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i: ... kfcew gUlU a numbe-r of |am
blera Roae admltted that ha waa weu
tv-qualnled among tho gamblers. ar.d
ti?e conversation led to OthtW meetlng?
Finally Becker begun to use Tvoae as
hia agent lo visit gambler.?. Rose aaya
tha relatlon waa not at all that of a
l ? but thal Becker author
lsed him, Roae. to go to gamblera and
offer "protecti-.n" for a prl-'C
Th- und-.Tlyliig threat. Which **->
made good by Becker If "protection"
?rai Bcornad, waa that the plaoa aro i d
ba ralded. Rosenthal. Rose relatea.
knew Doeker by repntatlou more thaa
anythlni alac al flrat bul waa Intro
ducad to blm aompwbere and then got
io know hnn very well beojeuee of their
ratatleaf of protecior nnd protected.
?-,,,,,, vere eaUbllahed bj Roae over
Roeenthali placea on lower Becond
Rosanthal "Needed" Becker.
Roeentbal toM blm. Raa* say**. that.
he wanted to knou Becker better, not ;
only bacauae ba needed Becker In bla
own bualneaa, but beeauae he wanted ]
,0 ?? |Uare accounta wlth aome other
. aa goea on t su> that be collected
.: about flfteen bcuaaa for Recker.
And thal the monthly levy amounted!
to about $15,000. The number ol
houaei wi reduced later, and Roae
retood that other "eoilectors" v ara
?ng out for what houaea wore taken
? ff his Hat:
Becker never got "read e\1dencew
t | inal placea tbat were to ba ralded,
,i >too] plgeone.
material upon whlch
... obtalned. Roaenthal
made hlmaeH naaful to Beckei li
? ;uv. into wl i '.i Roaa go* u ln g eat
\-7cordmg to thla rtary, a raataurant
knowa as ?To-y'a." la Wlttami
- nezi door t?j a gambling eatab
? ? run br tr o men whom Beckei
wanted on hia ilata Roaenthal weut
to \hu reatauraai ?nd nict tiu* neif ?
bortag gambb i are. not by ai ?lnt
:,;..;,-, but apparently bj accident.
Igaj gi a nearby tobie, ana R*>sen
cngaged the two gamblera ta con.
Thej knew Roaenthal, and
mj ? he --as "one of them-'
Roeenthal*a tala centred on bu< h re
. *rki aa "Havi you atlll gol thal
.-.ri. .n Ihe second twi
omer ln frontr* and ''Where- your
rouletti wh - i no r?ta the back room
up there ori the third lU-orV "--icmark*
whlch would ftrnleb to tha nearby de
. Ura the information nacaaoary for
warranta Finally, wlth thu prellrai
Brranged, the place was ralded
and the two gamblera went to Roae
wlth thelr kk*k. They awon that no
bad Beei. ta their ptatce to get
? n a and thut tiu warranta
injustlfled. bui Roae told them they'd
have *o "n_ thJnga rlght with Becker*'
wanted to do bualaeaa.
Roae arranged a meetlng between the
? o gami-lers and Becker at tho La
fayette Baths. and at the end of the
.'imi eraatior. whtch ensueci Becker,
Kosc sa>?. pullcu out three or lour
v. ananta from Lis i- *cket und told the
v.-.mbicrs they '.ojjid !i?-r them fov
Minii Thal waa <-n si Friday. and an
ihe ne_t Monday the gambiers "came
-V gambling ndt atreet
was handltd !n the satue way. and an
othrr place in Park Place i*as equally
>-.?!! arranged for.
Becker finally ralded thi Bani Souct,
?i" Faul's place, ni 13th stre<t. 0:1
which an Inepector ot pollca va
to bo "ln." Tiiat v .,* when i:
waa beginnlng to feel his power. Ri i
aaid, ai:u at a tttna when he thought
ihat no man in the department, no ma:?
? - how llgh in rank, could Btop iu<
Offer of an intereat to Becker.
? ibai aame llme, Roae ^-a.-;-.
H ien hal ' "un to neod a new baak
rad Becker a 25 i>t rmi
Interaal la hia place for t-?&06, Beck*v
lemurred and the matter was reduced
io a 30 par ????in mtt*raat for a lean <<f
11 -"^x' bul in addltlon Becker to! i
Keeest-al hc would haic to "take car.
ut Rofe" to the extent of a J."> per
i ent tatereat Roae saya Becker then
made him iRoaei apllt even with him
on the ahare, whlch gave Becker actu
ally a 32'i per cent intereat ln the
proflta of Rosenthal's place.
noacnthal wau ultlmately raided.
Roae asaetted. beeauae Becker gut or
a-re l__t ht could not dlsregaru
Ytopr drroted the last k)\ nagoa of
statement to a detalled account <?f
DOVementa juat before. during and
Ihe murder of ReS'-nth&l, and
an ,-xa t statement of all hia coni
nuinicati.iis. diroct and indlreet. with
r.e. fcer durlng that n*-rJod.
Uecaute of the namea it contain.i the
Roaa atateni'-nt wlll be turned over by
ih- -Hetrtct Attorney to the Burns de
'\es. atid thoy uill have the Job of
> urklng up the corroboration fcr lt.
The Burne men gave Mr. Whitmun
? eeterday tne exact evldence in tho
form of telephone tally sheeta of ihe
i. lephone call which Rose aaid he made
to Becker from the baeement of the
Tlmes Buildlng dlrextly after the mur?
der. thua corroboratlng another polnt
in Ttoae'a previou* atory, whleh waa re
i eatad ln hia wrltten statement yester?
Apart from the Rose statement the
pOlJoa and tiie District Attorney were
"..blc yeaterday to get from WiUiam
S'lapiro an admlsalon that materlally
strengthena their eaae agalnat the act
ial ahootera of Roaenthal. Shaplro, the
' hauffeur of the "murder rar." haa ln
isted her?77tofore that he took the mur
derera from the Metropole to 49th
;reet ar.d Third avenue. but t'ommin
-io-.ier Dougherty had found trae*>B of
thi- aame men In a flat in Harlem by
I o"cl..<k ou the Tueaday morning
?ii. t Rosenthal waa murdercd.
The two statements would not glbe.
when Shapiro was urgr-d yeaterday
io clear them up ha finally admltted
ihat he had drlven the men over th?
followlng roule from the Metropole:
? ?? street to Madlsou avepue, to 4.1th
.*, to Lexington avenue, to 120th
. t, to l.enox avenue, to 128th street.
