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.?iarrati-.es that ar<? now leaehbig thi
proeooutor'a 4urn polnt to stiii further
lf eaa agaJnal pollca offlclala
v. ho havo not yel been even rumored
to'ba ln the "ring."
On thla pbaaa of the altuatlon Mr.
Whitman made no aecret of the fact
thut Mcorcs of pi-srpectlve wltr*
hn*e called upoa bbn an-i made Btato
mentg whoee nsmes he has kept eecret
brx-aus*- Of their fear Of pollca intimida
tloa or persecution. The Dlatii' t Al
lorney has had one experience of dca'
lng wlth a tn;m who was afrnid the
?'system" vould "get him" in th-^ caae
.f Roaenthal and he doeg not purnos >
to take, any chancea with future wii
bi .'re?.
T*WO of th- witnes*-'*'- who will offer
?' irther coiToboratlon of Roee'a Btorj
of hia l-tlations with Becker wlll ap
pear before the prand jury to-d-.iy. Mrs.
Koee will testlfy later. but two ser
vanta in the Roaje ostablishment lf.
JlOUi Btreet who told th.- Dlatrkt At*
> that iliey wltneaaed tho passin**;
over of graft collectlcn money from
Roae t<> Becker and heard the accom
panylng converaatlon will be witnesaea
Tho Burns detectivea a*ho have beer
orking on the caae were able to re
rd_f that they had found
i :??.?!', i>. th.- form i.f telephone com?
pany record.*. of each of the tele
I'liont: 4-alls ineriti .ii.-il b; Roae a"*
havlng been exchanged i.etween him*
r'lf and Becker from th,- time of the
murder untll Roae gave himself np
Police Headquartere. This Includee
the call dlrectly after the murder,
when Roae went t<> the telephone
th in the baseiin-ni of the Tini-'s
l.uilding to nottfy lieeker thal Ttisr!:
thal had been bllled, the call later that
mornlng from the Lafayette Batha and
tho soveral communlcatlona bett
tl:cin al'tc- Roae had retreoted to Tol
lok's houae,
?Wbltie." Lewlg. "DagO Frank' Circ
titi. "Lefty Lonle*' and Harr\ Horo
wltr. alias "Olb the- Blood," wlll proha
?!>? be Indlcted hy th.. urand Jury to
day, Tiu flrat two named are under
? it diarg.-d with the murder, Tele
grapblc reporta from varlous points ln
I'ennsylvanta, New York an.i aome of
the New England states place the other
two ln those different aectlona
District Attorney Whitman let it he
known yesterday tiiat in bo far as
> oncerna the names of tho wltnef-ses
who will furnlab the aftual Identlflca
tlon of the four named us the princi
pal gunmeu of the Roaenthal murder
he haa not diacloeexl hia hand to anv ?
one. Flve cltizens whoee names bave
not yet been mentloned in the case and
who have no connoction with the men
? oncemed ln lt have told tr.ejr atorlee
to Mr. Whitman and grven him satis
factory assuranees that they can lden
lifv the men who flrd the nhots thut
jkllled Rotenthal. Flrom srhal J**- b;|S
heard fram tbeae arltneeaea the '-'1S
trlcl Attorney is cravinced thal many
Ipatrolmen arho are n..i in <-m> 4%..
j 4-onnrH-ted wlth the ring whlcb migtal
jhavc an intero-t ln s-r ing Kosenthal
done away arith dld neviertheleaa aup
ply ini?i'>n.:'.iiic Informatlog) erIUi rafard
! rn the murder and the eacape of tbe
' murdereri.
sonif of these wltnssaea hav,- t.od
I Mr. Whitman that a nian anewering
I tho daacriptlon "f "Jn<k" Sullivan was
1 ln the gray automobile when it whhasd
jaa-ay from Ibe Metropoie, and thip. In
! epite o< the fart thal Sullivan di.i bend
over Roaenthal's body. ?"d (li(l ns'"
hlm, "Who did lt. Hyrni.'."'
Th.'?o wltneaaee are perfectly wl
to do tlKir duty and tako the staml
whon called upon to do ao. l>nt do not
belleve thi y ahould be exposed to what
they ragard ns a very renl dangor by
having their names dipcioscd pre-,
Apnrt froin those a.idltional wltn*
to the murder, Mr. Whitman haa ro- 1
celved slmllar eorroboratlon of the
grafl ehargea agalnal Becker embodled
I in Roee'a atatement liose sont down
; to the District Attorney yeatetday. by
bia brother, Moe Roae. a letter in which
! Ik- gave additional namea ..mi addn
' ??{ "protected" gamblers.
The lame raeaeenger broughl tvord
1 to Mr. Whitman tha; "Brldfle" Weber
would Bupply abundani rorrobora!
for Rose'a story. *" *?" n* tr>u ? rt?ry
of hla own which will Implicate an in
8pe< t..r who ls said to be a? deeply In?
volved In grafl aa Becker. [n hla letter
to Mr. Whitman yeaterday Rose said
hla memory had '??-n refreahed by a
talk with Weber, who was wllling to
aid ln everj way posalbie ni laying bare
all the evidence of grafl with which h'?<
had come in contact
Becker'.i ronnc-ctiou wlth Ros.? will
be abeolutely proved before the grand
jury to-day, it was aald. Mr. Whitman
aatisfled of thla after yasterday'a
developmenta, and the Inrbrmatton aup
plied by tho two gamblera win then be
tumed over to the Burna detectlvea ior
further eorroboratlon.
