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Bnct fiat DoU
y<" LXXII..N* 24,00,5.
lo-iluv iiml to-mormvv. fnir;
IlKht ?>??-? uIikK
But Not Radical
* *
in (lt - of Nm V?ik. .Irr?e> < B| un<l Kob*?4N
California Governor Practically Picked for
Second Place on Third Party Ticket?
Lindsey Refuses Chairmanship.
Those from South Thrown Out and Platform Committee
{ia- Trouble, Too, About Them?Opening of
Conveivion "A Frost"?Analysis of Movemenl
Shows "Big Business" in Odd L-ght.
??' ? ! c Trtbune. '
:. TrouMi foi the
tljiicj i, nvent , n manai ra and
, r ' am uddi nlj
- da '? t a
, . that ? ?? -
? .
- ?
? -: ';-|-ri.-?
? 11 ? : -. J ,t 1 >, li
mi nenl chulr
for ,i
gri ? onteai
ol l.i- nann ame ai
; ? '..'??:i- I Itooi e elt, nnd
raa thal ihe
Lntea reg erma
- thal ex-St n
i irj . halr
1 ?? t. Ii
tin l hat Go> eraor
; a< pl Ihe VI e-Preal
. ahi< h atlrrod the
.ii , ommlttee before
mtlnued to-alght he
imed credaatlala coro
The denlal of aef to Bouth
?ra uegroea ci everal to thr?aten
,., )ea\e the new gawar* Trre- aC-OTI
BlM caoaed a lively tight in the plat
aavm commlttee, where the aagroea
fcaad aavaral advocatea who demanded
"fair play."
When the platform commlttee nwt,
tn addliion t,, the row o~er the aagro
aajeatlon. there aroae hitter commenl
? teatatlve platform. Pallure
m provldi a flnam lal plank, though the
Aldri.'h plaa waa denounced, tha peda
x<>>ci character "f the draft ltseif and
tmral ,,tl.. i |...itits ;.t iasue promlaed
blenj draa-n-out battli ln tha cmnmit
I t erhapa In the i-oni entlon.
First Day of Convention "a FroBt."
Th. ? - daj of the thlrd term - on
laalon has been "a froat" Thi
N-M xplanatlona, and thoae latar
? ?? the thlrd party movomi ?
".iu8' wall tlll to-morrow whoa thi
colonel addreaaca th,- conventlon. "
^?>n't louk Uk> a froat then." Probably
they ar- rlght, for tha colonel has ai
.-. ? ? remarkable talent for
urouamg enth lalaam. Bul ao far aa the
tirat aaagfon ? concerned all admit. al
thougfl aomi ?!< ao roluctantly, that it
1 aa been vi ry dlaappolntlng. Tho deie
I ?? ? re all hera. They looked to ba
ahnoat ;m aumaroua as thoae who at?
tended tha Repubtlean Natlonal Con
Ventlon, and the viaHotra* WtoXM were h.
little more than half lilkd. Bul it WBg
r,,.t a .1. nionstrative crowd- Perhaps
thi practice of aelllng tlckaia was ro
gponalble. That Ls an lonovatloa, and
This Morning's News
.-.oi.Ai. Page
? I-. er Becher*g Defence. 1
Peara lle'll Be "Jobbad". l
iKker Loaaa Court Skirmloh. a
EM?r No Longei Beckar'a Lawyer- a
gMermen v,,t, Inqulry Pund. 3
xvan?- Publle Offlclala Indlctad. 3
Boy r.-ink Maaaanaer Arreated. i
Thl-'-ti Ratda --ii ' Sam" Paul'e- 3
>lark?>t Reporl Wldelj DfBcuaaed. 7
I, Rlcharda Of Vale. Iiles. .. 9
Hereiw-rw for Thre?- Concaraa.1*
tro is- Comlng Here.18
bi Philllpa'a fftatate.i?
Jiut ? Vachi llolda l*p Amarlka.xe
Houa.- Inaurgenta Demand Battleahlpa 6
Taft Preparea Tariff Vetoaa. ?
