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justice Says He Would Refuse
t0 Be Candidate of Any
"Faction or Fraction."
L Declares He Is Sure the
Kational Standard Bearer
YVon't Interfere with
Work at Syracuse.
?MM J- tiowling, Supreme CeOttft
tlc* in this clty, wb008 name, ac
'^irg to James A. O'tlorman, United
??tes Senator from New York, will he
<ett*nted io the delegates in the Dctn
rttic Btate Convention in ^yracuse
!,??, see'k as a candidate for Governnr.
Iai'. night authorized the publlca
'on ef a Btatemenl gtvbng the condi
t^M under Which he would 000000 a
H* declared that he would WOaOOSae a
jecision by tho Domoeimtk .loleRates
? nominate him for Governor if the
Bcmlnation came to him "with prax ti
01 Baanfanity." but would Seclbaa lo
Mrmit his name to be used 'hy any
fiction or fraction of the party siniply
to aaeourage etrlfe." The justi.e's
jutemont folkrws:
1 am not, in the ordlnary BCnae, a can
4iiate for the offlro of Oovernor. Many
Smdaof long standiiiR. in dlfferent parta
:/,?- vate have atrongl) urKed nic to
JLorne a eandldat* and have .issured me
_thfir suipcit, qune regardlcaa of party
"?gg Bui h actlon is naturally pleaaring to
iman who reallzra. as 1 du. the Urcrnen
LTlmportanci of tho offlca and the ob
Mrtunitv u afforda in these times of P"
mk-al unreal and disturbance to llnk one I
fi-,. nermanently wlth reforms and poU
drfl vitai io the welfars and | rogreaB of
ihe whole people.
1 hftvt aeen tho statement made in Sun
a*Va repen that my name la to be pul
vfere the convention and thal lt la 10 ba
Jregentod OBtenatbly as that of the caiuli
Ceof Oovernor Wllaon. whom I rrentlr
Sadreand eapect. I do not ballava that
Laaeraor Wllaon. who ls tho aattooal
Sndarii bearer of the whole party and
SmImI to thr BUpporl f every Illi'fl ber
_*te of New 'N ork. .
Tii, ctearly and unequlvocallj to
Bn i onderatood that my aame cannot
5* use,. by any factJou or fraction of the
?ro' -mi'lv to eneoiirage strife
Satbe deleaatee to the convention. after
earefuiiv revtewlng my career and my
SSilUM think wlth practlca unanimity
ffi am tiie man 10 lead the party ln
lf vmidrei Btate ln thia criala ln ita
w.ton shall welcome auch dertaion
ft rroaent to the people Wltb eueb
Shuv as i poaseaa tbe reaaaa why in
aav ludamem the ivmocratic parU
?houid hV contlnued In powe, ln the Btati
T.i.li ln powar n the natiOn; hut
la l noY .Uaent that 8ueh ?on0naUon
Jhould be aought for me or gtvaa!*??*?
Inth tho belief or auepicion on theiparl
il anv man or areup of men that I
rould be uaed ?* an Inatrumenl ol dia
eord or of factlon or for any PUrpoae ax
E to advanca the interests of the whole
Bmocratk party and of tho i-eople at
Newsboy Sacrifices Useless
Limb and Dares Death.
Gary. Ind.. Sept Ba,?William Kugh. a
erippied nawabey, imrted with h:s uoaleea
leg taday that skln miaht he obtam.-d to
Bare the llfe C f Miss Bthol Smlth. elghteea
years oid. who was burned ln a inotor
eycle accident.
Ruuh and Mlaa Smith were pla ? 1 BB
?djoininK tablee In a loeal hoapital. "no
hur.dred and flfty square lnches of skin
was transf^rred from the hoy> leg. after
which lt was amputatfd.
letter* prot-stinK a^'Hlnat the amputa
tion were reci rved from all over the
country. It developed that Dr. J. A.
Crala;. lba BUrgOOB in chartr.-. was to
have heen married to-day to Ml^s Mary
Arnold. of I>-r^non. I'enn , hut that he
hurried 1*'k to (Jary x\ hen tbe OPOratiOn
becarne baperatlve The weddlns; Wlll
take place ahortly.
Rugh waa irnpell-d to part with his limb
by an announcement ln the newapapers
by the aurgeon that "Unleea B'mie heroic
p?r.on COUld be Induced to part wlth
enouah OUtkle to make up for that Whtch
had been hurned ahe must dle." RU0h
offered to farriftre his cripplod Ior. thou?h
told that in ao ddng he wonM ri?k deoth.
<aaaaaaad from iir*.i paj*e.
crltleal turnlng point ln its hanory. ThP
whole eountry awatta its actlon al Byra
CUB4 with deep atf-ntlon and eoncern.
neniocratK everywhere look to lt to ael
.ui .-XHinpi,. aI1(| -rtndlcate the falr name
"f thf party, They will reel the chlll ano
<lls. onrai-cincnt \.iv keenly if i< ahould
fall them. and will b<- Btlrred by added
li. ]>?? an.l enthusiasm if It should acc.m
nlish what ls expr.-tcd of it.
II 44-111 not d.< for lh.- cholce of th? con
ventlon at S4racusc to ba an) leeg nea
tban tbat whi.-h khv- th" thir.l party Mr.
Straus anrl thr- rcRular Republlcan party
Mr. Hedgea.
