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Paragraphs of Current Interest
for the Investor.
Now it is reporte<i that the Roaenthal
?nurderera have sneaked away to Luffalo
fruni the Adirondackd, leavlng the d*tec
dvee to enjoy the salubrlous mountatn
? llmate all al-me. Too bad. Ilope they
ha\en't taken the stncii- niarket wlth them.
Misaouri Paeific'a Proapecta.
The i.rospevtfi fot Mlssouri Paelflo ar*
nol en'ouraglng Tbe Btaptlt* noeds eaat
of monty fer bc-tterrnenta. and the
iatt Btatei'ient ahewed a defVlt egeeedlng
jj.OOO.OOO. Dlvldend poaslbllitlea are not
withln slght at present, but a favoruWe
Mdo of the plcture ls the fact that the
?oad't* business ls lmrrovlng and the turn
? i recovery ha.- be*n reached.
Chinesa Coal May Come.
1 he cbe_paeaa of eoai ln Chlna and tbe
exter.aion of railway lines through that
a*a_atT7 wlll probably be the means of
btingltig Chlneae coal Into thla market.
Chlneae coal. unscreened, la about 85 centa
t t ton, aecording to consular reports
Seaboard Air Line.
meetlng held at Atlanta this week,
tttended by many tlnanclera and Southem
business men Interested in the future of
tha Seaboard Air T.lne. eonsldered. among
? quoaalona, a aaa* dlrectory. Among
those who lt Le understood wlll )>e on the
board are Rob, rt Jr'. MadUux. ef At?
lanta; Mllls B. Land. of Savannah. and
? YToodward, of plrmlngham. Ala. B.
M*j "iYartV'd. chairman of tho egecu*
aoaunlttee of lha i gboard Air Line
Railway. decllned to diacuss whom the
. Southem men were who way be
placed la tba dlrectory other than to aay
that the Sentb ls te naTa a volce in the
a management.
Imports from Rottardam.
The tigures of the Netherlanda trafle
with the Unlted gtates ta gooda sent from
that country are glven in the Coneulor
"Tncludlng returr.ed Amerlean goods
vglue. at $141,556. the declared exports
from Rotterdam dlstrkt to the I'nlted
rJtates during the quart*r ended Jur.e 30,
1MT, amour.ted to ?..&->,_**? Among the
.. In thia total
R-ere: Chee$e. H1.S2S; oaorctrlo lampa '
H8.818; fetl
nz,m\ Bax, fT0,17_, K,n. sio.i'Ci: giyeei
. ekifl . W-.TC; machlnery
i . niygneslte iground'. $*.l,
r-of-pearl, su.sgs fuael oll, V'.
. t-fcag"; prlntlng pa] ar,
,, pai n ? -(7k. IMJIf; peat -aaaa. aH*
888.308; ri I .. i-b*
. aate, WSfiH: rapeeeed,
? cl rea. S4.719: maee. f-u:?; i>apper,
icco, n7,4-i
England'a Big Incoma Tax.
aat Btitaln'a belanee aheet for the
:.e_r erded March ".. 1912, ahows that of
?he total lacweae tax pald by the Brltlsh
? .-. v- giHi.'i oontrlbated the Uon's
ehare, over M per - Thi aggr~gate
reveaae araa tm.9>%K?A CU8,m,000 of this
total cai.ie frorn taa - and --^9"0,'.v0 waa
reeeaved frota po.nai, teiegraph and tele*
r-bone aervices. erowa "ar.ds. 9uez Caaa]
*hares and rr4a<Mllaneoaa 8>?uroea.
Oil Racorda of 1911.
- '.*.homa'e oil Indiurtry la ea l
front very rapid'.:. Whlle CaUfornla
lead, n.o.-e than a tiii.hou
tbe < ??' ?
of thr pn * atatea fer 19U are as
follov a __**__
eata ... j}.',
? ? . 5i*aw'__o
:?. tn'-'?*'-,
? .ana. iu... .4.
Investment Bankera to Organize.
* first eon entk of tba Inreetrnent
- . r.f 4.n *:- ea will be
thla afternoon a1 I o'cloek at the
Mgantaatlen la
of tha 'eading laveatn-ient bank
lughouaea of the clty ar.d throughout the
? ?ry. The purpoae of ti* organlaatlon
blo alford better protection to toeeetera
frorr, ? re ua iat-rleb-ajuleb nchem*s
and bring gbcarl i r'oser relafionshlp be
Inrearhnent he_aaa The meetlng
.? la largcly for organlratl-r. buel
md. and la held ui let 11 a nnspi^s rt
l-nlzation eommlttee, whl- h In
' arlng N*w Tor"< bankars4
I Pranklyn, vlce-p*aa1deai ef th*
ilaaiaaty Traat Contpovf', '"Jeorge Car
Haary, of Ti'lUiam .*alomon * Co.; A. R.
t-aati of A RLaaeb *Co.: AllenO.Heyt,
? X W. W',ls*>' m Co. | J r. Swan. ef
Taylor * Co.. and Jlatold B. Clark,
?vTeVI K r*r> A numb-r of a<l
?-.-< will be rnade by members and
gg B. Celwell. of Chfiago. wlll pre
?? " ' ?"
Unprecadented Sum Involvad.
The ca?fs of Ihe National T*l*r
rompany of "Cngland agalnat His Ma
s roatmaelrr invo'.vlng the unpree
terj sum of apprax-aate*. _B,a*B\?W
rllng. Ie Btti-C_1l| lr.ternational atten
The araaant of baah and deeu*
ea prcpared for aubmlaalon
-...'court e-caeda all former reoords.
v-aparatlon of inventorlea setting fortli
the etock ln trade of the Natlonal Tele
. Cenraany haa occupied alxteen
fourtee-i montha. The volumes |n
talla are att forth are ao bulkr
? it ls eaid to be a question arbether
?*an be bro-tght Into court. Another
on of ev-l/ieii-.e purpoaed to be sub
n.itted to th* co.rt ar* nartkulars of tha
valu- igea Theeo Involve 1.600
totaaiaa ef eloeely natalogued -guraa.
aaal for tba plalntlfl Inalat that lt la
abeoiuteiy aaeoaMaiT that at leaat -**?! ot
88 *relUB>ea Bbe-td be gone through
line by lin*. Khar.-hold*rs of th* tt.-h
"ie company arr; partlcularly lnter
Coal Trade Conditions.
