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Half of the $50,000,000 Issue
To Be Placed on London
Market This Week.
Peking Cabinel's Success in Do
ing Without the Six-Power
Group Largely Due
to His Efforts.
London, Bept 8. -Half af lha CWneak
leaa of Bo,08b8BJ i." to ba oBtered ko tha
publl In London for suhsctlptlon DB
Thurada) or Prlday of this waeh, i
ing to Cbarlaa Blrcb Crlep, bead "f tno
Anglo-Ruaalan Bank, v: o haa been prom
? -.: in the negotiatlons. Lloyd's Banfe
4. ppaaad to ataad Bponaor ff?r lha looa
'apltallata taeaabtted to be
thai th* Independent group of bank'
ra baa >*en able lo i ol the iround from
? tbe ffcel of tho 8?-power .-mMna
. . . ? ttng tb* Unlted Btate*,
? jirita:... Prance, Oerman: . B i
ind Japan. The kat**t advl
Peking, however, ai>paai to .>?? oonvln .'?;
on tlils nnint.
? Britlah (avarnment haa retreated
pa .if Btrongly auppoi
Heng Keag and Bhanghal Bank, aa
anil of Ihe newepaper attacks, whlch
ted it "f backtns :? n?onopori
' tbi independent loan 8
.... lo tha eaTortfl of Dr. George
ofreapoadcnl of "The
Peklna aad bow polltlcal ad
? 0f | i . Ine8 '
i ttnt a montb !n London oon
- ai '? pplltl.
. worh of A. W?ndell Ja keon, of
Xew Tork. conalBied ffrtnclpally ir. brlng
ln* together thi repraa?ntatl**a of th*
chlnece aovcrnment an.i the b*nkera Ha
. Bfl BOOn to tb* t'nitt-d Stalef.
tracl b*tween I e Chln*** gav<
. ? md tbe Bi mdera prcvldea that
. ,.-... aeda of the leaa aball I ? oaej foi
... tlon of tl..- ! f"r
The ... 8 to
? .,!..! 8 1* !?'"
ln Inlf-yea'
?.-??.- ay re
? ? ? ? t thi nd of flfteen y?*i
rf prenahna on
. ., , , bonda and afb r twei
oul payment of a ^remlum.
made to prev*i I Ih* lm?
. . ? ? h?ne of
irtJcl* of th.- eon
? .- Bondhotdet i ln the
, . -, of tho
. or abolltli ' |ki!1
(tranaU i I
Thi i' ???,'.' ?? r
? .? or i bank r> from thi : erl
. of the contracl in the even* of any
ll ,- ai attiti'."-' "i
rd khe tranaaet*oii.
TilbtttM Ba
Wa*blngt<m, Bi I -Tl - govi n n mt
aill not lend Itt approval to any CHdnea*
loan tliat doea not comc undor tbe terma
,,<? ... w*r agreeraeni and fuiiy
? of a ir?*rvttdoa lald down
by || ? for t'ne 13\>\
Th* i-.-j: rtnv - e baa kak?i
p rt< -1 "? ? .
.., win contlnue lo 1*1 Gianl
. ? . m on th< kheory
? ial .nnpioval of
.. ? ? ? :: Bei retary of
??. Hui tlngton Wllaon, made thla ck ai
i? , ? aolute reyi I
,,f ti -'..ii Bubmltted to 'h]na by
ti,,. ... power i:r..')i>s. but decllned to re
- .-. : ratk - on khe aub
i underal.I lhai < h na'a refua..! to
, t khe kertna offered, Ineludhig the
? \ kdoi of ll ?? expendltnr* af tha Pr"
. ! f ia* loan, wlll not alter the poUcy
of Ih8 government, ai d any furth?.-r nego*
tlatlona, unleaa adherlna lo th* prlndple*
?. wlll i"- lnd*p*nd*nt of
- uBOtton of tbe L'nlted Btatea bovi rn
.. f. allng tbal tbe oth?r
i?,w, :s ? . ime 1 ? im* attttud* and
that -t wlll nol be neceaaary for the Bl I
atrtraenl lo t nrtner repre
t ? atafJoi
Reporta lhai tl newtlatlona now pand
Ing in L- ? for tt.. aole purpe ?
... Influcnctni the > x power avoop to re
lr.v ihi Btrlngency ?.f the orlglaal propoai
Uttle eonilrniation In oftVlal
ebrelea ,: aidnlon, rath?r, 8
that th* b ' blnd th<- London deal
? t to be pi"trri>-d in thi; name way
that the Betgfaa Bnanelera arara nrhea
tbe repayment of la* tio.oo.'.oor. w.is aaade
foiiowing kh* protorata .-f th* Mx power
^r..ui, aad kheraby obtaln inter. *t aa a
Bborl loan.
Tbi a rnafaelea 8 re
that ? fa aa kbe Brttteh ara raa?oarn*d
th ladea*nd*nl loan projocl 8 Bteraly tha
t. buH of a -p.ari' l araong their ovn banka
as to wh.. >l.all partk Ipat* ln tliln rlch
?u4?..:!ni prixe it waa expreaaly Bf*>
Maee in the arlggnal compact among fhe
banhers* group whlch was to undcrtak,;
the gi-at loan that the ti.nks of any na
tloaaJlty repreeented migt t, if they earad
to do ni, allow other 1 anka in thelr own
rountry p> pajtkclpat* in tb* loan.
tt has beea anggaalad thal th* (ndtapoal
i on nt lha Elong Kong and Bhaagbal
l.anks (th* Brltl.-li InBUtUtlOB* whlch eon*
? i tb* orbrbtal agreem*nt) te ^har?
th'lr pieportJonat* part of tho loan with
.-tl.'-r Hrltlsh l.anks haa ki d to the a.
tlrlty of th- ao-calied lnd?p?nd*nta
Powers in Agreement to Defer
Formal Action.
Washlngtf.r.. Bapt B Tb* Btate l)e
I.artment Is not Hkely lo change Ita attl
tuda toward the b*w Chlneaa rapubUc an
ii re?ult of the 8B8B htter sent hy the
O.lna Ho.-lety of Amertca le Presldent
'i'aft, asking for tiie formal re> ognltlon of
i-overnment. OfncleJfl fael that the
app.-al 1? fouaded upon a mlaeonceptlon
af ti-- condltlona .xistinK la nilna.
