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, _h_ndor<*d franehises. and re
?,,.?*_ 8T " H, .', ,,f tl.e iinllmtted. per
-^?L^^Slcall) perpetual frarj
gj g^StO* allenated by Improvl
ffV_l!S .onVof'the atandard flre in
__.it P"p"\ ,on of the Btandard nre m
x a r-v':' ,,, ?ecure to ti.e aaaured
**_ff__-d?? P?>m#nt of U'""J
^ For tha Farmer..
______Mte Btate or natlonal leglsla
^> *d4''r?
BBMmSal'of the -o-ealled Tanadlan
adB**. ;' ...tural aurvey of tbe Btate,
i-*n "fn i. loeaiit* tbere ma] ba
? ?h'. tn^ach farrrter ad-quatfl data
>WV faiiii management aeed Bttp
? ,0 __Kketf"f????*?? tranni-irtation
fl- ""jTp lM*oapwta and the like
at*00* '..,, ,-rviM 'ti of commlsalon mer
lliat' ,,, prevent losa (O
fljaata *;; . , ,, maolvency or fraud.
5fl*" ' ",. V. agrlculttiral credlt for
li *?"'?{ land immovement
..?'.. aK" a" ' C(, j? Mtatute an.i funda
Tflech raana will permll drainaKe of
n-nw' _"T: f.4 means of rompulaory
'?rm lar'.'i|?.! tii> owners of contlguoua
? aa (,K" I
..,on of Ihe pareele
? .st ?,>t"';':'. ..,..? pollcy ->f road buHd-1
:An.a....i malnter net (Vi denoum ?<
. a?_ roj rvt,PVH_;,,,,-.. 44*<te and
in* ____;__ road conatruction under the
f*v(,;i't l^-'--''- Bdmlnlatratlon.
Industrial Plankfl.
,i.n*' olatform embodlea the foi
? aoclal and Indti*.
- ? ., v i .-Ice .mr un
'- M'fO*-' <l
.i*!"*' ? . -.ti.-n t.. prevent ;r
patlonal dlaeases.
,ir'rMl, ... ' -- iluntar" iinemploymen
arerttt* ol rhlli labor.
.. JB, .. Ktantlards providtng
.v *" orklng wo
i,|.,? oi nlghl work foi
< v . . mahllal ii.? ni ol an
women and young
rr for all wag_
.. . .- day in eonllnuotiB
prls mers' eam
? , , ;i elr depend <ni
, v aces. houra and
? industrial accldenta
. . - welghts. meaB
<. .tons on labor prod
n of ih* home by a
e aflainat slckneaa,
nt and old age. auited
for death by acetdem
| M-a.le diseas.s
..jnr, schools for in-lustxlal
?i public e. ntiol.
men and
CaMl for Stata Action.
__B farreachtag bul wholly practical
J_namtn< "ve'rv portlon of Whlch ls in
2_?f_ ? ration rlsewhere. nlaces on
*fBZg\, sponBlbllity for a-tlon
. '-.,. ?? .--..nal covernment.
XSlu - - ? r, ca rytna ou^hbipet)
?Lf ? .B1 of Labor sho.iid
V . -. wholly separated from
., -. v dirltaons ereated an.i
_,,? r, ? Bi adequate number of in
L-g H shOUld be sivon full poxver
,. ? forcemeat of the lahor
. .-av* authorlty to make
? eafo-e* reguiationa eubjcct to legls
tinc s*n?ral laws to
?rtlcula- -nf trad?B. ?
Tr* favor immedlate mv.-stigation of ln
thi 1'epartinrnt nf
Sw and ih* prompl pub'.i'-atlon of its
\\_fa ? th* protnpt passage of tb*
tttutional am*ndm*nt relat
C tr workmen'a rompensatlon and the
fflartment thereupon of a tnorougligoing
rnpensatlon a.-t.
Vr r'eder. ourselvefl to laws securlng
proteetion :?? the factory
Ti-k.ra of the stat*.
H> favor radieal and persistent atta'-k
Tr(,-|(... -,. of population. bad houslng
ther preventabla cati-** of p..v
Vetaror the enforrement In letter and
mtt of tl e Kmplr* State'a 'aw?- forbld
Jg Bacriminatlonfl on aocount of raca
..?. or color . ..
g* favoi ai- a factor In red mng- th*
aatef Hving. * bettei auoervlale-i of ih*
' food products.
For Practical Instruction.
fgg - ^r-hool i? the most efflcient
tw'to .1*'0'? ta v. and w fa4<u its maln
ll a I Igh stanoard.
. ?-,- struction in matters
.?-- Iture and for*stry it, rural re
an*r towns. Indualr.
jvI-oiti. ? fHlea. bome-kr-epmg
oiti?r . | i x-or> wher*
im bbov. ? foi thfl erider use of
a??f_-_v -? - r heart] mdorsernent.
Wi _fl4o> "? eorons siatr at,d l<"-al a^
?? -v-i'v In ? ? ?- nroteetlon of pnblK bealth.
