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Powcrs. Alarmed, Think IMoth
ing Can Save Turkey from
Being Rent bv Civil War.
Or.tcomc of Macedonian Con
flict Will Not Remove Fears
of Statesmcn That
Hope Is Gone.
\ i *> - ;? .- ? -
Peteraburg <orreepo ? lh->t
i creeplng over po
Ruroni. Thi i onvietlon
li .1 iini In Turkey
? ndered an gctuality
t-'tit factor in l
.; lea ?'omplt'
tlng s ab
government. Littli
? -i> a tlmt Turkej w
il it la -iii.lt rgoing
ae nr* the \ lea a of
. itatrt ? ll of
t i
' | ?
?. - . ? ittoman
? haa fsounded
t ln ? there
? the Tureo*Moi -
.--:n ?eonfilcl will go ?'. far aa r<
? tlon*
Bival Parliament May Proclaim
Abdul Hamid Sultan.
IU8 ? ' atern affa I -
v - .;. th
; - -,i i'hr>.mr>er
xt Deputlee t" reaaa
.?? already
-. ernment I ?* pro lalmed
Adiianopl ? ?
| it rliil wai
------1 .
i Ival t arllament wlll forn
ind procla
I ti
and Bulg
v Vtenna dlapal t after l
hana the Turhleh t
. ?. .- -..
? ??
Fifty Killed and 200 Wounded
in Seven Hours' Massacre.
? - | ia ".?A m
i exploa .
? '
Koteehana, Sftj hweat/ol r?
European Turhey,
-z tr, retlable I ?? ? -
.\ , fewer tha irlatlana wera
niied ar.d two bt_"i4lred orere serioualy
tound*^ by the tofurlated Turka, who
?uipected tl -m of I ?*?*?*? th?
kornb outrage hy wl "* I ?
? u*re kill"'* '?f !l
Maater of Elibank Rewarded aa
He Leaves Commons.
nd< Aag J -A paerage
ri Hon Aleaander
lurray. Maeter of ETdbank and
fovernn nR" re"
?. 1 ? ? Hi ? of Corn
Percy HoMen llMra"rwofth. n
- play Dii aion of York*
-., been appoint*d hia iTiooeaaor
MMtcr of __bank ?
rtner ln 1
. .' . | ? , of B. Pearaon A
. gnatlon la rei
- lertooe bloaai the U
i itleaJ inornenii _ad much eurteorlty
bould thus
' ??
e Maater of Elibank la the eldeat aon
. ' ? Elibank, al one tlma
. . - [ndia from
* ? ?'"' ?*
era wblp
lothlan, Bdlnbur, ?
ln a letter I
na thal the state of
He adda tbe fact of hia i
The Cadanlat papei
an of I ';
, The Tlmea." how
.. ? ? ? natloi
? ' ?
? i en1
that he
erhlp in ho a'tuall*
? .1 ol irtteB "?? *"?'
' ',\m',t*
-natei of Elibank W haaat dla*
h he BUffered last epr ng
the UUf
tne eeantnf
ol i ' "*- _i___
Will Meet Umted States Half Way in
Dispute Over Panama.
tfton. Aag I AmleabU aeuie*
of Um dispute between the I ntted
atatea and Colombla of< "llon
? Paaavaaa ie Iciokad tor by Jan i
- UlnlaUl from tnl* country 10
.nbia. who has reaohed Waahilt?tt?n,
Mr. Duhoie esBfeeaed th* ballef thgl th*
olomblan people were wllllng le laea
half a_y aad Bettta
ring hia atai m '< "eooi??"?*' v'' ''
? dltu uased ihe dlepate with tha
-''eaideiit and other high GdBelala, ai
hat ?,* V4iii lay ' sfoi
in-r Dapartmenl bi
? *aVnaMa probably *4ould b? villlng to
General to Sail Aug. 15?Many
Americans Leave Europe.
inaatlaatlc 9Vlre1 m ??? Th? Trlbune
London, Aug. 7.?Oeneral and afra
Stewari U Woodford will return to
x?w Vork on the Baltli on Augual 115
Ueneral Woodford returned to Loadon
r' ':;,|v from Pe n r> k Inn, Roweley,
Derbyablre, where he waa aerioualy ili
for a i-eral weeka, havlng i><-*n aud
denly strlcken whlle on b motor tour
(h neral nnd Mr.-. W.iford ar- now Bt
, i !ai.
v""' ? ngera aaillng "ii th*
Olynaplc to-day were i ".ti; jiin t'. B.
