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UsesAII His Diplomacy to Har
monizc Radicals and Cut
Starts August 16 and Speaks
in Forty States?Perkins
Agamst Use of Bpecial
Trains onLongTrips.
reagaai??il of The THI
Chicago, Aug. ,. BlOBt of th,, wrlnhl.-ti
that marred tbe organlaatton of the new
were li-ned out to-day. much to the |
of ita raoeptlva oandldata for thej
Pi-_deDt Laaadere af threatened negro j
bolta from Mlaataaippl, AJabama
da, whe were ao eolicltous over Ua I
r ra of the provinlonnl committee to
?i at than In tha conventlon that Colonel
Bavelt mraalaed ba h ouandry al! last
iday, aant word te tba oandldatB thla
afternoon through Oeorga Waahlngton |
i:;]_., chalrman of Iho IlllnolB negm dale- |
fatloa, thal they were getng hoata ln
pe-aco nnd harmony, p"repared to bohave
llke good aoldlora.
aJI tbe dlplomaey at tha ."llapoaat of
Theodore Ro aavell waa needod to-day to
harmonUo the eonfiletlng oplnlons ef hia
platiorra commlttee. Tha doou_*ant al*
ready prur.ed down lo 1.0011 worda, was
brougbt up to Colonel ftoooovelffl Bulte
about noon for flnal revialon. There had
been -*uf-*ara thut r-tnortty rerorts were
88 be biought m by aome who oppoae the
mora radlcal planka.
Deurmlned to reduea tha la-uu. aa a?
at leaat l.P^O worda, tha eub-commlttee
<-ouaiBtlng Of I-wlght Tl. Hurd. of Arl*
aonai Judae A. D. Noerton, of tho Mlaaouri
Court of Appealai ea-ltepi BBantattve
Rchlrrn, of Maryl.imi: Dean Lewis. oi the
Law -school of the I'ulvoralty of Pennayl
vaala, and Wllllum Allen Whlte. of Kau
saa. with a oorpa ot Btenoarraphara aet to
work under the ooUxnoYa -lroctloa to har
monlie and condenaa. Meanwhile Benator
i-Kun tole;h.-tic4l to Oiftlrroan Weverldge
?o adjourn the BOnvajitlaB uiitil 2 :80 to
n44f.lt the flnal drafl of tbe document
Showa Domlnance Over Situatlon.
Cato_e1 Itooaevelt btaoex-bed each 8-8*
B-feoted rm-raber to Btcriflcc aomethlng tn
the, faatareet of harrr.ony- Be told thom
?hat !t waa atu-anly bapoeefbla m frame
a po-Uo-1 cro4>d that woald suit evi-iy
mlnd. Aa bl tlit* CU88 of the tumlng down
- m toutbera negro detaejatau, Colonel
Ttooaevfll*. again demonatraied hia control
over his collabora-oia,
The threatened Rdnortty reporta on
-.1 planka wore nbumloned. the plar-ks
were Uken up and Bbavad and pared untll
the parttaaaa af the "lonpr" and "ehort
l"g wero paolfled, ioma wanted u par*v
grapt. 4- i aJaabaa texntlon and othere
?aauteil to ggpreaa aentlmeaU on the "Pnn*
. | Icaa unk.r.." Whlle gUll othets wanted
*.. voloa Bontlraenta about the negro
?bar. , .
George W- gwkine, the aewly eiected
? ? "t'-rmini from New York,
Jai '?? untll fhe
Not to Use 6peiia! Train9.
- ,...,?y tbat bla
... ., -..,-; i baglnaxMRi
, lt 1. nol Ukely that
ppi.ci.il traln* Thia an*
oour. b * -_4e after u lena o
with Mr. IVrklna, who ll
Bciera of Ihe party.
Rooasveli wlll return to Oyater
t3tl: . oa tha Twentletb Ccntury
Limltcd, leavlng Chloago at l? ln the
Biternoon. lio wlll go nt 0-08 to Oyatal
m I reat untll A-aust 18. when
ha WUI apeaa !:- Bhode laland. The follow
lng d y ba wlll apeuk Lelore Maasacti.i
BBtia Progreaalva leadera at Potat of
Maaa abova Revere B**-ch. o.i Auguat
?_? lie wlll go tO WIlkeB-Harre.. Penn., to
-tu.. ? ? . lea JubJlee of Father Cur?
ran, who ls a prbae favorlte wlth the
,oal mlnere. Ptour daya later he goos to
W?jrmoat, f*nd on Labor Day he Wlll apeuk
at tho lllnnaaota state ta\r at. Bt. I'-ul.
H? than will return to take the atump ln
On bla return froni Connectleut Colonel
Itgeaevelt wlll I gia bla long trlpa Uo
probably Wlll leave early ln OotobeT on a
menth'a trip whlch wlll tako him through
the Padfle Coaat -tutcs and back through
*hl't Sh 'V'o'.o:.. 1 HooBevolfs IntanttoB to
go Into at leaat forty aiatea. and ha aald
that adtb only about alxtv workliiB daya
for bla campaign ba would bo a
L?lu, - eeofa ln mo*i a
His camNdgn Wlll U iu ?*>"?' u','(1
SflueSi ha ?ald. that be wlll epeek on.y
and lf nosslule *a1U
make no raar ilatform apeechca.
Colonel 8o Says of Third Party
in Midnight Speech.
Icago, Aug. I. --Colonel Rooaevelt Juat
before mW :*<:.; addraaaed nn antbualaa
tlc crowd of n ea ?nd women delegatel ln
the narentlae room of the Conareas
BetaL Aa be appearcd on the balccmy
overloohlng^ha room tho crowd gava the
'.?uii mooaa
"1 um vary glad to have l-eard from
you," tald Mr. Rooaevelt "and to know
how a bull inoose really aounds." Con*
Unulng. ha
..all not u v to make any speech e-i
??ept to aay i feel the conventlon whlch
has Ju^t ? tande unluue among con*
thut r.o body of men
womi n for any pjrpoue ever aflflem
I wiih a more acrioua reallxatlon of
tl ? far reachlng importance of their work
ittai. the man und women who were
nthetvd In the CV.laeum durlng the last
three days.
in the oid conventlon worda were uaed
. und iiqt to reveal, the thought.
ir conventlon men spokc only as thi y
V, e ulto avold-d one of
phe - Ine of rt-forms In tbat we
dldn't piomihc too much. I havuti t any
uae for tha lndlvldual who promtaes what
e cannot perform. We haven'l luld in
oar iiiiytliing which we thlnk
we cannut l-ailae in practice |f we ara
. ir. power to carry lt out
We don't promiae the mlllenrilunt, but
va do intcna to try and make thls coun?
try more decent und to give every man
and woman a better chance to lead thelr
Slves as they ahould.
Crovc-rnor JohaaaB apoke briefly, and he
and Co*M*mel Rooaevelt atood wlth claaped
hands for a piioiograph.