\t Leiiox avenue and I'.'sth etreet lie
drnfajad them. he uaid, but that atory
? ;ied for the police the moveinenta
i f tha murderera Jmmedlately after tiie
Bhapiro b-_e1aa1, however. tiiat he
|?j :iot lderitJf-- "Dago rrank," and.
joUa F. Molntyrl v.-* ratalftad yeater-i
efternoon aa i ronaal la shtaf aar tha
Beckei dafaaca Mr. Mclntyre ajrreed to
? a retainer In the case aftar a eoav
renca ln t;.? Tombti wlth tba accaaod
Heertanant. hla brothar, Jackaeak, and Mra
ajeeker. Mr. Molntyte had b*en the
ChOloa of B?ck r's iminedUte rel.itlvcf
for more iban a week. thoigh others ln
lerMtad in Beoker'a light for life lavorfd
other counsel.
Dut the ratalnlna of Mi Mclntyre. ai
though somewliat elarlfylng the altuatlon,
stffl leavus a lagal anarl. as there ara
other prominent lawyara Btlll undar con?
si.leration by thoae bohind Bechar.
Mr. Mclntyre. after .^nr.ouneing that ha
had been retained, paid ? Httle COmpU?
ment to John W. Hart. who Ih atlU in tha
ca?e. bui Mr. IUrt. xrhi.i told that Mr.
Mclntyre had ben ratalaad, declared tbal
ha had nothlag to aay ln lha mptter. Mr.
Hart. who wa.-- an aaalatant dlatrlct at
under Wllllam Travara Jerome.
wantad Mr. Jeroraa to act a? . hief eo nv
.Mr. Jerome araa oul ot town yeeter
day, bui nie friends -. id ti.at b8 Btlll haU
the matter under conalderattoa
"Mr. iiari and i will ba the only law
yera a'tivelv oi.gagfd ln tb< dafenca ot
Becker," ->aid Mr. Mclntyre. "1 am n'-^
i to have Mr. Haal arltb 880, aa he ls a ca
i>ahie young man. wlth a food knowledge
of ?riminai procedure.
i thlnk my conne. tion nitii t:-.e i*?e
dlapoaea of tnc rumor tbat peraons otbar
? Beckar'a rolatlree have a fund o:
???? ,-allabla for bia dafenca i ivj- en
gSg< | y Becker rt." bl? r-. ? r. T.; . No i II
?ldei bad anj tbli E to do 441111 it. There
; '? r.o fortd for tue defance other t'nan t'..c
reeoorcei ef Boxkfe famil}'. w hen
arralfned to-morrow T ahali
' BTObably ar>pear only la ar. edvtaory ea*
?. aa Mr. IUrt la more famlllai with
| th* ? ????? thua far."
Derpit* Mr Mclntyre'a lUteraent, Cea?
greesman Martln \V. Uttleton aUII ??
I j:?s ln th* caae. Before learlng town
iast nlgi-.t on a ten daya1 tishing trlj. ln
ict. th? matter of the actual Iden
itlon "i the nai murderera atlll re
malna one of the most dlfflcull polnta
?tor the Uiritri' t Attorney to aolve.
The ejrtrem* fet-.r openly ehoarn by
,:?-.'. Weber and Valinsky. which ha-.
prcvlousij been aH '>"' '" "'"" lnat
??they" would "fat" thera beoauae of
? their poaaible expoaure of the men
?higher up" ln the atara." waa eaW
. aterday to hlnge eolely o;\ the mat?
ter ui IdaBtlflcattona II it coraea to
! the puint ln oper, eoorl xvherei ary one
| of the three gamblera or tbe two cbauf
Ifeura are aaked to Identlfy anj one of
thegunmen .1- 01 e preaanl whenH
thal vvaa murdered, then the man who
tmakea that Idennncatloa a-ltl hai.
itelj no doubi about hla own fate.
The Eaal Slde gangmen might forglve
the "-c'.iei.lcr" on a "cop." but a man
1 -> bo ' .?-,ueab ' on a gunman who r^taitds
Iright wlth hla own pat.c la marked,
and no one knowa 11 better than Roaa,
TTeher and Vallnaky.
Lleutafiant Becker was eekad vester
iday if h* would say anythtBg about
ithe roanorad ungio over tho qaeetloo
arho would defepd him. John W,
I rt, his counoel loalated tivai he bad
jadvieed Becker not to lalk. and aaM
thal the tlme had not > ct come for
him -Hurt. to aa: anylhlnf about tho
[queatlon a^ tu v ho WOajM he Be-.-ker'.s
ehlaf eajuaaaL Becker, however, wa*
pared to p;.cal? on Ihe Qttaatlon or
j lawyers. aril apoke freely.
??I have engagci john P. Molatyra."
aak), "by acrrtoe of john \v. Hart.
' my counse! of record. Both Mr. Mc*
[])..]?. and Mr. llart will repres?nt
; nie.''
"Dld yow have the name of Martlfl
x\'. Uttleton under .-onaideratlon.'"
Becker araa aaked.
?Mr. Littleton araa under ecnaldari
Itlon by fri'.'ndi> advlaera of mine, but
li wantad Mr. Mclntyre and I engas 1
ha replled.
Becker waa told that it had been ru
] red that the pollce "tinrt"' wa? pre
jpire.) to contrlbute haavlly to his da
Ifenee ftind. but thal Ita a!d was con?
fJition"d on the right to name liis ihaf
icounael and that back of It wa* ihe
idea that the counsel lt chose would
take care to protect every ?ne beyond
"No 'syBtem' auggeated to uie what
counsel I pliould have." Be^'ker replied
aith a smile. "I am the master of my
own ca??. and 1 retain the lawyers I
Apparantly Not Wornad.
Becker wua m.iohing a largc blaok
clftir, aaemed to be tuking his Imprla
onment wlth the baat pos-ibie good
nature, and talkad and laughed in a
free and easy way. He showed no
tracea of ararrjr, arid declared that he
had no doul.t whatevet that he would
be ax-qultted.
Hla flat rtatement that the "ajrstom"
would not name hla lawyer waa takeal
to mean that he intended to flght hia
battle alone and that he waa not ??x
pactlM any ald that he coutd rely on
from the men wlth whom he waa for
merly intltnate ln pollce clrclea.
In aplte of BiKk'i's apparantly poai
tlve atatement that he had retain.*.!