Babcock, Unlted Btatea army; Mr. and
| Mrs. R, p*. Cannan and u P. Carman,
: r \v. M. oier, sir FJdward Htcvarr
Ttlchardeon Captatn H. R. Rlchmond,
', I'nlted Btatea army Jamea P, BilO nnd
|Jamea P. silo. jr.. Baron and Bar.
and Mlaa P. Buaeauna.
Among the paaaengera on tbe Kron
prlna Wllhelm were Mra M. Drexel,
Profeaaor Oeorge L Pbx, Jultua Mayer
iimi Jullua Mayer, jr.. l'rofe-.*,.r \U-\
jander Naatukoff, Prederick <>. Pi i
the Mlaaes Joaephine and
K-.ith Peabody.
Commons Hears Cost of the
Bot'rd of Trade Inquirv.
?, antl Wlreleea to The Trl
L. ni \- u' 7. Tiie inquiry int,, *h ?
Tltanic dlaaater coel the B< irdofTrad
?**??">.??. Thia waa tho estlmal
bj John ai Klnnon Roberl
! parli >. . ri tarj to the board.
-'.ng the n poi t ol Lord Mer
thi H< lee of Commons to-d i
Adjourns with the Way Clear
for Home Rule in Autumn.
London, \'ir. ".?The Houae of
mona adjo;rr,<-.i to-day untll Oetobar !
Excepl for ;t '.reuk of a few davs at EBas
nd agaln et Whltauntlde th* Houa*
Bt .-.?? ? ? "iiths.
. djoui :itr.< ni Herl erl L
? ? ;.
Brltii - contract
Ma onl Company, whleh provlde*
rhat the l . the
.it,\ wlth ta.000,00 for 1
j flve grreat wirelesa atatlona Auatralla to
? - ther atation, and
th* whe elesa clrcull
ta i ?? ? I in n lo thla ii
I Samuel aald t!i-- Hrltlah k- rnmeni aaa
u il i ? "
? ?
.? _ ? ? ? : I I ?
it thi en ' ? th.
? ? nslon
. K"'4
or the autum
. . ? - ?
b for rbe - ip] oi i of
- if the Houa* have i
;' ? H<
All . ' '
ng in tb* lov. - i
n .:?>?? in
committee The prograi
. eeelon. i
?..,?. e legl*
fact that ea
ave to be forci
inited iltlon of tbi ' i
Premier AOQuitb, ll
that Homi Ru rould be thro.iah the
Chrlatmai ? ? tho
J however, that tbe other b i tneaaure* wiii
e ready to be aent to tba i?r>is until
the New Tear Aa the upp. r bou ? la
to thro ? tiiem oui tbe flrat b letneea
of tiie new BeaatOn Wtll b. thi
his t\ ili hnv* to be repeeti
?till another aeealori befon tbe i.ords be
Uaa to iieiay them furtaar.
Inet nifl stera ? - ? proa rtni
lmportant taglalatlon for next your r aea
? ? forectust i- >'?' t" settie
., iputea Thla i ropabljr ?-ll|
i tha 4,'hii?iu;uii act, whlcb has
; for aa
p^riairies for ti.- pro lamatlon of atnkea
kouta before Ihe dlapul
. to au UI al
Body of Miss Cunningham To
Be Brought from Lucerne.
[Bj ' ? ' '. Trfbun*. ]
Lucerne, Ang 7.?Arrangemeni
:ra madi by tbe American Mlniat*
Lcarland. Henry s Boutell, and thi
or.F iiar agenl at Lmi erni 'is-t
foi ahipplng to Ami i ? l ?
,,f Mlaa Mary M Cunningham, who lied
. ?? rdaj from ptomalna pola
Mary Moffal runnln^hani whos* death
wa* reported ln The Trfbane jesterday
morntnir. was _ daughtef <>f Wllllara
Cunmngham. ot thla city an<i liwlnaton,
N r M-r fatber waa ? . ?on of Jamea
Cunnlngbam, a w.-n known iiaeietaant of
thla ?''-) a ,o a brother ol Mra r>. (?.
Mlaa Cunnlngbam4made her bome ln
.th h*i brother r'rank. Cun
,i No <><? Eaat Mtb atrea
, Another brother, Wllliam < unningharn.
