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ihe etoi 4 oi Ricbard 13 Barter. the
notavry. who a< knowlealged tho aflldavU
made b "BaM Jack" B*>ae ror Charlea
Becker'a counael, John W. Hart, on the
nlght foMowinjr the ahoottog of Her
man RoaanthaJ al the home of Harry
Pollok, broughl oul for ihe iirsi tlme
eaterday the fact that Becker was
4'ith tiivrn when lhay went to Harry
Poltok'a home. The njoury'a Btory fur
ntavhea another Importajil link In the
, , tl4 Itii i of Be. k. r eubeequent to the
murder. Barter teatlfled batota ihe
grand Jury, and later went over his
story in more .arefui detall wlth Dh>
i Attoi ti. > Whitman.
Barter is emptoyed bj the real eatate
flrm of tho I?i j ff A Browa Company,
.,; No. 1713 Ameterdam avenue. He
t.iid thal Bhortry before lOtW o'clock
. n tbe night of July 17 Roeenthal had
i .?. n ehot tbe night before -a taalcab
pulled up in front <>f a i Igai Btore aeai
157th Btreet and Broadwavy, and two
men, who later proved lo be Becker
nnd Hart P"i out and came ini ?
lore. Thej Inqulred, he aald, of thi
? re proprletor If he kne* > f a
i.otary, and Ihe proprletor referred
them to Barter, 4'. ho bappened to be in
ihe etore. He was Introduced to them,
it. aald, gt t in the eab, and the l
men went lo the home of Pollok. al
l.'.Ttli str.et and Riveratde Drlve, arhere
Itoac Waa ataj mg.
Bccki i i. malned In the cab, thi
nutary declared, and be 4.1 i-l n.>t see
li ni i eg the ? ab and Becker had
wh. n he came >>ut wlth Hart, twa
houra later. The notary sanJ Hart rang
tln VII and Mra. Pollok came to the
Al Bral ahe waa noi golng to
],i thi in in, and told them that Urw"
,11,1 noi vv anl to see anybody. Hart
ivhleix-red aomethlng whlcb ho dkl not
? to Mra. Pollok. according t>. Bar
i. r'a atati ment, and Bhe let Ihem In.
Thla waa at 18:80 p. m., aad tbej n -
,..-a ttatU ne.'.rly 12:30, Hart and
i; e tal g ot er the affldavlt most of
the time. The notary said be aat al
.i dlataiice from the conferreea and
liearil very Itttle of what they were
talklug about
-i heard Rc?< tell Hart thal he, Rosi,
\vo4itd go to tha District Attorney
? Hart sliuught ln-'d
Im tter," Bart. r told the Dlatrict At?
torney: "and Hart anawered aomething
\4 i ;eii i did nol hear. Whea the eon
atlon lulled a llttle, 1 trli l to bi
socioble bj remarking what an awful
murder the Rosenthal caae i4as. 1
didn'l get n r4japonae ta mj ? omnienl
from elther of tbe men.''
Pollok wi b not at home 44 hile the
thre* viaitora were there. the ffotary
Ho un. he said, that
Rose wanted Pollok to atpear in tlu>
affldavlt aa the maa who had loe
the 11.500 to Reaeutbal, and tbat it .431
? -i-d ihat Pollok would ?later on
irtakc atiidavit aupporting
l.oa?a BtatemeH that he. Fellok, lud
R. - hal.
f Kost-iillial. il ?*_* bi MCalM, siaieJ
in the affldavit which ha made befoM
his death cbarariag Becker wlth cortupi
relationa with the gamblara, thal
I-:.-, ker had loHiieii hlBB the money in
conaideratloa af a 20 per cenl Intateat
mi 1h<- Rosenthal gambling house.
When Pollok retunie.] home and
| li.-anl about. th<- alRtlavit that Roae.
Imada be rafuaad i<> stand for his pari
I in H. ii waa aald. When Poll< k teati
j ii,-,] before tha grand Jury he waa
I asked lf that part Of tho no.?*e affldaxir
waa trua whlch Btated thal he had
i lo.uie,! the money to ROBBUlthal Pollok
ul to have told Ihe urutu] jur*'
that it wns not irne. The origli?el
Rose alUdavll whlch "Aaa made at the
Pollok home waa. an exhlblt before Ihe
Igr-itn". jnr>. The affidavit also COIl
tained Roee'a Btaternenl thal he bad
I never been Becker'8 collector from tb
; gambling housee,
i;,,*.,* repinliated IhC alTidavit ani
? -,ii.i he was for-ced Into making it. whon
hi made a detalled Btaternenl of his re?
lationa wlth l.ie'ii- nant Becker lo the
I'istrKi Attorney.
Barter, the notar*. told ihe Dlatrlcl
?Utorney, ii la.undetratood, thal iu> dld
n it overhear much more of the conver*
BBtioo between Hart and Ko.?e. The
laffldavii was a romiwrntlrely Bhorl
Ihe notary said, thoiigb ll took two
liours to dra44 it np.
