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But Not Dull
But Not Ra-ii-tJ
V01 LXXII.N* 24,008.
>lio-.t,-ri. tt>-<la> and prababl]
* *
1)1)1/ 'I* AVC i lL"YTI?,'l,i ef V* VorU..ler*e> fil> ind Hobokea.
I ttlv I. \1\Y4 \ rj.y I Ki%Miiir.Kr. iwo ceww
Stanlev Denounces lt as Ex
torticnate, Demanding Trib
ute from Every Man,
Woman and Child.
Morgan, Rockefeller and Car
jjfc'e Bitterly Assailed for
^^iloading $500,000.
000 Watered Stock
on Consumers.
? * .
?g; al gton, Aug. 8. - Th? at. ? ; truat,
j ,* -? .- John D. Rockefeller, \
. . ? and oth< l era of
mdled wlthout glovea at
Houae held to-nlght for
Ihe reai ?; ? f debai tha
tag o
le] .-' cupled ?
Um ibne and rrequently ellclted ap
>m th" twoacore membera a*ho
_Ir. Stnnley referred to J P Morgan,
arfaalaar I * ituot, M ?
noich gambler i gagi I in tho laau
ef begaa atock." and charged that John
L?. Rockefeller bad rulned a famlly ami
mdirecr!'-- eaueed the death of one
aaember ln order to obtain and aell
valuabli ore property In the Northweat
Ti. li tter accuaatlon was baaed on
the teatlmoay of the Merrltt brothara.
Daaouncing :he manner in whlch Mr.
Beckefeller obtalned the ore h..ldings
of thes-* pione.-rs. Mr. Stanley suid:
"Tbe story of bow John D. Rocke
r got into tho ateel bualneaa is a
utrauge ta'.c. wlth a world of pathos
and meanneaa ln lt. lt Must rates the
ilnu'-ua and s'lent and pltlleaa con-.
of rr' r who arlll forego all elsc in tht-.r
sear-ii f-.r mili:
Must Pay Tribute to Steel Truat.
After revlewlng mucb of th-> matter
ccnt.iinod in the majorlty report of the
?tanley eo*_Mrilttea Mr. Btanley as
sarted 'hat ln tbe formatlon of tho
dtrf trust $500.00*l%000 in w-tteretl
stock had bean "loaded upon the ba?-ks
of tha American ronsum-r." It ^ity
r be I rled.be
? :. warm!:-. wlthout paying tribute
le the steol irust.
"Tbe extortlon of the ateel c-ora*
h. aaaattaued, 'ia due to two
ti.ent lnatifition:--?a holding w.m
aiid a hlgh tariff. i >n>? is help*
.e*s wlthout ih* other."
Mr. Stanle; - I roort an an
I wa** followed by Repreai
tlve Steriing, a Republlcan member of
immlttee, who devoted the major
par: of his speech to a crltlclem ol r..<
aaajgeation of Meaera. Oardner and
Danforth, minorlty membera of tiie
ut?i Tommlttea thal tho federal *;.>?.
ernrr.fM ahould r?-gulate the prlcea of
industrial corporations if unable i"
lontro! iht-m otherwlae.
Repret-. ntativ,- Btanle*,
neveral lively tilts wlth membera who
a_ra _lellned to Interrupt tiu- flowery
parts of hia ind vlii n Mr.
Fomes challenged Ihe atatemeni th<-<t
prlcea of steel articlei had Incn
?inctj t!.r f,ri tatlo of th? L'nited
Itatt irporation, th- Ker.tuok
ian aaid arlth aeperit*
"1 ha ?' ? c- to 7_lk about tha
(iTtcea o.' pota and kettlee. There are
hlgRur thlr.ga to uo and before thla
w'Mniitte*** flni.shes v.ith the ateel
""ll prlce* *vTi!l go down "
TellB of Rockefeller Deal.