! llve* at So. MI W*at ."th ?trect Hl I
Mlaa Lol* M. .'??inniiii-'liani, wlth
j a-hoi ? ' ira lllng al thi llma of
araa the daugbtei Of s third
. rederlc Cunnlngbam. who died
. ,. . .,,, ..go and whoaa two otbar
i ehlldren, Frederlc and Lyman Cunning
, uri wlth thelr alaler at tbe Ca
' '"""' l'1 "',, k 1 r
.^X't^ot U
S?. ?a* Known her. for ber
ha-rltabla "?-?"? **? ??* '?, g?
poetlcal tendendea, two J",lumB' a-rot*
l!*r d<*l_ ."?..Ho of' u ,.cl ,he Wi8
atwSSaMen? Sd ?he Farnv
okK-ieti of Whl? h ;>h* *'? a*
-. ' r*Sha w... M ai nfiy
j slxth vcar_
Brooklyn Girl on Way to Alaska
Turns Back at Waflhingron.
, htngton, a:.s :? rcnirieen-yeer-old
niaabeth ArahuM bad h? mlnd all ma.1.
UB lo go 10 Alaska. bui bBf '- -rage
taiiad nt tbe Mat .o..m.-:i.. aa aha aoal
10 flrooklyn.
-, ,| Beaimaant. of For ruhoo, nad
arraaged wlth I ,'"""'"
,Bk. r,,.- chih. <o A.aMia U> MveWtth
hU ramll .i..--"- ? 0T2<^;
tajth, aeaaover. wbea thn go ?"
Waahlna^on. *o th. .apital i-oii-e started
,,.. boeae tu-dey.
Lawyer Renews Northampton
Edifice Built by Ancestor. Mas
terof Grocers' Guild. in 1467.
Demes Judge Lawson s State?
ment That in the United
States the Courts Are
Run by Lawycrs
? ??'?
London, Au* 7. Mr and Mra D<
Lanci N'lcoll r. turn-.l t.> Londoi to
from lallp, Northampton, a ?
they have had reaton irch built
in Mi;: by John Nlooll .\ih-t.r ol
Oroccra' Ouild and an enco-etor ?f De
Lancey Slcoll. The reatoratlona
madi '?" Temple Moore, .< well known
church archttect, and by Wllllam (law
Ihorpe, -ni authorlt) In thla line The
church brasaea Include screen reredoa,
choir atalla and braaa effiglea of fa
men of ihe time when t'.'.i- church
built. All v ??' i - the
Civil Wmi Among the efflgle. la
ii John N'lcoll.
De i.-,. . . v. l thlnks (Jovemor
\\ Um : |j poaalble ? hoi. ?? for
Pi >*?? 4? ith the ?
of Ju D. 1 ). of St. Loula,
lav j ers run th> . ourt* :
Annerlca. Ju.ig-e Lawaon'a aaaertlon
oraa contalned 'n a statement made to
th* Tribune correspondenl recently in
? ? :- wlth a ompai laon of the
-..?nt procedure of th.- I'nlted Bl
u d France, the Judge Juat hai lng ?
a threa montha' Btudy of the
Tr.:.. !i ayaten ia the repre-entntWe
of the American Bar Aaaoolation .-ti d
th** \ -. .,. Inatltute of ? 'rlmtnal L ?
and i 'rlmlnologj.
Mr. \':>'.l! aaya 1 l
i [-...,..-,!? red . Iti ratlona .nn
? dure durlng tl.. laat ,1? ad,
and i hat i ? .-? il noa la revei
* the ? 'ourl ol Api ?
aome real cauae whlch ls pri fudd il t?
H* adfla
cul iiiuvh fl| er. In fu< t
our i odi "i pn
foi 4 pro- i-i-.r. polnt. i'
l.j,., > |.*n?
:? ? ?
meni am the ? ?. ;...
that i :. -?i t- ? l '
Mfaa .'. - N'li oll la Ukli - l
Bad I ? lm. Mr. and >fi -
\"' tve L ?:
I er, v. Slcoll rrt *
t. Near Tork on La rmntt ? -. \ ? _ ?
:;i Mra and Mlaa vi i wUl __ii on
the O :: n| i ' ?' ? r _'
Montro.se. Quaint Scottish
Town, Gets Poet Meraorial.
a.?A i
? ?..-.??
Monti -
Moni |uaInt old to ?
.. I Iti Darld I lt waa
made - In l3o_
... -i
H ? I ln n -
Places in Arctic Oircle Warmer
than British Capital
!..-?. li ? . ? \
? ll ?
. .: linina the i ?? ? ?
Bngland la thal plai ? the
? -ii. 1* enjoj ad a ' <?
eaterday than Lond
Tif mlnlm .... in thta ? _i Si
degreae, *''A *' Bodo, In N? rthern Sor
j _jr, it vraa 81
miss duncan'buys CASTLE
Acquires Chateau of Maximilian
II for Barefoot Dances.
