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STTW .* Football 3 Racing * Cycling ^ Motor Boating ?* Golf .? OtfeSp*,
Blow at Ticket Scalping Falls
on the Baseball "Fans."
News and Views on Live Topics
of the Day, Both Amateur
and Professional.
Tl.krt sralpers r.o dOUM erffl clrrum
vent the best hdd plans of tl.e Natlonal
Baseball Oommission and the New Tork
?nd Boeton rlubs in aaourlaaj somf tlokata
for the areafd'a aeries gaaaaa, bul so ';jr
aa can bc JaaTgad every p..ssible obetack
has baaa put bt thrir path. Ia any ra*.
every effort has been made to prevent n
repetltlon of the widespread crlticism
dlrected agalnst tbe N.w Vork and Phil
ggajlghla clubs laat year, arhaa the un
fortunate handllng of the aeats almost
brought abOCd a baseball BOandal Aa ls
uauai in aaoh oaaea, fcanererera of the gama
Biuet fluffe.-, thls yatf through the incon
% ordence of beinr forced to stand ln linf
to secure thelr tlckets for the lower tler
of the atand and of havlng to go to tht
aame hours before the lt>ell rinps to bt
?ara of flndlng a place evan in the hUgl
atadium under the ke of Coogans Bluff
It has been aald. and rlghUy, that llttl*
trouble haa been experlenced ln handltnf
close to forty thousand peraons on eom?
6aturdaya and holldaya during the sea
eon at the Polo Grounda, but unfortunate
ly the conditions so far aa the worldi
Berles game* are conceraed are entlrel)
dlfferent. It ls one thlng to handle t
crowd of close to forty thousand personB
wben that is about the limit of ;hose whc
want to attend and some eeats are lefi
for late comere, but It will be an mtirely
dlfferent thlng to handle forty ?housand
persons whon probably c ouble that rtin
ber will flock to the grounds. It afll t?
aurprlsing to me M the bleachers end the
lower tier cf the grandatand are not fllled
to overflowing three hours before the um
pires shout "Play ball!" and thla meana
that those who cannot give up a full
day to aeeing a ball guroe will have to
eoartent tboanaarraa with watching the
tickers or readlng about it all.
Thls is not wTlttpn ln a spirlt of erirl
cism, but slmply as a warning to tboae
who want to eee the flrst great battle. on
Ootob.-t B, betareea tha Olaata and the
Red Sox. How to beat the ticket seal
pers is a proMem hard to BOhra When
the daanand if aaaater thaa the anpply the
Bgtnalalnia ara in their element. and
nothing but a hard and faet law, maktng
It a aatadt nteaaor to offer a ticket for sa!?
at any price over its face value will
ajtauap eal the orrfl. more, paitleularly aa
therr are hundreds upon hundreds who
encourace the aealpen to OaYe themselvea
aome inconvenleoce, To all appearances
the clubs hnve settled upon as good a
plan as can be devlsed. and If the poMce
handle UM crowd so well as thay did a
year agO the chances are in favor of as
Uttle trouble as could ba expected under
the clreumstancea.
It n^ay seem captlous at thls time. with
the baseball sky so elOUdleaa and with a
royal struggle ln store hetween two well
matched teams, 10 bark baeh to tbe ln
ternal Mckerlncs of last winter, when the,
Amerkan League adOPted its now fa
xnous declaratlon of independence. whlch
has been referred to la The TrlbUM two
or three tlmes re'-ently. At that time
owners of ciubs in the Amer:<an laBBgM
were incensed when it was sugcested that
the resolutlon mcant llttle or nothing and
?oon would be forgotten. It turned cut.
however. to be llttle more than airy persi
flage, as nothing waB sald at the me?tln:?
on Wednesday of the Amerlcun Iieapue
beini? solely responsible for the handllna
of tbe tlckets for the world's BOrlaa in tl.e
city oaer whieh It had Juriadlctlon, whlch
was the burden of the resolutlon. It
muat I* adtaJttad, however. that Ra-i
gehaaoa ls a pearar in baseball and prae
tical'.y huried daflanra at the Nation^:
roaamlaalon with bupaadty. Oa tha faet
cf It a compromlse was effeet'd. wlthoui
eltber slde suffering ln dlgnlty. but thi
faet r?ma!ns that, in spite of all the ln
Taatkjatlon of th,. handBng of the tieket<
laat >>ar. and ln srlte of thundering
words and hlt'.n? phraeea, the same con
dltlon obtatns as was tha ease last year
the elubs will handle tho ticketa in thelt
respectlve cities. uadar tha suptrvlslon ol
the Natlonal Commlsslon.
it is a peeaaora, almost a prltHaga, to
eengialulata Joha J. MeOraw and bla
Qlants for h'rinKing another Natlonal
League pennant to thls clty. The fam
has fluffered :ts downs as well bs lts ups,
but day ln and day out the men have
work.'d hard and falthfully to reward
the "fatis" for their sapport, even though
personally they had much to profit. The
chief eaaaaa tor oangratnhttlaa, however,
whlch is better even than the Wtanlng of
a pennant, ls the way the play. rs baaa
conducted themselves on the fiell. The
time was, and not so long ago, when
the Oiants gave the ampbaa more trouble
than any other team In the league
through constant faultfinding and bleker
Ing, but this year thera Baa Baaa a wel
conie freedom from aajUMbaa "klcking,"
without the loss of one i it of aaataaatva
neas. The umpires will bear witness that
they no longer dread the Polo Grounds
but rather welconv- an asslgntnent to thit
clty. It la well. 4
Charle>- Murpiiy, the loquaclous presl
dent of the Chlrago Tubs, wants lt dis
tinctly understood that the tralning nbg
a&airiBt drinking and dgarette atnokln|
whlch. he atya. will be aatforoad nexi
year ^ere not made public al tkJa IbM
to give the impresulon that the best teart
dl<5 not wln the Natlonal Iyaxue jiet.nant
Truly. CbUbby Oiarley ls many sided I|
has been denled that he was ri spo-isihi.
for the stati-ment nomt two month.s auc
that Bresnahan. manamr of the <*i:
dinala, was playing Into the hai.ds of th.
Giants and that the pennant raoe wu?
"flxed," but the denial dld not 1 ome until
long after all Maapapara bt gaaaaral and
the Ckdeaaja newspaperx in part.tular )m<I
harpeil on H and <nlar???d on it ad
Another thinir, Charks Wobb Murphy?
for auch la hla full name -insljits that
there are other conslderations beyond
aelflsh otics for iits n<w ru'.s. Ue watits
to protect the young players who join hls
Club from falllng Into the tcmptatlons
that come in a big clty. Again hats must
be doffed to the owner of the Cubs. He
knows bear to tell a Joke without a smlle.
One sliiit-.ut game does not inake a
pitciier. partlouJarty arhaa tha Btaaoaang
players go under the name of tha Bkaaton
Brave>, but Daanataa rnade an bnpaaa
Hon at tbe Polo Qrauaia aa Tharaday ln
wlnning the gaOM that cllnched tha |>? n
aant for the Giants thut wll! be hard to
efface. It ls rather early to call hlm a
?OOOnd M.itty, or another Jeff Tesreau,
but it looks as lf John J. MeOraar'a lucky
Ktar i.s Htlll in the ascendant, and that hls
Jlldimant and kf-en inslght have agaln
b? en rawardt d. Daaaaraa pitched ln a arag
t.. aaUafy MeOcaar and the orlttcs that hR
work ln the mlnor league was worth lts
faca value. That imans only one thlng
Xew York has another great pltchcr.