Th* l"Tiit? cl State* has l,e.-n ln eumimi
nlcatlan on tbe aubjeei with all lha other
great power* ln itv d*8unitiatlon t>. bk
aar* th* aalatvnc* of Ih* mw repubtte aa
.il. llideper.detit go\"nmient. and tliey all
have agr.-.-.i khal r.->ognition Bhould ba
a*f*rv*d untii kh* praaanl pvrovlakoaal gov?
ernment kIvm fOrm to a conHtltutlonal
MeanwhlU. II Ifl polnted out. that
thiqiafll William T. Calhoun, the Amerl
iiin Mlnlater m I'.-king and the Chlneae
LagntJaB b*r*. th* Htate Pepargmanl i?
dolng kaaanea* with Vuan Shlh-kul'H gov
ernaaenl as it would wltb any other.
Th* Tribun** Room *nd Board Rbq
iatcr containa a liat of th* better rooms.
Corn It it.
Hon. Albinia Brodrick Lives on
Five Shillings a Week.
rn> C*W* to Tba TnH
LotKlon, Bapt 24.- la a fnrm cottage
In the poverty atrickan iri^h vUlaaja of
1-iallinooona. Caherdaniel. Couuty Kar
ry, the Hon. Aii.inia Brodrtck, atoter
Of laOrd AlldU ton, i.-i Uvtng OH flv* shil?
lings i w.'i'k. vv.r the aake of lae pe<">
].:?? of tho viiiago aha lnis aold her Jew
etry nnd fnrnttnra and b4?oome b Bnme
aad aanltary taanector, and nonr ap
peala for belp for a llttle boepltal ah?
haa Puiit.
ln a Wtor to the Lor.l May.-i >.f LaOn
don ahe deacrlbea the pathetlc condl?
tion of the vUlage and the efforta made j
to cop* wltb aa unanally dlfBcnll Bltoa- |
tlon. _
Russian Minister To Be King's
Guest All This Week.
By CBbta to Tba TtBmbbi '
London. Bept. 14.?M. Baaonoff, Ri -
8ian bflnbrter of Forelgn Affalr*. ar
rlved al Ballater al 1:18 p. m. yeater
day on hla way to Balmoral Caatle to
visit Klng Qtotme, acoompanled by a
part} Lncludlng Connl B4jnckendorff.
Ruaalan Ambaaaador to Oreal Brltala
aud Lord Fteveletoke All tha mOTbera
of th.- party entered the waltlng auto
moblloa sent by the Kin? and drov*
t.4 the caatle. a larg* crowd a**em
bled at the gtatlon, hu1 there - ? "l1'
Klng *;? rgi ?'? ? '? ahooth |
terday, bul r4rtnrn*d early lo recelve
m. b8aonof( on hla arrlvnl Blr Bd
ward Orej alao arrlvad at Ballatar by
the aame traln and ww! '" Balmoral
by autornoWle. M. Baaonoff la not ea
pected to return lo L "'\
Moi das n< at. _
Taondon. Sopt. -V-I'tlor to kevlni
don' to-day for a confren. c Wtth Klng
08otg? al BaJraoral, bf. a8aonoff, tbe ii i* (
?lan Mlnlatar of rorelgn Affain bad In
tervhrwa wltb Un Turtdah Ai - id<*
aad tb* Bnlgarlan and other Balhaa rep> i
Th* Qreeb Minister bi Londoa declan l
to-day in an lnt*rvl*w thal b? had ne
formatlen regardmg a formal treaty of
alUance between Oreeee, Bulgar8 .ind
Servi.i He ii'Vie..
"N*v*rth*le*a, ^,(- bave obllgatlan*|
toward eur brathrea who ar* BtUl und.-.
Turkisa rule arblch cannot be dknegarded
.??.<). in tb8 r**peel ther* . i rtaln- '
iy , 4 ? of Intereal '??1
Tories Outline Details of Pro
visional Oovernment.
[B, Cable t? Tba Tril i
London, Bept. 24.?Tha ten
arhlcfa tha provlatfonal governnv ?'
af CTeter arUl ba ael up ln Ihe i ??? i '
of Home Kuif becomlng the ia#w of tho
land were rdbd y48rtarday at a ful!
meetlng of the fjlater Dnlonbil Coun
cll J'V'.ir bnndred deMajntea froi i va
rious parts of the provlneaa were prea- j
ent to rocalva the report of tha corn-,
mlaflon of fiv appolnted a ynar agi
draft a wmntltutloa for Ubrter
The meetlng was beld behind ridaed
d'.ors and no offldal report ama Uarued,
aave a loag raaolution wh|eh contalna .
tbi followlng tmportaal aentence: j
"Therefore we, kryallata of Ulater, rai
hTy and ronfirm Ihe atepa ao far taken '
uy the BpaciaJ commlaalon and this d*V
Bubmltted nnd explalned to ua, and nre
reappolnl the commlaalon to carry on]
the work ta our behatf i a hn thi p at.'
Blr Edward Caraon ararned bla andl
ence of the raaponalblllty then behig in
curred and Btated that not the fdight
est Hlur would i.e raat on thoa* who de
cllned to aupport th*- achetne, i.ut the
meetlng, with abaolute unanlrelty, ap
proved the report.
Th?- achaine, ll i* baHeved, provld4?a
for tbe governm*nt <>f the wholc of 171-,
st.-r. .md ti.it nnrely tha imrth* antcrn
portlon thcreof, whk h ap.no p, over
arhehnlngly IJntonlet. The pronoaala
wera prefaoad by a declaratlon of koy
ali I- the crovn and tho Unlted Klng '
dom. They outline macblnery for the
g.iven.ment of the provlnoe, bul 8hatl
that macblnery ia rtmarna a aoi r, t.
Belfast B>pt. 9b?The Heter mmpfi'g"
agalnst llomo Rtll* waa contlnued lo*
night by a domonetratton al Baltyrnena.
Brederleb B. Bmltb, Unlohlet If. P. for'
tha PfaJtoa Dlvhaan af Uvarpaaf, nnd i
the Right lmn. .i. ii. af. CampbeU,
bf. r. for Dubtln L*alv?r*tty an<i ? 4- ,
Boll itor Oeneral for liaJand, wen thn
Th.- caatomary antl-Home R il. raaelu
w*r* earrled with greal entbualaam
Outetde Proteatant Hall many tbouaande
who had not beea BMe le galn admlaalon ,
heid ? meaung around a bug* boaflra. I
The Escapade Probable Winner ;
of Aero Club Prize.
Parto. B*pi, 8 -Th* .ightecn balkaon*
whleh Btarted ye*t*rday ln a oompetltlon
for the A?ro I'luh'H (Jtand I'rt.x have all
landtd. Th* Acro Club atinoun. ? thal
the Beoapade 8 the probable wmr,? r '>'
tbe prlre.
