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iReprcsentative Roddenbery De
nounces Tammany Hall and
Rosenthal Slayers in House.
neclares They Are Afraid to
Tackle Immigration Legis
lation on the Eve of a
National Campaign.
? , -i Th* Tribane Baroaa.
a/aeainston, Aug. 7.?In a trltriollc
wfch seJivered In th>- llou^e late to-dny.
ggajeaentative Roddenbery, a Oeorgjla
pernocrat. aaaailed ln tum Mayor Gay
?or ot Ne* Yorh, Tammany liu'.l. the
iayrrr ot Herman Rosenthal. Lleutena t
neckei. thi membere ol the Houae Rulea
raatfilltee and the Democratlc leadera
,v. -..-.. body who have prevented
Jij? eaaaideratlon at thla eeaalon of blils
rfftrlct Immlaratloa. He renouaced
, jious1 leaderahli "which carrlcs one
ggj eaa n ? ,;i and tum? to s-ek lo lead
m another the nexl." Mr. Roddenbery
MVed by tha Eternal God, I, Ior on--.
. ? .;t to aueh leaderehlp" In
nadudlng hi? bltier crltlclarn of the man
^r ir a-hicb the Democratlc Rulea Coi -
r.tf- ind Mr. Underwood oppoae the
aajjMeratlon of the linmifratlon bill
jla-.or Oaynor waa .?liaiaotTiztd ga "a
yi ef .. mayor," and the Qeoraia mem
w demanded tho eatri -ity ol
rh* la*' tor t;io-f ejullty ol the Rosenthal
Btjrder. Mr. Roddenbery said:
la ao- that steamalilp com?
aanle*. th" hipplna truat. thr. advoeate*
,.' ihe alde npen American door, the
"Gyp tbe Blood." the "Lefty Louie,"
inrk Rose and thoae oth*r a^sanelnn. who
for the prioe ot gambllng in the city of
K?a York will <ak4 human Ufe, that
e-ery Ina'rum"rtBl*tv that walks wlth
glory and pnde with human v*rmlr prc
tcata ag<in?t t>,r lMlllnghatn and Purnett
Mlle. end lhal '* sufBclenl tor ma.
Mr. tloldfesi* Interrupted to augseet
*::*t 'ne mer named by Mr. Roddenbery
? t".
Brougnt Shame on Empire State.
Th" faBowa I mentioned a mom^nt sajo
rrmy nol have be?-n abl? to read and wrlt*
when frat they PUt their feet on what J
aujrht to he (reeroen'a t-o\\ " anawered
Rodder'rerj. "They have come her- ?--n?! j
fbtain.-l the ir- efltl ol our institutions.
Dfn?e in their ignoranee. criminal In theli
hetrts. they have tak"n advantaer ol
?jaartunltlea of lurlng thr- unauapeotlns
mto their isambling dena in the midst of
ib# \nc.. of th" Tenderloln and in col
lulon wlth high officers of Tammany'*
Bjar?they have brougrhl ?hame anr'i <1N
ttr? on th? Kmplre Btate
Here Mr. Roddenbery ?nd Mr Gold
fee> had an extend*d eelloejuy regardlng
BJjMtacy ln G"org!a and in New Tork
.'ity. In anawer to Wr. GMdfogle Mr.
Roddenbery qnoted from Ma* or Oayn-t
i? IMIowa:
}0? ),a lha irdeat pollce altuatlon
k th* world i.< rieal with. We have the
-. ? forelsn popuiaMon of any city
imbei of ihem ara aeap n?
Rc^rrsentatlNf. Muray ;?f.ker) rhe
member if Mayor c.aynor fa
B*ad the llllterary test
I do not hnow." said Roddenbery:
'Cherlea Murphy la about the only man
tho ran tell yu."
Mr. tloldfogle chgracterir.ed thi* a* a
:,ort fair Matement. and Mr. Murray
uld that Mayor <;uynor opposed th" II
ahracy taa*.
