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Norman Hunter Forced to De
fault on Account of a
Light Sunstroke.
Travers, Evans, Wood and Kerr
Reach Semi-Final Round and
Will Fight It Out fo^
j-. f? iraph ' Tha Ti ihune.:
wheHiofi. Ui Bept. "? No matter what
,.e oi't<~4>me -', Bucceedlng rounda may ba
Hflvean ? up, - mblematlc ..f the
amateur ??->'' champtenehlp ..f the Unlted
bbBM arlll n turn '?> Ameriea That
'..#.*'?> settled bj the .iefault of Nor
v. y Hunter, of K.linhurgh. in the
?mi round ??' the natlonal tournamenl
. |M llnka of the Chlcago Golf Ohib
ht,t lo-da. H inter ^mi.k hla colora
^.pre W'arr-n K. Wood. of Homewood,
-._9 will meet his old rlval. "Chlch"
.-\_n_ of Edgewater, to-morrow. The
t*0 jeml-flnal brachel 4vas Bltad by Jc
!_me I'- Travera, of Upper Montolalr,
lnd Hamilton K. Kerr. cf l.kv.;niok.
-Tiu. thr Ea*i and the WoM an bound t..
ggg ho: r BClMVB cia.-h OH !*,it
Trj4.-~ hii pla ? ln the aem1.
<M| round at th.- expenae of Maeon
.belp" 8f Mldlothlan a fnrni"! Weeteri
oam \^. atlon champion. while Kerf
?ho i? thi real aurpiiac of the toun .<
aagtc, defeated Paul Haater, "f Midlo
?liian, " a gruelllng extra h<ic mat. h
int as* d*clded on th- thlrty-eeventh
r.ttti. Bvana always had cetamaad of
ggfltlmtion in hia tlH wuh HMnrleh j
i.hmldt. of Worccster. tht Maaaachuaatta i
gaheMer. but Hunter hung gamely to
K?od BBtll compelWl to gflfanll hecau*. .
ggB-exceaa-Ve heat and what a physi
i a llght suiistroke.
incena ?-. with hla drlwr. Travers ?m
coBtlnualiy gctting into dlfflculties off tl c
m Bareby ealllng upoa his wuuBetPil
p-w.r. of recovery, which BBVOd him
?jme ai.d again. The i4Hy he played tho
?;jat hoi' in the mornlng was an BhSB
-liio'. hfl distancc is 4>>8 yards. and
p_?lr. 4. th the honor got a4vay a long
nil Tr.-4.rs allced to ? Plt, and the
w*n_ shol lantled him into another ir.ip
__!le tror., there his ball found thoBePthi
o.i flravellke haiard OB the fai I flt 0
ha green a'l cf whlch cauaed Walter J
-n\:? Fred Herre.si-.off an^l OewaM
who were in the gaUery, to K-ok
tltm. They brlghtentd a nionunt 'ate..
gatmtt hen i-rrv. *n>. one of thoael
HVI ii ,,t- of hl*. took ap a eload ,
out of i' popped th.
_-i.ii never pauaed until it came .I
figbt te- i from the cup. In tbe mean
pa'a aecond, a trlfle allced, found
if the rough. and hU third over
in flfteen feet He mtaaad bta
i whereupon Travera, thi n_at
ehampion, holed hla cight-foot. r
hrl halve in 1. "How can you l.eal that
. nd of golf?" exci8im?d an enthnaleaUc j
N.k rorkt r.
? ? througbOttt me niornli.g ,
follewad InefBei t Ptaelpe
V des. takir.K thr.-*
green, fletriag trapprg !
flndlng the rough at the
gi ? placed Travers . U|
. advantage to i up at the
ippOlient again d'-v--,
ort _ame At the sevemh
? bounda trom the tee, ??
xat th.-n .. BOCtabia >ort of a wa ?-,
hgran ? on hi* aaoend, i-o
:_at ihe ole 44a* halved. A kooS put:
ftri : on the nlr:'.h green ga\. Ph.lps
flMbol. and left him 2 down at the turn.
TraOrs r<aehe_ the turn ln 3_, tO the
other a 42
It ?as ? ie sam* atory during the home
wiro joumey. first one and then the
*tber g*t'.?f. into the sand or long gras*
Oely two of tho i?,ward nlne hoMe w.-r.
"Bved. Travera flnlshlng the morning
Iggfll _ (Ha cgrd showed 1% ta 82 t,>r
?Unlike hi* performance of yeaterday
?flagO-n ahen he settled the < hampi.'-i
ihip ur.ra'lons of Walter Trevta with a
mecesiloi; of hol^s under par. Travers l>"
l*n h.s ..i-n.,1 rmjiiii raegedl4-. Vhelps.
'fl the other hand, reeled off the lioh-s 11,
?*ei*th'ti(r like his h?-st Inrm ot pa--f BBB'
?ai, rlhehlng th* haifw^> pobil in *?,
**od nto ;a'u fo not only w-rrom. Trav
aaa'laad, bui actua!iy pis.e the Ifetra
Wlltan Golf .\*_ociation champion 2 down
Trarert got gr?lng again coming in and
Kuared the msteh on the twenty-nlnth
tr-tn. He wh. alwayj up thereafter,
laaily wh.ning by a 2 and 1 margin.
Tha ranls f.iliow
*n-ari o'.'
