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Platform Declares New Organization Has
Been Called Into Being by "the
Conscience of the People.1'
proposes Easy Amendment of the Constitution, Control \
of Courts, Legislation for Labor, Government
Regulation of Business, and a Tariff to
Protect Worker and Consumer.
i l-rom a Staff Correspondenl of Thr Trihunr. i
ChicaRo. Aug. 7.?Kollowing closely the forecasts printed in The New
York Tribune, the platform of the new party. as hnally approved by the
candidate and the eonvention to-day. calls for a broad extension of national
iuriidiction cvfr "problems which have expanded beyond reach of the indi
vidual states."' This is detnanded up to the limit of the Constitution. and
liter. il tound necessary, by amendment of that instrument. And the party
pledges itself to providc a "more easy and expeditious method" of amend
mg the Constitution. but does not furnish that method.
Both old parties are denounced as the tools oi cormpt interests. and
the Rea party calls for direct primaries for nomination of state and national
oflicers. preferential Presidential primaries. direct clection of Senators. the
short ballot and the initiative. referendum and recall.
Much attention is paid in the platform to the need of bettenng the con
iitions of labor. especially women and children workers. and the party prom
ises to establish a Department of Labor. with a seat in the Cabinet. and with
v4ide jurisdiction over matters affecting conditions of labor and living.
The new party purposes to restrict the power of the courts and place
them under the ''control of the people."
In the interest of farmers it calls for the re-establishment of the Country
Life Commission. . H
The platform advocates a "strong federal administrative commission to
maintain retmanent activc supervision over industrial corporations engaged
in interstate commerre.
It calls for a protective tariff that shall show its beneht m the pay en
vrlone of the laborer, and it demands an immediate downward revision of
the present tariff. The new party also promises a "non-partisan. acientihc
tariff commission" to study the whole subject and report to the President and
Congress and with plenary power to elicit information.
There are a host of other *'prirtciples" set forth in the platform but no
where in the long document is the negro Queation touched on.
Kollowing is the text of the third party's platform:
Declaration of Principles.
lence of tbe people. in a
?lnie of greve national problem*. haa
,-alled into belng a new party born of
? on'a awakened eenae of luatlc*.
? the Proareaaive party ncre
? .?urvelves to the fuii.linen: pi
t) laid upon ua by our father* to
? ihat government of the peopl*.
bv the people and for th? people whose
itlona they laid
,ld. Wlth Thnmu .Irfferson and
i T.incoln. that tiie people are
Itera of their i'on?titution to ful
irpoaea and u> ^fee-uard it from
.. * ? .>?, by perveralon ->r its intent,
would cnven II Into an 1n?tiument of
Inlubtica In ai-cordance vslth the need*
generation. the people must use
er ?n powera to eatabllan ar;d
malntain equal opportunlty and mdus
?rlai justlce, t,. aecure i4hich thia gov
^ounded and without wtu-'h
publlc ean epdure.
T: is eountry belonga to the peop *
?-ho inhab'.t lt lt* resouree*. Ita bual?
neaa Ha Inatliutlona and its laws shouia
b? utillzed, maintalned or altered ln
-..hatever manm-r will bert pr-'mute the
g?neral intereat. lt ls tlme to Mi W4
welfare ln the ftrst pla.ce
The Old Parties.
al vari.es eaiat to aecure re
le grivernment and to exerute tn*
avUI of the peopie. From these grea
taskr both the old parties have turned
UleV Ii atead Of Instruments to pro
mote the gerernl welfare. they have DO
.?0.., me toola of corrupt Interest*.
rhem Impartlally to nerve
thelr aelflsh purpose*. Fehind the osten
?Ible govrnment alta enthroned an ll
l*ibl* government, owir.tr no alleglan.-e
?nd aehnowledging no reeponeibllltyi to
?he aaeole To deatroy thls Invlalble
goveramei t. to dlaaolve the unholy alu
ar.ce betw.-eii corrupt busineas and cor?
rupt pollt'.-s. ie the flrat task of the
Btammans'np of ?he day.
784 dalil rat. betrajal of Ita trust by
'heteubllean party, the faial Incapacll
*f tJMJDemcK-ratlc party to deal wlth the
ae* taauea of ihe new tlme, liave com
Nftt] : ? people to forg*- a new Inatru
? ' go. ernmenl iln.-ugh v
grr* effeoi ,,, thelr will ln law* and In
Unhampered by tradltion. uncoirupt*d
by power. undlsmayed by the magnltud*
ef the task, the new party offere it*elf
?? lha instrumant of the people to aweep
*w?y old abuaea. to bulld a n*w and
eob'er commonweallh.
Covenant with the People.
Th'B "ler-laratlon ls our covenant wlth
the people. and we herebv blr.d the part>
'and !t? eandtdatea ln atate and natbm
gea made hereln.
Rule of the People.
progreairtv* parl>. i-ommitted to
? Iple ol government by a self
cvntroihd democracy expresamg Ps win
tl - gh repreeentatlvee ?f the people,
Itaelf ro aftcure aueh alteratlona
ln t-, fiimJamentHl law ot the aeveral
*tat?-a and of the Unlted Staten as shall
Inaure the representative character ol
thr covernmeiit. in partlcular the party
4leeinrc> for dlrect prlmarlea for tiie
aomlnatlon of Ktate and national offlcera.
for nation-wldf prefercntlal prlmarlea
for eandtdatea for the Prealdency, for
the rjlrcct 4-leciioii of Unlted Htates 8en
atorB bv th< people; aad we urge on th*
?tare, the pollcv of the short ba!lot, wlth
rtaponalbllltv to th.- people aacttreO by
i*t inltlatlve. referendum and recalL
Amendment of Constitution.
The progreshive party, le-lleving that a
fra* people s-hould have the power from
'Irre to tinie tr, amend thelr fu-iduinental
i*w so aa to adapt it progreealvely to the
.-hanglng needa of the peopk, pledges
Iteelf to pro\id'- a more eaoy ntid expedi
eihrxl of amendlng the federal
' 'onetltutlon.
Nation and State.
Up to the llmlt of the Conetltutlon, and
lat?r by amendment of the Conetltutlon,
if found neceeaary, wa advocate brlnglnq
under effective national lurladictlon Inoae
probiema which have expanded beyond
reach of the Indlvldual atate*.