Thosr* who know ("overnor Wilson
say that if Mrrphy or Plx has tho lenst
doubt as to whona the Ooveraor is re*
ferring in hi? statement, he had better
talk to Senator O'Cornian. who Is fa*
millar with '.ovcrnor "Wllson's vlews
on tbe subject. If Murphy itisists BO
his determinatlon to renomlnate DiX,
Covernor Wltaon, while nol repudiat
ing hlm dtrectly, arlll tn aU probabillty
iKni.ro him in the oampaifrn.
Qereeraor Wilaofl hlaiaelf has no
Cholce for the Demo.ratie nomlnation
for Qoveraor in the Enaptre state. it
is pretty well known. however, that he
would not opp.>se the BeloetJoa of Jns
ti<e Vtctor -I. DowWag If he should be
sebrted by the conventlon. JuetlCfl
I'owling. as is well known. Is an out
and-out Tamman/ man. but frlends of
tho tiovrrnor who say tbat they have
looked over hts record rery .arefuiiy
iisscrt tbat it ls >-leati.
john Purroy btitchel or UeuteaaBl
Qoearaor Thoanafl T. Coaway. i* le be
liovea, would be aqually B*~*c*p"table to
tbe nenio.'iati. caadidatA for I'resi
Sulzer, However, Avoids Poli?
tics at Brotherhood Meeting.
rourteen dl-raaonfl of tba Brotherhood
of i^romoti4o Bagtaeera aare **a*preeent
Bd yeetarday noralaa a. a mass aaeetlng
b?id ai tba An*aterdani Opi ra ii^us.
Tbe laaatlng waa ealled paotty te bear
political Issu.-s dtscuss??d by r-*pr? s.-iita
tfeefl of tl 8 aifferent parties nnd partiy
to transaot business flOaBflCifld 4\ith the
Brotherhood, aaeectally tlie ergaalaatlon
of tlie |ntwrbo**eugb Ku^id Traaalt Com
paay*fl motormen.
CoiiKiessman Wllllam Sul??*r. who
avolded politics. pald B Brarm trlbulfl ln
hls Bpeech to the faithfulness of thi- loeo
motive anglnaaie They were, ln i>is
optaloa, tha flaoal batalllgaat, faithful an.i
, ..Ls* rvative of all thfl men In lat*or or
gaalaatloaa and eaa-arved bhjfher aragaa
ihan they reeel*red.
If he were askr-d, he Maid. what was thr*
matter with tt>?> guearnanaat he weald aay
then waa too laueb weaith in the handa
of th-* few and not flaeagb a^atrlbutloa
among the whole.
Ifaglatratfl J. F- Hylea, of Brooblya
prho was oucr- n lncomotiv-* flnglnflflT and
?Ull )i.?id.*- a eard wltb tba B*re4J**e4j*-aoe,
iiltlrlflfld tbe methedfl of ttte Interborough
RapM Tranall Company and aeaoaaced a
apy sysiein whlch ba pald lt Inatituted te
k*-' ;> flmpleyaa OUl of the union.
The op'-n m-*etin*- araa tb. B adJoijrn.*.l
and tlie eiif-!n?--<*rs went lnt?. BSeeudve888
i lea te tak.- up tha aueatlea of argaoiwng
the interborotich motormea Aeatetanl
Qrand Chtef OllBflatt said an OltlflBatua
w-iuld bS Baal on their behalf to the In
Unshrinking Violet Did It on Arch
bold's Sidewaik.
it cost viobt afoaroe, of Ne I areet
I04th Btreet, Bflaahgtlaa, lio to do tba
turkey trol with <?">n*** Miiier yeeterday
ir; fn.nt of 188 Cathotk Cburch In South
Broadway. Tarrytoan.
Mlil*r, who ls rmployed by the gher
man Bquara Oaraga, New Voik, was out
BUtolng with a party early in th<- mnrn
bag, and on reachtag Tarrytowii at I
o'clock lltllar and Mlaa laesn-oa got onl
(,f tba ear aad Btarted turkey trottir,-,* on
.lohn D. Archbold's flldewalk. In front of
HM cburch Three polleeaien wera
hustled to the BCeM and Mlss M..nto*- bil
J'.jlicman HrlKps's arm.
j-aajtlea Mooreheiiefl uned her, but Mii?
ier was ailowfd to ko flOQJ gfee.
He and Seidel Are Officially
Notified by Socialists of
Their Nomination.
Candidates for President and
| Vice-President Pitch Into
Other Parties?Say Colonel
Stole Their Platform.
Bogene v. Deba and Boril Betdel beM
I tiie oentre <.f the smc.. at Madlaon Square
Oarden yesterda) afternooi and were
cheared bj an Budlence that waa eatl
; mated al Bfteen thouaand. They were of
Ifldall) Informed lhal thay had baen
choaen reapectlveiy as tha eandidatea for
! Prealdanl and VI.PreoSdenl ..f the
i United Btatea on the ti.-k.-t ,,f the s.>
j - iaiist party. Beveral thouaand peroone
xx.'i.- unable t<> kh\h antranca to the Grar*
, den. so ther,. was hei.i ln the Oorden
Thaatre an overdow meeting, ifi attand
' whlcb aome two thouaand pald n;.nts
leach and galned Ihe priviiege "f Uetanlna
to predaely lha oame mea who apoke ln
Ihe "Mg t.nt."
