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tr-fj-rious Damage Done to the
lebraska by Hidden Rocks
Near Point Judith.
Atlantic Fleet Further Cnppled
Wben Flagsh-p Oonnecticut
Breaks Crankshaft?War
ships Were Practising.
- r; i \ .- ? .ccldenta ro?
tho t,ig battleahlpa
' y***-*'" ' ' '?","*'" ;" "?*? engaged
? tvrea
I Ki 4 . \4 iil linrp l,nth
rttrtlli for Boma
loua mlahap o <<>
which ran
mllea * ral
Judith Ll-rht yester
g< to the
not I ' trom tn*
ia aald that after
nh.-n time rollowing the
. pd to send
. ? the *4 icii Itj of the
urboard to Icam the e*__cl cauae
i brought up a
Nebraaka had Btruch
__. era covertngan
m, wlth onlj twanty
? Tiie diacovary
? i ? i
II | n command of
Coptota Bpem er B. Wood, Ab b reaall
,.f the aocWapt it if balieved Bhe wltl
enter the annual target
et In fl iern watera
. Augual 21 and Beptena
>,?r IR Offlcera oa board the flagshir
Caanectlcul wif i*luctant to talk to
night or the accldent to the Nebraaka
Nebraaha left l ?
gg - I toward Bos
The Conneetlcut. arlth Raar Admlral
Hu|j0 , . . ommander,
*j board. came into thia harbor to*
.., porl enginee. lt wa?
raid that ' hahafi a ia
and Bhe would have to tz?>
Sea Y'*' k or Phlladi iphla
? -. ie> orai
esterday morn
,. . Conm t waa jjoinp
. _. .,... u a flfteen-knot
? i unUl
ilter the Bhip came to anchor Then
?I the
brear". *'??? ?*xarn'
. cauaea of noth
Ident Rear Ai
mirai Oa - e Navy
Dapartmenl a* followa:
amaae ha.*. been dono
Nebraaka - - ?ver an un
_... ..; f.mr mllea weal r.f Polnt
Jadur Wil beve to doi k
I <-???
r>. artmetit immedlatery
u?ka to tho |
Na\> Fard for eaamlnatlon it is bo
levtHl il ma) be necessan to i
a-hip out of commlaalon, replacing her
* *'?ei wlth t
th*- Pbiladelpbia Navy
. Nebraaka and the
ul. with tha .jther
I thi North Atlantic Beal
N'evpon la i Mondaj foi a \4eek'a
aaial engagemenl in the vnMnity of
V'lneyard Haven nnd
' z I?Ri peatod effi '
the ? a tt ? -
port of
?i ? v ? **?a to
av ai the li
? haiJ lefl the fl?*et la
Ha-. -4n-i beaded n',rth*_*-t.
nothmK I be k araed at th*
aTbel?i operatore alonj? thr eoast said
? lt*rta*roepted mea?agea frum <.tti**r
tnat the Nebraaka. wM of th
heatd 6 vlelon. waa prooaedlng to Etock*
PMt, Maoe Nothiag had b*?en heard
Bttk?hlpo at Rockport late
Tha Nebraaka i
Nebi laka U 99
??o*?. , . uhih- the "'',
i only K.iOJ
Thirty Per Cent Lower Than Chicago,
4 Says DeaJer.
aaa tr lug. l >?" rraa-eUaee
"' ' ? ? t*i*. I'nlted Btatea
.-..??? of meal
??Ba ng to a tat* manl n ade
Indufltrlal I^hku- I.v
. Weatera M< '
"npori u on thi pacaing
? 'oaal 10 day.
ll ? aii.J cbope," sai.J
? [*?: . i 88 i - ?
' '""b-i ? * ' ., . ln Chli ago. '
iiprlght Piinot 8QCf|
Priced up from _3U
on termo of
S5 Down and Sl per Week
88 Note Player SQQC
Pianos up from JJJ
on termo of
S10 Down and $2 per Week
No Intereot. No Insurance.
No r.xtrae at All to Pay.
\J-*t. to M A\e.. SOtti to 60th St. I
Which ran on ?omc tinchartcd rocks off Point Judith.
(Photo reerjrrlffht bj Bnrlqti* Mnller l
Secretarv Fisher Has Scheme
to Provido Municipalities
Fue! at Low Cost.
Would Provide Federal Super
vision of Mining and Safe
guard Interests of La
borers and Publie.
?tVaahlngton, Ana. *. "B4jcretUary Plaher
of the lnterior Department has a plan
to allot ernvernment roal lanrls tr? rltte?.
which in turn may operate thorn nnder
rertain re?rulatlons to supply munli Ipal
i- well aj> those ot* rltlzens
\c ? fir-t step in the plan. Herr
Flaher haa rommm?mr>fi that Congreaa
vf\HF n bill granting ?4f> acree of eoal
land to the Hty of Grand Junctlon. Col
and meanwhile the lnterior Department
hap withdrawn from entry the land the
ritlea ln Colorado. Wyomlng, ITtah.