It la aa groteeejue as It le lntolerable
that thr aeveral sratea ahould by unequal
lawa in matr.T flf ,ommon eoncern be
com> compel ng ? ommerclaJ agendeF,
aarter the Hvea otT thelr ehlldren. the
health of their women and the *afety
?nd V4i;llfcelng r,f thelr working people
for tbe proflt of their linancial intere*ts
Ti ? eatremi Inadetence on atatea
Jlgfct* 1.4 thi Democratlc party ln the
Baltlmore platform denionetretea anew
,i r-, understand the world Into
?tach ir haa eurvtved or to adminlater
'he affalra of a unlon "f state* which
nave m ail esaentlal respe.-ts becorne one
Equal Suffrage.
The rtllgriiaaiTj partj, hellevlng that no
Wo^lf can Juetlv clalm t" be a true
"ieTnocracv which denles politlcal rlghja
?Jl sceount of aex, piedg-s Itaelf to the
f*ek of ^rMiring erpial suffrage to men
?nd women alike.
Corrupt Prartices.
?a pledga our party to leglelation tiiat
*'Jl eompel atri^t ilrnltatiori of all cam
f*len rontrihijtloria and ,/M>endliures, and
''?ttailM publlclty of both Lefore as well
** *fter prlmaries and electlon*.
Publicity and Publie Service.
V>> ii^iitf, our party t<. Irglslatloii com
;''Hng rr,. regtstratlon of lohbylsta: ptib
''tity or committee hearlngs, except on
(,w4r|gri affalra, and re. ordlng of al] votew
* oaniajilttee; und forbiOdlng federal ap
wtntees from holdtiig oftlce in atate or
"?'?oritii poiiiieal organleaK'.n* or taalng
, pari aa oraiTri ,,. u-.-???<*?. ??? ? .
I conventlon* for th*- noniination oi eiecme
atate or national ofllcial*.
The Courts.
i Tne Progreielve party demandi iuc:t
reatrlctlon of the power rf the court? aa
? hail leave to the people the ultlmata au?
! thorlty to determlne fundamental que?
| tlon* of aoclal welfare and publle pollcy.
Tr, ae.-ur*' thia end, 11 p!".i_es itiu'f to
TTrat Tbat when an a?l T>a*seo under
tlia, pollcf power ..f the atat- la held un
ronatitutional under the atate constltu.
tlon by the court*, c ? people, after a-.
t interviil for dellberatlou. "hall hav
lan opportunlty to vota on the uueetion
'?,4hoth"r they dealre the acl i? becom-* |
law, notwlthataadlng - - :I
i Hr.'ond That every declalon of tne nigi
leal appellate court of * atate d? - 1
? n ar-t of th? LeglaUUure _m_natltut|onal
,ori the around ot n> vlolatlon of Ihe f-<.
eral Constitution Bhall be aubjec-t to the
aame revlaw bj the Bupreme ~ourt p
tha Ualted State* a* ta now eccorded to
i d-oiolon* su*.taining aaea leglalatlon.
Administration of Justice.
The Progresulve party, ln order to ae?
cure to th?* people a b#>tt-r adailnletra
tlon of Justice, and bv that meana to
bring about a mor-* general r'K*'*> ,r /,
the la* and the court*. pl-dge- Ityelf to
work unr-ea*ingly for the reform of l? *?**?
pro<*edure a:ul 1uul?:ial methoda.
We belleve that the leeuanee of mju-c
tlona m ca?es ari?lno out af labor glB
pute? ahculd be prohiblted when lUCh ln*
]tinotlon? would not apoly when no labor
diaputea e*i?ted.
We alao belleve D.at h peraon cited for
contcmpl In ia.b.>r riiaputee, escept ?
eontampl wa*-- ccmmltted ln ina
a.i-ial presenire ol the court or ao neai
thereto an to lnterf?r?* orlth the proper
arlniinlBtratlon of lUBtice, ahould hav, ?
. trlal by Jurv.
Social and Industrial Justice.
T'.e eupreme duty of th. nation i* the
conservatlon of human r>*aouri*ea through
;,,, . nllghtened meaaure of nocial >i"d m*
duatrlal Juatlre. We pledge oiirwlva *??
work iinceaalngly ln ataf and nation roi
Kff**ctlve legialatlon Iooklng lo tne pre
ventlon of Induatrial ac-oidenta, o4*cupa
tlonal dieea*'-a. overwork, Involuntary un
amployment, and other Injurloua env<t?
Incldent to modern Induatry;
T < -*.x:ng ot tnli.iniuin a-afi-iv ?n<i
h-wlth Htan-lardH for the varloua e-cupa
nnd t ie axen ae pl the publle
authpiltv <-f ??lat'- BBd nation Indudln-,
the TadeYal r ,ntml ot Interstate com
merca and the taxing power, te maintain
Biifli e'andard**.
The problbltlon of r-hil'l labor;
Minimurn waK*- Btandarda for worklng
WOtnan, to provld* - "llvlng wag? ln a'.l
induatrial occupations
The general prohlbitlon of night work
for women and thr- efttabllehment of an
elght hour (Ih.v for Woraea and young
! persone. ? ,, _, mm
One day'a rest ln aeven for al! wake
workera. ?___
' TIk- elght hour day in rontlnuou* twen
: tv-four-nour induMrie*,.
i The abolltlon of tb" convlct contra. t
labor Byatem; aubHtltutlng a aystein ?.f
r.riHor, productlen for pvernmental eon*
eiimption only and th- appll.-atlon of
.prlaonera' ^arnings to the eupport of Uieil
I depeadent famllies.
Publicltv aa to wage?, hou.a and condi
tlont of labor; full reporta upt_J/WUB*
ti.al aceldent. and di-.ea.ea ??*??
onenlno to publle inapectlon of all tilllea.
welqhti. mea.ures .-nd check .y.tem, on
labor product*.
Department of Labor.
Wa Pl"dge our party to aa-O-lah a u>
nartni-nt nf labor. with a seat in he
BB and wlth wlde Juri*llc_on over
mattera affeeting thr- condlUona of labor
;,nd llvlng.
Country Life.
The developmeijt ani i.iospciity ot
country llfVaSa a. Irnportant^^U-^LTto
,,le who llva In the citlea aa ihayara
,le farmera. Increas- of ProapottVf OO
[he farm win favorably aftect the eaat
of llvlng and promota tbe IntereaU ai
all wha dwell la the country aadiU
wbo depend upon ita prooucta Tor ? iom
lag, shelter and tooA. ,
We aladaa our party te foater tne w
velopn*^ntgof agri'-ult,ra. credlt aad *?*>.
operatlon. the teachlng of M>-?^*?_U
aeboola, agricultural coikg- ?steaakyn.
the uae of rnechankal powar on tha ?rm
and to re-eatabllMi the rouMry 1 ?/' OOn
mlaalon, thua dlrectly promotlng J " wei
raraVthS farm^ra anrT brtnjrtng the ben*
eflta of iietter farming. bettei i^1'"'
and better llvlng wlthin th*-lr reach.
