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But Not Dull
But Not Radical
V0L LXXn.. V .24,006. *?????? %a*-ZXS3?? **? NKW-YORK. WEDXESDAY, AUGUST 7. IIMJ.-SIXTKIA VAC-KS. ; l'HTCK ONE ('K\Ti,,n,r*_;fTi,,,yk-HJ;
Jaasaff Cltj and Hobftker
West Chester Lawyer Shoots
Kiinscif on Way Home from
New York with a
Said to Have Lost Clients'
Money on Stock Market?
Oocfesses Feculations to
Wife?Sent Her Message,
Good Nigbt, Dear.
Phliadelphla. A*Jg. 6.-Colonel Olb
na Gray CornweU, rommander of the
6th Regiroent National Quard of Penn
. ? ania. and a prom'nent lawyer >f
tVent Chaatar, Penn-, c nnmltted auldda
to-night on a traln on which he was
raturning from N?W Tork to his home
? flaca eteraNM af appropiiating
da belonglng lo tr ia estataa
-lttlng boadde the .-onstablr- who ac
companlad blm, as the train ap
proacbad the Weoai PhUadalphla ata
tion. Ot>ton?l Cornwall leaaed over the
*>. at n from. where ha had placed a
, - PretendJng to be sieeping. he
the bag aragc and dftw
? revolverv, hlch hal
leated to blm by ofiVera of
bla regiment. Before the rcnatabir waa
eware of orhat waa gotng on. he bad
pimjcti ' av".n ln bla mottth and
? tbrougb tha head. A
? aald that death hud bosen la
\ latter addreaaojd to hia wife whlbj
??- traln with (-35 to be glven to
by the ronatable ^as opened late
night and found to contaln onlj tha
??Good nia
? r
left no me sage ahowlng tba ax
, of lii? al ort - ?
? ,n-) Cornwall waa a pgrtnei :n
?!,c law bualneaa founded by bla fathcr.
tabi B. T. CornweM, whlch repre
Bented a number of larga aatataa.
Whlte tie regimenl whlch he eorn
mandod oraa in state <_u_p at Mount
Gretua oae of bbl cllanta died. leaving
? will tn whlcti oth ? ?? itora woira
ramed for tl 8 '?"" Whlch he held ln
? Inveat gatti n tha part af the
executora it la altoged .??d to the
disrover* that a number of h--nd? ba*
longlttg to th'* ? ?'<- mlaalnp.
I'OlOne! i.Vrnr i-ll, who falled t-. ra*
? irn home whom hi** regiment broka
'8mp.*? week ago waa taken Inta
lody laat night tn New York but waa
re'eaacd to-day nn hta promlaM to re
lurn home wlth the conatable, who had
a warrant for his arrest. He Indigiiant
denled that there waa anything
? g v ith hi? accounta ?*"d at tho
. nnlng of ihe trip home he aeamed
to ba ln good apirita, but aa be m.-ared
? deartinatlon he becama mororaa, aad
flr.ally andad bla life.
Newa of the trag-n waa telegraphed
to ffMt Oaavatar, Penn.. where piwpara
liena had been maie to give Colonel
Cornwell a haaring to-nlght lt waa
ggnouncad u-day thal he had reaignetl
? ? th,- natlonal guard.
Shortage Mey Reach $200,000
? ?. - abortagi may
it v ua ataxed In Waal
Ch-Btar, Penn to-night lt is aald all
the rhortage* *re dua to his deallnpa
m atocks, I' which he had been a heavv
loaer for many montha. Tt ia not be
Heved the alleged defalcatlona covcr
rnore than two yeara at tbe moat bvjt
v ere heavy durlng that time.
The ftrat Hctual indioatiori ef serious
developments rame to-day, when two
Ptraonal Judgment notea, one for $800
and the othi-r for $400. were entered
agalt.Et Colonel Cornwell ln the Protho
r.otary a offlre at Woaot Chenter, Tenn.
' Both are for personal loana, one upon
OnR4iniJ4Hl n*J thtrtl pa?*?. fl.fth rolumn.
This Morning's New$
X.OCA- fage
Ro*? Grlvea Full Ptory to Whitman.,. 1
? Mclntyre Berkere Chlef Counael.8
Shapiro Revlaea "Murder Car" Ptory.. 8
t To Be Counael ln Inulry.?
ff.Ho Not to Make Inijulry. ?