"1 am golng to anawer that," aaKi
Roddenbery. "You take Tammany'? po?
litlcal roundera up of ward heelers and j
go into tl 8 elums and dlvee and corra! ,
'bi* degenerat", .-orruptlng. Uliterate j
rr.aaa thut "xtend* llke a pall o\er the j
?She uaailU'J and glve th*m the hallot
and you car. make alniOBt any Tammany
Mayor trercMe and be ln favor of any*
thluf. 1 do not d^'-jbt that Mayor "in- -
r.or *Utid* with Bauthern Kurope and
fcuthern Itnly and all Ihelr country
agalnat hli own COUBtxy. I do not
dojbt lt."
K?pr**tntative Murray a*k"<i Mr. Rod
<?rber> lf Mayor 0*UmoC wa* actlna; a*
Timmanj k Mayor when h" api^ilnted
"Msalandai Waldo to the head of the
Kaa Tork Follre Department.
"I am not peerted on those appolnt
ment*," answere<l Ro.idfnbery. "but if
v* sjada ?? bad a y>o of it aa h" dld ln
safcetias Becher, "! o wenl *n collualon
*i;h the tbievea he \? a hell of a poor
Donouncea Houae Leadera.
functure Mr. Roddenbery dl
tr??aerj ro denounce the Drmocratic lead
?? of the House for throttllng Immlgra
atm legi?lation. In 1910. he aaid, theae
**m* bemocratlc leader* had wrltt"n l.t
ttri blamlng Speaker Oannon and the
fWputiican Rulea <'ornniittee for pre
^tlng immigration leglblation, only to
4lopt the aame, or woree, tactica when
ll>e Democracy came Into control of the
R*presentativ" Rartholdt brougl.t the^
hdlgnant Georglan bark to tho anbject
?f the New York gamblera, aajlng:
"\ venture to say that every one nt
gamblera le a natlve American.
"They are mst s part of tbat crowd,"
said Roddenbery, who arknowledsied that
Immlprant* worth whlle eame from ;<i!
"lnstea.i of *_tdemnlng the itaUana and
j?*ws as rsce* i>e^ai)*e of Ihe crlme," per
altfted Repreaeatatlvc Curley, "does not
tt e cntlernan feel that the real Instl
gntor of the crlme, the person who pald
thr nioney for Its rommlsalon, is the o;ie
w'io should be condemned the nattve
'.'..i n Amerlean?*'
?ves. and if Tammany Haii dne*, ita
duty." ahouted Roddenbery, "she *? m pui
him in a felon'a Btrlped ault and hang
him by tha neck.
"I want to sav." Inteilected Repreaenta*
tive Calder, a RapuMleiin, "thal we
have a Republlcan Dlatrlcl Attorney in
the Clty ct Nea Tork. who, thank Ood,
wlll tak- good .are lo pul him and all
of hln aeaoctatei ln Jall."
And If your Republlcan Dlatrlcl At
torney ta aa alow ln putting him In Jall
b? your Republlcan parl haa beei In
paaslng Immlgratlon kcistatlon Bejker
wlll llv- a fre* man and dli a
death." said Repreaaatatlve Roddenbery.
Afraid of Immigration Legislation.
Th" luaty lunaed Oeorgian again tum-d
his verhal batteriea on thr- Houae Rulee
Commlttee, readlng letter.* from Its niem
bers, who declared aereral months ago
they were ln favor of immlgratlon leglala?
tlon. He '?hargrd the party leadera wlth
heir.g afraid to taeW* the queatlon en the
tve ef n natlonal campaign. and assertrd
Indlgnantl) tl al lual for ? nlea rather than
patrtotlara actuated them al the preaent.
Mr Roddenbery ask'-d the Houae nol to
conatrue hia ape. h aa a wholeaale * ra*
Bgalnet the Jew, the Itallan. the t*reek
and other racea that nn-.** glven Ua oan*
trv many good rttlian* bul rather aa a
proteal agalnal the rrlmlnal aliens and
t|... lr.-k of more stringent Immlgratlon
-i Bee now *hat thr New . m-k new*
papers, The Tribune. The Herald.* TM
T.mes.' Tbe World.' The Sun' and tbe
r*.t of them ln giaiina headllnee are aay*
lnK even- day that the clty is awamped
*a,th tbe allen problem. and eaiaxrlally th*
allen lnaane. crowdlng thelr hospital*. an-'
the metropolltan papers In New Vork are
fllled notoncea week. bul wellnlgb every
da, with declarnaUona Bhowlng th* coun
,? how tba influa of thla claaa of peopl*-.
nngua.ded, unreatrlcted, undlaaected. u
deatroylng the clty whoee power, whoee
growtb, whoee magtc and the wondcr of
whoa* many deve]orments are udmlrrd bj
trran country ln the irorld."
