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But Not Dull
But Not RadicaJ
vot l.YYII \? 24.(MMi To-n., .??.
* %' ra* |n t'llj of 9J*B8 York. Jeraej City aad Hoboken.
. r-.,., .,,..?..,.,. \ : v. V i tlll.
_? -"- _ ,? . _ , a ,n * DDtr*T /WI' / T VT Intllj of >e?. \ork. Jrrary I ity ?n?l i
t n ?laiiiv in:ivr Kl 1012?STXTEEjN PAGES. IKUh OMylhM aumanmmjttmm
Panama Canal Bil) Passed with
Provision for Remission of
Tolls to All American
Meaaure Adraits to United
States Registry Foreign Built
Craft Owned Here if Not
Engaged in Coastwise
Pre n ; hc t- ir>u;-< B
Waahington, Atag. 8.?Dlaregardlng
h> protesl ot the British government,
the s<- at< late to-day passed the Pan
ama '.'ai:al bill, provlding for the main
le-^nee and operation r.f the canal and
the eetabllahmenl "f a governmenl In
tn- . .-ip?i Zone. b) .i vote of 47 tn li.
Th' meaeun a< passed pr<>\ide<; foi
the remiaalnn of tniu to American vea
- ? ? laged both in coaatwlae and for
i trafll prohlblta railroad owi
vessels from uelng the canal. admlta to
Intertran reerlater American owned for
? i_- built ahlpe not ln coaatwlae trade.
and contalna rf modlflcation of the
Houai provlalon dlveatlng the railroad*
? pir ateamahlp llnca in an nmr-rri
rnert. o"4.re?i hv Benator Boume, plaetng
thiF queation under tho admlnlatratlon
ef the Interetati Commerce Commla
An amendment, offered by Bena?
tor Beed, barrlng the canal t" veeaels
mpanlea vidating the anti-trual
isv ?? - ??-.. hed lo Ihe meaaure.
I i <? for dellberatlon waa afford
i ed b; Benator Root who called tor
the provlalone rermlttlng tolla
la At; etican veaaela after the meaaure
had h^^n perfer-ted In commltteo ,,f the
Th.- majoriiy. however, atood
| nd refused to take any coamlaance
-. er of the Britlsh proteat A.
Mttchetl Innee, eharge of Ihe Brltlah
ssy 1. a? on-- of the Intereated
,t?>rs in the galleries while the
loting wbs |n progress.
Thr debate centred malnrjr on the
H< iae proa/laton drrorclng rallroada and
thelr ateevinehap lines. Claahee between
the New England Etongtora and the
radlcal "f their cotleetguea on this
polnt were friujuent. genatot Lodgl
vohemently praAaaaat agalnat the pro
viuion. rritirldng the attltude of aome
Senatora as belng hoatlla tr. buali aat
"If a mun is dlseovered with a dollar
bl hl? pocket." Mr. L'-dg-. said. "it is
taken. accr.rdlng t,. the atUtude of a
uuinber of Baaaatora to-day. aa prim:,
facte ei idenee that he la B Ihlef."
Thought Too lmportant.
?everal Benatora took thr ground
that the provision dhrorctng the rall
roadaandateamflliipf.'mi.aiiieB. amend
ing the interstate commerce law, waa
too lmportant to be ruebed through aa
aa appendage .?f the canal bill
Tfce amendment offered hy Benator
?bbMl af Georarla, maklng II appllcahle
esayte the Panavma cnnai and barrlng
railroad owned ahip? from the uee of
the canal. was caiTled by a largi- ma
Followi-.g thla, Benator Boume of
? fered hfs nmer.dment provlding that
wHanever the Interstat* Commerce
OmrnL-slon shall flnd. after hearb |
' elther on eomplaint or on Its own mo
that any railroad company en?
gaged ln interstatc commerce other
vhan through tbe Per.ama Canal own*
er haa *n interest. dlract or indtrect ln
? llne of water transportatlon that
mlght be oompetltlve If ln other handa.