SuffragletB Kject Mare Anthony. ?
Jesult Attarka Bociallst Idea.?
I'ardinal Oibbona Aeaaila Idvorce-8
H??lth OnViala War on Flata.??
"Prtt;r.-" Ranll Fmile Weda.19
nel Cornwall <>>rnmlta flulelde... 1
Taft .-rr.da Canal Meaaage. *
Battleship ?"aueus Failure. ?
rtat>a?V4l1 Haa Hia Great Day. *
*'or.\entlon Keepe Out Negroea
Raoaevelt'a **< onfes?lon of Fatth"-4
B-oeevelt 'loea Hungry.*
Near Fire Greeta Kooaevelt'a Speeelt-. 8
RViaeveit Flertorh Naraed ln Kaiiaan. 8
Rrtla Welle To Jie Wllaon'a Trea_ure.r 8
w1_ob to Accept Nornlnatlon To-dAy. 9
Aaaa V.'llson Where Ile Htsnds fi
Vonen to Ald Wllaon Caa-BBBBigll.18
?Tarln Europa Fatal to O. ?? Trade.. 1
"t'ud ln Tight Plaea. ?
Morer p Marlnes for Nlearagua
Arlatcr and Brtda tn Mldalr Htruggle 7
Buffra^ettes Convlcted .
v _ . 7
News *.r V omen.
Wltorlrl . ?
? aoelety.
j Trtb'irie Freah Air Work. ?
' OW'uary . . ........ ? ? ? '"''..
Btorla ? l0 ""
?Vnclaland M-r'kata'.*? ?**?* JJ
tw9AJ anc Na^*'.14
*"hil.pmg aeuj . .
Haal 1 r*. . . ?
Dommates Third Party Con
vention with Speech Filled
with Unqualified Rad
ical Views.
Wonder How Voters Will Look
at Recall, Single Tax and
Appeals to the Discontent
ed ? Negro Question
Brings Long Answer.
Convention called te order at noon.
Report from tha committee on
Adoption of tha platform.
Nommating apeechea.
SpeecHea of acceptanca by tne
nomineea of tha convantion.
ff>--. 4 :-***? OorrMponaent n' v;i. Trtatraa
Chlcago, Aug. I.?After llater c for
a tull hour i" ^ha- muaic at oi - 'h1*
3T*t?tept. the mnat aaducttve and the
most tntoxicatlng a-hlch aver
human ei r Ti>^ chaara and plaudlt* of
one s fell?w men -oa-Prealdent Rooae
vaH mad? the loi g heralded ai ?
t'.ie R,-,r-,-e\-.-H conventlon to-day. tha
j gpaarh xx hi^li ha '?.*?*' rlb4?d ,.s \v
\ f4.t?|nr of falth."
All nf yeatarday'a ara'h; ar.-i Indlf
I farenee vanfahed utidov tha Bpell of
? thla mir. -he moat Intaraatlrtg flg ?'
j Amerkan p'ibiic life to-day, the moal
ia/netii th. - - - ? )?;???'?
be de*erlb?d only ln aupexla
tivea h* deala onlj In expletlvea and
hh o] ponanta ean ba deplcted 01 '? n
clal h ea
Into hi.* apaech he ?
ioml< 'h---rte?. to which he haa hlth
? erto glvan Boana m< aaara of eouate
ndnr-e. bat hia arttarancaa of to
?,4^re notarwerthy bejcauae nf ib? rom?
I irattre ph?e?re of thoae qualll
aentancea by which he haa alwa;
tho paal a-.iarfle,; aajalnal flnalli
ttltvc hlmaeif to any of them
ao eathoHfl *re rhe devi.-eB and politles ,'
he ftow sapouaaa that no de^ojjisj of ai y |
Bjale rjrirriiaeaJpTa ean n^3 bia pro- ?
rmun'-.-nient w'thout fmllng th-re
anrnethlna; in harmory with Bia oam
economlc "1?^ a
After Colotial ItotiBareit had dellvered
hla Bpeaa* the eonvctitlnn adnpfd the
rcp rt of tha cotnralttre on .-r'Jentiala
nnr\ p rule that all raaoltttlona ahouM
be referrtd to the rxmimMtea on raao
rutiona without .lebate. thtu belng the
tlraa honorad ?c?cr mla of all poHtfcel
conwnttnna Th- eonvaatlori then ad
journ*d untll 10 ?Vlock 10-mofTO*'.