Montana. Tdaho and nrher publlc land
Btatea weart of the Mlaeouri River would
be -out eitally affected bv Becretary
Flaher'? plan.
The ireneral bill he offera would au?
?hnrlze the {Serretary of the lnterior. ln
hla d1?eret1on, to pat?nt 94* acres nf
I government eoal la^d tor ear-h dty nnd
180 aerea for each toarn. under rondl
tlone provlding for pr^mpt and con
? ? us developmenl of the eoal. the
preventton of any assignmert or trans
i fer of the lard. the nafegunrding of the
health ar.d fafety of laborer* mir.ing or
handl.ng rhe cotvl. the preventlon of
ie waurte of minera! reaourcee and
other reetrlctlona,
Would Safegu?rd the Pfltant.
Tl e Secretary believes thal anv aueh
patent ehould be eafeguarded bi the
provlalon thal thr tltle of the land pat
erted ahall reved to the government If
any city or town to which eoal land
ahall bepatented shall et any time fall
tr, perfr-.rm any of the condltlona of the
Seeretar Flaher malntalna that Ihe
fi)m 0f the fe.ierai coiieervatlon policy
wlth rw,pe<- to govarnmenl owned
eoal land? ?s to Ineaire for the publlc
Rn abt.ndant aupply al pricea which
wl'l vield ? fair return. and no more.
nn the eapltal Invested ln mlnintr nnd
handling the eoal. He thinks thla Im
poeadble arheu n trr aUnplr patent is
tranted to private pers-ne or eorpora
tlona for the rommerelal exploitatlon
?f the roal depoaits
The leaeinu system. Mr. FtahBT
thinks. 1* the method for tl.e private
exploitatir.n of government owned roal
land- whlcb ran prot-rt the publie. By
retainlng the tltle ln ita own hands and
property condltioning tbe lease. II will
Im poss.hie to protect the publlc from
extortion. Buch a policy Mr. Fisher
holda entlrely oonsistent arith tbe prln
*-? t[>l*o-^- of r-onservatlon.
Mthough Mr. Flaher believes that a
'onp time leaee fo, a nominal ron
aideratlon would ?>*? better for some
?*_ than an OUtrlgbl grant. be
M it would admit of greater flexl
,,,,?.. in deaiinir artth aavch dty ar-cord
I,ir to loeal rirriimstanres and <ondi
,,on- he aeserts it ll posslble to em
body hl a patent tO a dty the most
eat*ntlal condltlon rieressary to effect
the purpoae of the federal eonservatlon
For Federal Suparviaion.
li bi deearabte, he aay* to retain in
the hands of tbe federal government a
certain amount Of aupervlalon tr. make
snre that the dty will artually develop
UM eoal without waste and wlth due
regard to the health and aafety of the
miners; alao that all the tran8artions
Of the dty be glven the fullest pul
llcitj to pr< vent any opportunity for
..rruption and nbuse. _nd to koap the
federal government and the general
publie fully informed as to just how
l.vtslatlon of thia < haraeter is operat
' inn in aetttal pra<*ttre.
On the requeat of Repreaentalive
TayVer. of toiorado. Bacrada-ry Flaher
has direc-ted that the roal lands de
lalred bv Oraad Jumtion be held arlth
drawn frmn entry. Tbe rtgrarl of the
Becretary ta make wlthdrawals by ex
geuttve order in the absen^e of expresa
nuthorlty prevloualy conferred by stat
,.te haa heen a anbjert of MatUVVaray,
_J|im-r ln Colorado. but Mr. Fisher
has no doubt of his exerutlve anthority
in this matter
F. Vernon Willey Arrested in
Boston on Charge of Violatmg
Contract Labor Law.
Arrest Follows His Testimonv
in the Case Against Arthur
Saville, Charged with
Same Offence.
?p The T
Boaton 4,ug. I I irpr ??? ?*?' -**?? **.*
? lu the governm, nt to-da; ? ? I ?
I eton of th- % Ari .:-..? ' an
EngliBhmai . j violation
contract la.>or law by Importlng b te l lo
try from Rradt..r<i. Eagland. Brttlen
eubjecta to 4?,-)rk ln the milli o Barre
\v,,<>' i lombing i orai ? tt Bout
Ifasa. F Vei
-*}-*pOTatlon, waa arri
depat) Un -e<i Btatei Ha
Th.o complalni ? ?