...'.. ? i to The 1 " .
London Vu? .' I ? , l
; that MI l idi n D iwan
hna .... ighl foi $200,000 thi
De Bearn, al Balnl i "lo id Th<
waa oecupled by Maximilian II. Bl<
,,r Bavaiia ln I
|t |i rji '
Mlaa Dunean Intenda to iitlllae thi
,.,.- , in furtherlng lici teachlna
th* ? laaal ;"' i""1 ""'
grounda wlll - converted Into sofi
..v na for thla purpoae.
Mlaa Dunean on her laal vlall to
Sgm York aald Bhe h ul the bulldlng
,,f f, caatle In mind i nd tl al ahe pra
f?.rre'i to afeel 11 In thal etty.
Three Mnthes in Second Roniul
Played at C?sino Touniament.
.. rrai ? a*e |
aei Aua ? Tl e rnlxed
i,iv i i< ni I to ii namenl ai
to thi ' ml-tlnala to*
,j., Three matchea ?i the second round
Were played, and tvio of them required
three aeta tn dectde.
*lr'-' Artbur B?*otl Burden ind Laa
renee Waterbury defeated Mias Julla ll
Robbina an?l Maurice Roche I I
*.,...? ,.....h nnd i Ui ,ei Perrin
,j*r*at*'l Mr- Wllllam Qoadby Loea nn.l
Crai| Bldd - . * -. I J
Mlaa Aana Banda and Cnarlea B. Banda
ggfealed Mra l ?;?>??.i?.n Douglaa i ?
Wllllami P Bui ?!' n- I '?? 1
- e ?
Bordentown, N. ; A * ? A ? !t| baa
heen earteaded ie th* Rtr* Morgaa Aah
ie> of Mea* *>.t1* Clty, le heeerne tbe
a*Ktor Ol 4'hriat Kpls4.oi.al ihuich. of
Berdeatoara, to 011 lha eaaancj cauat-d by
ti,, r*aiai>'iti.);i of tba Rev. Charlaa
I To4Tnaan.l. to hecome th* rector of the
Butannpal Church at Roeo-teaat, Paaa.
; Xae U' ? Mi Aahlay, who la curati >t
, . church of All Angele, Pt*eet End
evenut- aad B l Btreet, aald iaat night
Ihat he had |ual r***i\*.l tha .-all and
could nol make a atatcm. ni for i.uhilca
ili-n. aa ll*" I"*'1 '>i't'"-'1 sutnclenl tinv- to
l.-unsiUer tht offer.
New Hampshire Is Latest Ac
quisition of the Empire.
Invitations for Parties Come In
from All Parts of the
rhe Freah Airs 'lav roaquered a n**
:-rat> Neu Ii.im;,.-liiro I,a_ at laat ca*
pttulated Th< state* bordertng on thla
nea terrltory, thai la to aay Vefmoni
ind ll ? atta hav. ioni< been trlb
? ?? terrltorj to rhe Preah Alr Empire.
oma aay, however, Nea Hampehlre
1 haa bo iar maintalned ii* Independenoe.
| Llme .in" those in lomm.ind of
th.c ? \ .?i4.i.iit-,B forcea sent a rep
? ? ratlve acroa* the boi I i eout
Aftf r .i fea da; ? apeni
I tn 8] bj thi country ami Intervtaw
Ing tha locel elergy, the repreaoataUvc
. i. turned ti Iquartera tha l
it waa a i d II i lug ? Ith mllk i ??
' hom-y ni,.i _rlven ro hoapitallty,
lt a ,i .i.-. i.i. d forthu Itti to ui nea Ooi -
ernor Baas'a balllWtck. Havlng heard of
don, Newport. N. H.. through
one of ii? clergymen, tba Rev. Ralpb Ef.
elf aa .. proper atrategte
polnt for fir?t occupatlon. ln Freeh Ab
eirclea aucb offen are nevei
..r.,1 ln u few daya tke naarcn on Newport
?vill begln. This mornlng, aa a matter of
fact, -4 Bquad of Freah Alr* will aiving
? aeetern eon ? i of N -
Hampshire on Ita waj to North ?
i Thla h..
i- t,r*nd ne-. terrltpry alao.
In preparatloi foi oaj the
Mountalo reglon. Vermont has
Been .in,, le belng tboroughly t-arrteoned.