When Mr. Mdntyre's atatemenl waa
repeatad to Mr. Whitman last night
th?> Distriot Attorney. asko.I b> i-"m
mont upon ir, said:
? "The evidence in thr- oj?e of tho l'o-i
1 ple ngiiinsi Becker fully Juatifled nn in
jdictmeni fi?r nnirdor ln tlio firsi da
Igrec. He if entltled to every doubt,
1 Ho musl be proved gullty. it ls his
righi and the publllc shonlrl guapend
I jiidfijin'-nt. and I bope thoy wllL
f "Vo man eoutd bo morr anxioug than
jl am to s<o hlm eatabliah bia Innocence,
j lf he ls Innocent. Bui ' belleve ho |g
; gullty."
Mr. Whitman added h< was giml that
Becker had retained Mr. Mclntyre aa
| hia counsel, 80 that his intereurs would
i bo fully protected.
Tha men mentioned in Jack" Rose'a
onfeaalon aa tho two fRmblera who
had been dolng buslness in WllUams
>urg for flfteen yeara. and who had
1 ren thr^e Umaa rp'.ded by one <.f Ul l
tenent liecke:-** "atrong arm" aquada,
.'.though no eonvlction was r rer se
;_red agaii.st them. were Beid ln Wlll
lamaburg laet night to be Charlea Ain*
? le',; and hia brother "Dorse." The
house, wblcb was raidwd by Becker's
men, was a: No. 111 South <"Hh street.
R.se's etory alleged that after the
flrat rald the gamblers "came n/r"---"
arttb protection money and set foi-th
that Patrolman Foy, one of the raiding
_-l. cfterward teatifled ln curt that
U8 wafl unable to Identlfy the man
hgalnat whom hc had Bacured the v.ar
;ant on aoooant of tba great llkeaeaa
..utween the two brotl ere.
.vinwlck w-nt to WUllamaburg about
lifteen * eara ago and?ao the gossi.,
ruma?opened a gambling house an 1
poolroora lu partnershlp wlth a man
known aa "Dlck" Brown, who waa a
v>ookmaker at the races and had the
reputatlon of belng somewhat of a
plunger. Eix yeara ago Brown lost
practlcally all his money at the races
and Alnwlck is reporttsd to have broken
wlth him.
For aome lime after that Alrmlck 5s
reported to hava conducted a gambling
house together with his brother, who.
lt is aaid. had only a small lnterest and
?was re.illv ij,ot?- or g ,??u.er than *
partr.fir. Tn 1110 Charlss Alnwlel eam<
over io t;-,o Hesper <"iub. in Becond
nue. near 11th atreet. and i?? uld to
hava gone lur., partnarshlp with
! nn n Roaenthal. tlawlck'a ei.ie of the.
j bualr.oot. v:ent poorly and it was aeaert
? o<l by thoae arho f-ay they knov. that
he loel about 1100,084) ls g|g months.
Diaaattoflad w ifji hia partnerahlp with
j the proprietor of '.be Hesrer ?""-i!-?. he
! returned to Wiliiamsbirg, where, it Is
I decleixd, he Rgain oj?eiied the plaoe
j which he is said atlll to eonduct Sim-e
i then, AInwick ls report*d to have eon
| dUCtad a thnvlng baasttaSSS ln Long Ial
; and real estate, and to have. made a
I fortune of 1290.000 in that alone aside
; fro:n BUCh proflts ar. Um gRmblin*;
houa r be is said to run bring in.
It WSs Alnwfck'a break v.ith Ro'tr.
j thal which angerrd tho latter, end. ac
cording to Roae, made him go to lAon
j tonant Becker wltb the atory that
there were two gainblora in Wllliania
! burg from whom a. little "easy monej-"
might be collected. The raids followed
ar.d then, according to Roae, after no
convlctlona had b*on aerured, he we*
?nabled to collect $800 protectlon
money, which h? aeaerte he handed
over to the pollce lleutenant who ia
now under arreat
For tho laet three daya Charlea Ain
\vir-k anrl hli> brother have not been
seen about the'r customarv haunt*
Jolin F. atalatyre, ehlef r-ounsal for
Uoutenant Charlea Becker, waa emphaUc
>e_te/dar tn saylng that hia client would
be aocj-ltted at hia trlal- Ile declared that
Becker atood alone. so far aa hia defence
v. aa conoarned, and Ihat no man, or body
af men, hlgh*r up w?b Intereeted ln hia
defenoe, He aaid that when B*cker*a
story carrne o'Jt lt would ahow that he had
been tha rletlm of a dlabollcal plot. The
r-rlioner'a lawyer Intimated that there
were other heada to knock bealdes Beck
er'a. and that no quarter would be Bbawn
any of the peraona who wer* ln the plot
' to get" Becker.
