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(FJ m FOR bW
Biggest "Fight" Since Civil
War to Begin in Conneoticut
on Saturday.
yrtt York National Guards
rnen Will Loavc Here on
Moming: of Day Hos
tilities Start.
vhr R" army and Blue armj are
?o-d?> flrdlng up their loins, prepar
?esry te beglnnlng the most eatenalve
igittit" on American soil alnce tho civil
a/er M Saturday the inst dctaii of j
,rn,;i. fr m the national guard of thia
, H -?iii hava been Iranaported lo Con
BarUcut, where the war manuuivres will
??ke pl* ?*> heginn?ng on thnt day. The
.aIBpalg:. will be complete In every detall,
Bvea to tb* amptortnenl of the latest mod
>)a of armj aeroplanes and wlreteaa t-le
tT?ph *4pjlprnant
pjfar? poaalble cnntingenry haa been
prnvide.] agalnat, ?nd when the Reda
'ind-"- eommand of fleneral )?' A Bmlth,
r. I A., preaenl thelr unwaverini battle
... tha Riues. under command
4 i.. aftlie, f s. A.. the two
)rrat,'. will be the laat word In the art of
BBjderi) aarl
rat detall of nattonal guard troopa
?rom thla state will atarl to-day, march
ngall 'he vav to Brldgeport Tha** are
, tal end M Cavalrr. under command
.1 Colonela Prldgman and T> Bevolae. All
' tne New york troopa will leave
? on Baturday mornlng. ?* followe:
pint r.rigade headciuarters. tbe Tth and
UM ragtmenta hy staamer Rlehard Pach
from E**t IM street at 11 s m for New
The lltb Reglment. by steamer Boston
trm K?*t IM street at 7 a. m. for Ne* ,
Haven, and the lfth Rxglment two hour? j
??rer from Ihe aame polnt on the steamer J
Brorktcn for New Haven.
Tb* lat Reglment of Fieid ArtUlery, 8
,-cJcck froi ' -t and Eleventh ave-j
n-je for Danbury v ia r.renster.
Battery * M Reghnent of neid artti- J
ajry '-om weat Parma atation of the
ra. Neu Haven ft. Hartford Rail?
road al " s m
.1 R< giment ot naM artli
[arlem River atation of same
Saoond Brlgada headejuertera Ild Reg?
toeat from Qraad fentrai Btatlon at
|:tO a- m
Fou-teenth Reglment from the aame
g\ < Ll a. ui
Fortg-aeventh Reglment from Grand
Central Btatlon at f*:46 a. m
rirst Katteiion of ?2d Englneers from
Herlem Rlvr Btatlon of the New Tork.
Xa* Havaa <v Hartford Railroad nt . 10
a. m. "d and Id Battallona followlng
'?-? mtnutee later
Flrst I'leld Hoapltal from the MOtt
I | atation of the Ne* York. New
Ihren A Hartford Kallroad (tt t- a m
rtral end M Signal Corpa from Harlem
Rl.er atation of th* name road at 1:81
a m
in a nutsheil. th* manceuvres will eon
? f the theoretlcal attempt of the
Reda to capture New Tork City, wlth
tha Bluea trjlng to prevent thi* city
from falllng into the etifm>'e handa
Th* acane of operations may he roughly
truneated triangle. with
I- lower ai-ex cut off by a llne of aome
? miles between Btratford and New
ppar bnse of the triangle.
thirtv mllea long, reachea from
Waterbory. the riaht aring of the ad
ane* dlvlalon of tl.e Reda, to Danbury,
? aeetern moMlizatlon polnl of the
Ihjaa and anothei alde of aome twenty
mlits stretchea from Btratford to Dan
The enrire regloa *"?if= fr,'ir hunlrei
aafaVty squan mllea, ia well adapted
?9 mliitarv manotuvrea there belng *
BjBji et: of rolllng lands. inter
?sereed at other polnta wlth ahrupt hiiia
?nd valli i There are alao various
rrrera and their tr.nutariea to he forded.
Ordera havi been glven that every
? e total of about twenty-flve
thouaand la to eaerclae the utmoat car*
- t to eevaatate property. ?nd special
tgn will ba taken to make the eanltary
(grangementa the hest poaalbla The
* 1 make good all damage*
? aort SpedeJ arrangemente for
v eat army have alao been
ai provlalon for adequate
al *.ttendanre
rai T H. Bllaa, V S A.. will he
mmand of the mano*uvraa
Three Dead and Many Injured
in Pittsburgh Accident.
Plttefeurgh Ang. T.-Three girla
were kllled and B dozen others badly
tnjured late to-davy, when ? water
t4nk nn thr top Of the Unlon Ameri?
can Hlgar Conopany's hulldlng, at 28th
and Bmallman etxeete, crauihad through
the roof and the aixtb fl"d flfth floora
The dead are Agnes Nledzclska.
lean Ive I.awton, B8TV4 nteeri, and
^n unldentifled glrl of twenty years.
Of the twelve young women seHously
m it ir believed a number will dle.
The water tunk had heen erected
only a few daye ago. and water was
beipg pumped Into it for the flrst tlme
< ,i tiie accident oceuired.
lii- tunk plunged to the fifth floor.
abere irere 160 employea tnoatly slrls.
Thoee nol caughi bj the riebris ntahed
ror the Btalra 1'pward of f3(X> other
easployea aorking on lowat floor* also
rushed for tha exita Wlthin a moment
taaatatrwaya erere ejiofeeel wlth a nwas
?f atruggilng peraona nrid many were
hurt ln tbia manner.
Iludr-on N^vigatlon Company !?
Bddiiig lo its fleet a palatial alde-whteler,
ahlcli wiii be the large*t river ateamer
?float It will rneusure 440 feet ln lenglh,
*> fert beam. and have a apeed of 11
aglea an hour, wlth a carrylng capaclty
*?' 189Q paaaengera The < ompany is
'?"?ring ?100 ln aold for a name for the
"tw Stearner
. ? * ?
ProfesBor John Dewey, head of the de
IMtjBjenl of phllosophy at Columbia I'ni
''trnty. will dellver a lectur* on "The
SdtJcatloneJ Aape<t of Woman Buffrage"
;n tbe Horace Mann Behool audltorlum,
*} hroadway and iynh etreet, rolumhla
Bltaaralty, thla afternoon. Profess-.r
Ij**4y haa recently eornpleted a r.tudy of
i^ Phllosophy of the woman euffrage
kWvtrnrnt. The lecture wllj i.eal" at,*
?cl0ck und no tleketa of admlasion will
?9 raqirjr*^
Victim 0f a Stone Accidentally
Thrown by Brother.