B| ? nley Anti-Truat Blll. 6
Ma<i< it,-',-.-',,i Quffey <llft. ?
naofi Mav Run ???'th T n.... l
ll ShOWB T,mper. *
Thi: i party Platform Ifakara in
jfTouble . 4
"*ork of Thlrd Party lonventlon.4
*llaon Notlflcatlon Plaaa. 7
Tur!<. Bapoetg ItalkUl Tnvanlon.6
' , to chlaa iti Deadloeh. 8
MBwiark Accapta Amerlcaue* *;ift.... 5
." < I..U..I- In N" aragaa. 6
(?fcaatatlon In Mexloo.16
**a*a f?r Women. *
KdltrA.I . ?
?Vi?; . ?
?Mhrne J r< ab Air Work. 8
.??Nary . ?
aperta .XO and XI
A1?iy and Navj.ll
^?atfcrr .lI
"?'pping Newa.}l
^naialal and Market.,.li aad 13
h*?l Katate.l*
Convention called to order at noon.
Report of the credentials commit
Peimar.ent organization of the
Elaction of perma.ient presiding
I ouicer.
Addrervr. by Theoriore Roosevelt.
... ? ? ? . -,.?? d whlch payi
-?..i -. , ?- x| n for 11
.,).-, t . be ihut. a
' th- loyj.l Ihird ' tl'.
? p th< > ? loni I."
? ? . ? fith memhcri
?of* tl ? ? Isdonal romml '?
l to ? t broki dowi
j iili o..;.. iti. n to hi stand for a ' !. I;
? Whit- " Progn ty In the Boul
? ern states.
The !',','r., delepate problem kepl thi
! tl ird tr.rm cnnd late and the pro.
Ivlalonal commlttee ln b muddle fron
j the time Colonel Rooaevell arrived li
j the coaveatloB clty nntil late to-nlghl
iThii: Beaaloni were i< ng and atormy
The oppoaeata of the e_-PreeJdeBt'i
. na for the ellmlnatlon of all niKT<
[delegatea from below Maaon am
' I'ixon's line Inslsted that auch a radl?
cal meaaure would coat tha now partj
dearly ln the North.
Colonal Roosevelt. it waa learned. ln
vegtlgated every caaa ln the Plotidt
and MiHsi.-siin.i delegatlona over whlet
the battla waa Indng fOUght. and an
nounced fordi-ly that he dld not san<
tion the manner of thrir electlon. Hi
n iterated his attltUde as exirre.s.s.'d \r
his letter tO Julian Ilarrls, ?.f Oaorgla
in the end Colonel Rooaevell won ova
every member <>f the commlttee. Agree
lng on a candidate for VI.Prcsi.ien
and eelectlng a cholea for pennanani
chalrman were troublaa that *cr?
hardly second t>. the nagro problem
i judged by guperfkiaI Intflcatlona to
day there will n.>t be much t<> the Thli
i Term movement Judged Ly oth<-rs
j however, it prornlaea a koo.i deal. Th*
heynoti epeech of ex-Senator Baverlda;i
v.;,- carefully gauged to arouaa antag
ontam tr. the old partlea and to enlla
aii who are dlacontented And Mr. Bav
erldga'a apeach waa in harmony wltl
the pronouncement which Coloni
Rooaevell la lo dellver to-morrow aa
with the platform whtch will i?e adopt
ed before the conventlon adjourna
Oolng ?^t 111 further below th<- aurfae,
there i? another reaaon for bellevtn;
thal the new party mav mnko mnr
headway than preaenl condltloiia wouli
jaee'm to Indlcate. Thla la th? aubetan
tiai gupporl whtch it aeama certaln o
[recelvlag from aome ol the largea
financlera of the couatry.
Looking for "tha Leaat Harm."
Many who rcad the oniline, of th'
platform whlch in to he adopted mav
Jump to the conclualon that ltf radlcal
Ism will ftrtalnly .startle and alienat
the innnajrers of '?bla; bualneaa" Thow
who do ro would be aurpriaed to he*
m ma ?l leaat, of thaaa managera ex
praaa their rlewa when thej dlaoua
i.ttvatily the party and its purpoee*
They say that they reallae fully thal
preaenl condltloBg cbbbo! laat, tha
th<re niust be some chaage and that ;
' bchoovea them an buslneaa men I ?
pouw the cauaa <-t the gtateamaa am
the party who will do them th< lea*.