Kvery follower of bapehall wlU rejolre
Uial Praak Chaaoo hne come tbrough Ua
operation In a way to lndlcate that hls
full h.-alth has been restored. Kew bas.
lall men have earned the .-onflderioe and
reapoci <.f the "fans" po fuliy. Thara ls
such a gulf between the owner of the
Cubs and the manager of the Cubs that
to brldge H ls impossible.
Golf ls a wonderful game. Whea more
Uiafl two bundred men. and ropresenta
tlve men, t.-.. tifty-tlve years of age and
0V8T, ?rfH play tbrough a drlvlng raln for
just pure krva of the Kame, too mucb can
not be fiaid ln Its favor. Baaaball, foot
hall. cricket, rnl" ?nd cvrn llUn tPnnis?
have their age llmita.th.ns. but nat so golf.
Th* fcw bapPy souls who lntrodu.nl the
game ln thls country not so many yean
ago should be sought out and a tabhrl
araetad in UmR honor,
Kpeaklng of golf, even a mountain must
he MVeUed b< fore its lnslstcnt demands.
It may not be a very big mountaln. but
a news dispatch last areek sald that It
would cost Jf-O.OOO to level !t off so that it
aronld not stand ln the way of a go<>d
drlve. HBRBBRT.
Frenchman Beats Jackie Clarke
at Newark Velodrome.
Joe Pofler, of Itrooklyn, nnd Andr?
Feaakloot, of PVanea, came through tc
victory ln the spftrlal match ra.es at the
Newark Yel.xlrorne yesterday afternoon.
IbaJar defeatad Angelo Gardellln, ol
Italy, and I'erchicot lowered the colors ol
Jackie Clarke. the "Austrnllan Rocket."
Each match was declded ln atraight
heata. though Fogler and Gardellln rodt
threo heats, the first belng declared "nc
race" because Fogler, who won lt, took
the lead by rldlng lnsld* the pole llne. He
rode rlngs around Gardellln ln the n.-xt
two heats. Ln ono he tntiled hlm to thfl
homeetretch, then breez.d an and h't th.:
tape first, wlth a foot to spare, whlle in
the other he ran away from the Itallan
and won by thlrty yarda
The summarles follow:
Ono mile novice?Won bv Arthur I.auncy;
W Zlpp, Baooad. Tlaa, 2:30.
?.iie bandlfT (piofeaalonal) "Toa by
Edward Kupprecnt (uO yarda); Alfxad Qranda
laoratcb), aocond; rio>.i Krehs (7a yarda),
: .: .. Davi Mackay (0 yarde)< fourth; Rartln
M yarda), sifth. 'i baa, IM%.
-],? lal thi*.- quarter inll"- match ra.e hJTO
!? aaional)?Joe Pogler, itrooklyn va, Aniielo
Gardellln. Italy. Won l.y Pbgtaf in etratiftit
baata Tlma, 1:0 anj 2:0S.
s; ? (.! three quartar mile matrh race pr*
:? ivrohicot, Pranc ra a j
luatralta. Won by Perehlcot in
atralghl heata Ttine, I'M an.i l:04-s.
Ualf-mila handicup (amateur)?Won by Nor
r..ui, Haaaen ..ji yarda); Thomas S'mtth .4)
yarda), -?<? oad; uus Wohliab i-0 yarda), thirJ.
Time, l :(.<?.
Tw.^miin invitatir.n Qwafeaatenal)?Wea by
JU'.i.No U'ells; Liovd Thf.niae, BacoBdi <?>.: lOB
Walker. thlrd; Ernir. ,loku?. tottlth; W1I1I*
CObura, fifth. Tlme, -\:7;~<
Threa-nilie oprn iam?ifiir?-Wnn l.y Alvtn
j<"' , Normaa HanF^n. aeooad; Tommy
Fmith. thlrd; Uu? Wohlrab, fourth; H.i:ry
Kaiacr, tifti-.. Tba*, t'M%.
... opaa (profeaaloaal)?Won by Prank
I. Kraroar; a. J. Clark?. aaoond; John Badell.
tblrd; Jo^ PoaMr, fourth; .M?nu?< K.-.l?ll. flfth.
?\ laia, :i::iJR.
Savage and Smith Will Meet at
Garden To-night.
Heavy hlttlng and end-iran^^ will cut
a torga flgure ln the t^n-round battle ho
twean Jun gavaga, of Orang^, N. J., and
Gunboat Hmlth, the San Framisco heav\ -
welght, ln Madlftm Square Garden to
night. t'pon the result of thla matrh
much deiienda, for the wlnner will he
pltted aajalaal J<-ss Willard, tr.e blg Tex
an, and If BOCOBBBful will be sent aft.-r
? Bomhardhr Watto, t!,e Knpllsh champlon,
who will soon r?turn to thls clty. Sav
I age's atoeb raceived a boom when he
I stopped Tom Kenne.Jy, hut he was taken
'lll right after taat affair, and had to can
oaj '?11 ff:gageni<nt?. Having rerovered hls
Iwonderfol Btransth, Um Jeraeynaaa aakad
; for a bonl wlth t9mlth, who has been
] making it batareattng for aii comera at
lo. ai elaba
Of equal lnterest Ih the ten-round bo:it
batarat n Harry Thomas, the Brltinh feath
erwelffbt, who soon will retnrn to box
Jcm Drisroll, and Johnny Dundee, of thin
Clty. The other ten-round affair prom
ls.-s to im a iiair ralaer, for the prlaelpala
are Young Shugrue, of Jers.y I'lty, who
has a great rlni< record, and Joe Thom?
as, of New OrleanH, who Ih fur and away
the be^t fealhaiaeijhl aouUi of the Ma
son and Dlxon line.
Members of Giants Take Ho
boken Nine Into Camp.
WUbarl Roblnson's COlta and several
r*i,nilar <"!iarits JonilMyad BerBBB th'^ Hml
son to HObokaa yaatarday and dafeated
th^ Hoboken nlne hffor" a large .rowl
ora was I to t. Roblnaoa h.-ui thre,
pltch'Ts )n the gamc, Wiltse COVaiing ttM
Inltlal sack and Crandall holdlng tlowr
thlrd base, whlle La Kue Klrhy did Um
twnling. Kirby's victory was a lu.'kv
OCM, th< BOflM tean belng In the lead oattl
the eighth inniri^'.
With tka BCOra 4 to 1 agalnst thom Um
Natlonal I^-aguo chami.ions put four m.-n
OVer the plate and nosed out th* toeakl
for honors hy a run.
The Beota foDonra
r ii i"i ?.? r h p' a ?
Derere. cf. i ; : oo itoinnn, i-b.. 012 n
Oroh, ?*.... 0 2 0 il Plynn, aa. I! 4 ?; 0
iBaraa, lf... 1 2 4 OOlXaya, lf.no 1 on
McCor*ck.rt 1 2 2 00 W llltarnn. 1b. 12 10 11
<:? 1 1 4 00 lura.-kfr, rf. ] 1 1 0 0
..?ran-lalirh 1 1 0 2 0 Hodflll, th... 11 0 01
Bhafar, 2b.. 0 0 s 1 1 Hod^M rf 0 2 0 01
Wlltaa, lb.. 0 111 02iaouabar, 0..01 7 00
j Klrhy, p....O 0 0 II ltart.erlrh, p. 0 0 1 2(1
J Totala.6 11 27 10 5' Totala.^8 27 13 3
Ka* York.0 OOOOlOi 0? <\
; Hohoken .0 1 o | | o 1 0 ^_\
Virt-x ?.?(?? on ?rrara n>?- York. .v Hobokan
4. Two t.aMi hitb I>o\.,r.. ii',, wttllania'
stolen aaaaa?Fljraa, Darer*. Laft on t>a*ci ?