!rg onaplred on July J '? '?
brir.g allena .mr. ? l I fi
Kn&land In purauou ce ' I
acv. the complalni rg< - "'
to Montreal on J ilj 3 and "
K*hoe Oaerge O'Nell I Frederlcl
Jol aaton, <-' Bradford. Ei 8*U?1 *
f-oni ' anaoa IntO thi '? lt< -
Willey wa* arralgaed
r.rinneil Unlted Sta**B fommli
and held ln ball ot V 088 for a earlna
to*morroa i ni ' ?? u
>-. dld : ? r ln rouri
heartag '.a. ?
Th ireday. and W
Mveral repreeeniatlrea f ?
of rrancla Wlllej a. o.. ot *
'membor, orlth hia fal er. had i
..... MiTtdoff from ' " 'n
tha deputy niar*1 a appro
Tigha pu'led the warranl froi
?I and read It to I
whleh the, atarti -
?v*. otMea A. H. Ruaa. ?" tor
Willey. arrange
nn bla ..rv,... ?? -
...tandinK tha. ? - " "" r'
qutred ba
Young WlUej l< ' .'lr,n * *\
toy, ? wenlth* -
_ co of thta ???'! th;
Comblag Compan: a- bo ii
Ba ? ?
Priaoner Unconcernee).
The defandaat to
concarn. and whe, >k
,f ;* deelre-d to plead I "*
01 [ wlll let n
ean of all that ' Thr i.
plea of nol l
Thahaarlng of Ari ir Bo Ile wa.. trvl*
ttng by frequenl apeeehea I
,. n the witneta otand
,0_Bl ?aa bj VI Blam H Oarlantl l i '
atatea Attoi
Wlllej leetlfled
,ar home. for he wa
attaer li ?-'-??
aald he had eonveraed wlth Barllle on
Oooe occaatoT.B a- the offlc li Boaton
and poa-bly had dlacuaaed tha fact that
nrlttah aubjeeta were Leimr broughl to
America to work ln the m lla Bt Bouth
??Do you know aay of ng
m*nr' atpked Watrict Attornej Oarland
pointlna te two allena ln tl f thi
lourt room. Tbe men were Oeorge 0 v-'i
and Freder'ck Jfohnaton.
"I never rem?*mr*?*r ha4 ng
th**m before." raplled WIBei
The witness B?'ted tlint hr- had known
Pavine fot b graal many -rearo Ha de
nied that Saville wa* cawneetad In anv
way wlth the flrm of r*T_ncla Willey &
.-.->. But bbM be had woraad for tn* siiip
|?v Wool Comblra: CotntP?nj
?'laa'l that n.nipany coimeeted wlth
F*ran<''a Willey _ Cof aak-d Oarland
"Not that 1 know of " i**plled Willey.
?I do not thlnk it if my bualneaa ta kao*
Rearfy to Help Fellow Citiren.
Willey siated thal be did not know thal
S_\ill?' waa conrdag to america, and latei
aald he had hf-ard he waa r-nrnln*. bul
did not reea ll who teW blm He 44 aa r.-d
ln Boston when Bavillo oraa arreated aad
1,,.,-ird of it aornatlma batwei ? I
and Auguat 5. bol he could nol recall whe
toid him or wbether he learned of it by
latter, lelephone or telegram
jj4? wa* Baked lf h** had authorl***.!
John n. Munn, a nal'-aman for f**ran.-|?
Willey A Co., lo draa 17.-vm from tho
Brm'a fundo and uae it m ball eal s.r.-iii
ta/ttreaa raplled that hr- i^cheve-d lt th*
guty of pvpiv aWthdi ratdeet to neip ?
fellow dtlaan whaaavar he waa in tronbti
rtradford. fcngland. Ana ? ? The nr
msi |n Bo?ton of rrancla v. Wlllej and
*.rthnr T Favllle. formeriy of Bradford
han aaaaad gr-at eorpiioe here ptaeiali
7 ,1,, wool Combere" t'nlon and ?f th*
TmdeB Cauncll derlare thay Unow noth
,__ 0f a*.1.' oraai.iz*,! mnv.mmt to tak'
Bn-lleh taatlle workera into the t'nlte*1
St-taa Th* he_d of ihe flrm of I ranHi
w'lilev A Co., o* thls clty, ia nh***nt anr
?TlB r-'preserlatnea daetlaa to make an4
*",*The,'\in*-rK*?n ronaul. A_guatua I ln
?THm s*4 ? lt ls th* liret raw of th- klnr
"ith wtTdeh Bradford ha*i leeen OO-B-OtBt
Powerful Station Established
at Sayville Reported Under
Influence of Germanv.
Officials to Decide Whether It
Comes Within Provisions of
Recent Extension of the
Monroe Doctrine.