the commiselon may reejulre the rail?
road to gree up the ateamahlp llne or
eperatp lt under rr-8trtcUima_ai^h__aa
fetit'atied ?? ",,th ****? tm ,0,u^,l,
Thi* Morning s News
Fuapecta Po'.ee Kh.eld Kiigitlxea..... 1
ilngllah Offloer Charged with Theft. .. J
Beoker on Trip. 6a>e Notary - ?_???*
niliiaaaaln LFrobe To Be Thorough... a
Auatrtan'a Story atartling.
?yatean Hampers Whitman.?
tk h?r>pa gearleaa of Arreet.
Mllltianien 1'repare to Depart.? 3
Mrs Harper .'ritieises Jane Addams. . 7
Hoea Now I'lears Yates
Tiouble-decK Trollev Cars BeaBB IB
Drunken Broker Bhoota Wife.ia
Benate Ir ih Protest. l
lirebug Starr^ri Thnty Flres. B
WantB Clties te Bflne Coal. ? 3
r Varnea WUley Arrested in BoBton. 3
Twe Battleeblpa Badly Damaged. 3
0 s Watches fVlreleee Btatlon.? 3
President Vetoes Wool Tariff Bill. ?
Bteal Debate ln the House. ?
Riae ln Prn-e of Beef. 3
Woman Flral to J>-ale a Pe*k. 7
Mra. Henry Hutt Seeks Divorc*. 8
Datiaat Aldermen Arreated.?**
V'laori to Relv on subscnptlona...... 4
Oet Cleaat te People." Barnes Saya .. 4
ThlrrJ Partv gaoka Beforin Ideaa. 4
Kooavelt Back la Oyster Bay. *
aa*jBjiegaana Fillaartng . *
^?iican Rebel*. Invavda U. -w.? *
?aytl and Hanto Doiningo Near War . 8
?s*** for Women. 7
KUltoiUj .... ... .?
?*4aty .?
"tXtait.r Fresh Alr Work. ?
^?Uuarv . I
*9on? . .10 and 11
JB9J nnri .\->v.?**
*aath*i .??
*h!?Plng Newa .ll
?91 J5aU? .14
^?*a of the Churchea.14
,,r??m*l ?nd Marketa ..... 1? and 13
he camp ... the lOtfi l*nite<! States Cavalrv- the Red Army in readiness for an advance on Connecticut terTitory.
Was Stockholder of Company in
Whose Favor He Ruletl.
I'.r.str.ri Aug B Afti r hai lng rt<
the applicatlon of thi 01 mori Bl<
Company foi -tn Injutv tl. - ' '?'??
Oeneral El< ? trlc Compan . and havlng,
r)e,-|i],-.i agalnal th? |m titiom i Judge
Lorlng, nf tha B i| ri m< Judicial i nurl
to-day r?inf*nii.*-r,.l thal h? a
atnckholder ln the General Electru
Company. ll- rescinded the acttoi
hnd taken and aald Ihat the matter
must i.o preai nted lo aome other Judgi
Thp OJImore rompan> aaked thal the
Gerjeral Electric Company bo eompelled
BpecUlcaUy te perform b rontraci to
furnlBh lha platntlrTa arlth lan
]a\pi week th< Qilmore company flled
ln tha Unlted BUtea Dlatrli l Co irl an
.ttaehtneht for f&0_O.OOU agalnal ','*"
Oeneral Elevtrlc Company, allag-ing
th;,t the latter company had vlolated
the Bberman antl-trugl l?w ln ti
to Htiflo competltlori ar,.! l.r,-nkln? a
eontract with tho plaintiff.
House Democrat3 Compromise
on a Super-Dreadnought.