No Time to Touch Platform.
The trcatment of the negro de^aajataa
hy the national eommlttea ar.d the
ronmlttee nn rredentiale ncmpl'd so
much of Colonrt RooaavaiTa Uma raa
..... . a. waa unable to pollah off
the platform, but h? experts to accom
pllah that tf..-k thie eraninf. ao that.
tha report me- be a'l"t-te.-l tha Brat
. ng tO-OMMfTOW "f*er the aalacttOS) of
a j,errnar,?nt organlxatlon
j'joc- R*n LtTtxtaay havlng lndl"ated
t*iat he doea not 4?re tn be eler-ted per
manent chairman, although ha la ln a
recaptlva mood ao far aa the Vlc?
Prealdencv la eoncerned. the present
lruilnatlona are that ex-Senator Bev
crldge will preslde over all the aeeslona
of the eonverttnn.
There are only two features of tha
pro ee'linga In Chleago which tend in
any way to mllltate agalnat .ha coafl
denre and enthuala*m of the tli'.nl
termera. One la the extreme ra<l1
callsm of the Rooeevelt platform nnd
the other la Mr. Ronaevelta determln <
tion to ellmlnate the eolnrrd brother ln
the Southern atatea. The latter nwiann,
deapite the rolonel'B exceedlnaly 4droit
handllng Of the altuatlon 1n an Int.-r
polated portmn of hlB apaach tn-dav,
eontinued to 4>caaion grave anxlety to
many of the pra>ctlc-al men ln the third
Among the eoonomle or political feat?
ures of Mr. Ro4.sev.4lf8 eonfeaaion hla
.mnuallfled advoeacy of the rerall. not
alone aa applled to Judlclal declalona
but tn Judges and to all adinlnlatratlvo
offlrerB. bo thr.t hv lnferenre he would
aeem to betiexe In it even for the na?
tlon'* Chief Executlve.. la the one wfejlch
o'-aslnnB much mlagtvlngs. Many of
htl fOlKrwara are heartlly in favor of
the propoaltlon themHelvee, h.it they
are far from codrlfrcod that the coun?
try i? ready to takP so radlcal a atep
at this tlme.
Qualifaa Viawa on Reeall.
-Wherever repre^rntatlve govern?
ment has in a-tual fart be^ome nnn
representatlve. Ihere tl.e people should
MCltra 10 themselves the tnltiatlve. the
refermdum and the rerall." he aald. al?
though he added that this ahould be
done ln aurh form aa "to make it BTl
dent that they do not lntend to use
those im-trumenUlltl-a wantonly Of
f,, ,.,.,,rl:, but to hol.l them ready for
? The admintstrative oftVer ehould 1-e
gl- en full power. for otherwlae he <an
not well .k- I8M iwopaa'a work." ba amM
a Httle further along. adding. "and tiie
Bj nple xhould be Brtraai fuh po^er over
DiB. taarroal the -ourts. Colonel Rooae
xelt de?'lared unerjuivoeall)' for the re
i ....n....*4 ?e anu P-a' IhaaJ ??lu*"n
Coloi el Roosevell speaking from an automobile to a crowd in from of the Congres* Hotel.
Shot Down by Electrical Worker
in Labor Dispute.
. - ?. ,. ?.->.?)?? ?
*f- ___!_.<-r i * igo Ht** aeia-1
cg Fnloe ? * vhot and KiiJ?o
?.? ll. w. Bmith an ek I
Pmtth aa ai reeted He 1 I tha i
iire thut Alandar and a rompanlon had
attarked blm at a b tlld ? -- a hera
? ?-...-',. it i- th* --- ? ' ? '
],._. that aboi dleput< araa the ln
llre.-t cauae - ( tbe aillli K
Puts On Frock Coat and Top
Hat for Convention.