Tba Xentucky Repreaentativa re
rtgwed th<* story 'if John d. Rockefel
.'ler'a .-.cquiaition of the Mesaha Iron
ore range. He told pictureequel*. of
fhe manner In whlch .Mr. Roekefaller'a
?"Imon^r. th" Rev, Dr. Gatre*. oonducted
the negotlatlona with tho Merrltt
orothor*. dlacoverera of tiie range. He
fontlnued ?n thlrd pa**. flrat rnlnmn
This Mornings Ntws
Ita Becker Wlll Confeaa ... 1
Becker Reported In Teara.i
leaa Oamblera' T.arxiiords. s
formal Call for Maaa Meetlng. 8
* ri tne aa to Murde-r. 3
War Game Reglmenta on the Mo ? 3
Park Boar-i Bnube Reereatloa Body.. 9
G _M Brokew E led for Divoi ce. I
Much Married Man Loaea a Wlfe ?18
Organlae to Protecl Inveatora.16
bery .18
. 1
i:< porl. l
'*-*???' i Bl omdlete. 1
nklng Bhlp. ... 9
'oui Killed ln Ti ? reck.16
rig Happ.v. I
? n .Manaaer. 4
-****fraa n Ptanh. *
orabh Reporta. ... 4
New Yoi k. 8
? iffli > ??> 'i alh Btrlke. 5
-fc-dcani Flre on 1 I Boldlera . 3
jajterventlori foi Nlcaragua. 8
?8. ? p| . Rurned te I iieath... I
?***'awa for Women. ?
a_Itarial . I
*c*lety . 8
Trlbanc I reah Air Work. '
QMtaary .. .. . 1
Lltararj Vevra ?. d Crltlclem. 8
"?"""?'a . ... .10 and 11
Arr*?*' aad *.;.-?.H
?Vaag-u . .ii
"bipplnf Newa _.1*
*??? Batata .M
?"a^adai aud M-urketa.m '""? ia
Succerdcd After Twenty-eighr
Years of Service by Oeof
frey Robinson.
? Mtlai II. '.'. ?? ? .11 ?
London ' .- '.'. i;. !?:. i tucklo, who
hei been edltor >>f "The Tlmes" for
twenty-eighl and :i half yeara. la re
tiring. ilis Biicceaaor, ir la Hnnounced,
frey Koblnaon, formerlj private
BeiT4?tarj to I-->r.l MUner. Mr. Robln
- only thlrty-eeven yeara old.
', ik Earle Buckle was born at Tiver
on-Avon, near l-t:.t-,. on June 10, v''t,
an.1 4vn-; tb? sm: of the Rev, Oeora
Buckle, canon and ptecentor of Wella
Hc was educated Kt the llonlton Granri
mar School and ni New College, Oxford.
lle was adrnltted t>, the bar, bui prefer
to the pre. tlce >( Ihe i iw,
. Iltofial T4 rlter for "The
- ' Ppoii tii" death ol
1884, hi 4' ??? adi an< - -l to Ihe
Itor. Hla term >.f twenty-elghi
? ditor waa longer than the term
of hli pi. .!? eaaori except l "elane,
red l ->? ven j eai *
Geoflfrej recelved hla early
? tralnlng ln Bouth Afrlra. He
4\n- born at Sklpton-ln-<?raven, Tork
shlre, in 1871. and waa educated at Eton
nn.i Magdalen College, Oxford. He ??
v ? l >epai tmenl ol
tl ?? < 'ol. r-ial i ifllce h two year
later weal to South \fr:<-a as aecrel
to i ??>:,! MUner. ln 18Cd hi ecame <
it Jol anni iburg.
Fertiliiy Authorities Predict
One in Twenty Years.
Chlcago. tug. 8 america la faclng
a fami*r>- unlwai agTicultural rondltlona
at- vaatly iinproved waa the atartling
it the annual meetlncr
?>f th- National Boll Fertlllty League
"Stal ? the agrlculture
in the United Statea haa been ao ne
glected thul withln twenty years we
ahall l" forced to Imporl "i:r prlncipal
food product* fi I .relgn lands. We
are faclng an Inevltable farn n< inlea*
proved." aal I H.
- -, pn aid. organlaatlon.
