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Iht, trtli'. by G. W. Smalley.)
London, July 5.
1 phall ata tya think Of Slr LattTi
Aieja-Tadema aa the centre ot ? gi
/ frienda. He had tho geni.
gabadabip. In that beauttful mu
Orove Bnd R ?ad whi< b eerved him
ii. whii h,
- ii Ide than bi
L^y other waa tbe i ? panala
painted by hla brother artiata. For
' kave
I For all of them
a!, brothera he had a real affectlon.
nda were hla wlfe and
long the many at
, which drew other frlendi
l his bouee they an I I ? wen \ chlef.
charm of lta
(w n dlatlnction. Lady
Ibna-Tadema and Mlea Anna were
artists Wboae work was, eaeh ln lta
own ? ' ''"?"',-",;? -J
jhinlr.g bj no refl< " ' Ught, but by
iheir own merlt and beauty. aflaa
Uiurer-c1 ia h wdtef of veraa Bttd
prose, with a true sen?=e of UteTature.
The two daughtera are by hla tirst wlfe,
but ;ho\ r atepmether were
klndred ln apldt Lady Alma-Tadema
had her oa II ?? 00 the loft ;is you
entered; a eerira of rooms antlrely old
Diitrh. aa ii one, an Engllahwoman,
had adopted the nationality or h?>r hua?
it waa Tadema'a theory that hta
bouse ahould contatn r. R hlch
had not a app' UTc arul lieefuL ?
purpoae. His atudlo WB4 re B
gtudio and rootn in one. Tbe
Tueeday evening* were held tbere;
when they did not happea to hp held
all over the bouee; Wblck waa thrown
open. even to tk bedrooma; all gueata
prlvileged to ander wherp they
?rould, or, nt any rate, all famillar
gueata arni frienda who cnmo often.
?tverythlng teatllled t<> ihe liulmacy of
tlie reiation betweea boata and gueata
In the atuulo waa ?n BUtograph hook
llko no other. A grand j lano atood by
a windowed reoeaa with panea of Mex?
ican onyx. Lift the cover and you
found lt in?'rlbed with th? nanips of
great mualclana who had played on it
or eur.g to lt. Tadema loved muak
next lo hla painting and hla frienda. |
There was alwaya nvisio: sr metimcs by
worid famoua musidans. Bometlmea by
less known nrtists, but alwaya by
artists. Ii waa, 1 think, th>-re thut I
firat heard Redeker, who early retlred
into Baatrlmony, marrylng Fella
mon, now Sir Fella Pomon. and him
self rethred, but so long aa he cho.se tn
practlce. the flrat of laryngologlsts and
general throat doctora.
The Pdnceaa Loulae waa to he mct
there. a lover of painting and of other ,
arts; the most accompltal
among people whom she foun 1 eyiupa- '
thetic, the most popular of the late '
Kinp's slatere. Neltber rank nor fomo
waa in itaelf wlth Tadcina a title to
soclal lntlmaclea. Celebritles came and
Thoy who rnme often were his fdenda
)T hi? wife'a fripnds; which meant
ameh the eame thing. On an eayi
itood the latest plcture, elther com
pleted or ln a stnte he Judged flt to bp
*een by those wh'-se oninbms ho caTed
for. As you look bark over tho reari
these brllllant canvnses paaa before
you, aa h were, in a proceaelon, Tou
aaw them afterward ln th*;r own cor
ner in the Royal Acadpmy in tho great
gallery on the south wall, ner^r tho rn
tranco from No. 2. If they did not al
ways flgurc ln the long and Bomeiimes
dull catalogue of ptcturea of the year,
were alwaya among the first to
attract the critloa, whether profeawtonal
or private, who bnew what i aintlng
meant Bai lf you had once be* n al
lowed to eee them in the maater"a atu?
dlo you had aeen them at home nnd
d th dr beat. For then you saw thrm
alore and not arni 1 the too often rather
Vtlgar glare of the Academy.
To a plcture In the atudlo he used I i
to1 roduce \oi if ho s;tw you cared. Tou
might rare for tho technlque or for tho
TCbject or for the dramatlc value or
Juat for the plcture. aa a pteture or as
a Tadema, hut you muat care for one
reagon or another before he troubled
hlmself about you When he saw that
you were atudying it he would hring
you a iens that abowed you tho bearta
ef hla rosea or the velnlng of his mar
ble, or the auiillt bluoness of hla South
em aea if you had aeon it half fln
lehed and went again, expecting the
}oy Of the cnmpWed plcture, you might
l!n<) ? b'ank canvas or a plcture BO
?ongor the aame. Never, I 8tippo<^,
*a* therp an artlat who strove ao re
tnorseleasiy for perfpetion. To hla pa
tleno te hla patlont power of work,
thore waa no llmlt. And then all at
he grew impatlent. A new mood
*'l?ed him; a audden viaion of a hlgher
taedlenre to which he had not nt
talned, or a new polnt of view; and In
a mon r-nt he awej.t away the lahor of
wys or perbafai weeka. He had no
?e>ere aa himaelf.
