !n tbe fun,
Aad ti. gul Ivan law la fllrtlng
Wlth tbi a? ? il> tn M loi k ?
Ibat i? are badi u
tlni" of t ti - Ir Bvaa |uet now,
But the man Irlng eead oi tne ajdewaia
!h ot t nt tbe aam I e i
n ..? Aawg aeema to have arerked
wei! in polii
, : s aome auffi
?rward no* with a ? loi ? il ?> t ??
i uarllle i o irli i J
Th? Dietrid Cemmlaalonera, arho ar?
eolleetlvely, taa Hajrot i>f MTaaldngton,
? . they hav<- aolved the problem ?<?
reduelni iVaahlnartan'a atray eal
tlon \? n reeul! of lh Ir ,lf<iKli>n t"
na\e tbe pauad eollecl requeat
iw fellnea aavi been eatemtlnated aii ?
juLv i The plaa haa" mal wlth greatei
s than waa anticlpated at i la thla
ntng the rnnks of the bach allej aere
aadeta al .?< rate unprepedentcd. "Tbe
Health Department ??"?, "Tha Btar,"
"which haa wpenrtetoo ot the pound.
nteralli ia i>eina; aooded wlth requeata
from dttaeaa la avem i""t of Ihe
Dietrlrt to <a!l f?r eata that lia\? taken
tir> thdr abedea <?> premlaaa where tha*
r gaatred. in one day tbe pound
baa ealtaetei and aeatroyad ta maay aa
?eventy eata, whlie, duriag the lad week,
tne daiij- coiif?tion baa apprealmated
\ | ? ?,;,! tho piatn dttaen, "i ean'i
aee thla ?r?ftmei-t about monej batng iti*?
,.r | .ti and npwerful corurideratlon ai
? I eaatil tlme."
? \\ hal eauaea lmi to <in!i?it it?
"toa l"?nr trll of a randldatn who has
mllllons <>f dollara ;it hla dli
"1 "a ' , .. ,
?\\,i ir money ?na the only thlng
worth irolng afn-r h? wouMn'l put all
,< i h into pelltlca He'd atHtt a
banh " W aablngton Btai
A New York woman who thlnka rhe
bnowa Ihe publle taate i.auae "f her aa
perlence In the boardlng houae buaineaa
and iih the Bienagef of I lummei reaod
I hotel thlnka thal tha etatement made bj a
IChleago baker thal "da baa reaaed <> be
popular with tha maeeea ef thla country"
- ii wrong." "ii may be true for chi
eaga,M ihe aald, "?ttl in thb pad af tbe
arorM pte li atlll popular. Twe raara aga
we had a htti" drlba lo tbe kttenen ef
our aeaaaofa place and Ihe paatry and
was tbe barded to get right Par foar
daya wc bad no pi". but furatahea
mare axbeadve deaaeda. But we had ?
regular i?ie atrlka araeng our guanta, aad
pl) we had to havi II araan't tik.> aay
man'a mothef ev? r Btade, becauae lt was
amatear work, bwi it ?raa pta, an<i that'a
al] they wanted."
"Tliat efSoa boj pi fdae la tvrrlbly
aerufltlve," aald Mr. Mllder.
"Hoa de ? on know?"
"Every tlme one of his reiatlvea riif,,i
te ge to a bnii gatni gei I
mlnd ?>ff his reftow. waahmgti (1 gtat,
a pertain >oung man of tasdar bead
baa loat hla falth In manl.hnl geme
reara aK? he <ii<i a tavot f'-r a frlend,
.who. t? ahow hla appreciaUon, preaaBtad
hiiu with a pipp of meeraebaum peraua
i aion. noBdarfaliy and ntarvelieualy
wrougbl and baaring ,,ate of " bandw i
i reara before The young man trearured
! thla plaa, wbieh wai te bbn a nsantef
i h -. And wMaovet the blua Hhoaa
earled kSwafd frets its bowi nia hcart
swelled wlth the thotiRht of tha g?n?"
r.slty and loodBaaa af the human race,
for .he ha'l he. n tohl when the plpe waa
handod to hlm that a pawnbroker wouM
advance 13 on It. thUB provlng lt to be
worth at leaat a ten-spot. Dolna favorfl,
ho thOUght, Hurely furnlshed rcompenM.