TubitWIo-a ? and mu*1 b* *liniinat'd
Thara ibo I h* "I'-rt medleal mspec
' g\' ?. hnol ,-luldren
btrwflK power ar.d other natura' re
-r.-r.fl* ara lil* ! .e itage of th* people
T-?v sho ' b* dadleated to the common
?en-fit ?t. i?x *loped under stat- .->n
i polie- should be enfotced that
la'r r.or prl ately owned natural
?a-ource* - a r* used to the detrlmen'
thepub! -^*!fare. Tlie stat" holdlngs
-,',... . serva Bhould be greativ
?ttanded and so admlnistered a" to coin
tkil iBt*nig ? t r-onsenatlon with a wni.r
V)t>-:.tr .-? T * re kleaa d-forestatlon
?fprivat*'- own?d forest land- ahould be
-r-i-ntf-. ' < rareful regulatlon in tbe
--iBinon lnter*sl Franchtaefl for th*
tfvate ii- natural rem. ?? t -
thtti BOt ?? t-anted for nothing ot for
gfl depler* ? ? complcslty and 11 *? ln
?*_.tv of '? ? pr*aent tax lawv. and favor
?S? rr*at a . ommlssion 1" eOTiBlO?r
?tr-f-fv -? . r*form r.f our -tate and
**?1 taxa
Immigrantfl and Dependentfl. .
W* f?vr>- ? . *lepment of the state
. prratio] and Induetrles.
r. favor ? i* edtieatlon and orotectlon
? and the Intel'lgent o,*
i-boUoi ? bor ihrough state _m
a*4T-ep? , . ?. . ,. otherartM
Tm fa prrxvinion b>" 1h? state
lt* lependi '- Immedlate Instltu
?-ta] pr-e ? mld i' ? inada. for ab
'tafari.b. n >d unamted to home llf*.
Va o<xr preaent state adniln
Btra.lori foi hs fallure to earry out Hi
?a-m io.,v a r*al state Ludge'.
aj-eled durin,, . . ait,;inistratlon of
f>v*r-t.ir Ii .
aa favor the sdoptlon of * thOTOUgh
a*..*! ?\ -t. ii
T* In-! (he state sbould do Its
jea arlntlnr I * rahllali a plant tbere
*r We would ? ml tbe wastefij] and
^?*'-*a pub ?? .'i of Beselon law* ln
^*w";r>ap^r- ?? . reeommnrid, Inst. ad.
heaBiaKlli ,-< of a -tate bulletin for
t? P-MW-.- -, of ession 'a-. and offi
"*l notir-f x.
ffl favor ih* coi rning of a stat* con
jetmlaiial on at the earHeet
t-M'hle ttme, tb* n en o?rs th-nreof to be
?****4 np a non-partiaan baals
^s Strength Overestimated,
Says Seattle Man.
[hy T-l.grapl- 'r, The Trlhun* 1
?>*-.c.t. Sept 1.?"It Is a irreat mlstak*
"t peoplr In thls part of the COUBtTT
*** tn tbe Eaaatern f?tat*s to believe that
?fcaoxtore Rooeevell ls ntmug polltlcally
?JlferWest." aald Frederlck A. Wlng,
|*8>*tti? tr,-dH\ Mr. Wlng haa llved in
**ttl. rir,r* )t** w-iien he went there to
**?m. govenunetit assayer, and he ha*
* *M* knowle.ig* ?f th. polltics of tbe
w n *** "ontran.'' b* eontinued. "? olo
?,, Itoo,**'*lt and the hull mooee move
!'""' **** small followlngs. Th* 8tat?
"?blngtori I* normally Kepublb an by
. ** ""ajwlty, and tbere ia no reaaon
'xP*et that there wlll be a stamped*
J oth*r P*rti*n In th* Novetnber ele.-.
1 President Taft wlll .arry Wuh
^^ bltheut any dUBouHy.'
^ 40 T. R.' MEN APPEAR
??Detroit Progresgive Conven?
tion Ig Poitponed.
g. tBy Taiejraph tn The Trlbun* ]
ggV**1- 8,Pl- * So alln. was tbe at*
^"*Bc? at the meeting whl*h was to
the nr.irr.-ialx-a -?/-i,nlv *-..-?
the Progreaslve county con
? to-day that lt wa* n*eeaaary to
Pt__^n* '*' Cjniy torty peraons were
' object ,,f t|?. eonvaatlea wa* to
J "a'egatr* to th* state convention
0"<4>ber l. At that eorivfltitlon atat*
^"?te* other than Oovernor and i.l*u
"t (Jovarnor, nornluated at tbe prl
^' *?U b* cho.*n.
rin?toj:rapii takrn nt j%mtirn%j inorniiig-'*, geggjoa ? -A strikinp elispnrp of ap4M*tatora i? litatfaratad hfitha mwa ?>f
e-mrity urnts in l?ft<k <>!' hall an.l gaBgrlfa
.rbot" tn l>*.n"*,"l ar* t,'r.-l?rw*-"1 >
I nntletieii fr-Mn 8r*l rvaa*
who rUsappcnrod aft.?r B vlslt to Olh
son's orTW ln May. 1911, he said he had
nothlng ta aay.
"I" th?r* any 1*48808 arhy T should
have hr-t-,1 from hlm*' he said. arhen
ftskr-d if he had reeeiven1 any aroTd iTOTfl
(t N'ea| ?|n.-e the dlsappearan. *. II*
Bdd ?! that tha report that he ha?l still
in hla pr>s-4e*4:ion %tt9 belonging to
.i'N'.>al na" i*l?e. \\o refused to dia
rns? the O'N'enl matter further. saving
that It was a rlnaed hflddent.