H* a veii that th< v arbo
alned and aerioue
Ibi ln nrt ad that he BnjJ
1v1p? them r<OSea and raibed
R)*rb!f ? I Of the Inflnlte
VHr!p'v ??. ith which hia Iheniua were
ytted the freabneaa nitb
was hamdUed, and of
?r. . ! and romant!
over al ? evelbbl, th
Jwera took ro ;,. The fesem
,,lanp" | - aerles
f *orka were elther ebperflcsml or
?"bordinaie to n rsnrpoai I -r in IfUth,
n wlth
Tadema than mi febether IferodlJ
e1*" or Qraaco-ftornan, he hnew hla
J^ct, ktiew u ?? only a atudenl
nl who givea hla life
berlod, for whom other perioda
dat. Fr.un the Irtbea
and then fltmllv
wm Bgypi ?? m ?? rlal Rome. The
Hfe. the dvlllaatlon, thn art, the attg?*
?dy. the apiendoi i a ln bsr htss
tf*Y of th ? n,,tj.t w,.tv M be hia Ut*
u,,t ii<- pureued it f..i fartj yeara
*-"<J more. wb i had gone befw
eehtp. Whai mea after
i? bhrnodallt;
' 1 iavf htard biuj 1 aefllm hh? *^_
I pedencee whlle yet siruggling for a
ild. Whlle there waa yet no mar
' r tbe anbnown, he had bound
hlmself to a dealer. No mioommon
fate, and I make no refleoUon on tho
dealer who takos a certain rlak and
Iiukp proflta if his giimblp ln
%? nlus aucceede, But Tadema, like
many another man wlth n future, had
ti. go on palntlng ptcturea for hia dc.il
er at prices much bolOW thelr mnrkot
value. Be never i-ompiatned. He knew
that he owed his opportunity to tho
d-r.ler, nnd when Bl last he emancipnt
? .1 himself his reward wafl aplpndld.
There were many ypars when roinmls
dona flowed ln upon hltn. at his own
price, and his Income waa prlncely.
He -"ppnt lt. or much of It. upon thp
bouee which waa hia toy, or hla pas
slon next after hla ert, and waa Indeed
nlated to his art. IVirtng many ypars
he had a pprmancnt staff of workmen
nbout him, alwaya buey in dpeoratlnc;
workmen who were almost artlats. as
tl ? y h.Rd reed to be In order to eseOOte
his deabJTua. Like his plctures. hla
dv lling place had to h?' rerfoot 'n
every detail, pxt^rnnl nnd internal;
garden, porgoia. decoratlon of every
kli I Bo, aftpr a tlmo, hP found It ex
? -it to flpcept commisslons froirr
Irvlng and leaaar m^n fof a giorified
? palntlng and for tbe ad detaila
of aome great prodviction which ln
Irvl'.g's hrtnds and his bpratrm B prece
tbelr auccpaaora. and menn
tlme a dellght to the publlc.
It waa all part of the mibject te
which he had glven himself. Home
lived agaln on the stnge ns sho ttved
on his canvaa. Outalde of hla art he
took never a step. And the amnr.lng
thlng was that by th? coarser mcthods
which alone were sulted to the atsgx
h< obtained the same stiren* as of ef
fect nnd p\pii the same dellcacy ns
when hP paintod wl?h p'ich mlorosoopb
mlnuteneaa tbal only the magnifying
glnsa could diaolose to the heholder th?
maujie of his final tourh. And to re
verae the eomparlson. ln hla moat In
trtcate work on canvaa he gave you
the bnpreaalon of an energy and free
d<>m not unllke that for which ho found
sra<p in the theatre.
I cannot gueaa whetber he wonid nk.^
lt to be aald that thp man himself waa
almost more attraetlve than the
palntor. He dcalred the world to know
him as the one artlst who could have
produced, and did produce. "The
Pyrrhic Dance." so long ago as lfc'IO,
and later, year after year, "The
Bculpture Oallery," "The Roeee or
Heliogahalua" ar.d a orea of othprs
equally famous. He liked reeognltlon,
but he loved friendehlp. Hp found
time for the most consc|ont1ous dolng
of hla various dutios as Royal Acadetn
Iclnn; futtic of them aucb aa rnpn of In
ferlor talcnt might eaally havp por
formed At tlmea he paintpd portrsita;
indeed. there was one poriralt he WM
alwaya palntlng. his wlfe, who ajeTVad
him so often as model that her beaut]
waa nlmowt as woil known ln the gal
leriea aa in thelr own home.
He had tho gift of portralttire. of re
produolng not merely tho external farts
Ot face nnd figtire but rhara<Mor. He
soujrht for the aoul; lt ls the soul and
tho crra< ious tmth of Bature which
h>ok? out bapplly upon you ln themani
llkeneaaea of Ms Wlfe, Her sympa
thetic nature is tlmre. Ho wa.s as
pVoud of h<r art aa of hla own; and the
two were verj unllke Ho waa he of
tho exquislte w.iter colors of whloh hla
<?, iiKhter Anna paintod too fow; each
a gom. He oottld ho a relentleea eritlc
tbal was one form of his devotlon to
art- but of unklndnoss there w.ia BCVer
a trace; atll! Ipss ef Joalouay. His
klndnoga took shape often in charlty.
Hp gave froely. not of moriov onlv, but
of time and thought.
When ho shook off the nhseaslon of
hi* work. ho BfTBBHI thp most Ught
henrted Bttd gpnlal of frienda. A cer?
tain qunintneas of Bpeectl added to the
effed Of his greetinga and af his talk.
He spoke four languagea fluently. nnd
bo one of them quite correctly. what
did it matter? Hc waa a cltizen of the
world. Frlslan by blrth, IV-lglan,
Frenoh, and, tlnally and perman<ntly.
Engllah by adoption and reeJdence.