Tbe Ineapad* d**c*nd*d In Plniatarra, j
ftrltar.i y. makkig h aafc landlng n-.ir tha
Begins Work of Protecting
Country from Aggressors.
laondon, riept. li?Tha Chlnaaa rorelgn I
Minister lia.s B*ttl*d with I'lenl l-nt Vuaii ;
Shlh-kal OB th* Un*a Of an ?mrrctle
poiicy ln Mongoiia, aayfl a Peking db>
Iiat.-h to Th* Dally Tei.-Kiap!.- ' Ha wlll |
aend a atrong pratc*! agalnal Ih* ckan- j
de^tlne entrv of Husalali tioopa into Vott'
guiia and a propoaal ko repay I ? It.iHHla
the ioana advanced to Ihe Ife igol il"
wlll further greatly BbT*ngtb*n the fron
tier garrUohs in Mancluuiu u 1 eOBl
eat* all artns und munittons
Ifancburla, M4mgolla and Turkeatar.
AVith regnrxi lo Tfhet, tb* Chlneaa gav
arnmanl tntenda vlgoronBly to profal
agataal th* Brlt8b eocupaUon of ttie dJa
puiad rronth-r, and to knatruel th* Chl
aeaa ooaaauaaloB** at i.hasa to anfoaoa
ntrtftiy lb? chhaBB* cuatocnfl and r*r*<tla?
tlona on the Tlbetan fronthr.
r-iion. Bept .3.--i?r. Btthmrlo Parvaa,
rrealdent-elett <>f Panama, wi.s wel
eoaaad rery eordiaiiy by many Bieueanda
>.f p*Opka when h? returned fiom Co*t*
Itlca to-day with hla fatnlly. The I'rcal
d.tntial inauauratlon takva plate on uit"
ber i.
Mexican Rebel, Tired of Fight
ing, Held at Tucscn. Ariz.
Southern Paciflc Lines in
Sonora Suffer at Hands of
Xui ... \-i/. .-'. et . Aftei i chaae
tbrougfa Jfortham Bonora bj Mexlcan
fo?ir-i;, i t.pa, followlng hla :.'i;-i ,,:
mltiing rtini>s aml tha linaa ... taa Boath*
. in Padflc Railroad, Gei eral Brolllo P.
Campa, tha rebel leaftar, and Wa ataB
rroaaad th< Amarlcan Baa aoata afj Tac*
; ? tre noa prtioneJ i I tha fhltid
stiit.-?. After poattlve Identlfleatlon l>y
Dr. Rnffo, ;i frlend, Cam|>a to-day admlt?
ted hla ld< Btlty and aald ha aaa tired >l
nghtlng Dr. RulYo wi a aurgeoi ? aral
foi Mad< ro ln thi | n vtoui r< rolutloi
.... ara aptnred I ! ' Blted 8
v overle B, Bb< rlff N
I . ?..;('. ? r< al I ' ? ?? H<
.-, i.t i>v.. :... ; Into Tuca ? Batnr
?? BUtOtnol :..?-. ? H ,l" ??'
w< n arn ati terrogated
tt, - told ihe whewabouta i
der of thelr party of tea
T,.. ...: ,i w --i. r decla ad Ibal h<
aurptiaed bi thf Bneapected oppoaltlon
b< ii.-t al tbe handa <-i tha i- a*
Colonel Olrone, ?he gai ? I
hour battle a< All tr. Ui rd uahed by
tbe pui i Ing federala and racl
wlthoul aaunualtlon, b< ld< lo
tb< rnlted BUiea aith lh<
faini 1m.|. thal ha mlghl ba abti ?
ammunltlon al Oaaaa Uraaaaa oi OHa
i. aeat ol T n - ??
? .) ;. (Ol oul v r < ? ?
campala ol :"-t
Northei Boi ? ?! i,,,! ?'>
ri i nlti - Btataa ai thorttli i
ii,.- rei. | . hlt 1 bad ooB MB> when ar
rested. tiin ? ompanlaa ? ba
a i ,.; th< prtaoctera an ? Ing ' ?:-'
pendlng ordera from tl D
.! urtli
Ui n.- ..?-?? \: ?
catad aith hli goiri rnment, a Itb
... barlnj atradlUi
of miin ?
vTaah . ? -? pi - Deparl >
1 . otBI .- - .- r.-ntactit
ordera b i rel been ;?-? paia
dlapoaitlon ol ?? M >xl an ?? ?
Cami i, and I I f< llowai
.q.iLir.-.i ?ii tbe ?m< "f the
boufl larj ..I-.- to-da: II ? ? ba ? i
Initructloni alll k.I to m
...... ,^.... .. ? i
tapa to or t.ik.-n In th
WUUum a- ai nd 11 Cbai
r?d bj H* i
,;.- reported aleaaed a
m- *
I - ? ?.
Doilf I B. -A
relnfon - ' from J
CanaBf i to-da ' ' ' '
mad thi
? i ? ' ' "" ' '
la Booora - abela Bed lo tbe 1
ii,,-??,:? I
Tonli * th< ?1 ? ?
and : aa .thi... md tra ni I
v .. ? BmpeliiM '
rebela nn
. ,. M< alco, Bept '?
, lumber centre aout
?? '
,).-:... ? ...???'
... . ........
: ' '' '
. tote eomi
Aatonlo Rojua
i tngley Tex. ? it 8 One '
, lalmlng to beloni lo lt*
d | .. Oroaeo, i
catnped acroaa tha bort*>r opi '?? u I
Utf kwuii ina who returw I ara laai
Blgnt aftai ? ' ? '? ' .
harged thaai
the name ol the Omco loreraraiBt.
_- ? ?
Accused American Placed in
Hospital Under Ouard.
|fexieo< ly. Stpi
American fntft
the American Ai - """
? . 1 ':, ,
,;, ? erner Matlaa 0 ?"". af " ~' ?' ' '
TamauUpa I a bf ? i n bm I ''?' ]
Tampico lall "?'' ptauB ,n ;l haagltal |
? guard Klehol i la III and hli llf
araa ln Jeopardy -? . raaalt of h> ?
ment .
This artton waa takfffl hy order of th
guprema Caart Judge waa bad praftloual: ;
ordered bla rfdmprteonment, aad H ha" ?
rellered a dtuatton whlch waa faat ba
comlng acute. Nlchola ?uh aantaneed to
Bighl yeai ' > ? i I on the chargi
ed .. M-M BB BUlBIt, u i
thr- eourt In rfwoiialdertng bla i a ??. i
,i,,i ti.. ? onfaaalon >>f ;i Mi gl an who i
BdmlttM thal bi waa tha Blayer af thf j
OoTernor Ouerra ? led proaaptly on tha
<!.-niiin>i af th" American Aaataweador
nnd iavi aaaaraaoea bj telaarai ii ta Bh
vVUaon that ha would pfnaonaUy Kivo th^
inat'.r Bttentton uritll lt h "1 bfMra ir?
riiiiK^J ta tbi aatlafaetlon "i the ainbaa.
aador, ln hla tnemura tba Oorerno prai
tlcally admlta tbe Innoeanea of Ni. ln.i^.