Hlgh Cost of Living.
The Mgh cost of llvlng ia dlM partly
?o world-wlde and partly to k**cal^eauaea
partly to natural and partly to artlfl l?.l
cauaca. The meaxurea nropor-.-d ln tl a
platform on varlou. eubj-riM. auch a? t ?
tariff, the truate and con?.-rvatlon wH
of th*-maelvea ItROW the ar Iflc al
caVueaa. There wlll remaln etber OH
nienta auch aa the tend?-ncy to l?-ave thi
lountry for the clty.waaie. e-trayagan,-^
bad Byatern of taxatlon, popr '"ftrUo^n^i
ralBini cropa and bad bualneaa ^rn.*tl..>da
ln mark-tlng croph. To reinedy theae
and baaed on thla Information. eff^va
government aupervlelpn and emtrol te
:,.?,.,,, ?|i the artlficial cauaes. we
pUdge^ouraelvea to auch full and hnwedl
a .- Inoulrv and to Immedtate action to
daal wWevery rtaad ?u?-h laqarry -h>
Wa faver the union of all the_???|tog
agendes of the federal government deal
tne wltr- Ihe pubtta health Into a Bingle
riatlenal i-*?**i t ?. aeriice. without dta
crlmlnation againM <r tor anj one h> t
4>f ?heraj^uric method*, achool <?f mcdi
rin.. ..r achool t,f heallng, ->sith ,-nch ad.n
Monal powera as mav ),< nerraaary t<. en
ubie .t to perform efflclenUj aueh dutlea
ln ii e protection of the publlc from pre
ventable dlseaee a* maj be property un
dertaken by tbe federal authontlea, in
rludlng the executlng of exlstlng in\\n re
par.iinK pure food; quarantlne and eog
nate aubjecta. the promotlon ?.f ai^ro
ptiatf aetlon for the Improvemenl of \ir*i
statlatlc* and the extenskrn ot ihe regl*
tration area of aueh atatlatlca, and oo
operation wlth the h.aiih actlvitlaa ol
;n.' earloua etatea and eitlea of the
w i helieve t nh t true popular govern
ment, juaUce ^ i,.i proaperlt) 4;.. hand In
hand. end, ao bellevlng, it la our purpoae
to aecure thal larne meaeurt of preneraJ
proaperlty which la ihe fruit ol legitlmat*
and honeal bualneaa, foetered by equal
luatlce and by aound progreaalve lawa
We demand tiiat the tesl of true pros
perlty M-all be th* beneflti conferred
thi rei..v on all the cltlaena, not c.nfined
to Indlvldualf or claaees, and ihat tha
tesi of rorporate efllclency ahall be tha
abllity better t.. aerve the publlc; thai
thoae who proflt by control of busini -
af.'air^ shall lurtlfy that prOfll and that
control hj sharlng with the publie tbe
fruit* ll areof.
\\e therefore demand a atrong natlminl
regulalion of Interstati.rporatloi - I e
corporation Ih an eaeential part of mod?
ern bualneaa. The r*oncentratlon of mod?
ern bualneaa, ln sonie deg. h both In
e>itah!e and neceasary Ior national and
Internatlonal bualn. 88 efllclency. Bnl tl ??
Hon ot vaal wealth un
der a corporat. ayatem, unguarde.1 hu.i
uncontrolled I.y thi natlon, haa plaeed
in rhe handa <?( a few men enormoUa,?**?
,-ret. Irreaponalble power over the daily
Ufe ol '; ?'? cltlxer < poa-er unaufTerabl.
ln a fiee gorernraeni nd eertaln ol
.. powei haa j "en abuaed ln monop.
1 i; ol national reaources. ln atock water
iiiK. ln iinf^iir competition an>\ untair
privllegee, ari''. flnalfy, ln,alnl?ter infi 1
.???..' ..ii the publie agencles of stati nnd
natlon. Wa do nol feai commerclal
1 ? >.-.< r, but we ln lat tl ?' H ehi II he exi 1
. ?-??,! openly, under publlcity, supervlalon
and regulatlon of t ie moal eftVlenl aort,
!? will preeerv. Ita i;.1 n il le eradl
catlng ."nd "-? i entlng ita lil
To that end we nrqe the estJoll?hment
Ot a atro'iq federol admlnletrative com
mlMlOn Of hinh itanding, whlrh *hall
maint.nn perm.inent actlva supervlslon
over Industrial corporation* angesjOd ln
intarateta commerce. or aueh of them ,-is
arr ot pi.biic lmportar.ee, solncj l?r them
whdt tne oovernmen t now doea tor the
n.itlonal banKs. and wh.it I* now done
tor the rallroada by the interstate 00m
merce Conimli.lon
Such .1 commlaalon mual enfore* the
coniplete publlciM of Ihoai corporat*
transHvtion* whlel an ol publie Inter
cat; musl ....... i- unfalr competition falae
? apltallzntlon and s| eei il nrl ? g< md
by contlnuous tralned watirhfulness gnar.l
and keep open equally to all th. high
\< , ? ,,r 4,..,,.. , i.mmi -'
luislneea man will have eertaln knowl
edg* of thi la* and will be ahli '?> con
d'j.i his buainesa 1 a-; ? In conformltj
there wlth I' ? Ini ? itor * III flnd ?
ror )d capltal dfvklendi al
dered more eertaln and the aavlngs ol
the peopli w t 1 ii drawn naturall) ind
nafely Into th. ehannela of trad
I Ii.l. r- |U< il .! -4 ? t.-i:, of eoni ?
regulotlon legitlmat. busines* ir ed f.1
eonfualon, uneertalnt; and fr itl* -
gtvtion. will dev? lop normall)
.I ind ? nteri rlei ol th*
\merlcan 1 *n.
We pledg< ourae vea to the ei
ef ,i patent |H" w ?'' n **" '
. for patenta 10 be euppn agrn or
1 .. ,j agaln M thi publlc welfare In th*
Interi al of Injurloua monoi
Interstate Commerce Commission
Wa ;?:? dgc our partj to *e< ur* lo I ?
