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AS Iil AS10?
John S. Lyle. Silent Partner of
Lord & Taylor. Left Estate
of Millions.
Many Hospitals and Missions
Receive Suras of $60,000
?Young: Widow Gets
Residuary Estate.
Ifarkenaousk, N 3 \ ir 7 The arlll of
p i,vi. . of Ti uatlj. for yeara a
partner <>t I??r_ A Taylor, Nfw
, or|| .-t. .i here lo-tlay by Burro
v.it. B, i J' Heater. As waa expected,
M*? Jul Lyle, i"
whom i..- ??.- married aboul three yeara
..-.-. k of th. eatati Shi ??
. . . t .m.i the horrtej
. .
,. - i, . *.. .,. v *reta tha
? | . . . | to e worth
? .il million dollara.
- .i t of ihe i>- .
,;. . I,'. ??;' ?
. now
, ?
' ? i .. ? .
, ? i .-> ?
. 'W.000
IxiUll v' ' 20.000
? ??
l.ticj I' Ne aoi . | ' ?'?
r**BM "t i ' ''r"'
"'?'?* ~^
) ,. ? ? ? *aloi * ..f tl a Re
, ..,: a. Nr-A 1 rk ?"""
n.,a- the Preeb)
? v ? k - '
Ti.?b\t-Tinti Hoe] "*?
i. >. New roTk . ;?;'??"
S**w Tork . ??[?i'->
' .....
* ,1 \ .. . v. lai ? f*? improvhag the
I'harll ?- N'*- *.ortl -*'?'",',
,?H."latl,.n. NC4V
. . 80,000
NVw T4*rk" Kye ai'd Eai New
Tort . -"' u
The f<.ll..wlT.tr comment la rontalned ln
Ihe arlll:
ii, making thla my laat wlll R?d teata
and In decldlng upon ti.e r*r***vls1ona
thereof T hav. dom- s<. ufter mucM
... t Bn<* co ? * ? n. ai.il have not
anv prnvl !'-n -vhateoever :'or at.y
on who may hn a coutdn or aeeond
,., thlrd cotialn of mlm or related ta any
... to rri'- bet-autM of thr- fact that I
I : , al ? ???? itlon artth or
Intereat ln tJi,-tn or any of t'l-'rn la eueii
rnafce it In ans aenae prop--r c
?bll tatli g upon me a a moral au
The win peta forth thal the e-ecntrlx
;.;,v the bequeata rtthar ln cash or
r, pari eaah or honrts of ra_lr4jeda or onT
tranafer T'lortgns-o* held
? rtator oi tha bonde.
ghth clauaa Btatea: "I dlreet thr,t
g Taylor Bhall pay thalr indfMed
. to me In euma of -*--'.<"rt n month or
In larger aun.p lf they *"? diselTe.''
44-'! 44 is.*- mrxdf on .Tnne 14. lfil ar.d
. ahowa thal Mr. Lyla waa
. v.. ai Ht i .? tli ? rument "*e?
?. ii, II.' d'.cl on Julv II, lfU
. 4-, itneafa h to tha arlll were B. Stan
v- . a ?- \.. ? Waal IJd atiaet.
\. v ,rfc T .'f Ma' hall of the Marle
ettc Hotel. New York. and C R
of Mo-,tclnlr
Diucharged as Receiver of 3d
Avenue and Union Lines.
. ? - "ting ln the ".'nitert
trli'l Court, al*riiffl a flnal de
pa erday approrlng tha auteovnta of
Frederlck *?* V/hitrldga and dle.^hnrn-ed
? ttie Thlrd Avenue
rtf,ilr..ad Company. Tbe rr-r-elver's bond
wae <?rdered eancelled
The de<"ree dlrcotn thal eal of the
ISB.OgO.gOe, the purehaaa prlce of the
property. there be pald te tho holdera ef
firet t-pr.-aplldate.J m<>rtgage botvla 8116.
9K 9X
T_0 (le.nee, which .Tudtre T.aconibe
a-.atee la not te t** takea o" finally do
t'-rmining what ri*?)i tn tha judgmont
?iorn rnay have, in reapeot to fundH
?ti Uie handa of the Metropolltan recelv
era, contalna the. Information that at the
'late of the fur^cloaure t*ule on the honda
'eaued and outptaiullng untler the firat
"tiaolldoted mortKage of the Thlrd Ave
nue liallroad Company there waa due
end r?wlng tor rrin^P**1 *"?'? '".tereat
84"!.2'4&.e>6 J*. and that th- net pro." i?
Of the aalfc v.ere f28._70.411 81.
ll further atated thAt the deflclen<-y
dae on Marrh 3. ll?lr'. ua* ll9.016.474,
and tWe, wlth the* intereat due, ammint
fng to f *t,627,8f>4 4(1, made the total de
Iteleney oa June 84. )9i:, i;i.ei2.778 e*t.
Tor th;? eura. the deetea atatea, the
Thlrd Awuue Rallroad I'ompar.y and
rhe Metropolltan Str?et RaflaTai r'om
pany are Jolntly nnd aeverally Halle.
\elth Intereat at the rate of 6 per cent
, .jr annuni until lt ls pald
An addltlonal dorree slgned by Judge
].a-omhe dlacharged Mr. Whitridge aa
\t-i- of the I'nl.n llallwuy an.i .11
. ?<?] hlta to Aellver the property to the
. .ny.