Chatham. N. Y, Aug. 7.-Homei
Crandell. 2d, the seven-year-old son of
Frederlck H. Crandell, of New York,
whose marriage Incurred the enmlty of
hla uncic, Edwln Hawley, but who re
erived $852^19 of the raiload owner'a
estate. died to-day as the result of
being accidentally hlt on the head by a
Btone thrown by his ten-yenr-old
brother Richard. Blood polsonlng dc
veloped from the wound and Iho lad's
death was very audden.
On the day of the hny'n death the
funeral of hit. grandfather. Ilomer
Crandell, of Chatham. was held
In l*r>s. l^edrrlck ri. Crandell nmrriH
h M1f* McManua, a telegraph opprar<>r.
?n oppoaltlon to the wlshes of his oncle.
She mierj for a Separatinn in June of thla
year, nnd aoon afterward he I.toukM a
4-ounter gull for divor.e. Both actlons
were withdnnvn a f'v. dav.<< uirn, Mr.
Crandell airreping; to pay his wife 91?..nn)
ln lie\i of allmony
a , ? ?
Mother's Kidnapping Charge
Against First Husband Fails.
Mrs. Isnbella Crlmmlns, wlf? of Edward
Crlmmlns, a patrolman attached to the
Jamalca atation, created a scenc in the
Jarnaica MaarlstrateV Court yesterday af?
ternoon wheri Maglstrate Mtch declded
aaatnM her and in favor of her former
husband. Wllllam MrLean, whose nrrest
slie had canHed on the chsrge ot kidnap
pli P
Mrs. <>lmmin* made such a demonstra
tion ln the court rooni that the magtl ir.'ite
t"1 ri her l'e WOUld le oMIged 10 CaUSg
her arrest if ahe dld not deeist. Klnally
She was taken from thr- room
MeLean was arreated In Brooklyn yee?
terday, and when he appeared in court
was ac-ompanled h> his daughter. Melva.
who causerl the trouble When the Ifi -
Leans wer? dlvorced. s.-vcral years ago.
the court awarded tha cuatody of Wllllam
McT.ean, Jr . to the father, and Melva.
who ls now elg-ht years old. was to re?
main wlth her mother, her father belng
permltted to see her from tlme to tlme.
According to th* complalnt made hy the
nv.ther. now Mr?. i rimmlns, Mcl^ean iis
Ited the llttle glrl last May and said that
he would like for her to remain with hlm
for a few days, as he was Kolng aw.iv
on an extended buslness trip. Mrs Crlm?
mlns cons.nted. nnd though ahe had ex?
pected the chlld to return wlthin two or
three daya Bhe had not seen her untll
brought tn couri by the fatfi-r yeaterday.
?ratr Fltch held that McT.ean wn.s
not gUlltj of ktdnapping, as va. charg.d
tr the "i.rrHtit. becaua* the mother con
Bented to the chlld'* departure from her
home. Mrlz-nn said the llttle jrirl se^med
much happler with hlm than she had hr.n
with her mother and stepfather.
After the maglstrate had announced hl*
decision and dlacharged MeLean, the
RJOther Sttemi'ted to get the llttle Bjirl
away from her father hy physlcal for-e
and becama hyaterleal. 8h? was carrled
out "f the oourtroom before MeLean left
and awalted him in tiie atreet. But Me?
Lean, Wlth the little girl. wenl out a r.-ar
door, and M> former wife did not see hlm
or her daughter. Mrs. Crlmmlns walted
nearly an hour before she realited tbat
Bhe had been tricked.
MeLean gave his addrese as No. i2o
Market street, Newark. He ls an Iron
Fare Thinks Quarter Enough
for Four Hours.
Because Krnest Hohrich. who says he la
?n engineer and llves at the Scandanavlun
fallorr.' Home. at No. W* L?nox avenue,
thouaht a four-hojr rlde tn a cab about
lfanhattan and Brooklyn worth only a
quarter, he wa* taken to the psyoho
pathlc ward of tbe BelW-vua Hospltn! laat
nlght for observstlon.
Robrlch ehartered a cab drlven by
Harry Kronenberg. who ha* a atand at
Lenoa avenu* and 116th atreet. and lolllna
langJidl: 1 ack 041 the rushlons ordered
the drlver to tak- hlm to >ee the sight?.
When they had been about the town for
four houra the eabtnaa asked for parl
Of his pay or all. and was offered a quar?
ter by his fare wlth whleh to "buy hlm
eelf a drlnk."
Kronenberg wa* not avpeased by tbe
oaTer of 26 cents and took a new route.
drlving his pa^fenger to the Lenox ave,
nue pollce station. There Robridi told
rhe lleutenant that if Kronenberg would
take him to No. 5-W Lenox avenue h*
would get ?o to pay hlm, although th*
hacknian Insisted the bill waa Hi.
Robrlch proteated that the ride wa*
worth only a quarter. and the lleutenant
deciding tiiat the engineer required medl
cal attention, *ent hlm to Bellevue.
.? e
That Many School Ohildren in U. 8
Have Need of Doctors' Services.
Waahington. Aug. I.?Flfteen mllllor
American school ehlldren need a doctor'i
attention. This ls the estimate furnislu-t
the I'nlted States Bureau of Educatlor
l,v l?r Thomas D. Wood, professor ol
physlcal education ln Tcachc-r's Ool<
lege of Columbia Unlveratty, New Tork
?Of the 20.000,000 school ehlldren in thls
country." says Dr. Wood, "not less thar
7C per cent need attenUon to-day foi
physlcal defectB which ara prejudlclal tc
health ar.d which are partlally or com
pletely remedlablo." Bome of the doc
tor's findlngs are as follows:
Several mlllion ehlldren haves two oi
more handicapplng defecte; 400.00. hgM
organlc heart dlaeaae; at leaat W
hav. or have had tuberculosls; aboul
: 1.009,000 have aplnal curvature, flatfoot or
laome other moderate deformlty; ovet
,1,000.000 have defe-tlve hear ng; abott
tmOOO have defe-tlve vlMon; aboul
aooO.000 are *ufferlna from mainutrition
I over 60eu.000 hav.- enlarged toneils. ede
Inolds or enlarged cervlcal glands; ovel
10,000.000 have defectlva teeth which aT4
In'terferlng with health
Rises 2,050 Feet in Ten Minntes and
May Play in War Game.
Marblehead. Maaa , Aug. 7.-A new wai
aeroplane rrwy play *n lmportant part Ir
the campalgn manceuvres In Connectlcut
Ueutenanta Klrtlaad and Amoid. of th?
United State* army. asked Wsshingtor
to-day for permisBlon to fly the new aero
pliinn frr.m Marblehead to Brldgeport
fonn.. to parti. ipiite ln the war game.
