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Pluncier Ranches on American
Soil and U. S. Cavalry Dashes
to Repel Them.
Wasbington Thinks Situation Is
Bccomin*? Worsc. and Addi
tional Troops May Oo to
the Border.
" - H : -? 1
\\a ?ug. I Mextcan rei.c:*, ;
j,avc *.merican terrttory and |
rajeed ln Texaa, according to
elved by the State and \\ ar
Tl e r< rorts state
gei ? i ? tn ;. deaperate
mood <*??) thal tbe for.-- of li.ncral
oroz''1 Ihe inaurre.to chief, ia fast dia
maj be aenl lo the
guard against tbe rairis nnd
.other depredatlona. The actlvltlea aeem
to t* wldeapread, ami tbe probabilltiea
dltiona Will become WOrfll
/.. Bteever, a -tinR commander
#f the Department of Texa*. is in c'.ose
the Bituatlon, and tbua far
*Jb* prevented aerloua trouble. bul the
atot-f: ??? foi contlnued outrai
jnj concern.
in a diapatch to the "War Departi
to-dav 'olonel Steever report.s thal rebei*
;_st r-- attetnpted to ateal horsea and!
H-estock in the viclnity of Pabei
. -? itheaat of KI Vaso. ) ,
BHta is on the left banV of lh?
i;r_nir- but ttv. lnternational boun4larj la
B*ana ? oW .-"i of the river. A amall
i ol rebela Ihe boun I
I 1 lOt - bUl Were
m cti i del ichment ol
which b the a ene.
Half P ol cavalrj ' 'r:M
I i to guard American prop
. ported thal a
r:ver *outh of Hancoch.
arerd waa i teived to-daj by tha State
? N |
rwn hundred rebela BueWenly
I bee. Aria., laat ni-ht. A ,
? ....... ?vaa hu ried to tnat
ited a ? '
lt ls bi the r bi la ent.
ilthough n
? av, fled a
^a,. ? tn. federala and have
? .i in all directiona.
. g || ?, ,-.,. ri bela are movl c
toward Jua ea for
' ?? - ' '
red In UuTK i
? ? ? along th. ' ?rder.
TugT*. Mexican r
lnternational boun
iav and began ran. - i
?A. rolonel K v. Bteever dii
. Trooj. G of (
y?rt Bllaa lo drtve ofl l ''
- -,lT P. O. '?!
, . ....... to
V Ol I <": *?<?"-?
Postofflce Department Warns
Honolulu Carrier.
, ? o TlV mterii and
? :'
? dtei . ? ?i ??' :' ? : ' "
hat ii m ial nol I I -'r|k*
vrith ti" mall aar k e tr Ihe Ial
?,U arranae for Independent
ssrvka foi which tbe interlela
, irovlaiona of i' bonda.
aill hav* to pa
raaewraance with thia notlflcatlori the
a. . i, artered two amall at. -
?n tn aa efforl to rarry n it Ihe ma<
. ? ?
'n?rn??c 1
h ,i i <? strtkei
fla-d t" ar .-r ??? ' ?
TVr* ? pect Ot 8 18*81
?an if tl' atrihi <*oi tlnuea ar'.ii": wei u
ippi) for the loeal markel la eb
teiaetl froi the I la d of Hawail.
?Militancy to Oo On, Their An?
awer to Judges Hint.
taaiun. Ang *-Thr Wornen'a avoctal
BBg Polli ? idquartera ol
iv r-.-. tanl s'ifrras;ette movernent. l?.*uerj
% wafiii'i.t to-day reKar.linK the s'n
ronouneed h' the Dublti
graemeer); . on afarj Lelgh. wi
Mjall for Ave y^ar* for woundlng Jobn
rier ot thr Irlflh Parlla
.-,.. wlth a hatrhel ah. had
., premler Aeqiftth; on Qladya
tviio v.a- aent. n. "I lo Hv. ?<?*? '
., for -triri- are ro the
Th.,- Dublln. an.i ..n Lhwte
Bak?r. aho waa srlven eeven montha >n
ompllce of "'.laT ? Evana
Tn- fnion deilea th** authorltle* r-allsng I
rage, v? hlch y ere not
. inb.hr ? n. le fll th- offenc* *
ti ? ... terrerlae other wemen Tbe j
Msea' hint that the sentencea wouW be j
Ited if th* worn-n's rnilitant tnctieo
?en . onetltUtee, *a> - tb" |
Matement, a i.ribe whlcb could nol
? without akdoyaltj to the cauae.
lt continii'-s:
pr. ffective ln deellna
?llh the t'hloriiat l?a.Jerx an.1 otb^-r reb la
of the pr. <r- ' it w ili nei ?
aivi Politlcal L'nloi While demandlng
omradea. tbey re
**r\r tl . rontinue tbe um of
? l the s;ov. rnmenl Bbandone
jtery and .-vasion.