Aa b retull of Inveatlgatlon
daj by Aaalataal Dlatrlcl Attorney
,i.ini.-s i:. Bmlth, n waa found that
Becker and his aife, during the month
al Ma . had deposited ?**?'.,'?>*?' ln th*
Weal Blde Baviaga Bank. The money
was depoaited ln four Beparata amounta
it st.'mi each, That in all the baak a*
count of Becker'a in this i ity which
the Pistrii t Attornej know.** anythlng
R .,, ii ni far, ll a*aa said. I'p lo yea?
tcrday he had no information la re
r*,u,j i., thla accounl eaci pt a.s had
beea broughl t<> blm by a reporl
The Dlatrlct Attorney >?>'? rd f
Btarted i,. make inquiry of certaia
bankera ln aearby citlea, where he bad
heard thal Becker had kepl accounta.
Roae ia aald to have told Mr. Whitman
[thal Becker had some other bank ac
1 counta in the i it:. bul that he dldn't
1 kuow in Whal instituiions tbe) wef"
[or under what name they were da?
poaited. Accordlng to the bahl gam
bler'a Btatement, Becker told him that
jn a little more than four months'
"bualneafl" he bad "cleani .1 up for blm
>,:f more than .'-**<'.'""'.
i.iisui, t Attorney *tVhjtm_a deni I
? r.j.iy that John D. kockefeUer, .ii..
[waa Intereated in the Rosenthal ln*
veatlg-tlon la aa) axtant, except '.??
have turned over t.? blm ierta.ii evl?
dence beartng on police mattara whlch
Mr, Rockefelkr had c*o*Hected m his ia
I veatigatloa "f ih'.* so. iui sviL Mr,
I Whitman vn-i that the etatetn?nt is
BUod Thuraday by Starr J. Murphy,
Mr. RockefeUer'a peraona] reareaeoia*
tlve, atated thi fa.-ia completel)'.
l. ? tr.' ? \ttorna: 4V. hlt man let li he
lay that he waa thoro
? ? naoi ov i the wa; bi whleh rhe aotlee
had bandled i ??' lke#1
i igltlvea atlll wanted In the Roaenthal
I i .r.ler S.. far from f-f-iviiiK any ma?
terial help from them the county proae
.?iior is aald to feei hlmsclf buxked at
min bj the "ayetem."
lt vv..- -t:tt.,i thal Mr. Waltmu oen
? ra r?f
a. partm. nt, al any rato, kn.-4.- a
gam" Beheppe, "Glb the Blood" and
l.-ft, Loula" were. They recelved their
of the .aej aHotted for "protee
tion ' and t?>?-> wera eoai tjom? the;r
i. -t to dellver the protectlon for whlcb
were peM, Mr. Whitman auapecta.
DtetrkH Attorney nadnted o<rt the
.?- "f the difficult arresra
by the pollce was eHectod until
from the District Attornev s
tifTtee arere just about ready to pouaco
on the men Thls was tTUC in th? <ase
..f -Vako Frank' and "Whitie" L*w1s.
\ll of the other men behlnd the bars
gave themaarvea up or made no attempt
to k< .-ii Ii hidins.
Th' Diatrlcl Attorney is said to he bend
. \ . i -. ..;.rv non !?> riinnln--' dovv n
. actual murderera of Heranaa R.
thal. When that crime has been explated
> I * Will h.- tirne to ttutik about
iverlng the ayatera of extortion which
ia alleged to honeycomb a eertaln section
of tl.e l'oh> ? I'? p;.: tne nt. Ih- fe.-ls that
ha has tke ara/t altuatlea well la hand.
and it can walt
Scheop* Not Far Away.
From n marh - li; *llp ) aeterda i by
? .1 Vallon in thelr eelta in
t ia Weat *JMe prison the bisukt Altoraag
? i infOrmaBon which led him to be
Meve that "9Jam" gaUappa, wh<> le aald to
distributr-rl the money puM for the
kllllng, v\;is in tiie .ountry less than a
days Joiiinev '"rom this eity. He ltrm>e
diat.-ly dlapalched tWO delaealeaa attached
lo his force, Tboraaa and l/.d?h to the
plgce named in the hope of brtmring the
. lusivn uarnbler to Justi.e
AbOUt k we, k ago Bernard " Sandlcr.
s lawyer. of N'o Z*l Hioadway, Vtatted
Uie District fttjaraay with the inforrna
ilon that be w.hs indlr.-t-Uv in lota-h with
S'liepps <4iel probably oeuld Indu-e him
?.. give hitn'elf ?i|> if he were piomlsed
favorable term*. fc'or several Uay* it waa
rumored that gcbeegta was or. r ie poml
..f oinitiK in. lt was even said recently
ih*! be was in the r-itv and anxi.e.
? 98 a" atrreenient wlth tbe Dtatrtot
\ttorney r?n aooinii of the ?maeiated
'Ht. Of Ma e\. her.ll. I
Mr. Whitman annoiin. ed yeaterda) tl.at
y-h'-pps would ba gtvea until Tuesttay to
make blmaall kJMWn. If he did nol ap
i.< u volaatartl] i>*?<oie tkei ha aald, he
! would _a Indlcted by t t graad luay for
tmuiiT in th" first degrea, together orlth
six oth'-rs -"Qtb Uie Bl0O4l .'"l.efty
i i.out,. ? \\' itla" i ewla, "Dago Fra
["Jack" BulUvan aiui Ltautenanl Charlea
i ker.