Interatate 1 "on mer.' '??'? ' '?"
power lo vh i< Ih. physl *l P?"o '
rallroada In order lhai l ? 1 ower of th*
lon to prot. I ihe people
, r iimiaireil or d. stro.ved. w< demand the
abolitton 01 lh< ' 'omn nwi i'o 1
We 1,,,;. .r . ? i ? ? \ I U Imr* alivi ?!??' "
,.,, prompl legi* atlon f",- ihe lmnr..v. -
. . ? r ,?? , nional ? urreii. >
\\'.. in lleve ihi pi ? ?? ni nu thod ol
? rough prli al. ag.'?- I* hai niful
. . .. ntlfl, 'I he l?au. of ?
|? fundamentallj a governmenl runctloti
and tl.e ay?tem ahould ha
nrlnclplea aounonein and elaatlcirj rne
eontrol ahould ne lodged wlth the S"*
ernmenl nnd sl.ould he protected f-om
'domlnatl.ial Ipulatmn by ^ all
Bt eet or an ? ? !???? Ial Inlen 1 ta
We .-.re opposed to the so-cailed Aldncn
currency bdi hecause it? prOvielona
vould place our currency and credit aya?
tem in private handa. not aubject to ef
fertive publlc control.
Commcrcial Development.
'I ii" ! ?? ,.....?.
govei nmenl ahould eo-oi?erate all
ufa. turera and 1 "... i< ? ' ln ? st< ndlng
oui forelgn comn ? rii To thi* ei <l we
demand adwjuat. uppropilationi bj i'oi
greaa *nd Ihe appointmenl of r.lplomatle
and 1 onaulai ottlcer* aoli i\ ?ICli .. vl*a
I , tn, r ai* Ial lltni ? nd worth, ..nd
not In c-onslderatlon of politlcal rxpedl
lt Is Imperatlve ro iiie welfare ol our
,? ,,|.|, ii ,,t 44. . nlargi and exteiid ?? ?'
forelgn commerce \\ ? ai> pre-emlm-iitlj
Htti u lo do 1 .1- ' ? ? h 1.i'1, we
have developed high skill ln lln arl nf
nn Ing; our Im ? ien are
atrong exeeutlves, atrnng organlaera ln
everj way 1 o?*lbh oui fi dera g4?vei
ment *hould . .i->.| ? r..t. in thls lmportant
anj one ?h>, haa had opportunlty 10
?tudy and obaerve rlrat hand Uermany'*
courae In tiii.-< reaped muat realla ll il
thelr pollc) of ro-op?ratlon betwin >i go'
arnmenl and bualneaa hat In comparallve
1> few year* made them a leading eomp. l
Itor for th< commerce of the world. It
ahould b* remembered that tbej are dolng
thls <>n a national seale and wlth large
unlta of bualnea*, whlle tbe Democrata
would bave ua belleve thal wi ahould do
it arith Banall unlla of bualneaa, which
would he controlled, nol by the national
government, but hy fort) nlne conflletlng
atate aoverelgntlea. Bueh a policy la ul
t.riy oul of heeplng wiin the progreaa of
the tlmea and glves our ?;r,Mi commerclal
rtvali ln Burope hungrj for Internatlonal
market** gjplden opportunitlea of whlcb
th, 3 i. 1 ? rapldlj taklng advantagi
Tn.- natural reaource* of the natlon
muat be promptly developed and K''??'|
Nialy need to aupplj the people'* need*,
hut we caanot aafcl) allot* them to he
waated. .-xpioit'-'i. moiiopollaed or coa
trolled againai ihe general good. Wa
heartlly favor the policy ,.r conaervatlon
unri we pledge 0 11 part) to proteel Ih.
national foreata wltl.1 hlndering thelr
legltlmati "?>? f"r the beneflt -.f ..11 tb*
ptoble Agricultural land* ln Ihe natlon
all forests are. and ihould remain. open i"
the g.-nni' aettler. Conaervatlon will
nol reterd legitlmat. rterelopment, Tha
I,. 'n-si aei ? lei mu l re. eli ? hia nati nt
priniptl) wlthoul hlndranee, rules or d<
\\'. b*lleve thut the remiiininit foreata.
?onl and ,oll land*, water powera an>i
other natural reaourcea stlll ln state or
riatlorial control (ex.-ept agricultural
iand;4i ara more Hkelj to be wtaely con
aarved and utlllaed for Ihe general wel
far" if held In rhe publlc hand*.
In order that ronaumen and producara,
managera and workmen, now and here
alter, ni -d not pay toii to prlvati nionojr
oiie* of p..??r and raw material, we de?
mand that bui h reaourcea ahall he re
tained bj the -iiit.- or natlon and opened
to Immodlate ua* under lawn wblch will
enCOUiag* developmenl atid make lo the
people ? moderate return for beneflt*
. onferred.
in particuiMi w,- piedge 0ur party 10
requira reasi.nahie compenaatlon to the
DubUc tor watt-i power rinhth hereafter
granted by the publie. We pledge |. gl*
latlon to laaae the publli graalng landa
under eoultabli provlalon* noa pendlng
whlcb will Increaae the produetion of food
for the people und thoroughly aafeguanl
tho right.-' of tl.e actual homemaker*
Natural reaourcea whoe* conaervatlon la
necessar>- foi th? national welfare ahould
t?- owned and controlled bj ti?- natlon.
Good Roads.
n/e latsjgnlaa the rltal Importance ef
Mjod roada and we pledge our party t<?
foster their exteiision ln every proper
araTi Hn'' W(' fHW,r the early eonatruo
tion Of nntlonai hlghwaya We iilso fa
voi th" pxteiiHlon of the rurril free de
II very servi-,.
Th" 4-oaI ar.d other natural reoouroea ,,r
?laalia ahould be opened to developmenl
at once. They are owned by Ih. people
nf the Unlted Klatee and are gafe from
monopoiy. waate r>r deetructlon only
whlle so owned. Wa demand tlmt they
ahall nelthcr be snld nor given awuy ex?
cept under the homesUad law. hut whlle
held ln government OWU*l'89J*P ahall b?
..pr-nr,] to ii*** prompily upon llberaJ
terma requfrlng Immedfate de\Hopment.