1 uffragette lo-day
., hat- h.-t the K'aav ,,f a
v?l>ia!.|r paLnUng hanglng in the Otaegow
ry, Sh- ea< iped artthonl bt hag
'd'titin. ,j
Mohiir. Ata %ug I IVa liinleter
IMot". of llonduraa anejaajnaeed n"re to
?bv thai Pre-leViH n<.nilia li?<i creatad
,k>e ofti--^ of ,.,,,. f rnilttary aid In hlB *<?' ?
and . bi .;.-. Ifai4j**ey, f,f rtaat
98 had been apiminted to t1" I
A? h ajjhtei IfaJoaaay is a/atl i<no?ri ln
'??"rai Anierlca III- aklll wltb n_echin?j
jWghea been .?? big fai-tor in Beveral re
'*r,t revolutlona.
^'Mir-t,,,, N ,. AlJg 8a_wblle feedlng
rt!!*"*** in '" ''H>1' !l i'oint du (,',?l"'
J*',l?- J r'erroll, an-i-ttendant cmploye'l
v an American drcue. waa bltten *'?
thMt .ir-arn reaulted yeaterd
J* 'Vroll vva^ an Amcrban. Unlted
^*,,,!, C0na.il ll.-n.lrick lias rna-.le a rc
mt l? >varMn8ton.
British M. P. May Be 'Tempt
ed" Into Campaigning for Debs.
IB; Cablo te Tbe Trlbaao 1
London, Aug. 1o. .j. Kejr Hardle.
?*??? P., la making arrangements for hU
oming trip t., th- Unltad statea. Hia
eideat son. who is now in America. i
about tO niarry a young women ba*
longiog to his native town, and th.
brlde-elect will aooompany Mr. Hardio.
BT., on his voyage to the T'nlted States. i
Mr. Tldrdle says that whlle ln Amer
*-*?*? ' tempted t.> lend a han-1
in the campaign which th* Boclallsts '
arr* condUCtlng on behalf of Kugene V.
Deba, their nomlnee for the Praal
dency. He and Mr. D*-bs are old cam-j
paignera together.
Sir A. Wills Sentenced Oscar
Wilde and Arthur Lynch.
! R" r?i,> to The Trihiir* 1
T...u.ion. Aug. 10.?Tho death of sir ;
Alfrod Wills. formeriy n jufltlce of the |
King's Heti- h Divlaion, fH-curred yester- l
day. He wns b hlgh ' ourt judge for j
twr-ntv-onr vears.
Ile alwaya rcgnrdrd it ns one of the i
mlsfortunea of bla poaltlon that it
should have been left to him lo son
tence Oacar Wlldo, but ho did not
shrink from Imposing the panalty,
which he regarded as daaarvcd. To his
lot, too, it lell to sentence Arthur '.
Lynch to .leath on ? charge of hlgh1.
treaaon. Mr. Lynch is now o .\'?
ti.malist Membor of P.irliament. Bvant*
ually having rocelv4*d a free pardi n.
Many English Notabilities Sail
To-day for New York.
[By ce ? s The 1 I no
London. Aug. 1". A large nuinh?r of
r'ngliah people :.m yolng to Canada
mmer for their holtday**.
On the Ifauretanla, whlch iea*es
Liverpool for New York tO-day, wlll be
the Duke nnd Ducheaa of Butherland
Lord Aliatalr Leveaon-Qower, Lady
Roaamary *_-*/eaon*Gower, Sir Philip
Baaaoon. M. P.: P E. Smlth, K. C
M. P. Erne*-' Craig. If. P., and Mr*.
Craig. most of wii-.m are going on to
Earthquake Causes Great Firc
?300 Houses Destroyed.
Constantlnople, Aug. t) - A ?-\ere|
earthquake *-ii<-.k. lasiing -bout ten j
ae. onds, drove the whole of the pop :- ?
lation of the citv from thelr housea
into the streeta *'*f an early hour t<>- j
da: ? Man* houaea were violently
The upaetting "f a lamp bj the earth*
q mke atarted a conflagratlon at
Chorlii, .-ii ihe Adrlanople line. Three
i mdred houses hav** already been de
itroyed an.i the flre ls itll raging.
Zurich Editor Arrested in
Round-Up of Anarchists.
Zurich, Aug 8. -"Uoula Hertonl. editor of
the "Kevell"" and lead?r of the anarchists
io <-*Hierlnnd was arreated to-'ia- nomi
nally on eccount of ? receal oi
i he lustlfled regidde. It la eenjac*
tured, however. that hia detention lar...'
Ukely connected 44 ith the .oming of * ?
F.mperor to the Swlaa arm;-j
The Swlsi poii'"^ are ??a fl to be ln d**adly
I ? ar. n.-ua ano take ado-ntage of
ortunlt] of trviuB* to COtrral all
mllltanl "comradaa*' before ih** er
?7 E?nperor Wllllam
Mourns with Families of Mine
Victims and Visits Injured.
i.... ium, Germ_ny. Ana I Emperor
Wllllam and 1ns brother. Prince Henry
Of Prueaia, arrived here, to-d:i*' and vl.*,
Ited th* Injured Burrlvora of yeeterday'B
mlno diaaater, in whlch more than one
hundred pitmen were kll'<-d
Tha number of Uvea loat ?*?** iv?