Mr. Mclntyre. rongreaeman Uttleton
Upeated yesterday that he atlll had
under conelderation an offer made ln
behalf of Becker to defend the accuned
lleutenant. Mr. Littleton left town
yesterday on a ten daya1 rtahing trlp
up tha lt I^awrence.
It is not bolleved by thuse who under
ptand the paltea polltica behlnd tha
legal tangl' vith roapect to Becker's
chief couneel that tbe men higher up
intend to aurrender on Becker's own
ntatement that ha haa retained Mr.
Mclntyre. They are reck4>n?Bd to be tbe
kind of men who will llght and brlng
to bear every possible preaaure before
allowlng the caae to go to trlal without
betng allowed to have aome control
over it themselvea.
If they flnd they eannot hope to dic
tate lo Becker on a point of auch im
portanee to him. It la thought th.-y will
turn to more tactful endeavora and
try to lnfluenoe Beikcr, elther through
the men whom he stlll truM* or by an
appea) to him to atand by the ring ao
that he will be cuunted "ln" when he Ll
ln chooalng Mr M(lnt>re. Beiker ||
knov n lo have tollox.ed tha advke of
his rlfe end brothera. and lt is expecteil
that Mr. Ilart a?ili add hia approval
to-day. Decauaa <?f his pravknii 9
'lationa wltb formei Dtatrlcl fLtttarnaur
.,--,-,? Mi ' '?,"'.peatad ;'?-* he
had been approacbed i Itb a ?rlew ta i
??,ng him ln the caaa Ur. Ij?-^
Ifused to name the peraona rhe ?Wtea
rali In ll talei "' "r Beck?r- ..?
-Tba mai **?*?? ?ac*waad ? ?
!me." aaid Congreaaman L*ntie*J.. but
notblng de-nlta haa been *^?f?- r
; 1* all 1 can say about lt at th.s time
Mr Mctatyra baa been e-Bweiated witn
! nianv .-aaaa of importen*e. but pcrhapa
. hs iiefet.ee of the llalns brothers for the
I murder of Wllllam K. Annis bro.tght him
' more pramlaentl) fiirward than any etber
i caaa ha ha-" bad in raoent yeara After a j
' daaparate BgM for bla etteat ba obtahvd
the aequittal of Thornton Jrnkins ItAln* j
tha arrlter. Captain Peter C. Halna waa
aaaa defended by Mr. to-Iniyre. but ta
thla caaa the prisoner waa *enteneed to*
. term of from elght to 81-14411 yeara. He
'.-aa pardoned by Oovemor 1 ?l laat Oeto
ber. after aarvtaf a itttle morr than two
? ear-- and four months.
; it baa been aald of Mr. Mclntyre that
i V* baa trled more men for murder than
any other preeeeutor. Whlle an aaatatant
unfler Dlatrlct Atterteya DaLancei
Kteeii and John r. Pellowa be gai
' cOOVlCtlona out of 614 murder and man
?laugbter trlala. He had charge of all
murder iiaaea durlng the perlod known as
ti,e gloody Aaahve, VovcmVr. ip-t. to
january, IM. aaovleti-t anab of tba
rorty-four Beraona trled for murder.
! amoni tba eaeea ba baa praaeeuted orera
thoae of itiirton C. vVebeter, Dr. Ileya
Bdward Caaaar. Marta Bat-nrt, Davtd
1 rtaantaan. Man aanea rienuntag. Hei
. p/lee. Tiiomas MuUen, Dantel McOratb,
i E-nroa Ooldmaa ond W. E a. aad Payne
! Moore.
1 After reatgntag froni tba Dtetriet it
' tamay*8 ea_ea MT. Melntyre was retalned
1 by irish asodetlea ln this city to bo i i
! r.ngiand to appoer In bebalf of _4tWard
' Ivory, who wa*. ehargi i wlth plotting to
drnamlta the Houae ef Parllament an.i
i k'ui the Queen. Ivenj - aa ?* ajultted after
a ten aaya1 trlal.
1 larome it \ as aapected that Hart would
try to perauada Becker to aetecl Mr.
[Jerome aa bla chlef counael. Bome ol
Iv Jerome's former aeeoctatea de*
. lared yaateBolay that he bad said he
j would hare rtethtag to do Itb lha
whlle othera aaeertad that he
*rai ??? -? latareoted ln U -im .? ??'*.
crhnlnal caaa and would very llkel* be
I in tt beiore long. Mr, Jerom* blmeelf
i* gwaj OQ an aulomohile trip and not
' eren ln aommunlci tlon i ith hia offlca
Man Named in Anonymous
Letter Denicd Implication.
I 14 BOABltrillty of a new , le? ai..i
axpeoted dlneloaures of a Btartllng natur*
la eohi.r.tion '.?th ti,* Rosenthal BJIli
<-d te Ioori up reeterday In tba "
, of i orom ? I b when 8 tei loui
l?tter in Hungartan oraa recelvad ll
i<*t!ng a .nan it. Baat i4th atreei
kaewteg ma..., deairaWa facta aba.
of tba aiei ? ho murdered tba gam' *
The lettei and th
i ti ken sreal ? .?? ii
I to tb* aitent i it pari
of the letter ? at III si'l' A'?
t ,, letter < reeted * sr> ai
ak?i tntht L*etoo?r*a 8_lee. i* *cimei io
be .?egarded as uati latwerthy
" ? ? t. - MaUiet Attwrne.,, wuere tt
-I i ali
The letter addre .??; ? | ??..-.
berg, r ?*" 88 f"i'o * ?
'Jentlemen, n ri i on a .i pl ., *
flnd on* M .: |Bi lan lettt r from Ro
There tor < it i* Ir.iportant. Vou eoold nnd
ool a :ot of thlnga about I murder fl
>... - /?' f.< - ..I v.. -; : | ? ' !?
inatda af pl_no ihara tbere ara a ivt ?'
other i
?vitii i. hi' i (ha murder wa* eemmtltad
was tiu ?wn Inta a atraa i?i:a lha
oi'..-: ln poi ta, ?