He araa hro-igrht back t<"> his present
ir^uhK's BJ a questlon as to whethcr
his arlfa, arho Uves Mth hlm nt Xo. 2*2
Cartnlta avenue. Ruthr-rford. N. J.. was
aware of his trlpa tO a mmmer resort
wlth Mrs rfxabo. His trlps wlth her,
he repited "*?af8 atrfctly bvelneea trip*.
Wero you 1n the habit of taking
your cllcnt* *>ff r,p outings*'1 h* was
?No he i-f-plied. "I wa* out ^-Uh
Mr*. S7.abo only ome- the dsy before
she araa droaraad."
He declare*l the statement made hy
Mrs Marotf. a n'iahhnr of Mrs Srabo.
at Mo. 46 West Mth street. a? set forth
In an nffida . 11 flled ?rlth the Surrn|pif*.
that nihGc) -van a mgulflr daily .aller
on llra Sr.flho and had kept her under
survaillaii'-e t'<r aeveral monthfl. wa* too
Bltly to be r-ontradlrted
Gbion to Show Cflufl*.
In tbe <our** of the dav <Jib*on had
a ,aller who was n->t * reporter. and
much to ihe calbr'f* "^n surprise, he
jjalned a r.a.Jv admltt8BC4 to f.lbson's
inner 084*84, altliougb all other* had
h*en turned a*ay. This rsljer 4*84
Philip R. J*trislk. Ihe b.-arer of a <Mta
tion. signed Ity Surre-gat. F"cv1er. d'l
Pecttng Oloapn to app<-ar before hlm "ii
Keptomher 17 nnd show .ause why his
letters testamentary in the.estate ot
Mr*. Bgaha BhCjllM not be re^k*>d and
Dr. Fischeraner BubstButed as 88484,*
tor. Mr. Htrialk I* assoclated wlth
Arrad KiPinor. counsel to the Austro
Hungarian ronsulau- '
**| found (ll'.'son *b*"lutely un?m*
tionsl. ",Stri-ik aaid afterward, telling
of hl* -.isit 18 fflhson. "He asked m*
what fljfli base'l our petltlon on ?o liave
his letters revokod. and I explained to
him that on thr around*. in th* fli at
pla<-a, that be reprflsented hlniself in
the petition of proba'te to be * re*ldent
of Frookh n. wherea* as a matter of
fact he llved in Rutherford. Also that
ho had suborned perjury ln obtainitig
the sigriature "f some unkno^n woman
to the waiver of citatlon under tho
nnm* of the dead women's decrafle'l
"He heard rn* without (omment. ai?<l
when I Balghad he said: Do you want
an admifsion of ser i< e"' When l re
pljed in tha affirniatl'.? he at ome a<
ceptod servioo. which ls a very 08088-81
thing I .annot exactl> undorfltand
him. lie araa abeototoiy <ooi, ,-aim and
(olleitod. Hi- aajd ho could produc*
tho mother, whom v.o know to be
d ea d."
Gib*on Appeara Difltraaaed.
H was late in 188 afta i nm,n before
Mr. Gibeon himself appeared. 11* was
mat ln his outer office and aaked to
I oininent upon the rcplies he had made
to nuerlefl l""t to hlm In afternoon
paper*. He appeared srratly depressrd,
and replled in a meUncholy marm-r
ihat he had granted no Intervlewa to
rcporters and would not do ao. lle
Ml h.re for hl* home ln Rutherford.
N. J., where h?- ha* a wife and <-hlld.
Dr. Frit7. KlBChfrauer, Austro-Hun
aarian Vi.f-<'onsul. who seeks to rc
plaea filbnon a* exe-utor of Mrs.
Szabo'* will. ac-urnpaiii-d by Arpail
Kremer, rouneel for the ?-onaulat*. vis
ited Dlatri. t Attorney Whitman yester
,|av afternoon. After a short copfer
,,?,.. Mr. Whitman hantled them over
,o two of hla naalatan.ta. I>eacon
Murphv and farldor Wasservofcrel. wlv,
bdd a kng i-onaultatlon with them and
rorelved from them a number of
pa p< rs. .
"We heard all that these people.had
to say," Mr. Wasservogel eald after?
ward, "but they have not at present
auffl. b-nt textlmony to warrant actlon
by this offl.-e. The cabl* meesage from
the Chief of Pollce of Vlenna ls not
legal evldemg? that the wi.man'a mother
ls dead. 11 I- 0" lhat they base
their charge oi aubornatlon of perjury
ln that OAtmOU had an Impoetor algr,
the moth.r'? nanif to thc waiver o%
.Itatlon. However. they promised to
bring ,orroboraii^i of the fact of the
jnother's death. Thev also s;ild they
were confldent thev could provg the
Identity of the woman impostor who
algned the waiver. aa thev nlle_e. in
affldavits h?fure th* BtMTOBata at Mr.
Glbson's lnstance.''
Waa B*for* Whitman One*.