Tiie aeroplane su-ceoded tn-.lay ln over
comlng the dlfflcult qulck cllmblng spec
WcatlonB In the governnient's new con
tract Philllps V. Page. the svlator
drove his blplane, welghing a ton, to ar
altitude of 2,060 feet in ten minute*. Thi
government pvjulrea that an aeroplan'
reaeh an altitude of J.000 feet ln t*m min
Btae artth thls welght. Lleutenant Klrt
land was ln charge of the test.
Mailed anywhere in the United
Statea for S260 a yoar.
Two Chilclren Injureci and
Scores of Persuns Terrified
in Chrystie Street.
Dozcn Infernal Machmes ana
Eighteen Murders the Rec?
ord of Immediate
A t*rriri<- homh exploeaon Injured t?o
ehlldren ahortly before mldnlghl laal
I night nnd dld .lanififc.* eatlmated at V<."*'
to th* slx storj tenemenl houae N-. 31
Chryatie Btreet. Th* d..or* of th* ground
floor hallway and of .?tor*? on .'Itlirr alde,
or-.*-,);.|. ,1 b] Balvat n Mlaaln(*o dealer In
eonfectlonery. ?nd Davld Fbbello, grocar,
wr-r* demollshed. The ahatterlna of a
pane of pla*oj ln th* hallway door of th*
apartmenl of Fobello ahowered hia two
daughtera, Mary, seven yeara old. and
Ellen, six montha old, aith glaaa, Both
were eul on th* head, handa and hodl**
it waa thi oplnlon ot Fobellc thal th*
exploalon waa Intended to deatroy hia
In ti??? .ist three months, he mld.
? ..?.'?' . ihr< ..t. nl ?
Tii,. - ? ? ? > ? l ilned '!? manda for
,',.,,- || real > f w n eklng hb i!>"
Th** thlr-l irit. r d*manded >.i i y n
A jfar ami a half ago a bon h a*a* -et
off in thr ground floor hallway near Fo
' . | dOOr, followlng thr. rr-tplpl ot '?? I
t*r* contalnlng demands nnd thrt-at*.
[ ? aaploslon laal nigbl waa heard
for blncka away Thouaands of Itnllans.
Ilncladlng th* membera of twenty-two
! p.ini**'tri*k*n famllies tr<<ni th* a!\ Btor)
j tenemont houae, gath??n-i ln the Btreet
I "V7V"oodwork ln tbe bnr-k of tho ground
' tinor hallaray wai aei aflre hy th* expio
leion, but th* blaze waa extlngulahed wlth
? eta of water.
s*r(*eant RJiey and Patrolmen Fatn.-k
Conway nr.d Nathan Whitman. wha aev?
eral yeara niro recetved a medal for r.-*
r-uea al a flre In thi adjolnlna houae. nt
No. :_.'. in which " acore ol llvas were
loal tri*d to quiel th.* frantlc peopli .
many r.f whom ha.l run barefooted from
' the n*lglibnrin?r houaea Thi itreel waa
llttered wlth glaaa, tha heavy plate glas"
window*. of tha alorea and the wlndnwi
on th* di...rs abova havlng been shat
t*r*<i There wa? dangar ol i- i ?ns cut
tlng thtir fert, and H was with dlfllculty
that Whitman. Conway nn-l Bergeenl
'?? I'ilcy held the thr.-rig in rheck. K**- r ea
were <a11*d from tho Rth alreel police
datlon and the oiowd wa.*. drlwi' indoora.
lt m? found thal tha Btock in th* con
e had been knocked t'iom
I th* Bhelvcs .ind acattered on th* door
| Acroaa the hall, ln th*; three-room ..part
| m*nt of Fobello, the pollca found th*
grooei Bton proprletor and hs* wlfe at
I teraptlng to ataj the blood flowlng from
tba ? uta th* ehlldren ha elved Fobello
and hia wif*. -a*- well ai two
di*n. wiio were nol Injured, were almoal
thrown out of 1,4,1 hv the *\plo*.|<.i.. a
nelghhorlng phyatdan waa called In tn r
tend the two chlldn n
The eaploatoa ocourred In the h*art of
the "boinh dlatrir-t." where ln the laat f*w
yeaia no leaa than a doaen li.f*rnal ma
r-hlneis have ceuaed bavoc ln t!,? t.iork
jn whleh thr- ?lx atory t*n*ment fctanda
batwaan Btaaton and llouaton etr.-.-t-,
4-ighteen murdera hava been cotnmitted
ln the laat "ve yeara.
Fobello aald one of the threatenlng let
tt-r* ua.- slgned, "The Blaeh Hand Bo
etety." He i? repute i to )** well t., do
Mass Meeting Absolutely Nec
essary, Avers Dr. Schulman.
Thi- l'--. Dr, Bamuel Bchulnian, of
Templ* Beth-El, ha* a,:.t the followlng
i*tt?.r to Allan Koblnaon In raply to .4
re>iu*?.t fur th* rabbl'a n.fi?iture to a
? ?all for (i maaa meetlng al Cooper Union
te tuli* action wlth regard to th* gam
biing altuatlon:
In raply t<> the letter hikh*.i h> Ja. ob
11 Bchlff, Eugene M Uuterbtidge, your
H,dt Him othera, 1 beg to aaj thal 1 will
giadly algn a call foi >? publtv aweting
to be held .-t Coopei 1 nlon in the
futJi*. Huch 11 meetlng In my oplimm
Ih aemanded by the unprecedented m
uation in the city of Naa k'ork to-day,
and 1 thank you foi glvlni me the o|
portunlty, ln the lorm of an ana*4er t..
your latter, to aay what 1 havi been
fei'ling tor aome um*,
'Ih*- nty of New V.u'k if to-ri;iv ln
mlliatad. Tha aventa of tha I?ai fi w
weekh are too eloquanl lo ni ed any 1 om
inent; thay ar* .1 disgrace io lt*, cltl
-enahip. Our municipal government li
eeriainl} a lailun* it durlng tbe laat
twanty-nva yeara we have i.i-*n unabli
to devib? waye unu ni-un* |,, ai-ep apari
........ I , ,1 I , ! . i ?> . . . I ,1... ....!...- ? . ..
*w _.?..w_ ..?-.?.? ???.,_???, 1 -, (,, ri' ?,',,,'
somi; Indlvldualc of the police tor,:..
from Ihe erUninala whom thej ar* aup
posed to puraue and with whom tha)
prefer to be In partnerablp. Thua the
very elementa >.r tuorailt*, the founda
tloim of aoctety and the ludlimntu oi
clvic vlituo are endangered
Bui b a maeUng is tberefora ebaolute
ly neceaaary to \oicx- the indignaiion t,f
tbe clvlc conacienca t'i utiiizt- the lnti-i
..,,.- .. ..?.. ........ ..r...|, III.IH W|||. [J IO
attenij.t to d.-ri-.t- cm ip partiaan p.di'
leui prollt. Nothlng ia mora 'Uegustin*,'
timn the apectacle of a preacaer for
rigiiteouBneH*i playing politlca What
was oon*.- or not done at balttmore haa
1 ery little to do with the altuatlon ln
New i.,rl< Juat now and can reile.-t no
poaalble ilKht on the hontstv and erh
cienc) of our ottlciala.