Mr. Mclntyre d*nled. however, that hl*
? Ilent had any Intentlon of making a
*tatem*nt to Dlatrlct Attornty Whitman
He aald that Becker would iro to trlal
wlthout any fear of the outcome, and
would atand wholly nn the Baetita of hln
own caae to oonvlnce a Jury of hia lnno
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appetlnng anddigestible with
thi oaiainai woaciaTiaaMiac
Flah. bamr, Skwi, M-ake,and
alloutluf di?he3iinpr*,'*"d bfiUu*?.
An Apptttzar
?'oti* tn >c*x'i Sot**, AaeaU. S. 1.
ecnce of tn* aeslsua . natger biougOt
ugairibt him.
Asked if he thought Becker eoulrt g?t
a fair trial in thla county, Mr. Melntyr*
*ald he had no idea at. thls ttm* of aal<
i'lrr tor a change of venue.
"W'e will have a cloar cut defene* which
I thlnk will oonvlnce any Jury when th*
tlme corrxss to present tt," *atd Mr Mc?
lntyre, "hut I bav* not gon* Into the
aaaa for aaough rei to outhn* ?ui de
fer;r*e or say what moves wc may mako
in the futur*. I have koii<- far eno<lgha
i however. to know that Beeker i* the vi -
j tlm of a dlabollcal plol and that tl-c t'.s
timony that has been glven agalnat hlm
I la flendlsh, and perjury of the blackest
klnd. 1 eay that without any reflectloa i?0
the PIstrlot Attorney. JJeoker 1>hk h. c-n
lafrHaagly attacketj, and i latend to
abew up tho mon who bavi perj 'red
Ihemeelvea nrainxt him. and brlng oul
tiie truth. We don't cara who it tna) hit.
"Herker never got J6>X?/?X>, oi anv lltheS
surn. a* protectlon money from the gam
blers. There ls no police fund raised for
his defence, and he I in no may Impll
cated IS any pollce V.vstem.' We will
Itave abaolute proof of all thai at th*
trial We will ho gble to sniuah tha t"-r
I Jorad atoviea of tha gambte* iwlsoaera
who sre alleged te aava maak fesetfse*
I *ions' liiiflitaiiiii Beeker ln that rasptct,
[ There is not a nolntllla of truth ln tho
etatetnerita of these mon. Whatcver other
evidenrc there may h* agalnat leckOI will
b. ovcrcome i.y tba Cacla arhen they are
bp.ught out."
Tbe dafendenfa eounsel laiiajbed ut tba
r.port that be had reeelvetl a retalner
Ot QMSIj and would g^t $100/00 if he
1 Ut acqulttlng hi* .licni He
?al'l that any fee he may haa-e been
arosslssd aaa ecjMMetBM) i-*s than
fjffff Tiie cabe would br- flnanced en
tin 13 by Becker aad rnembera ef his
famlly, the laa yer aaid.
??Ara n,-t eoine <>f Beeber*a ttienda wlll
lng and rraay t" put up naoney for hi*
defeace, lf he aetoia ItT" Mr. Melatyre
WBK RHk*i-(l.
?'Becker la aol Iooklng io an* would-ba
Ifrlendly Bdvlaara for ftnanelal or moral
.aasietancc la thla Rtatter," Mr. Ifclntyra
:-ai.i empha-caUy. "He ra perfectly abie
to ataad on his own l*?s, tbOUgh lt m;,y
ba b caaa of -*ead*ag an boi.na alaa'a
1 toe.-."
"Cgn'l >oti Kive *-onie iilen of tiie aat*
' nre of the defeaee you Intend (?. pn enl
' ln Becker'i ?. ? .
| "it Ih too early to <io thal no ?-. for i
lhave not had an opportunlty to tn.k
mattera ovei at any greal length wlth
Becker, but i may have aomethtng lo
aay about it l?t--r on."
??Do you belli vi thal aome .me hl
up ls more reaponalble for the preaenl
I i*ollce aeandal than Becker?"
"There la no one hlgher up who haa ?
propt r interest In Bccker'a defenose, thal
1m .*ure. Becker la not gutlty of tha
i larB.-f made agalnal him aiih regard
to Roaenthal'a death or to graft." aald
l<ecker's counael. "We hava RO fcar of
the outcome. \\v. wlll aogah* Becker."
l'.-ii,. i Attorney Wbitnu?I rerclved m
formatlon !a.ct arght that "iam" Beheppa,
wanted on ;t chargl of murder in i ?
Roaaathiil caaa and reported to hava been
Ihe paymaater of th* aaaaaBlna, went lo
Uaotanaal Chertea Beeaer*a iiom- lma*e*
dlately after tha crlme and reraalned ln
Udlng there for two daya wbea Becker
told him to make his eeoai i ?
n waa aald that Beheppa left Beeher'a
houge at 10 uii'. I; oa Tbureday niornliiK- |
lt will be remembered thal tbal waa thej
hour tbat Roae lefl Pollok'a home. ln
Rlverakli Drive, where he had been btd
Ing *-in" thi murdi r, to go lo Po|l< ? i
llaadquartira to aurrendei himaelf, par*
auant to Inatruetlona >; Roaa deelerei
from Ueuteaanl Becker. Al the aama
hour, Beheppa " ls "aid. waa told n> i
Beeki r te .< I oui of the dty.
beheppa Imtnedlately after the murdei
went to the Tlmea Bquare aubway atatloa,
Blmoal wlthin tba ahadow ol the Bcene of
the alaylns Aa he walked its: the lele- :
phona i.I rool "f t1."* atalra i ;
f -w fael from th< tl< k< l i ooth, he * ia
"Jack" Roae, who waa then telepltonlng
t ... ,,, . - i> death to Ueul ?
iiiit Ba ki ?
ajecerdlna to i ie iton rel iti to Mr.