Dfaahlngton, Auk. ?.-?Battleahlp and
Bo-battleabip Dema rmta in the Houae
to-day practlr-ally reached a compro
miae by whlch provleion wlll be made
ln the naval approprlatlon bill f"r ona
Buper-Dreadnought Aa a reeull of the
undr-rstaiifilne; h petltloi a*aa drculat
o(\ for a rauoiiH nexl Wedneaday night.
it la eapected tha dlffloultlee i>v lhal
will have been'amoothed out and
there ??'.iM be n<. hitch ln puttlng
through the prnfrTamma
The two-battleehip i hampioi - "
?aid t" ba Inalatlng as a prlce f->r their
?urn nder thal lha ahlp to be authorlaed
ahall be more powerful than an) now
afloat or contemplated. The propoaal
will be fought, however aa there
Btrong convi'-tioii ameaig many mem
b?ra of tha Naval Alhtlra Commlttee
that Bmallei dnd faater battleahlpa of
the ? ruiMr-i>r.ailoo.i)'hi t] i- are pn -
f.-iMi.ie to tho* of heaviei armamenl
and alower apeed.
\ arurai - ??? are reported '?? hav< been
V|vi i bj enough membera c*ppoaed to
battleahlpa to Inaure a quorum al lh<
comrng caucua A. the prevtoua cau
cufl , nough reinalned away to prevenl
any bufllneaa hein?: trangacted,
Analysis Shows Its PreBcnce in Wa
ters South of Reno.
r, no. Ner., A"*' '?' lf iw peealble thal
within a short time an ottoei Wlll ta Bl "??
b\ the owaera ef i **?''' ?**?" araown op
so.itii of H'-n... t" t?ata redldm from iaa
\4ater.-* ef tbeea apringB
pr i: (t .leiiinek. ef **."i i'**""
,.,. ntu aaide aa gnalyela oi tbe watera
,,f u..- rprlaga an.i aaa4>_n<*ed tbal aa
found radlam la tbeao._
\t -i. aoda raarantoiln?_-____*____*?!_Li_5i!
diiaka flavored wlth ^f^Sia'aa^w
world-renoamed lonlc of eaqulatta Baver^
- A'lM
wm with nn
Y. M. C. A. Boxing Instructoi
Says Hc Took $4.50
from Coat.
Prisoner. Who Is Student ol
Engineering, Tells Court
He Holds Rank ol
? apping broad
walated young man who said he waa i
lieutenanl ol artillerj in the Mntist
army, wi locked up In Ih. w aal SWtl
atreal atation houae laat nlght, eharge*
wlth Ihe theft of .?4."e!i from a boaini
Inatructor ln tbe 23d street founi
. 'hiiatlan Aaaoi lat lon. !!?? gai i
hia name aa K. L*eonard Proet, twenty
four yeara old.
FYoel wenl to llve al the Toum
Men'B ChrlBtian \- on July 30
slgning Ih* reglater aa Alfred L, PYoel
At tbat tlme he aald he had come t<
\.m Tork from Cambrldge, Maaa., an.
had been atudying civil englneertng al
Harvard Unlverelty. In tha Efarvart
cataloigue he la ael down aa txel i.i<
;ird Frost, of London, a special etudeni
of engli.r,,'k< i""' ''"' ?' candldata f"i
n d.-jrree.
The da) after h< tool ? room at thi
Young Men'a Chrlatlan A 1*0. lation *"??
araa mleelng from Ihe nexl room. bui
there waa nothlng I.nneci Freejl
W ith the theft
Laal Wediiestit'. afternoon John Ker
rigan. the boxing Inatru. t?>r. arent t<
th>- gymnaalum. on the aeventh floor ol
Ihe building, and hung hla eoal up it
the maaeage room, >>.'' which he in..
eharge. PYank Carroll, an employe
aald h<- aaw Frost k<> up and tak.
Bomething oui of ihe coat, and he r
iM.rte.i t.. Kerrigan, who found thal th<
money had diaappeared.