For some tlme thp Royal Acadeny
looked ask.-m'p Bt him, as ls thp habit
of thnt aurust body ln presence of an
nnconventlonal talPnt. Do we forget.
can anybody ever forget, wlth what
cetd contempt they treated Whistler?
Can you look to-day wlth patlence on
tbe plctures they cannot refuse but
bang out Of aight? Has art ever been
|0 them othpr than commerclal? What
ls Huillnglon Houae but a ahop? Ta
aema and Bargent have dOttd and
may do thelr beet; they are a minority.
What !k the admlnlatratlon of tbe
Cbantrey Fund but a s^andal; often
expoaed, never reformed? To anbUc
opinion. save ln so far aa It affects the
market price af phturoa. the Academy
Ibowa Itaelf Indlfferent. It la ln
j trenched ln prlvllegee.
Kone of these thlngs could you get
Tadema to admlt, but that he f-it
!v the inadeqnaey of th<: M>irit In
Whl( h the A<ademy u*ed Its posltlon la
certsln, He waa teS irue an artlst and
.; r.ot to feel it. He did
.. b, <? old, but what is one, or
two. ..ut efFertyt From his ownSne
conceptlon ol aa art life he nevar
? ?!de. He Hked reeognltlon, but
it must be won, and was ln fad won.
orabla ondnstof and devotlon.
He <lld not turn away from the Acad
. lt was nol an ideal Tem
\,t. He bsnsnM in njteoctate ln
is,t?, and walted i anpi aae more or
tnmtrj td tbree yenra tm no
WSI IboSgbl worthy to WtAd R. A.
nasbe. .I'ist twenty >*ars
batar he w.s ItnlgMed, I think at the
? the late Klng, then
Prince of ffatst. In lljM Ibi Klng he
rtswed on him Ihe order af Kerlt, now
one of th<-'moat eovsied of all dbrtinc
IBg <o him most griClMng. FOf
,\I atlll has the merlt
af radty. <?u ita crrll olde there are
but twelve membera, and Tad'-ma was
the only | alnt.r, and algbl 00 the mlli
.1 )?,!..? of them faSSA*
ttsc Ovder tr uo ordu?- Cf u.esP- wua
there, the BfltOJM BffU hl art to whhh
that teetlfled.
He held a great place aimmq mod
ern Engllsh palntera becauae hc could
paint. The riumber of hls fellow
Royal ACJBdPaUH lans fOff whose dliUinc
ttPP the namc rPPaoP PPuM he ?-|\en H
Itmlted. Indecd, it might be sald that,
BJ rgfgrtJg mistery of technbpie Ta
rlenia and Sargent. curloiisly unlike ln
! moPt thlngH. Ptand by themselvea
! There are. In PPCB chro, plenty of other
PM for the rrnown in whlch both
n.tmes are enveloped. But to be :?
npamber r>f the Royal Acpduny nnd to
know hOW to pulnt Ib a dlstlnction hy
To hls more personnl merits no tPBtl
mony I can give ls enough. He was
a friend for whom frlendnhip BMPusI
love, and trulh. nnd loyalty. All this
lay deep down ln hl* nature. lt came
to the Mirfaen in the grasp of hls hand;
ln the llght of hl* eye*. whlch lookecl
out on the world wlth sympnthy; ln
hls munner. whlch had over an oriclnal
and Renulne charm; in hlB speech, com
enlogy doea he need. The factl of hls
llfe and nature are his best ot itaph.
G. W. 8.
Secretary Dld Not Libel Him. Ex-Col
lector Admits.
Chlcago. July 20.?A Itbel BUtt flled b]
charicn i'. Laaeh, ax-eollector of ene
toms at Cleveland, for HOO.BM damage*.
againM Pranklln MacVeauh. Becretary
of the Traaaury, was dlsmlaaed by Btlp*
platlPP before Clreeit Judce BaldWtfl t<>
Reports of Irrefftilarltle" ln the con
durt of the Clevatand aflloa, whlch were
elraulated after Mr Leaek waa removad
from ofTice, ln the sprlng of 1911. were
the baaia of the aalt Feeretary Mnc
Veagb declsre.l that he wus not resnnn
alhle fnr the reports, nnd hls statement
wns accepteri hy Mr, Leai h
B ' ??
:?? kprapn tn Tho Trl ins l
Tinerlo Park. Julr ?rt?Although msny
of the colonlsts have gone ?sr?v tem
porarlly "n ac'-cint ef the warm weather.
there were BUBtBroUl arrl\-a!s to-dnv for
over Suy.day. The entertalnment com?
mlttee ppa arrancc.j faf a serl*-* of ?
tractlve affalrs as BOOB as the weather ls
The e(piesfrlan sports for funlora t.->-day
on the racetrack w.re h-rr-ly attendd.
thla i'.'ir.p tl' Hi H aff ?'r "f it'
lt was nrrnnired by Mrs GrlmWood, of
the Durland Rblln* leademi and Mr-.
w. \v. Tilton and Mra E M BTeld ""?
fndgea Kexl BBturday there arffl be
Bthar conte*ts of this klnd whlch wlll be
more attractlve.
John I* WUkle I- eritertalnln? a party
over Punday at the Porter cottage, UV
cludtpg Qeorge Tkempaon, Charlea ^v
nould. Bngene D. Aleaandei John n
Orier, Lawrenoa CarroU, Cheater Jaync
ind Wllliam R doodwtn.