Senate Won't Agree to Abolish
Outlying Agencies.
Washington. Aug. 7. The flght to paaa
the $iv> <??.(?*?> penalon approprlatlon wn
was loat by one vote In tha Renat*
to-day, and tbe meaaura waa aenl back
to tbe Houae for further eonference.
After a rnotlon to agree to the Houae
amendment to abollah the 17 outlying
r^nslon agenclea had bean loat on a
tie vote. tbe ienate BgTeed, a to M. to
Btlck to ita demand that the penalon
nar-ncles be retalned. _,__,_ ?h?
This ls the only point upon wbteh tn*
House and H'-nat'- are at Odda
--? B
Montreal. Aug. 7. -The boal and Bh?
section of the rja-adian afanufaeturera
Assodatlon has dedded to raise th'
price of bOOta and Bhoea li T?er cent or
ReMember I. The ralae. whlch wlll af
feet the whola of Caraula, ls made nee
.eaaary, the manufaoturera say, bi thi
Increaae of 10 per cenl In th,- prlce ol
leather. _
?baagera ma, be eaeuplad 1 lf m-"rjft iffMttf l** U * ' '-80 * *
Lmvm faai at Llberty gtreet al 1.30 A. 88.
R A. M. to a R. IR .and one .? 7 __P,__**P._?%g*i *,rMt
Ten mlnutea eartler ?rom Waal 23d gtreet
Jordetailed information call at tickct officaa: JU, g'^'*^*
Broadway, 7 Cortlandt St.,225 Flfth Ave 111 W. 125 h *S t ^45 Loluin*
fcaa Ave., and atatlona foot of W. 23rd St. and foot of Llberty bt.. New
--rk. 4 Court Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
J. B. SCOTT, Oeneral Eastern Passenger A??ent
379 Broadway. New York
Tel. -V30 Re<;t4)r.
l .11,1 innr.i from flrfct paa?
frlends of the Aetor and Force faro
ilie.?. drew up .it the door Of th< latoi
home. Anxloua Inqulriea were mad<
concerning the condltion "f Mi Aetor
an.! a erowd of thr.'. or f"tir thouaaml
peraona eongregated ln front of thr
houae nr.d remalncd there for h<>uri.
Shortly aiter tho accident, and whlh
m"n from th" ahop* of the Flfth ave
mie 'b'ii.- company were plani
Ja<k the 'hus up .ind retnov* lt. .1 tn.n
. who aald ho v'H.i a repreeentatl' ?
[Aetor eatate arrived. |{i refueed t<
allow the wrerked 'bun to bi ?
aaying the noiae attendant upon thi
work mlght affeel Mra Aator a
ly iii>. wlahea ln th. matter wrrc
reapected, and it I* probable that th*
'bua will remain 1 t? Un preeeut poaitlon
untll nfter thi blrth of Mrs. \ iloi
Tt nm shortl* before 7 o'cloek when
the rolllslon or-.iirre.I 1
tnent atore dellTer>' lru<
i ing nt moderate apeed up nflh av< ? i<
! ln the centre of II ? raadwai Between
! it and tiie eui i ght hand ald<
I r"ll" l the luto *bu? li ti,. Jam ,.;
tnfllc at th.it hour. the chauffeur td
the deilrery track waa forced ro awlni
hi* riiHohine roddenly tr, tl,e rlght. Ii
dr.lng po th? front wheel of hla cai
atrack the lefl hand whei ls of the 'bui
a teiTifle blow, rauaing the
laden rehlcle to eareen aharp'l '" t!'
Loses Control of the 'Bua.
In gotne mnnner rlo- chauffeur of ih<
'bua loet control of hla machlne* Th<
Idg car lur.-hed vlolently on* or twir*
threatenlng to loppie over, end ihei
liearleri f.?r thr- gldewalk. Wlth apee<
nnalai ked, it buroped oi ei the l<
ualk ciirMng. rolled Bcroea thi
iMilk and i raahr d Into Ihi
ir.,n ralllng aurmundlni the areawai
about Ihe Aator house.