? - . urged the addltlor
of agricultural extena ??;? rl
to the preei egea of agrlculture
? ilned by the governmei i and
varioua -: lat, -
H. H. Oroi ? led prealdent.
Ar. advlaory commltte. aelected In
cli dea Jamea J. Hlll, chairman; Preal?
dent Wllllam H Taft. W llllam J- nninga
Bryan, lYanklin MacVeagh, Charap
Clark arvl s?a:iiuel Oompei -
Judge Can't Say Whether
Crustacean Is an Animal.
l'hiiudelphia, i_ug. v Jwlmtttlng tnut
lic waa uneqtial to the task ?>f claaalfy
? lobeter tn the realtn of Uving
rea Pollce JikIbo Haggerty to
day held J.?hii Haudocaur, chef of -i
local hotel, in $100 ball for i oort to
anawer a charge of i: lell to
for placing a wooden peg in the nrsl
, k r.f the lav of a lobeter to
prevent 11 from anappini
C< mplainl waa lodged against Haudo?
caur by a merabar ol the Boclety for
the Preventlon of Cruelty to Anlmala
Two lawyera, an amateur flaherman
from Madne, a meml er of tha
eoclety and the proprietor of the hotel
? ? to-d Haudi
lawyera argued ihat lh< lobatei waa
not an animal
"It'a too 8iu< ', foi m< aaid the
judge. "in hold the ?
. le the matter."
Cottagers Alarmed by Rob
beries That Baftie Police.
. .. . ? ?
Bar Harbor, lle., Aug. 8 -Aftei a
eeiiea of robberiee that have alarmed
Bar Harbor aummer cottagera thls
a burglar araa frlghtened away
aboul :', o'clock thla mornlng from the
Bummer bome of Mra John B. Kan
nedy, of New Tork, wldow of thi
wealthy banker, leavlng varioua ar?
tlclea of clothlng behlnd him, nr=
as a complete ael of burglar'a toole.
The- aummer home of Bdgar Bcott, of
Phlladeiphia, Immedlately adjotnlng
Mra. Kennedy*a place, was entered on
Bunday nlght, and eighteen ecaxfptna
,n b leather caae were taken from ftfr.
. and ae eral dk mond
broochea, amountlng to aeveral thou
.-an.i dollara In value, and a valuable
watch from Mr." Bcott'B <ircM.-inK table.
The authorities have been baflled as
to the Identlty of the burglara so far.
Everytblng Indtcatea they ar,- skilled
profeaalonal cj-ackamen
Its Exhibition ia Court Aidcd Young
Woman in Damage Suit.
irapti ia Th< Trlbui ?
.,. Aug l The akeleton of
., FrenOh peaaant glrl who jumped into
-,iii<- River twenty-nve yeara ago
won 98.760 damage* to-day foi Graci By
n young women Injured ln an
amuacmeril devli a called a "t< aaer, al ?
ire park.
Tbe ?k< leton waa uaed ro >i.
t(, ., . .. i nature of the Injuriea r< -
ceived by the plalntlff. II araa borrowed
; from ? hoapllal. _
, aptalo CoHlne. ?t thi ateaniet Oallleo,
I ...i here laal nlghl from Bi i
1 ,,,?, report. d havlng puaeed a Bchool of
, iifteen i irge whalea arln n ton mllea eaal
- i^mbr, i hannel Llghlahlp. Thi y
v ., ,, . |o?a to the uhlp thal thi crew
,,.,,' them off by throwlng lumpe 4,f
, ..al al thi iii
? "
i ii- t< legraph '" I h? Trlbui
Uan Krand ro, Aug, s l*TeaJiienl Ma?
di ru of M? xi.-o win rlall Ihe Unlted
Btatea and San Prancteco ln WI, acoort
l?_ ,,, Maurlci Thompaon, .. s? attle . -i? -
laTlat. who haa returned t?m MexU*.
He aald ha ha.l an auJlenr-e wlth rreai
denl .Marj. ro
London Newspapers Say There
Is No Legal or Moral Justi
fication for Discrimi
nation in Rates.
American Vessels in Foreign
Trade to Pass Free and For?
eign-Built Craft Ov.ned
Here to Oain U. S.
[rt* ran* io t: <> Trlbum
London, Aug. '.- In regard to the re
jection ol Benator Burton'a amendment
t.. the Panama Canal blll, thla morn?
lng ? "Poet" aaya if la to be rr^r^ttcl
: his declaion luu* Iseen roar-h^d.
aince othina can be plainer than thal
Ihe diwrlminatlnn In favor of Amerl*
reaaola uainn Ihe PanamH Canal la
a vl dation i-"t only <.f th. atricl letter
of ihe Hay-P.tuncefote tr. aty. hut a
repudlatlon of the pledgea made by lln
ITnlti I States lo the Hrlti-h govem
in.-nt al the time the treaty waa nego
Neltl ??' lega j nor morall: th?