Charged with Drawing Pistol,
Scaring Man to Death.
r trolman Waiter O. filmpaon. af tho
Wgkefleld atatlon, Thr- Broag. V4'"fi eus
pended from the dapartmeat and plai-ed
? aat yestt rdny uftrinu.m oharged
f, I.mloiif. aaaault Hr* la chare7?<l
belnc tha maa 4vho drew a revoleer
in a rot_.iti.nt ln ttpper Thlrd avenue on
? lav iilnht. an<1 thraatenlag a ni;4ii
ln tbe placr* and alao .strlklnK him wlth
tha hu.lt of the weappa Durlng thf llght
in th, rtstaurant another man dropped
; from l.'art dlsiasr, brought on hy
Rimpaon aurrendered hlmaolf to Cap
i ln Denala Ward, hia commanding of
ftcer, yeeterday, after he heard that Dep
i,t4- ('niiitiilaalorier Itougherty had tent ou
M ra! ;tinrm for the arrem of the pa
troimaa who had h?-en 1n tho reatuiirnnt
arhan the man dror.p.'.l dead. >Ie ^vaa
turnn'l oeat io CaPtala I'rlce, of The
\ Detectlva Bureau, 44ho took him
before ('ommlaalon-r I)oii?hr-rty.
Aft?-r lifttenlng to Hiinpt<on'a ftory f*oin
mlaaloner Dougherty Buapended him from
duty and order,-,l lmri plaeed under nir.-st.
Kluipaon *haa been in the dapai?_eal for
rix yeara and haa had a good r?- ?i<l
.-.iiip.'.m .*aid ba ),ad been In thr re.ttau
rant, bul iiad nol drawn his revolvor <.r
ln thls I,,- v4.,h <1^
puted i> Patrolman Oroot, ..f thi
inonl ?latlon*, who *-ui?l ha had been calh-d
Into thi pl?oe and had eeen a man. after*
i j.i. ,,i|ii. .1 aa Blmpaoii, h..iilr-g
another man agalnal tha wall \4hii<* ht
flouriahi d ? platol
vvii'ti thin iiii.il told Oroot he waa a po
i ? ?ni.iri and 44,iui.i att*-iid to tha matter
lirool wani awaj to Butnmoa an ambu
lanoa for Wali?r Ifayer, who had dropped
ueaa .'.' i:j ex'.lteruuit.
SotialM r*i>w)ker under Uic otitatretched hand of Benjgmin Frntikii.. baa a rival ln Ihe Pronibition oretor.
iphotograph taken from the Trlbun* Building.)
Graft Disclosures He Promised
Were Not Delivered.
After hla ?? nti nea hnd bean poatponeil
for three weeka becauee of the "etartllng
fliaclnsiirf*" ho promlaed to maki aboul
polit-.. graft. T'hll'.p Prledman, better
known aa "Monk," a member of the
"Doggle" gang, waa aentenced to eeven
yeara by Judge Mulqueen ln Oeneral Set
alona yeaterday for carrylng conc ,i,-,i
w eapona
FYledman thougnt he deaerved clemeney
for the "aaalatance" ' *? ha i glven the I fl*
trict Attorney. Ha aald h* had t,?!d Cha
K Colllgan, tho As.-.f?tnnr I'iHtrlc-t Art..'
ney, who had charge >.f iis , ,isc, i
whleh could be used to proaeruite a pol ? 8
capialn for tak.iur "protectlon money"
from "Dollar .lohi,." Moreover. li ? rald
ho had glven Inforroatlorj concernlng AV.li
lam Bhaplro, thi eht ilfeui of toe gray
automobtli uaed by thi murderera "f H< r
niau Ko?cnthaI, n-lllnir Mr Colllgan thal
Fhapiro wa* r,ot relatlng t;i? truth. Wit
neMs.-H whom he had aent t>, tti<- Dlatrict
Attorney, he aald, ha.i i??? n denled h huar
ir.K. and he thought that II waa Intended
t" ua* them int.-r ln tbe trial of Laouten
ant He>ker. when ).? hlmaelf waa
prlaon and could got no rredit for b j
At the recjui-Bt of Judyc Mulqueen Mi
Colligan Btated the faita ln th*
Frledman, he eaid. had proi,ils> ,1 to give
valuahle lnformatlon. What h?> had roally
told aniounted to tho fact that "Dollar
?Tohn" waa the proprletor of eertaln gim
bllng hoti*es; that ),?? waa on famillai
t^nriH with a pollce captaln, and tl.at o;ic<>
h* had wen mon.y paaa between I
He had no Information to *r)vr> regar, l <
Bbaptro. Two mr-ri had be* n aent for at
FVledmun'a raqueet, but Inatead of
r'.'iiiratlr,H; hi* araremr-ntH aa he had aald
they would. they s-ald they knew notldng
about the matrer. < m the other ha 4,
Prledman had prarth-ally adrmtt.-.l th..t
hia eonvlctlon wai. a Juat one, eaylng Ihat
Im i4,in SaiTJring a revolver bacauae Of a
quarrcl with a partner of "Dollar John "
"1 don't belleve a word you Bay," *;ud
Judgh Mulqueen to Krieriman "and i ara
poing to give you the llniit, although I
v. lil etay exeeutloa for a w-ek In ca**
you r.-ally kr.ow eotnethlng worth telllng "
Frlwlman mhi rirr.^rt.'d ?>n Mny 29 01
fay from a place run by "Dollar John,"
which had be?-n "ebot up" on the preced
ii v nlght if*- 1* twenty-two yeara old
and llvea at No. ~4 Lavfayette avenue,
Mrooklyn. He, wan oonvloted of grand
larcnny ln 1309 and aent to r.lruir.-i.
?? ?
Sevcn Years Maximum for At
tempted Extortion.