Mr. and Mrs H'nrv Laaaing M Vl.-kar
who have nr?n on thelr wcddtnl tour. al
rived to-dai and ??
arltfa Mr and Mrs Orenvllle R m
Mr. and Mr* L Btearart WTalkei -
the clobhooae nnd Mr afl I M '
Keech have returnrd from a trlp In Can
Other arrlvala to-day were Mr
B B. H:irmon. K iv Braneon, a U
Htnry, albari r. i satar, f ^ ek i
F A Bnow, I K. Whltaker nn.1 Mrs I
Mr er..| Mr Je ?'T>h F.arl P*
spendir.K Beveral areeka at Bai Harl
s.nd Mr. and Mra For?yth Wlcker ara Bl
\v*port The M!s?es BeafleM BW Bl
Mrs Howard Van S ? ? lt Tai
i:"' N T
Richard Morthnar and dnirl msa
Rleanar Mortlmer, -
mcr abroad, and Mra. I
spendtng aeveral weeka la Uk
talns ln Houth CaroUna.
Mr and Mrs I.!:d-ay W* "1 -
talaed a party ?f fHenla at l
over Psmdar, and Richard DetaBeM
bj m Bayhead N J., enterta ned a oa
Pl lancheon and dlnner oa rMday before .
hia daparture. -
?;eorge orant Maaoa, whe tpenl tni
week ln Wleeonaln, has returaed to KIP?
crala. and Mra. Charlea J. Cnulter has re
turned from camp m tb. adiroa
The tannta dah win hold a
nUaed doublea and alhflea thla ??
the Toseio -ourts. faf which ralu
cups Wlll be Offen-l_
I ji ? T' .' ??? ipl toTI " Trlbun<
Bouthampton. M v Jui II I
? number of week-end dltmers Bltd d
w,.., beM to-nlght. eapeelaHr al ti
Mendow Club, Whlch was also IM BC1 ?
of the traekl] hoP for the aaeiBPara and
rtber? Mr, Phlllp Rlai entert.,1.. .
a party of twenty-two at dlnner Pt the
Hj were ent.rtulned bv Btrs
wimem i, Rlea. and C wneatoo Vaughn
ea, hoal at i dlnner to BWenteeit Danc
1;.K tonewed ea-h of thaakJJ^"J"t
Tl- opentng receptlon "f -he Suffolk llunr
Club this Bfternoon at k^ygvound at
tracted a large number of aadaty.pj
frnrr. Bouthampt?n Whlle rafraahBMnta
Wera belng sen'ed nnd musle rend
.,,,.r the traea ib-se who ex,?e.t m ??
hlblt ln thecomlng hunter. pa-k and pony
Bhow on August 3 had an opportunltv to .
aee tbe eupa presented by h Ogden Chla
?Ifg, .1. Ilarpei Poaf. Henry F.. ON Bnd
otherl for the wlnnens ln vnrlous classe,.
Mr and MrB. OoPdbue UvlngBtOB W "
lwaaewariPtng ?nnar danea to ten
1 eight nuesis this avaalng In their new
summer cottage on Lake Agawan, This
I Inaugurated a long serle- of aorial en
tertainments Bt the UvtilgataP cottage.
whhh haB Ju?t be.n completed Mrt.
Brneat I* i/>nn?rd was hostess at a large
dlnner party this evening Bl the IPglBBlde
rottage i dlnner and bridge roi
teen gueSts wns gtVBP OB Friday BVantag
hy Mra AlvlB W. aXraefc, This afternoon
Mra Kr.ch gave a luni I eon al be lf a
tl'onal Ooll ClPb of AmeHca, on Bhlnne- i
eorittfllla Her gueata wera Mi
W M Crlnnell. Mr. BBd Mrs. archl
Rogera and Mr. Kre. i, lmrlng the after
noon ther pi")"1 ?olf "" ,,"! ""w "":
,??r... Mr-. Kdwnrd Vnn inuen ga\e a,
iridge party ?t W" MaUowa IbbI e\,-ning ,
l|ln J PeJmer Knapp entertalned alx j
week<end riaitora al ;?- sUnnar icst ?-n
lr,K A large dlnner was also given laal
evening by Mrs Henry g. &Vavai
IFroin fhs 'iu 1
AVapblnB'en J'il> Bl ' '."? ->'? Bt TUft
,,,,.,,.-! an lnvltati'M t.-<lay to attend
and t" apadl ?" Ihe banguel to be g:\.n
,'? Baatea Beptamber M t-> the <?
tlotial Chataber of Cammerca, arhleb ?iu
1 ?,eet in thai c.ly feptemher U-K. The
(nvltatleti *r<* graaagltad by Bepresenta
,lve Weeks__t_
North Yflklma. Wnsh . July 3-.-f'h1ef ^
sVert.yal-lul!w:i->a-c|-kH. of the Atanum j
trit,p has reedtved a lettar from Andrea
rjarnegie ienylng tha rapori pahUahed tn
BaitarB papers. thai h? would give t*.rAf?)
for a councll lodgi Brotheiln od of I
Nlirtn BcBBBiaaa Iri-aaa lu WsaUaUsaTtaaa,
Senrls John Callahan $100 to
Heip Pay Off Mortgage.
Meeting Praiscs President for
Interest in Hadley Rescue
Work on Bowery.
.lohn Cfillrthan, siifierlntomlort of th?