Ati.i than one day l.e hroke the stem.
He tOOB lt to a tobaeconlst wlth whom
he was well acqualnted and aaked to
have it Basndad, "Itfe auch a hraaauta,"
he axplatned. "Notlce the work on lt
and the date." The tobaeconlst Btntl'd
"My boy," N lemnrked, 'they turn lhe*e
out by tho barrel and aell them for 10
?She feeniF very happy."
"Her hUBband had hls salary raleed?_"
??.\.,. Bhe'a been to every place she s
Kettlnir BOUVentr poatal cards from this
8ummer.'-~r>etrott Freo Pross.
A Writer's Idea of Why the Scheme
of Roosevelt Men Will Fall.
To the K.lltor of The Trlbune.
air: There aeama to he a bad Baw in
tbB "oOUlPTomlaa" Blectoral BCh?tBB eaid
to he approvad by aeme of tha Rooeavelt
Bidellghts, although lt doaa not meet wlth
the eokmel'a Indoraement As i ander
Btaad tt. the plaa may he brlefly out
Ilned an followa:
The panie FresHentlal electors are to
be prlnted twlee on the offlclal ballots In
atatea aihere Rooaavall wlll have a tlcket.
? imes wlll appear ln both the Taft
and ftooaevalt columna on the ballot.
When tho rotea ara Boanted in Kovamber,
if more rotea B/arB oaPt in the Roosevelt
lhaa the Taft eotUBtn, then the former
BhonM linve the electornl vote of the
atate or glatrlct and viee versa. The
.leal aaemfl to be bullt on assumptlons
ftrst. that the Republlcan partv wlll have
? ? ., i indMataa runnin* fof Praapaagt at
. Ume; second. that the voto for
? he two Mandtnatea shall be bunehed lr.
determlalng the mnrgln oetween the Re
publlcana and Democrats. Ie?t ua se* how
lt might work.
Le| BB take NVw .Tersey as an exampl*.
Buppoae ln that state lt should turn out
that Tnft and Roosevelt together polled
mr.re votes thnn Wiliun, DUt that the
Democratte candldato reeelvnl moro votes
than ellher Roosevelt or Taft. llnief the
compromBM aeheme the etectoral rote
. etthei Taft or Rooaaveit, rh
mlghl ba ib it mppoaabta for
Mit that the Demoerata wenld
quletly let ? dleker of tBat BOtl keep the.n
from pteurblg the electoral vote of the
ttata and enjoytng the poiitical proBt
whlch lohereg In th? RapubUeaa dlvlatonT
riii i.e Daeaoeratle donkey* la tha
thai BChema, a- well n> reguinr
lieafl Hona
Hut ('oloi.ei ROOBBValt'a clalm thnt h<
alaetoral vote of every
atate carrted by him in the raoanl pri
raarlei la just as r?oor a aeheme, and no
more ralld thnn '?Bepa*' Kimn's oonv
promlae Ueket. Bueh electere as were
choaan bafora the national convention. ot
ajnce, far that mattar, were not ??lected
t<> represent or vote for eith*-- Taft or
it. but for the candiduto of the
palty, and that fact put*
.. || oul of tha runnlng so far aa
. . . ? rotea la oon?
prnad, Beeidea, In no ?tnte AM the
, ,.,..uei reoelva tha majortty of the Re
rote {!??>? any one want to
. laiBJ that a minority RapubB) l
\ia> antltlea Ita roetptei t t<
the major ;>arty rote ln November, jar
Ueularly urhea the eialmant did r.ot r?.
,etv || MtOB "f I'ls party." The
colonel iniiy elalm thai he i* tho i arty.
hut he wlll ha\e few nackers ln that
. ontentlori.