Organif-ts' Aseociation Not Pleagcd
Over Election.
ARbury Parh, N. ?'? Aug. f.?Near Tork
<ity gets all the eaaeera of the Natlonal
Aaeociii'.on of 'ir^.tnlsts, and trouble Ir.
tb4 raaba *?f the muale makcrs-is threata
agjid (i ii roault.
Th. new offlcera are Dr. j. c. Ifarka
nrealdent; Ifomer Bartlett nnd Clai
Kd'U. vi'i-iii.'.-i'i-nts, W. N. U'atera, Bao*
retary; afar_ Andaawa tiraaaarai 1
laat. named two. wlth Fr< di-rl- k Bchllder,
Kanhael NnVai - ? ter Beehe-, com
prifle the ,-x.'.->itivto commlttoe.
I ontlnued from flr.l p**'
the Cabtnet; a dcclarntion deniincla
tory of the Aldrich bill and a demand
for the repeal of the Canadian rajcl
procltj law. On the suWect of the
negTO nnd his rlchts the platform is
audibly ailent.
Third Party Shows V.tality.
Bumming up the convention, which
adjourned to-night. it must hc admltted
that, taken all in all, it has ahown a
vitalltj and an enthuslasm which ar
w< 11 for the third party mova
. although it aeema hardly likely
that ii .'an suoceed this yt>ar. ln fact,
few of Hh leadera unleea poaalMy it be
Mr. Roosevolt hlmseif. exn.-ct BUCCeaa
thls year. They Will be conten! with
.<efe.it of PresidenI Taft, bnl they
are banking on making a ahowing
Which will put them in a poSition Of
?: four j ears bence.
The wladora of eepoualng the woman
Buffrage .-.uise waa well simwn by tho
. h of Miss Jane Addame, who, In
? Itng the nominatlon of colonel
Roosevelt, frankly aaaerted that she
waa Rit.d to support the ex-Presldent
iae he bod eeen nt to espouae ihe
cauae of women, both as regarda the
and the houra of labor.
The leader* maintaln that aqual ^4i^
dom has heen ehown ln eepoualng other
caneee, nnd that this will he provsd by
the support which the third party will
.-- eive from BoclaTlatS, Sinplo Taxers
and others who will see in Mr Uoose
velt'e viewe, lf not a<-tual convcrslon
to thefr schools of philosophy, at lonst .1
start in their direetion, which eannot
he loglrally followed without bringms
Ihe new party to the advrwacy of one
or the other.
Two dlatlnct views of the third party
convention aro entertained by thoso
Who are ln sympathy wlth the move
One 18 that this conventlon has been
eompoaed of mon who have n..t made
surcesses ln life, men of medlocro abll
Ky who have remaincd at home as
| their aupp4oaedly rnoro fortunate fei
lows bave bajsn sfccted to Oungress or
to other offlces, men of amall buslness
hut large mnhltions who belleve thnt
by somc tnlracle Mr. Roosevelt ls golng
to win for them a success which they
hava never heen able to achlevo for
themselvee. ?
The Other i? that the movoment rep
| rcsentH a real, vltal evolutlon of Ameri
i can poUtlcs nnd cconomics, onllstln^
! th.; support of all who are couvlncad
! tiiat thlnga are not as they ought t>
: be. thal Ihe man engaged in the muvc
! ment are young, earnest and energetla,
that It is merely the oulminatlon of A
spirit which has be4<n growlng for
' years and that It ls supported by men,
Iyoung, onthuslnsth' ami cnergetl.-.
? far as the pxThonnel of the con?
vention is concerned, there is ground
for maintalnlng the forinr-r c.ontcntlon.
i lt is sornewhat rcmarkahlc that the
| large majorlty of the il.degates are m?n
; of inaturo years, that their avcrago
jago ls probablv abnve that of the delc
' p.'itcs t-> elther of the other national
ICOnventlons, and that many of them,
lalthough of niature years, give llttle
i evidenre of prosperity.
Of course. lt is Itupossible to deter
mlne even at olose range the extent of
the scntlmetit Whleh these men repre
sent. hut lt is an undeniable fact that
they are rathuaiaetic and that they be?
lleve they hiiva had part ln launchinif
a great niovement. A few weeks henca
It will be far easler to gaugo tho ac
curaiy of their bell.fs
Third Party Delegates End Work with Hymn,
Displaying Spirit of Crusades in the
Intensity of Their Enthusiasm.
[Fivm * eurf C'OTTesr>on<li>i)t of Tha Tribjne J
.'htcsgo, .\ug 7.?If xeal and ardor can
win tiie battle tha Roorevelt-Johnson
ticket r.am?J by thr third party conven
tion thi* evenlng ougjit to wm. The lead?
era regard thi* third jarty movement as
a crusadi-. Benator Dlxon uaye it's re
llglon, and he mcana Just tiiat Even the
conservativti word uaers call it a "grea*.
moral raovwnient." The conventlon san*:
"Onwanl, C/irietian BoaMofkf* at ^arlOl i
stageB of ir> work with Iire and unction.
And when the nomlnatlona to?nigbt bad
been made ar.d Ooleael Roosevelt had u"
epti i rhe nominatlon as ar. opportualty
tbe ??-reat-.'-t worl ' ;(o and
Qovernor Johnaon had declared ri .t he
had "enllated for the fray" the delegatea
and thi blg audlenet atood reverently and
aans "Pralee G-id frera Whom All Bleaa
Thal was the gpilit which ra:. through
?? pturenfllnga and the apirit which
was ampbtialaed by evarytblns
Rooeevelt and Governor Johnaoi
when thej '.<r ? to the conventlon hall to
accept the nominatlon. Tl. e..i,iH of the
firkt aeealon ot -l.e day were routlna The
temporary organlsatlon waa made parma*
rient and Mtdill MiCornikk, from the
committee on rulee, pieeontari the report.
At the afternoon aesslon carne the nom
ii atlona The conventlon and the audi
ence anplauded so much that at tlnif s they
Interfered with Prendergaet'a nonrJnatlng
apeach, and when flnally be liad flniahed
? ;. outbreak eanta it wa:. more genulna
cbeering thls tlme than that whleh greeted
Colonel Rooeevelt yesterday when he ap?
peared at the Qolioeum It dld not laat so
long by flfteen mlnutes. but it dld*not hav
to he forced alor.g by patently artlflcial
The Ufiual conr-entlon pcrformar.c** went
on, of couree. Th?-r* waa the eustaaaary
parad* of delegatea. Tt bappened to be led
this tlme by one of the Colorado women
delegatea And rlding on the ahouldera
of a hu?<- Montane delegate a ahort dle
tance bebind In the proceaalon waa a fslf
haired, reay cheeked llttle glrl, whe con
tril.uted largely to the enthuaiaani as she,
too, flaunted a Teddy handanna,
.Tuixe Ren Lindeey. of Danver, who
atarted the ehUdrea/S <ourt, waa the flrst
to second the nominatlon. He got a lot
of epplauee for his work and more for the
fad thal he was a Deanocrat But lt did
... compare lo tha eapreeelen of regard
Cor Miss Jane Addams, who made the
next spr-ech. Tha conventlon and tiie au
dlence outte o-. erwhelmed hrr for a mo
rrent or two, and did it all over again. with
a lot to apare, at the end of her spSSCfc,
Late in Starting.