Mr, S.iridi. i w_d <*t<?rday tl-:it '?.(? aaa
ilutetj iKnorant of Behepps'a whera*
. ? -it*, an.l tli.t tho aamMnr _o
cated lo hlat ariy latanUo
delivertng himsell up lo Ju-rtio* Th^
lawyer could not aa) whal tbe . hance*.
were of hi? aBpearlng of hia awa Iree
aill. He remarked, however, thal :t
would be naueh better ior BebeppB ">
come ni bow, wbge tba cemlal waa
good, rathei than wall for Mr. Whit?
man* delaclhroa to i.rin? hlaa la by tbe
Race to Savo T"?mj? .ei.
Th** information t-eeeived bj Mi Whlt*
aian iti BBgaal ta BehsppaVe huitng piara
tves only an lllustration of tiie rlvalr*.
-ii'.h the three men beblnd the West
?Me court prleea bar* are now **xblbi?
Ing dally to supply the 1'lntrt. i Attorney
with every place of knowit-dge which
they peaaaee <>?? gaAn ihat reiates i., th*.
(ta.nbiing sltuation. Webei oraa not long
ln followlng Roee In nto rieeirt to tel'
avatythlni ae kne-w, aad Harry Vabnoky,
commonly known aa Harry Vallon, is the
1 ? ? ' :e< ltiit ln this game.
Janaae M. Butllvea, Boee'e corniaa* ap?
peared eaveraj days ago in tbe capadty
?f attoraey for "faHon. He atated jrealar-.
day that Vallon V4as noa Ihereug?ly coor
vbic-.-.i of the ufeleaaneea of holdlag out
any longer. He was now as enxloui to
h.-ip the Dhitrict Atteeaa) aa aay of th*,
Mr. Sullivan aald, and was ualng
his Infl'ieme with "Jack" Sullivan to par*
suada him t? oeo?'eaa ii 's geaeraUy oup>
poaed that the reasoli foi Sullivan'.* ttr??a
f,-r |o the Weat ftitl,* 00?8*1 on Thal?th?'
wa* to ailow tha tlnee. lafonaera to work
on him ami net him away from Beckei** a
iiitlueiice In the Tombs.
The fact that Hose, W< bei ami Vallon
are ablc- to furnlsh Mt. Whitman wlth
Ihe information rcgarding Schepps, abows
aluo that they are Bt?I >>> tlon-- conntje
tlon with the outside world, and are kept
pretty well Informo'l of the movetnents
of |he other mea *?li*-> wete Baaacaaled
wltli them in the . rlme.
lt is also eaa_Iderei as probable that
i'i-e?4-i is in finnalgat eaaiaaaaloaHpn with
?be .-uti.spiratDrs atill at large. The fat t
tbat he knt*4V *?>ti?-i o Koae was when tiie
poik-e were Biipgoaai lo ba *eok*a_ '?'
him. and omitted 10 furniab the proper
aathbb?aaa wttii his haewhoge. u-**.-.* Ht*
tl? doubt ln tha minds of thoae who are
Btrloing to uaraval the myatery that he
has a falrly k*>i<> idea of the 4* heieabouU
of Schepps, "Olb" and "_4*ftie."
Krkfcafici vA? litacovered y**Jk*ra*jt ef.twe da>? _>iur tne muaaftK la a place
th< manrier In v. hh-li l..?- "fj .i.-in ' I, id : whleh mi]*t huvt: bei-n knr.vv n lt? t lie police
? Aleadod ila pioleition lo "Hain" tBB* l>4>* j as a favorile resorl of hTs aseociate*.
aad made him s.. eonfldint of hla sufety Wgry of apeeeh aa all the em_>k?e? al
tbal ba did not beeftete te iboa hlaaeelflthe l^afayette Batha ha4e gioAi *n ihe
Ittat daya, it waa learned that I ;'
ipcnl all the marnlna of Atiguai II :|
thal place wnho.it '4-, clne l " leaal leai
that an Inqulaitlve detectlve attai ed '?
Pollce Headquartera mlght poka hl? noet
Into ti e batha an I dhworer hlm '? -
.1 ? uit-iii. Vel tii" poltcfl naue* h*v?
known thal toaenttuti, Boea "Brlalgle'
1 ? r ..nd other gambtera i ad inel In thi
place frequentl].