The call of tha Austrlan reprcenta
fives on Mr. Whitman, wlth mentlon
of Gibaon* name. led Mr. Whitman to
remark on the fact that 011*808 vvaa
before him In IS*"* when he was a
maglstrate. That waa ln the , a?e of
the murder ot Mr* Alic? C. D. Kinnan
ln The Bronx. when Glhsori BTH arre-t
ed and held in $2.".000 ball. but rele,,?n|
on habi-as COfpUB proccedlng*
At Pollce Headnuarters i esterditv
Baoaad Dapiity Coanmlaalonar Douph
erty told Of the tlme he hai Qlbeofl
before hlffl when he was InvstigntlnB;
I th<- dl^appearance of John Ri-'c O'Neal
"He naE one of the hardeal na n to
j talk to I BTar had before me." thc | >.
l uty Commissioner said. "N'othlng could
j meke any impression on hlm Re iv 8 I
cold as lea "
It waa mtlmated ?t l|ead'i;iartcra
that the poli.e were Watchlng tl.e ,nr*
very eloaelv and were re.idv to step
Into lt a* soon as faMs ae*m te arar*
{ rant lt
Gibson'a offlreB ln the Dihertv Tnv.fr
' y ere watehed all dav hv AlphOfHM
, Rlnck * Plnkerton detective. as-.i*fed
i by t*-o other oporatlveg Thaj arere
. under order* to Bhadon him eontlnualljr
1 aad '" haap tab oa all hla ?'>i"K*- an.l
I cuniii.gs.
George Telchman of hTe Ba*) We?t
-Mth street. told >.*st*rda\ how his la*
' terest ln Mrs. BBtabo BSaaBfhl aboul the
itivestigation Into her affalr.. He u*ed
t? aet as a letter writcr for her. and
also read 10 her whst Mter* i .ni> lo
h,.r. as she eooM nelthei raad nor
Huflband Sa.d H* Wa* a Count.
"Bha came to this i ountrv with her
hwsband. who callad hlouralf a i earat,
ahoui la-nty vears UffO Mr Td.Ii
'man said yeaierdav. The Auatlian
'authorifie* have aaid he had no riaht
to anv tltlc In a few vears ha dled. ?
;Mr4.. BaabO got an ex-ellenf Jol>. aml
i in the ecniraa of reara rnatttaged ta sa< e
I about flO/XeO, a* she told 11bt herself
I,?he wa* to gfl)|l for home <>n thc Kalaer
Fran-/ .To??|>h on .Inl -7. lekmg h< r
monev wlth her to *ett|e ln the old
countrv She had been ,-onsnltlrig Olb
*..n for some month*. bul told 818 Bha
jwas afrald of hlm and fgargd -??"
' thing would happea
"Jety tl came and 'r heard m-ithine
' of her to say goodby, We did nol I
! she had R'"i? to (Jreenwood arlth Glb* i
aon anr: had beer drownerl About thnt
data a ?oung iri.il I arne tnrjuiring for
her. asking rpr B8*/ letter we had for
her. BgylBg 888 8*88 goini* to get mar
ri.'d to an . Id man ln Chicago, wlth
wlum sh? harl been corrcspondinr for
*orn* time. When I tolu him she could
neither r^nd i "r vrlte. he r>.-, anu c"ii
fused anirJ hurrl.-d aaray. We then
leari.'d '<' Mrs Baabo'8 death by mak?
ing InqalHaa at her bank, where va
learned her money had been wifhdrawn
bv Gibflon ** executor. We thei, called
the matter tO the attenfion ..f tlu- OOl
galate. W8 do not hellov* that she
made the arlll Gihson says came from
her, ai *h* told n* *h.- would IWV4T
make a will ln this i-ountrv."
Brooklyn Woman 8u*p*ct*H.
Dr. Flschernuer said last night that
a woman had been found ln Hrooklyn
who they are confldent wa* the w.,m..i.
who >igned the waiver Of citation und.-r
the name of Mrs. Szabo" * mother.
"Donald Dyons, the notarv before
whom the waiver was signcd. is out < t
town." he ?aid. ' T'ntil he . -08488 ha, k
wa eannot poaitively Identify ln-r ...-.
the woman"
lt wa* said that In 1*4*88 it could be
proved that ahe hail aded in ooneort
with Olbaaai 18 the matter a 68*81*88 8f
eonsplracy would he mad.- againtit l.oth
of them.
Willlam R. Pctze. of No. ? >_.! T.lmlcsi
avenue. Mrooklyn. who was ..ne of tha
wltnesses of tba will, said laat iiiuht
that it Tvas H'g"0** bj 8 woman who
he waa told by Gib*.,n was .'.n
fcirnbo, but 84 dld not kin.w <>f
htn own knowledge who ?he araa
He said that a woman. who ap?
peared to b* about flfty years old. was
lntrodii'-cd to hlm also. and this 8/08*88
waa called "mamma" by the Biippoacd
Mrs BflBaba*, who heraelf appeared to
be P*flt forl>' >*ar? old. Mr. I'etze aaid
he dld not know whethi-r the woman
called "mamma' waa the beneiiclary
gf the will or not. ?_
Mailed anywhAr* in th* United
Statfl* for ?2W a **B8*<
Would Heip New York's Port
Development, Says Tomkins.
New England Rivers Cham
pioned by Oov. Foss at Deeper
Waterways Convention.
