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But Not Dull
But Not Radical
tiTxXlI.iN0 23,990. ***"?W^^ST"??*? NEW-YORK, MONDAY, JULY 22, HH2.-TWK._VH PAGKS.
1 Id C'ltj of >e? Vork. JerM.< Ity end Hobokm.
fliough the Emperor's Condi
tion ls Better, Ministers of
State Take Steps to
Safeguard Nation.
| tbroughout the Country Bud
dhists. Shintos and Christians
of Every Sect Pray for His
Majesty's Recovery?Mu
tinous Soldiers Conflned.
Tek'o. July 22 (Monday).?-Tha offi
c,al bulletin issued at 11:50 o'clock
thia inorninB reads:
"MidnigHt temperature, 98.69; 2 *.
m>i 1Q0.5: 8 a. m., 102.3; pulse, 80 to
100, irregular, but atronger than yes?
terday. His majesty took some nour
ithment. _nd general conditiona ara
jmpraved." _
Tekio. Julv 22 tMonday).?More fa?
vorabie BOWa ' oncorntag the lllness of
Mutsuhlto. thr- Emperor of Japan. came
from th? pala.e this morning. The sec
retary ot the lniperial household an
nounced at S o'clock that the condition
of his majeaty nai eonslderably lm
proved and that the attemHng court
physlclans woro more hopeful.
The Emperor fell asleep at mldnlght
and had nearly six hours of undlsturbed
reat. At ? a. m. his temperature was
l0(U-j degrees Fahrenhelt. which was a
drop of 31. dcgrees within a few hotirs.
The earlier r^ports gave the pulse as
?j a, tlon 34. anrl alth.mgh the
nfart fhowed some weakncss. the
rttaptonis aere not eonsidered alarm
Tbe aoon bulletin concerning the
Emreroi- condition was highly entour
*fin$r. The tcmarkahlo rlrop in the
temperature. together with the long
period of sle^p an.l the symptoms
noted. lead physi.-ians ..tlier than those
in attendance to express their belief ln
the pouibllity of the triumph of medi
cal science. During the night the Em?
peror was glven ke cream. a little s<>up
and wlne. His perceptlon appeared to
hr dlatir.Ctly clearer and the <Mirium
reas- -1.
? Message from President Taft.
Th. Atnerkan Ambassador. I'harles
fvge Bryan. pcrsonaliy preaented a
telfj-iam nf sympiithy tr^tn I'rftRideut
At 1:16 o'clock on Bunday nlght the
four physlclana in consultation at the
jala^f had anr.iunred that bla maj
*sty> \vmploms wer* dis. otiraging.
The En peror had been unable io sleep
?prl ua<- dclitious.
Thr'.iiKhotit the country. even ln the
remoto-t villagos. Buddhlata, Shintos
and Chrlatiana of every aact held ser
rlces to-day for ihe Kmoeror's re<ov
ao aeveral of them eapeclally iihts
iratlr'R the dcj-tli of natlonal feeltnc. A
?Shlnto prleet last nis;ht ascendcd Pujl,
the lofttcBt mountaln of Japan, and at
dawn prayed Trom the sumrnit. An old
.woman, foiiowing th" CUatom ln the
orovlncea, aequeatered heraelf ln thu
depth* of 1h?? foreit. . ..mmunlng wlth
the spirits and IjrjrKitiK BOlVOtloa for
the Emperor.
Praeautiona for the Empira.
V.v-rv precaution has heen taken
agalnst the dlattirblng effer-t of the an
n^uncement of the Rmp-mr't. deatti
Tho most urjruly soldlors have bef>n
ronflned to barracks and the newepa
fe.rs have been WOrnOd not to publlsh
BeaBationsl rumors.
Owjng to the abaenra of pre.edent
under tbe constltutinnal regln.e furthei
pmoeedingB ln the event of the death
of tie Emperor cannot 1-e, outlmtd, but
there Is reapon to txlieve that ev?-r>
preparatlon bas been careftilly, made,
llthougb not aniiounced.
Coroans generally throutfiiou* the
country are showlltg concern in the
lllne?s or Mutstihito, and tho young
COrean prlti.e, who has been rcsiding
ln Japan, lias r.iurned from a pro
Jectcrf asc-ont of Pujl. He v.Jsit<;d the
palate to-day BJid expressed his deep
aorrov. to the ErnprcBS. A ape.-iul ?lis
PBtch fron^ Se-jul says that th" forni'-r
Rrnp ?... intenda to visit Japan.