Not ii, Bennlngton haa ed a
During laat loaen other
; ? liavi )???> n Hlll 'l wlth troopa of
r*rej \ a-hlle vvlthin the next few
?' fl lil begln ro enter
ita La*t
?eventy-flve ael out for
? ala omlng twenty-nlne go
to Sort - ? . ?? i Followlna
. . i i' partle*
-. nt to Northfleld. to Vei ? to 1
, |,,*.-.) \\ edn< iday < f
I ? :,.- It
? ?
thow v, ive fj
. ta one-half tl
, north. gfty
? . ?
? 8 S'eit to
?? ?
? .
? | ...
* n ? ?
? ?
? ?
. I ? 1. ?!
? l
Owing to Engine Trouble?
Gibb Family on Board.
K rei
? 81 i
. . ;,nl' .(!??; - ' ' d0 1m>1
. . . . '
d I
? | ? io attend
? , p
m v<r-r on the ' )ceanli Bhe *
? I - |rl
? .1 i Haa A
\ . ? - ?
.. .... . :. wen i* rutter
er McCreei I
ttendlng the
. ?!> mple inn<> holnt. return* I ??
? ? ? ,-ri lil thro mh" ll
(hl v.c R |l ' ' k'
nlghi ? ? ? ? "' '''"" i<"1
Amons otb rere B
Qreat 7
Will irwln. A T Raiwl
H , _?aft atra. Arthur P I.l Bad M
'.,,.,, Mr- rrank B
BroUslle Man Says He Ha-l a
Brother. Albcrt Twyford. in Francc.
|.?... .v u ; Th* I'--!'' '? have I.n un
,:. ,. |? , ?' Ihe ri latlvi i >.f Al
. . pw . .,,:,!. thous ui Amerl
au,, dli d from a bull. > wound,
ia) i* ald
, eet Why t-4 4
ford eomniltted lulclde atlll i- unknown
Haathbed h I ?ve bia narw
and aald that ae> nad ahel hlraaelf.
it *-_s aald last nlghl at the hoin* ol
M \ Twyfecd. of Ka l Maple street,
,,',,, , )!,. th || Mr TWyfavd had a
brotber Alaatt, who waa i ? tSurop* and
tbought to be IHing ln Ala-ie-Balna Th<
fami'v iiH'i recelved aa rommnntMtton
trom the Unlted states Bmbaaay in Paria
or f-om tho polloa ef thal >ity ln r.-iisr-l
,? me d^aih <>f any eaa beartag that
""vl'l-it Twvfoid. the broinnr ef M A
Tivvford bad i,v*,<1 '" Kurope aboul ten
reara Ha wa-H *ln8> an.l acted aa a
or'lv it- tiit-T I
-? , I
? r ?
I 11. Hs
\! . He .
? i - ?
: - ' ?*>?
lan Antonl
?- - ' -.< . >lnjr '
- ?
ii,. . | tn i ? *. i? ? 'avalrj al
... ? a
. I ' - - ' *
- Vag De
? ?
of Ni '
\ V ? ',.'_??
,, ? ? .- an i - - ? laal
te ni ? >mla
i ? ,; :. ?;..??? 1 -
; forty-oi a yes a f Ma
fatl ? Pl
. ,,' the -it- , ahori
ifier more fhan 1\t<- year ? f
I g to ll ' -i arti - ?
Mt. hael F. Bai
thls dl
... n < ili ns ;
| X \ and waa ? du ,..'? -i al Ihe ' il< n*
, S'ew York ?? ! toalon
. |_|< dl ? *-.l- *
tjtanton .v Co.. wlth headquarters bi N'?.
s', tt'orth strei'i 11 ?> Imat4
frlend ol I heodore R.
appoiuted bj him a rm ml ei ..i ihe Indlan
? 'ommlsslon ???? hlc off
I death
ftfi Bannin wa i " Ice pl
Immlgi "it Indualrlal Bai
I prealdent of the Catholic Bummer Behool
: ,,f Amerii ?? i tn tee of the Boraan
? >, phan *iaj lum, the Saa \ tn .* i 'ath- I
i -. ? r.,i 4 aad the Brooklyn Bei ?
! i-nt Bortety '?'? ? ? wlfe four i ?ne
Ftrci Booked for New York Hu
Tnal at Long Brauch.
l Brani h, M*. J Aua Jual Lika
: John, ii" i sw fa-' ? . ;?... ? Bi ua_?
and Mark Bwaa, waa produced to
niaht it the Broadwa) Theatre here ua
the dlrection of W llllaro A Bi id:
Tbe t*ompa_y Ib t ? one ihat wlll plaj
! in tha i-i.-.e at tbe opi olng ef thi
Mth itreel Theatre in New Vork next
l,,. entn I ag ire In thi pla) ?
fetnak anaxchlat, who fuii- deepera
v ith .i member of i
ihe behmga Th* raao ls a de
te in In dlagulae and la mai
?tatent wootns. of ll
-i.uti. riu** damael geta him Into irouWe
on every hand
'l,,-n . thi ri .t- -'-i ?? fi
ijit-nt Indli attoi irt) ipproial Tbe
Indeded Vfalter Joaee, Wlfred
..?-. Wall?4*e RToraley, l.la Maaa
I Helene Lacbaye, Ftorlne ArneM, Lota
I May, Hcl'-n Rabartaert aad othera
I Th* i.i*ii.i' Company aad tba <'*.>r-.