' The Coal Trade Journal" ln ita laaue
of August 7, aaya:
"Car and labor shortages loo:n Igrgaf
and larger ea the horison. and the dinV
cultlea e*tp*rien<;*d la one dlatrlct. and an?
other scem to apraai v-??k by week,
promlsing to ni*rge soon, one Into the
oiher. and cover practlcally the whole
country. Of course. gcnerally good busi
Deaa COt-tttlaaa throughout tho land are
at tho baaa ef the changed clrcumstances
? i the i-auee of stable better
iiienui ln coal a* lt, other -BSML Wlthout
. u malnsprlng of aliniulation ar.y Itn
:rovernent ln coal conditions would ba af
only auch teinporary character. du. to
inonetary conditions of wlnd aud weather,
so to apeak. aa to auggeat a mere flash
la the paa But with Irnprovlng flnanclal
and commerdal conditions in the world at
large there la preaent the lnaUgatlng
?:auae of auch seven yeara of plent* ss
*?a told af ln Holy Wrlt Often have vr?
?esn thlB allegorlcal reference oxempllded
?a the course of bualneae. aB our natlonal
Idstery develop, end lt le gratlfying to
**hoerve at the preaent tlma ao many nV
aaaa-M tending to bear out the theory
that good Umee are aooti to be wlth "S
?gsin, for thls laaaa advant-ge to the
*?al rnan ln no uncertuln roe_-urc.
7*-aa_r_ajaaaaa_ as le ba?i? conditt-_e
ls to be found in the report that even the
Chlcago market displaya mor* solidity.
Here wa flnd a reflectlon of last T^luters
weather condttlona, which cleared up
fctocks on the lakes and ga\?> an opeBlng
to shippera of eome Weetera brancis, at
least, to fora-ard heavy tonnHgr-s. to a re
ceptive market In the Northwei-: Thla
clrcurnftar.ce relieved the pressure U| KI
Chlcago, and henco w? are able 10 gieen
gratifymg comment of gtabtiity ln Ihat
quarter even before the mldclle of Amk tal
in the midst of a ptrioU arheej the trada
K<-nerally. Kast and Weat, is often ln tiie
depths of detspair. Soon fc?eptembcr will
bc here wlth Ka antumnal bi labneaa. and,
Indeed. less than thirty days will see a
very grneral firnlnjr up of market condi
"Very llttle char.co tevelope hi the an
thrHrlte .?lt'i?tion. All too often thls com?
ment has been u?ed wlth a ton<" of de
apondenry at thls tin:e ef the year. but
now lt algnlflea' that trade is boomlng
along to such an extent a.1' to Justlfy aoaaa
apprehenslon as to derr.anl belng met."
Iron Trade Conditions.
Tn Ita laaaa to-day The Iron Tra4ie Re
view" ?ays;
"Great acti-.lty In pig iron. wlth atead)
but mederate advancea In pricea and tn -
mendoua pressure on n I1K for dellverj Of
all ktnda of Snlal l lala pre prernl
nent charaeterlatica of tba present altu?
atlon. Policy as to prlcca vaiiea aaaoiig
milis in differer.: section*. Tn th4- Pitte
burgh district premluma ure aeldotxi aaki d, \
hut Kastern mills are r?aping a rich l*aj> j
veet, and in aoxne easea are getting ir, a
ton pr^niiunii. Men '?-,' long expetienca
who rr.orc than one* have- Bean preeperity
spoiled by too rapid prlee advancea
sounding notcs of waralng laat preaanl
happy conditions be chunged. Tretnea loo*
volume of bualneaa has been tratteacted in
pIk iron recently, lt is eetimated that i
irgh and valley dlatiicta 80<
tona of plg i.-or, bave b?en purchaaed
July 1, and heavy tor.nage ls stlll peiid
lr.g. The rallroeds apparont'.y are notlng
the algna of overftoaing btjflnees 1-clng
penl ln upr-n the rr.,.l!.'? ir/i are ahowlng
cautlon in early takir.g up reeervatiena on
tha rail milia for winter ro'lirr? During
the week aboul 20.10 lona of rails
? ? ' deltver* during th* flrat
quartar of next year, ar.d la ftMMon from
50,080 10 78,000 tons for shiprr.ent during
November and Decembei."
Tl.e Miaroi Ceppar Company la aale to
be aamlng at a rnte conslderebly ln ex
ce?.a of tbe 92 a Bhare being paid
1 managernent feels eonfloent tiiat aliaml
??:;: I - able to bicreaae its nr-nthiy pro- ?
ductir.n materially althout lner'-asing Ita
present mlll capaclt;-.
The reporterj output of tbe Lftkl I -
I pertor copper mlnee for the month of i
, july la glven a- lt.9**\ttl pounda ef
copper, and compares with an eetimated '
' ? Ol pounda in Junc and 17,- ,
: 734,067 pounds for July. Ifll
Orlaaly Rear fan the QeldfleM dt*trlet !s ;
reported to have <1rlfte<1 more thari W
feet on the 1.30u feet level. All th* ore
from the dilft nt thla level ls said la have
been itiipped, though BOBM ef lt averaged
only 115 acro?8 the velri.
Jim Butier Btock cani* ii.to promlnene*,
and actlve Iradlag. arlUi rlelnf quotation*. J
on the offlci&l annoum.*ment that yester- .
day the ml&e ha_ commenced ehipmenU
of Its era to the oii Belmont mlll. about
twelve miits eaat of th* Tonopah carp.p.
Nevada Hllls. on* of the Wlngfleld
j Btooka. appeara to be dull ai.d Hstleas, but
j tredere aay that all offerings of this
I Btock are readlly taken at 13, Bllggaatlog
| th* Blow bat aure method of aecumula
| tion.
Tonopah Merger contir.uej. to give the
curb traders exceptlonal opportunlty to
j BeaJp, as the Btock Is havlng flrlde 1 oe>
' luattona ar.d arbftragea with ACr-stern
anarketa Thla etoeb opened aal
: 1 1?8J ar.d advanced Rt the close to 1*4 Wd
| on IAM abaxa lota of trading. whlcb.
means a gain of $?-' 3 Pa* I "' '
' There waa prai tleally i o btigtaeaa i ae?
terdey for forelgn accour.t.