"Poaf aaya, ran dtaprlmlnation be ea*
? m ping under thr>
Britlah flai the I'nlted Statea
vlotatea thi %.1 fnlth that it pledged
Itself to obaerve under Ihe terma of
? .14.
"The Daily Mail." in an edltoiial thls
mornlng on the Senate'a vote, k;i\*:
"Thal Idea arould pul back th<- whole
world !?? ;i eentury, and mighl hnc
far-reachlng coneequemes heyond tne
queatlon of the propoeed exempl
forbld len bj the Ha t Pauncefote
tn ? ?."
?? Phi !>...; .lail add th il other
p ?'. r n -i l repudlate treatles a'blch
they regarded aa favoring the rnited
Statei irlng themaetvaa. "Be
yond ? Btloi th" ???*? mptlom pro
tya th" "Mail." "arr* forbldden
by treat; . bul If there la any real doubt
om to th? Inten retation of the docu*
ir.cnt ????'? are '.\illln?r to refer the laaui
to th Hagui Tribuna1 A power whlch
ln auch clrcumatancea ahould refuae
auch arbltrament thereby declarea lt
aelf *?? r ??
Washington Aug. 8 In a v*in eftort
to >> ap ai ?' tbe Panama 4*an_) bill, the
iea Ma hei-i another i.Iarht et-esu-n te
night, bul falled 1-. bring the measure BO
h vote aftt-r ti.e propoettloa advaaeOd In
the H t . .il. <>r^?- i!. rallroada
and Bteernahlp Unea hal l>,-?*n uadei
ul houra.
Benatora Bjlatoa lapp nnd Polndoxt*
Iii4ur?.l ti.< H ? ia, nn-i Benator
i. ppltl . ; poee it. de< larlng ti at ll
i . tlve liK.-.1
I-. ? omi el :i.< :*:??-?. ; . k- ? ;
At ii late ,hour 1 ?? I irnlng the
?enatc agreed lo take a final vote on the
fore ?"' "'. locfc to moi :?? ?
Havlng goaa on record m favoring 'he
rerolaaloa of tolla t.. American - eaaala en
Kutc-.i ln coaatw?*e IrafRc, the Benate lo*
day wf-nt a at,)p furthei and adopted the
aenl ?.fr.-.-e.i by t.mmltti ? tc
remli alao, t!.< tolla >.n Ara
? in th<- f.,relxn trade The amend?
ment carrled bj n vote >.f ?'?'? lo 23, bul
not, however, wlthoui 4- arnlna fi pni both
aldei r.f ih>- chamber.
Benator Burton aaeerted 'hat me r*
mlaalon of toii* lo Areeriran veaaela en*
t-'But-.I in th* forelgn trade 44-ea a muf
ohvloua violaUon of thi treaty than the
remlealon r.f tolla to veaaela enK-B'-11 !n
laetwlea traffl.'. Much tli<? sam* BttltUde
**,aa taken by Benator Moke amith on the
1 >,?..um ratlc alde. who held that the queo*
tl.in relatlrn to coaat4vls>4 tiafn- waa
purely a doniesulr problem, w.dle that
relatlng lo foM-Iajn commen.e ??* oaa
whlch cama under the reetrlctio?a ..f Um
tn at)
Tba Benati al o adopud by a mi'* ol
, i an Importanl amendment ofr**r?-d
by Benator wuiiaiMH provldlng that for?
elgn bull! veaaela purchaeed by Americana
mav ba placed under Amerlean reglatei
ir enaraRi-d Bolel) ln forelgn trade.
Must Be Available as Cruiaar.
The Wllllama free *inr> ani*-nUment pio
vidr-d thai im forelgn bulli hhip gdmttted
10 Air*ertcan reglatry ahould he allawed
to partldpate ln mail carrying eoatracta
unleaa II n'^ conatructed wlth parth-uiar
rrf, rence to apeody anii t^onomlcal oon
veraion into on ausUlars mual crulaer.