Thia areaway i.i aboul ten feei li
depth and nlne In wldth. The force u
tha Ir.ipiirt wa* *o gr?*al that the hea4
I lr-rin oprighta were wrenched from thel
granlte baaea and Ihe whole maaa aen
liurtllng to the bottom of tbe areawaj
Even iha aoiid granlte foundatloi
atonea n which the ralllng waa Itnbed
d?d were llfterl fp.ru thi ir bed nnd r-'ii
rrashiriK t>. th" atone flagglng below.
Elghl peraona were alttlng on top o
the 'bua All were thrown vlolentli
forward, and only the ralllng aboul ih.
top prevented then from heing pitchei
into the areaway. Aa it waa, they wen
nd more or less palnfully bruieed am
Kor a few moments following th- rraal
the alr waa filled wlth the crlea o
women on the 'hus. thoge Inalde trj
ing to scramblc oul nn.i thoae on thi
roof atteroptlng t<> lower themselve
over the lefl hand alde When the;
gaw the perlloua poaitlon of the 'bua
whlcb appeared aa though it wouli
loppie luto the areaway al any mo
ment, they became terrifled.
The noiae of the colllalon was heart
for a dlstance of five blocka A hun
dred persoas gatbered ln threo mln
otes. Patrolman Baylor, ?.f the Ba
87th *tr"et statlon, was atanding n
70th street and Flfth avenue arhea bi
heaurd the eraah. n< ran down am
arrived Juat nt the moment when Mlaa
Kuthc-rine For.' appeared on tin
Bteps <>f th*' house. He ellmbed U|
the alde of the track nnd aaalsted tlu
paaaengera to the street. while ICha
PVtrcs diroot.-d tbe Aator servattts t.
propare le* the reception of tho in.
Aator Nurs* Dressa* Wounds.
Nono of thoae Injured, about eight ir
number, would accepl attendam - bj
an ambulance aurgeon, but Mr. am'
Mra B. Astarita, of No, 834 steriin*.
PISC4J. Hrooklyn; Mlaa Mary C. Attlg
of No. 821 Eaat 83d Btreet; "Ja.-k'
Broanii of No. 818 Weat 42d atreet, am
atl agfd man an.1 hia wlfe. who r.-fuacc
tlif-ir narnrs. were i.ii attended to bj
Mlas Neabltt, the Astor head DUISS
and her a.?8istaiit?. All th.-Hti POtaoni
were paam'tigc-ra on tiie roof 4>f tho 'bua
During the helght of the exrltenunt
a photographer aet off a Baahllght al
most Imm.'diat.-ly bonoath tbe windowr
of Mra. Aator'* bedroom. A patrolinur
n.lzed the man nnd took hlm arounc
to the atatlon house. Aft.-r belng hel?
for a few minutes he was rcleaae.l.
Paul Pincus. r.f N?. 1840 Anthonj
aaSDOSL The Bronx, . h*>ufl'*ur 4>f tiit
delivery truck, waa arreated and locked
irged wlth reekteaa drlvtng. He
waa later taken to the night court and
iiii.il |10.
Ilatthea Mullen, of No. .T." Eaat Wtb
j-tr<-*-t. ehauffeur of tho 'bua, was paln
fnlly i .it and brulaed. lf*> rr-mainod at
the wi.if-l i.f his car and dld his hest
to atop its headlong rush for the Aator
hous-. After re^elviiij' flrat ald tr^at
menl Bl Mra. Astor's hou.ve, he went
to hia home,
Mra Aator wenl foi a Rfteen-minute
ui.ik BiTompanled by her nwthet and
nr. Cragln, ehorlly before 9 o'cloeh last
night It. Cragln, Bubeequent to tha
Bccident, senl out h formal bulletln
aaying thal Mrs. Aator had not been
' ! affected bj thi ? raah,
Red Cross Sends Relief to the
Republic Beset by Rebela.