I^tiia flrhitnmelinai). who threatened
JLoulB Pehwarta, a ahaaarnaker, .>f No. s;2
Eaat J.rih atreet wlth a boeitng al
handa of hla Kar.g unleaa h? khv<- up J'??.
waa oonvlcted of nttenipt'd extortion
yesterday and aenteaced to not leaa than
three yeara and ei* montba nor m^rc
than aeven yeara by Judjre Mulqueen, lo
General rJeBsiriii.-'.
Behwarta auid that BrMmmrlman had
made hlm three vlelta before >e wenl to
the polir-e. On the- fourth vlslt, on May
1?, a detec.tlve was ln B n-Ar room when
Sehwartz beat Bcblmmelman doa r, r.< %:.
and j-avo hlm a marked bill. UbleBfl he
Kot the BBoaey Bcbtouualman aald that
bia trnng of two hundred "atrong arma"
WOUld beat Behwarta.
"That'a the eheapeat Job I ever dld,"
Behwarta aald fcohiminelmrin told hlm as
be took tl.. ) i
Bchlmmelman a dr fenee vran that lt was
al! a Joke Inatlgated by a rlval ahoe
makr-r ln tho nelghborhood. ftoberl B,
Matii'y, tiie Aralstant Irlatrkt Attorney,
j,,.|nted out that the rlval Bboenkaker wa*
the proper peraoa to teatlfy aa to tho
"Joke" The Jury wa: r,ut only a fe4v
rilnutes and Judi/n MulOjUeea r-eritenced
Brhlmrnelrnan Immcdtately.
John lAwrenee, of No. 643 "Weat 141at
I street. and Tlmmas Mcfl.-e, of No. f,:-.i
| West IStth Btreet, were a.-nt to the WOTk>
i houae for ten .lay* by Ifaglatrata Corrl
, gan, in the Weat Slde Court, yeaterday,
j on rharges of aaaault. Aoeordlng to Pa
j trolnvm Steeh-, of the V,'rnt R7fh atreet
| atation, th^ two men flrft auaault.'d C'on
. wtan Keogla, ,i hootldark. at TITth atreet
and Beventh avenue, und wh?-n Bteale
, tiled to atT'-r-t thr-m be waa krio,-k.'-l
Idown by Lawrenc\ After Patrolman
! Ueyera had gone to hla aaalatance, the
ii' "t,?rs w^r.- arreated and lockod up.
l>r. Jeaeph Slmms, tbe Mvemty-elglrt*
%,.ir-old physlcian, wbo waa arreated on
I Tuoeday. upoa the complalnl r,f Jamea
Bulllvan, a park amploye, tbal he had
tlir.-atened hlm with g r.volvi r whlle h?
v.fls feedlng equlrrela with peaaute, wns
held in li.wi baii yeaterday ln the ^"rk
; vllle eOUli by MaslHtiat.- OVonnor on
a -'harge of vlnhitlliK the Sullivan law.
; Hall waa furnlah. d by Mra. Hlmnia, an.1
and ber Inibband left eourW arm lu
Show Window in Brooklyn
Shoppincj District Smashed.
Polico Arrest Two East Side
Boya After i\ Stirring
\n attempt te rob the sl.on wlndr.w nf
Healy'a j^neiry atore. No EOC Fulton
??treet, Brooklyn, threw a l ir?e , ,.,4\ri of
ppera Inlo a panle yeati rd
niu.n ar.d rea Ited In the arreat of two
. I.aat .- I -. the e!d?T of ? ? I i ll ?
enteen end the younger fo irteen
The thlevi * hroke I ? Indov .
which contalned more than 12,800 worth of
. and -ii' eral handf i ?
t lOCk befjor. ? ? k? ln the at,,rn
awqke to the riarii | ? ahlrh w.-im
| taklng place. S.>\,.ral aliotfl flred 4- ? ,
pollce who puraued tha 144, Kast Bldera
. added to the general COnfUalOn
\ .1 S O'clock yesterday nftr>rnoon
1;, Ing ahoppen notlced 14.0 boya loltei
liitr ln the vidnlty of Healy'a atoic. One
! of fh? l?.>a ha'l an oUcik packaa*
j wrapped In a newrpaper under hl? erm.
Tho orhcr waa furtlvely watchlng th*
? >.- ? ma ,\a an eaatbound 1
il ? 1. r r- , \; >r> ] t;,.,, paM*d ' ? . , ? ? r,f
the boya waa aei n tr, thr, ?? ? ,
? t agali * tl' ?'!.,-..
aaa b ......
clerk ln the ator* ruahed lo I h* f?
taa the boyi make n daah down Pulton
j atreet wlih a '??? Iful of jeweta, some ,,f
| 44 iii.h tt <? plate 1
l uhlch wai ,.',.,. .. nB(4j
been - mai I ed al ihe loa er *i 1. folller
|orlerl: "Btop thlef" ?.. h>* gave ??' aa*
I On a i*uit>u. itre.-t aurface car wa*
1 ,-r-r Edward Jartey, of th* Old Bllp ata
tion, Manhattan ln ? trir..-i.'? rlothea. tt
Jumped off the car ard ?,?,)< np tl .
Detectlv* .loim .1. Bulllvan *ttract>d
? ? ? ? .. . i j ? . .1
' Tl ? ? along lAilton
Btreet, darting through thi rrnwd "f
ahoppera *? they n,.-,r|e f r th* Bor
Hall aubway atation Thi offlcera ?ir- w
tVi,-!r revolvera and flred In thi aii a? tba
? | ? ea wera getting away from them.