\\h< ii PYoal *raa arreated
qulte nonchalanl aboul tt"- affair .4
detective found him manlcurlng hli
palla, ''is' h< conaented to atop, am
arent around lo the atation houai Hi
made a fln* picture "f :i ma" as n<
ri.1 before the deak, dreanad ln ;
ed Norfoik Jacket, hli
fl feet l Inchea towering above the de
t,., tiv* .? ho Btood baalde hlm.
lu his room a/er* found varioui
artlclea showlni he haa been in thi
Hritisit armj aen loe ? me bag ???
labelled "Flrat Royal Dragoona" ea*
mi Itjajerlptlon In a i??.k attowed h<
had been Btatlotted m I.ueknow. [fjdla
a inaid ln Ihe Young Meei'a Chria
tian Aa4*ociatlon, to whom be gave 1
leather travelMng clock. said he har
caeuall) mentioned that tha Kritiei
rovernnaenl expected to Band him tt
Egypl as an engineer when bi rom
,,'|.;.. | hla 4- r,rk al llar\ nrd His Bo?
,.., eddreaa araa J*?, IH Pre pe*
| \SKKK i ISUSS WI) nilKI- Ol \K I i-KM \STKF
Boston Mayor Will Run Against
Olympio Star.
Boaton, Vug fl Mayor John P. Fitz
gerald is to run a nn i wlth "Jim"
.. of ihe Carltale Indlan ?*?*? hool
aa Juel returned after atarring In
the ?'I- mplc K.ime*, Th<- n,. e will take
plfti. to-morroa riftirnoon -it tha ear*
, ? thi B ton Elha, ln Penwa:
Park. 11 will ba ?? 1"" >ard daah, and
both men wlll be on ?*< rati i. *.ak< ?!
t i,,- aranted .. handlcap tha
.Mayor replled
? I do not I am as Rood n nii.n'i ;<*
he. and ha wlll hava t" k>< aotne to krep
up wlth tru."'
Th,- ..ni" rondlttOn that the Mayor
Inpoeea is thal tha rafe Bhall Btart nt
?? o'clock. "FIU" has done a number
,,t Bthleth atunta recentb He ha.*
flown in an aeroplane, -irUen a trotter
? ? ? i. torj and taken ihe hlgh burdlea
lo ,-. ataeplec-age. Ba la eome runner,
too f..r olllee, BUfferi-f defeal bul
on ??
Detectives Seck Evidence for a
Olean-Up. It Is Said.
ii- TelearapB t,, Tha Trlba
.\'e-.4[..,it R 1 Vug ? Mewport. aa
fai bb i's m .h rworld eondltlona are
. | ,-ri ha*- been looked itito wlthin
,, few days hy two detecttveo
Mid ?> be frota th- Burna agency in
Ne* York
?n i. inapt ? made for ? ''""'
mlttae ?; women repreeentlnf membera
of the aummer colony, who ar- Inter
eated in th.- moral welfare af tha i Itj
Who thla commlttee is made uj.a
k,.,,t b profound Beerat, bul several
pfltraona have aald tbal auch a com?
mittee araa belng formed. and that they
were to aupply money to obtain the
facta for another Newport clean-up.
_B -
Declmes to Take Fee in Case of As
sault on Girl.
M- T-lerfraj,)! '
\>*4 l-trun.-s-.vlrk. V. ?!?? All* I Judge
f I?.il\ s-nt-n.-.! Mh-.n IM. r
*on. B Wall Srr.et derk. Pgtrick K*-ll>.
a Brooklyn youtb, and J.>"-ph Blatra, a
canal harKf' enptaln. te the reformatoi v
to-day f"" atssaullinK Mu- M.ih-r. th*.
veur-old daiiKht***" Of Lawrenre
Maher. of Klaihti?h, Rrooklyn. on Slat
,.-ii barga at I'.-rt Readlng from
July M to Jul?' 16 laal
John A foan. who acted a? rounael
f,,r the defenoe. dec lin?-<l to .,. . .| t
.-om|,ep.B.itior aecaaaa of thr* nature of
the mte Jmlge I _1> thanked him
Furniture Used by Exiled Em
peror Also to Go Under the
Hamnier Next Month.