? -.-i< ? i ? Sh-1: -^ ? > re arrald i '
III esaure him that li>
: aaf. h" \ iii t?ii rou a lo<
about tha murder. and : ou wlll - ?
sbout h fc-n.iil.ler who ls head ;.-..
you hav.-n't y, t got aho m ln I
department. Th4 murdei?r wenl Into
Sarkas' room Oreaned up aa u woman
and ''iv. ran ai .i>. lea
- ?< - and a i>o< kethoeik. wb
no* there and arhl
kaa' wtfe la afrald to tay anylb
?. - ? . . threa iad to ?'..'??>t I er
dewti lf ? ha Bpenfci ir ' l frousera a
n- r t lot ef mo . ? *
and *"..:^ Importani lettei i *:? i p
>.'o n.an baartaoj tha nanM al
Ziimos could be found a: No I l'a-4
14th stref, bul |l B0O8 apjx-.ire.J th.it lha
wrttar had mear.t Wllllam Karka*. * II-r
ga-ian llvlng nt that addres:,, whnae
name, ln tiie euatom of hia rountry >f
puttlng th4 glven nama after the famiiy
name, would h" ren-bred hy a llur.garlati
aa Karkae \ llmoa
Mi. Farkai itald he had no doul-t It
wa* ha *-.;.o har* been aaaant. He oould
not ?e?. a pu*aible reeeon f.^r the lett'-t.
he i*.a!d. escept polltleal BOlU on !!* i-i't
of iom? man who wante.l t<> eauaa him
a lot , f ireuble ln caiiing i,t the Dlatrlci
AUorney'e ofllea and ,imllur erran.il*.
There coild be no banis for the letter
he lnal?t?HJ. aa li lad nevei known ., . ?
1,0-1) ln any *?ay conr.eetad aith th' Roa
? nthal f_aa nmi had abaolutely uo a
q-juintaii' - among i;atn.
"I attend tn in' lng the
day." Mr. Farka* said "und mo-t i>f m
??veiiinu* l apend at hom* wrltlag '"?
'Our Rewa' tha offlclal orgnn .>f tha
Kungartan-Ametican League. >.f whleh '
nrn preslderit. I thlnk that tha latter has
been writt.-.i oi inf-pi.e, i,: * man ahe
got ?oie at me Vecnure o: mv ief-:sa: to
a-eept his v|e '. a aa to r.attotia! polll
"Even if He Dies for It, Law
yer Adds-^-More Threats.
" Jatk' iioae wiii ten tha truth, i an
?hough it OOgU bt?I bla life.-'
Thla was the anawer Whleb /.imee M
bulHvan, eo'.naal for "Jack ' Ru/e, aald
Roae made when he wae asked foaMerday
lf it waa true that he had bem Influeneed
by tho "syatam" and had eeased to be
of hcrvlce to the Inattle* Attprney, as
aome publiahed reporta liuxl lt.
? -Roae." oontblued Mi. Sullivan, "toM
ma he had ao lnr'ntMii t,t going be?k
af hia eonfaa?ion to Mr, Wliitman. IL
e_ve the Dlatrlct Attomev lo-ntgl I v
'?arefuiiy orrltten atataaaent of many
pages, bat what II contal_ad 1 am not "
llberty to dlacusa."
Mr. Sullivan said thut Rove waa tmt 111.
but that he was feeiing reitless under the
"But thal ls only nattiral,' i-ontinued
Mr. Sullivan. "for Roso haa alwaya llved
a lif* vf lelsure. And b.-sldes. IblMag l H
v. Ul not be beUeved bv the genoral pub?
lle, Rose la a man ef ?am *< nalbllltle-,
and auch a man would naturally rhafe
under restraint."
Itoae recelved two more threatimbtg let*
ttia yeaterday. "Erldgle" Wel.ei- i.lao r.
eelved one. They were all or the one
tenor. and appateotly wiltlen by the eaa
person. who threutenr.i them with death
for tclllng w-hat they knew-.
Patriek a iVhRaey, CeawitaMbrter ot
r-orre--tluna. vlatted the Wett Hirje court
prison yesterday and talked for a few
mimitea wlth Roa?. Weher alid Harry Val
lo.i. The U_*aa gambler* told him they
arere aa ct>mfortab|8 aa ti)#\ aaaM be bi
their call a endJiad n? oamplalnl lo make
: ..tiu- nt th-.-- ireri i ? cel li ?
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n ail. 95 centa. ._ _
,,,,,. , . ... rioeer avaldi
lerdai al Haadejtiartera lhai If be Bboutd
leam thal any ftihd araa Hna: ralaed
among tho poii- for a> cha 'a d"- ?? ?
would be eubjeeted te a al ? Inv I
tioo ' i ti.e di.i.ntiii.'iit. Tha Q anmla
.... ., would aat admlt t'at hi had
heard dedaHely thal aaeb * ftiad ?**
belng ralleetad. or that ba had ;?atitutel
mj nvestiaation ** ? rwiH of ''n*
?| . . >., ? omme-.t I wi'' m*k?." ha
aald. "la thal ai aeoa a- l laarn thal any
auch fund la Ixina ralaed 1 x- i:i malie an
Inveatlgatlon, and deal arith if <
? be di . ' a lla '
i: a you aaade any laveatlgattoBe er
? eeeK4arntag lie. k.r * private
m.-ina. vxHh a vleav ot nacertalnlr.*
he 4voiiid We Bnenetaily *bie t'>
pay fer the def * be la reporled to bt
paapartaa ?rt aaahat'' tt,* Coann
?raa 44"?a?<J: but to all qeeatteaa of t lil
...rt )i" replled tbal ? ? i i Iblag te
I | ".:'?? ?t.
..... t.. w eldo ln .. graal
r.ai4 matter*. it n?. l??r-ied t. at the
i attltude aa? tha!
. extlona i .ir,. "nv k v r bad beal
.... utorni
"You kr.->" ' aald, ' that
tha ? <? urta have ex
.,r in raeea *heta a
'..????- I
r.|th a '?! Il .ir.xl ":f?r I of ??
on nlaaloii' 81 ' Uld I
tituti ' ?' :' ' ? ? ' '
go be
*iirrante th* offendei -I- ba bOth OUn
li hed i rlmloall: ?: d dlamli ?-?> froari the
detrtjutl ? '
? Tha ? n?
Ui VThltmaa'a manageanent i her'a
, i-^ ?iii *>e thorouajhl] invaeilgated
gort will
? j. . " .....-e hin. gullty. If he li
:, illty Ai le ?'''?' !?" a llgatl
lt ls a
:... t tbal tho P? i la very
optd lhat aort af thlng
niMii a fia-riu t.??. ii.crs. ia I ?