Hadley Reecae nfledoa. at Mouatoa stroet
' and t!io Bowory, had a aurpdae for "the
; boya" last nlplit in the shapo of a aheoh
fOT IHl from l'r?'.sld?nt Tnft. This ch?<"k
eame in reepenoa 10 aa appeal apread
broadcad hy Mr. Cdlahaa'a fdeada that
a mortgage on the BUpedBtendeot'a mo'i
eat homo In tfinr"dMl<> i>e met snd tho
home aavod to him. Mlea IfdOfl Oould
; contrlhuted J2.V) to Ihe fund fiat grew tn
i ro.sponso. lohn t'allahnn told th" boya
last nlght at tho regular mo.-ting of tho
j ndasion tbal aithtB a week ho bad re?
j oelved JI.OcO in caah and IW ln pledges
Preddeflt Ta't wroto plm a lottor, wlth
| his check, which fleorge Caruthers, of
[Albert Weber A '-<>., No. 4.1 Loonard
latreei reed for him, dnee Mr Callahaa
a ?? lufTerlag f>otn aaodeety. Tne f*red
! dent wrotet
Tha White House. Washln
i 11, 1<M2.
My deat Mr Callahan:
|t h <? m* atte itlo,, th<?t your
frienda ar. unltine ln rlhu ;; fund for
the payment if tho monaage m
: home, aa a token of th< | i ttlon
|f-sa< i lii ln': v.ork on Ihe Bow
I ery ln iwt.nir of dlsco iragod nnd d- -
, ilrtna men, and i ahould liko n be
I all ? ?> ? d t r'arth Ipati onl 'I
? IO ?!?
i tv - !!adl> v R< ? M
| *lo'i I V
better show mv hluh estimati
?-rif-'!,.| ring rlevctlon to tho upllfl otyour
ad, nianlf"-' my rerv
real intereal In ?auch a eaure. than ???
i eii . nti lb Mng to thla fund.
1 Pleaa aceepl tho m< io?od ohook for toie
j purpoea
I Wlth Ihe hopo that you mav ho anered
, for jreat of ei er?ll t letng ueeful
.uid sorvlre, I am, ?lneare|v youre,
Ri v J<;,! Callahan Bup rln ndenl Had
i. Iflad< n. N" . I Be? ?
\, -V. ?-!tv
Praise from Caruthers.
?I tbanl fJed," ?rM Brotber l u I era
"for thti
U ndent, Brol n Callahaa W ? all
r that ?i lle tbe mla lon la i ' tg ln-'
? itlon, It won' i Bt ?Bl te
the laapiring leaderahlp of lta
? rlateadrttt, *hnm wp all Nnre. And it 1
? ?. of pi de to ? rery man
ccnnected trith thla work, Indeed to
here hvalght,* thai In Brotber Catla
han wo h.T i hiend and guMe who
rommanda tho ronfldence, eateem and af
? u nol only of tbou an la of mon
whom '< haa reecaed from Hvea ef dn j
-''.imo. but of many of tl ?
i won en Ib II i t ouatry " Mr
naplratloB and
la n?" arqualnl d 4 ' hrtat, t ?
. ? '
thal * ben ? man ? >ak< ? hk peaci
... ? ?
h ?" m< ti 'n
, i ? rtn ? ' nni kiaaja
and i
u i o aruu i l a
jcaaed In tho aervin of I I. wm-n
?. i fearod ftod nor man, when he
ime and
Infann. thnt
as thi? * i I ? '? ' 'hal tha
. | ? the IT ild< nt of tl ? nathm
ipon !'? fa< ? ??' ?
ln tbe mldal of hla
up hla |>- ll to pa
nol onlj
: i and
t n#> wlll la
unt and Ihe ? "dj olH
aritb I he i li.f hl
Talls of Taft's Biq Heart
\ i ? ? the brotl
John Callahan had aald "Qod bleaa Ihe
ant!" "I think he'a ?ot a h-ar'
than hla body,' added Brother
1 After a i ? I
i ad teetiSt d In no uaeei taln t- ?
Influi m o ,,f Christ In t1 ?
I ?
Had ?' ? ilon.
? i .ii i hi i '"l ?
nur bt loved ?hn
I .'i Wllllam Hoa ird Taft,
I "nlted Btat<
i , . .,??'." i ap
pret latlon of th oui noble P
rlng hla admlnlatrs
? ? ? of cltj mladona, nnd
great ? 1 for tho ie
d'-mptlon ol fallen men which the Hadley
c ?. , ;? eoi ddctina under tl ??
?i,:.. |, ,.!. ral i> ol John ' 'allal
exprpsalons of aympath) for ttuiaa who
? ? -? - Ide nf llf<
:,? Pr<aidenl Tafl haa manlfeated go far
towaid Inaplrlng th< frlendlln w rlth
i nd ahowli g lhal the -plrl? ?>{ Him
u. nl aboul dolt l good la tili ln ,
? irld
Fteaolved. That wo not onl> eapreaa our
eratu ide tn our aood Preaident, bul wo
tak< to li lt- him t" rlall
the Hadley Reecue Iflaslon at hla earllea'
opportunity, thal wi may be iiiat>ir..| .,n<i
. i , % ii. h m< agt i he baa
rlellrered to other mladona ln New York
ind eleewhere, nnd thal we maj have a
hetter opportunity of ahowng him the
heartlneaa d our apaveetat'on and good ,
"in. I
A not her contributor to tho fund bi Mra
Ramuel W Bewne, who fcave IMI Tha
late John I Hayhw gave W> tea ird tb
purchaae pdee af the home. uie reaa
,n eontdbuted daee then
Scveral Hundred ChUdren Have Ont
ing at Her Place at Irvington.