Nev London, Conn., Sept I -Calvta
Tomkins I 'ommia- loi-.-r of Docka and
f-"errlea of New Vork ? Ity Bpeakhlg 10
.1.-4 at ti.* Atlantic r>r-?-per Waterwaya
Conventlon ovea whlch he pmetded, de
..to-i tbere *-.%: urgeai aaad of the
work.ng oul of * comprehenetye poil-y
fot th* developmcal of the port of Mew
. ork, chSTged that th* dOCb fund. :
of betog conaerved foi port la re
mente, araa h*tng gbartpated to pro4id*
loeal 'itv eaavenlencea, *nd matatatoed
. nt unleea ? policy of developmsaH was
eerrted tbrough tha beai thing that eaaM
bappeai tr, n.w Torb wouM be a retard
lag ??' it- greartb bi dedectlen of naarlae
i ommt rr-* to Ita rt* ala
? A* D".-k rilllimlaB ' ? iAr bB honor
tbe Mayor, i am endaavorlng to eatablleh
prebenelvi plaa and pollcj for the
devetepmaal and admtntatratloa of th*
po-t ..f -fea Y<.rk i.ut la aadte af Ihe
f?r-t that li la tt* rnoel Booght for pen of
t'm world bj iri ' rOBBBM 00, atd that
!t t? th* gr-at*** manufa<'." mg -otn
?-. Bortb Ameri.-a. bo eooapvehen
.'? * plaa for Im i bj aleaJ orgaataatl
been at rlouel) eoaatden d. -i
though geni ? ? ded DeapMe l
naanac reveauee derlved from natlonal
uuanmerrt paaslng throagb " th* imder
taking pi.da alaarti far t ?* ?*-..n
t ?t T havt -t.if <i
Th* danger la tiiat New Terfl arlll
groo faata than It a ? flanlsi ??*
greartl I badl ergaalsad ?'?? la a b?.i
? io. and If Sea Terb hall conUmta la
? | . .-t th* *t,t*rprls* of Ita rl'-ats
,,. j., idlni lai nlaal f-. ti ta dede> t
nd ati frou, |i ta ti am
.?.ii t'.? a dlattn. t advantag. to ? ? dti
., | . i- .,- rord lt la fleMrablo tbat
Stm Torb'a growtli Bhoutd bc retarded if
h shall noi bi advance of r? aeeda or
ganuu Ita fltwwth "
\ pka for 'h" development nf Inland
waterwaya ef th* Unlted Btatea _epe>
dally in New Bngland, wea made to nlghl
by Oovernor Eugem $ Po - ol Baaaa'
Qovernoi -"oaa adi icated, aa -i
future polkj ln ihe devdopmenl of tratia
portatlon thal for ev ry dellar apenl ror
t:,, rxtenak.I rallreade m Ameriea a
,i,,n,-,r of public monej ahould be pal into
tht r \c nnton and <ie. pealng of the ?it<. ?
? ?
?Rall and water ayatetaa." be aald, 'ar*
natural eo-partnera in the ievetopmenl of
.,.,,- Bai h belpe the otbei on*S lt
h .mi by their niutuai Berviee that tree
? rogi aaa can ba raeebed
Sister of St. Joseph Convent
Prays as Clothing Burns.
BayoniM N J Bepl I ?flfl- ber arms
extended toward heaven hn an attltade of
?uppllcatkm Btatei Btephanla, ef the st.
.i?..-,,, catholl. Convent, ihta clty. staajl
in tba yard of Ibe coovenl tbta morntag
with her efothtag la Ihvmee and waa fatal
i- burned before belp could b* brought
To* n in waa ln th" a.t of preparlng tb*
noonda) bmb. whea tbe aa? Btove *x
ploded. aotttag Bre te ber ctartblng rtu-h
mg into the back yard. she extended hnr
arma loarard baaveB ." prayer. arhlla th*
namea enveloped her from brad to flaad
fVomen on th. oppoatte ilde ol th* atreel
observed bar pllght snd their flcraama
broughl .'< maa le bar easlstaaee. Before
h* could reaeh i.er she Banh le ber kne*?,
Stlll ln the same ..ttll'ide, and as be
Yeached her sid* fell foraard in an BBCOB
Kioua condition- amOe i.e sm..th*red th*
flamm with a rug others sutnmon ed m-d
leal ?id _ ___.. _.___
I ,,(,r tbe minlstrationa of the dnrtor
Hi.- reoovered iwiatluuenaea, but she di.-d
tw.. hours lat.r witn a prayer aa ber Npa
U. S. Attorney to Investigate
"Planting" at Lawrence.
,.?sio? s.-i.t .. DBBad -Batea attornay
Asa P. itaiBlb annoiin.d late to-dav
that be had received orders fr.-m Wash
Ington tn twoeeed wltb the lagatry into
the dM.amlte ??planting" M l_awrei.ee
during th* teXtDe strike ihe,-.- last win?
ter Wllllaii. M *fOOi, president of th*
km il.-.-.ii Woolen rompanv. I'redrrl, k B
Atteaua a prominent business man. and
I.mnls J. ''olllns. of t'an.br.dgc, are un
der indbtment by the fiuffolk rounty
Oraad Jury for al.ege.1 connection with
thls "planting."
on rccdpt of his orders Mr. I rencb as
afgned to work on the rase Kcrt de Relle.
RMdal agent of th* I).|.arlment of Jus
,1,,. nt ihlcago. who ls now In Boston.
and Kred P. Hchmidt, a loeal agent of the
Mr Frencn said lo-.Uy that the gov -n
meat'a togedry wttl be llmtted to inv.sti
gatlon of the planting af nlneteen atlcks
Of dvnamlte ln the tnieks of a freight car
whleh .-arried a conslgnment of mlll
go._4ls from Lawrence to PhlludelpWa.