? ? hundred and nlne bodlea ha***. h?en
brought to the surfac* and elght aiea
ar- atlll mtaoHng, i"'t are undoubtedly
rl.ad Two of the injured men dled dur?
lng the night
After vlslf'.r.g tha hospital tho T-7-mperor
vot to Bararal of the miner-*' eottage?*
where he expressed f*ondOlenC8 0*110 the
funilles of the 4ictims.
Eaaan. Aug a?The cantennlal r#aU**i
11m of tbe Krupp Iron Works ha e be-n
abandoned. r"hnpetf*or Wllllam havlng de
ridrd not 10 partlcipate rui-th-T. hsa mark
,,' . pact for the vp-tlma of tne mlna olo
a?ter at Gotrthe, B01 hum.
Askwith to Study Lcgislation in
U. S. and Canada.
1.lea, Allg. 9. -Kir r,f-org- Askwith j
?oan of the InduBtrtal ceiTurdaalefi of
Board of Trade and fainoux an B|
"trtlike braaker*' nnd saccat-Bful nv dlator
l? induatrlal dtoputea ls to ba aenl short-1
ui*- British govarnmanl to Canada
,,, t, t-aatla-te the workina of th* Indna*
trlal dlBpataa inveatlgation a?t ln the
Domlnlon. Durlng bbl ttlp Sir O**orge
probably will visit the Unltad states
where h? wlll make a study of Industrlal
Hr Oeorga Aahwtth'a trip to 1 anada ? *"*
dicatea thal Ihe -^eimrnoirl la dkrtar*
mlned lo attempt to remedy by ieglela
ti?u the .ondltions whlch have k?i*t tb*
British Tsie* ln ,-onstant Induatrlal arar*
tare f-r t e last eighteen m-mtl.s. He M
undOUhtedly the baat tnformed man in the
Unltad Kingdom on Industrlal *|ueatl< na
and enjoys the roa-da-ca of balk caaltai
?nd labor.
Three Other Pasuengers on New Haven
Train Likely to Die.
BMtoa baa; IV -Ti-re* af ti.e forty paa
-*;.Kers Injurifl yesterday when an ln
bound traln on the Pl; mOUth dlvislon of
tha New Vork New Haven * Martford
Rallroad lumaed the track in I>onhe.ter
were ln a .rltlcal eondltlon to-day and
not expected to recover. The death to
,.f Mr*. B. J. Kthier. of Sta.i.for.l.
,'onn. Mlaa Htella l>?vis. of llral. '
and Mrs Pannie WaidL of Atlantic
brought Ihe death Hot to aeven.
[nveetlgwtlons into the eaaaa of the
,*.,..k were begun by the police and l_ll
romi B-Mala and the State Rallroad
fommlaalon to-da.v.
Conflict Threatened Between
Hayti and Santo Domingo.
Haytian President Victim of a
Piot or Accident?U. S. to
Work for Peace.
IP-. T-'-srap'i te Th* Trtr- 1 '
Y4'a-illn*;ton. Au*;. 9.?War dOUda hanr;
ing over the twln repobllcfl of H* tl and
gai to Domingo ar- gtvlng official* of the
Pepartment of State much annlety. WMle
there is y,.| =ome .ionbt whether the trach*
death of Ctndnnatua Leeonte, the Haytian
rregld-nt. tv.,s the reaull of an ar-cklent
e- an aee*_eeinarJon piot. it la bellev*^
that he waa killed aither dtreetrj or Indl
rectiy a? a conaequenee of the unreai in
the llttle republle and the elaborata pre
cauttons he toob to protecl hlmaelf from
The Haytian government '?? eenfronted
bv- intro-nai diaaenaton and by threatened
*ar wlth Santo Domingo. Vo deflnlte
pollcx- for meetim; the expected emer
geney ha* yel i",pn formulated. American
trtprrstv tv-ii bc fully protected both ln
Hayti and Santo Domlnge
Dr Peynado, the Domtalcan Mlnlater ln
Waahington, haa heen Inatrneted to o\.
? | Ltlona for a loan of fl.OW.4J89 arith
whlcb to waa- war agalnat Hayti. The
State Departmenl wv\ doubtleea ua<
andeavor to dleauade the two republlca
from engaglng In a conflict
The American Mlnlater at Port-au
t nce eaya tn a dlepatch to the BUI
partmenl thal Ihe death ef Preeldenl ' "
conte waa probabl! acddental, and waa
due to Improper ventilatlon of amoheleaa
powder magaslnea. Hc report- that tiie
, .- || nulel anri tiat the Congreaa eled a
Tanerede Auc: tf Prealdenl b a vote ol
t ef nt
I.eoonte v*a? -eparrleil in Waahington -a
the leadlng spint tn tb* Impend ng wa-.
believlnjt lt would ba a popular move.