The followlng dlvldenda have been de?
clared: American Sn-.eitir.g and Reflning
, Company regular quarterly 1 r"r' eaat >??"
'? tl.e common Btock and 14 r*r cent on tl i
! preferred Bteck; Plttaburfb Steel Cew
! pany regular goarterly 1*4 par cent on
; the prefrrred, peyable to stockholder- of
; record Aug-JBt 17; federal CtHltfaa Incor
poraterl 1*4 per <:ent on the preferred
peyable Beptemb-r 3: Studebaker Corpor
atton. regular ojuartetii i?* per cent on
the preferredi paa/alrte septrmber l;
i American Toba-co fompany. r< |
I quarterly '2'-o p?r ceoi ..n tbe eermmon
!and an cxtra dlMdend ef 28 per cent on
: the proceed* of the rale of aecurltlea
ai.ic ?eatembar 3.
Th* Irat bale of cotton from thr
1911 cotton crop waa on exhlbition ln j
front of the New York Cotton Esi-iiBftge
yeaterday. Tbe bale eaaae from the Pet
W8J1 Sccd I'ar:.!, Kastman. Ga.. and was
connigiied CO Carpet,ter. BaggOtl & Co., of
New York. _
The New York Btock Exei.ange dlrec
torr for July, IM 1? ?o*a ready for dls
The Unlted Fruit Comrar.;. baa Bent ln
tiie forrr.al not'.cr to the Sto.-U Ezctange
of its piapagal Ineraaaa m capfta] rtock
from a*a\*o\m to 848,800^00.
I The Btandard Trust CompacV of New
? York is now ln a po-ltlon to deliver tha
'capital stock eertlf*eates in exchange f'-r
I voting trust certlilciites of Internatlona;
: Harvester which *^ere l.ft fritb tbe rnirt
j company ln the ffrst part of Auguat.
| A petitton I* now belng risnod by tbe
?nembers of the New lorll Cotton Ex
change to have the exchange closed cn
! th* Baturday precerjing Labor Day.
JJenry Block has heen elected a dlrector
of th* Oerman-American VJatik.
Newman Krb. "prealdent of the Mln
rieapo't* *a St. I/?ul3 Ttallroad Comparv.
left for the Weat agaln }e?terday. The
object of his trip ls to Inepect a aectlon
?f the Allnneapolla te Ht. I>iuls lines end
jthen proceed to the. Ydlowsfor.e Park for
a few days recrcetinn.
PAYS $1,000,000 FOR ROAD
Norfoik k Western Gets Interest inj
Virginia-Carolina Iam.
Vorfo.k. Va. AagV 7 The Hortolk ?
Western Railway ComtMW* has bought B
half Intereet ln the Yirgirila-i'iirolina Rail?
road from Prealdent Mlngea. who bullt M
and haa been operatlng rt lt is reported
that the price paid was $1,000,000.
The Virginia-Carolina road la arout
fifty-one milea long. extendlng tram
Ablngdon. Va.. to K?-r.r.arook. \ a. I real
dent Mlnge* expected to extend it through
Aatic County, N. '?*?
Ma led anywhera in th* United,
Statefl for *2 50 a year. J
Distribution of Extra Cash and
Stock Announced.
Company Makes Statement of
Explanation How Snrplus
Given to Stockholders
Wus Accumulated.
Th* Bl " > ?? o : peel?1 diudend aimouine
m*iu of thr Amerlean Tohaceo Centpan7,
whleh tha ri*.* lo th--'prlce of tha ateeb
on tha Bti ek Bacbaaga had anthipated.
came along ln proper tlma yeaterday. A
Bf>eC?U cash dlvldend of C*? per cent wa?
deolared I additloa to the V/k per c*ut
quarterlj ... 1*0 a. di*<trihi.t!on of
? aharei of Ibe.tAinerleaa Machme and
? ? lt Tbe latter dletribatlon 13
to h, : of \XW-4PlJSi ot a aharx
for *k- h sh:ir* of American TC?aeee corn
The oomblned dlvidends
nrr- 1. lyobli Bepte aber I t?. ?toekboldara
.r.i August 1".
fcdlowlni . ll Bl was made by
ih* American Tohaceo C4M?pany:
"Under the deeree i>f <l!s!::t*iTrnt!on 1n
t!* government .-aFr. tha Am*ri.-an To
? pauy "*'as r..'iulr> <1 to dlspoeo
of certaln - *curttlea. aucji d!*pottlt'.on to
1,0 made before Janaary 1. 1JU Of theae
ritiea the company baa dlapeeed of
ilf . I Ita holdtnga of F.rltNh-Ameri
ean impany, I?WL, non-voting
prefi ?? aharea; practleally one-haif of
it*. holdlnga of So. 2 ordlnary ahares of
th* Imperlal Tobaeee Company, Ltd.. and
a'; .'.' lt- ' . : ,r* ef I'orueratlcm of Vn'.l
ed tigar Btorei honds
??from tbe cash ra4*eJead from suc.h dis
pogli; .' ,; directora !.,,ve onl*red the
dlstrih'.itior. of ts.'MH.IPP. an amount equal
to I?1 a Bhare te fhe common 3tockhold*r*i
..f U 1 company, to be *harg*d, of oourse,
to lt*-. aurplua. Thla distrlhutl-.n. as well
as the 2l4 pei* '"'nr regnlar divid'nd. 1*
payable Beptember 3 to stock of record
AUgUBl 16.
"A f-rtber dlatrlbutlon haa aleo been
ord*r?<l to siockh-.lrlera ef re-ord of Ati
guft II of tho holdhigs of the Amn: 81
?.. Company af tbe stock of l
Amerlean Machme and Fo_odry >
to wit. 13,008 aharea Tbla is the
entlre capitaltaati ?n of Ih _nerican M_
.ii,J Foundry <'<.nipan>, and the dls
trihution la to be made In the $a.v.- way
as other atocka wara dl.*,tr1but*d hy tho
: -an Toba? o Con.pany ln Jaiviary.
ffU; that ls 10 .cay, each common Btock
holdci of rt Hd ' n \ igual ? alll reeaaee
Bjepten prac_eabl<
certlflcatv-j for full shares and warrant"
for fraetioaal t-har*? to th* etnoant rf
? ' of a ahare of Ai - 1 Ha
and Ftmndry Company atock
each *: ar* of eommoo atock Btandhig in
his name en Aug ri
"It !? announ**'! ti.at Ame.-han Ma
arna 88 per
cent of tba stock of the Btandard T
i.tr Company ar.d *~ per oenl of 1
ete- '.v of th* Internatlonal ?-'?-ar ata*
ehlni l " ' '?:'. -r.d that. takit.*; t???