, Chairman Der*nwiiaje did not rap for
o-der untll 1130 o'clock, when Itah'.M Oer
*on B. Levt of Chlcago, wns Introduced
a^ thi chaplaln of tb* 'lay, and pra
nounced prayet
After tha pras/ar the hand atruch up
??Tho Rattle Ilymr. of the nepublic."
Two cornets und two troinboncs were rent
from the band gnllerv to tl.- platform ln
ordet that the muslcal dlrector, C, H.
?',ii fdon, inlght brtter lead the delegatea
ln the Blnging.
After tiie "Rattle Hymn" was over
Chairman Beveridge introduced Charles
B Sr.itr, of Alabama, olialrman of the
committee on peawianent organlsatlon,
wlio presrnted a report r.-commendlng
that tha temporary organlzation be rnride
Iiermanent. TIiIh was adopted without
A r.-port was then brougbt in from the
rulea cotnmlttea N deelgnated the party
a:i the Tiugioaatro Party," elimmatlna
lha word national. which had fterttofore
!,??? n needL
Th.- report flted the bafcis of representa
tton in the national convention nt one
delegate for eaeb 10,000 votcs r.-i?t for
Progreeuive eandtdatea al t ii'- praaiedlng
aJaetlon, one delegata for aaeh Repreeenta
tlve-at-large, nnd one for ea<h I'nlted
Btatea Benator. Om aalegata from
llawaii, one from Alaaka and one from
the District of Columbia w*-ro allowed.
The provlalon ln the new ru!--e tbat no
rederaJ ofnceboldor eosdd hoid a
national ooittmittetanaa way eheai
n. detagatai Api.iau.se etgO greeted tba
rule whicti pledged tiie party to the ge*
leetloa of eandtdatea for ollici nnd dfl<*
gates to conv.-ntions by prl*"hariei wher
, v.-r Baaadbia,
The new rulea were preaented b\ IfedOl
John L. !Iaml!t>>n, ot Illlnoir, rnoved to
make tiie name of the party etther "l*ro
greaHve" r.r "N'ational Pmarraalve " H*
explalned that thla amenhnent wa* ne*>
e**ary to coniply wlth the atSctloa Inwa
of vhiIau* atatea There waa sonie qu??
lion as te the amerdm-i t, and th* motion
to edopt the rulea was tentporarlly artth*
Waiting Ior tha Platform.
?irman Beverldge announced thal '
conventlon wouM i!.4t?i, to s *pecih b>
Wllllam H. Hotehkiss, state chairman ef
New Tork, and would tnk.- a raeeaa lo
iwall ? ':? i ita on
i waa put ovar untll afrer th*
n eaa
Mr. 11 ? aae ehaered aa ba rt lewed
ihi -k <' orgaalalag tba third r ? ?rs
ir. \. w Tork.
ple of New iork boea ridden
f ttered by Barnes and Murphy," h*
aald, "an to lay aa free aa Callfoml
?'? ? r lerreeeiva a* Ksrisa*."
Mi Ilotchklsj a*serted t?-*r the Pr?.
..ea WOUld po!l 26 to 10 per < < nt of
tn* Tammany vota ln New Tork, and con
ciuded with a predlctSaa of eertaln rtrtory
ln November.
A motion to take *. receaa untll 1:13
O'clock evoked tho fir*t nou of oppoal
tion to the plans of the leadera A .-horua
of "Noee!" gr.-etrri th* motion.
Henry J. Allen, >>f K.inaas. mov*d as a
subatltute thnt tl.e conventlon procaed
with the nomlnatloaa without awaltlag
tiie platform. Chairman Beverldge ruled
thia out of order, aa the rulea of the
convention provlued for the adoptlon of
th>j platforni. Allen then BMJved ro au?
pead the rules and pnMWSd t.i nomlnete.
By a aaeond of two tbir.is ot the Katv
n.n deiegation the motion wm racognlaat,
and two more states BSConded II
Tlmothy WooArotl made a brlef speech
ippoelng Mlen'a tnetloi Wllllam ninn,
of Pennaylvaaia, said thal te receaa al this
lime would delay thingis.
"Many of the delegatea i.a\e arrsnged
to go home at ?'? :80 ryctoch tiii* after?
noon," aald Tliiin, "and it is not right to
wiiat' .;,?? tlme and k<ep them here."
BX'Oovernor F*ori of New jfrse> rooeed
as an amendment that Hi?. conventlon re*
fcess untli i o'clock, and airer aome <Jis
cueeton thla a as adopti d
when i >?'? io, k arrived there were many
\acant aeata "ii tho floor. The inu.-ical
dlro.tor trled t() g^t tiie delegatea te alng
"My Dld Kentuckr Home," but th. n*
Ing was not much of a 8U4)Ceaa Nor aaa
th* "Suwanee River," next attempted.
Tho band. however. whiled away tiie tlmo
untll Chairman Beverldge dropped his
ga\ el.
Mcdlll McCormlclc tiien prrscnted
-hanges In the rode of rules for the new
party. The anMtlded rules ehSJISjed the
baiis of representiitlon ln tho national
lOIITeatlon from one delegate for en'h 10,
988 vote* ca?t for th?4 Piugieael?a <mdl
datet. at piwiioua electlon*, t'> one dele?
gate for eaeh 5,000 VOtera TIv rules were
nlso ohanip-d to allow any atate repre
sented in this con\4ntion to run a PYo
gr< :.slvr. ticket under any other party
name when the exlgende* of thr politlcal
situatlon made It advlaahle. A special
rule presented by 11. Le* Mitcliell rcoog
nizing the Waahington party In Pcnruyl
vania as the Progre?slvo party was added.
Women on National Committee.
An amcndnient adding four wnm< n to
the national committee aa memhoxs-at
large wss greeted wlth npplauae, and the
rules were adopted without dcbate.
|[.:.i- ,T. Allen. aiinounotng tinit the
platform would net be ready for an hour
and a half, reaowod the motion to aus
ptnd the rulea and procped to nomiuate.
Thls tlme thi motion went through with?
out serlous objectlon.
"The clerk will eall the roll nf r-tates for
nomlnattors for Rtesld. nt of the I'tiited
stntes," announced Chairman iifveiidge.
As Alahama wos called .1. O. Thomp
aon announced that the state would yleld
t0 New York, but Willlaiu I'r.-nd. rgaot, of
New Yoik. scheduh-d lo BomlilSla Rooae
\?lt, was not ln the hall Hearrhera hur
rled out to find hlm, and tho band filled
ln the wait.