1 ..nttmirit from Ornt page.
that the army did nof want to he 88*88*1
up in fhc affalr. and that 818-888 thnre
appeared t<> he * sp..< ial need of h-r
aagflrJagg m tha way g| ldentiflcatioi.. 1
would be better for her tO keep rjuiet.
She did. howiver. tell the storv t . a
| Haptiat prearher. who, on acobont of
I some i harltable work in Jalls. '.am* -n
I aontaV t w ith "Jack" Rose ln the Waat
I Side prison. ItOSfl got the atory _t88B
| him, and in turn told Dlstrlct AHoriiey
j Whitman.
The Dlstrlct Attorney went to the
Sahatlon Army glrl'a home last nignt,
accnmpanled by the Baptlut preacher
and a policeman. but h* found that
she had R-on.- out of town for a v*? a
tlon. She will return to-morrow.
Coatigan Parallel.
~*,*hen "Honaat Dan" Coatlgati, tha itaa*
taflutnl In charge af one of tbe flpeciel
BQItada assigned to rald Rambllng houses.
wcni before Ihe graltd jury a few vveeks
?ga i>e w-*s reperted in th* newepaperfl
as hartag tolrl " fltOty tO the grand Juror*
i that reflected on C48BBB884eteBer Waldo.
! The Pottce Caaaiafl*B8oiiar aent for him
aa raadlag the report* an.i had him
Bwear to aa affidavit denying that ha
ma.le the statenu-nts attrlbtited to hlm.
Thlfl affl.ia-.it -aaa eharacterUed by Db>
t.|. i Attorney Whitman I l ? denlal of
tha phraaeetcagy or tiie pabt?Bhed raparta
Blmilar aetloa araa taken yaatarday by
the PollOB Commissioner after he had
raad in the newBpaperfl lhal Have* h*d
tol. Matrtet Attoraay WWtaaaa at a mid
nlght conference at the Par AHSodatlon,
IVcineaday. that Waldo could not hold
hlfl Job twenty-four hour* lf h* (Hayes)
roltl all he 1*88*4.
Not Put Undir Oath.
CommlBSloner Waldo called before him
Hayea, whom he had reduced to tha
grad* of captain and then suspendad on
charge* after th* pollce offlcial hed de?
clared that Mr. Waldo had inatrurted hlm
not to rald disorderly houaes and gynb
HBg placea ln hl* district. Hayea ap?
peared at Chief Inapector Behmittbcr
ger's office a little after noon and made
a denlal of the puMlshed reports. He ?*?.
nof a*k*d. however. to ?wear to hl* Btate
ment as f'o*t1|r?n waa.
The order ro Hayea commanding hlm to
prev-nt hlmaelf at Poli08 Hflfltdg larter*.
w*h embodied hl a letfer *ddrer*.*d to
h?m by the chief inspector as follows:
New Tork. Beptember >>. 131-.
Captain .'ornelt.iB G. Hayea. ?9th l're
Blr; There *PP*.*r in thi* morrlnn s
pre*? Btaternents in quotatton In effCCt
thut if vo.i w?-re put on the sfand you
would ter, a story that would ca um tne
Pollce rommlsxlonci 10 rrslgn lmmetlt
llso that vou stated in effect that you
kn.w of wrongdolng on the part "f **er?
.nr,? ronne. ted wlth the I'olice Depart
(t |fl further stated that vou had evl
|er et of wrongdolng on the part of a po
"ce ,-Hprnln win h vou furnishod to th*
Pollce rommlaaloner, and. >>n wh'.ch the
commissioner talled to aet
fou will report to me ln writlng forth
wlih. Matlng whetber vou did or dld not
m*ke Btaterne-its threatenlng the l OllCO
Cnnitnl*4lnn*r Bfl alleged ln the paper.
Toi arlll alae Btate In wiitin* bu *n*
. f ra-rrallty arhl h you may topee
.I af "Ith regard to nrv snd al'
member* of t'e foll.-e p.parlni.fit or pot
.on. conn.ied thereirltti
Vou alll als.. ataie ipectflcallr whal m
formatlofi. If anv. - o l hflv* regarding anv
. ;iptain of poli.-e whom you tnav allege
t., ha e heeu gul'i. of any wrongdolng
rlearb ** ,h*v "111 h* ?^- n lo tl e rr' ??
<or nu'bllcatlor '->> dlreetlon of the iv>
ll.e rnimni*''lnn*r __
. hief inepecti r
Thia ler.rr wa<, in BObatance, * eopy of
.1 letter recelved hv the < hM ItlBpector
T..-U ihe Poli.-e rommt-aloner, and was
.le'lvered to Ha"*' when he reporterl for
daty at the Totfenvllle precincf.
Rapudlatflfl Ev*ry Chflrg*.
Hayee'l replj was a complete denlal.
I He repadlatlai earh and e .-rr rharjje he
I was reporfed a? hav ing inade rine of
hla speclflc denials set forth:
"T have no kn.wledge of any wrong
doing on the part of any one In tha Po?
lice Department."
But Commlsstoner Waldo, when se*n
laet nlght by th* nnwspapor men, would
not denv that Hay.*. when in charg* of
the Tendcrloln district, had reported to
him that he belleved one of his cnptalns
was grafting on th* *?.-"_nkeepers.
Ilayes r|ld so report to th* Police fom
misslon*r, and Mr. Waldo Is credlted
with havinr admitted as mueh yesterday.