Thr imperial grandsona ha.e been
roealled from th" eummer rerldences
and wlll arrive in Tokio to-.lay. The.
aewji-areis this mornlng are flttloi
tonllnuefl on fourfh poo*. flflh .olnmn.
This Morning's News
LOCA-. i^aaja
Two kfore HoaaleMo Arreats. 1
Uoeki .'hi; at R<-\ol\er Point.1
1 rieat Kain of Summer.*
Murdarera Poatad Plehota. 8
Many tt oul. Wed Tttch Old Man.6
Oerrll Kmlth, Muslrliin. dead......... 1
i ?? i;< . -i,. Pollceman.*?
Telagraphera May Strike.*?
Cbrdinai KieHs.-H ipanlah Chareh.ia
C*n_l Ai.le liawali. *
Swincllern tlet |r..V?no,000.ll
Wllaoa'a Kye on Baoond Term. 9
Bhehlgan Reaulta I'lease Colonel. 3
Taft M?n to M-ke Bryan the lusue.. 3
Emperor of .lapa ri Kftler. *
ballarm ln-feat Turlta.???? *
An.row i,amc i?r-ad. "
oOflery . . .0
OUtuary _. 7
?<Port? . ?
'?eather . ?
feoplng Kewa . ?
ft*--l BaUU . ?
'?'??nclnl .10 and 11
Ohurchill to Outline Policy in
the Commons To-day.
I R* fable to Tho Tribune. 1
London, July 22.?A momcntoUB min
Isterlal etatemont will be made thla
afternoon in the House of Pommons.
when Wlnston 4*hurchill. First I^ord
of the Actmlralty, wlll outline the meas
ures tho government proposes for a
.fleet ln the Mediterranean and to meet
the (ifrinan navy act. The speech will
deal fully with the dlstributlon of the
Britlsh fleeta and the Admiralty policy.
I/ord Charles Beresford says that the
fituation rcgardlng navai defence ia ao
grave that Instant action must be
taken to meet the emcrgency.
Helps to Restrain Horses and
Then Collapses.
Oaysville, Fenn., Jtily 21.?William
T.orlmer. of t'hicago. who was recently
cl'-prived of a seat ln the Unlted States
Senate, was cut. bruised and stunnou
w hen his aulomobllr- was wrecked late
this afternoon t>nc mile west of here.
Mr. Lcrtnor was not seriously hur*.
but had a narrow eseape. His privat,
secretary nnd chauffeiir stistaineJ
Mr. Lorimer nnd party left Washlng
ton on Saturday morning for Chicago
ln a large toutlng car. Shortly aft?*r
passing Clnjaville they met a frac
tiotis horse. drlven l>y William Mo
4.'oombs. a t'armer. In an effort to
avcld a collision the steerlng gear was
thrown oul nnd the automobile
<TH8hed Into a telesraph pole. Th*;
three oconpants were thrown out.
Ifr. lyOiimer was the tlrst to recover
his feet and rusli to the aid of the
farmer who was havlng difrkulty re
straining his frightened team. In a
few monients the horses were ealtned
and Mr. Lorimer collapsed an.l fell un
(onRcious to the muddy roadway. He
was rcvived and helped to this place,
where his injuries were dre.?sed.
The 4'hicaRO expre.ss traln was
stoop^d here and Mr. Eorimer boarded
it for tlie West at 4l:i4? p. m. He was
in good hiimor by the time the train
pulled out. and jokingly remarked that
iiis life had been fllled with exeiting
per/ods and stnillngly said: "My hat is
still in the rlng.'"
Has Come in Contact with
Scores of Persons.
Buffalo, July 21.?After a chase that
covered several slates and lasted aev
leral weeks. "Sam" Isen. a Russian im
migrant, s^iffering from what Ia de
: (lar^d lo bt- leprosy. was found here
j to-nlght and placed in an isolated
tward of a local hospital. Isen, who
has also heen known as ".Toe." Meyeri
and Josel Mayerowltz, haa been here
sin.-e lasl Tuesday. He has been
Kleeping at the headquarters of Ihe
j Jewish Chaiitfae and has com* In con*
tacl with scores of persons during the
Isen was under observatlon in New
York when he dlsappeared. He was
tr8fed to cipveland, then.e to Bay
City. Mi.h.. and Ann Arbor and finally
to Buffalo. A surierflcial examlnation
mado to-nlahl hy Dr. Walter S. CJood
ale. of the Ernost Wende Hospital: T?r.