Now York. H; Hoboken, 8. Doubla play
liBrtmKii and 'W'llllamB Havea .^ haiig {>if
Rarbert'h, 1 strucl; out? Hv Barbatieh f> ha
Klrhy. 4 I'mplre- fimlth. Tlme -2.CO '
About six hundred "fans" went out to
Wledenrnayer's I'ark, Newark, yesterday
afternoon to xee J?* M< Hinnlty's hall
playara eaajaaja in aa aiidbrtton garne
with ('har)le Kbhet's Hrooklvn t.-ani. H?
sldcs the game the spectators were treat
ad to B large and varlad progrHmine of
fleld apatta in arbiek rnot-t of the player.?
partfa Ipated. The li.ld sports w?re stnged
h.fore the game and as a rosult only t>\x
limlngs of tho Newark-Hiooklyn tussel
arera playad, the Batptra ralMng the game
with MeCHanlty*a rhargeji In the lead, 2
to n.
The score by Innings follow s;
1: ? 1;
N'?iirli .2 0 0 0 O n I 7 j
?reoklya .0 o o 0 i o--o 2 0
Itatlerlei. Itcnt >nd H Htnltli. Allen and
l'help.. I'mplre -McTafue. Tlme -0:K>.
Full Record bb Player and
Manager and Part Owner
of American League
.lames Et Mc.Aleer. president and part
owner of the Boston Ked Sox, the Amer?
ican League champions for 1911, never
won a pennant as a manager In twelve
year* of r. rvlc. although he wae ever
considered a keen and capable leader.
He has now reached the crowning atn
bition o* his career, however. as he has
had a free hand ln the handllng of the
Boeton club, and with the aid of Jake
Btahl, the clever manager of his play?
ers. he is en.toylng the Batlafactlon of
Kettlng his teatn ready for a world's
ibaniptonship peries, even lf he is BOt
mercenarv enough to gloat over the
proflts that have come bo quickly from
his Bral big investnient ln baaobalL
Jlm MeAlaer was a player and mnn
?r?r before he became an owner. and.
be it ?aid, ranked with the greateat "Ut
Boidera in tiie hlatory of baeaball. He
beu'nn play ing profesBional ball in ISM
with the Charleston club of the S.oitb
ern I aaglia He went to Memphis th^
folloaing ye.-ir. joined MUaraakea la i^Sx
and made his tlrst appearance ln aaajor
league company ln 1XS9. when Cleveland
was in th" Natlonal League. He was
an outflebler with the Naps untll 189I?.
when the players w.re sold in a body to
Ft l/ouls and he refused to be a party
to the agreement.
When the American I-ea*ue. was or
ganlzed. ln ir<00, and took over the;
Cleveland fran. hi?e McAleer waa ap
Famous Belmont Stallion to Go
to France Shortly.
That Ro'-k Pand. th- gtaat stali'.on
oaraed by Augnat Babnout, win loave tbla
country for I'rance in the near future is
now aa aaaured faet a lapraoentattee <>f
the French syndlc.ite baadad by M. Hal
bronn. arhlch has bei 1 an optlon on the
horee for aereral montbs, arttl arrrre bi
N.w Voik in a U w days to cb.se tba <bal
Th>' purchase prk e is rej orted to ba
fUMOO th. amount pald by tbe .-halrman
of The Jockay Club when ha laapeated tbe
Trlple Crown arlaner froan Bnglaod.
Rmk Baad la a Brourn borea, foalad In
llOa, by Balnfota Roquebrune, by BI
Slmon. His lndlvi.liiallty and BUpeit Mood
lines eauaed tba greateat KnrMsh aad
American autbocltlaa on tboroughbrada to
pre.l! t a wonderful care.T ln the atttd.
At Mr. Pelmonfs N'ursfry BtOd at Lex
ington. Ky., arera aaairaaia of tha rery
i.est radag and produdng atralne. Bot k
?aaera peeullar fltness for aaataag arltB
these mares had been made manlfeOl
through the Boeeeaa of bla aona and
daughtera raclng in Amerlea, Bngtend
|and FTaaca Ha baa Mred Tracary, nrhv
Iier of the .?t. Lagar, ln Whlck be defei.t
| ed thlrteen of tba rTaek three.year-..: I
\ c.lts and llllies, affr badmg from Bl rt
to finish. and wtnntag, hard held, by ???? ?
. kaagtha Tracary*a Inltlal atarl arai in c
Derby at Bpaotn, when ba nnlohed ttiir-t
He foUowad hiB first appearaaca in pufe
,i by eaptarlng tbe Bt. Jamee*a Palaca
Btakea, at Aacot h- tb.n aroa tba -
?aa Btakea at Qoodarood
Qtl'elle Kst Bella II. a three -year-o.l
daughter of Rocb Sind. won th- Praneb
Ouks thls year from a fletd "f BBMiahlBg
gOOd Oniaa Bock Kllnt. a handsoim
. beataal COll by thls famous sir.-, ?rnl
OUl of Trlgger. an Amerb-an mMr<\ ONiaad
by riaren'-e H kfackay. i" eetaadered the
equal of any two-year-old now ractag In
Eagland. He easiiv dlapoaad of aeaaral
smart colts when h" cantarad away with
the Tattersall Stak. "a th.- afterr'a
that Tracary won tbe st Leger
Kllnt Hock. wlnner of tha Hominlon
Handbap and other lmportant flxtures ln
thls country and Caaada, was shipped to
Mr. Behnont'a Preneh hreedtng aadabMah
ment, Chateaa VIBera, bi Nonnandle,
last February.
Bock Band'a parforaaanoaa prora him to
i?. one of tbe greateat horaea in Bngtl b
raclng Blatory. be wlnning tbe three
rl.if.-n-- Two Tbousand Gulneas. Darby
and St. Leger. He started twenty ttmea
arimdng abtteen raeee, pia.ed second once
and third three tlriKS. There ls R?.o.| ren
son to heiieve tbal Rocb Hand abouM baaa
won erery thne he areat to tha post. His
four defeata are aCCOaated to severe
training and ridlng orders. In other starts
hn eastiv trtuaaphed over boraaa that took
his meusure when out of conditlon. III"
total Btake arlanaaga were i2?AMQ
Murphy, However, Insists That
Change Will Be Made.
Chkago, Sept M.?Fraak L. Chanre.
manaper of the CMcagQ Natlonal LoagU*
baseball team. sald I ara to-day that he
hiid received no oActal notlflcation that
be bad been depoaed from that positlon
by President .Murphy of the club.
Cbaaoeand Murphy dtd not meet to-day.
Murphy was poalUva ln his assertlan that
there was no likellhood of ChOBCe tielng
letnined as manager.
"Mv stand with re^ard to drlnklng bv
the Cubs and the announcement thi't
Chance will not be manager next year
stand Just aa they were first expressed,"
sald Murphy.
Cleveland. Sept. BJ,?Cleveland wound u|.
tts at home aebedula to-day by defeating
D.trolt. The hcore was 8 to 1. GrTOgg
was Invlnclbh. whlle I.ake was htl hard.