.iti.i aayi tha! 't Iheri haa I en ;in .-rr-.i I
ln Impofdng rentencg on thf Amertcaa lt
aaa daa ta Ignoranca on ti" parl <>f tba !
i idge ratber thun p raai utlon, aa charged |
h> th?. ambaaaador.
Ambaaaador wrilaoi expreaaed hliaaalfi
aatiafled f"r tbe praaant, bul wlll permll
i.o .nii"ccaaary delay ln tba furtbar i>m
i .?t-iHriK". vOii.ii be la eonfldea! arlll reiul!
ln fro?-lrig Nllboli
Padra Laaranla, Hk afaslcaa Batalga
Mlnlitar, haa ftvan aa BBanianoi ta tha
AlllTafBin AinhiiMHiiilrii that h?> wlll iih.
iii-; i.hmi effortg wlth lha Qovernar b! Ta- ,
mu^iiiiiu.*. and tba eouri otii.-iriis t.? k-.- :r.-1
lm ;nn?.lloratloii >.f the CfaUdttlOfl Bf th |
Baaar Laacuraln expreaaed Ui ladtg.iaa
ti..n ;.t tba aetloa of ihe guprema Couti
of Taaaaullpaa ln ordeting tba ratmprbv
onmenl <>f Nlchola, v\ii" pravloaa to th
,iii;i^ai bad bai b reroovad from tbe Jaii
aml ht-pt nnd. r guard .1 a i<?ai bof ItaJ
Charles Edwards, at Whoue Homft
Mrs. Lincoln Died, Paases Away.
Chkago, H.pt fe?Charlaa Bdwarda
alxtv-slx y^ira old. KrandMon of N. \\.
Kdwarda, arat Tarritfaial Oovaraof aad
llrnt l"n!ta?l Htntea Hi-nutor ?f Ulniol.",
dled nt his bcaai baaa IfHuvy. '"" Baothar
wriH u alst'-r-ln-low <>i Al.rali.im I.lncoln
ii wms at ihe Bfane ?f Mr ?flwarda'a
fatber, with whom ho ha.i Birvnl ln th
uiirioiH Latrlatatttrfa, thal Llnaabi waa
inarri.-ii ;,n>! ut tba boma if Mr. Bdwarda
Hii-t Mrs Mncoln dl?-d.
Wife Murderer Executed in
Charlestown Prison.
Thought Trunk, Whieh Oon
tained Disniembered Body,
Had Been Stolen.
Boafofl Bapt M ?' *f*tn B -'""ian w,,s
executid ln tbe electrk ehalr at tbe
-harteetown ontr prlaon thla mornlB . at
1M130 o'ctoch f -r tba mardar four yfara
. . bi Bocnerrnii of bla wlfe. Honorah,
whooe ; ody ha eul np aad pacbad ln a
ti imb.
jordan waal to hl death ralmly and
? it mahtaa any i tab ment He bad
reefdved the Bral contacl of Ihe cui
wlthln g mtoiil ? and elght eecondi ol the
, .. . i . antered the daath chamber. The
? t waa turnad on -'t UMitt. Jordai
waa >.m niiiy pronoum ? .1 Bead al 11:14*
Sti ? ?? ? n bundn d volta 1 1 ? lectrli Ity weri
.,: . . the amperei 1 a from ??' ? w
After Jordan had ' een declared dead, ?..
Leonard MacNell, hla gptrttual Bdvlaer.
i,,i.i...i the dead man'a arraa and laM 1
bunch ..1 aateri aeroaa that ? Tl ? Bawi 1
blrthda) praei nl lo JordaB front
hl rnother hual Thuraday. Tbe bndy wlU
be glven to-aiorrow t.. tbi famll) ot tha
dead man, and arlll be burted at Crown
111:1 Ci mett -?. Indlanapotl Ind ? bla okl
\ ... ; ., |o u ? tbman tea 1 r< aaonalble
f,. ? ih -oven of 11.. taurder of Mra
. : eater B. Jordan, for whlch Jordan waa
. i thla rnoratng. Tbe cfauni waa
...., .... thHr apartmentl ln Bomer
x iti-- on Bepl '?? "n:-K
r,i witl ' g wlfe, an aatraaa, Jor
-1 atatrwai The
next day he dbanemberad bi 1
. . head and wi ? other narta ln a Bto ??
, .-, um u ? ?? ' ? ?'. '" Durr "" '"
.,,., . , dndcr ol tbe body ln
a trunh HU - ? U01' I drlvlng iboul
tbe dty wlth tha trunh ?"? :
: hla cab drlver. wl?o reported
to ti.- i-.ii.. thal bf balli ??-? bhi paai
? ? ?
... from Ihe wli ?
lt 1 that t. -
. he had
klllod d irlng
.1..,. rn thlrty-thi I
. ?< Ilnnoi I) n '
. . .
... \p*
. ? ? ? Ihe Itm
,-. <? .
? I
t i wrlt
takon to
? ' 1
? . and
Gr-neral Zeledon Expresses Ro
pret for Manaya Incident.
Only meagri b?
... ? ? t of
-,-.:' t ln 1
- the
I aricai martBi
... . -.I..'
goutbi rkanfl * ? af ta
Ampla Bpobn .
goutharlan Ooneral '/? ledon for
? \m hava !
t the n 1 ? ?
..i,. ?.-.?> of any 1 1 tm< 1
?, . : , ? onta ? lateaf
. i ? ? :?'?:.-?
Ituatlon t... ?
So >i- talli I- gardll g ll.- BltU itloa
. <-..ii!n ,1 itlon ?f thi ?? poi
,,,,,,.,,..... r. .. ? ??
i ? ni 1- 11 I* la
;. i, . 1 ? . ? '
tl ? in- .liir gl tO ? ?
Qfjldali ol thi Bl ti i'
m a* ? n prob ibh t .>? tlu ra
v > engagemenl ? ? ? .1 the ma
;??:, a and th< 1 rr* la inl l ? ?'
, auawl . ? aiMinalbla.
mlati 1 ii. !? - ? 1 .?!? v all Ih il
ihe r.-t..-iii-.ii Ii agaln m tlu wane and
thal tli-- ti. .t. ? Ian ? nnti 1 latel \
1 .!:..! go itherland and Mli '?'? illial
.. . ? . -i. , ?? promulgati -i
First Session Adjourns in Honor '
of Frederic Passy.