Nor la it 01 graai tmpartanea wbetber
phraaea of our orticiala art- feUdtaua or
not. 'l'hoat> >'l ui win, iia\-u learn,-.) to
thlnk lor ourwhi-4 havi- lon^ <-. hs.-iI 10
be elated by the tiatt,-ry o( polltli in
when In koo.i hiuaur they gtve inoutc to
parttcular races ... churchea or. on the
other iiai.-i, i.. be lmpre_a?**d by t,,uir ten
deacy 10 uae ihe general term "for?gn-r"
or "Immigrant' ai tcapegoal lor the lu
Iqultiei <>i American poiitlca. Theae are
tiivlaiitica whlch nead aol delay ua And
.iKain. the rcvelatlona ..f chi ipneaa of life
la New Vork and of the frlendahlp and
. i.-opi' itl.m between aome police omi-ini.*
und criminn^ are >.f aaeh extr?ordlnary
character that th*ir _nportance anould
Bot be mlnlmlxed by the lajectlon ol bi
dlBCUBSlon Of ri- I or Ot,-? ,J. Th.I- \t
imthlng rac-iallv or creedall* characteria
tlc ahnut the gambler. the proatltuta, tha
thlof, the thug, the iii*d mui_arai and
a trearherous rrlnilnal ofllr-lal. LTnfort
unately. the.** typea sn- nnlveraally hu
man. and ln the underworlda of larK*
oities they flourlah *o long un condltloti*
The preaent *.|t nation Is tht.rrfor* a
matter thut |- r.ot th<- concarn Of any
party ln parUcular er of any aactarlaii
coromunlon wlthin th* clty ot New Tork.
Clvlc. rlrtue drmand* that all aucli oon*
ptdaratlona bo over.xhadowed by a wbole*
*?niil*il co-operatlon on tha 1?rt of nii
the elementa In the oommunlty. And
ih?lr al?gle mindedneB*s \4ill l?- empha
sHed hy thelr ^lM.akln^^ nnd a< tlng. r.Ot
n, j*ws. PreteatantB or CaUlollca, Caamo*
rrata W llepuhlJcana. bul MI rltlReim ?>!
Ntyw York. For tha purpoae of morallty,
protection of llf* nnd property and tl-;
Mjiity and efllciency of our clty govern?
ment ae are cltlaena Brat, laal and ull
Ih* time. an.i we nr*- *ltlz*na onlir,
1 th*r*fon- weieoma wlth enthualnam
HUi'h h meetlng, that ehould vo|,-e \4hat
lha N***-*- Vork oitij-en ha^ to .**ay upon
th* deplornhle condlilona whlch are our
rli-LTac*. Yourn v*ry irulv.
Boys as Well as Girls Join in
Folk Dances.
Supervisor of Docks Lays
Neatness of Dress to
Dancing's Influence.
i The band on the reereatlon plef al Weat
j i^,th treel trin k up .4 llvely .itr. :.i"l
Ithe thlrty or ao amall boya who were
......i v Ithln thi roped off Indo
where every afonday, Wedneaday, Thura
,i.-i4 and Krlday afternoona thi llttle glrla
of the nelghborhood danei wen aroueed
| from thelr apathy and leaped up ind
ahouted. "Hurrahl Ifa the Hungarlan!"
I Bmall boya have been pennltted wlthin
' the dancing Inclooun onl) for thi
few days, and the Hungarlan la one of tbe
' two rolb dancea they hava attempted.
Thlrtj iinie boya ranglng In aga from
elght t" twelve, end coatumod rarloualj
from the Immsctilaic youngater In awhlie
duch aallor ault and sm<>"tiiiy bruahed
hair to ihe equally anthualaatle r ?? %
ragamuffln arlthoul atocklnga and "?? *?
ara held up over hi- underehlrt by one
earelea* -trlnn. swunis Into the rhythmle
To l>e sure. they seemed n llt'le Belf
eonsclous durliiK the por-turing figuies,
imt m a few HccondH they becama ab
aorbed ln followlns '?"' niualc, and .irms
were rhr'.4.n above Ihe heada ortth In
creeslnR abandofl and grac*
Only Dance Plsce for Boy*.
Tha Vt'eet Uatfa atreel pier la th* ^niy
I one at preeenl to whlcb jil emaii boya
under tweive who 4visb te dance are ed.
mitud At th. Baal 112th atreet pler, tr.
I . [tellaa dlatrict, n fea amall boys a
doaen or so. who have b?m apeclallj
r.coinniended b> the plavgr.iurd leacheT
are pennltted to Joln Ir. th4 dancing, and
they enjoy ?t so thoroughly that it a*ema
poaadble that more amall boya ?m ??"n
be atrlvins f^r ree*j*nn?endatlana
"It ls extraordlnary." paid ' i.arle- A.
Ifanly. aupervlear <-f docks, wlth whom
the Trlbuni repesrter made h tour of ln
ipeetlon yeeterday. ?? I" eitraordlnary
a/hal thla muaie and afterno. n
ha.. done foi lha ? aat. "' "?" '"'k''
borho.Nl In the way of encouragtng clean
. raon. l-aat year whi n lt was
started they ueed t<> come rlgl I m off 'he
. ta and ?? they come from I
., ,rt..n, of the ettj thej were anj
? ibina but clean. l used to have .,, carry
,mPhor hall around in my hand <.r.
ra of Inspe. Hon
? Uut all tbafa changed no* and you
couldn't aah much mor* ln th* wa of
neati eaa than you '*" ' ' * """?"
hlldren. They aaw on.- or two othi -
dreaaed up, and now thej all com* prop
thed "
Home of the llttle gtrla on th* Baat d
?treet pier elghteen of them .ire begln
II .. dance will wl Ich
ih, ? ?.. repre < ot thetr pl?i al the
I great fe*tival to be held on Beptember 7.
?\vr. Hr> all to be r.ii'v prlnc**aee," ex
plalned one beautlful llttle Jeweaa. i<><,k
I|ng arlatfullj beyond thi reportei "It'a
? dldn r tak.
more than n%e mtnutea to learn the steps.
hlnd ? I ard to pra< (Jae ll em
wlth tha t-ii'4'l *e bave thli week You
kaow, we bave h dlfTerent band each
w.-ek. and aome of them i* bettet than
Thla "ne ii loo Blow, I'Ut they
may get better towsid the end of tde
week. wli.r, they h-et ueed to 4vlmt we
Waltx Brightene the Eyee.