P-alpi ,,
JWlpa. u.
Jaip?, o
irav-ra. ?
ftalaa, Ir
The bopea of tl.e foreign pMyera were
Matted thla -.tt- rnooa whea Noraaaa Hun
<*r found lt neceaaary to default to Wood
*?*u-4f of pbyaleal inabillty 10 continue.
^'nt.r baa ba n BaHet-IBJ from the In
t*ns? heat _:i week. artd whlle he m;in
'l*d to fli ish the mornlng round with
*? UP to hi* average, he waa vlsibly dis
"?*t*-d or. -I.e Inward Journey. and was
tortly able to get to hla ro4>m. He la in
'** ln the eiub dormltory to-night. under
,h* care of a physiclan and nurse. < old
^mpretaes are being appiled regularly
'? Ws head to war.i off threatened proB
?ation. The phykidan aaya that a night s
r*?t 441)1 put him out of danger.
Tha Edlnburgh golfer haa bt-en 111 eince
S-W-ay, belng unable to stand the heat.
^"U. together with the fact that he had
***** ?l*ep during the laat two nlghta,
tale hia phyalcal condition anythlng but
f6*1 He found lt neceasary during y*?
'"nlay'a rounds to lle down on the grass
r' tha ihade heveral ttme.v Hunter's re
fc?muijl* conditloB advar.ced Wood to tbe
ai-fti?i round and gave him an oppor
;n,t> lo real this afternoon whlle others
*>*d th.ir matches under a troplcal
" "0?d 4verit around ln 77 In the morn
* *r,<i _t that point was 1 np.
-^??8 had eompaimtlvMy little trouble
n ''inunatlng Bt hmidt, ih. margin belng
"n<1 ? Qolng out la 28 to others :i9, Bvaaa
88 1 up a, th#( t,Jrn jn the m?rriing and
BUh-aj the inund 4 up. Keglnnlng at the
?!'th hoi*. he llnlshed the round w ith a
*"'? of a?ven ls, and atartlng th. af
|*n<K'n circiit i,e made 6 more In Buccee
' 8T 12 fours In a row, a r.markal.le
*** ot work
*t tiia aevanth hole In Ihe afternoon
^??oo. 1 ilp and although Schmldt toak
ihji *blf to s.-ttle Ihe match 011 the
^^?nth green.
?ut of tbe next flvo holea, Kvans
a 4 4 4 r. 1. 4 _ ;t :is
-'-". out 4 I. ft 4 fi t 4 4 I ..:.
HaJl-i."-- ??"> ??44 4444 M 77
C?'?. ir. . 4 ft 4 ft ft .'. 4 .'. 4 4 1 HO
_iC_._*t 444444a ft .. ;::.
r*aaa '. out ? *' '? * ft ? 4 ? 4 ? *''
T*M*' B..4 I ? ? a a a a a
**"r had the hardest match of ih<
I. flndlrn tt nacessary to go to the
nou.m.w i:. HCNTER
Who araa fearrad to defauit his Biaten to Wutftm K. IV.I Bl Cbkrage jtt
. terday.
Tech Jr. Breaks Records in
Fifty-eight-Mile-an-Hour Dash
Little Hydroplane Travels at
Express Train Speed to
Win Heina Cup.
Tl ?? Tr, h jr., g 18-fool hydrop i
owned '.>> .'..lonei T '.'!.n.*n Iu Poait
of Wll-oiagten, Del., brahs all Bgead ??<*?
Btaai yeaterday arbtle r
trla ? pf .. mile each over ? '"'??!'
, onr.se on Hunlington Bay foi the ':
4-np. Thli troph) **pre?ent? the *]
? ploaiehtp fer nioiof boatfl 81 thal
tnnee. The Te h .lr arOB the eup, an.i
her hutefll rnlla raa Bnade ln n
n i ? . .- di t.Wn ul pt.Uu rai
knots. or L4.I fltatUtfl mile- an I our.
iari argfl made a: i ? ?
was ti,< r,r.<-; mttt
ii.-i other iive ti-Bla war? madfl li
followlng tlmea IM, 1:48)1 ?
i.4i.',-", and I ?M Her average apeod
f(,r ,- . ;v ?? ais Bfl --? II knots, "? '" ?
. . an hour. After t?-.<- raee I er oa
, lK.:i<riB"i 'I ?-' ovvn-r of ;?ll thi Bfl
Reliancea t? 4 raei at any aiauaiee.
The Baby '!? II "i'p n eame oul 'or .< ,
Resigns as a Member of the
Manhattan Chess Club.
it wiu be ? BBBtter ef great aurprlai lo
ehes* piaysra to laarn t'.at Jead R? ?__
blanca who haa uum latltnataly klsntlflsil
arlth thc aafsnhattan C*l*-aea Club flln.
nrst eame te thi- oeantry, In laal and
baa been Ita ai*4enl chami Ion and rapn
Mve in bta travelfl around tbt world.
haa s.-vere.i all eesaveirtlon arltb thal or
panir.ation. Thfl brllbanl .'uhan rr.aster
ha* long fell tnaf csrtsln laterafltfl In th*
chlb were nonr- too frlendlv |o him.