What effect hla <!<at!' will have on the
Bituatlon ia conjectural, but conditions ara
q ,v lool e<; upon a* gri
Beftor Menoa, the Haytian Mlnlater, doea
nol belleve there waa a piot agalnat lha
Ufe of Leconta or that hla death wai
.-au^er] by any ad of the revolutlonlate.
He thlnks one of the manj bulleta dla
charged a- a reaull of tha exptoadon killed
the President.
Haytian President Completely
Carbonized in Palace Fire.
Port-au-Prlnce. Aug ? The bod: eftbe
late Preeldenl of the iiavnan Republle.
Oeneral Clnclnnatua Leconte. w
- the flre whlcb deatn ed I e Na
tlunal Paia < her? yeaterdaj'. waa found
to-day Ijing on the '.-? ' ?? whlcb
he had alepl lt wa ? coi ? :?'? I
laeel. The authorltlefl ?.'? maklna ?",?nr -
nienta for a national funeral
- , tranamlaaion of powera to the new
Pr.s'iTii, fteneral Tancreda Auguat a, wbo
waa eeJeeted yeaterday bv ? ambera
?* ??-? senate and Chamber me-tine In
National Aaaembly, ?j. rarrled oul to
day in parfacl tramjultlty All tbe rnln
and other authorillea appaai I i n
s In Oei eral Au
g . te, and ? a armj aceepls the accom
p| sbad fael in a flre aplrll of l
d scipliae
\ large forea ef llrema.tlnuea 'n
eaerc i the mlna ef the palace and tha
adjaceni powdei magaaJna for the bodlea
of i li tlms.
T ?? rrlfle foi. e of tl * axploaion ia ln
d: ated
wlthin h ra.. m of three-quarl i ef a
mlle aroun. I ? i ala. ?? *?r? _ il
Ag. d, T ii roof of Ihe Xal ' Iiank
was ln f aal part deatroyed.
I Istrtes were completely
anattered by the debiis cauaed
?lon and tlc i um< ro u
whleh burai and whose fr.>u
thrown to ;i long dlatai lha dr
rv: an th. ?? cami -. l vvith tha
A, houae belonglng lo a Gi an named
... -. ttut. d at "f 989
yarda ? National Palaci
pier.-od from a de to i sbell,
? ; ,,-> however, di.i not Injure any of th.
Custoraa Collections Show Material
Increases Over Those of 1911.
Waahinjrton Au* 8,--Material h?creaaea
? ??<.'.ii in tha eii?tonia 'olleetjona of
Saj-ito Domlago during June. Tha total
<? reported as 1984.791, an Increaae over
June laat vear of 87JK The BjTUBO t-Ol
lectlona for t 11 *- eleven months eitendlng
from Auguat. IM1. to June laat are glven
bb Bjt,f|7,a7_, an Increaae of 1318,1187, li
port returna foi June ylelded 19,471 mora
than June of laat J ? nr
There are reporta of an abundanl erop
of eacao thla year, and tha natiieiing
, ll cati nd nm h bej ind I he
_?? ...i aeaaon
_- a
Demands of English Unions
Won't Aflfect Shipping Men.
whlle the repreaentall1 se of the Amer
tcan Aaeorlallnn of Maati - Matea and
!?,'...? knew yeaterda. of tbe oman'i.i
of the Hationul I'nlon Of Maatera Bn'l
Pllota of Knglend. aa pubitahed ln Thi
Tribune l ald thera -v.i". no affllia
tion or work Ing agreement between the
Kngliah and Amerb-an unoaa. Arthur O.
Stiiea. general counsel of the American
aaaoclation, aaW the body be repreaented
Wmt not ;t rlctl labor unioo, and ?..i
not formed for eggreaelve puiroaea, bnt
for the 1 *t protectlng Ita mem?
bera :n the conaervlng of thelr legal
rlglita Th- ICngllah unlon, on the ??? icr
band. had ;i"- regtdar trade unlon feat
i,. aald ihi 4.a?;r- "t the American
ntaaters. aaatea and pllota were from IS
t., :;". per cenl higher on tha average
than those of tl.e men in thaae claaaea
in lj'Kiaii'l. The EngUali unlon demamia
,,-. \. bboI "i from 1,. lo 1.888 lona
groaa reglater ar? tarenty-flve pounda ?*
month foi maatera, fifteen pounds a
month (o~ flret matea, thirteen pounda
8 month for aeend matea and elev. n
poundB a tnonlb for third matea. fm one
of the 1's.nama Une etenaaahlpa, ha aaJd,
ti,e raptaJn recelved two hundred end
tweatg-nVe dollara 8 month. but thia
_raa aigher than th. general average
??\Ve have an airreenient with all tbe
rompaniea since 1117, whleh baa \wn
.cneralh llved un to." !ie eontlntied "the
oni4- ireeiMa andng a agrtaal atrfke hra
vears rtffo or ao wbl. h Should never have
jjbj, n ordered and which was loat. Our
ors-anlzation 88 formed to Improve e*M8
jjHlmr and kaaa up wages ln a pea< eaMe
ar H >_?__ WBO'."
Speed and Gliding Tests Fin
ished in British Oorapetitions.