After Roae aurrendercd lo the potlw
Bcheppa aeemed to loae ,- confldence
and abOUl I o'clock ?n the al'tcrnoon ol
Auguat i*. he ordered a laaicab and lefl
for pans that aeemed more aechiaiva b
him. lle went out of bhe piace awll*_rja*|
hla Hill caae, .i?honair and atpparentrj
ahsoluteh certadn tha' he would not bi
molajBted or followed.
lt was aiso said that foi daya tbe ira*l
>f lleao.) ial !? ri deteetlvs led la a Mfl
Ircle around the Lafgyetla Batha aaa
that Its emi'loyej. were not i-xamiiifl unli1
District Atteraey whitman took aaattan
ln hand arid aent his own IMfl to look UJ
tha ni'ti auapected to bave murdered Ko
i:o8*nthal had been a fr.-t|iient - ?
ihe batha for tn.- laat fifteen yeara, aad
many <>f tha men Involved in hla murd. i
luiv" been familiar f-guree ln the rtotoi,
tbe mataurent and th.- eafe attacbed l?
thr; bates. The POllCe muel have kllowi'
un-. hetanse it was known lo any mar
who nuinaged to srial-e up anv kiitd ?l
acguaintanee wlth gambli i -
ln the baaemenl, in a long room ad
ioininK the batha, thera la n ro* ol
uuuchea which hav.- been abown durlna
tha last three weeka wlth a aon .>' mye
terious *we Here, ll waa aald, had re
;?,-. d oi; 4.i- OUa OCC*VBl04ia K" ? ' '? li
iios.. and Ueutenani Becker,
cliattlni ai .i dtecuaaina Ihelr buaii
Says He Made Her Drink Whia
key in Saloon.
Btai t Ing ae.u.-.ation~ were madi
?i poUceaaan bj a young
lon Ma^istiate cajrrigan on an Intoai
atton cbarga, in tha Weal Sida ?"?? irt
Patrobaian atcKelvi r. .-f the
rVeal .:;th atreet >t..ti<.ii. who brouglH
III r m. said be -aw her Btag
lt Ma el ind Nlnlh av
^arly h<
Ti.e x,rl. wbo ga ' ' ***] v'
oagrove, said ahe ?'' '" u"t
iome au. ..nd whlle returniag mel a
iioiieemaii, wbo Induced her t.. _?.. ,v th
Um to a lajtooo, anti ord. I
!,aii for h.r. Aftei Ihrae drtnka, aba
-uid ha tried lo take boW of '
ihe toughl i.im o8T, and bil bia
In Mibstantiation. Bhe (howed bl.I ?P?I
.n t:,-- frost ot her ahli I
th. -;? ? \ daaed, and did not ? ? a to
until Bhe woke up n I ? ?? itatlob
Th.- inagiatrate held Ihe glrl I
\t, Ki iv> r t.? ind man. b it ln
.1,. aftei aoon JdcKeli er n poi led I >'
n unable t,. pai th.- man wamed,
i1- ha wa- "fT dutj and n >t at bome.
'! | ? ,ii >., . ? .-mail bfl ?
Ived wlth h< r motie i No iiftdi 8
ean <i "ti Ihe C4*4irt aavp. 11
Girl Cashier Says She Was Dis
charged After Teatifying.
Hai' let Lu d, f"1 me ln a
..?1 VI , ? ?
ii.. i utorney yeat* rda4- and ?) .<
,., ?., i baa plai a > ? a I i
ried in tba H ' - "' ?' ,'1"
. ago.
Apropea of t bia eharg.
i arlll ne racallad that
tho id.niitie,) "Brtd
tn.i MJea a" I i.ii4_ i aa nv n a
i ... t ene of Ihi ?
led ?. ! ?
.-i Ioub InJ *rj
Mi- - Lund lold l D i I '
e wbi on dui - thi t ght of (
;ei Her altenttoi n M
:alkinK ouMde il . ? il dow i?f I
ant w i ?? ? ? ' ? ".. i
ihortlj afiei ihe aatal lioia had beea
jreaV a*aa.ta lold her thal i ? men
A. . onceraed In i. ? ibooiiiiR, and bvlng
she weiil to ti ? do
., ??. t .i gOOd look at them l-.t' I she waa
.,. d bj I '??? ." and i u y and lold
? I -.. I 'II I . poi ili.- fl
? . . - ? alil l ?
ad thal hei i.-ie no
oi |er requti .
' I fo'ind A new i .t ihil : ln ii
aald Mhu Lund 'Ootna !" '
?Jiamag** i aaked i Ini 41 ma
wlth aay work, and Im tm l I
bo ed I ? ' ? i 'hiei ? aa bad ? >? i
,.,'i i"jt that ihe publii II " i aad
lirougbt upon aayaelf ?.s injurioua to tbe
taurant Ha mi| I lake
ne ba< 9 ln .-'? plember, t.e aald, after tba
fusa had Mown ovaf ?' MI l gU<
*e<4 a hlufr. '
Mi. Whitman was BAUeh e?rited h. the
?torv whleh ih?Kui lold. ii' a_*J80uncad
[hronifn Aaalalanl Dtatrlcl Atlomey
lamea B. gmlth tnat na cfforl would ba
tuadi le o dam anothi i ala. a i>>r Blaa
Lund and thal al! (yltneaaea In thi < .t ??