The d.-legat):* ?;rftw impationt, and the
varlous deletiation* dld sonie ciieerlng to
keep themaelvca occupled. After th* hunt
f,,r Prendergast had been on for twenty
minute* the nius'.eal dlrertor resurned the
Hong acrvirr, the delegates Bthglnf "Co
lumbla. the Gem of the Ocean."
Then Chairman Moverldge nuieted the
hall and Prendergast appeared. A round
of cheora greeted him as he was tntro
duced, and the bull mooae call sounded
through the hall.
Prendergast Names Rooaevelt.
Mr. Prendergast epoke of the colonel aa
tha "man courageuua" of American poll
tlce. and declared hlrn to bo a "natlonal
aaaet." Mr. Prendergast said, ln part:
We have arrived at the crownlng aet of
the eonvention. Thls great gather mg
owes Its belng to a mlghty protest bgtne
American people ngalnet thoae Who Raja
poisoned the wells of ilemocracy. It ioP
resents tho martlnl splrit of .rnankliai.
that from an Inimem'.rlal time nas
charged back upon thoaa who wouw pn* "
..bstaclea In the way of the march or no
man progress. While appn-clatlng* tne
stupendoua naturo of the task belore n*
tbe Natlonal ProgresaUc party declin s
to BCeept the cynlral doctrlne BjRVlbei. 10
Napoleon, that Ood ls oa the eide of the
heavleat battallons, and profea?eailtt
aubltma faith ln tho teachlng of Abraham
Miu-oln tha*. rlght makea mlght. , .
Tho Dlntform whlch you havo adopted s
the guarar.tet- of the genulncncaw of >our
dernocracy. It fortlllea every theor> or
g.ivernment whlch has ever Weu
?trength to the American commonwealth.
It aaya to the American cttlzen:
We recognir-o the soclal and Induetr al
lssuea of the time. We preeent raMuetUea
for them. In a correct appreclatlnn Of
theae laauea you wttl uaaaiatand the
dtfflcultles that beset you. \ou can
net expeet tho relief you requlre from
either of the old pnrtiea beeauae, ttM
Kphralm. "chalned to his ldols. they
do not dare faci theso Problrnia ln thut
BPlrlt that haa won every irluinnhaiit
conceaeJon to humun rights that hau
marked the hlitory of clyl,l--t,0M/,,._n.
Ify candidate ls more than a *??'??*'*;?
i ? li a aaUonal a??ot. In thla moin-ntoue
perlod of polltlcal doubt. when the na?
tion hae to dectde wbetber it wi. how
lt wlll rrapplo wlth thi g.eat oconomi -
problems of tho time, there ls no man in
Am-rlcan life who preaenta such i-reuen
tlals for tho task aa he. __,__ ??,i
He presents the moat strlklng and
eventful elvlc career ln American nia*
tory. He is essentlnlly American tn that
theVe ls hardly n phaaa of natlonal "*;
perlence whlch haa not felt the affOCt or
hi.* penonaUty, through attritlon and _a*
Bociatlon. , ,,,,.
Our rundtrtat* is one whose origin-4lit>
of thniiKht nnd dlrectneaa of action have
made him a unlque tlgure ln American
hlstory. Thls man haa touched ever>
duty Wlth the gold Of CWUWtentiOUa ser
vlee and he has eati-bhshed for htmselt
in uii theae departments of actlv.tv a
raputation that has challunged the atton
tloa and ai'i'laure of the publle
My cundldate la the 'man i .urngeous
of Am.rkan polltiCS. Wln-re the intcresta
-f thi people have been menaced he has
known no fear und axkrv] no quarter. Hle
challengi- 1ms alwaya been to a atrusale
Iti the opea Tbere have been n^n* so
powerful ns to ave him, and before him
tha greau-gt captains of lnduatry have
lovered thelr Imik ae.
To suoh a leader the bearta of mllliona
of the American people ar- f.irnlng_ln
thls natlonal rr!*!s Puch a I-ader they
a?.k vr.ii to give them ln thls hour ef
thelr hoae for a truly greater Ajpanca.
, leader thev demand tT thls cru
Mude anninat tiie foea of demoeracy.
A* the I'russders of old pledged them*
aeUee to Ood and OOUBlry, ao do we
re our llvea to tl eervtce of that
.-ndurlnr demucracy nrdalned by the d!
r-ower fi.r the happlni - - ' I hia
peopb- and tt the |ead.-r in thls eruaada
i preaenl to you Amerleae gr<
?.tnteamnn nnd lton-hea-ted dttsen, T ?
odore Rooaevelt.
Demonatralion for the Colonel.
Mr. l*Tendergast eoncluded !.!s BPOoeh _|
| .'. n ctoCk, gnd 8 Ba- Ol tratlon was ttn
raedlately begun Delegatea and apecta
t ira lomped on tbetr ehatra au-i a d erua
of eheerlni baTewed. a *r.T. 0f wa
red bandannaa appeared over the heads
of UM houllng delegatea, and hats were
i:-."i?n into the air
Over the C'olorado delegatlon appeared
inner Ineerlbed I ladat r f i Vlee*
I'rov, a as-Hery a h'-g American flag
?as areppad To lt *?ns attaehed .4 p|et?
urt ot Colenel Raeeevelt In Roueh rtider
-.ir.itorm. It was greeted with an outhnrsi
.,f elMera ln tha mldat af the tamult a
Mlnnaaola deiet*ute-b.nke looce the atate
standard and suirted up the eentre alali
Kew York fell Into line. tbe Tcxaa stand?
ard came neft, and soon every atate
?-tandard nas awlr.glng o\er a relllBg,
K;:.g mob thut aurgad througl the
Fv in t!.e land ga'.ieiy tha atralni of
?Tha Battla Ryaan of the Bepa
? looae, A fe**. atrang votcea too
the atlrring ant1 em. but the shrlll ahrh-lt
of tbe fifea af the veteran flf- and '
corpa rose auove the bedlam, aad tl,4
BOtrtg ***?a loat ln a **.llde*nia? <if BO ir. I
r?ri 1 e platform a whlte beiuoVd ret*
eran In a Orand Army ur.lform ?
an American flag and urg'-d tba dalegat*
lo make more nols?.
lORM ot the xvomen delegatea Kdned
th4 crowd In thi alales, wavlng handk> t
? ?hlefs aiul ,-heerlng.
When the eonvention had t.een in an
uproar for twenty nilnute* the veteran
flfe and drum corps appeared on Ihe
lloor. and, headed by a boy carrying two
flaga, Jolned the crox4d pgt-dlRf In the
gbdea A Montana delegate, hearing a
little glrl on hia fhouldera. followed tbe
Hlgh up ln the mof of the blg h?ll a
Bi-uad of v. orkmen ran out ou tbe a'eel
tafter.*. end dtopped o\ei the slirfeklng
bedlajii below ,4 huge flag. Tbe band
swung into "Amerka." and the dalegat. -
and spechitora, bareheaded and Btandll ?.