? i ? , .
London, A ? IO I Bome telegram
to "The Morning Poat" aaya that on
Sept. mber 2 Ihi \ illa Ban Mai I i
thi laland of Klba. Inh iblted bj Na
Itoleon from M..- IHI l. to Febrti
I81.*i win be aold hy publlc auctlon.
Beaidea the vllla, which contalna a
Sapoleonlc muaeum, as well aa fur?
niture ueed bj the exllad Emperor, the
pert of San Ifaiine will alao be aold.
Wants Reward Offered for Re?
turn of Lost Jewels.
. fr ,! . rrtbfl
Phlladeiphia Aug ?.?.-- Caldw. I
.. nta for Mrs J. H. Wi
well known ln aoclety elrclea were
made defendanta to-daj In ? ault f<<r
$1,000 brought bj Anthonj Eapoaltlo, a
bootblack, urho aeeka to recover the re?
ward for ihe return ?f Jew Ja valued at
$l_>,0fjll loat In the street bj Mrs.
".... ? i on Man h Ifl laat.
Eapoaltlo found the lewela, and nol
knowlng thelr value, took them home.
Tonj Bpuai learned thal Eapoaltlo had
found the lewela and lnfo?*med the po?
lice. Eapoaltlo gave up the propertj
[mmedlately, and allegea he never was
paid the adverlieed reward. The po
,i . ia . the reward waa paid to BpuaL
They Begin to Cry on Fourth
Day and Nurses Have Hope.
Bj Telegraph ro Tha Tribune. 1
Boaton, Aug. 9. The four ehlldren,
all girla, born t<. Mi F H. Beely Mon
,i;t\ nlghl ?t a i rorcheatei hoai Ital,
began to crj to-day. and the nureea
beilet e Ihej wll] llve. The great
thlng thal has been worryhig thenitraag
la thal the four llttle Ihinga hav.. bean
too g "><i ever atnee the atorh arrived
w it ii them
Never before hava quadrupleta llved
,ts long aa theae, and Boaton thus sets
a new record, and the hoepltal authori?
ties hope a more reinarkable record
arlll be aat yel that the llttle onee arlll
llve and groe up. Mlaa Flora Wttch,
matron of the Dorcheater Cottage Hoe?
pltal, said:
"Th?-re i?- in. record of any gtaadjru
plels ever Uving even as long as these
have. aad thev are on their fourth day
and thev Bre HviriK That in liself Is
quite iinprei erbnted.''
County Authorities Feel That Becker and
Other Members of Force Know Where
Fugitives Are?Whitman Incensed.
Men Taken Only When His Sleuths Were Close Upon
Them, RemaTks District Attorney?New Eye
witness Tells of Apathy?Accused Lieu?
tenant Present on Affidavit Trip.
District Auorncy Whitman expressed himself yesterday as
thoroughly incensed at the. inactivity of the police in apprehending
"Sam" Schepps. "Lefty Louie" Rosenberg and Harry Horowit/.
known as "Gib the Blood," the three men wanted for the shooting
of Herman Rosenthal who are still at large. The authorities feel
that Lieutenant Charlcs Becker and other policemen know where
these men are.
Mr. Whitman declared that Frank Muller ("Whitie Lewis")
and Frank Cirohci ("Dago Frank") were not arrested until detee
tives from the District Attorney's office were close on their trail.
Giovanni Stanish. the eyewitness of Rosenthal's murder who
! was found by the District Attorney without the aid of the police.
will be the star witness for the prosecution. His story to the grand
jury was the most convincing as regards the actual crime told by
any witness to that body. He positively identified four men as
Ithose who actually did the shooting, picking them out readily from
1 a large batch of photographs which he had never seen before.