Pnmcaac, City Health CommiBsloner,
and Dr. Bdward Mark, of the State
Health liepartnicnt, satistled thern
that Isen la sufferlng from an ad
Vancod case of leprosy and his Isola
llon was at Oltce ordered. A bacterlo
lo^ifal 'xamlnation will be made to
mOITOW. If this conflrms to-night's
diaunosiF, tho state and federal ru
thorities will Vie called on to LakB
charge of the case.
Pulls Him from Under Bed?
Father Oomes with Gun.
Miss Eols Ball, daughter of John
Oa. ar Ball. a New Tork lawyer, llv
Ing ln Uochelle Park. found a negro
under her bed lat<- Snturday nighv
draKged him out unassisted and he'd
him untll h<-r father rarne with a r_
Mtss Ball. wbo Is nineteen yenrs old.
pretty and r-ne of the badcrs of tho
counKf-r set of New RochOI.0, was con*
gratulated yeaterday upon her pbieVr.
Mr*. Ball whistled f<>r a pollr-eman,
wh<> took the man to Police Headquar?
The pS-OOOer said he was Ercderlck
Wtlliams. eight^on years old. no home.
He said he had entered the house, se.
injc tl'0 door open, and had Intendcd
robbing It. but the relnrn of Mr. Ball
and his family, who ha.) spent the day
on thelr yacht, had Interrupted him
and he orowted under a bed to nwa'r
an opportunity to osc-ape.
ThO poll.-e said Willlams was arreBt
rd ln Yonkers two and a half years
ago. under the name of Douglas, and
waa sent to a refprmatory.
Girls Father Attacks Philadel
phia Club Member.
irtv T?->grapli to The Tribune. J '
Philadelphla. July -1. DOWBOB Hoopea.
a woalthy eluh m.-inber, who has ap
peared ln the publie prlnt from tlme to
tlme. was attaeked this moriilnic bv tha
father of a young girl to whom he haa
been att'-nlive.
Last nlght. when the Kirl's father re
turaai home at a late hour. he found
IfOOPea bflng ent-rialned by his dauj-L
tri, ird llliaiadlalBlT ordered HOOPOfl fr"m
the house. The two men immediately be
camf Involvert In a -ontrovtr-y and canv
to blows. Hoopea belm? knocked down
with h chalr.
Hoopea waa hurried to the t'niverslty
Haapltal where eleven ^titchea were tak
M i" his MOlp, He has been ln a senu
comalose condition most of the day frOBB
a. allght fracture of the skull.
Tho pollce have made no arresls, as
the Kirl's father would not make any
charge agalnst lloopes.
Enraged Shopkeeper Halts Cars
Because They Splash
Water Into Cellar.
Big Detail of Police Resort to
Strategy and Finally
Oorrall Brooklyn
Man on Roof.
Bervatota I.odolce. a middle agerl
rnan, of No. 8 Flushing avenue. Brook
l\n, hold up the Flushing avenue car
llne at WallabOUt Market with a ro
vnlver yesterday afternoon. rauood
oeveral women to go Into falnts <>r
byaterica and had to be corralle.l like
a wild Indian on the war path by the
police. Before his arrest was achicved
the string of cars on the east and west
trackg was a mlle lont;
Ixidolce keeps h fruit shop at the
market. The sewer near his place be?
came flooclcd yegterday afternoon.
While the storm was al IU helght he
learncd that hls cellar wns fllling, and
rushed to save his ware.s. For BfteOO
mlnutOO after he arrived he worked
rrantteaU) to ball nut the ceiiar with ?
paii. Then he not iced that the paaaing
cara croated wa\es tn (he nooded
Btreeta Whlch poured over the slde
walk into his cellar and nullifieil all his
effort s.
Finally his Indlgnatlon overcamo
hirti. Hp ran upstairs, got a revolver
and stepped out on the roof <>f the sh*l
in front of hls place. In a moment an
OagtbOund car came along.
?stop:" crled Lodolce, and the motor*
'man, Frank Widdjko. slopped with n
Jolt that tliiew his passengers into
en* h other*a Inps.
John Martin*i. <?f No 17 Flushing
avenue. Jumped t.. the street to learn
what waa up. but when he saw the gun
he got right bach and sat down. By
this tirnc the rest of the paoeengers he
Came 'Onscious of why the <ar had
| stopped. and women began to falnt
? One could not be rovlved and had to be
: removed to a nearhv drugstnre When
ahe recovered she said that she waa
Mrs. Marie Stratton. of No 11 Banda
The next car lo < ome ah.ng was
weBtbound, und Lodolce brottght it up
wlth a deft gagHuro with his weapon.