A somewhat Bfmllar reatrlctlon waa
made on 'ht- graatlag o( tho fre,- tuii
pn\ileKi. to Aniprhan 4faaela en*;u_*d In
forelxn trad*- Tne provlalon '.tdopti'd bv
the Beaate aperlfiea that uv.ne.rn ot veaaela
engaged ln forelga trade mual Agree to
^.U thelr ahlpa to the Unlted .Statea tn
tlma of 4var <>r other emengendea ln order
to i,? axempl from tha paytnent of tefla
when paaaing tbrough thr ranai.
Tha Bubjeci of rallroad rontrull.-d ships
brought out a defenee "f tha Houae blll
by **'.r.;.tors Clapp, Polndeater an.i oi^rn.
Chairman Clapp of tha lateratata f'om*
merca Commlttee aald Boma regulatton
mual be enacted to aeparate dafinltely lha
rallroada an.i th. ateamahip iin,*-. Th*
auggeatlooi lhal tbe Canadlati Pgelfic
Railway mlght be able to oparate Ita
ahlpa tbrough the r-erial whlle /markan
railway owned shipa orauM br- prahlMtad
bad be*en brooghl up, ha aald, t<> cloud
Ibe real laaue
Sr-nat'.i I.iii.iti. Of Rhede laland. atat?d
Cut lo-np.-ri.ti'iii between rallroad* and
steamahlpa had great!) benefltad at leaat
i portton of N'V4 Kngiand and that the
people .>f hia stata dld nol Jeln in th<*
reneral denun latlrni of th>> railway ltn<-a
and th?ir ateamer ccmaeetlena. ile denied
, hargaa that had beea made that the
^7, 44 Vork, N.-44 llav-n A Hartford Ttall
r.,,,i ,-.,i,ttoii, .1 all the l-ona: l*ian<i Bouad
Bteam< r llaea A -r,-at portlon af theae
frfhsht earrylng Bteoumara, lla r<aifl. were
,.,;,.- independenl of the .nntrol of
?4 1,
i.ittic objertlon develaped te the pro
i?,*<^d plan te prohlbll any rallroad-onncd
?lUpa from aaajagrlag m Aiaarlraa .o4_it
t ,,Dtinu4*4l on B4-tnnd page, sUlb celumn.
Who, it la now aadd, Ib wininK t" teU all he knowB of th* relations between the
pollce and SMmblers, if assure.! of cleiu
Prosecuting Officer Declares He
Hearci Shot That Made Help
less Cripple of Husband.
Time ol Pistol Report Would
Have Upset Woman's De
fence Had Hc Gone
on the Stand
i' i ?,?rr?pr. i,. '"..? ?
M.a! ? ?. . s An amazlng aftei
math "i the ',ra ? .,-? im. to-da; ,
when Bollcltor Gen? il H igh M i"?:
4<\. who '."I the proaecutlon of Mr*
p . ,,!,.. Qrace declared that while
lylag ebad ln hla apartrnent acroea tha
atr?-?i freen the Graee h.mi.-. al Wo -'??
u'?-n' Mth Btreet, he beard tha ahol
w i.i. h - oundi l E igene Grace, .r,,!
that u waa nn-.i between ?"> mii H
,,',,,. k n, the nn.rnliiK. 1 >alB! ' rta,
and tl:.- defence de4?lared thal Grace
w.ie nol Hl?f,t untll after 11 o'elo. k ln
the mornlng. Upon thli plea Ihewhole
defen* ? v-ua bulll
Mi rjeraey declarea be would have
g.,ne on the arltneaa atatnl 'o gne thl.s
evidence, which would hav deetroyed
Mtb. Urace's Btory! bui waa advlHed n,,t
1c, d?. B>. by nn emlnent Jn>lg. for ethl?
Chl reaBOIlB.
Mr end Mre. Porary were in brc\ in
thelr r<.<<ms when DorHev beard tha
nh.it. They thought aome 0918 ln the
Oraee hoane waa ahootlng al a cat.