All aboul tho fjarden were United Btatea
Baga, but the red af the So.iniist. or
waa nol miselng. ln the alslea
youna women aold programmes eontaln
Ing llkenessea of the cat>dtdatea and then
took up a colloction, which it waa aeid
xs..ui,i t.i t,, awail lha campaign fuhd.
There xx,,, ., real hand palnted portrnit
..f \it Deba or: th platform which w.is
done from llfe h> an i-tist raferred te as
"Comrade IVeat." The platform aiso eon
talned Charlco ESdward Ruaaell, who haa
bean pul up f"r Oovarnor of New Vork,
and QuatavB A Btrobel, who is ajotni to
run for Ihe .I..'. ..r Ueutenanl Oijvarnor
of the Bmpire siat.-. Alao, then were
other peraona who bad aeata of honoi.
bul were n t exactlj In the apotliaht
Some Paid Dollar for Seat.
The prlca "f admlaalon lo all "f thia
Bhoa ranged tr..m I i centa lo 11. it xx.is
aimoai as po.?i an afternoon'a entertaln
ment, eepedally Bunday afternoon, as one
could over bope lo gel al popular prteea
There was a hand that played all aorta
of mueic, Includlng the "Mareetllalaa."
bul n,>t "Ameticau" B. John Bloch ??.
th.. chalrmaa.
Th. flrel i,f tha prellmlnarlea w.is Mi
s.i.iei, whoea poaition before tba pabile
la about the aama aa thal of Hlram John
soii. of Cbllfornla, of whom Mr. Morphy,
of 14th atreet. is reported to hava aald
\\ ho the 0am Mli Ir. J hrif'ti""
it looked for a Ume aa Ibough Mi Bel
d.i was not t" have b chaaoe, f?r the
audleoce aroaa and for thr--.. minutea by
some watcbea cheared, and ool ..
said "<iet tlM h,,ok!"
All of thia Ume Mr betdel atood ?.x
im; proteatini banda and aaylng In i
toaa ol v.-ii-. tliat couW nol be beard tha'
he Juel hud to catch h tr.iln Bul wh
they <Md glve him a chance to apeah h
aaaured them thal wharevei h< weal I>e
iimi aitaaaeod tha ?ma en1 ? wn Mi
Beidai then pr,.,-. .!"i t.. maki aome pret
tv irank adn.lMor,.- He BOld thara ??>*
a time, ten or n ft - an rai U o, when
?rorklngmen wouM i ol Hatai to i LfJod U
Iai orator. They |? t toeaai -"ft n ga
.... . rer-rip. egt ' bha and l< I
blm -ao i.is way. Kow ihe eeei of Uvi. n
has Increaeed aad egga and vegelahlei
, ust too much.
tba condltloafl under which pr..
ducera of eaaltb ..r. worklaa ? -?
?iiy davaloplng ?? u mpei arhl
the rtch uodaratuid," aeJd Mr Betdel,
?and which the workera themoa tt
not fully reallar. Then li ?. glanl >;r"xx
mg up He will t..k. affalra ls hla owi
banda aome day. Thal flool I
Por Colonel Rooei n ll Mr BeMel ba?1
aome plquaal llttle remaii - He aald thai
xxh.-.t \xas called ti.- third party wai
. the niti. pertr
??,?1,... tall ua thal it is an hoaeal
party." sald the apeaker "Mr Rooaeveli
?ra. I*r.--1'J.nt for s.-v.-n y-ata. an.l t,ov
Bnda it nacuaaarj lo organlse an honeai
party. H. Btaada "n a atolen platform
for tweaty-one of tiie piin.ks ..f th- Pr?>
g,, aalva pertj srere atoli n from the B*>
. lattata "
... a Btrahal iavi atatlatlca xhoxx
Ina th.- growth of aoelallam ln the t'nlte
Btatea durlnj; th- laal few \<ars. an.
sald thal th.- worklnum'ti and fHrmeri
were Jotolng togethei becauaa th- othei
pertlea were dlscredited
, ^.M.ii>ri in their ittoeriority. Make comparisons. We invite thera.
Room Size Persian Kirmanshahs Offered as Follows:
>-:*-??% $18808 |^?..W-Ss& $228-0? ?t*e*??. $295'00
aabaei ap to $330.00. * "nnivcrsary Pricei that have never been duplicated.
d q;^ Persian Serapies at These Interesting Prices:
Room bize rersian oereiFica ahom n x ]4;
Bfaa, about 9 ? 12; $98 00 > S?. ?7to'$300 00. $128.00 I ealue. up to 1348.00. $168.00
ralucs up to $228'K) aj-fl JTj. ^ sur',)ri.e,* at ,he wonderful savitiRS on these rtlgS.
o <;^*> Persian Mahals at Unequalled Low Prices:
Room bize rersian mai ? 7W((llM pHy fof higB ^ w,i,.,n r?r.
They are fully gu-tranteed, at |*icea only llfdjawy g. ah(im ,, |4;
5^ ,boat 9 a 12: values $148.(io to $195.00. "I?ea $150.00 to S22&O0
I-" Pflwal Persian Sarouks in Room Sizes.
kv^SKS^" $175.00, $188.00, $195.00!