< ? t*-ifi- Company annoanea tbal tha foi*
! leortng proralneai playara hava beea aa*
I Kag'-d hy th*m for ih* *onilnjr "naJon.
I vtola Allen. Barah Allajeed, u*<>re* Ar
I U?a, r. iiekci. john Rjaiyiaoio Rlchari
Pennatl. Henry BeoTgaaaa, B**e*aee?*_
!j.ti,n.i, S*..in>-v. Boetb, -Kdinund Hreese, ?
BJtr, W. T I'srl-ton. .'onstar.ce
Colller, Msr^aret Dale, Dorothy T>or
:..rie Doro. O-race BUtatoa, Arthur
la P >;...<: Baall OUI. Al?
,-.-n. Charlaa Harbury. <' P. Heg?
.. .? Vloi*t Hetntng. Oertrude H z. WU1
Iam Hodge. i M. aTairtgai Wllton
;.;-> Leetia Roberl Lorabta,
Madetelne Loute, A. >??
. .. Donovan. Malra O'NeU,
, ?? ? .,?? Ruben.
? l. Nlarguerlta Ht. John. >r
-i ? . ? -.me, [da ?
H. B Wai ner ..tid Ar
The playa io whlcb 't.t-se playera have
BBtgned '.ne! '?? The Daughta* of
Heaven." ' i Plerre Lo*J ?nd Judlth
?,, ? ..-. 'The 'iHrrlni of \,iah.' by Rob
H .. teur; th*
. . Produo
,f .... t-v it Dlaraell." by
S , kai M..'. at.'i Supermai ,
I . iw: ' Buxt " from
?v ua be! Crothera "rt-c
H M Doaald tiaattnga;
?ial john Ueiran :?? .;???.-c. \ B --
mlnal an Th* Uan from Home, ' by
, irklaaton .i:.<i llarry L-'oti Wll
? r - . Playa bj S-r.ae. Lady
, . .--. P Xa n. f
? Parkei * new play by Mr. Far
Iter am .ritteti by Parker and
? Btacl boratloi
lust.n Buntly IfeCarthj Bugh
Ford. Bayard Veiilei ind the piays to
ha i biMrea'a Thea>tre ln
N'i vv Vork.
M Ht iia Outtry ha* agraed uaJM
tiatloi ll r of Rupert
farci Kxcuae M*
itaga M. fJultry'a pian is to offe:
? in <??< n. nearty I ti -
. f the i lece a? poaatble.
ll il fiasf yeeterdajr eagaged lo
u! c aoman for "The
th* new eemedy b:
lohn T. Mcintytc 4.h!ch will ba *.ra '
Qa|, ?? --? tion thla leeeon. Mlaa
? , wai *een laat Beaaon ndtli Ifa id*
ln "Chanteeler "
a-or th. 'Tha Poii of
v Etrad; i aetardaj engagi
- , ?? n,.. autl oi of this work is
,.. erl ..oo iniai' wbo a it>re
-Mother" and Th? Maa Who BtootJ
Rehearaal* ?ui begir. on Mondar.
Ilerriet Burt tha erlgfnal New Tork
? riir'n ii?s been
:,,i ,,i importaat part In I lhaa
. , _ ;? , nd Ri nnold w.'if'M new
. ?v,;. ,,i pi ,-. M l.r-.-r ?:.-! " !n Which
i.llfton Crawford will le?u and whe b aill
Ha* rorh i reml4>re a* the Parli
Th^ntr.- earlj ln Septeinher.
.-.ili ciiadwtca, tiie eecentric Eagtleh
rnan, formerlj prteelpal comediaa arltb
, . * end Nerworth, will make ht*
le ,|ebtit ms a *tar next Motldey
,t preeter'a Flfth A. enue Theatre tn
M Rrror," ? traveats in 'b.irgUr"
?ketehea and i ??'?* vvrirten by Kdgar Al
:.i. *A onif.