Aug. 9-A powerft i -
Bt f r r.or s. I*land.
mmand N'ew Tork 1
ontrotled h- a rorporatfon re
. .. m una>r the Influence of the
? ,;_r. rnment. 1* bHnr ??-*?d^
K, ,. . ? ? ??? and ,vr- l ''*
n mer, .? hi rt I...N-:
nn4- qulet ly been *rateh
, trylna lo
n arlthln tl na of 1
adopted n '
I that i I'nlted il
,04 without grave coa
? ? , ?? Baeaelan of any har
thfl ?.-. rlrai ron
j tlnentfl by a.nv govon menl ?' '
_ h*>n r,v "*s? >i ? I give to *uch
i . -? .il powei ?'
Another feature affectlng tha i
for t of a Ir* eaa
.-.. the Houae l
.. I 8 pi
,. .|on ? I tb* operation of anj
Brtthln ' Bfteen
ml'.ee i " en itn govei
1 , ,ff,.-.,.? *t ho bavi ? ? ? over
[the er llor r I al h Ib
. . powi rf-ii aa tha
greai governmi
nea* here, at ?' ?-. have
? awBltlng rh- ??-? ?
Notlee of tl a generally at ppoaed for
.? , - ad wlre aaa plant rame t i the at
? ?n "f the governmenl tbrough a
? member of th* New tforh '
n? ir a ry placa at gayville tha
".w.-r haa bee era led Ha .?o-i.pialt.eij
:-. thal l i- ind* apa v._.* beina
defaced bui other an.l mora lmportant
? .,! ii ? .,r national policy moved
. r Navy Department t quletlj. -? ? aa
from the New V"rk navy yard t.,
gmyville to .-vimin* atd report on the
? ? *
T'ie Department ot Commerce and
| j oi belni .?hareerl aiith itener.il supet
i-laioa ol thar mean* of comm nleatlon
ao far.<* |i i\tf,"<* rie navtgatlon of vea?
aala. took a hand ant made an tn eati
r i owa it wb^ thought at
flral thai operation of the Btatlon murr-.t
be prevented oi lha ground that. luta a
anl- atation, lt could not b^ aatabllahed
?? rated without ?> ape. .a li. anaa
from th<- L'nlted gtatea governmenl Thia
ronatderatlon, howevai may now giva
way to I meana proi Idad nv the redlc
communlcatlon bill, arhlch. aft*r < onfer
enee on aome minoi diaagteernf-nt* be?
tween tbe Kouea and genate arlll ao to
Prealdenl Tafl for his slgnatnre
There la another element ol conaldera
tlon In th. <| ie-tlon fh.it of rlvalrv he
tween two nliBleaa telegraph companiaa
Thr government, <>f courae, inte?ds to
foilow only a llne of policy anrl not to
become lavolved in any rommerrtal dls
l .te
Veteran Worried Over Wound
Made by Filipino Bullet.
Worrvlna: ovrr ?n ohl uminrl whl<-h hs
had recelved arhlle rampaijrninij _*? the
Phlllppine* l*atrl. k Holahan. a rwtlred
prvg-rAnt of enadneers ln the rejrilar
armv i-omniirter] an\rlr\r yeaterdav ln hia
rnom at No. 121 Uvlnaaton atreet.
Brooklyn, by Inhalin* gaa Hla bodv
w..." found bv Mn Kllen Maofc, the land
l.tdy who had trarerl the o?ior of *th? to
Holahan'a room.
Holahaa had baaa itvinr at afra
Ma. k'a houae aboul a year. H? had r?
tirerl from the armv i.beut t??> ?-.?.u*
Ago. after a < ontinuoua servlre of thlrty
years He often nomplalned of th? paln
from a aronnd innVted bv a Pillplno bul?
let ln the alde This ha.l lat'lv pmdnr-eri
necroata of the baaa raaoltlag ln partial
paraiyale af Heaahaa'a lower iimbs ihe
old aoldler grra, vnoronr and dtsronrairert
and often t.ilked *_e*Mt tha tatJItt] ,,f 11-v
injr loiiKer.
\ . ^teruav rnornlnr when Mrs Maelt
kno.-ked ar MolMban ? (ioor aa waa her
i iMIBtom, there w:is no anawsr Hh?
rhotijrht perhap* the man waa in need of
more sl.-ep and dld not BgBBBa ao neaj
the room untll the afternoon Then ahe
amaWail aauaaang a**.
When Dr. Bnekley. of ihe Hrooklvn
HoHpltnl. responded to an ambulajn*
call. ba i-aid Holahan bad l*en dead fnr
aeveral hour* Tbere waa no note left by
rh* former soldler explalnln* the reaaon
for his act.
Scarcitv of Steers Given as thr
Reason for Continued Ad?
vanee in Price.
Many Quitting Business and
"Barons"' Are Looking to Ar
gentina for Future Supplies
-Sheep Also Decreasing.