A- a BMitter <>f fact. Rnoaevelt's scheme
..i || ? uanot aurviva more than
?me eampatgn. Probably no one aeea that
r? | . than tho eandMate hlaaaeif
Bul tha 1111.? llght i aa be ei loyei aa
iis a wrecker aa a promoter and belng
ln the llmellght ls the npi'l" af tha
colonel'a aye. H W W.
kdelphla, July IT, Iflti
T.? the Bdltot Of The Trll.'im
glr: During thla pollUcal can
? n fall llke replylna to BBttM Of
the lettera In T ? Trll una and can bardly
from aaylni a feej ararda in re?
gard to one In to-daj i Trlbune from
? ?. N i i, too, have been a Ufe
long Republlcan, and my father before
in* raad Tha Trlbune from ttm blrtl H
rated fof Premonl ?nfi l ahoutad for hlm
becauae i araa not old enough to vote t
have votad for e* | i gular Republlcan
. mdldate for Prealdent, from Uncoin
down, but one. i voted f,.r lloraoa
Qreelej l eonetdered him ihe i?at
Republlcan of all.
Tha letter rcferred to aaya: "1 am st.-k
..r boaa rule," etc Thla mafeea me "tlred."
i .r of all the "fcing i.." abaotuta boaaaa
Tedd) is the urnlt, ii" la the boaa of
boaeea and to deaert the partj that has
|.r">rr\erl .itnl bUlll Up this co'intrv 10
join h third part) ?I ?? i nly platform
ls the ambltlon of ona man is the h.'lKht
nf foll) Wllti Rooaevell oul of the a/py
what wo l<j tha third partj atand on?
I i . nal ler Mr Taft one of the ?!??
teiiijtei't, alncere a-.d uprlghl Preatdenta
aa avet i.ad, and Rooaavelt'a tr^ntment
Of hlm oiiLh' I" make aVBTy
woman md ehiid "sick."
West'rlv. R. T.. Itily 12. 1912.
To ?he Kdltor of The Trlbune.
Bti. when The Trlbune prlnted the u
loulcai hikI abeurd atatemenl from Ma
Ihanlel Iflbbard that many hundreda of
thouaanda of rotart would rote for Theo
gere Rooeevell baeausB "they dld thelr
own thlnklrig." whlle ho Ckaeaed Pr.
I'r.'inklln l> ("him as ona B/ho permltt.-l
othera to do his thinkinn "becauae be ?.i?
i.M Rooeevelt," it proved that The
Trlbune IB Inniartlnl nnd 'alr to all.
A \ot'i Who can Brftta and Bfjiragi hls
io'-ns iih l'r I'lum did is leM llltely to
he ln a ClBBB tha' penoitB Othefl to (io
his thlnkliiK than the one who makef
i-1111<Iy hoaen nn.l BtatemefttBi ImpOBBtble
n. pi'ive, and caiis it i reepeaea to a
stutenietit of factB.
autiii;r DBLAFIBUX
CataklU, N. y., juiy m, i<?ii.
' B
To the Kdltor of The T-lbutie.
Klr; Baveral of us who rend the i-t ny
<>f tha poor New York woman wlth a
sick babj who was nned for treBpaaatug
cn a cannrai Pam urns-? ptai arauM Hl a
to itit.rvi. w thoaa thrat foois. vis. the
pellagniau ?i.o arraated ber, the Fark
Cammlaatoaar and ihat ignoramuH the
maglatrate aho Inaf her, Thie ie a
cii?.< where the 'rccall" would BTOrB
to the guetn'a tn.te. lf that humane
peabathM ofgaat who Mot tbe iine t*"
mltted Iih.i aaaf a BPtaJ sircl elm club
lt VrOUM have hnd more lasilng resulta.
Jt almom mske? s nian hnte bat country.
And all fur a f,w hlnd.s of BjTBPti that
li'-l gava all: InPtM those hlghhrows out
u.-i \\. oaa taaeh them v\hut raal
m-ii ara, nnd that Rrnsa la free. and I'
tro.ldeti down ls Bol PthPBrrl to |fOBI
analn. (iKuiUji: R, BABTHOLOBaBW,
KuuKuk, lowa, Juiy u, ii>a
Veople and Si
Championshlp polo under the auapleee
of the Polo Aasoclatlon, which la aecond
only ln lntereat and Importance to the
matohes for the Intcrnatlonal Polo '..'hal
lengo Cttp, haglna this Week on the
grounda of the Polnt Judlth Polo Club.
at Narr.igansett, and will attrad thlther
all those who care about the game.