*sang tbe natleaal aatheaa.
When the demonittatlgR l>ad beea utTaler
**ay forty-nve minutea I'halrman Baver
Idge inade un sitempt to in-nt d')** n the
tumult wlth bls giivel. l\'lt!i some dlf
nculty he qtiletud the crowd. but a grsy
liaired enthuslaat In tho New York di-lu
gutlon h-a;,.-.l to B 1 halr, und, wa\lng un
ninhreiia ever his baaa*, bagan t.> about
for "Teddy:" He was finally e>ippre?se.i,
und Beverldge Intrnduc-l Judge ll^n
i.indaey. "t Colorad?, who Beeoealed th*
nomtnatlmi of Rooaevelt.
Seconded by Judge Llndaey
Judge Llndaey said ln part:
No man ln hlatory, tt.it even l.n. oln.
has been more hatrd by the enemiea of
the people, more feared hy the BZploltera
of th** people. They fe?ir him not h,
tause thev belleve he ls unjust, bat be
cauee they know he ls Juat -\o.t )u*,t
ln proportlon ua the b80004* of prlvllaga
liaie him, ao do the greal common peo?
ple lo^e him. They want him to Rnleh
the Job he started -and he ls golna Li
do it the Job that ha,s fallen late blun*
derlng hunda.
<>n- chlef opponanta are the luo old
parllea, almost equnlly reactlonary. Only
tho Democratlc party ran ehallenga the
charae. lt wlll polnt to ltu ullegc-d pro
gnsatve promlaea ;md progreBefVe can
dldatea But It sihould c.-unt little
agulnat ua if it ifc Judged by perform*
Th- conventlon at Baltlmore v.a 1
acsreely less reactlonary than the con?
ventlon at Chicago. The people of thls
nation wlll BOt be content wlth the Bal?
tlmore l.y-product of Theodore R?KMO*
vt-it's tirifit -galaet the boaaee nt <:hi
cago ln Juiut, when they can get the renl
thTng from Chicago In August
Kaowlag ua I do ihat the Democratlc
party Ih 110 fre?r from thn yoke of prlvl
lege than the llepuhllcan party, thut tho
liemnrruiic oaTera bo poaalble oroopi
or promlso of pirmanent relief from tbe
mjua-cea ?? nght th.in the Republlcan
party. I count lt my duty cs an Amerl?
ean cltlj,,n to enllat under tho b.mm r
and Jom the fortunca of the new party
of progreaa and to follow the. leader
ihit> or tne greateet champlon of popu*
lar rigbta elnce Abraham Lincoln lald
down that burden wlth his life, wln-n I
(ro into ihe cumpalgn to support the man
who ia more wllllng to glvn the sume
full meaaure of devotlOR to his ,-oun
try. the next PreetdeRt of the I'nlted
Statea-Theodore Rooaevelt.
Mihi Addama Spaaka for Women.
The dose of Mndaey'a apatieoh was
eheered, and Chairman Beverldgo an
nouneed that Mr. Funk. of Iillnols, would
encort "MI*m Jane Addama to the plat?
form. a? tbe Hocloliigh al worker ap?
peared thert waa an outburat of enfhusi
asm and delegatea and r-pectators k^o
her three cbeera Her Bpeech waa ire
Quently Interruptad by appiause.
Mls.s Addaiue said:
I rise to aecond tl.e nominatlon sttrred
by Um sptsndld platform adopted b] tnia
i'on\?ntiou. , , __ ,,?,?,,?? ri?.
Measures of Industrial ?rnelloratlon ar
manda for aodai justico long Im"*"*]
by amall group* fa charlty confere cee
a nd ecnomio assoclatlvns, bave here
been consldcrcd ln a great national coi
ventloa and are at last tlirust Into the
stern arana of politlcal satton.
A great party has pledg.d Itself to no
protection of ehlldren, to ^ 4*w of the
aged, to the n.-llef of overworfced glrla. to
the saf.guarding of burdened. men? 9??
mittf.d tn these huimtie undertaklnga ii
ls irievltaiblo that such a party should ap
peal to women, ahould s.-k to draw upon
the great roaervotr of their nioral energj
ho long undeelred and unutiUaeu ln prac*
tk-al polltic?-un.- is the eorallory of tho
other; n prugrHiuine or human weirare,
tiie neceaeity for women'a parUapeupn.
We ratlfy tliis progranunc not only oe
eauaa h repn-aenta our earneet convic
tions and formulates our high l.opes. but
because it pulls upon our faculttes and
callS us to deflnlte a.tion. We flnd lt S
propbecy that democracy shnii he actuai
iv realized until no group of our people?
oertalnly nol ten mllllona of Jh*;n ??>
aadly ln need of reaaaurance -siia.il ran
to bear the reeponi-lbllltles of solf-gov
ernment and that no class of evils shall
Ua beyond rodrcaa ,
Th.- new party naa be?90tne tne Ameri?
can exponent of a world-wido movement
toward luster sodal condltions, a moye
ment which the Crdted Btate. laggtng
behlnd other grent natlons. haa been un
accountubly slow to embody ln politlcal
acllon. . r~, A >
I second the nominatlon of Theodoro
Rooeevelt because he ls one of the few
in. ri ln our publlc llfr who haa been re
sponslve to the soclal appeal and who
hns ciught (h.e ^Ignificariee of the mod
ern movement. Becauso of tbat. because
the progrunune will require a leader or
Invincible courage, of opea mind, pi
democratlc aympathlea, nna.-iidowi'd wlth
power to lnterpret th.- common man antl
to Idenrlfv hlrnsclf wlth the common lot,
I heartlly second tha nominatlon.
Folldw the YeHow Banner.
Aa Miss Addnrii? concluded one of *h*
women daehed to a yellow **Vetea for
women" banner and a demonstration be?
gan. As she left tbe platform nnd 8*>
ssjeaded to the floor the delegatea tell in
behlnd her and followed the yeiiow ban?
ner through t;.* alslea. bome atate stand
ai-d8 were *wung Into llne. but Chairman
neveridge pOUnded wlth hla gavel und
held up hia watch to the ahouting d< le
gate to stop the demonatn
VThen qulet waa reetored Alexander T.
Haadlton, of Oeorgla, araa Introduced aa
a dehtjitr* from '^Colonel Roosevelt's
mojh-r stare,'' and made u brlef sp.eoh
seconding rhe Dominatloa of Rooaevelt
? ?..-rai HoratlO C. King, of Wew York.
fi liowed wltb .1 Roosevelt - ? '!
?i peared aa a I nlon veP ri n and was
foiiowe.i by Colonel T. P. '? ' ??' r'"r
:da. .1 Confederate eeteran.
Oeneral King eeeorted the old < onfed
erata ?otdlef to the piatforrn and stO"d
wltb bia arm around hia ahouldef as the
erowd cbeered its approvaL Tne con*
federat* reteran a-aa an old man. altb
tnpty night aleeve, and the delegatea
heered hltn I aartll
"Colonel Lloyd la a Confederate ve*>
eran." ?sld Cbalrmai I "?n,J
., four bulleta In hla pereon."