Whitman, - boarded a dewntown
train and allghted at Ihe Orai ? Cenl
BUtlen, when he tooV an uptown Bi
way Iraln to ihi ISStli itre. t sfa "
r-achl .i.- ?? iMth al
iiii.i BdR.m'-s i ':"'" ?'*'"'?'
ife -'? ...
that day-a
after i i 'ck e\ In M e afti rnooi
? ????i.. whi '??
met Jacob .? R<
-i i i, and latar !.e wei to
...... Sevenl
he m*4 "Ia fl Louie,
"Olb '. ? Blo ??' ?? "Wlillio" i ?
an i pa
Latei ? refrw
llelch, and il i ald tl al I
taaant Be* kei that
. <*? to Po
i nig] ?. !? : said, and wai th R
r ? B*
Blled and had R i - i l
fkmeypa went there al Beckel'a
gaa-on, 11 I allaged, and the rl I
who waa analoua for h afety.
la aald to have been told
lieutenant to raaaBure Roaa thi I
thln* WOUld tur.-i OUl ali i'
m*. r Roaa ? rigned th** atl
went to an nptown n ? I
-,1,1 ,,. ? a ?? Beeker,
that r ? ?"
alleged, i- ? v Itb i'-- -?
, ? ? th* retnalndi ?
of the olghl th* ra
nd aga
igatn lhal nl| il
turned to Beeh I
v tnv y waa Infonned.
t:.- next tnarnlug, aa he wi
thu ae_ae. Becker la reported lo bar*
ta blm:
? ?*-.- ?... r. -e wlll give hti
nternlng, aad aa aldp th* loa i untll
?rrerythlag blewa over. T*H l'- ? avei
thlaa wlll ba all rlght and aot lo worry "
s, i. ;,;,. irenl i . Pollok'a bo -?
from bla bldlng place, and a?mmpajued
Roae oui of tbe beuw oa Ro a'a trip te
Pollee Headejuartara
Tbat >**a~ the laat aaj ana ?
wbe haa told aaw ef S. hepra
After hearing argum*nta on th* mr?
tlona to dlinilie th* Indletment for mur?
der in the nrat cegree airain't Ueutenaat
Charlea Baeker, Judge Mulquivn, tn Part
II of Oeneral Resalona, ye-*tt*rday re**rN,yl I
d*iClalon. Th* e&me, aetlon nu taken 8R
the motlon to grtnt eejtnaaal for th* de
fenee leava to ln*i>*ut the grand jury
Wheu couns*l ou i^oth aMea liad flnlahed
thelr argumentlI Judge Alulgueen asked
ii ?t brlefa i*t> submitted on Mimday. Ha
promlsad to raader a ileulalun early In the
Dlatriot Attorney Wh1_?_R appoawed on I
hehalf of thi peopl*, whlle lehfl W. Hart, \
Lloyd Stryker and George W. WhUaalia
arguod for th* dlsml*aa| of th* indlct- ,
ment and for perrnlialon to aag thu grand
Jury' iiilnute.a
Becker eacaped tha ordeal of going m
oourt, end the erowii i?n hand waa dlaap
polntr*d when the aeetmed pollcemaii waa
not brouglit in.
Th* proreedlng*, purel*- formal. opened
wiih Ihe atrvic* of a copy of an afll-lavlt
made by Mr. WhtteeJde OR the Dlatrlct |
Attorney. Mr. Haii read the aflidavii,
whlch was tlmt Ueorge C Pennell, OM of |
tho frand Juiors who fonm! tba ladlct*
hrhM againct Beeker, was not preaenl on
proviou* daya whea toattaaaay b4ai1naj oa ;
the ea*e wus taken.
In reply te tbal Mr. Whttman raid It
was abaurd to thlnk thut a grand juror
ahould be praacnt at every S4-n.*!on. Tha
only polnt at l**ue, ba laid. wa*i 4v|iiithor
* quaauaa waa present when tbe Indlct*
m?nt waa raturned, n? prot?.*ttc-d agalnat
the lnnpeetion of the graad Jury mlnut as.
"i vlajareualy objeei to an inapectlon of
the grand Jury mlnutea by a mnn who. lt
ls charged. Waa ?sir.clated tv]th etberi ln
the BonR_??taa of th* i,i,*m eaagardly and
moat notorion*. ailaaa ever ommitted in
thi*. count]."