Patrolman Cornellna Hpellman heard
ahota and aaw tho !.,>< a runnlng tr.-*-, d
blm. Hc ae|i*d the tallcr r.nn ImmI na
Deteeflve Pullivan lanied ih# othei .,t
.Jnv atreet, near Wllloughbv ?tr,ei V\,|
h.wed by a moh. Ihe ofTI.-er* hrought th,
I?oya to the Adama atr-'-t Btatlon, *h.-re
the) irav, tl.rir namra aa Bamuel Wiener,
fourteen yeara old. of No, S_"J RirtngtOn
atreet, and Jeaepii Cohen, aavantoea rear*
old, "t No. ."/K Henry sire.t. 1,01 h of
Wiener waa plaeed in charge of the
Chlldren'a BOClety arid Will he arralj.-n.-d
In the Chlldren'a Court r^. .ia- Cohen
raa tooked up nr rim Adama atr<-et ata?
tion He arlll he brougbt before ri ..
Adama atreet police court to-,ia>- charged
w lth f,-raiid lur> <-r,y.
Woman's Party Now Sells Veg
ctables at Headquartera.
The Houae 11 Ivear* [_*ague ip ..ot *r,?> nniv
organlaatlon that ia atartlng vagetahla
markate. Tha.Wotnan Buffrage party ap*
peaured yeaterday aa g competltor.
Tha party haa r'ot aa j, t pn .
any apaeea under hrldjtea r,r a, t up any
XAUt, anrl hii) one Wbo wanta Pi buy lt>;
gardea aturr win hav* to elimb th? atnir
to the party headquartera, ,,n tne third
door of No. (fi Kaat Mth atreet. and se,.
the Bquaaoea anrl beari.i un?l b<-etH ,|i?;
played amld the inteat laeuee of "The
rVeanaa VOter** and "Twenty-llve ReaUJOUa
Why I Am a SufTraiclat" an.I "Aiimv r ta
I?r. l'arkhurst and t<> Mra, (illbert Jonea, '
Hit it la worth the elimb. Thera mr.
jfims and Jelll.-a for anl.- ther<\ too, and
wbere eia^. would you Bad, for Inatance,
jara labelled "i,la Tarbell ptcklea"? it la
rather atranR" that the auffragtata hava
named th.-ir plcklea aftar Misa Tartx I,
for eh,. la not Identlfled aith any anf
fra?;r, organlaatlon, and ia indeed <r,n
ridered to i? an antt Bui thal i? what
they hav- dona There are nlce ai4.-.-t
Ifartha Wentirorth ButYren prea?-rvea and
Mra. jamea Leee Laldlaw je.llea
The vegetablea all have auffraire niiniM,
tOO. A imrticularly lmp.,rtarit round y.-l
low aquaeh 1- Mra. i:. Jean Nelaoa lvn
Aeld, and a nlce, plump, julcy varlety <>f
l>-an le Mrs. AuaiiBta C. Hughaton. The
dlaplay la erowned wlth odoroija buiwhea
<>f mint, but th* auflraglata <io n.-t rxp.-, t
to b*1I tiiat. They will pivt daep it tlll
thej foel llkr- rafraahlng thetnaelvea arith
?Well, wlth 8 f'-w anifla at it, dofi'l yOU
Ar Hriiont huffraKlat and amateur farm?
er. Mra. I.lhbie Ma,I)..riahl. aend the
segeiable* in from h?r N'ew Jeraey farm.
Socialism and Water Prcachcd
nt Franklin'.** Statuo.
if ,,;d "M. n" Franklin - hai
beea made <>f bronxe, they 44,.',ii.i i.**.,,
gm ?* above hia head ln holj* '
lerda* where he holda doi n ll ??
*,-. ti..n -.f Parli Roa and Naaaau itrerl
? .. italda the Trli um H illdli *.? Be
hlnd I lm a l*rohlblt'onlai h trangued one
' mrner <.f a noonda) crowd, whlh al ? !*
lefl hand an ardenl mcmber of thi Bo*
. tiial Lal* r part) ' I atteiitloo ..f
i ? , ther .'it.- ? ? i Irled t.> -4in the
Prohil if!-.' lat'a ? " -i awaj tr-^t.i hl n
v ith h!a li',I*.'. ;.,
What do*a the ProhlMtlon pirtr do fer
lha ^nrkiim' m*.n"*"* Inqulred the ipeaker
. ? ihe Bowlna tie, wlth e, fl iwlna
. o |uen '-. "When th., worklng i
on Btrlki ?'?.. for I
thej g?>t i froi i Ihe I'i
from the 1>i fi
:? . \. n Sal ? l*rn
? \\ hal |70"'I are I ? I -
IM it
The) i ? ? Io b* thi
I .-.ii H ll I
nnd all I ? ?? -?.,'?? i
dld i " ?? Mlltid plga,
? s what l foun I." .1- ? i.,i,.l the (
of tha worktngman. K'-uiik a little i
ln hl* ? ? .
'I!.- adVO .?'* .'f Ihe water wnj;.>n waa
havlng troubla meantlma ?11m nn ari
mrntatlve llatener. He ? ...i on a whlta
'. ki*it .'it end wore *-h.n rlmmed eyo
"Tha gentletnan aaya he remarked, ln
... -hia feet, "thal 44 ?
dl llikll ?? I . '114. ? \\ e
<i'.ii t .1,111 i" Btop .ii inklng ?\.
polltii ?? nrganlxatloi ideratai
almk g 10 siop the trafflr, 1
Ihi Bali ot .:?, , get
? ?