. ., id ? .- Miiiy takrn eare <>f a aubpuena
,:. i?.,., haaued foi ti? maa uiai of Ih*
-BHiauiaiii te ap| i a. before tba graad
Charges Dismissed on Dillon s
Commlaaioner W'al.h. dbjm - ad ? itei
lay th.- ehargae agaiaat Patrclaian Uiii
iam .I. I'ih. "f the li.tst UTth atreet ?ta
tion. wbo ha<i been plaeed <>n ttiui be
i-au.-e he wa* accused "i not havlng taken
the proper eouree of aetlon In trylng t<>
apprehend Ihe murdarera of Bermaa
nie was aealed ln thi reetaurant of tha
llote) Mtjtioi'ol. when Boeenthel atepped
,nt and the fat ii ahota were flred. n
aas teatlAed at the trial of Flle thal ha
tad feUewed aa rapMly aa poaalbla Ba
was ene of those who jump.d into a
laxicah and chaaed tha "murder car," but
(vas unable n. overtake ll
nw win be laatarail to dutj ln thi BSaat
,:in --ti"! itatlon, Tl.e chargei agalnat
__n wi*- diatniss-.i on tka recommenda
uon of Fourth Deput) Commlaaloner Dli
"Wide Open'" St?atement Denied
in Affidavit.
Lieutenant Domlnlok Relli) wai ? alled
mto i '4'inniinMom-i vsaido- oiih,- yaelcr
tlay aad reniain.-ii ikera fca aora. I
\4. itt-n tiu iieutunaiil. ajbo hau been ln
eharge of om- of the yquadH thavi bad
betn raiding aranii.liti?{ plecea laaued forth
ba made an afhdavu befora . "iiiiiiIh-itiin i'
of paeda WiWam h. Knk. whlck ara af
leeWaad mad<- publie. It w.ts Ihat Ihe
Btatenaent made in aome of ihr newa*
o.ipiia that he had aaid befOfe lha BBOnd
jurv that ' \ew York waa nev ?t -o w n_4
Djataa aa duaiag lha iam jreajr." wa? untrue.
Relley swore hc hatl made no atatemenl
which could in any way ba CortBtTUed te
ji'Sllfv the publlaheil stateinent
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..... rei .
Mtl, 1 n-., n i "ui r;n hal ha would 1 ' -
? iii.li. utloti .-*
...A ,-,. .... oim ..f Ih lawyere mentloni d
\ - lt ? ... ? ..' the
?? ? ? ?
go Inlo ' ?? oa nero p of 1
hl 1.4 .,:,! Immoral 1
tJttn. >l ?
-trvnB I ? ? ??
., . qulii B Usl of 01* h placea 1
. ?*,.! ,11 " l 1. ?? no; only
1 of thi
.4 ....
na u*- ?? 1.? nknowi li ? ""?
ty are I ?''?"?
not propan -i lo oa* nt thia tlmi
l..ti.i., are pourlng ln on Ihe - nimll
trtlaa to ilva lnfortnatlf*n thal
tnii<iii i?- valuabla in tii-? work ol lha m
Ijonie uf thi :n 1 oaa froia
BaniMara *4ii-> offer to i"<iit'\ aa ? " theli
? ipetienc ? vw ? t,> tha police. Th
proti ? llon
mone) to tha police aad are prepared ?>?
,,,:., 1 ? alao tnantion
tha 1 amc 1 of tha .b lo o
Ua . ? ? 1 ?? ol |
..f them air* aaonymoua. So Ume
_ loal in looklnf Into 1 ?
1 11 -44.. \ *cord*
*?> AIJ. Hi.iiii ' .r >_n. Hi.
, Uoa maj . f tha iraount
1 ..r tlma la found to b
ii *-i tii* H
"4Ve are aol B>.ln?7 to hurrj
.... "The tnnaedlate object
' irae, the al
?. *n 1 be aamblei* a.ni the
Bul 4\.. inti nd to K<? much dU
1 tbal We Inli nd t., | . . ? hearl
?? proMern 1 ralatlon "t the
? 1 ? . ' \\'e
brlna* < 4i-.ii knowledae t>, baai oa
' : both it-1 . rlminal aad
..:i...i aepecto We praaaaa to atudy
lloi ol 1 Amerl nnd
rder thal -*.>? may l.<*
the I II h> wlth tha
, i' '
? .11 to I .'
? ? inioh,
* ? | , ' f".ir
lanf ... nd ? ' ?
-.,) ,.f i-.-t: . | ittorne) V
Bull. :.|. mi:! .i lack
Hulllvan ?> ;i i ??' Ihe foui
? :.< nl lhal ?
? rouimitled Si?m ?h B?v* .1 *? 1% '
of thi tiuai t-1. 44 hl. :? fi
. ..
orlai.t ihlo 44 itn
?...ii4 N lllaalraled ? ? ?*???
, well '?? I thal the polh
?ndlng everj ? Uoi t t-. Und blm foi
? in. ii i. aol ilati -I Bo f.i*"
. i.
i. ,( m-.. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?;? .1 ln
k- ? plng blm well under cover.
. ; ... tha etoi .4- he told. Btanleh
. - tandlni In a hallwai aaal 'i??>i* to
the Hotel _tetrapola about 2 ??'??!.?.*. > n
amlng of July in. 11*4 waa la auch
a i.ofition thal h? eommandad n 1 irar
4K.4V ?: tl ?? Idawalk la front ot la. hotal
11. 44;i, n..;. ln ".ir.. roation 44HI1 a wom
an companlon, when he notlced Irva rnen
.1 take nii thelr
n fronl -if lha dooi >if lha
Says Four Men Fired.