WBs not untll last Tueadfl evening, arhsa
the .nrertors aeted ln h manner parrtlea*
larlv offaBBlVfl te hlm, that he deetded to
That the fortheomlnr: New V< rk-Ha
vana internatlonal ebOBB champlonshlp
tournament win r,e ? gajeoeaa araa rnade
ertain y.Bterday by lh? rec.-lpt on the.
pait of v D. Hos.-i.auit, rasnaglhg dl*
rector, of letter* of 8*xaapt8D0fl fl*-*B >">?>l
A K. RubiiiBteln. the RusHlan ebauaplon
nnd ijba-Uaagsr ef Dr. t_aa*er, and Dr. s
l*arraaeh, ef Nursmta rrg, loeg rated aa
the leaiiing exponent, next tS I" Ui?-k.-t
of the gainr la Oerroaoi,
Hasha-Chapple Contest Post
poned?Locker Wins Easily.
Rain eaaasd n.* pflstpsnaraisaii of the
match race Bajtafleee. MBoie Ha?ba ?
Taxas Bpead aaatarfll, *nd Arthur Chapple,
?f n.-w V'.rk. Bl tbe Brtghtoa Bsacb
rootoadrorne last nlght
<;eor?e i.oeker. of Byracuae, aren tha,
flve-mile professional *80fl from Bllll
BI.Khl*. also Of H.vracuse. in 3.4a i-l.
i ocker rode h brilllanl race all tha aray
iJuring this race rain eovire.l the |Og
Ki,s of tha drivers, and ll was more.te
Joo_ fartuae tha,, eoytblag elea thsi a
M-rious acCldSBl dM no. ^' T* ?"
gm arore btladed, and guldad Iheli aaa*
ehin.-s as much by la*et*r*el m aaytbJng
1 Mir.ier araa the thr.rnlU rac< rram ?
faat field 18 I'M H
thlrty-aeventh hol* te take th. raa
of Pa,.i Hunter. Al Ihe end ef the rnorn*
Bu ro.i.,,1 Kaan bad Bunter l down,
golng aroand la :? ta tha othei - '?? ?"'
goM oa ii.it.tfr'H aart radiieed Ken eaa
B* the afternoon tO 8814 8l the Blnth.
Kgrr araa 1 up af tha - Ureaaatb. bul Hun
?.,- was able io lake thfl flWSSOth and
alateeatb t-hh feura. Ktmrhtg i"*
matrh The MMlothlan Blayer bscsme
?,,?, .,?. Bflventseath, bal ? Baa four at
,he li'O-var.l 88888 BOle pM-mlll.d K?8T 0
lev.l mail.-.-. A four o? th- evtra ho ?
?, Muntera hve set.led the matrh ln
favor of the Kkwanok man.
The Mumtnary ioIIoh."
tmtmam B rntvaro.^*^^ _$_?'
Ilanilitnii K kti. ?,ole?1
Hnnte. MMhablaa. 1 ^' '^_^ ,rat H.m
rrharl** Ba-u_*. __i_"*jftV-_Mi r, to plty.
rlch Brhmldt. Woreeater. H "f ""';,;_, s,,,,,,*,.
Warren K avood_l^-TLSy' of^Bdlnbtrrgh
r. llunter. Honorabla l "tnpan>
f.yiftr*. b} Jtfavi''
her clutctl k'nt hot and ahe V4BS
obllged t-> r. -ii. Thi Bah] Bi Uaat a 111
*tart.ii ;.t ?'. p rn and ma.l- :> gOOd
. .. , t( . .llM ;. ,, nfl _ - ? oinl.
? i: 1-7 third, I M i-'. foorth. in 2-'.,
_-. t--.; sixth. IBM, Hei ?? ?
4*a> _.' .?- kaota .-r .:; II miie*. The
,..(:.-i boat 'le .io the ki? Mata araa
ti,. Pamther Cub betoggfog to M.
i ? ? -?? Her tlme "a* . io4v
The Maple Laaf IV "a* .-ut at .". p m.
hut ber owner Becllaed t" tace fladhag.
- araUmlnerj apurta, tiu.' her
ruddar ".<>< n?.t m flood erdei le tha
Brlttah arlnnerof th.- Harmaworth tropii4
i back on the llghter CamnHa
_,,,, .? - i -k. aad BOBl '?? New Vork.
?.- Moae Bfl ' fo* Londoa ea*
ir -? , iwentl 'foal l-.vdro
. 4 tpel ,,t \*nt
inn N J She i* equlppod wllh an cight
cyllndei Bierlhtg engina <>f Be-horae
|...4?ei lle- nidder .* lOcBted bl Ihe .en
bottom "f ti,* !">?' Oommo
dor. ?? H".? ll? and aleli inoed j
taaa ninht that thay 4*111 balM ?< < hai
?? t . ii,. iiarmeweeth
wm n- tha Maple laaf IV,
Semi-Final Round Reached in
Lawn Tennia Tourney.
B Telagrai te Th.
Philadelphia Bepl I -BaaaeH C ???? ?
tha fale captaln. raei with aa aaeapeeted
defeal in the thlrd round ef the ti.irt> -
aecond annue natlecial IntercoUeglatej
tawn tenah charaptonehlp 10-dav on thej
. ? bourta of l a Morlea CrlckM ciub.