. Bepl O Tl h In1
1 Ltlona] Pa <- ? 1 tmgri ? opi b? .i hi ra ig
? 1 .... 1 v . oantn ln thi wortd ? 1
1. i.' ii_i> waa i. I'l.-.-ri ? .1 by delegat*
Among ti. from t a I nlti d Btati * wt re
i?r. W. C Ifai Dowell, ol Kea arh, gnd
Mi i.hh.t Blach, chalrman ?f Ihe prapa
ganda eommlttee ..-. tha American Paaee
and ArMtratlon Lamgac ind preaidenl ot
thf W'oni. rr Progn 1I11 E< onomle
Tbe prof.Ilnat b# in aith Ihe rlngtoa|
<.r tha 'llbertj bell ' raa! aofjna -.- iral
i.^o from tha rr.-i 1 of caimoa, iworda
a.,.i ba) ot ??' |.i ? ?? anti d 1 I
t on oa thf Intttatlve ol Di afai Dowell.
Bf it.- <-. nnetBor Qaartler de I eht<
wa electcd preaidenl during Ihe bnefl
itaaalnn. after whl< tha rongreaa ad 1
joiiri,..1 ln honoi ..1 1.nei km.-? of tha !
lata "paaoa taoatla " Pn di ru pai
Tba programme <?( lha <? gigre 1 lm lu ??
the dlacuaaton t>t queatlona of Intarna
tlonal law, commerclal rlvalry ..n<i inier
11..H.111..1 relattona, and lha duty Bf pact
i, 11 who i>r.- . Itlatni ol inj - ountry n
gaged In a war <>f conouaat.
Ambassador at Limoges Pre
sents American Viewpoint.
[Jmogaa, Bepl O I loag ooafereace
rdativi ti lh< exportataon of parealaln
...arurrad t..-i..\ between Jn!.-r- Jtitawraad,
t;:. Prench AmbaaaadfiT to tba i>'nitf<i
Btataa, aad tha nuiii.iriti.-s bera
iMtii. 'iiu-H hara arlaafl awlag lo tha :Uj
rogatlon by ti>.- Ualtad Btataa of tba ln
\.,i<-.- agraamaal with tba Uanogea Cham?
ber of Commerce, i>> wb*ttb tbi apgralaa
in.-iit of chlna atxi |.ott.-iy aaraatrtad to th.
Ualtad Btataa arag ragulatad Batfcrta ara
noa baaag aaaaelai ta Badlag a watrbiag
mniBBBl whh-h aball !>?> gatbrfaetory
bolb t.< IL: Ualtai Btataa aad to Praaca
At b dlnner ; :? th-- ^hambar of Coav
meroe ln bla honor to-nlghl M. Juaaerand
expreaaed the hope lha! a aatlafactory
aolutlon of Ihi dlfflcultlea i?apactlng the
pottery agraament would ba found. t h
fgrthcomlna negotlaUona be BaM, would
be aaatar becuua.- of tha trood relatlona
between F*ran'-f aml tha 1 nlt.-<l ?tatfa.
L TRY 51 L
Alleged Dynamiters to Face
Court in Inclianapolis.
| Oovernment Relies on McMan
igal to Prove Existence of
Nation-Wide Plot.
rndlanapoUa, Bept ..;.--Chargad wtth
i compllcity ln th* ao-eaJied "dynamltlng
eonaplrac)'," Afty-one man, preaent or for
mer otnctale of labor urdona, are ta ep
pcar for tiial befor* Judge Albert B. An
deraon and ? Jury In th* f*d?ral court of j
this dlatricl on October L
Indicted under a fedcral atatut* forbtd
dlng tbe tranaportatlon of expl 8vea <>n
paaeengar kralna, th* defendanta ar* ai
'??u..i to bave ).n conoi rned In a natloB
wldfl plot to deetroy the property of con
tr.o tora *mptoylna Boav>tmion Ironwork
. is, ouhnlnatlng In th* exptodtm ln the
t. - Angelea Tlnw* BuUdlng, whleh coal
twenty-on. llvea
Flfty-foui were Iridlrfed bj the grand
Jury ln its report oi Febroary I but but
of this number John J. m.d Jamea B.
I McNamara are In B*n Quentln prlaon,
. 'allfornla, and J. J, vi( i 'ray, a f"> na i
,,:.. r of the executjv. I oard "t th"
i Internatlonal Aaaoclatlon >.f Brldg* an.i
Btructural lronwork*r*^ baa nol baenj
found by khe f?d*ral authorltl**.
M..Mt Of thi defCMUUIt* ale OT haV-- o. -.1
conn*c(*d wltb tb* Ironworker*' a**
tlon, wblcb 8nce 188 ba* been engagad ln
truggle wltb Ih* Nattonal Br*ctor*'
atlon, an erganlaatlon of atmctural
Bt< ; and Iron cootracb ra employing i
union arorkmen Mcmbera of thla *m
ployeri ., .h.,. !,,;,.. -,rf. koaaaa from]
one, hundred explookdna I
? im:.
PoUoa bkg Ihe arrest John ' M<
- ?? n t*ry-tr4M**uref of thi Iron
worket \ aodaUon, at'its h adguartera
ln thi d the arreel oi Jami I
McNamara and Ortle B. klcManlgal m
DetroH tlon wltb "Tl.. !.<??
Ingelea Tlmi " reploalon, pr***ntm*nu
w.-r.- in.-i'i. to i ? federal grand jury of
Ib8 di-ii.'' ' ? offlchU* ut th* Iron
arorki ra' kaaoi latton and other labar
uniona bad i- n^l lli a con
? . intlmldat, ? mplo: ? n, of an
or 1 ? ?' ? "
tlon nf 1
.. M
I been ed by
I Herberl
llockli ? t
? -.rk' ra* Aaaodatlon* 1
IMlnga In coui
tora, wa
. ? - - Inqulry.
... tb< rtti i tha
rnmeni f"i thcomln* trlal. a
'. . > ? . ??.--... orda
? ., rald oa II ? B ? ? '? kh< Ironwoi k
.\ ? . !.itl--r -A 111 !>?
dynamli I nltroglj -
. i ta coaat i ? ? -
i loj ara ef unori i aorkai -.
Muit p; oi Im ni moni Ihi d*fi
are Wtmom M. tt".'. i r**li ? nt of tho i
ti rna\8onal A I itlon of Ilrldi
Htrui tural fronworl ri -J
ickln, ii tlna ??? i and
alk4g*d -. ? i "' khe 'idyaavmltlna
,: .t ? : : Buffalo, flrgt
? ? ? ... .Mi. bad t. ronni . ot
tad Pbftlp .\ . ?" li ?. of Nev,
? ?. .;' i . . board.
s- - .,1 .r John B Kern la
; .- lha defi danta,
I \4.'i I- repreaanted
i 11 >. ? ? utorm y t Ihatii \v. Ifllli r
i ? . r*i
, th.- grand l l
To Br OhJaf Witness la Dynamita
Casc in Iiidunapolin.