Wlth the tranafer of polo actlvltlea to
Rbeda laland from the Rookaway ?Iunt
f'lub, Wbare the tournament haa been ln
e'roaTeQB for the last fortntght. there haa
been an exodua from the country houaes
ln the aleadow Rrook dlatrlet of Long lal
and, most of the plaoea thr.rc havlng oeen
glOSBd UUttl the openlng of the fall nea
aon. The matchea wlll cuntlmie at Nar
ragansett for nearly a month, and nmjng
thelr foatures will be the partlclpatlon
ln the play by the famous Argentlna
"Wlld Horse" tearn, which haa been the
aenaation of the re~ent tournamenta at
Ulfl tfur?n(?ham nnd tbe Ranolagh otuhs.
ncar r.ondon. After that the polo fnterest
will ce*ntre at Newport.
HoW great ls tho attentlon which the
players ar- d.votlng to the Impendlng
conteata at Polnt Judlth la ahown arnmg
other thlnps by the faot that a number
ef well knoWfl people, who have hltherto
esrhewed tre pler, have taken cottagea
at Narraganaett for the next four weeks,
prominent among them helng Mr. tnd
Mrs. rhar1"s Cary Rumaey, who have
l^ased the WImsey place.
I/>ng nranch will alao be a centre of at
tractlon dudag tiua eeealng week ln con
Beetlon wlth tho rdneteeath annual horse
thOW of the Monrnouth County Horaa
IflhOW Aeaodatloa, Whteh opena Wedn.>?
day next, and will contlnue tlll Haturday
blght, whea II WlM be wound up by the
euatomary horee ahow- hall at the Holly
This ahow ls the foature of the Jersey
coast season, nnd la made the occaalor, of
?wel boapltaJtty, all the hotela. vlllaa
and cottagea b-lng filled wlth gueats for
th?- (>'?oaalon
There will be dlnnors and dancea on
every nlght throughout the week. among
the notab> onos belng that which la to
take place on Frlday at the Deal Caslno.
Harry Centent la the prealdent of the
ahow, Jamea Trevelyan Hyde the vhe
prealdent, and among the membera of
tbe eommittee are Charlea A. Itau.loulne,
w Oaadby Loew, Waitcr P. BU? and
Prededek Ruii.
Yeaterday the flfth of the seriea of an?
nual bench abewa of the Monmouth
Couatl Kennel Club took place, aleo at
rlOllyWOOd Park. and. wlth a thonaand
entrlea, wia a groat luceeaa, the tadgea
inciuding Raymond Bdmoat, v7llllain
g and HaUl VefS Catchpole. of
Dulwlcb, Etagtand, who thua mad* bef
lirat appearance ln thla country as BB ex
pert on Pomerar.tiinfl and fox terrlers.
Whlle on tha aubjed ef abawa u may
he af Intereet to mentlon that the dlr?'c
to'a of th? Weeteheeter Ceuaty Horee
leeodattoa havo gedded te aald
tholr exblhltlon on tho falr grounos at
V hlta I Idl ? from Sortember 11 ta II
JThls la q!'.t.< aa much of a aocbil BtTalr
aa an equtne event, for it nogina the aua
I urban fall ?oaaon. and conatltutea, M B
' rule, the flrat readeafoui where meeabera
of aodet] aaaemble tn order to axebaage
now> and to eemmanleata to one anether
I axperteneea of the et:mmer here and
abroad, and to dJacaaa plana for the com
inv arlnter.
\ , it!.- country bouaea aior.g the Hud
! the Bonnd will be en fete for tbe
lt ia probably the laat
that will be h"ld on the falr gn.unos, i. r
tbe dlreetora, who Indude Colonel wllllam
.iny. Ottver Harriman and Othet well
known mon. bav< rg mlaad tne
tlon into a club, and hare aecured the
i>,.iv eatate ar bfouat Klaaa for na bead
Iquartera It ia on th* ext.-nsivo grouado
Of tlil:< "stat<- that future eshlbltlona are
i llkely to be held.
1 HallliiK thla week for BurOBa WUI ; I
Mi. Tnd Un llarry Payne Whltney. who
arltl leBVO N-w York on Tuefiday for th-ir
Ing ladga la rorkanire; alao Vnaeant
j Astor. who la about to undertake a Baot W
! tour wlth hlM mother and elator on tbe
Contlnettt, and Mr. and Mr?< K. Francia
' Hyde.