He u.ii-t x" to tha Coaaralaaloner ? t Ke
ea| . loveei itlou"
Ihe O mi ilaloni ? a.*:..-') .'?
i'ti laieettgatleu ?.f Mr eer'a effatrer" hc
? .\<>. ioi i% ? eal
I .* I.i "t i Ih- ??" ? 8
. , ing f<om i." ?. ? ' I * eeeood
Bechar ie iio* ln ibi baad
. ? ?, u ej If he iiBke.l for i...ii
? of eiiiiaiaa blm bi rt te
! headojuartara ior an tnejary, lt 'nii>
ted hni aa a . onrteiy, bill ?>ihI la
tha ? ' Wie >'omriii-'ion* baa aa deubt
.Mr Whitman'a irvjulry *JI1 be thorough,"
I rom tiie aame tr.ferniant lt waa
learned tli^t <onirnla*lon?r Waldo haa dc
rlitrt.4 U'4t 1f fi?3t:<n '.II of the etty
enartftr bad bOl he-jii declared urieoneti
tutli'nal. tt of Itaelf would plaea auch
petreff ln hla hnnda that he rould elean
up the garabUnf altuatlon over ni?iu.
aitbeot heh.g baoiaared aHib aa
4>f BuActeart evldeaee.
"Tbat BTovlaaea ef tbe o.iartt: yro
pldea." Waldo"* frlead 4-itd. "thut if tr.
or more houalhold'Tt ?.:a!l report la ? rll
Ing over their .-dgnaturaj. to the l'.li'v
r.?irimis.?ior.er or 10 8 l>epct\ Pottoa ''<??.?
ml-xloner that there aro good giouiidx.
Matltig the groun-K for heltex-lne; aay
houae !a uaed aa a 08888800 gambllng
houae. lt ahall be latrful for the Coramla
er i(i? rirpuiiea to auihor9B9 I:.
xvittlnK any member of tiie forc* to entei
.,i.d ..rro?t al] peraejOi found
ag.ilnat ti.e .!*?'. *uo
apparatua The Coamleotoner
Miall f'irther. aeaaefdhaa to tl.e artlcle
<i:r.i, eauaa the arraaaad p^reom- ta ba
prtaeeuted aad to d*atrox all apparatua
"Thal pro* Uioti ia direet and ape IBC
< tl.e <'(?nimi?'8loner,a fr?*\(, ? ??'..
"und woald do Ihe buetaeaa Hut by tha
.. oaotltu
'The Lond ? a * im ??? tter than
tbe Ni i, bui lhay ra.e tho
er to preoaed ngalrral ganbiing .n thi*
I auraiaary faehlon. Ther* la no rormnon
:iiiK ii. LendOfl m * !?j*;'.t. ar.d one
Ieeidoi'i heara of a raid thera, l"i tt>.*y are
?."'J''-, Tl.e; . ie*ried up t..* My '??
a tbei arera nol hamparad by courta
rl'. ni -.g thal COOUnoa ?er.*e (4 'Ji i: ^ waa
not iega' avUeaea. They wuiWjd in,
'. ind men ganibllr.g. arteate'l them.
? - - apparat i . aad rii?
waa ? !-un*'i up, That ia what 4*? peed
a * <<.;j (oi tha iTowailaalaaaaL
9var ni e ibai ibare \* *
I int of gambllng apparatua ln the bate
Inteni at rieadaaari ra tbal t-.? haaorde
> "'.'d tn. aithoul glving ti * eoarta a
? * le laatore li Thla ha* been .!?.???
fp-jruiiant to Ifayer rjaynor'a latter ef two
j weeka of ?.. ago advlalng hlm to fake at
j leaat that RMlcb aurnniary a'tion ard |g
I tbe i ourta have ?hetr mv about it ?<? ._.,?,.
The aame Infoninri- aald Wiat although
i,h(* ' loner ?'i n.>. uadartalcen to
Inveatlgate aecker'a paraaaal affaire. be
Ibad, aftei tbe publlabad riiaerta appeared,
leaked him tf it xver* tn* thal be
IpuTehaaac1 propoiti 'n ih* Hrom. ro
jgether wltb hla wlfe and broth er, ealued
Ial Uk\m li-HT. lt ?aa nald. h^d ad
mltted ii..- I *?. made aueh a b*jt>
(ii: s*. Hla .laUr "?? | ,gi of ? Ueutea
Waldo waa lold Thu
!?? ;. "4' ... thal a ?..,.
Hal ? ..?? gohi< from h.nd ?.> hand
tl.rougl...ut th* d?partm/>nt ?o eeeufe
funda for the lccal dafenre of Meotaaanl
iir.,;ve, Tba Caaauataaaewer waa aeked
8 '. l 8 t!i.>ught about It. He ?j? potb
xiiri'riaed and .irgered, and aald:
'*8Jueb a atattinent lan't tru?\ It moan'l
I be Bbow ma the llst:"
Il? 4xa>4 told that the list rei!d no* B8
ae.urM by the reporter.
"Well, Bbow, or tell me the nama of.
any man Wbe haa algned auih a ttat, and
I will dlacharge hlm Immediately from
thi? departnvant. I never htard of aueh
a thlng," waa hla partlng coinm*nt.
. ommU-lenai Dougherty aaid yeata
at Heudquarters thal the BB04H Impeftant
davalepmen! in tiie Roaenthal aaaa ln ? ??
? t|ve phaae of tha attuatlon waa lha
iact thui be, ln company ??* 'll Dtortrl l
attorney Wl-tman and Aaron Lery - ????
lybro'a lawyer. bad obmlne.l from BJhaptro
the admlaalon thal hi "ne ei-*entini re
t at leaat hia prevtoua atery of ihe
movamenta ef the -murder car** and tba
men ln lt Immedlat-Iy after the shootliw
v. aa falne.
"Aooordlng to ?heplro'a prevtoua atery "
the Deputy forniiiii-.*!"!."' 99$i, "tba feur
Bileged raurderera of Boaaata-d that ia,
TJagO Plank.' 'Whitle' T.ewia. l-sfty
LouJe' and ?fllb the Bi?o.v-got out of
tha ea- Bt 8Kh atreet BJld Thlrd aveaua
! knew thal waa not true from Informa
tlon i got from etlter awuroea
"Teaterdey Mtaatro admlttad thal Ita
had Ited. He revteed bla Btery and aald
1,? put ona of the men out at loOt'i atreet
aad leventh avenue and the three etbera
st UMb street and l.exlngton avenue.