I.,,. . ? ? irtl :?'? y
K.,;, ui., 8 to ba tly ehlef adtaeaa for
tn,- prosetnitloa In tbe dynamltlng
to ba trled la lad on bla ara
... tbi ladl ???. ? aplUl, where ba la dna
lt i?" ame km a n I l dB) khal M< Maal
lefl kh.unty Jall >'ti Batordaj
ajrlth thi.-. detactfV**. T\ waa planned
,,, i,-, .- tl ti .in . iborl dlatance from
rndl... ? ?? mm .-,! ral to kbe
... 11 ? i .--.-... |
Clapp Commlttee Calls tor Arm
strong Testimony.
gtoi -? i ? I be B*a i
ln ?? itigatlng cai ipalga ?
tui ? 1.1" ( alled on I aacreta
.; .\' * 1 "ik f".- i tran crlpl of khi t*e
tlmony t.ik..; at khi knnetrong luaurane.
? latt, ? ii IM ai d 1881, al a I - l
ii ?.....; ihal li idlng ii -
. ompaali I id idi largi ontrlbutlona
pti : . i ti.ii rampalgn funda oi WH
li [a ui... ral i i '? iit iinii < lapp
. i, ,| ti,, reitlfli ??? copte* of th* K*w
'i..ik rccorda aftei th- ra enl tonferenc*
aitb Beaatof Pomeren* i?..<i m*4* ll ig
I'.ir.nt ihal int-.ini.itt.'ti broughl >.ut la
th. ins.ir.-ti.'. Invaetlgatton would 8 bb*>
f.ii ui ti.. lagulr) thal th* s.-n.-it. eom>
mltte* 44in ranew n*al w**k.
rja*4B* "? i'..it'i\...i. ('..-puiiiui?n na
tlona) cbalrman In 1881, t?*ttB?d in July
th.it b8 only knowledaa ot kha** OOBtrlbU
ti ii ..nn" fiom ti" Inauranoe recorda,
wber* it waa r*v*al*d thot bow* oom
pam*a bad mada aontrtbutlotta af ra%aa1
t ' tA)'?HJ.
Committec Congratulates Waldo on
Capturc of "Oyp" and "Lel'ty."
Pollca i ommlBBloner kValdo naade pub
?? rda] a lettar bi bad n ed ? ??''.
eommendlng th* departmenl for its arork
n. arraeiina "Oyp" the Blood aud "Lefty"
i.oui.. Tha l*tt*r 8 from the ettlacn*'
commlttee appolatod at a mnHs raaetlng
.? Cooper I'fiion, Aagnai n, and is a.s
i dfowa
Bxecutlve ofllcea, Roora .N... Hio, \o. i;
Llberty ?.trc-t.
Beptember 80, 1912.
Hon. Rhlnelander Waldo, ?'oninil?Ni.,ner
? ?I Pollce, No. '.'lo (Vntre str.-t.
Dear Hli : On Augual 8. 812, w* tranh
mltted to you Ihe rusolutlona of Ihi Cltl
n|on nn.-- meetlna ..f Augual 14.
ii*li. calltn*; ii|.on the Pollci Departmenl
t.. apprehend the remalnlng fugttlVM tn
Ibe Itos.-iithal ca??>?
The aucceaaful accompll*hm*nt or thta
mual b* a eource of gatlflcatlon to your
department, aa n ix to cltlsena ln g.-n
? ral. Iti-sp.'ctfullv your*,
l'. ROBERT8. BINKBRD, BecreUry
Jeettec <ioif algnad Ih* laa] d?cree ef
dlvoree ycaterday tn the B4rtloa hrought
by Mrs. Btbel Croker Braen, aanajhter <>f
Blchard Croker, the former Tamnuay
..^.ltiMt John .1. Braen. Thaeoajnla
b*cam* lomi .int.d ?i | rtdlng aeademy
where Hreeo wa* B BTOOm They 4v?re
h... retly marrlsd ln Rpboken hut never
llvrd toggthar. Mra Iti^*.,, NUej 0n the
alleged mlaconducl of Uer huabam1 U3
.'... ..i?(. where ba la aow Uviag.
Animal Killed, but Driver Has
Remarkable Escape.
A horsc httrhe<l tl ? trurk drlven by
Hrrmm Blnchnian. thlrty-one yeara old.
or No. 1831 WaibJBgtaa avenue. The
BronX. shpp'-d on the steep grade in ISPth
Btj^Bt, hetwr-n St. NtchoUl gveaue and
Edgecomb Roa.l. yeaterday Bftarpoan and
hroke through tbe ralllng at aa excnva
tlon flfty feet deep. The. hfWgg VBl
killed and Slarhman burled ? under th?
wreckage. Mounted Patrolman Mullman.
who Bllliaaail the accldent. Btat ln a
, al! to tba Wnahlngton Hi-ights Hospltal
for nn ambulance.
M.-antlme two men got a hvJder Bgd,
tdgatbar wtth BulUaaa, daaaandad i"to
the exoavatlon. Slaohman BBf t*Bt BB
d*r the trn.-k. The repcuer- rbaatad
wordl Of enroarageinent to hli.i Bl they
worbad to unload the truck.
Whlle tba Baan were at work Dr. B*B
ton. of the Washlngton HelgbU Hfaapttal.
arrlved. Tba wagon waa unloaded, ahoved
urir oa Iti aldi an.i BTacbman pallfnl
from bla periloua pofltkm. Hi tojd tha
doctor that. aatda from batel .?bibaa np.
he feit all rtgbt, bat It waa dxrldad ta
taba hlm to tha hoapital bi a r.-.-uition- ,
ar-.- meuaurr.
Charles Klein's Oar Wrecked by
That of B. C. Faulkner.
iiiv TBligiapB <" Tba TfUaaaal
Hartford, Coaa., fiept. 23.- Taraa aagaw
were serlously Injgred to-day WttaB Ull
big tourtng ear of B. C. raalhaar, of No
BM rft. htartfa arenua, Brooblya, ramnvi
.1 four-aeatad Pord automobtTa in Bouth
VVlndaor on tbi road fraai Hartford to
BprlBgneld. Tba lajarad al tba Hartf.