JkRugfl were ever offered. ? ?
a i ii o -?.? (*.'?*>? p, to 2 ft ariek by 8 to 16 ft. loag. Valuca tip to
Narrow Persian Hall Runners. a*-* $1575to $2i50
M;'" "*",? ^|,,lrr,.c^a??.';.n'apP,ov?l. Bri.1 room ??????..
Persian Hall ***?**" k"" |" ^ "l-a;; $15.00 to $350.00
-.-?--BaaW^^}BW Amg\\\aw aav .a-aaaN^jflaaft A\\1*o\gf ^f\\\r^Agf^oKWkoT^Ao^^B* T*lai KUU
-tUNNaaa Uxi!1)rt0? .. .Id Avenue *? 59th to 60th St, NX_ 4,h *^_
??perklns- and .Judge llary." aald he,
"are trylng to hypnotlze the people. They
have hrought about the nomination of
Theodore RooOOVett, and tho true roasaa
xvhv Theodore Roosevelt was nomlnated
la to ittem thlB rlslng tide of sociallsm
that we ?ee manlfcsted here thia after
i.n "
Mr. Russell waa humorous. Ho sald:
This oompolgB aaeBBB to ba a kindi of
ex.ursn.n into natural hiatory- a aoologl
ca] axpaditlon The oid Kepub Ican ele
plia.it. xxeak and CTlPPled.ll atlll Bbta tj
n Th- Democratlc donkey MJ"* ?
atupid as he .ver waa Then xvo have the
io?d roarlng bull rnooaa that oomea from
tha cavea of "Loboter May. '"? ?*.M__}
and platltude. Hut the etaphaurtwlll ????
?n the best of provoader. tho doahej wll
atlll remain aleek and fat and the bull
moose. tha fatteal thlng that over ume
down the pike. wlll atlll draw thtWJVfl
etider from Iho nnamlal erib TBOJ reao
weii in green peeturee, the long green.
The Btandard <>il. led by Mr- Archbold.
fiirniahes the f.-ed for tho Kepubli. an elo
phant: Mr Ryan and the trartlon trusi
aee tO II that the donkey does not l?ca.
and Oaorge w. Perslna, that 9?****?:
tereatad patrtot and re.-ent oonjert, aoe?
thal the Mli moose does not suffor.
Deba Cheered Sevantoen Minutea.
When Kugene V. Doba was Introduced
he was applauded for aeventoen ml.iut..?.
The people etood oa ehotao, wovlBg bata
and red tlag*. At one P-int wli.-n the
d. moastraHoa wa? aboul t.. die down. a
man wlth a red baaaer oa whleh was
Drintad ' :?. Broadway" upetde down
J,;;,";,,..,) , chair and wovtag tho beaaer
stait.il a renewal of the apptause.
Mr Deba aaM Ib part:
0'oedroa wii-.n petaoaally taaaaUd
mannered gentleman; nothlng about him
ii, ,i'-. .1,1 Mui pollUcally be haa nothlng
! to aal for blmoelf; he is the kid gtoveon
the ,,axx of the Tammeny liger. I" ?''"'?
s.-if I,- ls Innocanl enuugh. hut underJhe
Lorruptlna power ol Tammany ba ia a
dangeroua elemenl ln thia camifuon.
y,,? bavi heard ot The.?i..ie R^TJ";
Ha k poaini aa the cbampion ol the dla
treaaed and d< arntrodden maasw of thia
I,,.,,,,,,, To BuaUln hlmeelf n ibatehdm
he wenl on a vIbII nol krni egoto tnean
iiir?.,i. eoal p gion While there he paw
ih7ffl il. a'nune. xx,,.. waa.baaohBjhiB
fenilh m a cabln ln which ?'??;/,
would um hennel hia doga tei a*a -i
1 himaeir ,t th" pul.- Ixaard table xxitii ti,.
|m,nner.nd hla xlifr a.,,1 bad Mmeeli pbo
'ifhuf waa i" ahoe hoe hla hearl bM far
,,,.',?,,.,|e. ot courae, he did nol li.t-nd
;;:;?,;,,,;;,', ,?., made Pubnc but by
some chance 11 waa prlntad ln one <>f ine
;,?4|??,,s and he xxhs balled aa the
M,...4 iho had come to dellver them irom
theh bondag. T.dore Rooaevelt con
Bldered .<- a champlon of the worktng
c?aa. Think of it! Tha. naigh%m?IUerr
chlefUln, thit great conquaror! Ha novar
,i.-m ,,f tt? wkinp man ln hia nr^
aucaptiaa a meana of firtheting his own
Belflah, aordid ambtttona._
SUICIDEltN art fails
"Far Better Thing than I Have
Ever Done," Wrote Painter.
Btephea Krlatiifcaok aroo ambltlouo to
be a gro.it peloter. Ho gol his mapara
tlon m tbo ith. tlan Alpa and ln tbe
Carpathlan Mountalua, tbal lie far to
the eaoi of tbe beauttful T>roi and do
fi... t ii,,. ,?:ii wlnda tbal sweop aouth
ward from Ruaals, Alwaya froaa the
' time thai be waa aMc to boM a pencll
hi drew?drew beautiful tblnga tbal
made his perenta taeb upou lba routh
.,4 ahove tbe at aragi
Bul tbmigh tboy wore proud <>f Ibe
. ni he ahowod, tboy abook Ibelr
h< adfl
"There la oo aaone to be made iti
thoi aald to Btephea "II b beau?
tiful, bai ti....--.- wbo f.ii'.w it must i",k
f,,r llttio ..f . "tnfort ln llf'- "
Stiil. tbe 1"'X would not go mto tho
Beldfl or to tbe f.-< ?? rj "?', agaloal hn
farolly'a wtahi he followed bta boni
...... (ft, rnoon the body of
Btephea KrlatofcBoh xx..* fouod lo a
Uttta r.'.m on the third door of a tene
naani booae oo the uppar Baoi sid.-.