? l Jniv i l'-'i, to lune P\ :?':
?>, baatl ' '? rl aarnbofa <( the Ameri
can Machlne and Foundry Cfemgany, t
getber a Itb Ita 1 rocwetaoa of the *?a
and lossea af the two ? ibaldlary '
paalea meaU4>aed above. would make an
aggragata ani.ua: profit of UOO.oN, aqatva*
lent t'.< U3 per cenl ea tM , tr of
Aimri- an Machlne and Foundry Com
Ti.e foi! ?? ' . tatl ;? of Ihe ?
was inad* at tbe o*ti;e of ti.e company,
Uo. ui Fifth avenue, by an ofl . 1
dld BOl aieh ''-? name to he used. A
rreat potet- perhapa tbe grcatept ln l
courts d*-isiot:-4vaa th?l tiie An.tr; 1
Tobaeee Company, ?*s ll ihen ?*?
. , ;?? | Tba Idea ol U 1 court *m
to dlmlalab II a power, thi auength and
tba slze ot* the Americaii ' '>?"
r an> and te rreata a cotnp'tll'.ve I
dltlon ln the tobacoa buah' *
"Theae r*-**i:lta were BC4*4>ntB*--te_
dh-idins tt.o company if.to four pan
L4ggeti _ Myera T*/i_*"co fJoanpaay, F.
Lorlllard Company. B. J. IWynolda Te
t r Anuaieaa To
. npany; snd, further, by
ratlng th.* Ameiican Tobac 0 Coan
,,,,.., th i' * grlcan Tebacce ?
,ai ? : and, l irthi r, by aeparatlng tba
American rpmpaay from the l.'Mted
cigar I*?ri ? ' ? ipany and I atlH etbei
dtrlalona an-1 c'-ruratlonr.
-'Formeriy, that la, prler te ti.e declakrn
of the I *? ' ""' at uaed ? porl
. . to actjulra _.lditl',nal to
baaee prepartlea. Nr-' havlng la elaa thi
rt' ?; Jisltlon of a;,y ructa pt-peftle-. I?*e
mone: I tbe aak
Britlab-Amarican, Imperlal ann t'nlted
l rn titoi*M securitiea aol belng re
? i;.. tlon of 0 .; bvalnaaa
? to be u" Idt i among our 8801 ib
,,,!,;. rr in 1 . ? tlon we feel that
..... : Irll a* Well M tho
i*tir r of tiu ? ' 11 - deeUaoa
?The Arnarlcan Maehlm and l'ounury
Company is, -s Ita Dama In41 ui- . .4 ma?
chlne ami foundry bualneaa thal baa
?erged **n the compgnlea which formeriy
eor.satuted tbe American Tobe* ?> Com?
pany. i^1"' " ,:'e oi-ioiutiyn, the coinpetl
tlon among the tohaceo conipanU^i la fo
raal nnd ao \igurouu that n is unwtea
and undealrabla for the Anicrl*an To
lia^co Company to retuin oarnarahlg of
the Amtrh-t. bUt-blne and Foundry Com?
pany. Liggett - Mjers Tobaaoo Com
ond i' Lorlllard Company win adea
thelr b_4*b>aaa lo 1 '??r*' raaehifM and foun
_T] lompanle*' ruth.-r than bicrea _H
earnlPaT* "f '? ' A_a_rlcan Tobaaeo CotDr
pany by deall ig wHb a oaa*f>ora-lon owned
DJ th* ! Company.
Therefore. ti.'* acdon on the part of
Aaoertean Tobaceo Ckanpawy ln rtiapoeing
t,f the aharea of the Amaaieaa a-aehtne
und Foundry Company. We bellevo that
thla aei aill t-nablo Iho American _bv
eblne and Foundy CTompaay to reialn the
buatnaaa of l,lggett * My*rs Tohaceo
Company and P. L-jrillard Company.''
?? ?? 1 e
Malled anywhere in tha United
States for |2 50 a year.
* .- ingtea Aag. I -ai tbe kaataaanj ot
bualneaa te-dajr th* oomiition ..f -ha Vt ?'? ?
* Tisaeerjr 44a?; \\orkmg balaaea m
Tttaaorj o**,**^. |8a4jaa.flg; - ixmks an-1
, loptae -iT-afurv. *-.-:? H el
tbe geaeral read, |14*-J8i.TM . - ata
te**day, W.all,lgd: __?aifaaa?8ata 11.1
M.-,. aarglaa fo 4iate thia laeal -sser.-agl ?
. M agalaal a deiuif of >ii.88a.ni8 at
UMa tlaea kuB raar. Tboaa ggarn oaa-Mk
I'.nema Canal ar.d p-Jbllo debj ir.in.*n,-tl...na.
L>nn. Maea., Aug. 7.-D. tV Daaoiaa _
Co., incorporatad. one of the oldeg^t Bboe
manufacturlng concerna of thls clty and
Boaton. made an asalgmnent to-day to
the A C Lawrenee Leather Company
ar.d B*njamln J. Hall. both of Peabody.
The company hart a ca;ltal of IIK.OOC..
The amount of th* liabllltles Is not
Good Commercial Paper De
An lncreastng volume of commercial
papi~r ls taken as a aign ef better tlmes,
as it Indicates commercial d*velopnient
which demanda funda for op4*rattoa C. E.
Mrrill. of Heorge H. Burr Ac Co* bank?
ers. who deal extenalvely ln comiri'
paper both here and In thelr Chlcago
braneh. yesterday. ln apcaklng of the
movement of oomiaotelal paper. remarkt-d
that from preoant lndicatlor.s the busl
ness of the country ls very promislng. He
aorpreeaed his bellef that the country <-'-o
nomlcally is la prtme condition to ahow
bueLneea vttaltty and that neithrr politlc*
tor 'thcr hlndnmce* aill materially ch^ck
buslness progre^s. Mr. Merrlll alro thlnks
that an entlrr-ly new change ln merchan
di.'lng metiiods ls ln pro'.-ess of formlng.