Cbt-ago, Aug ,; -Colonel Itoaoaveri
fyamaai in ultra-foniKil fashlon for ht"
visit to ihe coavomtlon to-day. Ha dle
cardad the rowboy hat for a silk ona.
f,.r the first time ln man.* moatba and
wnre r fro?"l ? if thi u -
tomary aaci s iii
The colonel waa ln a happ: frami
mlnd to-nlght hi pt hi pald i at tha
raceptlon ha reeeiveri in the i-onvantloa
and happy oa*ar tha fact 'hat to-mor?
row he would ba Boutaated f r tba
"1 -inderatand.'' ba aald la-ighingu-,
"that I am a r-eek ahead "
Art Treasure Offered for Trans
atlantic Flight.
I uiaatleni ?? *. ? rrttiva* 1
London. Aug. & Mra ?Voodbull Mar*
tin haa offered. throngh tha v omen's
Aerial I^-ague an anttCjue <eritre|ii. - e
as k prlze for the Mrs: avlatlon tliK'.t
aer,,4.8 the Atlantle.
Mrs. Martln was Vlctorla ? laflln, and
la a alster of Tarnneaaee <'lafiiii il?uly
Cook)- She la a leader of the woman
auffrage party, and ran f<>r Praaldent
aa randidnte of the equal rijrhts party
in 1**72. r*he has laeen ll\ iiiK f..r many
yeara Ui Worcowterablre, England.
The avlatlon trophj ls on* >.f tha I rt
treaauros of Notton F'nrk
Warning Results in Quick End
of Janiaica Blaze.
.Taek. a flre dog. who is the maseot of
Baaa Coaapany No. 8. tn Herriman ava
nue, Jamajra. gave a pr,.?>f of the .an -
fu) trainlng to whl- h h- haa been suli
jected b* hia lir,-nieu frtenda when bo
dbKoveroMl a Br_ yeaton?ay afternoon,
alarmid th- t> cupanta of tha hulldliig
^nd thtn ralled the flremen. <
Some 08M 881 'he top flo..r of the three
.-torv ntf.ee buUdlag ?' N" 85*1 Fulton
atreet threw :, lighted mati-h out <-f tn>
vtndow. it in on an awntng xpread
over the ground floor wlndowa und 80)1
It on flre. Just then Ja-k trotted by.
Ile sinellrd the 88?oka, rsaw ihe flames
and began lo hark so loudly and in
such a p- oullnr manner thal overy one
|n the ufftVe of Plciuet Bruthera. real
estnte broltera, on the riret floor of tba
( uiidlng. hurrled out to sre what was
the matter. They aaw the rUmlntr
aWTttag nnd began to tear it dovn.
Meanvhlli Jai k 1. id <! ished to the
quarterf of Hoae Ko. *;- Mraiuaa Gii
more w. Overaeer waa on house watch.
jgck Bortaed htm by tha leg of his troue
trs arid pulled. ? >\ erarer fcdkrwad the
dog to the street. saw the flre. got a
.hrmlial extlngulsher and in a few
minutes had the lire out.
10 BtKfa WE
Bntish and German Ships Carry
75 Per Cent of Our
Forciqn Commerce.
Charles H Shcrrill to Take
Prominent Part in Campaign
for Increaeed U. 6
" . ? ?.a te T?ie THBWBa )
. harlaa M BI
lllnlster .-?' the I nlted Btati
\ru- nttlifl
h Ici 8 1 ...-.
tn Amerl. i. t" t-ike H |-:
, . ? f., an Inv r n rai r< hanl
maiim Mr. Sherrlll apoke In .Tune be?
fore the Ameiiean .'hambor of Com
Ifl I'nrl-. WhrCh haa members
frr.-n all parta <>f rhe T'lilte-l Statee and
rejireaentatlves ln every port ln the
wrid. Aa a reault of th? apeerh the
Parls chamhar petlf1r.n<-d rongresa to
take a- tion t-. bulld up a merchant
mririii'-. an'l b.ig.in n correepondence
wlth chambera >-f commerce all over
iiie LTnlted sii4tea. iirk'i.m concerted ac?
tion t" Influence ? 'ongrraaa
|fr Sherrill has recf-hed Invltatlona
from almosf <ine hundre<l ehamb--ra of
comrnerca In America t-. apeaa it.?i>>r<
them Ha calla i.ttentl.'ii to th.- i>r
man Iniveaae "f naval power, to the
aarltatlon In Fng-land for the in.-rra ?
nf the iiaw h.re. and t" the eonaUnl
t..lk In th- Houae of CominoBa and the
. -.Mji.-.r-er- nf the poaatbllH4 of a war
wlth Oerman)
KtKht-. i>< r cent nf American f.>reig:i
,-.,r,?, i... he aald to-day, la earri.-.i ln
Kngllsh "i Oerman ahlpa and in caaa
.,f ....-ir beta e. -i Enajland and Oermany.