Ittaa Helen M Oeald entedalbed two
partlea from Rew fbrk al InrlflgtoB y<-s
terday. Tho grat to ardve *oro tho
?choalehlldrea frenl tbe Ndghborhood
\ . ifj Bad bttb ?"? ? Thaj
were in charge of atlei Margard B.
Kaarne] Tbej rldted atlaa Oould'a ee
Bifla and cooklng adtoola
nnd her pdvatt "? '",o1 After
Inncheon on tha lawn they were taken te
Waahlngton ining> homo at gnanyalda
and later te lleepy HolkrW. where they
?? the htotodc dghtt The other pedy,
? ing aix hundred. eama from the
BohemUn Bunday Bebool, and ardved en
l ti ,m al ii o'clecb. They were
eonreyad to athn oeald'a playgraund bj
.,,,. t,,..,. they aBjoyed hmdUNM
:md plVnty of mllk from tbe LyndhuraJ
dalry aii kinaa d ganwa wew i''"
and thi rel rrt waa :::ado on a ape
truln .it K i.Vloi-k. _
Four More Victimi Found in Wrecked
Ne7ada Camps.
Reno Nev.. hily ? W*Hi laa deatu
nf john trenehard aad the dlacovery of
three unldentlfled bodlea la Wlld Horse
Canvon. ttt? total Seath tell ?* tl
whlcfa wlped out the aamp ot Masama
and partUlfy deatralred Beven Trouaha
on Tkoraday nlght has beea bfe
na were aerloualy Injured,
aix of whom ??? aaaadaatlnedi
CrllWifVALS irN/ILU,
i Nrrt oOtlctO
**~ ^
Never do anythinff in i huny, Commissioner.
Mine Owner and Turfman Taken
to Kentucky Hospital.
Lealngton, Ky. July 10.?Jamee R.
Haggin, tha Callfornla copper mine
owner and turfman " h.. came here ln
, r#,st ?r t , poot, Pfpa
;.ik?n l!l to-( ;" ,h,> Oood
Baaaaritan Hoapltal.
?flic . ? statememl the attendlng
tna would glve oul waa that Mr.
Hafgln'fl lllneea wbb t' I aei i-uis.
Yacht Club Raises Fund to Kecp
Sea Wolf from Door.
; the Atlaal it Club
... .,,,,.. ? ,i roundfl
lt I , | i . iy. Tha
i wlth a matloee per
..., wlth about ti\e ii indred per*
<nns in attettdaace, and was repeated i
-ti ar. with a- large a gatherln*
nder n huge
? ?
| .- belng held
for the beneflt of the entertalnmeal oum
r the club, whlch haa i." gtvtng
so many littie aflairs for tbe enjoyment
o( th" mem I !i '< I' found
;t*eif pattlng i"w ln funde. Aecordtng to
i,i reporta tbe commlttee rleared enough
monei bj tbe two pi i forraa
gaep tlie gea srolf from tl ? ? ?
f..r the real of the rear.
' ? I
marvellou mlrth-compelllng an.i nuuto
... i . . , iftv clowna, lai
membera of the club, kept th
two audfences ln contlnuoui and eon
valaed applB WB parede, aitb
tJl tb moi ti oBitli i ? lored t.> the heari
of the clrcua babltuC, araa led by Com
i Btuart Blai hton, upon whom
H .. bton beamed arltb manlfeai de
llrio and approval from ;i rlngalde i.-x.
Thompt n, of Luna Park, n i'or
mer commodore or tbe ci?i>. lent one <>f Ihe'
ihanta from the Coney laland re
Bort, and there srere other prof?
sotertalaers preeenl The elephant ereet
.. ,u 1,.,ni' b) upeetUng the peanul
atand and helplng hlmealf t<> luncheon.
of eourse there were pretty qlrls ia
lore, arrayed tn all tbe huaa of the rain
Annnuneetnent ha? been made of the
engPKement of Mlss I?aiel .jertru.le
Iir, |<er, dnughter of Mr and Mrs. T. W.
Deeker, of No Bl West SMh street, to
Mvlngfi'ton Founlalu. Of No. BJ West. *Mh
street, a Hon of Mr. and Mrs. 0). B Foun
Mr PauBtarfl has been Interested In the
k ?? t Company, of Brooklyn,
for several years. and we.s recently aleet
ed treaaurer of tbe company,
Mlaa Deeker la the aldeet taughter of
Thomppon BJ. Deeker, of the Bheflleld
Parma, Slawson-lf'-ker Companj, of thl?
Owlng tc ihe recenl beraavemenl in tbe
faaall) ol Mlaa Deeker n<. date ha? beafl
set for the we.ldliig.
Mr. ar.d Mr" lic.l.rlk M. Havlland
af Plymouth Btreot, Mantelatr. announce
the angaget m bI i I thelr I lugbter, Marian
Ppyn, to Charlea Tayler Law, pf Ita*/
Voik. Another aagagemenl ot prominent]
foung pei.pi. inno ncad ln Montclalr yea?
? ? ..I htl a Bllnor Clair
u.witt. daupbtai ?>! atra Joawph p Hew
,'it. of No. B) t'aik Street, and I'ufus Qtl?
:< t Cralg, , f Detrett. Ml< h,
-? i . .