The dlaaolutlon and dtalntagratlon ol
m<-:c monopollea eommonlj
'called truatfl they re~anl :.? the great
, bi cvii whi.-h could i-ef;ii them, TiK
cootlauatlon of tho.se monopollea un?
pered by governmental actlvltlei
they reallae to l? impoaaible Aa be
t ... n dlaintegratlon and fedi ral i.
r. l they bcllavo themaelvea cotapaJlcd
ta i h. and of Ihe two they ppaf?
ti..' latter, eapeclally if euch fedaral
control is to be admHilaterod by e rea
aonable, practlcal man.
To llabillty for Injury for their am
ployea thej are already compelled t?
anbmlt. Neither of the old partlea offera
them any n llel f'"?> I**!, ?""' ""' |:' '
publican candidate for Preelde_l ls thi
fathef of one of the mont awoeplng lla?
billty hills , ver propoaed and one which
la eartnln *., becorae a law next wintar.
}?. naiona for the aged and dlaaWed and
Itiaurance ogalnai Idleneaa they admll
do nol nic . bul Mr. Rooaevull pro
- thal the govemmaal and the am
jployea shaii ahare the txpeaae wlth the
tmptoyara, and they hope to garapi
Wlth a cokI foi BUC- ptiriiosi-s whlch will
[be inslgnifltont as ompare.l wlth thi
advanfagea they wfil reap from free
,i,,ui froat proaeouttoo under the Bher
! man anti-trual law.
ih. v an . t,.o, dlapoacd to belleve thal
ti,.- propoaad fodaral IndBitrlal coaimla
ginn will ba oaaaaaaad ?.f practlcal bmmi
t-Bt-HWd ?M HBggfh page, be>-?nd roltinm.
I he accuscti police lietitenanl in the Cotin ol General Sessions. [ fe is in the middle of the group. Hi
counsel, fohn \V. Hart. is to the left in the photograph.
Dungale and Hickson Lone Ex
ceptions on Force.
it may nol ?? ? ?,un- bu'
neverthi I bi II i-- tru<, that tv.I
Y-rka puUcfjsai n irhn ?? ? t oul l
', evidVnre ?ip.-itn-t g ? ? ?'" ' -
-,. illj won monej
Ti<-' two ni-iiii-i^ ?>' ti* foree an
j, tectivi - ' ,? .. 11 ? ion, nnd
their Integrlty aml lui Y acov
.-r? d by f'hlef Audltor Hervi ??: the
Controller'a ofrlci . ?? ho haa !.?????
, amlnlna th ? \ ouehi 1 - "i the .:.. mbvra
of th<- gambllng aquada.
All ": tii"!"- vinichera, ?Itl
reptlona of Dungak am Hlcka
proved thut th'- polii ?
,i v r.- i"'"i <!)? ??? throwt r, ? ird pl
nnd ?.?.<?".-r of Ihe g??dd. ol i h
j Mr. Hervej aald he e.Id rei
! mend thal the t ? deti ctl. ? gi I
: rl il mi ntlo
the v. Innli aa U? thi ? Itj treaaun .
Inhabitants Flee as Big Snake
Crawls Down Street.
r F-.v Tetegraph ? . Tbe Trll u
Wilkee-Barre, Pi?nn., Aug. ?"? n ' '
foot rattteenake i api d from a ? Ircua
ai Edwardavlll. io-da: and ???? n\ alght
ln n.. pi ; treei '?' ''"
. ,h f...,. . ran in all dlrection
M ihe reptlli can ? down the brlck
pnvement, and none waa ?'!:v-1
jrlve lt bettlt.
nm snake had the rtghl of waj and
when ii had travelled a dlatance ol two
hundred yarda it rvldently becam.
hunnry. te lt found U- waj Into a
lunch room. The proprlctor, Rlchard j
, | nappened to bi alone al '?>?
llme, and he dld nol aee thr t
i Th? flutterlng ol i cani r: attnu ?? d hla
attentlnn, however. and !)<-? looked '.'
I thr-' age ln llme t' *?e ihe anake trj " l
to make a meal of tl ? blroV Jonea dld
not know lt wa a rattleanake, nnd.
aeialng it by ?'?."? he i laced i'
? |y |n a boa and returned II t" Iti
on riera.
Tetanus Develops and Woman
Die.s in Agony.
egra] ' I > ?