? rt- T*l< araplt le Th? Tiihnna '
CTlfeago, Aug. 9 A lr-jritim.-ir. Kar
rlty of ateera la the eacuae glven by
Swit. <v Co. for the raiae In beef of
frmn oii<- to two centa a pound. Ar
mour & <''? and Nelaon Monrifl will fol
low with a atmliar advanee wlthin th
next few <1h4s. the advanee announre*l
by Swtfr A Co, belng but a feeler bv
tbe beef trust. tt is aald, worklng
under b tt* itleman'a agreemimt, to aee
how the publii will occept thi new
prli ea.
The dlfference ln th.- advanee llea
n the value* of range and'farm
:..i| ateera The latter. reg-arded as
hlghl; sup.-i'ior tr, the cattle fed on the
? e have been brlngtng from 11" 1?
to |10 '_'". a hundred WI the hoof in t'hi
c-ako for the laat week, and eetabllah
rsr . ?? high pricea ne. er reached
i inc* tl r foundation of thi r^'' Ing :n
duatrj 8t< "rs from the Weatern
rai'k'"4 htcking the plumpneaa of th"
farm fad anlmala, are brlnging M
hundred, also a hieh prlee record. They
f . ??- ...irj r,,r j: |o to |v a hundred,
"r- prlee belng regarded aa the
Cattle buyera a- well aa the ranch?
era deeiare thai the fradual l.-ssenlna
of land avatlahle for feodina eteers la
the raupe of the ecarclt: of beef anl?
mala lt ia ahown thal the prea'
rangea of the Weat -? grad ia bi -
comlng a thinj? of th* pa^-t, thal farma
ar.. taking the place of tbe former
ranchea of thouaanda of acrea of land
alven np soleiv- to eraaing, and thar
the ranchera are elmplv forced io go*
rhe higheel prlee poaalble for the llm
rnher of ?t.-*rs the- i an raiae op.
. iller a< -? ?
lt la a fa> t ranchera Bay. that many
of them are ?-oin*T out of business. not
belng able lo make both end.< tneet.
the high eoal of feed, ls coneid
ered and the limlted amount of land
on whleh thev ean atlll feed their herd.
The advanee In prtci will he to the
wholeaaler, who will tack it on to the
prire charged th.- am ? i er. By
. .. eal rea heatht onaumer
1 _j ? will jtimp as hlRh
centa ?' '' ,llp fnru-v
_ to thi amaller amount ot
capltal the retaller has with whleh to
carry on his bualneaa.
Wllllam Weeker, tha eaeeutlye head
? ? , Armour li
ih.- llmll of pri'v ht nol yet reached,
"Cattle arlll become acarcer before the
? ,?..d ' he said "Th.>
only eolutlon al preaeni la the Argen
?: e range. and tb:--. too will a ?
the way the American range haa gona
!,, the Inatead of de
voting 1 ;" graBlng.
t|... Argei ? a plai t#r now i
Mt aa .< rn. ai i ol a qulefc re*
:, isal on on hla Inveetment. Wheat
market' : >n? *?"'?'? ateera tn nol leai
?? ? rhree
"The American ntereata 1
I ,| .,, ln tl ? Argentlne Re
ihi ; grea
? .?? t for erii_ing. rentlng lt oul t
th4 r,.- aaya Mr afeekei "in
;.:,,. - ? ?? 11. ?.?mpi lled to ?
.. Lt from the Argentlna ?? cept
... itttle which i* ralaed by thi
American farmer on hla few hondreda
of ex-ree. Thia claaa of meal will be
... h i: and ?>" - iporior to l a rang*
red claaa thal lt arlll be prohlbltlva for
I, |on of ordlnary meane."
|.. .. . ouee . iti of steak, * I
bring 80 centa a pound. win heraaftai
be retailed at 33 Cuta whlcb brina
28 rents u pound will be aold at from
28 to ."?-'
The decreaee ln .attie hoids good Ir
the aame proportlon to the de. ?
the amount of available Bheep. il U
i out b: tb- paeklng intereats.
thal Bheep are ueuatlj ralaad.on th.
land lefl pra ctksally bara by the ateerj
Hoga are becoralng more plentiful, ow
Ing to the fact that many embryi
ra belleve ' there la money |*j
hoga However, the demaad for pork
eepecially in hot weather. ls amall 8.
that the market. glutted in th? fa!
and winter, etrlkes an averasre in th.
aumm-r and leavea but a amall mur
gln for tradlnf.