Tl" ref-rred to the sho* <-orr.pan!ee, the :
anl JO cnt store comblnatlons and otl^ra
whleh. havlng chains of More?, undT the
same rranagemci.t, have heen able to sell
at close margln* and atlll pile up as
Indlvldual lTiHtltntlons a Urgo surplua.
Acordlng to his dedu<-tlon. thr. aondcrful
proflts shown In the 6 and 10 cent corn
binatlons iilustrate how, by Judlcloue buy
ing ln great volume. goods may be aold
cheaply, yet show handsome profita. Mr.
M?rr111 tidnka lt will not b* long before
the clialn of stores Idea. which ellmlnates
tiie Jo'nher, aill become popular.
The City of Altoona, Penn.. will re"elre
sr-aled prupoeal* until J p. m. Auguat 15,
;:?;:, for th* purehaae of $150,000 coupon
bond*. bearlng lr.tereet at the rat* of 4
per cettt pef annum. payable seml-annu
811/. Bonda to b* of the denomlnaMon of
>:.0? ca:h, to b* dated S-ptember l, 19'2.
and mature Seutember 1, 1942. wlth optlori
on the part of the city to re?ieern them on
or at any tlme after the flr?t day of Sep
temter. 1M2.
Tho Boa.rd of Chosen rreeholdar* of tha
County of Camden, N. J.. wlil recelva
aealed proposals on Wedneaday. August
14. 1912, at 11 a m . for the purchase crf
$S7,.juo road tnprovemont bonda Bond*
to be of the dmomlr.ation of 1X000 eaoh,
to bear Interest from Auguat L 1912. at
tha rate of 4*4 par cent par aonum, pay.
abl* aeml-ennually, dated Auguat 1, 1912,
and mature AugUBt 1, 191S.
B'.u* iBland. Cook Courty, UL. will re
eefve r.ropo**1? until 7:30 p. m. Angu.it
' r ti.e $S0.<W i*4 \rT crttt fundlng
hor.ds voted Jur.a 11. Bonda to be of th*
drjr.omlnatlon of %Vaot eaeb, da'ed July
!, HU, and d';e t?.W yearly on Ju'.y _,
from \*Va to 1987, iprluslve Int-:?st p?y
aM* seml-nnnla
. ohocton. Bteuben County. N. T.f lt 1?
reported, will r*ceive propeoala untll
I] "i. A:;ru.''t 15 for Cf.ooo one lo ten
yaai e?"liil pavteg bonda. Interest rate
to b? narned 11. bid.
?naatlBa 9*4 pei cent one to twenty-yea
?erls! sew** t-onds were ewapled to
Rhcjadee * Oo., of New York, at ir>: ;-!2
on Tuoodey l*?r
D irlng the half y*ar eu-ied JutM 30 laat
tbe I-v ied* c.aoi Llght Company abowei a
surplus of $427 s*3 after paylng Interest
and preferred stook dlfldanda Th!- sur?
plus compared wlth H3.&6 ln 1911 tor th*
aama p?rtod For the twelve n '.Tiths
crde?l L?*?-ember ;.l. IIU, ner .arrirjjs ap
pllcabl* t<> common ?tor;k *howed ar a\
,: i~*r ,rnr Vfblta :?>:! araa by
eompartaea an unfavorab** year lalt.g to
n of rat--. preeeal
le a BaWartag a eontlaued Improve
? aa Indlcated ln th* r p rt for the
t.rst flta montha of thla \ear. and the
|T aa a Whole Is rxpr.trri tO ehow the
larg'tt net Incume In th* MatOkTjr of th*
Th* T*xa* Tra.-tlon Can BBI reporta
ior the J eur endeil J' ? ?
i r> u '
i;rosa tATiiirtr .8634 3J? Ir, $..1.?..'?<?
. ( ?.-??r.a?a.441.:<") I
N'a? aarnli.Ba. ... 1188 030 la 89,319
rl ar??a. .. 178,280 In
?uralea. I7.::o Da i?
The Bal.ta Tramway. light and !? ? Bi
Compaay reports for June:
inii 'n'.?na?a.
Greaa efcrnrng*.tu<*"
? ittag e?p?nae* . t> 4't7 Iaa. 1*^>
Na? esrnlngs...14.881 Ini. ?! I
1 r m J-r, 1 to June 9*:
.,? aa aaralaga.4*1 198 Irw. ..
Btlna **p?n*e?.MJ81 lae. <-?
?tet'aaialage.. . _ faajVlal lae. H.888
The anr/in! ra|>04i ef thfl Irt-rhorough
| Raptd Trai.Mt for th?- >aar andad JOW
IflS, rhcM a. iirt f.i'ial t.. IC.ri:'. r>'?i- < ? :.?
as sarn^d ? %.'."""i -' ? ' '
artth lAO per eent rarnr.i on the aa M
teek during tb<- prevloua year
The *tatenient ls a* follows.
Un,** ?r*ratlr.g re-.er.ue |31 244 93 41 4
Opara;lng eapenaea . 19.047 bOS gTMaO
feal oi-r?tinB revaBU* |18 lf*i m I-"" -'-?"
ra;>, .. 1,878,431 94.340
Nai tnr-om* .|lri,-_i(..l,v,. 9T54.9*
Otbtr laeoma . I " '"
.,ro-a Inr-ema .917.. .'4.:..'... $1 M
Pa'lj'-tlors .Jl '"'
-. ? -rrp. irico.m*. N - ?" ll.__?.7
OM***** . 8.290.001) 1 1 ? ?
.j.jrplu* .4^.178.798 MVA/7'..
PNs44jaae*Bn9laa. 8.800.348 1 113,881
Torat aaaataa. 8^889.114 1.4 -.
Taa refunJs *n4 otner ,.._.. ..,.Ul
errA[<t . TfHi.Mft i ,-?
gurplu* .88.881.081 $1 381.747
Taae* prlor y??r* nnd aaaaiaa
prort aaa leee aarphia *a.tM,m IU848.8U
nperarira r?r e**A ..... 41 ,'j .1
I'ma-rB'r* 1 ?urrl'-d BUI *M,**n Ba,?**A**>*
... *
Th'- foi!4j44ing s'ouritios arere s-.id y.??
terday at uuctlou at the exchange sales
room by Adrl.n II. Mull>t Ai <"n;
Bv ord?r af ? r-finnilti*e.