Juat then tha band awung Into a **lt*.
ttle gti
claimed thelr partnera and whM.-d off ilk*
Bnowrlakea If any antarprlalng theati
promlaing material t.> traln, 1*1 hlm make
i r>- ition pli r* on an after?
noon when I a I dancing.
There a;.- ii indredi of dancera on each
of ihe Bre plera every Monday, Wednea?
day, Thuraday, and Prldaj afti
Bometlmi ? there an a ra inj n
hundred ehlldren, oii Httla 4-'l.i?. ln one
afternoon A whole end nf ihe p'er la
Bd off for them, and thelr mother and
,..,,, intereated Bpeetatora ^it beyond tiie
ropea und llataa to the muelc end watch
tha ehlldren. B*Bveral young mothera *itti
llttle babiea were obearved dotng a <iuiet
Idanoa wlth ti a babiea In tiieir ami
' ?lde the ro;,.
"it ls eertaln." ?aid Mr Ifanly, "that
the l rOWda on the plers are getting mui h
, r t<> handla than thej wa a at iiift.
? of yeara ago the attendanl - on
thi Weal J)th .-.treet pler, tiiat drawa ita
1 ,,tt,.:. ?? ?? i 'iieii'.i Kltcben,' bad to
aacorted from the pler bj polleemen
.? ery nlght lt certalnly doea aeem that
i musir batb charma t<. aoothe the eavaga
l breaat."
jGardner Murdock Will Hunt in
Texas, and Alone, He Says.
1 BhOltly before the Msllorv llrr-r ''orioho
aalled ifr Oalveaton yeaterdey. Gardner
I'Murdock, a Mvarynaan of Bellport, Long
? i, went eboard aw<\ boughl a ticket.
Iglvlng tiie nami of O. Vf. Brown H*
bOUghl tr;iris|iorratlriii for lilms.-lf alom
..? | declared that no one was gulng wlth
I hlm.
I Murdock .-r?id rhat reporta In vsrious
newepapera atatlng thal be had elop.-d
\sith Mrs Katherlne L Bdey, wlfe of
Henry C. Bdey, wer? fai^". Ha aaptalnad
that his comlng te Kew York on Tueaday
night on the aaroa traln wltb her waa a
miTe eolnddence.
"I have not had B va< atlon Ir. alztoea
years." h? declared, "and i nm going to
Taaae f<>r a reet l eapeet to t-pend my
tlme buntlng ?>"'! Sahlng. and bope to
roargel ri.is iiaw^ap** tuik. I racalyad no
eorapeaaation fr?m st\. Bdey ior gotng
away, and all tbe tblnga tbal bave beea
Klid aboul ma and afra Bdey are falee."
_____?. e -??
Pistol Permit and Deputy's Shield
Save Old Oontractor from Oell.
John (Inrk. se-.enty years old. a con
traetor, (,f N.'. -"* Hiiaper srieet. WUI?
! Umshurg. was about to allght from a
! PTanklln avenue car at Broad way and
I Roebllng street vesterday. when the mo
torman und conducror accidentally let
th. 4-unrd ruil fall on his back. I'lark.
thlnklng '?? bad been a8.-aulte,l hy som.:
thug. whlpped out a revolver
At th.i slght of the weapon th* tnotor
man and .-onductor daaarted thelr posta
and more than a doien men and women
paaaengera left th* car atraadad.
J'atiolman Halloran took i.:iark to the
Clnaer atraol sratlon. where he pro
duoad a perrnlt ehowlng tiiat he had the
prlvlleae of carryinK ? revolver, and al*o
thretv open his coat. displaying a deputy
sherlff's shield. After saying that he
simply meant to frlghten the off. ndlng
parson <1ark waa allowed bis freedom.
j Suffragette, Patrolman Says.
and Restaurant Man Arjrees.
I Campaign Oratory from Broad?
way Window Leads to Arrest
and Wins Taft Vote.
Ma n*Hiev. propri*tor of Healey'a
r*Mnurant, at No. f i".K Hroadwav, faya
that bla 1* a drmo<-rnil* plac*, but thero
1* on,- thlng nt whi.h h* draws th* lin*
- h* wlll not have auffrafre speechea mado
from hl* front wlndowe.
NOW, Mr". Ira Buehnell Kirtland. of
No. "2!) IVeel 10j*t *,tr*>-t, thlnk.* Mr.
Healey*a front aindowa nn Ideal apot for
a auhTrage apeach Or at l*a*,t *ho dld
thlnk ao up to laatl M.nday, whl.-h la why
Mr.*. Kirtland whu taken from H'al*}''*,
r*stfiurant to the Weel innth *,tr*et statton
i'V Fatrottnaa lla-ry N*u*h.'4f*r on Mon
day nl?rht and locked up on a charK* of In
toxieatlon and why Piitrnlniun Neu liafer
!a nurelnj' a punehad noae.
Who pun.-h*d lt'.'
rt* oarner and Charlea Melfaaaa as
alstant at Henleya r*ntaurant. aay that
Mr.* Kirtland dld.
Ifra Kirtland lah'l aayina anythlng at
all. except thal ahe la a Huffrniriat.
Th* i-hiira* agalnal Mra. Kirtland wa*
changed ln th* women'a a)lghl court to
ona ,.f dlaorderly conduct, and then
dropped. Mr llealej aal-l yeaterday thut
ir Mra. Kirtland hvl h**n a nmn h* would
have pr**?*d tho .-hiir*-* T'*lng tlmt ahe
-as a lady, li?* aald, h* dldn't
Mi ITealey rbeiiehea a pfM* in hia
restaurant, v*hl.-h ha aaya la th* pr*ttleat
piH- ? in N> w Vork, Bpri h* told th* r*
p..rt*r almoMt with t*ar* ln hi* volc* that
aurh n thlnc fi.* wornan aufrrajro h*lng
ahouf*d from lt*. front wirdow*. bad naver
happened fo lt h,*for*.
"A very nlco ,-laaa of p*opl* corne here."
he said, aarneaUy, "and wh?n thls lady
began to ahout from th* wlndowa l r-ould
nol BllOW l* It waa th* buay tlm*. nt
dlnner, and ahe dlaturbed my patrona.
Did eh*. aho-it auffrage? Bare; aomethlr.g
llk<* it So 1 told tbe patrolman OUUdde
hei out
?\\.il you know how lt la wtth a po
. . i ? ? dldn't want to"
"He \, a- afrald ? ? Bhe we*a too hig for
.. .1 \ir McManoa r*.ndtdly
'a initd, four of that patrnlniin.