'CurlouBly enough " aald Dotbi I
thought no more of the ahot untll two
daya nrt.-r4M.rri. when oUteera conaulted
me aboul the caae and gave Into my
poaaarrt? the two allbl lettera they
found m the i;ra<->- houae and aelaed
Then ti dawnad upon me tiiat the re?
port 1 had heard ln the early mornlng
waa the Bhot of th.- ptetol thal had
wounded Graoe, and i order*jd Mra
f"5ra<? arreated
The prOaeCUtlOTI Of Mr* '.rare rle
eolved ,"i me through my ntnvc, and i
knew my evlclenoe rewardfom the time
of the shot would deatrery her defeni e
Hut the very facl of belng proe*jcutor
plaeed me ln a raiimrttable poaitlon,
and when eminent Judgea and lawyera
advli.-d me for ethteal riuiaona not to
Ko on ihe atand i followed thelr ad
Rugene Grace was broughl here fmm
Newnan lo-daj tor an x-ray esamlna
tion preperatory to an operation for
r. mo. ing the buiiet that paralyaed hlm,
Oraee bellevee he will recnver the uae
ol his leajB .f the bnllel La remtrred
Every Sub-Treasury May fioon
Have a Washing Machine.
Wa.-hington. Au*. I --rMora than a half
mllllon dollar* ?>' oM P?per nio.i.s,
waabed nnd Ironed aa good aa neW ln the
federal awewaaent'a nirren.-v leundry,
v,\\\ 1?- plaeed ln .-irr-nlatlon to-rnnm-v.
ThiB i-,t wtll leiaraeenl Uncla Sam'a Hrel
leb ?* a laundryman
Por weekn thr' Treaeury Depattmenl
ha- been cleauing and revlvtng dlitv old
notps bj tbe waahing aaachlnc ierfe,-tn<i
in thr Buraau ef Brigravhig ind Prlntlng
aii unetean aalla "''|rh ??' "ot *orn 0,,t
wm b- waabed, Ironed an-i radlatrlbuted.
The Tioaaurr Department hae >,r<ior,.d
three mon- waahing niaclilnr-H. end wlthin
? faw m..nthB it ia eapeded thai avery
Bjejb-Treeumry will be sqiitpped artth a
reVinavlvanlH W*W Tl.kr-ta ??|,| Au
Brutd 9, 14 and Ul %oon retur.ilng to i-ar-h
Hew t'.rk on or before Auguat 20. Con
suJi Ticket Ag*nt?Advt.
Verraont County Fair Commit?
tee Bars Candidate.
? i Telaa ?
Mlddlebury. Vt kug 8 Tha d
oi "f the Mldili"" .1 Fair Commlttee
t-.-dny voted nol to allow Theo
.i. ra Rooaevelt, leader of the Prr.*rr<-*
elve r**i"tv- *? apeak il tha fall **T..iinils
he 4 laita thla toa n
Rooaevell wlll make a two-day tour
of Vermont, ln a*hlch time he wlll
' iiiwk- Bla : arrive at
Rutland on tugual '_'7.
Lloyds Offcrs 2 to 1 He Will
1 Not Be Elected
? ? I
London Aug. A lnaurane? | oll, lea
al ."." guim ib per eni ?>. ere I - en out
.,. _|0) ,|. ?.--.[ da '.. pay tha total
1 io**. .'.- W.Irow \\ ilaon i>*>
?,-.l Prealdi nt of the Unlted 8 atea
ii. N"Vi mbci !.? vi
Fermented Ensilage Acts Like
Raw Bourbon Whiskey.
Waahlngton, Aug. v -Tha di inken
coa la tha lateai dlacoverj bj tbe Da
i artm >nl of Agrl ull re
A \ ii glnia !i lah indman .. lai med i>.
the Indecoroua performancea of an
ordlnarlly mlld animal after munchlng
:, ratlon of e"na .<??? eppealed to thf
di partmei I
Inveatlgatlon reveated thal bosay"
had feaated on fermented cornetalka
and almpl) waa drunk on raw BourtMa
whlakey? thal waa all
Defends Dozen Chicks in Hour'g
Battle with Reptile.
Banduaky, Ohlo Aug ** \ battle
between a black-anake two feel long
and a clucking hen aith ?< doaen llttla
[chlcka -it her alde, fought near Mllan
lyeatarda) afternoon, waa won by the
Th.- fighi laated almoel an hour, bul
the anake, accordlni to wltneaaea ?hn
etoorl away. ready to k<> to the fowl'e
gaalgtaace if ahe needed it. never had a
"look in." When the h^n finally arlth
drew from thr ncenc the snak? v na
Shippers Seek Broader Market
by So Advertising Fruit.
i iil.-au'. A'ir. I -"If w . men knew that
. ating gpplea a III >;?> more to m-ikr. thelr
romplexiona beautiful thnn all tho fa<-e
remedle*! In th*1 44.,riii they would aal
them mornlng', noon and niR-ht.'' said
r. ?jraiit Border, of Baltimore, to-.iay,
ln "idtireaaing the Internatlonal Shlp
jiers' Asaooiatloii.