? "?' >?
l: ,t men c in m iil make * ?
llti ior 1 M ? . ? 1 1 -4. ..ii* r 1
? 1 > ? .1 talnly," aaid 11.1 >t..i " \ n>i
e.i can ?' ? , .. ir 1 ,? 4
? 1 ? ? , ; 111 ,|. ratan'l,"
?. ... .1 1: ? I, appat
entl! *..?!? "? -i wlth the IokI'
Second Now Rochrllo Man Huvt;
First Is Recovering,
I??wia Malakoff Mea In Ihl \ 4, Ro
. helle ll'.- pltal wtth a brol ? 1 ru ? ? 1 la
44a8 aittlna on the rnii ,.f thi l..,? -u porch
of a houae In Ne* i:-..|,- 11. ?
taklna ar order for gtw. ri,
i" ? ame .lvr and toppled ovi
lli f. II elghl f< ? 1
Th** Injury 1* ?< dlalocatlon of the eer
? '? .ii rerti bra and ol h ain llar nature '.,
Ihal ? I Ich dlaalded Waldoi f Mllli ? ? n
he 1 -i from ihe rucka In 1. ho Baj on
? ? lit of Jul< 1811 MaJakefTa
chancet '.,- rei'overj m. aald lo '?*
sllKht. li" i*. married and haa flva ehll?
Waldorf Mlller, t.?,t*. re4*orer*na from
Ihe ,-ff>-' is of a brnken n.-.-k. |>erformed a
?!?'-? i| inl laal night, when h< \v.,*? br-lna
\ u to bad i" li.ii\ Hardua Ui
|j t irm -1 om hi>< frlend, and ihi n 1
wreatllng match. Mlllei pinned Hardua
down, and ralled i" bla mother 1.me
aad *.,- hli rlctory.
Mlller *.to...l c.n bla loei thla afternoon
"The dtvetora told ma a yaar ;.-;... aftei I
iiruk.' ni4 nack, 11 ai l . ould ? ?
wall," aaid he lH.*>t night, "bul l hava
looU-.i ,\.i4 one ,.f them
"l uii.% t..it regaln m*. former atrength,
bul you'II aee tu< walklng i.> myaelf ln a
,sh..rt time."
Dialects of the East Wastcd on
Turbanod Imniigrants.
Ifohammed i? Kotwal, of Bombay, nnd
Byed Laoo Hhah, <>f Part Bald, wore Orl*
, iii.ii garb when they arrived here laat
nlghl on the Whlte Htm llner Oeaaate
fi ..in Southampton. Thajr atood apati from
tha m. ri.inj cabin paaaeagera whlle th.* lat
ter w.-r.; belng ex1tmIned bg tha Inualgra*
tlon laepeeteea
Thelr garlab apparel eaught fhe eye of
tho InapeotOT, and ln* finv4 ii.-.l.
"St- wiii-'i," ln- called t" "n,i of the dln
ing aaleoa waltera, "k.? out on the plor
and gal Wllllama or Hall tha hotel run*
ii. ra. 1 gueaa thay eaa m.ik.- theae Turka
underatand "
IFTeaidently Hall an.i Willlama came
tii.iai.i and flooded tha turbanod atrangera
aritta ;i alngle queatlon repeated In twelva
dlfferent tonguaa
Mobaromod ma) Byed luVn-iy ahrugged
tii?-ir ahouldera twelve tlmes, but uttered
DOl H 44"! 'I
Kinniiy, when winiiiniH had addreaaed
them In Bra tiiai.-.-tM <>f tho Orlenl and
Hall In *-? \.n 111..ro, both runaera gavv
up in deapalr.
"Hanged if 1 know whal Iheaa fellowa
api ;ik. said Wllllama, Buahad and >s,;ii4
"Why, gentlamen, 44h.1t la all thli trou
ble about?*' aaked Byed l.aoo Bhah, in ex
rellenl Bngllah.
'\\r. Inaaaetor, 1 <io not underatand
theae 144.. men 44 he havi been aaklng ua
queatlona." explalued Mohammed Kotwal.
"lf you win addreaa u.*- In Bngllah ?* \\ 111
anawer all queatlona V4*a have llved v% 111 ?
.the l-lngllab _1| ?ur )|\t.s, und aptak no
other lunau?"
580,000 NOIE DEALS
Bankruptcy Papers Allege Rosa
Zindel Borrowed Under
False Representations.
Liabilities of About $150,000,
According to Petition Against
Tortoise Shell Manufact
uring Concern.
Beparate petltlona In bankruptcy were
flled yeaterday agalnat the zindel Ifanu
facturlng Company, manufacturera of
tortolae ahell goode for tollet purpoaee,
,?!,.. ai So 973 Hourth av< nue, and
aaalnat Mlaa Roae Zindel, tha prealdent
ju ? :? n,,it appolnted Wllllam HenkeL Jr.,
.>lv*r In both caaee. Llabllltlea "f the
coni].any are eatlmated al upward of
?nd the aaaeta In alghl are' aald
to i.nlj 815.000.
. made In the benfc
ruptcj ...i|...-' Ihat wlthin the laat alxty
,i;i> | ajo.oou ? ad b. en liorrowi d from
bank* ind Indivlduala, the greater part
ot whleh, it 44,i. i liarged, araa obtalned
on Bpurloufl and fictltloua notea. The
loana, it waa aaaerted, were made to the
company, and it waa declared that Mlaa
Zindel withdrew the money, and tbe
,,.,,,. is aald the eredltow would llke to
know '?'? hat becami of it.
The petition agalnat the company waa
nied bj Jeaa, B I , it. ln, an attorney, of
So. 119 Broadway, for theae credltora:
? . Jamea i Bhielda,
nd v. illlam D Plke, 94.328, all on
i ,.,. M waa alleged ti.--.' th* company
while Ineolvenl commltted an a t ,,f bank<
ruptcy by making a preferentlal pa eni
.,:' SJ,_16 to H Paull. Judge Holt autbor
? a recelver to contlnue bualneaa
? . n daja, and hla bond '.va- tlxed ... *"7,50O.
ln the applli atlon for the ri.Iver, II
vh* -i.i-! that Ihe company waa malnly
, ni ,,i on by Roaa Zindel, tl
its and drafta were algned by
her, Bhe havlng authorlty t" carry "ti all
,:!.,',-. .ii,.i thal ? ? ?'?'-. Mr,
Itudolphy, took no actlve i ai t ln the inan?