Mesaage from tha South.
Th* agrd Conl
jn ,, ; '.. i ? - an ?'>? h*lf the
Mj tUdlenCC, h'lt delegatea and BBCCrl ItOfl
aat elient arl attenllve untll he con
i 'olonel Lloyd said ln part
> Itii inm In ! Oth the l>pul
. ., n the North and rt-uith
and betwe-n tiui r.i rea Uving tn the Boutn.
ih* Republican partj n tlonal
i r-d ii. th* Bouth "i ly for
irpoe. of keaplng up th. |
and mlaunderalandlns between tne
Sorth and Boutl . '
llberal mlnded men llvlna ? ith or tho
i:i%-r hai ? ?"? '?>
?-., and ?''?'?
? . wa- Por >??''- th*
for yeari they h U ' : l "
-unlty to prove their loyalty to I ?
.. T'nion. i ay to you .n an
ali ? erlt) and ?; t thal tha old Republl
party alone ba* prcventad the real
ao< Ial and politlcal unlon ol the South
and the North
\\. rejolce arith >ou over thi li
of tl.e niallirii lr.fl '?:??- P*rpi tuated
byth.1R4.-1 ' '"'1 ! ' "'??'" 'ltr.
-. to add my vi I I a ah>.ut of
jov which has gone up all
land when it inown thal
Republican 1 erty waa tnarked for Q
tion Tiie Houth will ?...hoiii,! tho
partj -I llberal and pro rr. *elya Idcaa.
\\o w.,nr i" fmKer the arar. We ai'peal
tn the aeneroue bearted men lu the
N,?, ? ua i y forl ara' ce and
The cl'^.sc of Coloi ' ' 4 -
He u-as followed by Oei -
lohn I' MeDowell. of Tei 1 easee,
.. ,. ' ti . Confederat* Veti
tn tbat ^tate. 4\ho said:
Tha war haa been o\,r f..r Bfty J'fara.
l'm her* lo hold out to tho brave I
roldier ih. ollve branch of peace and
I will. 1 re to nomlnate l
,',.,,, hae ihe courage and the ablllty to
Iaa 1 ua ln thia gie-t battla for human
General MeDowell'a apeeeh aaa sreeted
wlth ciiecn and when ha endeavored to
. the di '? ia.I: "Q 1 0 1
,.,,? ? ii. concluded, boa ivi r, wlth I
I want to rai ial to tha bre1 " comredea
44 ho eonfronted me in lh< ? ' "
greatest wlah b.-nruiK "i?":i '">' hearl oe
. ? . Rfv. ? Biyi ? ? thar 1
maj aee thla natlon unii.:'"-'\ !",,',r''
There la moi ' would Mke
tu aay, i.ut tlnn \mI1 ;i"t pcrmlt ?'. but
unrii the poll doaa ln November you
win iind ni. rollowlns tbal iiobi* leaoer,
artth my hal ka thi 1
and gaih 1 ln alnglng
"DUle" hs General MeDowell concluded.
The delegate* crowded oul Into the alalea
an,i paraded ah,,ut tba Boor, bui 1 halr
man R.-vorldgo BI*CC4)Sded !'? quletlng th*
tumult m about Bv* mlnutea
Other Seconding Speeches.
Tiy thls tlmn the rormallty ol esJltng
the roll of itate* liud been wholly dl?
penaed wlth, and Mr. Beverldge iacof>
nised Henry J. Allen, of Ksp?". aiso to
?.-e,,nd tha nrimiiiuiion of Rooeevelt
Others arho made seconding 1
were Oovemor lllram \V. Jolinson of
Callfornia, J. m. Parker. of Laaulatana.
l/.ulus 1'. ?' QeurvtS, i-x-.i04,'nior of
Rhode laland: P. V. Colltne, of Mlaec*
?ota: John .1. Sullivan. of Ohlo. and llot ?
arl 14. Flsher, of Artsona
Whllw liarvln was talkiug many of the
apeejiatSffS and a f?W nf tho delegates lefl
their soats and flled OUt of the ball, and
I'huirniBii pevetidge bad to warn against
Chaars for th* Platform.
When tho aecondlng bpecches had all
been iieurd Chairman Beverldge recog
Blsed wiiiiam Draper Loula, chairman of
the resolutions cinuntttee, to prasant the
Applaus- gr.-et'u tlir re.iding Of the dl
re.i primary, InltlaUva relerendum and
reeall paanka The woman suffrage
planh was rouadly cbeered The reeall
of judlciui deciaiona plank recelved i scat
tei-i'd cheer. Jury trlals In conteinpt of
court oaaea and restrictlon of the uso of
tho lnjunctlon In labor dlsputes recom
mend*d tn the platform were re.-erved by
the convention wlth entlumlusni.
The prohibltlon of chlld labor and the.
llxlng of a minimum wage rcuIc for
women. which formed another plank, SJSPS
applauded, as was the "Inrlustrlal com
niisslon'1 plank, which recommended a
eommlfslon to contn^l lnterstnto buaines*
1 orporutions, modelled after tha Iuteiatat*
Commerce Coinmission.
Th" readlng pt tliu platform ended St
.v::.'. o'cioek, ami another demonatra'tlon
s\.i basnasb but Chairman Beverldga cut
It short and tho platform waa adopte<
wlthout a dlsscriting vohe.
Governor Carey of Wyomlng moved t<
auapend the rulee and declare Theodon
Rooaevelt the nomlnee of the conventlor
for Prealdent..
"Does tho chalr hear a aecond by tw<
etates?" asked Beverldge, and a roai
3wept the hall.
"If It dldn't take ao long I would nami
all the atatea aa eecondtng th- motlon.'
said Beverldge. "Thoae ln favor of thi
motlon will answer 'ayo.' "
From the floor aroae a rolling roar oi
"Aye!" whllo a dull ellonce greeted thi
call for "noes.''
Rooaevelt Declared Nominated.
"Tho ayea aeem to have it," began Bev
eridge, and a cheer interrupted him. "Tiu
ave, have it," he concluded, when hc
could be lieard. "and Theodore Rooaevell
U declared the nomlnee of thls conven?
tlon.'" . . ,
Chairman Beverldge halted an inclplent
demonstration. and John M. Parker. ol
Louislana. took the platform to nomlnati
Governor IIIram W. Johnaon of Cafi
fornla for Vlce-Prcaldent. Hia apeccl*
wag short. and when he concluded a dem
onstrailon for Johnson wae begun. Agali
the alslea were choked wlth yelllng dele?
gatea. and again the atate standards wer?
BWUng over the crowd. whlle Medlll Mc
Cormick. from the platform, 1*1 cheer
for Johnson The muatcal dlrector brought
out hia corneta and trombonea. and thr
conventlon aattf "Columbla. the Oem 01
the Ocean."