American r--i*-iarr. commerce would he
puralyr-.d f-.r l*. k ot ship". It ls futll*
ha ad.ie.i. to aay that the ship* <-f other
natlona couW carry our emmerr-e. as
;;, per rent ?.f th" ahlpplnf in ihe world
I, 0wned by Erigaand aad Oermany, and
ir their veaeela arera ti?d up by war
th.-re WOUld OO! l"' BBlpa eimugh re
i.,iuni"g t'. raurry Amerleai.mmeree.
Mr. iherrill doaa nol a4lvocate k su"
gtd) Off "tl.-r BpectflC meiins or building
?:, .? FJnltad italaa9Bartea Hla Idea la
tha! ? I'liimer.'lal b<?Ji?*.-< sh-njlrl unite m
urginK a.ttun. leavlng the metli".l 10
flpcaaing ot Argentina, h? imy, it ia
rrue that it ia the rrmst e\pen?ive coun
tr> in th.- world tn which to Ihe. He
lnstan.es Ihe prlnclpal club -n Buecoa
Ayres. wWch baa two hundred mein
bara and an InKlatlon taa of 11.500
gold. Thla roriil'?r?s arith ?n Initlati.ri
faa in the moat ex|>?Misive club of N. w
York n{ J*:4t/? and with ih< I'nlversitv
i lub of ?-H',>. l'"'- tn* Pr?8|)ailtj of the
country. !?<? pofnt* ont, !s marvelloua.
Ibuatnaaa ..iT'-rtunities there i-eing un
Argtntin.i. hr "?maika. hug Uttle
nioro than ?,?nen n,illl"<>? in popula
tlou. yet Kngland drawa dlvldends
ironi h'-r investments there of f-'.iM',
I8"0.000 yearly.
?'t ir true," ba added, "that if you
go there to make n f'-rtuno hy -
? ? ..-? ? r." .1 fortUl
...... - - *
opportunll '?< make i oth* r
u,.4* than bj Bpeculatloa. l'.*tag?"i.a
i| u, ? r,f Ih. g..-?..*.? V4?-Ht .mr *
,---,, ? ? .. ?'??'*?- .f
to be operte,! up."
Mr Sherr'H wlll retun nn the
Oeeantc on Peptember 11 and open a
n N,'i' Tork. Ha la luaf
bacfe from Italy. Bnd ba.*- Juat wrttten a
booh on ttallan atalnad g'."1
IH, ..,>;? ta Tv? T-i
London, A ig. ' ? * Rome dlepateh
... . ? ,,t tha Itallan General Kavtga
llon rompam L* bulldlng flve ahlpa of
iu.ua, tcma. nin b* motor ?
transatlaiiiio Ul '??
Indiana' Gift to President's Son
Puts Him in Dilemma.
GlnHi r i' rt M ???a band
???;-,'.. ' ted the
THfl r , . ? irrival here
over the Greai Northern Railway to
day. t'hief gtjtt.- cj>ii\"t gava Bobert
Taft a young br.ir. raught on the trall
thla m.-rnlng but the Bon of the Praal
d-nt aaid the glfl put htm ln a dilemma,
"I don't thlnk I dara take thla home,"
he aald. "ln th* k_Ce of the e-xlsttng
Btrttned relatlonshlp between my father
and Mr. RoOOnSV) lt "
Mlaa llelen Taft, Mr.- George Vln
. it.- of the prealdi nt of the fTnl
veralt: of Mlnneaota; her two daugtv
t.:- Roberl Taft and ata other frlenda
of thi Tafta made up the part- whlch
tren! Into Olacter Natlonal P8u*k for ?
three weeka' trip.
The eampera aaa to-nlght at ?fadl?
rine I.ake two hundred Indiana glvr a
war danca.