Quotations Show Advanee ol
One-half to Two Cents in Week
W! oleeale prlee* for beef have pone U|
another noteh. a< eorriina: to the nffleia
quotations aent out by _ prominent paek
Ing- house
Tha new ftgnrrt state that No. 1 rlbi
and loina win roat in centa a pouad, No
| _m rents and N'o I l_'-.. centa
llounds are advaneed to 14. 12'.,, and 18*4.
centa respeeflvely, and chucka ro Ll
1''. and 9'i Centa. Thla is an advane.
of from half a t-ent to two centa a poun.l
from the aame company'* flgrurej of July
The ? onaumer. thOTOforo. will have t<"
pev from three tn ntx .-enfe more a ponn<!
af lesat for the ehotter e_ta for roastlnsr
arhlch addad to the alreadv hlch prlee.*,
will make an appre.-iable tllfferem-e or
rhe weekly "tateni.nt from rh-- hnteher
ln the maln the rise ln prtrea has heer
conilned to beef. and Brhlla there has be. r
a aliirlit ?vmpathet|r advanee in the hon
and ahe.-p marketa. rhe pri< ea are nearei
the averatrn rhan those denianded for be?l
an.i veal
Throualiout the wlnter and In the sprlnp
when the boycott HKaJnst beef wan ir
projrres*. consumsrs were ur*re<1 hy thos*
leadlnK the movement to eat mtuton an<
rork wbaaaaver H waa tMeaaaatry to pur
ehaaal meat at aU The advlee atlll hoidi
a*ood. and if beef r-nntlnnea on the gaj
ward trend If Ib predieted that these Iaa
named ataples will berome extreme)4
7,000 Men Will Aid Regulars
to Stir Up a War Cloud
in Connecticut.
Regular Mail Service Will Be
Established ? Freighters
Now Preferred for Ser?
vice as Transports.
With rl-nt4- ..f rain eloude low**-in-* 'n
the *ky and ?*r>m*-fhma of a delaga Of
firialiv promiaed by th.* weath-r B?reau
for the theatre of m1ml<* warfare, the
aeren thouaand New York t-nop* who
march to-day to h?-ip th** r*4**'ilars stlr up
r. war cloud In Connecticut wenl ahom
thelr pr**i,arati..n* ) **f>tor'Ia4- to m?>t th**.
apparently Ineerttabte eontlng-ency of w-et
44 eather
In-t.-iii of aendlng thelr "sllrker*" In
thelr baintage alonsr wlth tiM 44np;nn
tralna, they kept them oui for Immedlate
Bajrvire, oo I lal In place of mar<-hing
if khakl hrown or ohve drab that.
clear weather 44ould have hmuarit forth.
the embarkatlon point.* thls mornlng wlll
probal.lv *,.-. ..f nir>n in uhintnjf
l.lark. flioiild the r;.|n mak?* Kood lt*
and rM'h.*,!i Up th>-lr wafrproof*
. Ita molature
tant . hangee, hnw.v.r, arlll he
ma li by thoae in '-har^o of thr* blg war
Whlch "i I ? ? arn.-.i our in drfail
a** planned, regardlaBa of waathar, and
perhapo the raw troope will hav** a
?treater chance t-i *how th*lr mettle, than
they had eapected.
Partlcular int'-r??et. hoth for tii* rivllian
an.i the expert obeerver, w-in r*ntre thi*,
mornlng al polnta where the fiHd artll
ad englneer corpa ae.*.*?mb!->. Tho
hea*ry equipment of wa-gona. pontoon-*,
* - englneering impi^mnntti for the
? d pleeea and hor*,** of
th?* ivatt?>r!e*4 would make t'i" ta?a af
loadlng tr.i.i i ..n.* d*-mandin-? the oklll
ol oeaaoned and expert tronp>. Th* arm'
* .ir.) paylng partlr-ijiar att*?ntion
to-day to th,* way th** prohi^m orttl be
hand led by Nea Vork'a r*itiz**n aoldlery.
? opeetatton of rain. with reeulttng
allpperj patrementa and oth?r imp?di
erlll add to th.* lnt*reat and dlf
of u.e.**- prmctlcal taata.
The 22d Btiglneara win take tra;-i a*
Ihe Marl.-n BJver etation of the New
Vork. Nea HaVen A- Hartford ar 7 :?
o'clock, whlle the 2d Fleld Ai?llery of
Brooklyn will board a traln of tha aame
compan) at tl e New York Central track**
*tie**t on the West Blde Bl 7
G*j Down to the Sea in Boato.
Another polnt of epecial Intereat arlll be
arkatlon at Ka.^t ?!d str.-**t. of tiie
?? eg ? nts. compo**
Ing t:.. Flral . ? under mmmand ot
Dyer. ln piar-.* of the obje.-tion
t/oiced hltherto to tr.ivellina; on freight
oata, .-iomcthina .if a rivalrv for the
* rtdlng on them .l**vclop**d
."? i*< ame abo .* wh?-n it waa
? the r<Klm.*nt.** travei'lng <>n
the fr.-intitfrB would have ti'.-Mr wagon
? ?ith tliwni ar landlng for Immedl*
* |n making camp, while the troopi
ridlnjr in the Rr,-.'*-r luzury of a pas
s<-::i'*r boal woul ! ha*e to wait for a
frr-l*4-ht?-i tO bring Up thelr r*atnp *-| ;ip
--..'? Irksom^ d?*Iay.