After about rtftcen mlnutea of nois.
the chalrman reatored aaiet and Judgi
i Ben I-indsey. of Colorado. waa recogniiec
I to aecond the nomlnatlon of Johnson
Eiadaey, who had himself been menUonec
for VI.-e-Prealdent. was greeted wlth l
long cheer.
"Good gajgftr ahouted a delegate- a,
Lindsev declared he had been for Rooec
r< | , l Johnson" in the Republlcan cor.
ventl?-... and that he w.a sttll for them
Aa he closed Llndsey moved that thi
nomlnatlon of Johnaon be made by 8R>
.-lamatlon. But Beverldge reaarved th?
rlght to put the motlon later. and recog*
ntsed <? B Wbeeler, of Calil'omla. who,
on babaif of that state, aeeondedi the nom*
inatlon of Johnaon He asaerted that the
Btate "freely. lnstlnctlvely and proudly
would glvc Johnson to the -B-iaB._
A roar of applauae followed ?*+*2
co.iclu.lon. and Jamea R- J"****
Ohlo. roaa to aecond Johnaon a nom.na
tlon He was followed by Balnbrldge
Colbj of New York. rred-rlelt Land.e. of
Indiana; Raymond Robblna. of nilnole;
Olfford Pinchot. representing Penns 1
vanla: Governor R. C. Veaaey of Bouth
Dakota. Wllllam Flinn. of f********
I man Beverldge then put the mo
tlon of Judge -indaey to nomlnate John
son by a.:.:amatl..n. und ae the roar ol
??ayea" BUbelded he announced:
Nominationa Announced.
??Aa lermai.ent chairman of thia con
venUon i beraby da laro Theodore jteeeg*
velt of New York. to be the candidate ol
thla conventlon for Prealdent of ttM
BUtea and Hira.ii W. Johnson, oi
- rnla, for VI -Prcsident."
formal motiona of tlianka to oftlcer*
of the cor,ve:.:lon v.ere paaaed, and Chalr
roaa Barvertdga direetad tba notWea-len
to bring ln the caadUatee.
' As Colone! Roosevelt and Gmerr.or
lohaaon took thelr plauea slde by alde on
> the platform a demonstration broke looae
? The deleaatea leaped to thelr chaira and
. ,*d. Colonel Rooaevelt waved hia
hand to the erowd, but Governor j0hn
' son BteOd, evldenfly Just a trlle tM at
,,vrr tba '?? -"li ot the two candidatea a
ie banner wai onfurled with the bv
. tlon:
R008EVEL1 v 7*1? lOHKROR
Km .or) - amla
? ?? a-.ro** the ecBtlneat.
Tot 'her* 1* nelthar F?Jt t.or Weat.
P >ruer nor breed. nor nirth.
xtrttn two atroog mea stand face to faea.
ii * Rrooi the 0*44 B8 tne ?arta
Ihe band struck ap "Marylend. Mv
Marvland." and the delegatea sang a
parody called 'T*looeeveM" Then foi*
lowed 'The Bat'le Ilymn of the Re
publtc "
Rooaevelt Accepti.
Tne demonstration laated ten r.iinutei
and when order was reetored Mr. Bever?
ldge introduced Colonel Rooaevelt aa "the
nexl Prealdent of the United 8tatea.' Tha
, olom'. said:
1 oome foiward to thank >ou from my
h.-nrt for the honor you have conferred
upon ui". and to aay thai of couree i ae*
cent. .
T nave I ,-en Prealdent. I have ae?,n and
kno4v much Of life, and I hold it by far
the greataat honor and the greatest op
portualty ti.ut has ever eome to me lo
be called b>" you for the time belng to
the leaderslilp of th.*" great niovement
for the common people
1 wish to aay hov. deeply aenslthe I
am to the way thls nomlnatlon haa come
I., me nnd to tel! thoae who propoaed and
second-d iny nomlnatlon that I aoprecf
ut? the signlticance of havlng euch men
and BUCh women pla'-e rnc ln Bomlna*
I thank t'. ? i-onventlori tor my runmng
luute. Wo have nominated a prop.-r iiiou
for tha Vlce-Preeldencir. We have noniJ
nnt"d a man At at tne moment to be
Prealdent of tha Cnlt-d Statea.
I apprerlata to the full the burden Ol
reapoualbillt) you have put oa me. I ap
pr,-,iat? ti, the full that the truat you
have placed ln me oan b, met ln only
oae way, and that is that i shuii so aet
Ba to aoeerve that truat.
Wlth Bverj partlcle of lugh purpoae
there la In me, I i-h-'ge you my word t>.
place averj hit of aMHty, every hlt of
good aenee I hava at your dispcaai tc
i-arrv out the princlples to which jou
have bere to-day dedleetef yourseives.
When rhe eheera thal gre.-tM the close
of Roosevelt'B apeech aubalded Chalrman
rieveridge introduced Governor Johnaon,
who pledged hlmaelf lo nld Colonel
Rooaevelt ln the "llght for the common
good' and cori'-luded:
I hml rather go down tO defeaf wtth
Theodore Rooaevelt than to vietory with
any other Presidenilal candidate.
Cloaea with Doxdogy.
When Johnson flntahed Beverldge an
nouneed that the conventlon would end
Ita aeaaaaa by singing tba Doaolagjr and
_j l.-tenlng to tbe benedicttoa by the
ll, v. James Goodman.
Tba delegatea, atauding ln thelr placea,
jolned ln the chantlng of the old Puijtan
hymn. Aa lt dled away the Rev. Mr
Goodman Btapped forward and lnvoked
the Dlvine blessing.
Then Chalrman Hevcridgc. atepplng tc
the front of the platform, announced tha
tidjournment of the eonvention "wlthout
day," addlng:
i "And thus enda one of the three mosl
notable oecasiona In the coimtry's hia
, tory."
A cheer followed. and tho crowd broke
for the exlta. A fe4v moments later an
empty conventlon hall, Utt'-red wlth torn
paper, and wlth :-tate atandarda laaatni
ut curleua anglaa, marked the ond of th?
| llrst natlonal conventlon of the thlrd
Will Vote Republican Ticket,
Except ElectoiH.
fjhlcago, Aug. 7. ? Willium Flinn. oi
Plttaburgh, the Roosevelt leader ln Per.n
sylvanla, announced to-n!ght that ht
would lupport the regular Republi.-ar
?ththl tl< k,i. in p,jiiii.-yl>anlu. tliis fall, hu(
would BUpport the Roosevelt i.lei.tors oi
the Washlni'ton party ticket. aa oppose !
to tba Tgfl ? leetaia, who wlll he nameil
OR tba lUpubbaaa ticket. H,* ,-xplninei!
that the state ticket waa not Inipm-tant
uiily ;i few mlnor oflicea belBg eoted for
jUTORX people every montg
"* pre buylng Guaranteed
Pirst Mortd,age Certiflcstes.