Phlladeiphia, Aug. '? Mra. Alberl M.
Hartman died to-di y In 81 Man
Hoepltal if n reaull of belng bltten on
the ba?* of the i eck by a imjenulto al
Atlantlc Cltj on July 4.
'.'|,.und i" ' une e<> U?rg< that II
waa neceaaar: fo Bend her to the hoa
pltal. Two ? ? eka ago gangn ? dei I
oped, and then ti tanua appeared, Mra.
Uartman dl< d ln' agony aft< i undi r
going nn operatlon.
George Washiiijrton Brin?s More Peo?
ple Than Any Other Steamcr.
\t, unuauall) ld| Inflaa of r^aeenger*
arrtved hen yeeterdaj from Brlttah an<]
Contlm ntal porta, the total bcl
r, rtv*two hundred cabln paaaengera ar?
rtved '.-n i'-'i ateamahlpa and *i\ thouaand
ateerage folh on < leven ateam hlpa
\.,rtb Oerman Uoyd i:ner fjeorga Waah?
Ington had thi *? nger Na* of I
j,n elaaaea her cabln belng IM nnd hei <
tteerage 1.917
Dewey'a "Brut Cuvee" A ? Special Sec."
i?: ampagm foi the tllte
il t Dewev at Soaia Ca.llfFultonst..N.T. I
|-Advt y
Brought Back from Maine by
Trick, He Will Be Triecl in
Children's Court.
Meant To Be Bank President.
but Was Getting Only $6 a
Week- Father a Shoe
Man of Lynn. Mass.
,\, . u . | H :i- w l li
t ...
p [tonlirlg ? -\. Co v... 14
\\ all ati ? t. ..ii Junn .' laat. Kai l Hub
bard. a bank mi ? nger, Bfteen i enri
,.,,i. v. i. i ? ? N" 16 Cherrj
? -. I,> un. 'i ,n ?. :. I l.i-l
u he a ? a atoam<
il,.. Mal Bti ? lahlp < 'ompai y. I
il- waa brought t" thla city by
operativea of the Burna ugeney from
..t. .\i, . ifllgnod t" the
... pdlal > after the <l is. i ?; ? ?
? und the ? I
Ing to the pollci, llubbard. Iiefor* leai -
Ing N'< w *. "ii '" x" to the hon.I u
nunt ln Relfaet, purchaaed thla outfll:
Tgro i ilti ol clothlng, 12b ea< I
gold watch, *?'."; a dtamond rlns. I
n dlnmoud Btirkpln, |.?0; i n-M watch
chain, ?':,?; ;> g?dd kplfc. J--". a cam
f,.i. |20; a .- iiit.-.-i-??-, |18; :i tr.dd tle
i. $1S d aewral Bhlrta al $2 3S
each. il-- ii" puri haai d .ith-r i \- \
???? wearli l- ipuar. I, Ini ludlng hata
and ahoi -. the pollce
Hubbard waa neatlj dreaeed and
wore km -? li ngth iroui era He a i
lorked up In the hendquartera of the j
< Ihlldren'a Boctety on a tei hn cal charge '
of jiivnii.- dollnqueni y, nendlng his ,-ir
raignmenl to-daj ln ihi Chlldren'ai
I nlirt.
\.. ordlng i" the poll< e, young Huh I
bard waa emplo: "l bj Wllllam P. Bon
i ?'. . Ighl montha al a aalai i
ol *<> * wei i. Whlle In thla city he
II. ed wlth a famllj al No. 11:: Pho al -
atreet, Brooklj '?? II" "?? often in
(riiBted wlth Burna of moncj i" i"- da
i? nited ln banklng eatabllahmenta In
ihe tifiiiii' ini dlatrli i. and on June 7
Ihi polti ? .-;. Id, " '? Ived .*.Va? io .1
poelt That waa the laal aai n <?? i.ir.
al his place of 'iiipi'-vniviit. The tlrat
. i. w obtalned waa thi extenalvi pur
rhaae <>f clothlng. Jewelrjr and other
artlcle*, and thla i"i t^ lho mformatlon
thal he had ?""?? to Malne.
ln the l-'.ll/.'i" 'h ' Ireel polli e atatlon.
i- ii'i. he waa taken on hla a ay i" the
roorna of the f?hlldn n'a Boclety, he waa
aeked whj he commltted the th.-ft, and
n plled, aiwordlng to the i?>ii.-o;
? l ,,,,] it, hut l don't know u hy."