Stamp Licking to Raise Money
Proves Temptingly Easy.
i Bi T-ai-aatiantl. Wli >,. ??? Th*, Mki'.:
London. Aug 7.?Rlnca the Inauranca
act cama int>> foree on July 15 last, tha
Ui king of *ax stamps has beCOme s.,
much a hablt of -OgUab life that th**
latest ruraor la that the Chancellor ->f
the Bsrhequar intenda taxlng amuae*
inents at the rate of a penny ln the
rhiiiing ln tha next budget,
Visitor at French Resort Shoots
Himself at Riverside.
Vlcby. Pranee, Aug. 8. -Albert Twjrford,
an american vialtor, ahot MrtuaHf whlle
Btrolllng alaog tl e hunk Of the ltt\,-r Allier
to-day. The ahot* attraeted tba uttention
of a poHearnan, arho found him iving ln
the und.-ri.ni.--h with three i"iiiet wounda
III 'he he;ul.
Twyford, who wa* stiii ,-i.r. <-'ious. told
the poliiernan that he h;ul Intended to kill
hlinajalf Ba then bacama un-on.?--ious and
was takf-n ta a hospital. Th,- sulride ia
al".n; flft;.-t~o years old. NO lAplanatlon
for TwyfecaTa ad is known.
Minneapolia. Ang. 8. ? >ri>* C. Whlted.
flftv -elght : ^ars old. a weulthv resident
of Mlnn?_rx>'l*. 'llfd to-day of liyriropho
Ma 11? waa Mttea bv ii p?t dog on July
', and al onee t'>?k the PaateUr tr^ainient.
LaBer tba deg dearelapad rable*. ,-md two
daya ag" Mr. WWtad araa *.eized with
h: ilr.i|ihobta, whl- h di.l not yield to the
efforts af four doetorc
Answers Rumors of Pressure to "Quit Tallring"
by Saying He Intends to Tell Truth
if It Cost His Life.
As Such Chooses Mclntyre to Aid in Defence?Littlc
ton Says He Is Considering Job?Shapiro Admits
Taking Slayers to Harlem After Murder
?Catskill Search Abandoned.
In a thirty-eight page document written in ink by himsclf and
jhanded to District Attorney Whitman last night "Jack" Rose ha*
put down a full story of his relations with Lieutenant Charlcs Becker.
including everything he knows of Becker's relations with Herman
Rose says he himself "colected" $15,000 a month for Becker.
that Becker had cther "collectors." and he gives the names of about
ten gamblers from whom corroboration of his graft charges can be
Becker, in his cell in the Tombs. announced he was "the master
i of his own case.*' and that as such he had chosen John F. Mclnryr*
I as the lawyer he would have to assist John W. Hart in defending
'"No 'svstem' suggested to me what counsel I should have," de?
clared Becker. "I am master of my own case and I retain the law?
yers I want."
In spite of Becker's positive announcement. Martin W. Littletcr.
asrerted that he still had under consideration the question of taking
the job of chief counsel to Becker. but he declined to say who had
offered it to him.
William Shapiro. chauffeur of the ?'murder car." hnally broke
down and admitted that he had tanen the slayers to Lenox avenue
and l.?8th street. which furnishes the police with the connecting link
between the Metropole and the uptown flat at which it had been
e^tablished the slayers gathered shortly after killing Rosenthal.
Burns detectives have found the evidence in the telephone com
pany's tally sheets to corroborate the fact related by Rose that he
i called Becker on the telephone from the telephone station in tha
i Times Building a few minutes after the Rosenthal murder.
Deputy Commissioner Dougherty announced that the search for
: the fugitives who were supposed to be in the Catskills had bee i
' abandoned because the police did not believe the men were in that
neighborhood now.
There will be a citizens' masa meeting in Cooper Union ne.vt
I Tuesday night. of which a further announcement will be made tt>
i morrow.
John Purroy Mitchel. President of the Board of Aldermen. may
receive an offer of a place on the special aldermanic police investi
gating committee by the withdrawal of one of the men previous'y
"Jack" Rose declared yesterday, in response to insinuations that
he was going to "quit talking" because of pressure brought to bear
upon him. that he intended to "tell the full truth. if it cost him his
It developed also that the real fear of Rose. Weber and Valinsky
is not that thev will be done away with because of "squealing" or.