The score follows:
ahr hpon ? al. r li po ne
Jobnst'alb 4i - aal itush. aa.... aoa i so
<?hai.nm.sH ?1 - I - ? ICorrMan, n< 4 o l o :i
Turn^r 3ti. 3 1 U 11 Bj < "r.-iw f.jr.l. rf 4 0 1 3 10
Ja.-kson. rf 4 0 I t 0 0 \Jtmm, cf. .401 I II
ijjj'.le. 9>. 41 0 1 2 01 Vea.-h. lf..?00 1 H0
Hendrys,cf 42 L' laa I/oaden, 2t>. 3on o 30
Cian.-y If 4 2 ) 100 B.OnalOW,lB 3 0 0 VA li I
o'Neii, <-..4o 3 iiaiatanaaa, ciii 4 20
'a--.--. p...4 0 0 1. I.ii,.. B. 301 0 4 0
TotalK .34 a 18 37 S 01 TotalH.JA i 6 24 BI I
Claralaad. -joosiooaxR
DatreM. I B l ? B <? <? I o 1
Tao baaa Blte lacbaaa, Oraaay, stanage
Tlnaa baaa BJta Haadrya, ?irnnf\ BaeriBce
Bll Cbapaaaa flacrtflee fly?Huah. Ix.ub'.e
play Crawflard and onalow n.-,?.., on i.alla -
I>.ke i'i). Hlt By pttCbar?BJy tireifK. I
(Veach). Struck out lly tireRK. 7>, by l^ke.
."! Wlld pltch?Oaaaa. I l?a?e on errur -
| ciarelaaal. l I^eft on t.aanH -OeraaMd, fl;
j Ix-irnlt. 4 Time 1:2."i t'm|ilrea ij'I^ujj'hlari
and HeOraavy.
? BB. .. BUL l|?_
Itaaeball. I'olo Oroumls. To-day, 3:110 |\ M
Olaatava I'htladaipbla. H<-n'rt 8eatH and BJeaaa
at Club'a ofllca. Rt.b Ava. uid? . u in 12 a. M
Red Sox Bring McAleer
His Crowning Ambition
polnted manager, ln part payment ? *s
sald. for the work he dld ln aldlng Ban
Johnaon and Charley Comiaky launrh
the organlzatlon. whlch has now come
to be a power ln baseball. He man
aged the Napa for two yeara, but ln 1902
he went to the BL Loula Browns. where
he perved ln that capaclty for elght
years untll cnlled to Waahlngton. ln 1*10.
After managlng the Senators for two
veara he declded that he rauat have a
team of hls own, and laat wlnter BBO
MiJiidI lnhuying a half intereat, wlth
the hHp,11ls aald. of Charley Comlsky.
ln the Iloston Red SoX.
MrAleer's rerord aa player, owner and
manager folloWO!
As a pitfVran.
Y?ar. Hub.
fi I ?
?-?"?s-hr?ia?Ia- 17 .2*4 35
1*M> O.arl.-atot, . B. U ? ? , .,,? JM
iMB Milwaofcea. W. u ? MO 7* aaa
iaaa tlavetoad.. tt.U *? 19 g Sj >M|
IW0 Cjevejaad.. P. U ? ? g jg Jga
IH01 novalaad.. K. I* JM W *, v4, fij
1M2 ilavaland.. K. U MB UB u - .
1N03 riaratond.. ?. J* ?? g ? 2J m
,,,? CWaad.. N.U ? g >, 5l 3
IM08 .'...veunii. fi'i ffiias 5 agj 3n
IH* curalaad.. v U na J~- 6 244 ,B?
lay] .-i.-veand.. N J- ? - B jjj
,*M .-i-veland.. * I- MI aa - re
i'-":. Playera aoid ?i Ba i*ai"*
fllR.-d to RO.
Veaa Chab Leatue. Finl?h
,.... navVtand . A. h Bhttti place
!: , ,> , h. a. I.. Bar*nth plaea.
,,,!,.. . | , . a. i.. Beeond ptoee,
W s, tfui.. A U Wj'hf^,
t?.r> Ht l/.uls. A. I* Beyanth puc*.
.? K iMlV .A. I.. Klflh plar
010 ?^aablafton . A.I* *""$? ???
,.?, -waawnateo .A. L. f^gjj?*
1SU2 -H-aton.A. 1.
National Baseball Commission
Revises Regulations.
Tho National Baeehall COmBalaaion baa
ravtaed and adoptad a aal of mlaa M
fovara Um eomlnfl arorld'a aarlaa. Wm
aamee voit beaia prorapUy at " o'elock
in the afternoon aad tbe amptrea ara ta
he thr s..ie Judgaa of Um gtaaaa of the
a^ounda foi eoramenclng or eantlnnlng
a < onteat Tha ralea folloa :
The pubtic bi eaattonad agalaal paylng
hlgher prlcea for admlaalon than thoae
im...i !\ the commlaalon, whlch baa tbe
heartj eo-operatlon ol ;h<- municlpal
authorttiea ol aaeb elt) In tha Bttpprea
alon "f ti< kel a< alpina
l'luy w III begln on eai h aronad al I
p "i
A raln eheck coupon w.'.i be attacbed
t,, evei ? tlckei pl i< ? d on
Th- ofllclal ball ol the National
) . . .. m III b* ua*d on th* National
Leajrue grounda and tha o4B< lal haii >.f
?to.. Amerlcan Lcague on tbe Amerlcan
Leaaue grounda
'i'l... revlaed i.ile?. of th^ rommlsston
for tha conduci ol tha aerlea ara aa fol*
A ? b< dnli aad for \-k >'
cauae called befori I ? i ? > i ag
latlon game ni tarminatlng arltb tba
acore tiadt akall, unleaa tba achedule as
pllcltli provldei lo th.ntrary, be
playea ofl on ibe grounda for whlch if
araa arheduled b*7ore the au. eedlna
.-. b?d ?? 'i gaa ? foi ibe othei ? ?? ? ba
be conteated. and the datei aarlaned foi
Mit.'M.-.i'i.nt gamei il >n Ih< re ipofl be
tnovad forward
i:.r..r. the ? ummi u< emenl of Ihe mm;,
game tt.>mmli <?'?!?. ahall di ti i mln* bj
lol v. ben ai ?? a hei a the aeventb
t ?;.,u be pla] ed, In the evenl lhal
dltlonal game be reojulred :?? declde th^
ol the *?-i laa
'i t..- i?cmtarj of the comn
red tlon 7 of the r< gulatlon ?
Jotntlj enacted foi the governmenl ol the
aerlea bj tbe National and Amerl
<-an leaguea ahall notlfy ? II ellglble pla)
??: a aa m on ;.* Il bi d< flnltc ) .. -
arhlcb teama will compete, thal tbei artll
be beld Indh ld iall) amei ible lo ..:: pr..
vudona of the pla) Im i ili and I ? aub
j?ti to dtodpUne for rlol ttl ?!! thereof, r*
gardleaa of the exptratlon ol II eti con?
ti ai ta arith th'ir r^ p. i tiv<> . luba
The uropirea, arhoei authoiit: ln Ibeae
eonteata ahall be rupreme ab II '? aoh
Judgoa ol tt,.- ntn^s'. of the grounda for
commencti i oi contlntiln ? a i una, and
ehaii ejeel fron tbe deld anj pli yei arho
useH Impropei language, empfoya unfalr
ta< ?-' oi v lolatea an) i ule foi tb.n
du. t ..f the game.