Mr. Htryker then 8-draRRJd the egurt,
ii bcing hi* taah te set forth the aoatea*
tlons of th" defaaea ea whleh van h.-iaeri
the motlon le dlsmls*. ih- i]ect,*ired that
the flefeiire. beM that the Irnlictmtnt was
hase.i on evid?nee thal did aol conatltuta
legal pioof ard uas lnaurne|e,tit for the
eytabliihment of a prlnia farte caxc
After Judge Mulnueen told both *lde*
to aubmlt th.-lr niemoranda on or before i
Monday he ruled tl.at the pleadlng to thu
Indletment would r*> ndjourne,| lnd*fl
Tht ruling waa purely formal and mve*
ry iiiiii'ai.,-1 that Beeker would not be
aaked to plead antfl afier tha aeun h*<J
l'i i*il upon the motion
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. o more llian llfty ?
aa candld .??? f< I pll ' ol ? eunael
rho h*i bei rged upon hln
ave an tntep the I
11 m '.th^!- tl an tl a? ot brli -.ir.* oul al
. ??? arhi i iggaatoi
-.< -. ni I.. *?:. .>-.'? ?? 1 1 thHi
evtdmtly *.?:.t th ib be. mse oi
ti ?? irromtoence rhar they thlnk thej
. , -!?-? t al thi vork.
No DeciMon Re.iched.
.... i
? . .
. . : ??? lb!'
th.ii >!:?? man ara
aome i i ?> ? nol be< i
? -
"Vr.ll :
tal ?
|q :i ?-( < .
'.a . i.\.. i:.r.? tiie paal nnd j aenl
? . nai re*>
? r l, >.f ?
It *...? augl ? ?-.):.??
jr., chalrmaa <.f tha Repul lleaa ll iti
Commltt. < n..aht I ? o| pet ad to I
tion o( , i ? i taln man who
? Bg ? ' Id
. ? ? '? .
Curnie ? t' at In thi
? ?? i li r.tt...j, of a ? '? ti:- ln
: ?? .? od) ea th -. fl
of Mr Barttea or any,one ata* woul i havu
. ? thi allgl teel ar |ht Adi
taken ai to ii.v reooi ? . ? ? '
Ui thi ? Idence i'.-f<>
rh?- committee aill rMt ibelr owa man,
I K-,
regtrdli ? ? ? ay bi foi oi
I I h!m.
t! Another reporl thi ad lldei
.'ii tl at thr- Mayor haa be
itit in n ^'-ii'i r.i the Invee
II tlgallon becaua has lo.ik^'l int? th*
? i . ?! f.?" luaion thal
> the committee wilt nol be abi?< to acoom*
1 pHah much. A* t<> tiiat. Alderman ''urran
Msald Ihej expected to accompll*h ? i;r"Bt
- \ deal and betteved they had the power to
i go Into ii ?? wholi ?? atti l of ; "'!'-e a.imin
latratli n and alleged icraft a" ir had ne*0l
.-1 h-on non'' int'. before.
- ' r ndi thi D w thal ENetriei
, Utorney Jer<.: taeed the prow
? i ;:iriK otDeer of thi county can I'oree n
r ?? ameea io teeilfr befon t:.<- grand Jury
promlalng him Imm inlty. It la doubt
\ fui if tiir> aldennanl ? oommlttee ran thua
?|f..ne :i wllliaaS t" taatlfy bg arranglr.*:
i \-iili t;io EHatrlcl Attorney fbst he ahall
-1 not b' proaacutad la ? anaaderatlon of tr-.r
ormaUon and aaetetanee that he aaay
i v ?? able lo flre ln tha ?--? ? r.? t-al ln catJgav
' tlOU
Quaition of Immunity.
\.-. t i queetton tl.at ha* been r..<?
n" r.) whether the voiuntary te?timon>
r' of a arltneea before tbe connnlttoa would
. five hlm Imrnuniiv .from
'Man Curran fuiid he wa* ..ot In a
Mon ro dJacuea tr\o?? mattera. hut
r i they WOUld be looked Into wlth the ?rrc.it
' ? ? ? ,-tie. If U -.vaa found that cerlalr
r i'? Imoriv tbat wa* ([ea'.red could not fc*
iobtiatned i:nder the i>r?a*nt law, Alrtar
in.in Curran aald, be woum go be'or* the
l.^glal^.ture aa hooii a? lt oonreoed lr;
and r^k that th<- law be * ?
the con 'iltt^e the
k- ' m ??'?
"Then ? ? - Id ba -;,,arely
eglalatara He to wnether o>
I n?it they wanted to hampee our inq'iirj-."
It^ ka '-vl.tr:n from the way |n which
\ derm.'urran talked that h?- exp* ted
? igati for i ."'.ig Uma
When itarted, h? aalrl. he
? M <? aUghteet klea
No tlme biis yet been ?>t foi tl.e flrat
Ung "t the conimltir*. ThSTS ls llttle
ll ean de before a rouriaei ln ae
ini tbe ciialriiiaii tldnka It aoul.l
ba I ? tt. r t<> Mft th<? men rUKgested for
th?- place down t" Mve or au befon
in?; ti-.'- committee lo vote.
? i am conatantly ln to'ieh with the
membera <>' th* committi - * he r-aM
"gome of them hava been la t.? nee ma
,:,,| othera have talk. .1 to rnr- over
the t< k ptaone.''