, those higher up. but that the gangmen of the East Side will "get"
them if they identify the actual gunmen who murdered Rosenthal.
The cases of Valinsky. Libby. Shapiro. Sullivan. "Whitie"
Lewis and "Dago Frank" called before Coroner Feinberg yesterday
were adjourned to August 15.
Cardinal Gibbons, visiting tn Brooklyn, when asked for a com
ment upon the scandal that has grown out of the Rosenthal case. is
Iquoted as saying:
"I hope this situation will be sifted to the bottom: that the guilty
1 persons will be found and punished. It ought to be done squarely
and dennitely. to the credit and glory of our great American me
I ti opolis." _m_
?-.Tai-k Rose handed to District At?
torney WMt.i.an laat night hia atate
?,ent on his aaaoi-latlon wlth the
Rosenthal eaia and wlth tho graft COQ
d.tiona whlch led up to the murder of
tl,e TenderL.ln gambler. It waa wrlt
t.-n in ink on foolacap, of whlch there
were thlrty-elght pages. wrltten ln a
goo<l. round hand- but wlthout a slngle
traee of punctuatlon.
In the main lt was ln good Rngllah.
altliough in many parta of It Rose
dropped Into a alang phruueology. thla
,,.,rt|.-uh.rlv ln tb- parta referrtng to
gambling and pollca relatlo.ia wlth
Ha .les.-nl.ed how he tlrsr. met Becker,
how Rosenthal tM-ABM acquatnted wlth
Becker how Boekar --ame to a*kara ln
the protlta of RoaenthaVa gambling
houae ln -Mb stre-t. and how he heurd
-it varrOUa ttmes Of other men who. llke
himself. wetU -?-<dle.-tlna- for Be.-kor.
Roaa dld not. so far aa ts known now.
K,, beyond Re.-ker tn poaetmfl the uitt
mi.te de.-tlnatlon of the graft. *x?-ept
in the nto.st general way. He charged
that Bockers ??raida" were almost
wltho.it exeeption "blufT ralds." that
the e\id*Mi,e offered to obtuln warranta
for the ralds waa almoat lnvarlably the
work of atool pigeona. and that the
atndavits on wht-h orafT-Bta were ob
tained were frequently false.
Be ker s nvthod of making gamblera
"come across," ao.-ording to Roae, waa
to "rald" flrat, then talk buslness. The
detsils were acrompllshed. Roae aaya.
by glvirg the raided ones the extra
warranta which were usually taken out
ar,d by allowlng 18*8 caae to full dowr.
when tti*> eviden.?<? araa to ba praaaotod
to the grand Jury.
"Collectad" $15,000 a Month.
Rrij... s.-.y!4 h* "<-oll4?ctf'd' abiiut 115.OOC
a month for Becker. and that Backca
had other ?"oo'lectors." irhoaa "colle. ?
tlons" h? could not e4XTttnate. Krom tha
Itaaajajg r,i whi> h ho waa aaslgrnr-d. K"?'
aald, BM BjOt approaim.ttely lt.'?>"?? a
Apart Crorn tax Ker.crai alao af graf'
Roa*>'a atataancnt namcd about ter
gnmbier* ?h'), ba aaia, eaa torKHaatati
hi? at'irv |n 80 far aa it concerns them
and th*>ae men will be aubpcr-naed bi
th- Qattricl AtlonH ] . Rose iitldcd 19881
hir rlealing?. xxlth EkH k-r W8fa alwayr
ln eaab, fraqttaatly in liialRoj.e'a) flnt
and tbal he ha-l witne-ae? who ha*
a.'en tlu '-n?h pas?ed Oref.
Itoaja devoted the flrst few para
grapha oi hl? atatenftit to an acoun
of how he met Becker. Hc yald hc haa
known him far a"me tlme as head o
the apeeial aquad, but lt wa* not unti
a place that he. Rose, waa runnlnc
was ralded that he aetually 1)8498884
aiqualntfd wlth Becker. When tha
case enrne up In the Essex Marke
court Rose was held, and hc remark. i
in a ajood natureU way to gaaeatac tha
h* seemed to getting "the worst of it.*
Becker told hlni It waa !?lmply a eaa
of "ordera, my boy," and th.Mi xvhen h.
begnn tt' talk to him siigijested thal ba

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