Thars wera two balhrl uroaada in th.?
rlght tempta and oo th.- oou. h upoa
whli h be had sat lay a rovolvor.
i.n an aaael lo a i orner w.n i bolf
Sntobed pteture of tbi Cniclflxloo; aev
arol other aaframed caaeaooa af re*
llgloua Bubjecta ai.i aiobud the waii.
iThere was bo note Ui exptalB tba mon'i
... t
j.,i,ri Mlacher, wbo is tbe jtnitor ..f
Public B< h'.oi 81, waa one of tbe few
frlends of '?'.- dead man bt Kew York.
I ? ? letter from Krtetofcaok laat
P7adneeday, Ib xxh:. h tbe painter had
ask.-.i him to oomi to bta houoo, al No.
33] |.-.ast ,:;.i Btroot, oa Buaday after
? i want to aee vou. becaoae i mn
golng "ti a l"iig I'Mirney," wrote Krls
tofcaob, bb I added: "It la B far far
better tbloi 'i"11 ' ',0 ,hH" ' Bmv* ,,v,'r
,!,??., ,t ia i Ior, far battor real tbal i
go to tbaa i baee oeaf kn-wn "
And yot MlBCbar <ild not BOgBOOt thal
the worda maont aoytbtng than th.
mere poetic axpieooloo of n doaire ta
return to Hungary. where the palnt.-r
had lefi a arlfe and three chUdTOfl
a/hlle h. ...m.li '" Arnori. I tO BOOl
? fortune.
Tbere araa rn. roopoooe wbeo Mlocbei
koocked oo tbe door, aad theo ba g"t a
,?,l|,,inan The door waa fOTCOd and
tha body of tba dead artim found.
Iflacber t.,!<i tbe police tbal Krle
tofcaoh f"i Booae tboa had h"-n arorb'
ing as an loterlor docorator, hut be dnl
DOl know where. Tl,.- piilnler had a
MlHtei-ln-law, Mrs V.-ronl. a li rVOeleah,
irbo llvod at No. 210 w>Ht Hth Btroot.
Caretaker Blown Into Erie
Basin by Exploding Tank.
The lort-flx.-fo"t gasoh-iie Ihuik h ''"in
fort, owned i>> Rodolph Bkoog, ..f Ko
Ui ifaniiitoii aveooa, Brooklya, Itea al
tbi bottom of tbe Brta Baala, "ff Ittl
stre.t. aa the result of haxliiK h.-en burn.-i!
l? the wat.-r's .-.Igo early yeat.-rday ni'.rn
tng. The leoa i^ ideoei at ahoul 18,008,
Tbe owner, who w presid. nt af thi
Rudolpa sk.x.g Aaeecrliitina, had arraagel
to take B party ?'( frlenda for B 010X0
around BtalOB Island and apent a goo.
part of saiiiiday in tboraugbly overhaul
Ing tha baal aad Bteektag it with pm
xlsions and geOOMM ? He BtOVOd th
tauach f""" Ltbe regubu aaeboraaa. ,,r!
:.7th str.-'t, Soiith Krouklyn, t<> :ioth BUSOl
iUi,i tafl Joha Baaaia ao beard aa car.
Ataog toword * ?>'< taeB Eouota wai
.iw.ikned hy ihe amoll of amoke an<
found th>- ho.it was ahla/e AlthoUgh h.
r*-.iii-.-<i there would be a hig exploefca
when tba Itaanea raacharl the gaeotafli
tank. he trled tn flght tho flre Ill.s ,f
forte were uaaBeoaaadOl, baa*ever, and lh.
tank hl"W up. hurllng him Into the water
II, ?io iitiinjur.d at that, and BBBBB0ad h
! awtafl to Bhere.
PatrObnaa Adoaa*, wbe waa on poo
near the river front. heard tho exploaloi
and BBW tho burnlng hoat. Ho turned Ir
BB Blaraa, and the tlrcboat Soth LOW re
sponded, as well as englnes from Soutl
Broeblya. Before the arrlval of tho ap
paratua besravar, the OoaafOrt had ?uni
at hor mooiing.i
( ontlnued from flrat paje.
supported ln thla by Sir Oeorge Croy
don Marka. that the Home Hule blll
presented no religlous phase He In
slsted that Home Rule fc* Ireland
would carry with lt no danger of re
llgious lntolernnre. He added that the
Protentants of Ireland were by no
means a unlt In oppoBlng the blll. In
deed, he elted many promlnent Pr?4>
ostants who were Its enthuslastl.* sup
opposltlon to the blll, he aald, cam*
from a small mlnority whose thou?*hti
\4ere In the paat and who tvere bi-roted
"tioiiKh to brln-f to thelr meetlngs the
fln-f whlch Kln-r Wtlll.'.ni had borne.