H,. |>. .,.),,;. .i rb havtng aald, later:
??| r?-.id aoroewhere aboul bank preel
i rtlng -it t1" nottom and worli
imc up until tl" 9 became preeldente, 1
tvanted t-i do thla, s*inl s.. 1 came here
and u><* ? * poeltton. When In Lynn.
Maas., niy home, I arag a Btudent In the
1,1,1, acbcoL Ai't'-t anhool houra l bad
ii jui> ih'.i handled flre tlmea aa'much
mom v aa l look."
\-i d whv he had Bpeat ao niuoii
monej In purchaalng clothlng, jevretrj
nnd other artlclea, yiMiaaj Hubbard re
plled, aci ordlng to the pollce:
?Tii tcii y?u. When 1 get atisfl 1
want to gct it gf>?d.'
Bnggia Reported to Have
Agreed to New Tvpc of Pact.
. ? ? ii da P irla"
? ? , h ,...,,,! tn
,.-?..'' , it-r
: ? , ? ,,-r-oanv ,,:
'.ni? ; ? ? pr*
rloual) dlacoaa, ,i U and com? ta aa
agreemenl a i' h FVa i
Swims in Porter's Coffee and
Damage Suits Will Ensuc.
w.v . Ti \.. Aug. ?"- ? oi.? fly laat |
r,lKht ?!? la ? .i Hou ton .^ Ti saa ''- n- ,
,,.,, | traln. coiumkI the arrest
? , pullman !?? rti r, and the avowed
Intentlon of al leaat all paaaengera to
aue thi rallroad companj for damagea.
\ gouthbntind traln di i In W"a< ?> al 9
p. m . found the Pullman i ar, whl h it
,v plcka up liere, locked, the por
tei ml ring ui ngon ex
x ; ?.,,., . n -? I gation ahowcd that
I the | ? bi ur befo ?? had aaked
f,?- ;, ,?.,], 0f coffee al a n< arby reatau
rant, had found a fly In lt. had atarted
;, row wlth the proprletor and had been
;,? i,, ,1 up for dlaturblng the i" a a,
;, .-!?. lng his car neglet ted
Lockjaw Fatal tO Animal in
Zoological Park-Child Sucs.
i, - Trlbnna ?
Phlladclphla Aug. 5. A aull to re
rover damagea from the Zoological Bo
,,.i-- ?,t Phll idelphla waa hegun to
day bj "Svelyn Marie Jonea, four yeara
,1,1. through her mother. Tbe chlld
waa bltten upon ihi arm and flnger
a wlld lackaaa whlle vlaltlng the Zoo
loglcal Oardena on Bitturday, June I.
One week later the animal dled from
lockjav.. althotigh thi chlld rei oi an
The chlld lialti d the SSoologli al ' lor
dena aei ompanli d bj hi r tr mdl ather
Otto Sechter. She atrayed aeveral feel
from the path, and whlle paaalng om
.,f the Ini loaurea a jackaaa put it hi I
through ihe bara and Bunk lis ti - I i
Into hi r arm.
Tha acreama of ihe glrl attrai ted the
atti ntlon of the grnndparcnt. a ho
atrtick the animal aeveral tlmea upon
the noae and forced ii to releaae ll
Regularity Secret of Longevity,
Says Brookline Woman.
i itv Teli grauh la I ha i I
Hoaton, Aug. *?. Mra. Frnnk Rowell, I
,,f N'o. IS 1'nUet iiv Road, Brookline,
,.,-i.-i,rat...i her !<?lst birthda] to-doj
in chattlag wlth calli i- .Mi . Rowell
"There la onlj one *_j t<> gi
Itraccfull* and to enjoj it, aa i have,
and ihat ls l>y IIvIhk regulaiij". Oo i<>
bed regularly, aal regularly and aleep
regularlj*. and iak>. aome < xerclae
nvery daj*. I take care of my own
room. i eaa read thej newapapera, and
i eaa alw_ya u*.- my eyee, beeauae i
have taken good ..n, (,i them."