Then he came dewntowa wltk an aaapty
?Thia ts bnpertaal U beltw deveiop ia
fonnation | had obUmed from other
Boureea i had been worttng bi obtain
evldence that ihe four men were togethr.
ln a eertiiii, nelghborbOOd lll Harlem h
tween tha huurs af I ovlo-k and 8:10 M
the mornlng of the murder. lt doean't
..nvl< t tbem. but lt corrouor.ttea other
avldaaca i had nanwlr 'i'at tb*"y we*"*
ln tha vleluliy of a eetCUfa fUt'uouse ln
Harlem and were *.een there by a meu
uenger 80] .
"I am working n?w for further tvl*
dence along thla line. and have men de
veloping aonie imponant tblnga now np
town. They may produce imponant df
vel.Bpmenta any time. One thlng. too, ln
UUa .uinecuon. I ha*. e been able to ea
tal.llsli. .ttul tbat ia Miat Prnto rrank"
has llcd to me wnene\cr he has, told me
of hia !>?* (i movamenta end wha^reabooi'a 1
on tba tn.- .t ? .- DBUrdei Thls due
not 'onviit "f ita?;f, aitber, bui ? lielpa
the iaae in an lmportant way."
As to the liunt fer the men wantad
under the sui^iviniori of heapoetor
Httghea. tii* Heiond Deput." I'oniml;
aloavaf aald that aa tar aa the <'at?kllla
were roticerned lt had ee*a)9Jeetty been
ibandOfied. ln.?i>?vtor Hughea returned
t.i town yeaterday m.>riHng, ?t"k, he eedd,
and 4x.?x not worktng on the <aae -t
' i'-ics that mean that Inapector Hughea
haa been Wlthdrawn or hg.x retlnd from
the <a?e?" he waa aaked.
"Not at all." he replted. ' Me la not
| eary eirk. I?e haa an attaek of ptorr.alne
| polaonltig, and wIII be out ln a few daya
and ba.k af work on the Caae--but not tn
i ili..' i iitektIK Tbat la iiraotleally cloaed.
' i hare only "ii* toteeitag watehtaf there."
Th* Arjuedu.'t OOtloo, he aald, had 08481*
naurdeated to hlm that they had arreated
;i mad Wha anexvered th* <4*?r*ili>tlen of
1 on* of the luglilvea. and a detoctlve va?
| eent up t.? Ollve Uranoh from Klngaton
to loolx hlm over.
"He proved to be onl.4 a Dago that
couldn t have had any ronnectlon xxith
the '?.!-? at all," the Oommleeloner lald
"He dld not really r*sem!>le any of the
men wantad. He waa releuaed at once."
T'rom Si'.nrer. a amall town in Maana
(?iiuaetta, earaa tho rtianor yaetarder tbal
IWO men had heen i.rreated there anawer
Ing the dvaoriptlona of "i.tb the Blood
and "IWty I.oule." It was aald they
had h.?*ii apotted on a trwlloy car and
arreated a? they got off, bemg i>>. k.-.i up
ln the u.\Mi Jall to awalt tiie arrival "'
two ieteettrea freaa Ken Tork "?ft l0
look them over.
The Deputy i.'Gmmlaaloner ?u:d there
waa nothlng In the report, and that he
haa] heaid from Sp^ncer, or had aent men
ther-.'. He alao aald That he took no
atook ln the atory that the two men mlght
ihe In Boatoa, and that no men had been
senl (" Boeton on any g|gaj leadlng there.
Aldermati Curran said \eaterday that
gltbOUgb he had received at leaat forty
applicatlona for the pbMd of counael to
the spcial aldermnnle c.jmmlttee that la
to investlgate ttie Police Department he
had not yet got down to conelderlng Berl*
oualy a man for the pla<:?. It is pretty
safe to aay. however, that not 11 Btngta
one of the men who have made applica
tion fcr the Job wlll get lt. It wlll ba
eonsidered that the mere fact that R nmn
is Hetking the plaoa is a rilsquallfliation.
In apite of Curr.in's deninl that b8 hpd
not "aertoualy consldered a man for
counael. there was i onsiderable talk
among thoae Interested aa to who would
be the rlght men. Tt la conceded by ull
ihat the aucCBBB or failure of tiie Inveetl*
gatlort wlll depend almost whollv upon
the counael and that the job !? none too
.imall for the 1 iggeet lawyer.
.Men famlllar wlth the legal profaaaion
in tha <itv acknowledged themaelvea nt
a loss to plck Juat the rlght sort of a
man?one who has the peculiar qualifka
tlons required for suoh a task. Thoae
?*.ho nre most deeply Interested ln seeing
tiie Inqulry a auccess were wlshing tbat
.mother Charlea K. Hughea eottld >
rai?;d up for the work.
Among thoae whe figured ln tbe i
?B poaalble Mlactlona ?ren Judga M Un ?
Bruee, vf-llani Church Oafttrn, Judge
Wllllam H vTadbama, Judge P" M K\
Olcott and Bhunuel Qnteraryer.
Watson Favorabla to Plans.
Althe-gb under the eharter any eeui
ti it tha apaelal commlttee aaay Have
mual be appolnted by i orpirratlo Coun?
?ei Wataon as .1 apeclal aaalatant Cor
aoratlon Counael, or "apeclal counael.''
Mr. Watson has not tha Btlgl taet dl .
tlon te dlctaM the appolnfmeni
Btanda ready to appoint any good man
who may ba naraed by the commlttee.
-I..,,,. ? . ?; ilbood of frk Uon 11
reapa l
He, t. tiie . Iiarter atataa 4
"no oftl ai oard . I of Un
cltj iball h u or ami loj ai
eaunael ar attomey. axcept trbera a .
mer.t ,>' order in an BCtlon 08 pi?*?*7eedl_f
n>d\ affect him or l : :-' ?
. . ,! b) a motlon te - ommll
? tempt u:'
Thla nectlon haa : ? tctlca
.... tury.
. .. ? :;::Hnr
. ? ? ijounaal ^a*- amploi"i b:
,, . ,, -....:- ? 'ommoa 1 ra-tactl. _a
lt waa I Thla 1 an BUed fo -? ?
Hearing of Rosenthal Prisotters
Adjourned to August 19.