_M0 ahar** Amerlc-n M_Jt Corperarion cotn
rnon, Ior . . ? ?**'
Tl)' orrjfr ?f tru?t..e.
?aaflflM ftor pa-ment at suh.' rlpUoa af p**tjl?
1 .D-rtiei . onit-.ii:'. N** ior! '"'
?'arra ? aajr e*al co** ui.tl.- pratorred ato-.-*.
arhWi .ubwrlpttoi. ninuO ha* r-rf..
I nalr! anrl |ii0or?"d on aald r*"-e;;.r. an.l . arry
?.1 w*., lt * ?'?nua of V< . ?
I?- ,;,frtlen Oomranr I omino,, ?te^k 4" d 1
p?r ah?r* .
To- arc-our.t af whom lt may eaaa l
??-, aharea woAanat fia'* D*?**1t Oaaapaaj "I
1 18 aharea Hroadway Saf^ D?p ait Company..!
SUiaM) Iron Cla/. M*r?ifa; tUl :BB I <)?pM>r llrtt
6 aliarw1 ImporteiB Bad TtaAwaf Xal
n-.t .
4.1 ?hara-'New Tor_ ProdOC* Cx-riiui?e 1
,10 ""araa ? ?h rwtlaga by traxisfari
iiua..ar-. I7u!l 170"i
Jams* IJeCJaanii a f4?rge?Tit of poli<-^
from rJati Trancioco, wMtal Poll-e Ilcad
ouarters yesterday t<> B8BBBB sirrang,;ni4-iit-'
for taklng back wlth hlm the aervauts of
\!r NIchohiB J. MoNaniari*. who wete
aiiaated at the fcaatel Kajleki rboeki r oa
July Tl on a charg.) of the larcny ef nn
nutomobile Iielonging le Mrs. McNtfi.ira 'fl
liusband. He suid that bfl anaoatA Mr.
McNarnara would be In thls city elther
JBBl*riHy er tonlay, as ho started Kasr
on the *ora* traln with hlm. 1
Emerson-Brantingham Company
Seven Per Cent Cumulative Preferred Stock
Tax ExemDt In llllnola
Preferred as to both Assets and Profits
Par Valua of Share* $100
Fuli-Paid and Non-Aaseasabi*
- ~- 4f.Me.6a pnyabia th* 8r?t ?aya nt rabraary. May. Aorart **4 Wirnna***.
S5 .v. II a w>'oi/ at tl- ?4?rlr.n of tha Company os aoy M 118*8*1 Ba** *t 118 fM
BaruTr lir* e-'iuBUf f-cd 8*8*8*1*88 for purtbuo ar -iUmate redamptloo *t U8.
? CaniuUriM Prefered Stock, Autioriita. . S.I.IM Nt; tt bt aceaagtft moed. .S1!,MIM1
C..nmon Stock. Aiithorized.IMiMM! to be pmNflr isieed.. 1I.IH.MI
_aii_.Li.iu* ree-^rdine tfna issue of Preferred Stock and the business of the Company are based upon a Mtw
9W?W???^^S^5, of the Company (copies of which should be obtained from the ur.ders.gnedX
Xs?d to VV?S fafomor."S. under dateP c/july 3a 1912. Mr. Brantingham has II.Ul I sorne of
the statements m this letter tt follows:
Business established in 1852. and after sixty years of continuous growth the
roncern ranks as one of the pnncipal manufacturers of agricultural implements in
S^tS SfcateS The enlarged Company wiN hereaf ter manufacture practically
acomplcte l.ne of machinery for the farm, together with tractor eng.nes using
gasoline, coal and kerosene as fuel.
Thi* Preferred and Common Stocks of the new issues which will be taken by
vou in conjunction with Messrs. Kuhn. Loeb & Co. are to be issued m pavment for
^nrorirti? a-sets and businesses of the Geiser Manufactunng Co o( Waynes
Zo Pa estobuahed 1W Reeves & Company of Columbus IncL established 1874.
rt tiieG*; fraction Company of Minneapol.s, Minn., established 1907.
The 'crmer <t0ckhclders and managers of the several concerns will own a ma
jority ot the Common Stock and a large amount of the Preferred Stock.
The total net tangible assets. exclusive of good-wil!. patents or trade-marto.
of the enlareed Emerscn-Brantingham Company, together with add.tional working
L ita' ?l aggregate about $17,367,861 or more than 40% in excess of the present
SueofPreferS Stock. the liqu:d assets alone after deducting current Uabibties
exceeding the present issue of Preferred Stock. .
Tbe combined net earnings for the past five years, after deducting deprecia
?i? iJvr/v^eed 51 456 114. and net earnings for 1911 were f 1,602,074. or near y
l&^JEM clividends on the present issue of Preferred Stock.
It is estimated that in the first fiscal year of operation of the enlarged Com
nanv thVnet earoinzs will be in excess of J2,000,000, or about 2* umes the amount
iSS'red to ravTv^ends on the present issue of Preferred Stock. This esUmate
Kfn earmng capac.ty equivalent to 11.60* on the Common Stock.
Th*. rnmnanv eannot mortgage any of its manufacturing plants or other reai
propert)' 2^ SSfrt of tneTiolders of three-fourths of the Preferred Stock.
Sinkinz fund has been created out of earnings tor the retirement of the Pre
(attoA trceV: at not exceeding S115 per share and accrued dividend by setting aside
*Tc^7rcn the "nS^fits for the fiscal year ended Julv 31 1914, and annually
ffS^^at^nt Jbua to2<* of the par vaiue of all Preferred Stock at any
^h^SoSed?^ tf *aSy EcS year d.vidends are paid on the Com
mnn Stclkir excess of 1%. the next succeed.ng Preferred stock sinking fund Ut**
Sent is to be increased by an amount equal to such excess,
. . * .h_ ~i\*r0rA mmoanv are located at Fockford. III.. Wayneboro, Pa., Crr??*rtcast!e. Pa,
The man dgntt? oThe "'^^ffi^ fiJfSa.and have been appraised by the American Appraisa!