Charlaa BYnboian haa declded upon the
. aa the piace for th. arat
performi ? ' Shaar, Barrle. P aere
eomMnatton of three pleyleta ln one hii!
teml tr tl as the probabla open?
ing dat*. Thia bill wtB be preeTuced la
London an l Nea Tork by *ei'_rate eeeaaav
nlea ilmulteneoualy. iM->n Be*J4>kasuM, Mr
l-i-ohman-. r.?ndon atogr .llrcetor, u du*
l., errlv* ln Neu York on the I'ampanla
; baturday for natraetiom npea the
rastlns of th* 'byr piaviet? for tbe Lon?
don produetion.
n i' Ketth'a Unlon Sojitare Theatre an
nounoea tl a aiiiagaaaant (ar next week of
Mlaa Ida Brooks Hmv. late jitar of "The
Chocolatfl Soldlei ' *"<i Mlaa Chertdah
s'liuson. recenl feetura of tha ' Reu
i ,-jth-r" eompani
1,-nii Colllaa the older *l?tei- of .lo-c
foiiine, ?,''' '? '" sinir ,n' ""' ro1' '?
tic prodbetlen of "The M>rrv Ceuataaa."
opeaa al the <'**ino Theatre nn
I _ 4i :\ la eajealng te Pfew Tork to at
tend tbe openinu.
I'liff tloi'.lon .? drania eutitled "Ufe's
BJhOp WiaeTow ' dramatlaed from the tiook
ot the aame name by Vhtorla ?'ross, will
,,,, th* Btalr * Ravtla eircuit. be
Kiniiiiig ai fifrtaam August t?. Tlaeovjare
rjamble, Ch?t9 Baironie and Oille ro.jp.>!
r,ill be **???" ?" tN princlpal, roles. The
... I,. N ~ York ln Novemlver
MI... i ittoll-ilrun* ar-ived from l>on.|on
t I
?4?terdey on the Oceaale. to beain re
hearaala with "Aa Aatec Romance." la
. ehe if to i>lay the princlpal ro.a
Of 7..,an tn Isobel. Mias Tittell-Bruna ha*
?.tarr'ne; ln Australia, under the
manageiiient ef J C. WiUlamaon. in
"Petei Pan, "L'Alglon" auid "The Sec?
ond Mrs Ta_qnetay*'' and for the laa<
-..*(, haa eaa playing leading roles ln
P_ssengers from Cuba to Jam_ica*
Corapelled to Sail ria New York.
>ng ''.e -.'isnengers arho .?alled foi
Jamaica yesterdej on th* T.'nlted rrun
llii't Baata Marta arere B. T. Seay and
tlaughter Ileleti, who w?ie unable t.>
K faton fioni Havana becaua*
urantlaa declared ln Kingiton
.' ' "ul_h riot:?.
Mr. Beay *nd hia daughter came from
H,4vun- to N>i\- YoTk to board the San'a
Marta thal the: inlfht tfit te Kingston.
? i
Bl'RTIK ~_?BX*--Or. *.V*dneada>. Augus* ?.
t.v ihe Rev Dl \s m M Il^r^ey. H M?
All fovil* Kaw Tork Clty. Mre
-eleti Hk-ka Barl, dettg-tar f the lat* John
i- _k~? ot Waatbarj. i?-na wang, t*?
raptalt. '? L_lgt?teB B*rtie. of Ltranom,
Rlchneld M-mo:lel Churck l~r.d*n. Krt?
_te Bev. 8 Park** Cadaiaa. Wi
; rralne Marcfa M-.Utener.. -BtigMer o* Mi
and M-.? .f.iin Frencl* March. of Manhattan,
. i .?.-. >'rempion. of Brooklyn.
I'.ji.'iK?? m Aegeaj 9. iau, at,
H ? "hurch, 8t Slarrlebone. Lee
t the Rich? Rev. the Lord Blshef
,i JDurbam, aaaistaol by th** Re~, E. H
4 \. r?. tor. Raymond Charlea
reea fenrth *?n of the lat*
Major .-nd Mr* Oergoe. af Klnaato-p
i ta Oracc, oaly c-u.'h'er of Fhi:tt>
- nu ot N?*? York. ard ? da
*f No-i lan WhRe I><*da?. of N?- YorV
\?iti,*a of inarri?a*? end deetha mnii ta*
*, rampanird hy foll aame aad addre**.
Bull ':..ar>s P B *-'?e. Plorenc* w
fJuertin fl* t* -. Moore Eh?a N
Ifanted, .lohn '? -"eott. Mary B
- Thoma* r,.baiien. Otr*
.-ii*, Jaoe*. w.*ite. Mra Batbi ??
grt'L?- .... Tueedey. Aug\iat ?" ag*d Tl *_ri.