This oppnsltlon. he thouf-ht, would not
endure. but -aoiiM sonn be swept away.
I'lster. he told hls audlen.e, was not B
BOthed of opposltlon, an.l arould switi
int.i tha aupport al the measuro If a
IHtaa tlme was allowed. He also ns
BUred hls hearers that the Kn-jltsh
11188888 were with them ln thelr (bsire
f.?r Home Rule.
after thankins* the nea preeeat for
th.* d<mionsti-ation of welecm. aad 18
ferrin*- to Hourke. Co.kran, who s;.t
next to hlm, as "an Intc-lh rtual glant."
Redaioaal said:
"lt ls not a personal a'""1*"0" arhleh
i am preeenting to y..u t..-night. i
am hera in behalf of Irelaad. My duty
I.i to st.it.- the maaaflge of the party.
"llere Ih my m.s.sag.* ln two or three
words: After long years <.f .lis.-ouraf-e
meat, after naaji agperteaarea ?>f defeat,
after hours of d.-presslon whi.h at
timea aloaeat amouated t.. despair.
thlrty \ears after this Irish atO*r8fl?8Bt
wa.*; Ineugurated ? >> Charlea ste4vart
I'.-irnell I am h-re to tell \.?u that what
I'arn.'ll dreame.l has .orn-* llterally
Itrue, ihat the -aalateaaace ?>f un irish
I j.arty ln tho lintlsh rurllam.-nt haa
J borafl fruii as Paraell expected it
1 would, with the resnlt that th.* CaUSB of
' Home Rnie is now the feareraoet *.o||tl
cal proMeen i" the Engllab political
arena. and all otlx-r queatiOBfl 1418 to ba
lanl one std.* untll that ls carried.
"ParneU'B Methods Right."
Th're 8818 many 8800 of ahoefl nio
tlv.'.s there COttM I"- DO dOUbt, who
arould have lai.i doern their livaa If
ireland oouJd be free, arho arera doaht
ful tii..t Hoeae Rula ??<> .id be broufht
about b> the ?natBteaaaea of an laUo->
peadeat Irtab party In th- Brltlab Par?
h.iment. i .ii.iin rawognltloa frcea thera
tb.it rarneii's methoda arera riKht."
Ifr. lUdflBoad potated <.'.t that thera
araa la ParlUuaeat a najorlty of forty
f,,r Home Itul". even if tlie Irish party
.... l.-ft ..ut "f th.- . ouat
"I can prOCBlBa voii. BB far as a man
can promifte anythlag ln thia ohaag
lag world,* ba contlnued, "that before
j thi* Carletiaaa chlaaea riag out H-mm
Rula as f'.r ..? th.- ropreflentatlvefl of
peopla are concerned, arlll hava
: into 1.14V.
,*Where doea tha oppoaitioa ? ome
fi..m' in Bagiaad th. repreaaatatlvaa
of ih.- progreeaive party, bavaag
l. ara< ?! tha b bboii "t ' lladatoaa ara In
our f.44..r. Th- landlord elaofl the
ceaeervatlva elaaa tha aierflberi .t the
houaa ..f i.rs. may ba oppoeed, '"it
th- beert *>t th.- Bagllab i.pla i*
beatlag f"r ua, ej/here <b>.*s tha oppoel
tlon come from? Ihe newapapera "f
tt,,s , ny to day bava anaarered tha
queatlon by teiimic you thal tha .>1'I".m
ti..n is th.* ..ppoMitioti "f Ulater. Thal
Btatemeat is frauduleat an.i falea Tha
v.-ry h.-arr and bouI ot iri-.li nattonal*
lam is eeatred ln Ulater
"Onfl hnndred y..rs ago, aben th*
iri^i, ?.pi.- arera atmply bunted siaves,
tehen thej bad nowher* te look f"r
bela, " wnH ??"? ln '?'" H"",h' n wmM
not ln the raet, it aaa not In thfl aeflt;
tt w.c ii- Belfaal thal lha unlted IrleV
m> n 4>. are aatabllahed
"Th.'N t.iik aboul the Paplet Irish,
as th--y .all us They talk as If thlfl
inovenu nt WOM an adjunct of th<* <ath
oile Church They forgel that oui
Proteataat eouBtryiaen bava beld thi
green nag btgher ai.-ft th,-m aay oi
thelr felaOWa
"our splilt to-rlny ls to let th** da*?
Of tho Dut.l-* of the Boyafl and Kin**
Wllllam be blottad from our mlnd for
ever. <?ur spirit is t<> let ProteetanI
;md CathoWe mnr<*h sid?* by slde f-.i
IrelaneTi aelfare."
sir Oeorge Croydon afarha folloaretl
Wllllam Ib-dmond and told ahy thi
Llberal party upported th?* Home RuU
bin. Boorhe Cochran alao apohe.
Amoag those preeent aere Martln K,
Keogh. 4\h,> acted as chalrman; wui
iam IfcAdoo, .'oion-i Loula D. Conley,
Hermaa a Ifeta, Lleuteaaal Qovernoi
Thorwea f Coaeray, Bugenfl \ Phllbin
-) m i'.i.i.u. Charlea \. ftoraea Mor
Is'an J. n'Mrl'-n. .l.itn.s Hyrne, Wllllam
? ? sh- .nd the Rev. m J Lavetia
Bpeechea began a nota
fr Bjoad araa r.-ad, in ahieb
h.* BaM ae ..?<i t.Ived b letter from
Cardlaal Farley aaeurlag iiJni ..f hi*.
aympathv and BapgOTt Ifl the MOBM
Rule movrnient.