The ordlnan.e maklng the ppf <-f Btuf*
tiers oa motor car* campnlaory i? now ,
ln efleet, an.t vlolatlon la putd.hahl" by
a n.axlmum BPd ol |lg or hapriflOnmeat I
of ten ggyg AlttlOPt all t iss< nger nuto- .
mobtlca fcave mufltars, bui tt haa liBtU
..... iicilpbt of the caltoa yo'ith wtv>
aiabaa btt car n anmd Ika a radap
machlna to tbrew open tbe muffi.r eut
,,!. ;,,,,[ |fl tfeB ' i! ' ?' cark "* ' :: I ''''"?
This ira.Hco ia ajjHiust the orJiuane .
Walter r.>u?ant t'omstock dlod yesbr
day at his home, No. I Coole* Plaro,
ITernen, ifter t long lllness. U"
waa forty-elght yeara of age, and w is
bOTfl ln NVw York Clty, the son of \Vp1
tCT Rradley CometOCk, \ deaoendant ef
ti e Hugruenot < outaata of ifea Rochoii,.,
nnd Hdefl :?: I'orry. of New York. whose
Tno?>ftorj oaraad Staton Island. llo waa
I couain of Bugene Flold. Formorly he
owaed tho oM Comateck place, ln hteuut
Vernon. whlrh was no of tha most af
tracttve o?tat.>s ln Weeteheder C
li. araa n wmber of the Kn'^korbo.kor
Club, Kew Roehdto fachi CIud,
C'athollc Club of New York and a foundeff
"f the old Croar^nt Club of Mount Ver
nort He atadlcd merticlne :>t the New
York Unlveralty. Ho is aurdrad hy his
wlfe, Mra, iiarriotto anaa Lyeaa com
he matrled nlne w-oks age.
Amador Andrew* dled ln Itaitlmore on
Ho waa frr many yeara aaaoct*
ated wlth tbe WMIe-Fargo Expreaa Com?
pany and later with tho Adama Expreaa
i on pany ln thla dty as geaeral agent,
from which pla< o >io was promotod to th>
oabce of geaeral iiieuagei of tho
Aldaion, wlth headquarter* at Boston.
\? the tlmo if BlO doath be wn* Inter
eded in th" development of the looni ex?
preaa 'isinoas in naitimoro. baatdaa maa'
aglag an eatcndve wharfage buataeaa on
hla own watorfront property.
Mr AndreWi lenvea a wlfe, a sin and I
^aughter. bosldos hl < father and aatter
who llvo ln f'allfornla
? i
Now Hartfetd, Ceaa., July lk?Captdn
Heary R lonea, V. ?. a. <retired>. a paat
commaader of the THpartment of C'on
nectlcut, 0. A. R-. and for a quarfer d
a eentury propdeter and editor of "The
I irtford Tribune." dled tO-da) tl
? hospital In Hartford from a oompllo.i
tlon Of dlaoases. Be was born here iu
;n .T-nes s?rved Wlth fompany C,
st ii Connectteut VolUBteera, from ixsi te
tho and of tbe Cldl War. Lclng aecond
lleutenant of the eempaay. Wbea tbe
?> ,r cleaed ho aarvad for a time tn the
t'nlted Statrs Troasury Department. and
was afterwnrd asalgnert to aervlce ln th.'
regular army aa flrst lleutenant. Ho was
rotlred !n the early seventies wlth the
raah >f<aptcln. _
ChlcBgO, July 30.-Oeneral \Valw CaM
Nowberry. Cldl ^Var votermi. dled to
day at Hbi home horo of arterlal eolerosls.
efter tn llhieea d elght OTSeka. He was
aeventy-da yeara oid. a natlve of efatar
vlllo. N. Y . and waa a son of Colonel j
Amaaa Nowberry.
Ho enllstod as a prlrate ln the Ud Now
York Vdaateat Infantry, and later en
terad tha cavalry. Ha waa brevetted brlg
Bdler genafal fer gallantry at Dlnwlddlo
i ., ii tbouee ln IsHo
After tho war Oeneral Newborry llved j
In the South for aeveral >?ara and Waa
,,,-.. Major or !Vt?rsburg. Va. Later be j
bnllt B roservolr at Rlohmond. Oeneral
N< v.btrry waa a cloae friend of Oenoral
Plckett, of the t'onfederate army. He
eaane to Cbhasga n i87? and keasme post
miftor and was eloctod to t'ongresa. A
daughter. HbM Mary Nowberry, and two
atatidchlldrrn aurvlve hltn
WIId.lAM PIOOTT. onee an Intimate
fdeed of Abraham llftOdn. and formerly
a newapeper pnbuaher in Cbwaafa, di.?d at
rtaBttb'i VVls , yesterday, at the home of
hla gtUgbtar, Mra Kltzabeth Plrach. He
was dghtjMktee yeara old He went to
rhienga in ifdg,
JOHN PLAt'E. treaaurer for twenty
olght >eara of the Mechanlca' Savlnga
Banh of Flshklll Landlng. N. Y.. dled
there yeaterday, foiiowing an uietauep
f.r lnt-nttnal trouble. For many yeara
Mr. Pktaa was Interested tn Hudson rlver
boatlng and OWaed a floet of veseela. He
leavee a wluuw and daughter. _
HOPE TO WIN $185,000,000
Wert2 Family Renews Fight
Against Three Nations.