II- Hn.. tlie la.-l euivnor of the Yala
for.-e* and he rteMed Up ln* place at *? i.
t ;,. j,, ?! w Page, tha Urdvawlty of
Pennaylvanla Btar I'age ha- baea one <>t
the Intereatlng Bgoraa >'f the tournament
uri'l in the floml-aaai round to-rnorrow h*
wiii moel -i. <', Netaoa, "t \>nnmn?\aw,
wi... Baraed bla place by .i.-feating wen
dell 8. Kuhn. of PftnoateB, at 7 ;., 8-3.
K. H. Whltn.y. of llsrvuid. Ihe wlnn .r
of Ihe Bnglm UUe taM y*ar, r.-talned hl*
pia.e along with Ooorgi m. Chureh, upon
whom Prinoetou plaa her hope,. of carry
liik' off th. bOBOTfl ln tbe preyent tourna
ment. Chureh 4va-. playtag Ma siu.th with
greal mverlty and defeated a W. lone*,
..i Peanaylvanla, at ft-B ?>? I
Tha Btimmarj foBoara
N. tli.ii.il Int.-n oll< Klaie rham|.ir,nalilp Blaglm
laetond round) E h Whittwy. Hanrard, iw<_<
.1 .i Armstrong, Blnnaaola, 7 .',. 7 6
Thi: | roiial H '?' I'afle. I'ennaj hanla,
?*-at i! ? daim, lala, * _?. 7 :,. t .. Bei
son -Jartmouthi beai B ,w. Kuhn Brlncetea.
7 ft, t, .., B ii fl/hltaey, Harrard, baal W
II M,., .-. I ?, i.i- ...... .; _.'. 8 4. ?; 41 > liur.h.
fiiiire|(,i,. \*a< x b J-oaaa Pennaylvaals,
?i l <; i
i.,,i,i,ie. ifir?i reaadi i <; Neteoa ?r"i H.
u M'ebber, liartmeuth, beai A Btrana. Ji ,
aa*\ i W Baaal. ? r?ie a 8, ? 4. u a B
McKean and i ? Deveram Harvard bmi V
\v i.,.,.. -ii'i ii W ?'fc?.-. Pwmajrleaala * 9,
,. . | 2 I 4 Mn. kf-ll .,11,1 A I' W'rlsht.
I'nivaralti of Pltttburgh, baal r A. Vlcte*
?,?! i, \ Kletrher, WiMl-n*. t. 8, .1*. I 4.
.\ ii Baa and R i Uaua, rata. baaa Bf. f
TIM.n and lt B. .laiiilaon. PeaBM. Ivanla. 8?8.
C 4 * ,
Bacond round Q A B BcKeaa and .1 <
Daveraux, HkmskI. 1..-hi .1. tl Nelaon an.i ll
w w. i.i.,-r Dartmotith, fl :',. tt 0. A. II Slan
.n,l lt C <:aiea. Tale, UhI I A Ma.K.rll
BBfl \ p Wrlsht. I'nl4rran> of PlttfltNWgb,
?1 _, 7 ft
Brooklyn Club Trying Out Novel
Plan to Heip the "Fans."
The ne4v "eoundetor" whleh Chgrlaa B.
i-bbetfl ta no4v t.hting ln Washington
r.,ii. has provad ItaaM ? dtoUael su.-.-.-ss
;,mi \4iii ln aii probahlBty be biMalled hi
iii.ii.i PleM 44 in n ihe aaa boeae af tbe
U.kl4fi H.if.l'.ill Club lf (inlshe.l. some
tlme tliis month. Ity meuns of thls BB
fni little Igatrumanl tha "fans'' wlll be
ai,i, t?> toiiow averj move ?t the game
The doctalona ol the amplrm <>n oaii.*
;.i.u atrihaa are aaaounoed; also thenia.4
.r^, hk they come to the hat, are called
0nt ThU. ln UM oplnlon of the ytaltefl
at UM untoe yesterday, I* the greatest
ronventance of alL On the eeorg aarBa
the iianie* Ot IJia flT more players eflflfl
-.n.i.ar for one posltion. and gencrally
,i,p,-e I* much ? onfu.-don as to who Is play
"'i..inendlog l*ro?" ???? 9**** >n the grand
1 , ar,. iiin.ieroiis llule megaphone
'_ w-hleh are connectad wllh ihe
'_.' !,..__ by telephone wlraa Iu the
'-''-,_ l.A la a Borl ot telephone. before
1 ii.i, inan Mta and eaBa off tbe men
iiY.v come 10 ihe bat. and all other
I1',, '?? ?f the game. The announ.e
JlJjJjSe aaaeni from uil the hort.s slmul
taneouslj- ,
Noses Out Aurora, Then Bests
Dorello in Special Race.
Pgvored by a good ?outhwe*t bree-p the
elghteen ya< hts that started yesterday in
th.- Mxty-flftli annual regatta of the
New York Ygeht Club rrjade fairly fast
tlme over the varlous courses allotted to
them on Long Island Sound
With <lub topsails set and balloonera
draarlng w.ll to star.oa.d ihe blg sloops
Wtnaome, Istal.na and Aurors got away j
In flne shape. almost with tlie gun. at 12:1.7 j
0Clock. The Winsome had a lead of
aboal half a length. The first leg of theh '
nineteen and one-quarter mile course wa*
from ihe stariing point. off Motts Point.
across the Sound to I'aisonage Point.
arlth tbe Wtod over their port quarter.