"We mual advertlae tha apple aa the
'intloimi frult \f \4p ,-,r, t<> prevenl ita
overproduction.'' aald Mr. Border* "The
people nMiat ?? remlnded of tho hcnlth
b**n*-rlts Of rafiriK applr.* "
|tl4 Telegl-Pll tr, Th- I'nh.iiir |*
Wabeah, ind , Aug, I Buried uader
i.ivio buahala of ahellad eorn, Iwe nov*,
Max Merrow and Frank Jaealieon, wara
auffocated lo ii.-ath here t...ja\ it took
alnioat an hour* work to releaae th,
B/hethar a flsh ran have hvdrophohla la
th** uaaatlen that "Fred" Henry, <>f Han*
oor-k Btreet, Brooklyn, would lik<- t.. hava
MPttird. and for tiut reaaon ha has aaal
le tba Paataur Institute the head of a
pl.-kml tbal hit hlm on the toa i!
fearartawood i^ako n j . yeeterday. The
toe atarted to awell when th* tteth had
punctured lt and llt-nry bt-came vvorrled.
e ?
50c prr caae I f 6 glasa-atoppered bottlea.
-Ad*. t.
Rumor Persists That Lieutenant Will Turn
Informer on ?"System" if Assured He
Will Thereby Gain Leniency.
Long Conference Regarded as Significant?Indictment of
Three "Men Higher Up*' Practically Certain
Should Official Decide to Tell All?Attempt
to Unseal "Jack" Sullivan's Lips.
After a two-hour conference between District Attorney Whtt*
man and John F. Mclntyre, chief counsel to Lieutenant Charles
Becker, a persistcnt rumor went the rounds yesterday afternoon thai
Becker would not attempt to shield any one, and that if any kind of
an inducement in the way of leniency could be held out to him h<
would tell everything he knows of the relations between the police
and gamblers.
It was reported that Mr. Mclntyre's first admission to Becker
was. in subtance. that a very strong circumstantial case had beer
made out against him. His long conference with Mr. Whitman so
early in his association with the case was considered significant. as
it was pointed cut that as chief counsel for Becker he could not be
engaged in a talk of that length with the District Attorney without
some important 1eason.
Becker's story would implicate every man higher up in the grafr
ring, it is believed, and if he consents to tell everything he knows it
is the general impression that he would be dealt with leniently. Mt
Whitman said that any one who did not actually fire the shots that
killed Rosenthal could gain leniency in the case by telling the whole
truth as to the corrupt relations between gamblers and police.
Jacob Reich, alias "Jack" Sullivan, the friend of Becker, who
was so active on the night of the murder, was transferred from the
Tombs to the West Side Court prison yesterday. "Jack" Rose, who
has always had a decided influence over Sullivan, is quartered there
with "Bridgie" Weber and Harry Valinsky. Those three men have
decided to tell all they know. and it is believed that Sullivan was
transferred to give them the opportunity to bring him over to their
A "break" by both Sullivan and Lieutenant Becker. if it should
come. will make certain the indictment of many police officials. it is
believed, especially of the two inspectors and one civilian whose
names have been most prominent in all the graft stories that have
reached Mr. Whitman since the murder.
The District Attorney produced before the grand jury yesterday
a new eyewitness to the murder, in the person of Giovanni Stanish.
This man has never been examined by the police, and his story of the
events in and around the Metropoie just before and after the murdei.
as well as his direct story of the shooting itself. are considered highly
Sixteen witnesses testified before the grand jury yesterday at
an afternoon session. The next session will be held Tuesday, and it
is understood that the necessary basis for the indictment of the four
gunmen directly concerned in the murder was laid yesterday.
Lieutenant Dominick Reilly. who commands one of the special
"strong arm" squads similar to the one formerly managed by Beckor,
was one of the witnesses yesterday, and it is understood that hii
testimony corroboratcd absolutely the testimony which Lieutenant
Daniel E. Costigan gave last week.