,i?. benefil of cheap tu-l wlH ac*
. t0 the government of tbe JJnUoa
ritatcj, and to the people pf Alaaka and
Ih, Paciflr roaat: the aettleir*nt of ex*
tenaive agricultural land.* wlll be has
ten*-,!- thr- ejxtermlnation of the .--alm.-n
Will be prevented. and the Juat an.) WlM
developmenl of Alaakan reeoureeai wttl
take the place of privata extc*rtioB or
"wT-Xnand alae tha. e*toi-Uen or
monopol: i" iranaportatlon ahall be pre?
vented b> U"- prompl awulaltlon, con
?tructlon or Improvetnenl by th- *?--';'r''
menl of euch rallroada. harbor. and othei
facllltlea for iranaportatlon a? the wn
fare of the peopli may 'iP'n'4.n'JT,rHflir..
We promlae ti?- paople of the Terrltor*.
"I Uaaka th*- same measure of lo. al Belf
Kovernmenl thal waa glven to other
American lerritorlea, and that federa of
Hclala appolnted there 9ha 1 be Q*wUfied
?,,\ prevtoua bona llde residence la tne
The rlvera Of tba Unlted Statea are the.
natural arteriea of thia contlnent we
rl thal thev ahall be opened to trat
flc as Indispenaable partu of a gnat na*
tlon-wlde ayatem of tranaportation ln
;wl Ich tha Panama Canal wttl b<* the cen?
tral llnk. thua anabling thr* wtvlc n
terior <>t ihe Unlted states to ahare with
thr Atlantic and Pectfle aeabcaurda ln the
benefil dertved from tbe .-nnal
lt ln a national nhiigation to d.'Mvop
our rivera. and eapeeUll) the Mlaataalppl
and Ita trlbutarlea, wlthout delay. under
|a comprehenalve general plan eovertng
. ich river ayatem, from Ita aource lo iti
I mouth, dealgned t<> eecure Ita hlgheal uae
fulneaa f..r navtgatlon, Irrlgatlon, domea
ti.- iuppIv, water power ami thr- praven
Itlon of Aoode, Wi pl'-dgc our party to
thr- immedlate preparatton of auch a
1 plan, whlch ahould be mad-* and carrtetl
oni in cloae and frlendly co-operation be*
' tween the nation. the ."tat**. and thr- citle*
I* Under" auch a plan th.* destructive
flooaa of thr* IJIaaiaalppi ar.d other
treama, whlch repreaenl a vaet and
needleaa lo?* to thr- nation. would ba
controlled b) for**t ronaervation ami
water atorage at the headwatera, and bj
. - I- low land aufflclenl to eupport
mllliona ..f people would h? reclHimr-d
from the deaerta and awamp.-. water
power enough t?. tranaform the Induetnai
?tanding -.f whole atatea would be
.1. v-l.i p?d, adequate watrr frmlnal*
would he providi'l. tranhportat'on would
. ana the rallroada wowid i>e torn
pelled to co-operate ;,*< freely wlth thi
? llni i aa with each other.
The equlpmenl organlaatlon, and ex*
perience arqulred ln ronaiructlng th
r n .?,... Canal aoon wlll ba avallable
for th.- lakea-to-the-gulf deep aaterway
nnd other portlon* ..f lhl? greal worlt,
.-.nd ahould h. utlllaed bj the nation ln
I ro-operatlon with tha rarioua atatga, al
I tiu ioweal nn coal to the i.ple
Panama Canal.
i . i . name ' 'anal, i ulll and pald ' '
\ ,!.... p4**opie, moat be uaed pr!
marlly for ihelr benieflt. \\ ? demand that
ihe canal ahall "? ao ,.[>er.,te,i ?- to I reaH
the it,,, *.[...ri.ii!..!' monopol) no* held nnd
miauc**d hj ihe iranacontlnenlal railroadi
inalritalrilng ** ?- compi Ul on with
, thal ahlpa .: 1 r? ? - -11 > or Indlrectl!
uwn< '.;;?.! by American rallroad
corporatlona ahall r,..i be permltted t.. n.-e
and tbal Amwrtean ahlpa . n
. | in . oaatwlae tradi ah ill pa: no
?| . Progreaatvc partj arlll favoi legia
? . ng for lt* alm the de4 elopment
..(? friendahlp and romm*rei> between the
? .| st.ii. ? and l.-.i '. Ami ri< an na
. tlon*
We belle ? ln a protective tariff which
-1..-H equallxe condltiona of competltlon
; heta ' ' -i Rtatea and f.-r-U'n
ntii**?, both f.<: Ihe farn.,-r and thi
! manufacturer, and whleh *maii rnalataln
.!?? et tndard <>f llvlng
. ? , of an: i.,rlff ahould
l? diai ?? : : thi pay en\ ?-i.v of tba la
horer We deelare thal no Induatry de
proti' 11.? 11 ? hli h la unfalr to !_l...r
?4',!'n i*. opt-ratlng In aiot-ttoa of fed
eral la* We bellevi ihat the preaumptlon
i" fat..r of th<* conaumlng pub
We demand ta'."*" revirion berauae the
proeent t->rift Ib unjual t-- the people of
i * Unlted Statea t~."r di.ihno tcward
tn* p.*opie regulrea an immedlate down
w,irri revmon of th'ae ac'-ediilra wherel i
dntle* jro shown to be uejiitt and eacea
\\.- ; . .!???* to the aal blli h
., i -,ii partlaan bi lenllfto tariff
lommlealon, reportlna both ta tl-- Ir*.'
,ii,.1 to either branch of CongV4*aa.
.11 r.-j..>rt, flrat, a* to the . -.'t
ol pnxluctlon efflclency of labor, capi
laliaatlon, li duatrlal organlaatlon and
? n. ?.. and ii..- general comp*>titlvt,
n t -.:* couni: i nnd ., broad of
Induatrlea *. ,'kin? protection from ' ''?*.
.*?'...ond, a*. to the revenua pro
ng power of Ihe tariff nn.l li* r? ln
Hon t" t;.. r*en?urcea of govemraent;
thirdly, a* lo Ihe ,ff-.-f of th4? tariff
..., prlcea, operatlona of mlddlemen, and
|onl ? purchaalng power of the conaumer.
We l? llevi tii.it thla ? <.in"
? !>!? n_rv im.'.s* i.i ellclt Information,
,,[ thla pui i>" ?- t>, pi ?? ?. ?? .i .".
- 1,'in of .'?' ' Olintll .- '"' Ihl Kreal
i ?.ti -I Induati ,? Thi ?4..ik ..f the
. onimlaalon ahould r?<*t pr. ?. enl t'.i lm*
,,. ndoption of acta reduclng theae
ednlea generally recognl*k*d ;ta ex
i-. aalve.