. - i a huaky body! Bhe sai.i ahe
?i auffragial and preeldanl of
Sew \.>ri< ritrle T.* aei" Dld al -
ng i when ?'? took her out? Well, I
"Bhe hll the ?*fn>er "ii fhe nose ar.d *?>??
? hlt tn* T*?. th* officer ta*kl*d
her finally, but lt took f-ur of us to **t
her out." Mr. McManua alghad and
rubbed one ahoulder glngerly.
\' i ahe ma?i- them stop arhlla ehe
made a HiifTr;.. on f:ie aldewalk."
I Mr Healey. "Well, I *an't h*ip
whal the women Buffi-gista do on tha
aldewalk All l a-k la th.it they doa't
peechea In my reataurant
"1 had t-i *r*t Ihe ladj arreeted Bha
wouldn'l laave wi,,-n i n-k.-.i her t->. r
: ad to Bhoar that were no Bull Moosers
W* r* all Taft p*op> h*r*; >**. and
Taft Ik Kolrn- tO heat '*m to ll flnlah."
Mi. Hei ? ? " Id IM had a Mirt of an in
tentlon of voUng for Rooaevelt unUI th*
latti r eaasa out for woman BUffrag*. Then
he aa Itched to Taft.
"1 ain f rabld agalnal woman auffran*."
h* obaerved, "bul when Rooaevelt took it
ip i Hai.l, Tin done wlth him.' An.i th*
BUffraglata and Bull Moeaera can't eome
. ??? g from nr. wlndowa."
Mr-, Kirtland iu reported to have aald
that Bhe had put th* matt-r In the handa
,,f a lawyer, and I ' wat gmng t->
: it to n nt:.
When aeei al her hom* yeaterday all
..... would *av wa?r* "1 am n^t going to
-,,- anythlng. l atai nol In a poaltlon to
thlng I se. I am a -ufTraglst. hnt
? nd that this i? not
an Interviea "
Offlcera of rarloua auffrage erganiaa*
- .1rrlnr*d that th* h:id 'n^v.-r heard
VI r8. Klrtland'a latne."
House Committee Oouldn't Re
sist Mrs. Littleton.
i ph? Tribune Baraaa.]
Waahlngton, Aug Over thi proteat
of Repreaentatlve Lavy, wh... aa the pr**
anl owner of the home of Thomai Jrffer
eon, feellngly declared thal ?v*rvthtng
onnected \*lth the plaee waa sacrtxi to
him. th* Houae Rulea I'ommitt** to-day
ordered a favorable report on a reaoiutlun
lo appolnt a j.'int cornmlaaion to i i Hdi i
the advlaaMltty of havlng th* governraeat
iicuulre .MontU-*llo.
Th* report of the conirnlttne ,4111 be
UaaalnaMll" At tho hearing to-day waa
Mra Martln r,lttl*ton. who ls OO-duetJng
ii campaign to ha4-e the government ac
(juire Montlcelto either hy p_rehaaa or
riKht of amlnenl detnaln, When informed
by f'halrman Henry that the ltul*i Com
initt** had been unahl* to reatet her
arKuin*nt.* Mr*. UttletOB elaapad h*r
and aald: "Oh, lan't that Just dear
of the commlttee!"
Mr* Littleton and Mr. Levy each testl
fl*d hefor* the committee to-day, and lt
waa aith dlfflculty that Mr. Levy'a coun
ael perauaded h?n from int*rrupting the
argumeat of the wtfo of the New Tork
l{f-pre?entatlve. When he had an oppor
tunlty t'< ba haard blniaalf Mr. Levy
Cloeed an Impa-Bloned general d*nlal of
th* chargea that MonUcello wa* ill k*pt
by *aylng:
Everj stone and ev*ry brb.k in th*
home of .J*rTerson, every trae. *\ery nook
an.i corner, every foot of Montlcello ls
,1,-ar? atld ni.*r-,l to me, and never 4vlll 1
llat*n to atiy nuiTK*atlon for dlspoalnaT of
lt. whether comlng from a prtvate or
publle ao?roe.
Mr Levy detailed at lenjtth the manner
ln whleh Montlcello came Into poeeeeatoa
of his famlly.
I have striveu to mulntam th.- hom*
atntoHphi'ie Ht Montlc*llo. No on<- wanta
Montlcello preeerved aa a museum; the
home atruosphere l* t>ssential to thos*
who truly vet.erate Jeff*r*ioii. Not .4
.--[?ar from Its woodd, not a graln of dimt
? from Ita noll. not a drop of water from
| its upringr. have I allowed to be taken
I from Montlcello. I have haard more than
I one perwon wpeak of Mount Vernon, how
t -. reaaon of thouaanda of dollar.* col
? it-cted there for admlaalon the commer
! elal i-iplrlt s**riia to h.i pres*nt In that
I hallowd nlac* I exprea*. no oplnton on
thla my*p|f, hut lt ls wlth the nreat**t
prld* that, placlng my hand 4?v*r my
heart. I can aay that sordldneaa haa
never 'aat Its 6hadow over Montlcello.
Kugen* V. Daly, of New York, appeared
aa attorney for Mr. I^evy, end argued
Rkjaluat tho rlght of tho governrm-nt to
take Montlcello by emln*nt domaln.
Th* refiolution authorlzlng the uppolnt
incnt of a Jolnt commission to conaider
th* plan tO acqulra Montlcello aa gov?
ernment iroperty already haa paaaed the
Senat*. Mr. Ijtvy wlll tdtterly contest
the r*solutlon when lt la brought up In
the House.
Why Second Invitations
Don't Always Come
Rules ior Guests Compiled
from Experience by a
Summer Hostess.
The pialnl of the hoateaa la ??gain heard
ln the land. Tbe houae parties ofauaaanar
are auppoaed to he joyous affairs, but
ofien tbe Jo;. of both hostess .ind guest is
of tbe tempered varlety The foiiowini.
u-r of "dont'e" comes from the heart of
a auffering hoateaa a cnrefui appticatlen
of the** rules will. she -ays, Insure a sec?
ond Invitetlon:
Don't walt a COUple of wceks )>efnrc ,-|e.
ceptlnf an Invitatton to visit a Mend.
lt is poaalble that she desire.? to make
pinns for other gueeta Wrlte nt enee?
day, traln nnd lengtfa nf stri>
Don't tfike a large Iriink for a brlef
vi.it. ir Is sometlmes most Inconventenf
tr, handle, eepeclally if no handy man is
Don't fall to make the traln promlsed
or to go on thr. day appolnted without
glvlng notlce by teleKram or telephone.
Pon't keep r. meal wairlng while you
make an elabornte tollet, if you arrlve
ahoilt meul tlme.