"But I <lld all I could ln the matter."
th* Pollc* t'ommissloner is reported to
have said. "I transferre.1 the -aptaln.
When Inspector Ha.es came to m* with
tha story that raptain-waa grafting
I asked him If he could brlng m* proof
of lt. He said h? couldn't. I asked him
lf h* thought 1 could. He said h? be?
lleved I could not. Ro what els* could I
do hut transfer him."
To h ret>orter of Th* Trlbun* last nlght
f'ommlssloner Waldo said that ha fre
Qijently heaid etorlee that -ertaln pollee?
men were grafting, but that h* could not
get any legal evidenc* on whlch to try
Did Next Best Thing.
The t'ommissloner said that he dld what
was tha next he?t thlng to ptaelng the
aceuaed polle"ni"n on trlal -he tran_f?rr*d
them "for the good of tb* aervice."
Iie explalncd tliat hehlnd thls phra**
"for the good of th* servio*" ln eases of
transfers' thnre often 44as an unprov*n
rharge of graft. Hut. he i_|d, what could
h* do where he ?n. morally certaln. yet
unabi . to addece legal proof. that a pollc*
ofTicor was grafting. except transfer him
|0 another preelnrt"
Tn his eonference with Plstrict Attorney
vVhltman Hayea was reported to hav*
said that he had also eomplalin'd to '"om
nilssioner Waldo that I_ieut*nant }>eck*r
was grafting.
When a*k*<l if this wa* true r'ommI*
sioner Waldo said that on* heard many
thlng*. and beli*4*d many tblngs. but
thst legal proof was another matter.
"But dld In?p*ctor Ilayes critlcls*
L-OBleBBBl Fecker?" th* Commlssloner
was asked.
Mr. Waldo'* r*ply w*a that h* would
not dlscuas that, snd be again said he
frequentiy board r*ports from varlous
sourc** as to alleged derell cttons on the
part of pollce offlcers. Ho added that if
h* were to repeat all he heard he would
be sued contlnually for lihel.
Part of Hayes's defence at hl* trial to
day, a.s was toid in The Trlbune yester?
day. wlll be a letter wrttten b4 ."ommis
sioner Waldo to rhlef Mnglstrate- Mc
Adoo. saying that the regulatlons of th*
I'oll.-w Department prev*nted uniformed
members of tl.e pottCO from obtalntng
e-. i(l?in* against disorderly houses or
gamhllng d*ns.
Explains His Lsttar.
In regard to this l*tter t.ommissinner
Waldo said last nlght that Inspectors
wer* allow ed to draw upon the special
squads for nv n tO obtaln evidenc*
against BUepacted houses.
The (*ommissiot,.>r denled that he would
1 he out of town to-day when Ha: ?* was
I put on trlal. H* said he dld not know if
he would b* a wttnes*. hut It was rnor*
jthan llkely that h* would.
1 Several "Vice Trust" Men Soon
in Jail, It Is Understood.
A s'ibetantlal part of the MMt* sa!d
' to have be*n rai?ed by the "vice trust" to
i rababllltate the disorderly house husine?_
?ln * th* rr^orts of the syndl .ate were
raid"d last month has been set aslde for
rollee proteetion. ln rlOW of the eSpeCta
! tlon of the trust members that thay soon
w.ll be ahle to open most of the thlrty
two houses ooatroBod by th" "Hig Ftro,"
aeeording to Information obta.n*d by the
r?i*tr1rt Attorn*x S offl . yesterday.
The big fund araa origtaaally Bah0Bvtbe4
aa ba* been toid. for tb* purpose of
"rearhing ' the Pistrlct Attorney'* offl. e
or agents of the antl-- h-* sor-ietv. who
were instrutnental in raiding the trust re
mrta PBlllng m thls direction emls
Barlea nf the "vi.e trust" hS4e recntly
holdlv announcrd to some of the Plstrict
Attorn?4? h-VeatlgStOre that th?v expeet
ed the present furor to blow ox er nnd
that they would be able to raaumfl buai?
neaa wllh "pollce proteetion." The Dis?
trict Attorney*B ofBce expectfl to cheek
mate any auch move by apprehendlng
?ome of th* member* of the trust wlthln
the next few day?. and dtscloaing th* for?
mer police ramiflcatlons In relatlon to tha
tralfle ln women. it wu said.
FMden.e now ln the hands of the Dlfl
trlct Attorney doea not impllcate pollca
offlcials relatlve to the "vice truet" In
v*atigation high*r up than the rank of
captaln. lt was said. Probably, two pollee
captalns wlll flgure ln the round-up, It
waa declared. It was lntfmated that aen
satlonal developmente might be expected
early naxt we*k.
The "board of governors" of the trust
hav* returned to the city, it ts said, and
hav* opened headquarters in lower Sec?
ond ar*nu*. They meet informally at
two dlfferent hotels ln that district and
dlBCUss their plans. Detectlves hav* th*
men under dally aurv*lllan.-*, it was said.
and th* evldence against two or three of
them haa aaaumed sufflclent legal valu.
to warrant arreata wlthln a few daya.
Th* truat membera hav* aiready retained
a prominent Eaat Blde lawyer to look
after their Interests.
Whitman*s Motion to Secure
Becker Jury Oranted.
lustlre GofT grant?d y*sterday a m_-?
tion of District Attorney Whltman to
t all a special panel from whlch to'chooae
a jury to try Ueutanant Charles R?-cker.