1'iom there they had a broad reacB on the
other g. he for Wnolsey * Reef buoy. an.i
from there a .lose fetch on Ihe last leg
to the finish
The Winsome gradually increased her
lead on th?- r.-aches. and WhOB lt .am* I
te ih.- fioae haaled work. arttb smaii jib i
i.ipsalls set, she waa abl* to <toss the
flatah llne a alBBOT by _ minutes 22 see- i
?.nd_ from the Vanderbilt sloop Aurora.
Th.- Winsome also salled a special rac. |
. fMinsf fieorge Batrh*ld?r h BOOP l?orcH'J|
II. ihat ya<ht having no class competitor.
Bhe *as allowed M mln'ites 1* BOCOndfl by |
llie Winsome, whlch finally defeated h.r j
by 3 minutes 57 seconds.
The Class p boata. the Windv4ard and j
Ihe Cara Mla, .rosse.i thi atartthfl Uae
hcain an.i .eam ^I'he .loyant got away |
tbraa minutes late. ' These tblBfl saile.J j
ii eoutae <.f Mghtaaa and ene-gearier
tnil.-s. with Parsotiage Point aad Matlnl
eaek PehM buoys as their turning marks
The Wind ward did the best 44.uk. win- I
n!ng from the t'ara Mla by :' minutes 14
Bla of ihe ?.*,<???? made ;. pretty start al!
ln a buinh. and S. C. Hunt.is .luanlta
V4.in from Ihe Roud., own.rl by II B
DueU, by the narrow margin ?f 43 8'--ond* j
Tlima waB also BOBM close work betw.-.-n
the five ??ini.ii Bcheeaara that atarted. I
Thej- eevered a oonrdt ot atoe and one-.
eighth mll.s. \\ iiliam Butler Donoan'fl
PaaBaBa protdaa the winaer by i minutei
4 seconds from the Rival
The Himiii.iri f.illou*
flLOOPfl Cl Aflfl R BTABT, (1 15 001 BflB '
it>'? \i'i -
I'ln-ah ilnir j
ll ' ar, - own* II M 1 H.B I- I
-Vli.ao.ie. K T Ila 1 -1,1m 2:28:3.1
.urara, _ I'aaderblit.. , 2 c. ..? 2 .n. .'?-'
latalena, .; m. I'.nition. 8:88-8. '. JB.M i
kii itsi: i.:, MILJCa
B M ? B T llai, . 2 4:1 30 2:2?"fl I
"U t 8 II Georgt M Ha'di
r! .er .... fcflfl.M IBI 48
?!>.,.e||,, II .??.?,.| -aI 12 ?.*.
'? rt led I ? Winaome, 2.11 4?, I'me o
11 _ 11:81
Sl^-.'is ClaABB P BPS< 1 Al. BTABT, 1- MJ
? 0UB8P, IBU BH-K8
-fladwarl R I M<.nk? .. I :>;.07 _ m "7 ,
.'an-. Mia. s B*elawrtgb' ?*? ll'-H 2:88:81
'.. a. ? \v 11 '-. 111. I-I8B8 n M-88
Kl v. rOBK TACHT ClatB Bl POOT . LJ.88
BTABT, U 10 >""i RBB, l?-4 bUUN
Iianita H. C lli;i,"r . . * _7 4.', _ .-,7 Al
Rew i) h . ii i. ? 5 _a ?-* -.".? 28
A htiiu. .. V K.jl.-iika.nr"' 8:_B:_3 - 50 2_
.?tn. r,-. J H Bergan U I 19.83 -;:--?> ?>
ll?ra i B sad .. i' Alkei 8 81 4:. .1 1.7 4-.
b. n i.-nt* t aa 4_ . . - ..
001 Raa, a a mii.b*
Yan.alia. M Bvller l?'in<_n 840:88 1:8t .':.
Rtval, w H .:-'lv, 3 i" :??? 1:36 M 1
Allete, W M Baldwln 2:11*0 l:8B.n_,|
llaff.>.1l'. A II il rr.f . . . _ 12 u". 8.5. 18
H. I.i. II fl lUnlolpli 2 12.15 1 W B (
Ti ? 4. anera wera lha fPtaaeaaa l i
Brlndwapd ihe Jnanlta ai.d the BaaahUla ,
ln Uie ****Mn\ M < laa* ?? P-tB4 waa i
offer.-i oaly foi a. yaehi nol alnnlnaj
h i aguiai i laea
Grieving for Husband, Wrote
"The Man I Loved Is Gone."
Mr. pert'.a I orde* who In.o |n a
teaaa that she owaad at Ka M fcasi
Mh fltfeet PJatbaehj Kiiied harmlf ;n her
lorne lu?t night b) inhullng llluminatlng
Sl e had attired heis.-lf ln the 44eddlUg
dreas ln whlch she was marrlrt. just
e|ev?-n years ago. and s.rawle.i a note ex
j'ialiiina her aet. hut afterwnr.1 had torn
the note to bltv MflflBlbara of tha falnil4
,i tba fi.4_in'n'* teajatbar aad On
elpbered part >.f what Mis Cordei had
arrtttea II un
"The matl I lo4e.| a Kofl* '
Mra Cordea'B hudbend, aha 44,.- a, proh
peroua hatelheeper at Ma IM Kiatbusu
avenue. died la*i Jnne, ?nd sin.e ttien
i-bt !.,,<! boetl tn a despoiident mood on
fragueai eccaalone A aaphew, Bdarard
I.?-mn_Mma_. :l boy of nlneleeti. 4venl to
e*ll her to dlnner last nlghl bul got no
iin*wei so he brought i. chalr and lOOhOd
over ihe irausom His aunt lay on Ihe
ied baaeath 1 b** Bt, ?nn n rabaer toba
in her amatb ft phgaaBaa t-ut't ahe had
baea ?1<m<1 for at least an hour.