\\. condemn the Payne Aldrich bill a*
unjual to thi i - nple The |tepubllran
nlsailon iv ln thi hand*- of thoae who
. . n, und ? annol again be trustnl
t,, k.-.|. th- protnlae ..t neceaaarj dowt
naid revli lon The I.? itlc party la
.itnltted t.. the dtsatructlon of the pro
t,-, n\. H.vatein Ihrough a tariff for i-\
,.,,!,.. , ? | ahich would Inevl
tablj ;.i:.' ?'lde?pr*_d Induatrlal and
< ..iiiiinr.ial dla?ater.
u. demand the Immedlate repeal >>f tae
i 'aii.i.lian n clpiacll a. I
Inheritance and Income Tax.
We belleve ln ? graduated lahaHtanea
lai aa i natlonal meana of equalislng t1*"
obllgatlona of toldera .-f prt>perty to ?<>,?
ernment, and 44* herebj pIMge our part)
i to ena--i ^u,?ll a federal law as will ta*
I large InherltHnrea. leturning lo tbe atate*
.ii ,,|niiahie pei*Ofintaga of all amount*
collected We favor the ratlfl.-atloti of
the pendlng amendmenl to the ? .,nm it i -
tton iriviiiK the gweiarnenl power to levy
nn Income i.ix
Peace and National Defcnce.
' The riogieaalve parij deplerea th*- aiir
vlval In our civlllaatlon ?.f the bai ?rir
of arai fara among natlona, witn
Ua enormoua want* of reaourcea even i"
time of peace, and lha conaeauent lm*
poveriahmeni of the life of tha tolllng
matuvea. We pb-dice the party to uae Ita
beal end*_vora to aubatltuta ludkrlal at'd
oth-r p.-a. ef.ii meana of aettUag laterna
tlonal dlffereneaa
We favor ar\ internatlonal arjreemeot
for the llmltation of naval forcea. Pen"
I inr, Buen ?n iqreement. .md aa the beat
meana of preaervinri neace. we P'euO*
oni-aelvea to malntaln for the preaent the
. pollcy of binldinti two battleahipa a year.
Trcaty Rights.
W. i.lr.Jge our party to protect the
rlght* Of American .Itlr.enahlp at home
and abroad No traaty ahodld recelva
' the aanctlon <>t our governmenl whlcn
dlacrlmlnatea between Amertean cltlaena
! beeauae .>f hlrthplace. ra.?*? or rellglon. or
' that doea nol r*a4x?gnlaa th* nbaoluta
i n,':.t of eapatrlatlon.
The Immigrant.
Through the establlahment of mdub
trlal Btandarda we pragaoae te aaeura te
1 the .hlel.o.lled Immigrant and to BM
natlve fellow taorkera a larKer ahare <>r
; Amerlean opportunlty.
We denonnce ihe faia pollcy ef Indlf*
' ferenca and negleol whlch haa left our
.-normou- itnmlgiant populatlon to be
...ni.' th,' praj of i-han.*- und cupldlty.
\\?>? favor governmantal action to en
rourage the dletrlbutlon of Immlgranta
awa) from lha eengaatad .-itlea. to rlg
Idh aupeniae all pnvate agwnclaa deal
lng wlth Ihem and to promote thelr :i?
aimllatlon, educatlon a'"1 anvaacament
We pledga oureelvee to a \4i*r and
lual pollcy of penalonlng American aol
dlera and aallora nnd thelr widowa ar.d
ehlldren by ihe federa government
ind we approve Ihe pollcy pf the
Routhern Rtatea ln grantlng penalena to
tln ea I'niifederati aoldlera and nallora
nnd thelr arldOWB -""I - hlblr.ri
Parcels Post.
Ue Dledlre our party le th?- iir.inediate
cr.-ati.'n ol - POXOam BOat, wlth rates
proportli r.at, lo dlauu* - aad *-, rvi,-,-.
Civil Service.
x\h rondemn th" voiatlonf af the ri*. II
aervin law under th** pro-atii admlnla
tratlon. In.-ludhiK ihe ...er.-ion and aa
s, 4?menl of aijlaordlnate emi,|r,yes, and
the i-n-i'lei.t'* r- inaal to puniah auch
violallon afti-r n BlKlIng of gullly by hl*
,,.4 i ecmmlMlon; hta dlstnhutlon of t.at
t-.nai;*- amonc BUUBervlent CongTeaamen,
4-.hH,' wlthholding lt from thoae who re
fii"? -upia>rt of admlnlairatlon meaaurea;
hia wiibdrawal of nomlnatlone from the
Re'naft untll polltlcal auppon. for him
aelf ,4,1s secnred, and hla open use of the
to retvard those who rotod for
hla rrnornlnarlon.
To eradlcate r> rt,o ahu?es we .lemsnl
not onl] '1 e enforcemenr of rhe -cr.il
B4jrvfoe act in ierrer and spirft. DUl 8180
leglalation which will bring under ihe
competltlve ayetem postmasters. poliec
tora, marehala and all <>tl.er m.n politlcal
offlcera, as well aa the rna'-tmenf. of an
eoultable retlrement law. and we also in
birt on continuoue aenice during geoa
hehavlor and enHcleacy.
Government Business Organiza
\\'< pledge Our party to rcadj;stment
of ihe bualneaa methoda of the n?.tionai
governmenl and a Di-eper co-ordlnation
oi rli*- federal hureau* which will In?
creaae the economy and efhciency of the
government service, prevent dupllcatloim
and seeure better reeulta to the taxpay
era for every doiiar eapended
Supervision Over Investments.
i The people of the I'nlted States are
I swtndled out of many nulltons of dollara
i every year through wortbloee invest?
ments. The plaln people, the wnge-earn
er and the men and women wlth small
Bavinga have no way of knowlng the
merlt of concerna eending our iilgiiiy gol
. orcd prospei-tuses offertng atock for sale,
i proapectuoea that make liig returns seem
. ertaln and fortunea easily wlthin grai-p.
! We liold it to he the duty of tiie gov
leniment to protect its people from thla
1 klnd nf plrncy. We thcrefnre demand
I wlr.e. carefully thought out legialatlnn
l that will givc us such governmental
i Mipervl.ilnn over this martcr as will fur
Inlsll to the peonl" of Ihe Unlted State."
thla much needed protection, and are
pledge ourselvea thereto.