\ minute lati 1 Btanli I.? ai.1
..*?? n.-.l in th'* ,!.'.>i 4- .14 of the
., ? **OI I ..1 tl " m.-ll ll|,-44- f
i/olvei nnd 1 r.-.i ;n t'i*- new 01 rt4.il 11.
. 1. .1 .1 moiB* nl and drappad In hia
| track*. The man turned aad walkedlel
..;i4 .
tald I. loofc .i<i:.. iiiar note ol
t"ulllvan, li 8t, i"-. bb ?" h< waa aoi co .
cerni .1 In ihe BCtual ohooUnf, air-d,
I. ...,-.. ai ed ? onolderably more
. iclted than ll.thero ll*- otarted to
w-alk U44a> 4\iih the foui funarten, Btaa
i.h s44..r?- hal tiiin*.i back h momeni
1,1.1 aad otooptag avar ihe pro trata
. i.,i in. *, ild
11. . dead all rlghl
Tiie |uomaa bopped inlo ti.> BUto*rno*
uie acrosB Ui*- atreel wlthout .*o\ appar
i-nt burry, Btanlah contlnued, aad Suiii
4iiii dlaappeared bi anothei dlrection .u
ahout thal momeni Datectlve Wllllam J.
l-ii,-. in ctvtHaa'o clataea, ruahed out ,?f
thi raataarant, wavtna bla ravolvar aad
?houtln.: "Wbara ara they? Where ara
Ui., . Thli itruok ihe Auetrtan aa a
i..,ii. ilarly Btranga aa) for an oflfc ar
,,( the i;?w lo aet, wlth Ihe body "i a
rnurderi.. man growln_ cold .>> hlo faal
The rnurdi rara fetappi 'i li laurely Into
.in .fut.>in<ii.ii.- iiiri-, ti\ opppalta htm. ne
told the -rrand Jury. H< teaUfied thal ha
44ah a?tuun<J?-<l at th,- Unio 44.1.-1.,i before
File and aaothar polleeaaaa In unlform
lumped Into a laal ami BUitad In pur*
buII "f iaa ara) auKhlna. When tha ear
4..i> 44,11 om ,.f alfht, ha aald, patrol
BM B bafail I" a|.|.>.-ar ln nunilifi -
Grand Jury Startled.
Btanlah'a atorj produoad ?? profound ef*
? fad upaa Ihe Btaad Jarj aad everj atfarl
' *a_-< rna.i.i i.? Baaar it faooa avary ah?don*
? ?I .loill.t. Sliinish 44.m ;-**k<,l I? <l,
Bcrl?1 th-- iii,-ri Braaa1 he bbM ha aaa aa
I... i.u.ii Bvaalrtaj in dotaJL IUb i....ii,c
tn.n ni ".lii.-i. Bu?iraa'a aaajwaraaca waa
k-iii; 1 L;tt?|4 , irar. It 44.i!, :.il.l thal a
b.-tt.r deacrlptloa ,.f tho ti|,st?r eoaM aol
have beea made had be Blood befara
Btaolah waa then axUe.i lor a .i.**. n,*,.
t."n of tha otlii w hi. h
?? thal ti r \
no miataka ln ind!' tlng th>
?" ir rn, n v h ? ? ? ? | i \ ? l?een befoi t
988 tlme a-. the actual
murd. . '
\ pii. of photographa *
i flnal teai without
a moffl. i . ?< hesltatlo t a..~ atatad.
? ea of "Dago
I ? and "Whltle" Lewla :? two of
en whom he had een wlth revol
v. f. When ? ?? i . , '?: g "O
tl ? BU? -i'' and "1 | i
lated foi t .ment, but Bnallj rai hla
??ii tn- two in, ii without aid or
even . hlnt from thoae who knea them.
Win ii st.,1,1- h left the grand
ired ? ? *ei en Indlct
? in th" Ih ? 'I- j: ? ?
woiiiti i?e kandad down oa X .? -?' ij Va ??:
"f th..- im n are now behlnd th* btu '
? ??'. ar,. :,ald i,. |?v ,*_k_m" S. i "pi".
? i.n tii. Blood" and "Lefty Laniie.''
.StanlHh vislted Mr. Whitman in hia ?>?
ii--- ten daya age and told him practlcally
the aame story whleh came oul before
tha grand Jiu>. it waa reported. nts c.v
latence haa been kepl verj qulet, however,
.n order Ihat ha mlghl ba fr<-? from ln
terfereace b) tbe v?". t.
Although it dnl nol leak oul until vea
? i ?.?..,- inlub 44 i .> a. tuj.ll) k< ? ?
Ufted "Jack" s .iiivun when t'"- tipatei
waa arralgned before tn. coroner'a caurl
as on. tho*. * i .. w.i^ :i! the acena ol
tbe erlnse The oatanalbla Wentlficatton
r.uii" trom Kr.se, tba walter, hul I He
\ii-tilan was hitiMi; ln a t".n>-i of ihe
? ? i >om at the tlni" and alleutij added
bia eonflrmation t>. Kreae'a teatli.u
"Nothing to Confesg and Nevev
Felt Better," He Says.