Mr. Whltman was ln court with Aa-'
BlBtaat District Attorney Moss. H*
made the motion aa follows:
I desir* to move for an order for tha
, ca'.ilng of ? special panel of Jurors for
' the case of th" People against Charlea
i Becker and others, and I submlt tn.' own
affldavlt and the affldavlts of servlee on
Mr. Whltman turned to ex-Judge Wahl*.
the only eounsel present for the d*f*nd
? nt Becker, and asked lf he had any
objeetlon to make to th* motion. Judge
Wahlc said h . had none.
.fustlc* Ooff then looked over th* afB
davits, and after a sliort interval granted
the motion. Court was then adjournad.
to Tbursdav at 10:'!O a. m.
It Is understood that a panel of BB
talesmen will be oallo... and that thev
will be selected from the special Jurv
Committee Sends Out Appeal fo*
Funds for Investigation.
I The cltlzens' committee sent out en *p
! pcal yesterday for funds to ensbl* lt ?_?
'arry out its Ir.v. ..tigatlon of the Yn]'ra.
'. Department corruptlon
j Allar. Kohinson. iiballlBBII of the rom.
? mit'ee, said that m-mhar. of tbe ex.. un
' thre board of the liHlBflBB' rornmlttea
! would probably hold a eonfer*nc? to-dax.
44 jtb representatives of the District At
ItertMy'a office and the Curran Bieartaaaie
committee. in order that there abouM _?
perfeel co-op*ratlon bet_een the three
The appeal for funds "as made ln tha
foUnwing lettetf
The eitizens committee has eomplfliad
Ita organiratlon and has prepar*d a gen?
eral plan of actlon. It will co-operaro
with the offii ial autliortties whenever da
'. slrable for th* enfor. *ni*nf of responst
I Mlity foi- pr.-sent condttlona. but lt .-on
| :-idcrs that the mandate imposfd upon ir.
I by the people of this clty rojnires that.
| it undertake at OOCC a far-reacnlBg and,
lndependent investigaf'on. BflJ ret or oth
erwis*. for the purpoee of brlnging forth,
< nnstruetive proposals looklng to the pe>
manent de< rease of prot*cted lawl*ssn*ss.
We hope In this way to *.:>?? ,ntpiis'i
soriethlng that arlll %j*rtrt* nt lastlng bem
flt to the people of this eltj.
The .on'tnittee oxpecta to Incur large
expense. anr! tbe more Uberal the COO
1 trlbutlons made hy the public the mora
! far-raachlng wi'i be tbe resuit o' Ita
, actlvfties.
The committee appeais to *v.ry <-lti_-n
1 of greater \?w Yorl. for flnanclal sup
po?-t Contributtons may be aent to jaerh
11 Schiff. treasurer. N'o. II Willlain
street. ?w York Clty.
Th* l"tt*r wafl sign.d by Mr Robtn v?-i
and Mr S'M.l*f.
The Rroadway Improvement Assocla
tion *4111 lmld a me*ting at the Hotel im
', perlat on Mondav afternoon to take action
in protocttag Broadway property own*rs
[aad business Intcrests during the >on
structlon of the Broadwax mhwgg.
The Electric Auto
Is the simplest, most economical and pleas
antest means of getting about, that has
ever been invented* Any dealer will be
glad to prove this to you.
In New York City Electric Vehidea are sold by
tadergoa Electric Car Co? (Detroit Electric)
?2296 Broadway (Passenser and Commer
AtUntic Vchiclc Co?1600 Rroadway (Com
mercial). . .
Babcock Klectric?John Waiiamaker, Agent?
Rroadwav and Astor Place ( Pa^euger).
Baker Vehicle Co?1791 Broadway (Passenger
and Commercial).
Cbampion Electric Vehicle Co-100 Wiiiiam
Street (Commercial). ?___? j
( oninifrci.,1 Truck Co of Amrrica?1/80 Broad
wav (Commercial). .
CottPle <.ear 4.:n?140 Broadway (( ommercial).
l'ield Electric Bus Co?30 Church Street (Pas
Ce'ne'S^Motors Truck Co-240 West 59th
Street (Commercial)
General Vehicle Co?505 Fit'tri Avenue (Com
ffealev Co?1654 Rroadwav fPaiaengerh
Holt Chandler Co?(Tlandcrs Electric)?1932
Rroadwav ( Passenger).
Hap-Yeats Electric Car Co?1989 Broadway
( Passenger nnd Commercial).
Ititernati'inal Eritchle Co?505 5th Avenue
( Pa**-cngrr).
T.ansden Co?1784 Broadway I Commercial).
Raurh & Lang?58th St. and Broadway (Pas?
Stndebaker Bto* Co of N Y?Broadway &
59tli St (Passenger and Commercial).
Walker Vehicle Co?30 Church'St (Commer?
Ward Motor Vehicle Co?1204 Broadway
The New York Edison Company--i4f Your Serrice
55 Duane Street
Phone Worth 3000
4tlintl Paaa*
424 BiWway Spring 9890
124 Deiancey St. Ordu*r?J 1940
Branch Offieae tor tha Conrenianc* mi tha Publlc i
Aal-raaa Pfceae
124 W. 42d St, Bryant S242
439 Thh-d Ara. Plaaa 4643
2TE.125thSt_ Harlem4020
362 E. 149th St. rVUtreee 3340

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