Tl Ti i' ii a Burean '
? |ri ? \ . 7 1-..1 gar of i. fam*
. ri.K -ii ls .iR
gravat ? . ndltlona I aht al o :t i.\ tii^
..,!? Hon, and Ihe Ami rl i Red
i .,,. , ,i-,-. i ihorla*? tii<* expendlture
, ? ? .... toward thi relief of the non i om
, ,. . ? The money will t-* n*<*i1 to pir*
t -.t>.t? ? ? ? li?. 1 flr.ur.
Tb' Red I'roaa ratlona v 111 be *hlpp.*d
? . , , ?? .i.j-itin whlch e.lll take
i . , , ? ? ,
r. Ti rbune ?if tbe
? ln . ' ? *"n4" t'i
. thal there i* ra
romniunlcatlon arlth Managwa, bul tb.4i
...ir f,,t t'i* aafety "f thi
I n ir. ,i bluejai keta ?? I lo tba ramtal t-.
.4 -i-1 iraerlcan Legatlon aad prokaet
,.? property. He rnlds tbat lh?
II \ ??!..' ? 1 - i".'il lng 1'1,-a-r-as
Ti , Htati Departmant la in reoipt of
n m?s- .- i there la fl nm .r tbat
.; f,,,,-..? w, re r4*pulfl4*?I near KIvmx.
1 Nlcaragua, Aug ". Th4
1 nlted Bial*?a rrulaer rui*oma arrlvad her.'
t<. day. Thlfl clty i* qulet
Seeks $100,000, but Likfly to
Get Only $25,000.
... Aug. "" By dlrectton ot
, ,, Lorlmei lnv? atlgatlng commltti a,
44 hlch ni.-i t<> -Ih) I.. - ast up Ita ao ..'.m ,
Benator DUllagbam wlll preaenl a rev
lutlon i" the denate probably to-morrow,
: (,- ;.,t an approprlatlon i>f nmr, tban
... . , ,i.fi.,-.- ,',. eoata 0) ti.. ??rond
r unqulr] ln*.. ttn* illl?olfl ol,-tlon.
lot ti.'- leaal of tiu- j.rnposed items ron
, Bldered by the commlttee waa a n
, from Mi Lorlmer ;i.*kinK f'>r tiempenaa*
111.11 for the axpenae he hn<l been put t?
!;, defeoillng ln, tltle t'i hl? aeat All >.l
1 ? ii;, membera of the comnrdttee Inatati.;
Ii.ii treatlng thla rwqueat aa .1 M-.-ret. bul
"' |r || ,!,| 1)1.? BmoUBt aaki-d for 1.* be*
' i.\-.-i, 8_PO,880 and |_4\O08. There ta a dlx
.11.ni .,ii the part >.f many Baaatora t
1 ,,ii,,\.. .\ii Lorlmar Bometblng to defrn1
, bul tli*.* amouat ank> d foi
,i regarded ? - 1 aerbltant it ls nnt lm
pr.it.l. tlmt th,' commlttee aill auggesi
thal b'- recolve 85,088 or lac.ooo.
Tbe commlttee alao aat about slashlns
f'tha bllla preeented by lt* amployaa ??n?
- ] of tiu- counael employed by the oammlttei
*), is said to have pi-aenteo a bill for gin.onj
It is probable tbat tbla wlll !"? reduced tt
oae-thlrd ?t thal a-ooaat Tiu- bttl of th*
?tenograpbera, whe t'.ok -mluroea of texti
roony, waa alao acaled down
After dtacuaet-g the raore Importanl
Iteraa of expenee tiu- commlttee dlrietea
tha . haJraoan, Beaator uuiinKham, to pre
pare a detalled _4*co_ol an.i to praaeal a
reselutlon askinK for an aeafaprlatlea tc
in.it the axpeaaea.
Seveii Years' Tenurc for Civil
Employes May Cause Veto.
[1-1..111 Tba TrRtaaa Bereaa 1
UusliliiBton, AUR. i- -Tbe OKreements
tl reported by tbe eonforreaa oa two of tba
aupply rocauraraa whleh have b*en a
BB-rea ef rnntentlnn l?*twt-i-n tho two
Heuaea of I'onKn-ss irera conflrmcd hy
ilic Bcnate to-day. The report on the leg
iBlatlve bill araa adopted by a vote of so
tn li* and the repurt on the aRrU-ultural
blll Waa gpprove. wlthout serlous ohjec
ti..n Tha leglahitlve bfll ,arrtes |34,H7,
181, the Bgrkrultural bill. |n,,?>6i,i96.