?taTM^to vv?'^A^i'S^Ihe _^Egof aaoiVof the Comparms has been made by Messr* Phee,
Wstwhou"* & Ga, Chartered Accountants.
-?. , n. *_? ih* nr?-ee-lin? for the tau* of the above Preferred Stock has been approved by Meisn.
C^rle^ and *?? ^ * "^ - ChJCai0' ,,L
Cotv rf prcaisiotu rovernin' fianti end freferencn o/ Puferred Stock wxU be fumisfud on
gppluaiion and ref^nce tkereto it made for all detatls.
A aimultaneous offering wUl be made in A^iisterdam by Messrs. Hopc ca Co.
Jppiuation wxU be made to Ixst the Preferred Stock on the New York Stock E*chantt.
Ma.tng placa* ? *r_a amount af Ulh (HM ??**? a*** Ml III
r.^ w *m r??.lv* ?M?*WlB4Ja*a* 9*r Ita. umaaM tata****
At 100% and dividend accruing after Auerust I, 1912
Detxriptiva circnlor fvmtih'.d on oppltcotUrn,
~ u -i .i~v- _riH h. rwned on Frldav. AlJfUat <?. 1912, at 10 A. M-, and dosed at 3 P. M.
The ?-^2'??.J'" \%^"he unders?P.ed Bankers. The rtght ls reserved to reject .any gppllcation
SS^a^^n^ai^ Pa^nt in '?* to b. wde upon allotment, Suc?a-.pt,oo
blanks may bc ob:a:neU from tne uncteragned.
William Salomon de* Co
N?w To-*. AiifB** T. 1818
Transcontiuental Lities File In
creases to the Pacific.
Wggblngl leneral tr-' re
1 in fretght rataa to be*
effectlve oi Bepti mber :. ure pr
posed ln new tarin"
cont'u.: ? ,1 rallroada.
Commerue Commlaeion. Whlle the
i rates are deodgned to ni :nla- ,
?;,,?'. -, tbe B I Urf
rhumix r.it-- c un a aad
rataa to tba tntei ' 'ory, -hey
? .'.rialiy Increaae rates from an ti.?
. L'.4-t to i'*,' H'" C aai i
c**mrateei< n hai I
niiii preeenl i I et?eh . \
i gml nation aa baa I eeti p
tbat tha l to tho 1
ore cousidtH-blj great" r thai
, io th* Inter-Ko kj
The ?? ' '
rates to terml r . ??? ,| . .
comrnodltlaa whl- b ar not a
44,,it*r eompetltlon t.< gny greal extent
This adj-stment, t'i ? polni
oi tdvanoe to th* term I radoee
? tea to Interloi ..? itlnal
a thuroug'i eaamlnatlon of tl
will b-, tuH.i* bt tba coronilB
__ould tha] be deemed unri
will be aaspended. Already proteata|
against th*m ha*. e beea made bj 1
? e ?
Tounsts Nearly Periah of Cold Near
Colorado Mountain Suinmit.
Btaamboat *N'. Inga, Col , Aug I Fadng
? i?ath in h Mlaaard aa tha waal alope of
Etbel Mooataln, abneori ready to ,irop ln
thelr trncka from a-fatanire, tba party of
tourlata who started for tha aummlt of
t: mount.iin .-ii Prlday night to k*o the
sun rlse on Baturday mornlng, us!- found
Unt night by one of tba threa 8ea*rchlng
partlr-a sent out from here.
The four women bl th? p?rtv *\*r? a!
muHt exhaneted and bad to ba beld
thelr l*eiaaa during the tr!;. down aff*r
thelr rescu*.
Twenty-oiie States Rcpro3entod ?it a
Convention in Minneapoli;'.
Miiuicapolis, Aug. 7. Harklng atl
und cducatlonal Inatitu*!
twentv-nr.e atatrs ar* reprcr-'nt.-d al Ib8
niit.i.al conference of the oaaaBllttea On
agricelt?ral dovelopment and oducatini
of tho i-ltate B8__tara* Aaeoeiatl
- -..:i her.-- t.,- '
?'Klll'ier.cy of tbe comlng gencratlon"
waa the motlve for tht- m.-.-ti_g vi what
Joseph C?a.pin.in. Jr., of Mlni
ehalrtr.an I f th.i fj.itherlng, caUed the
"wcrid'a giaateal rae*iaane?t for prc.e'ti
. il *.lin*atlon." More than 04M hundred
d.-lrjrat**. w*re tircsent, as also \\ ? ??
men and wotnen fpom the DepaxtlBOBl Of
AKTicuiture at Waablnajtaak
Rallies from an Opening Break.
but Closes at a Decline.
t- r i o rea lea was due
to check a drop arbleb at tbe op*n
rfa ? the rnarket l;:to r.*w low
? ? bull moremi nt *:art>.i.
Cloaely foliowl - * ? July government re
.., an advance of ciowe to $0 50
and Mme fhose flgurea were
I 'h*re haa been a rejctlon of 110
... '. , pointa, or over $3 a hai*. it araa
ln prioea whlch ser . I t
ateady th* markei ar.d racover a large
pari of the aariy loea. Flutfuetfoaa we.-*
?-. tha openlng, wh'rh wa* at a de
ig followed hy
. ; i \n\ aorn* ot
the late tradlng loaing I or io poinis of
thi advance on n porl of lower tioutliern
I frccr uffcrirgs In the
Bouth weat l r ;,,<* \*.?s eaay ot a n*t
of .1 to I Bout-ani apot
mcfkata were unchanged t-. ',.\\c lower.
Iocal market s.iow.-il a iiror> of
10 polnt for Bttddllng uplaiul.
Lo al contru :l pi
Hlgh l^'44 Cleee. day.
Aag. . um ii.vb ii (m iLorau.aa 12.01
11.00 12.11 1] ??' !; 04912.041 12.07
Oct . . rj i"iT 12.ST 12.07 IS. I8#13.18 12.80
V..*.... 12 ll 12.11 1211 12.1S4T12.20 I2.3J
l'.*> . .. 12.17 12.34 '.'17 12.23812.24 12.1*>
Jan. 12.11 12 M 12.11 ISUtWm.17 872.10
19 12 10 1. I'.' 12 234i 12 24 12 2n
41 12.28 I-.;i, 12.24 1-28-.12-7 12.S0
May 15.31 12.43 l_81 l-_lgl2.34 i_;tf
Uerpool cahlea: *>p..t. in rnoderata ?__?id;
? 7 ? eculatlon and *xporr. .">?<);
> . , itnerl
?'d Kuturea opened
qulet, at 8 < ? -?? I barely
? ' lo'j to 1 .