On theaa prlndplea and on the reoog
nlsed deairabt|lt>r of unitlnsr the progre*
stve forcea of the nation into an orgam
?atlon v h'.-h shall uneaulvocally repre
aenl the progreaalve spirit and policy, we
appenl for the support of all American
cUlaens, ivithout regard to previoua polit?
lcal affillatlons.
Calls His Attitude Temporizing
and Cowardly.
Diacuaalng thi apeeeh of Colonel Reeae
vell ar Chlcago, WIlHam Barnc*. jr.,
chairman of the Republican State Com?
mittee, aald laat nlght that rhe attltude
of the candldate of tbe Progreaalve party
was "temporizing, cowardly and Irratlon
al, l!e declared tiiat there could be no
compromlae 4?ith aociallsm or anerchy,
and thal any attempl ar it waa dlahoneet.
Mi Barnea sHid:
Mr Rooaevelt aays of the piaiform of
hl part) Thla doeumenl ls really a ror
irectlve >.f aoclatiam and an antldote to
lanarchy.' There can be abaolutely no
Bueh compromlae. There i?, no eorreetiva
Of aociallsm nor la lliere an antldote to
anarchy. Boclallem is a politlcal tlieory
a/hich its advocatea are frec to embrac
and to make converta for their cauae, but
ll la none the less e eubveralon of our
Iform ..f governmenl and ahould be recog
i niaed as such.
I 'The evll Whlcb .Mr. Roosevelt has done
the people of thla country lies ln ht* at?
templ t'> .???nfuse tl-'tr njlnda He ls con
tlntling to do Ihat same thlng now. He
UI arremptlng to rally Uie opponent* of
iaociallsm on the tbeory thai by givins
Iway a llttle re.-il >.>elallsm --an he pre
4-ented; en the other hand, he ls appeal
l|ng to thoae whoaa mfnds are eoclellatlc
Incllned hy gtvlng them ttdhlta that
are no aobatantlal food Mr Rooeevelt'a
jattltud. Is lemporlalng, cowardly, Irra
tlnnal* Progreaa muel ,-ome under our
IndlvMualiatlc method or ir muat come
! under the method <>f BOCUtliam. Tf we
jare to bave Bodallam, then wa muat re
|llnqulah the pri-el-ss possesslon of Mb
erty ihat ive now have; It muat he one or
the other.'"
Denounces the Reeall.
I Of the rccni! ?? ludlclal deciaiona, a*
advocated by Colonel Rooeevelt, Mr
! Bnrnes said the electorate comprlslna
the amalleal unll could tyranniae over
ar j peraon wttbin it wlth whom it dis
agroed on rellglon or polltica "That la
now Impoaaible In America.' he said.
"and ahould foraver remain lmpoaelbI*.M
lle addad
If the I'nlted States ls to denarr from
thi prlnelpie* or freedom and llhert\ of
the indi4 Idual and eatabllsh in ir
ta rijle ,,r uil rhe people by legis
lation, ahether dlreclly or through th*
n ; reaentattve form, then our ayetem of
government N aubverted and \<-,- will
crepted .. revolullonary theorj of
Uving Tne attempl of the Progreaalve
part) !>> oper.it" between thea* r4.o an
latt, theoi les of human Itvlng re
veuls Ihe mosl pernh-loua llne of reason
ina whleh ha* e?-en bi*en advanced In thla
counl i ?
i 'hali man Ran rs drea an lllui I
i,. aald, thal lha begtelature
ahould paaa a i*? maklng it u int;-d"
meanor to attend any particuiar church,
Then it would be th. duty of the autborl
iles to arre-t anybody who atteaded that
church, The courta would he Invoked and
would deeiare thal the iaw vloleted th.
i 'on tltution
Mr. Harn's continued:
Court I* a Guarantae.
"If, bowever, tha reeall of judlcial de
ctateaa ahould be eelabllahed ln the Con?
stltiition of the I'nlted States and the
Btate of Mea Vork, then the drcislori* of
tbal court mlghl be over>rlddea by a ma?
jorlty of the electorate nnd the pergona
gullty of the rtolation of tbe atatutecould
I ba puntshed. But. ;t will be argued that
the people of the state of New York
woul.t never perfOrm so outiamous <.n
act agalnat freedom of worship. Who
, will giinrantee thut'.' The guarantee now
ls lil the ConStltUtlon und there 1-, ii
court tO protect ihat guarantee. What ls
the ohjecl Of takllig It 14*1} "
"The only one <>f which l can concelv*
in the deaira for the redUtributton of
wealtb. H" geneala llea in the falsehoed,
which ha* been rlixulated for polltleal
purpneea, thar ln the i'nlted Btatea prop?
erty righta iiav, been plaeed above human
rlghts. Tliere if; no such thlnjf as prop
ert> rlghts. lt Is a human rltfhr r,, ,.wn
property. Juat as lt Is ? human rijrht to
have both life and Uberty, UlUeaa as
under the Boelallatlc theory of human
eiJetenoe property ahould be owned In
Senator Made Chairman of the New
Party's Governing Body.
fFmrn ? SouT Cbrr**puM8*nl of The Trlhune ]
Chlcago, Aug. T.?Colonel Roosevelt at
tended the piaatlng*of the third party
1 national cominlttee to-night. Benator
Dlxoii was made rermanent chairman
and the meeting wss adjourned untll n
o'clock toniorrow morning.
j fieorge w. Perkins, the newlj appolnted
member from New Vork, wa- present
lle vaid iir, aetlon was tnk.-n vn the
1 matter of opening headquaitera
i O. K. r?avis \van alected aecretarv, hut
the committee dld not ehoose the four
women who, under the rules adopted hy
tii, conventlon, are to he alected as rnem
I bere>at-large of tiie national committee.
It was reported tO-nigbt that Mise Jaue
Addama i4as aJmoat eertala to !>?? eheaea
? .i.i one of rhe women.
The New York Zoologlcal Park doee not
want a hull moose. lt was barned y*?
terday from Raymond L, Dltmars, the
curator. that a genuine bull moose had
been offered to the park at bargain ratee.
The offer wa* turned down. When apked
why such an exhiblt was not deslred the
curator said:
?N'.w Tork is ih. pia.e for a huii niooae.
aj/e have had several of them, but thcr?? a
Homething about the ellmate here whl.-h
doea not agre* wlth them. They auccumb
to gastrltls in a very short tlme."
Reaches Queenstown from N. Y.
in Motor Boat Detroit.
Fire Broke Out on the 35-Foot
Craft and the Fresh Water
Turned Foul.