\ eady ore* of lettera havi ???-?me m
froai varioua peraona ?lio pret. lul to ba
to 4-i\.- the committee murh ^uhinhlc
1 inforrnailon a* to . r.i.riitiona in tii^ l'ollc*
L*epartmeni Som. of them loofc rather
Wtll im UeAd.ihlsf <"? magistrat*.
waa a ked te dlsc iaa raatsrd i aaeec
tlona made b> ".lafi-'" Roae in hla de.
talled eonfeealona t" Dletrlcl Attorney
Whitman tbal Pollce Ua itanant He.-ker
had been ln th* hai.it <>f aelltng er da
atroying for h prlee warranta laeued by
tho chief rnagletrate for lha a:r ?
gambl re. Whlle he decllned tr. aapreea
ii,.. poaittre eprnloa tbal II would be Inv
pomlbli fei an] ana w txatka la war?
rantn ln the manaer ael feath bjr Hoae,
ho dea rlhed the d.-talN auiTOttndtng tha
HMHiance of warranta bjf blm. and M.lce.l
ti. ? oplnlon thal "1? method contalned
aufflelent ufeguarde for publie luetlea
?i hava |ual H"t bacli frsm niy vh ?>
tion. hpent rnnir eiAtaneo from ? rail?
road," Magiatrate MeAdoo aald, "and
know nollilng about thi* mntt.ir ? BeOpt
whal i have aeen in the newepaper*
Therafore, f?r the preaent I has*8 noth
uig te 8hv. what Ib the sss. anyway,
when every one ia taiklng'.'"
ir wuh polated out tiiat hoth the *trirt
urei ..ii ih* courta inade b) PPIloa ( om?
iiii.?;on<r W'aido lu hli publtS atat. in..-nt
md.i tbe saaerUona of Rose ln regard to
COITUBt UM m*<ie 8f ??riurita bad
brought thi.urta into the altuatlon in rv
way that the publlc woijl.l be #ape, lallv
Intereated in b^arlng dNru- ad
No Complaints of Miscarriage.
Well. ina.vhe I might lo ??4 a word for
tiie inaglatrate* wlio almr* ">> \i- ? 89
io 0*9 "ftratlen with the poUoe." be ial '.
"Th? r,- iH-ver waa nriy roinplalnt tnado to
me *t to a nu.irarrlaiin of Ju^tlte in any
gambllng aSSS befera a nuiKlatrala. If
tbere haatbeen i 4>ouid hava iiiv??tisat.<i
proiuptly an.1 tlinrouglily. I h*\ 8 <?'
sersd Um BHAUtea ls srsn .'a-.. refstrsd
to hy Commlaeioner Wslda, and \4iu yo
sver tiiiiu earefully, i win i?c much *ur.
prlaeil If iinytliliig ln these gSSSS would
Juatlfy critiHMii of the maglatratea Indii
\ld<ially ST oolkctlvely."
The chief maglatral-r ua* then a-k.-.l to
,:.i'l.iln the nietliod lu which warrant*
WSfS lr.au.il liy hlm for the ua* of th*
raiiilng BfUadg wiu-n it waa nlannad to
bfSSjh Int j any Bjlvsa sainNIng hou?a for
maklng arreat* an.1 nhtalning addltlonal
evldenre In the form ot ?*l8?d appa
"To prevent advanoa Infornv ?
i leakag* around couttroorns. ' he said.
j "moat of tha \varrante In gainbhng iai.ee
were iRtUBd hy me. Xo one other than
! Bgyaalf even la thi* OCaae saw the paper*.
?Th* polioa eflcera who obtain tha *vl
denco omn her. with complaints prop
srl- drawn and *'tting forth sufflcient
facta to ahew an lnt'raetlori of tha tat
tites wlth referenr-e to gamMtng. und lf
It Katl-.fle* Uie re,,uireir-,.nts ot law, as I*
my duty, i i**;ie .*. aanaatt. The rom
plaint ie put in a *eal*d *nv*t,,pe nnd
given wlth the warrant to the oltlcer. ad
4lr*?*e?l to th* RTBRar i ourt where it te
i? there anv ehaeb kept on the-e war
ranta ao that la eaa* any were -old or
dagtroyed and ne retnra made on thein
It would b*eeeaaa known to you?" he wnj)
Returnad if Un4x4cutad.
? IVhen the arrest t? made," he said,
?'the eereptalal ia Q*ed arlta tho court and
the <?*?* ent.-rcd ln the book* Ih all man?
ner ,>f cas,.h there ia- ? certaln percentag*
of varranla that remaln unextcuted be?
eauae the tV feinla;,ts cantiol b*. found. At
my r.',n,'-t, c.iinmlsHloner Waldo Isauod
an order that ull warmntsi ijnex-.-outcd
-I..11I1I Le returned to this oftlce on tho
flmt and MBaaath of the month. if w
uny BRge, _amhhng or oth*r, an offlcer
Bbetald preaent fai-ta to aaa ahowlng thal
if it 44a*. contlnued lie could fUid the de
fi-itdenib nuijitd thereln, I would extend
ii.,- tlmt: for the execmion of tho war*
"Are thero any mn.li contlnued war
i.uit.s aageaaURted for, erpeclally any lg*
. i-l lo Beeber or a member af ab
Tb8 Bhlgf iu.iriutru.io >aid thut th* que*
llon led to ilet&ils that )i_ would not dJa
cut*s. lt waa said by one famlllar wjth
Ui- office that It waa h|s practice to have
perlodlcal clearancca of all outatandlng
warranta to atcertaln what had becomo
of them all. chccklng up Iho recorda In
all th-, courta wlth a achedul* he k*pt
hlmielf of warrant.1 laaued by him.
li- waa a*k?d yesterday if h* coneld
*r?<l that tho preaont allogatlou* of Roae
.-alled for an immcdiat,* clearanee to ie*
v.hether Hiiy warianta had heeu iniaied,
but ha refuied to dlicuia that nt presant
Special Sessions Jufctices Acquit Three of
"SanT Paul's Men, but Convict Two
Others Taken in Another Raid.