8 *7 4 - ' er, ''. 7*'. I.
. ? i er ?Novernber,
ary-U-rcl O.OOd; Mai I. .\i.il. 9.914; Aprlt
.; ..7 .: Mi4 lune, rt.sg?d; June-July,
-', .77 : Man
Yarn*. dull B?8 aaMOTi ? !"'1i?, Wiyers h.,!1 . T.
s. \-z 7 -xceedlngly tearliti
Tre.ithrr reportl. 'iulte ?en<-rally .v.u-.tera.r. d
'. lo-day by rroflt laking
lefi th* ri.arl-.at at rhe ?4MB 8 polnt* ?]? aa te
; with yesterday* i Boal prlcea.
Hifli. Low. rioee
A-. ? ? 12 42 1188 '.'.;.
F*pt?mli*r .12.334) ? 12.43 12.'!.", 1:" "~
! 2 24 '
rv.-etiil.er _12.24
. 12 '
May '-? 4- . 12.48
VTewt OraagO, N J., A-g. 7.-That a
? is not wlthout benor *"av<> in
hia ,,\^\ country waa illustrated here
laat. night, when Ifr _4>aff*M M*rck. a
member of tbe BeaM of I-im-atlon, fallcd
ooluaagraag to agree with h*r
? ie pr .irt*ty of aaadng a new
, ; f.,r Thomas A. _*_?O?. The
majorlty of th* board -aeJded thal Fair
moual would be a better name, bocause
,,l tn to front ou l'alrmount
?foa foi.???'. laK r?4*titiona in bankmptcy t?ere
I nlay ln the UaltOi Statea Court:
??/?RT WOMAN S MAilA_INi:. Ha 140
?oluntary- l.Ut.illtiea aald
v ,....- ? ll l)Ut Ill.lKJU.
iiltK-Liir * HlBdEl., So ;t*<15 Thlrd ave
! . Uii** n.iM to be
a? .??? aa* ?' '? 11.808,
jtillN .' O'fONXOR, Ka 2i"r2 to *>??> _*at
,-?. l_a.tliiiea aaid to be
aaa*U, J1.O0O.
-i v CharUs H ad _ Co.. No 14 Wa.l
BM-Aa-a-l Bia.JuOtAA.
Eo?ton LOBd. I 7 Kast Fo* __. 14 15
At.i AV Chem 18 H*. Ger, Ky & ?ItM l*1*
.Jo pr-if.lOi^lOO'., -o rr?f. 84 8..
An. Pr.euru.. t 4'* Mav i:ie-7tr:c. 1S'4 M
do pr*f. i*h 18 do pref. ? jM
Am T X: T...148T4 ll-,1! "Masa Ga* .... ?*S *>
Am 4V< : Pf. W ,1''. ? Brorf. ?*e _:?
Am Zlne... 81 *l*4 Betary Wng.. ? * '
Mexlcan T*;. ">;-j 4 gwlft a ro ..106** BJ
> 4. Ent T *": 154 Metgea Ua-.M -
? ? - |M UnltH i**ho*.. M 8*V
;.o um Jo praf...?..*?.. *"*?
i;.JIson 1 CU..?8 310 Uittt-d Frult-.lW.* 186
RAII *_OA-?.
>:..<> _ Alb...C10|- 881 B .*. IV E1 8f._88.. ?
I Main* ??. M nv nh * ir lafagtm
*_1_ 13 Weat ? St R- v? 88
Bos ft V IU. t*a II
... -4. ? , 884 ?AT_TC4t4?.114 -
XIN1NO. ?_,
Ad\enture.... *". Wi *-'?*-> ?<**__?? ?* -B
k .IK8 W Maaa O laet.. 8% T*4
._r> "
... 4i 4. m >?awfc .oa on
.. . av, 1*44 Jj-ynower ....? Mi
, ... 1 1*4 Miamt -.. 72*44 JB
rom.... i'-i *? Mevada Con*. :*V : *
._ . 4<V; 54* NtpUaing.*? ?'*
, Cerb.. 7 7i,iNorfh Butt*.. V> ??'.
Buito ft Bal. 8'* 8** N'crth L*ke... M
Butta Jt HUP. <*?% ? riiOld CW C ]>??? >)t ?
ft Ari- :.*>". M OM Domlnlon. 5V. *>
Cala A lle?7..K? *W 4>jl'..-ay..4 4*4
i'?-iiien Cdd... ?744 -*2 ' Oaceol* ."?*?' "t
ChtaT canT.: IS IH P*-l Creek... m m
41,1,4..34 '. ........ ?H II
rop Rar.ge i to<7*aaa*U...? "{a
Dr-y West... 5 M4 f***nta i-?. 3J4 Pl
_eet Butte... ?"? ll . Mienn*n ??_?? )-v? Jjj
FrenWln .... nv* 114 8_Utucb AHa. 81 ?-i
. ', Bouttl T tah... ~ tSJK
? f* ____ ft ___" 29 JB
* Can.. 10 104 **-ip*r Oconer.. 4.-* ?*_
?i. 1 t'i Tarnira.-k ? ?"*> 44
. k ... *> I''1. Tritnty. *H 8?*
. , i-nit.,1 Htate*. 4flj ' -
Insplra-ea... W4 13 do pref. 48, 48-e
Indlan Cop... 18V, 18 Ctah Apaa... ttt JPl
1 ',!"l iTeek. ***. Utah .*"?*"'??? *r 1J>
,.,, pref. J?*4 M'4 I'tah Copper.. ? ItJ-j
l.l.- ):..4_..*.. K.U 8S*4|Vletor-. * *'
Kerr 7_-e... A. 8 winon.* . ?44 ??
,<>wr,. 144 W,,K.rm* ....I". 10S
u Balle. 844 ? IWy_a_o4.- - -'?
?tatanat to ta *-id*d.
fTailllBbad hy CMrlle * 8a-g4e, No. O g-1
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