Thi prob.f K'i'.'.ng Iheir mail. whlch
h_n been l.othertna the clvllian BOldiery a
w hol?* lot more tt.an the le.sa emotlonal
r**Kiilar army men In charge r.f rhe ram
palgn, waa taken up >eaterday bv _lea*
?tdonel R F Waltoi adjutaal
Kenerai. at divlaion h?_dq'iart*r* of th*
riatl..nal guard lt ls aaid that th* regu?
lar ara .main no provlalon fo?
forwar?lng i
" Th* mea ahould l.av e th*!r mail ad
lo the point of destination indi
their marchlng "wdera,'' *aid i"olo
n ?; Walton - ortth their coaa*
pany and rea-lment indt-ated: aloo theli
color, Red or Blue I ahall make ll
n.4 dut4 to aee thal mail bo addraaaad it
forwai-ed t.. latar campa, gettina an au
?* and Inatinitlns a ap**cial mail
f necea
Mail Addreaoes of Mllitiamen.
Tl o flral of the 7th. Utn,
69th ani ::*? reglmaata will be New Ha
v-n; of the 14th, Oa and 47th. Woodmont
li Battal ?? - i Bnglnaara Brldgapori
id and 3.1 battallOttB, I>erby; Id Field
Artlllery Bethel; lal Fleld Artiil*>r>. Brew
ft.-r. lat Fleld Hospital. Bridgeport. 2(1
Fleld HoepitaI. Btratford; lal Ambulaaci
Corpa, Brldgeport; Id Ambulanoe i"..rp*
Stratfi-rd !*<f und .'d ravalry and lat ane
Id companles, Sixnal <"orpB, Brldgeport.
Btratford. I'rrnn . Aug I -Stratford he
came to-day the divlaion headquarten
In fart wltli the BITival here thla after.
noon of t;,'n*>rai Taakar H, Biiss. wlth hl*
ataff To add tO th** real warlike aapecl
Of thtnn* it la exi>eoted that a number ot
forelgn mlHtary attacbaa, for whom quar
t^:-.*i are b**in(r prorided aill arrive to
morrow an.i Bunday
Throughoul the day ('onnerticut no!
to?,k on incraaBtng aigaa ol tbe bapandlaf
eampaiga **ith th*? arrlval of advanc?
deta< bmeata at th* varleufl polata deaig
natad ln the plaaa for the manneuvreB
Tbe raada ar* lUled wlth ?a-oi; train*
and tentlng squada are bUgy preparln*
Mvouaca for 'he coming r*>Klmenfs. Par?
tlea of BlRiiul corn;- DMB are runnlna
wlreH. 44h..*h 44-1! be ?Bad ln connectior
with t ie Bouthera New Bnglaad t*>i**
phone tompanys Unea ln eBtahllahinl
communleatton between the ampltraa an<i
tb.* h?B-4?artcra lnt.n-.B7**n<-** departm*nt
whlle th? thrr-.* \vir.*;--..-4 Htations of FieW
Compaaj v ar- ab-agy working betweer
the headquarten atation and the dl\i
-*ional camp of Brtgadlar 0*>n**ral Ftvder
Ich A. Smith. at IfllfOfd, oommander ot
tb..* RadB, ami thal Of Rrlxadler Q i*>ra:
Albert I. Mills. ,-ommandina the Bluea
la the iififthborhood of I>onKhil1. In Trum
^The aviation aquad, under Captain Hen
nCM| - vip tianftar* and hou.aed th?
aeropianee that wlll play thelr part in
ih.* 4s;.r game _
Aihan**. Aag l.-***Brlgadler Oaaaral Lb?
ter. romrrtander of the 3d Brtsrade. N. G.
M 7.. and Malor Frank MeVeely left
here to-dav to parttripaie ln the ronner
ttoiit war manceuvrea. The offle-erB or thr
lat. 3d and 10th Infantry. who are to oo
aarve the manceuvrea, will leave here to
morrow. when the 2<\ Fleld Hospttal t orp"
and Troop B. lat Cavalry. wh? are to
parti.'lpate. will also depart
Coast Artilleryman Had Been at
Manceuvres Off Fort Terry.