J Pterpont Morgan ia due here on
; Thuraday on board the Olympip. havlng
? he<?n praodkifl by hla steam yacht Coraalr,
whleb /"t ln last w.-K. and Whl h, awalt
i lng his arrlval. blll ^onvey htm to hla
! 'laiiltiR lodge at Newport
Mra. John K. Alexandre la alao acoed
| uled to arrlve h.-re this Week, and na
: landlng Wttl go to Kaat lattp tO atay wlth
llt and Mra. Bayard C. Henpla beforo
' pi'oce>'jtna to Lanea for the aammer, Mr.
I and Mr?1. Anaofl Phel|>a eitokas and MlM
; Hai?-ti Stokea aall on \Vedn<*?day for New
I Joeeab abevena and hbt brother-m-law,
j Frederfclk H, Allen, aalled for I'arla yes
! terday In order to fulfll thelr dutlea aa
j exeeutera af 'he wIM ef thelr mothor ?nd
| mother-ln-law, Mra. Adate Udngetea
I Bampaon, dlvoreed wife <>f rrederick wtii
! intn Bteveaa and alao of the Marquta
Maurlee de Tdtoyraad?Padajordt Due de
I?ln<> Ni'?i <?( her d*>ath ln tlu- Fren-h
I oapital waa reaalved here on Kriday.
Cardlnal I-'arlej. Arcohlahop of New
York arrived la town laat niKbt by motor
from hla vtlla at I.ong BranPh. N. J.. ln
order to offldate al the bleaalng of the
i.pct gpaalab t'hurch of Our Lndjr of
iiope, wbleh baa just been eaeaaieted In
liaith Btreet, between Broadway and
Mverdde I?rive.
Moaatgner Patrlck J Hayes, chancellor
of that arohdloceae, will say maaa. The
i ardlnal, who la ataylug at hla resldonce
OB Madleon avenue, wlll motor back to
Long Brnneh to-morrow asarntng.
Mr. and Mra. .lamr.s Frederh-k BaoOB,
arbe were aiairted an Xliuraday bt the
Church of tho lloly ('onimunlon, wU|
? . nd the remeJttder of the autumor at
QuogUO, Long lalard. Mra. Hacon was
Mn Allee Ia>p Mlller. She 1? a daught<r
,.f j. Bowara l^ee.
.\lr and Mra. Pauldlng foadtCk Mh\'>
gene to Hewaert to ?pend tho lamnladat
,if the aeaaoB,
Mr. and Mra. .lames B. Taylor, who are
now at thelr country place at JerlehOi
Long Ialand, wlll go next month to tho
Whtto Hountalntt to remaln untll Labor
Mra KUiott F. Shepard, who ln now th ?
gUOrt of Mr. and Mra Wllllam Dnuglaa
Sloane, wlll apead the next month Wlth
Mr. and Mra Wllllam J. firhleftelln, at
Aohnvlllc, Masa.
Mr. and Mra. J Nelsou Uorland aro the
gu? M9 of Mrs Qeorge *j. Haven at l^nox
over IbO Week end.
Mr. atid Mra. YV. Bourke Cockran. who
have bpf-n motortng In thelr automuhllo
ln Canada and the northern i)art af the
.-tut>', are now at the Champlaln Mottl.
Mr. and Mra. Temple Bowdoln are at
Elboron, N. J., for the summer.
Mr. and Mra. llarry T. Petera are the
giieata of Mra Wllllam Htorra Welia at
ocial Incidentj
[By Te'.eirraph to Th<j Trlbune.)
Newport. July ?.-The Halldon Hlll dla
I trlct was partlcularly gay this evenlng,
'_ for two of the largest soclal affalr* took
.' place ln tlils part of the clty. Mrs French
; Vanderbllt entertalned wlth a dlnner and
| danee at Harboirvlew and Mrs. Willlara
Grosvenor w Ith B Blmllar aiTalr at Roslyn.
Mrs. Vanderbllt's dlnner, whlch was for
Btxty-flve guesta, was for Mbis Mary
flhreve Ames. pf Roston, a slster af Mrf.
F. Lothrup AmeB, whom ahe ls vls?
ltlng, and Mrs. Grosvenor's affalr was for
the yovagar people. The grounda of Mra.