? harlea Becker, who ioat hla titie of
lleulenaal m the Nea Tork PoMee Da*
paiinieiii when Im t<?>K up his reaidenca
in ti?e Toraba, danled yeaterday thal he
W88 WalielllllS lle omiltetl lo tv.pt.tlll.
however. wbj hla QQuneel baM a coafer*
ance for two houra with th.- tMatrtct At?
torney and what made ^Ir. Whitman so
confldenl that ha would t'-n all he knew
ln the end.
Becker laauad tl.e followinjj Btatemenl
from hi- oell reeterday afternoon:
i tv.mt it io be dlatlactly underatood
tor.e and all thal i have no confeaalon
to niik" for ih.- simni" reaaon tbal i
hava Bothlng to eonfeaa That will he
proved vei > claarb ?*? tke proper llaee
4'. in n i hav,- my day in court.
i never feH better m my ttfa, ami
Bvati on.- who ha-. had the prlvtlega <>f
?celng me wtll appredat* that.
Warden WUllaaa Haaley suid Beokei
*howed no atgna ol belng nervoua .>r
troubled. The prbioner kepl lo hltnaelf a
great deal, Haaley aald, bui apaii from
. it appeared aa cheerful an.i rjoaf*deat
ai ronid ba enpeeted of any ona
Tha lorv that Beckef was hi^akins
down micht have ini.-o-n. sat | the warden
from ihe ihat Ubbi aa amkaaaan drew af
.ti Ihe ftont door or the Tomha Thurs
daj lo take two prlaoiiera to Mclleviie.
"Tba i' k priaenera are usuaiiy tak.-n
ii.ii h> ii..- becfe door," agid lha warden,
"antl when the erowd savv tiie amhiilaiiie
a t rhe front door lt luinped to the con
. In.slon thal some <>ne at teaal ua Im
portant aa Becker waa betag taken
? way," *
! \t k ' M LLIV \\\
Young Man Tells of Imperilling
the Lives of Hundreds of
Guests in Hotels.
Caused Losses Estiraated at
Nearly $1,000,000 in Connec
ticut and Massachusetts in
Last Four Months.
,;.. I 0
thal ha h id aol l Irt' Hrea In hotela
,.,,?..: . I : Idlnr ln Connectlcut
and Waatern M aetta wlthin the
months. Bernard C. Murray,
* ., fon ler flre cernmisaloner of
I* . .f,,.,i. made a -*onf*4*ao*?B tn Cblef
of Ptoltce Thr.ni.i*, Maaning to-nlght.
v,...,._ ii b h Ohiet M:'"
ning aaya Murraj edaaita i>ein_ re
bla f< ara:
*_pril ?? Watei ''n ? <m ???t"
:,,';r/-N:M-1:^,:, Ifaan. Ta
. . ?. ,.. | . Kalls. Mau . oraao
Trunk Hotel an l Allan lilock
j_na b-Oi m ?? . ? aatral
M'r,;. . .ra P*allo Vladlati tfotel
_ . iviUnn
.r,jn, _? \ ,rth Adam* Masa \vii?on
lul - an.i wlthin a f< 44 d
, .....I aho :? Bpolng*
4,. 1, ,, who ia twentj ?tour 1 ?
,,!,!. . , exi lanatloa ol th? ?< ta to
"1 could not *?
? ..., impulso to do lt, aKhongh 1
1 th,* ronsequaiTK ea.'
The llvaa of hundreda of hotel gueeta
,,i;i.-.-,i ir. i- ..1 aitij ?''? tho flree
,!,,.;, Murray declarea he atarted, and
the total property loaa la eatlmated by
l_l, al nearly |l """
in moal eaaea, hli confeaalon Inoludea
.. ,lillir , r ,44,, nrea 1 I tha ^m
Chlef Manning aaya ho haa irecelvod
wlthin th** laat two daya Indapaa-imt
loformatlon ptadnf Murray in th*
vlcinlty of tha Bcenea of th*-* more lm**
portanl flraf at the tlma thoy wara
atarted. Murray was an cmploye of
hotels ntiil tra\ir*lloii consiilerably,
, hanging hia placa of c*ecupaU<?n fre
Confesslon Made in JoH.
m irray'a <**onfoa-lon, whlch ??s made
ln tha Ftanklln County JaU bera, fol
lowed hia arraat on tha charge of
larceny of a goKl watch and $50 on
July 13 from a gueat al a hotal bera,
Ha is aow aarvlna a eentanee or thlrty
,,., 1 oa thla charge, to whleh ha has
[104tu11.ti4.ns of btan publlahed ln con
not'tlon wlth thli affalr lod Bavaral c 1
?ona who wera interoated ln propertt**
deatroyad tn Brea to Idantlfy hUn n
? h.. man thay thought rikBPonalol
Within the laal i*'*1 daya Mr. and Mrs.