Mrs. Rowail waa born In BI Johaa
I,iii v. Vt . and l- a dlrecl d- .???? ?mlanl
,,f John Aldeu. Her a_tlden name hmh
Almlra Alden I'.lach. ||. i health la ex- |
cellOBt, and durlng the last yiar idic
has not baaa hi a amgtt day.
rVatnpa, rtollc, mimmcr romplaiiii re
lt#n. .1 by n faw dcaca Ol Angoatur J Bitters.
- Advt.
Povverful Factions in Rosenthal Case Start
Desperate Rivalry to Decide on Lieu
tenanfs Chief Counsel.
Tliose Who Raised It Ins;st on Naming Attorney?
Wcbf-r Asserts an Inspector's Representative Has
Warned Him to Stand Pat?Aldermen
Vote $25,000 for Inquiry.
The powers, friendships and enmities bchind Lieutenant Charlos
Becker were engaged yesterday in an involved snarl over the ques
tion of what lawver should be retained to defend him at his trial for
th murder of Herman Rosenthal.
John F. Mclntyre, William Travers Jerome and Martin W.
Littleton, three noted criminal lawyers. were mentioned yesterday
as possible counsel for Becker. Mr. Mclntyre had a conference with
the accused police orncer in his cell in the Tombs.
Mrs. Becker and Becker's brothers are reported to have urged
him to retain Mr. Mclntyre. but John VV. Hart, who is still his coun?
sel. is said to be in favor of retaining Mr. Jerome. Congressman
Littlcton's name is said to have been advanced to Becker by power
ful men wbo are supposcd to be his fnends.
The fact that Becker's chief counsel has not yet been retained.
or even selected. is due to Becker's overpowering fear that the police
'system" will sacrifice him to save itself.
It was stated yesterday as a fact by a man who has been close
to all the developments of the case so far that a defence fund (f.
$50,000 had already been raised for Becker, but that the men who
had secured the fund insisted absolutely on the right to select the
lieutenant's chief counsel.
"Bridgic" Weber. who is scheduled to become one of the corroW
orators of the murder and graft story told by "Jack" Rose. has sent
word from the West Side court prison, where he has been held, that
two men prisoners. who say they represent one of the policx in
spectors whose name has been mentioned as one of those "higher
up," have tried to induce him to stand pat.
Weber's story is that these two men have insisted he will ' ?
a doomed man if he stands by Rose. They have told him, he says,
that the "ring" is satisfied to sacrifice Becker and save itself, and that
there will be no limit to the pressure that will be brought to bear to
keep the scandal from reaching any one higher up than Becker.
Becker was arraigned yesterday. when his lawyers formal'y
withdrew the plea of "not guilty" for the purpose of entering motio ;s
to dismiss the indictment. Curious crowds surrounded the Criminal
Courts Building for hours after the arraignment, hoping to get a
glance at the police orncer.
Harry Pollok, in whose house "Jack" Rose hid while the police
were looking for him, was subpcenaed by District Attorney Whitman
to appear before the grand jury on Thursday.
The Board of Aldermen, in special session, authorized the ap
pointment of a special investigating committee of nine members, o(.
which Alderman Henry H. Curran will be chairman. to go into thf
auestion of police system graft. An appropriation of $25,000 was
voted. and the resolutions were adopted unanimously. It is expected
that the fact that the Tammany members, led by Alderman Frank
Dowling, voted for the inquiry will gain the Mayor's approval of
the investi^ation resolutions.
Out-of-town reports on the whereabouts of the three accused
men stil1 at large came from Boston and Worcester. Mass., and from
Auburn and the neighborhood of Kingston. in New York State.
Lieutenant Charlea Becker'B supreme |
t.ar thal ha is to ba Bacrlfleed by the
in. n who have prei loualy al.i for
him was sai.l laat niirhl 1" be the hasis j
and uaderlylag reaaon whv tha man,
win. will ba his chief conagel has aol j
v. t been aamed. Th,- accuaed police of- j
Bi lal la reported to bava oecome aua- .
pleloua of every move made by the men ?
wlth whom h. was rormerty aaaoclated I
and to belleve that they Intend to "Job"
him to aave themaelvee. t
John P. Mclatyre'a name waa aug
geated aa hia chlef counaal by Mra
Becker and the lloutenant'g brothar,
jaeb -oti Becker. John W. Hart, who la |
siiii hia nomlnal counael, is known to ?