Mail I I - ? ???
pl ity in the murder of II rman lleeaii
tbal appeared before Coroner Pela rg
raaterda .. arl ... Uo irned thelr < ase.s un?
tll Auguat u Thoae trralgaed were Harry
I ? ??. Wllttam Bhaplre
?Mack" Botltvan Praak CtoefMI and
"WhWeH Lewla Cirorti. wi.o la k
aa "__ge Praak." end "WMtte" _ ?
are eharg.-i wlth bavtag taken p.ir: ln J
the avetual murder. The other* It la al
leged wer? aessompllcea before I ' I
Tiie bearlng orhlcb ??* to begli at !
o-ctech.dfd nol aurt untll neerly J o'do a
Tha delaj w?s cgueed by a ronfei
tattwaafl eeunaal sn<! i? uertafn
,,0,v , Dlatrlct Attornej tVhltnta'ri
wlehed te hava i ? la
"DagePraak"and Wbitie' --?
leated ln an anteroom of the Apeclal *v --
aleaa lajurtroom, wbera lha hearing waa
l.eid. and the wltnet .Baght In.
Ona ot tl am, i one-armed man whoae
u : it ,, . iged a bb d to ha* ?
BCted aa maaaanger ta earryini money
from ''Jaek" Boa* and 'Brldgle" Weber
to the four aaaaaetna It waa aald that j
ba kJentfned "Dago Fraak" and "WblUe"
Lewta as two of tba men who wera 1a
room to whlch ;-.- took tba t
Ai,..thei Identll ? ittempted
? iffeur of the gra] auto
mobiie. His Identlfl. atloi waa ? dd I" '
hava been far leaa aatlafaotery. u? -
ly glaaoad at tba tt * ai*
anteroeoa and baeked o it mutterlng that
.. , m orhetber he had evet ?? ?
. before or nol I elleved I
rowd whlch he ;
oentrtroom had aomethlns to da
... reiuctanca to acan tha ?
h ged : loaa
v.'t.- of tha attan - ? ? accuaed
men made er.-- oerloua eojectlon <o tha
vosiponament. althOUgb fcTedertcl
Btniih. counael for 'Dagfl rta.ua
It noted ta lha ir-nutea Ihat th.- poetpone.
ment waa ever his preteet la aii the
caeaf Dlatrlct Attorney Whitman urked
for the adjournment ao that the polle*
mlght have opportunltv to WloW out
lUiea on whleh they were working and
whlch nVght lead. h.- thought, to the dla
covary of new evid.-n.-e. ll* aakl tbal
,?. M no, fati luatlfled al thi preeen.
time In H-kiua for tha tadl tment of any
t>f (hoaa Brralg wd yeaterday.
I - Ftoaentba ? death la
.-? | fOI AUg 81 '?
Judge Has Man Run Down
Olews Given in Letters.
Jt.dge Bwann, "f General Beaalona, who
hus taaarted 'hat vlee could not e\iat for
twenty-four houra in New ',ork without
the knowladga and connlvance >.f the
polh-e. has reoMved h inimhei- pf .I'lotiy
moua '.ettera. Tbe wrlters attempt to t. 11
of resorts orbleb ara runnlna unoler poik-a
maaOaattao, Taatm*4jay Ju.lae Swann aent
out a ape.-tai Inveatlgator wbotn ho paM
out of his own poekel to run down tue
clewa given ln some of the lettei
Th.e Investlgator reported that Whlle
eonie of the Information ln the letters
flOaaapad to be .orrect 40 far aa the ax
l.-tence ?.f eertiiln reaurta wus concerned.
the bulk of it waa erion-oua. Jladge
tiwann batterag tbal II a fund were pre
Vlded for the p.oinent Of BPOClaJ ?.1> tee
tives for suoh work t'.ie Judgfu mlght be
:ibie to lie'p ceaaldarabljr bi the Inveetl
K^tion. Thelr posltlon is sueh thal thoy
freriuently recelv? Information from men
who would be afraiJ to teetify to thelr
Information, bul whoae atataaaenta mlght
be ve.rltled by BUCb inve-tlgntot
Much Publicity Preraature, but
Date Is August 13.
The cltlaena' miea meetlng, at witlcn
ways and mei.ns to free the city from
tha atate of luwleafiiens that has de
ffMepad under thu preaenl admlnlatration
wlll be conaldered, is to be held nexl
Tueaday at Cooper Tnlon.
? lt wlll be the Inltlal atep ln a move?
menl to obtain betler enforcement of
law and order ln thls eit\," Allan
Koblnaon. one of the .slgncra of the gejBa
eral letter calllng for ihe meetlng and at
preaent In charge of the meetlng, s,_ld
, eaterday.
"Further detatta are DO! ready for pub
The courta de.Hed that h* waa net en.
Htieii to rda money, aa hla enn,iQjn-,ent
had been Ittegal, and that. undrr the et'r.
etunatancee it v.aa the tfuty uf the co:
poratlon Caajaaara office to act.
in tba caae af tbe linaallgailaei of the
Street ..learin/r Department, which haa
been cited nn ?, precedent. lt aeenw thai
Wllllam M. [vlna, Wbo acted aa aaaaaal
counael, wa? uppoint"d hy Corporation
Coonael Delany at the laqieeat of tha al
dern.mii- comnilttaa
I'nder the cbarter a special committee
i of tiie Poard of Aldermen recelvea no
power to acl.ninlst*r an oath or aubp.*na
witneas.'.a. but lt gets lt ln the gonerat
munldpal act of the atute. The chairunxo
of tho committee may adminlater th* cath
and may suhpiena any officlal or employe
af ih..- elty. If lt te deslred to siihpo*r,i
any other ivraon a special apflicatloo.
nwat be rpadf to tha riupremo tJhAirt
Want Mitchal on Committee.
Altbotigb there ia no way in which
Prealdanl Mit..h*l 01 the Board of AMer-.
men can h" dealgiiated aa a gpetlal coun?
sel to the committee, it waa learned y*a
terday that lt had been urgnd upon tha
Rulea Coinmittee that President Mltol.el
be naoa d .is a BAaaabar of the gpeci."
' committee* Then he would have all th?
rlgbta of examinlng wltneaeea that a epe
' c:.''l counaaJ wcild hav*. It is barely poa
j alble tnat wie ef t'n* membern of the ootri
[Klttea maaf ^.'hiJmw ba make room fer
Bt lihV !.el
.Moi-;r ils>-nor arttl aign the Tesolotion
approprlatixg |Slt8N la special revemta
'" ihe p'ir;t?ea of the inveetlga
IJon II- eannot le lt before Mondav,
however, aa it mur. flrat ba advertiaed la
Tha City P-.ord" Then he vrlll eall a
spe.-iai meeting o? the Board of Eatlraata
to ? oncur in tha approprlatioiu Tfcie
meeting will be e?*."ly next week
The t*ne:il fe*llng le tiiat the eomml'.