Hi ? ? tatoi wi.i not be permltted to an
croacta or atand <>n the ptaylng Deld at
any potal A elub tiu.t plana t.. i.m
modate patrona la exceaa <?f tt.e regular
aeatlng capaclty ?>{ it-. plani to requlred
to erect, with the approval of Um mu?
niclpal Butborltlea and pennlaalon of tha
.i.iiiiii. Bion, aal*. lemporary ht.Ln.N .>r
'lr.uM s.M.tH. arlth a Btrong thr.foot
ralllng ln tront thereof, extendlng fn>m
tbe grandatand ?.r ablrtlng the uutMH-i
The lefi ..r rlght Beld emergency aeats
shaii be not toaa than tK teet and the
eentre lieid aeata ahall not ba leaa than
Z75 fei t fron tha homa i.lute.
The team that arlna Um arorld'a ekam*
plonahlp la requlred t.. .ii-bati.i Immedtate
lv thereafter, and Ita memhera aro f..r
bbSden to partldpate an Indlviduato or as
a team In exhlbitlon gamei durlog t h
year in e/hlch aucb arorld'a erlea araa
deeld. .1
The playera* pooi hIi.-.u ba n trlctad t..
6" pei < ? nt ol the i" elpta of the tlrst
foui gamea .-? rt? ? r tho deductlon of th^
rommlaaton'a W per cenl thereof, regard
less of arhether ona or irum- ol aucb
gamea shaii i. aull ln a ti.
A day durlng the folloarlna i hamplon
ahlp aeaaon. to be agreed on by tt..- cotn
Jlll 'I and tha VictOlioua ClUO, ahall he
dealgnated for the preaentaUon of the
champlonahlp emblem provlded by the
a certtned cheek f<>v Ha.aM, payabto to
th. ordei of the ehalrman ol tin- eom
mlaalon, ahall be deposlted arlth the s,.,..
ratary of the commlaalon by each <inali
fj ;ng club three daya before Uie eonv
mencemenl ..f the ?erlea, aa a guarantee
tli.it It will. i.s provlded in Sertlon 10 of
the joint reculatlona for tii.- govemment
of the arorld'a aerlea, fajthfully carry oul
ali ol the provtolona <>f ttirs.. rul I
regulatlona and aucb othera lhal the com?
mlaalon ma\- hereafter make t.> govern
auch < onteat and tbal it arlll nol exerclae
the arMtrary rlght ?r privllece of aban
donlng th<- aerlea untll it has been eom
pleted and the champlonahlp determlned
Buch certlned check <>i ao much <>f its
faee valoe as the eommlaalon may deem
adequate, ahall he r,(1 -.-lt^.i and credlted
to the fiiti.is of the commlaalon if oa in
veatlgatlon a clnb ls adjudged t.> have
\ioiato.i any of its obllgatlona
Nelther ol the conteatlng clnba ahnll
givo ur pay any l.onus <.r prtsa to anv or
ali ../ Its playera before or aftor th^ eom
pletloa of tba s.-rirH. and a player r<
leaaed by a elub to anothar clnb ln th.
aame leajrue shaii not particlpate ln the
proceeda ..f su< h aerlea aa a preaenl ?'.r r<
arard from his former team>mates, Ihe
releaalng club or any <>f its offldata.
The ofllclal acorera appotated by the
commlaalon ar<- Prancto C. Rlehten ol
Phlladelphla, ami J. Taylor St.ink, ..f Bi
he National f'onimlsslon, wlth Its busl
aaaa rapreaentaUve, amplraa, onleial acor?
era and respe.tlve ownors of th? contest
lnic clubs. will nieet In New York on Mon
diiy, Oetobar 7, arhen apedal Inatructlona
will li<- glveri to the ofllclals nnd rluh
Chlcngo, Sejit. 29? Walver.-. hnve baafl
asked on Morde.al Itrown hy PlBBldent
Murphy of the t*h|.ago Cubs. Tlio pit.ti
er lnjured hls knee ln wlnnlng a ten
lnnlng game laat July, and aln.e that
rnlshap has been of no BBB to the club.
l'Yank chance to-dny rontlrmed the nfws
that Brown ln to leave the team. I'.ast
wlnter he algned a three-year contract i
Early Games Give Promise on
Rules of Football.
Tigers Must Depend on Speed
and Agility, as Heavy Men
Are Lacking.
As sugjrested a areek ag", it will not be
fair to pasB Judgtnent on the worklngs of
fhe, new rulea of football until later ln
fhe aaaaoa, but lt ls satlsfylng to admlt
that the ftrst few games, elementary aa
they were so far as the development of
playa and forrnatlons wore concerned, ln
dlcated clearly that the problem that iiaa
puzzled the bratna of ho many Btudents of
football has been solv.-d. it remalns to
bB seen whether the rushlng game has
been iner^ased out of all proportlon to
klcking, as auggeated at 1'rlncoton om Sat
urday, or that llne Bmasiilng will take
tiie place of the rrore open play of the laat
two or three Boaaoaw, ln my opinion such
will not he the case, whereaa there is llt?
tle queBtion that the extra down allowed
for galntfljg ten yarda has orotiKht about
a BBUCk better balance between the at
laeh and the defence. whlch was aadly
needed a year af,*o. Judglng by what th?
vurious eoachea are dolng ln plcking out
thelr catidldutos, the roncluslon haa been
reai bad that the rush lines must he bullt
of strong, baavy men, even at a Kaerlfloe
of some speed and agility. Thia pollcy,
however, is op?n to questlon, and I will
ba surprisxl if the ooaches sacrlnce speed
for weflgbt Mere bulk will not answer
the neeiis of tho preeent game any moro
than it did ln the last two aeaaona, al
thouKh welght with Bpc-ed will be an out
atandliift nfset.
The Vule eleven ahowed mueh lat?nt
powar, even thougli tne forwardB w.?re
heavy aad a hlt slow wltted, in tho games
agalnst Wesleyan and Holy Cross. There
la a lot of bulldlng to do at Near Haven.
an<i at preoenl tho out'.o.ik is Mut ao brtghl
for a wlnnlng team aa is the case nt
I tiarrard and Prlncaton, but for tht
only that t;>.- eapahUlttaa of tha caa
? :; 1 i'...s aie BOl B0 w. II known. I'nl.ss
uii signs f.di. Bowe doea aot lack for
I.i aaaterlala aad with tha halp be la
slire to jret f::n "tii-r gradUatOI tht
< ba:.. ? I are ull ln favur of TalO helng
w.-;i rapraaantad. Pera aally i ani a graat
adodrer "f CaptaJa gpaldlng, but aiuet
confaaa araa al tbis <ariy pobtt la the
sea>-"ti that ho nmy be handl'-ap; ?? 1 I e
eauaa of bla build a* a Una pluagar, Tha
aame'heJda true "f Walter Camp, Jr., if
ba r""V"i? bla atrength la tbua to mak*.
tha taant Unleaa i adaa my guiiaa, tha
backa thia y?;ir arho wiu be aaoet affoetlra
ri ic-iir.:r.af ground arBl ba of tbe Waadatl
tjrpa aad nol so rahgy us gpahllng ani
< '.irnt'
An aad football player, ?h"*n opinion
muat i ?< reapactad, talla na that Harrard
baa aaataeial f.-r iha greateat tack Sald
m the baatory "f tbe aport Thia ? "ur.d*
iike an asaggaratloa arlth the seasun
b.ireiy aadar aay, but Indlcattoaa point
? . ?? poari if.; , i arlatn BTaa?