Chlcago, Juiy !?.?Mra Bagalla Byaa
Snyd^r left chlcago to-.lay for Ilam
burg, Oermany, to take up the ftght
again.st the N?therlandi4. Oermar.y and
Austrla for the |lf6,OB0,gM estate at
Faul Wertz. a Ccrman llell marahal, who
fJie.l |a 1(5 7','.
Inyak r goaa h? the repreaentativ*
of tha Wferta Family Aaaaelatlaaj af
Amerlca, formad tO wrest the fortun"
from .' bli hevar of these couatriaa is ad
ludped tbe preaeat owner
It i? tha hape of the nssoeiation to
j prove tt? place of de.ith of Paul WertJt
j at tt. . trlal, the fallure to ahow
i thla at tlie UMt trlal. ln 18 72. having
' been held BOeountabla for the loss of tha
. e.ise.
Mra Bnydar arlll s.-.n from New Vork
on July LT Wlth hei- h iscnnd. Wllliam J.
I Bnydar, ahe is aeeratary of the asaaaaav
l tlon.
a i
! Mrs. Trlxle Frtgar.za Cettbr. the ac
i tress, knewn OB the BtagB an Trlxle Frl
, ganza, brought sult ln the gupreine Court
rMsbPTaay ngalnst the i^ Balle Opera
; House Company to recovor $2,534. Harry
i Askln. president pf th" company, was
j served In the sult nt hls offlce, ln the
j N-w York Theatre Hullding, on July 11
The law drm of Hondly. Lauterbach *
JobneoP repfeeenta the nctre??.
[By Totsgiapb '.'> Tbe Trlluns.l
le^nox, July 20.-PrOOt appeared In the
HerkK'ulre lowlands thla morning. ar.d to
day the weather PTPg cool atid cl^ar.
HOTT CHBCPBJfAM al U - r*.?Mence of
sfr BgwaN W Pacfcaid. Orsanwlofc, cona.,
? iorlne M. Che?*irrtan ly Colxats Hoft
July 20. BUL _
Neiteaa nf marriases and deatlis must ba
? > rumpanled h? futi nnine an.l acldraaSh
Anderson. Msry U JOBBB. Monr> R
AndTVWS, A-ial'.r. BampBOO, Adeie U
Carpeoter, Harrlet B. Skerry. BmmaO.
Ditou. Charles v Troadall, AaaaB. C
Haluer, Phebe.
ANDERSON At PlalnflWd. N .T . on Frlday.
Ju'.y 1H. IPlg Bari lnn?. wife of the ;?>?
wiiiiii'i oibaaa gadsraaa, ir nw eTdi )*ar
?er Icas at her lat* rest.|?-n? e. No. 334
Frsnklln Place, p'aintlcld. N. J.. on rfunda*.
July 21. at 3 p. ra.
AXDVUSWfl At naitim. ? , Mi n Jutjr lt?.
Amador. b-'luve,! Ininnnl of All'* *indrewi,
late of Nsw York dty Funeral at hts IM*
resldenee, No Ifl'-'T Fsrk ave., Baltln-.ors.
i*irnlHy. July 21. at 3 p. m.
I'MU'KNTKIl HarrM I" .'arpenter. mother
of Mirain I* and Bdaar ('arpenter, dled on
July 18. ln Calltornls Iturlal Yuma, Arlz.
I>l X". )N--?'harles A. Inxon **<?! IS years.
F-.nieral from "Th* Fun'ral church." N.-a.
24 1-243 West 23d Bt iFrank K. Campbell
BlHClfB OB July 1?, Pliebe, wHow of Jonn
I, Halnea. ln hfr *3.t year Funeral aer
%l.-es at ths Crmpel of the Hon,., to?th ?t.
and Amsterdain ave., on Monday July ti,
ai It a m Fredcrh ton, New Bmnswi.k,
papers plea*e eopy.
JONK.S-At Hartfor.l. nn Saturday. .lulv M.
captaln Henrv R JOBfS, t' !* A. BsUBBBl.
a*ed TT., of New Kaiiford. FAit.eral ai law
home ln N*w llartf^rd, Tu??.;a), Bt IM p. m
KAMI'SoS -8udd?nl>. on July 10. In Parls,
Frano*. In her 71?t y*ar, Alele IJxInss'on
Jiantpson. of New York. dauithler of tr,? Ut*
Joseph Sauipaon and tt* lata Adala Uvlng.
ston, of New York.
BKERRY- Mrs. Err.ma Oullok, wife of Amorr
T. Skerry. Jr. Funeral *?rvlees wlll t* held
? her nt?> addreaa. No 10ft Llewellyt, Rt>ad,
Montclalr, N. J., Hunday, July Jl, at 4 p. tn.
TMttPDBLti At Hummlt. N J. Salurdaj.
July IO, M?ta. Anna Ellsaheth < imph?!i,
belov.-il wife of Wtrrin H. TruSdelL Notlos
of funrral hereaftef.
23Sd Bt fly Harlem Traln and by Trollejf.
OfBcr, 20 Ei.i!' 2?d St , N. T.
niANK B. BBBUBBII 241-S Wast 2.1d
Bt Hiapels, ?'rl\ate 1{..oinc, I'rlvsta Ambu
'anees. Tel 1324 ''h?l?ea
MAIN OFFICE- No. 154 Naseau streer.
UITOWN OfTlCK- No 1*14 Hmadway, or
anv Amerioan Dlrtrl.t Telegmph CTV-e.
HARI.KM OVFICF8 -No. 157 Eart lP>th
strMt. No. 281 West l?th strsst and Ns,
211 West 123th strett.

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