! Vanderbllt'n estate were lllumlnated and
a large tent had been erected on the lawn
for the supper late ln the eventng
Mrs. Hamllton McK. Twombly waa a
dlnner < ntertalner In honor of Coaat and
Counterss Szeohenyl. Her gueats Ineluded
also Mrs. Vanderbllt and Mr and Mra
Harry Payne Whltr.ey. Other dlnner
hoHtcsses were Mrs. Pembroko Jonsa,
Mrs. James P. Kernochan ati.J Mrs. C. U
Lleutenant Commander and Mrs. Thom?
as C. Hart were dlnner entertalnenj at
the torpedo Htatlon.
Mr. and Mr?. Frank K. Bturgh w?r*
luneheon entertalnera to-day, the former
entertalnlng at the Oooseberry laland
Flahlng Club and the latter at homa
Luncheone were also glven hy Mr*. R. T.
Wtleen, Ifra Clarence W. ix.ian. Mr? r.
Lothrop Ames. Mrs. George H. de Fot>
<st and Mme Pakhmeteflf.
T' aaa reglstered at the Casino to-day
Ineluded: Colonel Wllliam Jay, of New
York. Mrs. Samuel Norrla, Jr , of Brtatol;
? BertraaB de N. Cruger, af Nejv Y.irk, v|g
I Itlng J. Norman de R. Whltchouse; Mra.
1 John M. Hudglns and Mrs. F. H. Moran,
of Waahlngton. and Arthur W. Rutier, of
; New York, vlsltlng E. Hlcks Herrlck:
Colonel Charles Hajrdati, of Boatoa, *tp>
[ ltlng Fhlllp Sallen Clark; .VTls-s Fifl Wld
' ener, pf Fhlladelphla, and Mlss Flsher, ot
i Parls. vlattlng Mrs. Pembroks Jonea; T.
A. Fletchner, of Southbero, vlsiting Htnry
F. F.ldrldge; W. W. Galoralth and F. lt
Freeman, t7. 8. N.; WMtney Wrlght, of
Fhlladelphla, vlsltlng P.iul A. Andrewi;
j Mra J. T. Hagner, of Waahlngton, vlslt
i Ing Mrs. Charlea P. Nelson: Fratida A.
J fihea. Mlse Bh*a, Mlss H. K. flhsa and
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell. of Boston, gueats
'at the Muenchlnger KIng; H. J. Whlg.
ham, c f New York, vlsltlng l'smbroka
Jonea; Mr. and Mrs. Berbareid, of Mllan,
guests at the New Cllffs; Wllliam de
Forest Manlce, of New York, visltlr.g E.
Hayward Ferry; Randolph C. Orew and
Renjamln W. Crownlnsuleld, pf Postoa,
gueatB of Mrs ftenah tfaadaraBi
A soetety tableau wlll be. ona of tha
rocial affalra in August. It ln to be glven
for the heneilt af rt. JohB'l BgtmaaJ
Church, aiid Mrs. Hamllton Flsh Web
s'*r, Mijs Wetmore ar.d Mles LydU lied
Imond hre ln Charge.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harrlman, of N?w
1 York. were visltors h.ra to-dav as gueits
j of Mr. and Mrs. Pr-mbroke Jonea. Mrs.
Wi: .am V. Iratt has gone to Malns for
a brlef rifltt
Mr.?. A. Manscn Rmlth has as her gucst
m;-m Allca Lee Thomaa, >?;' BaJtunara,
Mr. and Mra. Regtaald C Vaaderbtt
have aat Baptember 0 as the -h.tr of thelr
return from abroad.
Many of the aununer reetdepta werit ta
Narraganaatt Pler to-day for the op?n
: ing of the poio aaaeon.
Mrs. tleorge 1?. Wldeaer, ?.f Hi.'.ladel
phlBi win arrtva durim; tbe araek to bs
th. Kiiosi of Mra Joseph B Wldaoar.
i>r. nnd Mra L. I* Beanum, ot B*B
I York, ara uuosts of Mlas Martba Caf
| m,in on BellCVUB avenue
Mr. and Mr.-;. Walter B. ApdrtWi B>
: turned from lunppoe Lake, N. H., to
day m apead tha weeX-end aith Mr and
i Mrs. IJenry H B Bl
Arthur CuttlBB Jai ? 1 from
| Kew York on the Aloha t< ?