iieii s aapal iiu- ? aa 11 llae alungar are
w.-n known, and ;t asay be adaaltted tii.it
? ??. ii Hardartek, Battla, Brandlea
and Praedla) eomMna arelght, atrangth
and apaad .1. ?< a ? t" naka Ideal backa
Brlckle) and H n.w. k ara 1 larar pinters
alao atid the fonner .t drop klckar ot r?
ojoam, as it arlll Ba ramaaaberad that he
kbk>.i tour goala from tha BoM arhea
playlni on tii. freal naa teaaa HK.iinst tbe
I'rtncatoa euba laal yeau Tbe deaetop
aaaal "i aaeh 1 araaltk "f k>'0'1 aaatarlal
arlll be aratched arlth Intaraal Uarvard
Him' is weii ..rf 11. the iiti''. as aaeh v.*
.1.1111 aa Pultou and O'Brlaa a* eaada
and Hitcbcock and Btorar .<? tackla ? < ?
be dapanded upon eaUeaa iiett.-r men a?e
davaloped Tl.ily uncartalnl] at praa
. nt baa in tba I'u.mis.
? '01 nell la aura to pi 1 fit 1 ?? tha two
?t ii:.. : i?t areek, ;.- ai Bbarp, <>t fale, th<
n> i\ .' ? :.. f- ind l ? opportualty to atudy
bla man, In tha * ime agalnet BYaehlng*
t >n and Jefferaoa on w..;... aaa) the most
glaring aeaknaaa aaa a lacb "f aolldlt)
in tba in.e. Cornetl) bowovar, can boaat
thia year of tha beavli t Baa from ta.-kie
ti. tackla alnca ttOl, and ai siuup is ai
? ? ra to weld it I igather by tha lattar
part of tba aeaaon In a aay to forn a
veittabla st'iie w.iii. To aii appaaranrea
?he back> nr. forther advanced than tha
forwarda Captabi ftuti-r r.-turned to
Ithaca m perfect con.iiti.it), aad actuall)
ahoared bnpro entenl over htat year ln the
iirst gaaaa of ti... aeaaon it h.-Rins to
loofc as lf th<- t.-am knew what It want- 1
when h?- was alaclad raptaln 'gatnrt tha
adrloa of aome "f the graduataa o'coner
is pracUcally aura ot a piaeo ln the bock
tl. bl, but Mi Ilvalne, a new ramlldat". Is
llhary to glva TJacto" Whyte a hard Bght
fbr a Bjacatj as ba has made a good im
pr> s?iun ia two or three practlce gamaa
Th<? d.-fe.it on Baturday nt tbe haada of
Oolgata ahould nol ba dbwouragtag; ns so
many "f tbe atrongeat pbtyera were aot
in unlform.
Prlncaton is llkely to be nt a disa.ivan
taga If haav] man are all-bnportaat to
the newest gama as only threo of the
eandldataa aralgh otar 1*) pouada. 1 arBl
aratch tha davalopmrnl of the ahrrea arlth
parth'iilar interest for thlM raaaOBJ, 11s lt
w.iuhl ba B pity. ln my opinion, tf a prc
! mtum has be. n placed on ni.ro beef and
j bra Mi. TheTlgara are not lacking in good
I bapaa, and 1 pradict aoa that) barrlag a<
| cldents. Hak'-r will shlne atxl earn a placa
anionic the best flf the si-ason. Tbe for
i wanls. liowever. will n-ed a lot of OOaehr
in?r. ns Lahlgh bi ahnoat aara to prora
next Baturday. a good judge taQa ma tbal
the team from South llethlehem will put
tiin Tk'ers to tba t.-st ln a wiiy that
mny furnlsh a BUrprtea Stevens fur
nlsbed so llttle opp.isltlon 00 Saturday
that llttle can be aald as to the potentlal
strenuth of PltacaBea'a team.
lf Wesleynn's stand HKalnst Yale can
be aeeepted as a Brttarloa the smaller
rolle^-e teams were ,?,t dWcrlinlnateil
agaJaat as aoma oontaa4ad, in the ktteet
revision of the rulaa. Baeoa, Waaleyaa'a
raptaln. by the way, would ahfcae ln anv
hack fleld. He is a natural punter and a
strong. heady runner. HBRBBRT
Wlllle Kolebmalnen. brother of the wjn
derful Mnnlsh dhrtanoa runner, lost the
honors ln the twelve-m||e profaBBjlllial
runnlng race held at tha Newiuk MotOO
drome yesterday aftaraoofl to Hillv Qiieal.
of Alexanilrla May, \. y _ t|10 Ampi.u.Htj
Un-mtle chatnplon. Tbe race was a hum
mer. and the oiitc<itn? waa tn douht until
the tlnlsh llne had been enmaed. The
American w<m only by lri,h,? mJttM a do?
p irnte Bprint down the atretch. tn whlch
tl.i forelgner waa les8 than u strld?j be
Baseball Standing
in Two Leagues
Fhlladelphla at New Tork.
Itrooklyn at Hoaton.
PlttHburgh at Chlrago.
< lu. Inmitl at >t. l.oni?.
BjBBJBjBJBJ of oames vkstkrday.
Ht Louia. 8: llnelnnatl, 5.
2 . IllBT ?
a e " i ?
NewYortf...'?I?l aTlOIK 15 M 18 100 .690
riUaburwh. B?"ll 10 1 13 14 18 90.812
chicaao.iHrai?[ij10 L1 n n "9<M0
t'lnelnnatl 8 10 10? ? 13 16 11 74 .t?7
I'hlladelpl.U 38 10 14 ?11 13 11 70.479
iit. I***a ...I 71 II 71 11111? to 12 ?? -4W
Itrooklyn.^. I ' ?
B 8 fl
"SriTsTll1 ?10! 1!?I 48.327
(iarneejoet[45 BT57 15 78 '88 91 BB1 I_
New York at Fhlladelphla.
Boaton ot WaNhlnalon.
thlrago, 4; Ht. Ix)itla, 0.
(leveland, 8; Detrolt. L
Moaton _.. ? 10 13 16 11 15 17 19 101 687
JYaahlngf 10? 7 II 18 14 14 II 891.805
Phlladelphta is 13 ? 10 14 II 16 15 87 .5*1
rhliag*.. 8 9 !?> ? 11 10 13 II 74 .49,1
(levelaad ,111 4 8 11 ? 13 12 13 72 .484
Detrolt ? h i. K f? ? 1.1 16 60 .463
gtll**ia_I BJ 8 6 9 81 B!?I B~ 52 .847
New Y**k. 7. 8 6 B 9 8 6 13? 49.318
tiatnea loat 46 .18 8* 78 77 8? 98 98
Pittsburgh Wins, Driving Richit
from the Mound.
Chlcago, gept ?.?tyToote beld Chl
to taro blta, one of Umh a acratch
thls nft.rnoon, and PlttalMrrg defeate.
tho Caba by a aeora of I to I Rlekk
and flt dbaeb arara bnoefcad out of tb.
t.ox by the vfattora, arhfto smith Bntohex
poorly. Vyiteoa'a titttlr.g araa ;i featur.'
By lov-ine lo-day1 | ? . Cabadroppei
to thini ptace, i'i" king aecond.