1 The li-tjislntlvc approprlatlon bill ae ap
? proved provldaa Bavea i'?" tenure for
Civil t-mplo4-es. ab,.hH..es tiu- Cot-BaBroa
Court and prmldes f..r a r..-.luctlon in the
1 aumber ?f ClrenU OiR-1 Judge. There
1 4v;,s much oppoaltlon to the seven-year
Umare i.lan for .-ivll aervl.-e employes.
aoaaa ie-atora gaMrtl-f Uavt this would.
ln effect. di-stroy the dvll aervlce aya
?oaaa of PraaHaart Tafts friewl- aay
1 he Wlll veto the blll. althouRh la dolng *>o
? he will hold up hlt* own salury. that of
, everv RBamber of COOgraaa and every
, I'nlted Btates Judge. Such action on the
1 I'lesldenl'a part would alao further .blay
UM animal approprlatlon overdue slnce
Julv I, The I'resldent is said to oppose
the abandoimient of Ilf** tenure for civil
aervlce employee and also the abolltlon
Ot the Commerce I'ourt.
Embezzling Lawyer Had Told
Wife He Would Get Out of
Reach of His Victims.
Suicides Friends Had Arranged
to Settle All Claims Against
Him?Leaves Family
Bj r*l*glhph t* Th* Trihune I
weat Cbeatsr.Penn..Aug. 1 -colonel Gtb
b?i,^ <;r..v Cornwell, coauaata&at ot the 6th
Reglment. National (Juard of Pennayl?
vanla. who eommltted aululde on a P?nn
aylvanle Railroad traln while going
tlUXMIgb Phlladeiphia last nlght on tha
way here from New Vork whlle, ae h?
thoiiKhr, he waa retumlng her.- to far-1
erebexsJemenl ef aomethlas leaa than
1388,888, waa not to have b.-en prrvcruted.
llls Iriime.ilare family. cloeo nersonal
f rh nds an.) offlcera and eultated men in
bia regtmenl had aecretly made plann to
riie.'t the entlre detlrir hroiight abOUt
through his penilatloris from the trust
funda .oer whleh he ha.l control. Plans
had been made to meet any defldl up to
1888,888, ini'l Colonel Cornwell waa to be
allowed t'< contlnue hla legal ptactlea
without mole.vitaflon.
All of this became known tMa mornlnp
through F. P. Bberman, a i.rothrr-indaw
of lha aulclda Mr. Bberman had pre
rnre'1 to throw hla entlre forturie inro rhe
flnnnelal hole, whh h gJTOWa I.irger as the
ifiveetigatlon of the shnrtag* progregses.
The tnen of the r*girnent were standing
eoltdty hehinrl the colonel and had pre
vArrri to help.
"There waa no n*ed for Colonel Corn?
well taking hts lif**'' *nld Mr. Kberman,
"The short.ige W4JUld have been m?t"
Planned to Flee Country.
That Colonel Cornvwll waa on ihe 8Ve
of fleelnir fo Kurope when arrested in
New Tork on Momlay nlght aeoms e\t
dent by th? number of pamphlet, or 1
bookleta he had aith him rontainlng prlnt
ed acherlulea and data ronoerning aalltng
tlnien of vesHels for ail part- of 'he worl'..
As the Investlgatlon Into the dead colo
nel'a affairs proirr. ases the experts flnd
that tiie ihortage Krows wlth eaeh peaa
lng rnou.ent Bome el the trust funda
left in the rare of th? colonel have dleep
pearod enUraly. whlle of others very llttte
ls left. The peeiilntlons Tiave covered a
perio^i of right yeara
Flgures now ohtalnable would Indteat"
a ahortage of aVJJaaa, every dollar ef
whleh ai-parently was loot in the Btodl
market. Numerou* hon.la behmgtng to
the .-stateM in the .are of Colonel Corn
v.r.11 have been trared to two local bn.kei ?
aKe houaen, where tliey ar- held as eol
lataraL If the etork.s upon which timse
beada were gtven a* eotUteral ahould rlaa
the losse-4 will l?e >'ut ...nrnderahly. pr?
vtdlng the hrokere can b* perauaded to
, ,- the a.-.-ounti and turn over the
to th* eaeeutora of Colonel Oem
V. ,.]' | ?slHte.
i ? 414 h?i actien i? to he taken by the
I attorneys representlng aeveral of the
I trust funds whlch have been looted ls
! purely problematlcal. If the brokera turn
back the collateral without court action
the whole matter may bo dropped, but if
they force the trust fund attorneys to go
Into court there may be some crlminal I
well aa civil actions.