Franklin Day Succumbs from
Injuries in Hospital.
Krariklln Day. s-nlor tnemb-*r of tba
fewelry arai or i.a>, Clarh a.- Oo., di^'i
y.st.i.iiiy afteraoen tn the Tarrytoaa
Heapttal. from urdurtea recelved la aa
automobtla BeeJJdeal Hla 44if>-, ahe **">?
in tiu- aaachloa al the tinr* <>r tin* a.'.-i
dPlit, wns BBld hist nlKht tfl B8 ImpiOVtng,
On PrMay aft.-rnoon Day, aceompae'e*]
by hls wif.-, took ? rlde In hls n?*w ma
tthtaa ea tba Whitfl Plalna Road. u hiie re
turnlnK fn.ni <'nrm.*l 10 hls 88888, at Sum
tnlt. N J . thr* <ar BBUaldod, l>ay pul hotl
hls fftt on the hrakes. and In tha asette
rnent took hls hamls off th*- steerlnu Kear
liiiin.-.llatt-ly the ear went np u sinal
eiiilajabnaanti and befeee Day leeJIaad hi*
.Ihiik'*! lt tiirni'd turth'. i.lnnliig; under
Boatk betb bta and hls 4vtf-*. lle rr
(-fllTfld Internal injurh-s, 8*8881 hls w|t>
escaped with <oiitu.sl.inn and ahraslons
Day never r<nalii**<l ronsi lousness.
The funeral will h?* beM Hl tin* Metho
dtBt BBahreeaal Chareh, Hununit, or
Wfldneaday. at IJI o'.-i." k.
Mailed anywhflra in tha Unitac
States for $2 50 a yaar.
To-morrow Is Moving Day and
"Everybody's Doing It."
Less Building This Year than
Usual and Private Houses
Are Losing Favor.
Moving day in the greater city Ib to
morrow. It ls the moat popular day on
whleh to make a change of BOflM addreaa.
Hnd espe.lally to go from the quietcr
, harma of the prlvala dweiiing house
dtatrtalB to the moderO apartment house
and flathoiiso aroas.
It seenis nlni'ist ncedless to aay that
the popularlty of tho apartment house ta
more Infe.-tioiis than at any other tlme In
tho htatory Of Manhattan, Tbe Bronx and
Hrooklyn. I'ertain well loeated sertlpns
of Qtieens n,-irongh aro also attractlng ln
larger numbers apartment and tlathouse
biillders and dwellers.
And ln Newark and In many nearhv
thrixlng rlties and towns big apartment
house rentre.a aro being huilt, and at moat
of thoac pla.es thore are ncres of hroath
ing Bpaoea and gTOOB ll'-lds wlthln an easy
xxalk of those aetlve building BOOeO Thus
It aeema that there |s no Baeape from
the apartment houae apldanilll. even whorc
there Is an ahundan. e of vaennt land, pro
x hle.l thara ls a good transit routo to and
from the clty.
Many w-ell known so.lety people OOUM
not he Indated tn Uve in a apartm.nt
hntise a few years ago. Now they hav.
loflt moat of thfir oid loxo for tho prl
VBte dwolllng houses. a fBd whl.-h Is evl
den.-ed by tholr h-aalng rootns in sotno of
the rostllest apartments hefore the Btl'BCt
ures nre re.oly fr,r ooeupan. y. They are
Bpcnoiag more tlme out of town eaeh
year, a largo part of the stay at tholr
sumptuous rountry honys, and they haxe
i'.iih.i that quartera ln tho moel up-to-date
apartment baaasa fuiiy meet their nee.is
as rejrarde a elty home.
This is the priadpal roason that oostllor
Bpartmeni houaea are heing put up oaeh
year. Tn fBct, apartment house rentals
ara advandag la exery horough.
Confltruction More Coatly.
Land ln aeetlnns BUltBbta for apart?
ment hou?es Is allglitly more expenslve
than It was ahout this tlmo last y. ar.
.'".il for hoatlng the houses and operat
ing the elevators 1? much hlgher ln prlre,
and this Is a big Item In malntenanee
ehargea r>t th? etexator structure. Tba
siim spont ln puttlng np an apartment
house 0 greater as more valuable con
-. enl. ncea are inatslled.
Heslde*. there are riow fewer new housea
than the normal supply at this tlme of
I yoar.
lf eertaln VtOWfl of experts are rorre.-t.
ti-.iM flattnaee in home bulldlng in Manhat
tar, ls here to rema'.n a feature for*ver
Btattotldaaa my tba resi.ientiai strength
..? Manhattan wlll soon beghfl to shrtvel.
: The last cenr-us shoxxe.l that Manhattan
had a populattaa of 2.WI.."*'-'. That was
two years ago
These asperta on the rity's growth
Ipla. '-J the top BOtCta mark for the popu
j latlon of Manhattan at tJMUM Thus. af
1 ter 010 MHiihattan had to havo only P>?.