Hoapital toa-nlghl Braras
Charlaa bt. Banford, of Craavwall, fract
? ir.-fi aya and dbdocatad |aar; Hirbcri
Klrbpatrlcb, of CramwiB, aenrily
brulaad, aarraral taith hafKhad out aad
poaalbla Intamal Injuiaaa, and Mrs. Hir
bert Klrbpatrlcb, of lYomwrii, eat ana;
brulsed. |
The pord ar, Bccordtog to tba ragta
tratlon books ln Coaraactleut, la thi P*"00'
,-rty of Cbartia Kiein. piaywnght. who
haa .i ptaea H rtaaraytaa. M ;v-lS
complitaly wrdchad, every apeba ta aii
four wbjbata ta big cnl from lha rlrna. Th"
fronl axla arag anappal ua two ptaeea,
the bood and top wara craibad to tbi |
roadway, an.i btta trf Um wraabaga wara
acattered wldelj.
Th.- cbaaffaai of tba Kauikner car, who
Braa aald 1 l bem watcblng anotber
tourlng party reptace . llra oa lha raad
raa arreated, and mu appaai in the
Eaat Hartford t< wn eourt on afon
\. ? y/ora ?-.: "'as eoflBlog aouth
I rtngfleld, '?? ? ?-- ~w- ' ?
ti ,,-,-t!- n mwell party.
Baat Hartford pbyBlclana attaadad lha
I . on i. ?? 'io a ???? i.*k*n 1? '??lr
Hartford Hoai tal on a trol
Judge Ratph M Oraat of Baaf Wlad
? .-?. .i i.- tba Kirbpatrleba to
brlng .- ? ivii - itt for danaagea agahait
Faulkner, wbo ludga Oraat defdarad,
B I ??
But Strike Will Be General To
day, Says Union Official.
,-..-;, ti .--. and | laao makara w< Bl on
? ,. reaterday, a ? .)r.iin? to Charlaa
Dold, pn adenl f the Plaao ai -i Orgaa
gfahera1 [nternatlonal Cntoa, wb
t ntght 1 t tbe fralhaal would ba
h-.-n-r..: tbrotuj t th lt) r thla aftar
r.n. Tha -trik-- I'eiterday waa practj
, Blly oi Rnod to thlrty or f..rt>- faetorl ?
ni The Brons, Dold gfbntttad.
The nnlon praaldant dactared Daehar *
. ?., \\ ?? ?.('? rr. -i. I ...1 8 -?? ? ?'?
to the -!? hU i ? ftir fortjr "f Ita ah
: thal amoag otbar Iii aflfacted
. tha trlbe were the Batay piano Com
? int I Co. tbe Behalng Ptaao
Da Rtraa ^ Harrla
? ??,; . . ... ; rn all iironx coaeirni, an.i
the vTibir Ptam Company, wniam Tonk
i Bn ? Bternway a. Boaa, and w - - bU,
,r .; . . Al tba ataabattaa of
;i.e of Btiteway B Boaa II aral denh>d
thal araa i maa bad Btruah. Al tba
- . ? , i waa atated that aii
Iti two huiHtred and flfty amployaa arun
,r wfarb. Rapreaeatatlraa af ITOUara
Brothara alaa dftrdad thal any em
ploj ea hd'l qult
Anotber nrm reported affeetad by the
Btrlba araa tba Aatoglane Compaay, Ko.
MS a'etri Haf itreet, but Rlehard W. Law*
rence, Ita prealdent and alao praatdeat ot
? x b rork Plaaa ItaaafaettrrirB' a
i hh h tha raajaatty of taa
. gggaira, bbM tiiat only
?n . . rapioj > ? h i.i walbad o it
of tha ladastrlal Woiitarg
? tha IPartd whlch coadactad tha Law*
Ifaaa, Btrfka wlll taba a ^.ari.i in |
Aano mabirg atrlba beri, B bj sa
.. ritood.
Raised $170,000 for Dix, Says
Assemblyjnan Fry.
Thi rfaiaBg i hi rtas V Burpby anatad
Aaaamblyman Bydmy D. Pry to iati Bar
wiiii.im p Bheehan for Cadtad Btataa
Beaator waa bacaaaa Bhaahan had baan
iriatraraantal ln K,,tting tfagatbir nw.txi)
h 'i.-i-t John \. DtX (.lovornor of the
stat.. accordtng to a atatataial made laat
-i'kI.! at tha Bull afooaa ratltl.atlon at
tha Logan Club In Brooblya.
fry araa a Damocratla AaaatnblyBBBa
and i.-...iir.<- ? ing of tba InaurgaatB at ai
ban>. Ha aald ba tobj liurpby that he
?raa t* r gbapba >i nrat, last an.t aii the
ti-ni- Than, i.. taya, Hurybj laM bba ba
would Bfrrer no t>> Mtmny ira'n as ...
i '"iiu.i ratl ? .v lemMynaaa.
othei apaabari wari Oaorga A, Ogaaaaa
lha Baatama Coaii nomin.e; blra Bobart
H. BJaar aad btlchaal J. Pliagarald. the
Congreaa noaalBaa for the <u.-trict.
Ohanco Reraark Ends Fifty-two
Years' Search.
bV paratad Bfty-twa yaara ii??. when hla
ftlatar left tbalr hjoraa ln Rondeut baaaaaa
her motber hu.i apanbad bar, Caatatg John
afcKaon, of No, BJ Faat str.-et. Vonkers.
baa lust raturni >i boraa mtet ba>vtag ?een
hla atatar agate, hi..- la aga ^'f"4 ?raagit
Sinith, and Bvag ut BubaaaatBrly wlth bar
famlly <>f aavaral obttdroa.
u wai when EtrMgat wa.s tinrt.^u aad
John BaVBB that UM glrl left hrmv. Thej
nlgiit ufter gha had be. tl Kpanked ahc
^ii.-.k.'d Ottl of the bOftaa BBd run away.
lablng aotna af har ehtMag with her. Av
oording tl bat brother, she was never
haard fraai gfaaa thal time. Bkatl par*nta
dkfd s.-veral y.-ara ago.
Keoently John Snuth, B h< atnian. re
marked to McKeon. who is Bfagtatg of the
coal boat Louls \V. Hldredge. that hla
mother waa u. McKeon. The clew led
afeKeoa to hla lonK loat alater
Danvllle. Ky.. Hcot. 23. -After a quar- -
rel over a Und trade V\\r :;;ornlng I'orcy '
Hagnr killed hla brother. Wllllam The i
brotbira were -_t !?rirakfast when tho dla
yut.- aror* !
Progressives Name Fitzgerald
and Hector M. Hitchings.
Oathering at Carnegie Hall
Cheers Five Minute3 at
Mention of Straus.
James J. Fitzgerald. , torm? ?
many AaBamMjraaaa, and Hector v
Hitchings were eliosen candldates for th
Bupr*rJM Tourt hen.-h hy th- Kaw y rl
County convention of tbe Xatlonal p?r?
gr.-sslve party at Carnegie H;,l! ,,?
alght. Abrabam B. Ollbert. who reeeivi*
the indorHerncnt of the regular KePuJj!