Declares He Had Nothing to Do with
Roosevelt Platform.
I Tab araab ta Tls THbaaa]
W'j i.ming. N Y. ..eptcinher ;., Iflll
|o ihe RdltOr of The TtlliUli
Sh I ha4e 110 knowledire of any ac?
tion laken by the Bo-lallst i>j.it> with
reference lo mv r*latlotis lo "'olonel
It.tosevaH I had aothtag lo do with the
wrltlng .iihrr, of his pMtform a M bM
confenrion of fnlih.
la the above words Mr Hn,<,, ph.,-.d
tha executtve Becretary of th* Kew Terh
Count] So, lalisl fommlttee ln lha s. l.-ci
orgaataatloa wbtah Colonel RneaeveH
founded for tha laeptlen ol auch of his
frtanda and qppoaeata ?" ba.i tbe mis
forlune 10 difTer with him 011 any BBBjoM
und. 1 ihe sun Th- ifahappf pereea xo
,,!.,,,,! || .iniiijs Qprber, arhd announ.'*.!
Uie other day thal he had u letter from
Mr. Mruere statlng Ihat he had gone to
Oyeter Bag on tht- ootaoeTB tnvltatlon
nnd a.slste.l him In MjrtBg down several
planks of his platform
LMi. vengeance aga i-lHnn.d on Mr
Mruere hy the Soclalists for darlnn ,-\i?
to confer %4 ith the arch-enemy of tl e
movement. us BBd ln The Trlbun.' y.s
terBaa BBO-BtBB. and lt waa even riimor'-d
thal hl_ name mlght be Btrlchea from
tlie rolls Of tlie part>. Mr. li.-ih.-r ,_|.l
..n BTaaaaaaaji lhal action in tiu- naatter
4401111' ba taken at the next m.-.-ting of
the executiVe c.minttlee. on Beptember 14
What will hflflgaai now. In view of the
Hoclallat arlter'fl lai denlal of the
dhargafl, is a matter whlch will interest
man4. even outslde ,of the followlng of
Hugene V. 1?ebs
Mi. Hrufre was formerl. head of the
AsHOclfftlon for Improvlng tha fondltlon
of the Poor. He reslgri.d several >ears
ago to devote himself to the work of
Wrltlng on roclall.-m. and soon became
prominent In Branrh No. 1 of tlie New
York Soclallst organliation. His \ IHt to
rolouel Roosevelt was kept secret for
more than a month. finally belng revealei
through an anonyinoua letter from a
woman. In defence of his actlon, Mr.
Bruere aaserted that he had been ad
vl?ed bv William llaywood. of the In
diistrlal Workers of the World. 1o ar
repi the colonelB Invltation.
Four Years' Limit for Army
Officers' Detached Duty.
! l-rom The Trll.un' Bureau 1
Washington. Hept. B,
ofTl lalfl ef the War Department have ex
pre**e4l some surprise at the legislatlon
enacted al the reci-nt session of I'onKris.s
with relatiofi to deta<hcd serviee. When
the flr*t army approprlafion bill wa*
under consldiration n paraKraph was lo
eorporated wlth relation to thi* matter
an.l was one of the aubjeet* dlscussed ln
I'realdent Taft* veto meaaaae.
The BOt slgned on ABgTflflfl 24 leave* no
opportunlty for an offlcer to remaln on
detached ?ervlce ionger than four year*
After *uch serviee he mu*t return t". *.'_
troop. battery or company of the branch
of Ihe army to whleh he ls attached and
la which he ha* "been actually present
for duty" for at least two years.
Spe.-ial attentlon ha* been called to the
pbirgsa ' actually present for duty." which
*eem? le Indicate that an offlcer will b.
nqiilred lo bfl actually present with hlg
command for actlve duty for at least two
vears in every six. ThflIB are mariv raa*
8888 why an offlcer at tlmes ls exeiiaed
from aetual preaence wlth 1ns commati'l,
but thfl strlet Int.-rpretation of thi* law
will saclode all davs the offlcer in *o ab
Beat in making Bg the total two vears'
servl..-. It 1* belleved that leave of any
[gort for any purpose arlll be held'to come
wltliln the rule.
ORI>EKS ISSLKIr. The lolowing or?
ders bave baea Maued
ii. ... ia BOT 8. UPTON. IStb lafsatrr,
n..in umv and Ke*l 0*B*rBl Hospltal
ii.it spmigs, lo his r*glm*ni
<-..|..ne1 JOHN B. MALLORT, Infantrj. from
oitarii-.-d aaltltla ef M*w ferb te rak
*.a>l>n Covrrnor- laland. for duty ors;aii
? .i mllltla, Baatcrn I'lviax.n.