? ' . ed "ii Informatlon
and bellef thal Roaa Zindel n ? i Ived wlthin
alxtj day* more than 180.000 by ineana of
mted not< I ? rai lot ? bai ka
and foi borrowed monej from Indlvid lala
upon aotee of the company; that Immedl
ately upon Ihi Ipl of thi money, the
aame waa di ered tbe company to
... r and ?? approprlated the on
her o* "' lha nama
pa : ici own
peraona! bei I
Call* Repreaentation* Falae.
v. ajfldavtl of Ji ?? B Kpsteln, who
? i , . ? invi atlgatlna tl
i cr< dttor, waa
?i, the appll. i.rh,ii f'.r the 11
- n \i Upeteln i lated be i ?
talrnad that 1 ompanj borrowi d at
, , || paj.ouO i rom a i and Indivlduala
thal Ihla money
waa kI>'" 1? ""' compaay and linmedl
nitbdrawn bj Roaa Zindel; that
moal of tbe 890,099 waa obtalned by falae
repraaentaUona of Roaa Zindel, wi.., con
luetad negotlationa foi tl - loan of tha
money In behalf nf ihe company, and
i i - treater part waa obtalned on
., H io a ai d Wi tii nol>* v, hlch paaaed
? . ig i h^i handa an i rn ?<*'? a** '."
, i own bj hi r not to t av* been gi n itne
,.t ihe Ume ol thelr dcllverj Mr Kpateln
?ald hr had .ui Intervlew wlth the women
? ( iaed to nn* hlm any In?
to what i ad become ><f thla
? ?i..;. and thal ahe refuaed blm accaaa
.? i ooka
. . ? -i li affidavtt
that an Inveatlgatlon waa pendlng by tho
lilatrlcl Attorney Into the nffaira <>f the
,,,.,i tha .4. ? "t Roaa Zindel nnd
ia arere relurnable i ? fora th ?
grand j iry on Auguat i -'
After th* court proc.linga Mr. Ep
nteln de lar. d lhal tho , ..->? Ini ol
othin i n hli ? ? i tlnw b> i
aoman, und thal ha ropri - nt< d ? l ilma
aggregating 163,000 and would endeavo."
to rmd oul what had become of the money.
Th? woman, ti* aaaerted, leaaed tl
building a1 Nn. 871 lrourth avenue, known
.,- thi Zindel Rulldli k I id borrowed |83,
ooe from a iiii.ii imiii'd Bchmldt and gave
the li ???. ? ? Ity, and liad boi rowed
? . from -i man named Beldler and
n. hlm nn aaalgnmenl of the renlB for
four n.lha The llabllltlea, he aald, weni
r 1190,000, and tha at,.. k on hand
ua- ti"t worth more than 118,.). \ir
i! iihilphy, th* treaaurer, wim oul Weal on
>i |,lea*ur* trlp, and probably knew noth
Ing of how affalra were golng on Th*
htierifl i""1^ i'"-" ydon of ih* plaw befon
the i.Iver wh* appolnted on eaecutlon*
f,,r ffi.llC ln favor >'f Jung .v KlltB, dla
inond dealera and for 11,979 ln fa\"i of
Irlington company.
On Protested Note.
?i'he t etttton agaln i1 Ro a Zindel waa
Bled bj Malcolm Sundhelmer, attornej for
llobert Roy, |r., a credltor for 13,089 on a
not. of the .ompanj. dated July II and
payabl* on Auguat 5, which ahe Indoraed
and whlcb went to prote I lt waa allegod
thal she is Inaolvcnt, traneferred money
to rarloua credltora lo prefer them and
ou July '-'?'. gave an aaalgnmenl of rents
i<> the nmoiinl of |4,.<t the building al
So 871 Fourth avenue t,, vVllllam T.
Ilurdi Her llabllltlea won, eatlmated i:.
tne petition .<t 118,000 and aaaeta 16.000.
Mi Bundhelmer aald thi petition waa
ni. i to proteel ihe iewae -,f the building.
The Zindel Ifanufacturlng Oompanj araa
Incorporated on tuguet IS, 1808, wlth ?
<apit.il atock "f 1110,080, nnd purahaaed
the bualneaa ot the lat* Auguat Trenk
mann, who atarted it more than Bfty
yeara ago, and wh<. wt an eatate wport?
ed to be I7B8.888. The bualneaa then waa
, ni of the largeal ef ita kind ln thia ?*it>.
Roaa Zindel aad been Idmtffted wltb tba
bualneaa atnee 1177, and waa reported to
hav.- reoelved a aalary <>f 113,000 a year
from Mi Trankmann. When tho bualneaa
waa purchaeed for 1110,000 lt waa aald
tbal meal of tne money had come from
her aartnga. \ report of the company*a
tlnanclal condltlon of Decenibar 12, 1911,
ahowed aaaeta <>f 1499,981 nnd llablllttea
of f66,9Bl.
Park Sharpshgoter Shows Unerriug
Aiin in His Huntiug.
Flfty or more etraj d>.ira tn the park"
,?f Manhattan hav.- been ahot by the Park
Departmenl ahnrpahoot.T, Predeiick
Haeaater, during Ihe laat few weeka
i ln ihe month thnt the aharpehooter haa
been gunnlng for atray doga he haa ahot
an average >.f two a day,
Bome of tbe dOga ar.- known to have
been preylnK OO waterfnul in Central
1'nrk .ithetB war* vb-loiia atraja that
I lived ln tho uptow t." piuU*.