favor the reteatloa of former Dletrtct
Attoraej Jerome, and for thal reaaon ,
wonid go no further yeeterdaj than toI
aay that the time had aol yet came to j
... i,., i ihe chlef counael
Becker bellevee, accordlng to a man i
who has known blm ior yeara thal an\
,,,.,. of the three men moat pt-mtaaatlj
menUoned aa hii poaelblechlef defai
on the charge of mardarlBg Herman
Roaenthal would i>e emtnently quall- i
Ited to handle th- caae, h?t he knowa
betti r, perhaiaa, than any man ,the In- j
aiduoua powera of the -rlBg" or "gya
tein." and avanta to ba aupremely posi- ;
tlve tli't lha man who will he called I
upon ti aave hia llfc will not allow aay
..... |d< ratloa to Bway his Judgmeat
Behlad the tangle over Becker*a chlef j
,.,,i,,,-ei li.s Becker- fear thal the
"ring" would aoonar aaa him go to the
chair for the Rooeathal murder than
havi the reeponalblllty for tha gettaral
jrraft conditlons that prompt-d that
murder laId bare.
Suspects "Men Higher Up."
Powerful miMi in tho potttlca of the
,?,li,,. systetn. who haVC in the past I
been reUable frlaadg <-f Becker, are,
,?,w looked OO wlth doubt by the BC- j
ruaed HeutanaBt He ballavaa thaij
they would go to .some leagtha to do
fend him. alwayg provlded thal bla da- j
fanca dtd not etidaager thataoalvea orl
their coniioctlons wlih ilic trcmendous I
frafl levy thal gnmhlina nnd other
forma of law breaklng have paid
li i? tbeae aam. men whc are ba
lleved to have looked after the ralali
"i a defenee fund t'"r Becker, which
waa reported yceterday tn have reachi .
the s.'hi.ihni mark: and their conne.
ti-.ii wiiii thal fund gaee further than
ti> pro> ni. ii, accordlng t.. the bellt
..f T5?'ckrr's peraottal frteada,
Accordlng to Becker*a Intlmatea
whlle h.. has n.> doubi of the abilitj
and reaourrefulneea "f each ?>f the*
three bfg lawyera ni.-uti..n. d aa afa
poaaable defendera ;.<? la afraJd "f one
of them. becauee thal man Ib known
t>, ii.- i friend of a htgH polk?e ofllctal
Becker, aay hia rtoee frieada, la afrai.i
thal in tbe developmenl of the
preaaure mlght i'< brougbt t" bear on
thla la* j er t" kaep th, name -?: I
departmenl clean, "< pui all the load
on Becker alone, bj alanidy allowlng
the murder caae t-> n.. aaainet blaa.
Theee men. frlenda <>f Becker, aa .;
lnnt nixlit. niean to narno the chief
rounael for Becker. They mean t.? kaep
their IihikIs <?n the contn limx levara <<t
the caae throttghout Ita exlatence, and
fjecker'a neraonal frlenda believe that
th- y mean to keep th.-ir nasnea nnd
connectlona wlth Becker, as roaated bj
'?.ia?k" Beae, from i><'.<minK publlc.
The rurnorg that paarttn W. Llttletoa
had been offercd th> poaitlon ?>f > hl-i
counael t" it. ri.-rr were confirmed by
Mr. Utttoton himsr-tf. Beckcr*a iti. ud
explalncd that Mr. Ltttleton had ie
f.-nd' <! tii- jn-. aenl i hi.^f Inapector of
the Pollce Depaitraeat, Ifax BehmHt
bergi r, BarveraJ yeara ago wheti Backer
hlmaall preferrad ehargea agam.-t
BcJimtttbarger. They aaar t-> u-um
Becker'a la.s.- t>. the kaaaaa of a m.n
who was even In the pa?t nlhrn.-.'
agaitiM him <>n xueli a c.>n)|.arali\>l>
Instgi.ificant Issnc.
Cotmr.sstnnn Uttleton aaaaaMdlted lai
]at*t night lo mako a bri?M' answor t.>
tho qiiosti-.n M tn whetlaar he had been
retained to defend Fiockpr.
"It Ih truc that a prottoaltton ha

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