?'ar afler car came to a stnndstlll on
each slde of th? avenue. until the llna
reached to Nostrand avenue in on<
dlrection and Sanris street ln the otbei
in the exeftemenl the rallroad men
lost their heads Afler a tltUe a police
man arrived and sent |g a call for the
roeenreo of the Pluohlng avenue ato
tlon. The reeervea joined the first \h<
Hcernan and beJped liim wat-li Lodolce.
who perched on the roof wlth a great
I exhihttlnn of COOllMM an.l handl.-d Iiin
gun In a way that made them feel that
he meant l.usiti* B0
A call was finalh made fur policemen
ln olvillan's clothea and Detectlvea
Mahne. Battalore, Fennell) and Brid*
gets \iere huniOd tn th*' BCenc fr.'tn
Police Headquartera They determlned
that the battle waa to be woa only by
strategy. They put their hca.la to
gether and (Inally d?.id.-.i upon a
aeheme. They dlaappeered Into an ;*d
Jotning bulldlng an.l In a couple of
mlnutefl reappeared upon the roof
above Lodotce'o head Their revolvera
were iti thelr linnds nnrl they concen
Jtratod theii aim WmultaneouBly upon
the frult df-alet,
' llold up >our hando!" rtlrd petei -
the Mahne. when all was ln readliifss.
I.odohe sprang to hls feet and looked
aloft. Tlie slghf ?jf th" fmir .shiny biir
rels wlthln half n dozen feet of Mm
seemed to the s[,e. -tnlnra to flll hlm
wlth surprise and fear. (Jifl moUttl
opened, hia rlnio-is r?lax>'l and hts
weapon craahed to th< roof. Then,
BpauimodlceJIy, his arma went up ln
ti-ijf- Wlld WeM Btyle.
Two (.f the7 detectlvea Jumped down
te the simd roof and handcuffeaj the
iioid-up man. a meenenl more and
they had hlm in tbe patrol whr-oii nnd
on inn waj t<* tlie Flushing avenue i>"
lice stRtion, where he was locked up <m
llic charge of pointlng ?* load^d re?
vilver al Wldd.iko
ScentB Fishing Smacks in Fog
and Prevents Collision.
[Hy TBlagrasa to Th? Trlhuru |
Bost.in July II, A Newfoundland
.Ing kee|iliisr watch on Ihe bridge of th??
steamship P'irtonia saved th. craft
from collision wlth severnl flshtng
Brhoonero off Nantucket, aeeordlitaj t*
tho st'.rj told bv Captain Nellsen 00
hls nrrlval here to-day from f'uba.
As the vessel was plcklllg ItH colirse
through a hea\y f..R th* dng began tu
bark- For several ininiites he run from
r,no en*l of the bridge to the other,
h'jwlltig. The lookouts could seo noth
ing, but auch a stir did the dog make
that Captain Nells*?n slowed the steam?
er down. A naomont later the Bnrtonia
nosed Into the mldat of a fleet of fish?
ing vcsbcIs. Captain Nellsen says tho
dog can sense the npprnach of vessels
better than anv sailor alive. The dog is
t^o years old an.l has been a aallor
from birth
l>owelI, Mass.. .luly H Wothlng 0 bOBl
on Cryatal I?ske, North I'hehnsford, to
day cost the livcs g| two men from
I/jwell, out wlth olhers for . pWsure
row. George Cooke and Bveaell AUen
*ere drowned wh^n the boai tfppod over.
Thelr companlons were saved by a rescue
l<Hrty from the shora.
Brides Remain in Cell to Com
plete Sentences.
I'tlca. N. V.. July 21.-What Is prol.
ably the flrst double weddlng |0 be |*-r
formed In Jall in New- York State took
plac-e last evenlnc in the ilneida
CoUBty Jail. nt Rome. Jessle Han.--.ti
atul Flora Oranger. thirty-two and
twenty-nine years old. respectlvely.
were marrled to Tony Eernma. tWOBty*
eiprht years old. and Sam Maiziali. aacd
Ihirty-aevcn years.
The women WOTO aerving s?>nten.<".s
in Jail of flfty-nine nnd forty daya. re?
spectlvely. As iheir tlme in not yet up
the brides will have to spend the flrst
part of thelr honeymoon in conflne*
ment and apart from their hushands.