M*ut*nant <'oloi.el wii.UaM C PRowN.
raaalrr. B*?tali?fll aollnr; lii-.p.-"t',r K?n.-ral.
i........ -n inwiloii, ix-Mtir, I lo Govcrnora'
t'aptaln JAMtftfl iv riii;i.t.KV r-j_*rt*n-***
I i. f-.irT. qiiart-rm.ialer ,,,rj,s Captain I
Siieiir> a.a'i/n.-d im. navaln Bepterabar
;. vi.-.- .-Hptain HAMfKI. >: HIM'.-. llth
Captain BAMUEL c JONjT-8, nn. Cavalry.
io a/aflhliuit-o, for du" Dlvlflloa <?f Mintia
Affal... , , !
rirai i.ir-if.iiant I'lllLIl' K. BAOBT, *ni>
lafantry, frcm \\'a?hin*ton, B*pt*n*b*r Ifl
io vi: nl i theae* >o t.i* .- flln - - -
y.,..n<1 I.i- -... mnt QUSTAV JAfOB ?."'?
SKIt. fr..iu c_v?lr> -rn. (15th I'uvalrv, lo I
irm; a**lrnr.| 2l*t Ir.fantrv.
Sr. ond I.lriitn.ant nisKl'll BDMUKD
M ln i.N'AI.H. from infaii'rv arm (21*1 ln
fantr., t* civalf arm: a?alfn-d 1944
Uaeom* I_v*-t*eaat M\\ B MURJUY from
, ,,? to isfui.'.v .i :n. ..-.algned I
lirii Infnri'rv ._._, I
s. ond Uo-tenaiil KAtti. n HO'iin ALT, |
irorn lafanlry ai*.. iflah Infantry) to c*a*l j
.i aigafli Iflatb camgaay, at nn |
l.|..il.:i.i.- 8T S PTB, Na al Wa: I l |
-.-. n|.., ? s. ptembar li
Meutenanl 1 i: BAB8 ..av. vard. Portamoutli.
B*tiaia i i HVHAFF-.H IttwM Ot 8*8
i Dea M .tr..-'
i--.n?ign U " rtlXRII :!>?'? ?'?? ' " ' * :
gt i . !*?* Moll r*
. - '.>. i: , IIKAIU.K N W H1BB8 an-i
. ,; OII.ult.AVr3 ?*t*eh*4 i ? Mo
? ? -, r*. ? ivmi *lup ot rinU.trM ?
> it!, tl i \rkan*a? *rb*fl ,
: .. .,.-:r,i
)?? -rr taaifltanl atattttot C L MORAM
. hospltal -104*4* _ .
, ,,,?, i . . j vr.i;,-, ,-1 l na vard |
I -ion
, i art d B LORD, appoiru**l; r* |
?na Bhlo al Haa VorB
Martna i*erpa i-epteln * a u PATreRBON
-.- rr.l. UWlaTrifd flCtl r .:'!':?. r" rintlua of
0 . p; riadMi[ '?
followinn iiiov. mints of \..-*.'.
Beea i-i-orted to.th* Nnvs r/epartaieat;
..... .,li??rnla, Bl CfaHhU IM TalU
.,; S'orfolh
... v r*a pia- e.i lr, hlll ?..?nnilaaion.
n*. ?. va-.i Beeten
Thr Jan-r.r .,-. u atti 'i*n from na ' r*? <-*i
*a anif rhr Oalve*t*n i I* .''
flrai rr. iv-. navy >*rd. Puf*1 BO-tw.
klwaa i* aifl at m Brai r*******? navy
var.l ri-.il,..1-lpnla. . |
,i,. Untarlo pl* ta) ln .onimt*a:nn. na\ . >arn
Phiiaseh-aia ?_
Witnesses Say They Saw Sub
stitutes on Firing Line.
I.ieufenant f'olonel ronlev. commanrlln-;
tlM Mth Hemni.-nt. was tha |,nnctpal vvit
ii,-s last night before tbe r*ourt rnartlal
whloh is trybn caatata wmiam \ st;,
??om. of company B. aa tb? ehsrga of
iiiiviii^- parmlttsd Bubetitutee t-, tak.. pan
in tiie targel i.iar.al Baaaveli In .luly
,,r laal -,;,i . oion. i .oni.v pralaad tbi
effl.ieiivv of captain Btacom an.i tsettisal
tii.ii durlng hi* psptalaci conapsnj B bad
in. ri a.s.'l >u rriiml?-r? from 41 tO ??
Th.- real >>f Ihfl baaMaiSBy rsealvsd was
T1,,i, howrv,: partlcularlv ffl vorabl.- i"
< aptaln BtSSSBa 3. P Watt.s. *rbs SSfl
mentloned In **eflrterday'fl TVihun.- as gav*
(Bg iiia.le an iifflrlavlt lhat he a<-te.| ., a
ubetltuta al nii.uv.-n. repeated tha gtat
of tha afaelaTl) le the effect that ba had
pjflflM to Hlauv.lt Bt .'apfain Stacom's re
r|U.-st and bad reeeiv.-.l his unlform from
Seri?eant 88888Ig.