QlMef?ItOR?, Aug. ;.?The SJ-foot motor
hoat Detroit, under eaaimaad of rapfain
Thomas Flemlng Day, of New York. arrived
bere at I?8 o'cl, rk to-nlght after a voy
Bge from New Rochelle. N\ V., whleh OO*
cnpled nearly twenty-four and a half
daya. This waa the aecond leg of the
contemplaterl trip of the motor hoat from
Detroit to St. petersburg.
The voyagera were weir-omed b.v great
crowda of people, the chalrman of the
harbor board, the prealdent of the town
coiinill and other offlciala, who ?.xtended
their congratiilatlons to Captain Day. ln
an Intervlew the captain declared that
he never was in a better hoat. She riid
not prove to be a good ruaner, howev-er,
but conld ll?* to nnd ride parfectly dry, A
?We, t in b*r dealgn waa the low mldahlp
.Jeck. \P a OOt?WqUenCe, ahe ahinped
plentv of water, but at no time was in
.-iny dangar.
Taptain Day jald that he had proved
the feaalMllty Of a motor hoat race from
New york lo E*?rope, and he believed
that a cup for auch an event would he ot
fert-d at an ? ariy date. The Detroit wlll
r.-maln here for a few daya. and wlll then
proceed for 1 'owes and tbence for !**t.
Peteraburg by way of the EngUah (~7han
nel and the North and Baltic *.<>;i*.
Tha cr.-w of the Detroit are all well.
but auffered from atiff limba owiag to
tha erarnped apaee. The little craft en
countered terrihv weather and a surce*
sion of aile*,, wlth hlgh 8ea*i. She wa*
oiiliged to hea\?> to nlne or ten tlmes.
and ahe rdtohed and roRed tremendously.
un one oe?*?alon the jraaolene took IIre In
the engine room, and wa* extin?;ii!*hed
wlth dlffienlty.
The freeh Water turned foul, nnd thirat
V.A? on< of the burdena the men had to
bear. rhey trled to obtain a frch aupply
from ihe HamhurK-Ameriean llner
Atnertka, but falleo on accounl of t?id
weather. The Petrolt arrived with two
hundred gallena of gaaoh-ne ln h--r tanka.
The adventnroua veyage undertaken by
Captain Thomas Kieniiiis Day, of New
rork, in tne U-Uni motor hoat Detroit.
whlch atarted from Detroit and -_vei1ed
by v.iy ot the Brle I'anal to Wew
florhelle, wheriee it BTOCeeded aeroas the
Atlantic, wlth l-*t. Heteraburg aa Ita deatl
naiion. waa undertaken for the purpoae
of exactly detera-Blng the amount of
m?*i neceaaary to he earrted for a motor
boal race a.-ros*. the Atlantic.
Captain Day haa a ?-rew of four men
and carriea provlalon*-- for ntnety daya.
The length of the voyage la about aeven
thousand mllea. The hoat has 1?88 gallons
of gaaolene on board, and durlng the
Voyage amoklng wa.-i prohlblted, a.? well
aa the IlKhtlng of matchea. the, coootlng
belng done'on a atove e*pe<-lally con
trlved by c'aptain l>ay.
Th* voyage followed the cuM'.mary
steamshlp route. and waa expected to lasr
twenty-one days. hut twenty-four elapae-I
whlle Bhe waa crosslng the AtlHntlc
The laat previous motor boat record for
a trip aeross the Atlantic was made hy
the Abiel Abbritr I.ow, which crosfted ln
thlrty-tlve days in 1904.
Redmond's Assailant and Thea?
tre Incendiary Go to Prison.
Publin, Aug, 7-Mary Lelgh. the auf
fragette, who was tr|e<! to-dav >.n th*
ciiarge of woundlng John E. rtedmon'l.
leader of the Irish Parliamentary party.
Iwlth a hatchet which ahe had thrown a
| Fremlei Asqulth's carrlag- on July 18.
\sa.s sentencrd to llve \ears* imprl^on
Glady* Kvans, tv hose sentence wa. ye <
terday reserved, after sdie had been found
gullty of settlng flre on July 18 to the
Theatre Royal here, In which Mr. As
uulth was s-cheduled to speak the follow
fn* day on Home Kule. aiso was *e
tenced to a term of fivc year-.
Uzzle Baker, who was charged wlth
lHng an accompllce of Otaiga BVBB ?
Ipleaded gullty and was sentem-ed to eeven
months' imprlsonment.
Mahel r-apper. aeeused of helng; ?n a'
eotnpttee of fJUadya Evane, was dlacbarga
for la. k of eviden. e.
Mary Lelgh addressed rhe Jury ln hei
own d.fen.-e. Hh- attempted to htettfy
the militant metliods of tha auffragetti
hecause peaceful method? had falled te
gairi votea for women.
The Attornev Oeneral for Ireiand. C, A
tyConnor, apoke ?trongly of the horror
which would have attended a thestr
flrr, aaytng that was too high a prlee to
pay for votes for women.
The verdict of gullty returaed by tbe
jury *as recelved with apptaUM by Ih.
ppactator* in court. Tho lndge said ll
?4.14 his patnful dutv to propouiic* h. mam
tence which '.ould have a deterrent af
Not Responsible for Atrocities
in Rubber Land.
Washlngton, Ang. ?.?Juho Fctancourr.
reeently appoinred Mlnlater from Coaet
hla to the I'nlted States. t<- preparlnc i
report deaiing 4virii Coiombla'a eonnec
tion artth the Putumayo rubber contro
reray and the rights of his country te
terrttory in that reglon. now actually held
hy I'eru.
.'olombla will Inni.it that. while posse*
sion is in the handa of Peru, right ef
dominion over tho rubber terrttory im
medlatelv south of the put ume! o P.l\"
a braaeh r-t the Amawn, actually neiongr
I to Colombla.
t'oiombia is not reeponatble, bowevei
1 the mlniBter as?erted to-day, for any or
i the atrocities commttted against th> rui
i ber gatherera Powerful Peruvlan cap
| tallsts had puahed into the wlld Putumayo
rubher distriet. although they |,ad re,
rlght to the land.
Hudapest. Hungary. Aug. T. - Jallua
Kevacs. a deputy In the lower house el
the Hungnrian parliamenr. a ho flred
three tlmea at OOUBt Tisra. rhe Speak.
Of the lower house. on June ' and rhe,
..hot hlm.-elt'. v-az to-day broughr lefor?
the pollce maglstrate, *ho dlacharged
blm ou the ground that he v,,y Ineane.
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