Can c Tiventlon. got the Last mimb?r of
vote* of the flve .andldato-. Judg, ,
Sande-s waa nomtnated and wltlieta*
after all BOmhUtlona v\.-r.' made, tha
vote ateod u'j follow*:
Jam.-K .1. Flt/Ketald, 85; Hector at.
Hitchtnga, 87H: Henry K. Davla, of Tbi
Hronx. 27'i: Hugh Oordon Mlller, ii, ^
Abrabam B OUb*rt. iou.
IVllllam M. Cbadburn nominau-d Mr
PlUgeralA He praleed blm for hla reo
""' * i thre* terra* ln the Aa.
il- aald tnat Mr. Ht/^craM
helped to axpoaa the Ramape water ^raft
and put tbfOUgb the- sciieme aiicrehy tn*
Korth Rlver ptora were epaaad to tt*
blgbaal ftddcra ln.?tead of helng lef; te
thi '"".'ll-is ,.f Tatnmany Hall. For that.
Mr. Chadbura aald, Mr. l*ttag*r*U aaj
!."? g*( it i -ii..minat:on.
J.?ii)-s Oranl Broarn Boaalnatad victor
M. Hltchmga, H". gaaaarlbad bhn a.- a "i.
ii. typa of a Judga>M Wtebinga,
beUeved ti af a platform wa.s a , ,n>
programme, a contract aitb th. peega*
Dr. \t'llson to tlie . ontraiy notwithstand
Roberi i'. Levka ptaeed in nommatiot,
Hngii Oordon allller, ? ? frtend of ex
I'resident RooBBVelt. Ai every mentlo:!
of Colonel it" ame tbe delegabai
and the womea 8 the gallery hroge int?
M-. I..\ts ref.-ie.)
?o < iv, ,,r Btra ia ia tho next Oovernor gf
Nerv Tork Btata and the cot .ventlOB
b4 arad fcf Bve mtiaiv
W'llliani I? ("ameron. "f the Bth Av
aerably Dlatrtot, aoaahaata i Haary k.
Davla. a fonn*r Deeaacrat He urgad tha
di ? gati ? to name two Democrata and t.,
aatart one :.'?? The Bronx David Gold
Btata* of the ttb Dlatrfc t. 'i..mtnat*>i
j..'Ik-' Bamtar*. of the _,i Mui ipal du
trlct. He aa:d that it W*fl tlie flrs* tJaia
ir: the htatory ol the Eoat BIde tb8 it
had furnlahed n candldate for the lu
premc lourt. Balnbrldg* Colby, the u.?.
wr. nominatct \hraham g UUbert, who,
- ?, belped bi nuttlfy the U
tlon 8w -.
Tb* I '? i- -l '"t Of ent:. -4* -
j idga Bandera *"t th* Boor and aecahal
hla aorah itton. He aald he eeaM aa)
bear t<> b* ptaeed ta a fatae itght beaaaB
hi t .oi tafl the Democratli party, rhi
party wblcb he bad aBlllated w*th c.ar
eln^e he had a vote, at th.- prlea '
judldal nomtnattoa Ib the Pragrvaaha
part] Ho bom I avei '-.'.r. for bav
ing rtl ; ' 1881*81
rovrt beneh. Ba aald khal vitiftoation
-.vo:itd do the new BB1 I - ? Th*
he nald. were reagonaB V. aad
they W*I* entlt led 80 18 - -">'>d J :?tl<*l
ns they e|. |
Davtd W. krnwtrong of Ibe I'th Jie
trict. got the roor and atarted on a tlrafj
agalnal .. certaln i *ho ?.unht w
ba "dleqnallBed for i oa ?*>
coant of his pertu nshlp." Mr. Arm
itrong waa hitting at Mr. Gllbart for
huvina- BUPPOrted kbl ?.,.-< or
081 17..i*
Orenville Clarki partnet of
Klihu Root Jr. i . ' '*hi':',
nowledged i
Rooeeveli and t* ? ? r?rtf
!'-? ? . ,1 he beard that bla name w.^ to
he plaoad in ' omlnatlon and he cot tr?*
floor t.. bead 11 ott Mi Clark daclarel
iti fBvor of Mr. KlUg*rald.
jarrns H. Revnolda, Anitatanl ntatric*
Attorney, wa* p*nnai aa8 af
U .. anvanl Ther* wi t lal Baa*
gat.at praaani i the thi r-fve jgP
aembl% dtatiicta
H. Jablonower Cnrtaf.s His N?n?.
with Court s Cor.sent.
Alaiik Abo of Holo:.4. Flnland, r"w ll?
Ing at Ko. '-' WobI ? '? "b??1?**
paraalaatan from Juetlce Pei ' ? n i'?t?r'
,:. \ t., ehange his name t - klarkb h%M\
Ahe aaid h- fouad ti- n ? ?? 'peeaBar
aad d'ffl.-uit and Inconvenlonl to aaa HI"'
frlends adVBBBd hlm thal lt ?*ald be an
Bdvaatag* t-> him la buamc ? t4> chanc*
Bla name. a>nd he kMltaVt'd AUfB would 8
"ptoaaantar from a personal ^trndpolat
Btanry Jablonow*r, ol No. uat 4388a
avenue. The Rronx, alf) ^.'h tha 88888
ef Jnstlc? Pendleton. adopted a new co|
noraan He wttl hereafter t>* Henn
Jablon Ka ezplalned that 8 waaaaaa1
uaunl aurnamc and that it 4\u- '"fckanBv
Ij dlfnenlt to pgooouec* b*cauM of Jt|
u-ngth. form and conatructlon." *ani
isow.t nal.l that b* tbooakl b*. ***uU **
better in i>ui--ines:< pa J iMaa,
of Valuable Informatioa
That Ia What the
Will Give You
The approach of th* *'mM*\li
campalgii nicea?it?teH tha^"" tlftj
rellnble and autborltatl** f0"1,,^
r*f*r*nce ho?.k ln whlch ?>? tf.,*.t; ?nd
and othor data relattng to Mn" M
Katlonal Oovernmeat*. ei<... o?
aaally and quickly found.
TIE TWnrjgTB A18A8A0 J*
1912 glva* this leir??rm*tloii m
fullv and nmre *orr**tU in??
oth->e waollcallen.
If you are 1nter?.ted ln ff'iLjj
and ,le-.lre to he well Inforni-d *?
tlbrary etUtlca- a^arjfj
boand la board*. wltb olota
baoka aad kaadaoma oovei
ln colora, 80c. by mau.
1S4 Nasaau Street,
New Vork Clty

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