<*harles Trii'-y, * private <n the re^l
ment. testlfled that ba >>aw three iet**
stltutes at th* llting polnt. These men.
he -aid. wre Wntts. .loseph Whulen and
* -eaa raaaaai imm* T, P. fX'oiiniii
who w;.s a 8888*841 af Camgaay h untll
? iew iitaalbB Bgaa, aaclarad thal Chptain
gta. om i brother ?',.i ? .imic elerb, a man
bv Ihe narii. af Sottz wre at Hlauvlt
a.* Bubflftttutsfl an.i lom psri la the (heot* i
The defence btoti-jlit out ihe fact tha' I
Wntts had baeii a member ,>f Ihfl C088*
pany, but had been (llsehaiRed for thS]
Ko,?l of ihe serviee. M'atts a.lmltted on
the stan.l that he had lak.-n a uiiiforiii
ir.,m (he ansory without pennission.
Al ihe regasat of Captala .r.?hn P.
Bvarett, tflnaaaal foi Captain Btacoaa, th?
Oaurt a.ljourne.1 to tbfl .-venliig flf Bep*
lahlhflf 1? t'aptain Kver.-tt explained that
he I a.l not recelved certain UUpmU b.'.u
ing on thfl case from Albany. He fltflQ
or.lered the |> flObgOflBfl ?f (>'? "onn.-ll.
The court's 88881 Itll last nlght ivas h< 1-i
at the 71st Reg.uient Armorv. vvhMi Ifl
the brlnade headquarters.
Walkout Threw Thousands of
Building Workmen Idle.
Thfl board af governors of the BuUtUug
"rradefl Kmpl0>ers' As>.,.latioii. ll wus
annoini. e.l v.sl.-r.lav. hns userj Hs .-rtoi.a
?uc-cMfuliy to <-n.i the Btrlba >?f n,.- san.i
an.i exeavatlsa laaiaiatarB*.
The board had B 888188*8*84*8 wlili 8
.oniiiiltte. ?f thfl I'olilractorn' Prote, tivi
Asso, latlon two days ago. and with the
.oriM?-nt of bOth 8*4144 tO tlie dlsput.'. II
was aiiiiounc.d last evening. tii. 88*
mands *re to be arhiirated. The aflrtkerfl
will return to work to-day pending B
flottlemeat. Worb <-n baadaada ?.f i.uii.i
Ings had been tled up, and on the LflK*
inglon avenuo sijj>wav. Manhattan. and
the Kourtli avenue subwav, Hrooklyn.
It wa* said bv the *trlke leadera that
from thlrtv to forty th,ui?and workmen,
f.rinclpally'brl.klave.s. masoni". atOBM aat*
ters et.' had been thrown Idle for ISCK
of sfltid for mortar Wllhln the laat .lay
or two manv bullrllng material drlverfl
wer.- laid otT. as the Mtes of bulldlm;>
were becomlng congested wlth material
whi-'h .ould not be ufl-ad.
The strlke was for ihe r. n. wai of an
arreement which explred last Soromoor,
wli-, some nddltlonal provlrrlonB as to
workina cotidlilona
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*Jt.e-.l like to aet up her ShRkeepenre exhtbition at t.'oney Island, but?
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A Half Century Among Men Who Were
Cancelling Their Sins Against Society.
Zohuloe Reed Brockway, former Buparlntendent of Blmlea.Kefecaietary,
wrltes of nrlaon t\i>e. be haa known-some all bad, others somehow good
? hut all found him .. sympathetlc frlend. He saw xome horrible prac
ticea of -i bygone ganeranon reje.-ted for the liumane methods >.f our own
' ime
France Comes to Uncle Sam to Learn
the Secret of Smokeless Powder.
Her own farm of thla martial neeeaeity has .a.scd so many dlaaelrnua
exploaionfl thnt it haa been rejeeted in favor of Aaaertca a mere rellabM
Optimists Dream of Electric Railways,
While Engineers Wag Their Heads.
Mthough stenm Tirnt-; h*ve amoba aid cinBere. fchdy t?&\eTrwr-.e,.y w.n
lower wages and make loconuUorlng lel eaclualv* and, bei a* hit.-_m.-i :.-?
,iu ,,..: ani ? 'b i.e.*..!.'-bavii :* h cow coma through the wit.t.w
, ar: electric .i.i- to all the dik.rt up.
Island, Once a Pirate's Haunt, Is Now
a Broker's Happy Hirnting Ground.
ome CamDbell formerly lerBa t. nnls fhan Moa ta pwner of gmlth'a laland,
\ ? ramoufl ln hietory Captaln Jfohn. Bmlth dlsco\n*d thta heunl pf
wlld game, .mi natlona naye .inarreil-l over it.
Vedrines, the Aviator, Has Put
Politics on an Aerial Basis.
T famoua Prench airman cgmpalatned ln bla flyer f,,r election to the
I'hamber of Deputlea on an "Avlhtlon Platform.'" Thre* years ago he 4\as
p wood turner at a dollat n dgy; a o\\ ht la a siar aatraet in the "Derby of
the Air."
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How Old Hickory Came Back. By rawsu tobd
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confldence. 'A deep, dark conaplracj centiing aboul -. gplf baU.
Breaking the News. ay bot bolpt oimow
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The Double Cross Outfit. ?r ?>* grasD
Rlvalry In love among Teaea eewbaye, th* theme pf this. Cmvar, humor
oiis, Burprialng
Passing of the Sail. ay richakd baxwim whtahb
Th* romanea of life ?t s-a ln the past eeatraetoi 44HI1 th* present
The Babies' Paradise. By adachi aiawoauaB
Hou motherbood la glarifled in tiie QUaad Kinirdom.
An Ancient Disease. By Dr bubebb ltmab -riBa_
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