Thera was an example ln Special Be*
rdona yesterday, before Justlccs Ifclni "
ney, Mobs and Korker. of tha rilKtir.? -
tion the court- makr between evidence
in<l lack of evidence In gambllni,' i 9 ?
Two ralds made on a reeort said to be
owned by "8am" Paul. were to be dia
peeed >.i by tho justlcea. Tbe lir^t tas?
... ulted In tbe diacharge of tiie three naaei
trreated. The two arrested In the aecond
rald were eoniricted and remanded f..r
The flrat rald ?ai made fc*/ Iiiepector
I'ahalane'a men. The dctective waa not
in tiie room where he thought bete wore
belng made, and aaw no money pasa, nor
4.1* he able to BWear that there was bet
tlng on horae*. althougS hc had that Im
pre Blon. Tn thr- aecond rai.J, which was
b>- Lleutenant Beeker. a detepttra
BWore that he was ln the room and bad
madi beta on eertaln horaes witb tha men
arrested. A rald made before cither of
the two caeea trled :? iterday waa aoder
the dlrection of l.lr-ntenant Danlel Coetl
asn. "the honeel cop," nnd reaulted ln tha
eonvlctlon of alx men. who were flned *"'1
The coiirtroom was crowd'-d with ?tp'
tatOfS, nnd "Sam" Pn:l hlmsclf was s?en
near the doorway of the Criminal Courta
riuildlng. Whlle be waa waitlng ti-.erc t<
hear the rcsnlt of the trlals he waa s^rvM
wlth a aubpoMi - ? appear ? ? the
grei d Jury to-day.
Beveral othrr gamMIng easea which!
were on tha celender yesterday were
roatpon^d for varlo'ia rca^ona.
Fiqht for Deley
Both Edward Carpd and Loula Bpl
the attorneya ln th? m*o<i tt led, ? ? re ana* i
loaa ?o get ari adjournment They %4 *ro\
ed by Jamea E. Smlth, ihe Aa
? I >: rtrict Attorney.
"I thlnk thal theae raara ahould be
trir.l irmnediatHy." aald Mr. Smltli. ,*Cotn
iniislon.T Waldo has lsaued aereral atate
menta reeenlly aayfag that the proprletor
? ?f the plaoe where these men were ar-J
ed la the moel notorlou rlolator ofj
' iw in thla city, In elew <-f tblg fact,
I eee no reason for JTHJT in tbeao case6."
Thr r.rat caae r.as that of John Acker
inun, Max Coh?n and Arthui lloora 1' ?
Bre Thoeaae 7'. T.illi-4 waj thr- com-j
plalnant airainat them. Roth ralds were j
mada al v>. IM i.a-<r utb Btreet.
LUlla said that -?n May B he 4vaa on tiie !
roof of B nearby building, wh': l ?? 8
could look through the ekylight Into the
room at No. Ili j;n..r | rth atreet, a
? three men were am rted T'yr- araa
a erowd of men ln the room, he *aid. arrl
r?\"rai blgckboarda 'r;-e three arreated
apparantly were employea, one atandlng
;>r th* door. uhiie the others were at th* :
n? h i of the men in the crdwd
? :t: "Flre doilara on M. Kearnr-. ?
win at Electrlo I'ark, Maryland. fom* I
of the erowd, he *ald. were engaged ln i
*r.ooting craps.
"Were tl a rr.< t, throwlng dfee arreetr<17" >
asked Ju*t!e? Moea
"Ko," aaid UUIl
Juetice Melnerney ordered thal pa
t!,? teatimr.ny stneken out.
"All you know, then." conlinued i ?
tloa Meee, "ia that you baard a man
ahout 'Flre dollars on I-.- ?:??? 10 44 ln""
? Thal i - ild Ullla.
' ? -.. v ?
the man want-d r
? X ?
"Thera la notblng to -...^s tl
v.a* gjig horae race ai au," aald ?' H
Molnerney, "T ?? record ahowa merelj
tbal there w*u> a crewd and soverai biack
bsaials aud that eorne one sliouted. Thi ra
la a way le ahow that hSgSSS ran nnd
ix<ta were made Tbal has not heen
lone "
"Th? word 'hor?*' im nor eoed OB00."
nterjerr,>d Justlci; Mo'l
?lt you want to get atajeence/' said
M ilnernei. "you ean aend aome
? ne In t<J get Ir. i may be mon,!;. i
rtneed tiiat g.-imhiing waa golng on there,
i>ut that i? not legal evidence, nnd i am
fi - ai .jiilttal."