4.VJ more r.sl.l.nf. bofOTS lt leachod Its
1 Kresrest glOWtB ln regard to populatlon.
| At that time tt xx.-c Br-wirig at the rate
of aho'it M)..Vaj a x,ar. Ainiost two years
? ? alapoid. and the BlOPOOga of rest
?:.,I flffOWth 's BCbodBtod to take plaee.
adlaa to theee asperta, eooa after the
.,- | . ? ThOfl Hrooklyn wlll
. .-? in the soeofldaacy In this rospert.
T'p to the preaent Manhattan bulldera
Btlll calculate to ere.t houses for about
50,000 new arrivals annually.
Slnee January 1 to date Manhattan
huilders have erected only 130 tenement
houses (all apartment hou?es and flat
houses are Ineluded ln that elaaa), with
accommodatlons for 4,518 familles. Com
putlng tlve persons to eaeh famlly, new
homes for -"',590 persons have been built.
That ls the loweat showing 88 this respect
that Manhattan has made in many yeara.
I>ast year 2W tenement houaes, wltn
apartments for Tfitl famillea. were built.
They had rooms for 35,105. In 1905 housefl
with rooms for 181,555 persons were put
up, and ln the followlng year for con
slderably more than 100.000. The. 1905 flg
ures forin the hlgh record mark.
Hagira to Breoklyn.
It ls said that 178 person? move to
Brooklyn every day and that the yearly
lnrrease in population there Ifl now fi5.-"J-'.
It provl.led rooms ln new tenement hounefl
ln 19"< for 113,130 persona. This year the
new apartment houses in the borough
number ?06, with accommodatlons for 88>
785 persons.
The Bronx haa put up thia year I'l
tenement houses, with rooms for 9,171
famlllen, or 45.855 persona. In 1910 lt built
964 beaeee, with accommodations for 16,
571 famllies. or 82,855 persons. That was
a. record-breaklnj year for the northerly
Qnaaaaf re<ord for this year Ifl -'13
houses, for 1.303 familles. or 6,515 per?
sons. and Rl.hmond's two housea, for
thlrty-four familles, or 170 persons. ln
!9<>;, (jiK'fiis i'iovlde.1 rooms ln tenement
llOUBBB for 18,790 persons, and Rlchmond
ln 1908 for 60u persons.
Wulter C. Wyekoff. of Moore & W'yckoff.
sal.l reeterdey ln regard to the apartment
i Mteaa mtuation:
?ln my oplnlon the demand for well
loeatai housekeeplng apartments of the
BjadBia type th Manhattan ls fully as
great as the s'upply. and at rentals whlch
are \erv satisfactory to the owners.
"We have a new nlne story bulldlng at
N'o. 118 Kast 54th str'ct, on plot 76 fcct
front. arhera the apartments conslst of
nlne rooms and three baths, whlch will
not he foimally opened untll October 1.
We have rented every typical apartment
ln this bMildliiK at most satlsfactory rent?
als. and l feel .-onfldent that we could
have rented at I.-ast 50 per cent more
apartments with sltnllar layout ln this
bulldlruc If we aad had them to offer.
"The mlstake that a great many bulld
ers have made in some of the more recent
apartments Is that they have tried to
.-i-owd too many rooms Into a glvan floor
area The demand ls usually for large
rooms. and the re-.son for this la. I 888
s me that -he najortty ef tenants w^ho
.ra rintlng apartments to-day come from
privato dweUtage, where they arooeoaa
t..mad to exceptlonally large rooma.
1 ?f .Ctareace Davtea *ald the apartment
h.use sltuatlon ln The Bronx waa flatia
f, "ton With hlm the average la ona
va<an.*v ln a twenty-famlly houae.
.Aviation Gets Down to Brass
Tacks at Hempstead.
[By T?le<raph to Tha Tribuna."
; Mineola. Ix>ng Isjand. Sept. *?.-Deaplta
: the death of John L. Langetaff at Hemp?
stead yesterday and the heavy fog whlch
l.img over Mineola to-dar. O-jorge W.
Beatty took a ehance and made aacentB
to-dav with rolonel and Mra OUvar B.
' Dllllgiaaa and their daughter. Anna, aa
j pa--sengers. Beatty, who haa don? a good
dflal of flylng here. had no trouble ln
, making a landing at any tlm*.
Wllllam Hemper, Jr., who haa one of
? the larg*?st monoplanes In the eountry.
has started a new induatry. whlch la gro-w
lUg pflgalar kaaay per?ona do not eare
to go over ten or twenty feet above
ground, and to please such peraona Hem?
per nakea grass-cuttlng fllghtfl at a dol?
lar a throw. A year ago hundredfl of
people pald 11? for he sensation of a
short fltght.
1. Aitmmt $c do
Jfflh Xowaasat, 3'iii) mtfc 35tii 8>ivitt*. Nfin firrk.
Andrew Alexander
New High Boots
For Autumn
The rich fabrics worn this year and the
present style ot skirt draping require footwear ot"
corresponding beauty of material and elegance of
line. Among other attractive styles in dress boots
we show the following:
Patcnt Leather or GfJB Mctal Calf Roots, with
tops ot colored Suede, $5 to $7
Boots of dark (irey Suedc, suitaldc weight for
ttreet wear. $5
Patcnt Leather Boots with cloth or dull kid tops, $5 to $7
Pbtent Leather, Gray English Whipcord Tops, $4 up
Sixth Avenue 548 Fifth Avenue
at Nineteenth Street above Forty-fifth St.

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