2,000 Braves, Under Leader
ship of C. W. Culkin, In
vade College Point.
| Some One Drove Off with Team
Later Recaptured, but He
Proved To Be a "Ringer"
-Even Umpires Happy.
Nol a mani aroman or chlld llvlng in
old Oreeaarleh Vliia^e ovaralept yeeti play
mornlng. Th,-y never do on that day ,.f
tha year; moetly b.-'-aus.- they want to be
up early an.i partly beeauae the martial
alra of aeveral banda of miiMc would
maka laU aleep out of the queetlon. Be*
aidea, avery loyal son and daugbter leavea
hi, early egll for that day. It la a gr?-at
o4*caalon In fi.- vtllage the outlng of tho
Tammany oi*ganl8?tlon of the Mti aeeeni
bly Dlattict. II tak-s a lot of nolae to
4vak>- up the old vlllege. and tha annual
Tammany outlng from thal dlatrlct is tha
hi< nolae.
Bo when two thouaand bravea aallled
forth from the clubheuae af No. M WTeet
Hth atreet the trtllagera Uned the curb
nnd aave them a great eend-off. At the
head "f the line merchod Charlea *V.
Culkin, Tammany leader of the dlatrlct,
(hu 1.. 1 by his HtafT and BCVeral othtr
leadera of tha organlaatlon. ^
The "bunch" boarded a ateamer af Weat
I.-;, Btreet, and, bavtng left all care at
home, thi vaaeel waa th*: only thiny,
about the whole arTah Tl
.?*t vlllai-er waa again a boy. And before
Kolng on to t4-ll what happanad al *?*''*?
?el'a pavlllon, College Polnt, L'-nn laland,
where the outing waa h,-ld. lt ahould ba
told that a was "a perfectly Culkin out?
ing." aa "T. R," would aag.
Before thlnga got fully atraightene.i
out. however, me pollca had a buey tlma
ting tha h." p from the goata, Tba
latter wara certaln peraona who "did not
belong," bui trled t-?. Captala Oallagher,
44 io commanda tha polli a at College
Polnt, had lacelved waralog that _ i,,t
,,r ? om i men would try *? conetituta
themaalvea membera In good atandlng and
"rlng ln." But thay dlda't?that la. they
tiie.i to, but thay got only aa far as th*
police bulkhead, and were atartei back
t.i Manhattan.
No Gambling Permitted.
? Charlla' Culkin haa made it a " ::**
tiiat ii nal i lera ba I r"
; uted to operate al hia o itlnga, and ba
wlll not stand for ht*. adhereata belng
? comlng from a "vUlaga," the lat
ter mual he doubly protected. Nol that
tha i ? ? waa naceaeary to attr CapUln
.; illagher t'? action.
I . not permll the thrae-*eard
monta man anl thi Bavan*up man t-. do
. ls. al anv tlma. _nd
i,,. captala ? on the grounda
bora blm I.I regulta yeaterday. Earlj
in tho day he made a round of tbe
. and ho apled a half tloaan men
44 ho wtre trytt'K tO conduct a ga_M or
.*."V.-rai gamea of chance.
Captain Oallagher made a m*h foi
thelr table, overturnlng it. ar>d then ea*
corled the gamblera to lha . :-'.t ol the
park. There he called two of hia i
,,i men and ha-l the Interlopera ?
up the duaty road und out <.f Collega
Polnt College Polnt, bj the way, i ona
buay place for a police captain m the
II apraclncl coverlng tw?ntyaojuara
mllea, the commander haa to uae * horae
,...d buggy to eover lt. Captain Oallagher
came ni r ha lng his horae nnd "rlg"
? -i -.. t r.l:<> ll.- had pul them m a
? ? . frounda a here the ou li |
V4.4C held an.i waa buay Inalde,
\ >>. injf nnn ,-anie along, ...,|..*'i over
the aevera oraea md bugglea iiandinu
ln the Bhed, and aeked "Whlch ls tii>>
it 44.-.-, polnted >.'it ti. him.
Then he Jumped Into anofhei and drove
awaj Me had nol gone far when there
waa a f*ry of "St.>p thli f!" ? ? a tl a eap
taln, attracted by the hubbub, ran oui
..n.I ordered ,.n?- >>f hia inounti .1 m< n to
i;., aft.-r the Btolan horaa an.i buggy
Team and Dnvjr Brouqht Back
I ,.y ? ,.',? bi" ib I back, a* waa tha
young man who took tbe ? landeatlne i Wi.
,,.. explained lt waa Juat a lltt:* latk,
but Captain Oallagher tecognized tha
playful young man and ua*.* him a free
. nd.. to tbe K'ation houae, where
hi *4.ia locked up t"r his "playfulneaj."
ii. i ,i rinkfer here," aald Captain Oal?
lagher, and he added "I came near los
own 'ri* " it certalnly w;i? a
bua) day for aptain dolng duty
*. College Polnl
i; it io i.ii ..: the outlng waa t*,.n
,.,,. i ii -,... i.t off wlthout a hlt. h or
"holler" N"t an umplre was kllled in
thu eeveral ball gomn played, and lha
declaiona of the Judgea In thi racea ln field
and "u rtver were accepted aithoul ahaI*
The whole aflair wa.? ao enttrely "on
tha level" that there was nothlng to do
ln a profoaatonal way, even for "Cbatile'
rn,.st.in.. counael for tba Btati i.\i-??