BallBBUIT. Kngland. Aug. t*.--Tr>* mii:
.-,r. aeroplane competltlona at Um army
fl-lna around-. on Bnlhabui-y riain. st
,xt membera ?' the Houae .->'
rommnru. a number of peera and aeveral
forelan nava! and mllltarv atraehe* are
r-ren-rt. v. ere Hfjratn !nt*rfered with t<.
dav b) gust; aiada,
Maurlce Prr44 o*t rr.mp'?ted the speed
feat on a Fren.-h Deperdussln mor.oplane
4* .ri* a maximum of sixty mlle* nn hour.
M;.re,?; H inrl.'.t ar.d TxiUi* Bl4**l0t l fl
thelr monoplane*. flnl*hed the glldlng tetat.
in which the machlnaa. -B-rrylng a full
load <-.f almoel eis-ht hundred pounda, a*-.
required lo de?.-*nd. wlth thelr m.'tor
BtOpped, at a uradletit of 1 <n 8,
Beauraont Makes Boulogne
from Paris via Havre.
*gne. 4ug. I The arall known
Prench avlator, Bnalgn Joan Loula f*a
mille Conneau. of the Fren.-h ,uw. who
fliea un-ier the name of "Andrl Beau*
mont' hao auceeaorfuliy negotlated the
flral two st?gea of hi* Journey from
Paris to London In o hyd-roaeroplane.
Btartini from Parif on July **?"? he foi*
lowed the eourae of the Belna and landed
thla mornin.** on th,- eeafront al Havre.
lie rea v-d here ?t 1:46 thla aften.i
havlng Bown along the eoaat from Havre,
but was preveatad from contlnulng his
journey to London owlng to bla machlne
comlng into coUiiion wlth a flahlng Loat.
whlch carrled away one of if- winga
T ?? hydrooeroplane lo undergotna re*
palra and suppllcs are belng replcnlshed
Iti readlnesa for the resumptlon ol tne
>rr""N- _
Chinese and Portuguese in
Clash at Colowan.
Hong Kong, Aug k- I band of Chlneae
plratei to-day attacked the amall i-iiand
0f Colowan, la fhe -rlcinlty of the Portu
i guese dep, ndency of Macao, at tbe moutb
.,( . uiton ftlrer. Detalhi of the llght
: tng havi not yel reached bera
. onslstlr.g of a deiach*
ment of lortj f-*ortugueaa aoldlera, have
... d to thi ? ? ne from Macao.
? ? Oghtlng whlch oecurred two
yeara ag.> between the Chbiase and l *
Portugueae on the laland of Colowan
g to a diapate between tha ChliMoe
and Portugueae eataortttaa ? ? r the quee
tlon of its ownaral Ip) a i I ?? '
consiatlng ol 118 Portua ' " ' ra, has
ber.n -tatloned there
! Ouillermo Barros Succeeds Pre
mier Figueroa.
Waahlngton, Aug I I changa la the
j f'hlllan Cabinet was r.-ported to tha State
Department to-day from the Amarleaa
. itloti Bt Bantlage wltbeut a-planatlen
? ? tn- ??? tor,
The Ei Vaera Klgueroa CaMnal has re
1 ?!a;n?.l and arter aer***?I attempta * new
net *4** f..rnie.I laal night with OuU*
Barroa as Prlme Mlnlater and
?tei of 4grt*-*_Iture, nnd Anionto
liuaaeua ao Mlnlstar for Porelgn Affairs.
Th4 laal -*am*d i* a brothar-la-laa of
;a** Innib-' ? formerl Mlnlstar
... : ? itatea
Turks and Montenegnns With
draw from Frontier.
fonetantlnople, Aug *? The dlfllcultlea
? ? Montenegro and Bulgaria n"* ap- .
r- n in a fHir "a- ot settli ont owing
l ? ? Oreat Rrtlala ami
ol her powei is 1 ? Ball
ronfll "f ' onflm allon h ..4 l? ? n r. ?
I of th ? irklah a
Montenegrln troopa hav.* arlthdrawn from
th* frontier.
The Turklah Mlnlstar ->f Justice, Hilmn
. ? ristted the Rulgaiian Mln
'-'? II Barafoff, and. ir Is understood
easured him that the Potrte profoundly re*
gi tt ? Bulgarian llves I
mmenl hsd determlned
r : ? aoldli ?-?. but
1 to lake aetlve measurea to pre
.-!? further maaaarreB
The (*ommlttee of t nwn and Prograss
ed headojuartero ?t BaJonk?,
sanreral of the laadara have arrtvad
London, Aug. Id.?The f'alkan Bltuati->n
ls much more hopeful. and the arrlval
at Bt IVtersburg to-da-, of M I'olneare.
* ? ; -. sch Pramler, to confer wlth the
Uu-bi.iui lnliiisi- ra, la Bxpected to have
a luriiier calmlng effact The altuatlon,
? ? r, la atlll dellcata*, aa tha Albanlana
demand aut<.noniou government, an.i
fea-? ar.. expraaoed ln st iv tersbura
t ..,* an autonomoua Albanla might in
cluda thi Noirlbasar and Uskup prov
Inces, ln whlch .-h-.- Bervla, Bulgaria and
Montenegro would all express reaentmant,
and posslbly resorl lo hoethitles
Unionists Jubilant at Scries of
Electoral Victories.