; Bl Telefrap'i t? Th? Trib'ine )
New London. Conn , Aug. 9.-Walter
Kecse, twenty-two years old. a memb.r of
the _sjth company, V s Coaat ArtfUear,
was killed bv a N.-w York. Ifew Haven
* llarrford Railroad freijrhr train at the
.lohn ?trort cro.-sing at MS O'dock to
Keese. with flfteen nthei m'-mlKis of his
? ompany from Fort Hancck, was on de
rache.i eerVloa ahaard the mlne plant.r.
Heneral Royal F. Frank. which ha.l 1 .???
returned freaa mann uvres "ff rVirl Terra
Kees'-'e relattvea llve in Hobokett.
And Also Where Did Miss
Bloomer Go the Same Day?
Allendale, _f. -T., Aua !>. The family and
frlends of A B. Smlth. bookkoep.-r ln a
Broadway bank. New York <"ity. and
pre-ident of the Soelal I'hih connert.d
wlth the Uoman ? atholle ."hurch. at Vv'ald
wick. ar? anxtoua to learn the cauae of
his dlsappearanc.- ten days ago Mr
Smith \t about forty-flve years old and
haa a wlfe and two sons, <}rora.>\ thlr
t?>*n vears old. and I_ester. fiffe. n year."
oll. It happened that MSBB Grace
Bloomer. twentv-three ye^rs old. daiuh
ter Of A. T. Bloomer. of Allendale, mys
j t.-riously dlaappaareil on the aame day,
! and her father ao far haa been unable to
; find her. She was employe.i ln New YorW
a." a Menoarapber. She t-ommuted on the
F.rle Railroad. as did Mr. ritnlth. but there
Is nothina *o unusual about that B:J*_
Mr. Bloomer, who la a marlne engineer
for the New Tork. New Haven A Hat t
ford Railroad. ln his de?lre to flnd his
daughter. ls said to have jjone to the bai.k
Wbare Mr. Smlth waa employed for twen
ty-flve vears and is said to have been
told that Mr. Smlth had reaigned hla
place and had gone-where the bank ofn
clals knew not.
Remarkable Escape of Passcngera
When Western Train Was Derailed.
Pf LiOUla, Ang. 9? A number ot pn.*
sengers were tnjured when Mobtie
and Ohlo train No _, from Moblle to gt,
I?r>uts. v.ah d'.r.-hed near here thia evenlng
The traun waa eotnposM of ateel car?.
wrieh were making- thetr flrat trip. and
trainmen said rhe ateel coach.-s prevented
loaa of life. The train araa trylng to
make up h.at tlme.
An Appetizer
f A nccesaary relish for many
a dish.
' th* aaia.a*t wewcaaTtaaMiat
A perfect aeaseninr for Soupe, Flab,
I all Mrrte. t.ravtre.
Aids Digcttion
jn*? nr.rix >o?-. Aaeata, N \ ?
Lake Hopatcong
C_>_| iviwv auNoav
Leave \Ve?f 73rd St. 1.50 a.m.
Leave Liberty St. 9 00 a tn.
Mauch Chunk
to- $150
M0R80W w 125
Leave Wct 23rd Street 9 20 aaa
Laava Liberty Street 8.10 a.m.
Become a Chauffeur
and Earn Big Money
.More than _4j8.84M ean arlll hr
mftriufactured Ul the TJnited State-.
thls aeaaon. This means opening
for lnn.oart men M chauffeurs. dem
onstrators and repairmen. Thsae
positlons pay jrood money. the work
la pleasant and the automobile 1n
d'jatrv offers greater opportunltle*.
to ambttious young men than an?
other line in the industrial prorld
to-dajr. H is a r.ew and bljr fleld.
ar.d the opportunities in it for well
trained men are unlimited.
Ihinh special training la not neces
aary. try getting a good job without
It. The knowledge you ahould hav
t" quallfy you for a good poaitlon in
the automobile fleld can be ao*,tiir<--1
af home trom the Automobile r'ours*
taught by the lnternational I'orre
sponder.ee P. hools. This I'ourse has
been prepared by recognl_ed expert-.
a'tually in the business ?in other
words. lt is practtcal aa well a<
To learn how the Tnt^rnatlona'
Corrcspondence Bchoola can mak?
you an automobile expert. fill ln and
mail the attached coupon.
lnternational Corretpondence School* '.
ij,.x ajg._r, ajBaaaaaaa, Pa.
p>a?? eipla'n. Wltbeel t'ir'he- ehlig.i. '.
M?n or; my part. how I can quBlify la ?
become an ?utomoM> exp*rt. ;
JJtf and So.-?.
Pretrnt Orcpation.
CImsm* antl t?*?ttf?a tt? aalB
rt*oM4?a a tar?ri*?i' 8?**j>- .
___!_> ta ita ToothTul Caler.
r>?T*nt? b?l/ faJllnar.
>??? 4 |- "?? 1T-|CT*^?
'The Triumph of the Man Who Acts"
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