Thf '? f follO I
tbr h po n? .it.i h I"' B
Hvtne. Jt.. 4 2 i 1 1 -??.-! lf 281 I 0
t'*re>. lf 3 3 0 1 " 0 M 188 4 I
r lt>att. rf. 5 i 4 : .. 0 riakar, ?? ?
Wagn.r.Mi 6 0 1 I i, i ZlmBMH.ll 3 ?"> 3 !
Orar, ib . 6 9 o U.I 18 11
WI aon, ef 11 1 0 80 Baler, ih ... 11 1 lo >>
HuM-r. ttJ ? B t 8 I o Evara, .i>. 3 o o 2 4
Bln n, c. Il 8 trchi
CToola, |. H 2 0 ZO Rlchle, p...i?0 0 4
Reull .. ' s.' 0 I
. *u iiilame., i oo o o
Smtth, ;_ * 0 0 0 0
Tomit . s>? is :?; u i Totala.so:ri:
*BaMad for Retdbaeh ta etgbth iminj.
1 IttBb :r?h .1 0 1 1 O 0 | 1 |
...... ,.a a a a a o o e a
Tw.. bain htta O'Tooi*. Hvrnf. - ?
Thraa I .u.* hlt nrUeoe Hoata r.m Wltoen
HltB 1<1 bta, 10 ln rt 1 3 laalaae; !(? I
in i 'i 3. smtth. z ln i BaniBea alt?Oar*y
I ?? . ?? pla) H>rna to (Jr?.y; \V..?iiir ta <?ra>
Bvara to Tlnk??r t.. .-n.rr I^ff on baaea?
Pltubargh, 7. Cblcaaa, ,l Baaaa aa baii*,
trTooia :.. Raulbauh. l. Rl bto. I Bera '
. ?:< ?. .' . la, 8, B rtltl . l Paaeed t >'i
Hrfik 0*Toole Tlm^ 1 4<> I rn
i,ir*- ..?. nH ?:. | Breaaaa
Drive Benton Off Mound anc
Defeat Cincinnati Reds.
st. Lotaa, g*pt zl gt i/.uix in th
' rifth Innlnic to-.lay drove Benton off th
aroilag aaoui i ma '?> ?in Ui
opaalng gaaM of the farewell s.-rtea erltl
Clnelnnatl The aeora araa I to ?'.
The s.-..r.? foUoara
sr i>.fi
iii> r Ii pe a*
IN.'INN \'l 1
aJ> rh po j
>. ? i 0040 iieacher. tf. 4 :?:
.! .r ? ir : o o o o o Hatta. . t. I
Ih ? 1 1 0 4 1 tlobl|txel!,lb 4 i) l v 0
Kon'hr.lb 4 0 t 14 as Mlteh. II, rf 3 l t 1 o
U - 'tl. | i. 3;. 4 .1 1 1 3
Hauear.aa 3.' : t .1 Oraat, aa.,,4 88 l l
Cathera,.-! 4 13 4 91 Kgan, Th, ..481 'J 4
Wlni t 1 1 'J .' I Keverold, c. 4 81 I -
Oiiner, t 3 I ? I ti K. nl >n. ;? . I. I I
1 ll?:'.?:. p... 1 "0 0 1
?KnlH.ir ... i 00 0 0
Totala niM871ltl Totala tt'? :"4ii
?fflatted far H T'nn bi tbe mnth lan nr
I ? i i- I MI l 1 I lt
Claelnaatl .18888181 >v
' ro-baaa blta ES% ..n^. Cathara ''
! . .:...< Bataa, Bea. rter, S?\arol t. ? .?
Iloma run Ultchell. Bacrlflca hlt m.^ i
i niea Ntit.-h-i . tlaaaar Btolan ba?'K
llaa*. W ma... Huavtna, Baeebar, i>.t,*
Hauaee, Orlner T'.t>. < on balli < >rr It.'nt..n. i
off (tarter, I; off <;.-ir;er. l Strueh ...ii B;
Baaton, 4. bj Kartei i. by Orlner, ;' Ulta
Bj Baaton, I in I laataaa: by iiurt?r, 3 n
thr... iiiruiis". i^ft an i*8pm Bt, l/^nia. 5
Clnelnnatl, 4 riiu^ 1 ... 1 ini.ir^-' Rigtor aai
l- Inn. rnn.
St. Louia Gets Four Hits anc
White Sox Win.
CMeagO, fept. ?.- Bd U'alsh held St
IahiIs to fonr BOattarad hits to-da>'. an.
? 'lil.-aKo BOOrad a 4 to 0 vl.-tory over th.
Broarna Bannujardner was hlt bard it
the alxtki Um White s..x e^trfag mi theii
mna tn thin Inntng, n. gtaltk, a pitehei
of Um i.inooin Club of tha gyeatefi
i.eaKue, raportad t<> Comlaka1; to-.iay.
The ?core follows:
CRICAOO. | R i>it rtl
ul.rh oe. iu, abrh pa .1
Itath. 2b... 4 0: 1 8 8 Bb tten rf. 4 0: 1 0
Lord, lf....410 0 0 0 Willtam*. rf40rt 1 0
? 'olltna. rf. 4 l l l 00 Hn-f, H.....40I I I
lln.llw, Cf.. 111 'J 0 0 l'ritt. :'b...401 1 3 1
ltorton, 1!.. 3 10 10 10 Comptoa, lf 3 0 0 3 0
/...I'lrr. 31
\Vfu\ ?r,
Walah, p.. 188 0
1. 3 0 1 | 11 Austln. Sh.. 3 0 0 1 3
? 3 0 0 j 30 Halllaaa, aa!88 I 1
8O011 01 Aletander.a aoo s 0
301 Croaaaa, .?.. oo 0 : o<
j Haum'nrr.p 3 00 0 |l
TotalK.. SO 4 8 r; II 2! Totala.30 0 4 14 10 1
(tilrarro. 0O00 0 4O0x
8t.lo.ila. B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-4
Two baaa alt Hri.-f. Thraa h*i!<<. btl h?"i
gtetaa baae- SeMer. Douhin ptav afeaeer t<
Iturtoii I^ft 011 t.aiin CblCMO, 4; ? Lovja
4 Klrat l 111.,? on balla Off Walnti. 1, ol
Haumgardnfr, 2. Stru.-k out H\ Walah. lo
bv Baurnaaroner, it Ttme 1:41, Ump4raa
? I'ltrl^n and Connolly.
Fred Clnrk. MBBBgaf Of the i'lttsburjrh
rintteM, has slRtietl n eontraet to lead thr
team next sennon. Hefore attaehlng hl*
HlKtiature to thn doouni.-nt he had a llvc
ly .onferenee wlth Harney Dreyfusa,
prosiderit of the club, In whlch he BaBJMl
the owner for the t.atn's fallure to win
the pennant.
The alx-hour team race whlch waa
BOkadnlai to be haM Bt the Stadlum Mo
tot.lrome, al Hrlgbton Ueach, laat nlRht,
had to le .ancelled owlng to a drl/./lliiK
raln and cold weather.
CAKDEN *** laaaaaaa puCEa.
Adm.SOc. Ilea'd Daata |1 to $.;. l>hone5100Mad.
NEWS FOR I gjgjj
T--___ .
Metropolitan Players Failed to
Do Themselves Justice.
Several Matches in Lesiey rv
Singles Decided by Cloi*. P
Ifctt of the membera of tho Met
tan Oolf Aaaoclatlon team whieh r?S
aucb an unexpected ??trlmmlng" at n?