Hi* two as.ooclatee ngr*. d arttll him, nnd
[be three men were .iis-hargcd.
Thr; defendanta In the secor.d cas* mttt
David Levlne and Iforria rjolden. H*r
man Sehwartz, formerly a detei-tiv*. ^
Ueatenanl Beeker'a aquad, waa the con
pUUnaat Uautenant Becker was presoat
when the rald was made.
Bchwarta aald thal on July ?> he hai
bieii Bdmltted to the house. Thero wu
no trotiblr* ln setting ln. ho said. Thin
were ai,..>,t on.- hundred men th,?r*, -j,
aald, and aeveral blackboards. The m*rt
were i.ettinjr on the race* at Fort Erlt
j Canada. H.> went to a window g**!
j plaenl $10 on L?oo Tracy, a horse ln ua
ra- -e, and later bet another fto or,
) Mary Seribe. The defendanta, he *_d
took his moiiey,
Ua was rrnaa arambiBd by _o*j|a
"Where is I'ort i:rle*" he was asked
"Somewhere in Canada." waa the an
S? rr
"Don't you know that triera were no
'here ..;i tbat date?"
"I don't know lt."
I you know that on that dat* th*
j ra.-es were at W'indsor?"
"l don't know."
' Why did "rea bet RO?"
"I had that amount."
From Becker, He 8ava.
i "*4Vhere did you get ItT"
"From Lieutenant Bee'?.*r."
"Who suggestcd that you equanrltr *__)
| BJROUai of the taxpayara' money?"
"No one."
"To whom dtd the two m*n glvi tt*
I mor.oy?"
"I don't know "
? What w.*ro the ramea of the **dn*.*rrr
that rt ? .
"I don't remember."
"Tou were pieking io?er* anlyr
"Were yoa alone UlereT"
The motion te dismies lha complaial
waa dealed aad the iuatlcea w^r* tinarrl
mou* in ile.iaring tt\>- two m^n gidlty.
Mr. Bmlth aaked thut they be ran.a..j><;
uniii August 15 for aentemc*.
I tceoralng to lriformauon from offlclal
? soureee," aald Mr Bmlth, "thlrteen ralda
? reeently on placea r-onduci*d
i i alngle Iridlvidual. Oa May _? _.\
men arreated ln ".ij aame rc.-.rt were
[convicted here and lined W> each Th*
place haa been rjimlng for montha aa .?
poolroorn Thoae ?re only employea. If
they are Wllllng to tettii'y ak(?i!irt _
proptietor, alleged fo be a moat p?r
rtBtent idolator ... I'n-.iH*-, ^ thall en
taii i- aak oi clemeacy for t:-.*m."
Mr. Bplegel objected to Mr **mith'a r?
t larks, aa*lng thal I
cloaed for nime time am! that the pellei
ln charge there To rernand tii
tni ??- h* aald. Th.'
were remanded untll Auguat 15. Tha
i*_-_muui penalt) for i u i offane*. I
Jmnrlsonmenf for Ol Bad B fitl* Of
I ' _
Caught Cold Looking for Men Wanted
in Roeeuthal Case.
fcdward P, Baghaa, poii i ?.rupector
charge of the detectl>*a burea'i, who bM
Daputy ?'ommlssloner Doa?berty*i
rlght hand man in wor-lng on tba h-ata*
thal caaa, ts aerioualy ili at bJa r-om* at
? t. Brooklya. It waa *aW
bi home laat alght that h* wai a
pratty Btck man as B raault of overwork
and a hard cold. Ha i* cooflaH to nu
l__paetor Efughea went home frota Pa
Head ruoeday alghl lo bau
Dr. Thomaa A. Ifefjoldrlck, a
polloe aurgeon. waa called ln io attend th*
- , yeaterday. The pbyalclan cor.
Bidered tha condltlon of the crack detec
t:\., bo aettoua that h** lnimedJately ob
talm i i tralned mu-ae to take car* of
Dr. McCtoadrlet" made aeveial calli *t
the Uaghea her?e yeaterday and l?*t
night He nat.l that whlle his patieat waf
not ln lmme.iiiite dnnger. he WBI 1?1081'
. :.. i wltb ii aerioaa breakdown on ae*
eount of the atrata of bla reei nt work *'
He**?lq*_Brtera, and a 1 ad cold Whlch th*
Inapeetor had contracted ia the CaU?1?a
wlthin the last few dnya whlle directln.*'
the aaareh npgtata for "ttib the Bleaf
an-i "_e_tla Loula."
Satinwood for
Drawing Room and
THF, (lassie Gracc and Ele
gance of the Knglish Satin?
wood Furniture of the late XVITT
Century may be turned to excel
|ent advantage in fumishing the
modern home.
Among our Reproduetions of
the more noted examples of Hep
plewhite and Sheraton are single
pieees and eomplete sets of Satin?
wood inlaid or painted which will
give a toueh of agreeable rchne
Oicnt to the modern Drawing
Room or Boudoir.
rurniture (for
t m c o a r o aX t a
34 and 36 West 32d Street
Between hifth Ave. & Bioadwav
New York

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