The formal call for the citizens' mass meeting at Cooper Union
was sent out yesterday. The meeting will be held next Wednesday
night, and it is expected that a special committee to assist both the
District Attorney and the aldermanic committee will be appointed.
In behalf of John D. Rockefeller and the Rockefeller family.
whom he represcnts, Starr J. Murphy issued a formal denial of the
stories published yesterdav to the effect that the Rockefellers had
backed a putative disorderly house to get evidence against eithe:
white slavers or police grafters.
Police Inspector Edward G. Hughes was reported to be serious'y
sick at his home in 4th street. Brooklyn.
Kollowtng a two-hour conference ber
tween District Attorney Whitman und
john F. Mclntyre, Chartaa Be*c*er'a
lawyer. tho story that Becker had made
the .Vtislon to tell everything he knaw
of the BO-eaJled "ay8tatnH drculated
araund ihe Criminal i'<>urts Hulldlng.
lt di.lnt take L.ne; for the ?am^ rumor
to reach Pollce 11. .irlquartorH. ln both
buiidiuKs ?t ereatfed ? Benaatlen.
Mr. Mclntyre's ...nference with Mr.
Whltniaa cnme directljr after he had
hmi ? long t-iik with Beeker in the
romba. The prlaoner an.1 his lawyer
ivenl over the cahc which Mr. whttman
hnfl l.uilt tip. iin.i lt waa reported that
Mi. Mclntyre adtnltted i?> He.kex that
it waa a atrong circumatuntlal ca*e.
After th? lawyar left the Tumbs, the
rrj.ort went throusrh ihe prison tha?.
Be. ker had broketi down and cried.
Thusr who have followed tho case
dei lai>'.l that Mr. Melntyre would have
in, reasoii at thls i-arly staire of the raae
to aptMxi 144" hour* oonferrlng with the
Dlatrict Attorney unless he had de
dded t?J >ee what terms he could BaeOTO
for hlB rllent in return for a full con
fesslon and ?tory of everything he
Knew about the corrupt relations be?
tween QiaNara ;"ul police.
Mr. Whitman baa mad.- no aecret of
the fact tbal. apart from Ihe actual
fUnhandlera ln Uosenthi.l'j murder. ba
would >lo everything ponBlhle for iinv
man implieuted wtVB would furntsh hlm
wlth the ei lderiee of yobr-e KTBftlug
amonj; the men hJcbest in the dcpart
nient and among that clrcle of 4 ivillan*
who are ln direct touth 44 ith the polh-e
' rlng."
The Impreaglon prevalled \e3terday
alfhniixh Mr. Whitman wotjld not say
[anythlng about it either way, that tf
Becker \4,.nld tell all ho knc\4 ln> mjffhi
gain lenleney, if not imniiinlty.
".lack1' Bullivan'a trtanafer from th
Tomh* t<> the Weal Blde pns.m la be*
lleved to have a direct baaring, alao ou
the possiblllty of Bo?*kor "dellverttlg
hia story. ln fact. Sulli\*nn's tranafer
la thought to have a doub4e*edarod
power. beeauae by removlng blm from
tho Tomhh Borkoi's only fliend \v:i*>
tak,*n away from blm, and bj aendlng
him to the Wesf Blde prlsnn. ba, Sulli?
van. araa pul In contaet eitk Boa
Weber and Yallnsky, Who, havlng ile
clded to ennfe*-*-. are anxioiis to get all
poaalble .-..rrohoratlon for their 8tOI?M
Bulllvan, M a s<>rt of tnt>-nu',diarv t>.
twecn Becker and other pollcaa884*1 BBM
the gambling < n>wii, 111..1 the frlend of
both. can tell a story whlrh wouhl
atronglv corroboiate tho atoffga ot" Ho.**,*
and Wrbcr, and It ia b>-llov,?l that th, y
will 808*1 lnducc him 10 t-'K'' hi> stand
with them.
The Dtetrtet Attorney l?lif\r*s that
it wlll he a good thlng to -z.-t sullivan
gwa) fr"in Becker, an.) h. la also c<?n
vtoead that tf B-lllvaa ?f 11 tell hia ston
ln full tho relatlon of it wlll bring
Beeker that much n?*arer the polnt
wher* be 44iU decldc to rn.iU.- a dean
brcaat of it.

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