Don'r be oflteioua ln trying to save the
mftlds work by doing the chamber work
for them.
Don't. however. leave your personal be
Ionglngs rarelessly about the room.
Don't drop medletne on the top of a
white enamel draaaing tahie Many hoat
esses have had re.nl beartchfs after a
fueat'a departure over epota are) stains.
Don't unpach your sultcase on nn im
maeulate white bedepread.
Don't compel jour hostess to waif br**k
fast for you half an hour after the usual
tlme, whlle the cook is worrylng o\rr
Bpolled food.
Don't fall to give your haataaa * ehane*
te get a little afternoon rest A qulet
wlthdrawal for an hour or two will ho
beneflclal tr, you both.
Don't follow your hoatess Into the kltch
en unless Invited. Many a pleaaant culi
nary surprlse has been spolled ln that
Dr.n't. after pres*nting your hoateaa
with a generous box of candy, feei it
I your duty tO eat alrnnut the whole con
! terits of the box. Lat her h.-i4e a Cjhanee
to enjoy aome of ir after you iiavo de
pa rtcd.
Don't forget to have a piensant morn
Injj rreettng for the servnnts No one
: loses hy grnrlnus eourteey to all with
I whom ba comes in contact,
Don't, if you have n famll) of rh!I
rlren anrl they were omltted in the In?
vltatlon, think h chanite miirhr. do them
good and take them with you. Also. do
not take a frlend to whom you would
like to give an OUttng sr eome one else's
expense mentally and flnawlally.
Don't mnnopollse the bathroom at rls
ing tlme. Reraember, others are waltlng
for the mornlng tub.
Don't, If you smok*. scatter matche*.
clgar and clgarette ends about the hou*e
j nr on the from lawn, and don't let the
I clRjtrette I'urn a ho],. tn the table top or
! cloth. Aah for a rer-eptaele if none i*
handy and use lt.
Don't overstay the tlme llmif of you
; \isit or emb.irrass your liostess ly rom
pelllng her to hlnl that other gue.it*ar*
I>ont abovc a 11. fall to rrlt* a kind'.; .
courteoaa aata "f appreelatlea of hos
pltallt) recelved atter >our return honi*
Virtue* of Modern Draa*.
BJj .lurnhn \ ?n \tirt Mxniiina. M. 19.
As ad art is but the search (or sed ,c?
tlve form, so the goal of modern f?niinln?
drosa la allurentent and the phj*ieian la
lnteresied ln ubeaiTlng that thla tr?m\
alm also prodii.-es the reost lattoaal. eaae
fui and healthful coetttnte worn wlthin a
perlod of peraonal raoolleetlon.
When thai riohl, colinnn - iiicli sup
potts tiie head ts left uii-collartd, the
return of the renOtU) blood from the head
14. uiihamperad, and ">-otigeative" head
aches dlaappear
The unbound, *lender, idrileh tnro.it win
noi ba Irrltated by pressure to an ovei
growth of thedeUcate thyvofd jfland.
Pun>- Bhouldera und * washiioard ciiea*
dlaappear artth thi dNcarding of rhe ive? (
hundi'd-aiid-nfr>-bone ' dr.-s-foi m" BB*
The elastic gtrdle not only dJ*elo?e*'
every lovely melting lln* of the wear*r, I
but permita the d.-velopment ef a mag'|
niflcent torao, Ilrm breasts. poll*l.r-r_ ?
Bhouldera and rounded elbowa.
The graoeful drepery <>f la day tsJle.1
not from a vaiap walst, laced la over al
rilvided liver, but frotn tiie eniapturman
clrictiire llne Just below the bust
The fabrics of to-day mode> to the 8a>|
Ura with the graeo of a wtnd-swept VIc-*|
tory, and yet advance, rather than biw'
der, tiie movements of the pedestrian
The three, four, flve or *i\ flannel or
starch-we|_;)ited and rattllng pettlcoata
of our xrandmothere are repiaced by-e
well, it Ls not of so much Importsnc* t?
any one save the wearer Just what th*r
are repiaced hy; the Importanc* r.onaiat*
In rhe fuct that pounda hava be*n r*>
placed by oaneea, and those ounces ar*
not depend, nt from. and displaclng, tha
petvio ayetem.
Tiie rule for the hem of tiie modern ?r?r
ment ia twice the wearer's strld*, and
the hern le formed by a -infcle narrorr du?
pllcatJon of tho material Not lona **?
a skirr flve to fiffen yard* in wldth was
tolerated, nay, enf.nved. hy fashlon. ?nd
thls prepoetaroua surtace w.s llned and
faced and stiffen<d and edged wlth vc
retean, capabte ef aV'sorbing t?n pounde'
of mud and molsrure. of producing aa.
r.ccupatlon neiirosls iu tho weory hand j
that llfted lt from th* irround It swert.
or wet, chtlled lim'os, and the delay of ?
vltal functioris
The nialden to-day wlth a few yard*
of aome diaphanou.s tlssue modela for'
her budllke beeuty a setting in which the
grace of the ooming woman la all f,.-e
told. The matron eehlevea ii toilel of aita
ple and regal lovellnesa, anl beboldlnz
ber we do not need to s?'ek some <]let<i t.?
ni'iseum to eatisfy our love of rla -?
Postal Card Departments
All communicatione nnd wa v/elcome them) ahould be made by postal, *?
t*ar aa it ia possibta.
Recipes Tested and
Found Good
All ie-..pee appaarlna ln "ur rolumna ha-e
I bt*n t<?t>'! .
L?V4*| ro*?surementa ar? uaad .jnltae otner
i nia* *tut??i
Thla department will n* ?lad to a.na**;?r
ai.v eullnary queatlon aubmttted by our
1 r?.i.!-r* and erlll buy reelpes.
-a Cullnan Edltor, Naw-York rrto
ur.*. \o 1B4 Naaaau *tre->t
Thla department wlll not l.f r-ap.-natMa fo
Dienuaerlpl which la n-.t avconipanted oj
? for return. Klndlr Inoloae s'.arnpe
rn-tth ou<*?tlor.* r*anirln? an an?w.-r by le.tar.