Bray Reveals Its Oharacter,
Surprising "Bill" Snyder.
Once a Jachaaa alwaya a jackass.
That araa the comment yesterday of
"Bill" Snyder, head keeper of the Cen?
tral Park menagerie. when he found
Pete, the sacrc.l t'hine.se ass. exhiblt
ing himself behlnd the bara of an in
dooure which bore a label. Sacred
The Jackass. whl? h 1? one of the old
esi menagerie exhlblts. is white. as are
the aacrad eowa. Vlattora to the men?
agerie yeaterday mornlng looked pua
zled when Pete DOgan to bray ?even the
aacrad Onea are not above .: - l.ttig and
loud at ihe prospect of oats. They saw
before them a Blgnboord wlth "Sacred
4"OW-' 1)11 lt.
'Why. that'fl a rlaln old la. kass,"
said one of the "dmihting Thomnscs,"
Just as 'Bill" came along.
"Ain't that a Jackass. mlster'.'" asked
.. b..y ln the gTOUP, ad.iressinjr. "Bill"
as the keeper stoppt d, and looked at
the lon.liy braylng anlmal.
'Sure Its a Jackass." -.jii-! Smdcr.
"bul ho'a in the wrong pew."
' Bill" had ordered Pete placed in a
oage adjolnlng the one bearlng tho
"Sacred CowM ^Iku. bul another koepci
mlaunderatood him. Pote araa aoon
placod "riKhf before the publlc.
Overcoats Worn at Ball Game
?Vegetables Ruined.
Chlcago, H>11n 21.?To-daj araa the
coldeat July 2] experlenced In ""hicago
for twenty-nlne years. The thennom*
< ter f-.r the dav aVOTOgOd :.*? degrees,
gettiltg a* low as ,'iO early In the morn
mg and ri^niK only t.> 1*1 al I o'clock ln
tho afternoon. There was practlcally
ii.> w ind. and th.Id wa\?- waa a
genulne, chllllng affan that \ca* feit all
over Northern lUJnola. ?
Overcoota wora ieon al tha hasebaii
-;iiiii> betweon the Brooklyn and ?'hi
. ajjo team?. Automobile partiea won
hoovlly clothed, ond rhauffeura woro
glovaa in graaplng the ate< riua who i.
Buburban markel gardenora reportod
that many of thelr regotabloa were
ruined bj the cold last nlght
The bcachea were dooerted, thi ;.ir
maklng bathing oul of the queatlon.
Tachtemen on Lake Mlchlgan auhTered
m th.- earlj mornlng froni the cold, and .
rlahermi n along Ihe lake front bundled |
up m tli.ir uinter BU'eatara i?? spit.
the fa<t thal the areather bureau Kave
,,nt ? irarm irave bulletln yeaterday,
ti,.- a-ave did riot materiallae, and to*
niRhi it looka further aaray than it did
j< '-t. rdaj.
Jersey Boy May Lose Member
Because of Insect Bitc.
Arllngton, n J., Julj 81 The bite of
the Jerwey moaqulto haa proved lo b
more dangeroua this aummer than <-.or
before ln the .ase of Thomas 1 ?e \'o<-,
Jr., tilneteen yeara old, of No. IPG Ook*
irood avenue, this place. who ia in don
Ker of loalng his riifht am from blood
polaonlng rauaed by a stinj* from a
mo qultoiloal Prlday. De Voe iiKi?ra
vated Ihe small puncture by acratchlng,
caualng the renom t.. apread through*
oul ihe ah?.ie member untll it waa
neceaaary yeaterdej lo call Dr. Bdward
Btanley to relleva his aulfeting, The
doctor upon eanminatlon pronounced
the v ??utiK man'a condition t-> be ot'
r\ , . f?,i held oul hopea that he might
va\ e l|)r iirill.