Ihande of the Pennsvlvanla Oolf \<ln?*
- tion ln the decisive I^ley Cop mawft
Htintlngdon Vailey 0n Saturday ar.- hji
trylng to flgure out how it happened <W
eral of the defeated onea rt turnad totkaa
parta yeaterday, and whlle aii admit naa
the opposlng players put Up a igjjjj
bcand of goif than they had BeUeael aaa
slhle and alao daaerved to win, yet th? *
I feel that thelr own team failed to do lt!
I self Justice.
| in the ainglea several of the matchfi
' were close, two golng to extra holea arvt
! two others being decided by the narrow
II up manjin. All of these reaulted (avor
|ably tO I'ennsylvanla A turnine; of a
hair, as It were, would iiave made wia
\ ners out of the losers, and had that be*n
the case Pennsyhanla, Inatead of wlnnint
leUht matches in the singhs, would har..
had only four to Ita credit, whlle Baj
York's two would hava been augmcntad
tu <-U, arhlch would have idven that teaa
an 8 to 7 vlctory on the day's golf.
Whlle the players of the MassachuattU,
Pennsylvunia and Metropolitan asaoea
i tlons, akmg with the presidenta and Rob
J ert laaler. the donor of the trophy, w?n
at dlnner at the Huntlngdon Vailey CluV,
j the old controveray as to the relatfaj
merits of the four-bail and the fouraooai
i was, of course, revlved. For a time than
I Beasned a chance of the matter being yet
to a vote, but finally the presidenta th
, clded that Immedlate action waa unneeat
! aaiTi and that lf It ahouid prove to b?
the sentiment of the majority that th*
four-ball should replare the oH-fashlone!
fouixomep. aucb a step could be broufht
about in due time. So far as is known,
1 no cfTort will be made to alter the condl
tlons of play.
Whlle the aromen golfera win tftxn
i th.-ir attentiona on tbe natlonal rhara.
ptonahlp at Haneheeter, Maaa., all th*
, week. tha men w.ll be buay on theiroen
ciint, for there arlll be an invitatfcn
lournamenl at the Naaaau Country Club
on Thuraday, Frlday and Baturday, Be
ltdaa thia, the annu.il fall tourti iment of
\ the Eaatern Trade Oolf Aaaodanat,
i arhlcb >.'-M Ita laat competltlon at Moat
? rlaii, will be Btaged at the Whlte Manh
) Vailey Oountr) Club, n< r P ItadelDbta,
\ for a cbange. Becaua of the natlonal
ltchainploaahtPi the metropolitan woraen
| arlll b"id no one-day tournaraent Baa
> w.-.-k. tbe naxt one being acheduled for
| t eM fefooday, at Ball
Charles G. Waldo, of Brooklawft
, who was one of the two voung Atnerlcaaa
? ? haad the aop ol ' ' H.u-'ii'i h.
HJIton, "tn no loni- r be aeei aa Baatan
. fog be pbtna to ? i m.Detralt ka
bv in the n-ar ftttura He ba| beeeaeta
: ' member of tba Datrotl Country Chal
win eontlnaa bla efforta at the aaaaa on
tha Mlchlgaa oouraee. IVald a atadyaa
. b'-mistrv, and pUUM tO '-nrUte Bb
Btudlea ln tbe BTeat
Bfeaabera of tbe Oak a id QoU CBak win
hoM thelr ann-ial club dlnner Bt the clu'.
I bouae al Bayaida, Long laaaad, aa Satu
,. ,. . . tO BT U 'it I I 1 . m H. K. S
I Wl!lla..:s Is chairm.in of tha entertaltt
Mmant eoiamltteu, and arlll Ba Beeknat hf
p. r. Murphy aad Herman Btba,
'{ The thrat alne botea of tbe ' ? ? rourv
of the Rldgaarood Country Clab wM M
triei oul ne\t Baturday. arhea ByniB
i... i.-.i bv the ? reertdent aad tha aBfane
', of the cl ib arlll meat la a aaatah, fea
j io ara to ent< rtaJn the arlai ara al iaaaK
. a hi plaaaed to make tbJa "d'-meatu
\ imat.ii-' aa aaaual aflhlr. The aret nlnt
I holea ara eonaddered playabla aithougb
J they win aot 1- put m foraaal condition
i, until naxt apdng
j Conjult The Tribune's R?om and
I Board Register. Issued daily.
Two now cars and few
rcbuilt cara must be *old
thls week. No reason
able offer refused.
The greateat barsain ln N>\* Wk BUBB
HSkvm .H?
STa44 . M
B2*3> ?. boltad <"i. }????
Ax\^. b.'lt.-.l Oll. IJJJ
sossii .?.rJ
Other ataea at prlcee e.iually a* laar.
PKRLMAN ' V-l.K i- AITTO itPPLf i**
Phone 5372 Barclay. IB2 ChureB at. _
on imii aftar Oetobar w. 1B1S, ~^'
I ?*KI) t'AK PKI'T.
win aa lacated ai 4 wo?i BSad Bt., n*?r
Braadwai w. nr.- itlll epaa lar BMa aa
ciiro nre r. -n.lv for Immedlata ?<r\ tce
in I'Mof.ii.t:. bjund niw. law.-VSrS;:
orv, L-arrylnf 1.200 Iba; auaranteed b> toaa"
tactiirera; ,-?r eqalppcd full* panal boai \>^
i.iiltnl.1.- for nny merehant. but account ra*?^
ln bu.?inr?< nol abla t?k. dellvery: cot *M-JJ."
lell M50. BAIRD. 207 Weat 7?th. near Hi"-' t^K
l-A( KAWDS N-? eara, llmoualna "!,'! '"TJ
inK. by tha h.-ur or irtp: ch->ap ??< ?? ".
monthh ?.->-* t..-, ?.l.--i.-*i r ?t. *'"'.'.''\"T
ealla UXIVERBAL Taximktkk '.)","-?
lh'. Eaat '..t.l 8tre#t Tb.>n. Plaaa -""
POPE HARTFORDriB10 40 II. r. l*'**^'
?er tourtna car; eleaani eondttlon; wll .f '' ^
?trate any tlRM an.l ativ I'la.v; alao a I**";",
Ltmoaatna bod>. :iis: b'way, Pheaa 'i* :
WKST Hinr: Y. BL <'? BV ln.livl.lual rea^
work. ?aaall Bhep CTaaaea '0,,l,u:"* ".V
waltlna-. Setid for booklet :t<>0 W^it BUB?
Thnne TBSO <'>l. -
PACPXAKl) Btrroa rog Hllta
_'Phona Mryant_8j24 ^lMIJroadway^^.
l'*,"M"iil'S .\r? "v.ua,' limouaina and tour
lagi by the hour or trlp; chaan ???'??;,
monthly eervleej apacial rataefar ?agg
1B8 Kaat a8.1 S'reet. Phono Plaaa aiea_
?i nrxieiir.i aeryi.e ? Speeiai aaaaaaay
ratea. tlKT S? HMIHT. IVI. Rlver aal
new cara bv an early date. Tbaaa caTB BBW
BBiaaa and 94.0tlO. and will ?eat Ove arid a???"
paksenaera. rtspe^tlv^ly. Standard Anwrican
make. and both i-peedy .ara. Qulck ?t,l0??J
abaolutely n*ceniary. Will aacriflce BB "?
end. box XX. TnLune Offlca

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