Wrlte on *nlv oiu- ald* -if th- r?P*r and aee
thal aama and addreaa n.-fompany aaaa
QT'I-'K nS-JT ROTJ*a.-The followlng
la the r*dpe aaked for hy rt. J. ?.'., Strat
ford, Ceaa.: Hav* ready four eaafola of
| tlfted Hour. Form a well ln the centre
! of tha Hour and place ln lt four teaapoon
fula .>f augar. half a teaapoonful of salt,
two t.-\hlei|oi>rifuls of butter and half a
etrpful of boOIng water. When the boiling
water haa melted fhe augar, aalt and but?
ter. Bttr iu half a cupful of cold mllk and
three yaaatca-taa that hav* been dlaaorved
ln half a cupful of lukt-w.irni mllk nnd
water, mlzed together in equal guaaUUea
\fter stlrrlng the Wbole to a aniooth
Idough. put the diah eontatnlng lt into a
pan Of very warm water, COVar wlth a
doth and keep lt where the water will not
get cold. Let lt stand for tweaty mlnataa
Then remova tho dough pleca it on a
I board and roll lt out to one-thlrd of an
llnch in tbtckneee, Cut out th* dough
i wlth a lady ling^r CUtter and hrush the
! top Of aaeb half of the roll wlth melted
i butter. Then eandwl.-h every two togoth
er. I'ut tfiem Into a baking pan and set
1 thla Into another pan contaltung water
thal ls hot. but not so hot that one oannot
b*Br the hand in it. When the rolls have
rlaen to tWlce thelr orlglnal fd-o brush the
i top of each wlth melted butter and bake
ln B gUlck OVen for flfteen or twenty mln
1 ute's. When th* rolle are out of the OVen
1 a little tntncd ehloheB or other aandwlch
fllllng mav b* plaVOed ln each. Theie rolla
'cun b* made ln th- .ourse of aa after*
BOOa and. although the re.-lpe ealla for
three yeastcakea, they do not ta*<te yoa-ty.
CORN" CUSTARl'.-For a ,:orn rUB,ard
to'aerve at luaehaona wlth aplced meat
loavea or jeiu-d meat* use balf a aoaea
?ara of corn. aa young and rullky aa possi
| ble- two whole egga and th* yolk of an
othor-atrlctlv freah- a ?cant half ten
rnoOBfUl of aalt, one and one-quai-t,r cup?
ful* of mllk and one and on*-half tabl*
I ?poonfUla of augar. B*at tho ?ggs and
' augar together. Add tha salt and the corn
:.rped7ron.th-o?, After mlxing thor
oughly attr ln tha rau- and baha the eaa*
?,, in ettpaortn a btf earthaa baking
'? dlah, as preferred.
Seen in
4, new t*a -tra.ne,, which Is provtded
wlth a little pan to catch the dripplnge.
,T a novelty that wlll appr-l to many.
i Theae atralnera, m nick*i or giit. with a
| black wooden hand!*. nr* prlced reapec
i tlvelv at 47 snd 74 cents each.
Sterling sllver plcture fnmea in the
amall ohlong deslgn may he bought ln on.i
! ahop for M centa each. I-irsrer framca
Aro pric*.l proj*ortlor.ately.
Almost the last word ln eronomy of
BBNMS ban been uttered ln BC4BM new flat
leather travelllng -_a_U afhleh ceataln
' the new flat etOatbea and halr bruahe.*. a
romh and a flat oblong mlrror. The ca*e
tn about St lneh*?a long, 4 lnche.* wide and
i inch thick, when folded wlth all the
j CRAB AND BNDIVE sai..\i> Draaa
(sonie flakeri Cfahmeat wlth Frenefa drr:
? mg, using a tahlespoonful of the drc< .
I to every cnpfttl of the crabm.at. nnd r-it
it on tce. Then cut a gre-n pepper Into
dlce. mlx lt with the meat and put th*
mixture into a emall aalsd bowl llned.
Wltb endiveA- -the French endive preferred
Decorata the top with mayonnalae
".'herry tomato**)." when they can be ob
| talned. make an attractlvw jjarnlsh to thi*
? salad. The flavor la onhanoed and th*
I contrast of eol,,rs H also attractlve.
I-IMA BBAM SALAD.-Boll young l!m?
| beans, and when tli*y bave cooled dre?r?'
j them wlth French dresstn*-, u*lng a Itttle
, more than the usual ainount of ollv? oi
I If tha beans should happen to ro partl'-n
llarly dry. Add a few green mlnt leave*;
j chopped fln* and serv* upon a b*d ol
1 heart Iettuca loavea.
Useful Household Tip*
I Thi* department wPl pty tor houMhold tM<
ti found Bvaliable for tt* purpot- AT<Jr_we
?*t4ieful Itouaehuid Tlp* Dep?rrmen*,r IT*-* ?!
! Tork Trlbune. Ka 154 N???au at.-cet. N?w '
Tork City.
! MRXDINO SOREENS.-A small bre*!.
| tn a screen door or wlndow may b<-.
tnended so as to be aJmost impercepttbl*
by using very thln adheelva plaat*r or
a light shade. Appiy lt on th* ln?1d
j of the screen.?Mrs W. B. Kirkman.
! Edenvllle, N. Y.
1 STARCHIXi? OOLI-AH8.~To make eet- |
lara retaln thelr atlffness ln hot weather
starch them ln good boiled etarch ann '
tlien let them dry thoroughly. 'When
properly drled put thera Into a heav '
; raw. stureh Roll them up and l?t thero
i remain aji hour before ironlng.
! CREAM TOAST.?An egg added to th?
! .sauce poured over cream toast adda both i
', to its flavor and Its nutrltlve value. Morr,'
' than one egg to a plnt of sauce ta not to
I be recommended, as lt imparts an "eggy |
' flavor and rnakes the dish not "cream
j toast." but "egg toast."
| HANDY CAKW BOX.?If you have ai
' old-fashioned tln caka box, wlthou. ?
! ahelves and opening on the top, take tl
' to the tinner and have lum sct In tw,>
'ahelves. runnlng from the bottom towmo
the top: then set il on end, with the ?l>">oi
? toward you, and you wll! tiava room f.
I three cakes. arranged'exactly as are ?.'.
riewer eake boxes whleh are now foun 1
the shops. JOSKPIUN'E ilOWARi'
Ithaca. N. T.
; U8E FOR OLD OLOVE?<.-Old glov e?
i cut up make fine pen^lpers and duster*.
I 'Bj9rtuirnd xq pa*n si tro|u,.a ayavai neaioji
' englnetrs, etc. make* a gt>od dustlng
the Shops
| artlcle* ln place The prtce of thia e?*
complete ls 94 49.
The attractlve llttle novelty disr.e*
shaped and coiored llke a tomato and a< I
on a green leafllke eaueer are 49 cent?
each, wlth the saucer. ln one shop. Th*.1
are sultable for servlng tomato or other
vegetable salad.
An Iniported novelty Is a wooden nna
palnted ln qualnt deslgns and mado ?*
go around the outside of the blrthda
eake. It Is perforated to hold a gresi
many naniHaa and may be used j-ear after
year wlth the addltlonal advantage of
keepinc th* eake free from melted wa*..
1 The prlee of the rlng descrfbed la 94

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