London, Aug. 8.- Tn* captura of a b*_I
11. the j,; -? le.-tion at Northweal Manrhea*
tor ' OOrterdaj . when Blr John llandl*-.*
1 nlonlst, defeated f'ordort llewart. tbe
Nberal candidate. has lafUsed B fmirk
able . pirlt of Jubllatlon Into fhe Uatonlel
part?. lt I* the eighth seat the Untont**i
have a*ua from the Radlcala alnce tbe gen?
eral eleetlee af 1818, and all e-erta to ex*
piain awaj the succeealvi defeata of the
I Uberal candldataa Bl by**ele__4>na fall to
diasipata tbe sense of depreaalon on 11 1
Uberal alda, arbleb is enhan.e.i b> th 1
resignaUon of the Maater of _llbank, who
organlxed the auccessful Uberal electlon
cnmpaigTis. and the rebelllOUS Bttltudo of
the I?l*or party. whlch threaten** to put
188 candldataa la the flel.l at the next
general ele. tlon.
There are seventy-tbree I.iberal Ra<lleal
memberB wboae aeata were wea bv ma
Jertttea of i*bs than o<tn, and many othara
bj raajorltlea n"t much greatBr, The
T'nionlais argue that the coun.ry Ib BO
hearttly diaconteated 441th the dnance
methoda of Chouamller Looyd G^e-rga tbal
if A aeneral electlon were held now a 111a
lorlty Of the?e *eats would b*> w..n for
the Uutonlatfl and many otiier ae-it- eap.
i,,r.-i in the uiangalar eoatoata eaaasd
by tbe arr^-irance <>f I-i'>..r .andllate*.
.*??,, aeiioii* 1* ih* T-sbor attltude tb?t
on 'he apprarance of a stmng mlners'
r*andldate to-day to rontest the MldMhlan
*,.at * a.-ated Ii4 the MaBter of Kllbanlf
the latler taJ llagkl t.X)k the WI?9U-1
,-ourFe ..f Iwuing a manlfesto BdvWngtha
Midl.thlan I.lberals to nlthdmw thelr own
candtdate and ?upp?>rt the l.abor (andl
It *ieems oulte certain that ln the eoun
tr\ '*, preaent fernner n general electlon
would result bl * defeat for the Aso.ulth
government. ami lt 1-ecom* s a qjntBatlBB
a hat hai the mlnistry wlll be able to retain
power for the two >ears ne.eBsary to
overrlde the 1-00888 of l.ornf' objectlons to
Ib.nie Ilule and the other blg Liberal
Rebels Harass Country with
Dynamite and Bullets.
Prisoners, Rich but Starving,
Offer High Prices for Succor
?Americans Safe.
iProm Th? Trlben* B'ir??n |
Wa-hinjrton. Aug. 8 TfiimafQua acts of
vloience are belng r-ommltte.l bv the Nlca
raajuan rohele, ac-ordtnir to reporta reeeh
in_C th? I.eparttnenr of gtata and th?
N;i- iJ.partm.uit to-day. The rebela are
directing thelr rftortn triward cuttipg- on*
rai'road nn.i telegraphlc eommunlcatlon
Wlth Manau'in and have be? n l . ceeaful
to a arent extenl. oniv me.astre reporta
ato rec.-lved frorn rhe .-apltal city. and
thev are delayeil.
There are dlaturhancee on the eaat ? ial
of tbe republle, according to the eom
mander of the Tacoma, 'ien^ral Mena'a
for.-ea conflnins: their acrivlnes rr, the
irestern ?.e.-tion r.f the republle. Tr u re?
ported tiiat tbe rebel leader an.i M.s li"'i
tenanta bave halted hoetllltlea near L*eon
and are holdlng a conference, ir ti ea
pected that attacka will be renew-e.i
Bluejacketa aie ezperieneing no dlfft
culty ln n.atntainlng protectlon ro Ameri?
can livea and property In Managua. The
three hundred and rlt'ty marinej. frnrn
Panama ritv are due to arriv at Corlnto
on gunday, and they will be dietrtbuted
tbroughout the nlrturbed sections.
Prealdent Dlaa la recruiling hla forcea
from tbe eaatern pait of Nlcaragua and
la ronfldent that he will be able lo put
down the revolt Ha haa promisci fo. d
and ciot!:ne to tha non-combatanta, and
? he poiiev ia havlng th. dead red effect
Meighborlng republli - are bringing
preaaur* to bear upon the warring e|e.
to aettle thelr differ.-nceji m a
. ? ful manner. Thi American Mlnlater
ar Managua reported to tha sr.it. De?
partment to-daj that, actina; under ln
Btructlonfl frorn th.-lr governmenta. the
tnlniaters from 4'osta Rica and galvador
al M .!? i* ;a w- re dotng thelr beal to ?top
the r.-belliati, but so far wlth. Ut l
Managua, Aug. ?.?The Slcaraguan go*.
arnment maintaina contlnued e.
in the outcome "f ?i ? pr- sent ili latlon
t aboul b- the revoll of Oem r.ii
Ifi former Mlnlater of War, and h'.s
partl?ans. The raiiroad and telegraph
?ervici ' Corlnto from the .-apital la
T'der the complete ...n'rol of the go\' rn
menl forcea.