I Colonel Cornwell is underatood to have
lafonaed the brokers that ln hia apecula
I tions he waa deallng for the estates ln hia
I charge and not for his personal account.
I The aOOOaata ln tha brokerage. 88-808
1 ahOW they were earried as "Olbbons Gray
i 'ornwell. Agent.-'
Wldow lg Prostratad.
Mrs. Corawall, aurreaaaad bj- her four
ehlldren. the eldest. of whom ls ten yeara
uid. and comforted by her aged father-tn
law, the parent of Colonel Cornwell, ta
proatrated in her bORM her?. after liear
| ing up womlcrlully after Uolonel Corn?
well last Krlday told her of hia pecula
Even aft^r the colonel told his wife that
he was rulned ami that he had betreyed
the truat placed in him by hia cllents, ahe
put ou a brave faea, and ??ve a little
dlnner party at the Hot* l Vanderbilt in
New York last Frlday night. There waa
only one gutat. a cloae frlend of Colon<-l
Cornwell, preaent at tha yuit-t littu party.
The na. of that gueal haa not been re- j
vealed by Mrs. CornwelL
When V'olonoi Cornwell left camp ot
itettyaburg he went to NaW Vork with a
,-!,,*,- peraonal frland. They ramained In
New i*ork untll BYlday night *'n Frlday I
afternoon Colonel Cornwell eoltoi his uife
on the ktag -totaace U lephone and re
quaated ber to mect blm at the Hotel
Vanderbilt. Bbe dld. They excuaed th?ui
aelvea from thelr ^uest ami had a long
oonvaraatlon. durlng whlch Colonel Corn
Well told his Wlfe Of hia linancial diftt
, cultlee.
? Bhortly after thla confeaaton tha dlnner
party atarted. Uro, Cornwell put ou a
brave appearanea and laugbed and jolced.
She dld everytblag ln bar power to aator*
t.tin her gueat, ami at the aanie time ahe
Blmoet knew that she mlght n.-ver aee her
huaband again. Ih- had refuaeil to retliru
hoaae aad face the mualc He had plenned
Ul ga abroad and start all over Bg-IB- Bh8
kii<*w thla, but alu, never let Um giieat.
know. and Whea the dlnner party broke.
up the gueat thought Colonel and Mrs.
Corawall had just bacoeae reooacHad after
pei-hapa a little domeatlc aguabbla
Government Fears Cigar Factory Men
Will Abuse the Privilege.
Washington. Aug. I.?The blll pass-.l bv
the Bouae permlt-ng cig.irmakfrs to re
celve twenty-one clgars a week frre ef
the lntcmai revenue tax 18 aaid to con
talu a "J..ker" Wbteb iniernal revemie, Of
li.la.i4, f, ;,r may defeat the purpoae of
the propoflf-d law.
wiiti* tobaeco inanufacturera may gue
to thelr employai tho "free smokers."
(there .ls no provlalon in the bill agalnat
! taking them t'n.m the prcmlsos. The ex
? latlng Uw makea it a felony to take un
i taxed clgars from a factor)
Toledo, Aag. 1". Mayor Brand Wbtt
lock win not be n candidate for any of
fir-,.. ln ii etatement made laat night es
th? reaull of a romor that he would be
| named aa Oovernor of Ohie on the Pro
greBglve party tleket he .*sid that he
would retlra from pollttea Oa tha ea*
plratlon of hia present term an Mayor of
I Toledo he aill devot*. himself exelualve*
1-. to llterary work. _
House and Senate Will Compro
mise on Single Dreadnought.
Friends of "Adequate Navy"
Disappointed That Gov. Wil?
son Didn't Take Stand.