. ei Rle_?H Bu'.l. *-*uu*r*l aeprleoa a'
? :? ??? r?aM?nr*. OjforrJ I-pot. V Y . ea
l*r-.'?y. AurJat ''. U)*-"' ** ? 3'\ P *?'. ??r
rUB'iI wfll rr.set Jio traina Im-rment a1
. ??MteoT.
riK?Oa tataaay, Aaaaet I ItMi
r>\*"-A \ ,;u*rtin in hia aitj. >*er, je
lova.i huaband of Uey Haarv ,.j-nit.
i ,..'...., on Thurtday. aikuji 9,
I r m a' ihe realdenca of 1 is eon-m
'**?-. Frank 1*? Tnti>. He. 66 Tlrme>.*n st..
HARNED? Or, Augual S. 1?1.. .oj-.n I. ?o*.
SfthelaM 4*0; n B. anj Mary .T. Harnad
, . 4.1 * aara.
HABVBT--*Oa Aufuaf ? 1015 ThomM Hj
\*4 Kunaral aen iee? at hte iete resl
i,,,,,?. n . nn cambrtdg] P'.ac*. Bro*V
?n t; ur'rla*-. Aag?M a at 4 p> r.i
K-_rwBAKg--AI N.wark. N J . r*a.ad awa>
on Mendai luauot '. 1^15 .Tirob KlelB
h*n? la Ws *t?t >?*r Funeral aervlces sr
Me laM nom*. Be. *M nifton on.. *?
'l_utta8aU-. A.a-ialS. H>1-. St 8 p n.. lntc
ineril privat*
Or. Tii?*d444 Aurjat S. tt*?t, ' r
.1 huaband or JuBa I-4oa* runerai
i- hi* lata realdaaee, No 481 **'??> ?'
[?-. . !<,-n ...l Ptitiay, A'lfuit ?>, al -' 1"
p Iiii?r,-,-v. nt lloly Cro?a
tddaoUy. Tuesdaj-. Ausuat ?. B_U
vife ,,f W. Vau^an >l
i lahter rf Chartos V end the lat.
Un* Ann W!ld*y. of Ne-*' York City. ter
- Ic.*a at i'.i^ Rrl-k Preebyteiian '"hur.-h. No
412 3th av*.. Trlday m*mlnt, 11 o'eiixs
Int,*rm*ni Wev^ilawn Cainetery
MOORE-tln Tuee-lav, Auautt a. 1812. EI ae.
?s wldow of Claxrfe C. M*ore. antarad
luto r**t Fun^ral aervic* ?n Tnoraday.
pi. 2 "!?? p m . at har late r**elden*a, N->
IM Quinrj ?t.. Bronklyn.
rfCOrr-A-ifuat 7. Merv ? S<-oit. aae,. P
i^era B-rVleea et the Mwhi-lat Bpl*e*pai
f-hun HetM, i?_-l ii JTil Amaterilani ave..
Krid'aj-' af.erroon, af 1:18. Mainbers of (al
vaiy Mathodl*' Erla<^pal Cliurch InvtieU.
TOBADBN?On M*nla<-. A??4i?t _k IM1
fttio beleved huahand of EHsnb*th T*
iMden. ln hia 77th yter Pvna&jatyttm
et nia late realdeitc*. Ke IT80 *r*h st.
Broeblyn, on Tharadaj. Auicoat 8. lall -.t
j p, |i-.t*rm*rii Or,-aawood
arMlT**#*-*Oa Aagaal *? l*>*5 Mra Eathei ?
vni!t* ln her *'th >*ar, tt\*r a lena HI*
n-ei aSaaeral aelsata_
2i3d 3t By Heritm Traln and b7 Trajilaa*
OlBea. "0_Ee*t W Jt ? * *"?
ITtWK K- I l*gfa_)l -41-71 W?4t 284
S - nat>*'*. Prl" at* lt<*oni*, 1'rlvate Amini ?
lan*??" T*l ItM -"I'l-Ot.
MAIN OFFICE? No. 1?4 Neaeeu atreet.
UPTOWJ* OFFICE-No. 13C4 Broadwey, ef
eny An*4?rl-en PUlrlet Talaereptj OrBcc.
HAR-F.M OFFICE8?No 137 Ceet 1-ith
atraet. N*<* S*>3 Waet 123t_ atreet an 1 Ne.
.19 We?i l_*.t* stfaa.

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