The guard of American bluejacketa that
waa hroughl here t" protect the llvee
an'l property of American dtlaena haa
made a good impresslon. The health ami
??pltits of the m*n are #_.-.-.i|rnr.
A body of Inenrgenta to-daj removed
a rall on thr railroad track and a
ger triln Whlcl pa - '!? aft.-rward
waa dltched, one p?rson belng killed Aa
att--mpt waa made to dynamite ene ol I
ralln ad bring-e*. but this was prei
by tbe guard? The American naanager of
the railroad haa taken m-a.aur_s to re
? e traln servh-e. and train* are nov.
runnlng to Corlnto Government troopa
patrol lha tra.-k from end to end Deaul
tory flrlng is reported nlghtl) along the
i Tomlnei t dtlzena of Orana
held prieonera bj the inaurgent* are ln a
cr.ndition of vlrtual starvatloi and hava
0 'r-,,\ aa m ieb aa l^1 8 piat.- f"T f.I.
A rtght wlthoul d'^nit- reeolt oecurred at
Acoto yaeterda: between the government
tr.iopa and the Ineurgenta. Comrals
aent by ijepcral Mena hava eomi ll to
Managua to n-iu^t an ar:
fo allow the mintatera of galvador and
. ..4., Rjea I.. ? ait hlm. The government
i | yal r ? , . ?? ? i
Nicaraguan Says an America.i
Fruit Company Oives Aid.
freneral fonA MarU. Moncada fi
Mlnlater of the lnterior of Nlcaragua wh"
li noe I ? - Ity, made tlv atatement
? i| Oeneral M. i* b.dng ald
ed i". hla inai.rr-??ti-T sgalnat the ?r rn
? ' ? ' i k-- ' u ? ? ???
I'nlted Statea
<;er'.er-ii Moncada waa nol deflnlte ahou*
hli .-'.a.-g;e that thia company wm n i ?!?
Ing a?.?lat;.ne? to thr eneinies of the t>la'.
government. Tt waa ln the courae of ?
talk en g.-neral rondltlena ln the country
when he waa B-Uted whether C> nera! Mena
hid any frlenda ln Kew Tork
"Y?v ' replied General Moncada. "He
haa various frlenda K'pe.-lall- a certain
American friit company."
T!ie p-eneral would nof tell the name of
tha ci npany which is seeklng to ouat
Prealdent f?laz.
MI wi i onb- aay." Oeneral Moncada
romment'd "that T know thut th? com
i an baa berped Mena "
Antwerp Aug. ? The Oerman steamer
Herrnia. from llamhurjr. vvas dctalned b
the authorities here to-day ln eonsiHitienee
of the discovery "f irreal quantttle* ??'
rartrldgea. gunpowder and other cxplo
?nong her rargo deatlned for Tur
:. The munitlort i arere found hidden ln
: ig of rlre_
Organization to Demonstrate
Philosophy of the Stars.
An orsanir.atlon advnc.itlng Ihe eatab
!1 hmenl "f ? unlveraal ehureb and fra
ternity through the study of the ?tars and
? i i reatoratlon "f propheey to rellglon"
was Incorporated yeaterday under the
name of the Astrolojrleal goeiety, 4.ith
the approval of Juatice Lehroan. Among
the liKorporatora are AUon /.. Btavenson,
Of V" l*2f? I_?xington avenue David
Harrllr.y. of Xo. 43) Kaat vjd Btreet; M..-|.
Zwart, of No 1871 Simpaon stret. Th*
Hronx. and Abrahain iKann-.l'l. of N" I8M
Madlar.u avenue.
Tiie orpanlratlon purpoaea to "demon
atrata ,(> th>- membera and tha a-orld at
larae ln an intelllnent and authortsod
manner tbe phllOBOphy of atellar influeii'-e
and vibratlona, commonly c.-.ll?,| aatrol
')?? . .<nd apgty thr Vinowledge to all tiie
affairs of life." it Intenda to ''nreaeh,
pra< tlse ami le.-ture upon MlT4Jtog| <i"l
eeeull phileaophy an.i to iditcklate tba
rn- sterlea to whleh aatrology la th.- kev .
and to estabiisb cluhe, Ubrarlaa and bu
reaua fr-r predlctlng ev-ent-. for the benetit
of the membera and tho woii.i generallj
Tl.e in.orporatlou papers state that tiie
oraanlzatlon will "advocate freedom of
thought and act In all reii(j|oua ma'ters
and Instruet and prnteet the membera.
will advocata one unlveraal religlon and
lantrnasre. universal peace and brotlier
hoo.l of humanlty, without diatlnctlon of
rare. ereed or aex, anrl Aft in harmon4
wlth other societi^- for a slmllar dlvlne
The nssoclatlon will "diligently seek for
the truth by r,ll aclentiflc and o.ilr
rneajia, and in.estigate the lawa of nature
and develop the dlvine powera latent In
New-York Tribune
The Fsstest Growing Newspaper?With a Concen
trated HOME Circulation That Is Unequalled?? Pro
gressive Without Being Radical. Clean Without Being
Dull, It Is the Recognized FAMILY Newspaper of
Greater New York.