Slanish is a highly educated Austnan and speaks four or five
' languages. A close friend of the District Attorney knew him well
and brought him to> Mr. Whitman's office.
Stanish was standing in a doorway next to the Metropole at
the time of the shooting. He said he saw "Jack" Sullivan with
the four men whe did the shooting. Sullivan started to run away
with them, Stanish asserttd, but suddenly retufned to Rosenthal's
body, turned it over and shouted to the escaping gunmen, "He's
dead. all right."
Stanish dwelt at length in his testimony before the grand jury
on the actions of the police following the shooting. He said the
gunmen had got into their car and it was out of sight before any
uniformed policemen appeared. The gunmen did not seem to be
in any great hurry in making their getaway. he said.
While the murderers were making their escape Policcman Will
iam J. File, who had been off duty in the Metropole. stood on the
hotel stoop waving his revolver in the air and shouting, "Where
! are they?" the witness said. Later File got into a taxicab and pur
i sued the fleeing automobile. File. who had been suspended under
I charges of neglect of duty, was reinstated by Commissioner Waldo
Information coming from Rose. "Bridgie" Weber and Harry
I Valinsky, or Vallon. who are in the prison of the West Side court,
; to the District Attorney yesterdav purported to reveal the where
abouts of Schepps in a country section somewhere near the city.
Mr. Whitman sent two of his detectives out to run down the clew.
Word went out from the District Attorney's ofFce that Schepos
| could expect no leniency. and would be indicted for murder in the
i first degree unles? he gave himself up by Tuesday. The authorities
are anxious to get him as a witness against Becker.
"Jack" Sullivan is expected to join Rose. Weber and Vallon in
Itelling the District Attorney all he knows about the plot and shoot
' ing of Rosenthal. He is with the three "confessors" in the West
Side prison and on good terms with them. It was said that Sullivan
"stood pat" yesterday, but showed some disposition to join in the
confidences of his companions.
The Tribune learned yesterday that Lieutenant Becker was
with his attorney. John W. Hart, and a notary when they went tr
the home of Harry Pollok, at Riverside Drive and 157th street, to
get an affidavit frcm "Jack" Rose the night following the shooting
of Rosenthal.
Becker remained outside in a taxicab while the two other men
held a two hours' session with Rose. Becker and the taxicab had
; **one when they came out. Richard G Barter. who is connectecl
!with the real estate firm of the Duff & Brown company, of No. 1715
! Amsterdam avenue, was the notary. He told the story of Becker's
ride to the Pollok home with Mr. Hart and himself, and related
most of what occurred during the interview with Rose.
Further evidence was obtained by the District Attorney yes?
terday in corroboration of the story of Rose and his relations to
Lieutenant Becker in the police graft situation. It is understood
the case against Becker is growing stronger every day. The pros
ecuting authorities profess confidence that Becker is bound to
weaken and will make a clean breast of his relations to graft, de
spitc a denial he made yesterday that he had any such idea.
The District Attorney received yesterday a complete list of
the telephone calls from Becker's apartment. in Belleclaire Court. at
Edgecombe avenue and 165th street, to the Pollok apartment, in
the Riviera, during the three days that Rose was the guest of the
Polloks. It showed that there had been five or six calls from Becker
to Rose during that time. This absolutely corroborates an im?
portant point in Rose's story that Becker called him up several
times while he was lying low at Pollok's.
It is understood that the present indictment against Becker
will be superseded by another on Tuesday, when the indictments are
expected from the grand jury against the other men to be charged
with the murder of Rosenthal. The new indictment will b_ a
blanket indictment charging seven men. instead of six, as has beeit
reported. with the crime. The District Attorney feels that it will
strengthen the case against Becker to have him reindicted with
the others. ?- _, ? ?

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