Commlaaloner, who has baaa halplng to
pul a quletua >>n th>* all*nlght oabareta ln
Manhattan He was then', and he >-n
j,,4,,l thi Inl.nt way the "vlllng.rs"
amuaed themaeh
i if couree, Deputy SherlfT ".Taek" Oll*
more waa there, for he "belonga," nn.i ha
Introduced all his frtenda t.> "Hiiiy" Need
j ham aVnd "Mlka" Crulae, a Tamm.iny
dl trtel '.-"I' r, who has pot been a daputy
[ aherlfl in 144" and one*half yeara, came
in a touring car, Atdermen nmi Aaaem
i,i% iii.n were numeroaa
There waa n.> polltloa dl'<cuased. That
was by mutual agreirment, and th,< nam..
of VVllaon, whlle it waa meatloeed *?*?***?
eral ttmen, dld not apply to the. i>.-iii>.
cratlc candidate for Prealdent
The only Wllaon button aeea at the aat.
lng waa worn by a n-porter for u Ke
publlcan newepaper.
When the "vtllagere" got home tn the
evening there wai another parada, i.i.k
to tha clubhoUee, ami the district waa
abtaaa wit h Breworka
One Mother Goes So Far aa to Com
plain to the Supervisor.
Preaenl feet?a of.ree*ro*Ulon in the park
playgroumla are dleaattrO?8 to youthful
trouaera, Baeordlag le an Baat 8i,io
mother. who proteated to piaysroaad at
i,ndaata yeaterday beea?aa her two boya
had w.irn oui aeveral palrs of troua,j-H
Bince school cloaad
\\ llliain .1. Loe, b_pervlaor of reoreatlon.
aaid that "ahootlng the ChUt?B*1 waa per
hapa Ihe aaita ef many a mother ln thla
ultv, a.-i that form of diveiaiou, ona of the
moat poptilar at the playirrounda, wi?
"death on trous.-rri."
"I haveait Been an unpatehed palr of
Ireaaaara on a piaysrround in a BkontV
aald tho dlrector. "But Bfboa the j-ounir.
aters tiaed to p* rform on liorlzontal 1 ara
they ripped th.-lr a|i|.uir. 1 ln woree fnahtorj
that they do now."
Infant Born to Woman After
Horses Run Her Down.
Mrs. l>na Bchata, of N'o. 1301 Ka-.?
New Tork B^venue, Raal New Fork, saveri
ihe Itvee of aeveral ehlldren, ineiuding
two of her own, yeaterday aft.-rn.jon.
when a team of rtmaway horaes ap.
peared ln tho Btreel where the ehlldren
were at play. Her exertlone and barta
that "he racetved cauaed the ileath of a
chlld ahe had .-xpeeted. and may alao re
auk fatally for her.
Wlth the horres les* than half
from the erowd of filglitonag cbtMraa,
Mra. Bebata raa amonK them nnd pusha-i
them out ef harm'a way. Bhe araa aat
Hble, h.-wever. to get BUt of tha Was B|
the team h.-rself and was knocked doea
and run over. One llttle glrl, hla Leder
<?-'ii, who llvea in ihe houae artth Mrs
Bchata. waa badly burt
Tiie doctora wanted to take Mra. Sr-hatz
ln the ambulance, bui ahe ?al<l s!,o pre?
ferred '" remain ar home arith
i dren. The btrth of rhe dead rhfld took
piai;< at, hour after the accld. ni
$13 standa oul atrong to
It"s the prioe uliich all our
men'a two-piece suits now
The majority were from $2_,
to S'W so the average saving
on the whole 8105 is over s7
Flannela, l^omeaptina and
All si/.ts.
S'jo and $85 are in Ihe
background to-day, but there's
Bome mighty luadona picking
at thoae pricea among tbe]
three-piece Summer mixture
RoGEia Pert Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at af
Warren St. 13th St. 34th Sf.
The long. pointed collar worn
outside the vest found only in
our Rrd-Man.
A*k foi Red-Man.
CRITERION1 v Tal -J. ?'?
ki i im n "i?< Baa." rKt.E'3ttAM.
la \ v
I>:\II In II
The Oirl From Montmartre
f?l DDC ' " ?'? f A K ra h I ! V ll XV ?'
ULUDt h i P i
Holtorfa VYednrad .? aad -uinnia..
ItMl KKKIKM KI IH, Bw_ -? ' -t.
M\r MO>'?\> Ml.llT ????,??? |,. .I.i'
THK DBJ KOVKN iH'Mt \ inuriM la
lireul < u-t of ..irtiul Opeta *>li'r
GAIETY N'*2_,.^ ' '"
tWeiT4l??WCEB GM
hk.ivmm. nf.xt ?.iM?4i ViiLtL
Braadwu Th ,.-of.41*l Bi \'_" ? , . , Y
Produ. Hon,
iaTi r
Wliiiim ,'li,.r> (,....e,l..4,M r
mM4.IIH?N HI Al II l'\?K.
Titm. r ,",'?... **t. ?n,l *.m- NiaMa at 8.98.
A.lmUalor. >.V.; l.mnd St.n Me.
?->,,-.-'.il ,\urHh? traln B*rvlC? .m II K '_
fr..,? MoioX.me ?o ?^r* a?9ai after taefe
pcriforni-rur* _..
IcIAWA Biggest
? UVliWShow on Eari
lil HJHSIiow on Earth
\V. 130th Bt.
I ii arjuj To-nlfrrt.
r.linoie A Sim 8ftll?
l.rna. ,lo?. Howard A Maba
UnJOn Sl|. i4th*jt. lMe<_-nVethaT r/ly llata.89.
5M> Al/C " vv NY AIRutli Chattertea ft" Co-..
III Af C. - ai FannvHrlr^.Mlii'r.-aCof-i
Mta.88e.BJ> 2o,.-91l*r4l?l*&ia4i*.Whlt%(??^4W

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