Special Features in To-Morrow's Isaue
Jerome K. Jerome Poured Beaming Smiles
and Optimism on Kate Carew
lu his "den" al Marlow, on the hank? of ihe Thames. the aothaf nt
"Three Men in a Boat" recehred The Tribune intcrviewer and gave
her hia riewa up.*n modern life and morals, th* -taize and many e,trier
cta The not*4'! English writer proved a "Study m BlueB,** but
his worda were r< *y aritn ^"<*>d cheer. He thtnka there'* plenty of
?ul for [Itada and Odysseya and epi,- poeraa -n life jval ao it is
Foollfh Waste and Foolish Frugality
in City Aftairs. Says Fosdick
Retiring Commlaaioner of Ace*ount8 thinkj average munkipahty
? da half iti incotne Kke a "drunk.cn -ailor" and then tinds Itself
iforced I i -trencli tn rxpenditure of the other hall He diaaecta for
rhe Tribune the varioua kind* of graft. and say* thi** anctent baa*
b,.,ir jg - aring from Near York'-* munictpal lit'e. A few wnrds
aboul G irdian knots he ha*- *evered with an a\e
Luxurv and Beauty Combine on the
Ocean-Going Yachts of Rulers of Nations
i h primary function of the ofhVial sea-homea of Enreoeeafl royalty
\4 nol lo ad as pleaaare craft. but to -"upply qtnct. plea*-ant ?pots
for diplomatic negrtiarion* The C~_r of Russia h.ii the largr.it and
nest of roval craft in the Standart. Then o>tnes King fienrge ?
V- toria nti-l \lbert IH. N'ext in BISC is the King of Italy's Savoia.
The Man Who Can Break a Bucking Bronco
Could Ride a Raging Hurricane
t'otji-nova .g'*f Huiil of whalehone, eonteat f,,r worlaVa br.nco
?im" chatnpionship at Cheyenne. Four diya of thia weei the
\\ miiig metropolts will hc thrilled by "frontier days" feats
Oriental JVlystics Are Gatherlng; in Force
for Invasion of America
Hitii.'ii-ni. Buddhiatn and 5un Worahip have already g*ined many
ronverts, chi-fly atrong women, in this country, and n<->?, Mahonefan
prr-phets will try to glean their 'hare of the "h.irves*."
The Woman'a Pages of The Sunday Tribune majntain a hjgh star.d
ard of excellence and usefulness. The contents each week appeal not
alone to the woman who leeks after the so-called feminine thtngs?-the
kitchen. fashions, ete?-but are equally valuable to the woman who
through nece3sity or inclination is eager for useful and concrete infor?
mation along nuite different lines.
Aminz thr fraturrs on tbe H'oman'r Pa^es to-momn
titll hr found tmi'lv tirttclr' on thr fnllonLtng:
One Picce Serge Coatume for Early Fall Days. Illustroled.
.Old-Time Furoishioga Sootbc Oterwrought Ncrvcs.
New Stylcs io Bags. Illustratcd.
Ostrich Feather Boas for Midsummcr. ^
Ao Etbibit of Bacteria
What to Eat Next WecL
Secrcts of the Toilct Discussed in ihe Boudoir
The Rainbow of Nea Fashions.
The Magazine Section ? Sunday Tribune
celebrated wnters. special articlea that are timely, all profusely
illustrated by leading artists. with highly artistic cover design in
ffrre arra ftW of thr ?ood thrn^r thut wili aptrar to morrow;
" N\'irk M vn ' x,raor<linar> Rooiaoce (Third loataltnent)
,torv i- by FRANCES NEWBOLD NOYES. and the illu-tra
tiona are ihe work oi FRED PEGRAM, the noted F.ngli*h Mlustratfr.
A BUSINESS WOMAN'S STORY. By Janet Litchfield.
\ confeaaion by a "succesafnl" u-oman that ?he ha* mis*jed the beat
part of life.
By S. Ten Eyck Bourke and Charlea Francis Bourke.
NARCISSAS VALUE. By Jane W. Guthrie.
By Raymond Hitchcock.
EN KELOHENU. By Emily Goldsmith Geraon.
SHERIFF REACH'S MIRACLE. By Henry Gardner Hunting.
These are a few of the Special Features of to-morrow's Sunday
TRIBUNE, which will also contain all the Cable and Tele
graph News. all the General News, all the Society and Resori
News. and more comprehensive Sporting News than any other
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