Interest st 4 HJ and tbe ab.
solute gusrsntee hat your
princ pai and ln erest will ba
paid when due make them aa
attract'.ve lnvestment
You may begin at any tlme
wlth snv emount from $200
up 0' you may Invest by $lo
month y Inst Imcts.
Cspilsl . . $ 4375,000
Surplus(allearned) 10,625,000
17S Bway, N. Y. 175 ?etn?cn St? BUn
350 miton St., Jamaka
Cannot Pledge Members of Coc
gresB to Support Him.
f.Frem a thaff Correspondenl ot Tha Trlbuaa.
Cliicair.r, Aug. 7.?Medlll McCormleki9>
mand on candidates for Congrer* g% flj.
nols. iPHiied 011 August 1, to declare eith*
for Taft or Roosevelt may come wliha
the feder.il corr-rpt practlccs act, lt ?u
learned here to-night. It was polnted ea
that ahould tho eiection of a President *
thrown Into the Houae?a contingeney
Repreaentatlve* so pledired. as well aa Ht.
McCormick, ne the cundldata's agnt,
would be liahle.
The law wnlch bars canrUflatea tar
Congre*s from entering Into a contrael
wlth Rooaevelt, or hla egents, Madlll Jfc.
Cormick and vVilllam Flinn, 4V*n If they
80 choose. 1* part of the corrjpt pjjj,
tlces act paased by Congresa oa Attguj*,
13, 1911, readJng aa follows:
So candiaata for ReprasenUttv* Ja rjaa.
gress or for Senator of th* Unlted Statag
ehall promlae any office or poahicm te
any peraon. or use hla Influenc* to rtyt
hla aupport to any peraon for any otti*
or poaitlon for the purpos* of s*curlnf tba
support of such pereon, or of any p*r*oe
In his candidacy.
A fine not to exceed ll.r?x or trnpdaoa.
ment for not more than one year, or bota
Js prescribed tor vlolation of the act
Pennsyhania ls on* of the state* wh*t*
the announcement haa been made tka
candldatea for Congresa wlil not recdn
the aupport rrf rhe colonel unlee* tha
agre* to support him, hut, on the eet
trary, aill have to faca a flght
? m
Official Returns Necesssry to Detar
mir.e Result of Kansas Coutetti.
Toptka, Kan Aug. 7.-The laaSM r*
tuma frotn yeiterday's prin iry In t?J
state tended to hureas* the plurallr
of tho Rooaevelt eiector?. ar.d pi?c:i
the outcome of the onr.-4t betwtr-;
Charies Curtla ard <?overnor W, R
Stubbe. for Senator, In d'":' ? KaHl
? r. clainis hla a *ul
! htmti^tl majorlty.
Hugh FarrrKy. Derroerat, for 8>n*ry.
?apparently defeated Judge W. H. TTicirr.
Oeorge H HMges. Pernoerat, fer Gov?
ernor, seenis to bave v on om May*
J. B Bilirird. of Toptka
n I. ilopklna, Piugieaalvb alaaaajabaa
probably iins been riomfnai-d '
greas ln tbe 7th distriet.
In tho 1st aad 3d Ceaigreaa diatrtebi ili
Republican* ranornlnat*d Etepraaataajaa
D. R. Anthonv and P. P CaunpWI *7
redueed majoritles.
Eteturaa indkar. *\rth w '. arper Jai
won tiie Republican Bomlaatlon for Oer
ernor over F>nnk Ryaa b> * aubStsSfi
* - ?
Tells Madero and Orozco Americ
Must Be Protected
;KTom Tl.e TrlSUaa ?0*4**1
Washlugton. Aug. 7.--Represer.udonit?
tiie Mexiesn government and tha r*b*?
tbat *he rigbta of I'nlted Siares eMav*|
muat be respected have been renewed ??J
the Department of State as a result<~
recent outrages by 10*01*4984
The warnlngs wero transmltied threnrl
tho American Embassy at KeadeJ fl'l
and Consul Edwards. at Juare/ the !* I
ter oetlVeytng the message to i>n?*?l
Orozco. President Madero haa glven8>l
eurances that he Ia dolng everytHngJJi
hla power to protect American !l\'* ?*,
property, and Is making a determlBe'
affort to cru*h th* rebela ln NevtajV
Vttacks en UM C'om1tt"s and r^ndetp
mtnee protnpted the lateat repreaentarlaa
by UllS gov.->rnnunt. Thero ajgi h*"
been many reporta of minor depredar!**
hy tiie rajbela Cooaula snd eeaasg
axei.ts ha\e l>*en tnistrueted to keep1
doea record of all Amerloar rr,,P?r,r
El I'aeo. Tex., Aug. T.-Me?icana M?
flred again on Unlted StatcK 1 ?>*n
ing tha border. Thia outbreak ocijatf*
tarly this nunnlng. almost or-p.?*!??*?J
El Paao enicltfr. northwe?t ef FJ r**j
and three or four mlle* from ? ",,e',
were eachanged laat week S*Jt8r*8B DaW
State* troopa and Mexlcam.
The ahots camo from tba M**'"" : ,
of the river, and appeared te bo Bttaaaj
Vmerlcan i>oldk>rs camplng ntar
smeltera The Ajawrtintna "??"9t,
ftre. The toldlera belleve ^ ^"^
made by rebel patroimen arltl 98JSW
lntont. t Rafa*',
A repot t was current to-d;?y ta? ^
kernandea. Ifexlean Ministeror* |p_
Colonizailon aasj Industry. ?*B,^- pjjt
ternati4)i..4l Loundary to-W ' manJ
OetMral Pascual Oroico. rJ^Tj W\ ?
er. near the "rraco *r,,v^. . ' d<Kj <-!>?
tlations were conducted whi4h ea
Madero revelutlon.
Believes Wilson Not Radical Enou?*
His Friends Say. J
Rob.it H. Elder. of ^^jJJ? ia
? ? Assista.it l.lstii.t ? "?^\xir
' Kings ijounty. la waverlng u ?
'port of vT04j4frtv* Wllaea ?"' ^
lh(,UKllt that ho I. eonalder ng ^
faliingln Una with tbe "?'"-?'' .#?
Frleuds Of Mr. Klder **>*'; ^
the poaitlon that he is a raaici ^^f
crat and that th* vlewa Ol " ^
arcno. aulte ao radleal aa ?n 1 ?
the poealbllity of Mr W'";,'
of the Democratlc party fo? th?t ?*
Roosevelt .-ur
It la said in Brooklyn ihat Mr ^.
la looklng In the diraetlon of the
premc Court and tiiat he ha* ll??"Vj,
recent a.'tlon ln dacll.nlna U) u1 ' ',s l
?el for Charlea Becker. thi >"u'^^
wh0 ,- awultlng trlal for th. "'""JL,
Herinnu Uo.venthul. ?ill. H '?? *'''?,
Imvc conetderahle bearlng on "Mr l*T
chancea in uoflilsgL

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