\v. .1. itutrat". ol Watarbury. and other
,?.,.*., mv have told Uie pollca tbe) be.
Ueved Murray was ln Watarbury at thg
tlma of tba Brai there.
? alurraj explaliled thal ho "llked to
?ce thlnfg burn." 1 Jual had to do lt,"
ba addad.
Tl,8 yOUllg nian aald li" would ro to
iho second or thlrd floor of a in.tcf.
?,?.., 1 ?loaet ami liu-ht anythlng ln*
flammahle that might bo inakla, auch
oa a mop, dusl rag, broorn or bad ilnen.
After cloeing tha d.? ha would aiocape
t"n.in th*- butldlng and geneaaUy >,?> to
another hotel or butldlng acroaa the
Btreet or nearby, and do tha aama thlng
?... thal the two tiros might be
the i '.oi. tlme.
Caused Terror in Waterbury.
While tho greateat mom tary io?s was
auaed by the Wilaon Houae *i"r la
N.-rth Adame, where aeveral b*J*xaa9a
. were alao bur.I. wlth a total
!,-,ss of |50tl,400t). the mosr peCtacMaBf
of the firea was ln Waterbury. Mur
ra_y, according lo Chief Mannlng. ad
mita havlng Btarted the flre whk-h
threatened to deetroj the City Hall, aa
vvei| as that iti the rh. ' i II r. l. and
t.i eettlng a doxen othei blaeca tha
aame ninii;. Aprll -"-.
Waterbury waa In - ? tiaaBjl
: the araa. The mllltla w*.?
ordered oul an.1 patrolled the vi-'mi'/
of the Clt Hall and other burnh.g;
huiiditiK.s for aeveral houra, The total
?re damaige aa Watajrburj thal nighti
has beea eatlmated al 1300,000
Man ? livcs were endangered In thaj
Wilson Houae tir.-. and aeveral por*t9_9jj
ha.l narrow eacapea. Murray mya hej
rted a blaxa In the baaement olj
the hot.-i. then ran w another room.
and st.irte.i another, returolng to aal
atal In quenchlng the Bral llra. BetJj
Drea got beyond cbntrol and the hotejj
was wrapped In flamea. Wilson says
he aaalated In aavaing what h<? coaM ol
the botel furniture. j
Man Who Escaped in Handoafff
Oets This Credit from Police. ;
(Hv T?l4?araph r,-, Ihe Trlbu::*,J
\.-w Brunawick, N'. J.. Auc. 9 -FrwaJ
Kenry, tha alleged hnrglai. *hn **i
captured ln Idetueben e few week* tgd.
bnt who oiirran hlf> captora there, afUg
< h ? f Flaherty had put handoufTs on blaW
wns bronuhr here to-day from New \oi*|
on a requisltlon. He waa oaught ln Br4>o**
Henry le said by the pollce to have ?f*.
Ured in sev.-nry-flve mbberiea ln thls atarig
Band of 150 Held Up Autoists*
Near Atlantic City.
niville. X. J., Aug. 3.-A band efj
..'.a aypalea Invaded Abae*MJ*_, two mlle*.
from thla pla e. to-day, and 88*gag*d ka
? pkehed battle wttk the auaa*i*9Jlagj
Kl*:h( of the men ln the party. tncludtng
lha "kir.K" waa arreated. Abaecoa aj
oniv- aevea aallea from Atlantic v'ltv
Men aad women on foot and ln aut4>*
mobHea were h.-i.l up by the nomada and
forced t" tura evee their aaoajey ind je?'?
,;.-4, while wholesate robbcti-'- ?' &*
Btort an.i Earaaa areae made bl tha iiaad.
Tke partj vvas tiist aaaa paaams by tb*
outskiits ol IM. usantvllle. and anM ?"
deicd on Iroin hero hv t'OMt-vbie McDer
motl reeterdaj noon. Thej wera a?xt
reported In Abeecoo, aud laughed al at
l-enioiistl-ances ol' the AbOeCOD CltU*8|*
their v\ hTTlaaalfl piifering.
Fire Destroys Catskill Sumniar f-osoti
as Masqucraders Make M?*y
CataktU, n v., Aug. k ITmghadl {- '"
Houae a annamer botel near Q*rv***
Vlllc. 44 ,- .leatroyvd hv Ure !??? la*t I
Moei oi gueatfl were *"en_5"';
ii ma xquerade la ?< Bjaavrby_B*o*? wjj
Uie Ibi iaa dlacowred. and JE^JS.
no carualtlea. Nearlj all loat theb ***"
Bxel. however._-.
Bell and Wing
Abiorbing. a<-tounding, m>pirii.g, batfir.g ? London AiaJemy.
Power and originality.?Cork Lxamincr.
A great work.--Boston llcrald.
Marks of genius constantly.?Troy Eeord.
A w-alth of itieis.?Boston Transcript.
Genuim* aspiration and power.?Otcult Rcvittv, England. .
Near the stars.?Portland Orrgonian.
A-toutulitig iertility.?Brooklyn Iimcs.
A strtking book of verse.?Boston Post.
Q. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, Publbhers, N. Y. Price $2.90

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