I Frrrn Tha Trlbune Bureau.j
vVashlngton. Aug. 7.?Deslring to glve
tha Inaurgent Democrats an opportur ltv
to " cool off." the Democratlc leariern of
the House to-day halted the plans to hav-*
another eaucus on bettleoblpo on Frida\
night. The caucus proliably will be held
late next week, and the pivm-nt kSJti ??
tion of those who are aeeklng t.t lestajra
haraaeay ln tha Demooratir runks is to
defer artlon untll the clo-dng daya of the
new-lon on the naval approprlation hil1
The House will then offer to eompromi*'
wltli the Senate on one battloahlp.
Followlng tho br.aking of a qiiorum at
the i-auous last nlicht and the suppreasion
of the call aliowing tho ahaenteer, th*
pro-hattleshlps partisans were In f>':
angry frame of mind to-day. Th* aatgl
nai S4-:heme was to circulate ImmediateU
a call for a flfth caucus on the disput."
battlaahlpe laeue, but late thls afternoo
Speaker 'hanip Clark and Repreeentative
l.'nderwood. the niajorlty leadera, took a ?
hand and .Jerided tiiat the caucua should
lo delayed a few daya ln tiie mean tlme
Clarh and I'nderwood will u*e roncl',l.<
tory meihods to curb the insurgent ten
dencies of tho score or more DemorrH
who are demanding that the "no hattle
shlps"' mandate of former caucuaes ahah
be rescinded. an.1 rhat all members shall
be permiit.d to vote aa they pleas* on
the conference report on the naval bill
Representativo Sulzor, who haa been
ieadlng the flgfit against the "enemlee"
of the navy, said to-nlglit that a tente
tlve agreement had been reaehed te
hold stlll another caucua e<>m* day next j
week. ln the ineantime, Mr. Clark end .
Mr. l.'nderwood will talk "one battleshlp.'
and will endeavor to whlp Into Iin* tho?- ?
I'emorrats who are ntanding out for two
The Senate ls report*d r?adv to rom
promlse on one new Dreadnought, in 4 ;??
of the determined hostillty of the Houae
10 the rugtomary annual authorlnarion.
Tho fallure of Governor YVHaoo. tbe
Demoeratio nominee. r., take a bold *tanrl
regarding an "adequate na-.-y" in bia
apeeoh of aooaptaace oauaed dNappnint
ment among aome Hou^e Democrate to
day. The "adequate navy" .'Otitingeri
strongly horjed that Governor Wilson
would throw hiniseif into the hrear h ani
sugg^st rhat the lT<>u?e rev^rse Its- If on
the hattleahlp lasua
On ihe whole. Demoerats are appre
henslve tiiat rhe party ?phr on the naval
progranime niny Bave a b.id effect V'ollt'
r;il!y, and thi- partially acrounts for *he
niann?-r in which Speaker ciark and M'
L'nderwood Inatlgated a qui>?t campalgn
ro-day to brtng about a compromlse be
twe.-n the w^rring H.misc Democrate
The dlrertora of the i'nlted Srai-.,
Mexlcan Truat Company avecepted the
resignatlon of Arthur K. Ftllwell as presi?
dent and director of that .-ompany and
Ita eubsldlary and afllllated eompanl**
vesterday. The condltlon of Mr. Ptll
weira health waa aaatgned ??> the reaaon
for hia i*elgnatlo!i. E. yuiney Smlth.
flret vire-pre?i<ient-.of thg t'ompaiu', waa
elc.'ted president fo enreeed Mr. Srliwn'l
Announcing the
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
of the
A notablc cvcnt in the world of art and commerce signalizing
the completion of three-quarters of a century of the continuous manu
facturing of an instrument the supremacy of which is recognized on
botli hemispheres.
The artisanship engaged in itl produetion is not the acquisition
of one generation. but a pedigree of skill. the accumulation of seventy
five years. at present held not only by the masters of this great industry
but by the family of employees, many of whom have been engaged in
its manufacture for periods of from twenty to fifty years-giving every
assurance of the maintenance of those Knabe standards which have
eitablished its pre-eminence as
Toproperly commemorate this auspicious occasion we are exhib
iting a complete line of the latest Knabe models. A visit to our wmre
rooms will be greatly appreciated.
Knabe Warerooms
5th Ave.-C?r--39th St

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