Dr Btanley polnted oul the facl that
membera. <>t tho Boord of Health of
Kearney, N J. daclared last summer
that it waa thelr oplnloo tiiat m..s
qultoea aould nol bito thla Btunmer. bul
tn \ ie.\ >.i the De Voe and aororalothor
mlnor eaaea the phyaldan has advlaod
his patietiis in Arllngton to koop w"ll
protectod at nljcl't from the poleonoua
Drops 100 Feet from Mast of
Old Flagship.
it; Telegraph ia Tha Trlhene l
Annapotla, July 21. mdahipman
Willlatn E. Bullo.k. a member of the
fourtfa class, win. entered tho Navai
A.aderny just six weeks iiro. wa.s
kllled to-day hy falllng from the maln
mast of the HaitfOrd after he had a<
COmpHflhod the tra.ditl-.nal feat of
dlmbtng to the top Of the malnmast of
rarragut'a old lUBohlp and pterdng
hla .ap wlth tha Bfrfke at tho highoal
Bullock fell to thO dOCk, a hundred
feet helow. strlkinK the cr-.sshars as
he fell. He broke two vertebrae of his
neek and li.Jured the .-plnal cord. proh
ablv dvina at or.ee. Bullo.-ks home
was 1'orsi.ana. Tcx.. and hla father.
W E. Bullock. has been n"llfled.
lt Is l-.lievcd that ln trytnj- to de
scend from Ihe mast the rope burned
the voung rnhbhipman's hands. and in
an attempt to get anolher hold he lo.t
his grlp and fell.
Drainpipe. Which He Clears,
Sucks Him Into WSter?
3 Men Fail to Save Him.
Bolt Kills Horse and Fires
Stable?Bellevue Hospital
Lights Out?Great Fun
for Small Boys.
Manhattan Island was almost inun
dated under ihe downpour of rain
which feii with Budden owlftneeo
jcsterday afterno*.ii. the climax of a
rainy. oultfy day, The Weather Bu
reau reported that the total ralnfad
was 1.01 Inchea. About I.B0 per cent
[of ihls fell between 3:30 and 4 o'clock.
The blankets of water. delugtng the
streets. dld mu< h damag*- to property,
and one man was drowned In a most
pecullar manner as a reoull of the
heavy rains.
While the downpour was the heuviest
that has I'hlltod Manhattan this sum
mer. the outlook for to-day is for
clearing weather, accompanied by brisk
uorthweeterly wlnda.
Accordlng to the l<> a! Weather Bu
rrau. barometiic changea are more
fre.iuent than for several weeks. Tho
slorm that was centred in the lower
' Missouri \'alle\ yeaterday lias moved
to the lower lakes, attended by general
l rains from the Missouri Valley to the
North Atlantic Coaal and hlgher tem
! peraturea east of the Mlaslaalppl Rlver,
The \lctltn of the rain was Koli.it
| Kinsela. flfty-flve \ears old. a porter
employed in the Nemo Bulldlng, at No.
120 Beat 16th street. Me had gone to
thi- roof of the bulldlng to clear ihe
j elrain plpe, which had becomc plugged,
accompanied by three other empioyes
I of the bulldlng
After groping aboul in tho aixteen
Inchea of water oa the roof, Klnaelo
! finally found the mouth of the drain
'pipe. As he removed the obatruction
[ Klnaelfl Clied out ln alarm and flou-i
dered down Into tho wat.-r. Tbe other
I men aplaahed through tho water until
thej reached Klnaela'a -i.ie. Thev
found his rlght arm had become
| wedged In the drain pipe b) the pnwer
ini Buctlon of the watei
The water, whi.h ha*l noiv begun to
drain off, Bnally pulled Klnsele'a head
hgneath the gurfaec The men got their
arms aboul the mau's body. but all
iht.-e were unable to tree him from the
MI 0
li <\is nol until tha water had been
almoet dralned <?ff that Kinaela could,
ba drawn from the pipe Batrolman
. ba'lan. of th.- Ka-Jt '.".'d street station.
Bumraoned an ombulance from Bellevue
Hospital, bul Dr, Hawklno said tho man
'had ijren drowned. Tho body waa re
naoved to iii<- Beat 2td Btreel station
Horse Killed. Stable Burned.
Tha outoklrta of the clty were vtelted
h\- b oevere electrlc storm, in addltlon'
to the raln, and >-.\er.il bulldlnga were
stru.-k h\ llghtniiig. The large stable
rondurted bj, Jacob Lang, a rontractor,
Tt HofTman Boulevard and Unlon Turn
pik<-. Jamaica, was Btruck b> a bolt and
one of the f'Htc. n horaea in tho Btabte
killed Tho bulldlng and some otorea
were 6V itroyed "ith a loss of fs.ooo,
deflpite the efforts of Mlso I'nullne l.ang
to put "ui the hameo wlth an Impro*
. laed buckel brigadc.