The recelpta from the lawo fete oa
T .-F.iay at th*: Bummer home of Mra
1 Wllliam R. Hunter for tho beaett of
M Mary*B OrpBaUMga, af Fr..\tdetica,
: amount to p%Mg
Ambassador and Mme Bakhmetag of
R issla aro to be gaata of boaor &t a
dlnner by L4apanard Btewart ob Mondaj-.
Herbert Paraona, J
. i,.e.se and Qeaetal .i Pred Fi^rson
[returned from New forh this evenbsg
Mrs Barger BTailach has retarned from
j Hoston.
Kenneth P Budd, of New York, ls B
gaaat of Btuyveaant Piah.
.\il-s Rnhiiiflon, of BaltlBW a arrlTei
i to-nlght to rlalt Mrs. HemaBB >" Irlehs.
Mr. and Mt? rraderlch H. iJrin<?, of
Boatoa, have arrived at th* Glbert cot
Lleutenant Edgar Von .?'chr.^lsrs,
naviii attache of the Chlllan i?g?itioD. t
a guest at the New ( llfts.
(H> T-->legr?t'h ta Tha Trll
lyenoa. July 2".- There were DSang soclB
affatru on tho CBlaalai t daj tha lar<?et
heing a afoph at Hartsvtl ? givea t>> Mf
and Mrs. Kdward H. Delafteld of Norv
ton, Conn.. who are vlsitmg Mr and Mrs.
George W, FolB.mi.
j Mr. and Mrs. George W Felsom ga??
ia dlnner at Bunay Ridge faf Htsnop
1 Thomas F. Uavias and BtabOg I-??>?i. ?
New York. Mlss BnUlf W. Htdole gavs a
dlnner at breeay Corners f'?r K.cliard
tadwaltdir -iiid Wllliam Caawuhuler, of
Mr and Mrs. Henr> W Fartium !?*?
m dlnner at Howlderwood in tftockbrldf*
to-rdght for Mr. and Mrs Frodirtcg
The Rev. and Mr* Arthur J QaaapaaalJ
gave a reaepUoa this afteraopB W HUbop
I.loyd and Blahop Davlaa
Dr. J. G Ihildwln. af New York, *Ba>
brnted hls biithday ht ffaatoa Hal M
d?y. -
Mr*. Charles R ?iav and W 'auipwl
Gny, of New forfe, an at Heaton Hali
l?r tl B, Gouid, of New York; HsnrT
NlchoiK, of Brooklyn, and Mra. BTaJtari
Halc, ,.f ftockport, Me., Birlved to-day ?
the Red Uon Inn, h, Btoekbrldge.
JoPeph W. Burden and Ch<
den, of New York, are vlsli.nc l>?*
mother. Mrs. Joseph W BuTdea at BW
Mrs. Charles Hewltt Wrlght gavs ?
lun keon at the Countn Club ol ?it|*'
iieid this afternooa comphmeatary ?
Ohtneral John R. Hr. oke, c I a, t]
tlred), of Waahlngton, who ^ni |?Mr'
ant) four yeara old to-morraw.
Richard fjPmbNll tl n g'est of hlB a"^*
Mrs Carroil .htcksoii, who BH BaeP ?*"?
ppsgf in at the Bggteetaa aottaga
Oiraad Poatac has rataraed from *
wceks vlslt in Tux.do and New Yoit
Mra. CartoB dd Meredla baa g ? r
Auhuni to vifit her BBBtar, Mrs. ?'? *
MaoDougaH. t
Ml-s BJugPBlp Terry, of New Tork, cc*
a new record for the putthig course ?
the Hotel Aspinwall this afternoon, ?'?'*
Ing th" nlin holes ln 38.
Mr. and Mrs. K W Rlttlng and BBP
I yjBBjBB Thompaon, of New York, h*T
retarned to town.
gtasB rtn Vroxl.1er.oo .I..urr.al
Tlie Detnoorsilo campalsn oonimlttes P
t)S coirposed of men who wers frl*n.1IT
Oovernor Wilson beforo ths Baltimore e?_^
ventlon was lielU. That sssrr.s a s*n?'

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