? id get down to work at ihe earfl.
eat poaarlble momett, aa the "ayatem" la
taen ar.d it la oelleved that lt will
be ea?I*r to sr*t irformatlon now than
after tl.e ?Vvaterr." haa had a chanc* t?
P',!' Itielf iog*th*- atain. There la much
that can be done no* that would ni* !n
tba hlighteat <>aree embatTa?a the irora
Of th* Dlatlict Attorney.
Coanmtaartoaer Waldo saw tfce Mayor ?%
the Cltj Hall yaaterday, aa h* haa done
? van day alnee the trouble beg&n
There ?.. -a no truth. however. In the ators
that Aldwnmn Iwwling, the Tamraanv
;,.g<. r i ' rl * BdeN af Aldermen, had eon
farrad altb tbe Mayor and the Commia
U?*ation." 1* < ontir.ueii. "ai.d the ptih
. >n ;.-? rnia movetnoat ln the laat
few daya *as prcmauire and la aome re
apeeta Ir^oirad
a prelunlnan* letter. sianel by .Ta^o1)
H afehlat Bugaae H OuterbrMga D:
?ne A. PMIbth, Henry
tfoakowtta and Allaa RoM'.s.jn w*?
ag foi Blgaera to tba gerevai
cail for thla rneetlng
eertaln tic'.i women or a wemaa'a ausflr
lary inovemeB > to do arith this pn>
p(.?ed maaa meeting are ttnfoundei TM
flrat actlon waa tahen aetely by tba men
arbeaa namea are a-tven abca/a The rt
plle^ thu? far r*ceived Indlcate a remark
aide unaolmlty of oi'iMon that the Buefai
ahould take a han 1 ln tha preeeal aitov
| oi Annoimceuiont aill ba ruadi T "....?>
... af the naaaaa ol ti.-* atgneri
general .-'a.l tor tha ctlag aad l
1! t of apeakara a other arraBg^4*irpr
ao f". ;4^ ? ompleted."
Many Constables Lorking Out
for "Oib" and 'Lefty."
All New Englaad aae oeen arouaod o%t
gdbll t) of i Hb tha Blood" *n*
"Lefty Loule" belng In bldlng ln one o:
? itiea .'ut!.- freauaated b\ trav-.
.-licr- Bjvery rad autonaabtle arith a N?w
Vork Ifeanee h-is been held up hy the
lea , |ng the hift thr** dav? anl
th* eeoupanta examlned. Strangera trave',
lina !n palra l.ive ?!?"> fallen unuer sua
DtaaatcJiea frotn lieloester. Ma
tbal d,te,tiv*i ln autoiiiobile* ? J
lii.t tov.ti for two men whom Aaron J
I..>vy. ounael tor the chauffeara of the
murder, aald were cornarcd there. A rya*,
search "f ho-: l I indaf
.va> in nn endeavor to flnd the plaee ii*
[..v.v ??>? tb* men are occupylr.g.
Twa young men au>pected of br'ig
? !.ert> l^iui' r.nd ' .iib the Blood" werg
. lu Spen. e-. Maea.. yeaterday aN
lernoor.. They refiised to adnut that V'*P
bad been ln Kew Vork. anj eatd iUaja^
were pluOabera They were releaaed ta
10" bonda.
Car of Man Under Manslaughtetf
Sentence Kills Obild.
? f. Tatacraab to The Trtbune .
ajoaton, Aug. rJ.~Ko.-4 Komalne. a
ir-old gtrl, ..f N'^rth w?44?*409j
waa atruch ;ind almo?t Instantly killed
fn fronl of har h?>nie thls afternoon bf
thi automobile ef Jamea i, iiorefrfi:. ?
? Lowell contractor, who i- <''
ready under hall for kiliinp a woaaafj
xvlth hip automobile last year. Hors
full waa in the n.aohin* to-da> when
tha accident hapnfned, but hla chauf
feur, luqrahaiu Merclar, waa drtving.
The latter a aa aiTaatcd.
FlorafaU. on Novemhei il 1911. -u'
(ii,44ti nn.I kill'd Mrs. Ruth Klttrodge
.i eeventy-four '.-ar-r.ld w.'m^n.
Wllmlngtoa aitb hla auto aa a jaaan
lie wa* ?ntnaoed te) mx montha' B9tj
priaonananl in the Stiperi.u fourt *
Cambrldge ior rcckkaaly .-t'eratintr ?r
automobile, He t-iok exccptlon anu a
out on ball. _
Man Says Doctor Drew Pi?t0
When He Fed Them.
\ uied of bavtai aatateal ? ioa.iw r*
t 4 man bj Central Tark in ordc- "
mako hlm r^iop feediiig &qulrrel*. 8B ?*
pim v ho deaertbad himaeif a? Dr. J"*^
Slumia. -e4(t.ty-elghi yeara old. a r^ij-'
phyalctaa. Uving Ih th- Hotel b^
Broadway aad ?M aire.t. waa i?fk,a1"1
in tha Ba ? treel pollce ataum ia.
m.;ht on a cberge ef f.-l.-nous a??ui |
The citinplalnant waa **V&l'?Xrtk
v... :,<>?? \Veat D5th street. Dr Slrniia ".
.Aa- aeeornpunled m the Mt.^e *w?"Z
hla wlfe, denl. d havlng threatenrd gwj ?
van wtih a revolver. H* "dniittyl. P? .
, i ar, 'li.' peHca s*y. imvlng pla^-edinta najx,
nn hla hlp pockel preparatcry W^Tj,.
u revolver, and udded b? w?^ KSrtB
not to do Od hy hla wlfe. The ?geJI '<?
told th.- polloe I.- hud been ?./t*wil,T
flgura Ip Central r?.iK tor Wn}fcrc9
ind araa know,, by tbejart araaaa
man aa the aquirrela' and M da ch*'"
plA%rdlBg to ftilHean. tba <*&?*
ha waa ln the Weat Drlve f* Ceptra ,
Park, oppoalte 89th atree faeilmj ae^eje
aeutrrale rloa .nd peaaula vhenja? w*
aoooeted b> Dr. Blmroa wbo. be auld, ?
dered hlm lo dlacontlnue feectng the i.u*
anlmala fulllvnn added thai lae?*r
man mddenly dr.-? from i<' "ip P*"-,,,
.. levoh.r aud rdt raled tta *?*.]*
xvife prevalled on hlm io e.ae the rara

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