ln Brooklyn, partlcularly ln the Wlll
lamoburg section. the don npour of ram |
rhoked the sewera, wlth tb<- reeult that
the strerts were Aooded atld BOVOral
car llnoo put oui of buidneao tempo
rarlly. Many cellara and baeementa
were Hlled with water, but thr amall
boya .if the nelghborh.i enjoyed
themaelvea to the fulleal exiem.
aplnahing through the Btreeto in their
bathlng smls and WltttOUt.
in Central Park Ihe hlllatde patha
were awept by amall rlvera, and these.
faiiing to (ind outleta ln Ihe drain
openlng*. pib-d up under Bome of tlic
bridg.-s. Back of Ihe iiienager..'. where
a hundred peraonB aought ahelter un?
der ih.- bridge, the water came down
llke a inlllrac-. ma i ooning men and
women for upward of twenty tnlnufcs.
Only th** hippos aeem*-.1 to rellah the
downpour. The riant llsarda In the
New York Ztjcdogtcal Park, In The
Bronx, aeuttled up from their under*
ground tunii'-ls wh.-n th.se became
ajooded, aa though puBSted bj the Inun
datton *>f their apartmenta.
Llqhts Out at BeMevue.
The llghting plant at Bellevue HOB? !
pttal waa pul oul of eommloaloit f*?r
Bcrveral houro becauae of th.* rain. i
Water g**t Into a araall tranafornier ln
Ward N<>. 48, through which all the [
fee.l Wirea run. Thls caueed a short |
ClrCUll about I o'clock and all the
llghta stoppe.i worklng. Ciimiies and
lampfl irere called into uoc untll after
IO o'clock ';,sl nlojhi, when the dani
age was repaircd.
The rain U*ea we|cotne*l Wlth i"v I
down in Bldge street, between DofaUI
cev nnd Broome, where there ls n deep
hollow. The raln came down BO fast j
thai ll,r sewer otitlets were unable to |
dtacharge it ojulekly, and aoon a pool |
aeveral feel deep was formed.
ln a twinkllng swanns of half-clad
urchlna darted from hellweya and
from nide streets, arhooplfBg and wnv
ing th'dr nrms.
After the storm had c\pcndrd its
greateel otrength the tenrperature
began ln rleo agaln, attarafag a marh
of 7."i degreeo al fcflO o'clock. The
lOWeat mark was at 1 o'clock tn IM
l'nnlln.je?t na aecond p??e. Oflh eoluma.
"Bridgie" Webber and "Sam" Paul Arrested
?Murder Plot Perfected at Gambler's
Place, Says Dougherty.
"Jack" Sullivan, Whom Lieutenant Dropped from Car
at Forty-Second Street, Apprehended as Material
Witness?Men Who Actually Did Shooting
Are Out of City, Deputy Declares.
Three more arrests were made last night in the murder of Her
man Rosenthal. Two of the prisoners?"Bridgie" Webber and
"Sam" Paul?were charged with homicide. "Jack" Sullivan, whom
Lieutenant Charles Becker brought uptown in his car and dropped
at Sixth avenue and 42d street a few minutes before the shooting,
jwas held as a material witness. With William Shapiro and Louis
! Libby, the chauffeurs, and "Bald Jack" Rose, the gambler, this
i makes five men under arrest. charged with being principals in the
; crime.
Deputy Commissioner Dougherty admitted after the arrests
last night that the police had not yet got one of the four men who
were in the Libby car and were the actual assassins.
"These arrests don't mean that we have cleared up the case by
a long shot." said the deputy, "but it does mean very material
Sullivan appeats to have been with a busy go-between among
the men whom the police are connecting with the crime. Though
Dougherty said that no new evidence against Lieutenant Becker
had developed within the last twenty-four hours, Sullivan and Becker
h-.ve both admitted that they were together for some time the iatter
part of Monday evening and up to within a few minutes of the
Dougherty said he had a good deal more evidence against
Webber and Paul to show that they had an actual hand in the plot
ting of the crime than he could divulge at this time. He declared.
however. that all three of the prisoners were known to have been in
"Bridgie" Webber's poker room, in Sixth avenue. near 42d street.
within half an hour of the shooting.
"The men who got into the car and went over to the Metropole
and did the shooting started from Webber"s place." said Dougherty.
"The final plans were undoubtedly mapped out there. and we expect
to arrest more persons who were in Webber's that night."
Sullivan is said to have gone into Webber's shortly before 2
o'clock. directly from Lieutenant Becker's car. Becker, said that he
went on up home to 165th street and Edgecombe avenue after drop
ping Sullivan. Sullivan corroborated Becker in that statement.
"Does the evidence you have obtained in the last twenty-four
hours point more directly to Lieutenant Becker's connection with
the Rosenthal case?" Dougherty was asked.
"No. it doesn't." was the replv.
"Does the evidence on which you are holding these men lear'
awav from Becker?"
"No. I wouldn't say that." he replied.
Dougherty said he tirst got the names of the men in the Libby
car from Rose. and that Paul and Webber had practically completed
the identification.
The deputy intimated that the men who fired the shots which
killed Rosenthal had got out of the city. He said. however. that he
expected to get them all soon.
"Jimmy" Kelly, proprietor of the Cafe Mandarin. in Doycrs
street. and described as the close friend of Lieutenant Becker, wa'>
closeted with Dougherty early this morning. as was another man
v/hose identity was not disclosed.
it nraa nol untii nearlj 11 o'cloca
hiht nlght that Deputy Commlaartonor
Dougherty announcod that "S;uu"
Paul. "Bridtto" Wobbor and "Jack"
Sullivan had I'oen UTOOtOd. Al thal
time they were tak.-n out of tlie prl
vate room <<f Inm.\<>r Hughes, where
thej h.ui been axaunlned hy Doughert;
and llughea for more tlian four hour.->.
Sam' POUl and 'BrMfte' Webber.
ennounced Dougherty to tho walttng
newapoper m*?n. "have been arrootod
and lhe\ are charged wlth being iinpli
cated in the murder And "Jack* Hul
llvan haa boon arrootod as a material
"Are Suin" POUl and 'Bridgie' Web?
ber actuaiiy rhaurged with the mur?
der?" hc was asked.
? Tlmt is what it will euiount lo
When tho] are arrntgncd bofOTO tlm
Coroner to-BicoTDW.''
"Where were the) arreeted?"
"Paul at hla club, the Sam' Pail A -
Hoclatkm, No, 81 Ith atroot 'Bridfte1
Webber was arrootod horo."
"Where did the gang that killed
Rosenthal meet before the murder.'"
Tho gaiii* went to 'Bridgie' Web?
ber's pokor rooms."
"Wlll yOU mako m.?re arrests?"
CooamtaBtonor Dougherty paused.
and nn?vvered:
?'TOO, wa expeet to make a few more
?rreata to-morrow."
"Will one of them ba a very im
i iirtant one?"
"I can t say that."
MWaa Lieutenant Becker al Polko
EfOadquortora to-dn>??"
"HOW does Jack' Sullivan flarure In
the e.ise?"
"Sullivan tlffUroa as being in 'Bridcie'
Webber's place that nlght. just before
the shooting."
"<if what was SuHivaii a materlal
'That v ill develop," tvas ihe evaalra
anan ? r.
"Waa he -i nritneaa of the crime'.'"
"Waa Sam' Paul preOetH ?hen rto
BOnthOl was Bhoi '."'
"Waa he cogniaanl ot the plot?"
' -V.-s."
"When did Sullivan rearh th?- Metrai
"Irnmediatelj after the stioottng/'
"Waa the plot hatrhod oa the flan.1
Paul outlng laal Bunday?"
This Dougherty doolined to nnowor.
"Have you leanaad the ngmoa of th?*
three lawyen who were at Ihe sann
tablc with -Kridfrio- Webber. "Sam' Paul
and a third man playiug pokcr on the
ste.-inirr ehartered by tbe 's?m' Paul
As.-oehlion at which it is said the He
Iraminaiion to kill HosTthal waa ex
pr. --sed'.'"
"Not yet.''
A iiuestion as to whether he had
been pressed to order the arrest
brought a spirlted reply from Pough
erty. Krlnging hiB Rflt down hard on
the desk nt which he sat, he cx
"No ono prooood me to make these
arrests. I did, and have been dolng,
and will contlnue tO do. what 1 con
sid?-r bOOt."
Hints at Strong Evidenca.
"Woifld > ou have arrest'd thes^ m*n
if you did not have more ooMOMO
against them than you have revealed
to the newspapcrs0"
"I oertalnly would not have arrest^d
then*? inen if T did not have sufhVlent
evidence." .vaid the Commisaioner. **.lth
a smlh that indicated he had gath
ered con. id< rably more evidence than
is genTally known.
"Why did 'Jack' Sullivan leave Lleu?
tenant lleeker's ?ar at the northwest

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